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Reginald Hargreeves was a strict man. He refused to have any of the children step out of line. Once five disappeared he became strict with his methods each unique to the child. There were things Vanya didn’t put into her book. Each child was broken into staying in line living in constant torment. He was a sick and twisted man who took pleasure in the pain of his children.


Number 7, Vanya always said she had it the easiest her father didn’t care for her. She grew up know if she died he probably wouldn’t notice. Grace was her only means of survival. When her fathers harsh words would cut her deep, Grace would be there to comfort her. To try and repair the emotional damage. But it was no use Vanya was to broken. She gave up entirely by the time she was 15. She self harmed as away of punishing herself for being useless and ordinary. She was an outcast and her father took every chance he had to remind her of that. She hated him for showing her all her flaws. She hated herself so much. Music got her through the hard time.



Number 6, Ben was a very shy kid. Never really put a foot out of line except when he would refuse to use his power. Then something in his father would snap he would drown Ben over and over until be changed. The other pretended they didn’t hear their brothers screams for help incase they were punished too. The boy would beg his father claim he was killing him. Yet his father wouldn’t stop until he changed. So after a while it became less often for Ben to refuse to change out of fear of what would happen. He would water board him and laugh as the teen gasped for air. Ben would plead with his merciless father between gasps for air. He would push and push until the teen unleashed his power and the poke him with a cattle rod. And watch with glee as the creature screeched in pain. Ben broke the hardest taking his own life when he was no older then 16. He hung himself. Klaus was the one that found him after Ben appeared to him as a ghost.



Number 4, Klaus had it probably one of the hardest. He was never one to obey the rules. His father had a disgusting way of keeping him in line. He would humiliate klaus when they were in the confinement of the crypt or Reginald’s office. He would make the teen get on his hand and knees and force his penis deepen into the teens mouth forcing the teen to pleasure his father. Sometimes during their private training session his father had him stand naked and every time he would mess up or do something wrong his father would whip or burn him. His father would often force him over the desk and force himself inside him. The teen begging him to stop however this just provided his father more of an excuse to “punish” him. Sometimes  strangling him. He had once made Klaus where a vibrating Cock ring and anal beads during some group training sessions  and made the teen have to cum in his pants and continue training. The humiliation was unbearable for Klaus. He did prefer it over being locked in a crypt where his father could be a rough and violent and cruel as possible. Klaus became that used to it it became mandatory. Causal sex and extreme  BDSM. Drugs and Alcohol were his main support of dealing with the reality of as his father would say, “he was Daddy’s little sex whore desperate for his cum” as he’d smear cum over Klaus’ face.




Number 3, Alison was the star girl, she was beautiful. She was perfect yet her father would constantly make remarks on her weight and Alison eventually believed them. The casual “That’s a lot to eat” was enough for her to suddenly loose her appetite. She had spent many evening curled over the toilet bowl hurling up her dinner. Her father would constantly belittle her appearance. She hated how she looked she once became so ill she couldn’t walk her father just called her pathetic and fat saying if she carried on everyone would prefer the criminals to win. Often he compared her size to Vanya. That was before she left for good. Her brothers had forced her to get hospitalised after that she went to LA.




Number 2, Diego was competitive and defiant. His father would punish him by beating the boy. By clubbing him so hard with his walking stick he would break bone. He often called him weak and pathetic. Comparing him to his brother. He would use knives and throw them at a spinning wheel that Deigo was tied to not caring if it hit him. He would whip his son for a slight wrong doing. Diego hated his father yet lived in constant fear until he could leave he wanted to join the police force and stop parents doing it to their children however when he saw a father hit his son Diego snapped and he was kicked out the police force.




Number 1, Luther was the golden boy. His father never lay a finger on the boy. Instead he showed him everything he did to his siblings. From Showing Luther Vanya cutting herself to blaming him for Bens death to forcing him to watch as he raped Klaus again and again smearing cum over Klaus face then showing Luther what he’d don’t to his brother to watching Alison starve herself daily to seeing Diego bleeding out. This physical didn’t damage Luther however mentally it did his father threatening to punish his siblings for his incompetence as a leader. It was emotionally taxing however Luther never found fault with his father because he blamed himself for how his siblings were treated.