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That which he lost

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"CAPTAIN! BAN! DIANE! MERLIN! ESCANOR! NOOOOOOO! WHY!? WHY KILL THEM, THEY’RE MY FRIENDS, MY FAMILY AND NOW THEY’RE GONE! ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!” The king of the fairies screamed, kneeling in a battle field drenched in blood. Corpses surrounded him, many mutilated beyond recognition. Tears streamed down his seemingly young face, and, in all actuality, for a fairy he was rather young indeed. Across from him, a man covered in blood, more red than any other colour, stood with a blank face.


"They were in the way and so I removed them. Is that a problem?” He asked, looking blankly at the hunched figure of the once great king.


“But why kill the others? Innocent humans, fairies and even giants were slaughtered here with no regret. Were they in your way as well? Simple people who were just going about their day. Fairies that left the forest because I said it was safe and they decided to come and bring me home. WHAT DID THEY DO, THEY WEREN’T EVEN FIGHTING, THEY WERE TRYING TO FLEE BUT YOU KILLED THEM!?” He stood up while glaring murderously at the other figure, his once blue outfit now more red then it previous colour.


“If you really miss them that much then why don't you join them?” He raised his sword, preparing to strike Fairy King Harlequin but it never connected. Another person joined them on the blood soaked battlefield, pink hair standing out as a drastically different shade to the crimson stains that surrounded them.


“Gowther?” Harlequin questioned the one in front of him. The person in question didn’t turn, still blocking the sword.


"Oh, you live? I could have sworn you had already been cut down by my blade. No matter it will be easy enough to fix.”


“Run.” Gowther said, it being barely audible.


"What?” King exclaimed, “I’m not leaving you.”


“I cannot die however you can, therefore it is most logical to have you flee while we are fighting, we shall meet up later now go.” He said with a dead sounding voice. However Harlequin refused to flee, not when one of his friend could die in front of him. “You will not leave, fine. I suppose this will have to do. I apologise King for breaking one of the rules given to me by the captain however it appears necessary.” With that a pink bolt hit the fairy in the head and it all went black.

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It had been centuries since that day. Maybe more, after all it wasn’t like he was keeping track. He did his duty to the forest and nothing more, his only company being Helbram who was bound to the helmet he kept attached to his hood. Apparently humans had advanced massively, forgetting about magic and anything involved and dismissing it as a legend. Even he was a legend nowadays, though they did not know his name. The ‘King of The Fairies’ was said to be the only survivor of a great war thousands of years ago. If only they knew how true that was. According to Helbram the humans have replaced everything that used magic with technology run on electrical power and no longer had anyone capable of wielding to the degree they had in the past. He even managed to teach him about their advancements, saying that he may be thousands of years old but he still has to keep up with his schooling.


“Wow Harlequin, you completed that in less than an hour, if you went to school with the humans I bet you would be the top of the class.” A green haired ghost said cheerfully, leaning over to inspect the work written by his living friend.


“I still do not understand the point of this, why do I need to know about gravity and the laws of physics when I can defy them whenever I wish. It is not like it’s particularly difficult to simply fly and then gravity is pointless.” Harlequin said, demonstrating his point by floating upwards.


“It’s the thought that counts. Also if you ever decide to leave this forest and join the humans for a bit, and so help me you will even if I have to resort to bribery or blackmail, then you can fit in at school and not be behind.” Helbram said with a grin, which in all honesty Harlequin had to admit had a threatening vibe to it. “Now,” he continued as if nothing happened, “let me tell you about my latest adventure into the modern world and we can quiz you on how things have changed.”


King looked at him and sighed. Helbram was insistent that he was to join the humans and that it would be good for him, however he honestly didn’t think it would. Humans had bad memories for him and he didn’t have a place among them anymore. The only times he left his forest now was to gather supplies that he couldn’t get inside the forest or when Helbram decided he ‘needed a change of scenery’ and the sacred tree, and therefore chastiefol, agreed with him. However Harlequin knew that his dead best friend only had his best interests in mind. “Alright.” King agreed and off the spirit went, detailing his latest adventure.


It was nearly three weeks later that Harlequin left the forest and it wasn’t of his own free will either.


Yawning, the eternally young looking fairy rubbed his eyes, looking even more childlike. A glance at his surroundings made him realise something wasn't right. Two subjects to be exact. One, he was moving, although not of his own power and two, he was not in his forest anymore. Looking down he saw that it was his beloved spirit spear carrying him, its pillow form larger than normal in order to allow the fairy king to sleep comfortably. Another glance around revealed Helbram beside him staring at the last survivor of the times when magic filled the lands. A sigh escaped his lips, making the sin of sloth seem much older than his appearance. It also seemed slightly irritated, which in Helbrems opinion was better than nothing. Any emotion was a good sign at this point.


“Why?” The grizzly sin asks, seeming like he had given up on trying to understand his friend, which in all honesty he had, about a thousand years after King became the last survivor of times long passed.


“Because you need to get out more, even the tree agrees with me and that's saying something considering how downright possessive it is of you at times. Honestly it’s not like we’re going into the city, it's still a forest just not our forest, and everyone avoids this area anyways, side effect of the fog which surrounds the forest anyway. Still wonder why it suddenly started to causing any other than us who attempt to enter insane, but if the guardian magics of the forest think it's a good idea who am I to judge? Anyway people think that if they come to close to the fog they’ll go insane, which isn’t true, as long as they avoid entering it they’ll be fine, so it's usually avoided like the plague. Though considering the total count of people who now have rather questionable mental facilities due to it their caution is understandable. Didn’t you say that you wanted some more history book to read and insult the bias of the telling of events. Well you need to leave the forest to do that. However we can start small for now and just go to unpopulated areas for now.” The dead fairy stated cheerfully.


“Helbram, what if someone sees me. A childlike person on a floating pillow talking too thin air isn't exactly normal from what you've been telling me. Anyway let's just get this over with. The quicker that you are satisfied the quicker we can go home.” King said with a sigh, floating upwards to get a better look at where he was, hopefully chastiefol hadn’t brought him to far from the forest, if it had that would be a hassle. A quick glance around told him that he was quite a distance away, he could barely see the fog that signalled the entrance to the forest in the far distance. “How long exactly were we floating? You two must have started moving me not long after I fell asleep to get this far.” Helbram looked sheepish at that.


“Maybe……” The spirit mumbled, looking away with a blush. King simply sighed again, heading in the direction of his home. “What, no you’re not going back already do you know how much effort it took to get you out here without waking you up, you sir are the lightest sleeper ever. Explore, get out, do something! Yeesh.” Chastiefol whacked the king, pushing him in the opposite direction to the forest.


“Fine, but not for long, okay?” Helbram grinned and floated along to his best friend, chattering about what there was to see in this particular area of the forest and what wasn’t to far away.


Not far from them a group of high school kids were roaming the forest, curious about the mysterious fog that had scientists everywhere baffled. A young looking boy with blonde hair and green eyes was at the front, next to him was a girl with silver hair and blue eyes. Behind them stood another blond and silverette duo, however this time the girl was blonde and the male had silver hair. Two brunettes were nearby along with a teen with pink hair. The oldest was a young woman, her outfit being rather revealing. A boy that looked similar to the first blonde stood with a rather muscular teen with orange hair.


“Why are we doing this Captain, couldn’t we just go to the cinema like normal teens. I don’t particularly want to lose my marbles because you’re curious about magic.” The male silverette yawned, looking bored while holding on to the female blonde next to him.


“Because we did that last week, where’s your sense of adventure or is that limited to the kitchen Ban?” The male blonde, Meliodas or Mel, teased, causing the female blonde, Elaine, to giggle. This comment also drew a giggle from the other girls, the silverette, Elizabeth, Liz or Ellie for short, and the brunette, Diana or Diane. Escanor, the muscled one, and Gabriel, or Gilthunder as Meliodas and Ban called him, the pink haired teen. Zeldris, the younger brother of Meliodas huffed, as Merlin, the eldest, simply shook her head with an amused smile.


“It disappeared after we lost all those years ago.” Ban said, causing the others to look at him in confusion and Meliodas, Merlin and Zeldris to look at him sympathetically. It had been tragic, they lost everyone. And King, his body was no mutilated they couldn’t even figure out which bits belonged to him, only finding parts of his hoodie on different limbs and body parts. They all had become rather withdrawn for the years after, at least until they enrolled in school and found the others, albeit without their memories. Now they were much more cheerful but still fell sombre on the anniversary of the day they lost everyone.


After a while the mood lifted again as they continued wondering, looking around at the beautiful forest that contained the fog that cost so many their mental facilities. Soon enough they could see the said fog in the distance and stopped.


“Now what?” Diane questioned. Before anyone could answer they heard voices in the distance, seeming to be arguing.


“Well Helbram you’re dead so what do you know about which one tastes better, it’s not like you can taste them.” Another voice responded.


“Well I can remember what it tastes like so I know that you are wrong. Deal with it. Now come on the forest should be near here.”


“We wouldn’t be lost if you didn’t decide to kidnap me because ‘I need to get out more’” That was said mockingly, “Now look you can’t even find your way back and I was asleep so I don’t know and the fog was out of view last I checked.”


“So you do have emotions, I wondered where they went all these years.” Teasingly the second voice spoke, a smile evident in his voice.


“They left so they didn’t have to deal with your stupidness,” Deadpanned the other one “Now if I’m feeling correctly we shouldn’t be far, I can feel the tree.”




“Yup, come on.” And with that they both came into view. One was a young looking boy with brown hair that was almost orange. He was wearing blue clothes with a helmet attached to the hood of his hoodie, and had a tattoo on his calf, he was also laying on a flying pillow. Next to him was another young looking boy with green hair and clothes. He also had wings. As they saw the other group both froze. The one on the pillow started tearing up and the greenette swore.


“Chastiefol, get him out of here!” He yelled and at that the pillow burst into action, turning into a bear and held the one who still sat on it, rushing him through the fog. With a glance back at the others the fairy followed.


“WAIT!” Meliodas yelled, going to run after them.


“If I were you I wouldn’t go through the fog if you like being sane.” Helbram cautioned before following through the dangerous protection on the Fairy King's Forest.


“Captain was that….” Ban trailed off. All of them were frozen in shock, looking at the place where they vanished, though they weren’t all shocked for the same reasons.


“I think it was, Gowther said he helped him escape but after we found the body parts n the woods with his hoodie on it I thought the was dead. But he’s here.” Meliodas broke into a smile. “King’s alive!”


Within the forest Harlequin was sobbing, being hugged by his spear and rocked back and forth while his friend looked on in frustration at his intangibility. He was Harlequins best friend but he was useless. Magic seeped from the tree and enveloped the sobbing fairy, wanting its chosen ruler to stop being so sad.


“They’re dead, I saw it but they were there, how were they there?” He sobbed.


“Reincarnation?” Helbram tried. “It doesn’t matter how, they’re here. Memories or not your friends are back and this time you can keep them safe.” King looked up.


“Helbram, teach me more about the human world, I need to find out what's going on and if they remember or not.” Determination radiated from Harlequin. Helbram nodded with a grin