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Back to where it all started

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Steve is sitting on a plane heading home back to Hawaii where his partner and best friend is in a coma. Steve's heart is breaking by what is going on back home with his best friend.

Steve leans his head against the wall of the plane staring out at the nights sky when he feels Catherine's hand on his arm but he doesn't look at her cause she is the reason Steve and Danny got into a huge fight the reason Steve wasn't there to protect Danny the reason he didn't get the email or call for two weeks

Catherine could feel Steve's muscles tence up at her touch so she pulls her hand back and goes back to reading her book but it was hard to focus on it cause she was hurting for Steve he just lost the man he thought of as a father now he could lose the man who he was so in love with, the man who shares his children with Steve, Danny gave up a chance to have his family back for Steve, Danny has never lied or broken Steve's trust, Danny has shown Steve and everyone just how much Steve matters to him

Steve thought back to their fight and the last words Steve said to Danny was maybe it was time for me to focus on something real like going after Catherine yes cause at least she loves me that's more than I can say for you

Steve remembered the sad and broken look in Danny's face as they stared at each other then Steve watched Danny grab his keys and walk out the door while their friends and team watched helpless.

Catherine touched Steve's shoulder to let him know that they are here, Steve and Catherine walk off the plane and Steve is greeted by a hard smack across the face that could be heard all over the airport

Steve looks up to see who smacked him to his scock he sees Tani being held back by Junior who too has a angry looks on both their faces.

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Lou stood by the window looking into the room where his boss and friend was. It was so hard to watch the people in the room

Danny laid on the bed hooked up to several machines that were keeping him alive then his daughter was sitting next to him holding his hand while Charlie sat on the bed trying to understand why daddy isn't waking up in the other chair next to the bed was Rachel she had tears in her eyes seeing her children hurting was killing her

Rachel stood up and walked out of the room she sank to her knees crying over Danny being hurt and how she can't help her children. Rachel felt a hand on her back she looked up to see Renee standing there Rachel stood up and hugged Renee who helped Rachel over to the couch and the two mother's talked.

Lou turned back to the two kids sitting with their father and thought about his own children

Adam walked up to Lou and they both watched over Danny's children and Danny. Nothing felt real at the moment everything had stopped the moment Danny was hurt and the moment everyone learned Danny was in a coma with a 20 percent chance of surviving.

Just then all the machines started beeping grace screaming mom and doctors running into the room they asked the kids to leave the room.

After Grace and Charlie left the room, the doctors and nurses got to work but the blinds and the door was closed no one had any idea of what was going on with Danny.

Just then Junior, Tani, Catherine and Steve walked into the room Charlie ran for Steve who picked him up and held him as he cryed grace also ran to Steve finding comfort in her uncle's arms Rachel watched her children find comfort in Steve's arms

Steve opened his other arm and Rachel joined the hug and comfort only Steve could give them.

Everyone including Catherine watched as Steve took care of Charlie, Grace and Rachel who were all hurting over Danny. They saw Steve whispering comforting words to them.

Just then the doctors came out of Danny's room then they looked around unsure that Charlie should hear the news then Steve introduced Charlie to Catherine then Catherine took Charlie out of the room.

The doctors waited til Charlie was all the way out of the room then they told everyone that Danny's heart stopped but they got it beating again and his oxygen levels are very low so we had to give him more

Rachel asked if he's going to be okay then the doctors looked down then back up and said at this point it's up to Danny to live but for now he is still alive.

Everyone was thankful for that but Grace and Rachel cryed into Steve's arms while the rest watched as Steve comforted grace and Rachel who were so sad and broken.

Steve thanked the doctors who said you can go see him but only 2 at a time he needs his rest, Rachel and Grace go in first to see Danny while Adam and Lou give Steve an update on how this all happened.

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Lou and Adam tell Steve what happened to Danny after Steve left a hurt and broken Danny behind Danny was so hurt by Steve that he didn't care if he got shot or worse. Steve was so sad as he learned more and more about Danny. Adam told Steve about the chase and Danny getting shot, the team all told Steve about how upset sad and broken Danny was and how he didn't care about his safety since Steve doesn't care about him.

Lou starts at the fight that the whole team heard and we're watching them and



After getting revenge for Joe's death, Steve and Catherine say goodbye for now, Steve heads home back to the life that has made him happy back to his family and friends. Steve has become aware that the friendship he has with Danny is alot more than that, it's about the love and trust they have for each other plus a part of Steve is in love with Danny while the other half is still so in love with Catherine. Steve knows in order to really let Catherine go he needs to see her one last time before walking away for good.

It's been two months since Steve last saw Catherine and he can't get her out of his head so he decides that it's time to go see her and maybe she can help him sort out his feelings for Danny the one person who has been there for him from the start.

Steve walks into Danny's office and places the note on his desk just in time for Danny to see him then

" Your leaving to chase after Catherine aren't you " Danny asks as he walks over to his desk

" Yes I need to see her " Steve says as he looks at Danny

" So you thought leaving a dear Danno letter was better than telling me in person " Danny says as he looks at Steve

" Telling you would be hard cause I know you would try and talk me out of going " Steve says making Danny look at him hard

" Maybe I would talk you out of going cause I care about you and don't want to see you get hurt again " Danny says as he looks at Steve

" Not everyone is going to hurt me she is means a lot to me and I need to know if there is a chance " Steve says in a firm voice..

" And if she hurts you again what then " Danny says in a calm voice

" Then I come home knowing I tried unlike you " Steve says in a rather short voice

" What does that mean exactly " Danny asked as he looks at Steve

" It means I am not affraid to take chances like you are scared of everything Catherine loves me I live her so I am going after her " Steve says Danny looks at him

" Fine go after a woman who picked your mom over you who lied to you and has broken your trust " Danny says hotly

" At least I don't regret her like I do you making you my partner was my biggest mistake and when I get back I will fix it " Steve says knowing fully well he didn't mean it

Danny just stood there looking at Steve wondering now if these last 9 years of friendship we're based on lies then

" Guess you have a plane to catch and when you get back you will have my resignation on your desk and you won't hear from me again " Danny said as he stood up and walked out of his office

Steve stood in Danny's office alone watching Danny walk out of the office his shoulders were hutched forward and he had a sad and broken look on his face

Steve turned just in time to see the whole team standing there watch them then Steve grabbed his bags and left the office unaware that his last words to Danny his best friend his partner maybe the last words he ever hears.

******************End of flashback********************

Steve walked over to the window and looks into the room where his best friend and partner lays in a bed hooked up to several machines and the machine that is keeping him alive.

Steve leans his head against the glass closes his eyes as he thinks back to that day the very last time he talked to Danny. Steve didn't call to talk to Danny they both needed time then Steve turns and asks what Danny's words after getting shot

Steve's heart shattered when he hears Danny said not to call you since he was a mistake you would fix when you got home

Steve looks back into the room while saying i would have fixed the friendship I messed up Danny was never a mistake my only mistake is going after Catherine and leaving Danny I love him the tears fell from Steve's eyes.

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The team stood there listening to everything that Steve was saying but no one could really comfort Steve cause he is the reason Danny was so sad and wasn't really caring if he got hurt plus he told the team not to call Steve but after Danny being in a coma for 3 weeks the team thought Steve should know about Danny Junior remembers that heartbreaking phone call


Steve was sitting on a beach staring out at the water thinking about the hurt he saw in Danny's eyes thinking about what he may have just lost

Catherine walks up to Steve and hands him the phone he sees it was Junior he knew something was wrong then

" Hey Junior what's wrong " Steve says into the phone as Catherine sat down next to Steve

" Steve there is no easy way to say this but you need to come home now " Junior says with a sigh

" What happened is it Danny " Steve asks as he grips the phone tighter and tighter

" Yes Danny was shot and is in a coma " Junior said as he looked at Tani who was mad at Steve

" What when why didn't anyone call me " Steve said as he stood up brushed the sand off

" Danny was shot 3 weeks ago and he didn't want us to call you " Junior said right before Steve hung up on him.

Steve tells Catherine that they are going back to Hawaii cause Danny was shot and needs him.

****************End of flashback*************†******

Catherine heard what Steve said about coming after her she knows that Steve is hurting over Danny being in a coma.

Grace came out of the room while Steve was explaining that he didn't mean any of those words he said to Danny before he left

" So your the reason my dad was hurting before he got shot " Grace said as she looked at the man she called uncle

" We had a huge fight before I left and I said things I didn't mean " Steve said as he looked at grace

Grace took a moment to look at Steve then the next words out of her mouth broke Steve's heart in the worst way

" You are the reason my father is in that bed you were the reason he didn't care if he was hurt cause his best friend left him thinking that he meant nothing to you after 9 freaking years my father gave up a chance to have family back to clear your name he went to North Korea and Afghanistan to save you and now he's in that room fighting for his life while you were off with her I thought my dad meant more to you I thought Charlie and I meant more to you after all we call you uncle but right now I hate you so much I wish we never met you or any of 5-0 and know this Steve consider your self no long our family or our uncle " Grace said as she looked at a broken Steve

Grace turned around and ran to Rachel's arms as Rachel looked at Steve with a sad and heartbreaking look before they went back into the room Danny was is.

Steve walked over to the couch sat down on it feeling dejected and the tears came that he held back while grace was yelling at him Catherine sat down next to him put her hand on him but he pulled away cause he doesn't deserve comfort.

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Steve sat on the couch his head burried in his hands as he replays over and over what grace just said she no longer considers him her family her uncle that she wishes she never met him or 5-0, Steve's heart was breaking cause he loves both Grace and Charlie plus he loves Danny so much and now Danny is fighting for his life and grace hates him.

Just then Rachel comes out of Danny's room walks over to Steve and slaps him across the face then

" You were his best friend the one person he could trust not to hurt him the one who he thought had his back the one who was on his side through everything but you chose to go after her and break Danny's heart my children are no longer any concern of yours and neither is Danny sadly Danny fought so hard for you that he gave up everything to clear your name to bring you back from North Korea and Afghanistan he was there throughout the whole mess with wo fat and your mother he never once lied to you or broke your trust but the same can't be said for you can it I mean you said some cruel and hurtful things that led to Danny not caring if he got hurt cause he knows you don't care that you never did that going after Catherine was so important that you ruined your own relationship with Danny for her now you have to live with knowing that you are the reason my children may lose their father" Rachel said in a nasty and disgusting tone of voice.

Steve watched as Rachel re-enter Danny's room he stood there for a moment then went and sat down on the couch and thought about everything he and Danny went through over the 9 years they have known each other, Catherine once again trys to comfort Steve who keeps pushing her away he doesn't want her comfort he wants Danny to be okay wants to go back and never have said those things to the one person who has truly never hurt him by lying or breaking his trust but at this point Steve hates himself and Catherine

Tani looks over watching as Steve pushes Catherine away, he doesn't let Catherine comfort him then she sees Steve get up from the couch walk over to the window looking at his comatose best friend with his children and ex wife

Tani who can't stand there and watch this women come in here act like nothing happened then

" You have alot of nerve showing up here I mean look around you none of us want you here no one here is your friend we are here for Danny the man who has been there for Steve after you left him not once but 3 times choosing your career over Steve lying to Steve and yet he still went after you even hurting Danny " Tani said in a rather sharp and crispy voice

" I am here cause Steve needs me right now I won't leave the man I love " Catherine said as she looks at Steve who can barely look at her

" LOVE you love Steve but look around he can barely look at you he won't even let you comfort him he wants nothing to do with you you are the reason they had a fight your the reason everyone is mad at steve your the reason our family is falling apart as Danny fights to live your the reason Steve has lost so much " Tani said in an angry voice that could carry into Danny's room

" You all can blame me but Steve wants to be with me and I won't leave him " Catherine said as she looked at Steve

Tani couldn't take it anymore so she walked over Catherine and slapped her and said leave now no one wants you here not even Steve

Catherine looks over to steve who has his back to her then she hears him say you should go I don't want you here and I think you should take the flight out cause I won't be coming with you cause I won't leave Danny again my love for you came with heartbreaking consequences that I may never get back and I may have lost everything cause of you so please leave and don't ever come back.

Catherine stood there in shock she never meant hurt Danny but she loves Steve and wants to be with him but right now he is too angry with himself and her to see that she loves him.

Catherine runs to closest bathroom unaware Rachel is in there crying over Danny Rachel sees Catherine walk in crying Rachel slaps Catherine across the face and says that is for hurting my children and Danny who was your friend too but I will say this once stay the hell away from my family their ohana and that includes Steve

Rachel whips away the tears puts her calm and brave face on walks out of the bathroom with her head held high leaving a sad and alone Catherine.

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Lou walks over to steve who seems very lost and upset and nothing was making sense to him, Steve never meant to hurt Danny but at that moment he said such cruel and hurtful things things that Danny may never forgive steve for things that most likely caused Steve to lose Danny and their friendship.

Tani went to get some coffee for everyone she went into Danny's room and asked if they wanted anything so Rachel and grace leave Danny's room.

Tani Rachel and Grace are all sitting down at a table in the cafeteria grace was staring at the hot chocolate that she bought then

" I just don't understand why uncle I mean Steve would hurt dad like that I mean dad has done so much for him like saving him in North Korea and Afghanistan clearing his name of a murder he didn't do I just don't get it " Grace said as she looked down at the table

" I wish I could help but I don't get it either when I met them Danny said Steve had this ability to know when he is needed he shows up at the right moment " Tani said as she looks at Grace then at Rachel.

" I truly think Steve was so consumed by the sadness of losing Joe who was like a father to Steve he wanted to keep that link and Catherine was it Steve the Steve we call uncle would never hurt Danny but sorrow pain can destroy a person may be that's what happened with Steve " Rachel said trying to figure out why it happened

Tani Rachel and Grace sip their drinks and keep talking about Steve and Danny.

Meanwhile back up stairs, Steve walks into Danny's room sits down in the chair lifts his hand in his holds it against his face then

" Danny I know you are in there fighting to come back to us I am so truly sorry for what I said I never meant to hurt you I am falling apart I wanted to hold on to the last link I had to Joe and Catherine was it we talked about you and I realized that I had a family with you that you Grace and Charlie are my family I love you so much I don't want to lose you too I have survived Joe's death, my mom returning from the dead her leaving my father's death Catherine leaving and coming back but your a loss I will never be able to come back from a loss that will destroy me a loss I will never forgive myself for letting go of please I am begging you to wake up to come back to me " Steve said with tears running down his face

Then Steve hears a loud beeping then he looks up and sees that Danny is coding then doctors and nurses coming running into the room pushing Steve out of the room

Doctor screaming we are losing him.

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Steve was now standing at the window watching as the doctors and nurses work on Danny, seeing Danny like this was killing Steve knowing that his best friend has given up on him has put himself in danger thinking Steve didn't care cause he was off with Catherine. Right now nothing matters more than Danny and making things right with him, he does care so much. His heart is shattered in a billion pieces seeing Danny like this.

Tani Rachel and Grace return only to see Danny's door close and everyone was standing by the window watching the doctors saving Danny's life just then the doctors come out one of them stops and looks at everyone then he says I am so sorry but detective Williams is still in a coma and there is 10 percent chance of him waking up.

Grace sank to the floor crying Rachel next to her trying to comfort her but Grace sees Steve she stands up walks over to Steve and starts hitting him in the chest while screaming it's your fault I may lose Danno Steve grabs Grace's wrists spins her around pulls her back to his chest as she keeps crying they both sink to the floor Steve holding Grace in his arms as he rocks back and fourth Rachel joins them as she holds on to Steve while Grace crys become soft and heartbreaking sobs

Rachel looks at her daughter and can see the thought of losing Danny is hurting to everyone in the room but she can see Steve is struggling to keep it together then Rachel looks at Steve says it's okay to cry Steve pulls grace tighter to him and crys into her shoulder while saying he's a loss I won't come back from he's a loss that will hurt more than losing my parents my aunt Deb my team Joe Catherine leaving and coming back Danny's a loss I won't survive

Both Grace and Rachel are shocked by everything Steve is saying but both are still angry with him for how he treated Danny before he left.

Tani Lou Adam Jerry and Junior all stand there watching the 3 on the floor comforting each other, they all can see Steve is coming undone and it may just get worse if Danny doesn't make it.

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Steve had his face burried in Grace's neck the tears were running down his face, Steve hung on to Grace like she was his lifeline just like he does with Danny. They were rocking back and forth Steve was comforting grace and Rachel but it was them who was comforting Steve, nothing would ever be the same if Danny doesn't make it.

Everyone can see Steve was falling apart, Danny is the only person who could keep Steve sane. Steve and Danny have been best friends for 9 years, they have been through so much, their friendship has kept Steve sane and when Steve has fallen apart Danny was there when Catherine left Danny was there when Catherine cane back Danny was there but when Joe died Steve shut Danny out when his team died Steve shut Danny out when he was out for revenge he turn to Catherine Harry and Junior once again shutting Danny out, there was a huge reason for that Steve wanted to protect Danny and kids from the dark side of Steve he had to make sure they never saw that side of him, Steve is scared to death of losing Danny their friendship Charlie and Grace, if they saw the dark Steve would Danny forbid Steve from seeing the kids would Danny walk away and never look back.

Steve laid his forehead against Grace's shoulder and cryed, Grace could see that Steve was in so pain and he was sorry for hurting Danno but right now they have to hold on to hope that Danny makes it.

Rachel pulls away and let's Grace take care of Steve who is so badly shaken at the thought of losing Danny that nothing matters, just then Charlie comes running in and throws himself at both his sister and uncle.

Steve lifts Charlie up into his arms as he stands up then helps grace up and the three walk to Danny's room, once they are in the room, Lou says that seeing steve like this is heartbreaking cause if we lose Danny we will lose Steve as well and nothing will ever be the same.

Rachel can see how much Steve cares about Danny but the question is just how deep those feelings run and is there more to those feelings. Is Steve in love with Danny if so is that why Steve is reacting so badly to Danny being on life support, and when Danny wakes up just what will happen between the two best friends.

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Rachel stood by the window looking into the room of her ex husband, she had so many plans for a reunion with Danny, bringing their family back together, raising Charlie and sending grace off to college soon but now those plans have changed and now they included Steve just not the way she wanted it.

Rachel sees Steve sitting in a chair next to Danny's bed holding his hand while Charlie sat on the bed at Danny's side and Grace stood next to Steve placed her hand over Steve's hand holding Danny's Steve was finding comfort in Charlie and Grace.

Rachel thought that should be me in there with our children but that thought left when she saw just how much Steve really does love Danny by comforting his children by loving the two most important people in Danny's life the two people who make every day good for Danny the two people who Danny lives for.

Rachel sees Steve's hand reach up and whip away the tears falling down Grace's face he pulls her into his arms whispering comforting words into her hair as her face was burried in his neck and Charlie laid down next to Danny his head on Danny's chest his eyes closed soon he was asleep.

Lou walks over to where Rachel is standing and looks into the room and sees Grace crying in Steve's arms and Charlie asleep next to Danny then

" You have to know that Steve loves those two cause they are Danny's " Lou says as they watch Steve with grace

" I can see just how much Steve loves Danny by how he treats our children Steve is Danny's other half but a part of me wishes that was me " Rachel says as she looks at Lou

" Yeah I know you do but you have no idea how deep a bond Steve and Danny have " Lou says as he looks at her

Just then Adam Jerry Tani and Junior are standing next to them as they look into the room and see grace fell asleep in Steve's arms her face burried in his neck one arm around her waist the other behind her back holding her close to his chest as he watches these two perfect loving people sleep they are so much like Danny and Steve will always love and protect them cause their Danny's, his heart and soul lives on in his children.

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Steve sat next the most important people in his life, two are sleeping on the bed while the third is safe in his arms as she sleeps. Steve looks down at Grace the reason Danny moved to Hawaii the reason Danny stayed in Hawaii and the very reason Danny came into Steve's life. Grace and Charlie are the center of who Danny is their love makes him a better father better cop a better detective a better partner a better friend and most of all a better person.

Steve then looks up at Charlie who is sleeping next to Danny his face burried in necks his hand on his chest Steve knew Charlie is a mini Danny in every way possible, he looks just like Danny another reason he loves these two kids cause they look like Danny.

Steve knows that Danny started thing up again with Rachel not knowing that Steve is in love with him Rachel now knows just how much Steve loves Danny cause Steve is in the room with Danny and their children.

Rachel walks in the room she takes off her heels walks over to Steve and Grace rests her head her head leans down kisses her head then she kneels next to Steve and whispers I won't stand between you and Danny he loves you just as much as you do that's why he is hurting so much we need to fix it so you can be together.

Steve looks at Rachel who smiles at him then they hear movement from the bed they look over and see Danny is awake then comes the heart breaking words

" Who is he " Danny asks as he looks down at the the little boy sleeping next to him

Rachel Grace and Steve stare at Danny with shocked eyes not understanding why Danny doesn't know Charlie

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Rachel quickly grabs Charlie who starts crying for Danny who is just staring at his ex and her son, then Rachel takes Charlie out of the room and hands him to Adam who has a crying Charlie in his arms while grace looks at her dad who is just staring at them with a blank look on his face he doesn't recognize Steve or that his daughter is grown up now.

Steve looks at Danny who is trying to figure out what is going on then

" Do you know what year it is " Rachel asked in her British accent

" Um 2010 " Danny said as he looked at his ex wife and their daughter

" I am so sorry but it's 2019 " Steve said as he looked at Danny while trying to hide the hurt of Danny not knowing him.

Rachel looked at Steve who was trying so hard not to show the pain of Danny not knowing him then Steve looks at Danny one more time before walking to the door and leaving the room.

Steve walked over to the couch and sank down on it burring his face in his hands, Charlie wrigglings out of Adams arms and runs over to his uncle's arms, once Charlie's in Steve's arms crying into his neck Steve pulls Charlie in a hug as he stood up Charlie's legs wrapped around Steve's waist arms wrapped around his neck Steve rubs his back trying to calm him down.

Back in the hospital room, Danny is frustrated and not understanding why no one is telling him what happened Rachel leaves the room and runs to get Danny's doctor.

Soon Rachel and his doctor are back in his room, the doctor asks Rachel and Grace to leave the room so he can examine Danny.

Rachel and Grace walk over to where Steve stood holding a now sleeping Charlie Grace burried her face face in Steve's chest as he wrapped his arm around her, Rachel stood in front of Steve a hand on each of her children and looking to Steve for comfort while everyone prepares themselves for the heartbreaking news Danny has amnesia and is missing the last 9 years of his life.

The doctor comes out of Danny's room with a sad look on his face Danny's file pressed to his chest with his arms folded over his chest the doctor looks at every one as he prepares to give this group of people heartbreaking news and sadly it will take time for Danny's memory to return but question is when will that be.

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The doctor took a deep breath and told everyone that Danny has no memory of the last 9 years which means he doesn't remember any of expect for his ex and his daughter everyone stood in shock staring at the doctor Tani asks when will he remember the doctor says it could be hours days weeks months or sadly years for him to remember.

Everyone stood staring at Danny's room wondering what Danny is thinking and feeling right now. Rachel looks at Grace who still has her face burried in Steve's chest Rachel rubbing her back and Steve has his face burried in her hair this isn't right Steve thought to himself

Right now nothing makes sense to anyone Lou was heartbroken for all but especially Charlie who Danny doesn't remember Adam is sad for the team Tani is dad for grace and Charlie Junior is sad for Steve Jerry just wishes none of this happened just then Catherine shows up walks over to Steve Rachel freaks out and starts screaming at Catherine telling her to leave Steve hands Charlie over to Adam who tries to get Charlie to calm down.

Steve wraps an arm around a screaming Rachel as he tries to calm her down while Tani tells Catherine to leave cause right now isn't a good time

Danny walks out of his room looking at them all like their crazy and the scene in front of him has Danny wondering what hell is going on and who the hell are these people but what really catches his eye is the little boy who is crying and begging for his daddy then Rachel goes to Charlie who starts kicking and screaming for his daddy this scene is breaking everyone's heart but Danny can't stand the crying so he walks over and takes Charlie into his arms Charlie burried his face in Danny's neck

Danny takes Charlie back into his room where he gets back into the bed Charlie falls asleep on Danny's chest after making himself tired. Grace comes into the room and crawls in next to her dad and finds comfort there.