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Kenny had always been out of mind in life, and to him he thought everything was a fantasy. He would often daydream and fantasize regarding his personal life, and what he had analyzed during the day. Every goddamn day. He though of one thing most of the time-


"Kenny!" Shouted the familiar voice of Kyle.  

Kenny raised his head to the table in front of him. The boys were out for dinner, at some gayass pizzeria just out of town. It was deemed fancy for most people, but for Kenny it was just another dumb hangout.

"Dude, we have to go now," Stan added in, gesturing his hand toward the entrance. Randy, Stan's dad, had driven the boys out here to eat, because what better not to do then have a little guy's party?

Well fuck, Kenny thought to himself, zoning out again. He took a sip of his almost empty water.

"Hah, Kenni, you're too poor to even concentrate, haha!" Cartman laughed to himself with his crappy poor jokes.

After a twenty minute car ride home, and arriving at Stan's house, the boys figured that it'd be nice to play a little basketball at the park before the sun sets. Luckily for the four, no other kid was at the park at this time, so they could occupy it themselves.

Kenny wasn't that good at playing basketball, so he just kind of blocked the person on the opposite team holding the ball, vice versa.

However today wasn't such a good day to play, as Kenny had started to feel the urge to pee. He would occasionally squirm while standing in place, and when no one was looking held his little crotch.  After a few rounds at basketball, Kenny could barely even move, knowing he could piss himself right in front of his friends.

"Kenni! Why aren't you helpin' me out? Huh?" Barked Cartman. Kenny sighed and muffled quietly, "Oh, n-nothing. I'll help."

Kenny didn't like expressing his needs in front of his friends sometimes. Announcing that he needed the bathroom was highly embarrassing to Kenny, and he knew that he could be humiliated by his friends, especially Eric. Kenny had so much regrets for drinking 2 cups of water back at the restaurant. But then again, who could resist such great tasting water when you have to drink dish water everyday?

A few shots and scores, and once Cartman threw the ball to Kenny, he could feel his bladder almost exploding. Kyle was running over to Kenny. At this moment he felt like bursting. A little bit of urine escaped and trickled down Kenny's leg. Kenny dropped the basketball and quickly held onto his crotch and started squirming, tears in his eyes.

Kyle and Stan instantly knew what was going on, appearing to have worried expressions on their faces. Cartman laughed behind them, ridiculing Kenny's desperation. 

"Dude, it's alright. The bathrooms are over there for you to go," Kyle soothingly said to Kenny.

Stan looked behind his shoulder. At the end of the basketball court, he could see the bathrooms with both signs, simply reading "CLOSED."

"Shit dude," Stan started, "the park bathrooms are closed."

Over hearing this, Kenny whimpered, tears now streaming down his face, shaking as he clutched his crotch, Kyle patting his shoulder.

"Just use a fucking bush," Cartman snickered at the 3 boys.

"Kenny?" Stan echoed, "you can use a tree or bush over there. We won't look."

Kenny instantly stood straight, still holding tightly onto his crotch. 

"NO!" A muffled scream hissed.

Kyle sighed. "Dude, you really need to go, we promise we won't look."

Tears were now flowing down Kenny's little face, and with that straighten stand jolt, another small amount of pee came out, this time staining Kenny's pants a little.

Stan felt sympathetic now. He went over and grabbed onto Kenny's shoulder, as Kyle removed his hand from the shoulder of Kenny at the same time.

"Kenny, please."

The orange hooded kid shook his head slowly. Stan gestured his hand at Cartman and Kyle to look away and mind their own business now. He needed to help Kenny as soon as possible. 

"You can let it out dude, I won't look."

Kenny started to continuously mumble his cries of pain and desperation as Stan went behind Kenny and began to unzip his pants. 

"Let it out."

Kenny looked up at Stan, his eyes red and puffy. "D-dude, wh-wh-"

"Let it out."

At that moment, the pain in his bladder was unbearable. Kenny let out a mumbled groan as he felt the warn liquid rush out of him. A puddle began to form under Kenny, wetting his shoes as well as Stan's, but he didn't care anymore. He finally could get it out. 

After the long piss, Stan patted Kenny on the back.

"Feel okay now, dude?"

Kenny nodded slowly as he looked over to see Cartman and Kyle arguing like usual. Lucky Kenny that they never saw him do his business, however while this was all happening, Kenny could feel a warm bond between Stanley.

Heh, what a day.