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The New Girl

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Character Card:
First Name: Alex
Last Name: Kiridona
Sex: Female
Gender: Gender fluid
Birth Date: 04/21/2004
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Effing rainbow
Height: 5 foot 8 inches (approx 172.72 centimeters)

Personality: Alex is a girl with a fiery passion to do what she believes is right, and will fight anyone to do so. Of course, Alex is not a perfect person, and hides a lot of anxiety about herself and how she is perceived by others. She wants to be the strongest hero, and no one can stop her from being the next All Might.

Quirk:Metal Mastery~Any metal objects she can see can be manipulated into any shape she wishes, effect is only permanent(til she wants to change it again) if she holds it with both hands, otherwise it will return to its original shape after she loses eye or physical contact. If she ‘saves’ the shape of an object, and later wants to return it to the original shape, she has to do it manually, it won’t change back on its own. Heavier, denser metals require more focus to morph than metals that are lightweight and malleable.

Chapter 1: First Days

A/N: Everyone talks in Japanese unless otherwise mentioned, ex: Aoyama speaking in French; Alex talking in English


Alex’s POV

          I walked into the class with my favorite book under my arm and my art notebooks in my bag. Being new here, I knew I’d have plenty of free time on my own, and I intended to make the most of it. Looking around, there wasn’t that many students already here. I could see maybe nine, and there was probably twenty-ish desks in the room. Which was a little surprising since class was going to start in a few minutes. Ehh I guess most of the class is fast on their feet. I looked at the desk closest to me and say they were labeled, so I decided to look for my own name. Spying it near the back of the room, I went and sat down and started reading.

          “Hey! Whatcha reading?”

          *english* “HOLY FLOPPING MAGIKARPS!!” I yelled in surprise, falling out of my chair. Looking up, I saw a boy with a concerned look on his face, with spiky red hair and surprisingly sharp teeth. Oh crap. Why did my first interaction with another student have to be me screaming in English. Why.

          *japanese* “Sorry, sorry, you scared me. I wasn’t expecting anyone to speak to me right away, so I kinda was in my own world. I’m not usually this much of a spaz.” DAMN IT STOP BLABBERING ALEX.

          “Hey, its cool, do you want help getting up?” He said, extending an arm.

          “Yeah thanks,” I said letting myself be hoisted up and sitting back in my seat.

          “Anyway, what’s your name? Mine’s Kirishima. Kirishima Eijirou.”

          “Oh mine’s Kiridona. Kiridona Alex. I’m a transfer from America. Oh and to answer your first question, I’m reading Harry Potter.”

          “No way, you like Harry Potter? Me too! I haven’t read the books, but I’ve seen all the movies.”

          “I’ve seen the movies, but I like the books more. By the way,” I said looking at the clock, “isn’t class going to start soon? Where’s the teacher too?”

          “Aizawa-sensei is almost always late, and he won’t count you as late if you show up before him, so most of the class shows up a little after the bell.” Huh. A teacher that’s late most of the time. That’s a first.

          “Well okay then. I’m gonna go back to my book, I guess we’ll talk later?”

          “Sure! See ya later Kiridona!” Kirishima waved and went back to his seat. I then noticed he was by this blond boy with hair almost as spiky as Kirishima’s. Oh no. You’re kidding me. That is not Bakugou Katsuki. No. It is. Well. This is an interesting development. I’m in the class with the crazy kid from the sports festival. Well he looks less crazy than he was at the competition. Then again, news crews were very wary of him and kept their distance. Well, he’ll be a fun challenge to spar with.

          Returning to my book, I realized my mind was way too active to continue reading, so I put my book in my bag and got out my notebook and art pencil. Hmm, what should I draw today?

~Time Skip to Battle Training Class~

          “ALL RIGHT CLASS 1-A! YOU’VE GOT A NEW STUDENT TODAY, SO WE’RE GONNA HAVE A LITTLE TOURNAMENT! DON’T GO UNDERESTIMATING HER NOW!” screamed out the teacher. He had introduced himself as Present Mic, and I could guess what his quirk was. Anyone could really, with all this shouting.

          “ALL RIGHT KIRIDONA-CHAN, COME UP HERE AND INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO THE CLASS!” Damn it. I don’t need to tell the class who I am. Ugh. Well, I’ll say a little. But I’m gonna keep my quirk a secret for now, heheheh. Since I don’t want to reveal any tricks up my sleeve.

          “Hello. I’m Kiridona Alex, call me what you wish, and I hope the top student in this class is ready to get dethroned.”

          “HA! You’ll eat those fucking words rainbow shitty hair!” yelled out a voice from the back. I knew who it was immediately, and decided to mess with him a little.

          “Oi blondie, I wasn’t talking to you. I was speaking to Todoroki-kun. You’re no challenge for me.”

          “That confidence reminds me of Bakugou in way,” spoke another student. She has long green hair tied as a bow at the end,with her facial expression hardly moving. I think she might be a droid.


          “Oh dear, do you really want to be the first one out of this tournament?” This was fun. It’s always the best feeling to mess with the kid that gets mad real easy.

          “Does she have a death wish waiting for her?” whispered a girl with pink skin and black eyes to a boy with bright yellow hair with dark lighting bolt streaks, “Did she not see what happened at the Sports Festival?”

          “BAKUGOU-KUN, YOU’LL GET YOUR TURN TO FIGHT KIRIDONA-CHAN, BUT RIGHT NOW, SHE’S UP AGAINST SERO-KUN. SUIT UP YOU TWO AND GET IN POSITION IN THE ARENA!” screeched out Mic. Damn. Just when I was starting to have fun. Oh well. The class starts to disperse to the locker rooms.

          I follow the other girls, and find my locker. Aw shit. I left my hero costume at home. Ugh. I’ll just have mom mail it to me later. Guess its PE uniform today then. I change and head back out. I see Sero-kun already in the arena warming up. Aha! He’s that tape guy that Todoroki-kun literally made an iceberg. Well this is gonna be fairly easy, no matter how durable his tape is, I can cut it. I stretch as I walk, heading inside the arena.

          “So, Sero-kun, how you feeling today? Prepared to lose?” I said in a joking tone. I didn’t want to scare him or anything before our match, or he might give up halfway through or something like that.

          “Nah Kiridona-chan, today is a good day for me to win. This isn’t gonna be easy for you, no matter how strong you are” He replied lightly. Good. He’s not the kind to back down easy.

          “Well then, shall we start and see who the winner will be?”

          “ALL RIGHT, SERO-KUN, KIRIDONA-CHAN, READY OR NOT, YOUR MATCH STARTS NOW!” howled Mic. Finally. Sorry Sero-kun, but I’m afraid you’re going to be the first one out of this tournament.

          I jumped back as Sero shot out a length of tape at my face. Hmm. I guess he’s the straightforward type. That works for me. I morphed my bracelet into a small knife, and started dashing towards him. He’s expecting me to be evasive, so he won’t expect a dash attack. Using my speed, I slashed through his tape and decided to cut his arm just a little, then quickly morphed my knife back to my bracelet. There. That’ll confuse him enough for me to get a little more metal to catch him with.

          “Woah! What the..? How’d you cut me?” Sero mused out loud. Oh no, my dear classmate. Thinking out loud is the worst thing you can do in battle. Aha! There, the railing is iron. Good. Divert his attention, and get him over to the railing.

          “Seeeerooo-kuunn, your focus should be on meee, if I was a villain, I could’ve killed you by now!” I sang out. Once he starts trying to tie me up again, I can get him over to the railing, and then, game over.  Sero-kun chuckled after glancing over and covered his cut on his arm, then sending a stretch of tape from the other.

          I jumped up and over his tape and him, and started moving backwards, acting like I wasn’t aware that I was heading into a corner. He’ll think he’s got me, then I can pull the railing around him.

          “Kiridona-chan, for all of your talk about being the best, you seem to be putting yourself in a corner.” called out Sero. He started throwing out tape to cut off this corner. Good. He doesn’t realize he’s the one in the corner.

          “Really then Sero-kun, if I’m cornered, then come and get me!” I replied in a joyous tone. Just a little closer. Then you’re mine. Behind my back, I morphed my bracelet into a pair of handcuffs, just in case he dodges the railing.

          Sero suddenly dashed forward, tape flying. Grinning, I dodged him, and pulled the iron railing around his ankle, tripping him. Quickly pinning him on his stomach with my knee, I slipped the cuffs on him. I win this round.

          “KIRIDONA-CHAN HAS CAPTURED SERO-KUN! SHE IS THE WINNER!” bellowed out Mic-sensei. I smiled and got off Sero-kun and undid the cuffs.

          “That was a good match Sero-kun. Sorry for cutting you.” I said extending a hand to help him up.

          “Nah you didn’t really hurt me,”He said waving me off. “But where did you get those cuffs, and how did you cut me earlier?” he asked rubbing his arm.

          “Oh that’s my quirk. It’s called Metal Mastery. Anything metal I can see or touch I can morph at will.” I explained. “My bracelet is iron, so I first changed it into a dagger to slow down the amount of tape you were throwing at me. I changed it back after so you wouldn’t notice. Then later I made them cuffs so you couldn’t get up after I tripped you.”

          “Dang, you’re good. Well good luck on your next match Kiridona-chan! I gonna go put an actual bandaid on this cut. My tape isn’t the best thing for medical purposes” said Sero-kun as we left the arena. Immediately after he walked away, a boy with green fluffy hair dashed up to me and started rapid firing questions and statements.

          “So your quirk is working with metals, is that why you wear that bracelet and earring? That’s why you didn’t leave it in your locker to avoid them being broken. So it’s really your weapon and it makes sense why you wore it during the match. That explains why you have your bracelet with you. I thought it was just jewelry that you were wearing but it was actually your weapon. It makes sense why you wore it during the match and brought it out after changing. How quick did you change your bracelet is the question. You were able to slash Sero-kun and he wasn't able to see your bracelet change. You must've bended your bracelet numerous times in order to do that switch in the speed you did. Your quirk has to do with bending or shaping metal but does that include other minerals as well?”

          The boy spoke so quick I could barely keep up with him, but after a bit, he just started muttering to himself and I couldn’t understand him. A girl with shoulder length light brown hair came over to us.

          “Deku-kun, you’re muttering again.” she said. Turning to me, “I’m Uraraka Ochaco, and this is Midoriya-kun. He does this often.” she said with a laugh in her voice.

          “Hey it’s cool, this is the most a person has asked about my quirk since I figured out what it was.” I said smiling back. This isn’t so bad, it seems Bakugou is the only bad-mouth in the class. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go to the bathroom while I wait for my next match.” I said walking away. And then I immediately ran into Kirishima-kun.

Chapter Text

Alex’s POV:


          Ow! What the hell did I just run into? A fucking wall? I rubbed my forehead at the collision point, hoping I didn’t cause a concussion. I really hope no one saw that, running into a wall after I claimed to take down the top student isn’t a very good intimidation tactic.

          “Ahh! Sorry Kiridona-chan! Are you okay?” exclaimed the wall. As I glanced up to see who it was, I recognized that spiky red hair from my earlier surprise in class. Oh. Its Kirishima-kun.

          “It’s fine Kirishima-kun. But why are you so har…” I trailed off as I noticed he was shirtless. Hot damn, he’s ripped. Wait, why is he shirtless in the first place?!

          “Hah? Oh my quirk is Hardening. My body becomes like a rock!” he proclaimed proudly.  Ah that’s right, so that’s why his body looked so weird during the festival. Reminds me of that steel dude with a similar quirk. WAIT! HOW LONG WAS I STARING?!

          “That’saprettycoolquirkbro.I’mgonnagototherestroom.Seeyainthetournament!” I quickly blurted out as I started to walk away. Holding my hands up to my burning face as I averted my eyes from his direction. Wait. Did I just call him bro? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Fucking great. There goes that friendship. Like he’s gonna want to be friends when I just bro’d him. Well, I’ll prepare to be ignor-

          “Aw thanks Kiridona-kun! I guess you want to be bros then?” What? Does he think I’m a guy or is he just cool with being bros with a girl. Not to mention we barely know each other. But he’s fine with me calling him bro? Did I hit him in HIS head?

          “Wait,” I stopped in my tracks and turned to face Kirishima-kun, “You’re cool with being bros with a girl?”

          “What does you being a girl have anything to do with us being able to be the Best Bros Ever ™? Well, besides me and Bakugou. He’ll make anything into a competition, so he’s Best Bro Ever™ first.” Kirishima responded with a big dorky grin on his face. “My match is next against Mina-chan, so yeah, see you in the tournament!” he waved as he walked into the arena.

          Coming back from the bathroom, I Kirishima’s match was over, and it was now that robotic girl with the green hair against Uraraka-chan. I remembered Uraraka-chan’s quirk was Zero-Gravity, but the other girl was a mystery. I went over to ask Midoriya-kun, as he seemed to be the one to know about everyone’s quirks. Actually, I can see him muttering to himself over there.

          “Hey Midoriya-kun, what’s that other girl’s quirk? Not Uraraka-chan but the other one.” I asked tapping him on his shoulder to wake him from his stupor.

          “Eh? Oh you mean Tsuyu-chan? Her quirk is Frog. She can do pretty much anything a frog can, her tongue is really long, she can jump up high, and spit out her stomach.” he quickly responded, his focus on the match.

          “Whoa. That’s really cool. I always thought frogs were pretty awesome animals.”

          “Yes Tsuyu-chan’s quirk is very versatile in battle. She’s a level-headed person, very different from Kacchan.”

          “Kacchan? Who’s that?”

          “Ah. Kacchan is Bakugou-kun. We knew each other as kids, which is why he calls me Deku and I call him Kacchan.” Midoriya’s voice was going softer as he talked about Bakugou.

          Bakugou seemed like the guy that wouldn’t have friends, with how aggressive and bad-mouthey he is. Kirishima said they were bros, but I feel that took a lot of pestering on Kirishima’s end. And probably a lot of explosion dodging. From what I can tell of Kirishima-kun, he’s pretty immune to insults, which is probably why he was able to befriend Bakugou, but Midoriya-kun seems to have a weaker self-esteem/confidence.

          “Midoriya-kun, was Baku-”

          “TSUYU-CHAN HAS CAPTURED URARAKA-CHAN! TSUYU-CHAN MOVES ON TO THE NEXT ROUND!” came the excruciatingly shrill voice of Mic-sensei. How have these guys dealt with this everyday for months? I clasped my hands over my ears as Mic-sensei continued to provide his commentary on the match. The next rounds weren’t anything spectacular, until it came to Midoriya’s turn.

          “MIDORIYA-KUN, YOU ARE GOING AGAINST KAMINARI-KUN! GET IN THE ARENA YOU TWO!” squawked Mic-sensei. I noticed the arena starting to shift around. Huh? Whose quirk is doing that? Looking around I saw a block-like man with his hands on the ground, his face in that of heavy focus. Ah it must be him. He doesn’t look like a student, I guess he’s a teacher’s aid, if not an actual teacher. Looking back to the arena, it had shifted to having multiple points of higher and lower ground. Huh. Must have something to do with one of their quirks. Whether to make it harder or easier for one or the other, that remains to be seen. I then noticed the Midoriya-kun was still muttering to himself and didn’t realize it was his turn.

          “Midoriya-kun, it’s your turn to fight.” I said waving my hands in front of his face. That seemed to work as he looked up and realized everyone was waiting for him. Nearly falling on his face in his rush, he went to take his stance across from Kaminari-kun. They both, I guess, ‘powered up’ as there was yellow-white sparks dancing around Kaminari-kun, and green ones around Midoriya-kun.

          “This is not a fair fight for Kami.” a girl sighed. I looked and it was the pink skinned girl from earlier. “Mic-sensei is so mean for pitting him against Midoriya-kun.”

          “It could be worse,” I said, turning to face her. “Sensei could’ve put him against Bakugou-kun, and I feel like he has no ‘easy mode’ for anything.”

          “That’s true,” she mused.  “I’m Mina by the way. Your battle against Sero-kun was awesome. I’ve never seen him have any kind of banter in a fight.”

          “Well thanks. I would say the same thing about your’s and Kirishima-kun’s match, but I missed it. I was in the restroom.”

          “It’s cool, I already knew Kiri was gonna win, he’s pret- OH MY GOD KAMI, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?” Mina cut herself off and was now yelling at Kaminari, in obvious exasperation. “ARGHHHH! That boi! Sometimes I feel like I need to constantly smack some sense into him. Sorry about that.”

          “Not a problem Mina-chan. Mind telling why Kaminari-kun is such an idiot?” I said with my usual smile on my face. I can tell Mina and I are going to be real good friends.

          “Kami’s quirk lets him cover himself in electricity, and he can discharge it, but when he does that, it fries his brain and goes into what we call ‘idiot mode’. It’s hilarious, but no good for fighting.”

         "Oh wow, he must be like that drunk best friend after he discharges. How long before he goes back to normal?"

         "He's usually back after a few hours, but if he goes all out and does his max voltage, he's stuck as an idiot for almost a full day."

         "I've got to see that. Just a whole day of him making a complete ass of himself."

         "You'll probably get to see it today. Kami gets intimidated kinda easy, and will probably short-circuit himself before this match is done."

         "Is Midoriya-kun that good of a fighter?" He doesn't seem like it, but his quirk is something special. Didn't he keep hurting himself in his battle against Todoroki-kun? With a double-edged blade of a quirk like that, its a surprise that someone who can make himself somewhat untouchable is intimidated like that.

         "Midoriya-kun has gotten a better at not hurting himself with his quirk. He still does, and Recovery Girl just loves him for that, but he's grown since the entrance exam. I mean we all have, but he is the most obvious one."

         "Huh. Well, I guess Kaminari-kun is not progressing to the next round." I said, turning back to the match. Midoriya was hopping back and forth between the 'hills' and Kaminari was not able to keep up.

         "AUGH! CAN'T YOU JUST STAY STILL?!" screamed out a clearly exasperated Kaminari. "THAT'S IT, MAXIMUM VOLTAGE!"

         "Waugh! Kaminari-kun, don't do that!" called out Midoriya. He jumped back, just barely dodging Kaminari's discharge.

         "Aaaand there he goes. Well, he's gonna be like that for the rest of the day," said Mina.


         "Hang on, let me go get the squad's idiot," Mina announced as she started to the arena. "I'll be right back."

         "No prob, I'mma just be here til my next match." I responded. This was nice, I was already making a bunch of friends. Glancing back to the arena, Kaminari is helped up by Mina and is being walked towards the infirmary. The changes that were made to the arena seemed to have been to mitigate damage. Midoriya wouldn’t try to seriously hurt Kaminari, but there’s no doubt that the quirk he wields is powerful. Gotta watch out for his quirk if we meet. Tilting my head towards Present Mic, I waited to hear the next match-up announced as I made myself comfortable in the stands.

          Now that Midoriya’s battle was over, the other matches weren’t as entertaining. Both Bakugou and Todoroki-kun’s wins were a no brainer. I feel bad for Shoji-kun’s and Kouda-kun’s matches since they couldn’t do much against their match ups. I really want to see their quirks in combat since they didn’t get into the finals. Tokoyami-kun’s quirk was rather interesting, but like at the sports festival, he was fast, but not the strongest. His opponent, Sato was it? He looked like he should’ve won, but Tokoyami-kun somehow outlasted Sato-kun in a stamina battle. Those are always boring. And the worst feeling when you lose one. The match with that purple haired dude, I could just tell he was trying to be a perv. Too bad he lost, I would’ve enjoyed having him eat asphalt. Good for the girl that beat him though.


          Eh? Yaoyorozu-chan? Who is this? She wasn’t in the first round was she? Looking around, I spied a tall girl with dark hair pulled back into a long ponytail getting up and walking into the arena. Dang, she’s pretty. Like, really pretty. SHIT! Stop thinking about how hot your classmates are Alex! This is a competition! Focus! Wait! She was that girl Tokoyami-kun faced in the sports festival! She like, made stuff from her body. This match is definitely worth watching.

          Midoriya looked like he was going to faint. I knew he had an extensive collection of information about everyone’s quirks, so he must know all about Yaoyorozu’s abilities. She looked rather uneasy herself. Weird. I remember something about her being top of the class. So shouldn’t she be confident going into this? I would at least put on a facade. Showing anything less than solid confidence is bad when facing an opponent. Mother made sure I remembered that.

          “LET THE BATTLE COMMENCE!” shouted Present Mic as he swung his upwards arm down.

          All eyes were on the arena as the two stared each other down, waiting for the opponent's’ move. There was a heavy tension in the air, reaching all the way up to the stands, making everyone sit in silence. It’s scary that even Kaminari is waiting in anticipation.

          “N-no time to waste! Let’s do this Yaoyorozu-san!” Midoriya proclaimed as he sprinted towards her. Closing in on the two, he suddenly jumped back to avoid a pole sprouting from Yaoyorozu’s arm.

          “I won’t make this an easy match for you!” retaliated Yaoyorozu as she held the pole. She then leapt forwards and met Midoriya halfway.

          The two duked it out with Midoriya nearly avoiding the pole. Yaoyorozu then brought distance between the two and before Midoriya’s eyes, brought out the next object.

          “HOLY SHIT, WHAT’S THAT?!” called out a voice from the stands. Probably Mina-chan.

          Yaoyorozu quickly used the opening given to her by the immense shock to the item she created and lunged forward. Midoriya, stunned by the object, shook his head to focus on the battle. With Yaoyorozu charging with the pole, Midoriya grabs the end and swung Yaoyorozu off, leaving him holding the pole. Yaoyorozu regained her footing after the quick exchange and... Wait what was in her hand?!

          Midoriya soon realised his mistake as the pole was then pulled back towards the object she made earlier. An electromagnet! She baited him into grabbing the metal pole in order to pull him into a trap!

          Quickly processing the situation, Midoriya released the pole too late. The momentum threw him forward in Yaoyorozu’s direction. As he tried to regain his footing, Yaoyorozu ran up and shoved him out of bounds.


          Everyone congratulated Yaoyorozu as she walked towards the stands while several went to check on Midoriya. The class was now abuzz with excitement and congratulatory remarks being given to Yaoyorozu. She’s real good. Well, I look forward to matching against her.

          “That was amazing Momo!”

          “I never thought of you making such an intense magnet.”

          “Poor Midoriya never stood a chance.”

          “Don’t stay that, he did well and would’ve won if he dropped the pole,” remarked Yaoyorozu, “I was lucky he was still exhausted from his previous match.”  Speaking of Midoriya, here he comes with Uraraka and Iida at his sides as they happily chatted away.

          “That was a brilliant display of agility Midoriya-kun. You almost had it!” Iida complimented as he chopped his hands.

          “Oh oh!” Uraraka chipped in, causing the two to face her.

          “Don’t forget how you still tried to get back onto your feet against all odds at the end there!”

          “Thanks…” mumbled Midoriya as he used his arms to hide his face.

          Both of them were humble about their match, unlike someone else.

          “That was the most pathetic loss I had ever seen from you Deku,” declared the class asshat. This douche just can’t ever be nice can he? It’s gonna feel so good when I reck him in this tournament. Maybe he’ll even shut up for once. Damnit. I’m getting angry. That’s not gonna help me later. Just ignore him Alex, just ignore him. You can destroy him later.

          Todoroki and Iida’s match went much like it did at the sports festival. With Iida seemingly in the lead, until Todoroki froze the floor just barely that it was hardly visible. He was lucky Iida didn’t see the reflected light on top of the ice which was the only indication of ice. Iida only then realized his mistake when he tried to stop his momentum to grab Todoroki. Which resulted in a very speedy end. Bakugou was unfortunately a ‘perfect’ counter to Tokoyami, as I saw only a few weeks prior in the sports festival. However, Tokoyami managed to put up a stronger fight by facing Bakugou in close combat which of course, didn’t last very long. At least he landed some good hits on him, Bakugou almost looked impressed. Almost .

          “JIROU-CHAN, IT’S YOU VERSUS OJIRO-KUN!” called out Present Mic at a slightly lower volume than before. Huh. Guess he’s calming down a bit. I looked and saw the girl that put that pervert from the earlier round in his place. Guess her name is Jirou. I’ll have to remember that. Her opponent, Ojiro, seemed quite strong. His quirk looking simply like just a tail, the fact that he was able to earn a spot on the hero course says a lot. He probably relies on close quarters combat, but Jirou looks like she has some range on her.

          Rushing forward, Ojiro attempted to overwhelm Jirou with a rapid flurry of attacks. Side-stepping him, she plugged her earphone jacks into her gloves and used the soundwave emitted to push Ojiro away and off balance. She’s fast. But I think he’s faster. Jumping backwards, Ojiro swiftly recovered and jumped up and over Jirou. Spinning around, Jirou sent out her earphone jacks and wrapped them around Ojiro’s leg, tripping him. Taking advantage of his stumble, Jirou pushed Ojiro down with a quick sound blast, and pinned him.

          “AND JIROU-KUN WINS THE MATCH!” screeched out Present Mic, returning to his original, ear destroying, volume. “AND NEXT IS KIRISHIMA-KUN AND TSUYU-CHAN!”

          Kirishima stood up and started towards the arena. If he’s fast enough, he can overwhelm Tsuyu-chan. Midoriya-kun says she stays level-headed though, so that probably won’t work. Let’s see what strategy Kirishima-kun comes up with. Taking his stance, Kirishima faced Tsuyu, ready to unleash his quirk. Tsuyu got into her stance as well, stretching her tongue out.

          “LET THE MATCH BEGINNN!!!!” announced Present Mic. Dear god, I am going to be deaf by the end of the week. This man is way too loud. Ugh. I want to watch Kirishima-kun’s match, but sensei is giving me a headache. No, I already missed his first match, I’m not missing this one.

          Rushing forward, Kirishima attempted to land some rapid fire punches on Tsuyu, but seemingly expecting it, she jumped to the side and spun around, landing a hit on the small of his back. Being fully hardened now, the hit did little to Kirishima. He rushed forward again, but this time grabbing Tsuyu’s leg as she tried to jump away. Whirling around, Kirishima flung Tsuyu towards the edge of the arena, nearly flying out of bounds. Stretching her tongue out just as she was flung away, Tsuyu grabbed onto Kirishima’s arm, attempting to reverse their positions. Anticipating Tsuyu using her tongue to grab him, Kirishima used it to slam both of them into the ground. Himself being unfazed, he immediately jumped back up, not wanting to be mistaken for being knocked out. Tsuyu wasn’t out yet either, but was definitely hurting. Huh. I was not expecting that. Using her own recovery attempt to slam her down. A lot like what Jesse would do every single fricken time I played Smash Bros with him.

          Kirishima, taking advantage of Tsuyu’s slowed pace once again rushed forward. Reacting to this, Tsuyu spat out some acid, hoping to slow him down. Using this to his advantage, Kirishima used the acid on the ground to speed himself up, crashing into and slamming Tsuyu to the ground, effectively pinning her.


          It’s surprising Kirishima-kun even managed to win with that move. Tsuyu could’ve easily dodged it but that was lucky for him. Kirishima seemed to have noticed that Lady Luck was on his side when he came back. Tsuyu congratulated Kirishima on his win, no hard feelings, but she isn’t wrong with saying she needed to be more aware on what happens with her opponent's position, as well as her own.

          Brown hair bobbed up and down as Uraraka-chan ran up to Tsuyu with a cheerful aura following her.

          “You did great Tsu! You shoulda seen yourself, dodging and moving so fast, I was so amazed!”

          “I really hoped you’d win Tsu-chan! But I also didn’t want Kirishima to lose. I didn’t really want either of you to lose,” whined Mina as she hugged Tsuyu.

          “You did wonderfully Tsu. It was a good match,”stated Yaoyorozu as she walked towards the girls with Jirou walking alongside her.

          “I don’t know how you’re so calm Momo, your next match is against Kiridona-chan. She completely overwhelmed Sero-kun,” mentioned Jirou as she twirled her earbud around her finger.

          “I have a plan, Jirou, don’t worry. And if Kiridona-chan wins, she wins.”

          “Yaoyorozu-chan, I do hope you’re not planning to go easy on me,” I cut in. “I want a real fight from the top girl of the class.”

          “Of course not. I hope to see the best of you as well. And please, call me Momo.” responded Yaoyorozu.

          “Very well then Momo. See you in 10 minutes.”

Chapter Text

Alex’s POV:

          I’m bored. Might as well go get my phone from my locker. I got time.   Getting up from the bench I started towards the locker rooms. Retrieving my phone from my bag, I returned to my seat in the stands.

          “Oh? Even Kiridona-chan likes cute phone cases? How typical of a ‘pretty girl’” called out a voice. The fuck? Does someone want to be stabbed? Looking up from my phone, I see the little purple headed dude staring at me.

          “Your quirk may be impressive but you can’t expect us to believe you actually beat Sero like that. He must have gone easy on you because you’re a girl.”

          Without missing a beat, I made a link of my bracelet into a small blade and threw it at him. It landed right by his neck, pinning him to his bench by his shirt, causing him to screech like a 3-year-old, and shutting him up. Damnit, I missed. My aim’s going. Gotta practice later it seems. Going back to my phone, I felt eyes on me. I looked back up and saw pretty much half of the class staring at me wide-eyed.

          “What? Did you expect me to let him verbally harass me like that?” I questioned with mild irritation. “Like hell I would let that happen.”

          “That was awesome Kiridona-chan! Thank you for shutting him up for once.” exclaimed a very excited Mina. She jumped me, wrapping me up in a hug. Um, what? I literally just met this girl and she’s hugging me already? Is that pervert that big of a problem?

          My confusion must have shown, as Mina let go and said with a giggle, “Sorry for jumping you! He is just a perverted menace, and most of the time we can just tell him off, but I think he might stop for a while now.”

          “I’m surprised something hasn’t been done before. How many warnings does this dude get?” Surely one of the teachers have done something about the douche.

          “As much as we try, he still hasn’t given up that ‘habit’ and it is not like we can really depend on the boys to put him in his place all the time.” sighed Uraraka.

          “Calling a habit is putting it nicely. Sexual harassment is a crime, at least it is in America. I don’t know for sure here,” I responded, making sure I was loud enough for the rest of the class to hear. Just in case the purple bastard tries again. Or any of the other boys for that matter.

          “OSHIETE OSHIETE YO SONO SHIKUMI WO/BOKU NO NAKA NI DARE GA IRU NO?/KOWARETA KOWARETA YO KONO SEKAI DE/KIMI GA WARAU NANIMO MIEZU NI” blurted out my ringtone. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! What the hell? Why is my phone going off right now?!? I swear to God, if its Liz, I’m going to kill her.

          I glance at the caller ID and low and behold, there’s her name. Yup. It’s her. What the fuck Liz?

          “Ah, frigging, sorry, I gotta cut out guys, I gotta go yell at my friend for calling me.” I said as I rushed away and answered the call.
          *english* “WHAT THE EVER-LIVING FUCK LIZ!?! No, just, what time is it even over there?” I shouted by ways of greeting.

          “And a hello to you too Alex. It is currently nine in the evening here, and for you?” came the particularly cheeky response.

          “Elizabeth Orchid Maina, it is one-thirty in the afternoon, and I am, currently, IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS!

          “Doesn’t sound like it, since you were able to answer my call. Also, you’re still in school?”

          “School ends at three here, and there is a sixteen hour time difference happening! You’re lucky that we’re having a ten-minute break right now!

          “Ten minute break? What, like a quick recess?” snickered Elizabeth on her end.

          “Yes Liz, that’s what a ten-minute break is.” I said in exasperation. “Just- I’m just gonna hang up now, and call you later. And I swear, IF YOU SPAM ME WITH TEXTS, I WILL BLOW UP YOUR PHONE, ALL THE WAY FROM JAPAN!

          “Sure~. Well then, I’ll talk to you later! Byee--”

          Call ended . I hung up before she could prolong that word for any longer. Checking the time, I saw it was one thirty-four. Just a couple minutes before the tournament resumes.

          Heading back to where the other girls were, I saw a couple different levels of intrigue on their faces. Welp, ‘interrogation’ time I guess .

          *japanese*“Soo, you watch anime Kiridona-chan?” asked Mina, with a teasing grin on her face. Huh. Guess they’re gonna pick at my ringtone before they question my conversation.

          “Well, yeah. I prefer manga, but I watch some anime,” I said with a slight redness to my face.

          “Don’t be embarrassed about it! I’m pretty sure we all watch anime here,” said Uraraka. “Though, I don’t quite recognize which one your ringtone is.”

          “It’s Tokyo Ghoul,” I said, still rather red. “It’s my favorite, and the first anime I watched all the way through. Well, not season three. Didn’t like it very much.” I’m starting to ramble. Great. Just great. Way to look cool Alex.

          “BREAK TIME OVER CLASS 1-A!! YAOYOROZU-CHAN AND KIRIDONA-CHAN, INTO THE ARENA!” hollered Present Mic. Saved by the scream, I guess .

          Walking into the arena, I faced Momo, waiting to be given the signal to start.  Quickly changing my bracelet into a blade, I rushed towards Momo, taking her by surprise. It seemed she was expecting a more cautious approach from me. This gives me an advant- WHOA! Leaping up, I barely dodged a staff being tossed out at me.

          “Whoa! I was not expecting a staff! That’s real cool!” I called out from the air above Momo. Landing behind her, I lunged forward, blade outstretched. “But you’ll have to do better than that Momo-chan!”

          CLANG! Right as I reached Momo, a metal shield came out of her back, blocking my attack. What the fuck? Reorienting myself, I pulled the metal of her shield and morphed it into my usual gauntlets. This is better.

          “I’m surprised to see you making metal items Momo-chan, but thank you, I missed my old gauntlets.” I said with a cheeky smile.

          “Giving you more metal to use is a risk I’m taking Kiridona-chan, so don’t get to confident yet!” called back Momo. Rushing forward, staff swinging, Momo started trying to push me out of bounds. Reacting quickly, I knocked her staff away, and landed a solid hit on her stomach. She’s not experienced with hand-to-hand combat. Sorry Momo-chan, this is the end of this battle. Keeping up a flurry of punches, I wore down Momo, who was barely able to match the speed of my attacks. Suddenly, she jumped back with a smile on her face.

          “I thank you for giving me the time to make this Kiridona-chan, for larger items take much longer.” Out of Momo came a large dark sword, tearing through half of her hero outfit. Holy fucking shit. Is that a fucking obsidian sword. It’s fucking huge . It’s as big as her! What the fuck. I don’t even- shit.

          “I don’t even- Is that made of fucking obsidian? Holy SHIT is that awesome!” I exclaimed. “That’ll make this waayy more interesting.” Rushing Momo, I morphed the tops of my gauntlets to be larger and shield-like in preparation for the extremely large sword currently in Momo’s possession. Gotta get rid of that sword. It’s obsidian, so breaking it is out the question. Gotta make her drop it then. Obsidian is heavy so it shouldn’t be too hard.

          In a huge swing, Momo brought the blade down heavily on my gauntlet-shields. Gritting my teeth from the force of the swing, I melded my gauntlets to the blade, and with a mighty pull, I sent Momo off balance in her refusal to let go of the sword. Taking advantage of this, I landed a hard kick to Momo’s side, making her drop the blade and sending her skidding on the ground, just out of the boundary line.

          “AND KIRIDONA-CHAN WINS! A SURPRISING OUTCOME FROM THE TOP OF THE CLASS!” shrieked Mic. Ouch. That can’t feel good. To lose the match and get discouragement from the teacher.

          I make eye contact with Momo and walk over to her.

          “Don’t worry, that was a great fight you put up. Though, I might’ve lost if you pulled out that sword before the shield,” I said, offering a hand to help her up.

          “Well I guess I’ll have to better prepare for the next time we fight,” she replied, a slow smile growing on her face.  

          “That’s the spirit! Also, I’m taking the shield you made. It’s mine now,” I said with a goofy grin on my face.

          “I made it in the battle, you’re free to take it with you,  I don’t plan on keeping it,” replied Momo, taking my statement completely seriously.

          “That was partially a joke, but I won’t say no to not having extra metal in my next match!” I re-morphed the gauntlets from earlier to fit around my shoulders like armor.

          “That’s actually a good reminder to not use metal objects against you in the future,” remarked Momo

          “Momo! Kiridona-chan! While you two are giggling over here, I have to go against Bakugou-kun!” exclaimed a quite nervous Jirou. Right. Wait, that means Kirishima-kun is going against Todoroki-kun. Dang, these are both bad matchups for Jirou-chan, and Kirishima-kun. Crap. This also means I’m likely going against Bakugou-kun or Todoroki-kun after. Also, when did Mic-sensei scream who was going next? And how did I miss that?

          “Don’t worry Jirou-chan, Bakugou respects you. In his own way. Just make sure you do your best when you fight him. Don’t hold back anything” coached Momo.

          “Bakugou-kun has respect for people other than himself?” I asked in disbelief. “How does that work when he insults pretty much everyone?”

          “Bakugou-kun does respect people, at least their fighting prowess. He respects Uraraka-chan, she earned it during the sports festival. Jirou just needs to show him she has the same fire he does in this match.” explained Momo.

          “Momo, if you remember, when he’s shown someone can match him at anything, he just ups his level. How in the hell am I gonna be able to keep up with him at all?” rambled Jirou. She’s really nervous. I should say something to help her nerves.

          “Hey Jirou-chan, how good did it feel to completely destroy that little purple guy in the first round?” I asked, drawing her attention to me.

          “Why do you ask?” she said in response.

          “Well, I’m gonna assume it felt pretty good, so, hold onto that feeling. Keep that feeling of triumph in your mind, and it should make it easier to keep up with Bakugou-kun.”

          “I guess that might work. Thanks Kiridona-chan.” Jirou wrapped up the conversation and started towards the arena, where Bakugou already was. His quirk really suits his personality. I’m rooting for you Jirou-chan, but I don’t think you’re gonna win.

          “OI. EARLOBES, HOW LONG DO YOU WANT TO STALL THIS MATCH FOR?” the boy shouts, arms wide with his palms facing downwards.

          “Not long enough apparently,” Jirou mumbled under her breath as she stood across Bakugou in the arena.

          The tension was heavy, neither one of them glanced away from each other. The class held their breath. No one wanted to admit it, but, it felt like the match is over before it even started.


          That triggered it. The battle was underway and all that silence broke with a boom. Smoke surrounded the two with Jirou waving the clouds out of her view. Both were cautious of each other since one misstep would give the other the upper hand.

          A sprint, followed by a swing with the arm came from the blonde as sparks flew past him. Jirou blocked the boy’s attack but was grazed by his explosion resulting in a less than ideal injury.

          Holding her shoulder, she transferred her momentum, did a quick spin, and body slammed Bakugou! However, he managed to land several explosions on her before stumbling back.

          “What kind of plan did you have in mind?” Bakugou asked as she faced him, scrunched over from the momentary recoil. He held his arm over his side while facing the girl.

          Jirou, panting, shrugs her shoulders, “One that can end this match.”

          Wild grins formed on both of their faces as Jirou took a running start towards the boy. Bakugou swiftly raised his right hand and shot off an explosion, slowing Jirou’s advances but not before she landed a punch to his stomach. Her earphone jacks swirled about the blonde, trying to distract him as she stepped back a few paces.

          Wincing, she shook her hand out to ease the pain as Bakugou recovered from the punch. Within seconds, Bakugou made use of her recoil as he covered the little distance between them and grabbed Jirou by her neck. The two fell to the ground, causing the audience to stand with anticipation.

          “JIROU!” cried Mina.

          The class shifted in their seats. Bakugou had Jirou pinned to the ground with his knee on her stomach and clutching both of her earphone jacks in his fists.

          “Not bad Earlobes,” Bakugou said with a smirk, getting off of her and releasing her earphone jacks.

          “It could’ve went better though,” she couched as she sat up, “You don’t know how to hold back huh?”

           BAKUGOU-KUN IS THE WINNER! WHAT AN EPIC FIGHT! NEXT IS TODOROKI-KUN AND KIRISHIMA-KUN!” announced Mic. This’ll be the end of the round, but then what? This is a one on one tournament, but there’s gonna be three people left, Bakugou-kun, myself, and likely Todoroki-kun. Oooh, maybe Mic-sensei will have us do a three-way battle? That might be fun.

          “Hey, Kiridona-chan!” called out a voice, pulling me from my thoughts. Looking around, I saw that it was Mina calling out to me.

          “Hi Mina-chan. You know what, just call me Alex.” I responded.

          “Okay then Alex-chan!” said Mina with a giggle. “I didn’t get a chance to ask earlier, since Mic-sensei interrupted, but do you want to exchange phone numbers?”

          “Eh, why not. Its (***)***-****.”

          “Okay! Mine is (***)***-***! By the way, your hair, is it naturally rainbow? Because that would be really cool.”

          “It’s as natural as this,” I responded, letting my hair change color to my ‘default’ dark brown hair color.

          “WOAH! THAT IS SO COOL!” exclaimed Mina.

          “Yeah, this is the little bit of my mother’s quirk that I got. I can change my hair and eye color at will. Although, if I get a strong enough emotion, my hair will change on its own. Red and black when I’m angry, blue and purple when I’m tired or sad, and the tackiest pink ever when I’m stressed out.” I explained “Occasionally it turns a really weird orange, and I have no clue why it does.”

          “You are so lucky Alex-chan! You can have any color hair or eyes whenever you want!”

          “I mean sure, but it’s not like it helps me during a fight. I mostly just keep it rainbow anyways, and I like my green eyes.” I said in response. People always thought it was really cool that I could change my hair and eye color. All it ever does is remind me of him . Him and his stupid jealousy, that literally drove me across the world to get away from him.

          Looking back to the arena, I could see Kirishima struggling to keep up with Todoroki’s onslaught. Poor Kirishima-kun. Todoroki-kun is completely out matching him. It’s still rather rude that he’s not using his flames.

          Noticing my focus was elsewhere, Mina followed my gaze towards the arena. The match was starting to wind down as Kirishima started to tire out. In one huge ice blast, Todoroki sent Kirishima flying backwards, knocking him out of bounds.

          “TODOROKI-KUN HAS WON! THAT ENDS ROUND THREE! THE FINAL ROUND WILL BE TODOROKI-KUN, BAKUGOU-KUN, AND KIRIDONA-CHAN IN A THREE WAY MATCH!” called out Mic. Oh, so I was right. It is gonna be a three person free-for-all. This’ll be fun.

          “Good luck Alex-chan! I hope you win!” cheered Mina as I walked towards the arena. Todoroki was still standing there, melting away some of the ice from his previous match. He had the same, stoic blank face as he did in the sports festival.

          “Todoroki-kun, I don’t care what your reason is, but if there is no flames during this match, I’m going to annihilate you. Not to mention how pissed Bakugou-kun would be as well, with what happened at the sports festival.” I said, walking up to him.

          “The hell you saying about me you dumbass rainbow shit?” growled Bakugou as he entered the arena.

          “Oh, fuck off you dumb blondie. You’re just gonna lose immediately, so don’t even bother.” I shot back, not wanting to hear his damned whining.

          “WHY YOU-”

          “LET THE MATCH BEGIN!!” screamed out Mic. I immediately jumped back as Bakugou shot out a hefty explosion and Todoroki sent out a mini on-land iceberg. How boring. They are so predictable. Letting Bakugou tangle with Todoroki for the moment, I pulled the iron from the railing and formed my gauntlets again. I’ll need some extra for armor this time. Predictable or not, those explosions still hurt.

          Sneaking back towards the two boys, I jumped at Todoroki from behind. However, seeing me out of the corner of his eye, Todoroki brought up a wall of ice to cover him. Ugh, so annoying. Pressing my fist to the ice wall, I changed it into a drill tip. Rotating it, I started to break through the wall.

          During this, Bakugou was continuously blasting Todoroki from the front, slinging curses and insults the whole time.

          “USE YOUR DAMNED FIRE YOU HALF-AND-HALF BASTARD! THE FUCK KIND OF STRATEGY IS THIS?” Apparently an effective one since, I’m not sure Bakugou-kun, it’s working? The wall broke away after a few more seconds, I managed to sneak a peek at how the fight is going. It was more destructive than I thought it would be, and I mean it. The battle field has become all broken, ice chunks spread throughout the area with small puddles of water laying around. The two who were responsible for the landscape are nowhere in sight, which makes it seem like all that work I did was for nothing. I quickly pulled the drill tip back into my gauntlet, waiting for what’s next to come.

          Suddenly, Todoroki came flying across my vision, blasted away by Bakugou and riding a wave of ice out of blast range. Seizing the opportunity, I jumped out at Todoroki. Seeing me, he tried to raise up another wall of ice, but anticipating this, I broke through it with brute force before Todoroki-kun moved out of my range. Immediately after this, Bakugou jumped in, blasting away at the both of us.

          “I don’t know if you’re aware, Todoroki-kun, but ice breaks. Fire doesn’t.” I said, taking advantage of the momentary distraction Bakugou was providing. Bringing my fist back, I swung hard at Todoroki, hitting him square in the jaw and knocking him back.

          “You focus too much on your quirk. Learn how to fight properly dumbass.” I said, turning away as Bakugou started screaming again.

          “THE FUCK ARE YOU TRYING TO DO YOU DAMNED RAINBOW FUCKER? YOU AIN’T GONNA STEAL MY WIN!” he hollered out, shooting blasts at my face. Pulling the iron I had around my shoulders over my head, I rolled out of the way, dodging him and the new blast of ice Todoroki sent out. This is taking too long. I need to eliminate one of them soon. The ground beneath us gotten cold, as ice spread like wildfire across the concrete. I need to get to higher ground. Bakugou seemed to have the same thought process as we both climbed out of range of Todoroki’s ice. I looked over my shoulder and seeing Todoroki isn’t giving chase however, he’s panting heavily. Not sure whether to be concerned that his breath is visible from up here but the ice felt less cold than at the start of the match.

          “For someone who talked a big fucking game,” I turned my head towards the voice only to be met with an explosion, “you get real damn careless during combat.” Lightness crept throughout my body as I got flung away from where I was.

          Crap, he snuck up on me. Wiping my eyes from the explosion, I see an open palm with sparks flying wild getting bigger. My arms instinctively cover my face, pulling metal with them, only to be met with an explosion aimed at my side. It seems unlike Todoroki-kun, who focuses mostly on ranged combat, Bakugou-kun likes to be much more up close and personal. I maneuvered my body, readjusting my balance and putting a bit more distance between Bakugou and myself, covering my side with a fairly thin plate of metal. I felt numb, my body tired, my vision barely focusing on Bakugou. If this keeps up, Todoroki-kun will regain his strength and I’ll have just been wearing Bakugou-kun down for him. Can’t really form a plan right now since I’m at a disadvantage with little to no strength in my arms.

          “What’s wrong? You fucking scared?” Bakugou asks with a grin on his face. His eyes were staring down a prey, a prey who’s injured and can barely move. Ugh. I’m way out of their league right now.

          “Ha! I’ve conquered every fear I had,” I humor him, “This, this will be another one.” Standing down doesn’t seem like a good way to end things, both of us daring the other to make the move first. Time stood still for those moments, then it froze. Literally.

          “Sorry for my coldness earlier,” Todoroki began as he swooped in on a glacier, freezing the top of the ice the two of us were positioned on, “Allow me to give you a warm welcome.” Todoroki moved his- Wait, did he just-

          My feet felt a sharp pain in them, as if they’d rip off upon movement. Ice was crawling up my legs as the glacier Todoroki brought ‘scooped’ us up into the air. I have to get out of here before the coldness kicks in harder than it already is.

          “SO YOU WERE HOLDING BACK ICY-HOT!” Bakugou hollered. Did he just immediately blow up the ice on him or did he dodge it? What the hell. He jumped up, propelling himself with smaller explosions and met Todoroki in the air before a collision of ice and sparks sent both of them flying.

          Bracing myself, I kicked my legs out from the ice and jumped off the ice tower. Reforming spikes onto my gauntlets, I dig them into the side of the ice, slowing my descent. I get ready to fight as Todoroki rides down his ice ramp with Bakugou free falling just above him.

          “WOULD YOU HAVE A LOOK AT THAT! ALL THREE ARE GONNA BRAWL HEADING DOWNWARDS!” The sudden shout caused me lose focus as my gauntlets started to lose shape, causing me to shout in surprise and alert the boys that I was still here.

          “YOU HEAR THAT YOU RAINBOW FUCK, HALF-N-HALF BASTARD? YOU BOTH ARE GOING DOWN INTO THE FUCKING GROUND.” Bakugou declares as he drops onto the downward slope of Todoroki’s ramp. The two slide down, picking speed as the momentum sends them closer together with the ground closing in.

          “Mic-sensei! At this rate they’re going to go overboard” Mina hastily calls to Mic, her brow creased with worry.

          “I’m sure it’s fine Ashido-san, let’s not lose faith in the teachers.” placing a hand on the pink skinned girl’s shoulder, Yaoyorozu assured her.

          “She’s right though, shouldn’t you put an end to this Mic-sensei, kero?” Tsuyu spoke in a calm tone. Everyone knew she was worried even with her unwavering tone as her eyes were wide.

          The students looked at one another; they all knew how uneasy the match has made them since Alex disappeared from their view.

          “I understand your concern but please do not underestimate our classmates!” chimed a voice. A dark haired boy stood, shoulders squared and arms moving through the air. “I have complete faith that our classmates know what their doing.”

          “Iida-kun’s right,Kacchan wouldn’t fight without a plan in mind and I doubt Todoroki-kun would attack on a whim,” Midoriya said with a smile, “Alex-san seems to be cautious so let’s believe in them.”

          “That’s our class president and Deku-kun for you!” clapped Uraraka as she bounced towards the two, “I believe Bakugou-kun and Todoroki-san knows what they’re doing after their match from the Sports Festival.” She quickly turned to the rest of the class, “Alex-san is doing her best too, like Deku-kun said, let’s believe in her, Bakugou-kun and Todoroki-san.” The class smiled but worry still fills the air as they all turn to face the arena once more.

          “Hey, where’s Present Mic-sensei?” asked Sero. “He isn’t on the stand anymore.”

          WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?! My mind spiralled. Ever since I joined Todoroki and Bakugou sliding down the ice with us just racing down to the ground. Our focus being on balancing ourselves, we could hardly turn to continue our fight as the world seemed to pass by.

          “I hate to be the one to admit it, but I think we’ll need a way to stop,” Todoroki stated.


          “Guys, if we’re gonna argue we better save it until after we solve this!” I shout as the ground grew within range.

          “Wait, I got it.” said Todoroki.

          “Huh? What do you mean by tha-”

          The boys were sent flying by an low, ice ramp at the end of the slide. Not expecting the last minute curve, I got thrown bodily to the side. Todoroki seemed relieved to avoid a crash landing, but he looks out of it, having dropped to his knees. While Bakugou whipped his hands in front of him, sending out small blasts to slow himself before dropping down to the ground. Morphing my side plate into a sort of shield, I landed on that and tucked and rolled before hitting the ground. The three of us looked at each other, unsure whether to continue the match or not. Before any of us were able to give a war cry, Present Mic and Recovery Girl’s robot nurses ‘stormed’ onto the arena.

          “I knew you students would be fine! Even though that was WICKED cool, we’re going to send you in the infirmary just in case there’s any minor injuries.” Present Mic praised yet had us be taken by the robots.

          “Wheeyyyyyy!” cheered Kaminari, swinging about a thumbs up sign.

          “That was totally manly on how you guys didn’t even back down during that match!” Kaminari declared, his fist clenched to his chest and wiping imaginary tears from his face with his other hand.

          As the class continued cheering praises, my vision was starting to blur, my head growing heavy. I gradually warm up as seconds flew past with my hands left lying on my lap, tired from holding the metal as the shape of my gauntlet. The robots took us through the hallways, and I feel my eyelids flicker. The infirmary was within view when I last checked. Then all I saw was black and feeling of lightness.