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Will For Survival

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"They're fucking with the wrong people."

Daryl's used to being on his own, looking out for himself.

It's different now. This group, these people, are more of a family to him than his own flesh and blood ever were. Still, lies don't come easily to him. He can't entirely suppress his snort of derision at Rick's declaration.

Rick silences him with an intense look, his blue eyes as piercing as cold steel. "We've been up against worse odds," Rick states calmly. He's absolutely wrong but he's also deadly serious.

Daryl nods. Rick needs him to back him up more than ever before, and Daryl will do that with his dying breath. He clears his throat and tries again. "We'll make it out of here."

Even he doesn't quite believe it.

The rest of the group remains silent, too scared for false words and delusions. Too scared to fight. But they have to. After everything they've been through, the things they've had to do. They owe that much to everyone they've already lost. This isn't what takes them down.

This won't be how they will die - driven into an abandoned train car like a herd of cattle, waiting for the slaughter.