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“Congratulations on making it into the hero course while simultaneously stabbing me in the back,” Neito said bitterly, pulling away from the celebratory kiss he’d given his boyfriend. Hitoshi had just been given the news this morning that the paperwork had been filed and he’d was now officially accepted into 1-A, though he’d been moved into their dorm for a week now. He had just finished up a training session with his new classmates in Ground Gamma and was meeting up with Neito since 1-B had also finished up their own training in Ground Beta.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit much?” Hitoshi asked. “I know you wanted me to be with you in 1-B and I probably would have if it weren’t for my training with Aizawa-sensei. But as much as I trust you and your endorsement of Vlad King, I hardly know anything about the man. And you know what they say, know thy enemy and all that.”

“Aizawa-sensei is your enemy?”

Hitoshi gave a noncommittal grunt and received a raised eyebrow in return. “He isn’t my enemy per se, but he’s…he represents something to strive for, someone to surpass. A rival of sorts, despite the age gap. He’s done a hell of a lot with a Quirk that isn’t necessarily well-suited for traditional hero work the same way mine is. But it didn’t stop him from saving lives for years. And he’s still doing it, every day, by raising the next generation of heroes. Not that I would ever want to teach annoying brats this age after I’ve gone Pro.”

Hitoshi looked over at his homeroom teacher’s retreating back, “But he’s the first hero to see my potential and the only one to give me the chance to prove myself after the entrance exam. The chance to be taught directly by him—not just during his free time but in class as well—is too good for me to pass up. I’d apologize, but I know you don’t want to hear me lie about being sorry when I’m not and I know you can understand where I’m coming from.”

Neito gives him a careful look, weighing the words he’ll reply with in his head first. “…You made the right decision, as disagreeable as I find the outcome to be. I would have preferred another strong, intelligent hero in my class is all. But I understand this was the best and, in a way, the only option for you. You needed to be in 1-A. I get it. Not thrilled about it, obviously, but I do understand.”

Hitoshi’s eyes express his thanks and Neito finds himself smiling just a bit despite the lingering disappointment at not being able to share a dorm and a schedule with his boyfriend. He trusts Hitoshi to make his own decisions and he knows Aizawa-sensei is an excellent teacher even if his students are trashy braggarts and attention hogs. “Perhaps you can be the one to refine that crude rabble into something easier to swallow.”

“Oh, so you hate them but you’re still willing to swallow? Not sure if you’re being generous or just love the taste of cum.” The smile Neito was sporting immediately drops off of his face. That sarcastic asshole!

“Screw you! I wouldn’t touch any of them with a ten-foot pole. I resent the very implication of it,” Neito says with no small amount of irritation in his voice. The brainwashing hero-in-training tilts his head slightly as he thought about Neito’s words.

“I know you have your little grudge with them but in the short amount of time I’ve had to interact with them, I’ve found them all to be perfectly reasonable people. And not at all conceited, save for Blasty. Well, the Yaoyorozu girl is a bit on the pretentious side but it happens with that kind of wealth. But she’s not deliberately condescending or anything. I find that hard to believe you truly hate them all; that anyone could, once they’ve started to know them.”

As if to help prove his point, Ochako, Midoriya, and Iida all appear from around the corner making their way back to the dorms from one of the training grounds just like Neito and Hitoshi were. Midoriya and Ochako offer Neito and Hitoshi cheerful waves. Iida settles for a nod and shifts up his glasses as he walks past them with his companions. He’s stiffer than the other two, but still friendly nonetheless.

“See? I truly think it’s impossible to find the green one as obnoxious as you claim all of 1-A is, at the very least. Did you see that smile? It was made of concentrated goodwill towards all…He’s a good guy. If reckless and gullible. I think it’s fair to say the rest are too. Why don’t you give them a chance?”

“A chance to what? Remind me that the world doesn’t want to pay as much attention to the 1-B? Thanks to them and their incessant need to be targeted by that League, first in our own backyard and then at the forest, the way they reigned supreme in the Sports Festival…they cast us in a shadow, whether intentionally or not, and no matter how brightly we shine it’s all an afterthought. To the public—to the people we are to fight for, to save, when we’ve gone Pro—we’re second fiddle, third string, however you want to put it. We’ve been set-up to be 1-A’s sidekicks and back-up plans to the whole world now. I don’t…”

Neito sighed heavily, “I don’t want to hate them. Truly, I don’t. But how am I supposed to feel when I know all of 1-B, hell the entirety of UA really, is hardly a blip on their radar or anyone else’s because of 1-A? I know none of us are weak. I know we’re just as talented, that plenty of us have skills as good or even better than them. But circumstantial or not, I see them reap the benefits of popularity and publicity while we struggle to be remembered in the public consciousness.”

Hitoshi was silent for a while and Neito appreciated it. He didn’t enjoy speaking like this about the people Hitoshi now called his classmates and was almost assuredly coming to see as friends (especially Midoriya, Ochako, Kaminari, and Sero) but he couldn’t hide his frustrations. Not about this anyway. Neito jumped a bit when arms wrapped around him from behind and they stopped on their way back to the cluster of dormitories to just stand there.

It was a bit picturesque really, the setting sun casting a sweet orange glow on everything. Neito forced himself to take a few deep breaths and kept his eyes closed as he focused on letting the tension and anger bleed out of his shoulders. “Hey, you do realize that you’re going to be a fantastic hero, right? It’s not gonna matter what the polls say, how often you’re in the paper or on the tv screen. You’re going to be out in the world saving lives, protecting the innocent, rescuing kittens from trees, all that good crap. Same as all your classmates.”


“But nothing. I know you didn’t start out wanting to be a hero for the fame and you sure as hell aren’t shedding blood, sweat, and tears for it now. It isn’t fair that they’ve been afforded opportunities that we haven’t. It’s not fair that we’ve had to scrape by on the skin of teeth to get what a lot of them were practically handed to at birth. But they’re trying, Neito. Just as hard as us. Because they want it just as badly. We aren’t all on equal footing, sure, but they don’t see the publicity and all that as something they deserve but something that they’ve earned, or worse been forced upon them when their own lives and others were at stake.”

“…I know. I know, but it’s just so frustrating! Rationally I know that they’ve dealt with things we shouldn’t have at this age. Facing real villains so early in their high school career might have been advantageous in some ways but it was more dangerous than anything and I’m sure that…I’m sure it left lasting scars. Ones I can’t see, let alone should judge them about. Even just experiencing the attack on the forest training camp was a lot for all of us in 1-B. I still have the occasional dream about it and it’s never a fun one. But I just…I can’t see them any differently.”

“Look, I know it’s hard to change your perspective on someone—trust me, I’ve been on both sides of it. Some people take a long time to change their opinions of you but I’m telling you that it’s worth it. They’re worth it. You know there’s been a push for more cooperation and unity among heroes and here at UA even if the competitive nature of this profession is still rampant. Can’t you just give them a chance? Get to know them a little? I’m one of them now.”

“The diamond in the rough,” Neito says humorlessly, still fairly upset, “I get that Aizawa-sensei is an important mentor in your life but still, I just can’t imagine dealing with all of his other students. And I don’t have to. Just because we’re dating doesn’t mean I’m going to befriend them now.” His boyfriend pulls away, walking to the dorms and the blond makes an affronted noise. “Don’t walk away from me all of a sudden. Hitoshi.”

“I’m going to go catch up with the others.”

“Aren’t we going to talk about this more?”

“What’s to talk about? You’re not even open to the idea of getting to know them, even though they’re all going to be a major part of your partner’s life. You don’t want to try for me. I get it. I’m not going to force you.”

“Now wait just a minute, don’t make it out like I’m the bad guy here. I’m not trying to tell you to not get close with them or whatever, I’m just saying it’s not for me,” Neito says, catching up to Hitoshi and putting a hand on his arm to stop him. “We can work around it.”

Hitoshi put a hand on the back of his neck and tilted his face up to look at the sky before looking at Neito again. “I don’t want that. I don’t want to have to compartmentalize my friendships and my relationship with you. I’m not saying I want you to date them too or form a freaking blood pact, but can’t you try and open yourself up to the idea of being friendly with them? For me?”

“You’re acting like it’s all on me. There’s no love lost on their side either.” Hitoshi shook his head and grabbed Neito’s hand, walking with purpose to the 1-A dorms. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to prove you wrong. All of 1-A is, actually.”

“…are you going to fuck me in front of them? Because I’d appreciate if you asked me first but I do like the idea of making them jealous that I’m the one who gets your dick, so my answer is yes anyway.”
“Mmhmm, something like that.”

“I, I don’t know if I like the sound of that. Seems vaguely ominous.”

“it’ll be fun. You’ll like it, promise.” Neito gave an exasperated huff. “Somehow, I’m not that confident.”

“I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!! Bastard, you’re a dirty rotten bastard, Hitoshi. You absolutely belong with these self-centered annoying showboats!” Neito screamed not five minutes later, his hands tied tightly behind his back with Sero’s tape. His partner held the copycat hero by his hips, one knee wedged between the boy’s thighs and the other pressing firm to Neito’s left leg to prevent him from trying to run away. Not for the first time was Neito finding himself both put out and aroused by the increased strength and compact muscle on his boyfriend’s body.

Hitoshi had politely asked Sero to secure Neito’s hands and Neito hadn’t spared the request any real thought. Just like he didn’t spare any thought to how Sero had been receiving a blowjob from Mina at the time, other than to note it was loud and sloppy. Which Sero seemed to enjoy. Kaminari was sitting on the arm of the couch and already had a hand down his pants to grip his dick, stroking it as he faced his two friends but glancing toward Neito every so often with interest.

But rather than a simple binding at the wrist, Neito’s hands had been bound completely, meaning that his Quirk was rendered useless. It wouldn’t have set him on edge if not for the calculating look on his boyfriend’s face and how the taller teen promptly asked if everyone in the dorm could help him out with something. Or rather, someone. Some of the class had already retired upstairs to their room to rest up or do homework, but there were plenty of students milling about in the common area including Sero, Mina, Kaminari, Todoroki, Yaomomo, Jirou, and Tsuyu.

Of course when Momo sent a group text to the rest of 1-A, it wasn’t long before Iida, Bakugou, Kirishima, and Midoriya arrived with varying degrees of eagerness on their faces. The rest of the class were either busy or simply too tired from training. Bakugou looked aggressively interested in the bound blond struggling in Hitoshi’s firm grip, the same dangerous aura of smug satisfaction he gave off during exercises after he’d landed a good hit or exploded something large with one of his grenades. It was thoroughly unsettling…even if the brute had a handsome face.

Kirishima seemed like a puppy dog, standing next to Bakugou and flicking his gaze between Neito and Bakugou as if watching a tennis match. The redhead flashed a smile at Neito and it reminded him of Tetsutetsu’s grin, the comfort of the near-familiarity not doing much to take away the anger at being tricked into this.

Iida didn’t appear to care much, just focused his attention on Neito with a clinical sort of interest. Knowing what he’d heard about the speedster, Neito figured he was probably coming up with a speech about this gangbang orgy thing Hitoshi had abruptly concocted was something he needed to participate in because of his duty as a prospective hero and as the latest in a long line of respected Ingenium Pros.

Midoriya was the one who looked most eager and downright friendly, excitedly muttering to himself as he flipped through his notebook. Neito couldn’t hear the majority of it but he caught a few choice words on Quirk use as his green eyes darted around. He was obviously coming up with a plan of some sort on how to show off his classmates’ skills in the bedroom using Neito as the focal point and it was mildly disconcerting when he pulled out a pen and began to make sketches of who-knows-what but his blatant enthusiasm was sort of…sweet.

No! Not sweet! Obnoxious! Nauseating. Neito was not the least bit curious about what Midoriya was jotting down in that little compendium of his. “Hitoshi, get the fuck off me. We’re not doing this. Fuck me if you want but they don’t need to touch me and I can’t imagine what you think you’ll accomplish if you do. Even if you used your Quirk on the lot of us, a-a fuckfest with everyone here isn’t going to make me stop hating them! Hating what they represent!”
“Monoma-kun,” Midoriya began, closing his notebook and stepping forward, “We just want to get along better with you. You’re entitled to your own feelings and opinions but we all don’t mean any harm. We just want to get to know you better. And if w-we’re friends with Shinsou-kun, we really ought to try and be friends with you, right? And vice versa! I really think your Quirk is amazing and if we were friends then maybe I could analyze it more and come up with some ideas that could help you. N-not that you don’t know your own Quirk well but it, I just—”

“Shut your fucking mouth Deku, don’t speak for us. I just want to put this bitch in his place for once,” Bakugou said and Kirishima frowned at him. “Don’t call him names, Bakugou. If you’re too mean, Shinsou won’t let us fuck him.” Shinsou nodded, “Teasing’s fine but you better treat him well or I’ll make sure you’ll regret it later. He is my boyfriend after all. And he’s nice enough once he gets his rocks off. You just need to know how to handle him.”

“As soon as I get out of these bonds, I’m going to use every Quirk in this room to enact my extremely painful revenge on you,” Neito said darkly to Hitoshi and the other teen smirked, drawing him into a kiss. Neito made sure to bite down hard enough to draw a little blood and Hitoshi pulled away to lick his damaged lip slow and sensually.

In any other situation, it would have been sexy. Instead, it was sexy and infuriating; Neito was definitely going to burn his stupid soft indigo hair off with Todoroki’s Quirk and then maybe use Koda’s to get some birds to crap all over his clothes. All those shirts that grew tighter as Hitoshi’s chest and arms bulked up a bit. Stupid sexy bastard.

Mina hadn’t popped her lips off of Sero the entire time; it was a little more like cockwarming, to be honest. Maybe she was edging him with her tongue? Neito couldn’t make out a cock ring from the angle he was in but he wouldn’t put it past them. Regardless, Mina’s eyes wandered over to Neito while she sucked her parter’s long cock, a pink hand diving into her pale blue shorts to play with herself before she gave an exaggerated wink. Neito scrunched up his nose in distaste at the friendly gesture. He didn’t want to be a part of this. The plan was to be fucked by Hitoshi in 1-A territory to show them up, not be trussed up and passed around to these—these pretentious jerks!

So what if they were attractive, so what if they had interesting and useful Quirks?! It didn’t mean that Neito wanted to betray his own sensibilities and his class by subjecting himself to 1-A’s ridiculousness. He had standards! And the only person in 1-A to ever meet them had been a general education student for the majority of their time together! This was foolish and pointless and—as soon as he opened his mouth to berate and insult everyone in a half-mile radius, his open mouth was filled with a long pink tongue, wet and thick and diving in deep to make him nearly gag before it retracted.

Neito turned wide, shocked eyes onto the small form of Tsuyu. She licked around her lips before leaving her tongue peeking out of the right side of her mouth and tilting her head slightly, all cute innocence after such an abrupt move. “We won’t be able to convince him with just words, kero. We should focus on actions now.” Hitoshi nodded, smiling at her as he swiped a thumb across Neito’s still wet lips. “I agree. Should we gag you? I want to hear you cry out for us, have the proof that you can truly appreciate my classmates—”

“Friends!” Midoriya, Kirishima, and Kaminari piped up in unison, blinking at each other and laughing a bit for being so in sync. Hitoshi inclined his head. “Friends,” he amended with the hint of a smile on his face and Neito felt a little curl of warmth in his chest.

He did like that Hitoshi was blossoming into a bit of social butterfly (despite his tendency to be a bit short with people still and how he occasionally fell back into his old behaviors of isolating himself through either direct avoidance or by pushing his teasing a bit too far.) Didn’t mean Neito wanted to be friends with the 1-A kids, though.

Neito had absolutely no problem keeping distance between himself and Hitoshi’s new pals. Just because Hitoshi was getting closer to them didn’t mean he suddenly acquired Hitoshi’s bad taste. Their earlier spat hadn’t been the first one they’d had over the animosity the blond felt towards 1-A and it had been clear for some time now that Hitoshi was upset by it but he’d never acted. Until today that is. Neito wasn’t even the one at fault here! And he sure as hell did not want to be the one forced to make amends. Why was Neito the one who needed to change? To extend his hand—and by extension his mouth and ass—in friendship?

“This is for your benefit, don’t you know?”

“My benefit?! Hito—” Neito felt a stillness descend over his body and his consciousness felt buoyed, slightly removed from himself. It did nothing to quell his rage and annoyance at being dragged into this nonsense. It wasn’t often that the boy used it on Neito, especially during sex since the taller teen enjoyed their banter as much as Neito did. Now though, he didn’t appear in the mood for idle chit-chat; must have taken Tsuyu’s words to heart.

“I’m not going to be doing anything you won’t like,” Hitoshi assured, though it was hypocritical for him to say so when he’d gone and removed Neito’s ability to contest anything. Unlike Midoriya, he’d never been able to simply break out of Hitoshi’s Quirk through sheer willpower alone and even if he was capable of breaking a finger or two to jar him out of the trance he was in, it wasn’t worth it. Whatever ways his peers planned on using him would be preferable to shattering bones and trudging to Recovery Girl. It wasn’t like sex would change anything. He wasn’t going to be fond of any of them after this.

The look in Hitoshi’s eyes made it seem like he heard Neito’s thoughts and disagreed with his conclusion, but it didn’t matter. Neito was sure of himself. The Quirk would compel him to do what they asked and he’d probably get to cum a few times with some attractive people but it wouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. He wasn’t going to think of 1-A in a new light simply because they fucked him well.

“Now that I have your undivided attention,” Hitoshi began, “I wanted to establish a few ground rules. One; there won’t be excessive pain. Mainly because it’ll break him out of the brainwash before I’m ready to release him.” His lavender eyes settled on Bakugou heavily and the guy scoffed, “I won’t break your fucking doll in half, Mind Freak, don’t fucking look at me like that. Ain’t making promises it won’t hurt a little, but I bet he likes it a little rough.” Of course he did, but Bakugou didn’t need to know that.

“That means no biting, Shitty Hair. Better not lose yourself and use those shark teeth on him when you start cumming,” Bakugou directed at his boyfriend and Kirishima put his hands up. “I wasn’t gonna! Well, maybe a little, but I wasn’t gonna draw blood! Unless he asks,” he added. What a gentleman, Neito thought dryly.

“Kirishima-kun does get a bit bitey when his good spot it hit,” Midoriya said, flipping through his notes again. Todoroki places his right hand on the back of the boy’s neck and he shivers, nearly dropping the notebook as he whines quietly at the cold contact. The notebook is removed and tossed onto the table by Todoroki’s free hand. Midoriya nods, looking sheepish.

“Focus, Midoriya, you can take notes later,” Todoroki chides in his low voice, somehow managing to sound gentler than usual despite his monotone. That hint of affectionate warmth is something brought out near-exclusively by Midoriya, according to Hitoshi and what Neito himself has seen, but he doesn’t want to presume and he certainly doesn’t care. About them or any of 1-A. Hitoshi’s the one exception.

Brainwashed as he is, Neito is more or less resigned to what’s going to happen but Hitoshi has yet to initiate anything. Though Tsuyu might use her tongue again and Neito’s eyes focus as best they can on her despite the gray fog in his mind and his inability to move his head. His boyfriend speaks up, “Just be careful everyone. He won’t change opinion on you all unless we do this the right way.” Neito wants to laugh; he’s never going to change his opinion on those obnoxious fools. Never.

“Now then, Neito. You may only make noise when you’re feeling good and wish to express it or when you want to beg. Otherwise, you’ll remain quiet,” Hitoshi commands and Neito feels a little rush throughout his nervous system like his body is accepting and rewiring itself to fulfill the demand. He hates it but remains convinced that even if he feels good, he’ll never beg for any of them. He’ll never want any of them that badly because he doesn’t care about them the way he does about his real friends and Hitoshi. It won’t happen, he promises himself, it won’t.

“And don’t try to run away,” he adds, “though I doubt you’ll want to soon enough. My cla—my friends are very good.” He loosens his hold on Neito but remains right behind him, subtly rocking his hips into his boyfriend’s still form to work himself up. Not that it takes much for any of them to get hard or wet; it’s just the way things are.

Unexpectedly, it isn’t Tsuyu or Hitoshi who moves first. Mina pops off Sero’s cock and Kaminari easily slides into her place, pausing his masturbation to offer his friend a hand. Sero thanked him with a wide smile and they jerked each other off while trading vulgar jokes. Mina crawled forward with a playful smile and looked up to make eye contact with Hitoshi over Neito’s shoulder. “He doesn’t like these clothes too much, does he?” Neito is actually kind of fond of the pants he’s wearing but what does that have to do with—

Hitoshi must give a nod because Mina’s smile grows and she places her hands high on Neito’s thighs before slowly dragging them down and a trail of her colorless acid. His pants begin to dissolve and Neito feels genuine fear that his skin will be next but when the substance hits his flesh, it just feels a little ticklish and a tiny bit warm. It’s actually pretty pleasant. “I can control the acidity and solubility of my Quirk,” she reminds him, “I can even make some great lube that warms you up from the inside!”

She stands up and Neito notes that Hitoshi steps back a bit as she pulls off her tight green tank top and tosses it behind her, her full perky tits exposed, and then wraps herself around Neito in a soft embrace. Her Quirk dissolves his own shirt and then their chests are sliding together with like their covered in a tingling sort of oil. Neito makes a tiny noise against his better judgment when his nipples harden from the stimulation and rub against the pink girl’s own.

The noise prompts Mina to suck on his neck and slip her hands around to his ass, the last vestiges of his pants fading into nothingness along with her own wet shorts and panties—if she wore any in the first place, she certainly hadn’t been wearing a bra before—while she grinds sweetly against him. “See, Monoma-kun? We’re nice. We all like each other and we want to show how much we like you too. And not just because you’re dating one of us. We’ll be good friends by the end of this, I know it!”

“Follow our directions. You can move however you want if it’s to please us,” Hitoshi says quietly from somewhere behind Neito and the blond tries to say that he doesn’t want to please anyone and he can’t do much with his hands tied behind his back but nothing comes out of his open mouth and his body betrays him, wedging a thigh between Mina’s plush ones for her to grind against. She laughs at that, “Aww, he can totally be friendly when he wants to be.” She continues grinding for a moment before she slips around him and drops to her knees again.

Her earlier brag is proven accurate when her hands spread his cheeks to view his hole and he’s abruptly being smeared in her self-made lube. It does feel warm and also just a little thinner than actual cum as it’s pumped inside him with two of her clever fingers. He doesn’t want to give 1-A the satisfaction of knowing he’s enjoying himself but he knows he’s going to cum whether he likes it or not and as he’s spread and made nice and slick, he knows it’d be futile and impossible to hide his erection. And, just as directed, his mouth parts so he can leak out soft noises of pleasure.

“Her lube doesn’t taste all that different from normal lube too, kero,” Tsuyu pipes up before her long tongue flicks one of Neito’s nipples. He arches into the motion and the short frog-like girl lets her tongue drag around in swirls and circles on his bare chest, dipping for a brief second into his bellybutton and nearly making him laugh before it starts wrapping around his cock like a wet soft snake. The urge to laugh is replaced with the urge to fuck into her grip. Her tongue creates a strange but delightful mix of a blowjob and a hand job, the thick dexterous muscle jerking him off but the wet feeling and heat of it almost mimicking a mouth.

“Ffff, good. Like it,” Neito hears himself say and his voice is a little toneless thanks to Hitoshi’s Quirk. Bastard. He really wished Hitoshi made it so that he couldn’t out his pleasure though speech at least. There was no stopping him from getting hard and cumming if he felt really good but he didn’t need to stroke their egos with his words.

“Your tongue is fantastic. I want it inside me with M-Mina’s fingers,” he confesses against his will. Neito wants to glare at all of them and tries his hardest but he can’t imagine it’s noticeable behind the blankness caused by the brainwashing and even so, a glare from a guy rocking his hips back and forth needily wasn’t exactly intimidating.

Tsuyu nods, unable to reply with her tongue occupied or perhaps too polite to try and the tip of her tongue slips down to flick against Neito’s balls and taint while Mina’s fingers pump into him faster. He groans and then the girl is moving to her knees as well, sealing her lips over the tip of his cock just as her thick tongue is shoving itself inside along three of Mina’s fingers. He’s stretched wide and can’t help but enjoy it, rolling his body sensually between the two women as he’s overcome with the sensation of wet heat all throughout his body.

The petite girl’s tongue is wedged up against his prostate and wriggles inside, pressing Mina’s fingers against his walls and making them drag on his rim whenever she pulls them out before shoving them back in. His chest still tingles slightly from the residual slick substance smeared all over him and his head feels full with pleasure and the haze of his boyfriend’s Quirk.

True to Hitoshi’s rule, he hasn’t felt any pain so far that was big enough to snap him out of the brainwashing. In fact, he’d go as far as to say that the two girls manipulating his good spot so well were the perfect way to start this whole confusing thing off with. Thanks to how incredibly wet and smooth their motions and Quirks are, he was easily stretched open so wide and brought to loud moaning.

His hands slid together in the binds, some of Mina’s acid having dripped onto them and weaken the adhesive. When Neito registered it, he pulled his hands free and though he thought to escape, he knew he couldn’t and his hands did nothing but settle gently on Tsuyu and Mina’s heads, his upper body twisting slightly to face Hitoshi and pant at him. Hitoshi was lazily jerking himself off to it and even had his phone out to record. Neito was going to snap that phone in half when everything was said and done. He tried to vocalize that threat but instead, he just whined out for a kiss and Hitoshi granted it, kissing him deep and hot and that was the end for Neito.

He came with a smothered cry into his boyfriend’s mouth and his grip on the girls’ hair tightened slightly. He looked down to see some of his cum dripping from Tsuyu’s mouth as she did her best to suck up the rest with her tongue occupied. Hitoshi pulled away when Neito came but neither of the girls did, continuing to fuck him through his entire orgasm and then a few minutes past it.

Neito struggled to tell them to stop and shift away but couldn’t do either with Hitoshi’s mind control affecting him. He could only let out broken gasps. It was a blessing when he heard a jiggle go off and Tsuyu’s tongue squirmed its way out of him and unwrapped itself from his sensitive cock. Her tongue whipped back into her mouth and she read the text message. “Ochako’s sore and wants a massage, kero. I’ll leave the rest to you,” she croaked. The girl stood up and gave a gentle pat to Neito’s head with her large hand that should have felt condescending but…oddly didn’t. It just felt kind. She smiled at him, “I had fun, Monoma-kun.”

She left and Mina pulled her fingers out, Neito whining—whether from the sudden emptiness or from the temporary relief of not having his ass played with after an intense ejaculation, he couldn’t and wouldn’t say—at her before she gave a light tap to his asscheek. “Don’t worry! I’m not going to leave you high and dry. Not done with you just yet. Denki and Hanta are fun to play with too, though. You boys gonna join me?”

“I didn’t know we were going in turns. Goddamn elementary school shit. Make me fucking wait for this crap, fuck that,” Bakugou grumbled, sitting himself down in one of the comfy chairs and unbuckling his belt. Like Pavlov’s dog, the clinking noise of that belt had Kirishima clambering excitedly into his boyfriend’s lap, pants off and already fumbling to press Bakugou’s cock inside his ass. “Hurry the fuck up,” he called out to Mina and the boys shifting to box Neito in—not that he could go anywhere anyway.

Despite his gruffness, the hands that cupped Kirishima’s hips were borderline gently and his next words betrayed him, soft enough to show his love for the redhead. “You gonna be good and ride me, Shitty Hair?” Kirishima set to bouncing immediately, Bakugou grunting his appreciation as he smacked Kirishima’s ass and thrust up hard enough that the redhead fell forward. Appeared to be on purpose as they began making out hot and heavy. Neito’s view was cut off when Sero laid himself out on the ground, hands crossing behind his head leisurely.

The lanky teen was the picture of relaxed contentedness even though his long thin dick was hard and near purple with the need to release, cock ring nestled right behind his balls. So Neito was right about the edging. “Mmmm, I’ve been waiting to cum all day. Lucky you, huh, Monoma?” he asked and Neito wanted to point out that the tape hero was the lucky one for getting to slide in easily into Neito’s well-lubed ass when he looked like he was going the bust at the slightest breeze. Unfortunately, he just nodded and genuinely released a drawn-out please as he hurried to seat himself on that cock.

Mina and Kaminari grabbed helped him ease himself down and Sero breathed out a soft sigh as he watched with a lazy smile and lidded eyes until his pelvis was flush with Neito’s ass. He hummed, “Nice. Pretty tight even after Tsuyu. That tongue’s pretty thick, I’m impressed.” Neito honestly expected this kind of laissez-faire fuckboy attitude from Bakugou honestly, but it oddly suited Sero. That or Neito was just gradually becoming drunk on the feel of that long cock throbbing inside him with every breath as he ground down on it, hands splaying over Sero’s toned chest to help him get the leverage he needed to start bouncing.

Neito’s eyes drifted to Kirishima and Bakugou and unconsciously mimicked the same quick pace they set. Sero groaned and thrust up sporadically. “That’s it. You feel good around me. Hot. You enjoying yourself?”

“Yes, fuck, fuck me more. I wanna be filled.” Sero nodded, “You will be, bud. Mina’s getting Kami ready for you.” Neito made a confused noise as he rode Sero and he tried to turn around to see what was happening behind him but before he could, he felt the tip of another cock nudging against his hole. He groaned, falling to press his chest against Sero’s and brought his hands back to pull his cheeks apart to make it easier for Kaminari to enter him.

The electric blonde gave an appreciative little wolf whistle that drew a chuckle out of Sero, Neito feeling the vibrations through his chest and then he was pushing himself inside. He felt thicker and shorter than Sero did and he had a delightful upward curve that felt amazing once he’d made it fully inside of Neito. “Shit, you’re right. He’s fucking tight. Feels good clenching down on us,” Kaminari said a little breathlessly as he slowly pulled halfway out and pushed back in, alternating his thrusts with his friend.

“Fucking cummmm,” Neito whined, “I want it. Come on, faster, cum inside me already! Don’t tease!” Kaminari wedged his hands in between Sero and Neito, tugging the other blonde back up to mouth at his neck and twist his nipples. “We can go faster, just gotta ask nicely. Sero’s ready to burst but he’s too polite to do it without permission. Hence the cock ring.”

“Nah, I’m just a perv,” Sero said, moving a hand down to fondle Neito’s balls. Neito jerked his hips into the contact and moaned. “Hahhh, yes, touch me. More.”

“Now, now,” Mina chided, “Be nice. This might be a way to get him to accept us as friends but we don’t need to tease him too much. Not when the others are waiting.” She walked around to stand in front of Neito, stance wide to accommodate Sero underneath and guided Neito’s face into her wet pussy, grinding against his mouth. Like a starving man, he whimpered and lapped at her juices, suckling at her clit like it was his favorite candy as he huffed hot air into her smooth skin.

She doesn’t have any pubic hair to speak of, not even the slightest hint of it and a part of Neito wonders if it has to do with her Quirk but he can only really focus on how silky her skin feels as he grips her thighs and buries his tongue as deep as it can go inside her. He’s smothering himself and she lets him, smoothing his hair back and rocking into his face. A smack rings out and she jolts forward abruptly and her fingers grasp his head a little too hard, nearly cutting off all his oxygen.

He gasped as she pulled away from him slightly to huff at the teen on the ground. “Hanta!” The boy must have slapped her ass. Neito wanted very badly to see what color she’d turn after a good spanking from Sero’s large palms. Would she bruise pink? Red? Purple? Mina returned her attention to Neito, patting his face and guiding him back to lick into the folds of her pussy and fuck his tongue into her again.

“At least one of you knows how to be a good boy. Ah! Like that, Monoma-kun, yess.” She started grinding down on his face again. Neito’s tongue eagerly flicked against her clit and he brought up a few fingers to push inside her cunt.

“Denki, I want him to cum when I do, kay? So let’s have fun,” she directed. Kaminari grunted, moving his hips faster and the hands he used to massage and play with Neito’s chest spark up with thin yellow currents of electricity and Neito writhes in place, moving faster and lapping sloppily at Mina as Sero’s thrusting picks up the pace too. “N-not gonna last long, guys,” Sero warns and his hands grip Neito’s hips firmly as he shoves himself up as deep as he can with each thrust.

The sparks against his nipples and the smell and taste of Mina’s pussy overwhelm him and it’s with a loud and long groan that Neito tenses up and he cums for a second time, clamping down hard around the two cocks inside him. Sero is the first one to fall over the edge unsurprisingly, jerking his hips up to shallowly thrust into Neito with a soft “uh-uh-uh-shhit.” The feeling of his hot cum sets Kaminari off next and he squeezes Neito’s nipples hard as he fills the teen up next until Neito can feel it leaking out of him steadily. He yelps at the rough treatment to his chest and his dick vainly twitches at the mix of pain and pleasure.

“Boo, quick shots,” Mina teased and Neito had just enough sense to move his fingers again, harder and deeper than before to listen to her joking tone fade into sweet bright moans that filled the air until she came as well. She released an incredible amount of cum into Neito’s waiting mouth, practically drowning him and he wondered if that too was a side effect of her Quirk.

When she pulled away, she dripped a bit onto Sero’s chest and face—possibly on purpose and she stumbled over to the couch, curling up next to Momo and Jirou to rest her head on Momo’s shoulder and peek at the video they were watching on Jirou’s phone while they waited for their own turn. Meanwhile, Neito focused on breathing as he was unceremoniously lifted off Sero and Kaminari’s cocks to be placed on his hands and knees.

He panted and his arms shook with the effort to hold himself up into the position he was left in, already missing the heat of two bodies beside him as Kaminari and Sero moved away to wipe themselves down with a handful of paper towels and bring some more and a cup of cold water back for Mina. Neito wouldn’t mind some wear himself but rather than a drink, he had his head tugged back harshly in a firm grip and Bakugou’s cock shoved into his mouth without so much as a ‘hello.’ Not that he expected much in the way of courtesy from the boy.

Neito choked a bit as that thick hot cock started fucking his throat. His tongue was a little tired from playing with Mina’s pussy so he just slowly glided it back and forth over the little vein on the underside of Bakugou’s dick, drooling all over it and his own chin and letting Bakugou use his mouth and throat as he saw fit. Unlike Mina, who had a lovely sort of sweet tang, Bakugou tasted a bit musky and robust and it took a few moments for Neito to register that that taste wasn’t just Bakugou’s cock but Kirishima’s ass as well.

Just as he was coming to terms with that, the redhead was wriggling his way underneath Neito and stroking Neito’s half hard cock until it was rigid enough to be guided into Kirishima’s hole. Neito moaned as his cock slipped into the tight heat of the other teen and Bakugou’s grip tightened in his hair before he was yanked off and the explosive boy was moving behind Neito to enter him. Neito’s hole felt sloppy but he did his best to clench down and massage Bakugou’s dick as he pushed inside.

As soon as Bakugou started fucking into him, though, Neito lost the strength he had in his arms and he fell forward onto Kirishima just like he had Sero and each powerful thrust from the boy behind him made him rock deeply into Kirishima. Just as predicted by Midoriya, Kirishima became ‘bitey’ quickly, teeth scraping on Neito’s skin. His moans, grunt, and praise for both Neito and Bakugou muffled by the flesh of Neito’s neck and shoulders that he nibbled and kissed at.

“That’s right. Such a fucking whore. Dirty little slut sucking the taste of my boyfriend off my cock and then sliding right inside him. Not so competitive when you’re sandwiched between two guys, huh? Long as your dick’s wet and your ass is full, you’re all fucking smiles and sunshine,” Bakugou growled at him. “Bet you fucking dreamed of this. All those shitty fucking lies spouting out of your lips to goad us into ruining you. Acting like Eye Bags over there was pulling your teeth by asking to hang out with us but secretly jerking off to the thought of becoming 1-A’s go-to bitch? I’m right, aren’t I?”

Neito whined, hands scrambling to find purchase on the sweat-soaked skin of Kirishima’s arms to fuck back onto the cock inside him. Bakugou brought a hot hand down on ass sharply and Neito cried out. “I asked you a fucking question! Am I right? You wanted this all along?” He bent down to speak directly into Neito’s ear, “Answer me, you stupid fucker.”

“Fuck!! Yes, fuck you, I wanted it! I wanted to be used like a goddamn toy by 1-A, wanted to be good for you. Taste you, touch you, be fucked senseless, so just do it! Fuck me, harder, harder!” Neito screamed and Bakugou quickened his pace. “That’s right, gonna fuck you dumber than Pikachu after he short-circuits,” he threatened—promised. Kaminari gave a noise of protest as he took insult to that line but no one paid it much mind. Bakugou’s hot hand wrapped partially around Neito’s throat and he felt like it was branding him, squeezing just hard enough to make breathing a bit more difficult.

Neito’s eyes rolled up slightly as he was pounded into, the slap of each of Bakugou’s thrusts into his cum-filled ass sounding impossibly loud in his ears and Kirishima’s warm breath heating up his face even warmer as he flushed with embarrassment and desire. “Face up,” Hitoshi suddenly called out and Neito struggled to lift his heavy head in the direction of his boyfriend’s voice just in time to feel the hot cum splatter on his face and his stomach, Kirishima and Hitoshi cumming in unison.

The redhead was tugged out from under Neito by Iida and Midoriya and helped to sit up against the chair, his red eyes fixated on the where Bakugou’s cock disappeared into Neito’s ass again and again. With his boyfriend taken care of and no longer underneath Neito, Bakugou shoved the boy’s face into the floor and drove into him fiercely. Neito came hard with no warning or build up. Bakugou fucked into his spasming ass and dug his nails into Neito’s shoulders until he too came, thrusts gradually slowing as he pumped his cum inside of Neito.

“Not half bad when you shut up and know your damn place,” Bakugou commented with another swat to Neito’s ass as he moved away.

Neito was hardly aware that he was breathing at that point and when Iida picked him up, he felt like he was weightless, soft cock bobbing in the air as Iida held him to his chest and shoved his massive cock into Neito’s hole. It was too much, so fast, but Neito couldn’t even muster the energy to try and get away, just groaned and let the tears fall from his eyes as he was overstimulated. Iida picked him up and dropped him down on his cock over and over like Neito was nothing more than a fleshlight for the class president and Neito absolutely loved it.

It was both infinitely better and infinitely worse when Midoriya appeared before him and coaxed Neito’s twitching dick into his warm mouth. “Mmnnno, baby boy, ahhnn!” he whined, shaking hands weaving through Midoriya’s curls and hips stuttering forward. A cool breeze drifted across his chest and neck and he arched up. Todoroki gave him a bit of smile, “He loves being called baby boy, that’s not going to make him stop.”

Sure enough, Midoriya just sucked him harder and moaned. Neito couldn’t get more than a chub from the treatment as good as it was, cock spent, but Midoriya and Iida used him until he was a twitching, sobbing mess between them, cumming dry at least twice—or maybe it was just one long orgasm, he couldn’t tell at this point—in Midoriya’s mouth while the freckled cutie fisted his own cock fast.

Just when he thought they couldn’t be more deliciously cruel, Todoroki began gliding his hot and cold hands all over the blond’s bare skin while rutting between Iida’s thighs until he came, making a mess of both Iida’s legs. Neito even felt a bit land on his own skin. The contrasting temperatures of Todoroki’s hands wreaked havoc on his sensitive chest, concentrating on his nipples.

On his right, his nipple was peaked and teased between two cold fingers, occasionally flicked to making him cry out louder. His left nipple didn’t fare any better, tugged and rolled by a skilled warm hand until the flesh of his chest was as red and warm from the abuse as Neito figured the rest of his body must be after being used by most of the class. It was beautiful torture made both better and worse when Todoroki switched hands and heated up the frigid skin of Neito’s right side as he chilled his left to the point where a thin layer of frost glistened over his chest, sparkling like diamonds as it melted under the heat of Todoroki’s fingers when he switched yet again.

His movements were unpredictable and greedy, both hands ghosting up and down Neito’s torso before framing just above his cock with intense heat, his collar lightly traced by a single cold finger as if to fashion him a necklace out of ice. Neito couldn’t help but sob into the pleasure of the touch and if he had the ability to fuck further into Midoriya’s mouth and cum down his throat, he surely would have from his and Todoroki’s treatment, but as it stood his dick could only twitch the barest amount and he managed to produce maybe a single drop of cum. It was enough for Todoroki and Midoriya however and he was immensely grateful.

After fifteen minutes of using him like a cocksleeve Iida filled Neito with a sharp, powerful thrust before pulling out and holding him above his cock to watch the cum drip out of Neito’s abused hole and down his thighs onto the floor. “Good job, Monoma-kun. You’ve been very accommodating in spite of your normally abrasive personality.” Neito’s brain seemed disconnected from his mouth and his reply was a garbled mess. His face was covered in his own saliva and tears and his hair was plastered to his skin with sweat.

He was placed gently down on soft pillows and he snuggled into them with weak, exhausted limbs, the pillows shifting beneath him. Blearily opening his eyes—he couldn’t remember when he’d close them—he realized his pillows were actually a person; he’d be set down on top of Momo and her plush breasts were the perfect resting place for his head. A tender hand carded through his damp hair and beside them, Jirou said something. Her soft sweet voice was almost like a lullaby and he sighed, burying his face in Momo’s chest to breathe in her sweetness as he drifted in and out of consciousness.

He snapped awake when he felt something push its way into his loosened ass, the distinct texture of silicone alerting him to the fact that it was a toy of some kind and not a real dick. He moaned, wet mouth fumbling to suck weakly, but appreciatively at Momo’s ample bosom while she rolled her hips up, fucking him slow and gentle with her strap. It was just what he needed after everything else. He didn’t have the energy to move his arm but Jirou brought his hand down to her clit and he rubbed it as best he could as she canted her hips into his palm.

Neito saw one of Jirou’s earjacks slither down towards his ass out of the corner of his eye and he felt the slightly cold tip nudge itself into his stretched out hole and press flush to Momo’s dildo. Jirou whispered something that he couldn’t catch and then the toy began to thrum inside him, a steady beat like a bass guitar vibrating it.

Must be using her Quirk to channel her heartbeat into the strap on. The stimulation had Neito’s hand falling away from Jirou but she didn’t seem to mind much. It was such a powerful sensation that he came again, shaking like a leaf, Momo apparently feeling it too because she cried out Jirou’s name. Jirou came a moment later, her other earjack pressed to her clit.

Cumming again allowed Neito to focus a little more but he knew he was going to pass out soon. And Hitoshi, his brilliant, perfect, wonderful boyfriend recognized it as well, taking Neito into his arms and sliding his own cock into Neito. He didn’t bother to move or thrust, just let Neito settle on his dick and keep it warm for him as he kissed the exhausted blond.

“See? Told you that they’d grow on you. Isn’t it nicer when you realize that 1-A isn’t full of enemies, but potential friends instead.” Neito slurred out thanks to his boyfriend and the other teens gathered all around. “Toshhh, fuuucked, ‘m all…fucked out.”

“Yes, you are. And tired too. Before you pass out, I want to tell you something though.”

Neito’s eyes drifted closed but he hummed to show that he was still awake and listening.

“I canceled my Quirk right before Tsuyu left. All of that was just you...You’re cute when you’re being honest.”

…Neito was definitely going to use every single Quirk imaginable to absolutely destroy his boyfriend one of these days. That was his solemn vow to himself right before he lost consciousness completely, breath evening out against Hitoshi’s chest as he finally fell asleep.