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Their Words Tattooed In His Veins

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Shinsou rest his head on his hand, looking down at the writing on his arm.

He shook his head and sighed. The person who wrote in red was always trying to pick a fight with the person who wrote in green.

“Are they still arguing?” Came his Dad’s loud voice.

Shinsou nodded.
“When aren’t they? Red seems like a dick.” He sighed.

Yamada laughed.

“Why don’t you ever write to them. Let them know you’re there.” Aizawa said, walking into the dining room.

Hitoshi sighed.
“Why? They’re going to abandon me too when they find out about my quir-“

“Stop saying that.” Aizawa growled.

Hitoshi was taken back. Aizawa doesn’t snap at him....

“Why should I? It’s true. Both of my parents left because of it. Why should I believe anyone else would stick around. I’m surprised you’re still here.” Hitoshi glared, his anger getting the best of him.

“Hey!” Yamada said, frowning.
“Stop it.”

Shinsou rolled his eyes.
“What ever.” He stood up, leaving the room.

He slammed his bedroom door shut, blinking the tears away.

He hated when he fought with his foster fathers. But he hated it more when they stuck their nose in his business.

He punched the wall by his bedroom door.

He felt the familiar tingle and looked down at his arm.

It was Blue.
“I can feel your sadness and pain. If you need to talk we are here.” Was all it said.

Hitoshi blinked back the tears.

He couldn’t let them know he was there. Hopefully they never realised they were part of a four-way bond. Hopefully Blue just thought it was either Red or Green.

He flopped down on his bed as his arm started to tingle again.

‘Fucking Deku stop crying.’ Red wrote.

Green replied.
‘It’s not me, Kacchan.’

‘Well nobody else is here, are they!’ Hitoshi smiled as he felt Red’s anger.

‘Red is probably angry thinking his soulmate is lying to him.’ Hitoshi thought to himself.

‘Just go to fucking sleep.’ Was written in red.

‘It’s only eight o’clock...’ Blue wrote.

‘You shut up and go to sleep too.’ Was the last thing written.

Hitoshi sighed. He might as well get some sleep, tomorrow was his first day at his new school. He finally made it into UA.

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He found out his three Mates were in the Hero class at the same school as him. They would often talk about homework and class training. He also learnt Blue’s name was Shouto.

He had heard someone yell out ‘Kacchan’ a few times during lunch, but in his rush looking around, he’s always missed who said it, and who was being spoken to.

He sighed. Not realising how stressful it was avoid his soulmates (his soulmates who he didn’t even know.)

He rubbed his hands down his face as he groaned.

The Omega bumped into someone.
“Sorry.” He slurred without looking, and started walking around the person he ran into.

But he ran into someone else, so he looked up, realising there were two people in front of him.

He sighed.
“And where do you think you’re going, freak?” The Alpha smirked, gripping the collar of Hitoshi’s shirt.

He shoved Shinsou against the wall, causing the purple haired Omega to grunt as his back hit the wall harshly.

“Dude, that’s Aizawa’s and Yamada’s son... we shouldn’t-“ The Beta bully said.

“You pussying out?” The head Alpha said.

The Beta shook his head.

“Good, then you will hit him.” The Alpha smirked.

The Beta frowned and looked to the Alpha.
“But won’t his Soulmate feel-“

“You think a Freak like HIM has a soulmate?” He huffed breathlessly.

The Beta shook his head.

“I doubt it. Now hit him.” The bully urged.

The Beta turned his attention to Shinsou.
“I’m sorry.” He mumbled to the Omega.

Shinsou shrugged with a smirk.

The Beta paused only momentarily before punching the Omega in the face.

As the Beta punched him, Shinsou heard three people groan in pain from down the hallway.
“What the fuck was that!” Came an angry voice.

The Alpha and Beta ran off, surprised by the cursing.

Shinsou slumped, sliding his back against the wall as he sat on the ground.

He rubbed his bleeding nose on the sleeve of his blazer, as he heard the three arguing voices come closer.

“We are all together. Nothing hit us- hey! Are you okay?”

Shinsou jumped as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up, into the bright green eyes of a Beta.

Shinsou nodded. Looking to the other two people behind the green haired boy.

Two Alphas.

One looked angry, and the other was looking at him with confusion and concentration.

“What happened.” Came the voice of the multi-coloured Alpha.

Shinsou shrugged.
“Assholes being assholes.” He smiled.

“You got punched in the nose...” The Alpha spoke again, getting a confused look from the green haired Beta.

The blonde seemed to have understood, he quickly grabbed hold of Shinsou’s arm and lift up his jacket sleeve.

The Omega tried to pull away.

“Kacchan! What are you doing?”

Hitoshi stopped struggling, looking to the boy beside him.
“Kacchan...?” He mumbled, eyes wide.

Midoriya looked to him with confusion.

While Hitoshi’s attention was on the Beta, he felt that familiar tingle on his arm.

“Fucking hell!” The Alpha in front of him swore.

The Omega whined. He looked down to his arm, noticing a small blue snow flake on his wrist.

He noticed the same on the blonde’s that was still gripping his arm.

His heart clenched.
‘This can’t be happening.’ He started to panic.

“Ahh, don’t panic!” The Beta then panicked, looking to Hitoshi with wild eyes.

“I told you there was another one.” Said the Alpha with the multi-coloured hair.

The blonde clicked his tongue.
“Fuck, Okay. We get it.”

“It’s Shinsou, right? From General Studies?” The Beta asked.

Hitoshi hesitantly nodded.

The Beta smiled brightly.
“I’m Midoriya Izuku, that’s Todoroki Shouto.” He said pointing to the Alpha with the different hair colours.

“And Kacchan. Bakugou Katsuki.” Midoriya smiled fondly at his Mates.

Hitoshi gulped.
“Okay. It was nice meeting you, but I’m leaving.”

Midoriya frowned.
“What? Why? We just met-“

“You already have two Mates. And I never wanted any.”

His three soulmates frowned. Bakugou looked like he wanted to blow something (or someone) up.

“Now if you don’t mind...” Hitoshi said, slipping past the three Mates.

As Hitoshi walked away, he felt the pain, anger and rejection his Mates were feeling.

He groaned. He really needed to talk to his Dads.

Panic bubbled at his chest.
“Dad!” He yelled as he ran into the teacher’s lounge.

All conversations from the Teachers and adults stopped at the smell of young distressed Omega.

“Hitoshi...” Aizawa and Yamada walked over to their son, dragging him out of the room.

“Hitoshi. What- why are you covered in blood?” Yamada asked, hands on the Omega’s cheek.

Hitoshi whimpered, lifting up his sleeve to show off the small snow flake.

“I found them.” He bit his lip.

“Are they the ones who did that?” Aizawa growled, going into protective-mama mode.

Shinsou shook his head.
“No, they scared the bullies off... but, they...they know.” He started to panic.

Aizawa pulled Shinsou close to his chest.

“Who are they?” The Teacher whispered to the young Omega.

“Midoriya, Bakugou and Todoroki from 1A.”

Aizawa froze.
“I should have known by Bakugou’s impulsiveness.” He mumbled to himself.

Hitoshi nodded.
“Red.” He mumbled back.

Hitoshi looked at his arm as he felt the familiar tingle .

‘We need to talk.’ It said in Red.

Shinsou groaned.

Yamada bit the inside of his cheek.
“They want to try, Hitoshi.”

The Omega shook his head.
“That’s just because they don’t know my quirk yet.” He whispered, turning on his heals and walking away from his fathers.

“Wait, Hitoshi!” Aizawa whimpered, calling out to his young Omega.

“We’ll talk to him at home.” The Alpha said, putting his hand on his Omega’s shoulder.

The bell rang.

“C’mon. It’s time to get back to teaching, Shota. We have to leave family problems at home.” Yamada said, kissing his Mate on the cheek.

Aizawa whined.
“But it’s so hard...” he said, his eyes never leaving the direction his son had just gone down.

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Shinsou sat across from the other three.

Midoriya was looking at him and jittering.
Bakugou had his arms crossed over his chest, with a sour look on his face.

Todoroki sighed.
“This isn’t getting us anywhere.”

Shinsou rolled his eyes.
“Well, this has been great and all.” He said, standing up.

Bakugou sprung to his feet.
“Sit down.” He hissed.

Shinsou rolled his eyes again, but sat down anyway.

“Shouto said there might be a fourth...we could feel you through the bond.” Deku said, biting his lip.

Shinsou wasn’t sure what to say, so he only nodded.

“Well, aren’t you going to say anything.” The hot headed Alpha snapped.

Shinsou glared at nothing in particular.
“Why does it matter....” he mumbled.

Deku cocked his head.
“What do you mean?” He asked, confused.

The Omega sighed.
“I’ve never really thought I’d actually meet any of you...” he mumbled, turning his head to avoid his Mate’s gaze.

Bakugou clicked his tongue.

“Do any of you even know what my Quirk is?” Shinsou asked.

The three scrunched up their faces with confusion.

“Brain washing, right?” Deku mumbled.

Shinsou nodded.

The Beta smiled.
“That’s so cool-“

“There’s nothing ‘cool’ about it! I can easily hurt you!” Hitoshi whined.

“But you won’t.” Deku’s smile faded.

“You don’t know that...” he said softly.

“You wouldn’t be trying to get into a hero course if you were...” Todoroki said.

Shinsou sighed.
“You have each other, so why does it matter that I join.”

“Because you’re part of the bond...” Deku frowned, looking to the two Alphas.

“Can’t we at lease try?” The Beta worried his lip.

Shinsou could feel his Mate’s emotions... he could feel the Beta’s ‘Hope’ more than any other.

He frowned.
“I... aren’t you worried I’ll brain wash you...” he mumbled.

Midoriya shook his head enthusiastically.
“Of course not!”

He looked to the two Alphas.
“We wouldn’t have called you out here if we didnt want...” Bakugou trailed off with a grumble, looking anywhere but to the Omega in front of him.

Todoroki nodded, agreeing with the other Alpha.

Shinsou whined.
He never wanted this...but now he knew them...shouldn’t he at lease-

“You don’t need to feel like that.” Todoroki spoke up, feeling the Omega’s emotions.

“You don’t have no idea...” he wasn’t sure what else to say. His whole life he was sure he’d be rejected by his Mates because of his Quirk...but they know and they were still willing to try...

Bakugou huffed, pulling the Omega onto the seat between him and Todoroki.

“We should at lease get to know each other.” Bakugou said, running a hand through his hair.

Shinsou nodded slightly, looking to the Beta for help.

Deku smiled widely, leaping into the Omega’s arms.

Shinsou tensed, but smiled when Midoriya jumped back surprised, embarrassed by his own actions.

“Stupid Deku...” Bakugou mumbled.

“We should do something this weekend. Here add your number.” Todoroki said, handing the young Omega his phone.

Shinsou nodded, hesitating to take the phone from the Alpha.

He hated the feeling in his chest, and the fact these three boys were his soulmates and that they wanted to actually try and be his Mate...

He smiled softly to himself, as he put his contact details into the Alpha’s phone.