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Purple Motion

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“My name is Kaminari Denki, what's yours?” The bright-faced blonde grinned, holding out his hand to Shinsou's. His eyes were the same shocking color as his hair, and there was a black streak in his hair that resembled lighting. He was a complete opposite of Shinsou.
Shinsou's hair was purple and messy, going in all directions. His purple eyes were tired and nearly lifeless, and his skin was so pale he might as well be a vampire.

"Shinsou Hitoshi," He answered, not acknowledging the shorter boy's hand. Kaminari probably realized this, as he flushed red and dropped his hand.

"So," The bright boy began, "We're partners, huh? Can't wait to spend the entire year with you!"
Shinsou couldn't help but smile at his excitement. He didn't plan to make friends during his time in this class, but it was certainly inevitable to have a dance partner.
That's right, they were partners in dance class, and this was their first day. They both signed up for ballroom dance, which lead up to where they were now.

“Alright, young children!” The teacher, Kayama Nemuri, threw her hand up into the air, “Show me your moves, show me your passion! Dance!”
She started playing a classic dance song, the one you'd usually here during royal balls.

“Shall we dance?” This time, it was Shinsou who offered his hand. Kaminari smiled, taking it and being the shorter boy, he put his other hand on the taller boy's shoulder. Shinsou then gingerly placed his other hand on Kaminari's waist, and then they started to dance.

“When did you start dancing?” Kaminari asked, looking up at Shinsou. “And what got you into dancing?”

“Ever since I was younger, it was quite a passion of mine,” Shinsou answered and Kaminari nodded, “My parents like to dance all the time. I was thinking they were kind of sweet when they did that, letting their movements speak for them.”

“That really is sweet,” Kaminari's smile was soft, his gaze far away. He was imagining a relationship like that, where the motions did the speaking.

“It was,” Shinsou agreed, though his voice was grave. “They passed away too soon, when I was about nine. They were victims of a serial killing, only because they witnessed the first murders.”

Kaminari could feel Shinsou's hold on his hand tightening, but he ignored it and chose to listen to his story.

“Their friend then took me in under his care and basically became my foster father, adopting me legally and shit.
“He was really supportive, specially when I told him about how I wanted to learn how to dance like my parents. He enrolled me in a dance school back then, but then we had to move.
“Now, I'm here, dancing with you,” He finished, calming down once he did. Seeing Kaminari eagerly listening, he immediately realized how much he had said, causing him to look away in embarrassment.

“What about you?” He asked, “What's your story? Why are you here now?”

“Well, I don't really have a bittersweet sob story like yours,” He said jokingly, “But I have a friend who I play music with... You know, a band? Yeah, and well, I told her that if our band became famous, I'd want to show off some dancing skills.
“But,” He chuckled, “I'm no good at dancing, so I decided to learn it. Last year, I tried out modern dance, but it just wasn't my style. So I decided to try this class.”

“That's quite impressive,” Shinsou commented, smiling just a tad bit.

“You think so?” Kaminari replied with a grin.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Thanks, man!”

Shinsou made his first friend. They had started eating lunch and going home together. There were even occasions when they would meet up at certain places in the morning before their dance classes started. Kaminari made Shinsou happy.


Six months later, Kaminari disappeared.


“Kaminari's been absent for a week now,” said one of their classmates, Midoriya. Shinsou didn't react. He's been worried the whole time, but he didn't know how to show it.

“I wonder what happened?” Uraraka replied to Midoriya, her voice was curious. “Maybe he had to move unexpectedly?”

“That's a bit sketchy, don't you think?” Midoriya told her, making an uncertain face.

Everyone then quieted when their teacher entered the room. She set her bag on the desk and then turned to everyone.
“I've finally gotten back from Kaminari's parents,” She announced, “He won't be attending any more classes, as he is dropping out due to an unexpected turn of events. That is all.”

“What happened?” Shinsou couldn't help but say out loud. He had to know.

“I'm afraid that's confidential information,” Kayama-sensei said, keeping her too firm, yet sympathetic. “You two were quite close, weren't you? I'm very sorry, but there might be other ways for the both of you to see each other again.”

Shinsou didn't need to hear that.
After classes, he immediately contacted Kaminari. For the past week, he had been trying to reach him but all of his attempts were futile. Texts and calls weren't answered, and he was always driven away when he tried to visit his house.

Walking home with no one beside him, Shinsou carried these thoughts with him. After what seemed like the millionth ring, his hope began to dissipate. He should have known.
Happiness was just state, not an achievement. Of course, it wouldn't have lasted forever.

“Where are you, Denki?” Shinsou mumbled as the sky began to change to twilight, shedding the first tears after a while.
He was gone, that's for sure.


Nine months later.


‘I can see a blur. Too blurry. It was a smooth motion, filled with grace and passion. This motion and I moved together with such wonderful rhythm. That purple motion, it's always burning into my memory. It makes me happy.’


A groan. Kaminari's eyes fluttered open. It was blinding, but the light was dim. His ears were filled by the steady sound of the vital sign monitor next to him, and to his other side was an IV attached to the back of his hand. His whole body felt heavy, he could feel the bandages wrapped around different parts of his body. His head, his arms, his legs, his waist, but he didn't really feel any pain.
Was he alone?

No, to his right, there was someone with purple hair seated on a chair with their face buried in their arms, knees pressed close to their chest. They were curled up into a ball.

“E-excuse... Me...!” Kaminari attempted to call out, however, his throat was rather dry and it's been quite some time since he spoke, it seemed.
That enough seemed to wake the person up. It was a girl with dark purple hair, long eyelashes and pretty eyes.

“You're awake!” The girl smiled, exhilarated. She rushed off the chair and threw herself to Kaminari, managing an awkward hug from the position. Once she pulled away, he sat up .
“You idiot! Getting yourself into an accident like that!” She began scolding him, “Everyone was so worried! I was so worried! I tried to visit nearly everyday, do you know how long it's been!?”

“I'm sorry, I...” Kaminari looked at her, confused.
“I don't know who you are.”

“What?” The girl said breathlessly, “You're kidding, right? Denki, this isn't the time to be joking around, I was really scared for you, you know!”

“I'm sorry,” Kaminari apologised, he didn't like how it sounded like he was a burden. “I'm sorry.”

“Don't be, you moron. I'm going to tell everyone you're awake,” The girl finally stood up, taking out her phone from her pocket. She left the room, holding the phone to her ear and leaving Kaminari by himself.

She was really happy when he woke up, he was afraid he disappointed her when he said he didn't know her. His mind travelled back to the only thing he could remember, the purple blur that he danced with. Why did it have to be so vague?
The girl, she had purple hair, but it didn't match the one in his memory. The one in his memory had a lighter shade.

Soon enough, the girl came back inside, and came after were many other people he couldn't recognize. No one matched the person in his memory.

Two faces told him they were his parents and explained to him how he got into a car accident, getting hit by a drunk driver. He met the people who claimed to be his friends.
The girl from earlier was Jirou Kyouka. She explained how they had a band, she was the lead singer and bassist and he was the rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist.

He met Ashido Mina, their lead guitarist, along with their drummer, Bakugou Katsuki. Bakugou had a friend named Kirishima, who seemed to know Kaminari as well.

He had woken up from a coma after nine months, waking up in a state of amnesia.

Later, they had celebrated his return to the real world. It was a little too much to handle, as he had just come back from a coma. After the party, he and Jirou decided to get a cup of hot chocolate.

“You know,” Jirou began, taking a sip from her hot chocolate. “You joined a dance school before you got into the accident,” She said, “It was around six months before you got into the accident.”
Kaminari was quiet, he didn't know what she was talking about.

“I hope you haven't forgotten how to dance,” She added, “You can rejoin the classes, if you're still interested.”
“I'll think about it.”


Kaminari brushed off November's white snow that had fallen on his hair and his shoulders. He looked around the empty and silent foyer, clutching the strap of his messenger bag. Needless to say, he felt slightly lost.
After a few moments of hesitation, he finally moved to look for the class he had signed up for.

Stairs, hallways, and doors, it was so easy to get lost. Kaminari was getting slightly frustrated, until he heard the sound of music. His head turned to listen and he began following the direction of the music. It lead to an open door, so he came forward and took a peak.
Someone was dancing.
He silently stepped inside, taking his bag and placing it to the side. He watched as the person danced in rhythm with the melody. Kaminari was mesmerised by his movements, his grace.

The dancer finished, posing in front of Kaminari with his hand held out.
“Would you like to join me?” He said, taking Kaminari by surprise. He couldn't manage any words, so he places his hand on his and they began dancing.

There were no words, just movements filled with grace and passion, and a slight bit of intimacy. Purple hair and purple eyes, was this the person he saw in his memory?

“You're surprisingly good at this,” The man commented, twirling Kaminari around.
“I've never seen you around here before, what's your name?”

“Kaminari Denki, I'm... Kind of a new student,” Replied Kaminari, smiling softly.

“Shishikura Seiji.”


“So as you all know, we will be holding a Winter Ball Event,” Kayama-sensei announced to her class, “Fukukado and I already talked about it, and we decided that this year, my class and hers will join. That means that the event will be on the same day and you'll be able to dance with someone from the other class.”

“Are you going to ask someone out from the other class?” Shinsou's partner said lazily. Once Kaminari left, he was immediately replaced by him.


“I see, me neither. I don't really know anyone there.”


“A winter ball, huh? I'm excited!” Kaminari grinned, looking at his assigned partner. He was glad Shishikura ended up as his partner, since he didn't know anyone else. Shishikura seemed nice anyway.

“One is held each year,” Shishikura replied, “Usually, our class and the other are assigned to happen on different dates, but you heard what Fukukado-sensei said earlier.”

“To be honest, I tried to join the other class first before this one,” Kaminari admitted. It was the class he joined before the accident, he was told.
“But I wouldn't have had a partner if I did, plus it's reached the maximum amount of students.”

Shishikura had always been in Fukukado-sensei's class, which meant he's never met Kaminari before. This means that he couldn't have been the one Kaminari remembered in his memory. But what if that memory wasn't a memory, maybe a premonition?

Kaminari snapped out of his thoughts and looked up, Jirou and Mina were waving at him from the doors of the foyer, along with a girl Kaminari saw in class earlier.

“Looks like your friends are going to walk home with you,” Shishikura said, stopping in his tracks.

“Hey, Denki!” Mina grinned, “Looks like you and Jirou got a soulmate!”

“Kaminari and I are just dance partners,” Shishikura answered her, his hands placed behind his back.
“I'll head off now,” He added and left the four of them to catch up for the day.

“How was your class?” Mina asked, looking hyped. When Kaminari signed up for the class, Mina came with him and joined a hip-hop class. They taught all types of dance at this school, which was amazing.
Kaminari was glad, since joining in the middle of the school year was a bit odd, but Mina helped him pull through.
Turns out, Jirou met Yaoyorozu Momo when they enrolled and became friends.

The four of them then went home, talking about the events of the day. Shinsou watched them go, unable to believe his eyes.

Kaminari was back, and he never told him. Was he ignoring Shinsou? He didn't even seem to bother looking for him to explain, or apologize, or even brighten up his life after disappearing for nearly a year. Not to mention he transferred to the other class and got a new partner.
Did he... Get tired of Shinsou?


Two weeks before the Winter Ball, the two classes were to practice the Viennese Waltz together. Kaminari was excited, since he would be able to meet his former classmates. Maybe they would be able to jog some memories back to him.

“Kayama! Catch!” Fukukado-sensei threw nothing in the air but Kayama-sensei became alert anyway, looking up to catch whatever she was supposed to. Fukukado bursted into a fit of laughter, and Kasama sighed and laughed lightly. The students watched in confusion, but Fukukado's class already anticipated some kind of gag from their teacher.

“So class, this is Kayama Nemuri-sensei, Ballroom Dance teacher and absolute hottie!” Fukukado joked, raising a finger and winking at the last part. Kayama rolled her eyes and proceeded to introduce her fellow teacher.

“This is Fukukado Emi-sensei, she teachers Ballroom Dance on weekdays and Hip-Hop on Saturdays.”

“I'm a busy woman who can waltz and break dance!”

“Does anyone have a question?” Kayama asked and Midoriya from her class raised his hand.

“We thought Kaminari-kun dropped out?”

Kaminari turned his head to the direction of the boy, and it seemed like many from that class wanted answers.
Fukukado and Kayama looked at each other with worry clear in their faces.

“Give him some space for the time being, I'm sure he'll explain if you approach him,” Kayama answered, “But don't hog up all of his personal space.”

“So now!” Fukukado's voice became louder, “Shall we dance?”


“Kaminari-kun!” Midoriya ran up to the blonde after practice, “You should talk to Shinsou-kun, I'm sure he wants to know what happened to you!” Trailing behind him was a brown-haired girl.
Kaminari tried not to look too confused, because whoever Shinsou was, it seemed like they used to be really close. Shishikura was right next to him, adjusting his hat as he watched them converse.

“He's sitting alone on the bench over there,” The brown-haired girl said, pointing towards the direction she told him. Just as she said, a purple haired guy was sitting alone.

Kaminari looked at Shishikura, who just looked back at him. He then averted his gaze back to Shinsou and decided to approach.

“You made a new friend, huh,” Shinsou said, his gaze focused on the ground. Kaminari frowned, concerned.

“This is Shishikura, he's my dance partner,” He introduced, hoping the two would make good with each other. Shinsou did look at Shishikura, but with a soft death glare that might slice him into patches of meat. It didn't help that Shishikura had a silent and demeaning vibe around him. It was like the two weren't meant to meet at all.

“I'll leave you two to talk,” Shishikura finally said, ending the silent battle and leaving. Shinsou averted his glare to Kaminari, who somehow didn't even flinch. Somehow, it felt like he was used to it, it even looked nice on the purple-haired boy's face.

“Why didn't you say anything?”

“Look, I can explain,” Kaminari said, raising his hands up in defense.

“You wouldn't even explain a single thing once you got back. You disappeared for nine months and now you're in Fukukado-sensei's class, with a new friend, a new partner. You didn't even bother looking for me. And now you have the guts to explain?”

It hurt.

Kaminari couldn't find his own words, Shinsou's stabbed him straight through the heart. His voice was sharp, with pain and betrayal emanating from them. His eyes were painted in the same despairing tone, and the way his hands balled into fists showed how much he's been holding back.

“What? Where's your explanation?” Shinsou stood up, towering over Kaminari. “I vaguely remember you saying that you can't wait to spend the entire year with me, but then you go and disappear halfway through! Why...? Why!?”

Kaminari meant to say Shinsou, but all that came out was a shaky breath. They were starting to gain attention as well.

“Why did you have to get my hopes up, Denki? Just so you could crush them to bits and pieces?”


“Shinsou, give the poor boy some space already,” Kayama walked up to them, but Fukukado wasn't around.
Shinsou nodded and obliged. He shot Kaminari another pained look before turning to leave. Kaminari was speechless, frightened and confused.

“Kaminari, could you come with me?” Kayama offered.


Later in the Faculty office, Kayama asked Kaminari to take a seat.
“Kaminari, you're aware that everyone is in the dark about your situation, correct?” She said and Kaminari nodded in response.
“It's up to you if you want to disclose that information to anyone–”

“Please do,” Kaminari accidentally cut her off, blurting his thoughts out loud.


“It might be unfair that I don't know who they are but they know who I am, but they'll understand if they know, right?” He added, determination spread all over his expression, his posture, his body language.

“That is true, however,” Kayama replied, “There's a chance you'll be subjected to pity and some students might look down on you. As you have missed a lot in your classes.”

“I don't really care what others might think of me,” Kaminari answered.

“W-well, if you insist,” Kayama nodded, “I'll tell my class first thing tomorrow.”


“Amnesia, huh?”

“Poor Kaminari-kun...”

“Did you see Shinsou shouting at him yesterday?”

“When's our next practice with Fukukado-sensei's class?”

“Kaminari has a new partner now, do you think Shinsou's jealous?”

Shinsou could hear everyone, but they all acted as though he couldn't. Even their teacher was distraught at the amount of murmurs and mumbles going around the class. Only Shinsou's partner was silent.


After classes, Shinsou decided to stay back until everyone has left. He got questions, but he refused to answer all of them. Right as he stepped out of the room, he saw the blond boy waiting for him outside.

“I'm really sorry,” Kaminari began, “I'm really sorry, I really am. I... I...”


Kaminari looked up at him, tears visibly threatening to fall. His shoulders were tense, his breath hitched. Seeing Shinsou's face, devoid of emotion, made him feel guilty and worried.

“Why are you crying?” Shinsou asked, “I should be the one sorry. I know I scared you.”

“I'm sorry–”

“I said stop,” Shinsou said firmly, placing his hands on Kaminari's shoulders, who's tension increased the moment he did.
“You didn't know,” His voice softened almost immediately, “I didn't know. There was a misunderstanding, but we have to put that out of the way now.”

“Y-you're right,” Kaminari sniffled, lowering his head. Shinsou sighed and pulled him into a hug, running his hand through the smaller boy's hair and running his back.

Shinsou wasn't mad, he was just upset. He understood Kaminari's situation alright.
But they were never strangers before. They were dance partners who understood each other not even an hour after meeting. They developed so quick that Kaminari's disappearance affected Shinsou so badly. Now they were in square one, a place they've never been before.

It was silent as Kaminari sobbed into Shinsou's chest, clutching his clothes. Once the sobbing died down, Shinsou pulled away to look at him.
“You're a mess, you know that?”

Kaminari didn't respond, still sniffling.

Shinsou turned, walking back into the room. Still confused, Kaminari wiped away the remaining tears as music began to fill the room. Shinsou came back, holding out his hand to Kaminari.
“Let's start again shall we?” He said, “My name is Shinsou Hitoshi, what's yours?”

‘My name is Kaminari Denki, what's yours?’

‘Shinsou Hitoshi.’

“Kaminari Denki,” Came the answer as Kaminari took Shinsou's hand. Shinsou smiled and gently pulled him inside.

Following the rhythm of the music, the two began dancing.

‘It was a smooth motion, filled with grace and passion.’

With a twirl, Kaminari recalled the only memory he remembered when he woke up.

‘This motion and I moved together with such wonderful rhythm.’
‘It makes me happy.’
‘We're partners, huh?’
‘Shall we dance?’

“Hitoshi,” Kaminari whispered, moving in a circle with Shinsou in the middle, their hands still connected.

“Yes, Denki?” Answered Shinsou, meeting the bright boy's shocking eyes.

“I remember.”


‘I can't wait to spend the entire year with you.’

“I do,” Kaminari answered, memories slowly filling his mind only slightly. Things were still vague, but as they danced, something else surfaced.

“I missed you,” Shinsou said, his voice slightly lower than usual.

“I missed you too,” Kaminari replied, smiling softly. “And I love you.”

Shinsou's lips parted, his motion faltering. Finally, he smiled.
“I love you too.”

The exchange was sweet for the two, but bitter to the outsider's ears. Kaminari's replacement, Shinsou's Winter Ball partner, Monoma curled into a ball right outside the room.
And it was too late.


“Are you nervous?” Monoma asked his dance partner.


“Me neither.”

He watched as Shinsou's soulmate, Kaminari, talked excitedly with his dance partner, Shishikura. He could tell Shinsou was watching them too. They were all currently in the backroom.

During the Winter Ball Event, the ballroom dance class would perform on stage for the whole school to watch. After that, they would go to the auditorium and things will proceed similarly to a promenade.

“Kaminari can make anyone happy when he talks to them, can't he?” Shinsou said, his eyes still watching the two.

“I suppose,” Monoma agreed, even though he very much disagreed. He's never talked to the boy, but he knew that they woulf never get along anyway.

“Alright, you guys!” Fukukado entered the room with a bright smile on her face, “Let's begin!”