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Fate/Heroes of Justice: Child's Play (Book 4)

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Fate/Heroes of Justice: Child's Play

Chapter 2: A Rose's Thorns

Rin dragged her mother across the wooden floor of the house, her magical circuits straining to strengthen her. There was a thin trail of blood left behind them, but she tried to not think too hard about that. The steady sound of footsteps as their pursuer took his leisurely time following them. Kirei Kotomine rounded the corner, bloody knives in hand and a sadistic smile on his face.

"Oh, there you are Rin," he said, sounding more cheerful than Rin ever remembered him being. "Are you trying to run away from me? It might help if you left the dead weight behind."

Rin's response was to use a mana burst and pull her mother the last of the way into her room. Kirei readied a knife to throw as Rin moved to slam the door shut behind them. As she grabbed the door, Kirei threw his knife and time seemed to slow for her, the knife headed right towards her. She slammed the door shut and the next second the knife pierced through it, a solid foot of it hanging right above were her head was. She ignored her beating heart and threw the lock and bolt on the door, securing it from the outside. At least, for a while.

"Are you still alive in there Rin?" asked Kirei. "It sounds like my knife missed. How unfortunate. This would have been so much easier for you if you had just died." A pause. "Although, that would've been less fun for me. Will you keep entertaining me for a while Rin?"

"Go to hell Kirei!" yelled Rin, her rage finally exploding. She knew the man was crazy, but this was extreme, even for him. That was something she would worry about later though. She had other tasks she needed to deal with first.

Moving to her mother, she checked on her wounds. A stab wound to the side, one which luckily seemed to have missed anything important. There was also a head wound, from where Kirei had knocked her against a table. That was much more concerning, and the fact that she was unconscious probably meant head trauma. She focused on her magical circuits and cast a healing spell, soft green light filling the room. Both wounds closed and Rin hoped that her magecraft had been powerful enough to deal with the internal issues. If not, she would need to find a specialist who could help.

"Is that magecraft I see from in there?" asked Kirei from behind the door. "It looks to be an advanced spell too. She was right, something interesting is happening here. I'm glad I followed her orders and came here to kill you. With Master's blessing, of course."

Rin tuned out Kirei and sat down on her bed. She needed to think. First, she was a child. Specifically, she was in the body of her child self from the middle of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Second, Kirei was trying to kill her, but was also treating it like a game. He was being sloppy. Not too sloppy though, anything he did could kill her or her mother. There was also the third fact, outside she had seen an army of masked Servants, this War's Assassin Servant. The house was surrounded, so Kirei could take all the time he wanted hunting her down. Not sloppy, confident.

Fourth, she still had her magecraft. It was weak now, but she could feel it getting stronger as she acclimated to her child body. She had only been conscious for a few minutes before Kirei had arrived while she'd been eating dinner with her mother. Luckily, her Grandparents were out visiting friends, it made the situation simpler. Fifth, there was a 'she' who was commanding Kirei. Rin had no idea who this could be, and she would need to worry about that later. Before anything else, she needed a plan to defeat Kirei.

"Hello child," said a menacing voice. Rin turned and let out a cry as one of the bone masked Servants peered into the room through the window. The Assassin let out a laugh and leapt away from the window, giving her a clear view of the starry sky outside. He had clearly been trying to intimidate her. But, as Rin calmed her beating heart, an idea came to her.

"It's got to be around here somewhere," said Rin, rummaging quickly through her room. She quickly found what she needed, the tools to create a magical circle on the floor. Specifically, one meant for summoning a Servant. She had everything she needed, except for a catalyst. Her experiences had taught her that anything could be used, if sufficiently magical in nature, but she had nothing like that in her room. There might be an object that could work somewhere inside the house, but with Kirei outside she had no way of retrieving it.

"Have you prepared whatever little spell it is you're doing in there yet, Rin?" asked Kirei. The knife in the door wiggled a little and then slide out easily, leaving a slit. An eye peered through it. "A summoning circle? Advanced magecraft from a child your age? I am going to enjoy extracting the truth from you."

There was a kick at the door, shaking it in its foundations. Kirei was clearly still playing with her, there was no way that the door should've been able to hold up if he really wanted to break it down. He wouldn't continue playing for long though. Rin looked around for something, anything, that she could use. Her gaze once again fell outside, and she saw a streak moving across the sky. A shooting star. It was perfect.

Rin pricked her hand with a pin and let drops of blood fall into the summoning circle as she spoke, eyes on the shooting star. "Oh light of the dark sky, I call on you. Lend me your power in this my darkest hour. As Justice Red, I promise to be all the good of the world of the dead, and to defeat all the evil of the world of the dead. I take this oath on this night, vanquish those who would do harm and thus harness your power. Now, I command thee, hero of legend, answer my call and fight by my side!"

Bright red light filled the room as the ritual activated. Familiar with the process, Rin allowed herself a smile. It was working! Command Seals formed on the back of her hand, taking the shape of a closed flower bud. Kirei kicked the door again, this time more urgently, but Rin ignored whatever it was he said. In front of her golden motes collected and formed into a shape, her Servant.

"You finally got around to summoning me," said a childish voice. "I was wondering when that would happen, Master." Familiar green eyes stared at her, a cocky smile on the Servant's face. She knew exactly who this was. "So, what do you summon Caster Mordred to do?"

Silence filled the room as the magical light faded away and Master and Servant processed what had just happened. Rin looked over her Servant, something rather easy since he was shorter than her. Mordred, a Servant she was quite familiar with, but not in a form she was familiar with. He was dressed like a child from a Christmas special. Red shoes with woolen balls at the end of the laces, and fuzzy lining at the tops of them. His pants were floofy, drawn to a close with string just below his knees. He was wearing a short sleeve button down red shirt, a Santa-esque shroud over his shoulders, also fittingly with strings ending in more woolen balls. He had on red earmuffs and his messy blond hair was drawn back and held by fuzzy hairs ties. If there was a word to describe his outfit, fluffy would be it.

"So cute!" exclaimed Rin.

Mordred frowned, looking himself over. "Oh, come on!" he complained. "Why can I never be summoned properly to these things?"

The door slammed again, the hinges popping slightly, causing it to hang loosely in the frame. Rin focused, she could laugh at her Servant another time. "I don't know. Everything is unusual right now. But what I do know is that if you don't stop that man and his Servants outside, we're all going to die."

Mordred gave a predatory smile. "Got it. That's something I can handle Master." He held out a hand and a weapon appeared in his hand. A large candy cane with tinsel wrapped tightly around it. He stared at it for a moment. "Fuck it. I'll figure everything out as I go. It's worked for me in the past, it'll work now."

Rin nodded. "Good luck. Be careful, I'm not sure how much support I can give while in this body."

"Sure," replied Mordred. "Just do me a favor."


"When we get back to our time, please don't tell Fran about this. She'll never let me live it down."

"No promises," replied Rin, cracking a smile. "You're too cute for that."

"You're the worst Master."

There was another kick and this time the door collapsed into the room, broken completely. Kirei appeared, knives in hand, and ready to attack. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't just dealing with a helpless with girl anymore. Without even asking, Mordred leapt the distance between them, and body slammed Kirei. The priest was faster than a regular human, but even he couldn't dodge a Servant on short notice. He did manage to get an arm up to block, but Mordred still hit him like a cannonball. There was a sick snapping sound as Kirei's arm broke and he was thrown down the hallway until he final hit the wall. He collapsed to the ground in a heap, but still conscious.

"Damn," said Mordred admiringly. "That's one tough priest."

"He is," agreed Rin, watching Kirei stand, his right arm hanging limply at his side. She had a memory of his dead body, covered by a blanket in the Einzbern Castle, so long ago. She also remembered the satisfaction her older-self had expressed at the sight. It was with that thought in mind that she called out to Mordred as he headed down the hall to engage Kirei again. "Don't kill him. Just take him out."

"Seriously?" asked Mordred, stopping short and glancing over his shoulder. "Why do you always make these things hard for me? This dude might as well be frothing at the mouth with how crazy he is."

"It looks we have a strong little child here," said Kirei, sounding intrigued. "A Servant? How could you know how to summon one of those? Something interesting is happening here, and I'm going to enjoy torturing you for all that you know."

"See?" asked Mordred, gesturing to Kirei. "That's not normal. At least, I assume it's not. Also, super freaky. Can I please just kill him?"

"No!" said Rin. "That's that. Just use you magecraft to put him in a slumber or something."

"Easy for you to say," mumbled Mordred. "It's not like I know which spells this form was summoned with knowing…"

Kirei lurched forward, throwing several knives as he did so. Mordred turned to face his foe and swept around with his candy cane. The weapon perfectly stopped the knives, shattering them into pieces. Kirei created more knives and attacked Mordred at close range, but the little knight was too fast, and too small, to make an easy target. He ducked around Kirei and leapt up into the air as Kirei turned around and swept low with his weapons. Mordred was safely over the attack and reached out to his over extended foe. He had miss judged the length of his small arms and needed to reach out with his fingers the last bit. When his fingertips brushed against Kirei's forehead he released a spell.

"Holy Night Slumber!" said Mordred, the spell reaching out to Kirei's mind. The priest tried to pull away, but it was too late for him as the spell took hold. A sleep spell more powerful than any modern mage could cast surrounded him. He collapsed to the floor with a hard thump as Mordred landed gracefully next to him, a proud smile on his face. "There we go Master, one nutso priest taken out. Super easy."

"That's good," said Rin, taking a step towards her Servant. Suddenly behind her the window shattered and a dark form burst into her bedroom. She let out a cry, turning around and falling onto her butt as a dark figure wearing a bone mask stood before her, knife in hand.

"Play time is over," said the Assassin. "Master got the first turn, now it's ours. Prepare to die!"

"Oh no you don't!" yelled Mordred, charging the Assassin from down the hall. He wasn't going to be fast enough though. He waved his candy cane and shouted an incantation. "Holy Light!"

A string of electric Christmas lights shot out of his weapon, quickly wrapping around the surprised Assassin and inhibiting his movements in a flash of pretty colors. That gave Mordred enough time to close the distance and strike the Assassin with his candy cane. There was a sick crack and the Assassin fell to the ground, disappearing in motes of golden light.

"And there's a Servant down," said Mordred, flashing Rin a smile. "Give me more of a challenge, why don't you Master?"

Rin groaned, looking out the window. "Please don't say that…"

Mordred frowned. "What're you talking about?"

"The little girl is talking about us!" yelled a second Assassin, leaping through the window. Mordred swung with his weapon and hit the Assassin, knocking them into a third Assassin, and flinging them both back out the window. Mordred pointed out the window and looked at Rin, a look of shock on his face. "What the hell was that?!"

"Kirei's Servants," replied Rin. "Plural. This one is weird and has multiple bodies. There's somewhere around a hundred of them out there, and you need to beat all of them."

Mordred's shock quickly gave way to a look of excitement, a vicious smile on his face. "Now that's more like it. Done with the tutorial, now onto hard mode. Just how I like it."

"Be careful," said Rin, standing from where she'd fallen. Her gaze drifted to her mother, still unconscious. "You're in an unfamiliar body against a superior number of foes. I won't be able to properly back you up until I figure out this child's body."

As she spoke, Mordred turned and started walking to the window. He waved a hand lazily over his shoulder. "Yeah yeah, I've got it. You just sit back and pray or something. This will be over before you know it."

Mordred leapt out the window into the front yard and Rin followed, walking to the windowsill and peering out. It was dark outside, but Mordred glowed like a Christmas light, illuminating the area around him. There were dozens of shadowy figures milling about, each muttering under there breath and creating a humming sound. None of the Assassins stopped talking, even as they charged at Mordred. Instead, their murmurings turned to yelling.

"For the Master!"

"We will kill you!"

"Secret assassination technique!"

"None are prepared for Hassan-i-Sabbah!"

"Why are we doing this?"

"I want some shawarma…"


Mordred held his candy cane above his head. "Shut the fuck up! Jingle All the Way!" The light jingling of sleigh bells tolled out from Mordred and caused the nearest four Assassins to stop in their tracks. Their heads lolled to the side and they started to laugh, a merry sound that became slightly creepy when Mordred started beating them up with his candy cane.

He was forced onto the defensive quickly as the other Assassins surrounded him, taking turns to jab at him. His size once again helped him, making him a smaller target. He was too hard to hit among the crowd. Unfortunately, his reach was much to short to properly retaliate, and getting into the thick of things would've been too dangerous. As Rin watched, he managed to take out three Assassins, but took several cuts, including one to the cheek. Managing to get out of the thick of things, Mordred backed up and healed himself, a verdant green light covering him.

The respite didn't last long as the Assassins closed in on him again, forcing him to furiously defend himself. One enemy was wrapped in light like Kirei, and another was put to sleep. But he wasn't able to finish off either of them, needing to block with his candy cane. Rin realized that Mordred was more skilled, and stronger, than any of the Assassins, but their numbers would eventually overwhelm him. In her current state, any support she gave would be more likely to put her in the sights of the enemy than do any good. So, she took Mordred's advice. Kneeling at her windowsill, Rin looked out at her Servant, a bright star in a dark night, and she prayed.

Clasping her hands, she chanted, "Oh Knight of the Star, hear my prayers and borrow my strength. I believe in your skill and virtue and rely upon it in this dire hour. Please, prevail, like I know you will."

As she spoke, Rin thought that Mordred's aura of light seemed to grow brighter. His movements became crisper, and his attacks hit harder. Three more Assassins were felled in quick succession before they managed to force Mordred on the defensive again. They were too adaptable, able to take loses to figure out an opponent's strengths and weaknesses. Rin realized that the gap was just too wide.

But before she could despair, she heard screams of pain and terror coming from the edge of the forests. Faint motes of lights glittered in the air as several Assassins faded away into nothing. Mordred wasn't anywhere near to that area though and couldn't have done whatever was going on. So then, who was?

Assassin stood at the edge of the forest, watching as his comrades took turns harassing the tiny Servant in groups. The child was putting up a good fight, but it was only a matter of time. Soon, he would be defeated, and they could overrun the house, having fun terrorizing the inhabitants once more.

The faint sound of footsteps came from behind Assassin. He turned, knife drawn and ready to kill. He was taken off guard though as instead of an enemy he saw a charming, handsome and unassuming young man. There was a bright smile on the youth's face and for a brief moment Assassin lowered his weapon, considering him. That was a mistake though, as in the next moment his instincts started screaming at him that this boy was dangerous and much more powerful than could be imagined. Assassin tried to bring his knife back up, but the youth was already rushing towards him. It was over in a second as the youth grabbed Assassin's neck and twisted, snapping it.

As Assassin hit the ground and started to fade away, he finally got a full picture of just who stood before him. His initial impression had been accurate but also misleading. He was handsome and young, but also powerfully built, an athlete's figure. His tan skin and well-developed muscles were shown clearly by the lack of clothing he had. Things were kept simple with open sandals, armbands, short tights with a belt and blue hip cloth. The only adornment on his chest was a large lion pelt, hanging down his back and tied around his front. His demeanor and bearing were strong and regal, one who knew little peer. His black hair was kept short except for a small braid hanging down the back. But it was his red eyes that revealed to Assassin what the boy really was.

Not fair, thought Assassin, fading away for good.

Mordred was pissed. That wasn't an unusual state of being for him, but it was one he'd managed to avoid in recent years. At least, with any frequency. Life had been good until he'd felt himself being pulled from reality to yet another summoning, something that shouldn't have been possible. Now, in the body of a child he found himself having to deal with a nutso priest and his gibbering horde of Servants. Not his ideal way to spend his time.

A knife flew toward him and he rolled to the side, bringing his candy cane up to block a different attack. The Assassins' attacks were coordinated, but not too coordinated. They were each screaming incoherently about something, but he didn't care to actually pay attention. It seemed to him that whatever madness had affected their Master was also affecting them. Chanting a quick spell, he wrapped yet another Assassin up in lights, but instead of separating the lights from his cane, he attempted to pull the Assassin to the ground. Like he'd expected, his body was too small to be able to do such a feat, but the Assassin tugged back, and Mordred let himself get lifted off the ground. He flew through the crowd and struck the entangled Assassin, killing him. Only a bajillion more to go.

Suddenly, there was a commotion from the far side of the battlefield and Mordred saw several Assassins die one after the other. Something was making its way through the crowd, and towards Mordred. Now, a lesser man might have decided that was a bad omen and taken the chance to run. Mordred was definitely not a lesser man, regardless of his current stature. He smiled to himself and charged towards the incoming disturbance. He kneecapped a distracted Assassin and blinded another with a flare spell as he went.

Then he was through, and face to face with a young man who was much taller than him. He didn't recognize the youthful features, but he knew that this was a Servant like him who had been summoned at a young age to this War. And it didn't matter that he didn't recognize the Servant, he very much knew the Master riding piggyback on him.

"Hello Mordred," greeted the white-haired little girl, friendly like always. "Need some help?"

"Nope," replied Mordred, flashing her a smile. He flicked his wrist and shot a string of snowballs out of the tip of his weapon, striking an Assassin that had been trying to sneak up on the newcomers right in the face. "But you're free to join if you want. If you're going to sit out though, you can join Rin in that house over there and watch the show."

The new Servant pivoted around, Illyasviel Emiya giving a squeal of frightened delight as she held on tightly, and he kicked an Assassin, destroying her with the blow. He flashed Mordred a confident smile. "I believe if you will have me, I would love to join. It has been a while since I have been able to have this much fun."

Mordred shrugged. "Suit yourself. More the merrier. Just don't get in my way."

"I would never dream of it," said the Servant, sounding serious. "You are more than I feel like handling at the moment."

"Smart," replied Mordred. He already liked this new Servant. "What's your Class?"

"Can you not tell?" asked the Servant, laughing. "I am clearly an Assassin Class Servant."

"And I'm a Caster Class Servant," replied Mordred sarcastically.

Illya frowned. "Aren't you though? I love the Christmas theme."

"Thanks, I hate it," said Mordred.

"Sneak attack!" yelled an Assassin, rushing them.

Mordred fired several snowballs, stunning him. He then charged in, smashing in the maniac's worked as a trigger, snapping the other Assassins out whatever funk Illya's Assassin's appearance had put them in. As Mordred blocked a knife slash and kicked an Assassin in the shin, he made a mental note to as for this new Assassin's name as quickly as possible, to make distinguishing between them easier.

With backup, Mordred found the fight much fairer, but there were still over half of the Assassins remaining. They were like an overwhelming wave. He took special note of the fact that as each Assassin died, the movements of the others became crisper. Their tactics more devious. Knives were hitting him and his Assassin with increasing frequency. Illya was fine so far, hanging from her Servant's back, holding on with mana boosted strength, but there were definitely hits he was taking to protect her. He wracked his brain, trying to figure out the best way to give them some breathing room.

"Cover your eyes!" came the yell. Mordred didn't need to be told twice, closing his eyelids as tight as he could and holding his candy cane up in a defensive stance. As soon as he closed his eyes, there was a bright flash of light from directly above him and cries of pain from around him. He opened his eyes and looked around, seeing the Assassins clutching at their eyes. Past them he saw Rin, standing with a smug smile on her face.

Mordred didn't need to be told twice. He held his cane out before him, parallel to the ground and chanted. "On the Third Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Strength, Speed and Mental Acuity!" His cane glowed with a green aura that covered each of his three allies.

None of them needed to be told twice what was happening, as Illya dropped to the ground, landing gracefully, and projected a sword similar to Excalibur in form, but smaller and without any of the extra powers. Meanwhile, Assassin was charging into the throng of Assassins without hesitation, his movements even quicker and more powerful than before. The Assassins tried to fight back, but they found gandr blasts from Rin striking them in the head and distracting them for the second it took Illya's Assassin to kill them.

Four Assassins tried to chase after Rin to remove her as a distraction, but Mordred had his Master covered. He caught three of them in a string of lights, tripping them to the ground. The fourth Assassin ran after Rin, but while boosted by Mordred she was just fast enough to keep away, using some of her own magical ability to keep them off guard unable to gain on her.

Several of the Assassins decided killing Mordred was the best option to success, but they were surprised as Illya came in low with her sword, forcing them in to focus on her as she used controlled mana bursts to match them for brief moments. The few Assassins who failed to notice or react quick enough found that the little girl's sword was deadly enough to do what it needed to.

Of course, Mordred wouldn't allow the Assassins to forget about him either. It took some mana and focus to keep up the empowerment aura, and it might not affect him but, even if he was Caster Class currently, he was also still a Knight of the Round Table. His candy cane staff was just as deadly as any sword in his hands. The area around him glowed like a Christmas display as Assassin after Assassin died and faded away. In a matter of minutes, the battleground fell silent as the final Assassin gave a strangled cry and fell to a powerful mana burst kick from Mordred. He landed easily and looked around, finding all his companions scratched up, but not severely injured.

"Piece of cake," said Mordred.

Illya smiled brightly at him. "Christmas cake. How did you get like that anyways?"

Mordred groaned. "I have no idea."

"That would be my fault," said Rin, walking over to join them. "I was being chased by Kirei and had to think on my feet. I was able to rig a Heroic Spirit summoning, but I didn't have a catalyst." She pointed up to the starry sky. "But shooting stars are magical enough in nature that I figured I could use one as a catalyst, regardless of distance. I'm glad to see that it worked, even if the results were a little weird."

"But why did it need to be me?" asked Mordred. "You couldn't have summoned someone a little more naturally Christmas themed? Like maybe the actual fucking Santa Claus?"

Rin thought for a moment. "Maybe it's a joint summoning? I don't have the materials to examine you currently, but it's possible that you were summoned with the joint powers of another Heroic Spirit, in this case Saint Nicolas. We're linked, so it's not too surprising that you were pulled through as the one I summoned. A fusion may have occurred. Of course, this is all speculation."

"Just great," replied Modred dryly. He turned to Illya and her Servant. "Thanks for the assist. There were a lot of those punks. I'm still trying to figure out this body."

"You're welcome," said Illya with a small bow. "How long have you been in this time?"

"About half an hour," replied Mordred. "Max."

Rin nodded. "I've only been here a little bit longer. My mother woke me up for dinner and before I had a chance to register what was going on, Kirei attacked, injuring her. How long have you been here?"

"About two days," said Illya. "It took me some time to figure out when I was and to sneak out of Einzbern Castle. Unfortunately, the barrier was set to keep me inside the grounds. While trying to force my way through, I accidentally summoned Assassin, and he helped me through."

The Servant smiled proudly. "Breaking through things that are not meant to be broken is a specialty of mine."

"What Heroic Spirit are you?" asked Rin, curious. She gestured to herself and Mordred. "I'm Rin Tohsaka and this is my Servant Caster Mordred."

"Master has told me a lot about both of you," replied Assassin. "I am proud to fight together with you. My true name is Heracles."

Rin gaped at that. "The great Greek hero? Son of Zeus?"

"The same. Although, currently I am just fifteen. I will do all I can to assure our victory in this War, whatever this War may turn out to be."

"Thank you," said Rin. She turned back to Illya. "If you woke up in Germany, how did you get here?"

"We took a plane," replied Illya. "Heracles is very convincing and got us tickets. We pretended to be siblings on a trip to visit our parents in Japan." Illya frowned. "That's not really a lie either. There were also a few times that we needed to sneak past people, but that wasn't too difficult. We visited my home first, but there was a barrier around it. A powerful one. We decided it was too dangerous to try to break through, so we went looking for you instead."

"I'm surprised you found this place," said Rin.

"I went to your compound first, but it was empty. No one had moved in yet. I don't know where big brother or Sakura were living at this point either, but I remembered that one time we visited your grandparents and you said that was were you had spent the War. Once we got close enough, it was simple enough to figure out that we were in the right place from all the noise Mordred was making."

Mordred smirked at that. "Being quiet is for losers. You've gotta go loud."

"So," said Rin, "you haven't seen the others yet?"

Illya shook her head. "No. I was hoping you would know where they might be."

Rin considered that for a moment. "Maybe…"

Bored by the conversation and unsure of where anything would be in this time period, Mordred looked around lazily for something, anything, of interest. That was how he noticed something approaching from the edge of the tree line. Three figures…no, four figures, two of which were carrying something white between them. He was annoyed to realize that all of them were taller than him. He turned back to his companions. "Hey Master, it seems we've got company."

"Hmmm?" asked Rin, glancing over. Her eyes widened as the group approached and a smile appeared on her face. "Sakura?"

A dark-haired girl ran up to Rin, practically tackling her to the ground. There was a broad smile on her face, her purple eyes shining with tears. It took Mordred a moment, but he realized that this girl was his Master's little sister, although looking much different than how he knew her.

"Rin," said Sakura, "I knew you'd be here."

Glancing back, Mordred recognized what was clearly a young Shirou and Medusa, although she was less snake-y than he remembered, a large scythe in her hand. She was also carrying a stretcher, a woman on it who he didn't recognize, but who looked very similar to Shirou. Balancing the other shide of the stretcher was a girl that Mordred didn't recognize, but who was also clearly a Servant. She was also glaring at Illya as Shirou and her embraced.

"Big brother," said Illya happily. "I was hoping you would be here."

"Same," replied Shirou. "Although, I'm surprised to see you here and not in Germany."

"You can explain later," said Rin, interrupting the reunion while still being held tightly by her own little sister. "Now that the Justice Rangers are back together, we've got to figure out why we're in the past as children. Any ideas?"

Everyone shook their heads, thinking but having no answers. Mordred didn't really care about the how or why, he just wanted to know how to get back to being an adult. As he wondered this, the ground started to shake. There were cries of surprise and everyone looked around for the source of the rumbling.

"What's that?" asked Rin.

Not finding anything, Mordred waved his candy cane over his head and yelled, "Up the Chimney!" Motes of golden light surrounded him, and he lifted gently off the ground, floating into the air. He stopped once over the tree line and quickly saw the source of the commotion. A monster, as tall as a sky scrapper, waving around massive tentacles and wrecking the city. A building collapsed and Mordred felt his blood go cold. He released the spell and dropped to the ground quickly, leaving an indent in the soft grass as he did so. "There's something destroying the city. A giant monster."

Rin frowned. "I don't remember something like that in the Fourth Holy Grail War." She came to a decision instantly, looking around the group. "No time to waste then. Heracles, could you carry Shirou's mother into the house with mine? Sakura, please check quickly to make sure that they're okay."

Sakura released her sister reluctantly and nodded. "Understood."

Heracles knelt next to the stretcher and looked to Shirou. "May I take her?"

The boy nodded. "Yes. Thank you."

"My pleasure," replied Heracles, lifting her easily. "Anything for my Master's older brother. She had much to say about you."

Heracles and Sakura ran across the yard to the house, entering from the busted window Mordred had left though. Rin wasn't done issuing orders yet though. "Ok, while they do that, we need to figure out how we're going to get there. And fast." She looked at Medusa and Shirou's new Servant, who was turning the stretcher back into a pair of short swords. "Neither of you happen to be a Rider, do you?"

They shook their heads. Medusa answered first. "While I am qualified for that Class, this time I was summoned as a Lancer Class Servant."

The new pink haired girl shook her head. "I'm an Archer. The most I can make is a stretcher. Sorry."

Mordred thought about that stretcher and considered for a moment. He raised his hand. "I think I might have a solution," he said, drawing everyone's attention to him. He turned around, waved his candy cane staff at an empty spot and chanted, "Dashing Through the Snow!"

The area he pointed at glowed and sparkled. A large red sleigh appeared, sans reindeer. He turned around, a broad smile on his face. "I knew that would work! I bring you the Llamrei Mark III!"

"Very nice," said Rin. She frowned. "But how do we get it to move? Does it move on its own?"

"Um…," replied Mordred, unsure.

"I believe I can assist with that," said Heracles, returning with Sakura in hand. He put her gently on the ground. "I should be strong enough to pull everyone in that vehicle. You are all so small and light, after all."

"Then let's get going," said Shirou, climbing into the sleigh. He held out a hand to Illya and helped her in. Then, he held out his hand to Archer, helping her in as well, even though she was taller than him. There was a broad smile on her face as she climbed in, like she'd been given a present.

Mordred climbed in last and Heracles picked up the reins, wrapping them around his waist. "Everyone in and holding on?"

"Yep!" said Illya brightly. "Mush!" Her Servant complied, dashing through the night like a bullet, everyone hanging on to the sleigh for dear life.

As they went, Rin looked at Mordred. "Why Llamrei Mark III?"

He shrugged. "No clue. It just felt right."

Author's Note: Keikaku means plan!