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The Heart Wants What It Wants

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I stood with my back against the door, breathing heavily. I could not believe what I had just seen. It had to be a mistake. Maybe I was hallucinating. Or it was someone else?? But there was no mistaking that curly red hair…

I took a deep breath. This could actually be a good thing. It had been a while I had caused a scandal. It was already November and I hadn’t done anything significant. People were starting to think I was losing my touch. It was time to get back in the game.

I ran back to the Slytherin common room, eager to find my best friend, Benedick. Seeing him lounging on the sofa lazily, I throw myself down into the chair across from him, excited to tell him what I saw.

“Ben! You will not believe what I just discovered!” I yelled.

“Calm down man. You nearly made me jump out of my skin.” Benedick replied.

I smirk and say, “You won’t be calm once you hear what I have to say”

“Well tell me instead of taunting me!” Benedick exclaimed.

“Ok, ok! You know how I have Herbology before Potions? Well, as I was just walking into the dungeon when I realized that I had left my quill in the classroom. So, like any normal person would, I made my way back to the classroom. And that’s when I saw them. Together!”

“You saw who?” Benedick asked me impatiently.

“Cleo and Professor Longbottom!” I shout

“Excuse me?!”

“Cleo and Longbottom were making out in the classroom!”

“Are you f***ing kidding me?”

“Why would I joke about something so scandalous” I ask him. Why would he question me? We’re best friends! I know what I’m saying sounds crazy, but why would I lie?

“What are we gonna do about it? Do we talk to her? She’s our best friend!” Benedick asks me, worried.

“I don’t think think we should say anything. We don’t want to make it awkward. She would kill me if I said anything.”

“I guess you’re right. Anyway, did anything else remotely exciting happen in Herbology? I know how much you hate plants.” Benedick questions me innocently.

I smirk, and tell him confidently “Yeah actually. I asked Lady out”

“About time you finally grow a pair!” Benedick exclaims mockingly.

“Oh shut up!”

“When are you guys meeting up?” he asks me.

“After lunch tomorrow at the astronomy tower”

He winks at me, “how romantic. You thinking of making a move on her?”

“Obviously. She’s the hottest girl in our year.”

BenedIck laughs, continuing on “You’re nuts Tybalt. Anyway, I better head out. I’ve got detention again. Silly Desdemona just can’t seem to take a joke.”

“Shut up, you know you love it. You just can’t keep your eyes off of Mona”

Benedick stands up, making his way out of the common room. I gather my stuff and start walking down to my room. I needed to plan what I my meeting tomorrow. I had to be ready for my “hang out” with Lady. She was the hottest girl I’d ever laid eyes on, and I was going to make her mine.

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Today was one of our theory days in Herbology. As much as I enjoyed the class, and the professor, on days we were stuck inside doing theory, it was fairly sleep inducing. I stared forward, trying to keep my eyes on the professor. My professor. I stared into his blue-green eyes and lost myself in his clear powerful voice. Sometimes I forgot he was really mine. As I listen, my mind drifts out of herbology class and back to this past summer…

There was no mistaking that beautiful voice. I had been nothing short of obsessed with my Herbology professor for months now. I couldn’t believe I was seeing him out of school. At least I looked decent today. I was wearing a pair of extremely short jean shorts, a pair of strappy sandals and a deep green halter crop top that perfectly complimented my pale skin, curly red hair, and bright green eyes.
“Hello Professor Longbottom” I called out. As I turned to look at him, I noticed his eyes ever so subtly roll over my body and his sharp intake of breath. This gave me the confidence I needed to approach him.

“Cleo’s my partner”
I was jolted out of my memory by Bea’s voice. I didn’t even know what we were partners for.
“Absolutely” I called out and grinned at my best friend. I mentally reminded myself to make sure that I asked her what we were partners for.
“Beatrice and Cleopatra, you two will be researching the use of Mandrake root” Neville said.
I gave him a thumbs up and moved myself over to Bea’s desk to work. I worked fairly diligently for the rest of the period and when the class ended I told Bea I needed to stay behind to ask Professor Longbottom a question.

As soon as the classroom was empty, I moved forward to Neville’s desk. He was sitting on it, and as I reached him, he wrapped his warm hands around my waist and pulled me in. He pushed a piece of my hair behind my ear and leaned in.
“Did you know” he whispered into my ear, “when you’re deep in concentration, you bite your lip?”
My breath hitched as I tried to form a coherent reply.
“Do I?” I responded as nonchalantly as I could. “How interesting”
“It’s incredibly distracting” he continued “How am I supposed to teach when all I’m thinking about is your lips?”
I exhaled and pressed my forehead against his. I didn’t have an answer for him, I was too caught up in the feeling of his hands on my waist. He pulled one hand off of my back and moved it up to run his thumb against my bottom lip.
“Just take it easy on your lips love,” he murmured “I’m rather fond of them.”
And I was kissing him.

My hands tangled themselves in his hair and he pulled me closer to his chest. I lost myself in the feeling of his lips on mine. Seemingly as soon as it began, it ended.
“Sorry love,” he stared deep into my eyes as he spoke, “the third year Herbology students will be in here soon and I don’t want them to see me in such a compromising position.”
I smiled, though I was devastated as he removed his hands from around me. I took a few steps back and smoothed my hair.
“11:00 tonight?” I said, “same place?”
He grinned and nodded his head. I gathered my bag and skipped out of the classroom, knowing he was watching me leave. I couldn’t wait for tonight. Thank god I didn’t have any more classes left today, so all I had to do was plan what to wear tonight.

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I sat on the windowsill. The girl’s wing of the Hufflepuff dorm was dark, I was the only one. The sun shone mockingly through the large circular window pane. I could see quidditch players flying around on the green, and the care of magical creatures class chasing after knarls. I was supposed to be in arithmancy right now, but I didn’t want to go. According to my older sister Rosalind, Professor Vector always gave loads of homework and honestly, numbers are boring. Who would even miss me? No one. No one ever even takes any notice of me. And on top of that I’m in Hufflepuff. Great. No one ever pays attention to Hufflepuffs. ‘Hufflepuff is just there for the the ones they feel sorry for’ my dad always says. My dad was in Slytherin and my mum was in Ravenclaw. My twin sister Ophelia is in Ravenclaw, so everyone loves her.
I slunk off the window and sat on the cool stone floor. After staring blankly into the dark abyss for a few minutes, the door creaked open letting in a flood of light. A golden head popped around the door. “Juliet?” The girl asked, squinting into the dim room. She flicked her wand and the candles around the room illuminated. Show off. As my eyes adjusted to the poisonously bright light I could see her a bit better. She was really pretty. I decided I hated her. I shrugged my shoulders, “yeah,” I said. “Well what on earth do you think you’re doing, twiddling your thumbs in here?” She said exasperatedly, “Professor Vector is not going to be happy.” Who did this girl think she was? The headmistress? Besides, wasn’t twiddling my thumbs, I was thinking about how awful my life is. This girl was probably at least a couple of years younger than me as well. Whilst Ophelia and my older sister Rosalind are overachieving, popular, and pretty, I am the one who can’t even seem to hold a wand properly. As a result I’ve been kept back. I went through third year last year and now I don’t know anyone in my year. It’s so embarrassing. I’m just surprised I haven’t been expelled yet. Really, I should be in an even lower year, but my dad bribed the school AND my mum’s the professor of potions.
“Fine, I’m coming.” I murmured, getting up.
“No you are not.” The girl said. I loathed this girl. Could she just make up her mind?
“Um, who are you?” I asked. I knew I didn’t have to sound so rude, but I didn’t care - I already have no friends, and I certainly don’t want her appreciation.
“My name is Hermia.” She said. “Now for heaven’s sake, come on!” She added exasperatedly.
I was about to resign myself and go with Hermia, but then I stopped myself.
“No.” I said.
“What?” Hermia shook her golden mane. “Fine. If you want to fail and get in trouble and possibly even expelled, fine. You can stay right here.” And with that she strode off, her slightly high heeled school shoes echoing down the hallway. She hadn’t even closed the door.
I couldn’t believe I’d won. I’d won. Of course I had, why should I take orders from these puny little third years?

I was just settling back down when the bell went. I had Herbology now with Professor Longbottom. I supposed I should go. I didn’t want to make an enemy of all the teachers, and Professor Longbottom was decent enough.

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I slumped as low in my seat as I could and tried to fall asleep. Herbology was boring by itself so why would anyone want to make it even more boring by just teaching theory. It’s literally just plants. I could feel my eyes beginning to droop when suddenly Professor Longbottom rapped on his desk.
“Lady! Are you with us?” I rolled my eyes. He was the only teacher who hadn’t given up on me yet. Why couldn’t he just accept that I was never going to care?
“Wide awake, professor,” I said, injecting as much sarcasm as humanly possible into my voice. “This class is fascinating.”
“Excellent,” he said and went back to talking about mandrake stamens or something. I let my mind drift over my other classmates. I hated all of them. They were all so annoying and shallow. I stared at a red-headed girl… what was her name again? Theo or Cleo or something like that. She was staring at the professor with rapt attention and this weird smile on her face. It looked like she had a concussion. I glanced over at Tybalt without turning my head. He was staring at her too, but he his expression was totally different. He had that look he gets when he’s plotting something. I wondered what it was. I couldn’t remember the last time he had started some drama. I was beginning to think he was as boring as everyone else. Tybalt seemed to notice my staring and turned to look at me. I quickly looked away, cheeks burning.

I was beginning to drift off again when I felt something touch my shoulder. I almost jumped out of my seat.
“Is everything okay over there, Lady?” Longbottom asked, raising his eyebrows.
“Yeah, perfect, professor,” I snapped, hiding the crumpled up piece of paper that had just hit me in the palm of my hand. I waited until he was back to talking about mandrake venom to open it up under my desk.

Meet me after lunch tomorrow. Astronomy tower.

-- Tybalt

I sucked in my breath to keep from gasping. Tybalt wanted to see me? I knew what that meant. I’d heard enough rumours to know what a secret meeting alone with Tybalt would lead to. It seemed every girl in the school had gone to one. But this felt different. Something about the look in his eyes seemed almost playful, warm. Like he was challenging me. Like he knew all my secrets. Like we were the same. I got so lost in those deep brown eyes, that the rest of class flew by. I barely even noticed when the bell rang.

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I hated Transfiguration. It sucked. Who had thought that this stupid subject was appropriate to teach to kids? It’s not like I was going to become a professional transfigurator! Luckily, the sweet sound of the bell snapped me out of my thoughts, reminding me that this god-awful class was finally over.

Turning towards me, Professor Swytch said, “Desdemona, could you stay back for a second please? I just want to speak to you about something briefly.”

“Yes of course Professor” I reluctantly replied to the professor. As much as I hated this class, I couldn’t deny that Professor Lenore Swytch was one of the nicest people at Hogwarts.

“Listen Desdemona, I’m just gonna come straight out and say it. I think you need some serious help in this class. I’m afraid that if you don’t get some sort of extra-help you’ll fail this class.”

“What?” I whispered. “What do you mean? I knew I wasn’t doing to well, but at risk of failing? Isn’t that a bit extreme?”

“I’m afraid it isn’t.”


I felt like crying. Why did school have to be so hard?

“So what do I have to do?” I asked quietly.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any spare time in my schedule to help you, but I can enlist the help of one my upper year students. Would that work for you?” Professor Swytch asked me.

“Uh, yeah, I guess that would work.”

“Perfect! I was thinking of Benedick Saddleset. He’s an amazing student, and I’m sure that he would be more than happy to help you.”

The minute she uttered his name, my heart nearly stopped. Benedick Saddleset. That beautiful demon. I was not going to survive this class if he was the one tutoring me. He would probably make me fail even more. His good-looks and relentless teasing would be the end of me. But, there was no way of getting out of this. Professor Swytch wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so I needed to suck it up and pray to god that Benedick was going to be merciful with his teasing.

“Ok. Are you going to speak to him or should I?” I asked.

“I’ll speak to him next period. I’ll tell him to come speak to you if he agrees. Now, you should head to you next class.”

“Thank you very much Professor. I really appreciate it.”

I pick up my books and walk out the room, trying to distract myself from the upcoming peril.

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I watched Ophelia apply a final coat of makeup. She made a face at me. “How do I look?”

“Perfect,” I said, even though she looked the exact same as she always did. I tried not to think about where she was going and who is she was going with.

She smiled. “Thanks, Hamlet.”

“Where are you guys meeting?” I asked as casually as possible. What was I doing?

“By the lake. Walk with me?”

“Of course, my Lady” I agreed, taking her arm elbows, “I shall take you to your prince.” ignoring my mind screaming angry disapproval and threatening warnings.

We walked in silence down Ravenclaw Tower towards the castle grounds. I tried to ignore the raging argument going on in my head.

This is such a bad idea!
Don’t be ridiculous… I’m just walking with my friend who happens to be going to a date.
Really? Cause it seems like you’re trying to torture yourself with jealousy.
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Or who I’m talking about?
We’re just friends.
Yeah right.

“Hamlet? Hamlet? Helloooo… Is anyone home in there?” A familiar voice jerked me back to reality.

“Horatio!” I gasped. My mind went into overdrive. All I could see was his face, his eyes, his lips. I could see the gap between his front teeth as they peered out of his lips which curved into a perfect crescent. And his eyes… his eyes melted into mine like chocolate fondue. I felt myself deflating like an unwhisked souffle.

“I should go,” I stammered, and half-walked, half-ran away on stumbling legs.

I managed to make it to the dormitories, where I stood with my back to the door breathing heavily. What was wrong with me? I took a deep breath. This was ridiculous. I was probably just tired from staying up to research uses of the Draught of Living Death. Speaking of, I really needed to work on that Potions essay. I relaxed. This was just what I needed. A few hours boring myself to death with the properties of moonstone to distract myself from these crazy thoughts. I grabbed my bag and headed to the library.

Miss Escrue gave me a severe look as I sat down, dumping pens, parchment, textbooks all over the desk. I pulled out a blank sheet of parchment and titled it “Moonstone: Properties and Uses” and began leafing through my Potions textbook. Okay, moonstones. Apparently they are a key ingredient in the Draught of Peace. I wrote down “Draught of Peace”. Look at that. I was being so productive. I read some more. “Moonstones are also useful in the manufacture of love potions.” Well. That was interesting. I idly wondered about the limitations of love potions. Like, do they work on anyone? What if loving someone was completely against that person’s nature? Like could I make the headmistress fall in love with me? Or I don’t know… Horatio? I stood up abruptly. This was useless. I was never going to get anything done in this state. I needed a break. Just a quick walk around the castle grounds and I would be good to go. After this walk, I was going to be super productive and never think about kissing Horatio again.

Feeling invigorated, I set off. The sun was just starting to set and the air felt cool on my face. I was feeling much better… until I realized where I was going. Apparently involuntarily, my feet were taking me towards the lake... The lake where Ophelia and Horatio were probably having the time of their lives right now.

What are you doing!? my brain screamed. I slowed down but I couldn’t seem to stop. My feet continued their purposeful journey towards that fateful place. I sat down suddenly under a huge oak tree in an effort to stop. My entire body was shaking. I leaned against the tree breathing heavily. What was wrong with me?

In the distance I could see a couple sitting by the lake. I wondered if it was Horatio and Ophelia. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw his perfectly shaped lips, his intoxicating eyes… But they weren’t mine. Those lips were meant to brush over someone else’s skin, those eyes to burn holes into someone else’s face. Horatio belonged to someone else. Not just someone else. My best friend. I stood up abruptly and started back towards the castle, running as fast and far as I could.

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It was 11:03 when I walked into the Herbology classroom. I shut the door behind me and looked around the room for Neville. I realized that he wasn’t there yet and, slightly disappointed, I walked over to his desk and sat myself down on it to wait. It was rather warm in the room, so I removed my sweater, leaving myself wearing just ripped jeans and a lacy bralette that came down to just above the end of my ribcage. I sat with my legs dangling off the side of the desk and waited for Neville.

A few minutes later, I was startled by a sharp intake of breath from the other side of the room. I whipped my head around, and saw Neville standing by the door. His pupils were dilated. He strode swiftly over to me and stood between my legs, his eyes burning with desire. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer to me.
“I need you.” I hadn’t even realized the words had come out of my mouth until they were already gone. Had I really just said that? How would he react? I glanced nervously at him. His beautiful blue-green eyes were nearly black and a soft groan escaped his lips. I leaned into him and kissed him, more furiously than I ever had before. His hands found their way around my waist as he began to move with me. My nails dug into the back of his neck and he moaned into my mouth.
“Jesus, Cleo.” He whispered. He started to kiss his way down my neck, moving his soft lips over every sensitive spot. A soft gasp escaped my lips as he reached the nape of my neck. He paused for a moment, then began to suck gently on the tender skin. My fists tangled themselves in his hair and I melted into him. Suddenly, without warning, he gently bit down. I let out a soft scream. He moved his mouth back up to mine.
“Hush love.” He murmured.
“How the hell am I supposed to be quiet when you’re doing THAT?”
He smiled and moved his mouth back down my neck.
“When I’m doing what?” He breathed into my skin. I gasped as he bit down again.
“THAT.” It came out as more of a moan than a word. I felt him stiffen against me as I gripped his hair. He continued moving his lips downward until they were hovering above my chest. I could feel his warm breath through my bralette and my nipple hardened. I felt him pause, waiting for some sort of sign to continue moving forward. I arched my back into his mouth and let myself go.

“You’re absolutely incredible Cleopatra.”
We had been together almost an hour and lay together on the floor of the classroom. After about 45 minutes of heated kissing, we had both decided that we needed to stop, or else we wouldn’t have been able to. Lying in his arms, enveloped in his warmth, I had never been happier. He pressed a soft kiss to my forehead and held me a little tighter. I never wanted to leave, but when the clock struck twelve, I knew it was time to go. I pulled myself off of him and stood up to put my sweater back on. Almost as soon as I was up, I felt his breath on the back my neck and his arms wrapped around me.
“Are you sure you have to go love?” he whispered. Every piece of my being was telling me to stay. Stay. Let yourself fall back into him. But my brain knew better. I turned to face him.
“I have a test first thing tomorrow morning” I said, in a fake stern voice. “And ‘I was up late hooking up with my Herbology teacher’ is not a very good excuse for failing a test.”
He scrunched up his face in mock anger.
“Goodbye Neville.” I leaned in as I said it, and placed a light kiss on his lips. I turned to go and walked out of the room, knowing if I looked back I wouldn’t make it to my test the next morning.

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It was finally time for me to meet up with Lady. God I was excited. I had been waiting for this for months now. She was just stunning. And feisty. She was the only girl in our year, hell even maybe in all of Hogwarts who didn’t fall for me at first glance. I had been trying to nail her down since fourth-year, and finally, after two years of trying, she accepted. I had hit the jackpot.

After having lunch with Ben, I put on my robe and starting walking towards the astronomy tower. This was my domain. Every guy at Hogwarts knew that this is where I brought my girls, and for that reason, no one else dared even try to hook up here.

I finally reached the tower, excitement flooding my system. That Lady Findlaich, she was something else.

Glancing down at my watch, I noticed that lunch had ended a few minutes ago. Good, that meant she should be here any moment now. I started to get butterflies in my stomach. This was so unlike me! I never got nervous around girls, girls always got nervous around me! Lady was making me feel things I’d never experienced before…

I started pacing around the tower, impatiently waiting Lady’s arrival. Just as my mind was beginning to wander, I heard footsteps coming towards me. I turn towards the door, and sure enough, there was Lady. She looked stunning. She was wearing skin tight leather pants and a black tank top. Looking at her seductively walking towards me, I realized I’ve never wanted anyone more in my life.

“About time you got here” I snarkily remarked.

Sassily, she replied “It takes time to look this good.”

After what felt like a century of waiting, Lady was finally standing in front of me. Towering over her figure, I looked down at her face. From afar she really does look tough and intimidating, but when you get up close and personal, it’s as if all her mystery just melts away. She looked so innocent, staring up at me with her big, brown eyes. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, glancing up at me.

In that split second, I lost complete control of my hands. I needed to touch her body, feel her hips and the curves of her body. With a quick movement I put my hand around her waist and pulled her close to me, closing the gap between us. Bodies pressed together I moved my hand slowly up her body. Her skin tight leather pants hugging every curve, begging to be peeled away. I reached her face and pulled her in, a slow kiss, parting her mouth with my own. Her breath was sweet and she tasted so damn good. Feeling her lean in I pressed harder, intensifying everything I did. No room for air. I had to kiss every inch of her. She pulled back and took of her tiny black top to reveal of bra the same colour. I followed her pulling off my shirt. I pulled her close again, slowly moving down her neck, kissing every inch. Feeling nipples harden I fumbled with the clip but got impatient and gave a hard yank and the clip gave, her bra falling off into my hand. I threw it behind me. She was perfect. More beautiful than anyone I’d brought here before. We kept kissing, feeling each other. There was no space between us and thank god no one could hear us. She stiffened and moaned and I worked her over. I looked up for long enough to notice a desk that had been added to the room recently. Perfect. I picked her up and carried her over. Once again I paused long enough to undo her pants and pull them off revealing her perfect slender legs and her barely noticeable underwear. I threw her pants far away, never wanting her to get dressed again. Never wanting either of us to leave. I walked back into the table. Pressed hard together. We were both ready. I’ve always made them beg for it. Lovestruck girls who wanted me… they were expendable but her. Naked in front of me and I wanted her more than I think she wanted me. She had control and I didn’t even care. She took over, unbuckling my pants and watching them drop to floor. I was hard and ready. She pulled me in and that was that. She was so strong and knew what she wanted. I couldn’t say no. I had no say and I loved it. She was so different. We finished together. Perfect timing.

She was perfect… but she could never know. I couldn’t let her see how different she was. How she made me feel. No way. Not ever.

“That was great. We should do it again sometime” I said as I pulled my pants back on. I walked turned away with a casual smile to go find my shirt.

“That was great? That’s all I get? I blew your mind and you can’t even admit it!” Lady exclaimed.

“Don’t flatter yourself. If you think you’re any better than any other girl I’ve had up here your wrong.”


I watched her throw herself off the desk and get dressed. Flustered and muttering to herself. She was cute when she was mad. She’ll probably never talk to me again though… Looking for her bra, I handed it to her from the floor behind me. Trying to put it on she noticed I ripped it and gave me a dirty look.

“Don’t blame me! You asked for it!”

She flipped me off and stalked out of the room and I heard her leave the tower. Damn that girl was good. What am I gonna do?

Chapter Text

I was sitting in the courtyard, minding my own business when all of a sudden I felt a tall figure sit beside me. I glanced out of the corner of my eye to see who the intruder was. Benedick. Of course it was him! Turning my eyes back to the book in my lap, I tried to ignore his overpowering presence.

“Well, well, well, look who we have here, little Desdemona Matthews! A little birdy told me that you were desperate for some help with transfiguration. Who would have thought that itty-bitty Mona would be failing a class!” Benedick teased.

I tried to ignore him, opting to not say anything. Hopefully he’d get the message and just walk away. But of course, that was wishful thinking. No one can force Benedick to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

“C’mon Mona, I know you can hear me. You’re really breaking my heart here! I just want to talk about you and your little predicament.”

“Will you shut-up?! Can’t you see I’m trying to read?” I snapped at him. “I don’t know what Professor Swytch told you, but I do not want your help. I’ll ask someone else in your class.”

“Yeah, good luck with that. She asked a few other people, and I was the only person who agreed to help you. So it looks like youre stuck with me. Or, you can reject my help and fail transfiguration. Your choice.” Benedick impatiently replied to me.

I was truly and utterly stuck.

I gently closed my book, taking a deep breath before turning to look at Benedick. Why did he have to be so gorgeous? Why were the meanest boys always the most attractive? The sun was hitting his hair perfectly, making it look like wisps of gold. In that moment I wanted nothing more than to run my hands through his curls.

I hear Ben’s voice snapping me out of my trance, “Desdemona? Did you hear what I said”

“No, sorry. Could you repeat that please?” I replied, blushing.

He smirked, knowing that he caught me staring. Stupid boy. “I was saying that I’m free on Thursday and Friday nights, if that works for you. I think we should start off by meeting on both days, and then once you start catching up, then we can meet once a week.”

“I guess that works for me” I tried to reply confidently.

“Perfect” he said standing up.

He started walking away, but not before turning to me and saying in a mocking tone, “Oh, and Mona? Don’t forget to bring your textbook and wand. We won’t get much work done without them.”

I watched his figure move away from me. Why did I have to turn to jelly around him? I was supposed to hate him! He teased me to no end, driving me up the wall with every word that came out of his mouth. How was it possible for someone to hate another person so much, but at the same time want nothing more than to pull them into a closet and kiss them furiously? Kissing Benedick. Now that would be an experience.

Stupid Benedick Saddleset would be the end of me. Him and his beautiful face could go to hell.

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It was lunchtime. I stopped going to lunch a long time ago. I couldn’t bare the humiliation of sitting apart from everyone else at the HUFFLEPUFF table. It was bad enough that I had to wear a badger crest on my uniform. I usually just snuck in towards the end and stuffed some bread rolls and chicken into a napkin. Technically, we weren’t allowed to skip, but I just sat on the windowsill in the dorm again. The other girl’s had cared at first, telling teachers on me the little snitches. But now they treated me as though I didn’t even exist. Why would I want recognition from them anyway? They were all just too ignorant to see that they were nothing but a bunch of losers and half wits - laughing and giggling all the time as if they were somehow ‘special.’

I was lost in my thoughts as I was staring out past the horizon when suddenly I heard a voice from behind me.
Startled, I turned around to see a impish looking boy with dark, messy hair and dark green eyes that flashed wickedly. I had seen him around before, he was in Slytherin as I was reminded by the Snake coat of arms on his cloak and he was always whispering and sniggering in people’s ears and he carried a permanent smirk on his face. But I didn’t know his name.
“Uhhh…” I started.
“You’re name is Juliet isn’t it?”
I frowned, “what are you doing here? This is the girl’s dormitory and this is the HUFFLEPUFF wing. Shouldn’t you be at lunch anyway?” I turned away.
To my surprise, the boy didn’t sound angry. “Shouldn’t you as well?” He replied.
I rolled my eyes back over to him. “Why would I want to hang out with those losers?” I tried to exaggerate the annoyance in my voice to deter him - I kind of had a knack for deterring people from me.
Again, there was no sign of frustration or anger in him, which just made ME angry and frustrated.
“Well, I’ve actually noticed that you’ve never seemed to come to lunch, I brought you this, thought you might be hungry.” He held out a bulging napkin. I eyed it, I wasn’t ready to give in. “Who are you?” I asked.
“Who am I?” He asked, feigning surprise. “Why, I am the one and only Iago.” He said, fake bowing to me, “At your service m’lady.” He added cheekily, again offering the food to me.
As if on cue, my stomach grumbled. I’d had nothing but a piece of cold toast for breakfast this morning and I was famished. Still giving nothing away, I gingerly accepted the food.
“How did you even get in here? How did you even leave the dining hall without McGonigal spotting you?” I asked.
Iago shrugged, “I have my ways.”
He pulled out half a sandwich and we ate lunch there together.

Chapter Text

I can’t believe I slept with that asshole.

Oh sure at first he was all “you’re so beautiful” “you taste like apricots” but as soon as I put my clothes back on “it means nothing” “it was just a bit of fun”.

I don’t know what I expected. I should’ve realized that he only cared about one thing by the way he pulled me toward him like I was all he had, by the way he looked deep into my eyes and stared right through me like I belonged to him… like we belonged to each other.


I didn’t even like him anyway. I mean come on he’s Tybalt Astor. The only thing bigger than his ego is his reputation. He’s been with hundreds of girls… and everyone knows the Astronomy Tower is his place. It’s not like it was special. I was stupid to believe that this was different. I was just another box to check off on his list. He only cared about me because of one thing and now that he’s gotten it, I’m nothing to him. Which is fine. He’s nothing to me too.

So why can’t I stop thinking about him?

I know he doesn’t care about me. I know he’s never actually cared about anyone in his entire life. I know that he’s been with hundreds of girls just like me. But I swear there was something more in the way he looked at me, held me close to him, kissed me. It didn’t just feel good, it felt right somehow. Tender almost...

Ugh! What was I saying!? Tybalt was a stupid and disgusting excuse of a human. I didn’t need him. Or even like him. I could have any boy I wanted. Actually… that wasn’t such a bad idea now that I thought about it. What better way to prove that I didn’t need Tybalt than to go out with someone else?

And I knew just who to talk to.

I leapt out of bed, slinging my bag over my shoulder. It was almost lunch but I still had time. I tried to concentrate… where would he be? The Quidditch pitch probably. I was pretty sure there was a match right now. I thought I had heard Tybalt talking about it. He was Seeker for Slytherin. Not that I cared… I headed up the stairs out of the dungeons.

The castle was empty. Everyone must have been at the match. I would never understand people’s fascination with Quidditch. If people wanted to see things flying around and chasing things, why not just get an owl? I was in the middle of a daydream where the entire Slytherin Quidditch team had been turned into owls (except for Tybalt- he was a rat) and were flying around trying to eat Tybalt when I felt a hand clamp down over my mouth. I let out a muffled scream.

“Jesus calm down, Mel,” said a voice I never thought I would hear again. I angrily pushed the hand off of my face.

“What the hell are you doing here!? Aren’t you supposed to be at Durmstrang torturing the people there?”

Iago smiled sinisterly. I could tell he was enjoying this. “No, I got expelled. Mum and Dad sent me here. I wanted to surprise you.”

I wanted to slap that stupid smile off of his face. “Okay look. I don’t know what you think is going to happen, but you are going to stay away from me and my friends.”

He laughed. “What friends?”

I ignored him and continued. “Don’t tell anyone anything about me. Don’t even say my name. You’re going to pretend like you’ve never seen me in my life.”

He cupped my chin in his hand. “Don’t worry, sister dear. No one is going to know anything about your secrets… just as long as you keep none from me.”

Chapter Text

I managed to go almost two weeks without seeing Horatio. It was the longest, most painful 12 days of my life, but I knew it was less painful than the agony of seeing him. I avoided him as much as I could. I sat as far from him as possible in class and hid in the library on Ophelia’s date nights. But I knew it couldn’t last.

It was on one of those date nights that I decided to stay late and hang out with Ophelia. I had been pretty distant lately thanks to my boyfriend-avoiding, so it felt good to act like friends again. I was finally starting to feel like I could get over Horatio. Eventually I had to go however- he was going to be here any moment now. I grabbed my books and headed down to the library, almost at a run.

As I was turning the corner out of Ravenclaw Tower however, my plans hit a snag. I walked straight into someone coming from the other direction and pitched forward headfirst. Books, parchment, quills and ink spilled everywhere. I scrambled to pick everything up.

“Whoa there, Hamlet.”
The voice jerked me out of my panic and into a new one faster than a hungry Swedish Short Snout. I tried to move faster, but ended up somehow dropping more books on the ground.

“Hey, Horatio,” I said trying and failing to sound like a regular human being.

He bent down next to me. “Do you need some help?” My heart was doing cartwheels- actually make that an entire gymnastics tumbling routine. Horatio placed some of the fallen books in my arms. I felt his hand brush my fingers and temporarily lost all other sensations. I was going to say something stupid. I just knew it.

I jumped up not caring if I had everything. I could pick up my quills later but not my dignity.

“SorryIhavetogobye,” I said as quickly as possible, rushing towards the nearest exit. But before I could make my escape, Horatio grabbed my shoulder. Great. Now that was tingling too.

“Wait… Hamlet, you forgot something,” Why did his pronunciation of my name have to sound like the most beautiful thing in existence? I forced myself to turn around. Now I was looking straight into his eyes. His beautiful chocolate fondue eyes.

“Your quill,” he said. Even that sounded like it was being read from a book of love poetry or an intimate letter. I took it. His fingers brushed against mine again and they burst into flame. His other hand was still burning into my shoulder. I could feel his eyes searing into my soul.

“Yep,” I said, and ran for the hills.

Chapter Text

I sat on my bed, brushing out my long red hair. My other best friend, Ophelia, was sitting on my bed next to me reading some sort of gossip magazine.
“I thought you were supposed to be studying.” I inquired, with a mocking tone.
“Cleeeo!” Ophelia whined, “don’t judge my lack of motivation.”
“Just saying,” I laughed, “you have a test tomorrow and you said yourself that you don’t know anything.”
Ophelia grumbled and went back to reading her magazine. I looked up at the clock in the room and realized the time.
“SHIT!” I shouted, “I’m supposed to be somewhere right now!”
Ophelia grinned “Mystery boyfriend?”
If only she knew. I rolled my eyes.
“Sure. Because I’m the person to have a mystery boyfriend.” I got up, took a look in the mirror to make sure I was presentable, and dashed out the door.

I quickly ran down the hall and turned right to reach the hall of professor’s offices. I found the one labelled: Professor Neville Longbottom - Herbology Professor and Head of Gryffindor. I knocked, and waited for him to let me in. When the door swung open, I caught his eyes and smiled. He looked slightly confused.
“Its five remember? We’re meeting for dinner?” I reminded him quietly. Realization came over his face.
“Oh god, Cleo I’m so sorry I completely forgot.”
My face fell. “We can do it another time if you want.”
“No, let’s do it now, I wanted to talk to you anyway.” He opened the door and let me in. I walked into his big office and as he closed the door, I sat down on his sofa. He came over to me and sat down beside me. I put my legs up on the sofa and leant on his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around me. I fit perfectly into his arms, it felt so right when he held me.
“What did you want to talk to me about?” I looked up into his beautiful eyes.
“Oh Cleo.” He sighed, “Things are about to get a bit harder for us.”
“What do you mean?” I asked, worry rising in my voice.
“Someone knows.” He shook his head and sighed again. “Someone knows about us.”

I sat back in shock. “What the hell?” Who?”
“Tybalt.” He spat out the name. “Tybalt knows and is trying to use it to make me change his grade.”
Tybalt? It couldn’t be. Tybalt was my friend, I trusted Tybalt. Sure he was an ass sometimes but he had always been good to me. Neville continued talking.
“I failed his most recent assignment. It was complete shit, and it was clear he didn’t put any effort into it, so I failed him. But now he says I have to change his grade or else he’s going to Mcgonagall about us.”
I couldn’t believe it. This would destroy Neville if it got out, I wasn’t going to be responsible for ruining his life. I began to cry.
“Why the hell would he do that? He can’t do that!” Panic was rising in my throat, what were we going to do? Neville grabbed me and pulled me into him.
“He’s not going to destroy us. I’ll change his grade if I have to. I’m not losing you, and I’m not letting him take you down with me.”
I looked up at Neville with tears in my eyes. I could see the fear displayed on his face.
“I love you” I whispered. The fear in his eyes changed, first to shock, and then to desire. I pulled him in for a kiss before he could say anything. He kissed me softly, slowly. He traced his tongue over my lips, making me shiver, then pulled back.
“I love you too Cleopatra.” He said, “Infinitely, and for forever.”
Happiness rose in my chest and I settled into his arms. Whatever happened next, we were going to get through it. I knew it.

Chapter Text

I began my day just as I would any other. Get out of bed, head to the bathroom to brush my teeth, put my robes on and finally, get my bag ready with everything that I would need during the day. However, this morning was slightly different. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something horrible was coming my way. I just couldn’t pinpoint why I was feeling this way. I hadn’t done anything particularly awful recently; I hadn’t bullied a first year and I hadn’t cursed a teacher, so why on earth was I feeling so weary.

I made my way down to the great hall with Ben. I was absolutely starving. Sitting down, I helped myself to some toast and fruit. Ben and I made some small talk, discussing nothing of importance. As the owls flew into the dinning hall I was struck with that same sinking feeling in my stomach. Something wasn’t right. A beautiful owl swooped down in front of me, dropping a bright red letter in my plate. A howler. Oh. My. God.

Picking up the horrifying envelope, I ran out of the great hall, eager to find a quiet place. As I was running, I noticed a door to my right. I swung it open and ran into what turned out to be a broom closet. Locking the door behind me, I stared at the envelope in my hands. I had to open it. Everyone knew what happened when you ignored a howler - they exploded and yelled even louder.

Bracing myself, I cracked open the seal.

“Tybalt! I’ve been trying to get to you for weeks! Why have you been ignoring me?!” Lady’s voice echoed in the small broom closet. “I have needed to talk to you for days, and you don’t have the decency to give me the time of day! Well, I’ve got you now, so listen up!”

I was trembling at this point, but I did what Lady asked.

“You little asshole, you got me PREGNANT! Did you hear that? Pregnant! As in, you put a baby into my body, and there is nothing I can do about!”

I felt as though all the air had been sucked out of my lungs. Pregnant. I had gotten a girl pregnant. What the hell? I slid down to the ground, putting my head between my knees. I took a deep breath. Thinking back to that afternoon at the astronomy tower, I started to wonder; how did Lady know the baby was mine? She was known around school for sleeping around, so why me? Was she trying to frame me? Did she want my money?

Convincing myself that this was the only logical explanation, I picked up my bag once again and walked out of the broom closet. I was not going to let Lady get away with this. I would do whatever it took to prove to her that this stupid baby wasn’t mine. Lady Findlaich was going down.

Chapter Text

Iago was the only thing that kept me going through the days, weeks, however long it was. It was incredibly aggravating. I always caught myself looking out for him. Every time I saw a Slytherin cloak swish past me, my mind switched to him. I began to dress myself completely in black, like he did, with his long black dramatic trench coat. I was particularly fond of wearing muggle band shirts, ripped black jeans, and black converses. I dyed my hair black and spent countless hours applying layers of white foundation and thick black eyeliner. Black. Just like my soul.

I could never find Iago. He was elusive. But time to time, he would just appear, always startling me - it was incredibly embarrassing as he laughed each time I jumped. He would also usually bring me something, whether it was food or some piece of magical tat, but all I needed was him.

Then that night he came again.

“Juliet. Juliet.” The smooth voice washed over my ear.
“Mm…” I slowly opened my eyes. As my vision focused on Iago’s face I gasped and sat up. “What are you doing?” I looked around, hoping that no one else had been woken up.
“Relax! He laughed, come with me.” He said, disappearing behind the door.
I grabbed my wand and said “lumos.” It didn’t work of course. My wand never cooperated with me, I just shoved it into my pocket and followed Iago.

As I left the girl’s dorm I could see the figure of Iago down in the common room. He was standing with his back to me and was carefully illuminating the lights in the room with his wand. There was something wrong, I could tell, but I wasn’t sure what. I walked slowly down the stairs. Iago just stood there, not looking at me. I strode carefully until I was standing right in front of him. I took a step back.
“What are you wearing?” I asked.
“Clothes. Sorry to be old fashioned.” He replied, some of his usual cheek coming back into his voice.
“You’re wearing school robes.” I noticed.
Iago shrugged in his usual careless manner, “Didn’t feel like sleeping.”
“Those aren’t Hogwarts robes.” I said. I recognised the green Durmstrang coat of arms. “You don’t go here do you.”
Iago bit his lip, he’d make a mistake. “It doesn’t matter.” He said. “It doesn’t matter now. I’m never going back.”
I didn’t understand. What was going on?
“Why…” I didn’t know how to phrase the question. “Why did you come to me in the first place?”
There was a painfully long pause. What was probably seconds felt like ages. “Because....” he started, trying to find the right words, “because you are the one.”
What did that mean? Was this it? Was he about to profess his love for me? I felt a shiver. Did I love him too? Should I accept? Was I ready? There was too much I didn’t know.
“What do you mean ‘the one’?” I asked cautiously. Iago turned to me and looked me in the eyes for the first time that whole evening.

“You are the chosen one.” He answered.
“What do you mean?” I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. The last time there had been a ‘chosen one’ the who wizarding world had gone to war. Iago ran his hand down my waist. I stood still. He put his hand in my pocket and pulled out my wand.
“Here,” he offered the crooked, botched piece to wood to me. He pointed to the one light he had not yet lit. “Light it.” He murmured.
I was about to refuse, but there was something in Iago’s eyes. I turned and pointed the wand at the candle.


Nothing happened. I closed my eyes and tried to summon the inner, pure-blooded witch I knew I was. I could feel the adrenaline begin to course through my veins and my body tingled with power. I could do this.
My eyes snapped open. my thoughts were the candle. the candle was me; and I it.

“LUMOS!” I bellowed.

I waited. And waited.

Nothing happened.

I looked back at Iago. To my surprise he was nodding, and almost smiling. He swiped the wand from my fingers and snapped it in two.
“Hey! That’s my wand!” I shouted in annoyance.
Iago gave a short laugh, “no, I’m sorry, but it isn’t.” He threw the worthless twigs in the fire.
“Great.” I said as I watched the fire envelop the wand. “Now how am I supposed to pass any of my classes?”
Iago laughed, “you don’t. Not with that thing. You can’t do magic.” He said. My face burned, now even Iago was laughing at me. The candle was bad enough, I felt so humiliated.
“Thanks, I can tell.” I muttered and looked away, feeling tears begin to burn in my eyes.

His warm hands took mine.

“No, You’re a squib Juliet.”

Chapter Text

Horatio haunted me. I saw him everywhere I went. Every dark-haired head caught the corner of my eye. I saw his fondue eyes in every face. I felt like I was being hunted. I scurried between classes, I spent all my free time in the Ravenclaw dormitory. But still I searched the Gryffindor table out of the corner of my eye at lunch and walked past the Quidditch pitch every day. Secretly, I knew I wanted to be caught.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the way his hand lingered on my chest after handing me my quill. And the way his eyes pierced directly into mine. Surely that meant something. He could have just given me the quill and left. I forced those thoughts out of my mind. Horatio was dating someone. My best friend. I was just imagining things, reading too much into it. He was just a normal guy trying to get to know his girlfriend’s friends better. I winced. He probably thought I was really weird.

In fact, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I had been avoiding him so much that I was giving myself too much time to overthink the few interactions we had. All I needed to do was get to know him better. Then I would realize he was just some boring, normal guy who had absolutely no interest in me. Everything would go back to normal and I could tease Ophelia about her taste in guys. It was a foolproof plan. All I had to do now was muster up the courage to actually talk to Horatio.

I took a deep breath. Okay, where would he be right now? I was pretty sure Quidditch practice was over by now. Maybe he was working on the Herbology paper that was due tomorrow? I could check the library. Internally, I knew there was no way he was there. I had never seen him in the library in my life. But it was the easy way out so I took it.

I headed downstairs purposefully. All I had to do was poke my head into the library, confirm he wasn’t there and then put it off until tomorrow. And then until the day after. And the day after. This plan was looking more attractive the more I thought about it. Feeling totally confident, I swung open the door to the library. And then froze.
What was he doing in here!?

He smiled. At me. Damn. There was no way I could pretend not to have seen him now. He beckoned me over. After my brain failed to react, my feet took control and propelled my body toward him. I forced my face into a smile. I had a sudden vision of myself grinning maniacally like a creepy clown and quickly resumed my normal expression. Currently a combination of fear and dread.

“Hey Hamlet,” he said. He sounded like an entire chorus of angels. No, a flock of nightingales. An ensemble of- I realized he was staring at me, waiting for me to answer.

“Heyyyy,” I said inwardly cringing at my unconvincing casualness. “Sup bro?” Okay that was worse.

Thankfully he didn’t seem to notice. “I was wondering if you could help me. I’m having trouble finding a book.”

“A...a book?” My mind screamed in anger and embarrassment. Yes, Hamlet. Get yourself together. You do know what a book is don’t you?

Horatio smiled. (My insides melted at that perfect crescent.) “Yes, it’s called Magical Plants of the Highland Lochs.”

Somehow that pulled me together. This was serious business, If he was looking for this book, I was damn well going to find it for him. “Right, it should be in the Herbology section over here,” I strode towards it purposefully, Horatio following close behind. I was so busy scanning the bookshelves for that all-important title that I almost forgot he was there. Magical Plants and their Uses, Magical Plants of the Mediterranean, Magical Plants of the Highland Lochs- “Right, here it is!” I turned around with the book in my hands, looking straight into his eyes... His eyes that were mere inches away from mine. I dropped the book.

He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. “I’ve been waiting so long for this moment,” he whispered.

“Y-you have?” I stammered.

“Yes, I’ve been trying to get to you alone for almost two months. Haven’t you noticed?”


“Right,” I said, “Of course I have. Why wouldn’t I-”

He leaned forward and kissed me.

All the fears and doubts drained out of my head. Every brain cell dropped what it was doing to focus on the feeling of his lips on mine. I could feel his hands gripping my back, tracing patterns on my neck, burying deep into my hair. His mouth tasted like chocolate mousse and crème brulée and every delicious food I had ever tasted. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him back.

Chapter Text

Glancing at the clock for what felt like the thousandth time, I sighed impatiently. All I wanted was for Muggle Studies to be over, so I could run back to the common room and get ready before my first tutoring session with Benedick. After our encounter a few days ago, I had been excited and nervous to meet him.

I was thrilled that I was getting to spend one on one time with him, but also terrified because he loved nothing more than to tease me relentlessly. What were even going to do in our tutoring session? Would he help me with my homework? Would he make show me how to properly pronounce the spells? Would he put his hand over mine to show me how to properly move my wand? No, I thought, snap out of it. You’re supposed to hate him. He does nothing more than laugh at you. He could never think of you that way. All the possibilities of what could happen were tormenting me!

The sound of the bell put me out of my misery, reminding me that it was time to start getting ready for our meeting. What does one wear to something like, I asked myself. Do I dress casually, or do I put effort into my appearance. I don’t want to look desperate, but I also don’t want him to think I’m ugly. Oh the struggles of being a girl!

I hurried down to the common, mentally going through every item in my wardrobe. By the time I reached my room, I had come up with three potential outfits. I ultimately chose my favourite pair of blue skinny jeans, a white crop top and a cosy emerald cardigan. I felt as thought this outfit perfectly represented me. After all, you can never go wrong wearing comfortable clothes.

I looked down at my watch to check the time. It was only 4:30, meaning I had about half and hour before dinner, and another hour before I had to meet Benedick in the Transfiguration classroom. What on earth was going to do during this time? The butterflies in my stomach were preventing me from doing anything productive. It was just impossible to focus on anything else but Benedick, and the upcoming hour that I was going to be spending with him, alone.

--- after dinner ---

It was time. My tutoring session was about to begin any moment now. Oh. My God. I was about to explode. I gently pushed the door to the classroom open and peeked inside. There he was, looking as beautiful as ever. He looked so comfortable in his black sweatshirt and track pants. In that moment I wondered what it would be like to wear one of his sweaters. NO, stop thinking those things! I internally yelled at myself. He is mean! He doesn’t like you!

“Mona, I didn’t hear you come in! Come have a seat and we’ll get started.”

I set my things down on the ground and took a seat next to him. We were so close. Our arms were practically touching.

“So, first things first, let’s review the basics. Before we do anything to advanced, I just want to make sure you have a solid understanding of the first year curriculum. After all, you won’t be successful in transfiguration if you don’t understand the basic material.”

“I guess that makes sense”, I reply hesitantly. Why was I so shy around him?!

“Ok, let’s begin with the transfiguration formula.”

After what felt like hours, we were finally done covering the basic topics. I looked at my watch, only to notice that our little review had taken up half of out session. My heart sank.

“Well, I have to say Desdemona, you aren’t as hopeless as I thought you were!” Benedick exclaimed.

Scoffing, I replied “Unfortunately Benedick, you’re just as much of an asshole as I thought.”

He looked at me stunned, like I had just slapped him. His eyes looked insulted, disappointed almost. But as soon as the emotion had come, it left once again. The session continued without anymore insults being thrown. To be completely honest, we barely spoke two words to each other apart from what needed to be said.
When the clock struck 6:15, both of us we’re itching to get out of the tension filled classroom.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then” I said.

“Yeah, I guess.” Benedick mumbled.

Picking up his things, he rushed out of the room, not looking back. What on earth had just happened? I asked myself. Was it something I said? Whatever it was, I was going to get to the bottom of it.

Chapter Text

I sat half asleep in History of Magic trying to ignore the thoughts flooding my mind. 8 weeks pregnant. According to the book I snuck out of the hospital wing, the fetus should be developing webbed fingers and toes by now. What the hell was I supposed to do with that information?! Where’s the manual for if you don’t want it? The spell for making it go away? I don’t want some sort of weird alien-amphibian creature inside of me! I just wanted my life to be back to the way it was before him. Before Tybalt.

I should hate him. No, what was I saying? I do hate him. How could he do this to me? First he uses me, then he refuses to take responsibility and blames me! He’s the one who sleeps around! Not me. The truth is… well he’s the only person I’ve ever been with. But I can’t admit that to him. Even if it would prove that it’s his child. No way am I giving him the satisfaction.

To make matters worse, I couldn’t stop throwing up. I kept having to sneak out of class so no one caught me and sends me to Madam Pomfrey. She’d find out what was really wrong with me and I’d be expelled… if my parents didn’t kill me first. And Iago. What was I supposed to do about him? Why did he have to get expelled from stupid Durmstrang? He was going to ruin everything. I hadn’t actually seen him since our first encounter, but he wouldn’t stop leaving creepy little notes and threats about exposing “the real me” in my schoolbag, textbooks, bedroom. I didn’t even want to think about how he got in there.

Besides, the truth was, despite how annoying and awful he was being to me, everyone loved him. He’d already become friends with the most popular guys in our grade, he was every teacher’s pet and all the girls adored him. Somehow after three weeks here, he’d become every girl’s dream date to the Yule Ball. I shouldn’t have been surprised I guess. He’d always had a knack for making people love him. Something about him just makes people trust him instantly. A few well-placed lies and sly smiles, and he could make anyone do anything. By now it must just be second nature for him to make everyone his friend. Well almost everyone. So far the only person not totally obsessed with him was Tybalt. The two of them had been clashing since the moment Iago arrived here. I couldn’t help wondering if Iago had was doing it on purpose. Did he know? No… how could he? The only person who knew was Tybalt and based off of his reaction he was unlikely to tell anyone, especially not his biggest enemy. It was probably just because Tybalt was jealous of Iago’s newfound popularity. Tybalt had been king of the school since the moment he stepped off the train in first year, and having his position taken away so easily couldn’t have been fun. Not that I cared or anything. I hated Tybalt. In fact, I didn’t even hate him. I cared too little about him to hate him. He was nothing to me. Just a stupid mistake.

I hid my face in my hands so no one could see the tears in my eyes.

Chapter Text

I slept horribly last night. I couldn’t stop thinking about Lady and her baby. Our baby. No, what was I saying, this wasn’t our baby. I didn’t like Lady at all! She was just a beautiful, memorable, hook-up, like I had never experienced before. That’s it. I was over her, and had to start plotting my next conquest. In the back of my mind, I hear a little voice whisper, no one will ever compare to Lady Findlaich. I ignored that little voice.

In any event, I had greater things to worry about. My main priority at the moment should be Professor Longbottom. He was so stupid. Did he honestly think that someone wouldn’t find out about him and Cleo, and not use it against him?

I hadn’t spoken to him since I blackmailed him. To be honest, I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t been avoiding him. Sure, I knew my plan was going to work, but something deep inside me couldn’t help but feel guilty. Ignoring those feelings, I reminded myself that they brought this upon themselves. It wasn’t my fault they were having a scandalous affair! I was just taking advantage of the situation!

My life and well-being were at much higher risk than theirs. If my parents found out that I had failed my Herbology assignment they would disown me. Professor Longbottom was adult, if I told McGonagall about his affair, he would be fired for sure, but he could find another job. As for Cleo, she had a lot going for her. She was pretty, nice and willing to do anything, so she someone would definitely pity her and help her out.

I was the one facing the greatest consequences. I was at risk of being disowned and I had to worry about Lady and that stupid baby.

Sitting up in my bed, I glanced towards Benedick’s bed. Empty. It hit me in that moment that I had been so preoccupied in my own life that I had forgotten to ask Ben how his first tutoring session with Desdemona went. Hopefully it went smoothly. I was convinced he was head over heels for Mona, but never in a million years would he ever admit to such a thing.

Getting out of bed, I slip on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. I make my way down to the common room to see if Ben was hanging out there. As luck would have it, I see him lounging on the sofa fiddling with his wand.

“Ben! There you are man. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages!” I exclaim.

“Sorry I’ve been so distant. I just haven’t been in the mood to socialize recently.”

Confused, I ask him, “why? That doesn’t sound like you at all? Did something happen?”

Ben sighs and glances up at me, “The tutoring with Desdemona is messing with my mind. I thought for sure that I hated her, but then yesterday she called me an asshole, and I swear my heart broke right then and there. All I’ve wanted to do since then is to prove to her that I’m not who she thinks I am. But I can’t do that because I’m supposed to hate her!”

Smirking, I cheered internally. I knew he liked her. To save Benedick his dignity I decided to hold my tong, opting to give him the best advice I could muster.

“Listen, if you think you like her, play it cool. It’s not like you have to profess your love to her the next time you see her. Just take it a day at a time. Look around, listen to what people are saying, and decide if you think she likes you as well. If things look positive, make your move. She won’t be able to resist you.”
“Well, for someone with no real love life, you sure can give some good advice Tybalt,” Benedick replies sassily.

The two of us start making our way to the great hall for breakfast. It’s almost as if my problems with Lady complete evaporate. In those moments with Ben, I no longer have to worry about the baby or my situation with Professor Longbottom. I’m just one of the guys, hanging out with his best friends.

But of course, all good things must come to an end. While eating my breakfast, my eyes wander towards the end of the Slytherin table to see if Lady is there. Sure enough, as I turn to her, I see that she is already staring at me. If looks could kill, I would be six feet under right now.

Chapter Text

For many moments I couldn’t move. The words buzzed in my head:

...a’re a squib Juliet…

...a squib.

My eyes began to burn hot with tears, why was I getting so emotional? I shouldn’t have been surprised, I should’ve been expelled long ago. I turned my face from Iago, this was so embarrassing. I thought he was the one, that tall, mysterious boy. I thought he was the only one who understood me. The real me. To hear him say those words was like a dagger in my heart. Even Iago was laughing at me behind my back, that’s all his smirk was. It wasn’t really for me.

“Juliet.” His voice was so smooth.

“Just go, please.” I whimpered. The patheticness of my voice just made me cry harder. I squeezed my eyes shut, but it was no use, the tears came pouring out in great waterfalls down my cheeks.

I jumped a little as I felt warm arms wrap around me and Iago’s voice in my ear comforting me.

“’s all going to be alright.”

I shook my head. How could it be? Rumours around this school spread like wildfire, I would be drowned in ceaseless teasing until I became actually expelled and then my parents...oh how they would react...what would I do? Run away? Yes. I should run away right now. I never wanted to see another human being be them muggle or wizard EVER again. I would run into the forbidden forest, a foreboding, dangerous place which reflected the tangled, confused, dark place that was my mind.

“Look at me, Juliet.” I wanted to refuse, but the sound of my name on his lips convinced me otherwise. I gulped and vainly attempted to control myself. I opened my eyes and stared into his two deep, emerald orbs that seemed to hypnotise me.

“Have you come only to laugh at me.” I asked sighing heavily, I was too tired to cry anymore. I prised my eyes from his stare and looked down, not wanting to hear his answer.

“Juliet look at me.” He said, his tone serious. “Am I laughing?” I shook my head.

“You must hate me.” I murmured, forcing my eyes to look anywhere but his face.

“What have I ever done to make you think that?” He said calmly, rocking me in his arms again. “I could never hate you Juliet. You are more important than you could possibly imagine.”

“Stop it.” I said, trying pathetically to push myself away from him. “Stop lying to me to make me feel better, I’m not a baby.”

“I mean it. That’s why I was sent here.” Iago said.

With one forceful shove I broke myself out of Iago’s embrace. “Sent here?” I knew it. It was all too good to be true. Someone had sent him, he hadn’t come to me out of his own will. Silent tears began to stream out of my eyes anew, irritating my already tear-eroded cheeks. “PLEASE IAGO STOP THIS!” I shouted, although my throat was too sore to project very much. “Just, explain. Please. No more mind games I can’t take it anymore I’ve had enough!” I was shaking.

There was a pause, only interrupted by my uncontrollable sobs. Iago nodded. “Do you know Lady Findlaich?” He said. Purple hair. Mean. Thinks she’s better than everyone else. “Yeah.” Iago nodded. “I am Iago Findlaich. Lady’s my sister, more specifically my twin sister.”

I gasped involuntarily. “You...her…?” They didn’t even look like one another. “But she’ know...kind of horrible.” The words escaped me too quickly, what if Iago loved his sister? Damn it.

Iago laughed, “yeah? You haven’t had to have her as a sister all your life. Don’t worry, I hate her, and I’ll make sure she suffers enough.” I frowned in confusion, “Why? How?”

A shadow crossed Iago’s face and some dark emotion within him glimmered on his face for just a moment. Just a moment. Iago didn’t show his innermost emotions. “Lady...ruined my life. She was always our parents’ favourite. Always the most popular. She would hit me when people weren’t looking and spread rumours about me at school. When it comes to school, Hogwarts is obviously the best. We were both supposed to go. But I couldn’t stand Lady’s constant self-absorption, pushing me out of the limelight. I began to intercept owls she sent between boyfriends and friends. I decided it was my turn to humiliate her. I watched gleefully as her world broke apart around her. Those were the best times, when she couldn’t bully me she was so distressed. Then, I got caught by her. My parents sent me to Durmstrang instead. They said there was better discipline there that I sorely needed and that I couldn’t be trusted around Lady, the poor little darling. Durmstrang was...alright, anywhere away from Lady is heaven. I made my mind up that I would decide what school I would go to. My parents wouldn’t just not send me to school, so I did bad things. I dabbled in a little dark magic and practiced it...on my classmates. I was soon expelled. My parents were furious of course, but I persuaded them that Durmstrang had more dark arts hidden within it than was thought and that I was afraid, that I did only what I had to to escape it. Sure enough, my parents bought the sweet talking, and I came here.”

“Wait.” I said, “since when have you actually been going here?”

“About a fortnight.” Iago answered.

How could that be? “I never saw you. I looked -” I stopped myself. Don’t be pathetic.

“I...attract certain kinds of people and certain kinds of attention that could put you in a bad place.” Iago explained.

“You think I am not already living in a dark place, you are all I have.” There, I’d said it. Good job Juliet, you haven’t made yourself sound like an obsessed maniac at all.

“I didn’t completely lie to my parents. There is dark magic hidden in Durmstrang. Here too. If it were to be released properly by the right person, Hogwarts would be rife with it.” Iago said, I new gleam was coming into his eye.

“The right person?” I asked tentatively.

“I’m a squib as well. Well, only to put it crudely. There are branches of dark magic don’t listen to the ordinary laws of magic. These can be practiced and unlocked only by those who have magical blood pumping through their veins but who can’t properly use it like most. That’s us. We can unlock this power and first all of Hogwarts will come under it, and then the whole wizarding world will be in peril. Both of us, Juliet, have been pushed down our whole lives, we know what it is to be treated below others. If we take this opportunity, we can be all-powerful. We will be the top.” Iago was excited now. And so was I.

I smirked. “What do you want me to do?”