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Hard Work Means High Rewards

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Rumi Usagiyama, otherwise known as The Rabbit Hero: Mirko, a rather short woman with blonde hair, dark-skinned and with bunny ears and a tail, was having a pretty good day; she just finished her first year at UA. She even got first place in the Sports Festival! She had a blast and got so much stronger, but now she was looking forward to seeing her family again, well, her adopted family at least. Her birth parents died in a fire when she was 5, the hero team patrolling in the area weren’t able to respond in time, and she was adopted by close family friends: The Midoriya’s. She missed her parents but the Midoriya's were amazing. Mr. Midoriya was a nice man, evident by the few times she had gotten to meet him, however much time he spent working overseas. Despite this, it was her new mother that she became close too very quickly.

Inko Midoriya was the personification of motherly aura; Rumi truly could not have asked for anyone more caring, in fact, from the moment she first moved in Inko had treated her as her own. It was amazing how compassionate and kind one woman could be. Now that's not to say that she didn’t get punished when necessary. Inko never had to resort to physical punishment; all she had to do was give you “that” look and you immediately felt like the smallest bug on earth, making you accept whatever she said.

It was because of the Midoriyas that she wanted to be the very best she could be. She wanted to prove to them, and to herself, that she was worth all of the trouble they went through for her. It was about two years after they had begun taking care of her that she was told that Inko was pregnant and she was gonna be a big sister. Rumi remembered being so excited when she first heard the news, after all, she was gonna have a sibling that she could take care of and dote on! But one night, a short while before Inko was due, Rumi had a nightmare: She was in the fire again and this time it was her new family she was losing including her newborn brother.

When Rumi woke up covered in sweat she promised herself that she would protect her new family from anything. That was when she decided to take being a hero seriously, so she started to work much harder on her Quirk: Cottontail. It gave Rumi some characteristics of a Rabbit, such as ears and a tail, but the main use is it gave was her legs’ incredible power and durability. After her new baby brother Izuku - he was the most adorable baby - was born Rumi started to study many different types of martial arts and eventually, over the years, started to make her own style. She called it Thumper because its main focus was her launching herself off the ground with her feet at high velocity to deliver powerful blows to her opponent. The best part of all this was her biggest fan, little Izu.

Over the last few years, Rumi got to watch that little bundle of joy become a delightful and intelligent young child; she didn’t get to spend as much time with him as she would have preferred due to her own schooling and training but whenever she got the chance she would dote on him, him loving every second of it. He looked up to Rumi more than anybody else as she was his hero and his biggest inspiration. He would follow her around anytime she was at home no matter what she was doing whether it was doing homework, playing games, talking or even just relaxing.

Rumi had been worried about Izuku when they had gone to the doctor’s office to get some official testing of his quirk done. They discovered that he had inherited his mother’s quirk, a weak type of telekinesis, that couldn't pick up much more than 5 pounds, which while useful was not the stuff of legends and heroics that he had been hoping for. Izuku had been quiet the entire way home, appearing to all the world to be completely defeated by the news he was given.
Rumi worried about the state he was in and, wanting to help however she could, asked him what was wrong, to which he said, “I am not sad I guess, I just wanted to be a hero like you.”

She just smiled and responded, “You will always be a hero as long as you do what is right and speak your mind, no matter your quirk.”

Izuku immediately started to cheer up after hearing that he could still be a hero from his big sis and the smile he gave her was one she treasured to this day.

When Rumi finally came out of her trip down memory lane she noticed she was almost to Izuku’s school. (She was hoping to surprise him by showing up and taking him home.) However, as she approached she saw a group of kids standing in a circle around some commotion; when she sees exactly what's happening her mind goes blank with rage.

5 Minutes ago

Izuku Midoriya was having a rough day. I know what you’re thinking: how rough can a seven-year-old have it? Well, many of his problems could probably be traced back to about two years ago. Picture this: A young and innocent boy with huge hopes for the future goes into the doctor's office to figure out what his quirk was dreaming, as many his age do, of some big flashy quirk that he can show all his friends and use to finally become a hero like his sister, but he didn’t get anything flashy - just his mothers quirk. He was sad about this for a little while ‘til his sister reassured him that as long as he stood up for what is right he will always be a hero.

Izuku always did his best to follow his sister’s advice; even when others would make fun of him and isolate him. The worst was when his friend Bakugo revealed he thought his quirk was completely useless, earning Izuku the nickname Deku. Izuku stood up against bullies and tried to help others in whatever way he could - be it helping old ladies with groceries, cleaning up the classroom, or just plain old doing chores to help his mom. It was this habit of helping that got him into the trouble he was currently in.

Izuku was standing in front of a rather large boy who has large muscles and tusks protruding from his mouth whom easily stands at least a foot taller than Izuku. His name was Godu, and he had a mutation quirk that gave him several characteristics of a boar; unfortunately for him, that also included the intelligence and short temper.

“Screw off Deku, I can beat you up later if that’s what you're looking for,” he said as he stalked forward while Deku stood protectively if trembling a bit, in front of a girl in his class who was already on the ground crying.

Izuku responded still trying to solve this peacefully, “Just leave her alone, Godu! She didn’t mean to run into you. This isn’t right; what will you do if the teachers come out and see what's happening?”

“The teachers won’t do shit. The only thing they care about is putting kids into highly ranked hero schools. So that means that I can do whatever I want since I am one of the best candidates in this shitty school.” He said, lashing out quickly as he punched Izuku in the stomach, causing him to double over and fall to the ground. After this he reached down and grabbed the girl by her hair, rearing his other fist back to hit the girl across the face.

Izuku looked up, wheezing and saw what was about to happen and suddenly felt a strange stress in his head, not dissimilar to when he used his quirk, but this time it was straining his brain more than it ever had before. Next thing he knew a large section of brick came out of nowhere and hit Godu across the face, forcing him to drop his intended victim and put both hands to his face. Izuku blinked wondering what just happened but didn’t get much of a chance to process as the girl ran for it and disappeared into the crowd. Godu, after quickly recovering, saw that the girl got away and turned to the only thing that he thought could have stopped his ‘righteous’ fury.

“Well Deku, since you are so insistent on a beating you will get one.” He raised his foot to kick the boy that was still on the ground when suddenly he felt a hand grab his leg. When he looked back to see who else was getting in his way he completely froze out of fear induced by what he saw: There stood a very angry Rumi with a malevolent aura surrounding her as she stared down the still shorter boy. The crowd seemed equally surprised by the appearance of the woman because she seemed to have just materialized holding his leg. When she spoke, Godu thought that his soul might just leave his body right then.

“Just what do you think you are doing to my little kit (not quite sure what you mean here) Izu?” Godu responded very as eloquently as one would expect.

“Uhhhhhhhhh,” When Rumi decided that was the best answer she was going to get she pulled Godu’s leg farther up until he fell over. Glaring at the now cowering boy she decided to lay down the law.

“Let me tell you what is going to happen right now. I am going to go help my brother up and if by the time I turn around and see you are still here, we will see how tough you are against someone who is bigger and stronger than you are.” When the boy immediately started scrambling away, she turned her attention to Izuku who had started to get up but was still holding his stomach but was doing his best to smile at her. God, this kid is going to be the death of me. She rushed over to his side to check on him and see how hurt he was and it was while she was doing this he finally spoke up.

“Hey Rumi, thanks for the save, but what are you doing here? I thought you would be on your way home by now?”

“Oh, so now I need an excuse to come see my baby kit?” She responded with a teasing smile after seeing that it was mostly superficial damage. Without even giving him the chance to respond she continued, “It just so happens that I wanted to surprise you and walk home with you today. I’m glad I did since apparently, my little Izu decided it was smart to get into a fight with a kid that weighs almost twice as much as he does.”

Izuku blushed a bit but also got a glint in his eye as he stared back at his sister, vehemently responding. “I couldn't just let Godu hurt her when she did absolutely nothing to deserve it.”

Rumi stored the name Godu in the back of her mind while still focusing on her little brother because he just reached up with his hands and was now holding his head while grunting in pain. She was about to ask what was wrong but then he promptly passed out on her shoulder.

“Izu! What's happening!?” She promptly picked him up and started running towards the nearest hospital.