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“ten, we couldn't possibly get another hybrid, johnny’s already a handful himself”

“but if we get another hybrid will be able to play with him, and i know you’re sad that we can't play with johnny till he’s tired out.”

“i hate how well you can persuade me..”

“love you too kunkun!” ten ran off to where johnny was in his room playing with his stuffed animals “puppy we’re getting a new puppy so you can play with him and cuddle all you want”

“really?! thank you daddy” the tall puppy hugged his shorter owner.

“calm down, pup, i can’t breathe”

“can i choose which one, tennie?”

“of course, princess”




“johnny i know you’re excited, pup, but please put your head back in the window and your seatbelt on” kun spoke as the pup followed his orders.

“okay mommy!”

“what an obedient kitty we have, kunkun”

“i know he’s so good all the time, i’m glad we decided to do this for him. i think another puppy like him will make him happier..” ten interlocked his hand with kun’s smiling lovingly at him earning a loving glance from kun who was trying to focus on not crashing the car.




johnny didn't like any of the hybrids. he had complained that they all looked ‘too sad’ or ‘too boring’.

“we have some in the back if you wanna see them” the worker spoke unenthusiastically.

“isn't that where the more rebellious ones are?” ten let out his concern, not wanting some hybrid to come home with them and hurt his baby.

“we have one back there that's really only back there because he’s too hyperactive”

“let’s go!” johnny exclaimed as kun pulled down the hat covering johnny’s soft brown puppy ears.

once in the back the worker had shown them to a tall puppy playing with a ball trying to talk to the hybrid in the cage next to him. kun and ten hated that about this place. these were people too, yet they were kept in cages like animals. to make it even worse they treated all the hybrids terribly.

“lucas!” the worker raised his voice causing the pup to jump and walk over to where the worker was.

“yes, sir?”

“these people want to see you, please tone it down” the puppy pouted looking at everyone outside of the cage.

“hi!” xuxi cutely waved paying more attention to the tall male with the hat on. was he a hybrid too?

“he’s so cute” ten whispered in kun’s ear trying to contain himself.

“do you want this one, johnny?” kun asked hoping for a yes since he also thought this puppy was adorable.

johnny approached the cage looking at the hybrid.

“you’re a puppy too right?” xuxi asked the other male. "no i'm a puppycat" "what's that?" "i'm a mix of a puppy and kitty hybrid" “oh,,can we still play fetch, and cuddle?”

johnny nodding turning around to face his owners smiling cutely. “i want him”

kun nodded at johnny, then nodded at the worker as he unlocked the cage grabbing xuxi by his arm, putting a collar on his neck a little too tightly for the couple’s liking, and handing the leash which was simply just a rope to the dark haired male.

“he’s smelly” johnny pointed out innocently earning a light slap on his thigh.

“it’s not nice to say that to others, johnny” kun scolded as they walked to the front desk to sign papers.




while in the car ten took the tight collar off the puppy and scratched behind his ear as the puppy leaned into his touch.

“mommy, the puppy's so skinny”

“mommy” the new pup questioned unfamiliar to everything.

“yeah, that's mommy” he pointed to kun “and that’s daddy” he pointed to ten.


“yes sweetheart?” the blonde male smiled at the puppy's cute voice.


“i’ll make you something when we get home, okay?”





when the family(meaning like relationship. they don't see lucas and johnny as their kids because that’d be weird) had arrived home, they decided to give the pup a bath while kun cooked.

during the bath, ten realised how cute the puppy, but he also realised how neglected he was. but ten would make sure he’d change that.

“how’d you get this, pup?” ten could see a few deep, fresh scratches on the xuxi’s wrist

“one of the other puppy’s was a meanie and bit me” he pouted which ten thought was the cutest thing he’d ever seen

“don't worry, johnny is one of the nicest puppy’s and he’ll be nice to you. kun and i will too, i’ll make sure to bandage you up after your bath, okay?”

“okay daddy” the puppy smiled widely, so happy he’d ended up in such a nice place.




after dinner the couple let the pup’s play around, before they’d put them to bed.

“johnny don't be rough, xuxi’s wrist is hurt”

“okay daddy” johnny made sure he was gentle with the younger boy playing until they were both tired out, which was a rare sight for kun and ten. they’d never seen the puppy tired out from playing.

“do you two wanna sleep in johnny’s room, or our’s?” ten asked, hoping they’d chose to sleep with the couple, because he really wanted to cuddle both of his puppies and his lover.

“i wanna sleep with mommy and daddy. xuxi does too” johnny held hands with the younger boy, as the younger nodded.

“okay, let's go. it’s late and you two have had a big day” kun mentally cooed at how loving ten already was to the new boy. even though kun had protested getting a new hybrid he surely wasn't doubting it. everyone in the family was happy.

“kiss?” johnny asked lying down in the middle of the couple, receiving a kiss from the couple, causing the other pup to blush and rub his arm. “mommy, daddy, xuxi want’s a kiss too!”

“is that true, xuxi?” kun asked looking at the flustered pup.

xuxi covered his face nodding into his hands, but he had his hands pulled from his face gently and the couple placed a kiss on his lips one after another. xuxi had even got a kiss by johnny, which the ten and kun cooed at how cute their puppies were together.

after they’d all gotten into bed, getting all comfy with johnny clinging to xuxi, the family had gone to sleep.