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Super Mario Kart: Pokemon/Super Mario Kart: Pokemon 2 N-Sane Edition

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Triple Crossover Dynasty Challenge:

- This two-week edition of Super Mario Kart was the Triple Crossover Dynasty challenge. 

- A lot of duos had participated in this challenge, hoping to defeat at least one Triple Crossover Dynasty duo.

- Some duos had opt out; Jinx and Kid Flash were the only Teen Titans duo to ignore the challenge, and almost every duo that had season bans didn't participate as well except for Morty and Eusine.

- All races would take place at Mario Kart Stadium, Coco Park, Near Shinra Headquarters, New Donk City, West City, and Jump City in order, with a new game beginning after Game 3 of the previous one. However, if one of the Triple Crossover Dynasty members were to plan on racing in back to back games, the next game after the current one would be delayed.

- Emily and Widowmaker had come out of retirement, shocking everybody. However, they had done that just to go up against the Triple Crossover Dynasty.

- DJ Mary and Karen had wanted to participate in the challenge because they had wanted to prove a lot that they could do a lot better than Biggs and Wedge; Biggs and Wedge had the lowest odds, 1000/1, to beat a Triple Crossover Dynasty duo.

- Mega Kangaskhan (Pokemon), both parent and child, had become the last duo to participate in the challenge. Also, Season 11 would be their first season.

- Bulma had wanted Yamcha and Puar to come out of retirement and challenge the Triple Crossover Dynasty, but Yamcha had revealed that he and Puar would come out of retirement at the right time, which wasn't this challenge. That had pissed off Bulma.

Day 1 (Chibi-Chiba lead; Ronin Warriors + Pokemon + Saint Seiya): 

Hilbert and Usagi over Chibiusa and Mamoru (4-0)
Lady Kayura and Hilbert over Rowen and Hilda (4-0)
Michiru and Haruka over Cye and Eagle Marin (4-1)
Usagi and Hilbert over Benga and Alder (4-0)
Hotaru and Ami (Sailor Moon) over Kento and Sage (4-0)
Rei (Sailor Moon) and Makoto over Ryo and Runa (4-0)
Hilbert and Setsuna over Runa's brother and White Blaze (4-2)
Minako and Linda over Dais and Sekhmet (4-1)
Hilbert and Lady Kayura over Anubis and Cale (4-3)


- Although they got swept, Chibiusa and Mamoru had urged the remaining duos to fight like hell.

- The first and last series had the most viewership, but the eighth series had the lowest.

Day 2 (Overwatch; Pokemon Galar; Croc + Glover; Traps; F-Zero and Little Mac):

Michiru and Linda over D.Va and Mercy (4-0)
Hilbert and Lady Kayura over Hanzo and Ashe (Overwatch) (4-3)
Lady Kayura and Usagi over Emily and Widowmaker (4-3)
Rei (Sailor Moon) and Hilbert over Sonia and Oleana (4-1)
Usagi and Linda over Nessa and Bea (4-1)
Hotaru and Lady Kayura over Croc and Glover (4-2)
Setsuna and Rei (Sailor Moon) over Cross Stitch and Baron Dante (4-2)
Ami (Sailor Moon) and Haruka over Vivian and Birdo (4-1)
Haruka and Ami (Sailor Moon) over Poison and Mariandale (4-1)
Hilbert and Hotaru over Captain Falcon and Little Mac (4-2)
Linda and Makoto over Super Arrow and Mrs. Arrow (4-2)
Minako and Lady Kayura over Kate Alen and Jody Summers (4-3)


- D.Va and Mercy were acting cocky before their race, but got outplayed and swept. But compared to them, their Overwatch counterparts had fought harder than them

Day 3 (Siblings; Psuedo Siblings; Mouse Tail):

Linda and Ami (Sailor Moon) over Wendy and Roy (4-0)
Minako and Hilbert over Topo and Fillet (4-1)
Ami (Sailor Moon) and Lady Kayura over Bubbles and Gingerelle (4-0)
Usagi and Rei (Sailor Moon) over Lemmy and Iggy (Super Mario Bros.) (4-0)
Setsuna and Haruka over Anthea and Concordia (4-0)
Michiru and Hotaru over Nana and Popo (4-2)
Hilbert and Linda over Morton and Larry (Super Mario Bros.) (4-0)
Lady Kayura and Haruka over Clemont and Bonnie (4-0)
Hotaru and Minako over Anna and Elsa (4-3)
Linda and Lady Kayura over Bowser Jr. and Ludwig (4-3)


- The last two series had interest, with the underdog duos nearly pulling off victories.

Day 4 (MILFs' children and friends):

Hotaru and Minako over Rayman and Globox (4-0)
Usagi and Michiru over Lana and Mallow (4-0) 
Setsuna and Linda over Sarah and Harper (4-2)
Michiru and Hilbert over Shantae and Risky Boots (4-1)
Haruka and Rei (Sailor Moon) over Sky and Rottytops (4-1)
Makoto and Ami (Sailor Moon) over Mako (Kill La Kill) and Nonon (4-3)
Hilbert and Lady Kayura over Mataro and Guts (4-2)
Rei (Sailor Moon) and Haruka over Gil and Jr. Pac-Man (4-3)
Linda and Makoto over Ki and Ishtar (4-0)
Ami (Sailor Moon) and Minako over Bulma and Tights (4-3)
Minako and Usagi over Merilyn and Millis (4-2)
Lady Kayura and Hotaru over Joni and Leslie (4-2)


- Gil and Jr. Pac-Man were the biggest surprises of this day. Ki and Ishtar, however, got creamed hard.

- Bulma and Tights had almost looked like themselves from Season 3, their undefeated regular season.

Day 5 (Teen Titans duos):

Linda and Lady Kayura over Timmy Tantrum and Teether (4-1)
Minako and Ami (Sailor Moon) over Melvin and Bobby (4-1)
Usagi and Michiru over Speedy and Aqualad (4-1)
Michiru and Lady Kayura over Mas y Menos (4-1)
Makoto and Hilbert over Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire (4-2)
Lady Kayura and Minako over Robin (Teen Titans) and Silkie (4-1)
Michiru and Haruka over Starfire and Blackfire (4-2)
Hilbert and Rei (Sailor Moon) over Terra and Raven (4-3)
Hotaru and Setsuna over Cyborg and Beast Boy (4-2)


- Before this set, Bumblebee had taunted all Teen Titans duos, predicting that they would lose badly.

- Bumblebee's prediction, however, had ended up untrue as all Teen Titans duos had won at least one game, and even Terra and Raven had pushed a Triple Crossover Dynasty duo to seven games.

Day 6 (MILFs):

Rei (Sailor Moon) and Usagi over Betilla and Ly (4-1)
Michiru and Lady Kayura over Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man (4-1)
Minako and Linda over Marnie and Honey (4-0)
Hilbert and Minako over Gloria and Melony (4-0)
Makoto and Linda over Lana's mother and Mallow's mother (4-0)
Ami (Sailor Moon) and Michiru over Sukuyo and Sky's mother (4-0)
Setsuna and Hotaru over Mega Kangaskhan (4-1)
Haruka and Rei (Sailor Moon) over Delia and Hunter J (4-2)
Usagi and Lady Kayura over Brigitte and Ingrid (4-3)
Lady Kayura and Usagi over Panchy and Bulla (4-1)
Linda and Minako over Red and Red's mom (4-3)


- Brigitte and Ingrid were another Overwatch duo that had went to seven games.

- Linda and Minako vs. Red and Red's mom had happened because of the pre-Event 92 situation, where Linda and Minako had intentionally backed out on the Event 92 because Red and Red's mom had signed, and the latter duo had won it. 

Day 7 (Pokemon + Legend of Korra; Duck Hunt Duo):

Setsuna and Rei (Sailor Moon) over Korra and Asami (4-0)
Usagi and Linda over Kuvira and Suzie (4-2)
Linda and Hilbert over Cheren and Stoutland (4-1)
Hilbert and Linda over Fennel and Bianca (Pokemon; Unova) (4-1)
Lady Kayura and Hilbert over Duck Hunt Duo (4-1)
Rei (Sailor Moon) and Makoto over Kirby and Jigglypuff (4-0)
Makoto and Usagi over Greninja and Incineroar (4-0)
Michiru and Minako over Morty and Eusine (4-2)
Hotaru and Ami (Sailor Moon) over Suicune and Entei (4-1)
Haruka and Michiru over Pikachu and Pichu (4-1)


- Morty and Eusine had mostly received cheers after returing to Super Maio Kart.

- Neither underdog duo had went to seven games.

Day 8 (Duo rivals):

Hilbert and Lady Kayura over Banjo and Kazooie (4-0)
Usagi and Linda over Pyra and Mythra (4-0)
Makoto and Hotaru over Nitros Oxide and Dingodile (4-1)
Rei (Sailor Moon) and Setsuna over Penta Penguin and Gurin (4-1)
Setsuna and Minako over Mars and Dawn (4-0)
Lady Kayura and Rei (Sailor Moon) over Cynthia and Leaf (4-3)
Hotaru and Michiru over Krillin and Marron (4-3)
Setsuna and Haruka over Android 18 and Maron (4-3)
Linda and Usagi over Mina and Lillie (4-3)
Ami (Sailor Moon) and Michiru over Selene and Plumeria (4-2)
Minako and Haruka over Mai and Videl (4-0)
Michiru and Ami (Sailor Moon) over Gohan and Pan (4-1)
Hotaru and Michiru over Professor Burnet and Brigette (4-0)
Lady Kayura and Linda over Professor Kukui and Lei (4-3)


- The first two series were a complete disaster. Before the first one, Mythra and Kazooie had argued during a live interview from Gohan and Pan; the two had argued on which one would do better against a Triple Crossover Dynasty duo. Also, a fight between Mythra and Kazooie had occurred, but Pyra, Banjo, Gohan, and Pan had separated the two.

- Continuing on, both Banjo and Kazooie and Pyra and Mythra had the worst performances throughout the day.

- Lady Kayura and Rei (Sailor Moon) vs. Cynthia and Leaf was basically an Event 100 rematch; both duos were extremely competitive against each other.

- Lady Kayura and Linda had nearly blown a 3-1 lead against Professor Kukui and Lei.

Day 9 (Spyro + Donkey Kong; Jak):

Haruka and Linda over Jak and Keira (4-1)
Hotaru and Lady Kayura over Rayn and Ashelin (4-2)
Rei (Sailor Moon) and Hilbert over Sparx and Zoe (4-0)
Linda and Usagi over Squawks and Quawks (4-0)
Michiru and Haruka over Greta and Handel (4-0)
Makoto and Rei (Sailor Moon) over Chunky Kong and Lanky Kong (4-0)
Ami (Sailor Moon) and Lady Kayura over Hunter and Bianca (Spyro series) (4-0)
Setsuna and Haruka over Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong (4-1)
Minako and Hotaru over Spyro and Elora (4-1)
Hilbert and Usagi over Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong (4-1)
Lady Kayura and Linda over Crush and Gulp (4-3)


- Crush and Gulp had gained extra fans, after hanging on against Lady Kayura and Linda in seven games. The Triple Crossover Dynasty, especially Lady Kayura and Linda as a whole, were so embarrassed, they had taken a long shower.

Day 10 (Crash + Mario; Sonic; Overwatch):

Usagi and Minako over Sonic and Tails (4-1)
Hilbert and Haruka over Ripper Roo and Rilla Roo (4-2)
Rei (Sailor Moon) and Makoto over Boosette and Chompette (4-0)
Linda and Ami (Sailor Moon) over Megumi and Ami (Crash Bandicoot series) (4-0)
Lady Kayura and Rei (Sailor Moon) over Wario and Waluigi (4-1)
Setsuna and Hotaru over Junkrat and Roadhog (4-3)
Makoto and Usagi over Liz and Isabella (4-0)
Minako and Linda over Cappy and Tiara (4-0)
Haruka and Lady Kayura over Polar and Pura (4-1)
Hotaru and Hilbert over Peach and Daisy (4-2)
Ami (Sailor Moon) and Michiru over Tawna and Pinstripe (4-2)


- Peach and Daisy were up 2-0 against Hotaru and Hilbert, but lost 4 straight games.

- Junkrat and Roadhog had a 2-1 lead against Setsuna and Hotaru, but ended up losing in seven games.

Day 11 (Harems; Veran's 12/Harem; Great Eight): 

Linda and Ami (Sailor Moon) over Din and Nayru (4-0)
Michiru and Usagi over Princess Zelda and Samus (4-0)
Setsuna and Hilbert over Atsuko and Pepe (4-0)
Lady Kayura and Hotaru over Michiko and Hatchin (4-0) 
Minako and Rei (Sailor Moon) over Female Wii Fit Trainer and Bumblebee (4-0)
Makoto and Haruka over Brendan and Farore (4-0)
Setsuna and Lady Kayura over Yuli and Bayonetta (4-0)
Hilbert and Haruka over Ragyo and Nui (4-0)
Rei (Sailor Moon) and Usagi over Mia and Rei (Kill La Kill) (4-0)
Michiru and Linda over Ryuko and Satsuki (4-0)


- Day 11 was an overall mess and a complete disaster; each and every underdog duo had zero effort, all sweeps. And even more insult to injury, every game had suffered extremely low ratings. Coco had revealed previous ratings of any of them vs. her and Crash, their highest ratings; other popular duos that they had went up against such as Mario and Luigi were their second-highest.

- The Teen Titans duos had mocked and ridiculed Female Wii Fit Trainer and Bumblebee for getting swept badly.

Day 12 (Final Fantasy; Veiras + Hume + Johto Pokegirls; Paper Mario): 

Hotaru and Linda over Fran and Penelo (4-0)
Michiru and Minako over Jote and Mjrn (4-0)
Linda and Hilbert over DJ Mary and Karen (4-0)
Haruka and Hotaru over Basch and Ashe (Final Fantasy XII) (4-0)
Ami (Sailor Moon) and Rei (Sailor Moon) over Vaan and Balthier (4-0)
Setsuna and Usagi over Lightning and Serah (4-1)
Minako and Makoto over Olivia (Super Mario Bros.) and Bob-omb Bobby (4-2)
Lady Kayura and Hilbert over Biggs and Wedge (4-3)


- The first-five series were sweeps, too, but of all the duos that were swept, DJ Mary and Karen had literally zero effort. But before Day 12, someone had reported that DJ Mary and Karen didn't want to practice because, again, they wanted to prove that they were going to do better than Biggs and Wedge.

- And speaking of Biggs and Wedge, the same duo with the lowest odds, they had nearly overcome an 0-3 deficit against Lady Kayura and Hilbert, a shocker towards the Triple Crossover Dynasty. Angry bettors had complained that they were cheated, after losing on so much money. But Coco had called them morons, also telling them to never mess around with their money on an unpredictable sport.

- Ironically, the next day would have the Triple Crossover Dynasty going up against three FF7 duos

Day 13 (Super Deadly Gauntlet): 

Makoto and Minako over Tifa and Jessie (4-3)
Michiru and Hotaru over Cloud and Aeris (4-3)
Setsuna and Ami (Sailor Moon) over Symmetra and Pharah (4-3)
Rei (Sailor Moon) and Haruka over Marlene and Red XIII (4-3)
Hilbert and Linda over Peachette and Pauline (4-3)
Lady Kayura and Usagi over Mario and Luigi (4-3)


- The Super Deady Gauntlet list had lived up to its name; every Triple Crossover Dynasty duo had almost lost.

- The mandatory tracks were in reverse, due to Mario and Luigi being the last duo.

- After the final series, the majority of the crowd had chanted "TEAM BANDICOOTZ!", with Coco promising Mario and Luigi that she and Crash would crush the Triple Crossover Dynasty.

Day 14 (Team Bandicootz):

Crash and Coco over Ami (Sailor Moon) and Makoto (4-0)
Crash and Coco over Hotaru and Setsuna (4-0)
Crash and Coco over Haruka and Michiru (4-0)
Crash and Coco over Usagi and Rei (Sailor Moon) (4-0)
Crash and Coco over Linda and Minako (4-0)
Crash and Coco over Lady Kayura and Hilbert (4-0)


- Shortly after Crash and Coco had swept and destroyed the last two of the Triple Crossover Dynasty, MANY, even employees of Mario Kart Stadium, had stormed the track, with its pitch invasion being a lot bigger than the previous one.

- Even Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, and Jessie had stormed the track. Basch, Ashe (Final Fantasy XII), Vaan, and Balthier, too, but DJ Mary, Karen, Fran, Penelo, Jote, Mjrn, Veran, Veran's duos, the Great Eight, D.Va, Mercy, Mythra, and Kazooie still refused to celebrate with Crash and Coco.

- Other places, especially Coco Park, Crash Cove, Jump City, West City, and New Donk City, had massive pitch invasions. 

- Crash and Coco were declared as the best Super Mario Kart racers ever no matter what, with Talpa, Galaxia, and Ghetsis leaving a permanent SSS-Tier mark on the duo.

- During Game 4 of the very last race in the challenge, Linda, Minako, Rei (Sailor Moon), Usagi, Ami (Sailor Moon), Hotaru, Michiru, Setsuna, Haruka, and Makoto were shedding tears, crying. But Lady Kayura and Hilbert were crying themselves, with Hilbert crying on Lady Kayura's back. All of their children were crying, too.

- A bit later, Lady Kayura had broken her silence on Twitter, admitting that Crash and Coco were way better than the Triple Crossover Dynasty as a whole. She had also admitted that the Triple Crossover Dynasty were afraid to start a Kart Madness era career and that they were only living in the past, aka the Event Era, because of their rich success.

- The ones that they temporary banned from the Kart Madness era had thanked Crash and Coco.

- After the massive long-day celebration, Coco had wanted her and Crash's Season 11 regular season opponents to have home advantage, and Tracer and Mei had accepted the decision. However, Crash and Coco vs. Ryuko and Satsuki part 1 was an exception, which had always taken place at Mario Kart Stadium.

Tier List: 

SSS-Tier (Historically dominant performance): 

Crash and Coco

SS-Tier (Dominant performance): 

Lady Kayura, Hilbert, Linda, Usagi, Rei (Sailor Moon), Minako, Ami (Sailor Moon), Makoto, Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru

S-Tier (Extra excellent performance): 

Cynthia and Leaf
Symmetra and Pharah
Marlene and Red XIII
Peachette and Pauline
Android 18 and Maron
Mario and Luigi
Tifa and Jessie
Cloud and Aeris
Professor Kukui and Lei
Kate Alen and Jody Summers
Krillin and Marron
Biggs and Wedge

A-Tier (Excellent performance): 

Junkrat and Roadhog
Anubis and Cale
Red and Red's mom 
Bulma and Tights
Mina and Lillie
Crush and Gulp
Emily and Widowmaker
Terra and Raven
Hanzo and Ashe (Overwatch)
Gil and Jr. Pac-Man
Mako (Kill La Kill) and Nonon
Bowser Jr. and Ludwig
Anna and Elsa

B-Tier (Passable performance): 

Larry (Teen Titans) and Wildfire
Olivia (Super Mario Bros.) and Bob-omb Bobby
Peach and Daisy
Selene and Plumeria
Morty and Eusine
Starfire and Blackfire
Cyborg and Beast Boy
Kuvira and Suzie
Nana and Popo
Runa's brother and White Blaze
Rayn and Ashelin
Delia and Hunter J
Baron Dante and Cross-Stitch 
Croc and Glover
Super Arrow and Mrs. Arrow
Captain Falcon and Little Mac
Mataro and Guts
Joni and Leslie
Sarah and Harper
Tawna and Pinstripe
Ripper Roo and Rilla Roo

C-Tier (Mediocre performance): 

Spyro and Elora
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong
Dais and Sekhmet
Cye and Eagle Marin
Lightning and Serah
Sonic and Tails
Polar and Pura
Wario and Waluigi
Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong 
Jak and Keira
Topo and Fillet
Sonia and Oleana
Poison and Mariandale
Nessa and Bea
Vivian and Birdo
Duck Hunt Duo
Suicine and Entei
Sky and Rottytops
Shantae and Rottytops
Panchy and Bulla
Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man
Betilla and Ly
Penta Penguin and Gurin
Nitros Oxide and Dingodile
Robin (Teen Titans) and Silkie
Mas y Menos
Speedy and Aqualad
Timmy Tantrum and Teether
Melvin and Bobby
Pikachu and Pichu
Fennel and Bianca (Pokemon; Unova)
Cheren and Stoutland
Mega Kangaskhan
Gohan and Pan

D-Tier (Bad performance):

Mai and Videl
Fran and Penelo
Jote and Mjrn
Chibiusa and Mamoru
Professor Burnet and Brigette
Basch and Ashe (Final Fantasy XII)
Vaan and Balthier
Boosette and Chompette
Greta and Handel
Squawks and Quawks
Gloria and Melony 
Marnie and Honey
Sparx and Zoe
Hunter and Bianca (Spyro series)
Rowen and Hilda
Benga and Alder
Cappy and Tiara 
Liz and Isabella
Chunky Kong and Lanky Kong
Sukuyo and Sky's mother
Greninja and Incineroar
Korra and Asami
Kirby and Jigglypuff
Lana's mother and Mallow's mother
Wendy and Roy
Ryo and Runa
Kento and Sage
Mars and Dawn
Megumi and Ami (Crash Bandicoot series)
Rayman and Globox
Ki and Ishtar
Lana and Mallow
D.Va and Mercy
Bubbles and Gingerelle
Lemmy and Iggy (Super Mario Bros.)
Clemont and Bonnie
Morton and Larry (Super Mario Bros.)
Anthea and Concordia
DJ Mary and Karen
Banjo and Kazooie
Pyra and Mythra

F-Tier (Horrendous and atrocious performance):

Yuli and Bayonetta
Female Wii Fit Trainer and Bumblebee
Brendan and Farore
Ragyo and Nui
Princess Zelda and Samus
Din and Nayru
Mia and Rei (Kill La Kill)
Atsuko and Pepe
Michiko and Hatchin
Ryuko and Satsuki

End of Chapter 118