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Super Mario Kart: Pokemon/Super Mario Kart: Pokemon 2 N-Sane Edition

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Introduction/Empty Mario Kart Stadium...

There were a variety of twenty-six competitors in the stadium, with two characters as teammates. Some teammates were talking to each other, while some opponents were talking to each other as well. Their objective was to go through eight courses, including Mario Kart Stadium, the first one to go through. Each course had three laps. After each course, the first place winner would earn twelve points, the second place winner would get eleven points, the third place winner would get ten points, and so on. The team with the most points after the eighth and final course would win the entire thing, and the team to finish first at the end would get a giant, golden trophy and $500,000 as mega prizes, but the others would get less than $10,000.

Team #1. Mario (Super Mario Bros. series) and Luigi (Super Mario Bros. series). Name: Super Mario Bros. Kart description: The left side was red and white, and the right side was green and white, with the letters M and L, respectively. Mario and Luigi had participated in MANY kart events, with this one being their twenty-seventh, a record. They, however, had won first place three times. A notable thing about this team was Luigi's famous face meme, glaring at opposing competitors.

Team #2. Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros. series) and Princess Daisy (Super Mario Bros. series). Name: Princess Power. Kart description: The entire kart was mixed with pink and orange, with heart, flower, and lollipop paintings scattered around it. This team hadn't participated in many kart events compared to Mario and Luigi, but they had managed to finish first place once, and second and third place a couple of times.

Team #3. Brigitte Lindholm (Overwatch) and Ingrid Lindholm (Overwatch). Name: Lindholm Strong. Kart description: A barrier like kart, with a mace painting on each side. This was the mother-daughter duo's first time participating. But despite that, many humans and non-humans in many universes had heard about the duo taking part of the event, and they were interested in seeing them.

Team #4. Cye Mouri (Ronin Warriors) and Mia Koji (Ronin Warriors). Name: Mouri and Koji Combo. Kart description: The entire kart was light blue, matching Cye's light blue Armor of Torrent from his past. Cye and Mia had participated in the previous contest, in which they had dominated and won the entire thing, gaining a whooping total of 96 points, an unbelievable Super Mario Kart record. Because of their strong performance in that event, the duo had gained a strong following.

Team #5. Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) and Serah Farron (Final Fantasy XIII). Name: Fearless Farron. Kart description: Just a grey kart, with the Final Fantasy XIII logo attached. The siblings had been in plenty events, but they had never finished higher than fourth. However, they're just participating for fun.

Team #6. Din (Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons) and Nayru (Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages). Name: Oracle Love. Kart description: The color red was on one side, and the color blue was on the other side, with a painted rod and a painted harp, respectively. Din and Nayru, a lesbian couple, had been in twenty events, but they had never finished higher than six. Their popularity was very high.

Team #7. Red (Pokemon; Sun and Moon version) and Red's mom (Pokemon). Name: N/A. Kart description: Just a generic looking red kart. This was the mother-son duo's first time participating. Red had never said a word throughout his entire life, but he was considered as a Pokemon legend. Red's mom, however, could talk. The duo were projected to finish dead last, being heavily overlooked. Popularity wise, Red was surprisingly the least popular participant. Oh, and Red and Red's mom were the only duo not to have a team name.

Team #8. Mamoru Chiba (Sailor Moon) and Chibiusa Tsukino (Sailor Moon). Name: Sailor Action. Kart description: Just the original Sailor Moon logo on both sides, showing heavy support for their own franchise and universe. The father-daughter duo had only won one event, but struggled a lot since. Could they overcome their recent struggles?

Team #9. Korra (The Legend of Korra) and Asami Sato (The Legend of Korra). Name: Korrasami. Kart description: A painting of both woman smiling together. Korra and Asami, another lesbian couple, were the fourth-most popular duo to participate. As for their Super Mario Kart history, they had historically finished between 3rd and 8th place in every event they had been in. Would they be able to finish 1st or 2nd place?

Team #10. Cynthia (Pokemon) and Dawn (Pokemon). Name: Girlpowershipping. Kart description: The kart was black, with the word "Girlpowershippingforever" in cursive and in blue, on both sides of the kart. Cynthia and Dawn had won second place in the previous match, but before that, they had won nine straight contests. Cynthia and Dawn currently had the second-most strongest following, the first being Mario and Luigi. The only two reasons the duo were popular was because of their outstanding performance throughout their Super Mario Kart career and because of their status as a mega-popular Pokemon yuri pairing. Right now, Cynthia and Dawn were projected to win first place. Could they do it?

Team #11. Shantae (Shantae) and Risky Boots (Shantae). Name: Risky Genie. Kart description: The entire kart was purple. That was it. Shantae and Risky Boots hate each other, but the only reason they agreed to team up together was because of a bet from Sky (Shantae) and Rottytops (Shantae), Shantae's best friends. The bet? If Shantae and Risky Boots were to last together for one event, they'd afford a nice trip to a very comfortable Honolulu place in Hawaii while having lots of money. So, they shouldn't have to win this event if they wanted to.

Team #12. Mai (Dragon Ball series) and Videl (Dragon Ball series; GT version). Name: Maidel. Kart description: The blue kart was surrounded by seven painted Dragon Balls. Like Shantae and Risky Boots, Mai and Videl hated each other as well, and for many reasons. Gohan (Dragon Ball series; GT version), Videl's husband, was originally supposed to be Videl's partner, but later changed his mind. Videl had other family and friends, but they didn't want to participate. Mai had struggled to find a suitable partner, too. So Mai and Videl ended up as partners, although they admitted that their decision was bad.

Team #13. Ragyo (Kill La Kill) and Nui (Kill La Kill). Name: Rainbow Wrath. Kart description: Filled with rainbow colors. Both back from the dead, Ragyo and Nui wanted to take a break from doing evil things and have fun. However, their opponents, especially Red and Luigi, strongly disliked them for their bad, bizarre, and creepy attitude

Projected final standings:

1st: Cynthia and Dawn

2nd: Cye and Mia

3rd: Mario and Luigi

4th: Peach and Daisy

5th: Korra and Asami

6th: Lightning and Serah

7th: Brigitte and Ingrid

8th: Din and Nayru

9th: Mamoru and Chibiusa

10th: Ragyo and Nui

11th: Mai and Videl

12th: Shantae and Risky Boots

13th: Red and Red's mom

A few minutes later...

"Hello, participants!" Ash (Pokemon), a very common Pokemon trainer, said, distracting all twenty-six participants. Ash was one of the five commentators that'd commentate throughout the event. After Ash had completed his super long Pokemon journey, he had started doing commentary, commentating each and every event. Ash was very popular as a commentator, not just a Pokemon legend. "The event will commence in a few hours! Good luck to all teams!"

Ash left as the participants resumed talking to one another.

"The two of us can do this! Right, Red?" Red's mother said, looking at her son.

Red nodded.

End of Chapter 1