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like thought inside a dream, song from tongues of lilting grace

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Yoonji doesn't exactly expect to be pounced upon the very second their front door clicks shut behind her, but Namsoon is on her before her hand has even left the door handle. One hand on Yoonji's waist, the other curling around her bicep, her tall goth girlfriend plants her chilly nose in Yoonji's neck and inhales noisily.

"Missed you," she mumbles, raspy, trying to nose below Yoonji's wool scarf. Her thick eyelashes flutter as she takes another deep breath.

Yoonji can't quite suppress the shudder dragging icy fingers down her spine. "How was your day, Soon-ah?" she asks, keeping her tone conversational. She can't take her boots off with her clingy girlfriend impersonating an octopus, and has to tug sharply on Namsoon's wrist to make her back a few centimeters away.

She drops her chin on Yoonji's shoulder and pouts adorably. A red hue is stealing across her dark brown eyes and fangs poke over her bottom lip as she whines, "I'm hungry, unnie."

Yoonji knows—she'd earlier texted a string of increasingly despondent Line stickers, making it clear how needy she'd be by the time Yoonji got home from work. She unbuttons her full-length coat to let it drape freely and then abruptly shoves her leg up between Namsoon's, resting her boot on the shoe rack. She ignores the broken groan, the thighs trembling around her leg. "There are bags in the fridge." She tilts her chin up, Namsoon's bright eyes following the pull of her neck, and says firmly. "Take my boots off. Gently."

Namsoon whines, Yoonji's order stopping her from using preternatural speed. While Yoonji tucks her gloves in the coat pockets, Namsoon undoes every thick buckle from knee to ankle and tugs it off, then kneels before Yoonji to repeat the process with the other boot. One hand slides up her leg. Nails snag on Yoonji's thick winter tights and she dips beneath the short-pleated skirt toward the garter ties. Yoonji's hand shoots out and grabs Namsoon's hair. She doesn't yank, simply holds her in place away from the thigh she's trying to kiss. Namsoon hisses, eyes fully crimson. She doesn't resist, lets Yoonji move her back.

"Why didn't you have one of the bags?" she says, soft and even. She tightens her grip and Namsoon's eyelashes flutter.

"I..." She shifts on her knees, whine pressing behind her sharp teeth. "I missed you. Wanted you."

"If you were this hungry you shouldn't have waited." Yoonji isn't upset. It's a game they've played many times over the years and they've refined its boundaries since their fumbling high school days, since Yoonji learned Namsoon’s truth, since they became a steady couple and moved in together. They'd already discussed this before Yoonji left for work last night. "A starving vampire? Careless, Soon-ah."


She cuts her off. "Dangerous, Soon-ah." She unwraps her scarf, gloating when Namsoon quietly hisses as her neck is finally uncovered. Yoonji digs a finger under the thick leather choker covered in sterling crosses, tugs it low enough one of the fading bite marks is visible.

Namsoon strains under Yoonji's hand, a hungry noise pealing high in her throat. "Unnie, please." Her voice is husky with need, teeth digging into her lips as she quivers, held in place by a human's mere touch. Tiny drops of blood bloom over the rich purple lipstick she’s wearing. Her fingers still rest under Yoonji's skirt, trembling like all she wants is to dig them into the pale flesh.

"What is it, Soon-ah?" Yoonji is close to falling apart as well, fingers flexing in Namsoon's soft hair. Dragging her finger down her own neck, over the old pinprick marks, she croons, "Tell me what you need, baby."

She releases Namsoon and she lurches forward, gripping Yoonji's thighs like she'll be lost without the grounding warmth. "You, you, I need you," she babbles, lisping over the bristling fangs, "fuck, unnie, I need you so much." She noses up Yoonji's leg and goes no higher, staring at her with bright red eyes. "I need your taste, I want nothing else, please."

Yoonji reaches up and unclasps the choker. "Come on, inside."

In a flash Namsoon is on her feet. She pushes Yoonji's coat off her slender shoulders, quickly hanging it so it won't get dirty. Yoonji leads them down the short entryway, dropping her choker on the little hall table while her girlfriend swiftly unlaces the short leather corset around Yoonji's torso. Namsoon's hands trail over her arms, dip under her skirt to knead desperately at her thighs and flat ass. Makes walking a little difficult, but she finds the symptoms of Namsoon's natural bloodlust adorable, fangs and all.

They stumble past the kitchen and Yoonji pulls them toward the little dining table, but Namsoon redirects to the faded red sofa. Her nose is again buried in the crook of Yoonji's neck, short needy sounds slipping through full lips that press countless tiny kisses to Yoonji's moonlight skin. They sit, or rather Namsoon drops purposefully with Yoonji straddling her hips. She cranes up and her tongue flicks over the old bite marks.

Yoonji gasps and Namsoon begins to work around her neck, kissing and lapping at every mark she's left. She shudders, thighs convulsing around Namsoon. "Baby," she groans, head beginning to droop as her own desire kindles, "Soon-ah..."

She pulls back with an effort, looking at her with those burning eyes. With a shuddering exhale, she asks, "Yes?" Her hands don't stop moving, insistent touches that make Yoonji want to drop boneless into her girlfriend.

In response, she ducks down and kisses Namsoon. Fangs catch on her lips, almost piercing her before Namsoon licks into her mouth and quickly ruins their lipstick. Yoonji holds her down by the shoulders, feeling how Namsoon shakes with constraint. She is restrained by nothing more than Yoonji's word. Something roars inside her at the sight and she relents. "Okay," she murmurs, voice catching in the back of her throat. With a shaking hand she shoves her hair back, baring her neck. "Okay, baby."

Namsoon lunges faster than she can blink, sitting up under Yoonji as her lips seal over an unmarked place on her neck. Eager noises crowd her mouth, purl in her throat while she deliberately passes her tongue over the pale skin.

She hums when she feels it grow numb, ready for Namsoon. One of her hands finds the back of Namsoon's head and she presses her closer, shivering when the cold nose touches her heated skin.

Namsoon needs no further urging. Her teeth break Yoonji's skin and a groan trembles deep through Namsoon. She pierces deep, murmuring praises and convictions into the crook of Yoonji's neck. The fangs drag a little as she removes them from the neat wounds and Yoonji squirms, enjoying the faint spark of pain while Namsoon sucks on the small holes.

Yoonji buries her fingers in Namsoon's black hair. At this angle she can't see her face, but she can vividly picture the blood staining the full, purple lips darker. Her blood, smeared across Namsoon's mouth. The image makes heat throb low in her belly. She hikes up her skirt with a shaking hand even as she tilts her neck to give Namsoon more room. The needy whine from Namsoon makes her smile and she murmurs encouragement, soft nonsense babbles, urging her to pull deeper.

"Wait, wait," pants Namsoon, breaking away. Yoonji can feel blood starting to trickle down her throat. "Let me just--" And she picks up Yoonji without effort, settling her back on the sofa with a pillow under her head. She's flushed with fresh blood and she licks her lips as she kneels between Yoonji's thighs.

Her coordination is swiftly deserting her, but Yoonji manages to hook an ankle over Namsoon's shoulder. She tugs lightly. "Soon-ah. Don't go so far."

Namsoon's full lips curve into a smile—dimpled, eyes turned to slender crescents, bloody. "Never," she purrs, stretching her length over Yoonji's smaller body. She crushes a kiss on Yoonji's parted lips, pricking her. "Never," she repeats into the curved, bare neck. When she seals her lips over the bleeding punctures, it's with a hum like a prayer, like a benediction.

The groan that falls from Yoonji's mouth is dragged all the way from her core, her toes curling from the sharp sensation. Namsoon drinks from her like she's never fed in her life, whining as she sucks on the small holes. The sliding touch of fangs over Yoonji's skin makes her back bow, arching up into the unmoving shape of Namsoon. She can't reach all the way down with the vampire draped like this, fangs tickling her neck. Her forefinger barely brushes over satin underwear, garter belt, and her clit begging for attention. She's simply too far with too much in the way. Yoonji runs her hand over Namsoon's plain long-sleeved shirt, black silk smooth and cool, and relaxes back with closed eyes, content to wait until Namsoon has had her fill and is no longer on her blood high.

Then two fingers drag rough over her clit, scraping on the fabric, and she chokes in surprise. Without moving from her neck, Namsoon unfastens the belt and shoves it and the underwear down. She finds the clit again and Yoonji jerks, clutching at Namsoon's arm.

"Babe... Augh, baby, you don't have to..."

Namsoon circles her clit and then flicks it, simultaneously dragging her fangs up the unprotected column of Yoonji's neck. "Lemme do this," she slurs over Yoonji's harsh pants, leaving a bloody kiss on her jaw. "You make me, ahh, so so good, wanna make you, too..."

Her fingers slip lower. Yoonji cries out, arching uselessly. Namsoon wets her fingers, curling two inside the throbbing heat that's taken over Yoonji, then returns her attentions to the clit. Yoonji scrabbles under her, desperation coiling in her gut as she jerks up into Namsoon's heavy touch. Locked trembling around Namsoon's waist, her legs flinch with each insistent pass of the fingers. And then blunt human teeth press hard around the fresh bite and Namsoon drinks deeper yet. Voracious, snarling low in her throat, fingers powerful and erratic on Yoonji.

She bucks, pinned between dual sensations of pleasure mingled with a little pain. Her voice is hoarse, begging, ordering Namsoon to give more take more Namsoon harder. With a groan, Namsoon complies. Her fingers alternate between Yoonji’s clit and probing, crooking deep inside of her tightening heat. Her sucking, greedy mouth never leaves the writhing woman’s neck.

Climax crashes into her, gasping and hot and heavily soft in its wake. She falls back into the cushions, uncoiled, loose inside her body. Namsoon hovers over her, watching with those fond scarlet eyes. Yoonji's blood decorates her chin, smeared along with the purple lipstick.

"How're you doing?"

Yoonji blinks through the pleasant haze. "Getting dizzy," she admits.

She hums an acknowledgement. "Hang on," she murmurs, fluidly sliding out from Yoonji's lax legs and somehow inserts herself between Yoonji and the sofa. Yoonji feels as light as a feather when Namsoon easily lifts her onto her lap, Yoonji's back to her chest.

Contentment steals through her heavy limbs, leaving her sated and relaxed in Namsoon's arms. Her tall goth girlfriend laps up the traces of blood cooling on Yoonji's skin, tickling her slightly, before deliberately dragging her tongue over the punctures to seal them. Then she buries her nose in Yoonji's hair and holds her closer. Her warmed arms keep Yoonji from drifting away completely.

Later they'll shower clean and she just might do something to Namsoon then, taking advantage of the freshly heightened senses. Take her apart until it's the vampire's turn to cry out in pleasure, supernatural strengths willingly unmade by Yoonji.

For now she basks in the little kisses Namsoon drops over her hair, their fingers interlaced while Yoonji regains her breath.

"You know what?" she says, soft because her voice is still scratchy, she’s still floating on the inside.

Resting her chin on Yoonji's shoulder, Namsoon hums inquisitively. She squeezes Yoonji’s hand.

She turns to bump her nose against Namsoon's, staring quiet and fond into the bright red eyes.

"You are the best girlfriend a goth lesbian can hope for."