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While you and Bakugou were supposed to be friendly towards each other, like everyone else in 1A, his attitude that was basically him just being an insufferable prick 24/7, made that very difficult. Even though he saw most of the future heros in his class below him and while he did treat them like shit, he felt for some reason to always be a dick towards you, which probably had to do with the fact that you didn’t put up with his shit most of the time, firing back with some more snarky comments. The past week had been the worse though, since after all the new dorms were put up, it only meant you had to see him outside of school too.

Although you were rarely paired up with him for training, today Aizawa thought it was going to be a great idea to put you two together, explaining that it would help both of you to learn how to counter more attacks and build each other's quirks, but Bakugou said that it was just going to be bullshit and that it would be an unfair fight since he was just going to destroy you.

Hearing him say that only made you want to beat him even more, so during the training you made sure to at least land some cheap shots, just trying to show that you weren’t as weak as he thought you were. Even though he did get a few more hits on you, it still wasn’t a complete loss, so you were a little happy that he couldn’t go around boasting about how he complete destroyed you, like he said he would.

You were currently changing out of your hero costume in the girls locker room, sighing as your body was extremely tired and sweaty, making it harder to peel off your clothes. The sound of the door closing caused you to look up, only to see Momo standing there with Mina.

“Oh hey (Y/N)!” Mina greeted while flashing you a smile, walking over to her locker to grab her phone which she seemed to have left after training.

“Hey guys, you guys haven’t left yet?” You asked, finding it abnormal that they were still around since their training ended a while ago, leaving you and only Bakugou in the training rooms.

“Oh, Mina left her phone so I figured I would walk back down with her.” Momo stated, grabbing Mina’s jacket from her hands so she could close her locker easier. “We also came down here to ask you a question. All the girls decided they wanted to go out and try this new restaurant, and they wanted to know if you could come!”
You thought for a second to try to remember if you had any plans for tonight, despite it being a Friday you had just planned on staying in your dorm and sleeping, but you shrugged your shoulders.

“Sure, I have nothing else to do tonight. What time?” You asked, looking over your shoulder as you searched for your spare clothes from your locker.

“Probably around 7 or 8-ish. We’ll just text you alright?” Mina said, while they both walked out of the locker room.

You had figured that they were only in a rush to get ready for tonight, but you shrugged it off and tried finding the pair of sweatpants you thought you had in your locker. The only thing you could find was your school uniform, the last thing you would want to change into, but you just went with it and closed your locker and started heading towards the showers. You had planned on just taking a shower in the shared showers that was connected to the locker rooms, and just go up to your dorm and change and get ready for the girls.

As you finally stepped into the water stream, you let out a groan as the hot water helped soothe your tired muscles. You didn’t think you were going to be that tired from training, but you weren’t that surprised since you did train with Bakugou. As much as you hated the kid, you couldn’t deny the fact that he was talented and could have probably beat your ass if you weren’t as stubborn as you were. Just as you were about to wash your hair, the water almost instantly went cold, causing you to curse out. You let out of huff, trying to wash your hair as fast as possible before you froze to death. When you got out of the once hot shower, you quickly dried off and blow dried your hair, trying to warm yourself up.

You stopped at your locker, grabbing your duffle bag and phone, seeing that your phone was about to die and that you only had an hour or so to get ready, which only made you more pissed off. You stepped out of the locker room, seeing that the halls were completely empty and silent, which was normal considering that all the teachers had left and most of the students were out spending time with their friends on this Friday night. You pushed your duffle bag further up your shoulder, walking over to the elevators since you were too tired to even think about going up the stairs.

You pressed the button, checking your phone while you waited. After what seemed to take almost two minutes, the elevator finally opened up and you stepped inside and pressed the button to close the door. When it was only a few inches from closing, a foot stopped the door from closing all the way, before the doors opened up again to allow the person to come in. You glanced up from your phone to look at the person who stopped you from being able to be alone for the ride. As you looked them up and down, you felt dread hit you instantly when you realized it was the one and only, Katsuki Bakugou. This was the only time you saw him without his hero costume or school uniform, as he was now wearing grey sweatpants with a black tank top.

“Why haven’t you left yet?” You asked in a monotone voice, not bothering to look up from your phone again.

“Tch, the fuck does it look like I have been doing,” He asked, which caused you to give him a quick side glance, before rolling your eyes and just going back to playing on your phone. “I just got done showering, dumbass.”

“Yeah, thanks for taking up all the hot water.” You said sarcastically, which he only huffed at.

“It’s only pay back for getting those cheap shots on me, which you didn’t fucking deserve to get.” He fired back as clicked a floor button, which just happened to not even be close to the floor you actually needed.

You reached around his arm, pressing the floor 3 button and stood by the door, wanting to get out of this elevator as soon as possible.

“Why the fuck do you need that floor?” He asked, but it really only came out as a demand.

“I have to get papers from Aizawa’s room before I go over to the dorms.” You said, rolling your eyes since you had no idea why he wanted to know what you were doing so badly.

You heard the door ding a couple times, before it started shaking a bit. You shrugged it off as being normal, but once the lights started to flicker, you started to get a little nervous. After the elevator stuttered a bit, it finally evened out and it beeped again. You were still looking at your phone when you got shoved from the back, which made your bag drop down and tugged at your already sore arm. You looked up to see that you were at your floor but you were already falling towards the ground before you realized it. Just as you were about to yell at Bakugou, the doors started closing again while you were halfway between them. You let out a grunt as you felt the door close around your waist, with you slightly bent over and your phone and bag went flying in front of you, laying out across the hall’s floor.

“Thanks asshole, now the elevator is fucked up and I'm stuck because you’re so impatient.” You yelled back at him, looking around the halls to see that the lights were all dimmed and that it was empty, so even calling out to someone for help would be useless.

“Not my fucking fault you were looking at your phone.” He said, looking at your bent over form, your school skirt slightly riding up with your black lace panties showing. If it would have been anyone but you, he would have ignored it and just roll his eyes at it, but he couldn’t help staring for a few more seconds, taking it in as you groaned. Although he acted like he hated you, he couldn’t deny that he hasn’t thought about you in some romantic way, which some could say was just a crush, but he always denied it and just treated you like shit so his feelings would never come up.

“Yea well now I can’t even get my phone because I can’t reach it and it’s probably dead. So thanks you dickhead!” You yelled back, letting out a frustrated sigh as you tried to wiggle out of the door’s grasp.

“S-Stop doing that!” He shouted back, watching as your ass jiggled as you tried to escape, which didn’t help the blood rushing to his lower half. He knew that seeing you like this was wrong and he should just try to help you get out, so you both could go about your day, but he couldn’t help thinking that this was revenge for when you left a huge bruise on his side during training. Even though he might have a crush on you, thinking back to all the little stunts you pulled during training only made him smirk and he suddenly stopped feeling bad for you being in this position.

“I’m trying to get out since you obviously aren’t helping me! Ugh, we are so fucked since there is nobody around anymore.” You groaned out, still trying to wiggle out. “I knew these dorms were a bad idea.” You mumbled out, trying to stretch out to grab your phone, even though it was only a few inches from your reach.

The further you stretched, the higher your skirt got and exposed more of your ass, which only made Bakugou smirk even more. Sure he’ll probably feel bad for doing this later, but he saw the way you looked at him sometimes and he knew you would want this too. He got closer to you, leaning down a bit to help bring your skirt up higher, which caused you to gasp out.

“W-What the hell are you doing?!” You asked, now feeling how exactly exposed your lower half was.

“I’m trying to help you dumbass.” He said, now tracing the outline of your panties with his finger, just barley ghosting his finger around it, which caused you to shiver. As much as you did hate him and wanted to get out of this trapped hell hole, you couldn’t deny that this was a little hot.

“I don’t see how this is helping.” You muttered, glancing back to look at him, now seeing his hard dick print through his sweatpants. Your face quickly heated up and you looked forward again, you couldn’t believe this was happening.

After he traced the outline a few more times, he grabbed the top of them and yanked them up over your hip bones, which caused you to squeal out of embarrassment. He stared at your form for a second, biting his lip before he softly dragged his finger over your clothed folds, which caused you to let out a shaky breath. He kept doing it, seeing how wet your panties were already getting as you squirmed against his touch.

“Bakugou…” You quietly moaned out, feeling even more ashamed since you knew you weren’t supposed to be enjoying this. You hated him, you knew this. Or at least you thought you hated him, but right now you were starting to second guess that.

As soon as he heard you quietly moan, he smirked and pulled your panties to the side, teasing you even more. You whimpered, trying to grind up against his fingers even more, but he quickly slapped your ass as a punishment. He slid your panties back over, pulling them up again so they grinded against your folds again. He slapped your ass a few more times, which caused you to thrust your hips forward, trying to avoid the stinging pain. He watched as your ass jiggled against his palms, gripping both of them in each hands, massaging them and pushing them together.

You looked around in embarrassment, praying nobody saw you in this humiliating position with Bakugou. You wouldn’t be able to live this down if anyone caught a glimpse of the both of you. You quickly gasped as you felt your panties being torn down, leaving you completely naked now. You looked back and watched as Bakugou bit his lip, taking your form in, giving a smirk towards you while rubbing your folds up and down.

He pushed your ankles further apart so he could look at you better, grabbing both of your lips to spread you open fully, making you to let out a whine. He traced his middle finger up and down from your clit, causing your thighs to tighten up at the sudden feeling. He teased your hole while he rubbed your clit, quickly slipping a finger inside you, which made you gasp and whine at the same time. He felt you tighten up around his fingers, rubbing your clit even faster now as his finger pumped in and out. He inserted another finger, curling up as you pushed your ass further up to him, which he responded with another slap.

The combination of him rubbing your clit and curling his fingers inside of you caused you to cum rather quickly, your body feeling even more exhausted than before. He slowly removed his fingers, watching as your cum dripped down onto the floor and some onto your legs, taking his fingers and licking them clean, rubbing them up against your folds again.

You glanced back, eyes still glazed over from being over stimulated, watching as he stared at your position with his sweatpants now hanging down dangerously low past his hip bones, his cock leaking with a bit of precum because of the past events. You watched as he slide them down, his dick springing out fully hard and ready.

“W-Wait! Bakugou we can’t.” You said, worried laced with your voice.

“Why the hell not.” He said, tilting his head slighting as he pumped his cock up and down in his hand.

“Somebody might see us!” You said, which only caused him to shake his head and roll his eyes.

“You said that nobody is around here.” He said, mocking your voice as he watched as some extra cum dripped out of you.

“Yeah but what if one of the teachers is still around?”
“I don’t give a shit. You weren’t worried when I was fingering you.” He said, his bluntness and him rubbing his dick up against you, coating it in your wetness, made you blush and you looked away from him.

The elevator shifted again, causing your upper half to be pressed against the hall floor, now you were face down ass up in front of him, which only made it easier for him to grind up against you. He took a step back, pumping his dick one more time and took in your figure another time, before lining himself up with your exposed hole and slowly inserting it. You gasped, already clenching around his tip. Once he was fully in, he let out a soft groan which he must have been holding in. He leaned down so his chest was now flush with your back, moving your hair over to the side so your neck was now exposed to him.

“Plus, at least you're stuck here with me,” He whispered in your ear with his now husky deeper voice. “Imagine being stuck in here with Mineta, alone and in this position.” He said while pulling back and thrusting into you again, causing you to let out a small whine.

“S-Shut up you bastard,” You retorted back, still trying to not completely submit to him.

He only responded by thrusting into you deeper, gripping your hips to get a better grip on you and to make it easier to get his cock deeper inside you. He groaned out, closing his eyes as he felt you tighten up again around him. He started kissing your neck, before clamping down on it and started sucking, trying to form a quick hickey so he could mark and tease you about it later. You moaned, trying to push yourself back on him to get more of him once he stood up, while moaning and clenching your hands into a fist.

“Moan my name,” He commanded, slowing down his thrust.

“Please...Bakugou,” You moaned, not used to hearing his name while you were in this state.

He leaned forward and gripped your hair at the base, yanking it upwards so he can reach the base of your neck easier. He leaned in closer before whispering, “No, moan my actual name,”

“Katsuki.. Please fuck me,” You moaned out, feeling him get off your back and start thrusting harder again.

Katsuki stared down at you, watching as your mouth fell open, whines and moans escaping rather loudly as you drooled, so caught up in his movements and how good he felt inside you, that you didn’t care who saw or who heard the two of you. The sight of you being completely under him and him having control of you would be able to make him cum alone, the image being a big contrast for your normal stubborn and snarky attitude towards him. He let out a growl like noise, picking up pace as your moans got higher pitched. He could feel himself getting close, as he felt you starting to clenching more around him.

“Katsuki, can I cum,” You moaned out, more like a statement rather a question, feeling yourself starting to lose control.

“No, beg for it,” He huffed back, almost stopping his thrust which made you groan as you were so close.

“Please Katsuki, please let me cum! Let me cum around your cock, please!” You moaned out, trying your best to get him to let you release yourself.

“Good girl,” He growled against your neck, picking up his normal pace again. “Cum for me then babygirl.”

You felt him raise your hips up higher, as he rubbed your clit while his dick pushed further into you. Feeling overstimulated, you gave in and clenched around him as you rode out your orgasm. He clenched his teeth as he felt how tight you had gotten, giving a few more sloppy thrusts before feeling himself tighten up as he felt his hot jizz go inside you. He gave a few more thrust, trying to make it last for as long as possible, your body moved almost like a rag doll for the pure exhaustion you felt.

He slid out, watching as some cum dripped down to your socks, coating your inner thighs as you tried to catch your breath. He bit his lip, taking in your now swollen and twitching pussy for one last time, since he figured he would be dead after you got unstuck. He saw you trying to push yourself up from the floor, only for your arms to shake and make you fall back down. He grabbed your panties and skirt, placing them back in place before he grabbed the elevators door, using a small explosion to help bend it back into place. Once your body became free, you sighed and slowly pushed yourself onto the hallway floor. Katsuki followed out of the elevator with you, lending you a hand to help you get up.

You looked up, your eyes still glazed over and your hair slightly messed up, looking up to his red eyes, which held something other than anger for once. It was almost like they looked calm and a little bit worried. You went to take his hand, but just let your arm flop back down to your sides. He raised a brow at your actions, not used to seeing you this defeated looking.

“My whole body is sore and my legs feel like jelly, I can’t get up.” You muttered, which seemed to get a quiet chuckle from him.

“Tch, I wasn’t that rough… was I?” He asked, leaning down to pick up your phone and bag.

You gave a small smile, so the great Bakugou does actually worry about someone other than himself, you thought to yourself. “No, you were fine. I do have to go get ready to go out though,” You said, forcing yourself to stand up, which only made your legs shake and almost fall over.

“With those legs? No you’re not.” He said before picking you up by your waist, which made you gasp when he threw you across his shoulder. You quickly tried to bring down your skirt so you weren’t exposed again, but you were quickly stopped when he swatted away your hands.

“You’re fine, so stop it dumbass.” He muttered out as he walked down the stairs with you, almost as if it was nothing.

You yawned, feeling too tired to even try to fight with him again. You snuggled into his back, taking a deep breath of his scent which was now somewhat calming to you. “Where are we going?” You asked, rubbing your eyes to shield it from the now bright sunset.

“Back to my dorm. I’m not letting you go out tonight, especially when my cum is still inside you.” You blushed at his words, shaking your head and letting out a small huff.

You weren’t sure how your feelings towards Bakugou were, you knew you hated him sometimes, but right now, you didn’t exactly mind seeing this softer side of him. You had closed your eyes, trying to figure out how he thought of you when you heard the door open up, opening your eyes to be greeted with him entering his dorm. He dropped you off his shoulder, falling into his soft bed which smelled exactly like him. You sat up for a second, only to have a pair of his clothes being thrown at you, which you quickly put on in your tired state, not caring that you were now somewhat naked in front of him again. After getting dressed you quickly found his blankets as you laid back down, curling up in them as you drifted off to sleep rather quickly from being sore.

He sat down your bag and plugged your phone in, seeing that the girls group chat was blowing up with questions about where you were. He gave a slight smirk, looking over at his bed to see you passed out. Even though he wouldn’t tell anyone, he is still proud that he was able to make you be submissive to him, especially with the hickeys on your neck and his clothes that were now draped against your body. While that did boost his confidence, he still didn’t know how to feel about you exactly. He knew it was a different feeling that he hadn’t felt before, but he wasn’t sure if he had fucked up any chance of you guys even being friends, let alone being anything else.

He sighed and took off his tank top, climbing over your now sleeping body before getting under the covers and laying down next to you. He was playing on his phone with his arm down at his side when he heard you groan and turn in your sleep. He glanced over at you to see that you were now laying facing towards him, with your arm outstretched by your side. You felt around the bed for a second before you came into contact with his hand, stopping for a second before lacing your fingers with his. Seeing you do this made him blush as he averted his gaze. Now he definitely had to do something about his feelings towards you.