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bedroom skits

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It was 2 am, and Ian and Matt were both wide awake. Ian laid down on his bed, staring up at the ceiling, Matt next to him, crossing his arms. The silence in the room was almost unbearable for the both of them.


“I’m bored.” Matt sighed, sitting up, and folding his hands in his lap.


“The fuck are we supposed to do, go to sleep?”


Matt laughed, turning around and facing Ian. Matt’s hair was tousled, but Ian thought that was adorable. Matt’s cheeks were slightly flushed and his gracious freckles were more apparent in the lighting of the room.


“We could have some fun.” Matt rested his face in his hands, staring at Ian intently, his lips curving into a sly smile.


“What do you mean?”


“You know. Come on.” Matt slowly traced his hand down Ian’s chest, and Ian tensed up, fearing himself start to wake up .


They shared a moment of brief eye contact, seeming to read each other’s minds.


Matt pushed himself down on Ian’s lap, straddling him. Matt crashed his lips against Ian’s lips, letting them sink in. Matt gave an entrance for his tongue, shuddering in pleasure when their tongues came in contact. Ian gripped Matt’s hips, hoisting him closer. Matt slowly bit down on Ian’s bottom lip, and Ian felt himself getting harder.


Matt traveled into new territory, planting his lips down Ian’s neck, eventually biting and sucking on his collarbone. Ian accidentally let a moan escape, and Matt felt his urges get stronger. Matt roamed his hands down Ian’s chest, eventually reaching his jeans.


Matt glanced up at Ian with pleading eyes.


Ian unzipped his jeans and pulled down his boxers. Matt’s eyes bugged out when he saw Ian’s member, fully erect. Matt placed his hand around Ian’s member, stroking slightly, before dipping his tongue down on the tip. Matt swirled his tongue around the tip, letting his saliva lubricate the head. Ian’s eyes were slightly lidded, and he breathed out, feeling Matt’s tongue tease and press down.


Matt cupped his mouth around the top, beginning to dip his head down and slide his tongue graciously around.


“Fuck..” Ian cursed quietly, gripping Matt’s hair.


Matt dipped his head even farther, lightly choking. He pulled his head up, and began to drag his tongue up and down the shaft, stroking the head with his hand to cover every inch.


Ian felt a wave of pleasure wash over his whole body, the sensation getting more pleasurable as Matt’s tongue caressed and teased him. It was getting so hard to conceal his moans, and he bit his lip, staring down at Matt’s flushed face.


Matt began to dip his head up and down sloppily, feeling Ian grip his hair tighter. He sucked until Ian’s member was deep in his throat, gripping his mouth tighter around.


“Shit,” Ian groaned louder, his body shuddering as Matt gripped his mouth tighter around his member and taking it deeper in his throat.


Matt pulled his mouth away, leaving a trail of saliva behind.


Matt began to dip his head down again, and Ian pushed Matt’s head down farther, Matt’s eyes rolling slightly back.


Ian used his hand to guide Matt’s head up and down, and Matt let Ian control him, his hand gripping the sheets.


Ian breathed heavily and groaned as he felt himself on the verge of cumming.


Matt felt Ian’s body start to slightly tremble, and Ian pulled his member out, cumming all over Matt’s face and shirt.


“Oh my god..” Ian moaned and finally loosened his grip on Matt’s hair.


Matt stroked Ian’s member, letting the rest of his cum drip onto his tongue. He looked up at Ian as he swallowed it, sharing a brief moment of eye contact.


Ian quickly pulled his boxers and jeans back up, buttoning his jeans and sitting down on the bed.


“Fuck you Ian. Got all this on me.” Matt said in a raspy voice, pointing to his face and shirt.


”You wanted to do it.” Ian chuckled.


Ian’s eyes followed Matt into the hallway, and he quickly shifted his viewpoint away. That happened , he thought.


Matt came back, plopping down on the bed and laying his head down on Ian’s lap.


“That won’t make things awkward, right?” Matt asked, glancing up at Ian.




“You take it so simple.”


“We’ve been friends for forever. This isn’t gonna mess shit up.”




Ian took Matt’s face in his hands and planted a kiss on Matt’s soft, inviting lips. It was short but passionate, something they both wanted to cherish.