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How Owen Won Everyone's Heart

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Owen started wiggling in Curt’s arms. Taking the hint Curt placed him on the floor and he ran over to Cynthia, hugging her leg.
“Spy mom!” he exclaimed looking up at her and beaming. Cynthia’s eyes widened, because Owen just called her mom or the fact that Owen looked damn adorable Curt wasn’t sure. She smiled and bent down to pick Owen up. She giggled, and booped his nose.
‘Oh my God did Cynthia just giggle!?’ It was Curt’s turn to widen his eyes. It was then that Curt remembered the vial in his pocket.
“I recovered this before leaving the facility,” Curt said, pulling out the bag the vial was in. Cynthia looked up from Owen and nodded.
“You should get that to Barb,” she said before looking back down at Owen, smiling.
“I should probably bring Owen with me. Barb will want to take a look at him, plus it’ll be easier to explain with him with me,” Curt said reaching for Owen. Cynthia scowled then nodded, “then let’s go.” Curt raised his eyebrows, he wasn’t expecting that but it was clear that she wasn’t ready to let go of Owen yet. Curt just shrugged and headed out the door towards the labs.

“Barb! How’s my favorite nerd doing,” Curt called out as he entered the lab. Barb looked up from a tangle of wires and glared at him.
“Curt what the hell! You turn off your comm while I’m talking to you and then you have the audacity to just stroll in here like nothing’s wrong!?” she yelled at him waving a screwdriver in his face. All the other scientist glanced over at them but upon seeing Barb yelling at Curt just went back to work. Curt winced, “look I get that you’re mad but I swear it was for a good reason.” Just then Cynthia walked in with Owen in her arms. Barb’s eyes went wide and she dropped the screwdriver that not five seconds ago she was angrily waving in his face.
“Barb, you okay?” Curt asked. Barb just let out a high pitched scream. Curt and Owen both blocked their ears, Owen slightly hindered by the fact that one arm was still wrapped around Sir Fluffsalot. Barb then moved over to Cynthia and started cooing at Owen.
“Who’s adorable? You are! Aren’t you a handsome boy!” she cooed.Owen didn’t seem like he knew how to handle the situation. Then something must have clicked in his brain because he held out the arm that wasn’t holding his sheep out to her.
“Barb!” he cried. Barb looked like she wanted to cry too. Cynthia clearly had other plans as her grip on Owen tightened and she glared at Barb.
“Okaaaay. Well Barb that’s actually the reason I turned my comm off. We had a...mishap during the mission and we need to make sure that Owen is okay and then figure out how to turn him back,” Curt said. At this point the other scientists had come over and started gushing over Owen too. Owen, the little shit, was basking in all the attention.
‘Oh God he’s gaining power,’ Curt thought. He shook his head, everyone was obsessed with Owen.
“Barb!” he shouted trying to get through to her. She shot up and looked at him, adjusting her glasses. Curt closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose, “we need to find out if Owen is okay.” She nodded, “yeah no problem I’ll just give him a quick examination.” She turned back to Owen and reached out to take him from Cynthia. Cynthia stepped backed and growled, actually growled! Curt slowly rubbed his temple, “Cynthia you need to give Owen to Barb.”
“We need to make sure he’s okay.” That made Cynthia pause. Very begrudgingly she handed Owen over to Barb who had to shoo all her scientist back to work so she could examine Owen.
She placed him on a table and proceeded to look for any abnormalities.
“He looks fine but I need to take a blood sample in order to be sure.” Barb said once she’d finished. Things went downhill when she pulled out a needle. Owen saw the needle and his eyes widened and the blood drained from his face.
“Owen-” Curt started but before he could finish Owen had leapt off of the table and ran out of the room. ‘Great.’ Curt though lips pursing.
“We should probably go catch him,” Barb said. Cynthia glared at her before heading out in pursuit of Owen. Curt rolled her eyes and followed, God he wasn’t paid enough for this.