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Miei Cari

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    The sizzle of the pan was a welcome sound to the owner and chef, Abbacchio. He had a perfect rhythm that, like his favorite music, without fail made him feel at home. He dishes up another perfect plate of spaghetti carbonara before going to plug in a CD player to entertain himself during the day. It was 5 years ago today exactly that Abbacchio had bought a beautiful but run-down restaurant overlooking the gulf and made it his. He only had a few dishes on his menu, but he made sure that every one of them was perfect before he added it. He also was careful at the liquor he served with his meals. Some might say his exacting nature was terrifying, however, he had locals that loved him, and the occasional tourist come on a whim and claim that his restaurant was the best they’d ever been to. That was enough for him. Or so he thought. The kitchen was starting to slow down after a lunch rush, and he stepped out back for a second to take a smoke break. If they really needed him to fire up something, his waiter and unofficial sommelier, Fugo, could come out and get him. He took a long drag off of the cigarette and looked a little bit down the alley. From a distance he saw a man laughing, with his gaze focused on his female companion. He looked absolutely enamored with her, and she with him. Abbacchio knew that was true love and it made his heart ache. He wishes he could feel what those two had for each other. As his mind wanders off, thinking about his future lover, the couple approaches him. They must have made an inside joke because just as they start to pass Abbacchio the man practically keels over from laughing. He wipes a tear from the side of his eye and then turns around and looks at Abbacchio.

“Oh… sorry to bother you sir.” The man says in a beautiful Neapolitan accent.

“What?” Abbacchio asks, not outright hostile, but definitely didn’t want to interrupt the love birds.

“We’re looking for a restaurant around here… it’s called Ristorante di Aureo.”

“That would be mine. Actually.” Abbacchio puts his cigarette out with the bottom of his shoe. “Entrance is round the front.”

“Thank you.” The man says with the sincerest smile Abbacchio’s ever seen. God, he could not do this to himself. That man was straight, and clearly in love with the woman he was with. He couldn’t even fantasize about him if he wanted to. He goes back in and stares through the window out to the dining room to see Fugo seat the two at a table nearby. Now that he got a look at her, he thought that the woman was rather beautiful too. He didn’t have much attraction for women, but occasionally when a woman like her came by, he knew he was going to fall hard. What was he thinking? He couldn’t be with either of them. God forbid he break either of their hearts by stealing one from each other. They really were the perfect pair. As much as Abbacchio hated to say it, it’s like God personally took the two of them and sculpted them for the other. It was that level of perfection. It was the very same God that cursed him to be alone like this. Fugo came back in and laughed,

“I might actually need a smoke break now.”

“You don’t even smoke. You have enough smoke blowing out of your ears half the time.” Abbacchio is quick to throw back at him

“That couple out there…”

“Don’t. Remind me.” He sighs and looks for the biggest wine glass in the house.

“They’re lovey-dovey. But they asked for the Chef’s recommendations.”


“I said, and I quote, ‘If he didn’t like the dish, he wouldn’t put it on his menu. He’s that crazy’.”

“Then what did they say?”

“Then they asked, well we want limoncello. What pairs with that?”

“A dessert?” Abbacchio raises an eyebrow. What idiots would want limoncello with their meal?

“I told them that. Then they said, ‘Okay, we’ll just wait then’. And smiled at each other, held hands and made kisses faces.” Fugo throws in a gag for extra emphasis

“I’m going to spit in their wine glasses.”


“Because they’re irritating. Do I need any other reason?”

“Because you don’t want to get sued?”

“This isn’t America, Fugo, they’re not going to sue me.”

“Well the woman is. Her Italian is terrible.”

“What do they speak in then?”


“So, should I fire up some meatballs and spaghetti for her?”

“Maybe. Oh. I should go and check on them.” He heads back out and gets their order. This time Fugo comes back and looks for the white wine glasses. “Pinot Grigio, two plates of Spaghetti Carbonara.”

“Got it. You told them the wait?”

“Yes. They said they were just at a café, so they’ll be fine until the food gets to their table.”

“They sound like amateurs. Going to a café before their meal.” Abbacchio scoffs, throwing the pasta into a pan to cook.

“Asking for limoncello for their meal. Maybe they met in America.” Fugo laughs

“They had to have. No self-respecting Italian drinks limoncello like that.” Abbacchio hides his smile from his friend. He works on the dishes as Fugo goes out every time he sees their glass get a little too low. Finally, the pasta is ready. Abbacchio grabs a towel to clean up the edges of the dish, and then finishes with the garnish. He puts it out for Fugo to bring to them and then they wait. As expected, Abbacchio can practically hear their moans from the very back of his kitchen as they enjoy the best pasta in Italy. Fugo and him talk for a few minutes until Fugo comes back like he’s seen a ghost.

“What the hell.”

“They want to talk to you.”


“I said they want to talk to you.”


“I don’t know. Go to talk to them before they sue you.”

“They’re not going to sue me, idiot.” Abbacchio rolls his eyes and walks out to the couple. Right now, they were the only customers he had so he wasn’t afraid of them. Maybe they were moles for the mob, and this was the point when they offered extortion. As he looked at them though, he could see that, had they been mob members, their faces wouldn’t have been nearly as bright as they were.

“Do you run this restaurant on your own?” The man asks, circling his wine glass with his finger

“I do, but my friend works here as well.”

“I see. Well. Are you busy?” Abbacchio knew those eyes, those eyes were eyes of lust. He had heard that the stomach was the gateway to a man’s heart, but he didn’t think it would be that immediate. He looks over at the woman, who looks at him equally as lustful as her boyfriend. He had to ask himself, what was going on. Two beautiful people, interested in him? He thought they must be crazy.

“I usually close early on Sundays.”

“Good. You should meet with us on the beach. We’ll be the couple drinking Limoncello out of order.” Shit. So they had heard them, “I’m Bruno by the way.”

“I’m [y/n].” She says, much softer, but in perfect Italian. God damn it Fugo. “What’s your name love?”

“Leone. But I’d prefer if you two called me Abbacchio.” He’s blunt with them. He knows they’re trying to hit on him, but he can’t really believe it. Why would a couple so perfect want a mess like him? He would throw everything in their chemistry off by simply being near them. Kinda like he was doing now. Shit.

“Abbacchio then?” Bruno smiles, that damn smile almost made Abbacchio fall to his knees right then. “May we have your number? So if you get lost looking for us, we can guide you?”

“Sure.” He hands them a cellphone number and Bruno tucks it in his back pocket.

“We’ll see you then, caro.” The couple leave, a happy flirty mess out of the restaurant as Abbacchio just stands there. What the hell was that. He unconsciously walked back to the kitchen and stared down at the floor.

“What happened?!” Fugo asks

“I just got hit on… by a couple.”


“I didn’t say no.”

“Maybe they’re not a couple. I mean… maybe?”

“You and I both saw how lovey-dovey they were! They were a mess getting out of the restaurant!”

“This has to be a prank or something.” Fugo crosses his arms and perches his head on his fingers as he thinks

“I don’t know. I don’t really care.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I think I’m going to go out with them.”

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“Naples is lovely isn’t it?” Bruno asks his girlfriend. She smiles and nods, looking deep into his eyes. So much so that she almost trips on a cobblestone block jutting out of the ground. He pulls her back, so she avoids it, but she just blushes softly.

“Thanks babe.” She smiles at him.

“No problem.”

    He takes a hold of her hand and they keep walking up the street. Surprisingly to most people in Naples, this was his first vacation with his girlfriend since they had started dating. They had met in New York after a business meeting between her boss and Bruno’s boss. She worked for a real estate company or something of that kind and he worked for a pharmaceutical company. Of course, when her boss had given her a large bonus, Bruno’s first thought was to bring her home to Italy. His father was deceased, and had lost contact with his mother, but he still considered Italy his home above all else. Second only of course to her arms. They started in Sicily, then worked their way back up north and had decided to stay a few days in Naples. They had asked a girl at the café if there was any place worth going to while they were there, and she had mentioned ristorante di aureo. So naturally, they went exploring around the gorgeous costal city. He held her hand tightly as they walked the roads and they had stumbled upon an alleyway.

“If this restaurant is so good, I’m surprised the streets aren’t paved with gold.” She mutters under hear breath which makes Bruno laugh a little too loud, and a little too obnoxiously even though that’s hardly the funniest thing she’s ever said. They walk past a rather handsome man, who at the moment was smoking his cigarette.

“Oh… sorry to bother you sir…” He turns back around to face the other man, his arm linked with his lover’s.

“What?” The other man asks, rather gruff so it seems.

“We’re looking for a restaurant around here…. It’s called Ristorante di Aureo.”

“That would be mine. Actually.” He throws his cigarette to the ground and stomps it out with the bottom of his shoe. Bruno almost wishes he could have stolen the cigarette out of his lips and indirectly kissed the man, but neither him or his girlfriend smoked. “Entrance is round the front.”

“Thank you.” He smiles back at him. He swears he sees the man blush a little bit as he said that, but for now, Bruno was going to get his girlfriend to this restaurant.

“He was… good-looking.” His girlfriend says first, “Like… really good-looking.”

“Don’t tell me you’re falling for him too.”

“I am… but…”

“But what?” Bruno asks, his expression somewhere between hurt and straight confusion

“It may seem selfish, but I think we’d be a cute couple. All three of us. Together.”

“We can do that?” Bruno smiles

“I don’t see why we couldn’t.” She smiles back at him and kisses him on the cheek. He suddenly feels something swell up inside of his stomach that he hasn’t felt in a while. He knew he loved his girlfriend with all of his heart, but this feeling was like the feeling of a new love.

“I… can’t believe we’ve never thought of this.”

“If I hadn’t seen the way you gazed at each other, I wouldn’t have even suggested it.” She remarks

“You’re absolutely brilliant [y/n].” He smiles and kisses her full on the lips. She blushes a bit as they finally walk into the restaurant. They are seated and look out over the Gulf of Naples. Their waiter comes up to them and asks,

“What can I get for you?’

“Well…” Bruno thinks for a moment, thinking of the drink that always seems to start something happy for the couple, “Do you have anything for limoncello?”


“Oh… Well then. Um. Do you have anything that the chef recommends?” He puts a little charm on the words, Chef, hoping that maybe this man will somehow figure out a way to arrange a meeting with the man they met outside.

“If he didn’t like the dish, he wouldn’t put it on his menu. He’s that crazy.” The waiter tries hard not to roll his eyes, but Bruno can see the frustration.

“We’ll just have…” His girlfriend starts to say, quietly, as she usually speaks as their waiter heads to the kitchen.

“What was that all about…” Bruno asks himself.

“It’s fine honey. We can look at the ocean in the meantime.” She smiles softly

“You’re right. Let’s wait.” The waiter comes back and asks again if they want anything and Bruno orders a wine and a dish for them. They wait and talk the entire time. They see their waiter only come by when they need more wine. Eventually he brings out their carbonara and leaves them to be.

“Bon appititu.” Bruno says, digging into his pasta. They eat together and practically moan as the first bite hits their tongue. It is by far, the best pasta that Bruno’s ever had. After a while, their waiter comes back up to them and asks how everything is.

“We’d like to talk the chef, if we may.” She says, looking over at Bruno

“Oh… let me go… and get him…” The waiter slinks back into the kitchen and after a few moments the handsome chef comes out. His girlfriend looks at over him with a look that said, “Let’s ask him.” and Bruno gives her a small nod back.

“Do you run this restaurant, on your own?” Bruno asks, circling the rim of his wine glass with the tip of his finger, he looks into the chef’s eyes and falls deeper in love in that moment.

“I do, but my friend works here as well.” His eyes flick back towards the kitchen.

“I see. Well. Are you busy?” The man starts to stammer before getting it together enough to say

“I usually close early on Sunday.”

“Good. You should meet with us on the beach. We’ll be the couple drinking Limoncello out of order. I’m Bruno by the way.”

“I’m [y/n].” His girlfriend says, much softer, but her usual speaking voice “What’s your name love?”

“Leone. But I’d prefer if you two called me Abbacchio.”

“Abbacchio then? May we have your number? So if you get lost looking for us, we can guide you?”

“Sure.” He hands them a cellphone number and Bruno puts the number in his back pocket.

“We’ll see you then, caro.” Bruno leaves behind the money for their meal and they run out of the restaurant like school girls.

“So we have a date…” She smiles and kisses Bruno’s cheek.

“Yeah, I certainly hope so.” He kisses back. For the two of them, Naples couldn’t be anymore gorgeous.

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    Abbacchio looked down the beach and looked for a bottle of limoncello. He found the bottle before he found the people. At the moment, the couple were running back and forth with the waves, up and down the beach. He waits next to the beach towel and umbrella but doesn’t sit down. He wasn’t sure how they would react to him being so relaxed on their towel. It isn’t until [y/n] notices that he was standing there, and they walked over to their little area.

“Hi.” Bruno smiles at him. Abbacchio could’ve swore his heart did a flip in his chest as Bruno looked at him.

“Hey.” Abbacchio replies. Bruno and his girlfriend sit down on their towel and pats an open spot on it for Abbacchio to sit down. He sits down facing towards them as they all get comfortable on the towel. [Y/N] buries her feet in the warm sand and smiles at the two of them.

“So… do you want any limoncello?” Bruno asks the two before him.

“I’ll have some.” [Y/N] replies and grabs the plastic glasses they brought down.

“Why not?” Abbacchio takes a glass from her and holds it for Bruno to pour. He pours for them and they start to drink. After they’ve loosened up a little, they start talking.

“Why Naples?” [Y/N] asks Abbacchio.

“I just grew up here.”

“Why a restaurant, when there’s so many?” Bruno adds in.

“I’ve been making food for a while, I found a good location and just started from there.”

“Was it hard?” The couple seemingly so in sync that they kept the questions coming for him.

“No, it wasn’t hard. Just took a few months to get my name out there. I’m not the most popular restaurant in town.”

“But it’s certainly the best food.” She smiles at him. He could kiss her right now. God this date was going to be hard for him.

“Thank you… you two are really too nice… Um, so how did you meet?”

“We met in New York.” Bruno starts, “I’m not sure how, but my boss for Una pharmacies met up with Joestar real estate, and they brought us to the meeting. I fell for her the second I met her.” He goes to hold her hand, but her hand is already there in the space, waiting for his. How could Abbacchio ever get that close with the two of them?

“I didn’t ask him out actually.” [Y/N] laughs, “My boss did. He said, ‘Did you like the assistant? You were looking over at him a lot.’ And then they met in the bathroom, and he asked Bruno for his number for me. And then said, ‘[Y/N], I had to do a lot to get this number for you. You should call him.’ I did, we went on our first date, and yeah. It’s been history since.”

“So… why me?” Abbacchio stops beating around the bush. He thought they were flirting, but maybe they really weren’t.

“Well. We both agreed… that after we saw you in the alleyway, we kinda fell for you.”

“Both of you?”

“Yes.” [Y/N] confirms and reaches for his hand. Abbacchio takes it and laces his fingers between hers. It felt as natural as breathing to him to hold her hand.

“So, have either of you…”

“No.” They answer together, before Bruno says, “We can certainly try though, right?”

“Yeah, try.” He nods. He takes a sip of his drink and watches them.

“I have to run to the bathroom,” Bruno gets up, “I’ll be back.” He gets up and runs off to god knows where.

“Do you mind if I lean on you?” She asks him.

“No… go ahead.” He scoots over and she moves over to him, “Would Bruno mind if I kissed you?”

“I don’t think so. He wants to kiss you just as badly.”

“Then… do you want to kiss?”

“Yes.” She leans into him and they start to kiss. Just like that, his lips felt a spark like he’d never felt before. He holds her gently and she wraps her arms around him. It felt so incredibly good. She rests her head on him and asks,

“Would you really want to date the both of us?”

“You’re both beautiful people… and seem nice.”

“That doesn’t really answer my question, does it?” She laughs to herself.

“Well… I don’t really know either of you, but yes.”

“Okay.” They sit quietly together, still holding hands but the mood between them had changed. It was less of an awkward tension and more of that of a couple trying to learn about each other. Bruno walks back and smiles.

“You two got close fast.”

“Yeah, we did.” Abbacchio looks at his, now girlfriend and sees the soft smile still on her face.

“Mind if I join?” He sits down and rests his head on Abbacchio. Abbacchio’s heart was beating so fast in his chest. On either side of him were the most beautiful people he had ever met. Their hair was just barely wet, with the smell of the sea still lingering. This was the first time in a while that he had felt really relaxed. He’d have to thank them later for this moment, but first he wanted to be even with the man on his left.

“Anybody hungry?” [Y/N] asks.

“I’m fine dear, but if you want something you can go get it.” Bruno smiles.

“I think I’ll go look. You okay Abbacchio?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, thank you.” She gets up and leaves. “She’s really sweet.”

“Yeah, she is.” Bruno sighs happily “She reads the mood better than anyone else I know.”

“So, she knew she should let us kiss like you let us?”

“Yeah. Do you want to talk a bit or kiss first?”

“I’ve been thinking about your lips all day, if I’m not going to lie.” Abbacchio looks at Bruno.

“You have?” Bruno gets a little shy.

“Yes. How nice they looked at the restaurant. How wide they spread when you’re laughing. It’s a beautiful feature of you.”
“Thank you.” He smiles wide. He looks at Abbacchio’s lips before making the move. He wraps his arms around Abbacchio’s neck and kisses him too. Abbacchio tries not to, but in his head, he still compares the two kisses. [Y/N]’s was soft, but sweet, whereas Bruno’s was a bit more forward, but full of hope. Either way, he loved the kisses almost as much as he was starting to fall for them. Bruno pulls away but holds Abbacchio’s hand as their girlfriend shows up.

“Couldn’t find anything… should we go somewhere else?”

“Do you want to come with us to our hotel?” Bruno asks Abbacchio.

“Yes. Let’s go.” They clean up their spot on the beach and head back to the couple’s hotel room. Abbacchio followed them as they form a line, Bruno holding [Y/N]’s hand, and [Y/N]’s hand holding his. He wanted to be a part of this relationship more than anything else that he’s wanted, and so far, it seemed like they liked him back as well.

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    As they walk into the hotel, Bruno can’t help but feel like he’s floating on cloud nine. Sure, he had his girlfriend. But now with Abbacchio there, everything just felt right. The way they moved through crowds around town, the way they fit in the back row of the taxi. Bruno loved being squished between them. While neither of them had the coordination with Abbacchio that they had with each other, Bruno knew that the couple’s patterns would match Abbacchio’s soon too. He hoped that [Y/N] and Abbacchio loved each other as much as he loved them. They get into the elevator Bruno leans in to kiss Abbacchio’s cheek. Abbacchio leans over and kisses Bruno and [Y/N] and then she returns their kisses. Bruno wanted to make out with them both right there when the doors open and the cleaning lady sees the triad holding hands. They quickly shuffle out of the elevator and Bruno rustles the key out from his pocket. In the meantime, Abbacchio’s wrapped his arms around [Y/N]’s waist and rests his head on top of her head. Bruno opens the door and they enter.

“Let’s sit down.” Bruno suggests and they get onto a couch. Abbacchio ends up in the middle again with him on one side and their girlfriend on the other. Bruno turns on the tv and they cuddle for a while. [Y/N] reaches for Abbacchio’s hand, who in turn reaches for Bruno, who then reaches over Abbacchio’s lap to get his girlfriend’s other hand. It’s a little messy for a first attempt at holding hands but it was still comforting, nonetheless. Abbacchio covers their head in kisses throughout the night. [Y/N] yawns and changes her position on the couch, laying her legs across her boyfriend’s lap and supports herself against the arm of the couch. She starts to play with Abbacchio’s hair, and as much as he’s a little irritated, Bruno can tell that he likes it deep down. Bruno lifts his feet up and sits on one side of his legs, his feet up against the other arm. He adjusts his girlfriend’s legs so that they were still across his lap. Abbacchio gets tired of sitting up straight and uncomfortably, leaned down, and rested his head on [Y/N]’s chest. She starts to play with his hair again and Bruno couldn’t be happier.

“Should I order something?”

“Like what?” His girlfriend asks.

“Just a bottle of wine to share.”

“You should. Show me the wine list and I could give you a recommendation.” Abbacchio sits up a little bit. Bruno hands him the list. “Pinot Noir might be nice. That or a Cabernet Sauvignon.”

“Pinot sounds good.” [Y/N] adds. They order a bottle and wait for it. In the meantime, Abbacchio gets up and heads to the bathroom.

“What do you think about him?” Bruno asks.

“I really like him…” She smiles, “He doesn’t look like the type, but he loves touch.”

“You’re right.” Bruno kisses her softly, “Do… we make a move?”

“I’m sure he’s planning on something. Right?”

“Yeah, yeah he has to be.”

“He’ll be out in a second, as will our wine, and if he doesn’t make a move, we can do something.”

“You’re absolutely right.” Bruno nods and cuddles with her for a bit. While he was starting to love Abbacchio, he knew he also had to show [Y/N] how much he still loved her as an individual.

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    Abbacchio was so damn confused. He splashed his face with water and takes a deep breath. He knew that he liked them, a whole lot more than just “like”. He knew he wanted to do what they had intended to do when they invited him into the hotel room, he was just confused how to go about it. Did he just flat out tell them,

“Hey, let’s fuck.” Or would he need to be more subtle and say, “Let’s make love, miei cari.” In a seductive voice. He couldn’t fucking believe it, but he took out his Nokia and calls Fugo’s house.

“‘Ello?” Fugo answers

“Fugo, I’m about to score with this couple. How do I tell them that we can do it?”

“… you what. They’re seriously interested in you?”

“Yes. They’re really, really into me. The guy? He was feeling up my chest, and his girlfriend was playing with my hair.”

“What the fuck, you don’t even let me touch your hair.”

“Yeah. So they really want me. What do I do?”

“Uh… why the hell are you asking me?”

“Because Narancia is a fucking idiot and Mista’s probably getting his daily blowjob from his twink-ass boyfriend.”

“I think Giorno prefers twunk.”

“Twink. Not important.”

“Right. So I’m literally the last resort. Honestly, I’m hurt.”

“I will hang up if you don’t give me an answer. I only have 120 minutes jackass.”

“Okay!” Abbacchio can hear Fugo’s eyes rolling from the other line. “Just… don’t talk. Do.”


“Yeah, like start kissing them or something then say, ‘Let’s do something more than this’. I’m sure they’ll eat that shit up.”

“You’re a godsend. Bye.” He hangs up and does another splash to his face. He heads out into the room and sees [Y/N] on the couch.

“Wine’s here!” Bruno brings the bottle in, carrying three glasses with him.

“Thank you.” Abbacchio smiles at him. “Let me pour for you two.”

“You don’t have to.”

“You poured the drink at the beach, the least I can do is this.” He took the bottle from Bruno and hands [Y/N] a glass. He pours for the two of them and they start to drink. He looks over at them and tries to think of a way that he can start it all up, but his lips gravitate to the rim of his glass. Her hand travels up his chest, resting over his heart when she looks him in the eyes. “Let’s do something more than this.”

“Together?” Bruno asks

“Yeah.” Abbacchio quickly replies. They get up and move onto their bed. [Y/N] pushes Abbacchio down onto the bed and takes him by surprise. She seemed so sweet, he could hardly believe that she was the one in control of it all. She lays down besides him and kisses his left cheek. Meanwhile Bruno lays down on the other side of him and kisses his right cheek. Abbacchio couldn’t help but feel his face turn red as he was being pampered by his dates. Bruno starts to kiss down Abbacchio’s side, while [Y/N]’s hands slowly massage his chest. To be honest, he’d never actually been touched with such sensuality before, but this couple knew what they were doing. He sits back and lets them take care of him. Bruno, on his knees near Abbacchio’s waist gently took his right hand and kissed it. Abbacchio wanted to reach out and kiss him back, but his lips were already taken by [Y/N]. He could hardly keep the moan that had been on his tongue from coming out while she kissed him passionately. His head was already in the clouds when he was snapped back into reality by the sound of Bruno’s soft voice asking.

“How are we going to do this? Foreplay’s nice… but you said you wanted more. Didn’t you?”

“Yeah…” He sits back up and looks at the couple.

“How do you want us?”

“Let’s… do something small first.” Abbacchio gently grabs [Y/N] and kisses her neck softly, and tugs at the collar of her shirt. Bruno, still at Abbacchio’s waist playfully pulls down Abbacchio’s pants and kisses along the top of his boxer’s waistband. Abbacchio bites his lip, inadvertently also pressing down on her lip, making her sigh softly. Abbacchio kisses down her and eventually reaches her pelvis. He holds onto her before decisively shoving his head into her. He pulls her down with him as he starts to eat her out. Bruno shoves his head down and starts to play with Abbacchio’s dick. Abbacchio moans into the folds of [Y/N] and keeps eating her out at a steady pace. She moans softly, riding Abbacchio’s face as he licks at her clit. He works his tongue up into her as Bruno shoves Abbacchio’s dick to the back of his throat. Abbacchio tries his hardest to focus on giving his girlfriend pleasure but loses it as Bruno circles his tongue around his dick. Abbacchio lets out a suppressed moan. He thrusts his tongue in and out of [Y/N] to match with the motions of Bruno’s head. Abbacchio arches his back as he feels a warm feeling pool around his stomach. He cums into Bruno’s mouth and Bruno swallows as much as he can. Abbacchio moans as the man focuses on cleaning him up, and then he falls back hard onto his back. He reaches up, cupping his girlfriend’s ass cheeks and pulling her back down onto his mouth. He gently plays with her clit, batting it around with his tongue. She finally reaches her own orgasm and lies on top of Abbacchio. She eventually rolls off and lies besides him. They’re all hot, sweaty, panting messes on the bed, but Bruno rests his head on Abbacchio’s right shoulder.


“Great.” Abbacchio kisses his head, giving him a gentle hug. [Y/N] wraps her arms around Abbacchio’s waist and rests her head in the crook of Abbacchio’s neck. He unwraps his arms from around Bruno and lets his arms hover over their chests. [Y/N] uncoils herself from Abbacchio and gently takes his left hand with her right, and Bruno takes Abbacchio’s right with his left hand. For once, Abbacchio didn’t care that he was a mess like this right now. This mess was because of his love for the two people besides him, and he wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Before he even knew it, he felt himself drifting off to sleep, the ends of his lovers’ hairs gently tickling his chest.

Chapter Text

    The next morning, Bruno got up first. He was normally an early riser anyway, but something in his body told him to be up sooner today. He looks over at his girlfriend and boyfriend, snuggling each other. He wraps his arms around [Y/N] and Abbacchio and sweeps the long hair away from Abbacchio’s eyes. After last night, everything had felt perfect to him. He loved his partners more and more as they had just lied in their bed. He notices Abbacchio starting to stir in the middle and he smiles

“Good morning.”

“Morning.” Abbacchio leans over their girlfriend to give Bruno a kiss. It’s soft and exactly what Bruno wanted in that moment. “Does she always sleep in like this?”

“On weekends, yes. Otherwise she gets up early all the time. I think it’s more out of habit than anything.”

“I see.” He nods softly. Bruno cups his cheek in his right hand and smiles. If this wasn’t paradise, Bruno didn’t want to know what was. Underneath them, their girlfriend had just opened her eyes. She looks at the two of them before gently sitting up and kissing their cheeks. Bruno pulls her closer to him and they lie there for a while, one giant pile.

“So… what are we going to do?” She asks

“Let’s just stay like this for a few more minutes, then we can decide.” Bruno kisses her head, unwilling to let this morning end.

“Would this be a bad time to tell you I have to work today?” Abbacchio asks softly

“Yes, it would be. I thought your restaurant wasn’t open today.” Bruno frowns softly

“It’s not, but I still have to work. Look at what I need for the week, see what I can buy the day of, all that good stuff.”

“Well… how about we meet you later?” [Y/N] suggests, “Meet you at your restaurant then we can go and look somewhere to go together.”

“Okay.” He smiles softly and kisses her cheek. He rolls back over to give Bruno a kiss and Bruno bites his lips softly. He didn’t want to let Abbacchio go just yet, but he also knew how important his restaurant was to him. Abbacchio hops into the bathroom and Bruno gets closer to his girlfriend.

“How was last night?” He asks her softly, playing with her hair.

“I thought it was great.” She smiles and takes his hand, gently kissing it. He’s smiling even more than he had just from Abbacchio, “Did you get enough?”

“For me, yes. Though I could use more in the future.” He laughs, her hand works its way up Bruno’s abs

“We’ll take care of you. That is, assuming Abbacchio still wants to be with us.”

“I’d love it if you both took care of me.” Bruno didn’t want to imagine too much, for fear that it wouldn’t compare to the real thing, but he did like the idea of being at the mercy of his two infatuations. He feels [Y/N]’s hand on his face, wiping the drool he had no idea that had been collecting at the edge of his mouth.

“I love you Bruno.” She says, confidently

“I love you too.” He kisses her head. He burrows his head into her hair and rests there for a moment. He hears the bathroom door open up again, and Abbacchio steps out in his old clothes.

“I have to run by my house before I head to work. So I’ll just go now. You still have my number, right?”

“Yeah, we have it. All else fails, I have it memorized.” [Y/N] gleams

“That fast huh?” He laughs, “See you two later.”

“See you later Abba…” Abbacchio delicately closed the door just as Bruno was about to finish his name. “Do you think he’s still interested in us?”

“Absolutely.” She smiles softly, “Are you still interested in him?”

“Yes. You?”

“Of course, dear.”

“Okay…” They get up and get ready to go out for the day. First, they head for another café. Bruno loved showing off the different coffee shops in Naples. He then takes his girlfriend to get a Naples slice of Neapolitan pizza, which they both agree is better than New York’s pizza. Eventually, they get a call from Abbacchio telling them that he’s done for the day and the couple heads over to meet with him.

“Let’s go meet him.” They walk to Ristorante di Aureo, hand in hand as they see Abbacchio lighting up yet another cigarette outside the back of his restaurant. As soon as he sees the couple though, he stomps it out with the back of his boot.

“You certainly changed your outfit.” Bruno remarks, noticing that Abbacchio is wearing a giant black coat, with his abs on full display behind some thick strings. He almost looks like a different man than the one that he flirted with so casually yesterday, at this very spot. Bruno had to admit to himself, Abbacchio’s face covered in dark tones of black and purple, was very attractive. He takes a step towards Abbacchio and kisses those plump lips of his, covered in matte lipstick. Abbacchio’s eyes go wide, but then kisses Bruno back. It felt so good to Bruno. It contrasted with [Y/N]’s plush lips and crème lipstick. He wanted [Y/N] to feel the sensation as well, so he pulls away from Abbacchio and lets his girlfriend get a kiss from their boyfriend as well. They all hug for a second before Abbacchio finally breaks the silence.

“Anybody hungry?”

“We ate lunch without you, but I’m sure we could go for gelato or something.” Bruno remarks

“Sounds good to me. Something sweet and cold sounds good after spending all that time in a warm kitchen.”

“If you were in a warm kitchen, why were you wearing such a heavy, dark outfit today?” [Y/N] asks, laughing softly

“Because… this is my favorite outfit. What other reason do I need?” He swipes his bangs out of his face and tucks it behind his ear. Bruno was absolutely enamored with him. He grabs Abbacchio’s right hand with his left, and [Y/N]’s with his right. Abbacchio tucks Bruno’s hand in his pocket, not letting going of his grasp for anything. He smiled softly as he looked down at the ground. Meanwhile, [Y/N]’s hand was out, rocking between the two of them as they walked along the streets. They find a gelato stand and Abbacchio takes Bruno’s hand out of his pocket and lets go of it.

“Let me pay for this today.” He pulls out his wallet

“Okay, it’s the least you can do, after all that wine we gave you last night.” [Y/N] says in jest. They order their gelato, Abbacchio strawberry, Bruno chocolate, and [Y/N]’s vanilla. While they were no longer linked by hands, they managed to keep a consistent pace and kept close to each other. Bruno was incredibly happy, he just hoped that both Abbacchio and [Y/N] were just as happy as he was

Chapter Text

Abbacchio had guided the throuple to a nice area that they could just sit down and enjoy their gelato. They started to people watch as the ice cream was running low in the cup. When he saw that they were done, Abbacchio got up and offered to throw away the containers for them and Bruno and [Y/N] hand it to him. It didn’t take him very long to find a trash bin. He drops the containers off and then heads back to his couple. His head had been racing all day while he was “at work”. Sure, he had had actual things he needed to get done at the restaurant, but it was mostly to take a break from the euphoria that his girlfriend and boyfriend gave him. He was afraid if he drunk it all in at once, they’d realize that they deserved a better partner. Though as much as he worried, it felt like Bruno and [Y/N] could truly never get enough of him. As soon as he came back, [Y/N]’s arms were already wrapped around his right arm and Bruno’s head was on Abbacchio’s left shoulder. He had to gulp. This couple was already so comfortable with him, but he had hardly given them the affection that they deserved. He knew he wanted to braid [Y/N]’s beautiful, long hair. He wanted to press his lips gently on Bruno’s nose and make his whole mouth crinkle into one of the most beautiful smiles in the world. But it just seemed like they only cared about making Abbacchio feel good, which drove his guilt to new insane heights. He was invited to the hotel again tonight, he knew that he would have to make the first move for him to be able to show them his growing love. They get to the couple’s room and immediately [Y/N]’s lips press onto his. He holds her in his arms as she kisses him with an intense passion, almost as if it had been years since she felt him, not hours. After they’ve kissed, he follows her eyes to see that Bruno is on the couch waiting for his boyfriend and girlfriend to cuddle with him. She pulls Abbacchio over by his arms and ends up in the middle of them again. He turns his attention to Bruno, undoing the braids at the top of his head. Bruno holds back his laughs as Abbacchio pulls them free.


“Sensitive to touch, you could say.” Bruno replies

“Feel any good?”

“It feels comforting.” Abbacchio smiled softly, that was better than what he had hoped for, and would gladly take it. He feels [Y/N]’s fingertips threading through the ends of his hair and almost purrs. What was this couple doing to him that made him feel so good? As he pulls out the last braid on Bruno, his boyfriend pulls him in for a kiss. Bruno rests his hands on Abbacchio’s chest and does nothing but kiss him. Abbacchio could die in their arms right now and he couldn’t think of a more blissful death.

“Here, let me kiss our girlfriend Bruno.” He loved he way they both smiled when he said ‘our’. Bruno couldn’t believe it, Abbacchio couldn’t believe, and [Y/N] couldn’t believe it either. That made the way that [Y/N] kissed Abbacchio all the more passionate. Her teeth bit down on his lips, he let out a moan that could only be described as low and throaty. [Y/N] must have been impatient, because she moves from Abbacchio’s side and onto his lap. His hands move onto the back of her legs, just below her the curve of ass. He lets his hand roam there before she puts her hands on his chest, fingers slowly moving underneath the string on crisscrossing over his pecs.

“Let’s make love.” She whispers against his lips

“What about Bruno?” Abbacchio asks, shifting his eyes over to Bruno. Bruno looks at them with the same ravenous eyes that Abbacchio saw yesterday. “What do you want?”

“I want her too.”

“How are we going to… do this?” Abbacchio asks, [Y/N] still playing with the straps on his coat to keep the mood up.

“There’s two holes.” Bruno kisses at [Y/N]’s neck, his arms wrapping around her waist and patting at her sides.

“If someone doesn’t take me right now, I will grind into you. That’s not a promise, that’s a threat.” She growls. It could only serve to turn on Bruno and Abbacchio that much more.

“Let’s get you on the bed first.” Bruno whispers into her ear and she gets up off Abbacchio’s lap and pulls them into the bedroom. First, [Y/N] gets onto the bed and gets onto her knees, waiting for her boyfriends to join her. Second, Bruno jumps in and wastes no time in playing with her shirt. After Abbacchio throws his clothes to the side, and takes the piece out of his hair, he joins the couple on the bed. [Y/N]’s backside is well taken care of as Bruno rests his hands on her hips, positioning her on his lap so he can thrust into her ass. Abbacchio finally lands on his knees before her and kisses her jawline. She lets out a quiet moan between the two of them as they continue to pamper her with their touches. Bruno reaches aimlessly behind him for a bottle of lube that they had bought earlier in the day. He grabs the bottle and squirts some into his hand before generously coating his dick.

“I can’t wait for you amore mia… I hope you don’t mind.” Bruno whispers into her ear. Abbacchio steals the bottle and lubes himself up as. Before he can insert himself into her, Bruno pushes a finger up into her asshole. She moans softly and he attempts to stretch her out. This doesn’t last long however, as Bruno can only be so patient with her. He leans her back against his chest before inserting himself. He holds her arms in his hands as he trusts up into her and keeps her close to him. Abbacchio isn’t hesitant either as after hearing her moans, he inserts himself up into [Y/N]’s vagina. Bruno thrusts fast and hard into her while Abbacchio is slower and more methodic. After what feels like barely anything, [Y/N]’s body slumps onto Abbacchio, riding out every last precious second of her orgasm from the two of them. Bruno pulls out and starts to jerk himself off before he looks at Abbacchio.

“Let’s take care of each other.” He looks at Abbacchio’s generous erection and taking it into his hand. Abbacchio moans, stifling it with his teeth between his lips. He moves closer to Bruno and wraps his hands around Bruno’s dick, teasing the man in a way that resulted in Bruno’s grunts. Abbacchio starts to leak precum into Bruno’s hand before Bruno shakes his head.

“On her.”


“Stomach. Chest. Face. Anywhere really.”

“Can I come on you?” Abbacchio asks, trying to keep himself from letting go right then. She nods quickly and after another stroke or two he cums onto her stomach. She moans softly as Bruno watches. He jerks himself off before also cumming onto their girlfriend’s torso. Like that, Abba was spent. He falls next to [Y/N] and looks at her. She was kinda beautiful like this. So was Bruno. Their hair looked extra voluminous as it fell onto the pillows. Abbacchio bites his lip as he looks at them. He absolutely loved these two. He only hoped that he was enough.

Chapter Text

“I need to clean up.” [Y/N] tells Bruno. Abbacchio looked too calm resting at the moment

“I’ll get it for you love. Since it’s half my fault.” He gets up and gets a wet towel for her to clean off her stomach. He looks at himself in the mirror and smiles. He felt euphoric, even if he felt a little bit left out. He was sure that next time, they’d focus on him. Apparently he had been taking awhile as behind him was his girlfriend.

“Everything alright babe?” She asks softly, taking the wet towel out of Bruno’s hand.

“You love me, right?”

“Of course, I love you Bruno.” She says, making sure she gets every last inch of her body cleaned off. She hugs him tightly and kisses his cheek and they look at each other.

“I know… I know we want to make Abbacchio feel good and welcomed in our relationship, but…”

“You feel left out?”

“Yes.” He sighs softly. She tilts his head back towards herself and kisses his lips

“It’s okay Bruno. I’ll talk with Abbacchio tomorrow and we’ll find someway to make you feel more appreciated.”

“I should talk with him. Just so he doesn’t think I’m jealous.”

“You know it’s okay if you’re jealous. This is everybody’s first time in a non-monogamous relationship… so it’s going to take a while for everyone to learn how to navigate it.”

“Okay… I love both of you, and I’m honestly so happy that you two have a bond with each other too. But… I want to feel wanted by the two of you two.” He rests his head on [Y/N]’s head. It felt weird. This was the first time he had held her intimately since they had added Abbacchio into their relationship, but it already felt like something was off. It felt good, but also wrong. Abbacchio should be on the other side of [Y/N], holding her in his arms, maybe even holding Bruno in those big strong arms of his.

“I understand.” She kisses his lips one more time, “Let’s go back to him. Okay?”

“Okay.” Bruno smiles, he wasn’t fully content, but he missed the warmth that his significant others gave off in bed. There, supporting himself on one arm, hair falling like a waterfall off his head, was Abbacchio. “I thought you were sleeping.”

“No, just closed my eyes for a few minutes.” He smiles softly. It was hard to be mad at him when he looked like this. Bruno gets back into bed, and surprisingly ends up in the middle of his partners. First [Y/N] wraps her arms around Bruno’s torso and shoves her face into the back of his shoulder. Abbacchio kisses his head and plays with the ends of Bruno’s hair a little bit.

“I heard your conversation in the bathroom.” Abbacchio said

“Oh… I didn’t mean to stir the pot.” Bruno’s eyes dart towards the pillow and his jaw clenches.

“It’s okay Bruno.” Finally, after [Y/N] adjusts her head, Abbacchio’s arms wrap themselves around Bruno’s neck and Abbacchio kisses along his jawline. “Do you want us now?”

“No, but maybe tomorrow.” Bruno lies, he didn’t know how tired the other two were, so he said he didn’t want them. Abbacchio moves his lips across his jawline before finally landing on his lips. Bruno’s arms rest on Abbacchio’s hips and snuggles with him. Bruno felt it the moment their heartbeats and breathing synced. Were their hearts using Bruno’s to gage? He wanted to cry, he was sure it was unintentional but it made him feel better than sex could. It felt as though their hearts needed him there to keep them in order. He can’t help but not breathe for a few seconds just so he can focus on the feeling of the heartbeats pounding.

“Did we take your breath away…?” Abbacchio kisses his head and smiles. Why did he hesitate? There was a moment of hesitation in his words, Bruno was sure of it. His heart rate starts to pick up as the fear drops into his stomach. “Bruno?”

“Do you love me?” Abbacchio’s eyes widen before answering with a soft.

"…Yes.” Bruno looked at him, his eyes looked so soft as he said that, “I love you Bruno. I love you and [Y/N].”

“Then… why did you hesitate?”

“I didn’t know if it was too soon to call you…. amore mio.” Bruno’s eyes are the one that widen this time as Abbacchio’s teeth perch themselves on his lip. Abbacchio couldn’t hardly look at Bruno when Bruno took his hand off Abbacchio’s back and cups his left cheek. He leans in and kisses Abbacchio as tears start to flow from the corners of his eyes. Abbacchio opens his eyes and pulls away from the kiss, “Don’t cry Bruno…”

“No, I just… I was so worried you and [Y/N] were growing closer and faster than we were… that I was being left behind.”

Abbacchio looks him deep in the eyes. “Bruno, I love you.”

“I love you too Abbacchio.” Abbacchio pulls away from the hug and lies on his back, looking up at the ceiling.

“You sure about that?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… we just met. Even though I can understand my feelings, I don’t really know how you feel, and honestly, I’ve never been in a relationship before.” Bruno’s eyebrows raised


“No… I mean, yeah, I’ve had crushes… but you saw how shy I was at my restaurant. God forbid I ever talk to someone. Much less they talk to me. So, like… how do I know you aren’t playing with my heart?”

“I don’t smoke, but… you want to go out on the balcony for one?” Bruno asks to which Abba can only nod. The moonlight hit Bruno’s hair just right, he looked gorgeous. On the other hand, Abbacchio looked ethereal. Like something that had fallen from the heavens. Bruno kisses his lips softly and holds him tightly. Abbacchio could look at the beautiful man before him all night. He swipes Bruno’s bangs to one side of his face, cups his face in his hands and kisses his forehead. Bruno smiles softly after the kiss and rests his head on Abbacchio’s shoulder. Abbacchio still has one arm around Bruno as he holds him, but uses his right hand to dig through his pockets and grab a cigarette.

“Light me one.” Bruno says

“You’ve never smoked right?”


“Then you shouldn’t start.”

“Please. Just this once. See if I’m missing out on anything.” Abbacchio sighs and pulls two cigarettes out of his pack, lighting the first one for Bruno and handing it to him. Bruno puts it in his mouth then quickly exhales. Bruno coughs and pulls the cigarette away from his mouth. It burned his throat and he could barely handle it, but a part of him wanted to keep going. He now understood why Abbacchio did this. He takes another drag off the cigarette he did significantly better at exhaling the smoke this time. In between huffs, Abbacchio leans in and presses his lips on Bruno and they look out at the sea.

“I love you Abbacchio.” Bruno says, without hesitation

“If you love me… put that cigarette out and kiss me.” Abbacchio quips back. Bruno takes one last drag off of the cigarette and stomps it out with the bottom of his shoe. He had put them back on after he and Abbacchio had decided to come out onto the balcony, that and his pants. After it’s well put out, Bruno cups Abbacchio’s face and kisses him. Abbacchio embraces Bruno and dips Bruno gently. Bruno laughs and kisses Abbacchio one more time. “I love you Bruno.”

Bruno whispers onto Abbacchio’s lips, “I love you too.”



“You think our girlfriend would be mad if we made love without her?”

“Probably just a little. But I can take care of her tomorrow if she needs anything. While you work.”

“Let’s go back inside and make love.” Bruno nods and they quietly sneak back into the bedroom. As expected, their girlfriend’s hair flowed out over the pillow in every direction, taking up at least ½ of the bed with her stretched out body. Before they can get into the living room, Bruno and Abbacchio lay a kiss on her head.

“We’ll be back soon.” Bruno whispers softly and they go.

“Did you bring the lube?” Abbacchio asks as Bruno pulls out the bottle from behind his back

“Almost forgot it.”

Abbacchio groans, “That would’ve been hell.” They laugh and start to kiss each other on the couch. Abbacchio’s hands graze over Bruno’s chest, his thumbs resting on Bruno’s nipples. He pulls the other man closer to him and sits him on his lap. Bruno undoes his pants and throws them off to the side and wiggles around on Abbacchio’s lap to pull the outfit off his partner. Bruno’s hands meet with Abbacchio’s hair as Abbacchio begins to mark his boyfriend. Bruno lets out a groan as Abbacchio leans him back so that Bruno could lie down and continues to cover Bruno with various shades of red bites and purple lipstick.

“Abbacchio. Just do me already.” Bruno says in a broken voice. Abbacchio massages his chest, flicking at his nipples with his fingers. He takes a bud into his mouth and Bruno yelps as he feels Abbacchio’s teeth clamp down. He licks and pulls back, kissing down Bruno’s fit chest, then kisses back up before resting his chin in the divot between Bruno’s pecs. He looks back up at Bruno and smiles, pulling him back up, he rests Bruno on his thighs for a second as he covers his dick in lube. Then his hands land on Bruno’s hips and he pulls him up and onto his dick. Bruno groans as he adjusts to Abbacchio’s dick, and to distract him, Abbacchio kisses his cheeks.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine, just give me a second.” Bruno bites his lip as he waits. Abbacchio cups Bruno’s face in his hands and shoves his tongue into Bruno’s mouth. Bruno can’t help but moan softly in between their kisses. “Ready.” Abbacchio nods and starts thrusting slowly up into Bruno. Bruno holds on tighter to him as his thrusts gain speed. Bruno starts seeing stars as he feels Abbacchio hit a spot Bruno had no idea he even had. He feels a warmth pooling at the bottom of his stomach and he cums onto Abbacchio’s chest. Abbacchio bites into Bruno’s shoulder as he cums as well. Bruno pants and rests on Abbacchio’s shoulder, thoroughly spent.

“Better?” Abbacchio’s fingers back in Bruno’s hair as his boyfriend looks sleepily up at him.

“A little.” He smiles

“Good. Bed?” Abbacchio offers to which Bruno can only nod. After pulling out, Abbacchio picks up Bruno and carries him bridal style back into the bedroom. Bruno blushes. He could hardly believe that this is what would happen to him if he were with a man. Abbacchio lies Bruno down on the right side of [Y/N] and then lies on the other side of Bruno. His arms slide over Bruno’s side and fall onto [Y/N]’s butt. Bruno smiles softly and presses his lips to [Y/N]’s head.

“Tomorrow love.”

“Tomorrow?” Abbacchio asks

“Then we can do stuff.”

“I like stuff.” Abbacchio laughs softly and kisses the back of Bruno’s head. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Bruno smiles and falls asleep, sandwiched in between his loves.

Chapter Text

Abbacchio wakes up first this time. He had just made love to the incredibly attractive man that was between him and their girlfriend. He was praying that [Y/N] wouldn’t kill the both of them out of jealousy, as their only sexual affairs had been between all three of them. Bruno woke up next and rolls over to kiss Abbacchio.

“Morning… love.” Bruno smiles and hides his face in the crook of Abbacchio’s neck.

“Good morning Bruno…. I love you.” Abbacchio says with an inkling of fear on his lips. Bruno kisses him again and smiles. His affection felt good, and Abbacchio wanted more. He wakes up [Y/N] gently so he can get kisses from her too. She groans and rolls away from them.

“Wake up Bellissima.” Bruno rubs her back gently, knowing exactly what it was she was doing. “Don’t you want kisses?”

“I want sleep.” She whines and covers her head with the comforter

“Babe, we can sleep tonight, I have to get going to work.” Abbacchio offers. She pokes her head out of the comforter, glaring at him. Abbacchio felt like he was blessed to get to see this woman and man at their most beautiful in the mornings.

“Okay, fine.” She rolls back closer them and gets covered in kisses first from Bruno. He gets up to run to the bathroom and then she starts the kiss with Abba. He rests his hands on her hips and holds her.

“I heard you last night.” She smiles softly. A twinge of fear struck his heart, “What did you and Bruno do?”

“I just… made love to him.” Abbacchio was going to be blunt. It had to be better than lying to this girl.

“Did you have fun?” She seems unfazed by them doing something without her

“Yeah. I mean I did… and he seemed much more affectionate with me this morning.”

“I’m happy for you.”

“How are you so calm about this?” He asks, a bit serious, but also hoping that she would crack a joke that would put him at ease

“Because we love you, and… you making the man that I love, that we love, happy makes me happy. So even if we’re not doing everything as three, as long as we’re all happy, that’s what matters, right?”

“Yeah, I suppose so.” His lips curl at one end and kisses her

“I know I say ‘we’ but I also love you Abbacchio. Just me.”

“I love you too [Y/N].” He says a little more confident now that he’s said it a few times to Bruno as well

“Okay, who’s next for the bathroom?” Bruno asks, drying off his hair with a towel

“I’ll go, Fugo’s going to chew my ass out if I’m late for work.”

“Actually… I was thinking Abbacchio.” Bruno hesitates


“We’re only going to be here… for 4 more days.”


“So… we, I mean I, let me not put words in your mouth, [Y/N] … if you’d want to come with us to Rome.”

“You’d want me to come with you?”

“Yes. At least to Rome. So we could actually… get to know each other outside hotel sex sessions.”

“Let me talk with Fugo today.”

“You absolutely should.” [Y/N] smiles

“Okay… I will ask. In the meantime… I love you, and I will see you.” He blushes and leaves the hotel room. He leans against the door and bites his lip. He did love them, but he was also scared. What if when they really got to spend time with him, they hated his guts? He didn’t want to think about it, so he ran home and got into his uniform for work. On his way he fumbles with the keys in his hands and drops them on the cobblestone road. He had made it all the way to the back of his restaurant lost in thought about the couple. Truthfully, they had barely seen what he was actually was like in everyday life. What if they thought his temper was too uncontrollable? What if he was too impatient to deal with Bruno and [Y/N] during the week when they all had to work?

“You’re late.” Fugo said, dark circles under his eyes

“You look like you got fucked up.”

“Narancia watched Bambi. At 3 in the morning.”

“I’m so sorry for you.”

“He didn’t stop crying until 5:30.”

“I’m sorry your boyfriend is a pansy.”

“Don’t fucking make fun of me when you’ve got what you’ve got on your plate.”

“You aren’t making any fucking sense Fugo.” Abbacchio unlocks the back door and they get to work. Abbacchio pulls out a bottle of wine for him and Fugo to drink during the day and starts to prep the essentials like garlic and onions. He leans against the wall, waiting for the first ticket to come in and Fugo to bitch about the customers. Fugo comes in with ticket after ticket and grabs bottle and wine glasses as Abbacchio cooks. He thinks about his boyfriend and girlfriend and sighs. He knew he loved them, that was for certain, but he was afraid. The lunch rush cooking did help to calm his nerves a little, but he still felt uncertain. Then just like that, the day was over. Fugo comes back and helps clean off the dishes. “Hey Fugo?”


“You know the recipes, right?”

“Yes. I’ve eyeballed what you’ve done. Why?”

“Well… the couple that asked me out, they want me to travel with them to Rome.”

“Wow. That’s a pretty big commitment.”

“Yeah. I just want to see if you could… run this place for a few days, if I went with them.”

“Yeah no problem. So… you a thing now?”


“Like you’re official?”

“Well… I told my boyfriend that I loved him last night, and my girlfriend I loved her this morning, so I would say that’s pretty official.”

“Holy shit, this is going fast for you.”

“Yeah… it’s my first relationship and I really love these people Fugo.”

“I can tell. I’ve never ben able to pry more than five words out of you at a time usually.”

“Do I sound like a nervous mess?” Abbacchio looks down at his feet, ashamed to admit how much his emotions were showing


“God. Just fucking kill me Fugo.”

“Gladly.” Fugo grabs a clean cleaver then puts it back in the knife hutch, laughing as he does “So yeah, you can go with them if you want. Make sure you buy an extra bottle of lube.”

“Fuck off.” Abbacchio points a steak knife at Fugo before putting it back in its place as well. After cleaning the entire restaurant, Abbacchio locks up the shop and heads to the hotel. He pulls out his phone and looks to see he’s gotten a voicemail. He checks his inbox and listens to the message there.

“Hey Abbacchio. No, I’m not going to call him that!” It was clearly Bruno’s voice on the other line, but Abbacchio could hear [Y/N]’s laughs as well. His lips curl as he listens, falling more in love with them. “Anyway, we’re going to… what’s the name of this restaurant love?” After some sounds that sound like a struggle, he hears his girlfriend’s voice,

“We’re at Trattoria Aureo.” She laughs, “Bruno got a little too wine drunk, too fast.” Of course, this makes Abbacchio’s eyelid twitch at the mention of that restaurant. He hangs up and quite literally runs there and sees them out next to the street.

“Hi Abb… Abba… Abbacchio.” Bruno giggles

“The hell you doing here?”

“Oh, we heard this place was good. Their espresso was excellent!” Bruno full on laughs and his arms fly out towards Abbacchio. Abbacchio growls

“What’s wrong?” [Y/N] asks

“I hate the owner of this place. Pompous ass…. twink.”

“Is something the… Leone!” Mista appears


“What are you doing here?”

“We’re dating!” Bruno loudly announces

“You and him?”

“No.” Abbacchio sighs, hiding his face behind his hand, “I’m dating the both of them.”

“Oh, so you’re like a V?”

“No. It’s more a triad.” [Y/N] pitches in

“Oh, how nice.” Mista smiles

“I can’t believe you know more about poly relationships than someone literally in it. Just don’t tell Gio…”

“Abbacchio!” Giorno runs out of the kitchen, “I thought I heard your voice.”

“Kill me now.” He mutters under his breath

“How are you doing?”

“Not too bad.” Abbacchio forces a smile on his face “Meeting up with my girlfriend and boyfriend.”

“You’re dating this lovely couple? Congratulations! They’re some of the sweetest customers I’ve ever had, you’ll have to come back if you have the time.”

“Oh, believe me. We absolutely will.” Abbacchio says between gritted teeth.

“Why don’t you sit down, and I can make you an espresso?”

“Alright, fine. Do you want anything for dessert dear?” He looks over at [Y/N].

“Just something sweet to go with an espresso is fine.” She crosses her legs underneath the table and they drink their coffee as they wait for the dessert.


“Is that what you’re going to call me now when you’re drunk?” Abbacchio smiles softly at Bruno, his mood doing a complete 180 from when he was talking with Mista and Giorno

“Yeah. Abba. I love you.”

“I love you too Bruno.” He kisses Bruno’s head softly and Bruno laughs

“He a giggly drunk?” Abbacchio asks his girlfriend

“Yeah, that’s probably why we work well. We’re both giggly drunks.” She laughs at Bruno’s behavior. “What are you? So I’ll know when to pull a bottle away from you.”

“I get pretty sad. It’s fine though.”

“Sad drunks aren’t fun. But now I know.” She smiles softly and Abbacchio’s heartbeat gets faster in his chest. He really did love her, didn’t he? But he really loved Bruno too… that’s when he remembers what Fugo said.

“About Rome.”

“Yes?” She answers and Bruno shifts his head up to look at Abbacchio

“My coworker said he can take care of the restaurant. I can come with you.”

“That’s great!” She leans across the table and kisses Abbacchio. His eyes widen and leans deeper into the kiss. Bruno started getting fussy so Abbacchio pulls away and kisses him, in the middle of the table Mista places some zeppole and leaves the table to be. After Abbacchio’s kiss, [Y/N] reaches halfway across the table and kisses Bruno’s cheek. “So… after we pay the bill, should we go back to your place so that you can pack for Rome?”

“No, I can do that… tomorrow or something. You don’t have to come to my place. I mean, it looks like Bruno’s starting to get sleepy.”

“Yeah, you’re right. You know where to find us.”

“I do. I don’t know if I’ll join you tonight, since I have to pack.”

“Okay, call us when you want to meet up Abbacchio.” She signals to Mista to give her the cheek and they go on their way. Abbacchio sighs softly and lights a cigarette where he’s sitting as he thinks.

“We gotta close up dude, take your cigarette to go.” Mista comes by

“It’s fine, I’ll start a new one.” He throws the butt down onto the ground and extinguishes it with the sole of his shoe. He gets up and walks back to his apartment and continues smoking. There he was, a place he hadn’t been in for more than a few minutes in the past few days. It was a small apartment, but he was fine with it. He collapses onto his bed and mutters curse words at himself.

“Leone you idiot…” He sighs and thinks about Bruno and [Y/N]. Needless to say, he was too in love with them, but he couldn’t just declare that. He didn’t really know them. He didn’t know when Bruno’s birthday was, where [Y/N] went to university… all the things a proper significant other should know, and yet here he was, utterly unknowledgeable about anything other than their physical features and some glaring personality traits. He looks at his phone and sees another new message and listens to it.

“Hey Abbacchio.” He could practically hear [Y/N]’s smile through his phone, “We got back to the hotel fine, and I just wanted to call to tell you that. If you don’t come by tonight, Bruno and I want you to know that we love you, and we can’t wait to see you. Good night… honey. I love you, see you tomorrow.” Her last few words were rushed, probably from the fear of giving Abbacchio a pet name for the first time. He sits there in awe, his heart pounding loud and fast. His phone rattles off options to deal with the call, then when he hears “Press star to replay the message” he pounds the key. He listens to it again, and again, and again. He listens again until he passes out, passing out just as the words “I love you” flow across her lips one last time that night.

Chapter Text

Bruno wakes up with a throbbing headache the next morning and looks around the bed. What happened to Abbacchio? Did he follow them to the hotel? [Y/N] is up surprisingly and looks over at him.

“Hey there giggles.” She laughs

“I got drunk last night, didn’t I?”

“So badly.” She starts cackling

“What?!” He groans, almost starting to laugh at himself as well

“You called Abbacchio ‘Abba’ last night.”

“No!” He gasps, laughing almost hard enough to make himself throw up. He pulls her close to him and kisses her. He plays with the ends of her hair, swiping it out of her face. He cups her face and kisses her one more time. “I love you dear.”

“I love you too Bruno.”

“Can we just stay like this, for a little bit?”

“Yeah, sure.” She smiles and rests on Bruno. His head was still spinning, though he wasn’t entirely sure that it was the remnants of wine, or the feelings he had in his heart for her.

“I love you [Y/N], really I do…” He smiles

“I love you too.”

“You think we should call Abba and let him know?”

“Know what?”

“We’re up, want to see him, those kinds of things.”

“I mean, we can.” He smiles, “What should we do for our last few days in Naples?”

“Well… you said we had to meet your father.”

“Right… I forgot about that. Do you think that Abbacchio owns a car?”

“He’s outside the city?”


“We can call.” She crawls across the bed and reaches for the landline, starting to dial their boyfriend. “Hello?”

“Hello?” Abbacchio answers, he sounds tired as Bruno eavesdrops

“You don’t happen to have a car do you?”

“I mean, I can borrow a car and drive it. Is there somewhere you want to go?”

“Yeah… here, let me give the phone to Bruno.” She hands him the phone and he starts to play with the cord

“Good morning Bruno.” Abbacchio says softly and comfortingly, “Feeling better?”

“I’ll feel fine after I barf, but anyway. So… you could get a car for us?”

“Yeah. Where do you want to go?”

“There’s a graveyard outside of town, near where I grew up… and my father is buried there. I want to visit him again.”

“Alright, I’ll borrow Fugo’s car.”


“I gotta get to work, but I love you.”

“I love you too Abbacchio.” Bruno smiles softly. Bruno decides to blow a kiss to Abbacchio through the phone and Abbacchio laughs softly.

“Tell [Y/N] that I love her too.”

“Okay… Abbacchio says that he loves you.” Bruno tells their girlfriend. She steals the phone back for him for a second and says,

“I love you too Abbacchio. See you later? Wait, can you act like a chauffeur? No? Okay.” She laughs, “Bye Abbacchio. Love you.” Bruno kisses her neck softly and holds her

“I know we should get up, do something, but it’s kinda nice not doing anything.”

“C’mon, we have to at least go to a café.”

“Alright, alright. Just give me a second.”

“Bruno, I love you.”

“I love you too [Y/N].” He smiles and they go out for the day. Eventually, after calling Abbacchio, he pulls up outside the hotel.

“M’lady, M’… man?” He asks himself and holds the door open to Bruno and [Y/N]. Bruno climbs in first and sits behind Abbacchio. After [Y/N] crawls in and Abbacchio shuts the door he gets back into the car and Bruno wraps his arms around Abbacchio before he starts driving.

“Hey Bruno.” He smiles and kisses his arm

“How was work?”

“It was good, even if it was a little boring. You ready?”

“Yep.” Bruno smiles and holds [Y/N]’s hand in the back of the car. She rests on him and kisses his cheek gently.

“How was your day?” Abbacchio asks again, pulling away from the hotel.

“It was nice, we just got some coffee around lunch time.”

Abbacchio bites his lip, “After you two visit your father Bruno, would you like to come over to my apartment. It’s not very big, but I can make a meal for you.”

“We’d love that Abbacchio.” [Y/N] smiles

“Okay, I have some pasta and I have some pesto. if we get a loaf of bread, we’ll be fine.” They happily talk about the last few days all the way to the graveyard when Abbacchio pulls up as close as he can. “I’ll just…”

“Don’t you want to meet him?” Bruno asks, Abbacchio’s eyes widen

“You’d want him to meet me?”

“Yeah… I need to make sure he likes both of my loves.” Bruno smiles softly and guides the other two to his father’s grave. He kneels down before it and smiles softly. “Hey dad… I know this isn’t how you’d want to meet them… but I brought the woman that I love… and the man that I’m falling in love with. I want you to give me your blessing to be with them… to be theirs forever. I’ve known [Y/N] for 5 years now, and while I just met Abbacchio… we both love him so much… I hope, that wherever you maybe, you’re smiling down at me… and keeping my loves safe.” He kisses the cold stone gently. One hand from each of his significant others rested on his shoulders as he told his dad his desires for the future. “I love you Dad, and I miss you ever day.”

“Do you want us to give you a minute alone?” [Y/N] asks gently

“Yeah… that’d be nice.”

“Abbacchio and I will wait by the car.” She kisses his head then lays a kiss on Bruno’s father’s tombstone as well, “Thank you for raising a gentleman. I feel so lucky to have met your son of all the men in the world. I’m so grateful that you bestowed your love for life upon the man that I love more and more each day I’m with him .” She starts to walk away when Abbacchio asks,

“Should… Should I kiss his grave? Or is that too weird?”

“I’m sure it’s fine.” Bruno smiles, trying to hold back tears that he didn’t want to show [Y/N].

“I don’t know your son very well, sir, even less you, but I want to thank you for raising your son the way you did. He’s a true gentleman, a caring partner, and the best of what humans have. If Bruno revers you so much, then you must be an even more virtuous man. God bless you, and may your soul be at peace.”

“Abba…” Bruno’s tears were running freely down his face and holds Abbacchio

“Was that too much?”

“No, it was very nice… Thank you. You didn’t have to do that.”

“I wanted to.” He says softly and kisses the top of Bruno’s head reassuringly. He then leaves Bruno to be. Bruno slips a tiny box out of his chest pocket and plays with it in his hands.

“This was the ring you gave mom when you asked to spend the rest of your life besides her, and I always dreamt about using it to propose to the woman that I loved when I was ready to marry… and then I met Abbacchio. I love both of them so dearly, but it doesn’t feel right to propose to [Y/N] now that I have the both of them… should I wait dad? So that Abbacchio knows that I’m just as committed to him as I am to her? If you could give me a sign… something to tell me what to do… that’d help.” He says. The moonlight hits the grave in a way that makes it shine, and then he looks at the car, also shining. “I guess that means wait right? Thanks dad… I’ll be back here one day.” He kisses it and walks slowly back towards his love. “I can drive Abba.”

“You can?” He raises an eyebrow

“Yeah I have an international license, let me drive.” Bruno takes the keys from Abbacchio then opens the door for them, “My loves.” First [Y/N] gets in followed by Abbacchio and she drapes her legs over his lap. He pulls her in for a kiss and they cuddle in the back. “Hey Abba?”

“Yes Bruno?”

“Where’s your house?” He asks, almost laughing. Abbacchio removes her legs from his lap and leans forward, guiding him to the apartment complex he lived in.

“It’s not very big, just a warning.” Abbacchio wrestles with the inner lining of his pocket for his keys.

“I’m sure it’s fine Abbacchio.” [Y/N] smiles and leans in to kiss him. Bruno noticed that Abbacchio was much more touchy-feely with the two of them today. He wasn’t going to complain, it made him feel closer to the man that he had been craving. He opens the door and lets them.

“Get comfortable, and I’ll make pasta.” He takes off his shoes and heads to his kitchen

“Do you want us to help with anything?” Bruno offers

“No, just sit down and relax.” Abbacchio says sternly. Bruno takes off his shoes and runs over to the kitchen to quickly peck Abbacchio’s cheek before sitting down next to [Y/N] on his couch. They cuddle and watch tv as Abbacchio cooks. “Dinner’s ready.”

“Thank you Abbacchio.” [Y/N] smiles and starts eating

“Do you not do grace?”

“Not usually, but you can do it if you want.” Abbacchio nods and says a quick prayer over his meal.

“I think this is the first time we’ve had a real… meal together.” Abbacchio notes

“I think you’re right.” Bruno smiles and starts eating, having waited until grace was over. They eat the pasta and while it’s nothing grand, [Y/N] and Bruno appreciate the work that he did. Afterwards, Abbacchio takes the plates and throws them into the sink, resting on the side of Bruno that wasn’t smothered by their girlfriend. It felt nice. Bruno closed his eyes and saw their relationship 5, 10, even 20 years from now in his mind. He hoped they would be “married”, but as long as they had each other Bruno didn’t care about everything else.

“You okay babe?” [Y/N] asks

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking a lot.”

“Okay. What are you thinking about?”

“Life. With us.”

“Us?” Abbacchio asks this time

“Yeah… us. You, me, and [Y/N].”

“Well… you should probably get to know me better. I should get to know you better too.” Abbacchio kisses his head in a way that made Bruno feel warm. He was right of course. Bruno didn’t know much about Abbacchio honestly. He knew his job, his name, his age, all that but he didn’t know the things that he knew about [Y/N]. She looked over at Bruno with eyes that said, “He’s right.” Bruno nods and says,

“So… how do we get to learn you?”

“Well… we could just go around asking questions to each other, and then… go to bed whenever we feel like we’ve asked too much.” [Y/N] offers

“That sounds… nice.” Abbacchio grins softly

“Then let’s start.” Bruno says, starting off a rapid fire of questions between the triad.

Chapter Text


“NYU.” [Y/N] answers

“Dream job?” Bruno asks

“Chef.” Abbacchio answers. The triad had been going back and forth until nearly 2 am

“Really?” Bruno tugs on his Abbacchio’s sleeve for a kiss. After a short peck, Abbacchio replies,

“Yeah, maybe the only other thing would be a cop… But I don’t think I could do it.”

“You’d make a hot police officer.” [Y/N] giggles

“Shut up.” He laughs a full laugh. Had they been drinking? Absolutely. However, they only went through three bottles themselves. Bruno had drunk significantly less than last night, but perhaps Abbacchio and their girlfriend picked up his pace. “It’s your turn… babe.”

“Mine?” [Y/N] asks

“Yeah.” He laughs, he felt happy for once while being drunk. It had to be the fact that he was drinking with giggly drunks.

“Any bad nicknames?”

“I mean… I’m not fond of Leo.”

“But it’s kinda cute.” Bruno pouts

“I prefer Abba. Just has a better ring to it.”

“Okay Abba.” She laughs before her body tips towards the arm of the couch facing away from Bruno and Abbacchio

“Man down.” Bruno laughs at her

“We should get her into bed. And we should go to bed ourselves.”

“How aren’t you drunk?”

“I am. I’m just good at hiding it.” Abbacchio’s lip curls up at one end and helps the messy drunks he fell in love with to his bedroom. He was honestly a bit embarrassed by it. The bed was small, even for Abbacchio alone, so he tried to make it as comfortable as he could for three people. Even more embarrassing for him was the fact that he didn’t make the bed that morning, his dirty clothes were strewn across the room in every which way, and it allowed the couple a much deeper insight into the man they had asked out than he had ever hoped they would see. He drops [Y/N]’s body onto the bed then Bruno falls in next to her.

“Let me change.”

“From what to what?” Bruno asks

“From my regular clothes, to pajamas.”

“Or you could just… take off the regular clothes, and cuddle with us.”

“I at least need underwear.”

“You’re not wearing any?”

“Of course I’m wearing underwear, I had to work today.” Abbacchio pulls off his outfit over his head and then lies down next to Bruno. He wraps his arms around the two lying on his bed. “Sorry it’s tight.”

“It’s nice.” Bruno smiles, “I feel like we’re very intimate this way.”

“You don’t say.” Abbacchio laughs and rests his head on top of Bruno’s, his nose buried in the part of Bruno’s hair.

“Love you Abba.” Bruno smiles softly, his eyes closed with contentment

“I love you too Bruno.” He says, “Don’t worry [Y/N], you maybe passed out, but I love you too.”

“She knows, and she loves you too. I’m sure of it.” Bruno speaks for their drowsy girlfriend. They sit there in silence for a while before Abbacchio raises the question,

“You never told me why you came to Italy. Like yeah… it was your first big vacation as a couple, but… why Italy? Naples even. Like most people would take their girlfriend to Rome.”

“Well, I grew up in Naples, but more importantly, I came here to propose.” Bruno’s surprisingly frank and Abbacchio can’t help but feel his heart drop a little. “But then we met you.”

“Did I ruin things?” Abbacchio asks with a heavy sigh

“No, no you didn’t Abba. I just think I want to wait now, so that I can propose to both of you when I’m ready. I mean… don’t tell [Y/N] but I kinda stole my mom’s engagement ring for her. So I have more than enough money to buy you a ring when the day comes.”

“You’re sure you’re going to propose to me?”

“Yeah. I’m like 99% sure.”

“Only 99%?”

“Well the 1% is if you propose to me first.”

“How are we going to handle proposals?” Abbacchio laughs

“I’m not sure, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” Bruno kisses Abbacchio on the lips and Abbacchio starts to blush.

“I love you Bruno.”

“I love you too Abbacchio. Should we go to sleep now?”

“Probably, that or our girlfriend might start dreaming about more attractive men than us.”

“She wouldn’t.” Bruno laughs and gives his boyfriend and girlfriend a good night kiss and starts to fall asleep. Abbacchio felt jittery, he just couldn’t fall asleep. So he got up, went out onto the balcony and pulls out his pack of cigarettes and lights up one. He takes a drag off of it and lets the smoke out with a sigh. He felt like he made real progress with them, but it still worried him that Bruno was ready to propose to his girlfriend. Would it really be better if he just broke up so Bruno could get married? He didn’t know, but his eyes started to feel heavy, so he went back in and decided to sleep as well. He didn’t sleep much though. His dreams overrun with anxiety and fear as he kept replaying the idea that [Y/N] would break up with Bruno because he won’t commit to her with marriage, and Bruno would turn right back around yell that Abbacchio ruined everything and break up with him then. He woke up the next morning in a cold sweat and sits up.

“Morning.” [Y/N] says quietly. She leans over Bruno and gives Abbacchio a gentle kiss. Abbacchio holds her in his arms, not wanting to say anything. “Are you okay… Abba?”

“No… I… You called me Abba too?”

“Yeah, I just kinda liked it. Short, sweet, to the point kind of name. I hope Bruno doesn’t mind that I stole it.”

“I’m sure it’s fine.” He affirms her, “Is Rome today?”

“Shit, it is.”

“Let’s let Bruno sleep, you can help me with breakfast if you want.”

“Sure.” She smiles and follows him to the kitchen. He’s still a bit shaken from his dreams, so he’s more reserved with her. Clearly, she notices.

“You didn’t answer my question earlier Abba.”


“I asked if you were okay. You seem so jumpy, and now distant.”

“I’m fine.”

“You can tell me if you’re not.”

“No… I mean, it’s really Bruno’s to tell.”

“What do you mean?” Abbacchio had shoved himself in between a rock and a hard place but thought it best to keep going now.

“Bruno was going to propose…”

“He was?!” She gasps

“Yeah… but now he’s not now that we’re a couple…”

“Oh, thank god.” She laughs. All he could do is blink. She’s not angry?

“What do you mean ‘thank god’?”

“I mean… I love Bruno to bits. You know that. He knows that. But… I don’t know if I would have been ready to say yes. Even if we were the most perfect couple ever, I never thought of myself as the type to get married.”


“No, not too much. I mean, sure I’d want a partner, but I didn’t think I’d have to be married to him.”

“Oh, thank god.” Abbacchio sighs in relief

“Why are you relieved?”

“I thought… you’d be angry because you were ready to marry him, and I ruined everything. So you’d break up with Bruno because he wouldn’t commit after the two of you have dated for so long, and… then he’d be angry at me and he’d break up… and you two are… my everything, honestly.” She cups his face in her hands and looks him in the eyes.

“Deep breaths Abba.” On command, he takes a deep breath in and out, letting a tear slip out of his eyes, “It’s okay. I’m not the marrying type, but now that I have you and Bruno… we don’t have to get a traditional marriage, but a nice little wedding ceremony might be nice. In the future of course.”

“I’d like that. You’d be lovely in a wedding dress.” Abbacchio kisses her head delicately and holds her in his arms

“What’s this about a wedding dress?” Bruno asks, rubbing his eyes

“You were going to propose?” [Y/N] asks, Abbacchio stands still

“Yes… but then you know we started dating Abba and I didn’t think it’d be fair…”

“It’s okay Bruno.” She smiles, “I was just telling Abba that I don’t really want to get married married, but one day, when we’re ready as a couple, we could do a ceremony.”

“Oh. Okay…” He laughs a little bit, goes in for a hug and the other two pull him in and cover him in kisses.

“I love you Bruno.”

“I love you too.” He tells [Y/N] and Abbacchio pushes them away

“I have to make breakfast, or we’ll never leave for Rome.”

“Isn’t that tomorrow?” Bruno asks [Y/N]

“No, our check-out at the hotel is today at 11 and check-in is anywhere from three tonight to midnight. Just as long as we get there on time.”

“Oh, okay. Well shit. We need to go grab our bags and everything,” He looks around for a clock and sees that it’s almost 10, “And fast.”

“Breakfast is almost done. Eat first.” Abbacchio tells them sternly

“What are you making that it can take such short time?”

“Just wait.”

“Okay, okay.” Bruno sits down at the table and waits patiently

“Need help still?” [Y/N] offers

“No, just sit.” Abbacchio kisses her head and she heads to the table. Just as soon as she sits, she gets back up and pokes Abbacchio in the side. He yelps and makes an irritated “What?!” noise

“Can I have coffee?”

“Oh, yeah. Here. I have a French press.” He checks the cabinets and pulls out a little coffee maker.

“Where are the beans?”

“Here.” He hands her a bag and she starts making the coffee for the couple.

“Can you make an espresso?” Bruno asks from the table

“I can try.” She offers

“I’ll just take mine black, if you don’t mind making some for me too.”

“Not at all.” Abbacchio brings the bowls over to the table and she brings the coffee over

“Thank you loves.” Bruno digs into his breakfast and smiles

“How is it?” Abbacchio asks, holding the spoon up to his lips, but not putting it in his mouth just yet.

“Really good. Thanks for making it.”

“Of course Bruno.” Abbacchio lifts his coffee cup up to his lips and drinks. He smacks his lips a little bit as he attempts to figure out why the coffee tastes better today than it normally does when he brews it

“Is something wrong with your coffee?” His girlfriend asks

“No it just… tastes really good.”

“Thank you.” She smiles

“You’re welcome.”

“Guess I’ll have to make breakfast next time.” Bruno suggests and [Y/N] reaches across the table, placing a hand on Bruno’s shoulder

“Oh honey, I know you can’t cook to save your life.” Abbacchio spits out his coffee and starts laughing

“Hey! I can cook a box of pasta.”

“How noble.” She laughs along with Abbacchio

“If I knew I was going to just get made fun of more I wouldn’t have started dating you two.” He bitterly pouts, but he’s too cute that Abbacchio and [Y/N] lean in to give him cheek kisses. He can’t stay mad either and finishes off his breakfast. He picks up the dirty dishes and starts to wash them.

“I can get them.” Abbacchio tells him

“No, I’ll do this. You and [Y/N] get ready to go over to the hotel.”

“Okay.” He lays a kiss on Bruno’s cheek then goes to get a proper outfit on while [Y/N] heads to the bathroom. Bruno finishes the dishes and goes to check on Abbacchio.

“Ready?” Abbacchio turns around towards the door, sitting on his bed

“Yep, is [Y/N] ready?”

“I haven’t checked yet.” Bruno leans in for a kiss and his hands run through Abbacchio’s long hair as they do. Bruno whispers a wordless “I love you” against Abbacchio’s lips. He rests his forehead on Abbacchio’s and smiles.

“I love you too Bruno…” He laughs softly to himself, “Now I just need to give pet names to you and [Y/N].”

“Okay.” He melts in Abbacchio’s arms and Abbacchio couldn’t help but hold his boyfriend in his arms. He wanted to cuddle with Bruno some more, but he didn’t want his girlfriend and boyfriend to get yelled at by the hotel, so he had to settle for a kiss at the moment. They get out of the bedroom and see [Y/N] waiting for them.

“We better hurry, it’s almost 10:15 and it takes 10 minutes to get there.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Abbacchio grabs the keys and drives them to the hotel. He waits in the car, smoking outside it, while they pack up and check out. They come out in fresh clothes, and [Y/N] redid her makeup. Was it for him and Bruno? Abbacchio extinguishes the cigarette and hops back in the car. “Throw it in the trunk.” They nod and put their bags in the back, before getting in the car themselves. Abbacchio drives off and like that, the couple heads to Rome.

Chapter Text

The dinner was rather uneventful, given all things considered for the relationship. They eat their meal, talking more about things that couples should know about each other. Bruno rested his head on his fist and watches as Abbacchio and [Y/N] hold hands over the table. He couldn’t wait until they “broke in” their hotel room after the meal, so much so that he calls over the waiter and asks for the bill, breaking the time-honored tradition of longer meals in Italy.

“Is something wrong Bruno?” [Y/N] asks him

“I’m… It’s embarrassing to admit, but I really want to go back to our hotel room and bang the two of you.”

“Why didn’t you say something sooner?” Abbacchio smirks, his lips meeting with the edge of his wine glass. Uh oh. Did he and [Y/N] have something planned for Bruno that he wasn’t in on? Apparently, she didn’t know either because her eyes immediately dart to Bruno’s. He takes one more chug of his wine then puts down his card.

“We can get it if you want…” Bruno offers

“No, this is my first vacation in five years, with people I love in my home country. I’ll pay.”

“It’s my home country too…” Bruno huffs a little bit, Abbacchio clearly had drunk more than what was good for him. Abbacchio flags down the waiter and hands him the check holder and gives him a friendly kiss on the cheek. So, this was the kind of drunk that Abbacchio was. Bruno had to laugh. He never imagined Abbacchio could possibly such a flirty drunk. It was a complete one-eighty from the stern chef owner that he had met only a week ago in Naples. The waiter comes back, looking more than happy to get rid of the three of them. Bruno gets underneath a tipsy Abbacchio’s arms and props him up. [Y/N] gets the hint and gets underneath Abbacchio’s other arm and they walk back to the hotel.

“I don’t think you’re in the condition to make love Abba.” Bruno lays a kiss on Abbacchio’s lips, which only gets answered with a laugh.

“He’s a liar.” [Y/N] says, wrapping her arms around his stomach and snuggling into him as if he were a teddy bear

“What do you mean?” Bruno almost starts to sweat, afraid that he was holding back something important from him

“He said when you were drunk off your ass that night in Naples that he was a sad drunk. But he’s just the opposite.”

“Maybe because we’re happy drunks?” Bruno posits

“Maybe, but I’m not drunk.” She laughs

“Yeah, but you’re pretty damn close now, aren’t you?”

“Maybe.” She laughs again, which makes Abbacchio laugh. Bruno sighs, trying to keep himself from laughing at his drunk lovebirds, and goes to get glasses of water for them. He brings it over to them and [Y/N] takes her glass and starts drinking from it.

“Abba, drink some water so you don’t wake up hungover.”

“Why?” He asks as he tugs on the collar of his outfit, showing off more of his bare upper chest. Bruno had to admit he was attracted to his idiot, but he couldn’t do anything with either of them while they were both nearly piss drunk. Abbacchio must’ve been warm because he kept trying to fan himself and pull his outfit further apart.

“Because, we got sightseeing to do tomorrow morning. Also take off your top if you’re hot. We’ve all seen your bare body. Just take it off.”

“I bet you’d want that you perv.” Abbacchio smirks, and turns around so that he’s on his stomach, ass up and in Bruno’s face

“Babe. Drink.” Bruno spins him back around and forces the water down his throat, “Better?”

“No… but that tasted good.”

“Do you need another glass?”


“Okay,” Bruno kisses his head then asks his girlfriend, “Do you need another glass too?”

“No, I’m fine. Thank you for being concerned about me and Abba though.” She sits up and kisses his cheek. Maybe she was more sober than he was giving her credit for. Then again, he didn’t want to take any chances, so he gives both of them lip kisses before running to get Abbacchio’s second, and hopefully not last glass of water that night. He comes back to see the cutest thing he’s seen all trip, just Abbacchio and [Y/N] snuggling quietly in bed together. She ran her hands through his hair as they cuddled and kissed before Bruno interjects,

“Can I get in on this?”

“Of course.” [Y/N] smiles and after Bruno puts Abbacchio’s glass on the bedside table, pulls him into bed to do nothing but cuddle. One of Abbacchio’s hands was behind him, patting Bruno’s abs, while his other hand was on his front, pressed up against the top of [Y/N]’s chest. It was a little bit of an awkward position for him to be in, but he wanted to reassure the both of them that he deeply appreciated their physical intimacy.

“I love you too.” He says in a drunken breath. His head hits the back of [Y/N]’s neck as he dozes off. She yelps then laughs

“Don’t be so hard on me.”

“Did I mention I love you?” Bruno reaches across Abbacchio’s unconscious body to hold hands with his first partner.

“I love you too Bruno.” She smiles and tightly grips his hand before she too falls asleep. Bruno almost didn’t want to close his eyes. Sure, they hadn’t properly broken in their hotel room like he had intended, but just seeing his loves like this, peaceful and quiet, was a nice change over their rather vibrant personalities they wore during the day or the vulnerable people they became at night. First, Bruno lays a kiss on Abbacchio’s head and then leans over him to kiss [Y/N]’s head. He then settles into Abbacchio’s back and his eyes flutter shut. The next morning, naturally, Bruno is the first to wake up. He gently jostles his boyfriend and girlfriend to see if either of them was up yet. He rolls over and looks at the glass, well he managed to get a glass of water into Abbacchio before he fell asleep, so maybe that’d help his hangover. Though as he thought back on the previous night, he realized he would need more than a glass of water to get over that level of drunk. The next one to get up was his girlfriend.

“You okay?” He asks first

“Um, good morning Bruno.” She laughs, making fun of his lack of formality, “And yes I’m fine. I didn’t drink too much.”

“That’s good.” He kisses her and Abbacchio covers his head with a pillow

“Good mooooorning Abbacchio.” Bruno teases him, “I told you to drink mor…”

“Shhhh… I love both of you, but for the love of god shut up, and canoodle in the other room.” He groans, in clear pain

“If I give you ibuprofen, you better take it.”

“Sure. Anything to make this pounding pain go away.” Bruno and [Y/N] get up out of bed and get ready for the day, with Bruno dropping off the meds to their boyfriend in the middle of his routine.

“Will you be joining us for sightseeing?” [Y/N] asks Abbacchio, gently resting her hands on his hips, covered by the bed sheet

“I want to. Just give me another half hour to adjust to the light, sound and throbbing in my head.” He whines.

“We only have a few days in rome! Come on!” Bruno shakes him gently and Abbacchio just groans.

“Let him rest for a sec.” [Y/N] chips in, “I still have to take a shower, so I might be a while.”

“Okay,” Bruno lets up on Abbacchio for a second and goes to make a cup of coffee. While she’s in the shower, Bruno focuses on the sound of Abbacchio’s groans. “You’re an idiot.”

“Shut up Bruno!” He shouts back before he starts to whine again. The smell of coffee must be making his head feel worse. Bruno pours a cup for himself and [Y/N] and then goes and sits next to Abbacchio.


“Not really.”

“Take a cold shower. Drink some water now first though.” Abbacchio pulls the cup out of his hand, lifts up the pillow and drinks from it

“Thanks Bruno.”

“That help?”

“A little.” Abbacchio sets the glass down and kisses Bruno’s cheek. He pulls Bruno down so that he’s comfortably wrapped up in Abbacchio’s arms. He presses a gentle kiss onto Bruno’s head and Bruno reciprocates with a peck to his lip. [Y/N] steps out of the shower and Abbacchio hops in. She lies down next to Bruno and rests her head on his shoulder.

“Is he doing any better?”

“Not much, but we need to go sightseeing with him.”

“Okay.” Her hair drips a little onto Bruno’s outfit and he takes the towel she had around her neck and dabs the ends of her hair.

“I took 20 minutes deciding on an outfit.” He remarks sarcastically

“It shouldn’t take you that long. It’s only the pants you wear everyday and a different shirt.”

“Shh.” He shushes her with kisses. Abbacchio steps out of the shower and dries off his hair before they go off to sightsee. First, they walk to the Colosseum and take pictures of that. Then they stop at the Trevi fountain and Bruno begs Abbacchio for a coin from him and begs [Y/N] for a coin from her. He kisses them and throws them behind him into the fountain. “Bet you can’t guess what I wished for.”

“I think I have a guess.” Abbacchio smiles and kisses Bruno’s cheek. They then decide to sit down and eat a small meal in between sites while [Y/N] and Abbacchio argue about what’s more worth it to see, the Vatican City or a garden.

“Wait. I have a better idea.” Bruno slams his open palms on the table, and they look at him, “I think we’ve done more than enough sightseeing for today. Let’s go back to our hotel and make love for the rest of the day.”

“Okay.” Abbacchio agrees almost too quickly. [Y/N] is a little bit bitter, having never been to Rome and not wanting to waste her time, but was probably as needy as Bruno was in that moment to share a moment of intimacy between the three of them agreed. Bruno guides the couple back to their hotel and opens the door, guiding his loves back to their bed.

Chapter Text

[Y/N] is the one that ends up on her back in the middle of the bed. Bruno tells her not to touch herself while she waits for the foreplay between him and Abbacchio to come down to the bed. Abbacchio takes Bruno’s face into his hand and kisses him. Would this be the last time he got to hold Bruno this way? He didn’t know, and he didn’t want it to be. So he kisses like his life depended on it. His head moves and his lips connect and pull away from Bruno’s nearly a thousand times before he feels Bruno’s hands work their way through his hair. He had tears pressed to the back of his eyes that he had been trying to hold onto that started spilling out.


“I love you Bruno… I love you so much.” Abbacchio says confidently before shoving his tongue into Bruno’s mouth. Bruno pulls away and wipes his tears

“Is something wrong?”

“I want to be with you two… but there’s no way we can maintain this when we aren’t physically together? I want to make this night memorable for the both of you. If this is the last taste I get of you before you go to America, I want it to be the best I’ve ever gotten.”

“Abbacchio…” [Y/N] starts tearing up and pulls him on top of her. As their lips connect, her warm, salty tears contrast with the cold, silent tears he had running down his cheek.

“I love you…” He gently presses his thumb into her cheek, drying the water from her face. Surprisingly, that sparks something in her as her kisses speed up. Suddenly, she’s kissing with the intensity that he had been kissing Bruno with just a second ago. He feels Bruno press his hips into his backside and Bruno swipes the long platinum hair he loved so much and pressed his lips on the back of Abbacchio’s neck.

“Lift up your arms.” He whispers into Abbacchio’s ear and Abbacchio nods. The next command that Bruno gives out is to [Y/N] and he tells her, “Loosen Abbacchio’s belt.” She uses her hands, not taking her eyes off Abbacchio’s and pulls the belt off her boyfriend. It was that moment that their breaths hitched and synced together. Bruno and [Y/N]’s eyes were fixed on Abbacchio, but he could only return the contact with the woman underneath him given that his stomach was pressed up against hers. Bruno sits up and pulls the top of Abbacchio’s outfit off and flings it to the floor. Next, [Y/N] pulls down his pants leaving Abbacchio exposed. “My turn, amori miei.” Abbacchio gets up from the bed, covering his chest with his arms as Bruno repositions himself over their girlfriend. Bruno starts pulling his shirt off over his head before [Y/N] grabs the seam and pulls it off for herself. Bruno smiles down at her and peppers her face in kisses. Abbacchio climbs back into bed and shimmies Bruno’s pants down to his ankles, before throwing them to the wayside as well. All that was left to take care of was [Y/N]. Abbacchio thought she looked incredibly pretty like this. Her make-up a little bit smeared from sweat during the day, but her dress framing her so perfectly. Bruno had his own physical charms, like the way that his bangs clinged to his cheek when the tips got sweaty. He was absolutely in love with them. Bruno played with the straps of her dress, unzipping the dress from behind her. He resettles on top of her stomach and takes off her bra.

“You didn’t let me do anything.” Abbacchio growls a little bit, not that he was jealous. He just wanted to make sure she knew she wasn’t a second wheel.

“Then how about you take her from the front?” Bruno suggests

“Gladly.” After a little bit of readjustment, everyone gets on their knees. Bruno grabs her hips and lifts her up onto his lap. After some very generous play to stretch her out, he thrusts up into her. He holds her arms back as he adjusts himself out so he can bottom out. Her hands reach forwards out towards Abbacchio. Abbacchio takes the wrist of her left hand and brings it to meet his lips. “I love you, [Y/N].”

“I love you too Leone.” She whispers back. Abbacchio was surprised she had used his first name, but he wasn’t going to protest it. It meant she cared deeply about him in her own way. He kisses up her arm and stops at her neck for a little bit, just enough to cover the space over her heart with his declarations of love. “I love you Leone but get in me already.”

“Okay, my love.” His lip curls up and he wraps his arms around her waist. He thrusts himself into her and she whines a little bit. He hadn’t done much to prep her like Bruno had so he waits just a little bit longer before asking the both of them. “Ready?”

“Ready love.” Bruno replies, and [Y/N] nods. They start by slowly thrusting into her, trying to keep an even pace between the two of them. Bruno starts getting a little impatient and begins to thrust into her faster. Abbacchio speeds himself up as well until finally, [Y/N]’s back arcs, her stomach pressing into Abbacchio more as she reaches her climax. Abbacchio is close to being done, so he pumps himself up into her a few more times before letting his load seep into her. Bruno pulls himself out, leaving her whimpering in slight pain. He kisses her neck gently and apologizes.

“Let me take care of you Bruno.” Abbacchio locks eyes with him.

“You don’t have to…” Bruno replies, but before he finishes his thought, Abbacchio’s lips were on Bruno’s thighs. Abbacchio barely touches him and Bruno starts to leak out precum. With no time to waste, Abbacchio shoves Bruno’s shaft into his mouth and starts to blow him. Bruno’s hands move quickly to grip Abbacchio’s hair. He bobs his head, trying to stimulate Bruno’s balls before he feels his legs tense around him and he cums into his mouth. Bruno’s legs weaken and he looks absolutely spent as Abbacchio pulls away from him. First, he presses a kiss on Bruno’s lips, and then on [Y/N]’s. He lies in between the two of them and keeps rolling around to give them both the affection he wants to show them.

“Abbacchio… we love you so much.” Bruno says softly, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend. [Y/N] wordlessly wraps her arms around Abbacchio and feels tears against his back.

“I love you two with all of my heart.”

Chapter Text

After two more lovely days in Rome, Abbacchio dropped his girlfriend and boyfriend off at the train station.

“I never asked where the two of you are headed now.”

“One last city before we go home, Venice.”

“Oh. I heard it’s lovely.” Abbacchio replies. Bruno didn’t want to leave the other half of his heart here, but he knew they’d have to part soon anyway. [Y/N]’s arms were wrapped tightly around Abbacchio. Bruno had to be strong, but [Y/N] looked so hopeless, losing her other boyfriend and he shared the sentiment. “Call me when you get to your hotel okay?”

“Okay.” [Y/N] promises him. He kisses her head then kisses her lips. She pries her hands off Abbacchio so that Bruno can properly say goodbye to him. Bruno buries his head into Abbacchio’s chest and takes one last whiff of the cologne he had grown so fond of.

“I love you Abbacchio.” Bruno mumbles into the dark purple fabric

“I love you too Bruno.” He replies and presses his lips to the clips in Bruno’s hair, “Take good care of yourself and our girlfriend. Okay?”

“Okay.” Bruno swallows the giant ball in his throat as he and [Y/N] go to get on the train. Abbacchio waves to them as they turn back and look at him. They were going to be a couple still, just with much distance. They get onto the train and in their seats before [Y/N] finally breaks down and sobs into her hands.

“I know… I know we’re still together, but it feels so much worse, leaving him here…”

“I know…” Bruno holds her tightly in his arms and wipes away her tears. He wanted to sob too, but he took solace that at least they’d still be in the same time zone for another few days. She sobs until she falls asleep, resting her head on Bruno’s shoulder. Bruno let tears drip from his eyes after he makes sure that she was asleep. The train ride feels like forever without Abbacchio there, but when they get off, they run to look for a telephone booth. Bruno grabs the card Abbacchio bought for them and starts dialing his cellphone number.

“Hello…?” Abbacchio answers, his voice sounding strained

“Abba… are you okay?” Bruno asks

“Yeah… I’ve just been really sad all day. You’re safe though?” He hears Abbacchio blow his nose away from the phone

“We’re fine. We just arrived in Venice.” Bruno smiles softly, just hearing Abbacchio’s voice was nice, “Here, [Y/N] wants to talk to you.”

“No Bruno… I can’t talk to her like this… I’m too sad and I don’t want to make her sad.”

“Please… she was crying all the way here.” He whispers into the phone

“I’m sorry for breaking her heart so thoroughly… okay I’ll talk.” Bruno hands the phone over and they have their little conversation. She starts tearing up and starts to bawl before Bruno takes it back

“What did you say to her?”

“Just…” He sniffles, “We’ll be together soon. I don’t know when, but we’ll be together soon.”

“I know we will.”

“I think she’s just scared.” He blows his nose again

“We all are.” Bruno reassures his boyfriend, “Well we just wanted to tell you we were okay.”

“Thank you, Bruno. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Tell [Y/N] how much I love her.” Abbacchio blows a kiss through the phone for the both of them before they hang up on each other. The first thing Bruno does after getting their bags is look for a gelato shop. He buys her a scoop of vanilla and sits down next to her

“It’ll be okay honey.” He kisses her head and holds her

“I shouldn’t miss him this much…” She admits, “I love him, but… it’s not like we’re never going to see each other. We’ll be back in Italy one day… he could visit us in America.”

“He could.” Bruno tries his best to support her, even though it’s damn near impossible, he manages to get her mind of Abbacchio while they’re out. They find some things that he’d like and decide to mail it to him when they get home. They get to their hotel and snuggle with each other, sometimes getting a little bit frisky with the kisses they laid on the other. Bruno ran his fingers through her hair and lets her sleep. Venice was nice, but neither of them had the energy to do much other than sleep the pain of heartache away that day.

Chapter Text

Abbacchio slammed the door of his car and started sobbing. He had just said goodbye to the people he loved more than anything else in the world. He knew he couldn’t join them in Venice even if he wanted to, but it felt like his heart had personally been ripped out. He wipes away his tears enough so that he can start the car trip back down to Naples. The car was silent and Abbacchio hated every second of it. He sped, regardless of if he’d get pulled over. He just needed to get out of that car and lock himself in his apartment. What day was it even? Tuesday? He figured he should run by the restaurant to see if Fugo had managed to keep it running, and maybe steal a bottle of Merlot, but also didn’t have the strength to smash everything up in his restaurant. When the exit for either his apartment or restaurant shows up, he chooses his restaurant and just parks it as close as he can. He pulls his keys out and opens the restaurant from the back to see Fugo making out with his boyfriend in the order window. Abbacchio shouted

“What the fuck are you doing in my restaurant?!” In a booming voice

“Oh… H-Hi Abbacchio.” Narancia, the little twink mutters

“How was Rome?” Fugo asks, trying to divert his attention from the fact that, had he been a second later, he would have seen them screwing.

“It was… great.” He sighs

“Did they break up with you?”

"No, but I almost wish they had… the woman was so distraught. Her boyfriend was probably just as fucked up… all because they fell for me.”

Fugo puts his hand on Abbacchio’s shoulder and says, “That’s rough buddy.”

“Just. I don’t feel like cooking, but I need a full bottle of wine. I’ll mark it damaged for inventory purposes. Help yourselves to a bottle.”

“God. You must be really depressed if you’re letting us take booze.”

“Shhh…. Don’t question it Fugo!” Narancia is already creeping into the wine cellar. Abbacchio looks around for the right bottle. A wine as old as Abbacchio? Perfect. He wonders why no one’s bought a glass of this wine or the bottle when it was one of the best merlots of that year. He grabs the corkscrew and in one fluid motion opens the bottle up and starts pouring.

“Don’t you have to decant that?”

“Probably. I don’t care right now.”

“You know. They wouldn’t want you to get piss drunk.”

“How would you know?” Abbacchio snarls and practically does his glass of wine as if it were a shot

“Here, just pour me some.”

“I said. Get your own bottle.” He bites back quickly. Fugo takes the bottle from him and forcibly pours a glass for himself and Narancia, just to keep the booze away from Abbacchio.

“Abbacchio. If you love them this much, you have to go after them. Not while they’re in Venice, but America.”

“I can’t do that.” He steals the bottle back and does another shot of Merlot.

“Why? Because of this restaurant? I can take it Abbacchio.”

“And what. Have Narancia work for you? Fat chance I’d let that happen.”

“It’d be better than letting the loves of your life walk out because you think there’s something keeping you here.” Fugo stopped mincing his words. Abbacchio almost wanted to hit him. Almost, but instead he just sobbed into his arms. Fugo brings over a pack of napkins for him to use to blow his nose and dry his tears.

“I love them…”

“Then you have to go.”

“I know…”

“You can start a franchise. Build your first second location in New York.”

“She does work for a real estate agency.”

“Then, go.”

“Okay.” Abbacchio picks up the phone and calls a travel agent. 800 US dollars was a lot to part with, but he knew he had to do it for his loves. “Thank you.”

“When are you going?”

“Next week.”

“Good, then you can finish your job here.” Fugo smirks and hands the chef’s apron back to him. Abbacchio takes it and starts expediting orders, helping take his mind of the second biggest decision he ever made in his life. He closes up shop later that night and then sees his phone vibrating. He picks it up and hearing the sigh in Bruno’s voice makes his heart wrench. “Hello?”

“Abba… are you okay?” Bruno asks

“Yeah… I’ve just been really sad all day. You’re safe though?” Abbacchio feels around for a tissue in his outfit and blows his nose

“We’re fine. We just arrived in Venice.” Abbacchio can see the way that Bruno’s eyes crinkle at the ends as he feels the warmth of his smile through his phone. “Here, [Y/N] wants to talk to you.”

“No Bruno… I can’t talk to her like this… I’m too sad and I don’t want to make her sad.” Abbacchio pleads

“Please… she was crying all the way here.” He whispers into the phone

“I’m sorry for breaking her heart so thoroughly… okay I’ll talk.” Bruno hands the phone over and he talks to her.

“[Y/N]… my everything, my darling, are you okay?” He asks

“No… Abbacchio, I miss you so much… it hurts so much. I can’t even describe it to you.” She starts to tear up, he hears her voice catch in her throat.

“Don’t cry… don’t cry over me. We’ll be okay, you know that? I’ll see you and Bruno soon, somehow and we’ll be okay. Everything will be okay. Do you understand me?”

“Mhm.” She bites her lips

“Now, wipe your tears and pretend like I kissed your cheeks dry them off. I love you [Y/N].” He whispers into the phone tenderly, forcing her to hand the phone off to Bruno.

“What did you say to her?”

“Just…” He sniffles, “We’ll be together soon. I don’t know when, but we’ll be together soon.”

“I know we will.”

“I think she’s just scared.” He blows his nose again

“We all are.” Bruno reassures his boyfriend, “Well we just wanted to tell you we were okay.”

“Thank you, Bruno. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Tell [Y/N] how much I love her.” He blows another kiss for the both of them and hangs up. He gets back in the car and drives home. Without a bottle of wine from the restaurant, he resorts to whatever liquor he had left in the fridge and makes a quick dinner of pesto pasta. He turns on the tv and watches some crappy soap. Seeing the couples die without confessing their love made him feel good in a twisted way. At least the people he loved knew his devotion to them and he wouldn’t die alone. Even if they were thousands of miles apart.

Chapter Text

New York was nice. They had no reason not to be happy, but the second that Bruno’s flight took off, [Y/N] started crying again.

“We’ll see him again, right?” She asks

“Yes. We have to… I mean… he loves us. We love him… it just feels like we were meant to be.” She nods and rests her head on Bruno, wordlessly threading her hands into Bruno’s. The flight back wasn’t bad, but all they could talk about was Abbacchio. Even when they land, they run to the first phone that had international calls for a reasonable price and try calling him. He doesn’t answer, which wasn’t surprising honestly, but they just listen to his voicemail system for some comfort.

“One more try?” [Y/N] asks

“Honey, it’s 3 in the morning in Italy… and we need to get home. We have to get back to work tomorrow.” Bruno tries to reason with her

“I know you’re right, but I’d rather you not be.” She sighs and starts walking to the area that Joseph promised he’d pick the two of them up at. Bruno felt utterly terrible, she looked so broken. He follows after her and they wait for Joseph. There he was, and she just slipped into the car.

“Is everything alright with her… did the proposal not go…” He starts to ask Bruno

“We didn’t get engaged. We met someone there that we both fell in love with, and she’s been thoroughly depressed since we left him.”

“Oh, I see. Do you think she should come into work tomorrow?”

“It might help her take her brain off it. It might also hurt her. I don’t know… I’d ask her when we get home.” He also slips into the car. She has her arms wrapped around herself trying not to shed another tear. He holds her tightly and kisses her head.

“It’ll be okay. Let’s email him when we get home.” He says and she nods, finally smiling for the first time in a while. He kisses her head again and they cuddle in the back of the car. She starts swearing up a storm as the crappy drivers of New York start to get under her skin again, finally becoming herself. Bruno can only laugh and smile, this was the woman he had fallen in love with. She tells Joseph all about Abbacchio and he smiles back at them and says,

“You must have found the love of your lives.”

“You have no idea.” She sighs happily and Bruno squeezes her hand.

“Do you want to move out to Italy?” Joseph asks her, “I could always start up an office in Europe for you.”

“Mr. Joestar that’s asking too much of you…” She stammers

“Nonsense. You’re my best worker, and you could be your own boss.”

“I couldn’t take it… it feels too selfish.”

Bruno looks at her and clasps her hands in his, “Honey. Take this. If I have to start working in Abbacchio’s kitchen to make ends meet so be it. I don’t want you to regret not taking up a wonderful offer.”


“No buts. We could live with Abbacchio.” Bruno smiles softly

She pauses, “I’ll consider the opportunity. Thank you, Mr. Joestar.”

“Of course [Y/N]. I’ve gotta keep you at my company somehow, right?” He laughs to himself, “I think it’d fall apart without you.”

“Mr. Joestar… don’t say that, that’s way too nice of you.” She turns bright red

“Why? He’s absolutely right, you do so much for him!” Bruno chides her, pressing into her ticklish sides. She yelps and starts laughing as Bruno tickles her, trying to get her to lighten up. Joseph just smiles as he watches the couple in his rearview mirror. They pull up to their apartment building and the door staff helps them take their luggage out of the car.

“Good night Mr. Joestar. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow [Y/N].” He smiles and gets back in his car

“Tell Shizuka and Suzie I say hi!” She shouts after his car. They go up the elevator and for the first time in awhile, they really relax. Bruno sinks into his couch and sighs in relief.

“Home sweet home.” He tells himself. After making herself a quick snack with leftover ritz crackers [Y/N] comes back over and lies next to Bruno on the couch. “[Y/N], have I ever told you how much I love you?” His fingers work their way through her soft, if a bit greasy, hair

“Only every day.” She smiles and he kisses her face once. Then twice, then thrice, until every inch of her face is covered in his kisses.

“Do you want to make love?”

“Yes.” She presses the tips of her fingers into Bruno’s chest, right where his tattoo lies. He smirks and presses his lips onto his girlfriend’s. He wraps his arms underneath her back before working his hands underneath her shirt. He lifts her shirt off over her head and kisses along his neck. It felt odd to take care of her without Abbacchio either behind him or next to him, but it felt oddly nice to have her all to himself. He pulls loose the hooks on the back of her bra and throws it down next to them on the side of the couch. He cups her breast in his hands and covers them too in kisses. He’s extra affectionate with the nipples, even licking them as they firm up. Rather than torture her more, he presses his lips down the middle of her chest and straight down to her thighs. Her right thigh was more sensitive than the other, so he kisses and bites gently. He hears her whimper a little bit and smiles, he had her in the place he had wanted.

“Ready tesoro mio?” He asks with plush words. She nods quickly and he slowly undresses himself, cursing at himself for not taking care of this sooner. She pulls him in by his neck and he enters her, waiting to bottom out in her. After she starts to kiss him, he begins thrusting into her. She moans with every thrust and digs her nails into his back. With a soft whisper of ‘Bruno’ she climaxes. He presses his lips onto her cheek as she tightens around his dick, he cums into her. He pulls out of her and cuddles into her. He presses his lips gently onto her cheek and holds her tightly in his arms.

“I love you.” He tells her

“I love you too Bruno.” She rests her head on his shoulder and he kisses the top of her head. He didn’t want to bring up moving to Italy again tonight, but it also felt like a good time to bring it up. For now, he’d settle for just holding the woman he loved so closely to himself.

Chapter Text

“Give me your soonest ticket to New York City.” Abbacchio slams the palm of his hands down on the counter of the customer service desk at Naples airport. The customer service representative shook behind the desk as she entered in the information that Abbacchio had just given her. It had been a week since they left Italy, and they were the only thing on his mind. He didn’t check anything, his email, phone, nothing. He didn’t want to hear if they were coping without him. He just needed to be with them.

“We have a flight in 3 hours… is that soon enough?” She stutters a little bit

“Perfect.” Abbacchio pulls out his passport and hands it to her so she can book the ticket for him.

“You’re checked in as well… Do you need to check any luggage?” She asks and he puts a bag on the weight scale. After checking it in, he runs through a bit of security and sits down next to the gate. He looks down at his cell phone and sees a few new voicemails from his girlfriend. He listens to the first one.

“Hey Abba… It’s me [Y/N]…” She says in a soft voice, “It’s… our first day back in America, without you and… I want to be strong Abbacchio, but I miss you so much…. Bruno misses you a lot too much… I don’t think he knows how much I miss you. I’d do anything to have you hear with us… We’ll see each other soon again. I love you.”

He sighs softly. He wishes he had gone with them to Venice, but he had had to go back to work and square things off before he could really be with them. He listens to the next one.

“Abbacchio! I have great news! My boss told me the other day that I could be a manager in Europe and my boss wants me to move out as soon as we can… I hope it’s soon, but first I have to scout for an office space first… and visas. Okay, so it might be a while, but I hope you can wait. I love you. Bruno says he loves you too. We love you. A lot. I’ll talk with you later. Bye!”

“I’ll be with you sooner than you know.” He tells himself. The flight announces that they’ve started boarding and Abbacchio gets on when he’s assigned and sits down. The flight wasn’t great, sitting next to bratty and loud kids, but what he had waiting on the other was worth it. He sat back and tried his best to sleep on the way over, but the connection between flights made it difficult. As the pilot announces that they’re descending into New York, Abbacchio looks out the window in awe. He knew that New York was a giant city, but he had no idea that it’d be that big. How was he going to find them like this? That, and his phone didn’t work without an international plan, so that was out of the question. As soon as he can get off, he practically runs to get through customs and officially into the US. Afterwards, he rushes to a phone booth and dials the number that they had given him.

“Hello?” He hears Bruno’s voice on the other line

“Hey… it’s me, Abbacchio.”

“Abbacchio?” Bruno asks, “Why haven’t you called us, or e-mailed us?”

“Because I’ve been working on a special package for you, but I need to know your address.”

“Ah okay… it’s,” He offers his address and Abbacchio writes it on the back of his hand.

“Thanks Bruno. I love you. Where is [Y/N]?”

“At work, she’s working on getting a deal organized… I’m not sure if you listened to her voice mails, she’s been leaving but we were thinking about moving to Italy, so we can be with you.”

“I heard… but you shouldn’t do that.”

“Why not?” He can hear Bruno frowning on the other line

“Because, I was planning on coming to New York soon. Just wait until I can come.”

“Oh, you were?” Bruno is noticeably less angry

“Yes. Thanks for the address.”

“Oh… if you’re sending a package, could you send some red wine. I want a nice bottle for [Y/N] and I’s anniversary.”

“… Got it. I can get that.” Abbacchio lies

“Thank you. I love you Abbacchio.”

“Love you too Bruno. Bye.” Abbacchio hangs up and rolls his eyes. He supposed he would have to get a bottle of wine, but it wasn’t going to be from Italy. He hails a taxi and tells the driver in broken English to take him to a liquor store.

“It is for… girlfriend.” The driver just nods and drives him to a liquor store. He quickly picks out a bottle of red and hails a different taxi. He gives the driver the address and stops outside the building. With the security man occupied, Abbacchio sneaks into the apartment building and after figuring out how to get to the 29th floor, he looks for the apartment number that Bruno gave to him earlier and knocks on the door. Instead of Bruno opening it, it’s [Y/N] standing before him and he wraps his arms around her.

“Babe…” She says softly, “Are you really here?”

“Yes…” He presses his lips onto the top of her head as he feels her tears gliding down her face. She starts crying louder as she wraps her arms and legs tightly around him and he does his best to support her with one hand still holding onto the bottle of wine he bought for her.

“God, where are my manners?” She pulls off of him and wipes her tears off with the ends of her sleeves, “Come in…” She takes his bag and throws it into the bedroom, “You can sit down wherever you’d like. You must be hungry; do you want to eat anything?”

“Come here.” He says softly, his arms open out towards her. She falls into his arms and rests her head on him, “This is all I need.”

“I missed you so much Leone…” She whispers softly, holding onto him like if she would let go, he’d be back in Italy without even a blink of the eye.

“I know… I missed you and Bruno too much. The second after I left you at the train station to go to Venice, I knew I couldn’t live without you… and then I just left to be here with you. I’m so sorry I ignored your calls… but I thought it’d be more dramatic this way if I showed up on your doorstep. Also, I thought Bruno said you were at work.”

“I was. Then I came home. I finished everything I needed for the day, but I was just…”


“Yes…” Her voice trails off. He presses his face into her hair and kisses her head with the utmost gentleness.

“It’s okay… I’m here now for you. I’ll never leave you and Bruno again.”

“Should we call him?”

“No. Let’s surprise him. In the meantime, I got you a little gift.”

“Leone, you didn’t have to.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not from Italy. It’s only from the liquor store closest to JFK.”

“Even better.” She kisses him and runs to get the bottle and two glasses for the both of them. She pulls it out of the brown bag and looks over it, “It’s not my favorite, but you know it’ll do.”

“Let me pour your glass for you dear.” He takes the bottle from her and pulls the cork out with his teeth. She laughs and growls at him, getting a little more touchy feely with him after watching his impressive skill with his mouth and holds the glass for him to pour. He gives her a full glass and then pours a cup for himself. They do a gentle cheers before trying a little bit of the wine he had bought, only for it to turn out tasting like shit. They laugh and finish their glasses, before dumping the bottle down the drain. After cleaning the bottle, they cuddle in the kitchen happily, waiting for Bruno to arrive home.

Chapter Text

Bruno had stopped by [Y/N]’s favorite bakery on his way home. It wasn’t much, but he thought maybe a spaghetti dinner with a loaf of Italian bread and a nice wine would cheer her up. Then again, she hadn’t been quite the same since they had left Italy. She had been slowly working herself back into a daily routine she had before the trip, but she did it with less enthusiasm. Even Mr. Joestar was worried about her. She said she didn’t need time off, but Bruno could tell she was hurting. So, it surprised Bruno that from the outside of his apartment he heard loud, happy music and her light laughter. He quickly fumbles around in his pocket for his keys to see what it could be making her so happy. There he was. On the couch, laughing, his eyes following their girlfriend’s body as she danced around the apartment. First, she looks at Bruno, then Abbacchio looks at Bruno. Bruno runs and jumps onto his couch, wrapping his arms around Abbacchio and kissing him as tears ran down his face uncontrollably.


“Hi dear.” Abbacchio quietly laughs to himself, wiping the tears from Bruno’s face.

“Are you really…”

“Yes.” [Y/N] smiles at him and joins them on the couch. He wraps his arms around both [Y/N] and Bruno and cries happily into Abbacchio.

“Don’t cry Bruno…” Abbacchio attempts to console him, but Bruno just feels too elated to do much more than cover Abbacchio in kisses.

“We’re really together…” Bruno whispers to himself, snuggling into Abbacchio

“We are.” Abbacchio runs his fingers through Bruno’s hair, almost purring in satisfaction as he feels his girlfriend’s arms wrap around his stomach.

“Do you want dinner?”

“Oh…” Bruno looks over at the bag that he had flung in excitement for seeing his other, other half, “Well I had pasta… because I thought it would cheer you up, but… now that you’re here, I don’t think you’d want…”

“Pasta sounds great.” Abbacchio smiles and kisses Bruno’s cheek, “Do you want me to make it for you guys?”

“No, you just got here.” [Y/N] says, “I can make it.”

“At least let me help.” He offers one more time

“No.” Bruno declines his offer and gets up, “Now that you’re in our home, we’ll cook for you.” They get up and start cooking. Abbacchio just sits quietly on the couch and watches the news that was currently playing. Bruno cups his girlfriend’s face and kisses her before she throws the pasta noodles into the water and they dance around the kitchen, singing along to some pop song playing off the radio. Abbacchio got up and leaned against the wall closest to the kitchen. Bruno pulls him in, and they start dancing together. Bruno wraps his arms around Abbacchio’s waist from the front and [Y/N] from the back. They finally felt whole. “So… how’s this going to work?”

“What do you mean?” Abbacchio asks

“Well… I mean us. Like. How are we going to live together?”

“Do you think I could apply for visas here?”

“You could.” Bruno thinks, “But they might want you to apply from Italy. Or should we live in Italy. I mean I already have citizenship… but then we’d have to figure out how to get her citizenship…”

“You two have your lives set up here. I’m not going to ask you to throw that all away.”

“So you’ll apply for citizenship here?” [Y/N] asks

“Yes.” Abbacchio smiles and turns around to kiss her head

“You sure?” Bruno asks

“Bruno. The second I got on that flight this morning I knew I was making the right choice. I’ll do anything I can to be with the two of you.”

“Well… there’d be one easy solution to the problem.” Bruno suggests

“What?” [Y/N] asks him

“A marriage for the visa.”

“Would that be fraud?”

“Well… no. You’re in love with each other… and Abbacchio and I can’t get married.”

“I don’t know… I mean. You know how I feel about marriage Abbacchio.”

“It does feel a bit to sudden.” Abbacchio laughs to himself, “I’ll just apply for citizenship… like a normal person.”

“It’s going to be hard.” [Y/N] tells him, “They make it hard for immigrants on purpose. You’re going to have to get better at English and learn all about American history.”

“It’s a pain in the ass.” Bruno mutters under his breath, “But I’m working on it.”

“Are you here on a visa?”

“Yes, I’m on a work visa, and I’ve just been renewing it every year. It usually gets through fine, but I want to be a citizen. It’d just make my life a little bit easier.”

“Okay. Then I’ll become a citizen too.” Abbacchio remains firm

“Then that’s reason to celebrate.” [Y/N] smiles and goes to pull out a different bottle of wine than the one that Abbacchio and [Y/N] had been working on during the afternoon. “To my boyfriends. One who’s been working towards his citizenship, and one who decided to become a citizen. Cheers honey.”

“Cheers.” Abbacchio and Bruno lift their glasses up and clink glasses before taking a drink

“Pasta’s ready as well.” She smiles and gives a plate to the two of them and they sit at the table they had next to their window, overlooking the city. Abbacchio watches all the cars and things moving on the street below their apartment. Finally, [Y/N] walks over to the table and starts eating after she gives her boyfriends kisses on their cheek. “Is it okay Abbacchio?”

He takes a bite and gets some more as he replies, “It’s really good. Thank you for dinner.”

“Of course.” She smiles and eats. Bruno facepalms himself and runs to go get the bread he brought home

“If you’ll just wait, I can make garlic bread.” Bruno starts throwing some bread into the toaster oven Joseph had bought for their apartment as a house-warming gift.

“It’s fine.” Abbacchio says sheepishly, “[Y/N] made more than enough pasta for me.”

“I’ll take a slice if you’re already toasting some bread.” [Y/N] smiles gently

“Anything for you my love.” Bruno smiles back and pulls the first two pieces of bread from the oven, putting in another two for himself. He puts on some butter and adds the garlic seasoning and brings them over to his girlfriend.

“Thank you honey.” She kisses his cheek and he kisses her head back. Bruno goes back to grab his bread then brings it to the table. They finish their meal and Abbacchio takes the plates before either of them can object to him. [Y/N] follows after him. “I’ve got it.”

“No, please let me.”

“It’s a celebration dinner, in my house, I can do it Leone.” She kisses his cheek


“Fine, you can dry the dishes if that would ease your guilt.” She smiles and hands him a slightly damp towel


“Bruno, you can put the stuff away after Abba dries it off.”

“Got it.” Bruno takes the plates and puts them back in their neat little places throughout the kitchen. Finally, after [Y/N] finishes it, they go to lie on the couch together. Her head was burrowed into Abbacchio’s right shoulder, while Bruno’s head gently rested on his left. Abbacchio wraps his arms around the both of them and covers their heads in kisses throughout the night. It wasn’t until nearly two in the morning that Bruno started feeling the fatigue of a long day hit him like a brick. He wanted to spend every waking moment that he could with his loves… but he couldn’t stay up any longer like this.

“Good night.” He says softly, pressing his lips onto his girlfriend and boyfriend’s cheeks

“I’ll join you.” Abbacchio gets up, gently resting their girlfriend’s head on the nearest pillow

“It’s only 2.” She sticks her tongue out at her boyfriends jokingly but gets up and heads to the bathroom

“Did you bring anything?” Bruno asks Abbacchio

“Yes. I have a bag with some clothes and toiletries.”

“Okay. Do you want to go shopping together tomorrow?”


“Get more clothes.” Bruno smiles gently and pulls him in for a kiss

“I don’t need anymore Bruno. So long as you’ll let me wash what I have.”

“And if I don’t?” Bruno laughs, trying to get a rise out of Abbacchio

“I’ll just start re-wearing my gross clothes.” Abbacchio kisses his cheek

“Alright fine. But we have to go shopping eventually if you’re going to live here.”

“I know. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

“Okay,” [Y/N] comes back, dressed in her nightgown, that was more lingerie than sleepwear, “Bathroom’s open. Brush your teeth. Especially you Bruno. I don’t want hot garlic breath blowing on the back of my neck while I sleep.”

“But doesn’t it make you feel like you’re in the Italian countryside?” He asks, giving her puppy eyes

“Yes, but it’s your breath. It’s supposed to smell nice.” She kisses him before fake gagging and gets into their bed. Abbacchio and Bruno go to the bathroom before they start to brush their teeth. Bruno finishes it up with some mouthwash before he crawls into bed to lie next to his girlfriend. Finally, Abbacchio joins them and wraps his arms around his girlfriend and boyfriend.

“I love you two, so much.” Abbacchio says quietly, pressing his lips into the back of Bruno’s head

“I love you too Abbacchio.” [Y/N] whispers back, starting to drift off as she talked. Like that she was out, Bruno rolls over to face Abbacchio and starts speaking to him gently. He cups one of Abbacchio’s cheeks in his hand and smiles.

“I can’t believe you’re really here…” He was too happy to say much more than that to Abbacchio

“I am. Forever. Yours and [Y/N]’s.”


“Bruno Buccellati, is this a marriage proposal?”

“No.” Bruno shakes his head and laughs, “First… I think I want to propose to [Y/N]…”


“Yeah. I love her… and now that you’re here and we can be a real couple… soon we could get engaged.”

“I understand.” Abbacchio acknowledges Bruno’s words and kisses him, “We better go to bed. I’m about to pass out too.”

“Okay. Good night Abba. I love you.”

“I love you too Bruno.” They had one last kiss together before falling asleep, wrapped up in each other, even better than how they had lied in back in Italy.

Chapter Text


“I…” She stammers. She had had her suspicions, but to hear the words, “You’re pregnant” come out of her doctor’s mouth was… something else. “Do you know how many yet?”

“No. You said you only just missed your cycle by a couple weeks, right?”

“Yes… but I thought it might be out of whack… I was traveling two weeks ago.”

“While it’s possible that travel can affect your monthly cycle… you must’ve been pregnant before leaving.”

“Ah. Okay. Thank you.” She says, neither sheer elation or terror showing in the tone of her voice

“You have a partner, right?”


“I would inform them about this.”

“I was already planning on it.” She replies

“Alright, take care.” The doctor wishes her goodbye and she wanders out onto the streets. She was pregnant with Bruno’s baby. She couldn’t believe it. It was something she had never thought about happening so early. She thought she would be married before she even had to think about a child, even though both her and Bruno had agreed they wanted at least one child… And Abbacchio. Oh Abbacchio. How could she tell him in all that time that they did stuff in Italy, she was carrying Bruno’s child around with her? She didn’t have a clue where to go. Home felt too scary, with Abbacchio most definitely there if he hadn’t run in to the Whole Foods next door. If she went to work, Joseph would bug her about the appointment, and even worse might let something slip to Bruno. So she had decided to walk all the way to Central Park. She sat down on a bench and looked over herself. How could she now face the men that she loved? She was probably going to break Abbacchio’s heart, and if she broke his, she might as well have broken Bruno’s too. She didn’t know who to call. She felt like she had to tell somebody. She stood up and started walking towards her office. She takes the elevator and goes into Joseph’s office. She goes past her desk and sits in Joseph’s office quietly.

“No… No, please don’t take Shizuka to high tea… Suzie! Wait, I’ll call you back.” Joseph hangs up on his wife and looks at [Y/N], “Everything alright?”

“I…” She struggles to tell him

“Do you want some cocoa?”

“Please.” Tears start streaming down her face while he runs to get a cup for his assistant and himself. She takes the cup from him and drinks quietly.

“Would you mind telling me what’s wrong?”

“I’m pregnant… but it’s definitely Bruno’s kid… and I’m so scared that I’m going to break their hearts.”

“Why? Bruno’s always wanted kids.”

“I know… but that was before we met Abbacchio, and now I’m afraid that if I tell Abbacchio, he’ll think that like I was just using him or something for sex and that I don’t really love him.”

“Why would he think that?”

“Like… I value my relationship with Bruno more than I value him.”

“I see. Things like this are tough.”

“Well… at least I’m having a child with one of my two partners, and they’re both aware.” Joseph looks over at her with shocked eyes before laughing, “Speaking of which, how is Josuke doing?”

“He’s doing well.” Joseph smiles, “He’s living with his friend Okuyasu away from Tomoko.”

“That’s nice to hear.” She smiles softly, “So about my baby…”

“I think they’ll both be happy. Maybe confused. But you date nice men. If either of them break your heart, you tell me and the Speedwagon foundation will bury them.”

“Thank you… Mr. Joestar.” She laughs, a little bit nervous about the vague threat he just made.

“You’re welcome.” He smiles at her, “Now do you want me to drive you back to your place?”

“Yes.” They walk to Joseph’s car and he drives her back to her apartment. “See you tomorrow!”

“See you!” She shouts back and heads upstairs to her apartment. When she gets there Abbacchio is sitting on the couch, surfing the internet for jobs. “Hey hon… I have something to tell you, but it might be better if I tell Bruno first…”

“Is… Is something wrong?” He asks, utterly panicked

“No! No! Don’t worry, we’re okay… we still love you. And want you here. Don’t worry about that.” With a deep sigh he calms down

“Okay, then what is it?”

“I… I’m pregnant. With Bruno’s baby.”

“You’re preg…” He gets up and runs over to her. He looks over her, “How long?”

“Only a couple of weeks… I must’ve gotten pregnant a few days before I went to Italy.”

“God you were drinking so much alcohol…” He holds her in his arms, almost frisking her with gentle pats of his hand

“That’s what you’re worried about honey?” She laughs softly to herself, “You’re okay with me being pregnant?”

“No. I’m so happy… God. Oh god…” He laughs, completely in shock, “You’re really pregnant. You have a baby in you..” He kisses her passionately and carries her over to the couch. He spends the rest of the afternoon with his laptop open, but opting to cuddle and run his hands over her stomach and fawn over her. It may not be his child, but he was just so happy that the woman he loved was happy. Bruno comes home a few hours later and looks over them.

“Somebody’s cuddly today… may I join?” He laughs and sits on the other side of [Y/N], wrapping his arms across her chest

“Bruno… I have something to tell you.” She looks at him anxiously. He frowns… were they breaking up? “I’m… I’m pregnant. And the baby is yours.”

“Are you sure?” He asks, he felt his world crashing in on him in the best way possible. He had always wanted a family with her, but never saw it in their life that they had currently.

“Yes. I went in today… I… while were in Italy, I noticed I felt different so when I got back I went in… and yeah. I’m pregnant.” She smiles and he holds her tightly before he starts crying

“I’m going to be a dad…” Bruno says in between sobs, “I know… I know you don’t want to get married persay, but can I ‘propose’ to you?”

“Well… I wouldn’t be opposed. As long as you’re okay with it Abbacchio.” She smiles softly

“I don’t mind. Let me just scrape my money together and I’ll get you both rings too.”

“You don’t have to…” Bruno wipes away his tears, trying to keep himself from getting emotional over his boyfriend too

“I want to. I know I want to spend forever with the both of you. Even though we just met and everything, there’s no other people in this world that I could love the way that I love the both of you.” He reaches to take a hand from the both of them and kisses it, “I love you two, too dearly… I know that I want forever with you.”

“Then I’ll get rings.” Bruno smiles and kisses Abbacchio back. They spend the rest of the night surrounding their girlfriend, protecting her and Bruno’s baby from a world that might judge their little family.

Chapter Text

“[Y/N]… Bruno… will you marry me?” Abbacchio got down onto one knee in front of the couch and took a deep breath, “Was that good… who knows?” He asks himself before he starts pacing around their apartment. Tonight was going to be the night. He’d catch them by surprise and propose to the two of them. They had only been living together for three months at this point but Abbacchio wanted to make sure all the pomp and circumstance of a proper proposal was done before [Y/N] was going to give birth. He knew Bruno had rings for her and Abbacchio already ready to go but he didn’t know when to expect Bruno’s proposal. Abbacchio heard the apartment door handle jiggle and he tucks the ring boxes underneath a pillow on the couch before plopping himself on said couch. He tries to get in a natural position before he sees that it was Bruno who got home.

“Hello love.” Bruno takes off his shoes quickly, pulling the back of one of his shoes off with the other, before he ran over to join Abbacchio. He placed a hand over Abbacchio’s laps as he cuddled into his larger boyfriend. He presses his lips onto Abbacchio’s cheek before Abbacchio wraps an arm around Bruno’s shoulders and kisses his head back in response.

“Hi babe.” Abbacchio finally greets back as they start getting cuddlier with one another

“Is [Y/N] home yet?” Bruno asks

“No, not yet.”

“Okay… do you want to go out for dinner tonight?”

“Bruno, we just went out last night.”


“We have plenty of pasta to make here at home.”

“I don’t know. Yes, we have pasta, but do you really feel like cooking tonight?”

“Not particularly.”

“Great, then when she gets home, we’ll go out.”

“And if she’s too tired?”

“Then I’ll order something for all of us. Like pizza or something.”

“You sure are… optimistic.” Abbacchio laughs quietly to himself

“What do you mean?”

“I just mean…” Abbacchio starts to say before [Y/N] walks in. They both quickly scramble to get the door and help her take her shoes off for her

“I’m only 6 months pregnant.” She laughs, “I’m not a porcelain doll.”

“I know…” Bruno tisks her

“But we just want to make sure you’re comfortable, and more importantly don’t hurt yourself.”

“I’ll be fine.” She reassures them before dropping her stuff next to the couch and plopping down onto the cushions

“Let’s go get dinner.” Leone suggests

“I just sat down.” She sighs softly

“We can order in too.”

“No, we can go, just give me a minute.” Her boyfriends flock to her side and cuddle with her for a moment before she gets her oomph back and they head out to dinner. Abbacchio drives them to a restaurant, a favorite of theirs they had found after he had lived with them for a couple of weeks… and he was going to do it tonight. For real. The last time he had tried to propose, Bruno ended up with a broken nose, and [Y/N] had to call her boss to get them out of the situation. The moral of the story from that day was, never propose at Coney Island. He pulls out the chair first for [Y/N] and Bruno pushes her in. Abbacchio then gets up and pulls out Bruno’s chair for him before sitting down himself. [Y/N] whimpers as she looks longingly at the wine list, but knowing that she can’t have anything, tell Abbacchio and Bruno to order something for themselves. They both settle on non-alcoholic cocktails. They order and eat when Abbacchio runs to the bathroom to calm his nerves. He quadruple checked his pockets, making sure he had the engagement rings ready. After a deep sigh, he walks back up to the table before getting down on one knee.

“Abba?” Bruno asks. Abbacchio first takes out a beautiful thin ring for [Y/N] and asks the question

“[Y/N] will you… marry me?” Her eyes well up with tears before she nods her head like there was no tomorrow. He quickly switched knees and then pulls out another box, this time with a simple band for Bruno and asking him, “May I have your hand in marriage?”

“You don’t even need to ask.” Bruno smiles and helps Abbacchio slip the band onto his ring finger and pulls him up for a kiss. They work together to put Abbacchio’s ring onto [Y/N]’s finger before kissing it, and then kissing her. After Bruno and [Y/N] had wiped the tears from their eyes, Bruno pulls out a bright red box, a familiar box to Abbacchio and gets on his knees in front of [Y/N].

“My dear… now that you’ve said yes to Abba… will you say yes to me too?”

“Absolutely.” Her tears that had never really disappeared flew down her face as Bruno slipped the Buccellati family ring onto her finger, making almost a crown look for Abbacchio’s engagement ring. Bruno shuffles on his knees over to where Abbacchio was standing and pulls out a newer looking box, with a simple silver band.

“Please Abbacchio. Marry me.”

“I will.” Abbacchio smiles and helps Bruno back up to his feet, wrapping his arms around him before kissing him passionately. After Abbacchio pays for everything, they get back into the car and rather than starting to drive back home first, they huddle in the back of the car and go in a constant circle of kissing one another. Eventually Abbacchio volunteers to drive the triad home and Bruno lets [Y/N] rest quietly on his shoulder. Bruno had taken to singing to their fiancé whenever she fell asleep, in order to sing to the baby. His hand rested over the bump as he sang a soft lullaby in Italian, one Abbacchio hadn’t heard in a while, but when they were safely parked, Abbacchio turned around and added his voice as the harmony to Bruno’s dreamy voice. Abbacchio smiles as he watches [Y/N] cuddle deeper into Bruno, before opening the door for them. Bruno helps scoot her across the seat and Abbacchio wraps her arms around his neck before carrying her bridal style back up to their apartment. First Abbacchio lays her down on the bed, then goes back to take off his coat and shoes before getting into the bed besides her. He presses himself into her back and wraps his arms around the center of her body. He didn’t carry if his breath smelt like garlic and butter at the moment, he was too tired to care about changing into pajamas, much less brush his teeth. After a more composed Bruno walked into the bedroom, he lied on the other side of Abbacchio.

“I thought you were going to sleep on the other side of [Y/N].” Abbacchio looks behind him

“No, I just felt like being the biggest spoon tonight.”

“Alright. Goodnight caro mio.”

“Goodnight amore mio.” Bruno kisses Abbacchio’s neck softly as he wrapped his arms around Abbacchio, draping the oversized comforter over the oversized family.

Chapter Text

Bruno stared at the crib, all set up. There wasn’t an unfinished detail in the guest room turned bedroom for the baby as [Y/N] was due any day now. Her parents were constantly in and out of the apartment and had no idea about their relationship with Abbacchio. He didn’t want to cause [Y/N] anymore any stress, so he said, so he would slip off his wedding band in the bedroom, and make it look like he slept on the couch. It wasn’t hard since most nights [Y/N] was out on the couch anyway. All they had to do was switch places before her parents got there and he’d hide in the guest bathroom. Bruno hated this arrangement, as did [Y/N] but Abbacchio insisted, worrying that if her parents ever found out, they would hurt her. There Bruno was, in the nursery. Ready for their baby. He had to worry a little bit. He’d always wanted kids, even more so with [Y/N]… but would he really be a good father? He thought that maybe… maybe just somehow he’d royally fuck everything up and send the only love he’d known in his life running away.

“You alright?” Abbacchio asks, putting his hands onto Bruno’s shoulders before starting to massage them

“Everything’s going to change Abba… we’re going to be dads… not just, loving caring very supportive fiancés, but fathers. It’s a lot.”

“I know Bruno, we just have to relax.” Abbacchio presses his lips onto Bruno’s head as Bruno takes Abbacchio’s arms and supportively wrap them around himself

“What if they don’t like me?”

“Why wouldn’t they?”

“I’m too mean of a dad?”

“You couldn’t possibly be mean to them. If the way you dote on [Y/N] and I is any indication of how strict of a father you’ll be, I’ll need a stronger back bone.”

“Hey. I will discipline our child if need be.”

“I know you will.”

“I know [Y/N] will kill us if we have wine right now… but I was hoping I could take the edge off.”

“Don’t drink.” Abbacchio sternly warns him, “Take it from me, alcohol won’t take the edge off.”

“I know…”

“No drinking until we deliver this baby, we promised [Y/N].”

“She… she does know she can’t drink even after the baby is born right?”

“She knows, but she’s been waiting for her glass of cabernet sauvignon and I’m not about to tell a hormonal woman no.”

“Great.” Bruno laughs to himself. Just as Abbacchio had calmed Bruno down, [Y/N] stood in the frame of the door, one hand on her stomach, and the other on the door frame

“Water broke.” She says, shutting her eyes as the pain came in waves to her

“Your water?!” Bruno gets underneath an arm and Abbacchio gets under the other, helping carry her down to the car. Bruno sits in the backseat with her while Abbacchio drives like a responsible maniac to get to the hospital to get her into the delivery room. The doctors get her situated and ready to push the baby out as she grips tightly onto one of Bruno’s hands and one of Abbacchio’s. After what felt like forever, they announce that she had a girl. She laughs, trying to prevent herself from crying as Bruno presses kisses onto her sweat covered forehead. The doctors look at them before saying, “One baby done.”

“One…” She whispers, her tone raising at the end of the statement

“Didn’t your prenatal care provider tell you? You’re having twins.”

“Twins?!” She screams, nearly breaking all the bones in Bruno’s hand as she rides another wave of pain, readying herself to push out one more child. After a little bit of struggling, they get the second baby out, and announce she’d had a boy before helping to deliver the after birth. She felt utterly disgusting, and Bruno couldn’t stand to see her like this. He ran to the suite bathroom and got a wet towel to wash off her face at the very least.

“You did so well honey…” He tries to encourage her

“Say… one more word… I’ll cut your dick off.” She groans, trying to keep herself from falling asleep

“Rest.” Abbacchio tells her, “The doctors will come back when the babies are ready.” She nods and falls asleep, her hair clinging to the pillow as her head flopped around, trying to find a comfortable spot. He ran his fingers gently through her hair, trying to soothe her in her sleep as she recovered. “Should we go see your babies?”

“I don’t know…” Bruno says, “I don’t want to leave her, but I’m also scared that I won’t be able to find them.”

“I’m sure you will.” They walk down the hallway, waiting there was their kids. Their daughter undeniably reminded Bruno of baby pictures of himself his father showed him when he was little. Bruno watched as she kicked like crazy, an already energetic little girl. Then there was their son, right next to their daughter. He was much quieter but had a little tuft of hair sticking up off his head as he slept soundly. Bruno was utterly in love and held onto Abbacchio’s arms. “Told you.” Abbacchio whispers softly as he rests his head on top of Bruno’s

“I know I promised [Y/N] that she’d hold them first, but I want to hold them so badly right now.” Bruno laughs to himself

“You’ll get to hold them any second now.” Abbacchio promises Bruno, “They just gotta clean them and bring them to [Y/N]. Speaking of which… let’s get back to her.” Abbacchio takes the both of them back to the hospital room where [Y/N] was up and wired

“Where are my babies at?” She asks them

“They’re probably bringing them to you right now.” Bruno says and sits next to her, Abbacchio taking over the couch next to the window. The nurses wheel in the babies and she covers her mouth as she fawns over her children

“They’re beautiful…” She starts tearing up again as Bruno helps the nurse place the babies in her arms and she covers them in kisses. She holds them and whispers little “Hi, hello, yes you’re so beautiful. Just the cutest babies in the world…”

“Can I hold one of them?” Bruno offers

“Oh yes, who do you want to hold first?” She asks

“I think I’ll take… our baby girl.” Bruno holds his hands out and takes his daughter, holding her protectively in his arms. She squirms in her little blanket, practically begging her father to unswaddle her. “You sure like kicking don’t you.”

“Could… Could I hold our son?” Abbacchio asks

“Of course.” She smiles and hands their son to him. He smiles as he swipes the tuft of hair getting close to his little eyes. Just as they men were getting comfortable with their babies, [Y/N]’s parents come in and ask to see their grandchild.

“Oh. He’s here.”

“Yes. He’s here.” Bruno tells them, “He belongs here.”

“Why? He’s just your housemate.” Her mother says and [Y/N]’s jaw drops, having had enough just as much as Bruno

“Mom. Dad. I’m dating him.”

“Then are these…”

“They’re Bruno’s children.” She explains, “But Bruno and I are dating him.” As soon as her parents come in, they walk out. “Fuck them.”

“[Y/N]?” Abbacchio asks

“I love you Abba, and I’d rather have you in my life. In our life, than my parents.”

“Babe. I love you.” He hands her back their son before cupping her cheeks and giving her a wet kiss, hot tears streaming along his face

“I love you.” She tells him and Bruno wraps an arm around Abbacchio

“You know…” Bruno starts, “We need to give these babies some names.”

“We do.” She smiles

“Our baby boy…” Abbacchio starts to say, before pausing, “Your boy.”

“What does our baby look like to you?” She asks

“He looks like a Niccoli.” Abbacchio smiles

“That’s perfect.” Bruno kisses Abbacchio’s cheek

“Then our girl?” Abbacchio asks

“Well I was going to name her after my mother, but she doesn’t deserve that… I did like the name Vera when we were looking.”

“Vera?” Bruno asks

“Yeah.” She smiles

“It’s perfect for her. Those names… they’re perfect for our kids.” Bruno smiles and after giving the kids back to the nurses, first Abbacchio crawls into bed and wraps his arms around his girlfriend. After they’re comfortable, Bruno crawls in on the other side and wraps his arms around [Y/N]. She holds onto the both of them as they all sleep together. The worst was behind them and the babies were finally here.