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TLOU Mini-Series Part- 4 : What the future holds

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Chapter 1: We're almost there

Is been a day since Joel and Ellie crossed the California border. They read in the welcome sign to the state, that the original population was 37.244.976, But that number has now across a line, covering part of that number. And a new number was writing beaned the original one, that said 2,884. Ellie asked Joel if that new number, indicate the people that live there now. But Joel told her that he doubts that because the new numbers look old. And the possibility that so many people still living there, was a hard possibility. Even if the state is a big one, most of the people that survive the fall of the QZ there, probably move away.

As Ellie continue asking a question, Joel told her that California was a big city with a lot of people back in the days. But as the Infection start to spread at the cross the country, the big city where the first one to fall. The military tries to control cities like this one, but in the end, they get surpass so they evacuate, all the people they can. Joel told her about the QZ in this part of the state, and how it was evacuated 15 years ago. And after the military goes, most survivors move to the least populated area.

They ride for a few more hours, on the main road and when the start night to fall, Joel takes the horse out of the road to find a good spot in the woods to make a camp for the night. After they do, the eat from the supplies they still have left and get some sleep. They cuddled close to the fire. Ellie can hear Joel snoring behind her, and even that he doesn't bother her with that, she can sleep. She was thinking about the boy, she missing him a little. She doesn't miss much his mother, but she is hoping that get to their destination alive. Because is going to be hard, to fight infected or bandits, with a 5 years old kid. After a time, Ellie grabs the arm that Joel has around her and fall asleep.

The wake up early, the next morning and after Ellie go away to throw up, they go back to the road. After Joel check the map again, he told her that they're going to ride that road, until they find the next intersection that was going to take them directly to the coast.

It was midday when they found the road ahead blocked by a lot of abandoned cars. "Shit!... this is going to delay us," said Joel holding the horse to make him stop.

Ellie moves her head to the side, and look at the blocked road. "What we going to do now?... do you know any other road can take us there?" She starts to ask.

Joel starts to look around and try to see it is a way to go through all that. "This is the main road that gets there. But it has to another that we can use, so let get down and check the map." Ellie moves to the side and get off the horse. Joel follows her a minute later. He gives the reins of the horse to Ellie and takes the map out. He walks toward the closer car, and open the map "Let see" he started to check the exact point where they're supposed to be.

Ellie walks the horse to the edge of the road, so he can eat from the grass there. Then she looks to the blocked road ahead. Making sure that is none one around, infected or otherwise. "Do you think, that any of that car have something we can use?" asked Ellie looking toward them.

"I don't think so kiddo, they are too old and rusty for that." Joel continues looking at the map trying to find a new route, that can take them to the coast. Ellie ties the horse reins to a closed car, then walk toward the cars and start looking around. Joel saw when she start to walk between the cars and looking inside of them. "Ellie!. Don't go between the cars, there's nothing on them that we can use," says Joel with a worried tone.

Ellie looks at him and rolled her eyes. "I no going far, Joel. I just want to check-" Ellie stop talking when she heard some noise coming from far ahead of the blocked road. "Joel...! I think that we need to go... NOW!" Ellie ran back to the horse and start to untie it.

Joel looks toward the cars and grabs the map quick. "Shit!... Ellie, I told you not to go in there." he ran to the horse direction. When he gets to the horse, he mounts it, then he helps Ellie to get up the horse and ride to the opposite direction.

They ride the horse fast on the road. Ellie looks back and saw the horde of infected follow them now. She is not sure how many are, but it looks like a lot of them. She watches as some of them were jumping and running between the cars. "What we're going to do, they're too many to stop and try to kill them all."

Joel continues pushing the horse forward. "I know!... also we don't have too much bullet to waist on them. But don't worry there is a small road ahead, that we can use," says Joel while he galloping the horse faster. The infected chasing them for 15 minutes before they found the little de-tore and go into the forest. By that time they already lost the infected that chased them.

A few minutes into the forest, the slow down the horse. "Well, that was close… I don't understand, why were so many of them, between those cars." Ellie says putting her hands on Joel's shoulder.

Joel continues riding the horse through the forest. "Well, we're closer now to the city. So, is possible that find more infected on the way. I just hope that the cost line doesn't have much of them. Because we going to be in trouble, if we get out of ammunition before we get to our destination," says Joel looking around, making sure that none of infected where follow them.

"Yeah, I know. I just hope that we found some more soon. Fighting a big number of infected is going to be hard without bullets. Even if I know that you can kill a few of them with your own hands" Ellie move her head closer to Joel and give him a kiss on the check. Joel smiles at that, but he knows that he is not that good, at least not anymore.

( Three hours later )

After they found the way out of the forest and into the new road. Joel and Ellie continue their way to the north coast of California. They saw a few old rusty car and truck on the street, but lucky for them, they don't saw any more infected.

Ellie was holding Joel by the waist and her head resting on his back. She was with her eyes closed. Thinking about what the future is holding for them when all this is over. She wants to go back to Jackson and start their new family. Be with Joel on their house and wait for their baby to be burn. Having sex in a safe place is going to be good too. Well is not like we can't do it out here, but is going to be better do it back home. Where we can relax and don't be a worry if some hunter or infected show up to interrupt us. Ellie starts to think on all the thing they can do in bed, and now that she is pregnant, Joel doesn't need to pull out of her every time he came. Well, that doesn't work well, but I still want to feel him come inside of me. Ohh she really loves that. Ellie was taken out of her thought when she hears Joel speak.

"Is going to get dark soon, and is going to be a cold night too," he said looking to the side to make sure Ellie listened to him. "We need to find a place to pass the night soon. But I don't know if this route is going to have something we can use. We going to be lucky if we find a gas station or something like that."

Ellie opens her eyes and move away from his warm body. "Don't worry Joel, I'm sure we going to find something soon."

"Yeah… also, the horse needs some rest too. After that chase and caring to people now, he must be tired." says Joel looking forward now.

"I bet, he is. Ohh, poor baby." Ellie moves one hand away from Joel and pet the horse on the side. They ride for two more hours until they saw a sign on the side road that says: ( Gas station and rest area 2 ½ miles ) "Hey Joel!... do you think we can find a good place to rest in there?" asked Ellie pointing to the sign.

"Well, I hope so, is going to be dark soon. I just hope that that place, no be so fucked up, so we can pass the night there." after 30 minutes they saw some building at the distance, so Joel tries to make the horse move faster. "We need to be careful, okay!... In places like that, you can find infected inside, so ready your weapon," says Joel as they get closer to the place.

They ride the horse until they get close to an old trailer truck, that was on the opposite side of the road. The truck was close to the gas station, so they move behind the trailer and dismount the horse. Then Joel took the binoculars out of his backpack and move to the back of the trailer and start to check the place.

Ellie ties up the horse to the truck, and walk back to Joel and stop behind him. "Well...? can you see any infected there?" asked Ellie putting one hand on his shoulder.

"I see a few rusty cars there, 2 on the front of the gas station and a few more on the parking lot on the side, but I don't see any infected… yet!" He looks at the direction of the next building there. "The gas station looks beat up, but the old fast food building looks better."

"Okay… that is good. Are we going to check the place first?" Ellie moves her hand from him and starts to walk back to the horse. "Or you want me too." Joel lows the binocular and turns to grab Ellie arm to stop her.

"… hold right there kiddo," said Joel after he pulls her to turn around. "I will go to check the place and you… you will stay with the horse until I come back...okay?"

"WHAT!... why you want me to stay behind Joel... We always do this together, remember?" Ellie starts to protest.

Joel knows that Ellie doesn't like when he tried to do things alone in situations like this. But in the condition she is now, he doesn't want her to take any risk. So he needs to think about something, to keep her here or she is going to follow him there. He needs to make sure that the place is secure before they go there. "Yeah, I know kiddo, but I don't like to go blind in places like this. So I need you to cover my ass okay." He watches Ellie's smile a soon he says ass. He shakes his head and starts to walk toward the horse. A soon he gets there, he grabs the rifle from the horse and looks at Ellie. "Here, take this and take a position at the front of the truck, you will see better there."

Ellie takes the rifle and follows him. "Joel I don't like this. I think is better if we go together and-"

Joel turns around and looks at her. "Look, we don't know what we can find in there. It can be infected or someone else. So I need you to stay with the horse in the case in case we need to get away fast okay." He watches her worry expression. "Don't worry baby a soon I check the gas station I will signal you to come close. So we can check the fast food store… Okay!" He was just hoping that she understand and not try to follow him.

Ellie looks at his eyes, try to read him. But as he is a good lair, she's never sure if he is telling the truth or no. So she decides to let it go this time. "Okay Joel, I will cover you… ass," she giggles at that. "But if I see that you're in danger, I will go after you…okay?"

"Thanks, baby… just keep your eyes open." he starts to walk out, but Ellie grabs his arm.

"Be careful in there okay!" then she moves closer and gives him a kiss on the lips. "Just for luck!" Joel smile at her, he turns and starts to walk away. Ellie grabs the rifle and takes a position in front of the truck.

Joel lower himself and cross the street. He walks behind the first car that was in front of the gas pumps and hides. He turns to look at Ellie and give her a thumbs up. He saw her blowing a kiss at him with her hand and get ready. He turns and smiles. Oh, that girl is so adorable sometimes. Joel takes his hunters knife out, but he makes sure to have his gun ready just in case. He doesn't want to waste any bullets if he doesn't have to. So it was better to use the knife first. Using the knife sometimes is a good way to no make too much noise in case there are more infected close by.

Joel moves to the back of the old car and looks at the entrance of the gas station. He already sees that the place looks to wracked up. The front door was broken on the floor and all the front window are missing too. This is no good place to pass the cold night, but he needs to make sure that is no infected in there. He starts to move away from the car slowly until he gets to the front wall of the station. Then he moves to the side of the entrance and takes a pick inside.

The place was a mess, most of the shelves were broken and rusty. Joel looks at the ceiling and part of it was missing or on the floor. For what he can see they can't use this, to pass the night. Joel turns his head and looks at Ellie direction, he moves his hand and gives her a signal. Telling her that he was going in. But he saw Ellie shaking her head, in disapproval. Joel just smiles at her and start to move in. Joel walks into the station slowly, hiding behind the rack, just in case. He starts to check for any sign of people can be here before. But the place looks like nobody's been there in years. As he continues walking, he saw a lot of garbage and thing that has been destroyed by time. He starts to walk toward the back of the place, where the office and bathroom are located in these places. Joel moves slowly, to the bathroom and saw that the door was missing. He moves closer, but the bad smell was so strong, that he has to walk away.

He checks the little office, but he found nothing in there either, so he starts to walk back to the front of the station. He stops when he hears some noise outside. He quickly put his knife on his back and take his gun out. He starts to move with some precaution, but when he gets closer to the entrance, he saw Ellie coming in. He up his gun and stop. "Ellie!... what the-what you're doing here? I told you to stay with the horse and cover me." Say Joel moving closer to her.

"Sorry, but I can't cover your ass if I can't see you." she smiles at that. "So I decided to come closer and check on-" Ellie quickly cover her nose with her hand. "Fuck!... this place smells like shit!"

"Yeah, and is worse in the back... C'mon lets get out of here. Is nothing in here anyway. And I don't think we can use this place to pass the night," Joel grab Ellie's arm and pull her out of the place. A soon they were out, Joel speaks again "Okay since you're here, I want you to cover me from here. So I can move closer to the Burger King over there and check it out. It looks in better condition, but who knows. So I want you to keep your eyes open."

Ellie was going to protest again, but Joel starts to walk away at the direction of the old famous fast food. Joel starts to walk between some rusty cars, that still between the two places. He looks in front of the fast food store and saw that some of the glass windows, were cover with old newspaper. And the one that is broken, replaced with wood panels. He stops behind a car, and start to think, that is a possibility that someone was using this place. Joel listened to the surroundings, try to make sure that no one, was closer there. After a minute, he decided to move closer to the door. As he gets closer to the front door, he starts to hear noise coming from the side of the building. Joel moves back and hides behind a car that was in the opposite direction of the sound. And a few seconds later an infected person walks out of the side of the building and continue his slow walking in front of the building. It was a stalker, so not a big deal, they're easy to kill if they are alone.

Shit! Say Joel trying that the infected don't see him. He looks at Ellie direction and saw that she already was pointing the rifle toward the infected. Joel gives her the signal to not shot yet. He needs to make sure that is no more infected closer, that the shot can bring there. He put his gun away and grab the knife again. He waits for a few as he doesn't see any more infected coming from the side of the building. Joel moves slowly at the front of the car. And wait for the infected pass in front of the car, and with a quick move, he grabs him from behind and nails his knife into the infected neck a few time, killing it, without a problem.

A soon the infected go down to the floor, he looks at Ellie and gives her a thumb up, so she knows that everything was fine. He walked slowly to the corner of the building and take a peek and make sure that there is no more coming that way. After that, he moves at the front door and saw that it was tied up with a rope. He knew that if the door was closer like that, mean that someone was trying to keep someone inside. They do not have time to find another place before the night falls, so he proceeds to cut the rope slowly.

A soon Joel finish cutting the rope, he starts to open slowly. He tries to make the less sound he could, just in case was someone inside, infected or otherwise. As he has half of the door open he introduce his head to look inside, but it was too dark to see anything. So he moves his free hand and take out his flashlight from the backpack and turn it on. But when he was to take another look, he hears a gunshot behind him.


He turns around and saw a runner dropping down, on the sidewalk beside the store. "Ellie!" He yells at her, but before he continues. He saw Ellie moving away from the wall of the gas station and shot another runner that was coming out from the other side of the store.

"Joel you need to move away from there," Ellie yell at him, but it was too late, Ellie saw another infected coming out from inside the store and jump at Joel. "NOOOO!" Ellie screams and ran toward him. But before she crosses the parking lot, more infected start to show. So she up her rifle and start to shot at them.

Joel hit the infected with the flashlight, making him drop to the side. Then he takes the knife that he has on the other hand and nails the infected man a few time on the side of his body until he was dead. Joel moves away from the body, but before he can do something another two infected come out from the fast food store screaming. This time was a woman and a teenage girl. He tries to move away, but the woman gets a grab of him and pushes him toward the car that was behind him. He manages to kick away the girl that tries to bite his foot. But the woman moves closer and try to bite his neck. After a few moments of the fight, he manages to push the woman away from him and nail the knife on her chest.

Before Joel move the dead woman away from him. The infected girl starts to get up, but Ellie was close enough and shot her on the head. A soon the infected girl drop to the ground she moves closer to Joel. "Are you alright?" she asked while she helps him to get the woman away from him.

Ellie pushes the dead body to the ground, and help Joel to get up from the car. "Yeah… I'm fine kiddo. I was just…" he looks at the bodies, the back at Ellie. "Thank for cover me, that was close," He says to her while moving away from the car.

"Yeah, no problem. I was happy to save your ass. Besides, I no plan to become a widow before we get properly married." She smiles and move closer to him and kiss him. She stop the kiss a soon she heard a familiar sound coming from the other side of the store.

Click… click… click

"Shit!... just what we need," say Joel rolling his eyes. "They can't give us a fucking break!"

Ellie turns around and saw the Clicker moving faster at them. "Don't worry I will handle this one too old man," She put the rifle on her back and take out her 9mm from her holster and shot the Clicker a few time in the head. "Okay, that will take care of that." she turns and looks at him.

Joel shakes his head and looks at her. "Wow… I could do that too," he says sarcastically, then moves away and look at the bodies at the floor. "Lest check the place to make sure that is no more infected in there. After that, we can check the bodies to see if they have bullets or something that we can use." Joel takes his gun out and moves toward the door.

Ellie walks behind him, and look at the at the dead girl that was close to the entrance. "They look like a family." Ellie walked passing the body at the floor. "What you think happens to them?"

"I don't know kiddo, but the door was tie up from the outside. So that means that someone locks them in there. The real question is... who?"

"Well whoever was, I just hope that is not around here anymore," says Ellie following Joel.

Joel and Ellie go inside the fast food store and check it out. Just enough to make sure that no were more infected in there. Then go out and check the bodies, but they don't have much on them. Nothing they can use anyway. Then Joel told Ellie to go and get the horse, while he moves the bodies away and drops them into the woods that was on the back of the fast food store. When they finish, the night start to fall, so they get inside and close the door.

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Chapter 2: A night with the king

December 22, 2039

Joel finds a few lanterns that work with kerosene. But when he checks them only one has some on it. So he lights that one up and put in the center of the place. As the nightfall, the place was completed dark, so the lantern illumined the place a little. Ellie takes the horse to one of the corners of the place, where some table where the line up to dived the place in little places. Ellie starts to look at them, and notice that some have old blankets and others have different stuff. So as they thought, this place was used by people, no long ago. Probably by the infected that they kill outside. The place looks a little cleanup, and don't smell so bad. After she left the horse, Ellie moves to the center of the store, and take her backpack off.

Joel moves to the kitchen to do a better check. There he saw that the people that were using this place, transform one of the kitchen stove into a wood fire thing. They probably use that, to stay warm or cook their food. While Joel continues checking that part of the burger king, he starts to remember how that work back in the days. "Hey Ellie!" he yells from inside the kitchen. "I found what these people use to cook their food. We only need to get some wood to make it work."

Ellie was sitting on the floor checking her bag. "Oh that is great, Joel" answer Ellie looking at the kitchen. "I will take out of the bag a few food cans, so we can eat."

"Hold on that, I will check back here, to see if they left some food in here. So that way we don't need to use ours,"

"Okay, that sounds good, but hurry up because I'm starving." Ellie stands up and looks around more. "I will check this part and see what I can find." Ellie starts moving around. Ellie was fascinated at how those people live in here. As she can see, they don't have much, but look like they make this place their home. Ellie looks at the wall and glass windows, and see that the place was secure enough, They probably use the woods outside for water and hunting.

That makes Ellie wander what happens to them or how they get infected. And who let them lock inside this place. As Ellie continue her search, she found a few boxes with clothes, shoes, blanket and other things. Some of the things Ellie found are in good condition, but they can't take them with them. As they travel in one horse now, they only can carry the necessary to survive: like food, the tool for the hunt, their sleeping bag and of course, their guns and things to defend themselves.

A few minutes later, Joel comes out of the kitchen with a few cans of food. "Hey, I found a few of this," he says showing them to Ellie. "We can eat this one's tonight and take the rest with us."

"Oh that is great," says Ellie standing up from the sleeping area. "The sleeping place, that these people use, looks clean enough for us to sleep on them." Ellie moves close to him. "I also found some clothes, that we can use. We need to change this bloody one. Before they start to smell,"

Joel looks at her. "Okay, we can check them later, and see if they fixed on us. But now, we need to make this place warmer. So I will go outside and bring some wood for the fire pit on the kitchen." Joel grabs two buckets that he found in the kitchen and start to walk toward the door.

"Okay, don't go too far. Is dark outside and I don't want you to be there alone too long."

Joel smile at her. "Don't worry baby, I won't be long," says Joel walking out the door.

Joel came back half an hour later; with some wood, grass for the horse and water from a small river that he found in the woods. After that Joel start the fire and heat the food in the kitchen. After half an hour Joel and Ellie sat in the center of the store and eat. After they finish, Ellie moves to check the horse while Joel takes out the content of their two backpacks and start to do an inventory of what they have left.

"Joel!" says Ellie while she pets the horse. "What you think, happen to the people that live here?

Joel looked at her, "What you mean?"

"I mean the infected that we just kill. The one that came out from inside this place. I assume that they were the one that lives here right?." Say Ellie sadly, but she no looks at him.

"I… I don't know Ellie. And I don't think that you should be thinking about that either. What happens here, look like it happened a long time ago. So you don't need to worry."

Ellie stays silence for a moment. A soon she finishes with the horse, she walks back to Joel. "I just feel sorry for them, you know," says Ellie sitting beside him on the floor. Ellie stays silence for a minute, then speak again. "When I shot that girl in the head, it makes me think about-" she stopped as she looks at the lantern in front of her. She looks like-like she was 14 and that makes me think, that I cold ended like that if I wasn't immune." she stop for a minute and take a breath. "Maybe they not turn, if a cure could be found using me."

Joel saw what all this was going. He remembers Ellie telling him about the girl she falls in love back in Boston. Ellie told him, what happened to her when they got bit by some infected back in Boston and she dies. Joel stop what he was doing and put an arm around Ellie's shoulder and pull her closer to him. "Shhhh!... is okay baby... I know that you didn't choose to be like this and sometimes you feel bad to be alive when other people get infected and die. But all that is not your fault, Ellie. I know what I did with the fireflies was wrong and that you sometimes blame me to stop them on finding a cure." Ellie looks at him and saw his guilt on his face. "But I… I just can't let them kill you. I know it was-"

Ellie stops him by putting a hand on the side of his face. She know his pain, what the death of his daughter makes of him. He was broken for 20 years, but when he gets close to her, he opened his heart again. He gives her something she never has before, and she is happy with that. And even that sometimes she feels guilty too to want the same thing. Ellie would not want things to end differently. She loves Joel as much he loves her and now that their a going to have a family together. She is glad that he save her life even more. After looking at him for a few minutes, Ellie moves closer to him and kiss him.

The kiss was intense and longer until she moves away from him a little and looks at his face. "I know that all this, in a way was selfish for both of us. But I never would change for anything different. I love you Joel and I glad that we're together." Ellie smiles at him and gives him another kiss, but smaller this time. She still has some worries, but she no wants to talk about them now, so she is going to left that for another time. This start to get too sad, so Ellie decides to change the subject for now. She stands up and starts to look at the place. Watching some of the old posters that are still on the walls. "I don't get it Joel, why a king was the owner of a place like this? I read in some book that kings were the leader of big countries."

Joel looks at her and smile, he knows what she tries to do. Because she doesn't ask that kind of question anymore, at least not out of curiosity. So Joel stands up and move closer to her and look at the old poster she was looking. It was a promotion for a new burger, and now that Joel thinks about it, he starts to miss a good Texas burger. "The owner no was a real king, it was just the name if the franchise." He says putting his hands on her shoulder. "You see, back in the day were a lot of place like this all over the country. Some with different names, but this one was the bigger, so maybe the name was good for them."

"So people like to come to a place like this... to eat burgers?" Ellie asked, still looking at the poster.

"Yep!... and fries. You see, some people that no have time to cook at home. Or not take lunch to work. Come to places like this to eat."

"Mnnn… so they were the king of the burger food? Are they were any good?"

"I guess for some people they were, but nothing was as good as Texas homemade burger," said Joel almost remember the taste of those.

Ellie continues looking at the poster, and try to imagine the people that come to places like this to eat. But before she moves away, she saw on the bottom of the poster, a promotion that says. 'Try our new Burger before Christmas' "Holy shit!... Joel, what day is today?" She turns her head and asked him.

"What day is…? Ummm, I dunno kiddo… I think we still in December…I guess, why?" Joel watches Ellie ran away and get to her backpack. "Ellie, what you looking for?"

"My notebook. I have been marking the days before I get kidnapping and continue after. So that way I know how many days have passed since we get out of Jackson." she starts to get things out and. "I found it!" She up the little notebook in a sign of victory. Then she starts to check the little calendar she has there and start to count the days.

Joel moves closer to her. "I don't see why you need to know that now. You know that the time out here is never going to be-"

"I got it… yes! Holy shit Joel is December 22, we didn't miss Christmas!... Yesssss!" Ellie yells with a happy expression on her face. She stands up and move at Joel and hug him.

"I'm glad for you joy spirit kiddo. But I don't think this Christmas is going to be like the one we have in Jackson," he says hugging her back.

"I know Joel… but I don't care. I just happy that we can spend Christmas day together." Ellie hugs him harder putting her head on his chest. "And maybe we find a good place to pass that day and just relax." Ellie moves a little away to look at his face. "Is going to be good to have a quiet day, just the two of us," she said smiling.

Joel smile at her. "That sound great kiddo. But something tells me that your idea of a quiet day is no the one I imagine right now. Besides I don't even go to have a gift for you."

Ellie moves her hand and punching him soft in his arm. "Oh Joel, you already give me the best gift ever, and that makes me happy," Ellie move her hands and grab his face, then she gives him a kiss. After she moves away, Ellie looks at him. "How long you think is going to take to get to the cost? See the ocean is going to be another great gift for me."

"Oh… hum… let see... I think, if we restless and ride more, we can be there in two days. Maybe less if we don't get any more delay."

"Oh, that sound great. That means that will be there by Christmas Eve, Yayyyy!" Ellie grabs Joel's hands and starts jumping around making Joel jump with her. "We can have our first Christmas day in the beach… is not that wonderful?"

"Sure kiddo, that is wonderful…" he tells her with a smile on his face. A soon Ellie stops jumping, he put his hand on her shoulder. "Okay, lest clean yourself and get some rest, before we continue our journey tomorrow."

Ellie moves closer and put her arm behind his neck. "Yeah, that is a good idea. We can get some sleep and go out of here in the morning. A sooner we move out, a sooner we get to the beach." She gives him another kiss and moves away.

"Okay I will finish with the inventory, while you prepare the place to sleep.," says Joel moving where he left the backpack.

Ellie move where the sleeping area was. She doesn't have to do much, as the place was pretty clean. Just some dust that she can take care fast. So after she finishes, she goes back to the horse and grabs the sleeping bag they have and put it in the top of the other sheet there. After she finishes, Ellie grabs one of the buckets that Joel bring with water and walk toward cauter to get clean up. "Joel I will go over there, to wash and change my clothes." She says passing Joel with the bucket in hand.

"Okay kiddo I will use the other one for me, a soon I finish here," he says without looking at her.

A soon Ellie gets to the other side of the counter, she put the bucket on the floor and the clean clothes on the top of the counter. After that, Ellie starts to take out her dirt and bloody clothes. "You know… you shouldn't call me that now. Because I'm your wife, well kind of. And no a kid anymore," Say Ellie while taking her shirt off.

Joel turns his head and looks at her direction. "I thought you like it when I call you that."

Ellie looks at him and smile. "Well, I did!… it was okay when I was younger. But now it sounds like you're talking to a kid and not a woman." Ellie opens the button of her pants and start to take them down. "I'm twenty now Joel. So maybe is time for you to-"

"Yeah, about the wife thing…" Joel turns and continues with the inventory.

"What about it...?" Ellie drops the pants to the floor and crosses her arm in front of her chest. "Joel!. What the hell you mean by that." Ellie expression change to a sad one. "Are you try to tell me that you don't want to be my husband anymore?"

Joel turn again and look at her, he saw Ellie sad expression, so he know that he said something that goes the way he wants. "Oh, no baby!. I don't mean it that way... of course, I want to be your husband… is just that we're not yet. I mean, not officially anyway." He starts to explain.

"But you give me the ring… and ask me if I want to marry you, and I say yes. That don't mean that we are?… and we also going to have a baby, you know."

Joel stands up and walks to the counter. when he gets there, he saw that Ellie was stripped down to her underwear. So he tries not to look at her body, as he needs to talk to her. "Yeah, I know baby. I know that I give you the ring and ask you to marry me. And believe me, is nothing that I want more that have you as my wife. But in the old days, people need a priest or a judge to make it official. Well, I don't know about the judge now, since they are not law, and things don't need to be legally." Joel tries to explain all that to Ellie, but he knows that all that was bullshit now. "Of course back in Jackson, they have a priest and church to perform the wedding in the town. But out here..."

Ellie expression changes a little. She moves closer to the counter on the other side and put her hand on top of Joel's. "Okay then... but maybe we can try to find a priest out here. Or we can wait until we get back to Jackson and make it official?" she says more calmly.

"I don't think we can find one out here. But you don't need to worry about that Ellie, is okay the way it is now. The thing was different back in the old days when we have laws and all that. But we don't have that now, so the thing can do it in a different way." Says Joel holding her hands.

"So we can say that we're married if someone asks us?" Asked Ellie.

Joel smile at her. "Of course, we can baby, If you want it. Is not like we going to need papers to prove it anyway. The important thing is that we love each other and want to be together for the rest of our life."

"Really!" she says with a smile on her face. "You really want to be with me forever?"

"Well forever is a big word, but yeah I want to be with you as much as I can. Besides, you said it yourself. We going to have a baby and be a family."

Ellie happiness comes back quickly, so she pulls Joel and gives him a kiss on the lips. It was a small one but still, feel good. "Okay, that makes me feel better thanks. But now, I need to finish cleaning myself. So you can go and finish with your inventory, or you can join me back here and-." she stops and start to move back. She starts to undress her underwear.

Joel continues to look at her, getting some idea on his mind, but know that they need to rest and do it on an old fast food store is not that romantic. Well, these days you can't ask for much, but I can hold until we get to the beach and find a better place. "I will do it when you finish… okay. But you can save some soup for me."

"I will. But if you-you no want to join me, you can go." She says introducing a cloth in the water and starts to clean herself. Joel moves out and goes back to the center of the store to finish with the inventory.

(20 minutes later )

After Ellie finish cleaning herself, she put on clean underwear and a long t-shirt. She takes the dirty water and move inside the kitchen and empty the water on one of the sinks there. When she comes back to the center of the place Joel already finish and putt all back inside his backpack. Except for the clean clothes he was going to use. Then Joel takes the other bucket with water and goes behind the counter, where Ellie was before.

Ellie walks back to the place, where they are going to sleep and lay down, and wait for Joel. After another 20 minutes, She saw Joel walking toward her and lay down too. "Well I guess, we can get some sleep now." He says putting the blanket on top of them. But he didn't know that Ellie has another thing in her mind.

Ellie moves close to him and put her head on his chest and start to play with the buttons of his shirt. "I don't know Joel, maybe we can do something else," she says with a smile. "I not tire and is not that late yet. Sooo... Maybe we can..." She giggles while starting to undo the buttons of his shirt. Joel moves one hand and grabs her to stop her after she undoes the first two. "Ellie… I don't think that is a good idea to have sex in here," says Joel looking at her.

"Why not?... I mean, the door is secure and we're alone now. With nobody close to hear us, except for the horse, but I don't think he will mind." She says the last part in a sexy way.

"That may be true, but have sex in a Burger King is not in my list of thing to do."

"Awwww… you have that list too!… that is so cute. But is in my, so I want to teach that one from my list." she said moving her hand away from Joel's. "I saw how you look at me when I was cleaning myself, so don't tell me that-." Ellie stops and moves her hand down until she found Joel dick. Joel grabs her hand again and tries to stop her, but Ellie grabs his dick first and squeezer it a little. "See you're already hard, besides, I don't know why you don't want to make love with your wife in the house of the king?" she said with a giggle.

Joel tries not to laugh at that. But he almost lost her a week back. So if she wants to have sex, he can do that for her, is not like he doesn't want it. But do it in a place like this it was weird for him. He prefers to wait until they arrive at the beach, but that will take a few days. He can't think right now with Ellie pumping his dick up and down. So now is no way he going to wait for that. So he let go of her hand and grab her by the shoulder to make her look at him. "Are you sure you want to do this here?"

"YES!... I don't even have my underwear on… I take it off when you were cleaning yourself." She gives him a smile. "So yes my king of burgers, I want to make love to you here in your castle." Say Ellie with a small giggle, and try to imaging Joel with king clothes.

Joel tries not to laugh at that. Have sex here maybe can be a little fun, since Ellie like to play a character, sometimes. "Well my Burger Queen, your wishes are my command...!

Joel smile at her, but continue with Ellie's play. He grabs her by the arm and pulls her up until she was facing him. Then he grabs her face and starts kissing her passionately. Ellie melted into the kiss, after a few minutes she separate and move herself to be on top of Joel. Ellie continues kissing Joel in a different part of his face. "Oh, my king… I just want to sit in your throne and eat your meat until I'm full." She says with a sexy voice. A few minutes later she up herself and start to finished Joel shirt buttons. After she finishes, Joel moves up until he was in a sitting position, with Ellie in his lap.

Joel starts to give her a few kisses; on her lips, jaw, and neck "Ooh… my Queen… I love you so much." Say, Joel, then he grabs the lower part of her t-shirt and moved up her head and throw it to the side. He watches her body for a moment. "Oh, you're so beautiful…" Then he grabs one of Ellie's breast with one hand and lowers his head, to start sucking her hard nipple. After that, he opens his mouth and starts using his touch to circulate her nipple slowly. He plays with her nipple for a few minutes, taking his time to make sure that she is taking pleasure out of it. He gives her a few little bites on her harder nipple before he starts to suck them again. He fell Ellie hand grabbing his shirt and try to take it out. So he moves away from a moment and let her.

Ellie finishes to take Joel shirt off and drop it to the side. Then she leans her body back when Joel grab her other breast and start to do the same that the other one. A moan escaped her mouth a soon Joel give her another bite on her nipple. "Ohhh fuck!... Joel… yesss!" Joel continues with that for a few minutes, making Ellie moan and asked for more. After a few more minutes Joel moves his mouth and start to kiss her neck until he gets to her mouth again.

A moment later, Ellie pushes Joel down, to the sleeping back, while she stays sitting on his lap. Joel was surprised by the action, but smile at her anyway. Ellie starts to move down over his leg, dragging his sleeping shorts down with her. A soon they're out of the way she starts to look at his hard dick. "Well I think is time for the king to take the Queen." Says Ellie moving up again.

Joel Look at Ellie and smile. "I think that is a chess move."

"A what?"

"A chess... moooove-" Joel stop a soon Ellie move on top of him, grab his dick to guide it to her center and start to lower herself down. She does it slowly, trying to prolong the feeling of Joel hard cock getting inside of her. A soon it was all in, she bends over a little and starts to move with a slow rhythm.

After a few minutes, she starts to moan. "Ohhh yessss… I miss this so much," she says with her eyes close trying to keep the pace. She was not the only one enjoy that, Joel closes his eyes too and starts to move his hips up and down. Ellie rides Joel like that for a few minutes, then she lowered herself down and start to kiss Joel in the mouth. She open here's mouth to aloud Joel to introduce his tongue inside her.

Joel moves his hand and grab her butt checks and use his hand to make Ellie move faster. After a few minutes, Ellie moves her head and put on Joel's shoulder. Her hand were now on top of Joel's head and using it to support herself as Joel go deeper on her.

Ellie starts to moan louder, her heart was beating faster as she was getting close to her climax. "Ohhh… yesss!... my king… do it faster…" says Ellie with a pleading voice. Joel was not too far behind, he tries to hold the best he can, to make sure that Ellie enjoys the sex longer. After a few more minutes, he starts to move faster and start to give Ellie a few spanking. Ellie up her head as a few moans escaped her mouth. "Ohhh… yessss!... I think I'm coming!"

Joel can feel her walls start to get tight around his dick. So he moves one hand to grab her ponytail and pull it back, exposing Ellie neck at him. Joel moves forward and starts to suck her neck as he pumps faster and deeper inside her. After a few more minutes she let go a scream as her climax came hard and came. Joel doesn't have to wait long and a soon he give her a few more thrust, he came too. He let go Ellie hear and Ellie lower her body down on Joel's chest. Both of them where panting faster.

After Ellie take some air in, she speaks. "Oh, Joel that was… wow!" it was the only thing she says.

A moment later Ellie moves to the side and lay beside him with her head on his chest. Joel was still painting, but after a few minutes, he can talk again. "I'm glad that you enjoy that as much I did… I love you so much."

"I love you too Joel…" she says in a lower voice. "I know that we need the rest, but after being all that time with those men, I need to feel you. Just to make sure that you're back with me again."

Joel up his head a little, to look at her. He put one hand on her back and start to rub it. "I know that all that was hard for you…" he says with a sad tone. "And I'm so sorry that it takes me to long

to get to you."

"Don't worry about that Joel. I know you did you best, and even when they said that you were dead, I know you will come for me."

"Always…I always go back for you. There is nothing in this world, that can stop me from coming for you if someone took you." says Joel while kissing Ellie head. After a few minutes, Joel grabs the blanket and cover both of them with it. "Good night my Queen."

"Good night my king… love you!"

"I love you too." a few minutes later, both of them fall asleep on each other hands.

Chapter Text

Chapter 3: A first time on the Ocean

December 23, 2039

Joel and Ellie wake up a little late in the morning. Their sex activities that night left them to warn off, especially Joel. He sometimes wished to be younger, so that way he can keep up more with Ellie. After they get up, Joel walk to open the door carries his gun, to make sure that no more infected come close to the place during the night. After he checks the area he comes back inside and grabs the two bucket and go for water. After they get clean up they start to get ready to go.

Before they go out of the BK they check the clothes they found there and take what they can use, also they grab what left of food was there. Ellie put it on the bag with the other things then put it on the horse. Joel put out the fire that was left in the kitchen and left the rest of the place as it was before. After Ellie come out with the horse, he closes the door and ties it up, as it was before. In case the person that enclose those people there thinks that it is still untouched.

As all was ready, Joel mounts the horse and offer his hand to Ellie and help her to jump behind him. They give a last look to the Burger King place and smile. Joel never likes this kind of food anyway, but at least the place was used for something.

They ride on the road all day long. They saw a lot of different cars on the way, also found a few infected that they have to kill. And when the night comes they go into the woods to find a spot to rest and sleep the night. An hour later they have a campfire ready, so they take the sleeping back down the horse and close to the fire. The night was a little chilling, but not as much as the night they pass before they enter California.

Joel takes out some dry meat and passes some to Ellie, while they heat some canned food that they have left. Ellie takes a bite of the meat and stays looking at the fire and after a few moments she Spock. "Joel!" she says without looking at him.

"Hum!" answer Joel, he was distracting himself by using a piece of branch to move the firewood and chewing his dry meat.

"How you know that I was pregnant?" Ellie asks him with some curiosity.

"What?" Joel looks at her.

"I mean when I was going to tell you that I was pregnant in that cabin." Ellie turns to look back to the fire. "You told me that you know, I just want to know how?... because I do not completely sure that I'm but-".

"Wait… what?" say Joel interrupting her. "You're telling me now, that you're not sure?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure that I'm. I mean, I have not been having my period since we go out of Jackson and I been feeling a little sick in the morning for a while, also I pee a lot too. And I know from another woman in Jackson that those things happen when a woman is pregnant." She turns her head to look at Joel again. "Of course, there is not a doctor there to confirm it. But sometimes when I touch my belly I know that is a little someone in there." Ellie moves closer to him. They were sitting in a log that was closer to the fire. Ellie grabs his hand and look at him. "I just want to know what makes you think I was pregnant."

Joel looks at her. "I no was so sure either, but as you said, all the sign where there: you go to pee too much, you go away to throw up when you think I was sleeping, things like that. I have a daughter before remember? So I recognize that symptom too," says Joel kissing the top of her head.

"Well, we don't need to worry about that for now." Ellie lay her head on Joel's shoulder and look at the fire. We can make sure of that when we go back to Jackson or maybe we can find a doctor in that settlement, where this friend of your life."

"Yeah, we can do that." Joel holds her thing on him. But for now on, you need to be more careful okay? I don't want to-" he stops and closes his eyes for a moment. He does not want to think about Sarah or the way he loses his baby girl. He was devastated after that night, and he knows that he can't take it if that happens again. He opens his eyes and looks at the fire. "Anyway, you can't take any unnecessary risk now. You need to think about that baby first, so just do what I tell you, from now on… okay?"

Ellie wrapped her arm around Joel, and lean of him. "Ohh, Joel… that sound so romantic. What you're going to do... kill all the infected or hunters that we find, all by yourself? We're in this together, and I know how to take care of myself. Yeah we're going to have a baby, and we need to think of him, but I not going to leave you to do a thing all by yourself,"

"I don't say that you can't take care of yourself, But if I have to… yes, I will kill them all," he answers with a firm voice, then he put his head on top of her. "I love you… Ellie, and I not going to let anyone hurt you or take you away from me... again."

Ellie smile, but continue looking at the fire pit. "Ohhhh, Joel... saying think like that, make me want to make love to you again." Says Ellie squeezing his arm harder.

"Oh no, no… hold your horses… young lady." Joel moves his head away and looks at her with a serious look. "Now!... Is not like, I don't want to do it, but we can't be having sex every time you wanted. We need to rest and be-"

"Ha, ha, ha…" Ellie moves away from him, so she can look at his face. "Don't worry big guy, I think that after last night, I can wait a few more days."

"Shit Ellie, you-you're going to kill me one of these days." he leans down to her face and kisses her on the lips.

Ellie returns the kiss, but know that they need the rest tonight, so she makes it short. So after a minute, she moves her lips away. "Ummm… if you give me another like this. I can't promise to wait another day."

Joel looks at the fire. "Oh look, I think the food is ready now." Say Joel change the subject. He stands up from the log, moves to the fire and takes the food out. Ellie smiles at him while watching his backside, but don't say anything, she knows that he really needs the rest.

( One hour later )

After they finished eating, Ellie stands up and go to attend the horse, while Joel cleans the bow and spoon, they used to eat. Ellie goes back to sit on the log, that they were before, while Joel was preparing the sleeping back, to get some sleep.

"Sooo… how are you, friend? I mean, what he did before, or how he looks. The only thing you said about him, was that he works in a dam, before the infection start," says Ellie out of curiosity.

"You mean Frank?" says Joel while continuing with his task.

"That is his name? I don't even remember you mention his name before."

"I didn't?" Joel looks at her now.

"No!... I don't think you didn't"

"Oh! sorry... I thought I did. Well Like I said before, he works in the Hoover Dam. Is a big dam located; between Nevada and Arizona." says Joel standing up and go to sit beside Ellie on the log. "I didn't know the guy at that time. But when Tommy and I did a few works from some people, closer to the place. We find out, that a few survivors were using the dam as a refuge. After we told the person in charge that we only need a place to stay for the night. They let us in and we stay for a few days. When the leader of the place shows us around, he introduced us to him. After that, he told us about how he worked there before the infection, so he knew how the place work. He keeps the place working, so the people that were living there, have some electricity.

As Joel continue with the tale, Ellie notices how Joel expression changes a little, but she let him continue. "Anyway the last time I saw him, I was with Tess. We were doing some smuggler… run and-" Joel lower his head and look at the ground.

Ellie squeezes his hand a little. "Joel is okay. You don't need to talk about it if you don't want to. I know that you don't like to talk about the people that are dead. And I know what Tess mean to you, and somehow here dead was my-"

Joel squeezes her hand back to make her stop. "No!... all that it wasn't your fault… we have a job to do back then and we know the risk." He looks at her. "Yes, is sad that she have to die, but we honor them by continue living. Her loss wasn't in vain, and she lives in our memories."

Ellie never hears Joel talking like that. She knows that him changes for the last 5 years, but this was a surprise for her. "Yeah, we lost so much Joel, but we also gain some too. So the best thing we can do is honor their sacrifice." Ellie moves closer at him and kiss him on the check. "Anyway can you continue with the story? I want to know, what happened to him? You said that he lives in California now right."

Joel looks back to the fire again. "Oh yeah he moves there after the dam was attacked several times, by some hunters, the survivors decided to move to California. One day a guy that came to Boston, told me that the people that were living in the dam. Found a settlement at the north of California called Eureka and that they were living well there."

Ellie gives him a curious look. "Boston?... Joel!... that was five years ago. So how you know that he still in there? or if he still alive after all that time?"

"Well, I no really sure if he still living there, but is all I got from the guy. I know that I told Tommy and Maria that I can find the guy there. But that is all the clue I have, from him."

Ellie turns her head to look at the fire too, not knowing what to think about all this. Yeah, go out for a while with Joel was great. Besides the slave madman and the hunters, she is happy to be out here with Joel. They have some good days out here; the time they have in the cabin, and Joel proposing to her it something she doesn't want to change for anything. But now that she is almost 100% that she is pregnant, things are going to change. But what if this guy is dead, or no there. What is going to happen to Jackson? "So... you think that is a possibility that this guy is dead or not there?" asked Ellie looking back at him.

Joel looks at her no Knowing what to say or think. He brings Ellie here, not only to ask her to marry him but also with some hope to find this guy and bring him back to Jackson. "Sorry kiddo, I was hoping to find this guy there. And I don't want to believe that this whole trip was for nothing."

Ellie smile at him. She is hoping that Joel is right and that they can find this guy there. They need to go back to Jackson a soon as possible. "Joel I know that a few things happen out here. But l don't think, that this trip was all for nothing. Besides the kidnapping and all that, I'm happy just to be with you. We're going to get married and we're going to have a baby. So whatever happens, when we get to that place. I'm happy to be with you and soon with him." Ellie moves her hands to her belly and starts to pass them slowly over it.

Joel moves close to her and puts one arm around her shoulder and a hand on top of hers. "I know that we didn't plan to have a baby, but I happy for it. Proposing to you was the best part of this trip and I won't change that for lower his head and kiss her on the top of her head.

"Yeah, I love that part and I love that cabin and the memories with having there.." she smiles at that. "Joel you think that if something happens when we go back to Jackson, we can go back there?"

"You mean like living there?" asked Joel surprises.

Yeah, that was a good place to live. It has the thing that we need and we can build a fence or something and-"

Hold a second. I don't know if is a good idea to live outside Jackson with a baby. But don't worry, we're going to find this guy, and go back home." he squeezed her and give her another kiss. "Now let's have some rest, we still have a few hours before we get to the cost."

Ellie noddle and stand up a soon he did. She wants to tell him about the dream she has about that cabin. The two children playing, like the cabin was their home. But he wasn't there with her and she doesn't want to remember that. "Oh… yeah, the ocean. Another thing that is going to make this trip great. I never saw the ocean before, so that is going to be great."

"Oh yes, you going to love it. Now let's go and have some sleep." Joel pulls her close to him and moves to the other side of the fire, where they put the sleeping bag. They snuggled inside of it and fall asleep in no time.

December 24, 2039

They wake up early the next morning. They got something to eat and after they finish. Joel and Ellie pack their things and put them on the horse and their backpack. After that, they go back to the road and continue with the journey. They continue on the route 199 until they found the interception for route 101. A few hours later they saw a sign that says 'Crescent City 2 ½ mile' they continue on that route until they found a lot of cars blocking the road again. Joel does not want to try another long route, so he moves the horse out of the road that will take them to the city. Joel decided to ride through the forest until he can get to another road that takes them to the cost and away from the city. Even if they were short on supplies it was risky to go into a city, that probably is full of infected or bandits. So after an hour, they were on the new road that it was called Elk valley rd.

As they continue on the road, Joel saw another sign that said Elk Valley so they continue riding that way. After a mile, they start to saw houses and a small building on the side of the road. Joel told Ellie to take her gun out and be alert. Go into a city is always a risky path to take.

Ellie look around and watched. "Hey, Joel maybe is a good idea to check some of those houses, to see if we can find some food."

"I don't know kiddo, those houses look pretty damage, I bet that they been looted long time ago," says Joel while he looks at some of the houses on the side of the street too.

"Yeah, but they're a lot of them, maybe we can check some of them and see. Maybe the ones that are not to damage can have something, "

Joel stops the horse and takes the map out. He starts to check it the area. After a few minutes, he closes the map and turns his head to look at Ellie. "Okay, according to the map, there is a small town like a mile away from this point, that is close to the beach. Is still noon, so maybe after we get to the beach, we can go to the town and check a few hoses."

Ellie smile. "Oh right!.." Joel turns forward and starts to move the horse again. Ellie put the gun back to the holster, but keep it ready. "Do you think that we can go for a swim when we get to the beach?" Ellie was getting existed on see the ocean and the beach. She saw a beach during the trip to the fireflies when she jumps from that big bridge into the water. She remembers walking on the shore with Joel, Henry, and Sam, but that was the beach from a big river lake, and no was the ocean.

"Well I glad that you are excited to see the ocean, but go in is another story."

"Why we can go in? I know how to swim now! "

"I know you do, but is winter time and the water is going to be freezing."

"Oh… well, we see when we get there, but for now, I just want to see the ocean… please!" Ellie tight her arm around Joel's waist and put her head on his shoulder. "And after that, we can go to that town, to check the houses," she says in a lower voice.

"Okay then, let's go to see the ocean first. Is not point on prolonging you torture any longer. Beside the town is not going anywhere."

Joel moves the horse faster, as they continue on the road. After a mile, they get close to the street that passes in front of the small town. They saw that the main street was blocked by a few rusty cars and some kind of fence on the side of the entrance. Joel saw a few holes on the some of the fences, that looks like the town was an attack at some point. So that means that the place was being used for people, that try to live in the small town.

As they continue, Joel saw more old cars that block other streets too. As they were getting to the end of the town limited on the street that runs at the side of the town. Joel saw more burn cars and houses, but this time looks more recently. Joel starts to believe that is going to be a bad idea to come back here later to this place. Even if he doesn't see any, he thinks that it can still be some in there.

As they pass the end of the town and continue forward, they saw another sign that says. 'Crescent City to the right and Crescent City pier to the left' "Okay Kiddo this is it, there is a small pier to the left that takes to the coast." say Joel pointing to the left street.

Ellie Smile at him. "So that means that the beach is that way?" she hears Joel say yes, so she goes exited. "C'mon Joel, move the horse faster, I want to see the ocean already!"

Joel shakes his head but smile. "Don't worry baby we are there is not time," he says moving the horse forward. As he continues on the side down the street, he saw path behind some old destroyed storage. So he moves the horse out of the road and pass the storage, and ride through the grass path.

And after 5 minutes, they saw the ocean and the gray sand in front of them. Joel stop the horse as he feels Ellie jumping on the back. "Ohh! My good! Joel… Look…" Ellie dismounts the horse and moves to the side of the street, where the sand of the beach started. Ellie's eyes were wide open as she looks at the ocean in front of her for the first time. She closes her eyes for a moment to feel the ocean salty breeze on her face. This was something that she never feels before and it was a great sensation.

Joel got down of the horse, and grab the reins of the horse. He guides him to the grass that was to the side of the street. When the horse started to eat the grass, Joel moves toward Ellie and step beside her. "What you think kiddo?... This is the way you imagine it?" says Joel putting a hand on her shoulder.

Ellie opens her eyes and lay her head on Joel's shoulder. "Oh, Joel this is fantastic… look all that water and those big white waves, they look amazing!" she says with a big smile on her face. "I just saw the beach like this on some movie that we watch. But this is more… more…"


"Yeah… and beautiful, I never thought, I ever going to see the ocean for real."

"Well, I am happy that you like it, even if this beach is not as beautiful as the one in the movies. I think is okay. I wish that I can take you, to one of the south have yellow sand, palms and more clear water."

"Oh Joel… is okay. I still think that this one is nice… thank you for bringing me here." Ellie moves her head and kiss Joel on the check, then she moves away from him and starts to walk toward the sand. As she walks forward, Ellie starts to play with her feet on top of the gray sand. As she was getting closer to the water the sand becomes more dark and wet. "Can we go in?" Ellie says turning her head at him.

Joel looks around to make sure that nobody closes infected or otherwise. Then he starts to walk toward her. "I don't think that that is a good idea kiddo. The water must be freezing."

"I don't care, Joel, I just want to feel the water." Ellie sat on the sand and start to take her shoes and socks off. Lucky for her, the beach wind no was blowing much and as the sun was on top of them, it wasn't that cold. Ellie stands up and takes her coat off and dropped to the sand. Then she starts to unzip her pants and start to take it out.

"Ellie, what you doing? I already told you that the water can be cold… you can't go in there!"

"I not going all the way in Joel, just my feet." she finishes to take her pants off and drop them on the sand. Then she moves closer to the water with nothing but a t-shirt and underwear.

Joel starts to look around, making sure again that is nobody there. Then he looks at Ellie and

watches her trying to move her feet into the water. A soon the water touches her feet, Ellie jump out of the way and start cursing. "See I told you, that it was going to be cold," says Joel laughing a little.

Elle moves away from the water ."Is no that cold, I just… I just need more time."

"Yeah right!... Ellie, I know that you're excited and all of that. But the water is too cold for this time of the year. So, maybe we can go to-" Joel stops when he saw Ellie take her t-shirt off and dropped to the sand. "Ellie what the hell you doing?" he watches her as she walks to the water, in only her panties and bra.

"I will take a swim, what you think?" she smiles at him then turn around and ran toward the water. A soon she was in a wave land on her legs. "Fuuuck! That is so cold." Ellie screams as she continues into the water.

Joel starts to walk close to her. "Shit Ellie, are you crazy!... You going to freeze or get sick."

"I will be fine, just get the horse and Bri-." she was interrupted as another wave hit her. "Fuck!"

Joel can't believe that Ellie goes into the water. Even if the sun was a little hot, the water in winter is pretty cold. He shakes his head as he hears Ellie laughing and jumping on the water. So he turns and goes to get the horse. A few minutes later, he comes back down to the beach pulling the horse with him. After he ties him up on a piece of wood that looks like a part of an old sinking boat.

Joel grabs the bag that was tied to the horse chair and opened. He took a tower out, that they use when they take a bath or clean themselves. He saw Ellie walk out of the water and come close to him.

"bbbrrrr! That water is cold…"

Joel moves close to her and wraps her with the tower. "See I told you that it was cold." Joel starts to move his hand on her arm to make her warm. Then Ellie moves closer and put her arm around his waist and her head on his chest.

"Oh... I know a better way to keep me warm." Ellie moves her head away and looks at his face. Joel's face was red, a soon he gets what she was talking about. Oh sorry baby, but there is no way that they're going to have any sex on the beach.

"Yeah, I know a better one too. Go and grab your clothes and put them back on. I know that this is your first time on the beach, but we need to find a place to pass tonight."

"Ahhh… I want to stay here a little longer. Is Christmas eve. Or maybe we can look for a place close to here, to pass the night and have more time on the beach."

"Ellie, I really think that we-"

Ellie moves close to him again and hug him "I want to stay... please!"

Joel looks at her. "I don't know kiddo, I thought you want to finish this trip a soon as possible."

"Yeah, I do. But is Christmas Eve and like we can't celebrate in Jackson. I want us to have a nice night looking at the beach… can be fun… please!"

After a few moments of thinking and looking at Ellie puppy face, Joel gives in. "Okay, okay. The pier is all destroyed and is not good to go into the city. So let's see if we can find something, down the beach."

"Yayyy! Thanks, Joel you're the best." she leans up and kisses him on the lips.

"Okay, now dry up and get dress. I will get the horse."

After a few minutes, Ellie put her clothes back on and get up on the horse. Joel rides the horse through the beach sand with Ellie snuggled on his back. "Ohhh... Joel this is so romantic. I never imagine being this close to the ocean with the man I love."

"Well, I glad that you like it. Now, lest finding us a place… okay!" Joel sometimes gets surprised on how Ellie can act like a little child.

Chapter Text

Chapter 4: Christmas at the beach



Joel and Ellie continue riding the horse on the beach sand. After a few minutes pass, Joel saw a building on the distance. So he moves the horse out of the beach and up the street. As they get closer to the place, he saw the sign that says 'Crescent Beach Motel' so he rides toward the place to take a closer look.

Ellie put her head on his shoulder and rs to look at the place. Do you think, we can find a decent room to spend the night in this place?" asked Ellie pointing to the building.

"I don't, it looks in pretty bad shape. But we can check it out… I don't know maybe we get lucky."

As they got closer, Joel decided to check the place on foot, just to make sure that the place is empty. He told Ellie to dismount the horse and be alert. After Ellie go down and cover him, he goes down the horse and starts to look around.

The motel wasn't bib, only two floor, and maybe 40 to 60 rooms. But most of the building was destroyer on in bad shape. They were on the other side of the street, standing behind a few rusty cars. "What you think Joel?" say Ellie moving close to the car and look the place.

"I don't hear anything, so that is a good sign, but where to far so is hard to know." He moves close to Ellie and starts to check it out. After a few minutes, he put his hand on Ellie's shoulder. "Okay, go and tie the horse to that post over there. I will move closer and check what I can see. After you finish follow me." Ellie looks at him, but do what she was told and go to tie the horse. By then she saw Joel closer to the parking lot in front of the place, hiding behind a big trash can.

So she walks silently until she arrives behind him. "Do you see anything?" asked Ellie while looking at the place too.

"Not yet… seems like nobody been here in a long time, but if the place has infected, they have to be inside. So let's try not to use our guns unless is necessary." says Joel taking his hunting knife out. He looks at Ellie with a serious expression. "We going in, but I want you to stay close to me. If we find any infected there, we will try to kill them with the knives. Let's do this quietly, and try not to attract any infected that is probably inside the city." Say, Joel, starting to move toward the main entrance. He slowly walks to the direction of the Motel lobby. Ellie follows him, as he starts to use a few rusty cars, that were on the parking lot in the front.

As they got closer to the part that was the reception of the Motel, Joel makes a stop question with his hand, to make Ellie stop. Ellie saw Joel's hand and stay where she was. "I think something is moving in there," he whispers at her. "Stay here, okay!" Then he starts to move closer, at the broken door. A soon he was in the side of the entrance, he moves at the corner of the wall, and move his head to take take a pic inside.

Ellie starts to get nervous, because Joel was too far away from front her, and she doesn't know what he is seeing in there. She wants to get closer, but need to wait for Joel signal, even if she doesn't like it. As Joel was taking to much time she moves a little closer and whispers at him, "Hey Joel!... what you see in there?"

It was dark inside, so Joel turns on his flashlight, to see better inside. After he checks the lobby for a few minutes, he turns his head to look at Ellie. "I can see two runners in there. They're on sleep mode, so we no going to have any problem killing them." Joel says, moving one hand, so Ellie moves close to him. Ellie walk slowly and a soon she was behind Joel, she took her knife out. When Joel saw that she was ready, he speaks again. "Okay, there one behind the counter and another on the rest area to the left side. So I will take the one behind the counter okay!... You take the other one." Ellie noodle, but before they go inside, he stops. I want to do this fast and quiet okay?... and be careful... could be more in there." He whispers at her, while he started to walk inside.

Ellie shook her head, she knows that Joel always want to protect her, but some time is too much. "Joel I know how to do this, so don't worry" She starts to move inside to her side, but stop when Joel grab her arm.

"This is not like before Ellie…" He says looking at her face.

Ellie looks back at him and smile. "Awww... Joel, you look so cute when you act over protecting." then she shakes her arm and starts to move away.

Joel rolled his eyes, then move toward the counter. He watches Ellie moving toward the rest area and hiding behind a chair that still intact. After he makes sure that Ellie moves slowly toward the runner without any problem, he looks at the infected behind the counter.

Joel moves slowly to the other side of the counter. The infected was moving slowly there, so he approaches the infected from behind. And when he was closer to him, Joel grabs his head from behind, and start to strangle it. The runner starts to struggle, but before he can do something, Joel stabs him on the neck a few times. Blood starts to flow out of it until the runner stop moving and Joel drop him down.

On the other side of the lobby, Ellie was finished with the other one, then she looks at Joel. "Do you think there are more?" Ellie asked while she walks toward him.

"Here!... I don't think so. But can be more on the rooms. So let's check this part first. " he walk away from the counter and move to the other side. They do a quick look around and saw two bending machines in a small room on the right side. But a soon he gets closer, he notices that they were empty. "There is nothing here, lest check the outside rooms," says Joel looking around to make sure that is nothing there, that they can use.

Ellie put her knife on her holster and start to walk toward the broken door. "Yeah... you're right there nothing here. So let's go and try to find a nice room to pass the night." Joel put his knife away too and follow her.

As they walk outside Joel speak. "I don't think we going to have too many choices. This place as almost in ruins." After they start to walk toward the rooms. Joel and Ellie start to check every room there. As the Motel no was big, it no takes too much time to search the rest of the rooms. Most of the Motel rooms where destroyer by the ocean corrosion. After two hours searching the rooms one by one, they finally found one that was in good shape. They cleaned the room a little then put all their stuff inside.

As the room of the Motel was no big, they have to left the horse outside. The front part of the Motel was facing the main road, so they put the horse on the back part, in case someone passes through there. The room has two bed but one was completed destroyed, but the other one, the mattress was in good condition. Joel starts to check the room, making sure that the place is secure. The front door was still working and the back one, that leads to the beach has all the glass intact too. The wall where all dirty, and the floor too, but it wasn't too bad to spend the night on it.

As Ellie drop her backpack on the bed she moves to check the bathroom. But a soon she enters, saw that it was still intact. Yes it was dirty too, but not in a disgusting way, so they can use if they found some clean water. After a few minutes, Ellie moves out of the bathroom and saw Joel taking out a few things from his backpack. "I think we get the best room of the place. We have a bed, no to a dirty room and a view to the ocean… not bad right?" said Ellie with a smile on her face.

Joel looks at her and smile. "Yeah, you can call this a 4 start room. Are you hungry?" he asked as he continues searching for his backpack.

Ellie moves close to him and hugs him from behind, her clothes still a little Wed. "Not right now, but you think, that we can eat on the beach later. I want to see the sun go down, just like in the movies."

Joel turns his head and tries to look at her. "Well, I can tell you, that the sunset here at the beach is going to be beautiful. So having dinner there, sound like a good idea. But first, you need to change your wet clothes and put something dry."

Ellie kisses him on the check and moves away. "Yayyyy!... Thanks, Joel, this is going to be, the best Christmas dinner, and do it on the beach, is even better." Then she goes back to where she left her backpack and start to take out some dry clothes.

Joel moves to the glass door and tries to open. It was a little difficult at first because the metal was a little rusty, but after a few tries, he managed to open. "I will check the horse and look for some wood to make a fire pit on the beach." Say, Joel, before he goes out.

Ellie looks at him from the other side of the bed, where she put the dry clothes she is going to use. "Okay, I will change and bring the blanket and food over there."

Joel smile at her. "That sound like a plan. So see you in a bit," Then he went out to check the horse. After he checks the horse, Joel goes to one of the damaged rooms and take some of the broken wood chairs parts to use it for the fire pit.

One hour later Ellie walks to the beach, where Joel already have the fire up. She brings a dark blue blanket that she found in one of the rooms. Elli has that on her shoulder while using a towel as a bag, to carrying the food that they are going to eat. Joel was attending the fire and look at her a soon she got closer. "Oh, great you bring the blanket too. Good because is getting a little cold here." Says Joel looking at her.

Ellie put the towel with the food on the sand, while she starts to remove the blanket from her shoulders. "Lucky for us I found this in one of the rooms, was a little dusty, but after I take care of that, is cleaner now."

"Don't need to worry for that, we only going to used to sat on it anyway." Joel stands up and helps Ellie with things. Ellie grabs one side as Joel grab the other, they shake it again a little and spread it on the sand close to the fire. A soon they finish, Joel go and grab the towel. "What you bring for dinner?"

Ellie moves closer to him and kneels beside him to help him with the food. "Not much," she says as she opens the towel and starts to grab the thing she brings. "We only have these two cans of food left and some dry meat. And speaking of those, that only going to last for one more day. After that, we are out of food."

"Okay… I think, that I have some energy bar left. But don't worry, I can hunt something tomorrow, so that way we have more food

Ellie passes the two cans to Joel, while she grabs the canteen with water and the dry meat she brings. "We also getting low in the water to Joel. And I didn't find any on the Motel. Ellie takes out the pan they use to heat the food "Oh, and we only have another one of this full with water. And I didn't see any river here to fill them." She says calmly, but with a worried tone.

Joel grabs the can open that Ellie brings and start using on one of the canned food. "Oh, that is okay, that will be last for at least two days if we don't drink too much." he open one can and put the food on the pan. "I think we are closer to Eureka now."

Ellie grabs the cooking pan and start to move it on top of the fire. "Speaking of that, how far you think that town is?"

Joel throws away the metal top of the other can food and put it on the pan too. "Well, the little detour that we have to take, bring us to up north. So I guess that is going to take us one more day… to get there, maybe two, if we need to stop for food and water," says Joel graving the towel and put it aside.

By the time Joel and Ellie finish their meal, the sun was starting to set down on the horizon. Ellie moves closer to Joel and put her head on his shoulder. Joel moves his arm around her. The view was spectacular: the sky was a mixture of blue and orange, the sun looks almost was touching the water. Ellie goes excited, as she watched the sunset at the beach for the first. Ellie was happy to be in Joel's arms. It was almost as good than when she makes love with Joel for the first time.

"Ohhh… Joel, this is the best Christmas Eve, that woman can ask for." Ellie says as she snuggled more into Joel.

Joel lowers his head and kisses her on the top of her head. "I'm glad that you like it." Joel rests his head on top of her, and continue watching the sun go down. "You know, I don't even remember the last time I was in a place like this. But I'm so happy, to be here with you now."

Ellie moves her head away a little to look at his face. "Really!" she says with a surprised tone. "Oh, Joel you're so romantic. I bet you saw plenty sunset before all this world gets to fuck up…" she says with a little smile on her face. "Did you come to the beach like this, with your girlfriend or your wife?"

Joel didn't say anything and continue watching the horizon. He watches how the sun starts to disappear on the water before he gives Ellie an answer. "No… Texas doesn't have any beach and I can't go out town when I was in school. Then to busy working when Sarah burn and her mother go away." said Joel sadly. "But one time when Sarah was seven. I came to California with her and Tommy… It was her birthday present." Joel stops talking, as he remembers the day like it was yesterday.

Ellie looks at him and saw his sad expression. "I'm so sorry… I don't mean to bring up sad memories." Ellie says putting one hand on his check.

Joel leans to her touch, not knowing what he does to deserve a girl like her. "Don't be…" he says looking at her face. "It was a great and happy day. We spend all weekend in a hotel close to the beach. Tommy and I teach her how to swing a little… she was so happy... I think she loves it."

Ellie passes her hand softly on his face and continues looking at him. "I bet she did…" Ellie says with a smile on her face. "You were a good father… and I know that she loves you as much as you love her."

Joel looks at her, and a small tear escapes his eye. "Sometimes I wish. I wish that I could do more for her… I wish I could save her." he closes his eyes try to hold back more tears.

Ellie passes her thumb on his check and cleans the tear that was falling. "I know you did you best Joel, and I know that she knew," Ellie says in a lower voice. "I don't know why all this happen. I know that have to be a reason. But even that things are going bad in this world, some people still looking for the good on it, and try to hold on into that, so they can live the best way they can." Then Ellie moves her forehead until it was touching with his. "I love you, Joel. And as much people are still looking for that, there is hope for the last of us." she moves away and saw Joel open his eyes and look at her face. "I'm so happy that I find it with you and I hope that we be together for a long time."

Joel smile, and continue looking at her eyes. "I love you too Ellie… I love you so much," both of them stay staring to each other eyes for a few minutes. They start to move slowly, getting closer and closer. No taking their eyes away from each other, until finally, their lips were touching. Ellie closes her eyes and starts to deepen the kiss. Ellie grabs his face and starts to push her tongue inside his mouth. Joel moves his arm around her back and pulls her closer. While they're making out continue, the sun finally disappears on the horizon and the stars start to appear on the blacked night.

An hour later, Joel and Ellie were laying on the blanket closed to the fire. They're snuggling together. Joel was with one arm behind the back of his head and his eyes close. His other arm was around Ellie body, while Ellie was snuggling beside him with her head lay on his chest. Ellie was using her fingers to play with Joel shirt.

"Joel!" she says in a lower voice.


"Did you think on a name?"

"A name...? A name for what?" he asked cluelessly.

"A name for the baby... you know," she answers without moving from her position. "I know is still early, but maybe is a good idea to start to think on one."

"I don't know kiddo. Maybe is better if we wait until we're sure that you're-" Ellie didn't let him finish.

"Joel!... I told you that I wasn't sure before, because I was a little scare at first. And I don't know what you were thinking about all this. But I can guarantee you that, two months without any blood, is proof that I'm. I read a lot of books remember?"

Joel opens his eyes, but stay looking at the black sky. "You've been reading books about impregnating?"

"Well, no on that specific topic, but I found a few of them on the town library. I just want to have all the information I can on the subjects that involve a man and woman relationship. You know, to know how to be a better girlfriend, so I can make you happy."

"Wow… that is so nice of you kiddo. But you don't need to read books about that to make me happy. You already do that. You make me the happiest man on this world."

"Awww!... You always say the most romantic things." She says while continue playing with Joel shirt.

"Is true. I will never change anything that happens between us. You're the reason I have to live. Without you in my life… I don't know should become of me."

Ellie moves her head up a little, and look at him with a smile on her face. "Ohhh… Joel!…. I love you so much and saying things like that, make me want to make love to you, all night."

Joel goes a little scared of that. Ho loves Ellie, but he was getting old for Ellie sex drive. "Please don't, I love you too baby. But we need the rest and finish this trip, and the last time you said that I couldn't go to work for a few days. Tommy was really worried about me. He even though I was sick of something."

Ellie giggle remembers that time. She goes back to her previous position. "Yeah I remember that day." she giggles again. "Anyway do you have any name in mind?"

"Hmmm… I do not really think of any. But don't worry, we still have plenty of time to talk about that when we get back to Jackson."

"Yeah, I know. But we don't know what is going to happen when we get back. Or If people are going to accept us as a married couple. And when they find out about the baby too, we don't know what they're going to do," Ellie starts to get scared, every time they talk about what is going to happen when they get back. They're be living in Jackson for the last five years. But that doesn't mean, that they need to stay there forever if the thing goes south for them.

Joel starts to rub her back with his hand. "We already talk about this and doesn't matter what people think about us. The only thing that should matter to us now is the baby," said Joel trying to comfort her.

"Yeah I know, but what if they want us to leave?" she asked with a more calmed voice.

"I don't think that is going to end like that. But if it does!... we just find another place to go."

"Are you serious?... You want us to leave Jackson...? What about your brother? I do not want to be the reason, that you leave you, brother, again."

"Ellie, I love my brother, but if he or Maria don't want us there, I don't care. I live more than five years without him."

Ellie up her head again and look at his face. "But he is you, brother and family, all of us should be together as a family… right?"

"Yes he is my brother, but you and the baby are my families too, and I not going to let a few people including my brother try to break us up. Anyway, you don't need to worry about that now. We think on what to do when the time comes." he kisses her forehead, then Ellie goes back down to snuggled at him.

They stay like that for a few more minutes, until Ellie speak again. "They look beautiful, don't you think?" She says looking at the bright at night.

Joel was with his eyes closed again. "Hmmm!"

"The stars…"

"Oh, yeah they look nice."

Ellie up her head and look at him. "How you know if you have your eyes close. Don't tell me that you're sleeping? Is not even that late."

"I'm not sleeping kiddo… I just rest my eyes, its been a long day," said Joel with his eyes still closed.

"I know that is been a tiring trip and that you need some rest. But is Christmas eve and I no even give you, your gift," she says smiling.

"Gift!... what gift? I thought that we left clear, that we're not going to do any gift thing. I know that we do that back at Jackson but right now-."

Ellie put one hand on his mouth to make him stop. "Yeah I know all that Joel, but the one that I want to give you. No need to wait until we get back there. Is something that is going to make you feel better." Ellie starts slowly move away from him. She moves down until she was on Joel's legs.

"Why I have the feeling that you're going to do something that I going to wait, what you doing Ellie?" Joel gets on his elbows a soon he feels Ellie starting to unbutton his pants.

"Relax...Joel! I just want to give you, your Christmas present," Ellie says as she grabs his pants on both sides and starts to pull them down.

"Shit Ellie, I already told you that we need the rest," Joel move his hands and try to stop her, but she already starts to take his pants off.

"Don't worry Joel, I now that you're tired… So I will do something that is going to make you sleep in no time. Something I want to do for a long time," Ellie finish to take off his pants and move up, put a hand on his chest and push him back down on blank. "Just relax Joel and let me take care of the rest, okay?"

"Ellie I don't think that… this is the best time or place to do, what I imagine you want to do," says Joel trying to get up again, but Ellie pushes him back down. Ellie starts to move back down and grab Joel boxes from both sides and start to pull them down. "Ellie is a little cold out here… maybe is better if we go back to the room… shit!" he moves his head back down a soon he feels Ellie grabbing his dick a little hard.

"Sorry… but you were distracting me," she says as she loses the grip a little. "Now shut up, and let me make you feel better." Ellie starts pumping Joel dick, slowly. "Mmmmm… that feel better?"

Joel moves his two arms and put his hands on his face. "Ohhh… shit!" a little moan escape from him as Ellie continue with her work.

After a few minutes, Joel dick was hard, no matter the cold breeze on the beach. "Oh, I think that our mutual friend here is ready for some action."

"Ellie… just let go… back… to them… room… Shit!" Joel was trying to convince Ellie, but his body not responding.

"Why!... this is going to be our first time at the beach.." then she lowers her head and gives a little kiss to the head. She starts to pass her tongue around the head in slow motion. "Mmmm… I think that this makes me a little hungry."

"Shit… girl stop playing… you're killing me."

"Yeah, you're right… playtime is over." a soon she finishes, Ellie open her mouth and engulf half of Joel dick inside. She starts to suck up and down in slow motion, using her tongue to lick his dick while she still sucking. After a few minutes, the only sound on the beach was the wave breaking on the shore and Joel moaning.

Ellie moves one hand to Joel's chest and the other to Joel balls. She starts to stroke them slowly and gentile, while she continues sucking and licking his dick. Joel can't believe that Ellie was doing that and in the outside. On the year that they were together, she only tries to suck his dick once, But he no let her. Joel didn't like the Idea when she asks him. And she told him that she was trying to do different thing and want to try that. But Joel only let her use her hands and not her mouth.

This time, things were different, they're on a beach with no one around to see them. And even that it feels good. Joel doesn't want to come inside her mouth. Joel knows that he can't resist longer, so he tries to move his hand to grab Ellie head before he comes. But Ellie wants the whole experience this time. She wants to make Joel come inside her mouth, so that way she can taste his sperm. So she starts to suck more faster, and move the hand on his ball and squeeze them a little.

"Shit!... Ellie… you need to stop… I can't… take more of this… I'm close," he tries to talk her out, but he barely can't do that. He tries to move up to a sitting position, but Ellie uses her other hand to stop him. She starts to move faster, and after a few more pomp Joel came inside her mouth. "Ohhh… Shit!" he moves back down as he lost all the strength he has left on his legs. He starts to breathe faster. Then he put his hand on his face as Ellie continue sucking his dick, swallowing all his semen.

A few moments later Ellie moves out and look at him while she swallows his semen and licks her lips. "Ohhh… wow! That was another thing… man... I can tell you that don't you don't taste so bad."

"Shit… girl… you don't… have to… do that," said Joel without a breath.

Ellie grabs a little towel that she brings, and start to clean her face. Ellie grabs the other blanket and cover Joel lower part. After that, she moves up and cuddles beside him. "How you feel now Joel... better?" she ask with a smile on her face.

Shit girl, now I can't feel my legs… are you happy?"

"Yeah, very… and you?" She looks at him, try to know what he is going to say. "Ahhh c'mon can't be that bad… I know that you like it," Ellie start to get desperate as Joel doesn't give her an answer.

After Joel recover his breath he answers her. "Yes!... I like it, thanks."

"Yayyyy!" She was so happy that she hugged him tightly. "Don't worry I will let you sleep the rest of the night," she said looking at him. "We can go back to the room if you want."

"I think that I need to stay here a little longer," he says hugging her back. "I don't think I can walk anyway for a few hours."

Ellie moves closer to his face and kiss him on the lips. "Merry Christmas Joel!"

Joel looks at her and say. "Merry Christmas to you too kiddo!"

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Chapter 5: A bad day on the road

Joel and Ellie stay laying on the beach for two more hours. Just watching the night sky and hearing the waves come and go. When Joel recover some of his legs strength, they go up, pick all their things and put the fire out. Joel and Ellie walked back to the Motel room to pass the night. After they enter the room, Ellie starts to protest, that her hair looks so bad and they don't have clean water there to wash it, or to take the salt out of her skin. After getting tier of her winning, Joel promise her that they can look for a river or something with clean water to take a bath on the way to Eureka. A few minutes later both of them go to lay on the bed to get some sleep. Ellie keeps her promise to let Joel rest for the rest of the night, so a soon they got snuggled at the bed, they fall asleep for the rest of the night.

The next day Ellie wake up early with some cousins and have to go out of the room to throw up. Joel wakes up a few minutes later, and when he didn't see her in the room. He gets out of the bed put his pants on and walk to the glass door to find Ellie. A soon he got out of the room, he found her on the beach throwing up on the sand. He walks at her and kneels beside her. He put a hand on her shoulder and ask her if she was alright. She told him that it was her morning sickness, and also told him, that if he needs any more proof that she was pregnant. After that, they go back to the room and wait a few hours until Ellie feel better and can eat something.

After they eat, Joel and Ellie pack their thing go to horse and move out of the Motel. When they get on the street, Ellie asks Joel if they're going to check the town that they saw before. But Joel told her that it was a little risked to go there and that it was better to continue their journey using the coastline. They follow route # 101 that it was a direct route to Eureka. Joel stop a few hours later to check the map again and calculate how much time is going to take to get there. After that, they stop a few time on the road to hunt and find a river to get water to drink and take a bath.

( Two days later )

Joel and Ellie were riding on their horse, on a bad shape road. They have to put their raining coats on, soon it starts to rain a few hours ago. Now they're a little wet and cold, and that didn't help them much as they were hungry and tired too. They pass a few smaller town on the way but didn't find much on them. Except for some infected that they have to run away from.

Ellie was holding herself from Joel's waist. "How far we're from getting there?" asked Ellie from behind. She was trembling from the cold rain.

"I not sure, but I think that may be a few more hours…" he says looking forward. "Wait I can see a sing over there, let see what it say." he stop the horse and take out the binoculars and look at the sign. The sign said Arcata-Eureka airport 1 1/2 kilometer. Joel put the binoculars down. Ellie was now with her head on his shoulder, so he doesn't need to turn his head. "I think we're close now... Hmmm, maybe one more hour. There also another city between Eureka and us, so maybe we can find a place there to rest, until this rain stop."

Ellie holds him tight. "That sounds good to me, also I hoping that we find something to eat because I'm starving," Ellie says from behind.

"Yeah… I bet you do… let's go," Joel smiles a little, then he starts to move the horse again to continue their journey.

( One hour later )

As they get closer to the city, they pass the Arcata- airport and continue riding on a street that was close to the coast. Joel tries to stay away to the city because is probably full of infected and they need to avoid that. The rain continues, so Joel was trying to found a house, that they can use to stay out of the rain. But most of the ones they found were all destroyer, so they continue forward.

As they ride for another mile they saw another group of houses. "Joel I think those houses over there are good for a stop," Say Ellie pointing to the direction of the houses.

Joel looks to the houses. "I don't know Ellie, we're so close now. Maybe is a good idea to continue until we get to the town. If the map is correct, the town is passing those."

"Joel I'm freezing back here... how long you think is going to take." she looks around, then back at Joel. Joel, we're all wet and the horse is tired, maybe is better if we to-" Ellie stops a soon the horse starts to move around uncontrollably. "Joel was is going on."

"Easy boy...…easy...!" say Joel trying to control the horse. "Hold boy… was is wrong? Did you hear something?"


"What the hell?... Joel someone is shooting at us!-Ahhhh!" Ellie screams a soon the horse get hitting by another shot. Joel tries to hold the horse, but he starts to fall to his side. And before the horse falls down completed, Ellie falls backward to the ground. Ellie watched Joel going down with the horse. "Nooo!"

Lucky for him, he jumps away from the horse in the last minute, but he hit the ground pretty hard. After a minute Joel was trying to get up when another bullet hit the ground close to him. So he quickly moves behind the horse for cover. Joel took his gun out and try to shot back, but the rain doesn't let him see anything. He turns his head and look at Ellie, try to see if she was okay. He saw her a few feet away laying on the ground looking at him. "Stay down, stay down…" he was moving one hand, to indicate her to stay on the ground. "Are you okay… kiddo?" he asks her quickly.

Ellie starts to crawl toward him. "Yeah… you?" she asks him back with some concern.

Ellie just moves a little when another bullet hit the ground close to her. Ellie moves to the side just in time to not get shot. A soon Joel saw that he yell at her. "Ellie!... you need to get out of here… run to those building over there… I cover you," as another bullet hit the horse, he moves down, and try to grab the bag that was tie to the horse chair.

Ellie tries to get to him but has to move behind an old car that was on the other side of the road, when more bullets start to hit closer. "I not going to leave you behind!" Ellie yells back at him. But the rain was fallen heavier, so they can't see from where the shot is coming from or how many men are out there.

Joel looks at her again. "Ellie you need to go. Don't worry I will be behind you kiddo, I just need to get the bag from the horse." Joel grabs the bag and tries to untie when another shot hit the horse close to him and he has to move aside.

Ellie saw how close that was, so she stands up from behind the car, with her gun out and starts to shot. "C'mon and get me... you asshole!" Ellie yells and starts to run in the other direction. More shooting sound can be here as she runs off. She was making a distraction so that way Joel can move to safety.

Joel saw Ellie run away, and know what she was trying to do, he curses himself inside. She was putting herself in danger, so he can escape. Keep her safe is his job, no the way around, he has told her plenty of time. So he doesn't understand why she never listens to him. After more bullet hit the horse or close, Joel stays still on the ground as he hears some people coming on the distance.

"I think I kill the big one." said a young boy a soon he was getting closer to the fallen horse.

"That was a good one kid." says an older man behind him. "Take Alan and go over there and make sure he is dead. We go after the girl," he says to the boy, while he pointing to the other 3 men there go with him. As the boys start to move to the direction of the horse. Then the old man and the other's tree start walking faster toward the houses.

One of the men moves beside the old man. "We better call that guy... Peter and tell him to stop shooting, with this rain he may hit us,"

"He knows what he's doing, so don't worry about him. Now let's go and get that girl. I want her alive, the men need a little distraction tonight." They start laughing while they were running toward some of the broken houses.

On the other side, the two boys go closer to where the horse and Joel where. A soon they arrived they saw the dead body of a man lying beside the horse. "Oh man we got lucky this time." said one of the boys. "Look at the horse, we're going to have some meat for a week."

"Yeah, the guy looks huge too… do you think, he is from that town on the other side of the bay?" asked the other one.

"I don't know, just check him and make sure he is dead." the other boy moves around, while the younger one goes closer to the dead horse. "Oh, man I don't see a horse in ages. Do you think that the boss is going to be happy?" the boy kneel beside the horse and start to touch it. The other boy kneels beside Joel and starts turning him to the side. But a soon he has the body halfway Joel open his eyes and aim his gun to his head.

The boy's eyes go wider, a soon he saw the gun pointing at his face. And before he says anything Joel pull the trigger and shoot him on the face The boy didn't have any chance again his magnum. As half of his head blow in pieces and blood flow everywhere. The other kid look at Joel a soon he hears the shot. But before he can do anything, Joel shot him on the side of his body. The boy screams in pain as he falls to the ground.

Joel crawling at him and saw that the boy look not more than 20 years old. He grabs the boy shirt and lifted up to check the wound. He looks at the boy and sees the pain on his face. "Yeah, I know that it hurt a lot, and you're going to die soon. But before that happen you're going to tell me how many people are with you."

A little far from there, Ellie enters one of the abandoned houses. She tries to look through one of the windows, but the rain still coming down hard, so it was difficult to see outside. She knows that a few men where after her, so the plan works. She only hopes that Joel has enough time to get away from there and come after her. Because now she has to deal alone, with the ones that were following her and she only has a few bullets left in her gun.

Ellie hears some noises, so she knew that they are getting closer, and running in the mud is not going to help her because she is been lifting mud print everywhere. Ellie moves to the other side of the house, and a soon she gets behind a wall, she takes out the gassing of her the gun and checks it out. Great is almost empty. She says to herself after putting it back in. I need to keep moving before they found me here. Ellie moves to the backyard of the house. She saw that the wood fence on the back was broken in a few parts. So she runs and enters the other house backyard.

It was still raining, so Ellie needs to move from house to house to try to don't leave any footprint that they can follow. The next house she enters was in better condition, and still, have some furniture in good shape. It was a little dark inside, but she can't turn on her flashlight at the moment. So she moves slowly, from the kitchen into the living room. Ellie was walking toward the front of the house, and try to see through one of the windows, to make sure that no one is at the front of the house.

As Ellie look through one of the windows, and no see anybody, She moves to the front door. But before she opened, Ellie hears some voices outside. Shit!

"Where is Frost?" one of the men said. "The footprint takes us here, so she has to be close."

"He is checking one of that house over there." Say another one.

The leader of the man starts to gather the other in the center of the street. "Okay you will check that street and wait for him, we going to check those house on the other side," Two men start to walk at the direction where Ellie was hiding. So a soon she saw them, Ellie ran to the back of the house, to get out through the backyard. But before she got out, Ellie saw another man walking on the backyard on the other house. Ellie doesn't have much time to think, So quickly she ran upstairs, to try to find another way out.

After she goes up, the two men open the front door and enter the house. "Shit this rain is making this more difficult." says one of them, shaking his body.

The leader moves away from him. "Hey!... can you stop that..? And stop complaining, and start looking, we don't have all day. I know she is in one of these houses and with all this rain, she can't go far." said the leader of the group.

Both of them turn their flashlight and start to move in a different direction on the house. "Are you going to call Oscar? He told us to call him if we saw anyone of that town get outside,"

The man stops and looks at him. "First of all, I'm in charge here do you understand? and second, I don't think they come from that town. They were coming from the other side of the road. So I think that they're just outsiders. Go check the kitchen I will check the back room."

The man moves into the kitchen but didn't find anything in there. "I don't like this boss, I have the feeling that this is not going to end well. Do you think that maybe is better if we call more men, just in case." the man moves out of the kitchen and look his boss coming out of the back room. "I just saying… man, I'm too old for this shit."

His boss came close to him and push him forward the living room "Man... what a wuss... Fine, I call a soon we check this house. Now go upstairs and check the second floor. I will check the backyard and see if is something there to hide."

Ellie was hiding on the wall close to the stair, hearing what the two-man were saying. The thing was getting worse, so she needs to find a way out. A soon Ellie hear one of them coming up the stair, she held her gun tight and waits for him.

But before she can do anything, the man that was in the backyard enter the house. "Hey boss, I check the house back there and I saw footprint coming to this direction."

The boss stopped in front of him. "Shit man, next time told me where you going to be." he turns and starts to move away. "Where are the two kids? They suppose to be here by now."

The new man starts to follow him. I don't know, they probably taking care of the horse. So we can take it back to the base, don't worry."

"I don't like this, maybe is better if one of us go over there and check them out. They kill the old man, but let's hope there are no more of them. Now lest keep looking for that girl.." Ellie was holding herself, she can't believe that they kill Joel.

"Oh I'm sure that the old man is dead, the guy shot him, and he never misses… but if you-" He stopped when he heard some noise, coming from upstairs. "Hey, Ralph did you hear that?"

The old man stops in the middle of the stairs and looks back down. "I don't hear any-" but before he finishes they all hear footsteps in the second floor.

The three men look up. "The girl is on the second floor, move," said the leader. The old man was the first to move, he aims his gun and starts to move up while the other start to following him.

Ellie ran toward the end of the corridor, but before she has the chance to get inside one of the room. The old man on the other side of the corridor. "Stop right there!" he points his gun at her, but before he does something, Ellie turns around and start shouting. "Ahhhh…." The old man scream, when one of the bullets hit him on the side. Ellie turns around and enter one of the room and close the door before the others arrive on the second floor.

A minute later, the other two men finally got to the second floor and saw the old man on the floor holding his side and losing blood. "Shit… where she go?" asked the leader, getting close to the wall and aiming his gun to the end of the corridor.

"She shot me!... fuck!... she shot me." The old man starts to talk, with a pained tone.

"Where she go? What room?" the leader asked again.

The old man moves his hand and looks at the wound. "Who gives... the fuck… she shot me!"

The leader goes close to him and points his gun to his head. "I going to shot you too if you don't tell me where the girl go."

"Ohh… fuck… She is in the last room… the one to the left... now help me."

The leader moves his gun away and looks at the other man. "Bob, take him downstairs, then find Peter and tell him that we find the girl." said the leader, while he moves toward the end of the corridor.

Ellie hides behind the bed, and she was trembling, not only because she was wet and cold, but also because now she was trapped in that room with no way out.

Ellie tries to calm herself, as some flashback come into mind. C'mon Ellie this is not the end, you have someone inside that need you. As she gets calm a little, Ellie checks her gun again but saw that she only have three or four bullets left. She looks again at the room, but it has all the window nail with wood, so is no way out. Ellie starts to think, that after the firefly and mercenaries die on that big explosion. The rest of the travel, we're going to be easy. Yeah, they probably need to kill a few infected, on the way to that town, but that was better than hunters. Ellie started to think about the baby too, and Joel. She knows that he is not dead, but how long she needs to hold them back before he shows up to help her.

"We know you're in there girl, so give up yourself before we are forced to kill you." Say the leader of the group on the outer side of the door.

Ellie aims her gun toward the door. "Go fuck yourself asshole… I have enough bullets here for you and your friends." Ellie yells back, lucky for her, the lock of the door still functional. So that way is more difficult, for them to get inside. But she knows that that is not going to hold forever. But then she hears the man trying to open the door.

"C'mon girl, we're not going to hurt you." the man says as he tries to open the door again.

Ellie points her gun at the door and shoot. She makes a little hole in the middle of it, but as she no hears anybody dropping, she knows that she misses. "That was just a warning, so go away or I going to kill every one of you. So is going to be better for all of you to leave me alone."

Nobody speaks for a moment. "I don't believe, that you have enough bullet for that. We're 8 men here and you're only one." He says, trying to gain time, so that way his other two-man arrive at the house. "If you're waiting for that old man to come to you rescued… you're waiting for your time because he is dead. So give up and come with us, we're going to take care of you now."

Ellie was getting furious, those men kill her horse and almost kill her and Joel. But they're going to pay for all that a soon Joel find her. "I prefer to killing myself, that go with you. But you kill my horse and for that y,ou're going to pay." Ellie yells back to the man.

The man turns around and sees his two-man arriving on the second floor. The boss wants her alive, so they need to get her, with killing her. The leader makes a gesture to the two-man to come closer, so that way they can make a plan. "Okay she is in there, but I want her alive. So the only way to do that makes her shot all the bullet she has left." He says in a lower voice.

"I saw the back of the house and the window is nailed out with some wood. So the only way out of that room is that door." Peter said in a lower voice too.

"Okay I will shot the lock and kick the door and get in, so a soon she starts shooting we drop the smoke grenade." he looks at one of his men. "You still have it… right?"

"Yes!" said one of the man.

"Okay, so a soon I open the door let it roll in."

"Go it!" the three-man move closer to the door and get into position.

Ellie hears some movement outside the door, so she knows that the man is going to try to enter soon. So Ellie stays pointing at the door and waiting for them to enter. Her hand where trembling, thinking that her time has come. But if she is going to die today, she will take some of them with her. A moment later, she hears the sound of a gun shooting a few time at the door. They make a few shots to the handle, to get it broken. Then one of them kicks the door opened and drop the smoke bomb inside. Ellie shot a few rounds at the entrance but didn't hit them. A few seconds later the bomb they drop inside, start to spread smoke and fill the room with it.

Shit!... I need to get out of here. Ellie covers her mouth and nose with her hand and starts to move. She shot a few time at the room entrance, but a soon she was close, she felt someone grabbing her arm.

"Gotcha!" said one of the man. Ellie tries to shot him but her gun was out of bullet, so she starts to struggle and try to get away. "Don't make this… more… difficult-"


"What the hell was that?" asked Peter. The other man look at the corridor, where the stair is.

At the distraction, the leader that was holding Ellie, loss the grip, on her and Ellie move away from him. The leader turns his head and looks at one of the men. "That Sound like a shoot… You!... go down there and check what was that. We will take care of the girl." the man nodded, and start to move toward the stair.

The man moves slowly with his gun pointing to his front, and a soon he gets closer to the stair, he put his back on the wall and start to move slowly until he was on the corner. The man takes a big breath and moves his head out of the corner to take a peek. It was a little dark down there, so he didn't see anyone there. So he takes another breath and starts to walk down the stair. He was doing it slowly with his gun pointing at the front. He was looking around trying to see if someone was there.

Joel was hiding at the wall at the end of the stair, waiting for the man that was coming down to arrive at the bottom. And a soon he saw the gun passing in front of him, he grabs the man hand and pushes him to the side. The man, look at him surprised, but then, they start to fight for the gun, while the man tries to shoot him again. But before he has the chance, Joel pushes him to the wall and stave him on the side with his hunting knife.

Joel does not even cover his mouth, he wants him to scream. "Ahhhhh!" the man screams again as Joel continue staving him again and again until the man stops screaming. Joel watch the man face as it was getting lifeless and fall to the floor

"What is going on down there?" Joel hears a man yelling on the second floor. So he takes his gun out and starts to walk up the stair.

A little early up in the room, the smoke starts to despair. The leader of the group pushes Ellie to the top of the bed still having a grip on Ellie's hand. Ellie was trying to hit him, but as she inhaled some smoke, she was having a problem to breathe. "Just stay still, or this is going to get worse for you." said the man on top of her.

"Get off me… cough… you motherfucker… cough… cough."


Both men look at the door frame as they hear a scream, coming from downstairs. "What is going on down there?" Yell the leader. Then he moves Ellie hand up her head and press on his grip. The man look at his partner that was closer to the door. "Go down there and check what was that."

The other man look at him, with scare eyes. "I don't like this… I think is better if both go and-"

"I'm the boss here, now go and kill whoever is down there."

The man walks to the door frame and makes a pic at the corridor. "Why you don't use the radio and call for backup?" said the man looking at him now.

The leader looks back at him furiously. "Just go down there, before I shot you myself!"

The man starts to move slowly out of the room, but soon he disappears from the leader sight. The leader hears a few shots on the corridor. The man came back to the room, with two blood stain on his shirt. He tries to say something but fall down to the floor before he does.

"Shit!" the leader watches the dead man on the floor, the look back at Ellie. "Okay this shit is over, C'mon," He grabs Ellie, pull her off the bed and put her in front of him, as a human shield. "Okay… whatever is out there… I have the girl with me, so if you want to keep her alive, is better if you surrender," he waits for an answer but no one comes. So he starts to walk out of the room with Ellie in front of him. He has Ellie arms twisted on her back and his gun pointing at her head. He moves out of the room slowly, but don't saw anyone there waiting for him. "Show yourself… or I will kill the girl."

"Let her go…" he heard a dark voice coming from the other side of the corridor. But the place was so dark that he can't see the person.

"I don't know who you're, but I have friends coming this way soon," he says a little nervous. "So is better if you surrender now or I can't guarantee you, girl, here safety." he stays put waiting for the man to answer. Ellie stronger a little but he has a strong grip on her. She doesn't say anything, but she knows that is Joel the one on the other side of the corridor.

Joel stays in the shadows, calculating his option and try the best way to kill the man without hit Ellie. "I not going to say it again. Let her go or I will kill you, slowly and painful."

The man tries to see where he is, but he can't see anything on the dark corridor. He moves his head close to Ellie. "Tell him to drop the gun… or I going to kill you right now," he whispers in her ear.

Ellie knew that this man, is going to die soon, so there only one thing she needs to say. "You should do what he says if you want to get out of here alive."

The man presses the gun to her head and leans over her shoulder again. "You think you're smart don't you, but we will see who die first. Now!... tell him to drop his gun or-Ahhhh! " before he can finish, Ellie hit him on the head with hers making him lean to the side on the impact and pain. His gun moves away from her head, and give Joel the opportunity he needs to make his move.

A soon Joel saw what Ellie did, he aims his gun to his head and shoot. The hit makes a hole on his head, making some of his blood lands on Ellie face and shoulder. Lucky for her Joel didn't use his magnum or all the man brian wooded land on her. Ellie moves ways as she feels the man body fall down beside her. She looks at his body and starts to kick the motherfucker on the floor. "You kill my horse you fuck…" a few seconds later her body start to feel weak and her mind dizzy, probably still having the effect of the smoke. She has seemed a lot of dead people before, some killed by Joel and others by herself. But for some reason, this affects her. Ellie bends to the side and throws up.

Joel walks faster at her and put his hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay? She hears him ask her, with a worried tone. She can feel how he was checking on her, looking for a wound and making sure that she was fine. "Sorry, I'm late kiddo… but I have to take care of something first." He says try to calm her down.

"I'm okay Joel, I'm okay." Ellie cleans her mouth, the look at Joel. "Also I'm glad that my the plan works…cough... you're alive… cough… and I'm alive."

" Shit Ellie, that was a little stupid, but at least that takes you away from the shooter. Now that smoke affect you?" Ellie nodded, covering her mouth with one hand to cough again. "Okay let's get out of here, so you can breathe some fresh air." Joel helps Ellie up, put one hand on her shoulder and help her to walk. We need to get away from this place before the rest of them came here looking for them."

"I thought that you kill them all," she says looking at him.

"No all of them, these people are part of a gan, so is better to get to the town before more arrive."

"Okay." was the only thing she says, then she starts to walk with Joel.

"Okay let's go." He pulls her close to him and continues walking, but then he stops. "Wait!... where are you gun and backpack?"

Ellie starts to think for a moment. Her mind is not in the right place and she doesn't even know why. "I think they're in… in the last room… over there." she finally says it and turns to point to the room.

"Okay wait for her I will go and-" Joel let go of here, but Ellie grab his arm.

"No!... Don't leave me alone, please… I-I…" she start trembling at the thought of Joel go away from her again. She knows that it wasn't his fault, what happened here or back with that other man. But after those man kidnapping her, she can't go through all that again.

"Is an okay baby, I not going to leave you… just let's go back to the room and grab your things and get the hell out of here." Joel holds her tight and walks toward the room. He grabs her gun that was laying on the floor, then he grabs her backpack and put it on her back. They walk back down the stair and go to the front door. A soon they go out of the house, Joel notices that the rain has stopped. He doesn't even think of losing the dead body, he only wants to get Ellie out of there. As they start to walk into the street, Joel stops a soon he saw a man pointing a rifle at them.

"I think that is far enough!" Says the man in front of them, with a serious tone.

Chapter Text

Chapter 6: The new town people

I fell Ellie body go tense under my arm. I thought that I kill all the ones here, but apparently, I was wrong. The kid told me that they were more, that they were part of a gan and that they have a small base camp on the other side of the airport. The one that we pass half an hour ago. And even if that was close, the other can't arrive here that sooner. So this man has to be one of the groups that shot at us. I can see, that the man in front of us have a sniper rifle, so he have to be the one that shot at us and kill Ellie horse back there. Ellie like that horse very much, so the first chance I get, I'm going to make sure he pays for that.

The man looks at Joel and saw a gun in his left hand. "Drop your weapon, old man." said the man calmly. "I don't know how you survive, back there, because I never miss a shot." The man move

A little closer. "But I can assure you, that I not going to miss this time."

The man looks at Joel's hand again, where he has the gun, and see some blood dropping to the ground. "Well, I think that I didn't miss after all."

Joel looks at him, and tighten the grip on the gun. Then he lowers his sight to the ground and saw the blood. He was a little surprised that he didn't feel it, until now. Ellie doesn't know what to do or think, she only one this bad day to can hear the man talking, but no understand what he tries to say right now. Then after a few moments, she realizes what the man was talking about. Yeah, she saw some blood in Joel's hand, when he grabbed her shoulder. But she thought that it wasn't his blood. Ellie was going to say something, but Joel speaks first.

"I don't know what you want, but we don't have much, and you already kill or horse," Joel said, holding his gun hard and try to distract the man enough, so he can take his shot at him.

"Oh, you don't need to worry about that, I have what I want. The horse is a bonus, he is not going to get wasted. I know a few people that are going to enjoy the meal," he says with a smile on his face. "Now! I no going to ask again. Drop the gun or I going to shot you again, and this time I not going to miss any vital organ."

Ellie was getting furious about all this, and even that she still a little scare from before. This man is going to pay for shooting at Joel and kill her horse. "You motherfucker bastard, I going to kill you, for what you did to my horse and-"

"Shut up, you little cunt!..." The man points the gun at Ellie, but before he shot at her. Joel moves her behind him and up his gun.

"Nooooo!" Ellie scream, a soon she saw Joel moving in front of her to take the shot. Ellie opens her eyes wider when she heard the shot. "Nooooo!… no, no, no,... this can't happen," She started, and turn him to see, how bad was the hit. Joel looks at her, not knowing what just happen. Ellie starts to look at his chest but not see any wound. "Joel!... are you okay?"

Joel moves one hand to his belly where the shot was supposed to hit him. He was surprised when he doesn't see any blood there or feel any pain. Joel turns to look quick at the man that was in front of them. But saw him down on the ground dead. "What the hell happen?"

Ellie moves quickly from behind him and look at the man body. "Joel, how the hell do you shot him first?" Ellie turns to look at Joel. Are you sure that he didn't shot you… again?" Ellie asks him as she walks back at him and starts checking his left arm. A soon Ellie found the wound in his arm, she starts to panic again. "Fuck Joel, you got shot in the arm before, why you didn't tell me? I need to dress that… fast!" she starts to move fast in panic.

Joel moves his other arm and grabs Ellie shoulder to calm her down. "I'm okay kiddo… is just a scratch. We can deal with that later." he says in a creamy tone.

"Just a scratch-are you fucking kidding me?... why you're so calm about it?… fuck Joel, you just got shot in your arm and still bleeding. Why you acting, like is nothing!"

"I'm fine Ellie, is nothing really, and I'm pretty sure, that I not going to die for it-" He looks at Ellie expression and know that he should not joke about that right now. "Shit, I'm so sorry baby, I don't mean to sound like that. But I'm fine really."

Ellie looks at him, then hug him hard. "Fuck Joel!… what were you thinking of putting yourself in front of me… he could kill you." she says while some tiar scape her eyes.

Joel moves his right arm around her and pulls her closer to him. "Shhhh… it's okay baby we're fine like you say before," he says looking at the dead man on the ground. "The question is, who kill that asshole?" Joel was about to move with Ellie in his arm, but stop when he heard some footstep coming from behind one of the houses on the other side of the street.

"That would be me." said a man walking toward the dead body, carrying a rifle in his hand. A soon he gets close, he looks at the body them at Joel and Ellie. "I don't know who you're, but thanks for distracting that bastard, so I can have a shot of him. He is been killing or people for the past month, so he had it coming." He got closer to the body and kick it a few time, just to make sure he was dead. Then he looks at Joel and Ellie direction again. "Now I wonder, why he doesn't kill you right away.?"

Joel quickly up to his gun and pointing at the man. "Look I don't know who you're, but if you think on doing something stupid… I will think about it twice if I was you."

"Wow, wow… take it easy man." he moves the rifle to the side to show that he is not a treat. "If I remember right, I just save your life. And besides that, you just help me to kill that mother fucker over there, so whatever you two are, you just have my thanks." says the man calmly.

Joel looks at him suspiciously. "Yeah, and how we know, that you or you people are not going to kill us and rob us?" Joel tries to pull Ellie behind him again but Ellie doesn't move.

The man looks down and shook his head a little, with a smile on his face, then he looks back at them. "Okay look… If I wanted to kill you, you are dead by now. So why we just-" he stopped when he heard yelling coming from the end of the street.

"Dad!... are you okay!" A boy came running with another young man beside him. They stop close to them and pointed their guns toward Joel and Ellie. "Is better if you low you, weapon man before I-" He was interrupted by the man in front of Joel.

"Is okay boys, we were just talking. Lower your guns, you don't need to worry about me," he says moving one hand toward the two boys, to indicate to lower their weapons.

After the man calms the boys, he looks at Joel and Ellie again. "Okay, since we don't need to shoot each other. Is better to get out of here before more of this asshole come looking for him. So if you two want to continue on your way, you're free to do so," after saying that, the man turn and look at the two boys again. "Joseph, take the rifle and take everything he has on him. We're going back to town, a soon the other come back here." the man starts to walk toward the other boy.

Joel lowers his weapon, but he keeps an eye on those three. They maybe look friendly but he never trusts anyone. Joel was a little surprise, that this man mentions a town. Because the only one close from here is the one they're looking for. So Joel needs to be sure that these people are from there. "Wait!..." Joel started. "For any chance, you've come for a town called Eureka?"

The man turns to look at Joel a soon he hears the name. "How you know that name?" the man looks suspicious of Joel. He knows they are no from the gan that it been hitting the town. So he wants to know, why they are asking for it.

Joel pulls Ellie closer as he starts to walk toward the man, putting his gun back to his holster, but keep it ready just in case. "We travel a long distance looking for someone that is supposed to live there. Do you know a man name, Frank?... Frank Oswald, the last time I hear from him he was living in a town name Eureka," said Joel hoping for the best.

The man didn't answer him, but he turns his head and look back at the two boys. They shook their head in a no gestor. He looks back at Joel. "Can I know who you're, and why you're looking for this man?" he asked on curiosity.

Joel thinks for a moment, not sure if he should give this man their real names. But if Frank told them about him it was better to do it. "My name is Joel… Joel Miller. My brother Tommy and I, do a few trade business with him, a few years back, when he lived in Arizona."

The man look at Joel more carefully, try to see if he has been honest with him. After a few moments of thinking, he speaks again. "Look, the only thing that I can do for you takes you to the town. There you can ask for him if you want. But I can tell you right now that no one there is mentioned your name before or your brother."

"Well maybe I can give you his description, but I don't know if he looks the same now. But if he lives in Eureka, he will know who I'm," Say Joel look at the man.

"As I said, I can take you there, but what happened there, is no depend on me,"

"What you mean by that?" asked Ellie, entering the conversation now.

"Well that people there don't like strangers and-" he was interrupted when he saw a woman and another man, running from behind of one of the house.

"Paul!... Paul… we found a dead hor-" the woman was yelling, but stop when she saw the man talking with some strange people. "Paul!... who're those two?" The woman points her gun at Joel and Ellie direction. "Are they one of them?" she asked holding tight her gun at them.

Joel turns quickly and take his gun out and point at the woman. But when Ellie look at them, she notices that the man beside the woman was holding their hunting rifle. "Hey… that is our gun?"

The man look at the rifle then at her. "You gun?... Sorry lady, but we just found it on the other side of those houses." the man says, pointing to the direction from where they were coming."

"Yeah, we also found a dead horse too. Hey Paul, do you think we can-" the woman was interrupted by Ellie.

"NOOO!" he was my horse… and he is not going to end like food!" Ellie says furious, but some tiar starts to fall down her cheek. After all that happens, she almost forgets about the horse.

Paul move between them with his hand extended. "Okay why we all down our guns and take it easy," he says looking to both side, but ended looking at Ellie. "Look, I'm sorry about your horse. But as much that I want to continue with this conversation, we need to get out of here before more of them start to show up here." He turns his head to the boys and told them to start moving, then he looks back at Joel. "Listen, man, I don't know what is your business here, but we can talk about it far from here, okay?" he moves away and walks to the direction of the woman. A soon he goes close, he whispers in her ear something.

After a few minutes, the woman lowers her gun. "Okay… but what about the horse?... we can use the-" she started to say but was interrupted.

The man looks back to Ellie and Joel. "As much we need the meat, there is no time to do something. Those dead man here were just scout, so they probably call for reinforcement. So is better for us, no to be here when they arrive," The man noodle. He and woman, They start to walk to the direction of the beach.

Joel looks at them walking away. In a way, he was glad that they finally arrive in Eureka, but this man doesn't say much about the town or Frank. Joel starts to think that if coming here with Ellie was the right decision to make. Joel can see now, how all this is affecting Ellie. Sure they have their good moments during their journey. He pulls Ellie close to him and starts walking. "C'mon kiddo… let's go to that town and see if we can our man."

Ellie looks at Joel sadly. "They kill him… Joel… they kill him!" more air comes out of her.

"I know kiddo… and I very sorry about that, he was a good horse," Joel said squeezing her arm.

"I just don't want him, ended like callus!... I don't want him to be food," she says sadly.

Joel starts to move holding Ellie close to him. "He won't… I promise." he knows that Ellie loves that horse. But he also knows that even if these people don't eat him. Someone else does, or some other animal and is nothing he can do. They give one final look at the direction that they were attacked then turn around and continue to follow them.

( One hour later )

Joel and Ellie follow Paul and his companion through the coast path. On the way, Joel can hear them whisper and talk in front of them. The man that kills the shooter… Pau. He looks like he trusted them a little, but the other two adults were arguing about if it was a good Idea to take them to town. On the way, Ellie remembers Joel wound, so they stop for a few minutes, until Ellie finish. first Ellie was furious to herself for don't notice that before. But also she was mad at Joel for don't do anything about it. Lucky for him it was just a minor wound, so he didn't lose to much blood.

Ellie makes Joel sit on an old car that was in the street close to the coast path. "I can't believe that you get shot and don't attend this quick," said Ellie while she put the bandage in Joel's arm.

"I fine kiddo, like I say it was just a superficial wound, is nothing to worry about it."

Ellie looks at his wound arm, knowing that it was more done that. She looks at his face and knows that it hurt more than he wants to show. "Nothing to worry about it!? Joel, you lose some blood back there. Also, it can get infected or something, if you don't get that fixed properly. I did my best here, but you need this to check out, a soon we get inside their town… okay?" She looks at him in the eyes with a serious expression.

Joel was going to protest again but decided to let it go. "Okay, okay. I will get it to check a soon we find someone to do it. They probably have a doctor or something in there."

"Good!" Ellie looks toward the other and sees that they were still taking a little far away from them. She turns and goes closer to Joel's face and give him a touching kiss on the lips. Joel was going to say something, a soon she moves away, but she put one finger on his lips to stop him. "Anyway, I don't think they trust us much. And I don't trust the guy that has our rifle, we should make him handle it back," Ellie turn her head and look at them again. "Speaking of that, where is the rest of our things?" Ellie asked curious, looking back at him again.

Joel admired her determination on focus in another thing than in what happened to her back there. He knows that she is a strong young woman, and that is been tested for the past two or three months. So he needs to talk to her about all that, but no now. Any distraction is good for her, it will make her forget for the time been. "Well, I save what I can, but the bow got broken when hor-" he stopped, not knowing how Ellie where going react if he mentions the horse again. But as he sees Ellie stay waiting for him to continue, he decided did.

Well, like I said the bow got broken on the fall, as some of the arrows. And when I finally get the bag, it was all soak with water, mud, and blood. So all the clothes, blanket, and few other thinks go all stain with that," he pauses for a moment.

"What about the other guns and bullet." Ellie turns to look at the man with the rifle again. "And why you left the rifle behind? It looks fine to me, and we can still use that."

"I take the guns and bullets that we still have left and put them on my backpack. But as we don't have any more bullet for the rifle, we don't have any use for it. Rifle bullets are hard to find anyway."

"Yeah, that maybe is true, but we can trade it for something else, even food. Or take it back to Jackson, I think that maybe Tommy or others can have some back there."

"Well, I was in a hurry to get out of there to try to find you. So I don't have too much time to think, so I decided to left it behind."

Ellie looks back at him and smile. Yes, it was stupid, try not to think about what they lost. Because nothing of that was important right now. The only thing that matter is that it is alive. But thinking about the horse is making her sad. "I love that horse, even if he wasn't mine…" she lowers her head. "I Know that he belongs to Jackson and that Tommy only loan to us for the trip. But I take care of him sometimes, when I help on the stables. I always call him to hope, even if they don't like to put names to the horses."

Joel pulls her closer and hugs her, while he passes his hand on her back. "I know baby… I know." Joel pulls away when the man called Paul to come closer to them. He also saw the woman and the other man with her, walking away.

The man look at Joel, question expression. "Okay all it set, so if your daughter and you are finished here, we can continue okay." said the man.

Ellie looks at the man with annoy expression. "Wife!..." said Ellie helping Joel standing up.

The man looks at her surprised at what she said. "Excuse me… what did you say?"

A soon both of them where up, Ellie looked at the man. "Wife… I'm his wife, not his daughter."

The man looks at Joel, waiting for a confirmation. "She means that you two are-"

"Yes, we're… well, sort of. Is not like we go to a church and got married or anything. But yes we're together like that." Joel saw the man making some gesture. "Do you have a problem with that?" say Joel quickly before Ellie get mad and say something bad or try to hit the man.

The man look at them for a moment, surprised, in how they can be like that because of the obvious differences in age. But decided that that is no any of his business. "Not at all," he says quickly. "I try not to judge people much... Anyway, we need to continue," the man turn and start to walk away, followed by Joel and Ellie. "I send Mary and Jacob ahead, to let the guard know that we're coming back with the company." the man continues walking. "Maybe is good if we introduce ourself. My name is Paul, Paul Watson and the two boys walking ahead… Are my two sons; Charlie and Ben."

Joel and Ellie were walking now beside him. "Thanks for the help and for taking us to the town. My name Is Joel Miller, but you already know that, and this is Ellie."

"Yes, Ellie… Ellie Miller, his wife!…" she says quickly and proud.

The man look at her and smile. He is surprised in how this young girl is so full of life and determination, and not afraid to speak her mind. That is good quality, but also a dangerous one. "Yeah I go it the first time... Now since the introduction is over, let's move along." the boy continue ahead, apparently talking to themselves. Ellie, Joel, and Paul followed them on the way to the small bay.

20 minutes later they arrive at a little bay that was in front of the town. Joel looks at the other side and saw the town in the distance. "Okay, Eureka is at the other side of the bay," say, Paul, as he stops at the shore. "There is a bridge over there, that crosses the bay, and take us to the front gate. I presume that Mary and Jacob have already informed the guard, so we should don't have any problem." the man says to them.

As they start walking again, Joel keep looking at the town and notice that a part of the small city was surrounded by concrete walls, just like Boston was. "Eureka, is a Q zone?" he asked surprised.

The man look at Joel. "It was!... but not anymore, well no in the way it was before," the man looks forward and watch the walls that surrender Eureka. "But is still our home." he hears one of his son calling him and say that it was going to start to rain again, so he told them to run ahead. Paul looks back at Joel and Ellie. "I think we should move faster before the rain started again. We can talk about all that a soon we get inside." The man starts to walk more faster, while Joel and Ellie do the same as the following him.

A soon they go closer to the bridge, Joel move close to the man. "If you don't mind me asking… Who are those people that attack us?... seems like they're giving you some trouble too," asked Joel trying to get some information about them.

They walk through the bridge, while the man answers him. "We don't know who they are exactly," the man starts to say. "We think that they're some kind of old motorcycle gang or something. Because, when they show out here, they're riding on some. Anyway, they show up here a few weeks ago, demanding that we surrender the town to them."

"Just like that?" asked Joel, now with more curiosity.

"Yes!... just like that. The man in charge said, that they were part of a new order or some shit like that. And that their boss was coming here with an army to control all the west coast."

Ellie was walking behind them, hearing all that the man was saying and decided to enter the conversation. "So what you're people are doing about it?" Ellie was interesting on the danger they can face now if those people attack the town.

The man turns his head to look at her. "Well, right now we keep them away. But every day is getting more difficult for us."

Joel looks at the man for a moment, before he answers. "So… there becoming a problem for you right?"

"That is something we can talk about it later. I just want to let both of you know the danger we all are facing here. Because soon you enter to our town, you're going to face, that danger too."

Ellie doesn't know what to think of that. "Are you're the leader of this town people?" asked Ellie moving close to Joel.

The man let out a little laugh. "Oh no, that will be Carter. I just the man in charge of the safety, of the people that go outside to hunt, fishing or scavenger-"

"Hold right there" Yell a man, as he moves from behind a concrete barricade that is in the middle of the bridge and points his automatic rifle at them.

"Don't shoot, is just us!" said one of the boys, holding his hand up. The other stop as another guard comes out from inside a improvise vigilant cabin post and point his gun at them as well.

Paul moves quickly in front of his two boys. "What the hell are you two doing out here?... You know that nobody supposes to be out in the bridge." the man says moving closer to them. "Where are Mary and Jacob? They supposed to tell the guards at the gate that we were coming, with a company."

The two men lower their weapons. "They did, but also say that we need to be careful with the newcomer. Then they go inside to tell Carter about the sniper guy you kill, so they send us here to wait for you." answer one of the two men on the post.

"Oh, she says that.. hmmm!" He moves closer to them and starts to talk to them. His sons move behind him, letting Joel and Ellie a little far back. Joel and Ellie wait for them, but they were still wed, tier and want to finish with this here, so they can go in and look for Frank. Joel knows that this man knows more than he is telling them. But he needs to play this carefully, they can be a lie.

While Paul and his sons were talking with the guards, Joel starts to look around the place. The bridge seems to be the main way to get to the front gate. But as Joel remember the city look on the map, there is a lot of places to get close to the old Q zone. So why look like this gang is putting too much effort into using this bridge to invade the town? Joel is not really interested in getting involved in this people fight. But sure is going to be a problem to Ellie and him if they stay here too long or if those people attack when they're in town. So he needs to find Frank and get outta there a soon as possible.

Ellie moves closer to Joel and grab his arm. She was trembling a little because of the cold this time. "Joel, I don't like this, why they taking too much time to let us pass. And getting in the middle of their war, is not going to be good for us when we need to go," Whisper Ellie to Joel a little worry.

"I know baby, let just hope that a soon I find Frank and talk to him, he will come with us. So that way we are out of here before those people do another attack."

"And how we going to do that?... Even if you convince your friend to help us, how we going to get back to Jackson?" Ellie put a sad face, remember the dead horse. "We don't have any transportation, as you-we give the other horse to Bibi and mine is dead now."

Joel pulls her closer to him and kisses her on the head. "No worry about that, I think in something baby. A soon I talk to Frank, we see if they have something we can use," he says with some confidence. "I know he is going to help us, so don't worry about it." then he saw Paul walking at them.

"Alright, we're good now, so let's go inside before more of those asshole decides to show up here. Even if we take down their sniper guy, we don't know if they have more," says Paul, before he turns and starts to walk again. Joel and Ellie follow the others as they pass the barricade and the two guards and continue walking on the bridge until they arrive at the front gate of the town.

A soon they get in front of it, two more guard show on the top of the wall and point their guns at them. "Is okay guys is Paul and his sons, you can lower your weapons." said a man on the other side of the gate. The gate start to open and a man walk out to meet them. "Welcome back paul. Mary told us that you were going to bring some stranger with you. So what are their business here?"

Paul moves in front of the rest and goes closer to the man, that has now a few guards behind him. "This is Joel and Ellie," he says pointing at them. Joel here says that he is looking for an old friend."

The man in charge of the gate, look at them for a moment, then back at Paul. "Okay guys, we go in, but keep your eyes open. We don't know when those assholes make show up again." The man turns and starts to walk inside the town. Paul and the rest of the group start to walk behind him and go inside. A soon they all where inside, the man order to close the door.

Joel and Ellie start to look around, observing the few people that were closer to the gate. Joel saw Paul walk away and start talking with his boys. A few minutes, he saw a man walking in his direction with a few men behind him. As he gets closer he notices that the man looks like his friend Frank. They were not very close, but Joel thinks, that he can call him that. He turns to Ellie and whispers to her. "See is him, I think we get lucky." then he starts to walk away to meet the man, with his arms wide open. "Hey, body is been a long time… right?" said Joel moving forward to meet him.

The man walks closer to Joel and starts to speak. "How dare you show your face here… after what you did to me?" says the man with a mad expression.