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The receptionist is the first to receive them, take them to their desk on the side of the room and talk to them about the responsibilities they were willing to take. She is the one who is the first to see that they had the papers a day once the chestnut is delivered from his backpack, each and every one of them signed by both. He reads them carefully and smiles when he gives his approval.

It is not as if Barry was nervous, none of that, but he inevitably relaxes when the kind redhead invites them to go to the back room to see his "children" and Oliver holds him by the shoulder giving him a gentle squeeze. Both walk abreast, following Sophia -as he said her name was the blue-eyed redhead- and stop in front of a simple wooden door with the typical little window where Barry is the first to lean out to spy, giving him a smile Oliver and the woman.

The boy's green eyes are walking around the room, seeing them all and wanting to take them to what he has seen. Everyone was so cute!

"Excuse me," the woman says trying to gain space between Barry and the door with the intention of opening it.

The sprinter steps aside, embarrassed, and hits his partner's ribs when he feels Oliver laugh softly. If Sophia noticed, she pretends dementia and smiles at them when she invites them both to move towards the noise of toys and small squeals that are on the other side.

Everyone there receives them between smiles and games. Barry, leaning on his knees to be more up to them, takes the time to say hello to everyone who approaches him - obviously being all, because apparently none is immune to the charm of the chestnut - while Oliver remains standing with his hands inside his pocket, watching carefully.

Only one of them is the one who has not approached, sitting on a bench watching them from a distance. Oliver is the first to stare at him, surprised by the fact that the boy has not come to play with Barry and the rest. The sprinter does it seconds later and it's like it's love at first sight. He was small, smaller than the rest and that moved him too much. With brown eyes and with disheveled hair, black as night.

'' He is the youngest of four brothers '' Sophia explains to them as they both see the black haired man on the other side of the room- The others have been adopted by the same family, he on the contrary I think he has been left behind. side by its small and delicate texture, all believe that it can get sick at any time and that's why nobody wanted to adopt it. Something unfair to my saying but I can not force anyone to take it away.

Barry feels his heart tighten at seeing him there so alone. It was true that he looked small and delicate, but a good home was what he needed to get ahead.

Looking up and focusing on Oliver, Barry knows they have had the same idea.

When the front door of the West house opens, Iris is the first to go out to meet them with a camera in hand, and can not wait any longer. Caitlin and Felicity leave behind the brunette right away and Cisco fights with Ronnie to take fourth place. Joe smiles slowly and walks being followed by Eddie who, despite not showing it, also moves curiously towards the incoming couple.

Barry carries a bundle wrapped in a blue blanket between his arms that seems to want to hide from them in a shy way, making the girls release a soft aaaw. Oliver follows long until he hangs the backpack with the papers on a shelf and greets everyone although he is ignored.

-What is your name? '' Ronnie asks, peeking out from behind the girls.

-I want to see him. Show it, Barry, "Iris insists.

- How cute, look how small it is! '' Release Felicity, peeping under the blanket.

Joe makes space for his son and is the one who dares to take in his arms the small black bundle that complains but is left to do when the fingers of the detective walk around his little black head.

Iris quickly takes pictures and Caitlin puts her hand on where Joe caresses, the little one seemed more than delighted by the attention received.

"He's Ursula ..." -says Barry to Ronnie's question, feeling jealous that his son has been snatched away so quickly.

-James Allen? '' Says Cisco, waiting for his turn to have the little one who does not seem scared of them.

'' James Queen ... '' -replies Oliver, crossing his arms. Barry just looks at him reluctantly.

'' It does not matter, I also want to have it ... '' says Iris as she snatches her father from the little one.

James, being held by someone new, is left watching for a long time and then meow happily and caressing himself on the chin of the brunette.

'' I think she has fallen in love with you, Iris '' - notes Felicity, surprised.

- '' If he's Barry's son, I'm not surprised he's taken by Iris ... '' jokes Ronnie jokingly, earning an ugly look from Oliver and Eddie.

'' Could you give me back my son? '' Barry demands, but he is also ignored.

James, the little black kitten with the little white legs -as if he had small shoes on- wows happily at the mimes received by humans. Although later, he can not help wanting to go to Barry; stretching his thin leg towards him trying to get his attention. Resigned, Iris lets go of the cat that happily sits in the arms of the sprinter.

Barry kisses his head, right between his ears, and walks to stay with Oliver. Waylon, as it could not be otherwise, meows calling him; not forgetting that the other human is the one who had also gone to look for him in that nursery. The archer smiles and runs his calloused hand over the black haired man's back, who purrs happily.

'' I think they made a good choice, James seems very comfortable with you ... '' admits Joe, who had feared that they would not agree on whether to bring a cat or a dog from the Veterinary Nursery. How they had fought a week ago.

In the end his choice had been easy and little James managed to steal the hearts of Oliver and Barry.

Who did not assure them that in some future, the heroes would not be encouraged to have their own family?