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He was late.

Bakugou sighs, closing his book for the hundredth time that day just to stare at the trees, swaying with the soft breeze, leafs flying with the wind, and his ash-blond hair was also affected by it, which he, already annoyed, locked behind an ear, he should probably go look for a hair clip if this continues. The sun was almost down, so where could he be? Was everything alright? Katsuki couldn't help but to worry for his safety. By his, I meant Katsuki's groom. His mother said that his future husband should have arrived two hours ago, Bakugou was tired of waiting.

His future husband, his groom, Bakugou smiled softly thinking about him, maybe they could go on a walk together, maybe he would tell another interesting story about his job overseas, or even give Bakugou another of that English books, an idiom Katsuki was trying to learn, recently. Or, just like the last time, fancy clothes that his groom bought on an impulse, swearing that it matched his crimson eyes or fair skin. Well, Katsuki preferred a book, of course, considering he tends to spend most of his day just reading, when him groom isn't here. It was a quiet house, surrounded by the woods, that's why Katsuki liked to emerge into fictional stories, they were able to get him out of boredom, even if just for a while. 

Earlier that day, when Katsuki started to feel anxious about his beloved’s arrival, he decided to go on a walk around the forest, though he didn’t, since his mother didn’t want his clothes to get dirty and his dad didn’t want him to get lost when they should be waiting for his groom, that’s why Katsuki settled down with sitting under a tree on the garden, next to the forest, as the short grass wouldn't be enough to dirty whatever he was wearing. Talking about clothes, oh, how much he disliked the outfit his mother chose, the black suspenders felt almost like an annoying bug, itching his skin, even the white, simple, button up shirt he wore was agonizing, and not to talk about the red ribbon tie under his collar. He sighs.

The book on his hands weighs with boredom.

He should be here soon.

Bakugou sighed again, deciding to forget the book for now, it was not like he could actually understand it, anyways, not with his eyes almost closed. Sleepiness started to crawl behind his eyes, making him want to sleep right there, though he knew he should stay awake to wait for him, or at least go to sleep on his room, but the thought of sleeping right there, under the tree, with the animals singing in the forest…

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open, with a movement close to the trees, entering the forest. What was that? Bakugou blinked twice, seeing a… Rabbit?

Not an ordinary rabbit, though. A green rabbit. Was that a new specie? Maybe someone dyed him?

The small animal looked at Bakugou, twitching his ears before running away, “Wait!” Bakugou said, not actually expecting the animal to hear. The intruder was running/jumping to the forest now, not leaving time for Bakugou to analyze him better.

He wanted to follow the rabbit, though… His groom should arrive soon, it’s been a while since their last meeting, so he couldn’t afford being lost in the forest and missing the chance to meet him again.

What should Katsuki do, then?




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His foot wanted to walk towards the dense sea of trees, he wanted to see that rabbit, he wanted to run, freely, accompanied by the tiny animals that lived there, he wanted to see if something changed around there, it's been a while since he has been in the forest, after all. He moves without thinking… And stops, blinking. Under normal circumstances, he would never obey his parents orders to stay close by and would probably run to the forest, but today was special. Though he denied when asked, he really missed him… Maybe he should go inside and help his dad with dinner? The best option was to stay here, he knew that.

“Bakugou!” a female voice called and Bakugou snapped out of his thoughts. Next to him, Ochako smiled widely, offering an hand to help Bakugou get up. “Your mom is calling, guess who arrived?”

The blonde snapped her hand, getting up on his own. Ochako, the short with with brown hair and a gentle smile, was a maid in the house, same age as him, she was the daughter of a couple of servants in the mansion, so they knew each other since little, even before Ochako became an official maid here. Bakugou even considered her a friend, though he would never say that aloud. That’s why she didn’t bother with the ordinary rudeness.

“He is here?” Bakugou mumbled, cleaning his clothes with his palms, careful with the book under his arms. “He is so fucking late.”

The girl laughed, “He’s not that late, though, it’s a long travel.”

“He is, he promised he would be here two hours ago.”

“Two hours isn't that much, but you think that it is because you miss him” they both started to walk towards the house, side to side, in a way Bakugou couldn’t pretend he didn’t hear her question. “A lot.”

“He is the one that misses me, why would I miss someone like him?”

“Yeah, he misses you” she sang, with small jumps as he walked. “But you miss him a lot more!”

Bakugou opened the door, letting her walk in first. “Oh, shut the fuck up…”

“Katsuki! Language” her mother hissed before turning to look at someone else, some malice on her voice as she spoke. “I’m sorry for my son, you know how he is…”

Katsuki briefly analyzed the situation they ran into, his mother and father on the table, drinking tea and chatting with the visitor, who locked eyes with Katsuki. Though his father said something, Katsuki wasn’t able to even hear it, focused on that man sitting there, who just got up and was now walking towards Bakugou, ignoring everyone around.

“You are late” Bakugou said, arms crossed, but was ignored when his (soon to be) husband hugged him tightly, happy to see Katsuki after such a long time.

Bakugou hugged back.

“I missed you” the man said, leaning towards so his face could be against Bakugou’s neck.

“If that was the case, don’t stay away that long.”

His groom snorted, “It’s work, what can I do?”

Katsuki wasn’t satisfied.

“Alright, alright, I’ll try to come back earlier next time, what about it?” he kissed the blonde’s neck, hoping to soft him a little.

They stood quiet for a moment, and Katsuki was happy to see that everyone else excluded themselves of the room, wanting to give the two lovebirds a moment alone. Finally, seeing they were both alone, Katsuki allowed himself to melt in the embrace of the one he loved so much, resting his head on the curve of his neck. “I missed you.”

“I know, Katsuki, me too.”

“Don’t be away that long again, alright?”

He could feel the man nodding, but only that, since he went quiet once again. Bakugou started to feel tired again, the need to sleep coming back at full force, his eyes started to close, his mind dazing off somewhere far away, to a dark forest and green rabbits, to a red castle or a tea party, he wasn't sure what that was about.

Before he finally fell conscious, he heard his groom’s voice somewhere far away, even though they were standing together.

“You chose well. Sometimes, it’s really better to not know the truth.”




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That was a dumb choice, he assumed, as he got up from the ground. Even though he wanted to stay and see his lover as soon as possible, he couldn’t afford to wait just one more second in that state of boredom he has been the whole day. And, if he made Bakugou wait, Katsuki should also be allowed to make his future husband wait too, that is justice, isn't it? And it wasn’t like he would stay in the forest for long, he would probably even get back in time for dinner.

With that in mind, he didn’t hesitate to follow that green, mysterious rabbit, into that forest that he knew so well, focused only in the path he saw the rabbit going. Eventually, when he was already deep into the forest and considerately far away from home, he stopped to regain his breath. The rabbit was gone, so maybe he should just go back. He couldn’t see the sky beneath those tall trees, but even so, he could tell it was already night, time passed strangely fast whenever he was in the forest. His mother would be so mad at him, just because of a shitty rabbit…

Sighing, he decided to turn on his heels and go back to where he belonged.

But, as soon as he turned, he hit something hard.

Basically jumping away, he looked at the man he just bumped into. He had Bakugou’s height or bit smaller, emerald eyes that observed Bakugou from head to toes, taking mental notes about the blond, messy green hair and freckles all over his face. He was… Cute, Bakugou admitted, but was more concerned about his clothes. A black vest covering the white shirt underneath, there was even a bow tie and a green coat reaching his tights. Too pompous for Bakugou. But, what was even weirder was what he wore in his head; a pair of green rabbit ears.

Fuck, Bakugou must be really tired if he is imagining this.

The man seemed happy to see him, for some reason, “Alice! We have been waiting for you!”

Bakugou frowned, “What?”

“Oh, Alice, how late you are…” he mumbled, taking out of his pocket with his gloved hands a golden clock, which he looked at, worried and anxious. “I mean, I’m pretty late too, aren’t I? Oh, they will be mad at me… Maybe I should run? Maybe I should go right now? Alice, I would really like to spend some time with you, but I need to go, they need me… Oh, what if I don’t get in time? How could I get so late? No, no… Alice, Alice, I’ll need to see you later!”

Before the blonde could ask that weirdo to calm the fuck down, the man ran away, leaving Bakugou alone in the dark forest.

What was that? A costume? There’s strange people in the world nowadays, huh… He should get going soon, so he wouldn’t meet another weirdo like that. And who the hell is Alice? Were they close to a asylum?

Back to walking to the direction he supposed it was the right one, he could sense something strange was definitely happening. He didn’t know how dark a night could be until this day, as he walked through the woods not being able to see his own foot, he couldn’t even see where he was going, as if the moon suddenly disappeared from the sky. Everything became stranger, as if he was under medicine. Still, he continued to walk, despaired to arrive home soon.

What a time to be lost, when his family and lover were waiting for him. Maybe he could stay there, his husband would probably be looking for him tomorrow morning, but spending the night on the forest…

He should have never ran after that rabbit, after all.

Just when he was sure he was lost and would have to pass that night in darkness, a light called for his attention and that’s where he walked to. A clearing. He looked at the open sky, where the moon almost seemed to smile at him, mocking the lost ones as it refused to guide them home. But even so, the view was beautiful, Bakugou had to admit. Maybe he could come back again with his husband, in the future… He would probably like it, if he doesn’t know this place yet, of course. He loved this forest as much as Katsuki, and whenever he was around, not working, he and Katsuki would spends their afternoon just walking, taking notes of the different types of plants and bugs.

As he was ready to sit in the grass and stargaze until he sleep, a voice called for him.

“So noisy…” a tired voice called his attention and Bakugou looked for the voice, unable to detect the owner. “Be quiet, or you will attract the Joker…”

“Where are you?” Bakugou said, defensive. “Show yourself.”

“Where am I?” he sighed. “Do you want to see me?”

Bakugou didn’t answer, instead, he clenched his teeth, showing he was ready to fight.

The unknown laughed, “Alright, you are fun. Let’s chat a little.”

As if he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, Bakugou stared at the man sitting on the tree. Another weirdo. First, Bakugou could bet the guy never slept in his life, considering the bags under his eyes. He had a tired appearance, messy purple hair and matching eyes that seem to stare right into his soul, it made Bakugou uncomfortable. From where he was, Katsuki couldn’t see his clothes, but… Was that a tail? He frowned, eyes fixing on the purple ears resting on the guy’s head.

“Oh my fucking God” Bakugou mumbled. “That’s it, I’m dreaming.”

It was too surreal to be true.

The man cocked his head to the side, “Why would you be dreaming?”

“Who are you?”

“You don’t know me?” the man frowned. “Shinsou Hitoshi, but around here, I’m known as ‘The cat'. But I suppose you wouldn't know, right?”

“Around here?” Shinsou nodded. “Where are we?”

“Whenever you want us to be.”

Bakugou frowned, crossing his arms. “That’s not a plausible answer.”

“And that wasn’t a plausible question. Which, talking about that, you are asking too many” the cat grinned, swinging his tail next to Bakugou’s face. “You didn’t answer any of my questions, it’s time to do that. What are you?”

What am I? Bakugou frown got deeper, what an insolent man, daring to look down on him with that arrogant attitude! This talk would get him nowhere, he knew, but even so, he needed to go home and maybe that arrogant cat had the answers. But, for some reason, something about answering the cat got him uneasy, as if it was a risk to stay here…

Confused, Bakugou stopped to think about what he should do.




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Bakugou could feel his anger riling him up, but the darkness and the cold prevented him from turning his back to the cat, he was his only chance to leave the forest, after all. So he sighed, massaging his forehead in a way to try to relax. What is he? He thought about the question, he was quite something, he was all of the fancy titles he had, he was a Bakugou, but at the same time, he was nothing. At least, nothing he could use as an answer.

“I’m Bakugou Katsuki.”

The cat hummed, pleased. “I believe you are Alice, too.”

“I’m not.”

“People believe you are, so does it matter if you disagree?”

He was crazy, Bakugou knew better than to discuss with mad people. “That man called me that, earlier.”

“The rabbit?” Katsuki stopped for a second, remembering the ears he thought it was just an accessory. But, well, if there’s a talking cat, there should be a talking rabbit, isn’t that right?

“Yes, who is he?”

“He is a good guy, though he was cursed by time” he hummed and before Bakugou could ask more about it, he continued. “So, what are you doing here, Bakugou?”

“I’m lost.”

“Are you really lost..." he prolonged his words for an unknown reason, may it be because now he was floating around Bakugou, or at least Katsuki though so, considering how his voice seemed to be right on his ear, or, at least, inside his mind, he couldn't see well though that fog that suddenly appeared out of nowhere "...or you just feel lost?”

“Just tell me the right way I need to go” he was starting to get annoyed again.

“That depends on where you want to go.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“So it won’t matter which way you go” the cat hummed and Katsuki’s eyes twitched.

“I wanna go back home and I want to leave this fucking place full of weirdos.”

“You want to go somewhere without weird people?” the man lifted one eyebrow, mocking the blonde. “I don’t know of a place like that.”

Bakugou hissed, “Just tell me how I can go home.”

“I don’t know the answer, Alice” the cat grinned. “But I guess you can go back if you reach the castle. All roads lead to Rome, but in this case, the castle lead everywhere you want.”

“That doesn’t make sense, you know.”

“It wasn’t supposed to” he laughed, some leafs fell from the trees around them. “Reach the castle and talk with the king, that must do it for you.”

“There’s a exit here in the forest, that’s where I came from” he was suspicious. “You are lying.”

“An exit in the forest…?” The cat was thinking hard about it. “I don’t know anything about that. You must have fallen through the rabbit’s hole, that makes sense, but sadly, the Rabbit’s hole is just an entrance, you can’t exit by it.”

Even though Katsuki wanted to curse him, there was no point, since he wouldn’t tell him nothing even if he knew. “Yeah, great, but I don’t know how to go to the castle” he mumbled, worried about Shinsou’s dubious honesty.

The scenery appeared more clean now, all that fog dissipating as the purple man pointed to a path Bakugou was sure it wasn’t there before, or at least, well hidden. “That will actually lead to the Tea Party” he said with disgust. “But after that, you probably can find the Castle on your own.”

That didn’t look good.

“Why did you make a face? What’s the tea party?”

“I don’t have a problem with the party, it’s that crazy man who I have a problem with” there was a venom on his voice, daring anyone to ask details about his disgust. “Good luck, Bakugou.”

And just like that, in a blink of the eye, the man disappeared, leaving Bakugou to look everywhere, but not finding the cat anywhere. Did he just disappeared? Teleported? Or maybe turned invisible? That’s a question we will never know. Even though Katsuki called, “Come back, stupid cat” to hear the rest of the story, Shinsou Hitoshi never came back.

So Bakugou continued, afraid of what was coming next.

And he was right to be. As soon as he reached another clearing, bigger this time, with a cute, small house in the corner and a table in the middle of the clearing, under a lonely tree, a tea cup was almost smashed on his head. His eyes went wide, there was so many things wrong with it.

First, the sun was bright on the sky, when it should have been night, just a sunset waited for him, as if time started to go backwards.

Second, in the table, three people sat calmly, eating cake and drinking tea.

“Neito!” the orange-haired girl spoke, hands crossed against her chest. “Did you have to throw that cup at our guest?”

“It’s a welcome tradition!” the blonde man laughed hysterically, as if someone had told the funniest joke he had ever heard in life. Besides him, another man started to laugh, that’s when the blonde, Neito, was quick to stop, disapproving tone. “What are you laughing at, Tetsu, greet our guest!”

The girl just sighed and smiled gently, like a mother, gesturing for Bakugou to sit down, which he did, hesitantly. Looking with attention now, he saw the two orange bunny ears on top of her head, somewhat fitting with her gentle smile. “I’m sorry for them. Welcome, Bakugou, I’m Itsuka Kendo, it’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Bakugou got even more confuser, did she know him? As if knowing what he was thinking, the blonde man interrupted. ”The rabbit passed here earlier, he informed us about your arrival” he seemed amused. “Of course I knew you were coming, even without his warning.”

Did he really? Bakugou lifted one eyebrow.

“Anyways!” the man suddenly yelled, making Bakugou jump on his seat. “Kendo here is our March Hare, the tall one is our Dormouse…”

The tall man with blonde hair interrupted, “TestsuTetsu TetsuTetsu.”

Bakugou blinked, “What?” was that a joke? Apparently not, as Bakugou was the only one in the table that reacted to that name.

He laughed, “Is my name, nice too metcha, pal!”


For a second, Bakugou stopped to look at the other two men, the blonde and the tall one. The taller, TetsuTetsu, the Dormouse, had a dumb expression on, with that stupid smile that made Bakugou want to punch his face off. Just like Kendo, he had animal ears, but similar to a rat this time, a white rat. The tail swinging behind him indicates its existence, but afar from that, nothing too special.

The blonde was more pompous, like a exaggerate magician, with a black topper adorned with small clocks and gears, a little too much going on there. He also wore a black double breasted tuxedo with two long tails reaching almost down to his ankles. Several clocks hang on one of two belts around his waist, matching with the ones on his topper. Everything about his caught his attention, he didn’t even know where to look at first, it was all just too crazy for him to get the concept. But, somehow, it worked well on the man, may it be because of his stunning looks.

Wanting the attention on him, the blonde man lifted Bakugou’s hands with his own, bringing it closer to his lip, “And I…” he kissed Bakugou’s hands, who felt his cheeks going rosy. “Monoma Neito, pleased to finally know you, Alice.”

“Also the Mad Hatter” the March Hare teased, taking a sip of her tea.

Monoma twitched his nose, “That’s not it.”

“Mad Hatter?” that was another thing that was confusing Bakugou. “March Hare? Rabbit? Really, what the fuck are these nicknames?”

Tetsu spoke, “Our roles! That’s who we are, and you are Alice.”

Bakugou huffed, “That’s a hell of a strange dream.”

“Oh, you think this dream is strange?” Monoma smirked, taking a sip of his own cup. “It can get a lot stranger, what about it?”

As if it was written on a script, Kendo offered a cup of tea to Bakugou. The liquid seemed fine, just ordinary tea, darker than usual, and more attractive than what he normally drank back at home, considering that, if Bakugou looked for long, he could swear he saw stars dancing in that drink, inviting him to kill his thirst. However, there was something about Monoma’s face that made Bakugou suspicious, the way he smiled, or how his gray eyes appeared even darker as he observed Katsuki. What should he say…




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Bakugou huffed, hands on his waist as he looked at the cat sitting on the tree. Even though Bakugou eyed him suspiciously, daring him to prove how trustworthy he was, the man, Shinsou, just kept an amused smile, making Katsuki feel like a circus animal, a form of entertainment, swinging his striped tail without a worry in this world. Time was precious, and Katsuki shouldn't be spending it with someone like him, besides, chatting wouldn’t lead him anywhere, right? That was stupid, waste his precious time with a talking cat who probably didn’t even knew where they were and was just playing with Bakugou.

And, even though answering the cat’s question was an easy action, somewhere in his guts warned him not to do it, for some reason. He didn’t know what the problem could be, but definitely was a problem there.

So, without even giving a chance to think about Shinsou’s question, Katsuki turned on his heels and started to walk away, ignoring the cat’s laugh and gaze fixed on his back as he walked into the woods he came from.

When he looked back, the clearing was nowhere to be seen and Bakugou frowned, as he did not walk far and should still be able to the see the Moon enlightening the grass, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, now that he thinks about it, there was something wrong with the moon, maybe a cloud covered it, because the forest seemed darker than before. Also, a bit foggy, even though he wouldn't be able to see the path anyways, with how dark it was.

Without being able to see what was in front of him, Bakugou just kept walking straight, knowing that if he just walked in the same way, he would eventually exit the forest, even not being on his backyards would be better than be trapped in the dark, so it didn’t matter where he arrived.

That was supposed to happen.

But it didn’t.

Bakugou walked.

And walked.

And walked.

He doesn’t know for how long he has been walking. A minute? A day? A week? Years? Time was confusing, but he knew he spent a long time just walking. He should have reached the end of this by now, it didn’t make sense.

Katsuki kept walking. Sometimes, he was able to the the moon, hidden behind green leafs, and other times, he could see the sunlight enlightening his path. And other times, he could see a smile, mocking him, just for a spit of seconds before leaving Katsuki all alone. Days have passed, apparently, but for some unknown reason, Bakugou never felt tired. He never felt hungry. He never felt anything. He felt dizzy, he felt empty, and that was all.

Days have passed, that was for sure.

Do people even miss him at this point? Was his family thinking about him? Did they try to find Katsuki and ended up lost too? Or maybe they didn't even try? He began to think, but after some days walking, he just forgot about it, new question invading his mind. Am I really lost? What is ‘lost’, anyways? Doesn’t he want to be lost? For that, he doesn’t have answers, so he just continued walking.

Months may pass, but he knows that someone is waiting for him at home.

So he continues walking.





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They were all mad, and Bakugou had no intention to stay between mad men. With disgust, he looked at the liquid, that looking closer, didn’t look that good at all. And Monoma’s grin almost confirmed his theory. “I’m fine” and he was indeed. Surprisingly, he wasn’t hungry, so there was no reason to eat or drink, as he should arrive home in time for dinner.

The Mad Hatter just hummed, as if he was disappointed, and took the cup of tea to himself, taking a sip of it. Everyone was now quiet for once and Bakugou found himself admiring the sunset, hidden behind green leafs. Shouldn’t the sun be down for now? Like it were when Bakugou was lost in the forest. Maybe he imagined thing back there, no way he spent a whole day here.

“I need to go before it gets dark” he mumbled as he got up from his seat. “Where is the goddamn castle?”

Before any of them could answer, an enthusiastic voice called for him, “Alice!” and he turned around to face that dumb-looking-rabbit. “I was looking for you!”

Lifting one eyebrow at him, “Why?”

“I have some time now” his smile was bright. “The King asked me to lead you to the castle!”

Monoma huffed, saying something about the king that Bakugou didn’t quite understand, but sounded like an insult. As for the rabbit, he finally seemed to notice him there, “Oh, Mad Hatter! Kendo, TetsuTetsu! It’s nice seeing you all! Were you chatting with our Alice?” there was some defensive tone on his voice that made Bakugou pay more attention to his surroundings, as if he was ready to stop a fight.

“We are already done,” he mumbled, taking another sip “Midoriya.”

The rabbit, Midoriya, continued to smile, before nodding and taking Bakugou’s hands on his own, pulling him into the forest, again. “Let’s go, Alice, there’s no time to waste!”

“Fuck, wait” Bakugou snapped his hand out of Midoriya’s hold, holding it close to his chest. He never agreed to be taken like that, what if he wanted to chat more with the Mad Hatter and the March Hale? Stupid rabbit. “I’m not your shitty Alice.”

“Oh, yes, what was your name, Alice? I never had the time to ask…”

“Bakugou Katsuki” he clenched his teeth.

Midoriya hummed, happily, clapping his hands together. “Kacchan, then!” but before Bakugou could complain about the nickname, he continued. “I’m Midoriya Izuku, the King’s right hand.”

Something else caught Bakugou’s attention. “Izuku?” the rabbit nodded. “Like… Deku? Hah, it fits you, useless excuse of a overgrown rabbit.”

The man frowned, pouting a bit. “That’s mean, Kacchan.”

“Whatever, if you have nicknames for me, I’m allowed to make one for you. Justice.”

“Oh, is that how it works?” he smiled again, and Bakugou just wanted to puke at how bright the rabbit was. “It’s alright, then, Kacchan!”

He groaned, “Whatever, can I go home now? I can’t stand being close to you.”

“Yes, we are going to the castle… See right there?” he pointed to a building Bakugou was certain wasn’t there before, a red, enormous castle, could be seen behind the trees. It made Bakugou’s mouth go agape, there was something beautiful about that castle that it kind of hypnotized him, but Midoriya’s movement to take his clock out of his vest was enough for Bakugou to snap out of it. “We are late, we should hurry, Alice…”

The man started to walk again, leaving Bakugou to follow right after, if he wanted to go home. “What’s about that shitty clock?” he leaned to look at the object, wanting to know what time it was, but surprised to see that the clock was empty, really, it didn’t even have pointers! “What the hell?”

“We are late, can’t you see?”

“Of course I can’t.”

“Wait, I’m on time again” he sighed, as if a heavy weight was just taken out of his back, and just like that, his clock on his pocket again. “So, tell me, how was the talk with the Mad Hatter?”

“Monoma?” he lifted one eyebrow. “The cat told me he was crazy, but I had no idea.”

For some reason, Midoriya appeared to be surprised with the comment, “The cat? You met him?”

“Yeah, he showed me the path out of the forest.”

“Wow that’s… Wow, I’m surprised.”


“I mean, the cat is not known for helping people… Wait, did you answer one of his questions?” some desperation could be sensed into his tone and Bakugou’s pace started to slow down, just to not be that close to the rabbit.

“Yeah, that’s why he showed me the fucking path.”

“Oh, God” Midoriya’s eyes went wide and he took out of his vest a small notebook, writing something there that Bakugou had zero interest on knowing. “That was such a danger, Kacchan! Every time someone answers the Cat, they are normally not ever seen again. He is probably one of the greatest dangers in the forest, I shouldn’t have left you alone…”

Bakugou lifted one eyebrow, that lazy, tired cat? Shinsou? A danger? He snorted.

“I’m serious, Kacchan! He has a great influence under that leafs, if he wanted to, you would be lost for an eternity…” he stopped and looked behind, as his analyzing Bakugou from head to toes. “Maybe you gave him the right answer?”

“I just told him who I was” he passed past the boy, not wanting to waste time with that bullshit.

“And that was the right answer!” he seemed excited. What a nerd. “I wonder what Shinsou saw in you… Well, I would love to know, but it seems we won’t have time.”

Though Bakugou thought it was one of his strange talks about his broken clock and time, he understood it as soon as he lifted his head, the enormous castle right in front of them, even more intimidating looking this close. First, it was red, even the door had that crimson color and, everywhere you looked, small white details could be seen, mostly in the shape of hearts. Speaking of hearts, the door was also a giant heart, Katsuki could grasp the concept used in the making of the castle.

The rabbit smiled, “Liking what you see?”


“Not really” he rolled his eyes. “Can I go home already?”

“Oh, no, no! The king wants to meet you!” and again, the rabbit looked anxious. “I will go in to inform him about your arrival, I’ll be back in a moment, so… Can you please stay here and wait for me?”

Those big eyes stared right at Katsuki’s, begging for agreement, that even though Bakugou tried to ignore, he eventually gave up. “Fine” he mumbled, and the rabbit smiled wide before running inside the castle.

What a hopeless rabbit.

But anyways, he should go home soon, it was already day again, which was probably something to worry. They must be worried about Bakugou, right…? Minutes seem to have passed and the damn rabbit wasn’t here yet, maybe he forgot about Katsuki?

Looking for a path, Bakugou stared at his options. He could wait for the rabbit return, though he didn’t know how long it would take, he could go back to the forest and find the way he came from, or take a look at the gardens, while that shitty rabbit didn’t return, the flowers seemed beautiful, after all. Or even, explore what really caught his attention: an humongous tower, in the distance, almost inviting Bakugou to explore what that is. Maybe the Clocktower, though he wasn’t sure how he knew about that information…

He looked at the castle again, deciding to…



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Chapter Text

The cup just seemed so inviting that it would be rude, even for Bakugou, to decline it. It’s been a while since Bakugou ate, after all, and at this point, he doubted he would be able to be back on time for dinner. And anyways, those people were a little strange, but they were kind of fun to be with, a tad crazy but meant no harm… Hesitant, he took the cup with both hands, taking a slip. It was good, he continued drinking.

Monoma laughed, louder than an ordinary person, but at this point, Bakugou knew they weren’t ordinary.

“What were we talking about?” Monoma said, cleaning the tears from the corner of his eyes.

“About you being the Mad Hatter” Bakugou remembered, genuinely curious about the name. In a place of crazy people, it would be unusual to be called mad, after all.

Kendo answered for him, “When me and Tetsu met him, he used to be only ‘The Hatter’” she appeared somewhat amused. “It was a punishment.”

“It wasn’t…”

“It was your fault” Tetsu hummed.

“What he did?” Bakugou asked again, frowning.

“You see,” Kendo started but was interrupted, Monoma cutting in.

“We used to have a Clock master, we still have one, actually” the Mad Hatter appeared suspicious as he looked to Bakugou, almost hesitant, the look of someone who needs to be careful to not tell a secret. “And we fought.”

“Who is the Clock master?”

Monoma huffed, “You really don’t know?” Bakugou clenched his teeth, but said nothing. “Well, it’s plausible, considering this isn’t your route.”

“What?” Bakugou barks.

He just laughs, “I said nothing!” Kendo and Tetsu laughed too, reason unknown. “The clock master controls time here, everyone has a different time, and that’s the clock master's fault.”

Kendo completed. “But the Clock master had disappeared for some time now. Do you think he will be back soon?”

“I don’t think that’s possible anymore” he licked his lips as he looked at Bakugou, who squirmed on his chair, a little uncomfortable now. Maybe he should just go… “Have you finished your tea, Alice?”

The blonde looked at his own cup, almost finished, and took the final slip.

It burned as it slid down on his throat.

“Dude, that was fast” the Dormouse cheered.

“What was the punishment?” Bakugou asked, vision a little dizzy, for some reason. “Just the nickname?”

“He stopped my time” he had a grin on, that Bakugou didn’t like. “We are trapped on this afternoon since then, like… An eternal tea party, I shall say. I became the Mad Hatter after that, how long ago? I don’t know? Does it matter?” he laughed, his friends following, but Bakugou didn’t, in fact, he couldn’t even get what they were saying.

Why were they laughing, if they were trapped here forever? That was… 

He blinked, noticing something was off. He tried to focus his stare on Kendo, but it was almost as if her skin was melting. Monoma continued speaking. “We are trapped here forever!”

Bakugou blinked again, what was happening?

“Since our time stopped, we are trapped here even after death” he continued.

Once again, he blinked, vision regaining focus.

Oh, but he wished to stay blurred.

Now he was able to focus, seeing every change in the scenario, the green trees were now, as if they all aged in a matter of seconds, all dead, with their leafs on the ground, dying. He looked at Kendo, desperate, just to see one of her eyeballs missing. She smiled, showing off her dark teeth, some of them also missing. The maggots crawling between the holes in her skin that allowed Bakugou to see what survived of his organs, that were being eaten by worms and insects.

Something was heavy on his shoulder and he looked to see that giant man, Tetsu’s body against his shoulder, but oh, how he wished to not look. Half of his tongue, that had not been eaten by the insects, was hanging out of his mouth, eyeballs not missing, though the worms tried to exit through there, fighting for space against his pale eyeballs. Scared, he pushed the Dormouse away, breath heavy, just to see the reason why his body had fallen against his.

His neck was half opened, forcing his head to lean to the side, showing even more of the cut, that was being eaten by the insects. Even so, the man still had a smile on his face as he looked at Bakugou.

Forcing himself to look at the Mad Hatter, with wide eyes, he was afraid to see something worse. Monoma’s skin had a strange color, like a pale green, rotten, and various holes adorned his skin and pompous clothes. One maggot caught Bakugou’s attention, as it squirmed on Monoma’s skin before forcing his way into a hole. The Mad Hatter’s smile was exposed, as the skin where his mouth should have been had fallen, and now hanged on, almost collapsing.

Those people were trapped in place forever, just with the feeling of the worms eating their bodies, but they are still alive, if they want or not. They can feel it, the insects, their organs getting rotten, Bakugou knew. Time had stopped for them, but not the sensations.

Bakugou wanted to run, but he couldn’t get up, as if an invisible force prevented him from doing so. His eyes went even wider. He was trapped here. Forever.

Monoma’s hysterical laugh echoed on his ears.

“Welcome to our party, Alice.”



BAD ENDING: The Party is Just Starting

Chapter Text

Wait, no. What the hell was Bakugou thinking? Just some hours later he was incredibly lost, and finally he had some light to where he should go, thanks to that stupid rabbit. What he could possibly gain for going another way instead of waiting for that man? What a ridiculous thought, running from his only escape route. If he did that, he could be lost forever, once again, unable to even find his way back to the castle. The cat also said the only exit is through the castle, so why would he be stubborn about it?

Before he could go deeper into that thought, that rabbit came again into his view, breath short as if he had ran there. He bowed to Bakugou, who just rolled his eyes at the pompous act. “So what, Deku?”

“Our King is now aware of your arrival” he smiled, turning on his heels to guide Bakugou into the castle. “Let’s go.”

Bakugou fastened his pace, as he disliked walking behind the rabbit, but slowing down every time he noticed an interesting detail in the place. He had to admit, the whole place was interesting, carefully decorated from the floor to the ceiling, the enormous castle was no joke. His insides were the same color outside, a crimson red, resembling Bakugou’s eyes, adorned with hearts and cards everywhere, an impressive chandelier enlighten the room.

“So, why the fuck am I here?” Katsuki mumbled.

Midoriya lifted one eyebrow, surprised he asked. “Of course it is to meet the King of Hearts, he’s the only one capable of sending you back home.”

There were also guards, Bakugou noticed, each guard wearing black or red, with hearts on their chests to symbolize they belonged to the Kingdom of Hearts, even though Bakugou never saw anyone mention another kingdom around. But well, little did Katsuki know about that land, so he didn’t think much about it.

“Sir” Midoriya’s voice cut through Bakugou’s thoughts. The rabbit bowed to the throne, just a few steps away from the duo. “I brought Alice.”

The moment Bakugou looked up, at the King of Hearts, as Midoriya had said before, he froze. Sitting on the throne, that man smiled, amused as he looked directly into Bakugou’s eyes, a smirk Katsuki knew well. It was reserved for him, every time he found Katsuki sitting under a tree, or struggling to understand certain word, he would give him that expression, once teasing, but now, in this castle, it seemed to have a deeper meaning. Did he recognize Bakugou? But why… Why was he there? He was supposed to be arriving at the Bakugou’s household to visit him, so… It didn’t make sense.

Why was his groom there?

“Shindo…” Bakugou started but was interrupted.

Shindo Yo cut his phrase, “It’s nice to meet you, Alice.”

That made Bakugou frown, really, what was happening? Could he not recognize his own lover? Well, at least that was the final proof that everything was just a dream, because if not, why would Shindo be right there, sitting on a throne and pretending he doesn’t know Katsuki?

But for now, Bakugou decided to play along.

It was just a dream, after all.

“I’m not Alice.”

“No, you are Alice” he got up from his seat. “But that doesn’t mean you are just Alice. You can play as many roles you want, Katsuki.”

Bakugou lifted one eyebrow, so he knew his name, at least. And now, with Shindo up, he was able to see his full costume and, though Bakugou always said that green was Shindo’s color, he could play red pretty well too. The black vest with red buttons, the white pants almost hidden by the black boots, most of the costume hidden by the red cape he wore, a fluffy one that reached to the floor. And, to finish it all, the golden crown resting on his head, adorned with red jewels in the shape of hearts.

That was definitely a dream. And if not, one of Shindo’s stupid jokes. He should play along to see where it would end.

“Alright, I can be your shitty Alice then” it was like a challenge, and Katsuki would never back away from one.

The king snorted, “That shall be it, then. So, tell me, Alice, why are you here?”

The blonde looked at the rabbit, who kept his head down, a little distant from Bakugou now, and not giving any sign of reacting to their topic, so Katsuki answered for himself. “I want to go home.”

“Home?” Shindo lifted one eyebrow after Bakugou nodded. “Why?”

Was he really asking that?

“There’s someone I need to go back to” Bakugou answered, wondering if Shindo would show some meaningful reaction, which he didn’t.

Instead, the King just came closed to Bakugou, smile still on. “I have a better proposal, Alice.”

He huffed. “And what could that be?”

Shindo went quiet for a moment, just to cup Bakugou’s face with one hand, as if analyzing his features, considering how concentrate he was in the act, even the smile disappeared, his only focus now was Bakugou and, before the blonde clock step away from the touch, he was released.

“You have pretty eyes” Shindo mumbled, smile on again as if it never disappeared. “They have a beautiful color.”

Bakugou just lifted one eyebrow in response, but not really surprised, Shindo always complimented his looks back home, there was no way it would be different on a dream.

“You would look so pretty in red, don’t you think?”

Bakugou frowned again. “So?”

His smile grew into a smirk and suddenly, he was holding Bakugou’s hand close to his mouth. “Marry me, Katsuki.”

Bakugou eyes went wide, surprised at the way the dream version of Shindo asked, so suddenly. He remembers the real version of Shindo, the way he approached Katsuki and hugged his back, while Bakugou was exploring the forest. How he whispered sweet promises on his ear before asking for his hand and how Bakugou thought he was just joking, until he turned around to face the small box on Shindo’s hand. How they spent the night together before Shindo had to travel far away for work on the morning that followed.

But this? This was all new for Bakugou, being a dream or not, he wanted to explain that he was already Shindo’s groom, or maybe just accept it, considering how he felt when the real Shindo asked for his hand. But, even so, there was something catchy in the air, something it that Shindo’s eyes that screamed falseness, as if it wasn’t his Shindo.

“Marry me, Katsuki” Shindo repeated after a while without response.




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Chapter Text

How ridiculous.

‘Not his Shindo’, it was just a dream, so of course it wasn't the real Shindo, what was Katsuki thinking? He shouldn’t be surprised, considering how much he wanted to marry Shindo in real life, right? His desires just manifest in this weird, strange dream, and, if that’s what he wanted, he should go for it, even if it was just a dream.

“I will” he answer, smiling as he looked at his, once again, groom.

The man laughs, happily, and leans down for a quick peck on his lips, “That’s perfect! What about you go take a bath and get ready while I organize the ceremony, darling?” seemed good. “Perfect. Rabbit, why don’t you show Katsuki his room?”

Midoriya, forgotten in the corner of the room, nodded, eyes darker than usual as he walked past Katsuki, waiting for the blonde to follow behind. As for Bakugou, he normally would snap and tell Izuku to not walk ahead of him, but he was just too happy too care. He could still remember the day Shindo asked for his hand, in real life, oh, it was the happiest day of his life! And even if this was just a dream, he still had the same feeling of happiness, of being loved.

That’s why he didn’t even bother to pay attention to where Deku leaded him, going downstairs, through a dark hallway where Katsuki couldn’t even see what was in front of him, having to rely on Deku’s hand, which was on his waist, leading him in the darkness. What a strange castle; maybe Katsuki should tell his husband to put some lights in here.

As he thought about Shindo, he was pushed away, falling into the floor. There was a clicking noise, a door closing, and then, Katsuki was suddenly able to see what was in front of him. Which he didn’t like a bit.

Looking down on him, Deku had a dark expression on, that, even if Katsuki didn’t know its meaning, got him completely terrified. Deku smiled, and Katsuki forced himself to look away. He, they, were inside a cell, there was chains next to Bakugou, that could tie someone to the wall, a simple bed on the corner and a even simpler bathroom in the other corner (if you could call it like that), but now, the biggest problem was Deku.

“Deku, what…”

His hands were forcibly pinned against the floor, forcing Bakugou to look at the attacker. Deku, even though had his dark green eyes staring at Katsuki’s red orbs, didn’t seem to focus, as if Katsuki wasn’t even there. The blonde struggled, kicked him, but still, Izuku didn’t move, and neither did Katsuki. Another clicking sound and he noticed his hands were tied with those chains. “Is this a fucking joke?” his voice was quiet, broken. “Release me, Deku.”

It took a minute for Deku to answer, voice out of tone, sick smile making Katsuki want to vomit. “What? Release you? For you to run into his arms again?” he caressed Bakugou’s cheeks. “I’m saving you, Kacchan. He is dangerous.”

“Who exactly is the dangerous one, crazy bastard?!”

“Me? Dangerous?” he laughed. “I would never do something bad to you, Kacchan, I’m doing this for your own good. You don’t understand what is happening, you can’t see.”

“Release me!”

“Why should I?” Deku’s voice gets a little louder, almost a scream, and Katsuki’s eyes goes even wider, scared. “You belong to me, why can’t you remember? He took you away from me! But no, I won’t let him do this again. Not again. If you go to him now, you will just forget even more. Please, Kacchan, remember me, please. Don’t abandon me again. You belong to me, he is the one who stole you away!”

His chest was going up and down, an attempt to breath, hyperventilating, and soon, Deku’s face rested against the curve of his neck, voice muffled, “You are mine. You are mine. You are mine, you are mine, you are mine, you…”

As he continued to repeat those sick, grotesque, words, his hands started to explore under Bakugou's shirt, sharped nails already trying to rip his stripped pantyhose, , “Stop… Please, just…” he pleaded, eyes tearing up with the route those hands were taking

But he didn’t. Forcing his tongue into Katsuki’s mouth, Deku initiated a twisted kiss, if you can call it that, until the blonde was able to break It down by biting Midoriya’s tongue, the taste of blood on his tongue being the smallest problem now.

Oh, he shouldn’t have done that.

With pure anger in his eyes, Deku pulled Katsuki’s pants in a twist of second, exposing his intimate parts and Katsuki gasped, not liking the way this was going, “Deku, please…”

“Kacchan, remember, please” and Katsuki’s eyes went wide at the way his hole burned because of Midoriya’s member, pushing it all inside with just one move. He felt the blood dripping into the floor, but Deku didn’t stop. His thrusts were strong, deep, and soon, his moans started to mix with Katsuki’s sobs. He stopped begging long ago, it was no use. He just closed his eyes now and cried, trying to pretend his childhood friend wasn’t fucking him merciless, his head hitting the floor with every thrust.

“I love you, Kacchan” he also seemed to cry. “Please, remember.”





“I almost can’t believe it” the King sighed, massaging his forehead. “My Alice wasn't found yet?”

The word ‘my’ almost made Midoriya smirk, but he kept his act, bowing to his ‘king’. “Yes, my lord, We suspected he was hiding in the forest, but the Joker wasn’t able to find him anywhere. I’m afraid he is back to the real world.”

“If he was, we wouldn’t be here. Someone is hiding him, I want you to keep looking, Midoriya..”

Once again, Deku had to contain his smile. He would never be found. “Yes, my lord, I’ll do it right away.”

But instead of going to talk with the guards, he calmly went downstairs, passing through the hidden hallways without a worry, for once. Not worrying about time was a blessing, after all, time didn’t matter, not when he was with Kacchan.

He finally let out his smile.

“Did you miss me, Kacchan?” he asked, looking at the blonde behind the cells, who didn’t even bother to look up at the green-haired man, eyes, lost, staring at the wall, not even noticing Midoriya existence, just like old times.

He was beautiful, even with the bruises adorning his body, even with the blank expression, the broken eyes. He was beautiful, Midoriya’s eternal muse, Kacchan. He knelled next to Katsuki, cupping his face with his hand, forcing Katsuki to acknowledge him. “I’m back.”

Katsuki didn’t know how much time had passed since he was locked down here, time passes in a weird way, sometimes faster, sometimes terribly slow, but even if time passes in the normal way, Katsuki knows he would still be unaware of how many days he has been here.

But he knows something; Deku’s voice makes him happy. If he once was scared, he can’t even remember. Thanks to Deku, he wasn’t alone.

“I missed you, Kacchan.”


BAD ENDING: All The Time in The World

Chapter Text

This wasn’t his Shindo. Not the Shindo he loved, his groom, the one waiting for him back home. The man in front of him had something unnerving about, making Katsuki shiver, want to run away as fast as he could. Dream or not, he didn’t want to stay with that man.

“No" he whispered, telling a secret out loud.


“I won’t marry you” he slapped Shindo’s hand out of him, stepping back to grow some distance between them. “I don’t know you, bastard.”

His smile twitched. His yes shined with a unknown sparkle. Bakugou kept staring, daring him to come closer.

“What? You know me very well, Katsuki” he tried to step closer, but the blonde stepped back, maintaining the distance. “I’m your groom, Shindo Yo. Your king. Don’t do this with me, ‘Suki. Alice.”

He tried to reach for the blonde hair, but once again, Katsuki prevented it from happening, stepping back. It was already starting to creep him out, it should be time to wake up. He needed to wake up. Shindo’s smile twitched one more time. His facade was fading. 

“That how it’s going to be, Alice?”

“Don’t fucking touch me.”

The smile died. Shindo stepped back. “Alright.”

But before Bakugou could use the chance to run away before anything else happened, strong hands grab his shoulders and he looks up to see Deku, holding him in place, staring directly at their king, not at Katsuki. He opens hi mouth to ask, but is shoved in the ground, knees hurting with the harsh impact.

“If you refuse to be mine, you won’t belong to anyone else” his eyes were cold, opposite to what Katsuki was used to, back home. “Midoriya.”

With just one hand still keeping Katsuki in place, Deku used his free hand to reach for something on his back. A sword. Katsuki’s eyes went wide, from the sword to Shindo, who, once again, smiled. Everything happens so fast that makes Katsuki dizzy, not able to comprehend the words that leave the King's mouth:

“Off with his head.”

Deku moved his arm and, in an instant, all Katsuki saw was black.



Chapter Text

“I…” Bakugou blinked, looking down at the floor and releasing his hand gently from Shindo’s touch, holding his own hand to his chest, closed in a fist. “I need time to think about it.”

And he would really think about it, as long as the dream allowed him to. It wasn’t like he could deny his own (almost) husband, the man he had loved for a long time, his groom, even if it was just a dream, he would feel bad for it when he wake up. But also, there was something about that Shindo that gave him some hesitation, he was different from the Shindo he knew, not that it meant something bad, necessarily.

There was just something strange about accepting the offer in their first meeting, that’s why he sputtered without thinking: I need time.

The king giggled, stepping back. “Alright, but be careful. Time is precious around here, but if it’s you, I can give up such preciosity. It’s fair, after all, it’s indeed our first meeting…”

With just a look from the King, Midoriya understood what he meant. “Alice, I’ll lead you to your room” he said, more formal than before, probably because of the King’s presence. Huh, was he that powerful around? What a dumb thought; of course he was powerful, he was the king of this land.

Following Deku and not even saying his goodbyes to the king, he was guided through the halls, for once not bothering to be looking at Midoriya’s back. For some reason, Deku seemed so familiar, this sensation, of following him, it all seemed to enlighten a memory, hidden deep in his mind. For once, the image of a green haired boy he used to know clicked into his mind, him, holding Bakugou’s hand as he leaded both into the forest. “I want to show you something” he said. “This way, Kacchan!”

“This way, Kacchan” Midoriya said right on the moment the green haired boy was turning his head, the memory running from his mind as soon as he asked. Bakugou blinked, finding himself not able to remember the rest.

Maybe he knew Deku before. But, no, that couldn’t be. He would remember it.


But, as Shindo said before; time was precious, and he couldn’t spent it thinking about such useless memories. They stopped being important even before this story started, what's the use in thinking about them now?

Midoriya stops next to a door and Bakugou assumes it’s his room, he stares at Midoriya for one second or two to be certain he should enter by himself, and that’s what he did after receiving no answer from the rabbit, who continues at the door even when Bakugou steps into the room, not surprised by the red decoration.

Before closing the door, Bakugou stares at Midoriya one more time. “Deku, do we know each other?”

The rabbit forces a smile, “I don’t think so, Kacchan.”

He huffs, Midoriya doesn’t even move. It shouldn’t matter, it must be just his mind playing another trick on Katsuki. Once again, Midoriya opens his mouth, “You should sleep for now, Kacchan, I’ll let you know if the King calls you.”

With just a nod, the door is closed and Bakugou doesn’t hesitate to throw himself at the bed, just noticing how exhausted he was after Midoriya’s comment, almost like he wouldn’t notice his own needs if Izuku didn’t warn him. How strange, but again, it wasn’t the most strange fact of the day, so he could just ignore it.

Closing his eyes, Bakugou let himself dive into unconsciousness.




When Bakugou woke up, strong arms hugged his waist, and Katsuki found himself face to face with his groom. He smiled, softly, bringing his fingers to touch Shindo’s face, gently to not wake him up. While he had such an agitated dream, his soon-to-be-husband slept peacefully, making Bakugou wonder what was he dreaming about.

Maybe he was dreaming about Katsuki.

Thinking about his dreams, he barely remembered what happened, just the image of a handsome Shindo sitting on a throne. Katsuki snorted, his lover really looked good as… What was he? The King of Hearts, right? Like in a cards game, how stupid.

He tries to remember what else happened, but in the end, only the King came to his mind. If he forced his memory really hard, he could still see flashes of a cat in a tree or a party in a garden, even a green… No, that was confusing, he must be thinking about other dream. Sometimes he remembered dreams he had three weeks ago out of nowhere. And besides, he’s tired, he shouldn’t be trying to think so hard.

So, instead of thinking, he just allows his fingers to run across his beloved’s face.

If Shindo was the King of Hearts, maybe in other dream, Katsuki could become the Red Queen.

His quiet laugh wasn’t that quiet, apparently, since one of Shindo’s dark eyes snapped open, a soft smile growing on his lips after Bakugou’s image became clear. “What happened?” he asked, holding Bakugou’s hand that was on his face, interlacing their fingers.

“Just a dream.”

Shindo hummed, closing his eyes again. “What was it about?”

“It’s dumb” there was a quick peck on his lips. “You were a king.”

“I like it” Shindo snorted. “Tell me more.”

“Nah… It’s late already” he rested against Shindo’s chest, enjoying the heartbeats. “I can tell you the rest tomorrow.”

“Alright, just don’t forget.”

Shindo’s voice was groggy, clearly he was almost falling asleep, and so did Bakugou, closing his eyes and allowing the unconsciousness to take over.

“I won’t.”





Chapter Text

His movements were almost automatically, like a magnet being drawn to it, a strange force pulling Bakugou in that direction. Something about that tower caught his attention in a way he couldn’t define, almost like magic. He knew there was something he should do there, even if he doesn’t know if he can go back home if he goes there, he knew the better option was to wait for Deku, however, something inside his mind just screamed at him to go.

Before he could even notice, he was at the tower, his neck hurt as he tried to look at how tall the tower was, passing the clouds and making it impossible to actually see how tall it was. He was surprised that an old and off tower like that, apparently made from wood, strange format, a bit crooked, was able to be that tall without falling apart. But well, everything is possible in a dream. Pushing that creaky door. Inside it was as dusty as it looked, as if no one has been here for years, and that’s probably true. There must be no reason for anyone to come here.

In the left side of the room, bookcases and rusty shelves filled with ordinary objects, like pans and even a telescope. Someone must have lived here, long, long ago. There was also two staircases, he noticed, one going down, to the basement, and a dark, scary one going up that gave Bakugou the chills just from looking at. Bakugou sneezed, besides dusty, this was also a cold place, huh… Maybe he should go back.

The moment he turned on his heels to walk away, something caught his attention. In the corner, a table filled with pocket watches, all broken and rusty, time wasn’t good with them, apparently. He wanted to come closer; he felt as if he should go closer, but the moment he stepped close to it, there was a knock on the door. He froze, maybe the owner of this tower would be mad at him, and Bakugou knew he was wrong, as abandoned as is the place, it was no excuse to come in like this. Fuck. He looked around, hearing another knock. Now…




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Chapter Text

Oh, fuck that.

Ignoring the desperate knocks on the door, he walked to the pile of golden watches, confirming that every single one of them were broken. Except for one. It was a strange clock, if Bakugou were to be honest, sometimes, the pointers just moved too fast, on other moments, too slow or they suddenly stopped, not moving for a minute or two. Weird.

Thankfully, whoever was at the door decided to go away and leave him alone; probably it was someone looking for the owner of the house, then decided to go away since no one answered. No reason to worry, then. And, for the state of the place, the owner wouldn’t be here anytime soon. That’s why Bakugou calmly opened the clock, wanting to know what was wrong with it.

Surprisingly, nothing.

At least, from what he learned from his old man, from its insides, it should be working perfectly, so how…

Katsuki sighed, closing it up and analyzing the golden watch once more, “How nice it would be if it worked properly”, he thought, putting the clock on the table once again.

And as soon as he did, there was once again a knock on the door, making Bakugou jump from the fright. Damn, he should have expect that, how stupid.

“Kacchan?” someone asked behind the door, and instantly, Bakugou recognized that rabbit’s voice. Oh, yeah, he left him there, Deku must have been looking for him. “I’m going in, pardon…”

With a creak, the door was open, showing that the one knocking on the door was indeed Midoriya, all sweaty, looking desperate at Katsuki, “Kacchan, there you are! We are so, so lat-”

But he stops.

He blinks. Bakugou is confused, but the rabbit never was a normal guy, after all. “Deku?” he asks, trying to hide the concern on his voice. “What happened?”

He ignores the blonde, though, opting to look at his own pocket watch, mouth open and closing twice before he’s is finally able to say something, “We aren’t late anymore, how…” he blinked, confused. “That’s not normal, did… Did Alice change something?”

Bakugou lifted one eyebrow, huffing, “I didn’t do shit, if that’s what you are asking, stupid rabbit.”

Deku stares at him suspiciously for a moment before finally noticing something else; on Katsuki’s hands to be more exact, he gasped, putting both hands on his mouth, and curious, Katsuki looked at his hands, where the broken clock was still resting in his palms. Well... If you could call it broken still.

For some reason, the pointers seemed to move normally now.

“How did you do that, Kacchan?” he approaches, taking the clock out of his hands, pure admiration on his eyes. “I mean, only the clock master can do that. The King told me I could have my time back if I served him, but, well, I don’t know how long ago he promised that, since my time was broken, but now… Oh, wait. Kacchan is the clock master?”

“Clock… What? No. Stop with that bullshit” he huffs, but somehow, he manages to smile. For some reason, it makes him happy, though he isn’t sure what Deku is talking about, he is glad everything worked out for the rabbit. It’s nice how his eyes sparkle.

Midoriya laughs, “You are right, Kacchan. You are already Alice, no way you can have two roles!”

“I’m still not Alice.”

“Well, Kacchan, since we aren’t late anymore, I believe I can show you around a bit, what do you think?”

Well, to be honest, Katsuki just wanted to go home, to where his groom waits, but seeing how enthusiastic the rabbit was because of that stupid clock, Katsuki thinks there’s no problem to stay a bit more. I mean, they have time to hang out a bit, right? The blonde smiles, “Whatever, let’s go already.”

Deku’s smile is almost blinding and maybe that’s why Katsuki accepts the hand he offers, interlacing their fingers together, as the rabbit pulls him out of the tower excited. They walk beneath the sunset and the stars, Midoriya showing him every corner of the kingdom, ‘Red Kingdom’ he called, and when Bakugou asked if there were another kingdoms, Deku answered with a ‘Don’t worry about them, they are too far away for us to go, anyways.’

They are going back to the castle when Deku suddenly speaks, “Kacchan, can I say something crazy?”

“Well, you have been saying crazy shit since we met at the forest, it’s really not a surprise for me anymore.”

Deku laughs, “It’s just that… You are really familiar, since the first time I saw you, I’ve been thinking that we know each other really well. For a long time. So, maybe…”

Indeed, it feels like that for Katsuki too. Every time he hears Deku’s voice, calling him by that stupid nickname, his heart gets warmer, for some unknown reason. It feels like he has known Izuku for his whole life, like he was a day-to-day presence on his routine and then, suddenly, was taken away, but Katsuki doesn’t know why he was taken, he can’t remember. Whenever he thinks too much into it, he is able to faintly remember he, as a kid, and a green haired kid, face blurry. “Kacchan! Look at this” he would say and the blond would roll his eyes, “I’ve seen it already, De-”

“I don’t know” Katsuki answered, honestly, looking down where their hands were still together. “I think so, but I don’t know for sure. I have some memories, but it doesn’t seem like they are mine, just…”

“Hey, it’s alright, Kacchan!” he smiles, trying to cheer the blonde up. “Even if we haven’t met before, is no problem, we can start right now, alright? And if we have forgotten about each other, we can just make new memories together, memories we won’t forget this time! What about it?”

Katsuki smiles.

Izuku continues, grip on Katsuki’s hand getting even stronger. “We don’t need to worry, Kacchan, we have all the time in the world.”





Katsuki woke up with a loud noise.

His eyes snapped open, trying to see what happened in the darkness of his room. Surely, something was there, and he had a guess of who it was, the only person that could be here in the middle of the night. Turning bedside lamp on, he saw an embarrassed Midoriya in the corner of the room, scratching his own neck and waiting for Katsuki to say something, anything, scold him for the mess on the floor, the objects he knocked off while trying to get on the bed. Huffing, Katsuki got up, leaning down to help him to gather the fallen objects. 

His childhood friend - or rather, husband - never changed. Always a stupid, messy idiot. But it never failed to get something inside Bakugou burning, warming him up like a fireplace. That's why that, even as they gathered the fallen objects in the middle on the night, when they should be sleeping, it didn't fail to give both a smile.

"I'm home?" Izuku dared to say, putting everything on the table, messy, and Katsuki made a mental note about organizing it the day after.

The blonde wheezed, "You are late."

"Oh" Katsuki observed the golden watch on his hands before putting it on their desk once again, it must be something new Izuku bought overseas, considering Katsuki has never seen it before. "I'm sorry."

At this point, Katsuki was already lying down on his side, cheeks resting against his own arms, ready to fall asleep again, but not getting the hint, Deku continued there, standing up, wanting to apologize for what he had no fault. It wasn't like he could control time, after all. 

"Don't be, let's just sleep. You must be tired, Deku, I can scold you tomorrow, stupid."

Midoriya laughed, shortly, but his smile continued until he laid down next to his lover, a hand over Katsuki's waist. "I feel like I should be apologizing to Kacchan, though."

"Do it tomorrow" he closed his eyes. "We have all the time in the world, Deku."


HAPPY ENDING: Never too late.

Chapter Text

Katsuki stared at the door for a moment, shivering for some unknown reason. Whatever it was behind that door, it made Katsuki wanted to run. So that’s what he did, not waiting to see who was truly outside. Just running upstairs, for what seemed forever, he could hear a clock on the distance, but nothing more than that.

The clock wasn’t ticking anymore when Katsuki reached the basement, if he could call it that way. It was more for an office or a hidden library, if he had to say. The walls, from the ceiling to the ground, they were filled with books, dusty, neatly organized as if they have been there for year. Katsuki didn’t know that room, has never passed through it before, but, somehow, he still felt as if it shouldn’t be there.

As if it was fabricated just for him.

Forgetting about the clocks, the knocks on the door and whoever was waiting for him outside, Katsuki approached the table, rusty, in the middle of the room. There’s a book opened there and he decides to run his fingers through the pages. It was a children book, full of drawn pictures and flashy characters, but Katsuki felt attracted to it anyways.


Alice couldn’t stop crying, how could that happen? As she cried, knees digging into the floor, hands covering her face, the demon kneeled next to her, hugging the little girl tightly, comforting way.

“Don’t worry” the demon said, caressing her blonde hair. “I’ll be here for you”

Alice didn’t want that. She wanted to push him away, to run to the distance. She wanted to stay away from that demon, but those comforting words echoing in her ears prevented her from doing so. Even though that Demon was the one who took everything from her, he was still the only one left in her life.

“It’s my fault” she continued sobbing.

Every single aspect of her life was simply taken away from her, just like that, easy, as if it never happened. She almost couldn’t remember their voices, appearances, existence, and it was all the Demon’s fault. She could only remember that, that it was her fault for trusting the demon, but soon she would forget about it.

How many times she has forgotten everything already? She can’t even remember that.

The demon smiled.


The rest of the book was too blurry for Katsuki to read, not that he wanted. Disturbed, he closed it, not wanting to open it again even if he was capable. Was that really a children’s book? Somehow, it felt more than that. However…

The loud noise behind him snapped out of his thoughts, and gladly, it was just a book that had fallen of the bookcases. Slowly, he approached the red book, that almost seemed to shine in the darkness, but what a ridiculous thought. This time, Katsuki sat on the floor, not worrying about how his mother would be mad at how dirty his clothes were, and just opened the book on a random page. It was a full-page drawn of an horrendous creature, a beast, it horns not fully appearing on the draw. Bakugou felt somewhat uncomfortable to look at, that monster with black eyes, holding his hand out to a little girl, similar to the one in the children’s books. Was this one also a children’s book? Didn’t seem so, considering the horrendous image.

But, for his surprise, the story was softer than it looked.


Once, the dream demon fell in love. He fell in love with a shiny girl from other world, the other world, the one the demon could never visit. She was loved by everyone, even though she had flaws and weird manners. At first, the demon was jealous. How can someone like her be loved? Why aren’t they treating her bad? Why everyone runs away from me, but like her anyways?

Out of jealously and hate, he started to follow the girl, wanting to know what his problems were. He wanted to be like her, loved. And, at night, when she went to his land, the Dream World, he would still be there, like a shadow following her around.

But, he should have been more careful. After some time, the girl noticed him, rudely saying he shouldn’t hide like that, or, no one could ever like him. After hearing those words, the demon showed up, shyly. That girl, what would she do? Laugh at him? Mock? Tell him to stay away?

The little girl smiled, proudly. “You finally did it” and, surprised with the loud noise, the demon went back to his shadow form, in an attempt to hide. “Don’t be like that, don’t you want to be friends?”

At the last word, the demon decided to approach again, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“Of what?”

“Of me.”

She smiled proudly, once more. “I’m never afraid.”

So, after that, whenever she slept, the demon would bring her to play. She taught him how to play tag, how to make a nice tea and even how to play the piano. But he could see that, for her, dreams weren’t enough. She missed having her own fantasies, where she would jump on the clouds and talk with animals, and the Demon couldn’t blame her for that.

She was a dreamer, as all humans are.

But sadly, his own dream world, the only place he could ever manifest, wasn’t like that. It was a gloomy place, dark, with only the simplest things. It was boring and he knew that.

He wanted to giver her all she wanted, the freedom she deserved, but that wasn’t possible, because, the only place they could ever meet like this were in her dreams.

The demon wanted to go out, he wanted to see what her world had to offer, but he couldn’t. If he ever did, he would be banned from existence and would never be able to see the little girl again.

So, instead, he decided to build their own world, their kingdom, a place where they could be happy forever, together. He created the forest, then their castle with a beautiful garden. Added more details, houses and even a tower. It was just like her dreams, where nothing made sense, and he was proud for that.

Whoever, when he showed it to her, asking for them to be together forever, the little girl just smiled, sadly.

“I can’t be with you.”

After everything he had done for her, putting every single thing she loved, why? What had he done wrong? “Why?”

The girl held his hands, the difference of their sizes hurting the demon. “There’s someone I need to go back to.”

The demon knew that, he has seen them, her friends. “I can bring them too, then we could all live together happily.”

“It’s not how that works, they would never accept you…” she released his hands, smile still on, full of warmth as she looked at the demon. “I can not be your beloved, but surely, you will find someone else who can accept you, and when that happens, I’m sure they will love to be with you in this world.”

And just like that, the demon let her go. She never came back and he never asked her to do it. He was satisfied from looking at her from afar, watching her grow and build her own family, her own world. Just one time, when she was already an adult, with two lovely kids, they met again, in the entrance of the forest next to her house.

It hurt for him to be there, in the other word, but it hurt more when she smiled, thanking him for watching her for so long. That day, she said she wouldn’t be here for long, as humans are different from demons, their time is limited. The demon offered her to stay at his world, where time never mattered, she could have all the time in the world.

But still, she denied.

“I couldn’t live knowing that outside, there’s people that I love, waiting for me. It’s better to go than to live with the idea that I can see them again, but won’t.”

Just like humans have time, the demon also had time in the other word, and just with a day, he was already weak. The woman noticed it and softly, told him to go, he shouldn’t be hurting because of her. Before he went back to his own world, the woman asked just one more thing, for him to take care after her family after she’s gone. It was selfish of her, she knew, but still, the demon agreed.

The next time he visited, the woman was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, two young boys played in the garden, their blonde hair remembering him of that woman. When the younger one fell, his red eyes got full with tears, that the demon was quick to wipe away. His last visit in this world made him weak; he was no longer allowed to change his world and wasn’t visible in the other word anymore. He lost it all, but didn’t seem to care.

For years, he took care of that family as he had promised, centuries ago, but as the years passed, the demon started to became more and more human, it wasn’t a good thing, as humans are corrupted with pain and harmful intentions. He started to grow more and more bitter every time he returned to his world, all alone. Why is he taking care of them? Those who broke him? Those who abandoned him to be alone for all eternity? He should curse them all, their kids and grandchild, trap them into this world so they would never leave. He hater them with all his might.

That’s why, he…


The rest of the book was blank, for Katsuki’s confusion. That was the end of the story, for the reader to not ever know what happened to the family, or the demon. But, thankfully, there were some pages hidden in the book. Bakugou could see they were hand-written, a story probably based on this book. Who wrote that…?


Once upon a time, there was an young scientist.

No one believed in his so called ‘science’, no one ever took his studies seriously, after all, the young scientist studied dreams. “Why don’t you search a cure for XXX disease?” they asked. “Have you found out what’s wrong with the rivers?” they begged. But selfishly, the scientist had other focus in mind.

He was obsessed about two topics.

Dreams, which he always found fascinating.

And his beloved, who was as fascinating as.

Every day, the young scientist would dream about her, the one he loved. In his dreams, they were happy together, but on reality, everything he received from her was a look of pure disgust. It wasn’t a secret how she hated his selfish actions, his persistent attitude. The only place they could be together was on his dreams, it was an unrequited love.

Once, in the middle of his research, the young scientist found out was he always have been looking for, the Dream World. Not that anybody believed him, as he wasn’t able to take them into that realm. “He is crazy” they all said. “He is a liar.”

Even though the poor man tried to tell them about the Dream world, no one wanted to hear. Even his beloved was too busy for that, “I don’t want to hear your lies anymore” she said, “leave me alone!”

After finding out about the dream realm, he also found out that his beloved was getting married, with a rich man from another city. That night, when he went to sleep, he thought to himself, “What does he have that I don’t? I’m not allowed to dream anymore? Humans are dreamers, why no one acts like one?” and with the final thought of wanting that man out of her life, he finally entered the Dream realm.

For his surprise, when he arrived there, that man was there, not even looking confused, like the young scientist was. Did that man also known about this place? Why was he there? But before he could even ask, the man said first, “I was waiting for your arrival, King!”

Scared, the young man forced himself to wake up, trying to find out if what he saw was real or just a dream, he walked to his beloved’s house, wanting to see that man. The woman, confused, said that he was truly a mad man, because never in her life, she met that man.

Confused, he searched a bit more. The man, in the real world, was nowhere to be seen, but whenever he entered the Dream realm, he would be there, acting like the real world never existed and he was never there.

When his beloved met someone else, he tried it again. Whenever she found someone, the young scientist would trap them in that world, until the only person reflected in her eyes was him. No one remembered their existences anymore, they have been vanished from the real world.

When he finally got what the wanted, his beloved’s heart, the young scientist disappeared without a trace.

Not even that woman was able to remember that he once existed.


Bakugou frowned. What are all those books?

He looked around, abandoning the papers and book on the floor, trying to prove a point. All the books in the bookcase were about dreams, one about the reason we dream, other about the meaning of each dream, some children books about weird and childish dreams that didn’t get Bakugou attention.

As he searched around for something not related to dreams, he found an untitled book. It looked more like a journal, looking closely. Dust flew in the air when Bakugou opened it, confirming his suspicious, it was indeed a journal. Most of the pages where ripped, or was too messy of a hand write to read, but even so, Bakugou tried, forcing his eyes.





How should I start? Should I even start? Does it even needs a beginning? The doctor said I should write all my nightmares down whenever I have one, that’s all, he said it should be good for me, maybe confronting them and forcing myself to think about it would be a good way to make it stop, he said. Maybe, writing them down will help me understand why they are happening, he said.

I know why they are happening. I don’t need it. It’s stupid.

It all started because of him… Not that I can blame him, right? I mean, he’s living his life, I’m just the one with corrupted feelings. Even my mind is corrupted at this point. I can’t even think straight anymore.

Doctor doesn’t know that, though, and I think I shouldn’t tell him for now.

Anyways, I went out of the topic, haven’t I?

Today I had a nightmare. It was the same as ever, nothing new.

I don’t want to think right now.




Hi. It’s been a while since the last entry and I know I should be more careful about my writing, it’s just that… The nightmares are getting worse, I don’t know what to do. Before, it was just him, but now… I keep seeing this creature and the dreams don’t end. I swear, I was trapped in the last one for three days at least, but when I woke up, just a night had passed.

I’m afraid to sleep. I’m afraid they will get longer and longer until I can never escape my dreams, until I never wake up. I can’t exactly remember them when I wake up, I just remember they were long. Maybe, one day, I’ll have to live an year before I’m able to wake up. Or maybe, even a decade of a life time.

I won’t sleep. I won’t dream.

For now, that’s the best choice.



  They said I’m going crazy. That’s not it, I swear. The dreams are real, so is that creature. It is the responsible for it, I’m sure of that but… Why me? What have I done? Last time I slept in my doctor’s place. In the dream, I spent a week and a half, when I woke up, just eight hours have passed.

I’m not crazy.

There’s something strange happening here and I must research about it. I found some books about dreams, maybe reading them will help me understand what happened. Until then, I cannot fall asleep.



  I wish the dreams were my only problem. But he… He is still on my mind. He even started to appear in my dreams, again, I think it’s the creature’s fault. He has something to do with him, maybe a curse? I’ve been busy lately that I haven’t noticed how close they are. With they I mean that childhood friend of him. Why are they so close? That’s stupid.

If there’s anything I can do to to make that man disappear, I will.



I think they are in love.

No one has said a word about it, so I thought it was just my mind tricking me for my lack of sleep.

I told my doctor about him, he said I may have gone mad because of it, he called ‘limerence’ or something. It’s a state of mind, he said. I couldn’t care less.

After that, he gave me a drug to sleep. It seemed like a month, I’m not sure. But I know it was supposed to be more, I think I just escaped because I thought about the doctor said. There must be a key to leave that world and enter as I like. I’m not sure. But now that I have an idea of how to leave that place, maybe I should try talking to that creature?

I have nothing left to lose, after all.



We talked. Me and that… Thing. He said we are the same and that he wants to help me. He knows of a way to make him mine, but I’m not sure if I should trust that monster. He seems like he hates him , so I don’t know if that monster is using me to hurt him…

I woke up as soon as we finished talking.


December 4 th ,XXXX

We talked more, me and that demon. Yeah, demon, I believe. I’m not sure of what that is, but surely it isn’t human, I’m sure of that. He showed me around, he taught me how to change this word for my liking, though I like how this place is already. Maybe I should change some colors, it would remind me of his eyes, after all… The creature said I may do what I want. He said is my Kingdom now.

And I’m the King.

We talked about him too. I was wrong about him hating Katsuki, probably. I mean, he calls Katsuki by many names: Alice, dreamer, clock master… He explained he calls him so many ways because everyone must have a role in this world. I’m not sure what’s Katsuki’s role is in all this, but for now, I’ll continue calling him ‘Queen’.


What… No. What was happening? Katsuki froze as he saw his own name there, in that strange journal hidden in the bookcases. It didn’t make sense, but at the same time… This world the narrator talked about, this is where Bakugou was right now? It made sense, in a way, considering how long this have been going on, but it also didn’t because, why would Bakugou have anything to do with this madness? He shouldn’t be a part of this story, he shouldn’t be here.

He flipped through the pages in despair, searching for a mention of his name, but all he could find was one more entry about him:


March 12 th ,  XXXX

I think Katsuki will like this place. He likes the forest, so I made one for him. The castle is now crimson, like his eyes, though I’m not sure it is his favorite color. There’s also a clock tower and some other silly things I think he will like. So after I finished, I asked the demon if I could bring Katsuki here, but he said that’s not how it works.

Katsuki has to want to be here.

But, the demon taught me what I could do. I can’t force him to be here, neither anything I create in here will be enough for Katsuki to leave his world. That’s why the demon taught me what I should do.

Nothing that I do here will be enough for him to leave, but I can take everything from his world away, until there’s nothing left for him there.

He also said I should be careful, as Katsuki is also the only one that can destroy it all, as this was created just for him. Not that I am worried, though. He said that if Katsuki remembers all that he lost, it all be ended. That won’t happen, though.

Or perhaps you are starting to remember, Katsuki?


The journal fell of his hands, though he needed to read the rest, to remember, to know how to leave this world someone trapped him. When he wanted to be here? He never wanted to, or at least, he doesn’t remember that. Remember, remember… But what? What is he forgetting? He remembers his real life perfectly, so what? Maybe, the demon…

“Oh, you are finally here” the voice made Bakugou snap his eyes out of the abandoned journal on the floor. Shaking, he looked up to the man behind him.

His husband.

Shindo Yo smiled, hands resting on his hips as he admired Bakugou. What was that? Maybe the demon was able to change forms? Why was he taking his form? Seeing his confused expression, Shindo continued, “So, are you able to understand?”

“What’s is happening? Why the fuck are you here?”

Shindo laughed, “I wasn’t asking you, though, Katsuki. But since you doesn't get it as well, maybe I’ll help you memory a little, wouldn’t you like it?”

Of course Bakugou wasn’t understanding, the talk about dreams, demons, the journal, and now his groom, right in front of him? “Who are you, truly?”

“I’m not the demon, if that’s what you are asking.”

“Then, what…” he stops. “Is this a dream?”

“Just because it’s a dream, it doesn’t mean it isn’t real” Shindo laughs once again, at Katsuki’s blank expression. “Don’t look like that, really, this is the ending you choose. And just because it’s a true ending, it doesn’t mean it’s a happy one.”

Bakugou frowned, stepping back, “What do you mean…”

And Shindo approached him, Bakugou kept stepping back, until he hit one of the bookcases and was no longer able to escape.

“Let me tell you a story, Katsuki” Bakugou didn’t want to hear, but somehow, even when he opened his mouth, his voice didn’t came out. “I think you will really like it.”


There was once a man that started to live on a lonely village. It was a boring one, everyone knew each other and nothing ever changed. The only interesting part, the man believed, was the forest surrounding the town. He was wrong about that, though, since he soon met another interesting part of the village: another young man, that captivated the new dweller as soon as they met.

But there was just one problem, the other man held only feelings of disgust for him, no matter how much he tried, he could never win his heart.

Soon, the man began to have nightmares about his unrequited love, that kept on growing like a curse. His nightmares also, grew uncontrollably, getting worse with each night. The man looked for help, he settled down with a doctor that promised he would help. But instead, it all grew worse. The nightmares, his love…

His unrequited love leaded him to this world we are right now, Katsuki. It’s the Dream Realm, though it goes by various name, most commonly, Wonderland. But the man was distracted, so he only noticed that his beloved was already promised to someone else when was already too late. Soon, he would be married with someone else, that wasn’t him. He was getting married with his childhood friend, who he had loved for many year.

With that in mind, the man rushed to adjust that world to his beloved’s liking. He used an old clocktower to create the days and nights, he created time. But that wasn’t enough, he needed someone to appreciate time. When the man woke up, the real world was also different. That childhood friend of his beloved, who he envied so much, disappeared without a trace.

When he entered his kingdom again, that man was there, as is nothing happened and he never existed outside the dream world. But, somehow, that man became obsessed with time, who didn’t seem to work correctly.

But now, there was another problem into the men’s mind, something he needed to take care in the real world. His beloved had already found someone else.

When the men dreamed again, he wished for someone to take care of time, become the clock master, so it wouldn’t be messed up again. And, as he expected, his beloved’s groom disappeared without a trace, again.

But when the man woke up, his beloved was already talking with someone else. He wanted him to be his, and only his. That’s why he started sending everyone to this world, until it was completed and Katsuki only had eyes for him. And that’s what happened. With no one else, Katsuki finally looked at the man, in the real world, they fell in love and would soon get married.

But this world was made for Katsuki.

When I’m finished with this, I’ll show it to him, the men thought, proud of his creation. Everything in this world is based on him, he will rule this Kingdom with me. If I’m the King, he will be my Queen.


Shindo stopped talking.

He didn’t need any more.

Katsuki had his eyes wide as he looked at the man, the King, his groom in the other world. He understood, connecting the points, the stories. Everything made so much sense now. Not that he was ready to accept it, though.

Shindo came close and Katsuki closed his eyes when he lifted one hand, just to tuck one of the blonde locks behind his ears. “This is all for you, Katsuki. Everything.”

He can only nod.

“So, will you be my queen?” Katsuki’s eyes snap open again, though he waited for a question like that. “I love you enough to let you choose your ending. If not, I’ll let you go back. But if you want…”

He came closer. Bakugou could feel his breath hitting his skin, cold.

“We will rule everything together, alongside. You like power, doesn’t you? I made this so you can have it all.”

He looked up, at the grey eyes, filled with the purest form of adoration.

“So, will you be my queen?”



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Chapter Text

All of this.

Everything he had done.

This world.

Everything was made for Katsuki.

He sacrificed so much for him, for Katsuki, for them, that, even if he looked like this now, Bakugou wasn’t afraid. He loved Bakugou and he loved Shindo, nothing could break them apart, even if ‘nothing’ means Shindo or Bakugou themselves, but that’s what love is, right? Ignore what looks bad and focus on the feelings you have for each other.

And besides, he just wanted to go back to the real world because of Shindo, his husband. There was nothing out there as interesting as him, his beloved. He was the only one for Katsuki, forever. Even if that meant he would never see anyone else again, his family, his friends, it didn’t matter, not with Shindo here, in this eternal dream.

That’s why he stares right into his eyes, gray meeting red, as he says:

“I love you.”




When he opens his eyes, Katsuki is sitting on a throne. There were two thrones in the room, side to side, though the one he was sitting was bigger than Shindo’s own, who is smiling at his husband, satisfied, and Katsuki feels even happier. But more than just happiness. He feels powerful, sitting in this throne, in this red room, red clothes that matches his eyes so well, the crown heavy on his head, remembering him of his importance.

Why would he ever want to g home, when he can have so much power? He can have everything he wants, he is the one in command here. No one can tell him what to do, no one can look down on his, this time, this ending, he is the master. He controls the story, and no one can doubt it.

The man in front of him, kneeling, begging for the Queen’s pardon, how ridiculous. The Queen is not even listening to him! Katsuki just smiles, staring at the man as if he is trying to look for his soul, as if he had one! What a ridiculous thought! Katsuki laughs, and the man just stares, fear reflecting in those red eyes.

He likes that color. Red. But he hadn’t allowed that man to have those beautiful color of eyes and hair, how horrendous! Was that his crime? Probably. Does it matter, anyways? It’s not like the weight of the crime will affect on their ending, what a ridiculous thought.

That’s why Katsuki smiles even more.

“Off with his head!”


TRUE ENDING: The Red Kingdom

Chapter Text

That was wrong.

Even if it that was lie, that wasn't the end he wanted, he preferred to fall into oblivion than accepting that man's offer. Bakugou wasn't stupid, he wouldn't stay with someone like Shindo, who destroyed his world just so he could have Katsuki, in fact, he destroyed both worlds, only for a love that could never come true. He wants to remember, he wants to escape, he wants it all to be over.

Katsuki can't look at him when he tells, on a whisper, even though he is certain that the man will keep his word and let him choose his ending this time, "I want to go back" that's right. He wanted to see his mother, greet his dad, visit his grandmother. Meet someone truly nice, and not crazy like Shindo. There's almost nothing outside this dream, he knows, he is aware of his mundane life in the real world, but it's the right choice, so he looks up, trying to show his determination in those red orbs,

He looked disappointed.


"Is that so?"

Katsuki nodded.

"After all my effort to build this?" Katsuki kept firm. "I won't discuss it with you, Katsuki, but it's not like I need someone else to rule it with me."

He approached, taking his time walking towards the blonde, and Katsuki found himself paralyzed, unable to move the hands that cupped his cheek, unable to look away from those dark eyes, staring right at his soul.

"Sleep, Alice."




When Bakugou woke up, his bangs were sweaty, sticking to his forehead as if he had woken up from a bad dream. Was that the case? Bakugou couldn’t quite remember the dream he had, so he couldn’t be sure. He looks around, expecting to spot any difference on his almost empty room, but as always, everything seemed in place, nothing was different. He was all alone, like he always have been.

He tries to relax again, thinking about the dream he had. He could remember flashes of the forest, flashes of a castle and a house in the middle of the woods. But, the longer he thought about it, sadder he got. He couldn’t remember the dream or what it was about, but something about it made him think it was a sad dream, but how could he know it was right.

Nothing has changed in his room neither in his life.

But, somehow, he felt emptier than before.

He couldn’t help but to look at the empty space next to him and think that something was missing. That type of loneliness wasn’t there before.

Something was wrong, he thinks as he turns around, trying to sleep again.

But what could it be?


NEUTRAL ENDING: Long Lost Memory

Chapter Text

Why the hell was Bakugou following that stupid rabbit in first place? I mean, a castle? How the fuck would a castle or a pompous king be able to get him home? Hah, he didn’t need help from the King and neither from that stupid Deku! He could do this alone, and go back from where he came: the forest. Even if the cat said he had fallen through the rabbit hole, that was impossible, the truth was that, if Katsuki came to this world by walking, he could go back the same way, he just needed to find where he entered.

Turning on his heels, Bakugou walked to the sea of trees they just exited. From here, if Bakugou just kept walking straight, he would surely find his way home, am I right?

Of course I am.

And so is Bakugou, as he keeps walking, getting deeper and deeper into that forest, the castle wasn’t seen anymore, neither was the sunlight, but he just kept walking. Now he would probably meet Monoma again, right? Maybe he could stop by and eat a piece of cake, or ask for the right directions, he had a feeling Kendo, the gentle Hare, would give it to him. He should arrive at their house soon.

Wrong. Bakugou was walking for god knows how many hours already, the same way he went to the castle, but still, all the trees seemed to be the same, as if he was just going on circles and circles. I’m lost, he finally admits, slapping his head.

Why the fuck he made such a stupid decision? Who honestly thought it would be a good idea? This place only have bad ends, no way he can achieve a good one around here.

But still, there was hope of a good end, at least, it’s just depended on his final choice.



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Chapter Text

It was useless going back now, Katsuki was aware of that fact, however, he also knew it would be futile to continue walking without any directions, he would just get even more lost at this point, continuing without an idea to where to go, where was the end. Just like that first time the forest, he was lost again, but at that time, he was able to find his way thanks to the smiling cat, a mysterious being that probably knew how to find wood by wood around here.

That click something inside his mind: look for the cat.

Surely, the rabbit said the cat was a dangerous man, that he was lucky to get out of their conversation alive, but Katsuki couldn't care less. If Shinsou helped him once, he wouldn't refuse to help him twice and, besides, Katsuki could beat that man's ass if he tried to hurt him. Not counting the fact that looking for the cat was his only option now.

"Shinsou!" he shouts at the wood, hoping that the man would suddenly appear. "Shinsou!"

A crack was heard behind him and, if Katsuki was back at home, he would dismiss the sound as just a wild animal, running around on its habitat, but he wasn't and at this point, he feared everything inside this forest, knowing the high chances of him being the prey, the unknown waited for him, somewhere in the darkness. With his heartbeats loud enough to cover all the other sounds around him, Katsuki turned around, to where the sound originated from, being greet with nothing, only.

"Shinsou?" his voice was hesitant this time, fully aware that whatever was in the woods could not be the cat.


Being alone was messing with his head, he supposed, when he had started imagining things? It was almost like when you are alone at home, and in the middle of the night, you swear you hear something falling on the kitchen, a staircase creaking, a shadow in the corner of the room. He had this type of hallucination a lot when he was a kid, with his young mind fertile, imagining thing out of fear. He still remembers his mother's words, "Ignore the shadows, they are all on your mind" and that was what he would do now. 

When he opened his mouth, to once again call for the cat, someone, something, prevented him from doing so; what appeared to be a rough, calloused hand was now covering his mouth, preventing him from yelling, and holding him into the place with its strength.

A whisper on his ear, making the blond shiver, "Don't call that name, Alice."

Katsuki squirmed, trying to fight off the strong arms that held him; it wasn't the cat, he knew it by the voice, but it also wasn't anyone he has met before, unrecognizable on his ears, or at least, it belonged to a really old memory, one that already faded away long ago. He attempted to bit the hand on his mouth, but was met with hard skin, like a rock, it ever hurt his teeth. 

"Oh, sorry, did I hurt you? Don't yell, please, it will caught the Cat's or the Joker's attention..." the voice was strangely gentle and the man released Katsuki, finally, allowing the blond to step back and observe the new character. 

Red hair down, and also red eyes, just like Bakugou's, but a brighter tone. He didn't wear many clothes that Bakugou could look at, he was ever barefoot, the man would be naked if it wasn't for the black baggy pants hanging on his hips, all ripped already, like a savage. It made his face twist in disgust, the thought of that man living at the woods, but, soon, he got fascinated with something else.

On his back, enormous, humongous wings could be seen. They were massive, unnaturally beautiful with that red tone, matching the man's hair, the material between the wing bones almost shined in the dark, an they weren't even opened yet. Katsuki could go on for hours about how beautiful the scene in front of him was; Katsuki had read about dragons before, on his books back at home, magnificent creatures as beautiful as dangerous, they are normally the villains, the ones that kidnap princesses and trap them on their towers, however, Katsuki couldn't sense anything bad from his man.

There was certain admiration on his voice when he spoke, quiet, impressed, "Who are you?"

The man smiled, leaning down his head to approach the blonde, almost like a bow. There wasn't a big difference on their size, the red haired being just a tad taller than Bakugou, but oh, Katsuki felt so small, and for once, it wasn't a bad thing on his life. "Kirishima Eijirou" his eyes were closed, matching his smile, and finally, Katsuki noticed the small horns on top of his head. "Haven't you heard of the Jabberwocky?"

"How could I?" Indeed, what a strange name, the man shouldn't be serious, thinking that Bakugou could actually know what that was supposed to be.

He laughed, "I think you are right, Alice!" but soon the beam died, worried expression taking its place, "But still, I don't think you should walk around here alone, you know? The Cat and the Joker aren't the nicest people, it makes me worry for your safety."

Bakugou scoffed, the Cat meant no harm, and as for the Joker, he didn't know who he was, but surely Katsuki could fight back, if that was a man and not a beast. "I can take care of myself, Dragon."

"Oh, I know you can!" back that cheerful smile, so bright it made Katsuki step back, a tad annoyed. "Even so, let's stick together, it's not nice to be alone."

The Dragon said that as if he wasn't alone himself, Katsuki had to notice, but maybe that's why he said it like that, from his own experience and, to be honest, even with the rough attitude, Bakugou wouldn't be able to deny his admiration for the Dragon, maybe that's why he hesitated, taking a good look at the men before making the final decision. "No way."

And just like that, the blond walked away, trying to ignore the whimpers behind him, the man groaned like a puppy, not happy about being left out. "Why?", he asked. "That is not nice", he complained. "Where are you going? We can go together", he begged.

"You are annoying" Bakugou retorted, even though he was a bit grateful for the man still tagging along, considering how he opened space between the tree branches so Katsuki could walk through without worries of being scratched by it. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but the dragon was indeed useful. And it felt great hearing his voice, or, at least, better than the agonizing silence of the forest.

However, he was such a distraction that, oh, if Katsuki was lost before, he was now more and more lost, being distracted with the dragon did no good for him, as he had lost track of where he was going. That's why he complained again, frustrated, "Look what you did, Shitty Hair, I don't even know where I am going anymore."

"Oh, you are lost?"

It got on his nerves, "Of course I am lost, why would I be in the middle of the forest, if not?"

"I don't know."

"Use your brain for once."

"I just don't think we are lost, you see, if I want to get our of here, I can fly by myself..." he prolonged his words, smile back as he looked at the blonde, a smile of someone who knew something that Katsuki didn't. "Tell me where you want to go, Alice, I can take you there."

Katsuki huffed, "As if you could carry me with that sad excuse of wings" not that he actually thought that, they were impressive, but still, Bakugou had his doubts about its usefulness, as it didn't look that practical to fly. So, instead of giving it a chance, Katsuki continued walking, faster than before, intended to leave the dragon back there. He needed to go home, no time to lose with that man, their conversation were leading them nowhere!

Still, after some minutes of silence, when Katsuki was almost sure that the Dragon gave up on him, he couldn't help but to glance through his shoulder, wondering where Kirishima went. But instead, his own eyes met with reptilian-like pupils, making the blond freeze. The beast started to show his body, hidden behind the leafs of the bushes. A dragon, no matter what angle you stared at it, with its sharp teeth, ready to destroy Katsuki, even his bones could be broken into pieces with those sharp fangs, and a flap of its wings could be enough to send Katsuki flying away.

In normal situation, he would be scared, he would try to defeat the dragon, or try to run away and hide, but the crimson beast in front of him, glorious, humongous, beautiful, he knew exactly who it was.

"Kirishima?" the beast stepped close.

Katsuki lifted one arm and the dragon, Kirishima, didn't hesitate to place its nose under Bakugou's palm, aching for his touch, even in this form. Bakugou had to ignore his tough image for a bit, caressing the hard skin carefully, as if he could hurt him. Impressive, that's all he could say about the beast. Magnificent. They eyes met once again, and never did Katsuki feel so small, compared to the Dragon. However, before he could say anything about it, Kirishima bit his suspenders, throwing Bakugou on his back and leaving only enough time for the blond to hold tightly into something, anything, so he wouldn't fall when the Dragon suddenly bolted into the skies.

He hugged the Dragon's neck tightly, as much as he could, and gladly he didn't fall, surviving the turbulence until they were calmly flying through the clouds, allowing the blonde to relax with the sound of the wings cutting through the air. He even allowed himself to look at the ground, far away from them. Now he could see how giant the grove actually was, he could even see a small house on a clearing, the people calmly drinking tea, ignoring their existence. The red castle in the distance, as splendid as the first time he saw, but it looked even more beautiful from his angle, where he could notice that the gardens, white and red, formed a heart shape around the castle, something he couldn't have noticed if he wasn't in the skies. The clock tower, however, was still so high Bakugou couldn't see the end of it; Kirishima even flied around it, just for fun, as if trying to tell Katsuki a joke about how tall it was. At the distance, he saw snow, he saw an white castle that could contrast beautifully with the one in the Red Kingdom. Maybe that was another land, far away, maybe there, in that kingdom, there were another mad hatter, another white rabbit, another King and Queen, Katsuki could never know.

Kirishima flied in the opposite direction and, soon, the white castle disappeared once again.

To the mountains, a place where Katsuki always felt comfortable, as his hobby back home was hiking, when he had the chance. The landscape would be a great painting, and, oh, how he wished to be an artist, so he could capture that vision forever! The Dragon landed next to the entrance of a cave, big enough to fit both of them, Katsuki and Kirishima, even in his dragon form. He waited patiently for Katsuki to get off, his legs trembled, but Kirishima was soon to catch him with the help of his nose, helping him to maintain his balance, leading the blond to the cave.

Looking around, Katsuki tried to engrave every detail inside his mind, the drawings in the wall, the claw marks on the rocks, the hole in the ceiling, allowing the light to come in, that's why he didn't notice the dragon staring at him, as if he smiled, gently. 'Did you like it?' he appeared to ask, but the way Bakugou came closer to caress the dragon once more was enough of an answer.

"I'm tired" the blond announced, sitting on the ground without hesitance, resting his head against the dragon. Somehow, he felt sleepy, he knew he shouldn't, considering how exciting the last events were, but he couldn't help the way his eyes closed, involuntary. Before he could fight against it, Morpheus had already caught him in his arms.




"Don't do that" he scolded his lover after waking up to a failed attempt to scare him. Kirishima just smiled, brightly, and scratched his neck, not bothered by Katsuki's fake annoyance. It was so typical of him, trying to surprise him while he dozed off beneath a tree, while he relaxed with a book on his lap, may having fallen asleep while he read it.

"Still, you shouldn't sleep in the yard, Katsuki" he crouched next to his lover, so they could look at each other in the eye. "What if you get a cold?"

He huffed, "I wouldn't."

"I would take care of you, you know" and the sappy comment made the blonde roll his eyes; he already knew that. "Oh, before I forget, I'm home."

"I'm seeing it, idiot" he couldn't help but to smile, closing his book to give full attention to his groom, however, he should be angry, angry that the red haired had just forgotten him, making him wait for hours. "You are late, though."

Kirishima smiles.

"I'm sorry."

He can't be mad at him. He could never be mad at him. Somehow, Kirishima had his way to get under Katsuki's skin, he had this power to calm him down whenever he felt anxious, as if he always knew what he should say to make the situation better. Sometimes, he didn't even had to say something, his smile being enough to calm Katsuki down, to forget all the times he was late for a date or the times he forgot an important event. 

Katsuki rolls his eyes, but smiles anyways.

HAPPY ENDING: Dragon's Dream

Chapter Text

If he tried to look for someone, even the cat, who apparently knew the forest very well and has helped Katsuki before, he would probably stay lost, or even more lost, as he had no idea of where he could be, even the tea party, Katsuki wouldn't know his way there. The only option now was to go back; since he walked on a straight line, he could find his way back to the castle if he went on the opposite direction, no problem.

Well, the only problem would be that stupid rabbit, who will definitely scold him for running away (not that Katsuki runs away, it’s not his thing) and get mad about time being wasted. Oh, what a headache! But if he wanted to progress, he should do something, at least, and that something was go back to the castle. Not a bad idea, he knew, it was his only option.

But, in only few steps on his way back, he is stopped. There’s someone holding his arm and he turns in pure disgust to look at the said person; Black hair, turquoise eyes, burn scars on his face; a strange choice of tattoos if they aren’t real. He stared at the blonde with a smirk on, and Bakugou wasn’t satisfied with Way his expression twisted. There was something unnerving about that man that Katsuki could have guesses from afar: he didn't meet a good person.

“Who are you?” Bakugou barked, trying to make the man release his arm, his fight useless.

“Oh, you don’t know me?” he snorts, dry, and once again Bakugou tries without success to release himself from his touch, he was almost getting a bit desperate, if he were to be honest. However, the man doesn’t even bother with his attempts. “Dabi. the Joker. That’s what they call me, Alice.”

Katsuki bit his lip, struggling would get him nowhere, so he saves energy, fighting was useless.

“You know whose fault is this?”


“Everything” his smile grew wider. “Me. You. Them. This world. You are the culprit for everything happening here, every single one of your actions, being you aware of them or not, all of this is a result of them” he pauses for a second. “Your existence is the guilty one, if you weren’t born, this wouldn’t be happening now, I wouldn’t be here.”

“I… It’s not my fucking fault” the blonde once again tried to free himself, but instead, Dabi just got a hold of his other wrist, forcing Bakugou to come closer, face to face with that man. “Let me go.”

“Let you go? Why, if I can’t go either?” he is mad. Bakugou’s wrists seem to burn. “You are a fucking witch, capturing people and bringing them here, aren’t you? Everyone is too affected by your spell to notice, to remember.”

Before Katsuki could open his mouth, he’s abruptly shoved down, groaning with the pain of his hip bones hitting that strangely hard ground. Dabi continues there, looking down at the blonde, with that stupid smile on. Oh, how much Bakugou wished to punch that smirk of his face and run off somewhere.

“Everyone, but not me.”

He shouldn’t have left the castle, or maybe, he shouldn’t have followed that rabbit, in the beginning of the story. So much regrets, just because of a not well made choice…

“You know what is my role?” he seems to wait for Katsuki’s answer, but when it doesn’t come, he continues anyways, “I kill. The forest is my domain, so, whatever appears inside here, it’s automatically mine. Even a petty witch like you, Alice.”

Dabi keeps approaching. He should run, now, especially after knowing what the Hunter does for a living. Fuck, he could see the gun on Dabi’s pants, maybe if he just reached it, he could defend himself from that maniac, but, how… He gulps.

“You know, normally I would kill anyone I encounter here, you know” he kneels down to touch Bakugou’s tights. “But, since my gun it’s not loaded” here goes Katsuki’s plans “and it’s been a while since someone this pretty appeared, why don’t we play a little? Huh, Alice?”

Crimson eyes went wide at the implication, trying to desperate free himself, crawl from Dabi’s hands and run back to his house. But as soon as he tried to move, Dabi showed he had other plans for the blonde, holding him tight in place with both hands, one coming to caress Bakugou’s cheeks, already dirty with tears.

Bakugou still struggled, trying to kick the hunter or punch him with his burnt wrists, “Go away” he kept repeating, loud voice that started to become even quieter with every beg.

Dabi smiled, coming even closer

“I think we will have lots of fun, Katsuki.”



BAD END: Witch hunt

Chapter Text

Well, considering he should stay close to the castle if he wanted to go home, also because he needed to wait for Deku at the same time he hated the idea of just standing there, like an idiot, Bakugou decided it wouldn’t be a problem to wander around in the garden next to the castle. Not like Katsuki was interested on the garden per se, though he had to admit he enjoyed nature in general (sometimes, back at home, he would go hiking with his groom or even alone, it was nice, enjoying the pure air and the view at the top), flowers were never that attractive to him.

But, this particular garden was pretty interesting, he had to confess.

Just for one reason: the strange flowers. If Bakugou looked to his left, a sea of red roses would pop into his view, but on the right, just white roses could be seen. What a weird combination, he thought. But, what was even weirder was the man kneeling next to some white roses, was he… Painting them? With a brush, he soft colored the white flowers, turning them red with paint.

“Hey!” Katsuki called. “What are you doing?”

The man looks up and Bakugou finally notices his features; stranger than the flowers. First, his hair, half red and half white, matching the roses he was painting, making Bakugou wonder if he also painted himself, but left unfinished. Maybe he was a rose himself, considering how pretty the man was. His eyes were also heterochromatic, turquoise and gray stared at Katsuki, confused.

“I’m taking care of the flowers.”

"No, you aren't" for the little Bakugou knew about flowers, he was a tad sure about paint hurting the plants. “You are painting them. Why?”

The man got up, cleaning the dirt on his knees with soft slaps, “The king ordered me to turn all the white roses red.”

He seemed sad, or frustrated, at least, apparently not satisfied with the order, he probably knew how stupid that was, and it relaxed Bakugou a bit; he couldn't be worse than everyone he has met so far. “Why do you obey the king, then?”

“Because I’m one of his knights, it's my job.. Oh, well, I believe we haven’t met yet, Alice, I thought you wouldn’t come here, to be honest” he cocked his head to the side. “Todoroki Shouto, the Ace.”

Ace of Hearts, Bakugou observed, considering the lonely red heart on his uniform, well, it was pretty obvious he was a knight, if he had to admit, looking at his red uniform and the sword attached to his belt, but who would think a knight would be out here, painting flowers. And besides, what a weird order! It's not the job of a knight! Couldn't they call the gardener, if the king is that powerful, he may have a gardener.

With that in mind, Katsuki couldn’t help but to smirk, “Oh, really? A knight like you, not fighting like you should, but painting some shitty flowers?”

If the knight looked annoyed before, he was even more now, offended, even. Ignoring Bakugou, he just kneeled on the ground again, saying anything else. Not that the blonde likes to be ignored, he even preferred a fight. Wanting to be acknowledged, Alice kneeled next to the Ace, caressing one white flower with delicate touches, careful with the petals. They were so pretty in this color, he always loved white roses, though he has to admit red ones are pretty too, but still, why would the king want them gone? They completed each other, in a strange type of harmony.

“I don’t know why the hell you taking care of them, Icyhot” Bakugou spoke, before he could even think about. “But I guess you are doing a good job, they are not bad."

Shouto said nothing.

“The red roses are cool, but the white ones are also pretty. That guy must be fucking crazy if he thinks there’s something wrong with them" Katsuki released the flower from his soft touches, hand falling to the ground, playing with the small rocks close to his feet. "They are nice like this already.”

Todoroki stops with his job to look at the visitor, who has long stopped touching the white flowers and kept staring at the knight working, cheeks pressed against his knees. “I think the white ones are prettier.”

“They are both pretty. They complete each other, idiot.”

“The flowers are sad when I paint them red.”

“Of course they are, you can’t force them to become what they aren’t!”

“But the king really loves red” he sighed, though he indeed stopped painting, even abandoning his brush on the ground. “Just like your eyes, Alice.”

The comment about his eyes took him by surprise; the man was paying attention to him, his appearance at least. Somehow, the thought made him remember of old times. “Who the fuck cares about what that guy thinks? You are the one taking care of the flowers, you should decide what is best for them. They are yours, aren’t they? You decide what color they should be.”

For once, the knight smiled. “Thank you, Alice. But I’m not sure if that’s the case, I need to obey the king, that’s my job.”

“Oh, just quit, then. Surely there other jobs to do on this damn place, right?”

“I don’t know.”

He scoffed, “You just haven’t looked at the right places, stupid.”

“I never leave the castle, that’s why.”

He was lying, right? Bakugou could clearly see that the man had his age or close, if he not even once left the castle… What the hell was that? “Huh, never?”

“Never” he agreed. “I have work to do, if I don’t act my role, everything will fall apart. I’m a knight and I serve the king, that’s what I do, since I was little, I’ve trained to be what I am now. I can’t just abandon my work and go out, even for a while. I’m the Ace of Hearts, after all.”


“Let’s go out, then.”

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“It’s nice how you focus on your work”

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Chapter Text

Katsuki had no idea of why the man was living like that; in a cage, being ordered to do what he doesn't wants to, his whole life. He never leaves, as if his job was a sick obsession of his. For Bakugou, that was the worst. He knows he wouldn't be able to have that life, unable to willingly accept orders, that's how Katsuki was. He remembers fighting with his mother numerous times for dumb reason, as 'Don't go outside in the rain' or 'Put on a coat, brat', even if he is here, talking to the half'n'half knight, is because he disobeyed what he was told to do: stay away from the forest.

How could the knight live this way?

“Let’s go out, then” Bakugou says those words without thinking too much, his impulsive nature allowing him to take the knight’s hands on his on and force him to get up.

His face continues blank, but there's a hint of awareness on his eyes “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“I’m ordering you to shut up and walk with me, so do it” the way the blonde intertwine their fingers together is forceful, preventing the taller man from running or staying behind as he walked towards the exit, pulling Shouto with him. The flowers could wait, but not Bakugou.

Not that he actually needs to force him to go, since the knight was already smiling, holding Katsuki’s hand back and tagging along by his own. Bakugou didn’t even know where he was going, passing through the forest in the opposite direction of the clocktower, but Shouto apparently liked, as he commented how beautiful everything around here was. Katsuki huffed, saying he has seen better on his old hikes, “I’ll take you to an even better place someday” he promised.

They walked until the sun went down, the starry night smiling at them. Looking behind now, they could still see the sun enlightening the castle, allowing the red paint to shine, but here, on this open field, the stars seemed better than the sun so, without warning, Bakugou sits, pulling Shouto with him. He doesn't care about how time works here; he doesn't bother to think about the reason it's night on this scenery and not in others. He has no reason to.

Words are not needed as they sit side to side, staring at the open sky as making wishes to the shooting stars that dares to pass. He is about to ask what Shouto wished for, an excuse to break the silence, when the knight finally speaks:

“I was afraid of leaving.”


“The castle, the king, my home.”

“I don’t get why.”

“Because if I leave, I lose my role as a knight. I become nothing.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“In this world, when someone loses their role, their reason to exist, they become useless, so they just disappear.”

“What? They are killed?”

Shouto shook his head, slowly, “They just fade away, and are never seen again. It’s a fate worse than death, since no one knows where they go if they disappear; the rabbit once said it’s the only way to escape this reality, but escape to where?”

Bakugou huffs, laying down on the grass, and soon the knight does the same. “The rabbit is stupid, if he says so, why doesn’t he abandon his role?”

“The rabbit is a special case, he doesn’t have a choice. He is trapped here forever until his time is fixed.”

The blonde doesn’t know what to say, so he just rolls on his side to stare at Shouto, who keeps looking up, at the sky. He has a burn scar on his red side, Bakugou has noticed before, and for some reason, it makes him sad, as if he knew the story behind it, he just couldn’t remember.

“When people give up on their role, my job is to kill them before they disappear. That’s what I do, as a knight.”

“That’s harsh.”

“That’s the king’s orders. Maybe that’s why I never thought about abandoning this reality, abandon my title, the king would kill me with his own hands before I escape this world. It’s useless.”

“The king is crazy.”

“Maybe” the knight closes his eyes. “I don’t think he was always like that, though. Sometimes I ask myself if he is being controlled.”


“I don’t know who has control over the king, it’s just a thought I have.”

“Sometimes I think I’m being controlled too.”

“Everyone is, some by love, others by an external source. Not the king. He is the puppet of something darker than we can imagine, maybe we will never find out about the truth.”

The blonde snorts, “Well, glad I didn’t meet the bastard, then.”

“Glad, indeed. It’s a route full of bad endings with him” finally, Shouto also turns around, so their faces are almost touching. Bakugou can feel his calm breath, and has the urge to come closer to him, but for now, he just closes his eyes. “I believe this is a good one, though.”


“Because I left my role, I’m no longer the Ace, but I’m still here, with you” there’s a cold hand on Bakugou’s cheek and he leans to the touch. “Thanks, Katsuki.”

What he feels next are soft, warm lips, touching his mouth with certain delicacy, afraid of this world being corrupted, of Bakugou being broken in the process. The blonde comes even closer, deepening the kiss; it’s feels so familiar, as if it had been done so many times before, he can remember passionate dates happening in secret beneath the moonlight, just like now, since no one could find out about them. Maybe that happened in another life, in another reality, but now, it seemed as clear as a crystal.

When they finally separate, they just look into each other’s eyes, sharing a memory just the two of them could remember. That’s until Shouto kisses him again, on his forehead.

“Good night, Katsuki.”




There’s tears on his face when he wakes up. He feels as if he had just learn something important, but he can’t quite understand why; he doesn’t remember if it was a sad dream, a nightmare, maybe it was a happy one, but still, he cries. He cries, as he tries to remember a corrupted world that just existed for some hours, when he fell asleep.

Strong arms pulls him by the waist and soon, his face is cleaned with gentle, careful hands, “What happened?” Shouto whispers. He is sleepy, Katsuki can see that, even in the darkness of their room, however, the hesitation on his tone can be identified in his voice, hesitation of someone who thinks too much of what to say in these situations.

“I don’t know” he has to hold down his tears, he feels grateful for having Shouto there, even if he isn’t sure why.

“A bad dream?”

“You were there.”

Shouto smiles, softly, kissing his forehead once again. “But I’m here now.”

“I know.”

“It’s just a nightmare, Katsuki” the blonde closes his eyes, his lover’s soft voice helping him to relax. “I won’t go anywhere. Again.”



HAPPY ENDING: Just a nightmare

Chapter Text

Somehow, seeing that garden, all painted red, Bakugou could feel how much work and time was put here. Even if the ‘Knight’ never went out, like a proper knight would, he spent his whole life here, painting white roses red. There was certain beauty about it, a passion, so Bakugou spoke, mumbled, “It’s nice how you focus on your work.”

If the knight was smiling before, he stopped, a frown now could be seen on his face, as he continued to paint the roses. “I’m just doing this so the king won’t cut my head off.”

Well, that was… Something.

“Why would he cut your head off?”

“That’s what happens to those who don’t act properly.”

Bakugou blinks. What a strange world, huh, but if that how things work around here, Bakugou shouldn’t mind. It was just a dream, after all. “Well, keep up the work then, I guess.”

The paint brush on the knight’s hand was aggressively abandoned in the ground, the man snapped to look at Bakugou, who noticed that, even with that blank expression, the boy still looked somehow angry. Did Katsuki say something wrong? The knight got up, and so did Katsuki. “I’ll escort you to the castle.”

“I don’t need it” but even if the blonde said that, he still walked behind the knight to the entrance.

“I’m playing my role, Alice, you should play yours too.”

He scoffed, who was him to order Katsuki? And such stupid orders, too. “Which role?”

“As Alice, of course.”

“Well, news for you: I’m not your fucking Alice or whatever.”

Todoroki stops, lifting one eyebrow, dubious “How could that be?”

“Bakugou Katsuki, that’s my damn name, alright? Whoever is that ‘Alice’ you all looking for, it’s not me. I just, who knows, got lost or shit, and ended up here. I’m not Alice, I don’t belong here, and you..." there was a pause where he just stared as the man, for a second or two, from head to toes, "... are a fucking asshole.”

The last part was ignored, apparently, as the man took a while for himself, quiet, deep in his thoughts. He also stopped walking, allowing Bakugou to finally overpass the knight (for Katsuki’s happiness, considering how much he hates staring at someone’s back as he walks). He almost jumped when he heard the Ace’s voice once again. It was different, lower, as if he was whispering, even though he wasn’t.

“What are you, then, if not Alice?”


“That means nothing here.”

Finally, the blonde looked back at the knight, intention to start a fight, but stopped in place, his mouth half opened at the way the man appeared in front of his eyes. The way he looked right into Katsuki’s eyes was almost uncomfortable and for a spit of second, Katsuki swore the man’s eyes changed even the color, turquoise becoming a deep red, deep than his own. He stepped back. Todoroki stepped closer.

His own eyes went wide when he saw where Todoroki’s hand was, on his belt, ready to take his sword of it. “What are…” his voice was shaken, he was unable to finish his question, gulping the rest of the words down his throat.

“You don’t belong here” he continued to approach. “I’ll send you home.”




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Chapter Text

The sudden change in his behavior certainly scared Bakugou, what triggered that reaction? If it was something that Bakugou has done, it meant he could reverse the situation again. He remembers his mother saying that, if he is scared of animals, the animals would give him a reason to be scared, he thinks the same could apply here, somehow. That’s why he gather his courage and steps closer to the man, his hands up.

He just needed to understand what caused the sudden change in the knight.

“Shouto” he says, for a reason unknown to him. “Stop it.”

The man blinks, confused.

Bakugou approaches.

“Put the sword away, stop it.”

“I can’t.”

He steps back.


“If I don’t do my job properly, the king will…” there’s a pause, but in the end, he concludes. “You are not Alice.”

That’s it.

The click on Bakugou’s mind is enough to clear all his thoughts, so he once again approaches the man, “I am Alice” he lies, if that’s enough for the man to calm down, he would lie as many times as he needed to. “Don’t you recognize me?”

You don’t recognize me” there was a certain softness on his voice that soon disappeared, almost as if it was another person. “I missed you.”

The blonde was now confused by the sudden quote, aware of the fact that they have never met before, so there was no way he could miss him, but strangely, Katsuki didn’t feel the need to argue about that. Somehow, he also missed the knight. He missed Shouto.

So, when Todoroki stepped closer and hugged the blonde by the waist, Katsuki didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around his neck, pulling their bodies even closer. There was something strange about hugging the knight, as if that has been done so many times in a forgotten past, as if it was an addiction that suddenly ceased, taken away from him forcefully, without both consents. Taken away when one of them fell asleep.

His vision went out of focus.

He was forced to step back.

He coughed. The red liquid stained the knight’s uniform, his own blood, and Bakugou’s hands went to his own stomach, where the pain was already spreading through his body. His own hands were now dirty with his own blood and he looked up, at Shouto, at the sword on his hands, the darkness on his eyes.

His vision was going darker and darker, he couldn’t see Shouto anymore.

“I’m saving you” his voice was far away on his mind. “Katsuki”.

He fell.


BAD ENDING: The Red Knight

Chapter Text

Katsuki wanted to go home. That was his objective all along, since he fist interacted with this strange looking dream, he wanted to go back home, to his groom’s arms, to his family, to his few friends. All he wanted is this dream to be over, but, when the knights talks about sending him home, all that it makes his is nauseous, as something really bad would happen, so, instead of searching for an excuse or trying to reason with the knight, he does what he most despises.

He runs.

And, looking behind, he thinks he made the right choice, not wanting to think of what could have happened if he stood there with the Ace of Hearts, not when the man’s footsteps can be heard right behind him, coming closer at each second, making Bakugou aware that he can’t run for longer. He can't hide, the Red Knight will find him.

He enters the forest, not worried about getting lost once again on that green sea, not when he has that psycho after him, he can’t have the luxury to worry about getting lost. Maybe, if he get lost, he can also lose Shouto from his trail. It’s a stupid thought, however, he isn’t in position to make good plans. He trips on his own feet, thankfully, he didn't fall.

Shouto is getting closer.

He glances through his shoulder, not sure if he wants or not to see the knight in that darkness and, oh, how stupid of him. Before crimson and heterochromatic eyes met, Bakugou bumped into something hard. What resembled a serpent was wrapped around his waist, preventing the blond from running away. He couldn't hear Shouto’s steps anymore, but maybe that was because of his own breathing; loud, almost hyperventilating, knowing his end was soon to come.

"Calm down, Alice" the deep voice snaps him out of his thoughts.

Looking up, he met turquoise eyes, they weren’t looking at him, however, instead, the man was looking at what Bakugou couldn't see, behind his back, and before the blond could even wonder where the man was looking, he spoke, cutting his trail of thoughts, "Shouto" and Bakugou fell into despair again.

He struggled, he needed to run, but those arms kept him in place, even with the man acting as if he didn't know Katsuki was there, ignoring his entire existence. "Calm down" that's all he whispers, quietly on his ear, avoiding anyone else to hear it. Katsuki closes his eyes; that's all he has, he needs to trust that man.

"Dabi" Todoroki says back.

"What are you doing here, knight?"


"Not your territory, though" there's a hand on Katsuki's head, but he keeps his eyes closed. "Whatever comes into this forest is automatically mine. Even our little Alice, he belongs to me."

"I can't let him go."

A loud noise almost explodes Katsuki's ears, he recognizes the sound of a shoot, of a gun and, looking up, his eyes wide once again, he sees the hand, the one not preventing him from running, holding a gun, an old pistol, he recognizes, he has seen one before. And, knowing what the target was, Katsuki looks back, where Todoroki stands still, not bothered with the bullet that failed to crave a hole into his skull, craving one in the nearby tree instead. A warning shot, they all knew.

Dabi continued to smirk, "It's the rules, little brother."

They stare at each other for a while, again, and Katsuki hears the clicking sound of the safety pin being disabled, Dabi is ready to shoot again. It's a unfair fight, as Shouto only has a sword on hands, but Dabi, the man with equally turquoise eyes, doesn't care. There's another sound, this one belonging to Shouto's footsteps, as he walks away without further warning, "You take care of him, Dabi."

And finally, Katsuki is released. He steps back and looks at the man with pure horror, ready to run away again; he doesn't feel saved, he feels like the prey being disputed by the carnivores. Even if he was helped, he can't help but to feel only wariness when he looks at the man, who just continues to smile, observing each corner of Katsuki's soul. The blond, however, only relaxes when the gun is put back on the man's pocket, letting him know he wasn't a threat.

"Who are you?"

"Me?" he wonders how someone can sound so bored, yet so amused, at the same time. "I believe you heard about me, Alice. I'm known as the Joker or, how my brother called me, Dabi."

"That says nothing to me."

He hums, "Is that so? Let me enlighten you, if that's the case" he makes no attempts to get closer to Katsuki. "I rule around here, the forest is not the king's domains. Whatever comes into this place belongs to me and" his hands moves as if to point to the blond "that includes you now."

"And why the hell you helped me."

"If my brother dislikes you, that means you are no threat, to me at least. If he hates you, you have my adoration already."

"Your brother?" was he talking about the knight? Seeing now, Katsuki could understand the similarities he hasn't before, in that moment of panic, like the eyes resembling one of Shouto's sides, the burnt one or the facial structure, though Shouto indeed looked softer than the Joker. Talking about that name, he heard it before, he tries to remembering when, since it happened on the beginning of this tale. It came from the Cat's mouth, he thinks. He isn't sure about this point. He would have to go back to confirm it.

Dabi shrugs, "My little brother."

"And now?"

"Now? It depends on your choice, I can't control it" he can see the man playing with the gun on his pocket, though no ill intentions are behind that act. "I can take you with me, I like you, Alice. It depends."

He stepped closer.

"What do you want to do?"



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Chapter Text

Truth was, Katsuki had nowhere to be. Home? He didn’t even know if that place was real anymore, he couldn’t remember his way, he couldn’t go back. He was lost and alone in this world and, even though Katsuki never liked company, he could make good use of someone like Dabi, specially if someone like the Red Knights comes after him again.

He had nowhere to go, but the Joker could find one for him.

“You said I belonged to you” Katsuki teased, daring to come closer to the hunter.

The man seemed amused, also stepping closer to the blond, “You do.”

“How so?”

“This is my place, I own everything” with their proximity, Katsuki had to look up to stare at his eyes, the height difference really making it hard to maintain his posture, even so, he stepped even closer, so close he could feel the man’s breath against his skin. “Whatever comes here, it’s mine. That includes you.”

Katsuki snorts, “I don’t belong to anyone.”

The man smile even wider and, at the moment, Katsuki’s heart stops for a bit. He thinks the man will kill the distance between them but, instead, he turns on his heels, walking away and not caring about Katsuki following.

“We should see about it.”

Groaning, Bakugou follows anyways. How arrogant was that man, not in a way to annoy Katsuki, at least.

They just walk, side to side, for half an hour, Bakugou guesses, he can’t be sure about time around here, until the man finally looks at him, as if he never noticed Bakugou there, even though they have been walking together. A mix of amusement and surprise on his face, as he stared the blond down.

“So, you are really coming along.”

“Thought I said that an hour ago, huh.”

“I’m just wondering why are you tagging. I didn’t leave the beast first impression.”

Katsuki spends some seconds in silence, thinking of what he should say, searching for an answer that would interest the man but in the end, he opts for the truth. “I have nowhere else to go, that’s all.”

Dabi hums, opening space between the bushes so they could both continue the path, “I guess we are kinda similar, then.”

“How so?”

“I think I have somewhere to go, it’s just that I don’t care to go back. I don’t know where I need to go, but I know there’s nothing that important there,” he glances at Katsuki through his shoulder, “Isn’t the same with you, Katsuki?”

He said his name between pauses, each syllable dancing on the tip of his tongue, sounding as amused as every other thing he said before, but this time, the words got to Bakugou. He had his family, he had his friends, he had everything back home but, somehow, he never really felt desperate to go back, at least not after spending some time around here. He just kept going because it’s good to have an objective, because he was sure he would go nuts if he didn’t have one, but now, all he wanted was to know more about this man.

Katsuki shrugs, “Whatever.”

Dabi laughs.

“Where are we going, anyways?”

“Who cares?”

“I do.”

“If that’s the case, you can go back if you want, Princess.”

With a groan, Katsuki shuts his mouth.

And, until he is stopped by a loud noise, he is lost in his thoughts, trying to remember an old story he heard once, maybe in a book, he isn’t sure anymore. Anyways, a loud noise makes him snap out of his mind, the sound of a shot, and he looks up, to the man holding a gun, pointing it to a tree without a care in the world.

“What the hell?” Katsuki frowns.

“If my brother comes after you again, you should know what to do” he flips the gun on his hand, pointing it to himself as he extends his hand to Katsuki, offering him the pistol. “Take it.”

Katsuki is reluctant, looking at the object with certain suspicion, as if it could explode with just a touch. It looked like a trap, it was written on Dabi’s face, ‘don’t trust me’ and Katsuki would never know why he didn’t trust that look.

Hesitantly, he takes the gun. It’s heavy on his hands and he is almost disgusted, if his interest wasn’t bigger than whatever other emotion he felt. “What now?”

“You shoot.”

Before he could even ask what the target was, or why was it necessary, the man pointed to the same tree he just hit a moment ago, calming Bakugou down. He would fake indifference, but the thought of killing a living animal made him uncomfortable, it would be easier to shoot the man than to shoot a rabbit or a squirrel. However, he was fine with just a tree.

Stiff, he lifted the gun, holding it close to his chest and targeting the tree, hoping he would miss the shoot. Luckily, the safety pin was already opened by the hunter, as Bakugou had no idea of how to do it. However, before he could press the trigger, strong arms held him by behind.

“You are doing it wrong” he lifted Katsuki’s arms, so the gun was far from his face or body. “It will hurt you, put some distance.”

“I[‘m not wrong.”

“Not anymore” he could almost hear the smirk on his voice, but soon forgotten when Dabi pressed his finger against the trigger, his breath on his ears being the last sound he heard after the shoot. The strong bullet engraved the tree, almost missing, hitting the corners of the wood. His heard was beating fast and with that, he became aware of their position, how his chest felt against his back, or his chin resting against his shoulders, how his hands were almost intertwined before Dabi let it go, indifferent.

He forced himself to breath.

“That was futile” Katsuki said, and Dabi shrugged.

“A bit.”

Katsuki tried to hand over the gun, just to be ignored by the ravenette, “Keep it” he said before turning around, continuing the path as if that scene never happened.


“It’s for you.”

“You have confidence, thinking I won’t try to kill you with this.”

“Ooh, will you?”

He bit his lip, “I could, if I wanted.”

“But you don’t want to.”

"That’s not the point.”

“But it’s enough for me."

Opting for the silence, Katsuki placed the gun on his pockets, running to catch the man who was back to leading the way. If you could call that ‘leading’, as Katsuki was almost sure they didn’t have a destination, they would just walk, until Dabi decided to show him something else. Or at least he thought so, before he saw the wood house waiting for them. Well, he supposes the man should live somewhere nearby, though he wasn’t expecting Dabi to take him there.

“What are you looking at, Katsuki?”

Bakugou shrugged. “Not at you.”

“Oh,” he smiled, “Let’s see about that.”

As soon as the door closed behind them, Katsuki had his lips taken by the taller man. It was sudden, out of nowhere, but not unknown. Their bodies remembered each other, as if they were lovers reincarnated and finally found. He couldn’t understand why, but soon his arms wrapped around his neck and strong, calloused hands, were firm on his waist, preventing him from going anywhere.

He is barely aware of the way his legs are wrapped around his lover’s torso, and how he lifts him with ease, as he has done it before, and take him to bed. ‘I missed you’, Touya says, and Katsuki agrees silently, knowing that if he opens his mouth, only moans will come out of it.

His suspenders fall from his shoulders when Dabi leans down to take off his clothes, kissing Katsuki’s neck, leaving hickeys that couldn’t be forgotten later. And just like that, all that survives is Katsuki’s stripped socks and white shirt, half of it’s buttons already opened, leaving space for Touya to trail his kisses down, until he reach the blond’s chest, tongue playing with one rim as his free hand pinched the other nipple, hand not hesitating to grab his boob with full force, making the blonde moan once again, the sensitive spot being too much to keep his silence.

The ravenette liked the noise, and now encouraged, the kisses trailed even more down, to his pale tights, playing with the hem of his socks that reached to the middle of his tights, though it was covered by his shorts before, now full exposed to the man in front of him. Katsuki had his eyes closed, too embarrassed to look at the man, but he could feel the hickeys being left there, coming closer and closer to his entrance.

Without warning, Dabi lifted him up, making Katsuki gasp loudly with surprise. He knew what Touya was doing, he has done many times before back at home, but still to this day, his face heated up, shame forcing the blond to look away, quickly. Dabi's smile tickled against his skin and his tongue was cold when he played around the rim, slow movements, teasing, before finally inserting his tongue, without warning. His penis was already drenching with precum, though he would never admit how much he loved when Touya took his time eating him out, how much he loved the attention he got.

Forcing Bakugou to bend over, Katsuki could now hold him by the shoulders, not caring about his flexibility as Dabi continued to thrust his tongue inside, each movement enough for his crimson eyes to roll over. Oh, he could imagine his expression, the saliva sliding down his chin, his eyes out of focus, his skin red. His hips moved, trying to get more of Touya, never having enough, riding his orgasm, he could sense he was close, sense his mind slipping away.

And then, everything stops.

"You should see yourself, 'Suki" his voice was hoarse, and he licks his lips, staring at every part of Katsuki's body. "What a pretty slut. Is it that good?"

Katsuki bit his lip, hand closed in a fist right in front of his mouth, and he just nodded, the tears forming on the corner of his eyes as Dabi set him down in the mattress, ignoring his erection overstimulated. A pain on his cheeks made him gasp; Dabi's hand didn't hesitate to slap his ass, and oh, how much he loved it. 

"Say it."

"I-I'm... Fuck" another slap, and the blond gulped his moans down, trying to focus, even with Dabi positioning his member on his entrance. "I missed you."

"I thought so" Touya groans, and finally enters his lover, both moans mixing in the air, creating their own harmonious song.

Katsuki feels it stretching his insides, remodeling him however he wants, after such a long time separated and, immediately, he cums, not worrying about being teased later by the older man. However, even with his oversensitive body almost giving up after his orgasm, Dabi kept going, thrusting with force until he comes, spilling his seed deep inside the blonde, hoarse moan coming out as he does, and Bakugou can't help but to moan, satisfied. 

His eyes are already closing when Dabi takes it out after waiting a bit. He hears his laugh somewhere that sounded far away, in the back of his mind, his consciousness already out of his control, feeling his body fall into a rabbit hole, falling and falling until everything fades in a distant memory. He can hear the Joker's last words, "See you soon, Katsuki" and he finally gives up.






“Isn’t my Sleeping Beauty here?”

Slowly, Katsuki opens his eyes, having to blink twice to clear his vision, to be sure of who was there, right in front of him, standing on his foot as he looked down at the blonde, usual smile on, existing only to piss Katsuki off. It’s been so long since he have seen Dabi that, even if he wants to get mad, he can’t, hiding his happiness behind a frown, he speaks, almost groans.

“Where have you been, stupid?”

“Far, far away.”

“And apparently forgetting about me, I noticed.”

“Forgetting you? Nah, princess, never” Katsuki had to roll his eyes when the man kneels in front of him, Dabi, Touya, has always been like that, disappearing and coming back whenever he wanted to, never revealing to Katsuki what he had been doing for so long, maybe that’s why Katsuki was so surprised when his hand was asked for marriage, even after dating Dabi for all those years, he could never see that coming.

But after asking, Dabi had to go away, once again, but left with the promise of settling down once they married. And that’s why Katsuki has been waiting so patiently, because, after all, he loved that man, and even if he doubted it sometimes, he knew Dabi loved him too.

Even so, he can;t control what comes out of his mouth next, “You disappeared. Again.”

“You know, love” he leans closer, until Dabi is pinning Katsuki’s wrists in the grass and their faces are inches apart. Today, he has a strange scent, not a bad one, but certainty different, however, as they finally kiss, Katsuki doesn’t seem to mind that much. “That’s just how I am.”

“Wrong answer.”

“Oh, Princess, you really believe I would forget my promise?” he leans down again, but the hand in front of his lips prevents him from kissing his groom, he wouldn’t let himself fall for that. “I didn’t.”

“Wrong answer.”

He stops, he thinks, he smirks, “I love you?” and Katsuki’s hand are moved easily from where it stood, allowing the old man to evolve his lips with his owns. Even if the grass disturbs Katsuki’s soft skin, and even if Dabi is constantly aware of the sound at the forest, they allow themselves to forget about it a little, continuing their passionate kiss under the new moon, small on the distance, taking the sun’s role for today.

Finally having break free from the kiss, with Katsuki’s dazed out expression, cheeks rosy, are vaguely visible under the moonlight, under Dabi, his arms spread beneath his head, allowing whatever Dabi plans to happen. Dabi may have a similar expression, The moon shining brightly behind him, observing the two lovers, smiling at their meeting, even if it won’t last long.

When Dabi whispers about making good use of their time, Katsuki feels nostalgic.




Chapter Text

Katsuki didn’t want to go upstairs; he could sense something bad waiting for him there, a dark presence that was never mentioned before but, as if being controlled by an external being, he walked to the staircase, slows steps that seemed to take forever, his mind was blank and, when he returned to reality, he was going up, one step at the time. He looked up, trying to see what would he need to pass to reach the top, not surprised he couldn’t see the end of the staircases. He could go back, but that unknown force prevented him from doing so, and, as always, Katsuki doesn’t run away.

It reminded him of a person on his past, a green haired kid that grown up to be a handsome man, one that he fell in love with. Since they were kids, Katsuki has always been in love with that man. If he closes his eyes now, he remembers how his freckles seemed to shine under the sunlight, how it captivated Katsuki as if it was an endangered specie of a magnificent animal.

“Kacchan, are you listening?”

He wasn’t. He was busy with the way the man’s mouth moved as he talked excitedly about an artifact he found on his last expedition. They have been separated for two weeks, the grenette had to be away for his work, work that made Katsuki curse the history of the world and its remnants.

“I am,” he lied “Deku.”

Midoriya smiled, reaching for Katsuki’s hand and holding it gently with his own. “I’m sorry I monopolized our conversation, Kacchan.”

“It’s not…”

“How were you while I was away?”

The same as always. His life wasn’t as interesting as Midoriya’s, anyways, those two weeks allowed him to notice the fact, the fact that his passive life couldn't be compared to a paleontologist like Midoriya. A writer like Katsuki had a boring life, resumed on spending his days in the library or walking around the forest, searching for inspiration. It could be summarized by Katsuki waiting for a letter to arrive, or Katsuki continuing his studies, or trying to, as his mind would wander far away without his agreement.

“I missed you” that’s all Katsuki says in the end, letting his cheeks rest against their intertwined hands, pressing them against the table.

At that time, they weren’t dating yet. Even though they were fully aware of the other’s feelings, nothing was spoken about it, not officially, at least. They didn’t have to name their feeling out loud, they both knew for years now, that what they felt was fully mutual.

There’s a soft smile on his face as he answers, “I missed you too, Kacchan.”



At that time, there was a new man in town.

When they passes through his house, on a morning walk, Ochako leaned to whisper on his ear, ‘A scientist’ as if it was a dishonest career. Bakugou didn’t think so, he was very found of science, in fact, unlike his family and the elders, as it was a new discover for them and, honestly, who isn’t afraid of what they have never seen before? That’s why Katsuki nodded at his friend, turning to look at the old house, hoping to see, through the window, all the objects the mad scientists use to create the most horrendous monsters or, at least, that’s what he sees on books.

Instead, he only spots a dark haired man on the window, looking outside. He seems bored and Katsuki has no doubt why, this place is boring when you have no one to talk to, he has learned it by the worst way possible. The man, the scientist, reminded him of Deku, somehow. Maybe the dark hair color and its cut because, afar from that, nothing resembled his childhood beloved. Even his eyes, from what he saw, had a gray tone, dead. He knew in that moment that nothing could amuse that man, probably because he works with proof, with science, he has seen everything already, Katsuki fantasizes.

Until those grey orbs find Katsuki in the monochromatic street.

The man smiles.

It looks fake.

Katsuki turns his head without further interaction.

They meet sometimes, like when Katsuki went to the well, get some water for today’s dinner and couldn’t help but to spill a bit from the bucket when he turned around, facing the man he has seen on the window that day. He had that same fake smile as before, but when he was so close, it looked even worse, considering how handsome he was, what an unfair fact. He held Bakugou’s hands with his own, trying to steady the heavy bucket.

“Shindo Yo” he presented himself, releasing the blond before he could throw the bucket at him.

I didn’t ask, he wanted to answer, but that would just give him more reason to talk with Katsuki so, instead, he eyes the scientist suspiciously before walking away.

They met sometimes after this event and, in those times, they actually talked a bit, about Shindo’s work and Katsuki’s hobby's. Nothing much, nothing long.

Their houses were parallel to each other and, sometimes, when Katsuki was resting in the garden, he could feel eyes on his, almost staring into his soul. It made him wonder if Shindo was watching.



The scientist got sick, everyone in town said.

It was the new rumor going around in town, about how his studies left him mad as a hatter, what a danger. He tried to warn everyone about dreams and demons, even, pages and pages written about his madness, that he insisted on calling his studies.

Katsuki tried his harder to avoid the crazy man and, just like that, time passed smoothly.

Until December, when Midoriya finally asked him in marriage.

They never dated, per se, but the secret kisses they have been sharing since their teenage days weren’t without meaning. Their dates at the library and the gifts they exchanges, it was all held captive on Katsuki’s heart so, even if they never named what he had, Katsuki said yes, without a second thought on the matter. And, for a week, they were happy.

Then, one day, Midoriya suddenly disappeared.





Todoroki Shouto belonged to a rival family. The Todoroki’s were rich and famous, though not that influential in town, as that title belonged to the Bakugou family. That’s why there was certain rivalry between their families, most of it belonged to Enji, who seemed to truly hate his rivals, while for the Bakugou’s, Masaru and Mitsuki, it was nothing more that a mutual disliking. Maybe that’s the reason Bakugou never noticed the youngest Todoroki.

He was beautiful, with his bi colored hair and mismatched eyes that could be considered a flaw but, for Katsuki, was nothing more than perfect. Everything about that man had certain grace, elegance, even though he had nothing symmetrical about him, he always brought this harmonious vibe to Katsuki’s mind.

Also, Katsuki couldn’t help but to be intrigued about the scar covering half of the boy’s face. He never thought of it as ugly, anyways, more like another interesting fact about the heterochromatic man. Katsuki wanted to know the reason behind that, he was always intrigued by the unusual and Todoroki Shouto was no different.

Of course, they saw each other in town sometimes, as Shouto could be easily found in the library, a place Katsuki used to frequent a lot, but they never spoke. Sometimes, they would acknowledge each other with a silent nod, as if they had the need to let the other know that there were no harmful feelings between them. He didn’t hate Shouto and that feeling was mutual, but neither he liked Shouto, and that was also mutual.

The first time they spoke, Katsuki found him at the forest.

Shouto was sitting under a tree, playing with the flowers growing in a bush nearby, with delicate touches, afraid of hurting it. He was unaware of Katsuki’s presence, and that image, the lone boy with the white flowers, was engraved on Katsuki’s mind.

He approached, Katsuki taught him about those flowers, “Ipomoea alba”, he remembers saying. “Moon flowers.”

And Shouto answer, with a frown, “They have a unique form.”

“It’s because they are not bloomed yet.”

“When will they bloom? April?”

“This type of flower just blooms at night, are you dumb or what?” Katsuki explained, also admiring the pretty white flower up close. “Come back at night and you will see.”

“Is that an invitation?”

He smirked, “It can be.”

And that’s how it all started. Just like that, they began to meet there, every night, to appreciate the blossom. With the moon enlightening both, they would talk about their lives, their families, how was their day, what scared him. It all began like that, and stayed that way until Shouto kissed him, finally.

Once, they were enjoying the new moon, stargazing in the clearing, Katsuki resting his head on Shouto’s shoulder, appreciating both the starry night and his lover, knowing there was a barrier between them and the rest of the world, a barriers made of white flowers behind them, the bushes keeping their location in secret.

Their touches were intimate, a secret, only known for them and the flowers. But oh, how the flowers enjoyed whispering secrets around. And they whispered too loud because, the next day, when they met as usual, the flowers had been burn to ashes.

But they continued to meet there.

Even when the red weeds started to invade their space, they continued to meet.

When Shouto and him exchanged their love vows, they made a promise, to run far away together, leave the rest of the world behind, to be just them. They shared their dreams, living together in a castle, a garden full of flowers, white or red flowers, it didn’t matter.

The next day, Shouto was forgotten.




Touya was also a Todoroki.

He was most known as Dabi, the bastard son, the one that was up to no good. He was the oldest of the three, older than Fuyumi and Natsuo, and that’s what gave him the freedom to do what he wanted to, not acting by his father’s rules. Dabi was a free soul, that disappeared for days without a warning, and would come back with a smirk on, not caring with people speculating about his business.

Katsuki never bothered with him. Sure, he heard rumors, even about him belonging to the local mafia, a shady business that continued to grow with each year. People in town doubted everyone at this point, not knowing who could belong to that type of organization, they suspected even their own families and, most of the times, they were actually right.

He couldn’t deny, there was something sexy about the thought of that man, Dabi, carrying that title.

Surprisingly, they met at the library. Helping Katsuki get a book in the tallest shelve, Touya presented himself as if Katsuki wasn't aware of who he was, introducing his character not by his real name, as expected, but as 'Dabi', and that was fine by Katsuki. He left right away, saying he needed anything there, and Katsuki believed; Dabi wasn't the type that seemed to have time to read, he thought and was probably right.

But it seemed Dabi had much time to stare at Katsuki. Approach him anywhere, pushing a small talk, and in the end the conversation would always end with Katsuki telling him about a new book he just read, trying to convince the man to search for the titles. He never once read his recommendations, but he enjoyed resting against Katsuki's lap, hearing stories about distant kingdoms and magical creatures. Katsuki once told him about how surprised he was, to know that Touya wasn't that interested by horror and mystery novels, receiving only an answer that left no space for questions, "I have enough of that already" and Bakugou believed him.

Their relationship evolved gradually, with Dabi disappearing for days to come back in the middle of the night, crawling through Bakugou's window and hoping the blonde wouldn't notice his wounds as he laid down next to his lover; a failure every single time. Katsuki would always, always, get up and clean his wounds, carefully, bandaging it so it wouldn't get infected. It was not every time he would find Dabi hurt on his bed. Sometimes, when Dabi laid down next to him at sinful hours, he would start with kisses on Katsuki's neck, soft touches that soon evolved to something more, evolve to Katsuki under him, calling for his name.

In the morning after, Dabi would be gone.

And that was alright.

Before he left, Dabi promised to him; when I come back, we will marry, he said. If needed, he would take Katsuki far away, but since Bakugou wished for them to settle down, that was what he would do, just to spend the rest of his life with the blonde. He just needed to finish some work and after that, they would live however they wanted.

When Dabi left a week after, he never came back.




He met Kirishima at a cemetery.

Katsuki doesn’t know exactly what he was doing there, to be honest. He felt as if he was searching for someone, for a name engraved on the stones, but he didn’t even know what he was looking for, for who. But even so, Katsuki kneeled next to graves and cried, feeling empty without having even a name, as someone who lost their memories, a part of him was gone. The dead seemed to pity him, whispering comforting words into his ears, but so did the living.

Looking up, a gentle boy smiled, "Are you alright?" he asked, worry reflected on his red eyes, that matched surprisingly well with his dark hair and sharp teeth, making Katsuki wonder how someone with that kind of appearance could have such king aura surrounding him

"I'm not sure" Katsuki answered, avoiding eye contact with the man.

"That's okay too, you don't have to know those kind of things, yeah?" he laughed, and something bloomed inside Katsuki. "I don't know what happened but everything will be fine, so hand on!"

When the man said that, with such positivity, Katsuki believed him, every single word that came out of his mouth. Even the word seemed to gain colors, abandoning the gray tones behind, lighten up his view, as if spring had come sooner than expected. They soon became friends, even though they had no interests in common, neither did they shared problems, coming from complete opposites backgrounds, but they enjoyed each other's company, and that's all that matter.

The day they had their first kiss, Kirishima was taken away from him.



On a lonely day, Shindo approached him.

Their romance was slow, full of holes in Bakugou's memory, but somehow, he remembered Shindo's approaching him whenever he felt lonely, whenever he felt abandoned, forgotten, whenever he felt guilty. And, eventually, he came to like the scientist, the one who would let the blond into his house, to watch his studies and read his researches. He had a personal library that Bakugou learned to love, hidden in the basement. He would spend hours there, while Shindo worked upstairs, and that's how he used to spend his days.

Shindo was reliable, whenever Katsuki had a problem, he would solve for him, almost like magic.

His cheerful persona was the reason they started to date, as the man wouldn't take a no for answer even if that was the case, since, when first asked, Bakugou accepted to date the scientist, hoping for a new begin with the man, as if he had been running from something he couldn't quite remember this whole time. He felt safe with Shindo, even if he woke up next to him in the middle of the night and saw him in the corner of the room, talking with the shadows. He felt safe with him, though he stared right into his eyes and told him about how long he had been waiting to have Katsuki on his arms, how envious he was. Katsuki felt happy with Shindo, because of him, he wasn't alone anymore, he wasn't empty.

When he asked him in marriage, he accepted without seconds thoughts about the darkness on his eyes as he looked at something behind Katsuki.

He trusted him, and that's all that mattered.

He trusted whatever was controlling Shindo.

He wouldn't be alone anymore.




When Katsuki was a kid, he would go home and tell his mother about the strange creature he saw on the forest, every time he saw the creature, he would start shaking, but still, he would pretend to be brave whenever he told his mother about it, sometimes, lying about using his magical powers to save himself and his childhood friend from that monster. Mitsuki would laugh as she told Masaru about how creative their son were, and he would also laugh, pet Katsuki’s hair.

Since then, he can’t remember the creature appearing in front of his eyes again.

He hasn’t seen that creature again, but, once, he remembered sleeping beneath a tree, like always, and waking up with a red rose on his lap. Amazed, he tried to touch it, just to be hurt by its thorns. At that time, he wondered if the monster was the one behind it, and somehow, he was grateful for the flower. Even if it cut his small fingers, it was a pretty flower and, maybe, the monster didn’t even know it could hurt. However, soon the rose was forgotten.

That’s why, now, meeting the creature face to face, Katsuki isn’t scared anymore.

“It’s been a while” the creature said, his voice echoing in that strange darkness their were, surrounded by the pure form of nothing. “Katsuki.”

“You were real.”

“I am, as much as I can” it was hard to tell, but somehow, he knew the monster smiled.

“What is this place?”

“You should know by now, Katsuki. You remembered. You remembered everything, didn’t you? Everyone, their stories, all routes, you even remembered forgetting their existence, as if it was nothing.”

He did. He also knew where they were; the true form of this realm, not the illusion the Demon created for him to be happy. He was showing himself in his purest form, indifferent if Bakugou would like or not. With all that honesty, showing his form in front of Katsuki, he knew what the creature wanted; to make a deal. Like one he tried to make centuries ago, with a woman he loved, a woman that originated the Bakugou family.


But this time, Katsuki didn't have an option.

“It’s lonely" the creature began. "I shouldn’t know that, I shouldn’t know what loneliness is, but I know. Because I spent too much time with the humans, I ended up learning what it is. I learned so much from you, humans. Pain, regret. The years taught me that.”

“And why am I here?”

“Because long ago, it started to hurt. Even if I promised back then to protect her family, it hurts, seeing her heritage alive, knowing it is here because I let go of her, so many decades ago. I want it to end, I want it to stop hurting.”

Katsuki gulped, “You don’t want to be lonely anymore.”


“But you can’t keep me here.”

“Yes” long fingers touched Bakugou’s cheeks, and the blonde didn’t feel the need to stop him. His touches were delicate, soft, as if Bakugou could break at any moment. “I could never force you to be here, not when I promised to take care of your family. I'm a demon, after all, and a deal is a deal.”

“So-” release me, but the words got stuck on his throat.

The demon interrupted, “I could never keep you here, I couldn’t keep Alice, also. Neither could I your grandmother when I tried. But,” there was a pause, Bakugou couldn’t feel his touches anymore, neither could he distinguish the creature from the dark. He looked around, searching for him in the darkness, when he couldn't even see his own hands. “I can keep everyone else.”

Bakugou already knew that.

“And if I go now?”

“You know the answer. They will stop existing, once again banished from their reality. Even if I can’t do anything to you, I can do whatever I want with them.”


“Yes. We made a pact.”

“You forced him to make a pact.”

“He had taken a liking for the on your first meeting, I just saw a chance.”

“Your forced him into obsession.”

“You can’t force someone into obsession, if that happened, the obsession was already inside him, I just helped to wake it up" he heard its breath, next to his ear, and Katsuki turned around, but the monster was already out of his reach. "That's what demons do."

He didn't know what to answer for that so, instead, Katsuki just kept quiet, ready to fight, even if he knew that wasn't what the creature came for, even if he knew that if they indeed fought, Katsuki wouldn't stand a chance against it. But if he died, it would be Katsuki's win; he preferred to die by his own hands than to let the beast do whatever he wanted with him.

"I'm not Alice" he tried.

"I'm aware, Katsuki."

"Those people have nothing to do with you."

"I'm also aware."

"Release them."

Trying to sound confidant, all he received was a laugh, one that changed tones, acute, hoarse, deep, it was everything, as if there were than one person laughing, loudly, hurting Bakugou's ears. It was a no, his order was rejected, he wasn't the King of this place and neither was he the owner of the pact. He was helpless in the Demon's hands.

"However," the voice echoed this time, as if they were in a cave and the beast was everywhere, like the air he breathed, as if he was the darkness itself, “I will let them go, with one condition.”

“Which one?”

“You know what it is.”

Yes, that was true.

It was obvious, from the beginning, and Katsuki wondered how he never noticed it before. Maybe he never thought about it because he didn't want to think about the harsh possibility, the harsh reality, this type of ending, it would be too cliche. That's why the words were dry on his throat when he spoke, knowing it was the best option for someone like him, who destroyed everything he touched.

“I will stay.”

And then, everything went black.







Time doesn’t work here.

Nothing actually works around here, he knows it just a illusion, a dream, a reality that could never come true in normal terms. So he can’t help but wonder how lonely the demon felt, trapped here, trying to project his shadow on the real world, so he could watch his beloved ones, protect them. But, even so, Katsuki doesn’t hate this place.

Even if all he does is walk or appreciate the fake view, he doesn’t hate it.

The demon wasn’t a bad company, if he were to be honest, and even if they had nothing to talk about, he liked his company, somehow, but maybe that was just out of loneliness, out of having no one else around. Everything was taken from Katsuki, but, as surprisingly as it was, it didn’t feel that bad. He never felt trapped, even if he knew he was, feeling like he could go out anytime he wanted, but, for some reason, he felt like he shouldn’t.

Once, they sat under a tree, Katsuki playing with roses, its thorns not hurting his hands anymore, and knowing the demon was watching, from a certain distance, Katsuki started to talk. He talked about his parents, his friends, like the girl that worked at his house, he talked about Midoriya, Shindo, and everyone that once made part of his life.

The demon listened, only.

He didn’t tell the creature that with the intention to make him feel bad, he just wanted to talk. But, even so, the demon showed him a way to watch them from afar; they couldn’t see Katsuki, they couldn’t interact, but it was enough for him to watch their lives go, without his presence, as if he never existed. It was quite strange, seeing how his own parents forgot about him, acting like they never had an heir. How his friends continued living, not noticing the open space Katsuki left. How the people he once loved just found another lover, how their lives continued, as if nothing ever happened.

He thought that being forgotten would hurt a lot more than that, honestly. It's almost as if he feels nothing when he stares at Izuku's first kiss, or Shouto getting married. Emptiness, that's all he is able to. Years have passed in the real world, but the feeling was still the same.

Time is infinite here, but not outside. That’s why he sits and watches the most mundane things for the whole day, even if that means watching them sleeping, watching to they forget about him more and more with each day that passes. He misses them, everyone he once knew. And the demon, sitting next to him, knows that.

Katsuki knows he can escape any time he wants, he knows the demon won't truly mind and neither will the monster be able to hurt him or anyone else outside, considering how weak he was nowadays, but as he sits and watches time pass, he is hesitant to go; what would happen? Would he go back to his life as nothing ever happened? No one would ever blame him for what they have passed, even if they can’t remember it? And, besides, the thought of leaving the demon alone somehow scared him.

It’s lonely around here. He doesn’t know what will happen with the demon if he goes home, if he will just disappear, out of power, or if he will be trapped here forever, alone.

It’s really lonely here, he thinks once again.

He should stay.

Just for a little longer.



REAL ENDING: Wonderland

Chapter Text

There’s a unease feeling that invades his heart suddenly, a shiver down his spine, remembering him of his objective, now distant. Katsuki wants to stay, but his mouth moves on his own as he mutters, not even recognizing his own voice, as if another person was talking for him or, better, forcing him to say. “I have somewhere to go” his voice trembled.

The man, the Joker, eyed him suspiciously, but shrugged, stepping back and allowing Katsuki to run through the bushes, not caring with the trees scratching his face as he continued to run. He felt desperate, and if he was late for an important mission. He had to go, now. But he didn’t know why, so he just kept running. It was night, then it was day. He saw the sun through the green leafs, he saw the moon, but he didn’t stop running, he couldn’t stop running.

He just stopped when he reached the end, his final location, a white staircase waited for him. Katsuki tried to look up, but he couldn’t see how tall It was, hidden by the leafs, hidden by the clouds. But he couldn’t care less; he just ran upstairs, ignoring how tall it was, ignoring the risk to fall. If he looked to the ground, he would be surprised by the distance between him and the ground, he would be surprised at the size of the forest, the green sea under him, and he would be surprised by the crimson castle in the distance, once so giant but now so small, he would be amazed by the mountains in the horizon, where a red dragon lived on his own.

But he didn’t look back.

He takes the final steps and finally allows himself to take a good look of where he was, the glassy floor he was on, allowing him to see the whole land, golden watches that seemed to float around the room and, behind him, the staircase disappeared, almost as if it never existed, preventing Katsuki from going back, not that he wanted.

Bakugou can see everyone from here, even the characters he never met. An image of the white rabbit floated right next to him before disappeared, in a blue light, almost like an hologram, almost like magic and, on the other side, a dark Joker miniature pointed a gun to an enormous crimson dragon, hoping to win this fight. If he wanted, if he cared, Bakugou could change it all, go back on time, change everything. If he wanted, he could make the rabbit calm down, and he could prevent the Joker from meeting the Jabberwocky.

As the clock master, he has this type of power.

With confidant steps, he comes closer to his throne, hearing a voice on the back of his mind as soon as he accepts his final role, his title, “It’s a delight to have you back again” it says, and Katsuki knows exactly who is the owner of that voice.

He can go back and he will do it, going back and back to the beginning, searching for the perfect ending, knowing that, in the end of the day, he will always reach the same place, he will always sit on the same throne, finally aware of everything, all routes, characters, endings. He knows his own roles in this tragicomedy, and he knows his past, but he can’t care anymore. Everything will be forgotten when he goes back to chapter one, but not now.

Looking at the Tea Party, Neito has a disgusted face on, and Katsuki can’t help but to feel a bit guilty about cursing him and breaking his clock, long time ago after a fight, even though he was aware of the fact, the fact that, if he never did that, he wouldn’t be able to reach his location now. Everything was a circle that could never be finished, as long as someone opened the page to start it all over again, to give life to his character. Lifting one hand, Monoma’s clock is easily broken again. It’s all for the circle, for this story’s sake. He steps on the Rabbit’s time, as he had done many times before.

Smiling, Katsuki waits for you to restart.




??? ENDING:  The Clock Master