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Jojo's unconventional poems and short stories

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All that is left is a scrap of blue fabric, her dresses and books were sold within the first week after her death. Dio holds on to it so tightly that he makes himself bleed. Its plain to him theres nothing good left in the house. Nothing that deserves to live, not even him and yet he still can never bear to part with it no matter how much time passes.

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Jonathan wonders if his father knew the truth of his mother would he still have loved her the same. What would he have done if he knew that her interest in the supernatural was far more than simple curiosity. He has no memories because of being so young when she died. There was no way for Jojo to learn about her besides what was left within her diary hidden away in the library. They carried the same spark and wished to look into the parts of the world others found devilish. His father is a man who never strays far from the church and for this Jojo knows he is his father's greatest disappointment.

George Joestar has never openly said it but it has been implied Jonathan's whole life that he wishes it was her instead of his son who survived the accident. JoJo doesn't let his mind wonder about the possibilities of how life would have been of their fates had been switched. Because he knows there would be no change his father would never be able to understand them.

There would be no way for her to escape his father's disappointment just as there was no way for Jojo. The only way to stay loved by his father was through death and sometimes Jojo is glad that his mother would never be able to know the truth of her husbands disdain for parts of herself out of anyone's control. Jonathan hopes he has become at least half the person his mother wished him to be. But at the end of the day all that he has is her books, her diary and the puppy she picked out for him. Even with so little he is happy enough and he can feel her love still sometimes from wherever she may be.

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The two blonde boys from the worst side of London have too much in common. Having to grow up too soon and fighting for scraps on the streets with the chance of death awaiting them everyday. Trying to survive the winter with thin blankets held together by cheap thread. They are still loving boys despite their circumstances as long as there is at least one constant source of light in their lives.

The world doesn't let their tiny safe havens last long and both a beloved mother and sister are lost before both boys can even blink. Neither are really ever the same after that. If the two boys were to have met earlier in life they would have gotten along better than any could have imagined.

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Donatella Una marries Solido in March. Their baby is born a year after the exact date. Trish is the most wonderful treasure each could had ever hope to find. Her skin is lined with dozens of constellations made up of tiny freckles. Their daughter's is hair the same color as her fathers.

The family photos shared by both girls are never placed in frames to be looked upon. Instead they remain secure in safes lined with deadly traps as if they were worth trillions.

If this fazes her Donatella never says anything to Solido. Instead Donatella simply asks to look through them everyonce in a while never trying to change her husbands mind on the matter. His precautions were never misplaced after all.

Even if he was nothing more than a capo at the time. He had a reputation behind him that left others ready to crush him before he would be assigned to theif jobs and their money. If he is tired of the inescapable mafia lifestyle he never says anything.

Instead Solido shares all his time he can being a dutiful husband and family man. He helps Trish learn the piano just as his own father did with him.

Alas it was never set to last.

When he looses them his mind is lost too, unable to cope with the pain of loosing them. Sometimes he will look through the pictures that have been kept up locked away for years even from himself. To destroy them would simply give others with stands a better chance to find his identity. Is what he always tells Doppio despite his suggestions pf destroying them.

Diavolo can't ever find the reason why he begins to cry everytime.