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One hundred ways to fly one hundred ways to fall

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001. Mellow:
There were days where the raced through the sky desperate to survive, but today was not one of them. Today, they took their time lazily flapping their wings though the clouds.

002. Eternal:
In his time Meliodas had learned that almost everything dies. He has seen kingdoms fall and lands burned or drowned. The sky though it remained his only constant friend as he danced with the clouds trapped in eternity.

003. Subtle:
“Do you want to join me?” Elizabeth asked her feet poised to leave the ground.
“Yes!” Slipped out of his lips before he could stop it, “I-I mean sure it sounds fun.”

004. Cheat:
Her eyes danced as she challenged, “bet you I can beat you to the top of the hill.”
The moment Elizabeth took off Meliodas suddenly sped past her dark wings shadowing the ground beneath him.
“No fair,” she screamed as he landed neatly at the top.

005. Transparent:
“How do you always know,” Elizabeth demand smiling despite herself.
“You do a good job hiding the emotions on your face,” Meliodas explained, “but these,” his fingers ran along the edge of her drooping wings with a gentle touch, “these always give you away.

006. Believeable:
“I swear to you I’m no one special. Just a human passing though.”
“Those feather poking out beneath your cloak say otherwise.”

007. Repeat:
It takes him thirty lives to remember to not reach for her back for something that is no longer there. Fifty three to not rely on them to tell him what her face would not. As she crashed into his life for the one hundred and seventh time he realized he never stopped looking.

008. Addicted:
Meliodas quickly learns to love the feel of Elizabeth’s feathers beneath his fingers, and though she was hesitant at first slowly she loves it just as much.

009. Write:
A single white feather fell into his lap. Elizabeth flushed bright red.
Meliodas snickered twirling the feather, “you know, I’ve needed a new quill for awhile.”

010. Soulful:
Even from their place far above the village they could hear the music. Elizabeth wings quivered as the melody filled her very being. Without another word Meliodas swept her up in his arms dancing among the clouds.

011. Broken:
She can feel the moment her wings snap. Her mother cast her down her already damaged wings bending unnaturally beneath her. Meliodas’ hand gripped hers in comfort as the breath left her chest.

012. Stop Time:
As Elizabeth shoots upward Meliodas close behind her she relished in the peace and quiet. Away from the judgmental sneers and whispers. They both longed that this moment could last forever.

013. Alcohol:
“Elizabeth I don’t think this is a good idea,” Meliodas objected holding onto her arm.
The goddess simply blew a raspberry at him, “I can do what I want,” she slurred flapping her wings sloppily. Before Meliodas could object further Elizabeth leapt into the sky somehow stumbling as she flew.

014. Pauses:
Meliodas smiled as Elizabeth looked back at his bare chest for the fifth time sense they’ve taken flight.
“You know,” he calls, “if you’re that curious you can take a closer look.”
Turning bright red Elizabeth ceases all movement causing her to fall out of he sky. Swiftly Meliodas dived sweeping her still flustered body into his chest.

015. Affront:
“Can those chicken wings of yours even fly?”
“Chicken wings? I’ll show you demon!”

016. Run:
“Elizabeth get out of here,” Meliodas screamed launching himself at the gods here to strike him down.
Without another word Elizabeth follows him into the sky, “we go together,” she promises.

017. Experience:
“How are you doing that?” Elizabeth laughed watching Meliodas fly above her.
His feet above him he gave a lazy smile as he replied, “practice.”

018. Fatality:
As quick as a blink Meliodas’ wings shot out stabbing the enemies of the demon king in the hearts. He barely managed to suppress a shudder of shame as he took off again.

019. Helping Hand:
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s my wing I think it got hit.”
“What, we can’t stop! Take my hand we need to keep moving.”

020. Breeze:
A sudden strong guts of wind attacked Elizabeth’s wings pushing her into the demon behind her.
A chuckle rang in her ear, “falling for me so quickly?”

021. Get Up:
“We don’t have time for this,” he hissed as Elizabeth stared in numb shock at the corpses of the two commandments.
The pounding of footsteps forced him to move. He scoped the goddess off her knees holding her with his bloody hands and took of into the night.

022. Villain:
He could hear their whispers as they looked at him standing next to their princess. A monster they called him, and if he was being honest he deserved it.
A pair of white wings wrapped around him, “ignore them Meliodas,” Elizabeth whispers lovingly, “they don’t know anything.”

023. Worst Day:
Whenever the wispers became to much Meliodas would launch into the sky and hide in the clouds. No matter where he went however Elizabeth somehow always found him.

024. Bewitching:
A figure decended to him her wings flared. The sun behind her gave her a almost holy look. He coudn't catch his breath, she was magnfecent, she was beautiful, she was everything.

025. Jubilant:
A small boy danced alongside Meliodas his grey wings flapping in time with his shreaks of joy. His silver hair was windswept and when he turned to Meliodas his emerald eyes shone.
"Meliodas?" Meliodas jolted awake to see Elizabeth staring at him, "are you ok?"
"Yeah," he assured her smiling, "I'm fine." One day he was determined to make that joy a realty.

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026. Languid:
Elizabeth lazily flapped through the sky the tips of her right hand skiming the coulds, while her left held her love's in a firm grasp.

027. Obsessive:
If anyone ever looked into his pockets they would see a worn feather so frayed it was almost nothing. Sometimes it was the only thing keeping him sane. The only thing telling him that this was real. They were real.

028. Recoil:
Elizabeth jerked back as Meliodas' fingers acadently brushed her wings.
"Sorry," he apologized, "did that hurt."
"No," Elizabeth assured him, "it's just sensitive."

029. Vehement:
"you're going to see her again aren't you?"
Meliodas' wings were flared as he looked at his brother, "I have no idea what you're talking about."
"Yes you do, and you know its only a matter of time before someone finds out about these little 'flights' of yours," Zeldris snarled.

030. Collide:
Elizabeth flapped her wings faster easly outpasing the gaurds her mother had insisted on assigning her. Looking behind her to ensure that she had lost them, she didn't see him untill she ran straight into his chest.
Instantly his arms went around her, "I missed you too," he whispered into her ear.

031. On My Mind:
Something is wrong with him, Meliodas knows as he flies through the restless barrage of attacks. Even now he can’t get that damm goddess out of his mind.

032. Mirror:
The two of them fly back to back their wing movements in sync. They were surrounded on all sides by demons and goddesses. Traitors to both races.

033. Kneel:
Meliodas launched himself towards Elizabeth’s descending form in joy. A gust of wind hit him before he even made it up three feet and he was forced down to the ground on his knees.
“You will never be worthy of her,” a voice dripping with poison hissed in his ear, “and it’s only a matter of time before she realizes it.”

034. Locked:
Chains weighed down on her wings as she was dragged behind two of the Ten Commandments.
One of them looked back, “you think he cares about you? That’s hilarious you’re just-“
He was cut off as a sword sprouted from his chest in a sickening crunch.

035. Punch:
Something was chasing Elizabeth. She could feel their eyes on her as she walked through the forest. In an instant she was swept up into the air by a familiar pair of arms.
“You jerk,” she screamed as she punched his chest lightly the wind blowing up her skirt in the perfect way to show what was beneath.

036. Tight:
Thinking quickly Elizabeth pulled Meliodas into a storage place so small the her wings couldn’t twitch without knocking someone over.

As the two of them walk down the street people point and stare at Elizabeth’s wings.
“Who is she?”
“What’s a human doing with her?”
“Are you sure that a human? I’ve heard a rumor about a goddess being with a demon.”
“You don’t think-“
Elizabeth grabbed Meliodas and flew up above the large town, “I’ve never been a fan of crowds,” Elizabeth quipped earning her a soft smile from her love.

038. Health:
Elizabeth couldn’t help but laugh as Meliodas glared at her. He was wrapped up in his shadowy wings a flush on his face indicating a fever.
“You do know I can’t heal you like that,” she asked laughing harder at the irritable grumble she received.

039. Older:
He wasn’t aging. He didn’t know how or why but he was stuck as he was. He launched himself upward away from his reflection, away from the reality on the ground, wondering why he could not be with his love even in death.

040. Vital:
“Look at how tangled they are!” Elizabeth cried out in expiration twisting to look at her feathers.
Gentle fingers began to run through her wings causing shivers to run down her spine.
“These are important for flying right?” Meliodas whispers, “so I need to fix them.”

041. Dawn:
Elizabeth dragged him out of bed one morning insisting that he follow her. She pulled him up above the forest they had slept in and before he could argue the sun appeared on the horizon washing the world in color.
“Thank you,” Elizabeth whispered, “for bringing light to my life.”

042. Lust:
A pleasant shiver went up Elizabeth’s spine as fingers caressed her wings.
“Let’s see how sensitive those wings of yours are goddess,” a voice purred in her ear.

043. Memorial:
Meliodas stood in front of the tombstone for the twenty seventh incarnation of his love. An angel burst out of the stone reaching for the heavens made by her father, a stone carver, in his grief.
“I’m sorry,” he wept wrapping his arms around the statue fingers brushing stone wings, “I failed you again.”

044. Pretend:
Sometimes he would close his eyes among the clouds pretending that a flap of a bird’s wings were her’s as she moved to catch up with him. That she was right behind him not broken and buried somewhere from the wrath of the gods.

Flying like most things to him has always been a means to an end. A way to get from on place to another quick, but as Elizabeth laughed in joy dancing in the clouds he couldn’t help but wonder if it could be more.

046. Disaster:
“Elizabeth,” he screamed dashing through the burning forest, “where are you? Elizabeth!”
His hearts were pounding in his chest, and he made a reckless decision. He conjured his black wings and shot upward to better look for his love. Spotting something near the edge of the blaze he launched himself down. Blue hair normally so vibrant was dull and covers in ash, her breath was weak and Meliodas knew there was nothing he could do.
“Don’t cry,” she whispered with her fifty seventh last breath, “we’ll meet again.”

047. Blush:
“You know I bet I can find some interesting ways to use those wings.”
“W-what? What do you mean- are you implying-“
“Huh, looks like that rumor about goddess’ wings showing a blush is true.”

048. Nimble:
Elizabeth danced away from his playful hands spinning through the clouds. Her eyes sparkled with mischief as she continued to avoid her lover’s grasp.

049. Remain:
Meliodas hugged Elizabeth’s broken form close. A bone broken and jagged cut his thigh. He sobbed seeing in a final act of cruelty their parents destroyed her wings.

050. Snore:
Elizabeth laid on Meliodas’ lap her wings twitching in time with her breath. It was rare to see her so relaxed. With the pressure of being the sole heir of the goddess clan as well as the war sleep was rare, let alone a peaceful one. She fell in to a sleep so deep that a small sound began to emit from her mouth. Meliodas smiles stroking her still twitching wings. On day he would make it so that ever day would be like this.

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051. Done:
“You’re leaving aren’t you?” Zeldris asked from behind him.
Melodias doesn’t look back he just continues to stare at the horizon from the edge of the cliff.
“I am,” he confirmed.
“Why,” Zeldris pleaded, “because of that goddess? You going to leave everything for her.”
“You’re wrong,” Meliodas whispered jumping off the cliff calling on his wings to carry him away, “she is everything.”
The hand Zeldris extended towards him went unnoticed.

052. Justice:
Elizabeth barely spun up and out of the way of an attack from a red demon. Before anyone on either side could see Meliodas had destroyed the demon allowing what was left of the monster to fall to the ground. Such was the cost for the sin of hurting his goddess.

053. Weapon:
Razor sharp blade lined the edges of her wings slicing through her enemies. She slowed tears mixing with the blood on her face.
Gentle calloused hands wiped the bloody streaks, “I’m sorry,” he whispered, “that you had to do that.”

054. Tide:
The moon shone on the lake lapping at their feet. Melodias wrapped her in his arms. Using his wings to keep them just above the water they danced every footstep causing ripples in the lake below.

055. Accent:
As the moon shone down it emphasized the glow naturally surrounding her wings making them look like they were made from starlight.

056. Indirect:
Meliodas took random turns and backtracked on several occasions as he flew. He had to make sure he wasn’t followed least someone harm the goddess who had began to be everything to him.

057. Haze:
The fog pressed around her as she skimmed the tree line. A soft breeze blew right into her ear and she almost screamed until familiar hands grabbed her chest.

058. Puzzle:
No matter how hard Meliodas tried he just couldn’t read the goddess. Her face was still stuck in that damm calm smile. He was almost ready to give up until he saw the slight drooping of her wings. That was his key.

059. Try Again:
Tristan leapt off the cliff again his grey wings keeping him aloft for seconds before he began to fall. A black and blonde blur snatched the child out of the air because he could fall far and set him neatly on the cliff again.

060. Reap:
‘Perhaps this is my punishment,’ Elizabeth reflected struggling to heal those she had wronged. Melodias watched her back always protecting her, ‘for failing to save the innocent. What it it that the humans say? You reap what you sow.’

061. Settle:
Elizabeth struggles against the shadowy binds that wrapped around her chest immobilizing her arms and pressing her wings painfully against her back. A smaller strand blinded her vision. Suddenly hands grabbed her shoulder. Panicked Elizabeth thrashed frantically.
“Calm down,” Meliodas whispers soothingly in her ear, “it’s me.”

“I have a surprise for you,” Melodias said spinning in midair to face her. From nowhere he pulled out a small cupcake, “happy anniversary Elizabeth.”

063. Notice:
No matter where she went Elizabeth was always reminded that she was different from the others. Among the other races it was due to her wings while among her fellow goddess it was due to her being the daughter of the supreme deity. Perhaps that was why she loved being with Meliodas. He was the first one who truly saw her.

064. Least:
Melodias flew away from the enraged demons holding Elizabeth’s weakened form to his chest. An injury on his side taken to protect her bleed freely. She pushed her healing powers towards the injury. It was the least she could do to thank him.

065. Exception:
Melodias admired Elizabeth as she spared with the goddess above him.
“It won’t last you know,” Meliodas glanced at the archangel standing next to him, “her highnesses has declared that Elizabeth is to do her duty as heir and marry someone of a proper status.” The shock on his face only caused the bastard’s smirk to grow “I’m here to announce the good news to my future sister in law.”

066. Rule:
Elizabeth slipped out of her window flying down to the world below. She had to see him again mother’s orders be dammed.

067. Correct:
Elizabeth lead her wings occasionally flapping as she adjusted her course. She had told Meliodas that she knew of a place that none would be able to find them. A abandoned theater that she had been going to sense she was a young girl. If it was truly abandoned it would be perfect for their rendezvous.

068. Harm:
“Where are Aranak and Zeno?”
Gowther turned a grim look on his face, “they discovered the daughter of supreme deity alone. From what I understand your father had given them orders to dispose of her.”
Melodias felt all of his hearts stop. Before Gowther could say anything Meliodas launched himself into the up to leave the demon realm.
‘Elizabeth please be safe.’

069. Strive:
Elizabeth kept going up further and further. She pushed herself some part of her hoping that she would never have to return. Mary Mael? She knew that she could never let that happen.
070. Temperamental:
Elizabeth scowled her wings flapping sporadically. Meliodas did her best to soothe her unusual show of frustration.
“Screw what’s proper,” she yelled, “I won’t keep my head down while this continues.”
“That’s the sprit.”

071. Divided:
Elizabeth was forced to propel herself backwards as an attach shoot between her and Meliodas. Before either one of the could move back to each other’s sides they were both surrounded. Elizabeth flapped her wings to keep herself steady. The demons weren’t attacking instead keeping her her in the middle of the swarm. Her hands flared with a golden light. Whoever was behind this they wouldn’t keep her from Meliodas.

072. Victory:
Elizabeth slowly lowered her hands as the demons below her turned around no longer interested in fighting. Satisfied that she had gotten through to them she turned to leave only to be intercepted by a blond demon flying in front of her.
“Now tell me goddess,” he purred, “what exactly did you do?”

073. Delivery:
A small bird almost ran into Meliodas mid flight. He almost swatted the nuisance into the ground until he saw the note tied to its leg with a silver ribbon. It instructed him to go to a lake near the fairy king’s forest. He snorted crumbling the note, not even noticing that his wings had adjusted his flight path.

074. Ballad:
Over the past hundred years the end of the holy war had become legend. He heard a bard singing of a goddess and demon who were the reason the fighting had stopped. They were in love and in the name of that love had created a world where their kind couldn’t stop them. The song ended with the two flying off into the heavens to be together forever. Melodias gently ran his fingers against the feather in his pocket. If only that was true.

075. All I Ask:
Elizabeth paused in her flight turning so she was face to face with him.
“Meliodas,” she asked softly, “if I promise you something would you promise me the same?”
Melodias inclined his head.
His goddess smiled, “I promise no matter what enemies we face, even if the whole world is against it I’ll be by your side.”
“From now to the end of time,” he promised lips grazing hers with every word.

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076. Fire:
Elizabeth shrieked in fear as a burning part of the roof collapsed in front of her blocked her exit. The five year old’s vision grew dim as the smoke entered her lungs. Before she completely lost consciousness someone picked her up leaping through the hole in the ceiling. As her eyes closed she saw dark wings and knew an angel had saved her.

077. Lies:
“Hey Meliodas have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly? Get away from everything?”
“Can’t say I have, Liz. Why, have you?”

078. Stormy:
The rain poured down soaking both of them or the bone. Elizabeth bent over using her wings to block most of the rain. In a instant Meliodas was under the umbrella created by her wings burring his face in her chest.
“Much better,” he chirped voice muffled.

079. Terrible:
Elizabeth flew ahead of him looking over her shoulders to give him a teasing smile. Meliodas moved to catch up but something felt wrong. Panic entered his being as he pushed forward, but it was like something was keeping him trapped in place. He had just enough time to see the terror on he face before an attack destroyed her midsection.
Meliodas jolted awake his hearts pounding. He ran his fingers though his hair palms shaking. Looks like he wouldn’t be getting any more rest tonight.

080. Decay:
On that day Meliodas visited them all. He would fly around the world visiting gravesites or where he had lost her again. He knew that the bodies were long gone and her soul was elsewhere, but it did help him somewhat. As the sun set on the day he landed at the leveled mountain where he had lost her for the first time exactly three thousands and twelve years ago today.

081. Dramatic:
Elizabeth pointedly turned her back to Meliodas wings extended to their full length.
“Elizabeth,” Melodias sang moving around her, “are you gonna sulk all day?”
Elizabeth spun smacking him with her wings. Meliodas quickly grabbed he waist falling backwards. As Elizabeth laid on top of him his hands moved along her sides until laughter finally escaped her lips.

082. Panic:
An attack singed her wings causing her to spiral downwards. Elizabeth frantically thrashed her other other wings to slow her decent. Seconds before her painful landing she was swept up into a strong pair of arms.

083. With You:
Elizabeth smiled marveling at the way the sunset lit up the clouds surrounding them.
“Isn’t this the most beautiful thing you’ve even seen?”
“When I’m with you everything is beautiful.”

084. Killing:
“Tell me,” the goddess asked above him the sun giving her a holy look, “what is the reason for all this death?”
The blood of those he had killed seeped into his pants as he knelt, and for the first time in his life he wondered why too.

085. Jump:
“What are we gonna do now. Our options are that army or whatever’s at the bottom of that cliff.”
“Do you trust me?”
“Wha-why would you ask that of course I do.”
“Hold on tight and... I’m sorry.”
“What do you- ahhhh! A-are those wings?”

086. Waste:
“I knew there was no point to this,” Meliodas snapped ready to jump of the edge of the abandoned theater.
“Then why did you come?”
Meliodas froze for a second then jumped not knowing himself. It took him months to figure out what that irresistible pull was.

087. Passion:
Their kiss quickly turned intense. Hands removed clothes as the clouds shielded them from the world below.

088. Flying:
Finally after all this time they were free to be together. It had taken over three thousand years, but as she moved on her newly reformed wings her joy soared with her every movement upward.

Meliodas all but crashes into the ground barely able to protect Elizabeth. Blood from the two commandments covered their clothes. He dimly saw dried out crops before he fell into darkness.

090. Sword:
Meliodas flew up towards the woman who had caused his love so much pain blade pointed forward. In his hearts he knew it was pointless. This fact was confirmed when his blade as stopped long before it reached the god by a shield of light. A hand smacked him to the ground reminding him just how powerless he was.

091. Skill:
Elizabeth danced in the sky weaving ribbons of light behind her. Meliodas sat on the steps of the theater watching as she effortlessly created a dragon made of light in the sky.

092. Dust:
Meliodas landed forcefully the impact causing ripples in the air and ground around him.
Elizabeth coughed waving a hand in front of her face. “Do you always have to be so dramatic?”

093. Enchant:
“What the hell did you do to me?” Meliodas demanded sword pointed towards the goddess that he couldn’t get out of his head.
The goddess raised her hands wings low to emphasize her vulnerability. She walked towards him and he let her.
“I assure you I did nothing to you. Whatever thoughts going on in your head are solely your own.”

094. Shadows:
A shadow fell over Elizabeth. One of a great beast with twisted horns and a wingspan as long as she was tall. She turned in place green hair spinning as she reached for her quiver.
Her arrow found itself drawn in the face of young blond boy who’s green eyes sparkled when they meet hers.

095. Powerless:
Pain crushed his hearts as he flew them away from the cliffside and her eye changed. Once again he failed to save her.

096. Tickle:
Elizabeth laughed as Meliodas’ fingers danced on her sides. Melodias smiled down at her propped up on his elbows. His mischievous hands moved from her side to gently tickle her wings. She squeaked wiggling under his playful attack, and his his arms making him fall face first into her chest. In an instant he moved up pressing his lips against hers.

097. Wrap:
Meliodas woke up slowly feeling incredibly warm. Reluctantly his eyes opened to see Elizabeth’s face much closer than it had been the night before. As quietly as he could he moved away, only to be pushed back as feathery appendages moved. His face flushed for a moments as he saw her wings wrapped around him like a warm living blanket.

098. Roll:
The two of them tumbled down the hill. It ended with the blond demon above her. The smugness on his face was slightly diminished by the feathers in his hair.

099. Dry:
Elizabeth pulled herself up out of the lake her clothes dripping wet. Glaring at the demon who had pushed her she shook her wings out like a dog. Meliodas cursed playfully as the droplets hit their target.

100. Cautious:
Slowly Meliodas walked towards the goddess hovering a few feet away. The moment he got close he felt a small pulse of magic. The goddess froze spinning in the air eyeing the sword on his back. Ignoring everything he had been taught he dropped the blade and took a step forward. That single choice changed everything.