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in paradise

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The sun beamed bright on Seokjin’s tan skin when he stepped out of the airport taxi. He had only a moment to glance up towards the sky before little voices sounded and little feet began to patter out behind him onto the concrete.

“Daddy, I’m hot!” Eunmi cried out as she tugged her visor low on her head. Her little chubby arms crossed as she tried to stand in the Seokjin’s shadow, broad shoulders taking up a lot of space over the concrete.

“Well, sweetheart, it’s Florida.” He said, stepping back on the sidewalk and holding the door open so the little boy dressed in light blue could waddle from the car. Wonjae cooed at his sister and her big visor. She huffed in annoyance.

Last to file out of the car were long legs covered mostly in a green maxi skirt. “Wonjae, honey, why did you make a mess.” Her head peeked out only to squint her eyes in the sunlight, letting them adjust to the brightness.

“He’s a 2-year-old, why do you think?” Seokjin asked his wife, Nari, his smile soft as he held out his hand. She rolled her eyes in a playful manner and instead of taking the hand like Seokjin had planned, she handed over the diaper bag. Seokjin wasn’t expecting it and almost dropped it, gasping out but catching the strap in time. Both Wonjae and Eunmi got a kick out of it, giggling. They ran for the grass that lined the front yard of the house and tumbled down into the lush green, rolling around on it.

“I’ll clean up this mess.” And the brunette was back into the car, picking up bits and pieces of snack foods Wonjae thought were projectiles.

The driver was already working on removing the bags from the trunk of the van, lining them up the walkway into the house. Seokjin sighed as he felt the sweat trickle down his back and he got to work alongside the most patient driver known to man.


When the work was done and things were moved into the house, the family collapsed into the living room couches and let the air-conditioning fill the house with chilly air that quickly dried their wet skin. Eunmi clung to the dolls she was allowed to bring with them on the floor in front of the television, and Wonjae sat in his mother’s lap, singing along to the music the show played.

This was their usual routine for the first day on vacation. They let their laggy bodies fight off sleep until the sky began to darken. Everybody went to sleep early only to wake up the next morning with the rising sun, ready to go out and play in the pool or walk down to the beach; whatever Eunmi felt like, realistically. That’s how most things were going now with Eunmi learning just how much she could control her father with just a pout and a huff at the sweet age of four.

Seokjin, however, couldn’t wait for night to come. His brain was fried from the sun already, and he was only in it for 30 minutes, tops. His body felt weighed down with the burden of traveling with young children, and his eyes burned with exhaustion. He just needed a nap in a cool bed with his nice wife, and he would be good and ready for tomorrow and the rest of the week in ‘paradise’.

He squeezed his eyes shut and almost smacked himself in the forehead. This is paradise. This is where he wants to be right now. Not boring South Korea with his boring old job. Definitely not a week away from his children. Shut up, Seokjin.

Don’t get him wrong. He loves his children. He would do anything for them, would die for them and not even hesitate to answer as such if asked that question. Eunmi and Wonjae were his pride, his everything. Everybody needs a break, sometimes, though. His parents always took trips away from him and his brother when they were young. He just couldn’t catch a break in between work and children and relationships.

“Tired.” Wonjae said, his fists rubbing over his eyes before tossing his head back against his mother’s chest with a grunt, squishing her chest in between the couch and his head. She let out a soft ‘oof’ before rubbing over her chest. “Honey, don’t do that.”

Seokjin groaned. “You have no idea. Just a couple more hours, and we can sleep.”

“Why don’t we have dinner? That will help everybody wake up. We can have fun foods, too.” Nari smiled and raised her eyebrows a little before looking to Seokjin who barely nodded, his head lulling tiredly. She then went to tickle on Wonjae’s sides and got him giggling with her face buried into his wispy black hair. Eunmi turned and hopped up to her feet, straight dark brown hair bouncing as she hopped like a bunny towards where they sat.

“Chocolate ice cream! Or cookies, please!” Her hands folded like she was praying as she looked up at Seokjin with her brown green eyes. She kneeled with her body pressed up against the foot of the couch. Seokjin saw nothing but Nari in her; her pouting lips, her puffy cheeks, her cubby chin and arms. He couldn’t say no to that.

“I can’t say no to that.” Seokjin was smiling genuinely, and she was squealing already as she threw herself back onto the floor and flailed around. Nari just laughed as she scooted up off the couch, Wonjae in arms clinging to her neck.

“What would you like, sweetheart?” She asked, passing Seokjin who only pressed himself deeper back into the couch he laid in. She bent down and kissed his forehead gently.

“More of those.” Seokjin teased, his eyes opening back up to look over her with a small smirk coming to his lips. She shook her head, mouthing a “later” to him before walking past him completely. “Nothing right now, I’m alright. Feed them first.”

Eunmi followed her mother out of the living room area, and Seokjin breathed out slowly, the quiet of the room letting his brain stop for a moment to process everything. He stretched his long legs out over the empty couch and let his arms cross over his slim stomach. His sigh radiated through his whole body and the faint sound of talking from the other room didn’t help with anything other than making him sleepier. It reminded him of being a child, napping in the living room after school and waking to his grandmother rousing him for a snack before he went home, his parents finally back from work. It wore him out to think about back then.

I can totally rest my eyes just for a moment, Seokjin thought.

A moment turned into fifty minutes. The yell from his wife was enough to break him from the sleep, causing him to jerk awake like he was falling off a building.

“Seokjinnie, get the door please!” She shouted again, this time a bit more urgent, and Seokjin was blinking. Then he heard the knocking on the door.

“Yeah!” He called back to her, acting like he hadn’t dozed off. He pushed himself up off the couch and gained his balance before hobbling post-nap over to the door, not even checking the peep hole before. He opened it to a shorter boy. Man? Man. The longer Seokjin looked at him, the older he appeared. He has teardrop shaped eyes, a roundish face with cheeks that set low on his face, making him seem a bit pouty.

“Hi!” The mint haired boy-man said, a bit rushed. “I’m so sorry I’m late. The guy said you’d be here at 9 then called me and said you were already here, like, an hour ago, so I rushed over.” He was speaking perfect Korean, his lips curling out in a small pout and talking with a hint of an accent.

Seokjin blinked a few times because 1. Who is this man? 2. His voice was deep and soothing, coming out in a slow drawl, and Seokjin might be falling asleep standing up listening to this person ramble on about things Seokjin wasn’t aware of.

“Uh.. Hi. Who are you?” Seokjin finally spoke. He shook his head a little to wake himself up, reaching up to rub his eyes with his fists. (Where Wonjae gets it from, Nari always notes.)

“Oh, sorry, I’m Yoongi, Min Yoongi. I’m the pool boy, maid, groundskeeper, basically whatever you don’t want to do, I’m here for it.” He smiled, and his lips curled up sweetly, soft and pink. “You’re… Seokjin, right? Your wife, Nari, I talked to her on the phone like, a week ago. She asked for me to be included with the whole..” –Yoongi made a large circle with his hand that Seokjin saw in his peripheral—his eyes still drawn to the man’s lovely lips—“package.” He finally finished.

“Uhm.. yeah. Come.. come in. I’m Seokjin, Kim Seokjin.” He nodded once he could stutter out the words his brain could barely produce before he bowed slightly, letting his head fall in. Yoongi smiled brighter, if that was possible before returning his slight bow politely.

“Nice to meet you. Hi!” Yoongi’s attention moved swiftly, and Seokjin thought he was talking to his shadow, but with a glance he had seen that Nari came into the room, a comforting smile on her lips.

“Hi, you must be Yoongi-ssi? Nice to meet you!” With her hands held against her stomach, she gave a similar bow as Seokjin had.  

“I am, nice to meet you too. Happy to be of service to you both. And the children! Do you guys need anything while I’m in the main house?”

Yoongi’s gaze moved between Nari and Seokjin, and Seokjin could have sworn his brown, soft eyes drifted down to cover the entire length of Seokjin’s body and back up before he could get a word out. It made his whole body shiver and grow cold.

“Uhm, no, we’re actually going to head to bed soon, just need to get the kids settled down. Thank you, though! We’ll see you in the morning?” Nari was on it with wide eyes and an eager smile to the new guest whereas Seokjin barely could stand, his eyes were lidded heavily. He swore he saw Yoongi do another once over with his swift eyes.

“Absolutely! You guys have a great night. See you guys tomorrow.” Yoongi took hold of the strap to the bag that was slung over his shoulder and adjusted it as he made sure to give smiles to both adults. He then made it through the house and past the long panes of blinds that covered the glass sliding doors and was out in a matter of seconds. Wait, where was he going?

“Wait, where is he going?” Seokjin brought his head around to look back to his wife. He totally wasn’t staring at the man while he walked through the living room that would be theirs for the next week and a half. She was already walking back towards the kitchen.

“The pool house is out back! He’s going to be staying there for us for the time being. Isn’t he sweet? Apparently, he can babysit, too.” And her voice was lost in the kitchen.

And, oh. Oh. Seokjin thought. He glanced back out towards where he could see the lights of the pool house shining in the slowly darkening night. He sighed as he sat himself down back on the couch. An image of Yoongi’s lips curling around syllables and expressive eyes doing a once-over of Seokjin’s body played through his mind. Seokjin shuddered before he raised his hand and patted his cheeks a bit roughly. He knew better. Yoongi was just the help, a friend. It won’t be so bad.


It was kind of bad. Eunmi woke them up around 6:45 am as children do for some reason. Seokjin was caught in a nice dream about his Nari and IU, the singer, and some strawberry ice cream when he felt small fists and feet dragging across his face, smooshing his nose and eyes.

“Oh, ow, what?” He said, his head turning as his eyes opened to gaze at the small girl sitting between his head and his wife’s.

“Morning!” She said loudly, her chubby hands coming down to cup Seokjin’s hollow cheeks. She placed a big fat kiss on his nose and gave a cheeky bite with a giggle before she was kicking away into her mother’s side. Nari easily got her arm around Eunmi and held her there as she woke up enough to deal with a four-year-old.

They got out of bed at 7:30 and gathered up a sleepy Wonjae so they could head downstairs, stomachs growling and heads mostly clear of the jet lag fog. They were surprised to see a silhouette in the kitchen and walked in to inspect only to find Yoongi in front of the stove.

“Oh! Good morning, you’re all up early.” His smile was as wide as ever and his hair was pushed neatly to the corner of his forehead, still styled and mint colored. He wore a worn black t-shirt and black shorts (not the best for the already 80 degree Florida air), but Seokjin wasn’t looking. He blinked his view back up to the bright face there.

“Yeah, Eunmi likes to wake up early. She can’t miss her cartoons.” With the sound of her name, Eunmi was in behind her dad’s legs looking up at the strange man she hadn’t seen before the previous night.

“Oh, me too. I can’t miss Pororo.” Yoongi shook his head, spatula in hand.

Eunmi spoke up. “I like Pororo!” Immediately, her fears were turned into adoration for the man.

Yoongi smirked. “Me and you are gonna get along, girl. You want some eggs? Made everybody some. Unless you don’t like eggs. Shoulda’ asked about that.” He winced a little. Seokjin’s stomach grumbled weakly at the mention of food.

“Eggs sound perfect. Coffee?” Seokjin tried not to sound desperate. Yoongi grinned while scooping the scrambled eggs onto the white plates, flicking his hair back onto his forehead with his nod motioning behind him.

“Behind me on the counter next to the sink. Sugar and creamer are in likely places.” Yoongi’s eyes somehow seemed brighter, even at this God-awful hour under the fluorescent lights.

“You’re a hero,” Seokjin said playfully, throwing his hands up as he went for the coffee pot. Yoongi’s lips curled up in a playful smirk as he watched Seokjin go behind him. He said nothing, though, instead he cracked more eggs into the bowl for another batch.


Yoongi stayed for half of the breakfast. He talked to Eunmi most of the time about Pororo and SpongeBob and the horrific Baby Shark. “He even knows the damn song,” Nari mumbled while leaning in to Seokjin’s ear. Seokjin snorted a soft laugh into his coffee.

Seokjin couldn’t stop watching Yoongi with Eunmi. He entertained and made really good eggs and his smile went on for miles. He was patient with the young girl, listening to her ramble on with her slow childish speech. Seokjin considered taking Yoongi home with them. He looked small enough to fold up into their suitcases and he probably had family somewhere back home, so it would be fine. Seokjin also had thought about how weird it was that he wanted to stuff another man in his suitcase and quickly switched his brain to something more PG, like the cartoons on the TV.

Eventually Yoongi was saying goodbye, and Nari had offered to clean up when Yoongi mentioned he had a schedule to keep up with while they were here; the pool and lawn were his first objectives. Since they wanted to swim later today, he said he would get right on it.

Much to Eunmi and Seokjin’s dsipleasure, Yoongi left in his black shirt and black shorts and his pretty mint hair. Eunmi went immediately into a tantrum, begging for Yoongi to come back and sing again. Seokjin was ready to join her, the back of his eyes stinging with a headache already. He instead gripped at his mug.

“Think somebody’s got a crush on the pool boy.” Nari smirked as she climbed up from the chair and Seokjin blushed because, who, him? Most definitely not.  

“Oh, haha, yeah. Eunmi, you’ll see him later.” Seokjin choked out and then quieted himself with downing the rest of his coffee. She huffed out with wet cheeks and kicked on her booster seat a few times.

Seokjin doesn’t think the pool boy is attractive, and it’s not a crush because he’s not 12 and he’s here on vacation with his wife and kids.

Seokjin got up from his chair and followed Nari, sneaking up behind her. He really needed to shut up his brain. With soft hands on her waist, he laid a sweet kiss behind her ear where she dabbed just a touch of perfume. Her back arched slightly with a shudder he could feel against his chest and she’s letting out a quiet giggle. “Seokjin-ahhh.”

“Sorry. Just, love you.” Another kiss gets pressed there, and his hands pull from her waist so he can move beside her, grabbing a discarded towel to start drying the dishes.

She leaned in and pecked two kisses on his cheek. “Love you, too.”


The pool was clean and there were inflatable toys when they headed outside. The sun was high, and the sky was clear of clouds. Eunmi jumped in, floaties secure on her arms and body doused in a thick layer of sunscreen to protect her still somewhat sensitive skin.

Nari in her simple bikini top and bottoms walked out next with nothing but a light layer of protection on, ready to have a nice golden tan. It was easy for her, her skin thicker and less likely to burn. Seokjin though had slightly sensitive skin, so he lathered on the protection they had brought with a scowl on his face.

“Stupid skin.” He mumbled. Wonjae followed. “Stew-id skin!”

Seokjin grinned. “That’s right. Lookin’ cool in your shades, dude.” Wonjae only giggled and leaned his hat covered head back to show off his blue sunglasses. He was moved in between the lounge chairs occupied by his parents and sat driving cars up along the pavement that lined the pool.

Seokjin thought he could finally relax. Nobody was cranky. Nobody was screaming. Eunmi was playing cowgirl with the pool noodle as her trusty horse. Wonjae made tiny vroom noises. Nari’s book pages crinkled slightly underneath her touch as she turned page after page. Seokjin could close his eyes and let the warmth finally consume him. All the little noises lulled him into a dream like state where he was half awake, an ear out for Eunmi, but his body completely still and not chasing after kids or picking up toys. He needed to soak up as much as this as he possibly could.

“Hey guys, need any drinks?” The deeper voice asked coming up behind them. Eunmi squealed, Nari’s book closed, Wonjae cooed out. Seokjin felt really naked all of a sudden.

“Actually, yeah, think there’s some cool lemonade in the fridge, can you get me some?” She glanced up behind herself to the man that stood far enough over them to cast a shadow across Seokjin’s bare chest. “Thank you!”

“Oh, no problem! Seokjin-hyung, would you like anything?” Yoongi asked. Seokjin swallowed down to coat his vocal cords so he didn’t croak out like a frog. The simple honorific had him trying to clear out his throat.  Why was he so nervous suddenly? Why did he feel the need to pull his shirt back over his chest and sit inside?

“Uh… just. Uhm. Ice. Ice water’s good.” Seokjin stammered, his one eye peeking open to see Yoongi standing beside him. His heart beat faster as he could see Yoongi’s eyes on him. Well, on both of Nari and Seokjin. Mostly Seokjin.

“Sure thing. Yeah, hi, Eunmi!” Yoongi was laughing and waving to her as she swam to the edge of the pool and wouldn’t stop waving, chanting his name every few seconds. Her little legs fluttered behind her as she giggled at him. “Be back with your drinks in a minute!”

And he was turning back around and heading in through the sliding doors. Seokjin felt breathless. Yoongi saw him like this.

And while Seokjin isn’t insecure -- he was in very good shape for his age of 36, and his wife said she likes his solid flat chest and the dips in his waist – the thought of Yoongi seeing all of him made his hairs stick up. So, he reached for his shirt and slipped it back over his shoulders. Nari flicked to another page in her book, her feet bobbing to some imaginary beat in her head.

Yoongi made it back out in a few minutes like he promised, the glasses in his hands already sweating. Setting down their glasses, Yoongi glanced in between them both, and Seokjin couldn’t help but see the subtle shift in emotion when Yoongi turned to Seokjin. He dropped it, though, almost immediately. Not fast enough, though.

“There you guys are. If you need anything else, I’ll be in the house cleaning and all that jazz. Do you need me to make dinner? Or were you guys planning on going out?” His smile returned quickly, like nothing had ran through his mind looking toward Seokjin, squatting down momentarily to be level with Wonjae. He drove a red truck up the arm of the little boy, making him giggle. “Again!”

Nari lowered her book. “I think we’re eating out tonight. That little place down the street run by the locals.” She glanced between Yoongi and Seokjin, and Seokjin nodded.

Yoongi grinned. “Sounds awesome. Hope you guys have a good time, then. Tell me how it is.” And with a car back in Wonjae’s lap, Yoongi was gone back into the house. He never stayed around for long.

“I like him.” Nari said, her book flipping back open.

“Me, too.”

Seokjin almost added “He’s cute.”



That night, Seokjin forgot about the way his skin felt extra hot at the way Yoongi had looked over him and instead focused his attention on his wife, taking in the way her warm skin radiated against his. Seokjin wanted to pay attention to their relationship somewhat during this vacation, making sure to spend time together without the kids nagging and tugging on shirts and asking for more cookies. And so they did. They laid together, bodies flush on the bed.

With eager hands and eager mouths, Seokjin did what he knew drove her wild and made sure to mark her honey skin with his tongue up and down, right and left. Her squirms and protest only drove Seokjin to do more, chuckling darkly as he did what he did best: teasing.

It wasn’t long before his tongue found the warmth in between her legs and delved in as fast as he could and feasted on the woman below him. Her thin fingers reached for the sheets and hair and skin and gripped as tight as she could on it all, leaving creases and marks. When Seokjin decided to change the pace, he climbed his way back up to face her. Her eyes were wild already, her lips parted with short breaths breaking past them, and her hair tangled so perfectly behind her head. Sweat glistened and mouths kissed as Seokjin replaced where his tongue once was, shivering slightly as he heard the moan she made into his mouth. Their bodies moved together, air rushing to lungs faster and heat pooling deeper as their minds were consumed with nothing but pleasure.

Or so, that’s what Seokjin wanted it to be. He kept saying that it was too hot or that he was tired. He wanted a reason. But the air-conditioner ran 24/7, and yeah he was tired, but he wasn’t usually tired for occasions like this. The heat pooling in his stomach didn’t feel genuine. The moans were almost forced, as if made on cue. His toes curled for effect, and he kissed when prompted, but his heart wasn’t in it. He brain was focused on work and things he needed to get done. His body, physically, really needed to orgasm, but his brain wouldn’t have minded a quick jerk in the shower tomorrow.

So, Seokjin finished after going through the motions, letting Nari finish with a loud moan. (At least somebody had their share of a good time.) He finished and pulled off, curling himself into the bed as he fell back into it. With her long, tangled hair and shiny skin, Nari giggled and headed into the bathroom while Seokjin had a crisis as he looked at the ceiling.

Seokjin thought about his wife. She was as perfect as ever. As soft as ever. Loving, beautiful, and what Seokjin dreamed about every night as a 17-year-old with his hand down his pants underneath the covers. She had long legs and a gentle smile and a sing-song voice, and he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why the short man living in the pool house had his stomach so twisted in knots. Why with one glace, the man could have Seokjin’s entire body flushed with embarrassment or shock or want.

So, was it him? Who else would it be? He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to think what the change could be. He was stressed about his work day on Wednesday. But he’s always stressed about work and that never hindered his drive.

No, Seokjin thought, it’s not because of the face and the name that’s pushing into his head right now. He wouldn’t let it be. It’s not allowed to be. So he just stopped and completely surrounded himself with the touch from his wife who returned to the bed as he shoved his crisis into his subconscious.

She looked good under the moonlight that filtered into their room. Her hair was pulled back, and she had gotten a towel to clean Seokjin off. He let himself be distracted by her touch and her words. She was sighing happily and giving little sweet kisses, so Seokjin didn’t feel as bad about not giving his all. He fell asleep letting himself think it’s nothing.


Monday floated by in a daze. The warmth infiltrated Seokjin’s head, and he remembered nothing but waking up, going out around 10:30 am, and getting back 12 hours later with his stomach full of crab and a little bit too much beer. The kids were too tired to be cranky, their little legs and arms worn out from walking the warm streets of the little village they stay in. Nari offered to take them to bed with Seokjin’s head fuzzy around the edges.

He set their souvenir bags down somewhere near the kitchen and stopped in the living room to turn the one light on. He hadn’t seen Yoongi all day but when he caught a glimpse of the backyard, he saw the pool house windows lit with a warm glow of yellow light. He wondered what Yoongi did when he wasn’t cleaning up their messes or washing their bathing suits. He wondered what he did when he wasn’t working at the house but when he was out in the world with friends or coworkers. Did he go to college? He looked young and liberal, the hair a good indicator for that, and his head spun trying to think of Yoongi outside of their little world. What his favorite movie was. If he liked milk chocolate or dark chocolate. He thought about his soft hands in the soapy water of their morning dishes, his hands curling around mugs and plates gently. How good they would look holding the base of Seokjin’s cock.

“Seokjin!” His mind broke free of the horrible thoughts with the whispered shout from upstairs. Nari was leaning over the bannister slightly as she looked down at him. “Honey, are you coming to bed? Did you seriously drink that much?”

“Oh, huh? Yeah, I’m.. coming.” Seokjin snorted at the double entendre only he knew about and stumbled his way up the stairs.


The kids didn’t wake up until 7:45 the next day, and Seokjin was truly thankful to whichever god gave him this blessing as the headache settled deep in his head would rather him sleep the morning away. He got up, though, and went straight for the coffee maker. They had a small breakfast with cartoons playing in the background, and Seokjin thought he had his emotions and thoughts under control until a mint head of hair caught in his peripheral and the glass door slid open.

“Morning guys!” Yoongi smiled in a black shirt that said “Anti Social Social Club” on the chest and black skinny jeans with horizontal slits up and down the legs. The meatier part of his thigh pressed against the threads that held the jeans together, and Seokjin’s mouth started to water as he remembered the thoughts from just last night.

“Morning, Yoongiee!” Eunmi waved at him and climbed up to go hug over the both of his legs. He crinkled his nose at the nickname but hugged her back anyways.

Seokjin tried not to have an aneurism as he refused to make eye contact and watched the cartoons that flash across the screen. He was not thinking about this in front of his children or in front of his wife. He was not thinking about this in general. That’s just not something married men do.

“Morning! I already did all the washing,” Nari began as she chewed down a piece of watermelon. “But we were wondering if you wanted to come down to the beach with us today?”

Seokjin almost broke his neck with how fast he looked between his wife and the man standing at the door. “We were?”

She blinked and raised her eyebrows with a “uh, yeah” type of attitude before turning back to Yoongi. “We were. It’s a shame you are stuck working with the beach at your fingertips. Come take a break day with us. We’ll be out of your hair tomorrow for a little bit and you can catch up on whatever you need to do. Besides, Eunmi wants to build a sandcastle, but neither of us have an architecture degree.”

She smiled before shoving another piece of watermelon into her lips. Seokjin never agreed to this because she never asked. Yoongi smiled bright.

“I mean, if you insist, I’d love to come with you guys. Thank you so much.” Eunmi squealed and hugged his leg tighter.

“Are you gonna build a castle with me?!” She asked while tilting her head back to look up at him. He bent in to ruffle her hair.

“Oh, absolutely, the biggest! Lemmie go grab my trunks, and I’ll be back, okay?” She nodded and let his legs go. She happily went back to play with her toys while Yoongi was gone for the moment.

“You didn’t ask me about this?” Seokjin scooted closer to Nari who sat on the couch and raised his eyebrows.

“Did I need to? I feel bad for him. He’s just a kid, stuck with us for the week. I’d have gone insane if I were him. Besides, he can go swimming with her while we relax. He’s like, certified in CPR. It’s crazy. We seriously need to take him home with us.”

Seokjin sat back and huffed and pouted like a child because she was right, but he didn’t want cute pool boy around because that only caused him more agony.

And it wasn’t like he didn’t like Yoongi. He like, really liked Yoongi. He was great with the kids, and he never got tired of listening to Eunmi talk about the Disney princesses. He was also really, really fit. His thighs were gorgeous now that he’s seen more of them, and his chest was really broad, but he was still small, skinny, and his eyes were beautifully shaped and caring. He had done nothing but help them since they got here, but Seokjin wanted nothing to do with him. The more Yoongi stayed around, the more Seokjin felt like he couldn’t control himself.

And fuck, Seokjin was a 36-year-old man on vacation with his wife. And children.

So, Seokjin sucked it up and bit at his tongue.

And so the Kim’s and Yoongi went to the beach.


The summer sun was really strong, shining bright directly at them, but Yoongi was there, sitting next to Seokjin, so Seokjin really didn’t want to take his shirt off. Yoongi hadn’t taken his off either, but he looked comfortable and fine even under the burning light. Seokjin on the other hand was one minute away from a heatstroke.

Nari talked about food, politics, money, Taylor Swift, and Yoongi had an opinion on all of them and reverberated back conversation like it was brushing his hair. It would have been fine, and wonderful, and just great if Yoongi hadn’t kept looking Seokjin over every chance he got. Every response, Yoongi’s eyes wandered, searched, glanced, sought something on Seokjin. Nari was constantly watching Eunmi and Wonjae in the sand so she noticed nothing about Yoongi’s posture or where his eyes fell – Seokjin’s chest, mostly—and Seokjin needed a beer, or something to break this strain of awkward glances and heated eye contact between them.

“So what are you doing in school?” Nari continued the conversation, because she was good at things like that, and that was why Seokjin married her because he never knew what to talk about next. He never had good experiences with small talk, getting flustered easy.

Yoongi laughed a little, biting his lip as he finally glanced out to look across the ocean in front of them. “Well, I actually dropped out. Was going to become a lawyer. It didn’t really work for me, I wasn’t happy.”

Seokjin blinked, glancing over to Yoongi. For once, he wasn’t looking back and he felt bad about assuming certain things about the man.

“Oh? Is this all you do now, like the services?”

“Well, in the summer. My job here starts May 1st and ends August 31st. In the winter and stuff, I play piano and do backing vocals for a group. We play all around Florida.” He smiled, flicking some sand off the chair he sat in.

And, oh, that was kind of ho-cool. It was cool. Seokjin butted in. “What kind of group?” He raised his head and turned to look at Yoongi again, their eyes finally meeting.

“Uhh, hip-hop, I guess? Rap? We really can’t classify it. We do pop, too. We do a lot of covers. I love all that k-pop stuff, too. But, we’ve been working on a lot of original songs this past year.”

He thought about Yoongi rapping, wondered if he were any good. Seokjin’s eyes immediately fell, and he looked across Yoongi’s lips that pout. The back of Seokjin's ears burned when Yoongi’s lips parted and he stuck his tongue out, wetting them generously.

“Would like to hear you rap,” Seokjin mumbled. “English or just Korean?”

Yoongi grinned, his lips pulling back to reveal a slightly gummy smile that set all of Seokjin’s body on fire. “Both.”

“Yoooonie!” Eunmi called out and she giggled loudly, breaking both Seokjin and Yoongi out of whatever trance they had themselves in. She waved her arms wide, and it caught Yoongi’s attention. “Yeah?!”

“Come and play! Wanna make my castle now!” She pointed to the sand, as if she would make it out of anything else.

“Coming!” He shouted back to her, sitting himself up on the chair. He grabbed for the spray-sunscreen, and Seokjin almost missed it, his eyes unfocused but hyper tuned into what Yoongi was doing in front of him.

Yoongi got his legs on either side of the chair and tugged on the back of his pink shirt, pulling the cloth up and over his body and head. He got it off in one swift motion, and he folded it, tossing it behind himself. His back and shoulders were broad, and he was built slimmer than Seokjin had thought. His hips peeked out just barely over the band of his black swim trunks and when he would bend and twist, Seokjin could see the way his back flexed perfectly.

He took in a deep breath as Yoongi sprayed the lotion over himself, getting his neck and front and back covered. His skin shimmered, and he thankfully didn’t turn around but instead headed straight for Eunmi out in the sand, smiling at her.

Seokjin held his breath as Yoongi walked away, his back to him as he got down and sat in the sand, talking with her about what she wanted to build.

Seokjin brought his hands over himself and rested them on his stomach as he finally breathed out, sighing angrily. He did it quietly enough that Nari didn’t think anything of it, her head in some book, a different one than before.

Seokjin was never taking his shirt off again. Ever.


Yoongi helped Eunmi build the biggest castle, and she probably would never stop talking about it. She still talked about it as she, Nari, and Wonjae went off in search of food leaving a shirtless Yoongi on the lounge chair next to Seokjin’s chair that he hadn’t left since they got there.

“She’s great. I really love kids.” Yoongi smiled to himself while he’s nestling back into his chair. “Yours are so well behaved, too.”

Seokjin couldn’t help but smile and pride himself because, yeah, his kids were pretty amazing. “Thank you. I love them a lot.” Seokjin kept the smile bright on his face as the silence isn’t as awkward anymore between the both of them as they laid quietly. The ocean faded in and out, the sound relaxing.

Though, as if right on cue, the silence broke and Seokjin was rigid and stiff when Yoongi spoke again.

“Though… don’t think she’s the only one with a little crush.” Seokjin’s head rose enough to see the grin plastered across Yoongi’s face before clearing his throat and putting on his Stern-Dad voice.

“Excuse me? If.. if you think you can insist that my wife-“ And Yoongi was laughing, quite loudly, as he cupped his stomach in his arms. His eyes peeked open into the sun to look at Seokjin with a look of disbelief on his face.

“Your wife? Seokjin, hyung… please, we both know.” Yoongi kept his smirk wide on his lips as his head fell back against the soft padding of the chair. His eyes closed again, lounging and acting like he didn’t just say what he said.

When Nari returned with the kids, Seokjin sat himself up and edged his way down the seat.

“Going for a swim. He can help you.” He spoke while walking past his wife. His brain was fuzzy like when he was drunk but with more anger and frustration. His eyes went unfocused again, blinded by the UV around them. He flung his discarded shirt back at the seats and it landed in the sand. He didn’t care at all and really just needs to wash himself of his ugly thoughts.

He didn’t have a crush on the pool boy.

He flung himself down into the water once he’s deep enough to start swimming out. His arms and legs moved fast and hard, and he held his breath in between strokes as long as he could. His lungs ached deep, and they felt sore, but it was better than feeling the way his stomach warmed every time he saw Yoongi’s gummy smile break open on his face. It was better than the way his stomach burned with desire at the sight of Yoongi’s thighs visible through the rips of his jeans, his teeth tingling with how they desperately wanted to dig into the soft, pliant skin. His head hurt, but it was better than how his heart fluttered when he heard Yoongi’s laugh. His body was strained, but it was better than how tired and spent he felt after jerking off to the image of Yoongi on his knees in front of him, mouth wide open.

He felt like this, and he couldn’t stop it. His thoughts just kept racing back and forth and the cool water washed him almost completely clean. The dirty feeling he had wasn’t there as strong as it was sitting under the hot gaze of the pool boy.

Seokjin knew if he kept swimming he’d get too far out that he wouldn’t want to swim back. But that sounded amazing. He wouldn’t have to deal with looking at that gorgeous boy for another four days. He wouldn’t have to look his wife in the eye after thinking these dumb things. He wouldn’t have to play with his daughter knowing she thinks Yoongi is cute, just like he does. Seokjin decided to turn around, though, because he could feel the lactic acid build up in his legs, and the cramps were not far off.

When he came up for air, he was down the beach a good ways, but not too far from the shore. He barely saw his wife feeding their kids with Yoongi sitting next to Wonjae.

He felt his legs cramping up under the water. He felt the weight in his stomach only grow and grow.


Yoongi helped them carry their things back to the house while Seokjin followed behind, a limp in his step. Nari walked with him, Wonjae in her arms.

“What got into you, Jin? Why did you just go off like that?” Her concerned Mom face only wrinkled more as Seokjin winced a little with each step he took back on the sidewalk.

“Just.. I don’t know. Stressed. I wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow while you guys get to have fun.” He forced a smile on his face towards her, and they stole a sneaky kiss between them.

“I know, but you have make us lots of money so we can keep taking vacations.” She laughed lightly, and Seokjin nodded. He does it for that, he told himself.

They made it back, and Yoongi helped them in, putting things away while keeping Eunmi entertained as Wonjae was put to bed. Seokjin sat in the bedroom, his leg propped up. He watched from the bed through the door as Eunmi ran past down to her bedroom, and Nari followed behind. His head leaned back against the headboard, and his eyes shut for a moment, finally able to breathe. He didn’t talk to Yoongi after their incident unless needed and only looked at him twice the entire rest of the day.

Seokjin already was pissed when he heard the soft “Knock, knock” coming from the man’s mouth. Boy’s mouth. He was 23.

“Yes?” Seokjin asked, not even opening his eyes.

“Just wondering… what would you like for breakfast tomorrow morning? Your wife said she’ll be getting up early to head out with them, so it’s just us, I guess.” Seokjin could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Uhm.. nothing. I’ll make something for myself. Thanks.” Seokjin squeezed his eyes shut once he was done speaking, digging his head further back into the pillow.

Yoongi hummed and nodded, though nobody saw it, and made his way out of the doorway of the room. Seokjin heard him say a goodnight to both the girls in the other room before the floorboards creaked with his weight of his steps.

Seokjin fell asleep before Nari was back in the room, a scowl on his face.


Nari got up around 6:30 and woke up Seokjin long enough to sneak a few kisses and words of encouragement for him to get his work done today. “If you get it done, you might get a little surprise from me when I get home” were her exact words, and knowing Seokjin’s wife like Seokjin does, he only smirked and gave her one more kiss before she’s dressed and left to get the kids ready.

They said quiet goodbyes as they went downstairs and ate breakfast and Seokjin fell asleep again between the local news going off and The Today Show coming on the muted TV in their room.

When he woke up again, his room smelled of maple syrup and the sun was a bit higher in the sky. He stretched out his legs, vowing never to get another cramp in his entire life, and he climbed up from the bed to catch a quick shower before his long day. He let himself stand under the spray for a solid ten minutes before doing anything important, since it wasn’t his water bill to pay. He went over the things he needed to achieve in his head; grade final exams, finish up guidelines and syllabus for his summer programs, and write a page or two more of his thesis.

He grumbled because his head was already spinning, so he turned the water off and dried himself. The enticing syrup smell has only grown stronger, and he could only think of the worst. So, instead of fighting it any longer, he made his way down the steps. He heard soft singing and was already annoyed. Nari couldn’t really sing, and she was gone with the kids, and Yoongi was in a fucking group.

He stayed out of the kitchen as long as he could. He went back down the hallway of the lower floor into the little office nook. Seokjin’s laptop had been sitting there since they arrived, covered in its many colorful stickers. He opened it up and pressed the on button before dragging his messenger bag up and onto the desk. He pulled out papers after papers and sat them near the computer.

It only took him five minutes to sort, and his head was hurting from lack of coffee, so Seokjin took a deep breath and decided it was time.

He realized he could have never been ready for what he was about to see. Even if he took a few days to prepare himself.

Yoongi was at the counter, skillet in hand, shaking it as eggs fried. Seokjin got that much into his brain before it short circuited when his eyes dropped lower.

Yoongi’s thighs were on display, short gym shorts riding up over his hips. Seokjin could see his hips because of the crop top that sat loose on his shoulders. The shorts dug a little bit into his thighs, causing the bloated, soft skin to poke out a bit more where the shorts rested. Seokjin suddenly wanted to bite right there, at that very patch of extra skin.

His eyes moved up. The round swell of his ass was barely covered by the shorts, the backs riding high up on the back of his legs. The smooth skin of the thick of his thighs looked gorgeous.

What looked even better is when he leaned back, showing the outline of the round of his stomach that barely stuck out with the shorts holding it in. The crop top was long enough that only a small line of skin was exposed between the shirt and shorts.

Seokjin needed to sit down, and breathe, because he was holding his breath in and his lungs stung. Just like the beach, but Seokjin didn’t have an ocean to jump into.

He got his eyes away fast enough, scurrying behind the boy at the oven top when he looked up.

“Morning!” Yoongi chirped, flicking the switch of the fire top to turn it off. “Made waffles and bacon and eggs. Help yourself, hyung.” Yoongi stood on his tip toes and shoved the waffle mix back up into the cupboard on the highest shelf. Seokjin watched as Yoongi’s legs flexed and unflexed and shut himself up with the cup of coffee before he could say anything incriminating.

“Thanks.” Seokjin mumbled, hidden behind his mug. He scurried past again, grabbing a plate and some bacon. He didn’t look up at all between him getting his food and going for the door.

“You don’t wanna eat in here with me?” Yoongi caught him before he could escape. Seokjin let his jaw drop a little before turning back, looking past the boy in the crop top and shorts that looked more delicious than any breakfast did.

“Sorry, I’m.. really busy today, yeah. Uhm. Maybe, l-lunch?” He shrugged and turned around, bolting for the office space.

Yoongi only frowned and let out a soft little “humph” while glancing around him at the food on the tables. Only 12 hours to make something happen.


Seokjin scarfed down his breakfast quick and got to work on his grading first. Seokjin loved his job. He really loved inspiring people to look deeper past what was just on a sheet of paper they read. He loved using things like comic books and anime and movies to get people to understand the art of literature more than they ever imagined. While Seokjin can appreciate classics, even English writers and authors, Seokjin lived now surrounded by technology, television, and blockbuster movies. So why not make an entire class out of what people already know? It was one of the reasons Seokjin loved his job. Students came in looking forward to learning how to write a rhetorical analysis about movies they liked, shows they liked. Even k-pop boys they liked.

Seokjin, however, hated grading. He loved reading what students said and thought about and how their brains work because Seokjin loved reading into people’s lives and understanding them. He just hated the act of marking up papers. It was menial, and tiring, and if he could just give everybody an A because their opinions are valid, he would. Grammar and punctuation are important, though, so he took his time to make sure they understood. Seokjin wanted the best for them, of course.

He was halfway through the papers when he heard doors being opened and closed through the house, and he was brought back to reality that there was a boy in short-shorts cleaning his vacation home.

“What the hell is this?” He mumbled to himself before ruffling his hair and getting back on track.

He was halfway through the next paper and two cups of coffee, and he thought he was on a good schedule. He was working 20 minutes or so before his mind wandered, and he was kind of proud of himself for not getting distracted like he always does. The door creaking had stopped, and he doesn’t hear anybody else in the house, so it’s possible Yoongi had moved onto yardwork. That was one less thing Seokjin needed to worry about as he continued to grade.

Seokjin went for another drink of his coffee and found his cup empty. He checked the time, 10:18, and decided he could use one more before cutting himself off. So, he filed out of the office back towards the kitchen. There was no sign of the other until he came out of the kitchen with a new cup of coffee.

The living room blinds were shoved to the side, letting in a load of sunlight from outside. Seokjin was glad it had been sunny and reminded himself to text Nari at lunch time to see how things were going. Usually no texts before then was a good sign. He was sipping the warm liquid when he spotted him.

Yoongi was out by the pool, white shorts hugging his thighs with a loose fitting long-sleeved shirt. His back was to Seokjin, thank god, and he scooped up leaves out of the crystal-clear water. Seokjin suddenly wanted to go out and take a dip, but he couldn’t. He also kind of wanted to hear Yoongi talk to him about anything. The pool, his job, what his favorite kind of food was, why he was so damn annoying and persistent in making Seokjin flustered.

But Seokjin frowned and took another sip before going back to his boring work.


Lunch passed around 12:15 with a text from Nari and a picture of the kids playing in the water falls. He smiled, sent back a little text telling how much he loved them and missed them, and slipped his phone back down into his pocket. He wasn’t hungry, so he just kept working. With the papers done, he finished up the lesson plans that need to be submitted soon. They took him all about 30 minutes to finish, and he considered getting some food now, but remembered he’s going to take a lot of impromptu breaks while working on his thesis.

So, Seokjin dove into it head first. He pulled up the articles on his computer and his word document and began. His brain was already fried from just reading what he had already put down into words, and he considered scrapping the 34 pages he already written, but he ruffled his hair and got down to business.

The thesis and his eventual project was about sexuality and gender in movies, with a focus on homosexuality in hyper-masculine productions such as Marvel movies, especially in countries with masculine cultures like the United States and South Korea. He went from actual canon lore of the comic books into fiction written by fans across social media to what the general public response on the topic.

He was in the thick of reading through another scholarly article, his brain moving 100 miles per hour taking notes down with his eyes moving back and forth across the screen. He was nearly finished with the third page of scanning when he jumped slightly, a soft yelp coming from his lips when a sweeper is turned on inside the house.

“Shit,” He mumbled to himself, his hand gripping for his heart momentarily. He blinked a few times and waited to see if the noise moved any closer. It came from upstairs, muffled with floor between him, so Seokjin put his brain back into motion and let the noise become a part of the background.

The sweeper stopped sometime during the reading because Seokjin didn’t hear it when he sat back to let his eyes catch a break. He decided to keep going after a few sips of coffee and a Twitter check.

He was near the middle of the 6th page when a voice rang through the house. “Ignore it,” he said to himself before turning back into his article and notes. The voice, however, only got louder. It was singing a song Seokjin didn’t know, and it could only belong to one person, unless an angel broke in while Seokjin was busy.

He kept ignoring it, though, and jotted down more notes he needed and highlighted important ones he had to remember to help further the paper along. However, he wasn’t finding exactly what he wanted to say. Digging through articles had put a block on Seokjin’s brain, and he felt like he couldn’t move forward with the topic because there was no transition point. He angrily went back and forth between what he had already finished in the last paragraph with the newly gained information and notes, and it wouldn’t click in his brain. He even tried to rewrite the last few sentences he had formed earlier, and it still wasn’t fitting like he needed it to be.

The singing wasn’t helping, either. It wasn’t as loud, but it was getting harder to ignore. He hunched over with the heels of his hands shoved against his eyes, rubbing them in slow circles. He tired to not get worked up and angry because it happened before, and it never ended up good for anybody with Seokjin happily spitting out insults. But it wasn’t helping and Seokjin only continued to feel his muscles tighten in annoyance at the boy out in the kitchen singing Disney songs.

Seokjin pushed himself back away from the desk and huffed out a soft grunt before standing up out of the chair. He shut his laptop and stomped a little for effect out of the office and down the hallway that opened up into the area between the kitchen and living room. He could hear the singing clear, then.

“I’ll make a man out of you!”

At literally any other part of their vacation, Seokjin would have happily had a sing-along with Yoongi to his favorite Disney movie, but his blood just boiled even more. He really needed to get things done so he doesn’t lose his mind or his job or his place in the PhD candidates.

“Yoongi, do you really mind?” Seokjin asked in his normal, calm voice while walking out of the hallway into the kitchen opening. Clearly Yoongi hadn’t heard the question over his own singing because he continues when Seokjin walked in. Seokjin really didn’t need this.

And the icing on the cake that was the awkward relationship between the both of them: Yoongi’s was in a skirt.

He was wearing a skirt, pleated black and white, and Seokjin honestly thought about turning around and just leaving; leaving the house, leaving Florida, leaving the planet. Seokjin considered jumping directly into the fucking sun.

Yoongi was facing away from him, sweeping around the kitchen with a broom. The plastic of the broom knocked against the molding of the wall while Yoongi’s hips swayed to the beat of his own singing. His legs never seemed to end, and Seokjin followed them all the way up to the curve of his ass in the skirt that brushed back and forth against the very top of his thighs as he moved. The black shirt he he had on, some knock off of some american rock band, is tucked haphazardly into the skirt around his waist with the sleeves pushed up on his arms.

Seokjin’s brain pointed all directions back into the office, but his feet took a few steps closer to the corner Yoongi was in. “Are you… trying to kill me? Is this your plan? Just ruin me?” Seokjin asked, pleading at the younger man, instead of doing the smart thing and leaving. He clenched his fists with his fingers wrapped around his thumbs.

Yoongi jumped, and his head and neck turned quick to look back at Seokjin. The skirt hiked up a bit at the jump and flipped back down before Seokjin saw anything underneath.

“Huh?” Yoongi asked, his eyebrows furrowed a little. Seokjin wasn’t having it, though. He wasn’t dumb.

“I’m not dumb.” He spoke out sternly. “I know what you’re doing. The smiles, the looks, the flirting. From day one, you’ve done nothing but try and rope me into your little game.” His eyes narrowed a bit while looking at the boy in the skirt.

Yoongi smirked slightly before laughing a little, like Seokjin had told a joke. He turned himself so they were facing each other. Yoongi let the broom fall against the wall with a small knock. “Seokjin, I literally have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m just here, being me.” He pointed to himself to emphasize the ‘me’ part before his arms crossed over his chest as he smiled. “If you have something to say to me, though, now would be the time to say it since… y’know. We’re all alone. I’ve seen the way you look at me. Also, you’re drooling a bit now.”

Seokjin’s eyes widened a little, and he brought his hand up to wipe at his chin only for Yoongi to throw his head back in laughter. Seokjin realized it was a joke, and he’s even more angry now, his face and ears glowing red with embarrassment. If this were a cheesy cartoon, steam would shoot from his ears, he thought.

“Fuck you.” Seokjin spat out. He could feel the warmth grow in his cheeks and the adrenaline pick up in his chest, making his heart race a bit faster. The tips of his fingers tingled and his whole body felt nothing but white hot desire.

Yoongi cocked his head, as calm as ever. “S’that what you wanna do?”

Seokjin moved, pushing himself past any shield of fear or self-restraint he had and moved with hands out in front of him, gripped at the thin material of Yoongi’s shirt when he got to him. Yoongi smirked even wider now and only sighed out contently at being pushed up against the wall. Up this close, Seokjin realized how short Yoongi actually was, his face easily in line with Seokjin’s neck.

It was rough at first, he kissed hard with heads tilting and hips brushing together as Yoongi was pressed up against the wall. Yoongi’s hands fell to Seokjin’s waist, fingers gripped on the man’s pants material.

Yoongi eagerly melted into the kiss and offered a soft bite onto Seokjin’s lip, but he was put in his place when Seokjin retaliated with a bite of his own on Yoongi’s pouty bottom lip. Seokjin was charge. Yoongi let him think that.

Seokjin pulled off the kiss and gave another small shove to Yoongi’s chest, backing him up further. “This is just a fucking game to you, isn’t it?” Seokjin spoke, lips brushing across Yoongi’s. The boy smirked, his eyes wide with excitement.

“Maybe, depends if you’re having fun.” Yoongi spoke in a saccharine tone while he tilted his head. “Just give in already, I know you want to. Don’t be mad at me, though. I’m only gonna give you exactly what you want.” Yoongi was right.

That’s all Seokjin needed to hear to cement his sin. “Give me what I want, then,” growled Seokjin. His brain seemed to move too fast and too slow all at once. Suddenly Seokjin was being pushed off Yoongi. He was forced back against the counter top, the edge of it digging into his lower back. Yoongi quickly followed with his hands pressing against Seokjin’s chest. He leaned up in again to invade Seokjin’s space and started the kiss once more. This time, Yoongi lead with his tongue poking through the line of Seokjin’s lips. Seokjin sighed out, his tense back evening out as he let himself be kissed and touched by the pretty boy in front of him.

Yoongi lowered his hands over Seokjin’s chest and abdomen and hiked his shirt up to get soft hands over his still pale skin. Seokjin shivered, and Yoongi only grinned with a soft giggle at the excitement that flowed from Seokjin to him.

“Yeah?” Yoongi asked between kisses, his fingers brushing at the line of the shorts Seokjin was wearing. Seokjin sighed out. “Yeah.”

Yoongi was kissing full on again as his fingers worked open the button and zipper on Seokjin’s shorts, tugging on them. Yoongi’s teeth went for another bite at the same time his fingers were brushing down over the line of Seokjin’s cock, finally pulling a moan from the older man’s lips. Yoongi knew what he was doing, and it was going so smoothly. He pulled away and let his head drop to glance at what his hands were doing. With a swift tug, Seokjin’s shorts were off, and Yoongi was on his knees in front of him. Seokjin shifted to widen his legs so Yoongi could slot in between his feet easily.

“Thought about this… in the shower.” Seokjin blurted out when he finally let himself look down in front of him. Yoongi suggestively raised a brow and laughed a little.

“Was I at least good?” He brought his face closer, lightly tracing his nose alongside the outline of Seokjin through his thin boxers. Seokjin gasped.

“Yes, God, yes.”

Yoongi hummed, his eyes rolled back with arousal before his tongue went to work teasing the man further. He lowered his head enough to start where he could feel the base of Seokjin’s cock. With his tongue pressing lightly to the material, he dragged it up slowly across the cotton barrier between his mouth and Seokjin’s skin. The groan that fell from Seokjin’s lips was enough to edge him a bit further on to reach for the elastic of the boxers. Lifting them slightly, he brought the band down over the underside of Seokjin’s cock, letting the tip poke out from underneath. Yoongi enticingly let his tongue swipe across the tip a few times while his eyes innocently peeked up at the man above him.

Seokjin was already gone, his head thrown back while his white knuckles gripped on the countertop behind him.

So, Yoongi dragged the band up and down slowly over the underside as he continued to lap his tongue against the sensitive tip. Twisting his tongue, he let the side run along the slit of Seokjin’s cock and wrinkled his nose playfully as he tasted a small bead of pre-cum.

“Please.” Seokjin was begging for more. Yoongi finally gave in and reached to tug the rest of Seokjin’s boxers down, letting them fall to the floor. Seokjin’s cock bobbed forward a little, finally free of the cotton hell and Yoongi could only smirk as he finally got his mouth around the entire tip. He sucked slowly as his left-hand blindly sought out the base with a soft squeeze. Seokjin was already losing it under his touch, and it only made him move faster. Yoongi was letting his head rock in a steady rhythm against Seokjin’s hips that were arching forward, egging him on for more. Since Yoongi was good boy, he sucked even further down, letting his cheeks hollow out against the sides. Seokjin’s breath hitched at the feeling of the tightness and heat surrounding him, and he bucked forward again, thrusting deeper into Yoongi’s mouth.

Yoongi made a noise deep in his throat as Seokjin pressed on so he moved his head faster, his hand squeezing again at the base before it was moving over the rest of Seokjin’s cock he couldn’t quite fit in his mouth. The sound that radiated through his throat went straight through Seokjin’s cock and he moaned out, his head hitting against the cabinet behind them. He didn’t feel much of it though as he arched his back again, letting the counter dig into him.

“Fuck, please. Wanna-God. Yoongi. Let me fuck you.” Seokjin mumbled out, biting his lip as he retracted his hips slightly, nearly ready to orgasm. Thankfully, Yoongi was quick to pull off with a grin on his lips. He licked the saliva that slipped down over his chin but stayed on his knees as he looked up at Seokjin, eyes wide. “You wanna fuck me, hyung?”

And fuck, if Seokjin wasn’t completely gone.

“Really do, baby.” He mumbled out and that’s all Yoongi needed to hear before he was popping back up on his feet, the skirt bouncing as he eagerly walked himself across the kitchen to the table. He got the chairs out of the way to form a gap before he’s hopped up on with his arms stretched out behind him to hold him up. He tilted his head and grinned before crossing his right leg across his left.

Seokjin stayed where he was, exposed, just watching him walk and sit. He got lost in Yoongi’s supple skin, the curve of his legs, the glint in his eyes, his undeniable beauty. He was soft, round and pudgy in Seokjin’s favorite places, and dirty as all fuck. His thighs were to die for and he couldn’t wait to get them around his waist.

“Well c’mon, old man.” Yoongi said, breaking Seokjin from his daydream. Seokjin glared playfully before pushing himself away from the counter. He tripped across his discarded shorts and boxers and almost biffed it on the floor only to catch himself on the counter top across from where he was. “Oh shit.” He said while Yoongi was ready with laughter as he threw his head back.

“Good one!” He laughed and smacked his exposed thigh. Seokjin pinned him with another glare, still playful, as he regained his footing and stepped away from his discarded clothes. He was over to Yoongi in a second, spreading his legs open roughly.

“Oh.” Yoongi said, his laughing fading quick as he helped spread his legs open further. Seokjin touched softly where the skirt fell on Yoongi’s thighs. He really wanted to keep this moment in his mind forever. His hands travelled up, pushing the skirt along with them. It was his turn to get to his knees. Yoongi bit his lip and smirked as Seokjin nudged him closer to the edge of the table and started peppering light kisses up the insides of his thighs. Seokjin took it slow, making sure to cover every inch he could on one leg before moving to the other. His fingers pressed against the skin roughly enough to make small round marks that he watched disappear after a few seconds. He then kisseed right back over where his fingers just marked on the creamy skin. It’s all Seokjin’s dreamed about since he saw them poking out of his cut up jeans, and he really didn’t want to stop but Yoongi had his hand tangled in his hair, giving small tugs to grab his attention.

Seokjin finally pulled back and raised his head up to gaze up at Yoongi who grinned back at him. “Gonna do anything else or just kiss me?”

And while Seokjin would absolutely love to just spend his time in between Yoongi’s legs like this, he nodded. “Gonna finger you.”

“Yeah, fuck.” And Yoongi was ready again, licking over his lips. Seokjin pushed his hips back to gain better access before he’s moving to his feet again. Yoongi lowered himself further onto the table, resting on his elbows. With his legs spread wide, Seokjin moved his hands up underneath the skirt and got a hold of the fabric of Yoongi’s underwear. Yoongi lifted his hips and Seokjin tugged them down in one go, only to see the lace white panties with a blue bow across the front. Seokjin felt light headed when he saw them and groaned quietly, fingers clenching around the material.

“Y’can keep ‘em if you want.” Yoongi mumbled in a slurred voice. Seokjin rolled his eyes but considered it. He tossed them to the ground though, and started hiking up the skirt even more. Seokjin could see the tent Yoongi’s cock made and bent in to kiss the tip softly through the fabric. Yoongi whined softly, but Seokjin was already getting back down again so he was level with the table. With Yoongi almost flush with the edge of the surface, Seokjin brought his head forward without any other warning and had his tongue glide along Yoongi’s perineum. With a audible gasp from above, Seokjin smirked and continued moving his tongue along the sensitive area. Yoongi got another firm grip on Seokjin’s hair with a free hand, and he tugged hard as his lower body shuddered from the feeling.

“Fuck, don’t stop.” He said through gritted teeth. Seokjin wouldn’t dare, letting his tongue move lower to brush along the ring of muscle that twitched slightly at the feeling. Yoongi whined low, his head thrown back. It was music to Seokjin’s ears as his tongue traced and swiped across the hole. He made sure it was glistening with his saliva before he shifted back enough to bring his fingers into play.

He dragged his thumb through the saliva that’s built up before he slipped it into Yoongi. His thumb met natural resistance before it was sinking into him slowly. Yoongi moaned softly and hooked his left leg up over Seokjin’s shoulder while Seokjin pressed his finger deeper only to pull it out teasingly. He did the same thing, moving it into him slowly before he thrusted it easily. Yoongi’s legs tensed up slightly but as the movement continued, he’s pressed down against the finger inside him. “More.” He whined out.

Seokjin obliged, pulling his thumb out before he twisted his hand around. He spat into his index and middle fingers and slicked the two up with his thumb. Yoongi was eager and  rocked his hips down into nothing, but Seokjin gave his thigh a small pinch. “Patience” Seokjin mumbled, and he was back again at Yoongi’s hole with his two new fingers. Yoongi felt the pressure of both fingers nudge at him and moaned a bit louder as they finally sank into him. He cried out at the pleasurable stretch. It was good and the slight burn that radiated through him made him shudder again.

Seokjin’s fingers moved slow and deep to open Yoongi up the best he could. He twisted inside before pulling them out most of the way only to thrust them in faster. Yoongi was squirming, his hips jerking against Seokjin’s hand every time he pressed in. He rose his hand up after giving a small tap to the side of Seokjin’s head. “Curl ‘em… like this.” And Yoongi demonstrated, hooking his fingers down in the air. “And press…” He said breathlessly. Seokjin pressed his fingers back in and did as Yoongi requested, hooking his fingers and pressing in. Yoongi nearly screamed out, his groan is so loud and ringing through the kitchen. He arched up off the table and eagerly pushed his hips down onto Seokjin’s fingers.

“Yes, fuck, fuck.” He chanted while Seokjin smirked at himself, thrusting out before he pressed back in again to push back against the spot. The whimper that came out of the younger boy made the blood rush back to Seokjin’s dick, and he really wanted to fuck him right then.

Seokjin retracted his fingers and pushed himself back up to his feet. He took a hold of his own cock and thrusted into his hand a few times, sighing contently. Seokjin’s eyes dropped down over the already mess of a man on display below him, his thighs marked red and covered in saliva that led down to his hole. Seokjin could have already came again, but he stopped himself when he realized something important.

“Condom?” Seokjin blurted out before glancing around. He didn’t have his wallet on him, discarded upstairs. His brain went into a mild panic mode. Thankfully, for some strange reason, the forces were on their side because Yoongi, in his hazy turned-on glazed over daze, tugged a single condom out of his skirt pocket and held it up in the direction of Seokjin. It was lubed, which, thank fuck, and Seokjin tore it open and slipped it over himself. He hissed low to himself and squeezed the base of his dick. By the time he looked up again, Yoongi had his eyes on him with a smug smirk on his lips and his his hair slightly mussed up.

“Gonna fuck me good?” He asked, voice dulled but sultry from the pleasure. He was up on one arm watching Seokjin stroke himself. Seokjin only nodded and gave a small returning smirk before he stepped closer against the younger man. Yoongi’s one leg that was on Seokjin’s shoulder slid down and wrapped around his waist to pull him closer while Yoongi took a hold of his t-shirt, fisting his hands in it. Yoongi braced himself just slightly as the tip of Seokjin’s cock nudged and finally pressed into him. Seokjin kept a hold on his thigh, his grip a bit harsh as he inched himself in, low moans escaping from his mouth. This was Yoongi’s favorite part; the first feeling, the first stretch. He loved the burn, how it ran through him and sparked his brain and made him think in overdrive. While he obviously liked the orgasm that comes with it, the pull that formed deep in his stomach when getting fucked, he loved to be opened up around a hard cock for the first time after a long time.

Seokjin pressed his hips in closer, closing the small amount of space between them. Yoongi whined high in his throat while his head rolled back against his shoulders. Seokjin took that opportunity and rested his hands on the table on either side of the quivering body in front of him and went for Yoongi’s neck. He trailed kisses along his skin before he bit right below his jaw. Yoongi squeezed himself around Seokjin and got a sweet moan from the older man. It sounded good and felt amazing, the plush lips and body pressed up against his. It felt deliciously dirty and achingly good, and Yoongi wanted more.

Seokjin pulled his hips back all the way, leaving just the tip before he thrusted back to bottom out again, causing Yoongi to squeal out. “Shit!” The noises and words only spur Seokjin on. He dropped his hips slightly as he began to thrust himself back and forth. He kept his face buried in Yoongi’s neck, kissing there and biting when he liked. His elbows rested against the table and Yoongi gripped on his hair with both hands and tugged it roughly.

“Faster, please.” Yoongi breathed out, almost begging, and cupped the back of Seokjin’s head. Seokjin eagerly met Yoongi’s request and picked up the pace in between his thighs, grinding into each forward thrust. Both men let out sinful moans at the same time. Seokjin lowered his head and moved down across the length of Yoongi’s neck to drag his tongue over his exposed collar bone. He nibbled lightly on the skin before licking again into the gentle dip that below his Adam’s apple as Yoongi flexed and arched his back, pressing flush against Seokjin’s broad chest. The more he moved, the more the table shook and shifted underneath them, but neither noticed, too lost in ecstacy. Seokjin only moved faster, his hips losing stuttering the more he felt the sweat drip down his temple and the more the heat and pleasure and yes yes yes pooled in his stomach. He could tell Yoongi felt it too with how each thrust caused another sharp inhale, another moan, or another whiny “yeah” poured from his red lips; lips that Seokjin needed in his own again at that moment, needed to taste.

Seokjin came back to face the wide-eyed, fucked-out Yoongi and kissed again, biting and licking over the swollen skin of his lips and Yoongi loved it, parting them and his legs for Seokjin to invade him. He held the sides of his head and tugged him closer with both legs around his waist. He felt like he’d explode with nothing but the sensation of Seokjin surrounding him-literally and figuratively. Yoongi was so wrapped up in Seokjin and so full from him that he almost forgot to warn that he’s going to come.

“Hyuuung.” He whined, his jaw dropping slightly as Seokjin continuously pounded into him at just the right angle. His ability to speak failed him as the pure, hot pleasure started to build up inside of him. He was breathless, nothing but high pitched noises gurgling out of his throat. Seokjin could tell, could see it in his eyes and the way he gasped, that Yoongi was close and he kept rocking quick and fast into him.

“Gonna come.. come for hyung?” Seokjin asked with nothing left in him but pure adrenaline. He wanted nothing more than for Yoongi to come. The smaller man nodded with his lips parted and eyes closed. Seokjin pressed his stomach forward slightly, letting it catch against Yoongi’s cock that peeked over the skirt edge. He let the friction that fills the space between them push Yoongi to his climax. Yoongi screeched and screamed out as his hands gripped for Seokjin and his shoulders and his shirt and his hair as he finally came undone under Seokjin and his gaze.

White spilled over his skirt and the bottom half of his shirt as well as Seokjin’s, but Seokjin couldn’t care less because the sinful sounds and seductive images that had been imprinted on his brain were enough for the rest of his lifetime and so overwhelming in that moment. It hit him hard, and Seokjin could only make one more thrust before he too orgasmed hard and better than ever before with a loud, deep groan. He gripped at the table to keep himself upright, not wanting to crush the worn out body underneath him. He breathed in heavily, his head hanging low while he tried to gain any strength left in his body.

When he did finally came back to himself and wasn’t just an astral projection of the man he was, Yoongi was laid out starfished on the table and giggling happily. His whole upper body shook with laughter, and his face scrunched a little. His flushed face smiled with his hair stuck to his forehead. Seokjin smiled right back at him. He reached up to brush some of Yoongi’s hair away from his face, wanting to see his glossy eyes. Seokjin took in the moment with a deep and shaky breath, the beautiful man under him nothing but soft giggles. Seokjin finally bent in, his mouth pressed against Yoongi’s for a slow kiss.

“Got my skirt all messy.” Yoongi mumbled into Seokjin’s mouth. Seokjin glanced down in between them to see the strings of white spilled out over him. It looked oddly gorgeous, and Seokjin just smiled blissfully, his mind foggy and his body spent.

“Good thing you’re so good at washing clothes, m’sure it won’t be hard to get the stain out.” Yoongi laughed but Seokjin didn’t.

Seokjin’s eyes went wide as he realized this wasn’t some dream his brain concocted in the sweaty afternoons in Florida heat. He hadn’t fallen asleep reading some article, he hadn’t taken a nap after doing some work, he wasn’t dead and in heaven because he could feel the enormous wave of fear and anger wash over him and settle right in the middle of his chest. His whole body froze in embarrassment and confusion but mostly regret. It flooded his entire blood stream.

Cheaters don’t go to heaven, Seokjin.

“Oh, no… No no no no no no!” He’s yelled out, chanting to himself like that would make this situation not real anymore. He fell back and out of Yoongi and stumbled back across the kitchen, his back finding purchase against a counter top. He was half naked, covered in cum that didn’t belong to him in the middle of a kitchen he was supposed to be sharing with his wife and kids on their family vacation. And, holy fuck, his wife and kids.

Seokjin didn’t do this. He wasn’t there. He wasn’t in this position right now.

As if he had finally came back into his body, he looked between his clothes on the floor right back over to the table where Yoongi was still laid out, his expression not saying much. He sort-of deadpanned at Seokjin as he laid back on his elbows, skirt hiked up with his soft cock laying across it.

He was there right. He did this to himself. He did this to his wife, his family. All the weight of regret and of pain and complete and utter disbelief finally settled on him.

“No!” He’s screamed to himself. “What the fuck?!” He ripped the condom off of himself and flung it somewhere in honest horror before he’d gone to his boxers forgotten on the kitchen floor and slipped them on frantically followed by his shorts. He’s rushed back to the table once they’re buttoned up, and he shoved at Yoongi who was still there.

“Don’t you fucking say anything, do you hear me? I’ll give you whatever you want, just don’t say a word.” Seokjin’s heartbeat was frantic in his chest. His ears rang loudly.

Yoongi just rolled his eyes, annoyed with him. “I’m not gonna say anything. Unless you wanna get her in on it too?” He smirked and watched as Seokjin’s eyes widened in shock.

“You’re fucking insane! No! That’s my fucking wife, you nasty pervert!” Seokjin was red in the face, his whole body tense and wired. His skin was prickled with goose bumps, and he was on the verge of crying. “Get out! Go back to your own house.”

Yoongi scoffed and shoved himself off the table. He bent down to pick up his panties from the floor, wiggling his ass in the air as he did so. “A nasty pervert you fucked.” Yoongi’s unspoken words implied by his posture as he stood up, twirling the panties around his finger. He looked unbelievably smug with a hand resting on his hip, like he knew what he was fucking doing.

“Get the hell out!” Seokjin screamed, pointing towards the door. His eyes were closed, holding back what was about to spill from them. Yoongi just rolled his eyes once more, completely irritated, and went on his way. He made sure to slam the glass door when he went through it, and Seokjin jumped slightly when he did. Seokjin kept calm as long as he could, long enough to pick up the condom from the kitchen floor and throw it away in the outside trash. He also kept it together long enough to get into the bedroom and lock the door behind him, his body aching with nothing but disgust with himself.

He sat himself on the bed and let the first sob come out. His whole body shook with anger and guilt. He didn’t know what to do other than sit in silence and let his body expel the emotions that ripped through him. He hated himself in that moment more than ever before. His mind raced with a thousand thoughts per minute and couldn’t stop the feeling of impending doom creeping over himself.

He couldn’t shake the thought that he did this willingly. His judgment and morals betrayed him in a fight won by his dick and his dick alone. There was no excuse he could think of for any of this because there were no excuses. He hadn’t been drunk, he wasn’t on something or hypnotized by a magical entity.

He was seduced and led on, and he fell for it, and he hates himself.

Seokjin had broke the very oath he vowed and promised to his wife on their wedding day. His body felt like it was shutting down with how much he loathed himself. His shoulders slumped and his feet pressed down against the floor, digging his heels into the surface to ground himself and search his brain for something else to think about. It didn’t work.

I cheated. He finally admitted it to himself, another choking sob coming from his chest. He coughed it out while the tears continued to fall down his cheeks and soaked his neck and the collar of his t-shirt: the t-shirt that still had Yoongi’s cum on it.

He was up and off the bed quick, stripping the shirt off as well as his boxers and shorts. He kicked them into a corner before rushing into the shower where he turned on the hottest water he could. He waited while wiping his nose and eyes clear. He climbed into the shower and let the burning water wash him off. He let the tears run along with the water and tried to clean what evidence of Yoongi was left on him. He could still taste him. He could still hear him. He could still smell him. Seokjin grabbed a washcloth and began scrubbing his skin raw, doing anything he could to start to forget.


Nari, Eunmi, and Wonjae filed through the door around 9:30 pm. Nari carried most of the weight, her arms full of half-asleep children. She glanced around and shrugged a little when the lights were off completely downstairs and made her way up to put them to bed. She knew she’ll be woken up at around 3am to help them change but she didn’t mind.

Their bedroom was barely lit with the glow of the TV flashing some random American sitcom, and Seokjin was curled up underneath the covers. She smiled, slipping her shoes off before coming over to kiss his forehead. He jerked away and let out a quiet gasp, and she couldn’t help but let out a little giggle.

“You’re asleep early,” She mumbled before nudging herself into the bed. Seokjin moved reluctantly, not saying anything. She kept her smile on her lips while she’s snuggled underneath the covers with him. Seokjin sniffled a little and rubbed his face into the pillow while he kept his arms wrapped around himself. He couldn’t look her in the eyes, so he just closed his again as she’s moved closer to him.

“So, did you get your work done?” She asked while reaching to push the bangs that fell down over Seokjin’s face.

“Yeah...” He croaked out, wrinkling his nose a little. Her brow wrinkled in concern.

“Are you sick, sweetie? Oh, no.” Seokjin paused before he decided that this is life now. He nodded slightly and cleared his throat before sniffling again. She cooed and leaned to press a kiss to his forehead. Seokjin had lied twice already, His stomach churned with disgust.

“I’ll go get you some medicine tomorrow morning. You just get some rest, sweetheart.” She climbed back out of the bed and tucked Seokjin back down into the bed, flattening the covers over him. She sighed while looking down at his pale face and felt so bad, hands curling at her chest for a moment. She left Seokjin in the bedroom alone. He finally sat up himself, cursing.

“Fuck.” He sighed and reached up, scrubbing over his face with his hands. Just three more days. Just the rest of the year. Just the rest of his life. Every day until he dies, he’s going to be lying to his wife.

Unless he told her. And then he loses her. And Eunmi. And Wonjae. And his house and his life and he couldn’t tell her. He didn’t want to break her like that. He couldn’t hurt somebody he loves so much. He couldn’t break his family apart like that, leaving his children without a parent and without his support.

Seokjin was the definition of not knowing what he had until it was slowly slipping out of his finger-tips.

He despised himself and squeezed his eyes shut to stop the tears that threatened to fall. His whole body was sore from the sobs that racked through him the entire late afternoon, and he was ready for sleep and possibly death.

And fuck Yoongi. Fucking all fuck him to fucking hell. Seokjin knew he couldn’t blame anybody else other than himself who lost his judgement and his morals, but fuck Yoongi. He buried his face into the pillow and nearly screamed but knew Nari would hear in the bathroom. So, he continued to curse Yoongi out in every which way and in every language he knew in his head until he fell asleep.


He woke up exhausted and stayed in bed for the most of the day against his own wishes. Nari had gone to pick up medicine and gave him the proper doses when he needed. She brought him his laptop and things so he could do his work without having to move. He felt even worse about this if it was even possible, the regret filling him every time he saw her doing something for him.

He’s was typing up a new page now, sat up in the bed with the TV playing quietly in the background. A knock on the door forced him to look up from his computer and his eyebrows knit together.

“Babe.. you know you don’t need to knock. I told you already.” He assumed it was Nari bringing up lunch as she promised. However, when the door opened and the mint fluff of hair walked in, he only managed making himself look like an ass.

“Oh, we’ve moved up from casual fucking to pet names, hyung?” Yoongi asked sardonically, a plate and glass of lemonade in hand.

Seokjin’s eyes widened and he pushed his computer back before shoving the covers off himself. “Get out of here. Leave. I told you I didn’t want to see you again.” He spoke hushed before climbing off the bed.

Yoongi rolled his eyes and sat the plate and drink down as he walked further into the room next to the dresser against the wall. “Don’t even want a kiss? How mean,” he teased, words full of venom.

Seokjin flushed but glared at the younger man while standing at the side of the bed. “Why are you even up here? Can’t you see I’m trying to live my life without you in it? Can’t you see I don’t want anything to do with you?”

“Your wife told me to bring you lunch since she’s out swimming with the kids. She feels so bad you’re stuck up here all sick.” He mimicked her voice softly while batting his eyelashes.

“I’m not sick. I mean.. I am. I just. Ugh.” Seokjin groaned, running fingers through his hair. “I needed time to think.”

“Think about what? Me sucking your dick some more?” Yoongi bit at the very tip of his tongue as he smirked. Seokjin shook his head quickly, mumbling a quiet no, but Yoongi already made his way across the room closing in on him.

“Please.” Seokjin said, voice soft. He looked down at the ground and frowned with his whole face. He shouldn’t feel this way. He shouldn’t be thinking like this. He shouldn’t be standing here with this man in his room not even a foot away from him.

“Please what? Please give me another mind-blowing orgasm before I leave with my boring life and boring wife and family? Please suck my cock again because nobody has for such a long time?” Yoongi pouted playfully with his head tilted.

Seokjin hated that Yoongi was right.

He hated that Yoongi was the first person to touch him like that in a few years. Seokjin hated that he had a mind blowing experience that left him satisfied and sated. He hated that the first time he didn’t have to chase an orgasm in three years wasn’t with his wife but when he was cheating on her with a pool boy he barely knew from Florida. Yoongi could see the thoughts playing out across Seokjin’s face, and Yoongi knew he was yet again wrapped around his pinky finger.

He dropped down quickly in front of the man and was quickly tugging his pajama pants down across his thighs. Yoongi knew he only had the matter of minutes but was used to working fast, so it didn’t bother him. He had hit the jackpot too with a smirk as Seokjin’s half hard cock bobbed out of his pants. Yoongi licked a fat line up the underside before his mouth came to wrap around the tip and began sucking quick, his tongue circling around the tip in his mouth.

Seokjin almost didn’t follow and only realized what was going on through his foggy brain when Yoongi’s mouth finally settled around him. “Shit,” he breathed out before his hand went down, fisting in the mint locks below him to hold himself up. Yoongi’s hands slipped up to grip on his bare hips and only worked faster down around him, bobbing his head quickly. The noises that came through from Yoongi’s mouth made Seokjin shudder and moan quietly, muffled by his firmly bit lip.

Yoongi eagerly took more of his cock down, pulling off slow with his tongue rubbing on the underside only to let himself repeatedly gag on the tip that pushed and touched the back of his throat. He even let Seokjin move his hips, encouraging him as he moved his hands back and forth in time with his thrusts. His hollowed cheeks got tighter the more Seokjin tugged on his hair and swallowed his moans back down his throat. Yoongi’s plan worked because soon enough Seokjin bucked in quick little jerks against his lips until he couldn’t hold back anymore.

With a quick gasp, Seokjin spilled against the back of Yoongi’s throat and the younger boy drank it down, slurping and licking every last drop out of him he could. His nails left soft little crescents along his hips when he pulled off, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Seokjin let go and let himself collapse back into the bed for a moment, his whole body stiff.

Yoongi grinned, hopping back up onto his feet. He regained his balance and left Seokjin to lay there as he brought the plate and glass over to the bedside table. With a pat to his still exposed thigh, Yoongi spoke. “Have fun with the guilt and your paper, hyung.”

Before Seokjin could regain the strength to look up and open his eyes, Yoongi was gone and out of the room. He sighed out and reached down to grip for his pajamas and tugged them back up over his sensitive cock. He glanced at the table before climbing back into the bed, his eyes tired and closing. He didn’t deserve the food; he didn’t deserve his wife or his kids or to breathe, really. Besides, if he ate anything right now, he’d was sure he’d throw it up with the way his stomach roiled with his guilt and hurt. He tried to cry again, but his body was so spent. He coughed out his lungs and fell asleep again in a tiny cocoon made of the comforter from the bed and the reflections of his own mistakes.


Friday, Seokjin woke up with an actual cold. His chest hurt, and he had a cough with a runny nose. It was the least God could do right now to punish him for being a shitty husband and father.

He got up, though, and tried to be functional. On the interior he was constantly having an existential crisis over the horrible choices he’d made in the past 48 hours and on the exterior, he had a minor cold and some sniffles that left him looking paler than normal and a bit rough on the edges. It worked in his favor, he thought. At least Nari was still buying it.

Seokjin also determined that he couldn’t look her in the eye anymore, and he would rather not go into the kitchen at all. He made an excuse about needed to sit down because he was so dizzy, and Nari didn’t question it. She helped him to the living room and into the big recliner. So they had breakfast in the living room like a family. Seokjin watched Eunmi twirl around in her tutu while she sang along to the show on the television, and he really wished he could be something better for her. And for Wonjae, who danced along with her.

He wondered when his kids would find out he was a lying asshole.

He wondered when his wife would leave him.

He took a sip of his coffee to shut himself up long enough that he could think about something else. Anything else.

It helped. Nari started talking about weddings they were supposed to go to and parties that are lined up the week when they’re back home in safe Seoul. He nodded and listened along and coughed and blew his nose. He asked about what he should wear and what the parties were for again to spark up any conversation that didn’t feel forced, and it continued between them easily. For a moment, he didn’t feel like his entire chest was going to explode with emotion and he could relax and feel normal even though he knew it would never be normal again, whether she found out or not.

They had a couple hours of small talk and light banter. They gave each other smiles, and Seokjin could finally relax himself and breathe in a way he hadn’t felt since Wednesday. It was their last full day there, and he needed to soak up what good was left before he faced his life back at home. He took another dose of cold medicine and passed out in his chair for a little while in a thankfully dreamless sleep.


“Hello Kim Family!” The voice rang through his ears and honestly, Seokjin was not surprised anymore. He felt tense in his shoulders as he realized who the voice belonged to. His eyes peeled open and yep, Yoongi was there, and he was bending down to ruffle Eunmi’s hair. “Since it’s your last day, wanted to make you all dinner! Hope that’s fine with you, especially Seokjin.” And he grinned wide, Seokjin could hear it in his sick tone. “Know you’re not feeling the best, so hopefully it can cheer you up?”

“Thanks.” He said in a monotone voice before he turned his head to face the direction away from where Yoongi had entered through the glass sliding doors. He could ignore it. Nari smiled. “Sounds great, I can help if you need me!”

Yoongi grinned more to her. “Awesome! Should we haaave. Local food, like tacos, or Stir fry? I’m kind of feeling both, but it’s honestly up to you.” Nari climbed up off the couch and grinned back as well, picking up Wonjae to take with them as they moved into the kitchen. Seokjin rolled his eyes behind closed lids and huffed before tucking his arms back around himself.

Seokjin would be a mess and a half around Yoongi with what had gone on the past two days, but the medicine dulled any emotion or feeling to just sleep, so Seokjin rested.


He woke up to the smell of seasonings in the air and a little girl that patted his arm. “Dada! Food is ready. Mama said to come eat!” She continued to pat on his arm until he turned over and let out a playful roar at her, smiling big at the little squeal and giggle she let out.

“Dada Lion is awake!” She screamed while running back from the living room into the kitchen. He smiled and stretched himself out over the chair before setting himself up in the recliner. He stood and stretched again, feeling better in his chest with his nose unblocked mostly. His stomach rumbled too, so he was as ready as ever to get some food in him. He walked from the living room, only stumbling a few times with his still asleep legs, and stopped himself when he saw everybody, including Yoongi, seated around the table in front of the kitchen door.

“Moring, sweetie!” Nari exclaimed playfully before she giggled. Yoongi followed with a soft chuckle. “Glad you could join us. Come sit, I made you two tacos already.”

Yoongi noded to the seat between him and Wonjae before he grinned, showing off his sweet gummy smile. Extreme panic filled Seokjin’s entire body.

“Actually,” Seokjin said. “I think we should eat outside on the patio! You know. It’s our last day here, we should soak up as much warm as we can.”

“Yeah! Wanna eat in the grass!” Eunmi agreed and she picked up her plate to slip off down her chair. Nari shrugged. “I guess, why not?”

Seokjin smirked proudly. Yoongi glared, but kept his smile up as he helped pick up Wonjae’s food and his own. Seokjin came in and left quick, bowls in his arms.

They all made it outside, and Eunmi got her spot in the grass to eat her taco. Seokjin sat next to his wife and pecked a gentle kiss onto her cheek before he dug into his meal. It was calm, and he tried his hardest not to be a fool around Yoongi, but he made it kind of hard. Seokjin almost forgot he came into his room and sucked him off. Almost. Sadly, the medicine didn’t wipe memory.

Yoongi was acting like a civil adult, though. He kept polite conversation and laughed with Nari while helping Wonjae when he needed it. It was almost like he was a different person, and it scared Seokjin a little how much one person could change so easily. Instead of looking up at the person he apparently didn’t really know, he continued to chew on his food while he kept eyes on the girl sitting in the grass kicking her legs around.

To be innocent as her again. Seokjin wished.


They packed and slept early that night when Yoongi offered to clean up downstairs and around the house to limit the time it would take them to completely gather everything up in the morning.

Seokjin woke early with a coughing fit so he took it downstairs, not wanting to wake Nari or the kids with his noise. While he thought his cold was leaving, it was full force again, and his chest hurt as bad as ever. He thought he could make some tea and went into the kitchen, warming the water in the kettle and getting a clean mug. After a few minutes the tea was brewed, and Seokjin sipped it down after adding some honey and sugar.

The sun was barely out yet and as he made his way back out of the kitchen, he saw the horizon lighting up as well as the man sitting at the edge of the pool with his feet dangled in at the water. He kicked a little bit while looking at the same light that filled the skies. Seokjin told himself he shouldn’t, but this might be the last time he got to speak to him.

Seokjin opened the sliding door and stepped out. With his hand firmly on his mug, he took a few steps on the concrete closer to the pool. Yoongi must have heard him because his head looked back behind him, a smile on his lips. He didn’t say anything and turned back to face the light.

“Why are you up so early?” Seokjin asked, moving his eyes to the sky with another sip of tea. Yoongi’s legs moved again in the pool. Seokjin could hear the swoosh of the water around them.

“Well, I was going to make you guys breakfast. But then I thought, nah. You’ve had enough of me.”

“You’d be right,” Seokjin shot back. His eyes squinted a little as the sun continued to rise. Or rather, the earth continued to rotate. Yoongi shook his head, chuckling a little to himself.

“You really don’t like me anymore?”

“I don’t. I never did.”

Yoongi snorted. “I know that’s a lie. You’re really lying to everybody in this house now?”

Seokjin almost dropped his mug when his body started to shake out of anger. He clenched his teeth to stop himself from screaming out profanities.

“Why did you do this? Why me?” He finally broke the staring contest he was having with the sun and looked down at Yoongi who just shrugged up to him.

“Why not? You’re a 36-year-old man with two kids and a wife and a fucking vacation house. Everybody needs a little fun every now and again.”

“It wasn’t fun!” Seokjin hissed out. “I cheated on my wife, and now I’m living a damn lie. But you don’t care, do you? You planned this. You want something now, don’t you? Money? A car? Some jewelry?” He glared down at the back of Yoongi’s head.

“No.” Yoongi shook his head. “Just wanted some attention. And I wanted you to at least get something good out of your vacation. You know I see guys like you all summer long? They work hard. They have sweet kids and beautiful wives, wives I would kill for too, don’t get me wrong. Usually they’re coming after me the moment they see me,” the man spoke clearly. He glanced out over the yard. “Usually, I don’t need to rope them in like I did you. You’re a different story, Kim Seokjin. You’re the first to feel bad.”

Seokjin stopped breathing. He took a moment to gather himself, tensing his fingers into a fist only to let them go. He fucking knew it. He said it wasn’t so, but he knew it the whole fucking time. He almost dropped the mug again, but instead sets it down roughly on the table so he could fall back into the chair, rubbing his face with the heels of his hands. No, no, no.

Yoongi’s legs moved through the water again and the birds chirped distantly.

“You thought… you thought I wanted to cheat on my wife? You thought.. I wasn’t happy or satisfied with our sex?” He asked the ground, but Yoongi got it.

“Was I wrong?”

It was silent.

Seokjin heard the splash of water and the small grunts as Yoongi climbed up off the ground. He heard the smack of wet feet against the concrete that got further and further away the longer he sat there and held his face against his palms. He sat like that until it felt like his skin was burnt and peeling off with the sun only going higher in the sky.

“Seokjin, honey!” He heard Nari’s voice. He looked up and saw her dressed standing at the doorway. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” He mumbled and stood himself up, reaching for his mug. “Just woke up with the coughs, needed to come outside and breathe some fresh air before it got all muggy.”

She smiled and pecked his cheek as he walked through the door. “Alright.”


Their bags were being packed in the back of the cab while Eunmi tugged on the leg of Yoongi’s pants. He smiled down at her.

“Mama, can Yoongi come home with us?”

Seokjin grunted out a no to his daughter who pouted and stomped around for a few minutes. He shoved the final bag into the back and shut the door of the cab.

“Well, I really enjoyed meeting you Yoongi-ssi.” Nari held out her hand, and Yoongi shook it with a smile. “Clearly somebody else did as well.”

“I had an awesome time with you guys, too. I can’t wait to see you next year. Eunmi, you’re gonna be even bigger!”

She giggled and nodded, and Seokjin paused as he climbed into the cab. “Next year?”

Nari turned around. “Yeah! We’ve got Yoongi booked for next year too! Same time. I’m really loving this place.” She smiled bright and turned to give a gentle peck to each of Yoongi’s cheeks in a motherly way before she bent to pull Eunmi away for the final time.

Seokjin lifted his daughter and strapped her in and refused to say good-bye to the pool boy.

“Thank you so much.” Nari said as she climbed into the car. “Eunmi, Wonjae; say thank you!”

Both the little kids shouted out their thank yous happily with waves and leg kicks. Seokjin gave a stern smile, his lips barely a flat line. He caught Yoongi’s gaze and his permanent smirk.

“You’re so very welcome, you guys. I can’t wait to see you next year in paradise!”

Yoongi winked, and Seokjin slammed the door quickly without any other word. If Nari or the cab driver had noticed, they said nothing.

They all settled back into their seats as they started moving, pulling onto the road. Seokjin glanced back just in time to see Yoongi was already walking back into the house.

In paradise.