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you made me give in (give in with no stipulations)

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“What did you destroy now?” Rome questions, narrowing his eyes at Pick. They’re in Rome’s bedroom, sitting face to face on the bed. Pick had arrived a few minutes before, holding only a big envelope - nothing alarming in Rome’s opinion. After all, Pick has been busy taking care of paperwork lately, since his graduation is right around the corner.

“Oy,” Pick says indignantly. “Why do you assume I did something bad?”

“Because you’re wearing the same expression you had when you were about to tell me you broke my favorite bowl,” Rome replies, poking Pick’s cheek.

Pick tilts his head back, trying to avoid Rome. “I didn’t do anything bad, I swear!” Pick promises, offering a soft smile that has Rome looking at him suspiciously. “Something impulsive, however…”

“I knew it!” Rome points at him accusingly. “I fucking knew it! The minute you called me asking to drop by, I fucking knew it.”

“Why did my question give me away?”

Rome eyes him incredulously. “We’ve been together for a long time, and you only come over to my house to confess you’ve done something wrong.”

“Slander!” Pick protests. “I come over when you’re sick too!”

Rome snorts. “Are you fucking kidding me? The last time I was sick, you came here to drag me to your house, so your Auntie took care of me while you just sat by my side to keep me company.”

“And you’re complaining?” Pick asks. “Auntie actually knows what she’s doing, different from me! I’m just being a supportive boyfriend.”

“You’re incredible,” Rome shakes his head. “Come on, lay it on me already.”

“Why’ve you gotta say it like that, huh?” Pick tilts his head. “Like it’s something bad?”

Rome takes a deep breath. “Tell me already,” Pick opens his mouth, but doesn’t say anything. Rome frowns at his hesitancy. “Hey,” Rome says, covering Pick’s hand with his own. “Even if it’s something bad, you can tell me,” Rome smiles at him, reassuringly. “You can tell me anything.”

Pick nods. “Fine,” He huffs. “Remember when I told you that I started making appointments to find a place for my clinic?”

“Yeah, what about it?” Rome asks curiously.

“I found the perfect place...” Pick says.

“Seriously?” Rome shouts happily, clasping his hands together. “That’s great, Phee!”

“Yeah,” Pick agrees. “The place has also an apartment above. Well, more like a penthouse but still.”

“That’s sound really good,” Rome frowns at him. “You said you wanted to live near your clinic, right? Living above it seems like the best idea.”

“I bought it,” Pick admits, looking down at his hands as if he had done something bad.

“Okay,” Rome says, feeling lost at Pick’s behavior. “What’s the problem then?”

Pick sighs, resigned. “Not really a problem, but...Here,” he offers the envelope to Rome. “See for yourself.”

Rome frowns again, sending a confused look at Pick before opening and taking the papers out. Rome scans the document he’s holding, trying to see what’s making Pick so damn anxious and hesitant. It’s when Rome finds his name beside Pick’s, naming him as one of the owners of the place, that everything suddenly makes sense.

“You put me as the co-owner,” Rome mutters, shocked. His mouth hangs open, but no sound comes from it. He stares incredulously to the paper and then turns to look at Pick.

“Are you mad?” Pick asks in an uncertain voice. There’s doubt in his expression, something Rome rarely sees.

“No,” Rome shakes his head. “I’m just...Surprised, I guess.”

It’s Pick’s time to frown at him. “Why? I mean, we’ve been together for more than a year.”

“Yeah,” Rome hesitates. “I just...You never mentioned anything about it.”

“So?” Pick sends Rome his ‘you're being stupid’ look. “Just because I don't say anything doesn't mean I don't think about it.”

“You never change, do you?” Rome snorts, shaking his head in exasperation.

“You wouldn't love me if I changed,” Pick says playfully, whilst Rome just huffs in reply.

“So, you want us to move in together, then?” Rome asks.

“Yeah,” Pick nods. “You'll graduate in a year, it's time for us to think about our future.”

At Rome's surprised expression, Pick continues. “I want you to move in with me, but if you prefer to wait for finishing university, that’s okay too.”

“That's considerate of you,” Rome smiles at Pick.

“Well, I'm older than you, so,” Pick shrugs at him. “Just because I feel ready, doesn't mean you'll be too. Also,” Pick pauses briefly as if considering his next words. “You waited for me, I can wait for you this time.”

“Thanks, Phee,” Rome squeezes his hand in gratitude. “But I’m ready for it.”

“You know what I’m actually asking, right?” Pick asks gently, his expression exuding calm.

“Yeah,” Rome nods, smiling. “You want us to build a life together, Phee.”

“Marriage, Nong,” Pick says. “I want us to be married.”

Rome’s heart skip several beats at Pick's words. He can't quite believe that Pick is sitting in front of him and proposing. Of course, Rome had considered it before, but it was a fleeting thought, something to think about when he graduated university. He honestly thought that he'd have to be the one to bring it up. He never contemplated the possibility that Pick would want it first.

“I’d love that,” Rome offers Pick a watery smile, tears burning the back of his eyes. He sees the moment Pick notices that Rome is about to cry.

“Oy, why are you crying?” Pick demands, desperation blending in his voice. If there’s something Pick doesn’t know how to deal with, it’s a tearful Rome. “Stop that!”

“We talked about this, Phee,” Rome reminds him, sniffing. “People cry because they’re happy too.”

“Nonsense,” Pick retorts, reaching to dry the tears that escaped the corners of Rome’s eyes. “If you’re happy, you smile. No need for tears!”

Rome laughs at him before throwing himself into Pick’s arms. Rome wraps his arms around Pick’s neck, tucking his face under Pick’s chin. Pick circles Rome’s waist with his arms, pulling Rome over his lap.

“You make me so happy,” Rome confesses, lips brushing the side of his neck.

Pick’s only reply is a kiss on the side of Rome’s temple.