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Kirishima inhaled deeply, hand resting on Kaminari’s shoulder. “Bro,” he started.


"Yes, Bro?" Kaminari replicated the gesture with the opposite hand.


Kirishima gazed deeply into Kaminari's eyes as he spoke, "Tell the whole world we're bros."


Kaminari didn't hesitate to lean into the red-haired's ear and whisper, "We're bros..."


Kirishima's brows furrowed, Kaminari moving back only a few inches. "Why'd you whisper, Bro? " He asked, voice cracking.


Kaminari squeezed Kirishima's shoulder reassuringly. "Because you're my whole world, Bro," the blond replied with sincerity.


Kirishima's eyes welled with tears. "Bro..."