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Dean Winchester Has a Soft Side

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”Fuck, Dean,” Castiel grunted from underneath Dean who was currently riding Castiel. Castiel's hands were on the younger males hips, fucking up into him as he panted lightly. Sweat was beading at the corner of his forehead as well as Deans. ”Fuck me so good Cas. H-Harder.” He grunted softly. Even if Dean was a bottom, he still liked to have some control. Hands were grabbing places Dean didn't know existed until now and his ass was pushing back into Castiel's cock, clenching oh so perfectly around him.

If Dean wanted Castiel to fuck him harder, he would get what he wanted. Before Dean knew it, he was on his hands and knees, being pounded into by Cass thick cock. Fingernails were gripping into Deans hips as he rocked forward into the mattress below him. ”I know you love this, Dean. Don't hide it.” Dean did love it. He really fucking loved getting pounded and he couldn't help the moans escaping from the back of his throat.

Dean was so fucking close. His eyes were closed as he let Castiel use him as he pleased. ”M-More...fuck m’ gonna cum Cas.” He moaned shyly since he didn't even need to touch his cock to cum anymore. ”Cum for me baby. So damn close.” Castiel's eyes rolled back as they came together, their hips rocking against each other as they rode out their high. Castiel collapsed on top of Dean as he gave a small grunt, pulling out of Dean as he calmed down.

Dean shrugged Castiel off of him and chuckled lightly, his cheeks flushing. ”Felt ’mazing Cas.” Castiel ignored Deans comment and pulled Dean into his side. ”Its cause I have a huge cock.” He said with a snarky tone. ”Shut up asshole.” A soft kiss was exchanged between the two lovers. They were so in love with each other that nothing could make them break apart. Nothing. And that's what Dean loved about this relationship the most.

Castiel was always protective of Dean and Dean was always protective of Castiel. They loved each other like none other.

”What are you thinking about?”

”Us...and how much we mean to each other.”

”Dean, even if you don't want to admit it, you're a sap.”

A snort came from Deans side of the bed and a peck on Castiel's chest too. ”I know I am but I really love you. Even if I don't say it enough.” He never felt like he said it enough but it was always enough for Castiel's needs and wants. ”I promise. You say it enough. I love you too.” A soft snore came from Dean a few moments later but he didn't mind. He knew Dean heard him say he loved him back and that was all he needed.