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Republic City Chronicles: The Phantom Thieves

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This story is a work of fiction.

Similarities between characters or events to persons living or dead in your world are purely  coincidental.

Only those who have agreed to the above have the privilege of partaking in this game.

If you agree to these terms, scroll down.

If you do not, then you must return to your previous searching

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I see...Hehehehe.

The world you are about to leap into is in grave peril. Only a few have the power to prevent  Armageddon

Only those who have been chosen will save this world from destruction

Let the Story Begin

Arwan opened his eyes with some bitterness. He loathed this time of day, the 'wake the hell up, you have to move' time of day'. Sleep was something he treasured, for it was one of the few moments that he felt secure in his life. That, and some other things such as with his few friends at school, or staying home alone taking care of the house, or his...other activities at night.

"Alright, c'mon legs. Do your work." He grumbled to himself as he wiggled his toes. He then gained feeling in his arms. The multiple bruises and cuts on him usually made it hard to move in the morning, but no one needed to know about that. 'You will not defeat me today, bed!' He thought as he made several attempts to spring out of bed. Rocking his body up and down, as if he was doing a sit-up. 3 times, 3 times he attempted this, before he finally gained enough control to keep up. 'Alright, step one completed. Step two, move legs.' He willed himself to move his legs, his torso being forced to take part. He heaved his legs out of the bed and onto the floor his feet went. Step 2, check. Now came the hard part. Sitting up. Blowing air, he mentally prepared himself, his luxurious resting station would not defeat him today! With a swing, he jumped himself up onto the ground, standing.

"I have defeated you once again, demon. Know this, I will return sooner or later, and we will do battle once again. That day, I will be victorious again! MWAHAHAHA!" He declared as he faced his bed, it was tantalizing to jump back in, but he was strong. He knew once he got back in at the moment, he would be trapped under it's spell forevermore. He then stepped into his bathroom and turned on the shower. His shower was brisk, enough to wake him up. After exiting the shower and wrapping a towel around himself, he grabbed a razor and began to shave. The 17 year old had scraggly brown hair and grey blue eyes. Most of his aunt's and uncles claimed he looked like a young Tenzin, but him imagining looking like his dad was horrifying. After changing into his main outfit, a simple white shirt with long sleeves alongside a grey jacket and black pants, he stepped outside of the room.

Unfortunately, that meant being almost ran over by his three younger siblings who were shouting "Today's the day, Today's the Day!" Ah yes, today was the day. The day were they would travel to the Southern Water Tribe, at the South Pole. A place of ice, snow, some rocks, dangerous wildlife, and some more snow. Not to mention the freezing temperatures.

Joy. He could hardly contain his excitement. He was so pleased with himself.

Despite his moaning, he knew WHY the family was going. One reason was to visit Grandma Katara. After All, his father was Councilman Tenzin, the Air nomad representative and son of Avatar Aang, in the Republic City council. He was not only in charge of helping run the city, but also of reviving the Airbender culture. Imagine the headlines when the firstborn child was revealed to the public as a nonbender. The scandal magazines had a field day with the information. Still however, Tenzin loved his son and Arwan was grateful for that at least. It wasn't like he hated his father, but they had something of a strained relationship. Nothing had ever happened between the two, but they were just...distant. But no matter, he had a trip to prepare for. Heading down the hallways, he reached the kitchen where he saw his mother already preparing breakfast.

"Morning Mom." He spoke aloud, to which she turned and smiled. "Good morning Arwan, how'd you sleep? Ready for the big trip?" Pema asked as he stood next to her, helping her prepare the meal. Him and Pema were as close as two people could be in a family. Arwan was something of a mamma's boy if he would say so himself, and prided himself on learning many things from her. From reading, to writing, to cooking and cleaning as well. Cooking was one such thing that he immensely enjoyed.

"Slept fine. As for the south, I'm still a bit iffy." A partial lie. He knew that he would not enjoy it as much as his siblings would, but if it meant an escape from his bullies at school, for a day or so.

"Well I'm sure you'll have a great time. It's been forever since we've seen Grandma Katara, plus you and the kids will meet the Avatar. Who know's, maybe the two of you will hit it off?" She playfully nudged her son, which he smirked at.

"I'm shaking in my boots." He quickly shot back, a sarcastic undertone in his voice which gave his pregnant mother a laugh. In full truth, He was somewhat anxious to meet the Avatar. He knew it was a girl around his age, and that her name was Korra. That was it, nothing else. Nothing about interests, personality, likes, dislikes, anything. This was ironic since he was the grandson of the previous avatar, and he'd never met the new one. But it wasn't his fault, really it wasn't. It was just up to chance that they haven't ever seen or talked to each other. It was usually his father that would go to the south pole or sometimes he'd bring his siblings, considering they were benders, but he barely had been to the south pole (Most of the time to spend time with Grandma Katara).

Besides, meeting new people was something of a thing of caution for the young man, he wasn't paranoid or anything but he had enough experience in life to not trust everyone he immediately met unconditionally. But he would persist, he always would. His biggest worry was whether she was sharp, or if she was well taught in investigations. He really didn't need anyone finding out about his...outside life "escapades" and "adventures". Definitely not his siblings, and especially his father, who so happened to enter the room followed by the other children.

"Good morning Pema, Arwan." He said, followed by him sitting down. Jinora, the calmest of the siblings, hugged her mother and brother before sitting down. Ikki and Meelo, the two youngest, however were far more...energetic with their life.

"Morning Mommy, Morning Big Brother Todays the Day! We're Going To the South Pole and We're Going to See Grandma Katara and Meet the Avatar and we'll make Snowmen and eat Snow and have a Fire and it's Going to be Amazing!" Ikki cired, her energy showing no bounds.

"We shall travel to this foreign land, and I shall show them all the might of MEELO!" the youngest, Meelo, shouted with his minuscule body and large head. The Arwen sighed, before smiling to himself. His family was strange, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Here we go." He said as he served breakfast to everyone, rice and tofu, yum. He then sat down next to his mother as they began to eat. He himself was eating a rather small meal, today was a school day after all. He didn't want to be late. As he finished his meal, he sat up from the table. The other children were still eating alongside the parents.

"Well this has been a FANTASTIC meal. But I have to go. Y'know, high school and all."

"Don't be late." Pema said. Arwan smirked before leaving the building and heading to the docks. "Bag!" She cried out. A second later, he returned to grab it. "I knew that. You did not need to remind me. I hundred percent knew that."

"Sure you did." Giving his mother another kiss goodbye, he left (again.) Tenzin sighed as he put down the paper. "You know, I still don't think it was the right choice for him to go to public school. Why didn't we just send him to one of the air temples, like dad did with me?"

"Because he has friends and a life! He's not an air bender and I don't think he likes being a nomad."

"What? That's crazy talk. Of course he likes it!"

"Maybe. Maybe not." She said before pouring herself a cup of tea and sipping it. Ikki looked up to her mother and said "Mommy, what's school like? I asked Arwan and he said it was like a nightmare." Tenzin glanced at her in an all knowing look and she sighed. "Ikki...going to school is like an...air bison! If it doesn't get enough food it's going to starve. If it gets too much it'll be bloated. You need to go to school and learn just the right amount."

"So Arwan is an air-bison?"


Arwan hopped off the tram track and stepped down the stairs to greet his high school. The National Four Element High School was founded by Master Katara, wife of Avatar Aang and Arwan's grandmother. A fact which got him numerous bullies. Four Element High was where the most prestigious kids go to school, with it having the highest grade courses and the most skilled sports teams. Of course with rich kids came spoiled brats and assholes. Arwan barely managed to get into the school because of his father being Councilman Tenzin, but that didn't help in the slightest with most social situations. As he stepped up to the door, the honking of a car grabbed his attention.

"Sup Airy Arwan?" Mozu shouted at the teenager, who groaned at the antics of his personal goddamn nightmare. He walked through the door and made his way through the crowd of students, hearing the intercoms blare out.

"Rise and Shine 4 Element High! I'm Rita and joining me is Xu."

"Student's, don't forget about your Prom tickets, available for sale now! Do you got a date Rita?"

"Oh sorry Xu, I already have a date."

"Oh. Ok..."


Arwan moved through the halls, passing by several students who were doing trick shots with earthbending...until Principal Lee caught them and ordered them to his office. He moved along towards his locker, and opened it. As he put his bag into his locker and got out his books, he felt someone come up from behind him.

"Hey Hey Hey my man! Wassup?" Arwan felt lanky arms wrap themselves across his shoulder as he got a small noogie. "C'mon man, quit it!" He chuckled as he pushed off Resel Sarutoga, his best friend. Resel was...unique to say the least. He was one of the few people in the entire school, no the entire city, that had blue hair as far as Arwan knew. Resel had fair skin, a slight hunch which disguised his rather tall figure, khakis, a blue hoodie, and sandals. He also had a scar on his left cheek. (It was an embarrassing story to say the least)

"Nope can do my man, it's against the code!" Resel responded as Arwan closed his locker and they began to walk down the hall. As they chatted, the two of them ignored the whispers and mutters of passerby's gossiping about the two of them. The weirdo's they were called, the troublemakers, the outcasts. Truth be told, Resel was a troublemaker. He had done a lot of disruptive, but not violent, actions throughout his attendance at Four Element High. Such violations include profanity, graffiti, throwing a ball at the gym teachers head, profanity, fighting a student (even thought that student was a bully and was harassing a freshman) and more profanity. Yes, Resel was a trouble maker, and an outcast. But he was the first friend Arwan ever had and he was loyal to his friends, no matter what.

"So, you ready for the 'Party' tonight?" Resel asked his friend, a grin on his face. Arwan however felt his smile slowly fade away. "Shit, forget all about that!"

"What the eff man? Aren't you our 'glorious' leader?"

"First of all, replace glorious with clever, fabulous and daring. Second, I forgot about tonight because my family's leaving to the south pole, and they expect me to come with them!" He whispered to his best friend as they reached Arwan's first period. "Get everyone to meet at the spot during lunch. We'll talk then."

"Got it!" Resel then sped off, either to get the entire gang together or to get to class. No matter what, he would meet with his friends later on. So, he stepped inside his classroom, sat down at his seat, and prepared for the day.


"Ok, so why are we having this meeting exactly?" Asked Mei Soshiro to her friends, especially Arwan. Everyone sat down on the rooftop of Four Elements High, with Arwan standing up and facing the street. Mei was special among her friends, for she was one of the most popular people in the school. Having golden hair would do that for you. However, that golden hair came with both benefits (such as being leader of the drama club, the best singer, a model in the Republic City Now! magazines, and the head actress for many school play's) and some...downsides such as being labeled a school whore. Of course, most of the rumors where unfounded and spread by idiots, but it still hurt.

"Because we need to figure out how Arwan here can get out of his family vacation and help us with the job tonight!" Resel spoke up, letting everyone start looking at Arwan. The aforementioned boy chuckled, saying "I...forgot."

"You forgot? How could you just forget about the mission tonight?" Asked Sakura Beifong, the student council president and daughter of Chief of Police Lin Beifong. Yeah...that was a thing. To be honest, she looked more like her grandmother all things considered, without the blindness and older/taller. The only difference where her eyes, which were red. Of course, that came with the designation of being a teacher's pet.

"That's what Resel said earlier." Arwan replied. He grumbled as he shook his hair in frustration. "We gotta figure out someway to convince my parents to let me stay home during the weekend them and my siblings are gone, any ideas?" He was met with silence. "What are you all looking at me for?"

"I don't knot about anyone else, but your kinda the idea guy here." Arwan shot a glare at the blue haired boy, but was interrupted by another. "While Resel could be less blunt, he is correct that normally, you lay the plan alongside Oracle and Meedlie." Spoke the final member present, Quinton. No last name. Quinton was the...weird one let's say. He had grey hair and gray eyes, and wore gray clothes. For all of the gray he wore, he was quite the poet. Making elaborate works of sonnets and the macabre, he was referred to by fellow students as "That guy." Every school has "That guy." But besides Oracle, Meedlie and Hope Techigon, head of Techigon Corp, the gang was all together.

"You all suck."

"We know." Replied everyone. Arwan sighed as he began to rack his brain, twiddle his thumbs, banged his head and search his mind for any answers to his impossible, improbable, intolerable, inconceivable, intractable, problem. "Guys...I got nothing." He said this to his friends, which was answered by the collective banging of several heads meeting hands. "Oh come on, I'm not perfect!"

"How about you just say that we got assigned a major project today and it's due on Monday? That way we can get it done with?" Suggested Sakura. Arwan began to mumble to himself, comparing and contrasting it to the other (non)existent ideas in his head. "Well...I know that they'll try to argue and question...and my siblings'll try to get me to come...but it could work..."


"Yeah, I think it'll work!" Arwan's confident statement was met with unanimous applause from his friends. With the matter settle-led, the 5 teenagers left the rooftop and continued on with their day.


The return trip home was quiet, the only noise made was the clacking of the train tracks. Arwan stayed quiet as he sat in the train, minding his own business. The train was filled by several people. Two of these people were a mother and a daughter. The daughter was the more interesting person, as she sat next to Arwan. She was holding a small doll in her hand, a handmade doll with a trench-coat, mask and hood. Arwan smirked at seeing it, it was adorable.

Soon he was off the train and at the docks. Here there was a boat ready for him to take back to the island. He stepped in quickly, letting the Monk Driver start the machine and drive him back to the island. It, again, was quick for Arwan, his mind was too preoccupied. Thoughts of what he was going to say to his parents. No matter what, he had something tonight that he couldn't miss.

He soon got back on the island, and headed straight to the house. He entered his home, quickly heading straight to his room, and began to start working on homework. Best to both put on an appearance, and actually start his homework. Spirits know how much students like him get. It didn't take a while for Tenzin to step into his room. "Why aren't you outside with us Arwan? We're about to leave." Here it came, the big moment.

"Sorry dad, I...can't come."

"What? What do you mean you can't come?"

"I got too much work to do. Have to write an entire essay due , see?" He showed him the essay he began. Luckily he didn't have to fully lie to his father about this. He was assigned an essay to do over the weekend, but instead of it being due first thing like he was implying, it was due Tuesday.

"That can wait, this can't."

"Yeah, like my grade can wait while you force me to meditate instead of trying to get credit for college, or join a sport's team." They continued arguing like this for several minutes, long enough for Pema to come inside and look for the two of them. Once she saw the two of them arguing, she asked what was going on. "Apparently, your son can't make it to the south pole with us."

"Because I have to work on my essay, and I can't work on it at the south pole, it'll probably get lost or ruined!"

"Tenzin, it's fine. He can stay home."


"Tenzin." Pema firmly said. Sighing, Tenzin complied. The three of them then went outside, and Arwan saw them off. Tenzin didn't look at Arwan, he had good reason too. After saying goodbye to his siblings and mother, he watched as Oogi soared into the air, and the family began to fly south. The teenager sighed internally, he hated this feeling, this lying to them. But he had to do it, the job tonight was too important.

"This is Rogue, I'm in."

"Copy that. Oni and Huntress moving into second position now. Hawk and Fatale are prepping their kit. Oracle, Siren and I tuning in now."

"Alright." The Rogue landed with a soft thud on the tile floor. Thank the spirits that Oracle had made his new boot's soundproof. Oracle really was a miracle worker. Rogue crept through the halls and room's of the Long Feng Art Gallery, careful not to touch anything or make any sort of loud sound. Digging into the pockets of his black trench-coat, he pulled out a small rope. He'd need it very soon. Feeling the buzz from his communicator, he fished it out and softly brought it to his ear. "Come in Marx."

"We got trouble. Police are on their way. They got a tip from a witness."

"Damn, how'd we get seen?...Oni?"

"Why are you all implying I did it?"






"Screw you Hawk!"

"Guy's, calm down. We planned for this. Oni and Hawk, try to distract them. Siren, whenever your ready."

"On it." Rogue put the communicator in his pocket and hurried his pace. The old sun stone of the Sun Warrior's wouldn't be waiting for long. He crept through the darkened hallway's quickly, until he spotted his prize. Taking out a small bag, he tossed small pebbles across the floor. The tiny stones rolled and jumped around, hitting some tripwire, but not activating it. Good, he knew it was trapped. He then took out a small canister of spray paint, ruby red in color. He began to spray all around the stand, checking for the exact location of the wires. They surrounded the entire podium, but there was a path he could make, if he was careful. Slowly, carefully, he stepped between trip wire lines, inching closer and closer to the sun stone. He then reached it, it was right in front of him, he was right there! With a shaking hand, he reached for it, carefully...careful...careful...

He had it.

He held it aloft in his hands. It was warm, pleasantly warm. Rogue chuckled to himself, that was it? As he slowly creeped away from the stand, he almost didn't notice the black goo that began to shoot out of it. He rolled away, not letting it touch him as he began to back away from it. A bit of the goo got onto the edge of his coat, and he suddenly was stuck! With a bit of effort, he ripped off the corner of his coat and began to run the other way.

He made a sharp turn to the left once he saw the option, and he began to head to the front exit, but was stopped by a cry from a megaphone outside. "This is the Republic City Police! Your surrounded Phantom Thief! Come out with your hand's up or we will enter!"

Shit! Now? Rogue needed a plan. He didn't want to use right now and escape with that. It reveal too much of his hand, and he wanted to keep his ace in the hole a secret for now from the police and press. "You better have a plan for me right now Oracle!"

"Let me think,let me think! Uhhhh...there's no way you can get out through the vents, they'll see back entrance...I don't know!" Rogue scowled as he ran up the stair's to the fourth floor. He began to pace for a bit, but soon spotted the large window. He peered out, a roof-top. He smirked. "I know a way. Oracle, hijack the radios. Siren, get ready to sing. Everyone else, make some noise."

"Rogue, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to jump out a window."


Chief Lin Beifong was having a crappy day to say the least. She woke up on the wrong side of the bed to say the least. Her scar was aching, her allergies were acting up again, Sakura forgot to do her homework, she got chewed out by the council for her failure of finding Amon, all that kind of jazz. The addition of a heist by the Phantom Thieves were not helping her migraine. "Saikhan! Get everyone ready to get in there, now!"

"But Chief, shouldn't we wait? We just told them to come out a minute ago."

"Should we wait on you getting laid? Now get to it!" She barked at the officer, who ran quickly away with his face flushed in embarrassment. As soon as the team of officer's was gathered and ready, she began the countdown. "One! Two! Thr-!"

She never got to finish the countdown, for as soon as she began to say Three, the window overlooking the entire force shattered as the Rogue himself, leader of the Phantom Thieves, leaped out of the destroyed window, a wicked grin on his face. He landed gracefully in front of the stunned Chief of police. Still smirking, he gave her a quick salute before hopping into a quick sprint, using her car as a boost to clamber on top of a roof. "After him!" Lin shouted as she used her metalbending wires to give chase. Landing on top of the roof top, she raced after the masked thief, never slowing down as they danced this deadly chase. They leaped from rooftop to rooftop, never slowing down as they dodged, ducked and vaulted under and over the various obstacles in their way.

Rogue smirked to himself before grabbing a bolas from his never-ending pockets and hurling it at the chief. She quickly cut it in half with her wire, and continued her pursuit. Rounding a corner, Rogue pulled out his grappling hook (Oracle made these recently, using the theory of metal-bending wires and...enhancing them for they're use. Rogue thought they were the best things ever) for later use. Lin fired her wire's at him, which he skillfully dodged. Behind her she heard the siren's of the police car's and airship's blaring and the spotlight of several blimps shine onto the Rogue. The chase continued, but she did not know that the police radio (and all of the other radio's in the city) frequencies were being hijacked. From scattered noise came song. Scandalous song that the old timer's of the city disprove and feared.

It's not a game

I'm not a robot AI challenging you

I'm not a phantom

I'm in your face and

I'm here to see it through

Right before your eyes

Watch us multiply

Come to claim our rights - it's time

As our power grows

Tryin' to stop us shows

(You) Might as well go try'n stop time

So you know that we're out there

Swatting lies in the making

Can't move fast without breakin

Can't hold on or life won't change

And our voices ring out, yeah

Took the mask off to feel free

Fought it out in the debris

Now we know that life will change

The voice from the radio was beautiful, but that didn't matter to the chief, who wasn't hearing the song as she soon caught up with the masked joker on a steep rooftop. The city lay beneath them, they were rather high up. "Give up Rogue, your surrounded!" Lin called out to the masked gentleman thief, who only looked at her. "Return the item at once and come peacefully. It's over."

"Not over till I say it is." The thief chuckled to her, he ignored Lin's shocked expression as he stepped backwards, blew a small kiss...and fell off the roof. The free-fall was...freeing to say the least. Is this what dad meant about becoming air and all that? But he didn't care about that at the particular moment, he needed to escape with the sun stone. Aiming his grappling hook, he fired at a nearby gargoyle, praying to anything that would listen that it would catch. A quick jerk to his right arm assured him that he hit the mark. As the grappling hook unwinded, carrying him up to the opposite rooftop, he gave a quick salute to the Chief and the police before dispersing into shadow. He had a busy night, and it was time to unwind. Maybe he'd grab a bite to eat with his friends before they pawn off the Sun stone back to the one's who contacted him, the original owners and he meant original. You see, that was one thing the Phantom Thieves did.


"Alright man! You totally rocked out there!" Oni, or rather Resel grinned as their fearless leader made his way into the hide out. "Eh, was nothin."

"Nothing? You just outran and outsmarted the frickin Cheif of the Police! Your batshit insane my dude, and I like it." Arwan chuckled as Resel slapped him on the back. Sakura, aka Fatale, looked a bit less enthusiastic, considering her boyfriend just humiliated her mother. "You do realize that she'll take this even more personal now? She'll focus harder on cracking down on us."

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there. For now, let's celebrate." Arwan said, earning a nod of affirmation and a smirk from Sakura. "Your right, deserve a reward. We did just pull off a major job after all, our contact will be pleased."

"Alright! Let's go!" Resel laughed as they all made their way to the rest of their friends. Arwan smiled to himself as he wrapped his arms around Sakura, who returned it in full force. To think, just a few months ago they wouldn't be doing this. Hell, a few months ago their lives would've been completely different if they never walked down that alleyway, met that dragon, and fallen into that world. Lives would be ruined, families torn apart and he would never be free from the monotonous hell that was his life! If not for that one day...

He smiled as he thought back to a few months ago, the day when he went to a school for the first time...