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Payback's A Bitch

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Leaving Majima in a crumpled heap on the floor, Kiryu turned around and began to walk away, smirking as he called after him.

“Ya... Ya leavin' me already?? Fuck, I ain't done, Kiryu-chaaan!!”

“Tough, I am. I have to meet Nishiki. Goodbye, Majima-san.”

“Ah, shit. Okay, okay. Real... Real nice playin' with ya, Kiryu-chan! Hope we have even more fun next time hehe!!” I can guarantee you we will, Majima-san. Heh. You have no damn idea. Here's hoping our next encounter is soon. Really soon. As he walked down the street, he couldn't help the grin cross his face. Poor Majima really had no idea what was coming. But it wasn't like he didn't deserve it. All the shit he had pulled on Kiryu? No, he couldn't let him get away with that. Kidnapping Haruka, embarrassing him in front of total strangers, the constant ambushes, the never-ending fighting... And then there was the outfits. Hannya Man, Officer Majima, Everyone's Idol Goro, Zombie Majima, Goromi... Fucking Goromi. Sighing at the memory, Kiryu stepped into the elevator and headed up to Serena where Nishiki was waiting on him.

“Kiryu!! Finally!! What took so long!” Joining him at the bar, Kiryu grinned wide as he picked up his drink.


“Oh, I see. So. How'd it go this time?”

“Kicked his ass pretty good as usual.”

“That's it? So... Why are you so happy?”

“Well... I have a plan.”

“A plan?” Kiryu nodded slowly, his eyes burning brightly as he faced Nishiki, licking his lips slowly. To see Kiryu this way, Nishiki couldn't help but shudder. It was a look unlike any other he'd seen on his face before. He looked positively wicked. And it just didn't suit him. Clearing his throat, Nishiki spoke, his voice filled with uncertainty and worry. He really didn't like seeing Kiryu this way. It actually scared him. “You uh... Are you gonna tell me what it is you're planning on doing, bro?” Grinning wider, Kiryu chuckled, his deep voice tinged with something Nishiki hadn't heard come from him before. Yet, he couldn't put his finger on it. All he knew was it made every last hair on the back of his neck stand on end.

“I'm going to invite him over for a drink.” Shoulders relaxing instantly, Nishiki let out a relived giggle.

“That's it? Shit, bro!! You had me worried there for a moment. Heh. So you're gonna have a drink with him? That's cool.” Downing the rest of the drink in front of him, Kiryu nodded, standing up.

“Yes. And then I'm going to fuck him.”


“Whether he wants me to or not.”

“Kiryu!? You... You can't be serious?? You're messing with me... Right!?” Shrugging, Kiryu walked towards the elevator, waving to Nishiki who sat shaking in shock behind him, mouth agape. “Kiryu?? Kiryu!!”

A few days later, there was no sign of Majima anywhere. Something is going on. He makes sure to find me and fight me at least once a day. It's been three days now. I wonder if... I wonder if Nishiki has warned him to stay away. Would Majima listen? No... No, he wouldn't. He loves fighting me too much. So what the hell is going on? Hmm. A loud ringing pulled Kiryu from his thoughts.

“Bro? Wanna get some food?”

“Nishiki? No. I want to ask you something.”

“Hm? What's up?”

“Majima. Have you seen him?”

“Oh. Uh, kind of?” I knew it. If he's said anything to him... Tch.

“What did you say to him?”

“What? Nothing. You know I try to avoid him as much as possible. When I say kind of, I saw him through the window.”

“Where? When?”

“Batting Center... Maybe an hour ago?”

“Thanks. Hey, Nishiki? Can I borrow your car?”

“Uhh, I guess? When?”

“Now. I need to sort out a few things. Where are you heading? I'll meet you for the keys.”

“Akaushimaru, Tenkaichi Street.” Not waiting on a response, Kiryu hung up, grinning excitedly. This could be it. If he's still at the Batting Center... Okay. Time to get everything ready. Need to hurry and get to Nishiki before Majima leaves. 6pm now... Damn it, Kiryu! Get a move on!! Luckily he didn't have too much to sort out. Throwing his collected items into a black, leather bag, Kiryu headed out the door, sprinting as fast as he could to Akaushimaru. Inside Nishiki was already there, sitting down in front of two extra large beef bowls.

“Damn, that was quick. Here, bro. Got you a bowl.”

“Not hungry. No time. Keys.” Standing impatiently in front of him, Kiryu held out his hand, foot tapping rapidly off the floor.

“Kiryu, what the hell is up with you? You're so pissed off.”

“I'm not, I just really don't have time for this. So, keys??” Putting down his chopsticks, Nishiki studied him hard before finally crossing his arms.

“Nope. Not until you tell me what's going on. You're never like this. And then what you said in Serena...? Talk to me. I mean, you can-” A loud bang echoed around the small shop as Kiryu slammed his fist on the table. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to face him with wide eyes, but that didn't stop him from roaring angrily at Nishiki.

“Damn it, Nishiki!! Give me your goddamn keys!! I won't fucking ask you again!!”

“Woah. Shit.” If I don't calm down he won't give me the keys. Tch.

“Look, I'm sorry. I just have to be somewhere and I'm late. I'll explain everything when I get back, but please. I really have to go. Everything's okay, I promise. I'll only be a few hours or so.” Smiling as reassuringly as he could, Kiryu nodded slowly.

“Shit. I better not regret this. Here. Call me when you're done.”

“I will. Heh, thanks Nishiki. See you later.” Taking the keys that were dangling from Nishiki's finger, Kiryu turned and walked to the exit slowly. As soon as he was outside, he made it to the car, parking it near his apartment. A quick check of his watch and he finally took off towards the Batting Center, running at full speed. He better still be there. Shit, Majima, I owe you this. You better...

Lighting up a cigarette, Kiryu tried to peer into the window as discreetly as he could. However once again, there was no sign of Majima. Wondering if he'd left already, he sighed heavily. He could always call Nishida... But then again, Majima would know something was up. Majima needed to be in the dark as much as possible for what Kiryu had planned. After weeks of trying to come up with a way to repay the favour for all of the attention Majima had been kind enough to show him, Kiryu had done it. He just couldn't wait anymore. It wasn't perfect, in fact far from it. But it would certainly get the job done. It meant he had to visit a few shady places, but it was worth it. He was now ready. Well, as ready as he would ever be. There was still a damn good chance this could backfire after he'd done it. In reality, it was almost a certainty that it would backfire. But that was a chance he was willing to take. It wasn't just about payback. It was about Majima. Kiryu would have to have been blind not to see the way he looked at him during fights. Not just the looks, but the way he acts around him. The teasing, the over the top maniac giggles, the constant flirting... He was pretty damn sure Majima had some sort of interest in him. And lucky for Majima, Kiryu had an interest in him too. He wanted him. He wanted him so fucking bad. But it was starting to look like he'd missed his chance again. Where the hell was Majima...?

Deciding to play it casual, Kiryu tossed his smoke away and headed inside. No sooner had he walked through the doors and picked up a bat when a voice screeched out at him.

“Kiryu-chaaaaannn!!” Throwing his head back in mock annoyance, Kiryu pushed down the excitement rapidly rising within him, making sure he was scowling as he turned. There stood in front of him was Majima, hands on his hips, swaying from side to side slowly. Goddammit... He always looks so damn sexy. Okay, play it cool. Remember the plan. If you smile or say the wrong thing, he's going to realise. I have to make this believable.

“Majima-san. Look, I'm not in the mood to fight you. I just came to play. That's all.” Slouching his shoulders, Majima let his head hang forwards. Seconds later, he snapped his fingers and began to walk towards Kiryu, stopping mere inches from his face.

“Awwwww! No sudden urges ta take a crack at me with that bat? Oohhhh!! Hey. I gots me an idea. Why don't ya play with me instead? I could give ya more of a workout than this.” Staring at him hard, he cocked his head, lips pulling back into that damn, stupid smirk of his that he did oh so well.

“Thanks, but it's not a workout I'm looking for.”

“Oh yeah? Hmm. What are ya lookin' fer?”

“To relax. Today... Today hasn't been good. Damn it!! Look it doesn't matter. I don't... I don't even know why I'm telling you.” Turning back around, Kiryu wrapped his hands around the bat, making sure to speak lower, but still loud enough so that Majima could hear. “Not that you'd be interested anyway...”

“Haw?? Eh... Hehe... Kiryu-chan? Ya okay?” Bingo. Heh, he's falling for it in record time. Keep it up, Kiryu. Ignoring him, Kiryu couldn't help but flinch slightly as Majima's hands gripped his shoulders. Putting on the saddest face he could, he allowed himself to be turned around. “Woah, shit. Ya look... Uh... Hehe. Ya wanna... Ya wanna talk 'bout it or somethin'? The kiddy's okay, ain't she??” Shit, now he's going to make me feel guilty. I never thought he actually cared about her. Huh.

“She's at Sunflower. But she's fine. It's nothing to do with her. Why do you want to talk? So you can wait until I'm at ease and then attack me? No. No, thanks.”

“Hey man. Ain't even like that. C'mon. Lemme take ya fer a drink.”

“I don't feel like heading out.”

“Okay... So let's head back ta yers. Somewheres quiet where we can talk.”

“Why. Why do you care. Haven't you got better things to do, Majima-san?”

“When it comes ta my good buddy, Kiryu-chan? Hehe. Yer the focus right now. C'mon. Let's go. I ain't gonna pull any shit or tricks on ya. I promise.” Studying him hard, Kiryu felt his pulse quicken. Majima was stood in front of him, hands still on his shoulders, a gentle, genuine smile on his face. The worry on his face was evident. Kiryu was pleased his acting skills were clearly above par, but he couldn't help but feel guilt about what was to come. No. Don't back out now, idiot. You've got him right where you want him. Just because he seems so... Genuine now, it shouldn't change anything. You know what you have to do. So you better damn well do it. Majima's arm snaked around his neck, pulling him close. “Oi. Ya can trust me, Kiryu-chan. C'mon. Let's go.” You're making a mistake trusting me tonight, that's for sure... Ngh, last chance to back out from this Kiryu. Is this really what I want...?

The walk to Kiryu's apartment was peaceful, even sort of nice. Majima was rambling and giggling about a botched job Nishida had made, recalling the expression on his face when he was confronted with it. Kiryu even found himself chuckling along. He certainly wasn't making this easy. Maybe... Maybe it didn't have to be this way? Maybe they could just have an innocent drink and see where it headed? But where would the fun be in that? Kiryu wanted Majima to pay. And if he was correct... Majima wanted this too. He was always so used to Kiryu being the one to be ambushed, forced to go along with whatever he damn well wanted. Tonight, that was all going to change.

Heading inside, he pointed Majima to the couch while he went to the kitchen to get drinks. Heart in his throat, he pondered while staring at the bottle, hands shaking as he gripped it tight. It's go time. Bottoms up, Majima... Sitting down on a chair opposite him, Kiryu handed him the glass.

“Much obliged. Hey. Can I ask ya somethin'?”


“How comes ya decided ta keep this place? Why don't ya jus' have the kiddy stay with ya here?”

“It's... It's complicated. Let's leave it at that.”

“Fair enough. So. What's goin' on?” Okay... Keep it going. You don't have to be specific. Just play it close to your chest.

“Well, at the moment... I'm still trying to figure out why you suddenly care about me.”

“Haw!? Kiryu-chan!! I've always cared 'bout ya! We're bestest buddies, ain't we? Hehe! Nah... I know I fuck around with ya a real lot... But I do consider ya ta be... A friend. In fact... Since Saejima... Yer my best. Hehe...” Swallowing loudly, Kiryu felt his stomach sink. He really hadn't expected this. This wasn't Majima. Majima wasn't so... Nice? Yeah, fair enough, when it came to serious shit, he didn't sugar coat the truth and he did always look out for Kiryu when he needed it. But to hear him talking like this? It was really messing with Kiryu's mind. All he had to remember, was if he didn't go through with his plan, in all probability, Majima would be his usual, cocky, fighting self tomorrow. A loud clap echoed around them as Majima rubbed his hands together and cleared his throat. “So! C'mon. Spill. What's goin' on? Had a bust up with yer boyfriend?”

“Really funny. Seriously, you're a regular comedian.”

“Hey man, ain't bother me. I've seen the eyes he gives ya. Lucky boy, eh? Hehe!!”

“Huh?? Tch. Majima-san... Shut up and drink.”

“Oooohhh!! Ya tryin' ta get me drunk, Kiryu-chaaan!?”

“No. I'm trying to get myself drunk. If you're not interested, there's the door. Use it.” Writhing around on the couch, Majima crossed his legs, squeezing them together as he threw his head back, a low groan flowing from his lips.

“Mmmm!! Ya gettin' me reaaal excited over here!! Hehe, let's do it! I wanna get fucked up!!” Nodding, Kiryu smiled, holding his glass up. You're in luck. I'm going to make that happen for you, Majima-san. Heh...

A few hours later, they sat still drinking, Majima's words heavily slurred.

“Hey... Kir-” Standing up, his legs buckled slightly as he swayed from left to right. “Can... Can I bathroom real quick?” Stifling a chuckle, Kiryu nodded.

“Do you need a hand?”

“Noooopeee. Where...?”

“I'll show you. Take my hand. At least then you won't-” As soon as Kiryu's hand wrapped around his wrist, Majima squealed with excitement.

“Uwaaaaa!! Kiryu-chaaaan!! I had no idea!!”

“Fall flat on your face. Tch. I'm disappointed, Majima-san.” Tugging him along, Kiryu pushed him through the door, closing it behind him. A few loud bangs later and Majima returned, his eyelid heavy.

“Wha... Why??”

“I thought you could handle your drink better than this.”

“Shhhhhhh. I'm fine!! C'mon. More. Drinks!!” As he wobbled his way back to the living room, Kiryu sighed. How is he still standing... Ngh. This is taking longer than I thought. Onto the second bottle of whiskey I guess. This isn't cheap stuff either. Normally a few glasses and I'm out. Then again, this is Majima. Once he'd retrieved the second bottle from the cupboard, he entered the living room, heart skipping a beat when he glanced towards the couch. Majima was stretched out, mouth agape, snoring lightly.

“Majima-san? Hey, Majima?? Wake up.” Slapping his cheek hard, Kiryu chuckled. He didn't even flinch. Squatting down in front of him, he brushed the hair out of his eye, fingers running across his cheek lightly. “Well. I think it's about time for you to get fucked up. Don't you think? Come on. Let's go and get started.”


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Driving down the dark road, Kiryu's eyes kept flashing to the body in the back of the car. Every fiber in his body was screaming for him to turn around, let Majima go and just forget any of this had ever happened. He knew for certain he could get him back to the apartment without him waking up. He was out cold thanks to Kiryu's deviancy. But that wasn't what he wanted. He had waited for this moment for too long. Far too long. And he wasn't about to let it slip through his fingers because of a few nerves. A sniffing noise, followed by a muffled grunt came from behind him, heart skipping a beat as he glanced in the rear view mirror.


“We're not quite there yet, Majima-san. Not much longer now.” Silence once again filled the car. There's no way he could be awake by now. Not after what I slipped into his drink. Heh. Stop worrying, you've got this Kiryu. Another fifteen minutes or so and we should be there.

Thanks to Kiryu's careful planning, he had found the perfect spot. In fact, he happened to come across it by accident. But once he had found it, he made sure to drive there a few times a week, making sure he knew the way like the back of his hand. Plus, it wasn't like it was too out of the way. But it was quiet and deserted, making it perfect. Continuing down the road Kiryu knew so well, he finally pulled up, taking a deep breath as he studied himself in the mirror. Gaze shifting to Majima, he grinned wide.

“We're here, Majima-san.” Climbing out of the car, Kiryu retrieved the black bag from the passenger side. Dumping it on the ground, he walked to the back of the car, opening the door carefully. Leaning inside, he wrapped his arms around Majima's body, pulling him out of the back seat gently. Draping him over his right shoulder, he picked up the bag, pushed the door shut and began walking into the forest. Twigs cracked under his feet, slicing through the silence. It was almost impossible to see where he was walking, thick, bushy trees looming over him at either side. Luckily, he remembered every step. Twenty minutes later and Kiryu was sitting down on a moss covered tree stump, smoking a cigarette as he squinted in the darkness. Just able to make out Majima's slumped body, he chuckled quietly, eyes wide and full of excitement. Shit, it really is perfect. A little clearing with trees all around us. Nobody around to hear or bother us. Goddammit, where do I even begin? I never thought Majima would make it so easy, but then again, it's not like I gave him a choice. I wonder how he's going to feel... Knowing he's the one that has been outsmarted this time... Knowing that I've got the upper hand. I can hardly wait. Heh.

Stubbing out his cigarette on the floor, Kiryu let his head fall back, just able to see the stars peeking through the thick tree branches. It's kind of romantic really. Apart from the whole kidnapping part... No. Stop with the guilt. Majima was perfectly okay with it when he got his boys to snatch Haruka. The same principles apply. Actually, this isn't as bad. Haruka is just a kid. Majima is a grown man. However... He kidnapped her to get my attention. I've kidnapped him to fuck him. Hmm. Well. It's not like he doesn't deserve it. Okay. Better get this started before I talk myself out of it. Switching on the camping lantern to the right of him, Kiryu smirked, the small clearing now illuminated, allowing him to admire his work and see Majima in all of his glory. It's a good thing I spotted this. It would have been a real shame if I had of got here and had to bumble through the darkness the whole time. In the dark, in the middle of nowhere... Heh. I bet he didn't think I could be this cunning. But I did learn it from him. And now look where it's got him. Majima was kneeling in nothing but his underwear, a blanket beneath him and his arms wrapped around the tree he was propped up against. Thick rope tightly bound his hands together. His head was slumped forwards against his chest, a black, leather ball gag in his mouth. Kiryu didn't know if Majima was into this sort of stuff, but either way he didn't have a choice. This was happening, whether he liked it or not.

Steadying his shaking hands, Kiryu took a deep breath and picked up the water bottle that was on the floor next to his feet. Walking forwards, he stopped in front of Majima and crouched down, pulling out his phone. A good number of pictures later and it was jammed back into his pocket. That would do. For now, anyway. Opening the bottle, he poured about half onto Majima's face, pulling back when he jerked violently.

“Mmmf...” Majima's eye flew open as he immediately tried to get his bearings. Blinking slowly at first, he cocked his head, squinting at the light. Finally he noticed Kiryu, who had once again resumed his sitting position on the tree stump. “Mmmf...? Mmnfg!?”

“Surprise, Majima! I'm sorry about the way I woke you up, but I just couldn't wait anymore. Heh.” Trying to tug his arms back desperately, his head whipped back and forwards from Kiryu to his arms. The look on his face was priceless.

“Mmmf!! Mmmmf! Mmmffffff!?”

“Oh, right. You want me to untie you?” Nodding his head hard, Majima's eye was wide. He knew it was wrong, but Kiryu couldn't stop himself from shuddering. To be able to see the fear practically dripping from Majima's face... Shit. It was hot. Keeping himself composed, Kiryu crossed his legs, wagging his finger from left to right. “Sorry. I can't do that. Do you realise how long I've waited to get you here? Like this...? Mmmm, Majimaaaaa. You've got no idea how bad I've needed this. Needed you...” Entire body trembling, Majima finally gave up trying to tug his hands free. He sat on his knees, head turned to the right, facing Kiryu as he studied him hard. Clearly he was still feeling the effects of what Kiryu had slipped him, that was obvious by how he kept shaking his head, eye scrunching tight as he tried to focus.


“Hmm. Maybe it's best I take that gag from your mouth, hm? You want me to do that?” Another rapid nod of the head and Kiryu chuckled, pulling out his phone once more as he walked over, Majima watching in a mix of what looked like horror and curiosity. “Look at me.” A blinding flash hit him square in the face making him jolt his head away hard, wobbling slightly as he did so. When he turned back around, Kiryu had the phone to held up his face, grinning wide while he stared at the screen. “Oh, I like this one. Heh, I really like this one. I wonder if Nishiki can help me set it as my background picture. I mean the other ones were okay, but now you're awake... Damn, Majima... You look really, really sexy.” Freezing in place, Majima made a strange, choked, muffled noise. Kiryu ignored him however and continued to stare at the photo for a moment longer, before finally putting the phone away. Kneeling down on the blanket in front of him, he let out a sigh, hands running up Majima's tensed chest. He did nothing but stare at Kiryu, eye still completely wide. A few seconds later it was as if his senses had returned, instinctively he pulled away from Kiryu, who snorted softly. Leaning close, he finally reached around Majima's head and undid the gag, letting it drop onto the blanket. Huh. He's not saying anything. Majima speechless, this is truly amazing. I wonder if I should- Finding his voice, Majima launched forward, spitting out a barrage of questions, his voice panicked and shrill.

“What the fuck do ya think ya playin' at!? Where the hell am I?? What the... The fuck, Kiryu-chan!? Why am I tied ta a fuckin' tree?? Why was I gagged!? Why the fuck were ya takin' pictures of me!?” Pausing as his eye wandered down to his legs, his next question came in the form of a whisper. “W-Why am I... Why am I in my underwear... Kiryu... The fuck is goin' on, man...” Shit, I almost feel bad. Heh, almost. He's so damn cute like this... Reaching up to stroke his cheek, Kiryu sighed as Majima pulled away, lip quivering while his eye darted around his surroundings. It was the first time he'd seen Majima scared. Actually frightened. And it excited him. To have the ability to make the great Majima Goro feel that way... It was surreal.

Trying to make his voice as playful and mischievous as possible, Kiryu grabbed the other's chin hard, tugging it towards him.

“Maaajimaaaaa. Look at me.” Feeling him quiver beneath him, he chuckled softly, tilting his head towards him. Hm. I think he likes it when I say his name like that. I bet he never could have imagined in his wildest dreams that I could be this way. Heh. I have a lot to show him. He's going to see a whole different side to me tonight. A side that has been inspired by himself, so again. This is his own damn fault. Leaning even closer, he spoke slowly, his deep voice laced heavily with sarcasm. “Hm? What's wrong? I thought you liked surprises... Remember that night in Asia?” Kiryu paused, a faraway look in his eyes. “When you decided to give me a dance? Damn it. The way you straddled that pole, grinding your tight body around it when you spun around... I've thought about that so much... So damn much. So. I've went through a lot of effort for you tonight.” Majima looked up at him, all the colour draining from his face as he desperately tried to work out what was going on. Shaking his head once more, he snapped at him, fury filled shouts echoing around them.

“Effort? The fuck are ya talkin' 'bout!? Kiryu... This ain't... Stop fuckin' around! Lemme go!!”

“Oh, Majima. Why would I let you go? We haven't even started yet.”

“Started? Started what? Kiryu, I'm not fuckin' playin'!! Let me the fuck go!! I don't... Hrng... I don't feel so hot...” Tugging his arms back in desperation, Majima let out a defeated sigh. It was useless. The rope was thick and bound so tight it bit into his flesh, burning him every time he jerked.

“Who said I was playing? Now you listen to me and listen good. For months now I've had to put up with you. Fighting me, taunting me, teasing me... That's one thing I owe you for. Also, you kidnapped Haruka, Majima. My poor, little, innocent Haruka. That's two things. And now? I think it's time to do something about them. Return the favour, so to speak, hm? Oh. Are you feeling a bit... Not like yourself? Heh. That'll be the stuff I slipped you.”

“Nah, it ain't even like that. The kiddy was- wait. Re-Return the favour...? Stuff ya... Kiryu... Ya jokin' right? Ya gotta be fuckin' jokin'!!”

“Mnhm. You really didn't think I was going to let you get away with what you've done, hm? I'm not joking at all. I had to be certain you weren't going to wake up before we got here. Our own little hideaway. Romantic, isn't it? Heh. All I had to do was make sure what I was drinking was pretty watered down. Needed to make sure I kept a clear head, you know? The amount you drank... Shit, you certainly made it easy.”

“Ya... Ya fuckin' slimebag! Ya drugged me!? Fuckin' asshole!! Get away with... Shit! Kiryu!! Let me go!! I dunno what yer playin' at, but I ain't likin' it!! Fuck!!”

“You don't like it? Do you think Haruka liked it? When you got your men to snatch her and lock her in that room?”

“Kiryu... I... I said I was sorry 'bout that.”

“Oh, I know. I've heard you say it. But now? I want to see it.”

“H-Haw?? The fuck ya mean see it!?”

“You'll see. Well, why don't we get started. There's no rush. Let's take this as slow as we need to. How about this? Do you... Do you like this, Majima?” Placing his hand on his crotch, Kiryu began rubbing slowly, eyes locked onto Majima.

“No... No fuckin' way.”

“Heh. This got your attention, hm?”

“Got... Got my attention?? Yer fuckin' rubbin' yer dick right in front'a me!! The fuck!? Ya... Ya lost ya damn fuckin' mind... Ya gone completely batshit fuckin' crazy!! Kiryu... Kiryu-chan... The fuck are ya doin'??”

“Majima, drop the goddamn act will you. I've seen the way you look at me.”

“Eh?? Naw... I-I dunno what the fuck yer talkin' about. Kiryu, this ain't funny. Please, jus' lemme go an' we can forget this ever happened.”

“Forget?? Oh, no. I'm going to make sure you remember this, Majima. Every last second.”

“Fuck... Why are ya smilin' like that... The hell?? Kiryu, please. Lemme go.”

“That's not going to happen. From this moment... You're mine. Do you hear me?”

“Haw!? Kiryu-chan... I can't... This ain't right... I didn't know ya were... But this... This ain't me.”

“You're lying. You danced for me, Majima. You dressed up... Just for me.”

“Yeah! Ta get ya ta fight me!!”

“Stop lying. We both know that is just not true. If that was the case, you could have just jumped me like you used to. Why bother with all of the effort, hm?” Rage boiling inside of him, Majima launched forwards as far as he could, shrieking into Kiryu's face.

“I ain't fuckin' lyin'!! What the fuck ya want me ta say, eh?? Fuck, jus' lemme the fuck go!! Kiryu!! Let me go!! Let me go, let me go, let me fuckin' go!! What do ya want from me!?” Shrugging, Kiryu spoke calmly, his eyes burning into Majima.

“I want you to be honest.”

“I'm bein' fuckin' honest!! I am! I ain't like you!! I ain't!! I'm tellin' ya I fuckin' ain't!! I ain't gay!! I like chicks!! No matter what ya do ta me, I ain't gonna fuckin' bullshit ya!!” Shouting at the top of his lungs, Majima's entire body trembled in anger. Kiryu kept his cool, his voice calm and unfaltering. He couldn't help but wonder if Majima was simply being honest... Or trying to convince himself. The way he was protesting seemed a little... Off.

“Where are all these chicks then, Majima? How come nobody has ever seen you with a girlfriend? Hmm. Come on. You're really trying to tell me you haven't fooled around with a man before? Like I believe that. Everyone sees the way you act around me. I think most people think we're fucking anyway...”

“Haw!? Th-The fuck!? Everyone!? Nah... Yer shittin' me... I ain't gay...”

“Okay. I hear you. I just don't fucking believe you. Why don't I just try this... And you can see if you like it or not, hm?” Placing his hands atop Majima's thighs, Kiryu massaged them gently, smirking when he tensed beneath his grasp.

“K-Kiryu... I'm warnin' ya...”

“Hey, shhh. It's okay. You're not ready to face it yet. I knew there was a chance this could happen. Heh... But before the night is over, you will. You will, Majima...” Kiryu seemed to move in slow motion, tilting his head to the side, lips meeting with Majima's. On the surface, Kiryu looked completely calm. But underneath? His heart was thumping heavily in his ears, stomach somersaulting repeatedly, fire burning deep within him. Damn it, his lips are so damn soft... So damn good... No matter how many times I've imagined this moment... Nothing compares to the real thing. Mmm. Not noticing when Majima inched forward, Kiryu felt a searing pain as sharp teeth sank into his bottom lip hard. Roaring as he pulled back in anger, he raised his hand, striking Majima hard in the face. Head bouncing against the tree, he sat leaning against the tree wobbling slightly, spitting out Kiryu's blood while he tried to focus. Knocking him against the tree must have dazed him as well as grazed his head. Blood trickled down his forehead, running slowly down his nose.

“T-Touch me again... An' I'll fuckin' kill ya.” Holding a finger to his bloodied lip, Kiryu grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked it back, anger seeping from his every pore. Majima shook hard as he looked up at him, blood dribbling down his chin.

“Bastard!! You have the fucking nerve to tease me? Drive me fucking crazy? Make me want you so goddamn bad and then push me away when I try to give you what you want, shit, what we both want??”

“What... What I want? Nah. I ain't want this. I never wanted this. So take it an' fuckin' shove it. Go fuck yerself, Kiryu. Let me go.” Snorting angrily, Kiryu shook the blood from his hand and pulled a black object from his pocket.

“I was going to take it easy on you. Heh, fool. You're going to be sorry you did that. Fuck myself? Is that what you said? Oh no, Majima. I'm going to fuck you.”

Letting go of his hair and kneeling down so he was sitting in front of him, Kiryu sat in silence, staring at him hard. Tossing the object between his hands, he smiled as he pressed the button. Tch. Bastard. He bit me. He's bleeding... Damn it. I can't believe... Hmm. I didn't think he would resist this much. I suppose Majima isn't used to people having the upper hand. This must be terrifying for him. Heh. Good. He's about to find out just how bad shit can get when he fucks with me.

Looking more alert, Majima pushed back from the tree, wincing as the rough bark scraped his chest. Wiping the blood from his forehead onto his arm, he looked up at Kiryu with a pleading eye, turning his body sideways.

“Kiryu-chan... Please. I'm beggin' ya. Jus' lemme go. Please, man...”

“We both know that's not going to happen. You bite me again and I'll break your fucking jaw. Or... Or maybe I'll do worse.”

“W-Worse...?” Nodding as he held the object up, Kiryu moved closer, his voice just above a whisper.

 "Yes. Something to make you see how serious I am... Hm?"

“No fuckin' way... Ya gotta be shittin' me!! Kiryu... Why the fuck do ya got a knife!?” Pressing the blade to Majima's throat just enough to break the skin, he bit his lip hard, fresh blood oozing into his mouth. His eyes followed the single drop of blood that trickled down Majima's chest. It strangely excited him further. Crying out in a terror filled shriek, Majima shook hard, his whole body shaking like a leaf. “Ah! Shit!! Fuck, Kiryu!! Stop!! Please, jus' stop!! The fuck are ya doin'!?” Pulling the blade from his throat, Kiryu examined it closely, wiping away the blood that glistened on the metal.

“I haven't went through all of this to just walk away. I'm getting what I want. I'm going to give you what you've been craving, Majima. Even if you are too much of a goddamn coward to admit it. This is happening. No matter how much you protest or beg. I'm fucking you tonight. I'm going to squeeze my dick into your tight, little ass. And then I'm going to pound you.” Eye widening, Majima shivered violently, every inch of his flesh rapidly covering in goosebumps. “Come on, be honest with me. You like the sound of that, don't you?”

“No... I want ta go now. Kiryu, please. I'm sorry... I'm sorry fer whatever I've done ta ya. I admit, the kidnappin' was wrong. But I ain't hurt her. An' the fightin'? Shit. I might have went a bit too far with that too. But there ain't nobody who fights the way ya do... Ain't nobody can knock me down but you. An' that's it. That's the tr-truth. Okay? I've said I'm sorry. I really fuckin' am!! So please. Put the knife away. Please!! Jus' le- gnh!!” Grabbing him by the throat, Kiryu smirked and squeezed slightly, a sickly warmth coating his hand. There was a clear tone of warning as he spoke, however his voice remained calm. Commanding, yet silky smooth.

“Shut the fuck up. Your whimpering is really pissing me off. I didn't expect you to be such a damn coward. Fucking pathetic, Majima. Do you want me to hit you again...?” Majima whimpered, biting his lip hard while his eye darted to the ground, cheeks reddening instantly. That's when it hit Kiryu. He does... He wants me to hit him again, doesn't he... Maybe... Maybe that's why he likes fighting me so much. He knows he can't win, but still he insists of hunting me down and coaxing me to fight him... Goddamn it, Majima. You sick little bastard. Heh.

Letting go of his throat, Kiryu wiped the blood from his hand onto the blanket below him and shrugged.

“If you really do go through to all of this shit just to fight me because I'm the only one that can knock you down... Just imagine what I can make you feel when I'm fucking you. Hm? Now here's what's going to happen. I'm going to take your underwear off. I can't wait to see what you're hiding in there. Heh. And then, you're going to let me fuck your whimpering, little mouth. If you're good for me, I might let you do the same. Because I really, really want to taste you, Majima. Damn, I've thought about it so much... Touching myself over you... Trying to imagine what you taste like while I make myself cum. Tasting myself and trying to imagine it's you... Mmmm... Have you done that before? It's okay. I don't expect you to answer. Not yet anyway. So. Once I've had enough of you sucking my dick, you're going to get onto your knees for me. You're going to stay there, while I give you what you want. And then I'm going to let you go. All you have to do... Is behave and do whatever the fuck I say. You got that? If you keep resisting... This knife may be small, but it can sure do a lot of damage to that pretty body of yours. Hmm, I guess that's not very nice of me, is it? I suppose if you are really sure you don't want this... I can get in the car and go home. If you'd prefer that? Do you know where we are, Majima? Does anyone know where you are?” Lowering his head, Majima spoke softly.



“I'll... Fuck, man... I'll do whatever ya want. I'll... I'll behave, Kiryu-chan.” Beaming at him, Kiryu nodded, pulling him close once more, whispering just before their lips met once more.

“Mmm... Good boy, Majima.” Parting his lips when Kiryu slapped him gently, he writhed when strong, muscular arms wrapped around him. Kiryu's tongue was so soft, so needy, thrashing against his own as he sat there, helplessly lost in their kiss.

Inhaling sharply as one of Kiryu's hands slid down from his face and roamed around to his back, he stifled a moan, feeling multiple scrapes and claws as his fingers danced on his flesh. Cursing quietly as he shuddered, Majima bit his lip when Kiryu pulled back, the grin on his face even wider.

“Do you like this, Majima? Hm?” Majima remained silent, looking anywhere but Kiryu's face, still trying to resist as best as he could. Hands coming up to cradle his face, Kiryu stroked his cheek with his thumb, his voice much softer now. “Oi. Look at me. Do you like it when I touch you, Majima? How about this?” Letting his hands drop, Kiryu raked his nails up and down his chest instead, chuckling as he stiffened under his touch. Circling his nipples, he gave each one a gentle squeeze, rolling them in his fingers slowly, Majima's back automatically arching hard. “Oh, I think you really like this, hm? I can do better, if you want?”


“Still playing dumb. Okay. Let's see what you make of this.” Quick as a flash, Kiryu bowed his head, avoiding Majima's elbows. Taking in the way his breath hitched as warm breath tickled his chest, Kiryu stuck his tongue out, slowly lapping at each nipple, kissing and sucking gently. Balling his fists, Majima clamped his eye shut, seemingly trying to keep himself together. When Kiryu bit down slightly, it seemed as though his act was finally beginning to drop. Legs squeezing together, he jerked back, gasping slightly as he twitched.

“Kiryu! Kiryu-chan!!”

“Majima... Majima, look down. Look at me.” Allowing his head to drop between his aching arms, Majima was face to face with Kiryu, who continued to gently twist and roll his nipples between his fingers. Bowing his own head, Majima mashed his lips against Kiryu's, kissing him hungrily, passion and lust clouding his common sense. Pulling back, Kiryu gasped for breath, chest heaving, eyes wide. Well, this is a turn up. Looks like he's finally done with his little act. Heh, now the real fun can begin. Shit, he's so fucking hot... Majima's knees turned to jelly when Kiryu pulled his lips back into a smirk. “I knew it wouldn't take long. Let's get your underwear off, hmm? What do you think?” Nodding eagerly, he quickly shuffled back, allowing Kiryu to tug his his boxers off awkwardly. “Oh, Majima. And you said you didn't like this. Mmm, look at this... Fuck...”

Gazing down at Majima's dick, Kiryu chuckled. He was completely smooth, the tip glistening in the dim light. Shit, where do I even begin... He said he wasn't like me... But yet, he's rock hard. I wonder why he kept up the act for so long? Hmm. Reaching for the phone in his pocket, Majima's stomach fell to his knees when his eye landed on it. He had a feeling what was coming next. And he didn't like it one bit. Raising his knees so his crotch was covered, he scooted back slightly, wheezing out panic filled breaths.

“Majima. Spread your legs.”

“K-Kiryu-chan... Nah. Ya ain't need ta do this. I said I'll do whatcha want!! Why the fuck ya wanna take pictures of this?? Please... Don't.”

“Because I do.” Shaking his head, Majima whispered one last plea.

“Please, Kiryu... Please, no.”

“I want as many pictures of you as possible. Especially like this. Sexy and excited... You're my property now. I own you. I can do as I please and I want pictures of you. It you decide to misbehave in the future? Well. Who knows what could happen to these pictures. I've already got plenty that could be rather embarrassing for you if they happened to fall into the wrong hands... Can you imagine that?” Lowering his head, Majima nodded. He looked utterly defeated much to Kiryu's delight. It was about time he understood what happens when you walk around town, constantly thinking you can do whatever the hell you want. You can only push your luck so far and Majima's had finally ran out. He needed to be taught a lesson. And who better to teach him than Kiryu?


“I won't tell you again. Spread your fucking legs. You can either spread them wide or I can make you open them with my knife. Or like I said, I can go and leave you here. You know I won't come back, don't you Majima? If and when the police find your body, they'll just assume you pissed off the wrong person. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Be-”


“Mnhm. If I leave you here... You can't escape. You wouldn't last long without food or water. Nobody can hear you scream. In fact, nobody even comes here anymore, Majima. Like I said. Everyone knows what you're like, so that would be it. Case closed. Nobody would miss a whacked out, violent, yakuza thug. Nobody except me, anyway.” Majima's voice began to soften, his shoulders slumping slightly as he studied Kiryu hard.

“Y-Ya would...?” Stroking his cheek once more, Kiryu nodded, smiling. I'm sure... I'm sure he pushed himself into my hand there. Does he... Does he like the thought of me caring about him? No. This can wait. Tonight is about payback. Feelings and complicated shit can come after this.

“Of course I would. I told you. You're mine now. But, if this is how you want it. There's nothing more I can do. Still. Pretty tragic and unnecessary ending to this scenario. Don't you think?” Pondering Kiryu's words carefully, Majima chewed on his lip. Finally he nodded and once again turned his body to the side as best as he could with his arms around the tree. Legs flopping open, he spoke quietly.

“Okay... I-I'm sorry, Kiryu-chan.” Now he's apologizing? This is too good!

“Good boy. Majima, look. Look at the camera.” Casting his eye upwards, Majima nodded once more. A mix of panic, terror, uncertainty and lust painted his face beautifully. Raising the phone, Kiryu snapped a good number of pictures, well aware his trousers were tenting out in front of him. Scrolling through the pictures, Kiryu mumbled in a breathy whisper. “Shit... Majima do you have any idea how fucking hot you are? Oh, fuck... Fuck it. I can't wait anymore. Get on your knees.” Opening his mouth to protest, Majima decided against it. He knew he had no choice but to do whatever Kiryu wanted. He wasn't sure if Kiryu was serious about leaving him here, but the look in his eyes made him wonder. Not to mention the cut on his throat. If he'd brought a knife with him... Shit. He must be serious. He'd never seen Kiryu this way before. Maybe he really had been pushed too far and just snapped. And now? Majima had to face the consequences of his own actions.

A metallic clink echoed around them, Kiryu's belt being tossed to the ground. Majima did nothing but stare, eye locked onto Kiryu's face as he toyed with his trousers.

“Are you ready for this?”

“R-Ready fer what?”

“To suck my dick.” Once again, Majima remained silent, his ashen face twisted into an expression of horror. Tch. I don't get this. One minute he's all eager. The next, he's stone cold. What the hell is his problem!? I'm getting really pissed off. “May I remind you what's going to happen if-”

“Yeah!! I'm ready... Kiryu-chan.”

“Okay. Good. You're really sure you want to?” Majima nodded. “Then beg me.”

“Haw!? I... Kiryu...” Noticing the look on Kiryu's face, Majima cursed quietly, his cheeks reddening. Casting his eye downwards, he mumbled quietly. “Please, Kiryu-chan. Please let me... Suck yer dick.” Deep chuckling rumbled through his entire body as Kiryu shook his head.

“You're going to have to do better than that. I could start to lose interest if I'm bored. You don't want that do you, Majima? If I were you, I'd make sure to keep me really entertained.” Baring his teeth, Majima let out an exasperated sigh. Raising his head, he looked Kiryu straight in the eyes.

“Kiryu-chan. Kiryu? Please. I'm beggin' ya. Please lemme suck yer dick. Please, Kiryu-chan. Get it out an' lemme suck it. I wanna know what it feels like. I wanna feel yer dick in my mouth. I wanna play with it with my tongue an' see what it tastes like. I want ya ta make ya feel real fuckin' good when ya fuck my mouth. I want ya ta groan out my name when ya got yer hands in my hair. Fuck my face as hard as ya can. 'Cause...” Pausing, Majima cleared his throat. He looked shocked at what had just spewed out of him, but he continued. “'Cause it's what I deserve fer teasin' ya so much.” There is no way in hell that was an act. I asked him to beg. I didn't ask him to say what he wanted. He wants this just as much as me. Wait... Did he say he wants to know what it feels like? No. He's trying to fuck with me, isn't he. There's no way I believe he's never fooled around with a guy before.

“Much better. Fuck, Majima. That was really sexy. I'm starting to believe you want this now. I'm-”

“I do. I want this. I want this so fuckin' much. Kiryu-chan? Please. Lemme suck yer dick.”

Standing in front of him, leaning against the tree, Kiryu tore off his jacket and shirt. Quickly pulling his trousers down, he let them bunch around his ankles.

“If you want it, pull it out.” Looking up at him in confusion, Majima shook his head. Before he could speak, Kiryu continued. “Use your teeth.” Edging closer, he craned his neck, teeth scraping over the bulge in his underwear. “Gently.” Kiryu noted his movements were slow and uncertain, anxiety and tension radiating from him.

Not having a choice, Majima continued, licking his length through the thin material, trying to shudder as discreetly as possible. Kiryu couldn't help but notice he had resumed trying to tug his hands free. And somehow, he didn't get the feeling it was to escape anymore. But with Majima, he just couldn't be sure, so he'd remain tied up for now.

“Pull them down, Majima.” Nipping at Kiryu's abs several times, he finally managed to get the band between his teeth. Making sure his jaw was clenched hard, he yanked his head downwards, not stopping until Kiryu's dick had sprung free. “Well? What do you think?” Shaking his head in disbelief, Majima muttered slowly.

“Big... So fuckin' big... K-Kiryu...”

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out. Keep still.” Even though he was trembling violently, Majima obliged, groaning quietly when Kiryu rested the tip of dick on his tongue. “Don't fucking move.” Again, the phone came out, Majima automatically looking at the camera. Looks like he's finally learning. Clever boy. A dozen pictures later and Kiryu withdrew, leaning down to grip Majima's chin hard. “Open your mouth as wide as you can and stick your tongue out as far as you can.” After a few more flashes, Kiryu finally let him go, watching as he blinked rapidly. The camera flash must have been slightly too bright, but tough. Kiryu wanted to make sure he could see everything in those pictures. If this was a one time thing... At least he would have some pretty hot mementos.

Sensing Majima was nervous, Kiryu gave his cheek a few gentle strokes while he bent down, placing his face directly in front of the other's. Opening his mouth to speak, he was taken aback completely when Majima stretched forward and kissed him softly, tongue scraping against his own so gently. Feeling his chest tighten, Kiryu observed him carefully. His eye was closed, his cheeks a delicate pink. What... What the hell? What is he playing at...? Kiryu didn't have time to ponder anymore. Majima pulled back and whispered quietly, his voice unsteady.

“Kiryu-chan... I'm ready.”

“Okay. You were just messing about with me before, weren't you?”

“Haw? W-What do ya mean?”

“Not that it matters. But... You have done this before, right?” Not breaking eye contact, Majima shook his head.

“Never.” He's... He's telling the truth. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck! How wrong did I get this!? I... Everyone. Even Nishida was certain that Majima... Shit, what the hell do I do now? Well... I guess the plan doesn't have to change. Just because he's never done this before... Doesn't mean I stop. I mean he does seem really into this now. Maybe... Maybe I just have to be a bit more gentle? Pulling Kiryu from his thoughts, Majima continued, whispering softly. “I'm tellin' ya the truth, Kiryu-chan.”

“So... You're really not gay?”

“I... Kiryu-chan. Can we jus' do this please?” Nodding uncertainly, Kiryu stood up. Either he doesn't know what what the hell he is, or... He doesn't want to admit it. Tch. My hopes of this happening regularly are starting to look unlikely. I better continue with my plan to make the most of this now then. Heh, let's get this started.

Cradling the back of Majima's head with his hand, Kiryu took a deep breath and slid the head into his awaiting mouth, groaning when lips locked around it.

“O-Okay. That's good. That's really good. Use your tongue.” No sooner had Kiryu said it and Majima's tongue was gently running down the underside of his shaft. “Ngh! Just like that! Fuck, keep going.” Feeling more confident thanks to Kiryu's encouragement, Majima began to bob his head back and forwards, stopping occasionally to run his tongue slowly around the head. Groaning as Kiryu grabbed a handful of his hair, he pressed his tongue against the slit, lapping at it gently as it oozed onto his tongue. “Majima, oh fuck, Majima...” Shuddering when Kiryu growled his name, Majima pulled back, looking up at him with a worry filled eye.

“Am I... Am I doin' okay so far?” Huh...? T-This makes no sense. He's worried...? Tch. This is really not how I expected this to go.

“You're doing really good. So fucking good... Mmm, I'm going to have to give you a reward at this rate. But at the minute, I want more.”


“Mnhm. I want to fuck your throat. It's okay. Just relax. Just keep your mouth open as wide as you can and let me do the work.” Slapping the side of his face gently with his dick, Kiryu waited until Majima tilted his head upwards. One last stroke of his cheek, and Kiryu placed his hands on either side of Majima's head, gripping hair tightly. I know he's being good now... But I need this. He needs this. In case this is just an act to get me to let him go? He needs to remember I'm not messing around.

Enjoying the way Majima was kissing and tonguing the tip of his dick, Kiryu gave him a quick nod. No sooner had he opened his mouth as wide as he could and Kiryu jammed himself down his throat. Holding Majima's head against his stomach, he tossed his head back, husky groans flowing from deep within him. Majima could do nothing but gag and splutter below him, the foreign object in his throat made it impossible for him to swallow, panic welling up and beginning to take hold of him. Choking out a few muffled, strangulated noises, he tried to pull back, eye wide with fear.

“Fucking relax!! Breathe through your damn nose!” Instantly stiffening as Kiryu barked at him, Majima just couldn't do it. He couldn't breathe through his nose or stop gagging. Everything was way too intense. The effects of the drugs, being tied up, Kiryu behaving this way... And the cherry on the cake? Kiryu's dick filling his mouth. It was all too damn much for him. Struggling to breathe, his chest tightened to the point where it ached. How do I get him to... Hm.

That was it. Kiryu had a way to make him breathe through his nose. Pinching his nostrils closed, he held him tighter, feeling him resist harder. In between the gags and choked grunts, he managed to whimper. When he began to resist less, Kiryu let his nose go, grinning as Majima inhaled rapidly.

“Just like that, you see?” Pulling his dick out of his mouth, Kiryu chuckled. Instantly Majima leant forwards, coughing hard, a trail of saliva hanging from his bottom lip. Looking up as he spluttered and panted, he gasped out angrily.

“The hell ya think ya playin' at!! I couldn't fuckin' breathe!!”

“Mnhm. That's what made it so fun. You look so damn cute when you're panicking, Majima...” Yanking his head back towards him, Kiryu poked his lips with his dick. Sighing in frustration, Majima opened his mouth once more.

“Jus' take it easier, eh Kir- mmnfg!!” Not waiting for him to finish, Kiryu once again returned his hands to the side of Majima's head and gripped his hair tightly. Bucking into his mouth, he was unrelenting, going as deep and hard as he could. Wet, throaty gurgles filled the air around them, mixing together with Kiryu's grunting moans. Trying to keep himself together, Majima faltered, accidentally scraping the shaft with his teeth. A loud thwack rang out, Kiryu giving him a swift slap, hissing at him between clenched teeth.

“Majima!! No fucking teeth!! If I feel them again, I'll knock them out. Understand?” Not daring to move, Majima tensed, carefully opening his mouth wider. He could do nothing but hold on until Kiryu had had enough. “I'm going to... I want you to hold still... For as... Ngh... For as long as you c-can.” That was all the warning he had. One last thrust and Kiryu held him against his abs once more, fingers returning to Majima's nose. Holding it shut, he could feel Majima begin to panic again. “Calm the fuck down!! Sw-Swallow, Majima. Try to swallow for me.” Gagging repeatedly, Majima made a muffled noise of defeat. Until Kiryu let go of his nose and stroked his head, gently encouraging him. “You can do this, Majima. Fuck... You're... Mmm... You're really making me feel good, do you know that? Come on. Swallow for me.” Inhaling deeply, Majima gagged a few more times before finally managing to swallow around Kiryu's length. Knees buckling, he let out a gasping moan. “Majima! Fuck!! A-Again!” Finally seeming to get the hang of it, Majima swallowed repeatedly, cocking an eyebrow when Kiryu's panting got heavier. Feeling him begin to throb harder in his mouth, he had a pretty good feeling he knew what was about to happen. “Head back! M-Mouth open!! Tongue out!! Now!!” Not satisfied with the speed he was moving, Kiryu tore him away from his dick, yanking his head back. Using his other hand to jerk himself quickly, he groaned loudly at the expression on Majima's face. The phrase deer caught in headlights came to mind. But that wasn't going to stop him. “Do you... Shit! Do you want me to cum on your face Majima? Or in your... Mouth? Fuck, Majima, you better ans-answer me!!”

“F-face?” Letting out a strained groan, Kiryu couldn't hold back anymore and began covering Majima's face. Recoiling slightly when he felt warmth splash onto his face, Majima let out a groan of his own. It was never ending, splash after splash of cum coating his face, running down and dripping from his chin. Reeling from the volume of Kiryu's load, he tried to pull back, but instead his mouth was once again filled.

“M-Majima! Ngh... Fuck, Majima! Use your fucking tongue, fuck, like that, just... Shit, Majima, just like that...” Lapping at the slit, Majima's nose wrinkled, trying desperately not to retch as Kiryu spurted into his mouth. It was definitely an acquired taste. One that Majima didn't like. Not one bit. A few more shots and finally Kiryu let out a sigh, pulling back his hips so his dick slid from the other's mouth. Immediately Majima tried to lean over his shoulder, until a strong hand gripped his chin. “No. You aren't spitting. Open your mouth. Wide. Let me see it all. Let me see what I gave you.” By the time Majima had opened his mouth, Kiryu once again had his phone out. “You know what do to.” Angling his head carefully, Majima looked at the camera, his mouth as wide as he could get it without Kiryu's cum spilling out. “Oh, shit. This is hot. Look at you sat there. All hot and bothered with your face covered and mouth full of cum. This is a really good look for you, Majima. Damn...” A good number of blinding flashes later and finally it was over. He was about to spit when Kiryu spoke. “Swallow.” Shaking his head, Majima spluttered as some cum trickled down his throat. He really didn't like it. But Kiryu wasn't giving him a choice. Clamping his hand over Majima's mouth, Kiryu bent down, holding him tightly in place. Baring his teeth, he snarled at him, the dominance in his voice shaking Majima to his core. “You don't have a fucking choice. I'm not letting you go until you swallow. So do it. Now.” Still nothing. “Hmm. Why don't we do this again...” Using his other hand to pinch Majima's nose shut, Kiryu chuckled when he writhed desperately under his hand. “You either swallow, or... Heh. Good. Good boy. Let me clean you up...” Letting go of his nose, Kiryu used his finger to scrape what he could from Majima's face and his own hand. When he'd gotten most of it, he held his fingers to his mouth. Just as he was about to remind him what would happen if he didn't, Majima took them into his mouth, clamping his eye shut as he sucked and licked them clean.

“Thank you, Kiryu-chan.” Huh?? Did... He just thanked me... He just fucking thanked me... Fuck!! Bastard... He's really fucking with my mind here. I don't know if it's intentional or if he's allowing his enjoyment to show... But either way. He's not getting let off that easily. We still aren't done here. Not by a long shot.

Taking him by surprise, Kiryu got onto his knees and kissed him passionately, probing his mouth thoroughly with his tongue. Scraping his hand down Majima's chest, he gently ran his fingers around the head of Majima's dick, being rewarded with a shuddering gasp. Pulling back, he grinned smugly. He was really enjoying seeing Majima this way.

“So. Did you like that?”

“I... I did. 'Cept from the taste of...”

“Heh. You'll get used to it. Do you want me to do it to you?”


“Tch. I really need to spell this out for you? Fine. Do you want me to suck your dick, Majima. Do you want to fuck my throat.” Nodding quickly, Majima's eye widened.

“Yes... Yes please, Kiryu-chan.”

“Hmm. I wonder if... Instead of keeping you on your knees, I could... I've got it. Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to untie you for a moment. But I'm going to keep hold of you in case you decide to try and slip away. I want you to face me and let your back rest against the tree. I want your hands above your head and I'm going to tie them to the tree that way instead. Understand?”

“Kiryu-chan... I... I ain't gonna run. Ya ain't gotta tie me up.”

“Mnhm. Like I believe you. Plus I want you tied up. You're so fucking hot when you're helpless. When you're under my control. Now I'm going to untie you. Make one wrong move... And you'll be sorry, Majima.”

Stepping around the tree, Kiryu untied the rope carefully, making sure to keep it taut in case Majima tried anything. When he was holding both ends, he walked back around, heart hammering against his ribcage hard. He didn't know what to expect. Would Majima thump him and try to make a break for it? Or did he mean what he said? The way he was acting meant Kiryu didn't have a clue. He had to expect the unexpected. He didn't like it, but either way. He was going to make sure Majima couldn't get away.

“Get on your feet. Slowly.” Hands at the ready to grab him, Kiryu watched as he stood up shakily, knees trembling under the weight of his body.

“Kiryu... Kiryu-chan... I still ain't feelin' right.”

“Mnhm. Tough shit. Face me.” Launching forwards, Majima stumbled, left shoulder banging against the tree hard. Crying out in pain as Kiryu's hand yanked his hair, he cursed angrily.

“Ow!! I ain't tryin' ta fuckin' run man!! I'm tryin' ta stand!! What the... What the fuck did ya give me Kiryu!?” Spinning him around, Kiryu chuckled.

“Nothing too serious. Now shut the fuck up and keep still.” Majima whimpered, hands scraping against the rough bark while Kiryu held them high above his head. Pushing his face to Majima's, he growled out a warning. “Do not fucking move.” Heh. He still seems terrified... But when I encourage him, he's more into this. That does make it easier... Hmm. Stepping behind Majima and placing a foot against the tree, Kiryu yanked the rope as hard as he could, stopping when he heard a yelp of pain.

“Too... Argh... Too fuckin' tight!” Ignoring him, he tied it tightly around the trunk. When it was secure, he returned to stand in front of him, a wide grin beaming on his face.

 “Fuck, Majima... Now this is more like it. So how are you going to play this now? Are you going to go back to pretending you don't like this? I'd think carefully before you answer that. I can see your dick throbbing from here. I think you really want me to touch you. I think you really want me to make you cum, hm? Is that what you want?” Face burning red, Majima lowered his head. Nope, I'm not putting up with this shit. Picking the knife up from the floor, Kiryu faced him, his brow furrowed hard. Baring his teeth, he growled at Majima, toying with the smooth handle of the blade. “Look at me. Now!!” Raising his head slowly, Majima gasped when he saw the knife, trying to press himself against the tree further. “I'm getting really pissed off with you, Majima. I've really been looking forward to this. And you're fucking it up for me. I don't think I'm going to give you anymore chances. I think I'm done here.” Reality biting him hard, Majima shook his head rapidly, hollering into Kiryu's face.

“No! I'm sorry! Fuck, I'm fuckin' sorry!! I jus'... I jus' still feel fuckin' outta it! Kiryu, no, please! Please, man!! I'm sorry!! I'm-” Roaring loudly, Kiryu pulled the knife back. Majima clamped his eye shut and braced himself for the sting of the blade plunging into his body. Thrusting it forwards, Kiryu stabbed it into the bark, just to the left of Majima's head. This should give him something to think about. Heh. It's funny. I get the feeling if this was anyone else doing this to him, he wouldn't dare show fear. He'd fight for his life. And if he knew he was facing certain death... He'd accept it like a man. But because it's me... I can't decide if it's because he's never seen me this way before. Or simply because, it's me. He said I was the only one that could knock him down. Could it be that I'm the only one that can scare him too? Mmm, I like the sound of that. If I get my way, I'm going to be the only one that fucks him too. I don't know if he's realised I'm serious. But that bastard belongs to me and only me.

Peeking at Kiryu, Majima breathed a shaky sigh of relief.

“This is your last chance, Majima. I mean it.”

“Okay!! Okay! Thanks!!” Pulling out a smoke from his jacket on the ground, Kiryu lit up, taking a deep draw as Majima stared.

“Oh. Where are my manners? Would you like a smoke, Majima?” An eager nod in response. “Sure.” Planting a hand next to the right side of Majima's head, Kiryu used the other to pull the cigarette from his lips. Never breaking eye contact, he sighed softly, exhaling a cloud of smoke. An audible gulp was heard from Majima.

“Ya don't...” Stepping closer to him, Kiryu tilted his head forwards, his once perfect hair flopping in front of his eyes.


“I ain't never seen ya lookin' like this 'fore...”

“Oh? Is that a bad thing?” Half expecting him not to answer, Kiryu placed the cigarette to his lips and took another drag.

“N-No. Makes... Makes ya look h-hotter.” Holding the cigarette to Majima's mouth, Kiryu smirked. And now we're getting somewhere. Heh.

“Is that so. It seems like you're ready to talk now.” Once Majima had taken a decent number of drags, he dropped the cigarette, stubbing it out with his foot. “So. Tell me the truth. You want me, don't you?”

“I... Yeah. Have done fer as long as I can remember. It's jus'... It's complicated, y'know? Can we jus'... Can we leave it at that fer now?” He's being honest. Maybe he'll tell me afterwards but right now I don't want to push it.


“What ya said 'fore. Was it true?”

“Hm?” Casting his eye downwards, Majima's face dropped. He actually looked sad.

“That yer only doin' this fer payback.”

“I meant what I said. I am doing this for payback. And because I want you.”

“So when ya said ya... When ya said ya had... Over m-me...”

“Heh. You mean when I said I'd touched myself over you? Came while thinking of you? Did I mean it? Is that what you're asking?” Nodding slowly, Majima whispered quietly.

“Yeah.” Rubbing his cheek gently, Kiryu cradled the side of Majima's face, sighing internally when he pressed against it.

“More times than I can remember. Have you played with yourself while thinking of me?”

“Y-Yeah. Sometimes, I imagine ya throwin' me onta my back an' jumpin' on top of me, grindin' down on me while ya punch the fuck outta my face. Then when I'm nothin' but a bloody pulp... Ya straddle my chest an' get me ta suck yer dick... Everyone's watchin'... But, fuck. That don't stop us. Or... Or when I jump ya in one of those narrow alleyways. After ya whup my ass, ya slam me inta the wall. Hold me there against the damp, filthy bricks while ya fuck my brains out... I was tellin' the truth when I said I ain't been with a guy 'fore. But... I have been usin'... Usin' toys. 'Fore ya ask... Yeah. I do pretend it's you fuckin' me. Shit... Ain't... Ain't never came so much since I started jerkin' off over ya... Kiryu-chan.” Fuck... I knew it all along.

“I can make all of that happen for you. If you want.”

“I... Kiryu-chan? C'mere so I can reach ya, will ya?”

“Hm? Why?”

“'Cause... 'Cause I wanna... I want ya ta kiss me.”

Running his hand up Majima's chest, Kiryu held him face close, shuddering when Majima kissed him hard. He could literally feel all the frustration Majima had been holding inside melting away from his lips. Circling his nipples, Kiryu grinned into their kiss when Majima groaned into his mouth. Rolling them gently between his fingers, he ground his body into Majima's, groaning himself when Majima's dick jabbed him in the hip. Pulling back, he ran his tongue along Majima's ear, chewing softly on the lobe. Heh, he's nothing but a gasping wreck right now.

“Fuuuck, Majimaaaa. I want to taste your dick. I want to taste you so fucking bad. Do you want me to suck your dick, hm? Do you want me to blow you? Lock my lips around you and slide you down my throat... Fuck, do you like the sound of that?” Gasping out loudly as Kiryu squeezed his nipples harder, Majima nodded hard.

“Shit!! Yeah... Please, Kiryu-chan!!” Sinking to his knees, Kiryu took a deep breath in. Staring down at him as lust took over him, Majima thrust his hips forwards.

“Heh. Eager, aren't you?” Sticking his tongue out, Kiryu gently probed the slit, lapping up every last bit that had oozed from his dick. “Mmm... You taste so damn good. Better than I could have ever imagined. You've got such a nice dick, Majima. I bet it would feel really good slamming into my ass...”

“H-Haw!? Nrgh... Kir-Kiryu-chan!! Fuck!!” Slamming his head against the tree when Kiryu swallowed him down, Majima felt his knees buckle. Sure, he'd had his dick sucked before. But never like this. He wasn't sure if it was because Kiryu had some pretty good dick sucking skills or just because it was Kiryu. All he knew for certain was it was driving him crazy.

Letting Majima's dick slide from his mouth, Kiryu looked up at him. It was good, but it wasn't enough. He wanted Majima to feel even better.

“Majima. I'm going to hold you up for a second. Lock your legs around my neck.”

“Why? O-Okay...” Grabbing Majima's ass tightly, Kiryu gave it a quick squeeze before hoisting him up with ease. Clumsily placing his thighs on Kiryu's shoulders, Majima crossed his legs behind his head, sighing in relief. “Man, that's better. My legs are fuckin' shakin' so hard... Ah!! Kiryu-chan! Fuck!!” Not realising when he had been talking that Kiryu had covered two of his fingers with saliva, Majima inhaled sharply, groaning when he felt a finger slowly slide into his ass. As he clenched, Kiryu grinned before wrapping his other hand around the head of Majima's dick. Dipping his head as low as he could, he ran his tongue over Majima's smooth balls, enjoying the barrage of curses he got in response. Opening his mouth wide, he took them into his mouth, slowly adding a second finger inside Majima's ass. “Nrgh! Mm... K-Kiryu-chan... Fuckin' fuuuuck, Kiryu-chaaan!! I... I ain't gonna last, man! I ain't gonna fuckin' last!!” He's going to cum already? Poor Majima. He must be really worked up. I did want this to last longer, but shit. I can't wait to taste him properly. Thighs tensing around his neck, Kiryu rotated his hand, twisting as he tightened his grip. Whining between pants, Majima's chest heaved rapidly. He couldn't take it anymore. Kiryu was jerking his dick quicker, sawing his fingers in and out of his ass harder, applying more pressure to his balls with his tongue. “Kiryu! Mm... I can't hold on... I ain't... Fuck! Gonna cum... Shit... Kiryu, I'm gonna fuckin' cum!!” Grinning, Kiryu lifted his head, swallowing Majima down just in time for the first shot of cum to squirt down his eager throat. Sliding his lips back, he kept the head of Majima's dick in his mouth, slowly dragging his tongue around the tip. Body convulsing hard, Majima clenched his teeth, intense pleasure racking through his body. Allowing Majima to fill his mouth, Kiryu let his legs down gently and stood up. Before Majima knew what was happening, Kiryu's tongue was at his own, warm cum seeping into his mouth. His own cum. Mixed with Kiryu's saliva. Expecting him to try to pull away, Kiryu groaned breathlessly as Majima moaned, swallowing as best as he could. Both of their faces were sticky, cum covering their mouths and chin, some even dripping down onto bare chests. But that didn't bother any of them. From the looks of things, Majima was really beginning to enjoy himself... And it was bringing out the worst in Kiryu.

Tangling his hands in Majima's hair, Kiryu yanked his head to the left, licking at the sticky mess covering the bottom half of his face. Dragging his tongue up to his ear, he let out a deep, long groan.

“Did you enjoy that, Majima? Hm? Did you like seeing me suck your dick? Goddammit, Majima. You taste so fucking good... Do you know that? So thick and sweet. Mmm... I can do it for you again... I can suck your dick anytime you want me to.” The tone in Kiryu's voice made his knees weak. His voice was always deep, but something was different. He could actually hear the lust in his voice. He could hear how much he craved him. And even though he might not want to admit it... He felt the same. Panting hard, Majima shuddered, stroking Kiryu's leg with his foot. He was desperate to touch him and that was the best he could do with his hands tied.

“It was a-amazin' Kiryu-chan... Fuckin' am- shit!!” Wincing as nails raked down his chest, Majima turned his head to face him. “Fuck me. Please, fuck me Kiryu-chan. Fuck me now. Gimme all ya got. C'mon, please.” Fuck, look at the state of him. He's just came, yet he's begging me to fuck him. Shit, I can still taste him. I can still feel his cum coating the inside of my mouth... Ngh. It's unlike anything I've ever tasted before. It's something I need more of. I'm sure he will be happy with that. I mean, look at him now. Begging on his own accord. His entire body is shaking... His chest is heaving. He's shivering despite the sweat trickling down his neck. He wants this. He needs this. He needs me. A quiet voice rang out filled with doubt, pulling Kiryu back to reality. “What's the matter? Don't ya... Don't ya wanna fuck me?”

Reaching to the black bag, Kiryu pulled out the small bottle of lube. Squirting a decent amount onto his dick, he gave himself a few slow strokes. The moment he'd been waiting for for months was finally here. And from the sounds of things, Majima couldn't wait either.

“Ya... Ya gonna untie me now?”


“Kiryu, come on man. Ya said ya wanted me on my knees. My legs are fuckin' shakin' man. Please.”

“Majima, shut up. I'm going to lift you. You know what to do.”

“I... I do?” Hoisting him up, Kiryu slapped him on the ass hard. Majima quickly got the message and wrapped his legs around Kiryu's waist tightly. His body was slick with sweat so it was hard to keep his legs from sliding down. Deciding against complaining about it, Majima tensed when he felt fingers gently tracing his hole. “Kiryu... Nah.”


“Don't bother with that. Jus' use yer dick. I want ya ta fuck my ass, not finger it. Please, c'mon. Stick it in an' fuck me.” I don't care what toys he has used... This is still going to hurt him. Tch. Confusing bastard. Don't touch me. Let me go. I'll do what you say. No pictures. I want to suck your dick. I want you to fuck me. Ngh. I'll start slowly. Pressing himself against Majima's tight hole, Kiryu took a deep breath and began to push inside. Immediately Majima's face scrunched up, gasps of pain bursting from his lips. He wasn't even halfway before began to protest. “Nah!! Nah, Kiryu! Take it out! Too big! Please, take it out! Hurts... Hurts too much, please!! Ngrh... Take it out!! I don't wanna do this anymore! I've changed my mind!!” A twisted smirk on his face, Kiryu paused and pulled Majima's chin towards him, his dick throbbing harder when Majima's eye locked with his own. Pain, arousal and fear plastered on his face.

“That's too fucking bad.”


“You asked me for this. You begged me. I'm not stopping Majima. I told you. I'm fucking your sexy, little ass. And I'm not stopping until I blow my load inside of you. Okay? You're such a lucky boy. Two loads in one night. Heh. Do you really think I'm going to walk away now? So damn sexy, Majima. Your ass is so...” Pausing as he slid inside further, Kiryu let out a cursing moan while Majima whimpered in pain. “Fuuuuck!! Your ass is so fucking tight! I can feel you stretching around my dick. I told you, didn't I? You're mine.”

“Nah!! Nah! K-Kiryu!! Lemme go! This is... Nrgh! This is too fuckin' much! I can't take it! Yer splittin' me open!! Please! Jus' stop it an' lemme down!”

“Again with this shit? Nope. I'm not listening to this.” Pulling out, Kiryu fumbled on the floor for the gag. Holding it up, he grinned at Majima. As soon as his eye landed on the gag, he shouted out in terror, managing to call out Kiryu's name one last time before he was silenced. “Now we're going to continue. If you don't play along... The knife is right next to your head. So easy to reach... It really would be a shame to slash your beautiful body, but if it's what I have to do to get you to behave...” Majima's head lolled forward. He didn't resist as Kiryu lifted him up. In fact, his legs wrapped around Kiryu's waist automatically. It seems like he had finally accepted his fate.

Sliding his dick into Majima's ass, Kiryu pushed until he was to the hilt. He should have felt guilty listening to Majima's muffled cries. But the truth was, they were turning him on more. He wasn't a sadist or anything... But Majima really did deserve this. Plus, he looked damn hot. All tied up and gagged, whimpering and crying. Kiryu knew he probably wouldn't see him like this again. So he had to satisfy his desire right now. He had to give Majima all he had.

“I'm going to fuck you properly now Majima. Can you feel how excited I am? Can you feel my dick throbbing inside of you? Let's try and loosen you up, hm?” Rotating his hips, Kiryu ground into him slowly, groaning when Majima pressed his head against the tree.

“Mmf! Mnnff...” I shouldn't be enjoying this so much. I'm hurting him. I'm actually hurting him. He was crying out in pain... And I'm getting off on it. I'm- huh?

“Well, well, well. What's this?” Pressing his stomach into Majima's, Kiryu chuckled. His dick was still hard, wedged between their stomachs, pulsating hard. “You're such a dirty, fucking liar, Majima. I think you need to be taught a lesson for lying to me, don't you?”

“Mnnm! Ngh! Nnngh!!” Pulling back his hips, Kiryu stopped when just the tip remained inside. Flashing him a wide grin, he thrust inside as hard as he could, cursing when Majima choked out a loud howl of pain. Lust completely taking over him, he continued, rocketing in and out as fast as he could, each thrust crashing Majima's body against the tree hard.

“Now... This... Fuck! This is more... Nrgh... Like it!! Shit!” Concentrating on him with a tear filled eye, Majima dug his feet into Kiryu's ass. He could do nothing but hold on for dear life. He'd never seen Kiryu this way. He never could have even imagined Kiryu was capable of behaving this way. But it was terrifying.

Squeezing his eye shut, a tear rolled down his cheek. That should have been the final straw for Kiryu. He should have put him down. Apologized and let him go. He was going way too far. He'd crossed the line the very moment he handed Majima the tainted glass. This was just cruel. And yet... He was loving it.

Snorting as he panted, Kiryu grinned.

“Aww. Are you... Mm... Are you crying, Majima?” Loud, desperate pleas rang in his ears, Majima's voice muffled, yet filled with emotions Kiryu hadn't heard come from him before. He's crying... I need to hear it. Fuck, I need to hear him crying.

“Mmfg!! Ngh... Ku!! Mnf... Ku!!”

“Heh... Fuck that's... That's good. Keep... Ngh... Keep it up, Majima! Your whining... Hot... Shit! So fucking hot!!” A few more thrusts and Kiryu stopped completely. Majima opened his eye and glared at him, confusion and curiosity apparent on his face. Both chests heaving hard, sweat covered bodies pressed against each other. “I'm going to... Shit. I'm going to put you down for a moment. When I bend down, I want you to put your ankles onto my shoulders and keep them there while I stand up. You're pretty flexible, you'll be able to keep your legs up like that. I want to fuck you deeper. Deeper than any toy you've ever used. When you feel my dick fucking you like that... Shit. You're going to want it every day, Majima. Oh, and the gag is coming off.” Leaning close, Kiryu pulled back his lips into a twisted smirk. “I want to hear you fucking scream, Majima.”

“Hng...” Pulling back until his dick slid out completely, Kiryu yanked the gag off him. Before he could speak, he jammed his tongue into his mouth, thrashing hard. To his surprise, Majima kissed back, but he didn't have time to ponder his actions. Not able to wait anymore, Kiryu bent down.

“Lift your leg up.”

“K-Kiryu... Ple-”

“Lift your fucking leg up or I'll snap it!!” Snivelling quietly, Majima placed his ankle onto Kiryu's shoulder. Grabbing his ass, Kiryu waited until his other ankle was planted firmly and began to stand up carefully. Wincing as his legs were pushed right back at either side of his chest, Majima tried one last time to get through to Kiryu.

“Don't do this. Please.” A booming clap echoed through the trees as Kiryu gave him a hard backhand to the face. Without saying a word, he lined himself up once more and thrust back inside. Tossing back his head, he let out a groaning chuckle, the silence around them shattered as Majima let out a piercing shriek. Hollering incoherently, he shook his head.

“How's this for deep, hm? Scream again... Fuck, scream for me again.” Doing just that, he let out another incoherent screech of utter pain. “Da-Damn it! Fuck, Majima!!”

“Kiryu please! Hrgh! Fu-Fuckin' please man! I... Ah, shit!! I'm beggin' ya! Mmfg... I'm fuckin' beggin' ya! It hurts! Hurts so... Ya!! Yer tearin' me open! Nrgh... Jus' stop, please!!” Majima's voice broke, the rest of his sentence coming out as a sob. Pounding into him as hard as he could, Kiryu shook the sweat from his face.

“Oh fuuuck!! Keep it up! Majima... Majima!! Come... Come on! Ah! Tell me! How much... How much it h-hurts! Ngh, come on! Keep fucking crying!!”

“Kir-Kiryu!! The... The fuck! Mnfg!!” Not happy with the reaction he was receiving, Kiryu pushed Majima's thighs back even further, his ass being lifted higher. Leaning forwards, he buried his face into Majima's neck, sinking his teeth into his sweat covered flesh. “Aiii! Ow! Kiryu! No! Stop!! Please! Hurts! Fuckin' hurts! Ow! Kiryu, can't...”

“Huh...? M-Majima??” Continuing to pound him as hard as he could, Kiryu took a quick glance down. He couldn't help the beaming grin that spread across his face. “Fuck! Fu-Fuck! You're... Mm... You're coming Majima! I can... I can feel you! I can feel you coming... Oh, shit... I'm going to cum... B-Beg me! Beg me to... Fuuuuck! Beg me to cum inside you, Majima!!” Digging his feet into Kiryu's shoulders, Majima lifted his head from the tree. He looked completely out of it. But, he still did as Kiryu asked.

“Kiryu-chan... Cum fer me... Cum inside my ass an' fill me up... Gimme all ya got. Blow yer load inside me, please. I need ya ta cum in my ass... I deserve it.”

“Oh, shit... No... No problem, Majima! Here it comes... Fuck, oh, Majima, fuck!!” Body convulsing hard, Kiryu bucked into him hard, spurt after spurt being shot into Majima's little ass. Resting his head against Majima's, Kiryu let out a weak chuckle, his orgasm finally subsiding. Mouth hanging open as he panted hard, he was surprised when Majima's tongue entered and found his own. They kissed sloppily, lazily until Majima pulled back and smiled.

“Thank you, Kiryu-chan.” !? Again with his never changing attitude. Now that this is over... For now anyway... I need to find out what the hell he's been playing at. Hot and then cold, wanting me and then... Tch. Time to get to the bottom of this. Once an- “Kiryu-chan? Please. Lemme down now. My arms are killin' me. Hehe... I ain't gonna run.” Laughing along with him, Kiryu nodded, shrugging the ankles from his shoulders gently. Not bothering to untie the rope, he grabbed the knife from next to Majima's head and sliced through it easily. A sigh of relief from Majima before he fell to his knees.

“Majima!? What the hell!? Are you... Are you okay?? Shit...” Eyes wandering over his back, Kiryu felt a stab of guilt hit him straight in the chest. Majima's back was torn to pieces. He hadn't realised it, but when he was fucking him, his back was scraping against the rough bark with every thrust. His skin was shredded, blood oozing from the many grazes and scrapes on his flesh. “Majima... I didn't... I...” Shit... He's not talking... His back... Damn it.

A few minutes of silence went past, neither man moving an inch. Kiryu couldn't stand it anymore. Finally he got onto his knees, placing a hand delicately on Majima's shoulder.

“Hey... Majima? Are you okay?” Chest tightening when Majima lifted his head, Kiryu winced. His expression made his stomach twist and his heart sink. Tears filled his eye, a melancholy smile on his face.

“Am I... Am I okay...? Yer askin' me... If I'm okay?” His voice was throaty and thick. It was only a matter of time before the sobs came.

“Y-Yeah. I mean... You seemed to be really enjoying yourself one moment and then the next...”

“Enjoyin' it? Stupid fuck. Nah. I was fakin' it. Ya held a fuckin' knife ta my throat. Ya cut me. Ya drugged me... Ya really think I was inta that?? Kiryu. Ya got what ya wanted. Now get the fuck outta here. Fuck off an' leave me alone.” Faking it?? No... He came... Twice. There's no way he could have faked that. What the fuck is going on with him??

“Majima... No. I'm not going to leave you here. I-”

“Get the fuck outta here!! Fuck off!! I can't bare ta fuckin' look at ya!! Yeah. I might be a whacked out, violent, yakuza thug. But I was me. An' I was happy. But you... Ya taken that away from me. Ya've tainted me. How the fuck... How the fuck am I s'pposed ta look at myself in the mirror now, eh!? Yer disgustin'... I feel... I feel so fuckin' dirty. Like no matter how many times I wash... I ain't gonna be able ta get this feelin' off me. Get you off me.”

“W-What!? But... No! Majima... You... You begged me! You begged me to fuck you!!”

“Yeah. Ta get this over with. Hehe... Kiryu. Did ya really think I wanted ya?? Ya really think I feel somethin' fer ya?” Looking up at him, Kiryu spoke quietly, his voice tinged with sadness and regret.

“Yes...” Throwing back his head, Majima let out a shrill, maniac giggle. However it didn't sound like his usual giggle. It was pained. He was in pain. Because of Kiryu...

“Hoo fuckin' boy! Stupid son of a bitch!! Now that I know the real Kiryu Kazuma... I could never feel anythin' fer ya! Never. Fuckin' slimebag is what ya are. I was actually fuckin' worried 'bout ya, Kiryu. That's why I came ta yer house. An' what did I get fer carin' 'bout ya? Ya drugged me. Ya kidnapped me. Ya fuckin' forced yerself on me!! Ya hurt me... Yeah, ya normally whup my ass pretty good when we fight... But that's different. Ya forced yerself onta me an' hurt me while ya did it. Ya laughed at me. Ya mocked me. An' it got ya off. Fuckin' sick is what ya are. Shit. Yer scum, Kiryu. Nothin' but another one of Kamurocho's classic scumbags.” Every last one of Majima's words hit Kiryu hard, burning into him painfully.

“Majima... I...” Smiling, Majima nodded towards him, his voice strangely calm. His eye had glazed over as he stared right through Kiryu.

“Kiryu. If ya don't get the fuck outta here now, I'm gonna end up slittin' yer throat with that knife. I really think ya should go.”

“Maji... I'm... I'm sorry.”

“Yeah, me too. Sorry I ever fuckin' cared 'bout ya. Now fuck off. Go!” Launching forwards, Majima pushed Kiryu hard, his lips pulled back over his teeth, face twisted into an expression of utter pain. “Get the hell outta here!! 'Fore I fuckin' kill ya!! Go! GO!! NOW!!!” Yelling out at the top of his lungs, Majima balled his fists, his whole body trembling hard. Kiryu said nothing. He simply watched as Majima sat back down and pulled his knees to his chest. Hugging himself tightly he began to rock back and forth slowly. Pulling on his trousers, Kiryu grabbed his jacket from the ground. One final look at Majima and he turned around, walking numbly down the path. Walking in silence, his head spun,  guilt racking through his body. Finally he stood in front of the car, chest heaving. The jacket fell to the ground as Kiryu placed his head in his hands. What have I done... I'm so sorry... Majima...


Chapter Text

Slinging back the drink in front of him, Kiryu sighed. It had been two months and three painstakingly long days since the night in the woods. And nobody had seen or heard from Majima since. From what he'd heard, nobody had a clue what had happened. The Majima Family had gone completely off the radar. And that wasn't good. Whenever he'd tried to call Nishida or Majima, it always went straight to voicemail. He couldn't get in touch with anybody. And no matter who he asked, nobody had seen or heard anything. I just want to speak to him. I just want to apologize. Explain myself. I got it wrong. I got it so damn wrong... Ngh. Majima... Pulling his phone from his trouser pocket, Kiryu leant over the table, once again flicking through the hundreds of photos he took that night. The whole experience was still so fresh in his memory, like it had only happened last night. Every whimper Majima made, every cry and tremble, moan and plea burnt forever into his very soul. Everytime he closed his eyes, memories flashed before his eyes. The look on his face when Kiryu took the gag from his mouth... The frustration and hunger when he finally kissed him back... He just couldn't understand it. Majima told me about some of his fantasies... About me and him... He told me he used toys and pretended it was me fucking him... Why would he say that if he was faking it? No... There's something not right about this whole thing. The way he looked... The way he begged and pleaded with me to fuck him. The way he kissed me, bucking against me to try and get closer to me... No. There is no way in hell I can believe it was all a lie. This is driving me crazy. I need to get to the bottom of this. I need to-

So engrossed in the pictures and his own thoughts, Kiryu hadn't noticed Nishiki standing behind him, eyeballing every picture that scrolled past in silent horror. A quiet whisper behind him made him jerk, slamming the phone down on the table.

“O-Oh shit...”

“Nishiki!! What the hell!?” Sitting down opposite him, Nishiki studied him hard, his eyes wide.

“I... I could ask you the same thing, bro. Kiryu... What the hell have you done!? Was that... Was that Majima!?”

“Ngh... Nothing. It's nothing to do with you.”

“You're my brother, Kiryu! Of course it fucking is! Shit!! It's you isn't it...?”


“You're the reason Majima has gone missing, aren't you... Kiryu... What did you do to him...? You didn't... Please say you didn't...”

“I didn't what?” Leaning closer, Nishiki quickly glanced around the room before speaking, his voice low, lips quivering.

“You didn't kill him, did you?”

“What!? N-No!! No! Of course I didn't!! How the hell could you say that!?”

“I saw those pictures Kiryu... Majima... He was tied up... He looked fucking terrified... There was blood... What the fuck did you do!?”

“What I said I was going to do!! This has nothing to do with you!! Look! I fucked him and then I let him go okay! Are you happy now??”

“Huh?? You actually fucked him?? No way... You actually fucked... Majima??”

“Yes!! Keep your damn voice down!! Ngh. Nishiki... I-I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do.”

“Tell me everything that happened. From the top.”

Nishiki sat wide eyed, listening intently to everything Kiryu had to say. He fidgeted awkwardly in the booth, but remained silent until he had finished.

“Eventually I got in the car and drove home. That was the last time I saw him. I've tried calling him and texting. Nishida too. But...”

“Shit. Kiryu... You don't think he would have done something stupid... Do you?”

“S-Suicide!? Majima?? No. No way. Not his style. That would be him giving up. Quitting. And we both know Majima doesn't do either.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“What can I do? Ngh. I just have to act normal until he turns up.”

“If he turns up...”

“Shut up, Nishiki!! Shit, I have to go. I can't deal with you at the moment.”

“Deal with me? Bro, what the fuck do you want me to say? You've just told me you practically forced yourself on Majima!!”

“No!! No, no, no!! It wasn't like that at all!! He wanted it as much as I did!! You weren't there! So you didn't see his face... You didn't hear the way he groaned out my name... Begging me for more. It was definitely mutual. Believe me, don't believe me, frankly I don't give a shit. You know fucking nothing. So keep your damn nose out of my life, Nishiki!!” Picking up his phone, Kiryu spun around and exited, leaving Nishiki sitting alone in the booth, desperately trying to wrap his head around what his brother had just told him.

Lost in thought, Kiryu walked down Nakamichi street and turned left into the alley. Just before he got to Ebisu Pawn, a loud, clicking noise echoed behind him. Freezing in place, the hairs stood up on the back of his neck. He knew exactly what that sound was. It was the unmistakable sound of a gun being cocked. Footsteps thudded behind him. A single set of footsteps. Trying to figure out his next move, he was just about to turn around when an arm wrapped around his neck tightly, crushing his windpipe as it held his head back. Kiryu thought about launching a backwards punch when an object jabbed him on the back of the head. That feels like... Shit. The gun... There's a gun to my head... What the hell is going on here!? Wait... That smell... I know this cologne... Fresh with a hint of spice... Could it be?? Allowing himself to be marched down the small side alley on the left, Kiryu braced himself as the arm let go. Footsteps moved from behind him to the side of him slowly. Relief instantly washed over him as his eyes landed on the all too familiar snakeskin jacket.

“M-Majima-san!? Majima!! Damn it! Where the hell have you been?? What the hell-” Now standing in front of him, Majima raised the gun to Kiryu's face. There was no giggles. No smiles. Just a blank expression on his face.

“Time fer ya ta shut yer fuckin' mouth. On yer knees. Now.”

“W-What..? Majima-san... I don't- hrgh!!” Launching forwards, Majima struck him hard in the face, blood splattering over his gloved hand.

“Won't tell ya again, Kiryu. On yer fuckin' knees.” His face... This isn't... This isn't right. Majima... He's... He's going to kill me... Because of what I did to him. He's going to kill me. I have to apologize before he does. I have to make him know I'm sorry. And then... Take what's coming to me. I-I deserve it. Normally, he would have had Majima on his ass by now, easily. But seeing the look on his face... Knowing it was his fault that Majima was... He couldn't accept that. He had to allow Majima to do what he wanted. It was the least he could do after...

Nodding solemnly, Kiryu sank slowly to his knees, staring up at Majima who walked over to him. Even in his confused state, he couldn't help but shudder. Even in the face of certain death I can't help but think about how hot he is. Heh. At least I got to see him and know he was okay.

“Majima-san... Do what you have to do. But before you do... I need to tell you something.”

“Haw?” Rubbing his chin, Majima finally nodded, his face still deadly serious. It was all so peculiar. Kiryu had never seen Majima this serious before. He'd never heard him talk so normally before. The shrill giggles, the high pitched sing song tone, the constant wide grins... Were gone. And he looked... Empty. “I'll listen. Say what ya gotta say.”

“Okay. I just want to apologize. Really... I'm truly sorry. What I did... The whole payback thing? Shit. While part of it was sort of true, the reality is, it was just an excuse, I guess. You were always so good at teasing me... Driving me crazy, pushing my buttons so easily... I wanted to show you I could do it too. I wanted to show you what I'd learnt from you. But mostly... I did it because I wanted you Majima-san. And because... Because I thought you wanted me too. What I said still stands. Everyone thought we were already... If I had of believed for one moment it wasn't what you wanted... I would have never, ever went through with it. I'm sorry, Majima-san. I know that means nothing to you. I know it can't change what I've done or what's going to happen now. But I couldn't let you kill me without you knowing that. I'm just glad I know you're okay. And I'm glad I got to see you one last time... Well. That's it. I won't fight back. Do what you have to do.” Tilting his head, Majima nodded. Stepping around Kiryu, he stopped behind him and pressed the cold metal to the back of Kiryu's skull. This is it. He's going to execute me. He's going to- A loud thwack rang out in the narrow alleyway as Kiryu's body slumped forwards.

Groaning in pain, Kiryu opened his eyes slowly. H-Huh? I'm not... I'm not dead? Where am I? I... I can't move my arms... Or my legs... I feel cold... Shit, my clothes...? Ngh. I can't see a thing... What the hell!? Oh, shit. Majima... His mouth was bone dry, blood caked his chin and crusted over his lips. Moistening them as best as he could, Kiryu cleared his throat.

“M-Majima-san?” A small titter flowed from somewhere behind him, his head jerking back as far as it could. “Oh, real funny. Payback time now, I guess? Look just do what you have to do. Kill me and get it over with. Majima? Answer me, damn it!! Majima!!”

“Try again, Kiryu Kazuma.” Stiffening instantly, Kiryu turned his head forwards to the unrecognizable voice now in front of him.

“Huh? Who is that??”

“You don't know?”

“He doesn't know.”

“You really don't know?” A chorus of voices echoed around him, each one unfamiliar. What the hell... How many of them are there? I don't like this... I really, really don't like this. A whirlwind of laughter so loud it made his head spin... And then it was silent once more.

“Who is that?? What is g- hngh!” Loud music blared out around him. Carnival music. So loud it made his teeth clench, the hideous, obnoxious tune vibrating his very bones. “Too loud!! Turn it down! Damn it, turn it down!! Turn it-” The volume was lowered, allowing him a brief moment to collect his thoughts before a deafening screech rang through his ears, instantly making him wince. What the hell is going on here!? Carnival music!? Was that someone screaming?? It soun- wait. No. I know that noise. I've heard that before. That's microphone feedback. What the- A voice boomed out, causing his head to snap up.

“Piece of fuckin' shit!! Hehe!! Sorry 'bout that guys!” Majima?? Oh, no... Oh, shit. What is he playing at?? “So! Are we all ready ta have some fun tonight, eh??” A smattering of weak applause, followed by Majima tutting rapidly. “Naw, naw, naw. That ain't gonna do it. Let's try this again. An' if it ain't right... Ya know what's gonna happen!! So! Are we all ready ta have some fun tonight!?” Booming applause and cheers exploded through the air, Majima giggling excitedly into the microphone. “That's muuuuuchh fuckin' better! An' now! Ladies an'... Oh. Ain't no ladies here. Well. Without further ado. Gentleman an' Knuckleheads! I present ta ya all fer yer viewing pleasure... Fer one night only mind! The Dragon of Dojima himself!! The one an' the only... Kiryuuuuu Kazumaaaaaaaaa!!!” The cloth was yanked from his eyes, bright lights momentarily blinding him. Blinking a few times, Kiryu raised his head and uttered a horrified gasp.

Strapped to a chair with thick looking leather cuffs around his wrists and ankles, he appeared to be in a warehouse of some sort. On closer inspection, next to the straps were tight metal rings, with chains attached to bigger rings hanging from the metal beams of the ceiling. Brightly coloured balloons and big shiny banners decorated the walls. A group of around fifteen men sat in chairs in front of him. Behind them was a big, makeshift stage. And on that stage, stood Majima. He bounced around waving at Kiryu excitedly, a beaming grin on his face. What... What the hell is he wearing?? Majima was wearing a bright red tailcoat, the trim gleaming gold. Black silk gloves, tight black trousers, black boots with a matching gold finish, a small bow tie and a black top hat completed his look. Staring at the outfit he was wearing, it clicked into place. The carnival music. The outfit. His choice of words. Majima was the ringmaster. And it looked like Kiryu was the star of the show.

“Heeeeeeeeey, Kiryu-chaaaaaaaaan!! Did ya miss me baby??”

“What is this... Majima...” Majima couldn't hear his response however and waved his arms in annoyance.

“Nishida! Music off, now!! Move it!!” Jumping up from his chair, Nishida scurried to the sound system, shutting it off promptly. “Much better! Now! What was that, Kiryu-chan?” Nishida... Shit... These men... This is The Majima Family... Oh, fuck.

“What the hell is going on here!?”

“Haw? What's wrong Kiryu-chan??” Pausing, the grin slid from Majima's face. His voice turned serious as he glared at Kiryu. “I thought ya digged surprises.” Feeling his face flush, Kiryu lowered his head. “Guess what? I've went through a lot of effort fer ya tonight! Sound familiar? Haw? Does it?? Haw!? Bet it sounds real fuckin' familiar. Anyway, my boys are all here an' ready fer a show! Ain't that right boys!?” Thunderous noise filled the room as the men began cheering, boots stomping against the concrete floor hard. Ready for a show? Oh no...

Jumping off the stage, Majima sauntered over to Kiryu, cradling his ear with one hand and using the other to increase the level of applause. He appeared to be loving every minute of it.

“Right! Fer my first trick! I'm gonna show ya all-” A gruff voice rang out, interrupting Majima's sentence.

“Boss? Please, forgive me. But... Me and the guys were just wondering. What's all this about?” Annoyance washed over Majima's face, disappearing as quick as it came. They don't know? I didn't expect him to tell them. Unless... Yes. I understand. He thinks he's being so clever by doing this. Bravo, Majima. Outsmarted me again by making me think he was going to... Tch. He's not going to kill me. It was never his intention to kill me. He's trying to humiliate me. Make me pay for what I did. If he was truly pissed off about what I did... I wouldn't still be breathing. Okay, Majima. You can't humiliate me if I go along with it. If I push you harder... Shit, I'll take it as far as I need to. As far as I need to get you to realise... You belong to me. Like I told you, everyone thinks we've been fucking for months anyway. Heh. I doubt you'll go along with what I have to suggest... So I think I'm relatively safe. But if not... Shit. I'm not sure about this, but here goes nothing.

“Go ahead, Majima-san. Tell them. Tell them what I did to you.” Snapping his head around to face him, Majima glared at him, curiosity and fear shining brightly in his eye.

“H-Haw?” Pushing down his doubt, Kiryu continued, remaining as calm and level headed as normal. He had to make Majima see whatever plan he had wasn't going to work. If Kiryu went along with everything, Majima would have no choice but to be honest with himself...

“You mean you didn't even tell your own men what this is all about?” The same man from before spoke out once more.

“No. What's going on, Kiryu-san? Boss?”

“Come on, Majima-san. We can't have that. You at least owe them an explanation. Tell them. Tell them how I kidnapped you. Tell them how I fu-”

“Enough!! I said that's enough! Shut yer fuckin' mouth, Kiryu!! An' you! Piece of fuckin' shit!!” Spinning around, Majima launched forwards, jumping on the poor soul that spoke out. After releasing his fury on his face, he jumped up, leaving the man whimpering in a bloody pool on the floor. His men glanced at each other, worry and uneasiness filling the air around them. They should have been used to Majima acting this way. But no matter how many times it happened, it was still always terrifying. Turning to address them, Majima swept his arm in front of him, his eye burning with rage, blood spattered over his face. “Anyone else got anythin' ta say?? Haw!? Haw!? Anyone??” Shit. He's terrified. Heh, this could work to my advantage. Big time.

Snorting loudly, Kiryu shook his head, watching as the bloodied man returned to his seat shakily.

“Is that your answer to everything, Majima? Your fists? Tch. You're really that scared?” Ignoring his words, Majima sauntered over to him casually. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out his tanto, frowning when Kiryu didn't even blink. Gripping a handful of hair, he yanked Kiryu's head back, pressing the tip of the blade to his throat. Several gasps echoed around the room to his pleasure, but Kiryu still didn't flinch. Keeping eye contact, Kiryu instead licked his bottom lip, letting his lips twist into a wicked smirk. “This brings back some good memories, Majima. Fuck. What are you waiting for? Hm? You want to kill me, right? You want me to pay for what I did to you? Come on. Do it. Slit my throat. What are you waiting for? Fucking do it!!” Kiryu's voice boomed around them, the tension so heavy in the air it was hard to breathe. Each man was perched on the end of their seat, eyes wide in anticipation. Majima gripped the handle tightly, entire hand shaking as he held it in place. “What's wrong? Don't you want me to pay? I wonder why. Perhaps... You liked it? Hm?” Letting out a heavy sigh, Majima let his hand drop. I knew it. I knew he couldn't kill me. Oh, Majima. Yet another one of your little stunts.

“Ya don't know shit. Nah. Ain't gonna kill ya jus' yet. I did promise my boys a good night. An' I'll be damned if I'm gonna let it end so fuckin' soon.” Turning around, Majima giggled loudly. “Maybe I do owe ya an explanation. Maybe I don't. Truth is this fuckin' little slimebag here... He thought he was bein' real smart. An' he... He pissed me off. He fucked with my head reaaaal good like. An' now? I think I better show him what happens when he tries to get the upper hand on me. That's fair, right? I mean-”

“I'm sorry to interrupt you Majima-san, but that's bullshit. You guys want the truth? I thought it was time for a little bit of payback.” Pausing, Kiryu looked Majima up and down, smiling slightly. “Well, amongst other things. So. I took a leaf out of Majima's book. I tried my hand at being the devious, little fuck for once. I got him back to my place. And I drugged him.”


“No way...”

“He drugged the boss?”

“Boss... Is he tellin' the truth??” Majima's eye was wide, his entire body trembling in anger and fear.

“Kiryu. I'm warnin' ya. Shut the fuck up!!”

“Yes. I'm telling the truth. When Majima was out... I bundled him into the car. I drove to the woods. Slung him over my back and headed to a nice, quiet, little spot of mine. I tied him up good. Heh, it was so damn easy. And then-”

“Kiryu!!!” Letting out a roar of utter frustration, Majima darted over to Kiryu, straddling his knees and wrapping his hands around his throat, squeezing tightly. Still not flinching, Kiryu managed a strangled chuckle, whispering into Majima's face.

“Mmm... I like this, Majima.” Tensing as his men called out again, Majima bared his teeth, hands beginning to tremble as he clutched tightly onto Kiryu's throat.

“And then what??”

“Yeah, what happened, Kiryu-san?”

“You're sure this happened?” Studying the fear and desperation in Majima's eye, Kiryu nodded as best as he could. Do I really want to do this...? Yes. I have to make him see... I have to make him understand... Even if it means confessing what I did to everyone. Not that I'm worried, I'm happy with what I am. What I did. Because after this... I'm certain now. I'm certain he wanted me too. Still wants me actually, since he'd going through all of this trouble. But... Shit, Majima... Ngh. No. I have to do this. He doesn't believe what I've told him. He has to know there's nothing wrong with what he is. I have no choice but to let the cat out of the bag. I had him once... I can't bear not being able to have him again... Whenever I damn well please. The need is too strong. I'm sorry Majima. But it's for your own good.

“I took him into the woods. Just me and him. I tied him up. And I-” Relaxing his grip, Majima began carefully stroking his throat instead.

“Kiryu-chan... Please, no. Don't do this. Please don't do this, Kiryu-chan. Please don't...” The words ran through him like a knife. Just like that night. Trying to smile gently, Kiryu lowered his voice so only Majima could hear.

“I'm... Ngh, I-I'm sorry, Majima-san. But it's for your own good. You have to understand... I need you. You belong to me.” Majima's eyebrow rose, his face twisted in confusion as he studied Kiryu's serious face.

“Kiryu-chan... Ya... Ya what...?” Before Kiryu could answer, his men piped up once more.

“You what?”

“Yeah, what happened?”

“Boss... Is this true? For real?” Keeping his eyes locked onto Majima's one, Kiryu cleared his throat.

“And then I fucked him.”

Silence. Nothing but silence filled the air. Majima's mouth hung open, his face completely void of colour. Finally, one of his men spoke out, leaning even farther forward in his chair.

“Yeah, and then what?” Letting his hands slide from Kiryu's throat, Majima shook his head slowly in disbelief. Kiryu smirked, tilting his head to the side.

“I told you, didn't I?” Not knowing how to process what had just happened, Majima jumped up, tearing across the room and planting his boot straight into the man's face that dared to speak out. Raising his hands to his own head, he gripped his hair tightly, hollering out, his voice strangely squeaky.

“Shut up! Jus' shut the fuck up, all'a ya!! Shut up!! Nishida!! Get him up!! Now!!”

“Uh, yes boss! Um... Arms and legs?”

“Nah. Jus' his arms fer now. Enough fuckin' around. Let's get back on with the show, eh??” Walking back to Kiryu, Majima bent down, the same conflicted smirk on his face. “Ya best believe ya gonna pay fer this.”

“Heh, I'm looking forward to it, Majima-san.” Baring his teeth, Majima snorted as he unbuckled the straps around Kiryu's wrists and ankles.

“Nishida, did I fuckin' stutter!?”

“Oh, I'm sorry! Of course, boss.” Launching from his seat, Nishida scampered to the corner of the room, pulling down a lever. Kiryu's arms began to rise, the metal rings cutting into his flesh as his body was lifted clean from the chair. When his feet were dangling above the ground, Majima nodded to Nishida, who let go of the lever. I wonder what he's going to do. I thought before might have been pushing it too far. But it didn't go how I expected it to. I need to turn it up. I need to push him harder. And if any of his men try to mock me when this is over with? Well... I'll do what Majima does so well. Beat them until they shut their damn mouths. It's strange. I should be nervous. I should be terrified. All of these eyes on me while I'm about to start trying to seduce Majima once more. But yet, the more this goes on... Ngh. The more it's exciting me.

Suspended in mid air, Kiryu chuckled quietly. Majima was mumbling to Nishida in the corner so he was completely oblivious. The whole thing was so surreal, Kiryu couldn't help but laugh. But then again, this was Majima. So should he really be surprised? The truth was, he was fed up of Majima's charades. His little stunts and his acts. They would be fun if he wasn't hiding what he was. All he wanted was for Majima to stop being such a wimp and admit what he wanted. What Kiryu and every other person in the room knew what he wanted. Hell, everyone who knew him knew what he was. But by the looks of things, he wasn't quite ready for that yet. So Kiryu had no choice but to keep pushing his luck. Just for now anyway.

“Eh? Somethin' amusin' ya, Kiryu-chan?” Cocking his head up, Kiryu nodded. Should I begin now? Shit. Here we go. This could really go wrong. But what do I have left to lose? Heart thumping loudly in his chest, he grinned wide.

“Yes, actually. Just thinking about how hot you look in your little outfit. My, my, my, Majima-san. I think you really love dressing up for me, hm?” Ignoring his words, Majima snorted, fiddling with an object that was hanging from the right side of his trousers. A quick grin before he stepped behind him, booting the chair across the room with such force, one of the legs snapped off when it bounced off the wall.

“Okay. Fer my first trick! I'm gonna show ya all how ya make the star of our show scream.” Scream? So. He's still trying to humiliate me. Oh, Majima. Think of all the fun we could be having right now if you would stop being an asshole. Hmph. Fighting the urge to turn his head, Kiryu kept his curiosity to himself, trying to remain still as he felt fingers running up and down his back. “Shit, gonna be a shame... Real cryin' shame ta fuck up yer pretty tattoo, Kiryu-chan.” Laughing softly, Kiryu cocked his head, his voice laced with an unusually playful tone.

“Pretty, Majima-san?”

“Y-Yup. It uh... It ain't gonna be pretty when I'm done.” I think he likes that. Heh, you're so damn obvious, Majima.

“Oh, really? And why is that?” A loud cracking noise boomed out from behind him, but still he kept his head forwards. “Maj- hngh!” Searing pain shot through his back, his body launching forwards violently. He didn't have time to call out however. Another four hits to his back, one directly after the other. The pain was intense, a stinging, burning sensation as his flesh was tore open. But Kiryu didn't speak. He didn't cry out. He kept his vision focused on Nishida who sat in front of him, wincing sadly with every slap of the object against Kiryu's skin. He finally mouthed an apology before turning his head to the side, not able to take anymore of the so called show.

“Whatcha think, boys? Should I give him some more? Eh??” A few voices mumbled out, but Majima wasn't listening. He lunged forwards, continuing his frenzied attack. When he got to ten, he paused, breathing heavily. “Man, what a state. Look at all these welts... Fuck. Hehe!! Ya still with us, Kiryu-chan?” Not receiving an answer, Majima waltzed around, proudly swinging the whip in his hands from side to side. So that's what it was. A whip. I suppose it's fitting with his outfit. Oblivious to the blood seeping down his back, Kiryu let his lips twist into a wide grin. When Majima saw his expression, he automatically bit his lip.

“A whip, huh? Oh, kinky. So what's your next trick, Majima-san? Fuck... I can't wait. When am I going to start screaming, hm? Are we talking about yelling out? Or real screaming? You know. Just like you did that night when your ankles were on my shoulder and I rammed you against the tree as hard as I could.”

Pulling out his tanto once more, Majima stepped closer, his cheeks pink as he tried to ignore the embarrassed stares from his men. Kiryu was going to make damn sure this wasn't going to go how Majima wanted it to.

“I... Heh. I think we need ta turn it up a notch! Let's get on with our next trick, shall we boys?” Nobody spoke out this time. Tilting his head slightly, Majima cleared his throat. His men quickly got the message and began cheering loudly. Nodding to Kiryu, he pressed the blade against his throat, slicing down slowly, a look of utter awe on his face. The blade was so sharp is easily cut the skin, blood seeping from the wound. However he didn't stick it in deep enough to really hurt. More like a scratch. When he got to the band of Kiryu's underwear, he paused, gulping loudly. Blood... The blood is exciting him. Shit, I should have known. He gets off on me beating his ass, the violence, the pain, the blood... Hm. Tensing his abs, Kiryu grinned as blood began to trickle faster, Majima biting his lip harder, staring in fascination. The front of his once white underwear was soaking it up, turning a deep red colour.

“You like this, don't you? Me hanging here helpless. You having complete power over me. Trying to control me. Watching me while I bleed. Because of you. It's turning you on, isn't it? I can see it in your eye. Fucking dirty boy.” Looking up at him, Majima's eyebrows knitted together. “What's wrong? Were you not expecting me to be this way? Because your men are here? Oh, Majima-san. That isn't going to stop me. This is only going to end one way. Believe me.”

After a few moments thought, Majima stood up and faced his men, holding his arms out wide.

“Right! An' now! I'm gonna show ya how ya make a dragon bleed... Usin' only my fist!! No tanto! No whips! No toys at all! All me, baby! Ya ready fer this?? Now! Silence please!!” Turning around to face Kiryu, Majima pressed his face into his, baring his teeth. “Can't beat a little bit of payback, eh Kiryu-chan?” Chuckling in his face, Kiryu nodded.

“I guess you can't. I don't think your men are that bothered by the looks of things. These tricks aren't very good, Majima. They look a little bored. To be honest, so am I.” That got the ball rolling. One of his men immediately called out in fear of facing Majima's wrath.

“Whatcha waitin' for boss?? C'mon! We uh... We wanna see the dragon bleed some more!! D-Don't we guys? Bleed! Bleed! Bleed!” The man had now started a chant that everyone wasted no time in joining in with. Majima giggled, shrugging casually. The more he gets into this... The more at ease he is. If he's confident and excited this is never going to work... Hmm. If I take that away from him and continue to fuck with him... Grind him down until he has no choice but to see... Heh.

“Ya were sayin'?? Sorry, Kiryu-chan. We'll talk later. But fer now... Can't disappoint my boys! I did promise 'em one hell of a show after all!! Hehe!!” Tugging off his gloves, Majima pulled back his right fist. “Okay, boys! Count with me!” Fist connecting hard with Kiryu's jaw, Majima yelled out, his body quivering with excitement. “One! Two! Three!” His men had joined in now, counting and cheering as Majima pummelled Kiryu's face, each blow sending his body jerking backwards, the metal rings clattering against the beam on the ceiling loudly. When he got to fourteen, he pulled back his fist once more and rotated his hand, grinning as the room was filled with chants. Landing a final punch, he beamed at Kiryu, lifting his bloody fist to his face. Kiryu remained silent, grinning wide, his face sticky and coated with fresh blood. He'd be damned if he'd give Majima any satisfaction of a negative reaction, even if being whipped, sliced and punched in the face wasn't his idea of fun. He knew Majima was loving it.

Keeping eye contact, Majima stuck out his tongue and licked away some of the blood from his knuckle. “Blood of a fuckin' dragon... So sweet an' thick. Remind ya of somethin'?” Smirking as blood seeped from his mouth and ran down to his chest, Kiryu nodded.

“Vaguely. Why don't you let me have another taste, refresh my memory, hm?” Eye widening, Majima jerked backwards slightly. He couldn't understand how Kiryu could behave the way he was. Instead of being annoyed at the situation, he actually seemed to be enjoying it. And among other things, it was seriously pissing Majima off.

“I don't fuckin' believe ya...” Pushing his face closer to Majima's Kiryu spoke as seductively as he could, his eyelids heavy, blood continuing to trickle from his mouth. He knew Majima was struggling to hold back. Seeing and hearing Kiryu this way was turning him on. Big time. He knew that by the way he kept chewing his bottom lip, as well as trying to squeeze his thighs together as he stood still.

“What's wrong? Things not going to plan, Majima-san? You saw how I had no trouble at all in telling your men what happened. Did I guys?” Not waiting for an answer, Kiryu continued, his eyes blazing. “Come onnnn. I'm right here. By the looks of things I'm certainly not going anywhere. Let's make the most of this. Stop trying to get a reaction out of me by trying to cause me pain. I've got a better idea. You said you wanted to give your boys one hell of a show? Let's do it. Lets fucking do it, Majima.”

“Hehe... N-Nah. Ya ain't gettin' me that easily, Kiryu-chan. Jus' how fuckin' stupid do ya think I am? Ya really think I'd fall fer somethin' like that??” The smirk slid from Kiryu's face as he nodded slowly.

“Fall for what? Tch. Listen to me, carefully. Right here, right now. Pull your fucking pants down. Let me suck your dick.” Gasps rang out around them, Majima's men sitting awkwardly. They really didn't want to witness this, but they were unable to turn away. Seeing someone treat their boss this way and be able to get away with it? It was amazing.

“H-Haw...? Nah... Yer not foolin' me. I ain't that stupid ta believe ya. Yer tryin'a get me ta go along with ya. An' then when I do, yer gonna laugh an' say ya knew it all along. Sorry ta say, but yer wrong. I ain't gonna go along with this 'cause it ain't what I want. So I know what yer doin'. Ya can't beat me, Kiryu-chan!!” Majima stood proudly, a wide grin on his face. Yet, Kiryu got the feeling he wasn't feeling as confident as he tried to sound.

“You're so damn stupid sometimes. I'm not trying to beat you. I'm not trying to one up you. I'm trying to get you to be honest about what you are.”

“Naw... I ain't stupid. Yer suggestin' fucked up shit like this 'cause ya know I'll never go along with it. Yer-”

“Try me.”

“Kiryu... Ya ain't... I'm s'pposed ta be runnin' this show!! This is my circus! An' yer nothin' but the fuckin' clown.”

“It's okay. I get it. I get everything.”

“Uh... Boss? Everythin' alright over there?” Turning around, Majima bellowed out angrily, his voice booming around them.

“Shut the fuck up fer a minute will ya!!” The room fell completely silent as he faced Kiryu once more, his voice laced heavily with annoyance. He really didn't know what Kiryu was playing at. But as much as he hated to admit it, even though it annoyed the hell out of him... He was actually enjoying it. And it terrified him. Because he didn't want his men to see... To know that he was...

“Oh, yeah? C'mon then. Enlighten me. What is it ya get?”

“Everything. That night. You wanted it just as much as I did. Maybe more, judging by your body language. Your lips may have been saying one thing, but your eye was saying another. The way you bit your lip when I complimented you... Pushing your face into my hand when I stroked you. Your lips quivering when you whispered my name, bucking against me as I held you. How you shuddered when I touched you... How hard you came... Not just once, but twice, Majima. Heh. You're just scared, that's all.” Snorting, Majima threw his head back, seemingly forgetting his men were behind them. The taunting was taking centre stage in his mind. He had gave up trying to tell Kiryu to shut up, instead chomping at every bit of bait that was being cast out at him. When he looked at Kiryu once more, there was a distinct hint of terror gleaming in his eye. Not because his men were behind him. But because he was struggling... Really struggling with admitting the truth. Kiryu was indeed right.

“Haw!? Scared?? Me?? Hehehe!! Kiryu-cha-” Kiryu continued, refusing to let up. He was pretty sure if he kept at it, Majima would cave soon.

“Yes. You're terrified. Look at you. What will happen once people find out the great Majima Goro is gay?? What will they think? What will they say? Shit, what will they do??” Stumbling slightly, Majima shook his head weakly in protest.

“N-Nah. Ya got it all wrong. I-I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks'a me.”

“Bullshit. You're pissed off I was the one to make the first move. Tough shit. I wasn't going to wait around for you to get the balls to make a move on me. I couldn't wait. You know how much I want you. How much I fucking need you... Don't you? But it's not just that. You're pissed off I was the one who outsmarted you this time. And you're fucking terrified about your little secret coming out. What you think is a dirty, little, shameful secret. You're terrified in case it makes you seem weak. Gives people something to ridicule. We all know you don't deal with ridicule well. It makes you more violent than usual, shall we say? So. It's okay. I get it. Unfortunately, it's all so damn unnecessary. Everyone has known for months what you are Majima. Didn't their reaction before when I told them what happened tell you everything you needed to know?” Pausing, Kiryu nodded to the men behind him. “Everyone has known exactly what you are, ever since you developed your sweet, little crush on me. You aren't exactly subtle... Are you?” Pulling back his lips, Majima leant closer, hissing into Kiryu's face.

“Real nice story there, Kiryu. Shame it's all fuckin' bullshit. I ain't scared. I jus-”

“Mnhm. Sure you aren't. Shit. Majima Goro. Scared. You're practically dripping fear. But you know...” Pausing, Kiryu licked his bottom lip slowly, looking Majima up and down. “Fuck... I love seeing you this way. Mmm. So fucking hot. Really turns me on, if I'm honest.”

“I ain't scared. Kiryu, I'm warnin' ya. Don't fuckin' push me.”

“Why? What are you going to do? Beat on me some more? Whip me again? Cut me up more? Heh, that's fine. Do whatever you need to. If it'll make you feel better about yourself, I can take it. Just so you know... I'm going to be imagining us fucking the entire time.”

“I'm serious. I-I'm warnin' ya-”

“Okay. Say I believe you. Say you aren't scared. Prove it.”


“Come on. Prove it. Get your dick out.”


“What are you not understanding?? Get your fucking dick out. Fuck my throat right here and now in front of everyone. That'd would be a great show, right guys? Come on. Cover my face in cum while everyone watches. Shit... I must say. Before, I was bored. But now? I have to applaud you, Majima. This is really fucking hot. Ngh. Feel it. Feel my dick.” Automatically casting his eye downwards, Majima stifled a small gasp. Kiryu was telling the truth. His blood soaked underwear was tenting fully.

“Kiryu... The fuck...” Not able to stop himself anymore, Kiryu continued, enjoying the way Majima was eyeballing his dick. He was confused, curious and desperately trying to hold himself back. He was loving seeing Kiryu this way. Even though he wouldn't admit it just yet, it was obvious. Kiryu however was way too into the situation. He knew Majima's men could see his dick sticking out proudly against the thin material of his underwear, but he didn't give a shit. Majima always brought out the worst in him. Add to that the way he was talking, Majima's cute little outfit... It was all too much. If Majima happened to decide to act on what Kiryu was suggesting... So be it.

“I've got a better idea. Get me out of these damn chains. Just take my underwear off. You can chain me back up once I'm out of them, if you want. In fact, you don't even need to do that. Just cut them off. Rip them off. Do whatever the fuck you want, just get them off me. And then give it to me.”

“Give ya... Give ya what?”

“Tch. Are you intentionally being this damn stupid?? Fuck me. Ride me as hard as you can. Now that would be one hell of a show, wouldn't it? Fuck, Majima. I'm raring to go.” Majima cast his eye downwards once more, biting his lip hard when he saw the wet patch just under the blood on Kiryu's underwear. Speaking softly, Kiryu thrust his hips up slightly as best as he could. “Look at me, Majima.” Eye remaining locked onto Kiryu's crotch, Majima remained in his trance-like state. “Majima!! Look at me! Now!!” Jerking as Kiryu bellowed, he looked up, shuddering breaths escaping his lips. “Kiss me. Kiss me, Majima. Come on... You know you want to.” The desperation shining through his voice was too much for Majima, a small groan being uttered from his lips.


“At least kiss me. In front of all of your men. Let's start really slowly, hm? I mean, if you really aren't scared, nothing to worry about, right? And cut the whole, I'm not gay bullshit. We both know you fucking loved my dick being rammed down your throat and up your ass. Better and deeper than any toy, right? Doesn't feel the same using them after I fucked you, does it?” Faltering due to Kiryu's insistent behaviour, Majima shook his head, his voice weaker now.

“Nah... I mean... Kiryu...” Grinning proudly, Kiryu continued trying to coax him to respond.

“Come on, Majima. Kiss me. Show the world who you really are. Show everyone exactly what Majima Goro can do. You know the truth... Fuck. I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you. As much as I need you. There's nobody else in this world that can drive me crazy like you can. Can turn me on as much as you can.”

“Eh...? Ya can't be serious. Fuck... K-Kiryu-chan...” Once again Majima's head lowered, a conflicted expression set heavily on his face. A bit more... Almost got him. I guess this really isn't his circus anymore. Heh. How do I push him further... Shit. I've got it. Studying him hard, Kiryu let out a sigh of disappointment while he shook his head.

“You really care if people don't like it? Shit... What's happened to you? Majima. What the hell has happened to you...”

“Whatcha... Whatcha mean?”

“You've changed. You're not the Majima I knew. You aren't the one I want. The Majima I knew truly didn't give a shit about what people thought of him. The Majima I knew... Fuck. He did what he wanted, when he wanted. That's the Majima I need. That's the Majima I fucking craaave.” Drawing out the last word, Kiryu shook his head again, tutting disappointedly before continuing. “Clearly... You're not him anymore. Disappointing...” Kiryu could see Majima stiffen as he spoke, each word stabbing into him like a knife. “Okay. I won't resist. I won't fight. Just do whatever you have to do and then let me go or kill me. Frankly I don't care. I just want to get away from you. Come on. Hurry up.” Majima stammered weakly, trying to shake his head in protest. He was clearly racking his brain, trying to figure out what the hell to do. His eye darted from left to right rapidly, lips mumbling quickly, but failing to form proper words.

“Yer... Yer...”

“Oh, just shut the fuck up. You're fucking pathetic. The Majima Goro I knew would be damn ashamed of you. No more. I don't want to hear your cowardly bullshit anymore. Or your pathetic taunts. Excuses, lies and protests. It's boring me. Tch, it's even boring your own goddamn men! So. Kill me or let me go. Now. Majima. Do it. Majima!! Now!! Do it!! Now!!! Fucking do it!!!” Kiryu's booming shouts mixed with the rattling of chains echoed around him. It was too much. He didn't know what to do. He couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't think. He couldn't breathe. He only wanted one thing. Baring his teeth, Majima shook his head from side to side, letting out a strangled cry.

“S-Stop! Kiryu!! P-Please!! Jus'... Jus' stop it! Stop it, p-please!! Ki- fuck!!” Jerking forwards, Majima pressed his lips to Kiryu's, yanking his head forwards hard. The metallic taste of blood flooded his mouth as his tongue met Kiryu's for a mere few seconds. When he pulled back, his eyelid was heavy, cheeks a deep shade of crimson, studying Kiryu who now smirked, pride beaming on his face. Heh. Got him.

“There. Now that's much better, isn't it?” Majima was just about to reply when one of his men called out.

“I guess the show's over now, huh? You still need us around here boss or do you want some private time?” Kiryu chuckled as Majima's mouth hung open.

“I told you. Nobody cares what you are. Fuck, they're your own men. And they don't give a shit. I wasn't lying to you, Majima.”

“I...” Grinning wide, Kiryu nodded towards the men.

“Go on. Send them away. Let's have some fun, hm? Unless you want an audience? I'm fine with that. As long as I get my hands on you again...”

“Kiryu-ch...” Nodding over Majima's shoulder, Kiryu called out to the men.


“Yes, Kiryu-san?”

“That'll be all for tonight.”

“Of course, Kiryu-san. Uh, boss? When you are done in here, just let us know. We will get this place cleaned up in no time!!”

The men turned around, scrambling outside as quick as they could in case Majima tried to protest.

Finally the door banged shut, leaving both men alone in the warehouse. Majima looked up at Kiryu, studying him hard. Hmm. I wonder what's running through his mind. Is he still going to continue with his act? Or has he finally accepted it now? If he ever speaks, then maybe I'll find out...


Chapter Text

“Two months of plannin'. An' ya fucked it up. Jus' like that.” Clicking his fingers, Majima shook his head, disappointment painting his face.

“Be honest. You're glad I did though, right?” Feeling a smirk creep onto his face, he bit his lip playfully, that infernal, sing-song tone returning to his voice.

“Maybe. Maybe not.” As annoying as it was, it was a relief for Kiryu to hear him this way again. Not like before when he was on the stage... He could hear the struggle in his voice. But now? He was back to being his usual wacky, excitable self once more. Now what? I hope he's not thinking of leaving...

“Just because the guys have gone... Doesn't mean we can't have some fun though. Two months... We have a lot of making up to do, Majima. Plus... I am still hanging here, all chained up and helpless...” Throwing back his head, Majima let out an excited screech.

“Hehe!! S'ppose we do!!”

“Before we do...”


“Get that little ass of yours closer. Now.” Unable to resist the dominance in Kiryu's voice, Majima did as he was told, shuffling forward on shaky legs.

“You want to taste me again, don't you? You've been wanting to since that night. What has it felt like? Keeping your distance from me?” Uttering a shaky whisper, Majima looked Kiryu straight in the eyes.

“Torture. Couldn't stop thinkin' 'bout ya. Every fuckin' second of every day, kept goin' over everythin' that happened. I gotta explain. When I pushed ya away that night. Fuck, I didn't mean anythin' I said. I was jus'...”

“Shhh. It's okay. I understand. You were scared. And you were pissed off. Now you aren't scared anymore, right? So what are you waiting for? Are you just going to stand there and stare at me all ni-” Yanking his face down, Majima smashed his lips against Kiryu's, almost choking him with the force and depth of his tongue. Finally he pulled back, chest heaving, eye ablaze.

“Ya know... I could jus' leave ya here after fuckin' up my show.”

“Heh. I guess you could. But where would the fun be in that? I know you're dying to fuck me, Majima. I bet you've not been able to stop thinking about it. How it would feel... And I know for a fact you want me to fuck you again. No. You need me to fuck you again, don't you? Come on. You want me to pin you against the floor and ride you. You want to scream again for me, until you end up nothing but a heaving, whimpering, little mess. Heh. I know you. I know you better than you know yourself. As for tonight? Hm. Let's call this my apology to you. For ruining your show that you put so much effort into. I mean, I have to make it up to you of course. So. You can do anything you want to me. Anything you desire. Shit... I am very eager to please.” Dragging his eyes up from Majima's lips, Kiryu chuckled, just catching him tremble slightly.

“Anythin' I want? Fuck.” Rubbing his chin, a wicked grin lit up his face. Clapping his hands together, he nodded excitedly. “Where do I even begin?? Kiryu-chan. Let's get on with my next trick!!”

Walking over to the levers in the corner of the room, Majima pulled one down, grinning as Kiryu's arms lowered. When his feet planted on the ground, he flashed Majima a confused look.

“Hm? You're letting me down?”

“Noooope.” Pulling the next lever, Majima threw back his head, gleeful giggling bursting from his lips. He certainly seems happy now. Took his time coming around that's for sure. Shit, all the fun we've missed out on... The chains connecting to Kiryu's ankles went taut, eventually lifting them clean off the ground. When he was happy with the position, he left the levers alone and joined Kiryu once more. “Fuck, now will ya look at this.” Kiryu's ankles were directly opposite his wrists, palms and the bottom of his feet facing the ceiling, body hanging down, swinging slightly. Shrugging off his jacket, Majima stepped between Kiryu's legs, grinning as he stared down, eye roaming over every inch of Kiryu's perfectly toned body.

“Are you enjoying the view? Tell you what. Tonight, you can touch the entertainment all you want.” Not able to stop the excited giggle bubbling from his lips, Majima stroked his thigh slowly.

“Real cute. Hehe, ya still thinkin' 'bout my dance Kiryu-chan? Did ya really like it that much?”

“You know I did. You know-” Eyes landing on the tanto in his hand, Kiryu held his breath. I know I said he could do whatever he wanted to... But shit, he's not going to start slicing into me again is he? Ngh... Running the blade up the back of Kiryu's left thigh, he dug the blade in slightly, shuddering when blood ran down the handle. “Fuck, Majima... How much more of my blood do you want to spill?” Lifting the blade to his mouth, Majima ran his tongue along it, groaning softly.

“Mmm... As much as I damn well want.” Hooking the tanto under Kiryu's underwear, he jerked upwards, slicing through the thin material with ease. Repeating the action on the other side, he smirked as the underwear fell to the floor in tatters. Running the blade up Kiryu's throbbing length carefully, a small giggle escaped his lips when Kiryu gasped and narrowed his eyes, his warning coming out shaky.

“M-Majima... You'd b-better be careful with that.” Dragging the blade around the head, he chuckled quietly before his face turned solemn with concentration, scraping up everything Kiryu had leaked onto the gleaming metal. Holding it up to his face, he ran his tongue along it once more, letting out a whining groan. “Hm? What's all this? I thought you didn't like the taste, Majima?”

“I didn't. But fuuuuck man... Couldn't stop thinkin' 'bout it. Yer right 'bout one thing. Yer own jus' don't taste the same.” Kiryu's eyes widened, a wicked grin on his face. He's been jerking off over me, tasting himself, trying to imagine it's me... Just like I told him I did. Heh, I'm touched.

“Well anytime you want a load... Give me a call. I'd be happy to oblige. Just for you, Majima.” Majima beamed happily, once again scraping the head of Kiryu's dick with his blade, digging it a little deeper this time. “Majima, watch it...”

“Relax, man. Kiryu-chan, ya know I'd never hurt ya fer real... Besides. Wouldn't wanna cut off somethin' important, would I? Somethin' I'm gonna playin' with all the fuckin' time from now on...” All the time? Damn, this is exactly what I was hoping for. It really must have been torture, bottling all this up inside of him. But now, the fun can really begin.

“Heh, is that so? Start now. Come on, Majima. Play with me now. Look how excited you've got me.”

“Hmm. Nope. Me first.” Tearing off his shirt, he stepped around quickly, stopping at Kiryu's head. A quick giggle before he bent down and kissed him slowly, running his tongue along his perfect teeth, scraping it against every part of his mouth he could reach. When Kiryu tried to lift his head higher, he pulled back. “Ah, ah, ah. Ya ain't deserve a proper kiss. Not yet. Ya gotta earn it.” Kiryu watched as Majima tugged his trousers and underwear off in one go, inhaling shakily as his dick waved in front of his face, inches away from his mouth.

“Shit. Make me earn it. Come on, Majima, fuck!” Giggling coyly, Majima ran his dick along Kiryu's lips, biting his tongue when Kiryu kept lunging forward, desperately trying to take it into his eager mouth.

“Slow yer roll. Didn't say ya could suck it yet, did I?”

“What's the hold up? You'd really rather be standing chatting than having your dick sucked?”

“Nah. Jus' wanna watch ya squirm fer a little bit. Real sexy like. So tell me. Whatcha want me ta do?”

“I want you to stop fucking around and let me suck your dick. I want you to fuck me, Majima. I want your fucking dick in my ass now, do you hear me? Come on! Fuck me! What are you waiting for?? Show me what you can do, Majima!”

“Shit, Kiryu... N-Nah, not jus' yet. Ya did say I could do whatever I wanted ta. An' I wanna take my time. So go ahead. Open up.” Kiryu obliged, opening his mouth as wide as he could, groaning in frustration as Majima teased the head against his lips. To see it throbbing in front of his face, Majima's own grinning face looking down at him, it was really pissing him off.

“Are you going to let me suck it or not?? Fuck!!”

“Hehe!! What's wrong, Kiryu-chaaaan? Gettin' a bit frustrated?”

“Majima... Fuck my face. Please.”

“Now ya know how I felt tryin' ta keep away from ya. Open. An' don't move until I say so. Ya play along nicely an' this will go a lot better fer ya. Kinda sound familiar, haw?” Kiryu said nothing. He simply did as Majima said. Seems like he wants a little bit of role reversal. Heh, I can do that.

Remaining still as his mouth was filled, Kiryu clamped his eyes shut, enjoying the rapid throbbing in his mouth. He's been dying for this. Shit, he feels ready to blow already.

“That's more like it, ain't it? Fuck, I ain't gonna lie ta ya Kiryu-chan. I really fuckin' missed this. Almost wish I had a camera on me... Ya know what I mean?” Shit, there's two of us... Gripping the chains attached to the rings on Kiryu's wrists, Majima held them tightly, steadying himself while he fucked Kiryu's mouth slowly. Dragging his dick backwards, he giggled when he felt Kiryu crane his neck, his lips pursing tightly, trying to keep Majima inside. Each thrust was slower than the last and it was driving his crazy. Majima was enjoying it however, his groans flowing freely around them, hands now roaming over every inch of Kiryu's muscular chest. Paying special attention to the cut in the middle of his chest, Majima let out a shaky moan. “Say... Kiryu-chan? Ya want me ta go faster? Harder? Want me ta ram my dick down yer throat?” Pulling out completely, Majima swung his hips from side to side, shuddering as blood tinged drool ran down Kiryu's red cheeks. “Say pretty pleeeeeaaseeee.” Eyes following Majima's dick, Kiryu mumbled in frustration, his anger quickly rising.

“W-What? Ngh, Majima, please. There, okay? Come on!”

“Nooopeeee. I said, pretty pleeeaaaaseeeee. An' ya better say it like that.”

“No way in-”

“Okaaay. Guess ya don't want it. Oh we-” Looking up at him with pleading eyes, Kiryu panted heavily, his voice imitating Majima's, as whiny and pleading as he could make it.

“Damn it! P-Pretty pleeeaasee, Majima.” Stroking his cheek gently, Majima gave him a quick slap and giggled.

“Hehe!! Fuuuck, that was hot! No prob, Kiryu-chan! Here I come!” Not giving him the chance to say anything more, Majima jammed himself once more down Kiryu's throat, jerking violently when Kiryu spluttered below him. “Shit, I thought ya liked it rough? Heeeey, K- fuck! Kiryu-chaaan. I think ya really must like suckin' my dick, eh?” Letting his eye wander to Kiryu's crotch while he bucked into his mouth as forcefully as he could, Majima let out a panting moan. Kiryu's dick was glistening, every throb and twitch oozing more precum down his shaft. It was too tempting for Majima, he couldn't stop himself. “Look a-at yer dick... Man, I bet ya want me ta touch ya... Don't ya... Ya want me ta jerk ya off while I fuck yer throat eh? Hehe! Shit, Kiryu-chan... Hrngh... Yer... Ya sure know how ta suck fuckin' dick.” Managing a few muffled groans, Kiryu tensed when Majima leant forwards, resting his body on top of his own. The beams on the ceiling creaked and groaned, but they held. Majima's weight pushed his body down further, even though he didn't weigh much, it still made the rings dig deeper into Kiryu's wrists, metal biting harder into his flesh. It should have hurt. But he didn't feel it. The only thing he could concentrate on was Majima on top of him, his dick deep in his throat. But because Majima's feet were now hanging off the floor, his thrusts were awkward and he couldn't pull his hips back as far. But he didn't care. He had to get Kiryu inside his mouth. What he said was true. He didn't like the taste. However since that night... He hadn't been able to forget it. He found himself craving more. Needing more. And now everything was out in the open and he wasn't hiding who he was anymore... He was pretty sure Kiryu would be happy to fulfil his wish.

Lowering his head, Majima stuck his tongue out, circling the head of Kiryu's dick softly. Occasionally, he'd scrape his tongue harder, dig it deeper into the slit, shuddering when it dribbled onto the tip of his tongue. When he was satisfied he'd gotten it all from Kiryu's shaft, he took a deep breath, swallowing hard. Wrapping his hands around Kiryu's ass, he squeezed hard, massaging his toned cheeks forcefully and slid the head into his mouth, immediately letting out a deep groan. The heat coming from Kiryu's dick was unbelievable, the sensation of the velvety soft head throbbing against his tongue was making it hard for him to focus on anything else. He'd been waiting for this moment for two long months. No matter how many times he'd imagined it happening again or replayed the first time it happened in his head, nothing compared to the real thing. Dipping his head lower, Majima took more of him into his mouth, every vein in his dick pulsating hard, his mind clouding heavily with lust, thoughts only of what he wanted to do to Kiryu. He knew if he didn't tear himself away now, it wouldn't take long for Kiryu's skilful mouth to push him to the brink. And as fun as that sounded, he didn't want it to end that way. Not this time. He had bigger plans. Plans that involved making the most of Kiryu not being able to move.

Looking up at him in confusion, Kiryu let out a disappointed groan as Majima pulled back, hopping off his chest.

“Ngh! W-Why did you stop!?”

“Hehe!! Can't have ya enjoyin' yerself too much 'fore we get ta the main part, can we? Unless ya jus' want me ta suck yer dick? We could leave the fuckin' ta another day if ya wa-”

“No!! No. Let's do it now. Come on, Majima. Fuck me already.”

“S'ppose I could... Only thing is I ain't got nothin' we can use...”

“Does it look like I give a shit?? Heh, I didn't think you cared, Majima. I thought you really enjoyed hurting me?”

“Nope. Other way round, ya dink.”

“So before... Why?” Majima sighed, a thoughtful expression on his face to match the faraway look in his eye.

“Kiryu-chan... Look. Can we talk 'bout this after? I thought ya were desperate fer me ta fuck ya?”

“I am.”

“So shuddup.” Silence filled the air around them, neither men saying a word. Majima gripped the chains tightly, his eye wide as it roamed over Kiryu, taking in every last bit of his body. However, he almost looked... Nervous. Unsure. I don't like it when he's this quiet... Is he having doubts? Ngh, don't say we've came this far for nothing. All that effort jus- “Shit, man...” Scraping his nails over Kiryu's thighs, Majima shuddered hard.

“Hm? What's wrong?” No response. “Majima? Majima, what's wrong??”

“Nothin'. Ain't nothin' wrong. Ya ain't got no fuckin' idea how many times I've thought 'bout this... How many times I've imagined this...”

“Is that so. Well, now the real thing is in front of you. What are you going to do about it, Majima?”

“Nah, man. Ya ain't get it. Yer Kiryu Kazuma. Yer fuckin' Kiryu Kazuma.”

“I... I don't follow.” Majima bent down, his face directly above Kiryu's. Even though he was upside down, Kiryu could see the glimmer of utter excitement in his eye. He didn't know why, but it actually made him feel a little uneasy. Until Majima's soft tongue rubbed against his lips. When he opened his mouth, his breath caught in his chest as Majima kissed him. Slowly, passionately, cradling his face as he did so. I... I don't... What the hell is he playing at? Breaking their kiss, Majima looked him in the eye, his voice nothing but a shaky whisper.

“Yer the fuckin' Dragon of Dojima. When it comes ta fightin'... Nobody can beat ya. Yer the strongest, most powerful man I've ever met. The whole of fuckin' Kamurocho knows it. Yer Kiryu fuckin' Kazuma. An' I'm gonna be fuckin' ya. Shit, ya got any fuckin' idea how unbelievable this is? I'm 'bout ta have power over ya like nobody else can. While yer chained up... Ya can't do shit. I'm the only one that can make ya feel good. I'm the only one that can make ya cum. Fuck, Kiryu-chan... Ya ready fer this??” Watching as Majima walked around to stand in between his legs, Kiryu studied him in awe. I never thought of it that way. Heh. Idiot. I don't need to be chained up for him to have power over me. That bastard has always had power over me, he just doesn't realise it yet. From the moment his tight, sexy, little ass walked into my life... He's made me want him so bad. So damn bad. And now I've had him once, it's just not enough. I don't think it'll ever be enough. I'll always need more. Always. “Oi. I said are ya ready fer this.” Majima was now stood, dick in hand, lined up directly with Kiryu's asshole. Meeting Majima's eye, he studied him one last time. His whole body was shaking as he tried to stand still, his eye completely wide, teeth sinking into his bottom lip hard. Pulling his lips back into a wicked grin, Kiryu nodded slowly.

“Do it. Fuck me, Majima. I need to feel you. Inside me. Come on! Give me some payback for that night, hm?? Show me what you can do! What's the damn hold up?? Don't you wa- oh, shit... Majima!” Trailing off when he felt himself being stretched open, Kiryu let his head hang backwards, his mind turning to static.

“Haw? Am I hurtin' ya?” Majima froze in panic and started to pull back until Kiryu launched forwards, spit flying over his chest as he snarled out a response.

“Keep fucking going! Don't you dare stop!! Ngh! Majimaaaa fuuuck! Fuck!”

“K-Kiryu-chan... Yer so tight... I ain't felt anythin' this... T-this fuckin' tight 'fore...” When his dick was buried deep inside Kiryu, Majima stood completely still, mouth hung open, shuddering pants filling the silence while he took in the sight below him. It was almost as if he was trying to wrap his head around all of the sensations he was feeling right now. How tight and hot Kiryu was, the way he groaned out his name, cursing in pleasure afterwards, not to mention the fact that his dick was actually inside Kiryu. He was fucking Kiryu Kazuma. It was unbelievable. Kiryu was always the big, tough guy that nobody messed with. And if they did, they soon learnt not to do it again. But here he was, begging to be fucked, hanging up by his wrists and ankles, moaning as his ass was filled. His usual calm, serious exterior had gone, being replaced with one of arousal and desperation. It was different to when they fought. Majima would start off in control and would swiftly end up on his ass, battered and bruised for his efforts. But now? Majima was in complete control. And he was loving every moment of it.

Trying to pull Majima closer, Kiryu let out a rough growl. I can feel his dick throbbing inside of me... He's so damn hard... As much as I'm loving this feeling, I want him to fuck me. Now.

“Majima... Come on. Move. Move fast.”

“Nah... Told ya. This is my show. I don't want it ta be over quick. I wanna take my time. I wanna enjoy every last fuckin' second of this.” Pulling his hips back, Majima slipped out and grinned when he heard a disappointed groan. That quickly changed to a gasp when Kiryu felt lips kissing the head of his oozing dick.

“S-Shit! Maji- what are y-you playing at!?” Ignoring him, Majima lined himself up once more and thrust back inside slowly, eye rolling to the back of his head, releasing a groaning giggle.

“Man... I can't even begin ta fuckin' describe how good this feels. Fuck, Kiryu-chaaaaan! Seein' yer tight, little hole stretchin' open 'cause of my dick... Hnngh. I'm doin' this... I'm doin' this ta ya, Kiryu... Me.”

“So fucking do it properly! Fuuck, do it properly!!” Wrapping his arms around Kiryu's legs, Majima withdrew once more, waiting until Kiryu looked up at him. Giving him the dirtiest grin he could, he lunged forward with such force the beams on the ceiling creaked shrilly, Kiryu's body launching backwards violently. Picking up the pace, the silence around them now shattered completely, filled with cursing groans, loud creaking and skin slapping against skin instead. Each forceful thrust sent Kiryu's body swinging backwards, the metal rings slicing into his flesh painfully, pushing Majima's excitement higher as he watched.

“What's it l-like?”

“Majima... Ngh... Majima...” Receiving nothing but his name in grunts, Majima turned his head, sinking his teeth into Kiryu's right calf, his legs quaking when a breathy yelp ran through his ears.

“I said... F-fuck... I s-said, what's it like? Ya... Ya know... Bein' Mr Tough Guy an'... Hngh, h-havin yer hole filled... By me.” Digging his nails into Kiryu's thighs, Majima leaned forward, still pounding as hard as he could. Meeting his eye, Kiryu managed to stutter out a reply.

“Ama- Amazing... Majim- so... So good... Your dick is f-fucking amazing, Majima... I hoped you'd... You'd fuck me like this... Nrgh... You certainly don't... Don't disappoint...” And neither do I. This isn't going to end when he's finished. Shit... I'm going to... I want him to enjoy it. I mean, really fucking enjoy it. Hmm. He said it was hot when I made my voice sound... Okay.

Panting harder, Kiryu knew it was time to put his plan into action. Clenching around Majima's dick, he spoke between pants and grunts, trying to make his voice as desperate and whiny as he could. He felt ridiculous, but he knew Majima loved it. To know he was making Kiryu feel this way... It was going to make him feel better than any fight ever could.

“Majima... Oh, fuck, Majima... Don't... Don't stop! Mmfg... Majima, you're going to... You're going to make me cum... I'm going to cum because of you... Shit, Majima... Majimaaaaa, nrgh... Fuuck! Fuck!!” Bucking into him faster, Majima scraped his nails down Kiryu's legs as hard as he could, his own groans flowing out of his mouth continuously. Kiryu's voice was definitely getting his desired reaction.

“Kiryu-chan... Shit, Kiryu-chan! Yer so... Mmm... So fuckin' hot!!” Grinding his teeth hard, Kiryu couldn't hold it anymore.

“Majima... Majima grab me.... Fuck, grab my dick... Jerk me off, Majima! Please, Majima, please... Can't... Fuck!” Doing as Kiryu asked, Majima wrapped his fingers around the head, jerking as best as he could, desperately trying to keep control of himself. He was desperate to cum. But he had to make Kiryu cum first. He had to make sure Kiryu enjoyed it. And looking at him, he was ready to fucking blow.

“Kiryu... I ain't... I can't... Ya gotta... Kiryu!”

“Majima... You're m-making me cum... I'm coming, Majima... I- I'm fucking coming... Because of... Because of you... Fuck, look at it... Look at my dick, Majima. Are you... Ngh... Are you watching...? Shit... Here it... Mmm... Here it comes, Majima...” Slamming into him one last time, Majima stood still, his mouth hanging open, weak moans being choked out.

“K-Kiryu-chaaan, ya fuckin'... I'm... Jus' fuuuck man...” Kiryu swayed back and forth, head hanging backwards. He could feel Majima blowing his load inside of him. He could actually feel the force of every shot that filled him. It was amazing. Standing on trembling legs, Majima cupped his hands over the head of Kiryu's dick, being careful to keep everything he squirted out in his hands.

“Fuck, that was... Majima... What... What are you do-” Raising his head, Kiryu watched as Majima lifted his hands to his face and lowered his head, lapping up the mess in his hands. “Shit... Majima... You dirty fucking bastard... Ngh... Make sure you get it all now. Good... Good boy.” When he'd gotten most of it, he inserted his fingers into his mouth, sucking on them as he groaned happily, eye rolling to the back of his head. Kiryu did nothing but sway gently and watch, his eyes fixated on the sight in front of him. He knew in all probability Majima had a pretty fucked up, devious side. But to able to watch him, standing sucking Kiryu's cum from his fingers, groaning the whole time? It was hot. Damn hot. And Kiryu wasn't ready to let it finish yet.

Sliding out of Kiryu, Majima giggled excitedly.

“Fuck, now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout... Kiryu-chan... Ya taste so fuckin' good man... Yer ass... So tight... So fuckin' goooood!! Jus' when ya think ya can't get no better... I want this every time I see ya... Ya hear me? Everyday. I wanna play with ya every fuckin' day.” That's what I was waiting for. But we can talk about that properly later. Now? Chuckling softly, Kiryu smiled, keeping his voice low.

“I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, Majima. And I'm more than happy to make that happen for you. Only...”

“Eh? Only what?”

“Could you do me a favour, please? My ankles are hurting and I don't think those beams are going to hold much longer. Could you let me down now? Please?”

“Hmm... I don't wanna! Seein' ya like this... It's too much fun! Too hot, hehe!! Okay, okay. Tell ya what. I'll letcha legs down. Okay?” He's not going to let me down? Hmm. I wonder if these chains would... Or at least the rings... Play along.

“I'd prefer it if you would let me down, but okay. I'll let you enjoy it for a little longer.” Watching as Majima sauntered away happily, Kiryu tensed his arms, tugging slightly, cursing when the beams on the ceiling creaked once more. Fuck, he's going to hear... Okay. Keep still. Oh, Majima you sucker. You really should stop being so damn trusting of me. You should know, I can't control myself when it comes to you... Lowering his legs until his feet hit the floor, Majima let go of the levers and once again stood in front of Kiryu, a warm smile on his face.

“That okay fer ya?”

“It'll do. Majima... Majima come here.”


“Hold me.”


“Heh. I've missed you. And I can't touch you like I want to. So, please. Just hold me for a moment.” Cheeks reddening, Majima nodded dumbly.

“Uh... Y-Yeah. S-Sure. I... Yeah.” Wrapping his arms around Kiryu's neck, Majima held him close, sighing contentedly. “Kiryu...”

“Majima... I can feel your heart beating... Your heart is racing.” Ngh, I really have missed feeling his body against mine... No. Time enough afterwards. I hope he's ready for this.

Tensing his arms, Kiryu yanked them down using all of his might. Trying to jerk back in surprise, Majima winced as Kiryu wrapped his arms around him tightly, squeezing his body hard.

“Hrngh... K-Kiryu-chan... What the... W-What ya doin'...” Instead of responding straight away, Kiryu pulled him down to the floor so he was on his knees, leaning down to growl into his ear.

“You tormented me for two months, Majima. Two... Long... Months. You have to pay for that, don't you?” Slipping his hand out of the ring now dangling limply from his wrist, Kiryu picked up the loose chain, hanging it around Majima's neck. Gulping loudly, he reached up to pull it away, changing his mind when Kiryu glared at him.

“What? I have ta... I... P-Pay?” Staring up at Kiryu with a wide eye, Majima nodded slowly. “I mean... Yeah. I-I have ta pay.”

“Mmm. Good boy.” Damn, I love it when he's like this. Sliding his tongue into Majima's mouth, Kiryu grinned when fingers ran through his hair. There was no hesitation this time. Majima was ready. Standing upright, Kiryu stroked Majima's chin gently, toying with the ends of the chain with his other hand.

“K-Kiryu-chan? What... What ya gonna do with the chain?”

“Well. You're the Mad Dog of Shimano, right? Dogs wear chains. Why don't you be my dog instead, Majima? Hm? It comes with a lot more perks than being Shimano's...” Nodding slowly at first, Majima quickly grinned, squealing with excitement.

“Yeah... Yeah!! Hehe!”

“Good boy. Now open.” Placing the ends of the chain in each hand, Kiryu tugged him close, thrusting his hips forward at the same time. “We're going to have a bit more fun, okay?” Before Majima could speak, Kiryu thrust into his mouth, shuddering when Majima straight away sucked him down. “Shit... Y-You've been practising. Majima... Hmm. Have you been sucking someone else's dick??” Pulling back, Majima shook his head rapidly.

“No!! Nothin' like that!! I wouldn't! I couldn't... Yer the only one I want ta... No. Jus' been stickin' ta toys, Kiryu-chan. I swear ta ya. I jus'... I wanted ta get better fer ya... In case it ever happened again...” Cute. But he needs to know what will happen if he ever thinks of replacing me. He needs to know I am not fucking around. Crossing the ends of the chain so it was squeezing Majima's throat, Kiryu bared his teeth, his face serious as he spoke warningly.

“If you ever do anything like this with anyone else... Or even think about doing it with someone other than me... I'll kill you. I will kill you. You are mine, Majima. You belong to me. Do you understand me?”

“I would never... Mnhm. Loud an' clear. I'm yers, Kiryu-chan. I'm y- mfgh!!” Jamming himself back inside Majima's mouth, Kiryu brushed the hair from his eye softly, stroking his cheek slightly.

“Such a good boy. You're my dog now. Remember that. Okay, let's see how much you've learnt. Go ahead. Show me what you can do, Majima.”

Pulling back, Majima pressed Kiryu's dick to his stomach, scraping his tongue down from the tip to the base. A few more laps to the underside of the shaft and he dipped his head lower, taking of of Kiryu's balls into his mouth. Massaging it with his tongue, he sucked gently before moving on to the other one. Repeating the process, he opened his mouth wider, quickly taking both inside. Reaching his hand up, he wrapped it around the head of Kiryu's dick, rotating slowly, muffled curses caught in his throat as Kiryu groaned loudly. He was desperate to touch himself. But he knew better than to do anything without Kiryu's permission. He had improved drastically, not just his skill, but his behaviour too. He'd learnt last time it was easier to obey Kiryu. To just do what he said. Plus, he liked pleasing him. To know he was the only one that could please him this way... It made him feel powerful. But lost in the sensation of Kiryu filling his mouth... As hard as he was trying to behave... He didn't know how much longer he could keep it up. To look up and see Kiryu looking down at him, fascination and lust painting his face beautifully as he groaned out Majima's name... It was hard to keep control. His own dick was dripping and begging for attention. But for now... He'd have to wait. So he tried his best to focus on the task at hand. Making Kiryu feel good, while showcasing his new skills.

Dragging his lips up Kiryu's shaft, Majima paused, swirling his tongue slowly around the head. A few gentle kisses and he took him inside, hollowing his cheeks as he slid him down his throat. Continuing until his nose was pressed against Kiryu's hard stomach, Majima swallowed a few times and pulled back, moaning quietly. He had thought about this moment since Kiryu had left him that night in the woods. It almost drove him crazy. He needed to taste Kiryu again... He couldn't stop himself from wanting more. It was addicting and he was hooked. Salty yet sweet. Warm and thick, bitter and musky. It was Kiryu. And that's what made him taste so damn good.

“Fuuck, Majima... You really have gotten a lot better at this. Shit, such a clever boy. I'm.. Ngh... I'm impressed.” Letting Kiryu slip from his mouth, Majima beamed up at him, saliva dribbling down his chin as he continued to stroke him gently. “What do... D-Damn... What do you want me to do n-now, Majima?”

“I really, really wantcha ta cum in my mouth, Kiryu-chan. I want ya ta lemme play with myself while ya fuck my throat. I want ya ta watch while I do.”

“Fuck. So dirty. Where's this coming from, Majima?” Shrugging happily, Majima ran his free hand down his chest, gingerly holding his own dick as he stared up at Kiryu. His eye was filled with hope, bottom lip trembling, lust practically dripping from his face.

“Am I... Am I allowed ta touch myself, Kiryu-chan?” Fucking damn it... He's so hot... He's doing this on purpose, isn't he... Asking so cute and innocently so I have no choice but to say yes. Well, I guess I wouldn't mind a show. Heh.

“S-Shit.... I think you've earned it. Go ahead. Play with your dick, Majima. Make sure your legs are open nice and wide now.” Stepping behind Majima, Kiryu yanked his head back by his hair, smirking when Majima gasped. “What are you waiting for? Play with your fucking dick. Now.” Nodding quickly, Majima began stroking up and down, quiet moans being uttered from his lips.

“K-Kiryu-chan... Put it back in... Please.” Keeping his head held back, Kiryu let his eyes roam over Majima's tight body, his wide spread legs and the hand that was now picking up speed as he jerked himself.

“Since you asked so nicely... I guess I can do that for you. Damn... This is a really nice view, Majima. Fuck, you're such a perverted bastard.”

“Nrgh... K-Kiryu....” Grinning as he pulled his head back further, Kiryu watched as Majima craned his neck, desperately trying to return his dick inside his mouth. So eager. Fuck, he's loving this. Angling himself downwards, Kiryu let Majima resume sucking his dick. Wet, throaty slurps echoed around them, Majima bobbing his head faster, sucking more desperately.

“Majima... Damn it, Majima... Ngh... Do you... Fuck! Do you like this? Do you like jerking yourself off while I watch? While my dick is down your throat? Is this... Hnrgh... Is this getting you off? Shit, I bet you want to cum, don't you... Are you... Are you close?” Pausing his jerking, Majima stuck his thumb up quickly, muffled groaning between slurps. “Oh, no. We can't have that. Not yet. Get off me. Majima? Get the fuck off my dick.” Groaning in disappointment as he was yanked back by his hair, Majima rested back on his hands, alternating his eye between Kiryu's face and his dick.

“K-Kiryu-chan... Why?”

“Majima. You're my dog. Dogs don't ask questions. Get on your hands and knees. Now. I wonder what will happen if I have to tell you again... I don't th-”

“On it!” Snorting lightly, Kiryu stepped back, watching as Majima quickly rotated his body. Now this... This is more like it.

The chain around Majima's neck slipped off and clattered loudly against the concrete floor making Kiryu jump slightly. He was so engrossed in the sight in front of him, he was completely oblivious to anything else. Picking it up, he squeezed Majima's ass hard as he stood upright.

“Spread your legs wider. Arch your back and turn your head to face me.” Doing what he said, Majima turned his head, his cheeks a soft pink. Heh, so cute.

“L-Like... Like this?”

“Oh, yeah. That's really good. What a fucking view.” Pausing, Kiryu wrapped his hand around his own dick and began stroking softly, smirking when Majima let slip a quiet groan. “Hm? Did you say something, Majima?” Shaking his head rapidly, he bit his lip. “Okay then. Do you like watching me stroke my dick? Knowing that I'm so fucking turned on by you that I have to play with myself? Hm?”

“F-Fuck... Yeah, yeah I do.”

“Majima, fuck yourself.”


“Stay in that position and fuck yourself with your fingers. Hold on, I'll help.” Squatting down next to him, Kiryu held out his hand. “Give me the hand you're going to use.” Raising his left hand uncertainly, Majima managed to gasp out a small moan when Kiryu took two of his fingers into his mouth. Twirling his tongue around them, he made sure they were sufficiently covered with saliva before stepping backwards once more. “Okay. Now do it. Slide your fingers into your hole gently and fuck yourself slowly. You can start now, Majima.” A quick nod followed by a trembling whimper as Majima inserted his fingers inside himself, staring at Kiryu with a furrowed brow, shallow breaths escaping his lips.

“Mmn... Kir-Kiryu-chan...” Sawing his fingers in and out gently, his eye was locked onto Kiryu who was still jerking himself slowly.

“Yes, Majima? Is something wrong? Do you need something?”

“Y-Yeah... Will ya... Please...”

“Hm? Will I please what? Use your words, Majima.” Groaning softly, Majima wiggled his hips slightly, his body beginning to shake as he writhed around on the floor.

“Will ya... Please... Fuck me. Mmm... Slide yer dick inta my ass an' screw me. Nice an' hard. Do it like ya did that night. Please... Make me... Make me scream fer ya again.” Exhaling shakily, Kiryu nodded, not able to stop the grin spreading on his face.

“You're sure you can handle it this time?”

“Fuck yeah... Dyin' fer it... C'mon, please. I wanna feel ya fill me up. These jus' ain't good enough. Nothin' ain't good enough. Nothin' 'cept you. So. I'll beg. I'll plead. I'll crawl on fuckin' hands an' knees if it's what ya want. I jus'... I need ta feel ya inside me again. I'll do anythin', Kiryu-chan.” Kneeling down next to Majima, Kiryu held his chin, stroking his cheek with his thumb gently.

“All you ever had to do... Was ask.” Kissing him as passionately as he could, Kiryu finally pulled back, smiling warmly as Majima gasped for breath.

“K-Kiryu... Will ya fuck me? Please?”

“Of course.”

Getting between Majima's legs, Kiryu ran his hands up and down his muscular back, nails slipping over his sweat covered skin. Majima arched his back harder, pushing his ass higher into the air. Desperate and needy. Mmm. My favourite kind of Majima. Running his fingers up and down Majima's ass crack, he sighed gently.

“Majima, you've got such a nice ass. Such a sexy, fucking ass. Mmm.” Lowering his head, Kiryu ran his tongue up and down the crack, circling his hole gently, only stopping when Majima let out a small whine. One last grin and he stuck his tongue inside, probing carefully, shuddering himself as he felt Majima's knees buckle.

“K-Kiryu-chan! Fuck! What... What the hell are ya doin' ta my ass??”

“Making sure you're nice and ready, now shhhh.” Kiryu resumed, stroking himself slowly as Majima whimpered quietly.

“Kiryu, I'm really tryin' hard ta be a good boy... But yer tongue is makin' me wanna do bad things.”

“Oh really? Majima, you know I love it when you're a bad boy.”

“Y-Ya do?” Stretching up, Kiryu wrapped his arm around Majima's throat, keeping his voice just above a whisper as he droned into his ear.

“Mnhm. Before when you fucked me... When you let your hands fill with my cum and licked it all up... Mmm. So damn nasty, Majima. So fucking hot... I think you're ready. Let your face rest on the floor and use your hands to spread your ass cheeks. As wide as you can, okay? Fuck... Just like that. That's really, really hot.” Kiryu slipped the chain under Majima's throat, gripping the ends in one hand. Holding his dick to Majima's hole with his other, he ran it slowly up and down his crack, chuckling softly when Majima began to whine, trying hard to back into his dick. Deciding he had waited long enough, Kiryu pressed the tip to his hole and pushed inside slightly, gasping at the tightness and warmth that enveloped his dick. “Majima, you've got no fucking idea how good you feel. Ngh...”

“Right back a-atcha, Ki-” Yanking his body up by the chain around his throat, Kiryu slammed into him hard, immediately quivering as Majima let out a pained scream. “S-Shit!! Kiryu! Kiryu-chan! Kiryu-chaaaaaan!! Fuuck!! Mngh, Kiryu!!” Reaching his hands up, Majima desperately clawed at his throat, trying to slip his thumbs under the tight chain squeezing around his throat.

“There... There it is. D-Damn. That's the scream I've been longing to hear.”

“Can't... Can't breathe too... Nrgh... Too good.”

“Do you want me to loosen the chain?”

“He... Hehe!! N-Nope!!”

“Fuck, such a sick bastard.” Pulling the chain tighter, Kiryu drilled into him harder, not stopping this time. Clenching his teeth, he pounded into him, fucking with such an intensity, Majima couldn't speak. Instead he screamed out again, his voice becoming higher and incoherent as he cried and yelped. Body shaking, knees trembling, he stuck his ass out further, trying to get Kiryu's dick deeper.

“Kiryu!! Hurts... Huuuurts soooo gooood!! Mmm... Can't... Ain't... Ya gonna make me... Ya gonna make me blow my fuckin' load!!”

“Hold it.”

“N-No! I-I can't!!” Yanking the chain once more, Kiryu pulled Majima's torso closer, his back bouncing against his chest as he continued bucking into him for all he was worth. Launching into him harder still, he roared out loudly, the fire in his voice making Majima instantly stiffen.

“If you don't hold it, I'll choke the life out of you. Fucking hold it, you little bastard.”

“F-Fuck...” He's not going to last if I keep that up. Hmm. Pulling out, Kiryu slipped the chain off him and lay on the ground, chest heaving as Majima stared in confusion mixed disappointment. “Haw? K-Kiryu...?”

“Climb on. Ride me, Majima.” Crawling forwards, limbs shaking in excitement, Majima straddled Kiryu gently, holding his dick to his hole and lowered himself down carefully. Kiryu grinned, watching his eye roll to the back of his head, bottom lip trembling hard.

“Yer so fuckin' big... So thick... F-Fuck, ya fill me right up. Mmm, Kiryu... Kiryu-chan... Can I... Can I start now?”

“Sure. Look at you asking nicely.” Reaching up, Kiryu stroked his cheek softly, sighing when Majima gripped his hand, pushing his face into it harder. “Such a good boy.”

Raising his hips a few inches, Majima placed his hands on Kiryu's chest and ground down hard, groaning loudly between pants. A few more times and his confidence was increasing rapidly, bouncing happily as he fucked himself harder. Damn, I want to cum inside of him so bad. So fucking bad. But he did ask me to fill his mouth instead. And he asked so nicely... I guess that was before he knew I was going to fuck him... Hmm, what to do... Letting his fingers scrape up Majima's chest, Kiryu gave his nipples a quick squeeze, rolling them between his fingers. Studying Majima's face, he knew he was close. The way he clenched his jaw, grinding his teeth as damp hair flopped into his eye every time he bounced... It was truly a sight to behold.

“You're close, aren't you Majima?”

“Mmm... Y-Yeah!” Digging his nails into Majima's hips, Kiryu held him in place. “H-Haw? Whatcha... Nrgh... Whatcha doin'?” Planting his feet on the floor, Kiryu thrust upwards hard, hissing between clenched teeth as Majima let out a choked scream. Bouncing violently while Kiryu rocketed into him, he let his head fall forwards, managing to gasp out, sweat dripping from his nose. “Ki-Kiryu... Please!! Shit! Can... Please... P-Please can I cum now? I don't think I'm gonna be able ta hold on m-much longer!! I... I need ta... Mmm... Please!!”

“Sure. Cum for me, Majima.” On command, Majima threw back his head, a loud, feral type howl rising from deep within his throat. Fucking into him slower, Kiryu grinned as his entire body convulsed hard, shot after shot of cum splashing onto his own stomach. I didn't even have to touch him... And he's coming this hard. Damn, Majima. You really enjoyed this, hmm?

“Kiryu... Kiryu-chan, fuuuuck! Mm... So... So good! Kiryuuuu...” Staring at the puddle on his stomach, Kiryu tutted loudly, pausing his thrusting. Majima snapped his head forwards, his eye wide as he stammered weakly. “H-Huh? Did I... Did I do somethin' wrong?”

“You've made a mess, Majima. Clean it. We're not done yet.”

“We... We ain't?”

“Nope. But first, clean your mess.” Nodding uncertainly, Majima scooped up the cum from Kiryu's stomach, raising his finger to his mouth. “Ah, ah, ah. Now what the fuck do you think you're doing?”

“Haw? I... Uh... Cleanin' ya up?”

“You came because of me. I should get to enjoy it too. Here.” Opening his mouth, Kiryu felt a shudder run down his spine as Majima whimpered softly, inserting his fingers into Kiryu's mouth. A few more scoops and his stomach was clean. Licking his lips, Kiryu chuckled softly. “Fuck, you really do taste so damn good, Majima. Mmm, you're the best I've tasted actually.”

“R-Really? Hehe!!”

“Mnhm. So. Are you still waiting?”

“W-Whatcha mean?”

“Earlier, you said you wanted me to cum in your mouth. Is this still what you wa-”

“Yes!! Mmm...Yes please, Kiryu!!”

“What are you waiting for? Get the fuck off me so I can fuck your throat.” Jumping up quickly, Majima winced slightly before getting onto his knees. “Are you sore, Majima?”

“Yeah. Thank you, Kiryu-chan.” Fuck, he's so perverted. Just the way I like him, heh. Standing in front of him, Kiryu was pleased to see his mouth already wide open.

“Good, nice and eager.” Sliding down his throat slowly, Kiryu tightened his grip on Majima's hair. He knew it wasn't going to be long. Shuddering below him as deep moans rumbled through his body, Majima immediately began bobbing his head back and forward quickly. “S-Shit, you're desperate for this aren't you? Ngh... You're desperate for me to fill your dirty, little mouth with cum aren't you? Fuck, Majimaa!!” Growling as Majima clawed his thighs hard, Kiryu held his head still and bucked into his mouth as hard as he could, revelling in the lewd squelching sounds that were now filling the room. “Are you ready, Majima? Fuck, I said are you ready!?” Yanking his dick out of Majima's mouth, Kiryu gave him a hard slap across the face.

“Oww... Y-Yeah! Fuck!! Kiryu-chan, please! Pleaaseee. Gimme it. Cum in my mouth. I need ya ta fill it... I need ta taste ya again... I wanna swallow every last fuckin' drop... I've been such a good boy, ain't I? I'm a real good dog fer ya, ain't I, Kiryu-chan?” That was it. That was all he could take. Thanks to Majima's words, he had reached his limit. Nodding to Majima, he tried to stand still as his body shook hard.

“O-Open your mouth wide! Let me see it!! Fuck, Majima!! I want to see it squirt onto your tongue!” Chest heaving, Kiryu watched as Majima's eye scrunched shut when the first shot sprayed onto his tongue, spreading quickly. Another squirt hit him hard, leaking from his mouth, running down his chin. It was too tempting. Majima couldn't take it anymore. He tightened his lips around Kiryu's dick, swirling his tongue around the head, gently lapping at the slit between spurts. Finally when Kiryu had finished, he pushed him back, opening his mouth wide. “Ma... Majima... What... What are you... Doing?” Panting out shakily, Kiryu could do nothing but watch as Majima used his finger to collect what had dribbled down his chin. Scraping it into his mouth, he finally closed it, swallowing loudly, groaning out breathily afterwards.

“Mmm, so fuckin' good. Did... Did ya enjoy yerself, Kiryu-chan? D-Did I do good?”

“I did. And you did. I'm very impressed, Majima. Come here. Let me show you how proud of you I am.”

“Haw? O-Okay...” Clambering to his feet on shaky legs, Majima stood in front of Kiryu, awkwardly rubbing his arm. Cradling his face, Kiryu pulled him close, sighing softly when Majima's big brown eye met his own.

“Hey... I mean it. You did really, really good. You're so damn cute, Majima. Do you know that?” Pressing his lips against Majima's, Kiryu roamed his mouth thoroughly, the desperation in Majima's tongue making his chest ache. Pulling back, he licked his lips, smirking slightly as he tasted himself faintly. “So. Are you going to tell me what this was all about?” Lowering his head, Majima sighed, nodding sadly.

“Yeah. Guess I should. First I jus' wanna say I'm sorry. Not fer cuttin' ya, that's no biggie. But yer back...”

“Do I look in pain? It's fine. Get on with it.” Nodding, Majima fidgeted with his hands, until Kiryu grabbed them and placed them around his neck. Wrapping his own arms around Majima's back, he nodded for him to continue.

“Ya were right. I jus'... I didn't want people thinkin' different of me 'cause I'm... Y'know.”

“Because you're what?”


“Because you're what, Majima?”


“Shit. Majima, why couldn't you just believe me? You saw with your own eye how your men acted when I said I fucked you. They didn't bat an eye. I told you, everyone has assumed we've been doing this for months. Nobody cares, Majima. Nobody gives a shit.”

“I... I know that now. I jus'... I wanted ta embarrass ya fer what ya did ta me. I felt... I was worried in case it got out. If ya knew I enjoyed it an' told people... Nrgh. That's why I acted that way in the wood afterwards... I was fuckin' terrified. So I stayed away. 'Cause I knew if I didn't... I wouldn'ta been able ta keep my hands off ya.”

“And now?”

“An' now... Hehe!! I don't... I don't give two hot shits!! This is waayyy too much fuckin' fun!! This is who I am. An' if anyone don't like it? I'll break their fuckin' face!!”

“Heh, that's more like it. I can help you, if you'd like. And afterwards...”

“I can show ya my gratitude, eh? Hehe! Yer on, Kiryu-chaaan!!” Walking over to the stage, Majima hopped on and grabbed a bag from the corner, tossing it to Kiryu. “Here, yer clothes are in there. Gotta say though, ya look a lot better without 'em!!”

“Heh, right back at you.”

“Shiiiit, man! I still can't fuckin' believe it!” Pulling on his clothes, Kiryu cocked his head, watching as Majima buttoned his shirt up.


“I fucked ya. I fucked Kiryu fuckin' Kazuma. Hehe!! An' from now on, I'm the only one who's gonna be able ta have that power over ya!! I mean... I am the only one yer fuckin'... Right, Kiryu-chan?”

“Of course. You're the only one I want. Ever since I first saw you. You're all I've wanted, Majima. But you're wrong.” Heading outside, Kiryu lit up two smokes, handing one to Majima as he followed him out the door.

“The only one? Me? Hehe... Kiryu-chan! Wait... Wrong? 'Bout what?”

“You've always had power over me. Don't you realise how you're the only one I let jump me? I put up with all the shit you throw at me and all of your stunts because I need you, Majima. From the moment that ass sauntered into my life... You had power over me that nobody else has. And if I'm honest? Power that I don't think anyone else will ever have.” Taking a long draw of his cigarette, Majima grinned wide, nodding happily.

“Hehe!! That's fineeee with me, Kiryu-chaaan!! So. Ya uh... Ya wanna get a drink or somethin'?”


“Ya better not drug me again, mind.”

“Don't need to. I can have you whenever and wherever I want. That's one of the perks of being your owner. Damn, I can fuck you in the middle of the bar, if I wanted to.”

“S-Shit... Hehe... Yes, Kiryu-chan.” Pulling him close, Kiryu kissed him gently, smirking when Majima groaned into his mouth.

“Fuck, I can't get enough of you, you know that?”

“K-Kiryu-chan... After we've had a drink, why don't we head back ta yer place, hm? I could spend the night?”

“You're insatiable, Majima.”

“Mnhmmm! Gotta keep my owner happy, ain't I? One of the perks of bein' yer dog, ain't it, Kiryu-chaaan?” Chuckling quietly, Kiryu shook his head.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Slipping his fingers between Kiryu's, Majima nodded and began to walk forward. “Majima... You sure you want to do this?”

“Haw?” Nodding towards their intertwined fingers, Kiryu shrugged.

“It's fine if you aren't ready.”

“Kiryu-chan? Ya can punish me later fer this, but shut the fuck up an' come onnnn!” Smirking as he nodded, Kiryu followed him out of the alleyway, grinning when Majima began swinging their hands back and forward happily. People gave a few looks, but neither of them gave a shit.

“You're right.”


“I am going to punish you for that. Bad dog, Majima.”

“Ya love it though, right?” Squeezing Majima's fingers harder, Kiryu grinned, nodding slowly.

“Bad fucking dog.”