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The Promise

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Basic Info on Characters and World/Disclaimers:

This is an ABO fic, there will be elements such as heats/rutts and **MPREG** so if you don’t like, or are uncomfortable with these types of things, please be aware.

Speaking of discomfort, lol. I am not exactly comfortable with Mpreg myself, however I had this story idea in my head and couldn’t get it out for the life of me. I think it’s a really good fic idea so I decided to venture into uncharted (for myself) territory.

**Not a typical ABO**

Because I am newer to ABO (this is my second fic/AU) then be warned I don’t follow a lot of the “traditional” ABO “rules”. Since the genre is fantasy I have decided to take some liberties to both suit the story and my personal comfort level. That said I’m going to outline some things that may be different in this fic (or maybe people do it all the time, I don’t know, lol) as well as come key points about the story you should know.

*** KEY Story Information****


1) Male Omegas are uncommon.
Though they do exist (obviously) Male Omegas are considered the most rare form of wolf. Most packs may never have a Male Omega born within them and on average, packs that do tend to have only a handful at most (two to five). There are some exceptions, such as packs like Jimin’s where Male Omega are actually the norm. Some packs view them as rare blessings, others as a curse, yet most see them as weaker men than their non-Omega counterparts.

2) Presenting:
There is no presenting in this fic. Wolves classes are easily discerned at birth by scent as to what their class is with Alphas typically having more earthy scents (dirt, rain, trees, etc), Omegas having more sweet scents (sugar, candy, pastry) and Betas having more floral scents (lavender, rose, tulip). Male Omegas tend to have a mix of scents, usually sweet and floral like Omega and Beta mixed.

3) Male Omegas and Birth:
Male Omegas always either mimic their partners in when it comes to pups (ie. if mate is an Alpha they birth an Alpha, if mate is a Beta they have a Beta, etc.) OR they give birth to another MALE Omega. A male Omega will never birth a female Omega.

4) Male Omega and Birth continued: High Mortality Rate
Male Omega have difficult/dangerous pregnancies. Though their bodies are made with the functions of a female wolf (think fully developed hermaphrodite- ie. they contain the reproductive organs of both sexes), past rep organs, they are fundamentally male. That said their bodies don’t adjust to pregnancy the same as a fully developed woman. They have wombs and their organs are able to shift to make room for the fetus, but their hips don’t always spread as widely as what is needed for the baby to pass organically. This makes birth difficult, often resulting in drawn out labor, excessive pain, internal bleeding and damage as well as the loss of both the wolf and the pup.

4B) THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION- I am not a doctor, I’m winging this, if you want accuracy then - I don’t know, google that shit.

5) This is NOT set in the modern world.
Wolves live in packs in various parts of the country's forests. They work and operate each
in their own way (ie. their own trades/abilities/survival methods). Though on average they often have a single Pack Leader (usually the most dominant Alpha) and various smaller “family” packs within the collective. Packs can be anywhere from small (10 to 20 wolves) to Large (100+ wolves). They often stay in small cottages/homes and farm/hunt off of the local land. Once a pack claims an area it is theirs for as long as they can hold onto it, if they are challenged for their packlands and lose then survivors are runoff. These wolves often end up becoming Feral Wolves if they are unable to find another pack to take them in.

6) Feral Wolves:
Feral Wolves are lone wolves or former pack wolves that have been kicked out their packs/off their lands for various reasons. These wolves have given into their inherent nature and no longer embrace their “Human” side, instead choosing to live in their wolf forms for the duration of their lives. They’re often wild and aggressive with very little thought past base instincts. They’re scavengers that can often be found in the areas between claimed pack lands.

Not everything is going to be accurate, because I’m imagining this. I may use lingo or even items that don’t seem like they belong in that time period. Just know that I got certified and successfully obtained my creative license, so it’s all good. Enjoy the story and realize that i’m just making stuff up as I go along, lol.

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Kim TaeHyung huffed and kicked at a small leaf pile. The young wolf shot a glare over his shoulder in the direction of his cousins before sniffing and moving to sit under a large tree muttering to himself. He hated his cousins and he hated his life! Why did things have to be so difficult?! Why couldn’t he just be an Alpha or Beta like everyone other male in his family?! Why?!

Frustrated the boy stood and gave another angry kick, this time to a small pebble. However the pebble wasn’t a pebble at all, but the tip of a nice sized rock sticking out from beneath the dirt.

“Ow! For friggty frack!” the boy exclaimed, hopping and cradling his injured foot.

“That wasn’t smart,” a voice said from somewhere.

Wincing the Omega dropped his foot and quickly whirled around no less than three times, but saw nothing. Was he hearing things?

“Does it still hurt?” the voice asked again.

“Who said that?!” TaeHyung demanded holding up both fists for a fight before realizing. “Wait… are you a fairy?”

A giggle. “I’ve never been called a fairy before.” The raspy voice commented in a soft thoughtful tone.

So it wasn’t a fairy?! Then what? Where? Why couldn’t he see it?!

“An angel?” he tried again.

Another giggle. “You’re cute,” the voice said.

Feeling something brush against the top of his head Tae jumped back and looked up, only to see another wolf hanging upside down and holding a thin branch with a leaf attached on the end. The boy was maybe around his age, had beautiful silver hair, small eyes, full lips and rosy cheeks (if that was natural or from his inverted state remained to be seen). He also wore a long pale cloak with a hood that hung limply behind his head as he dangled, his legs hooked around a thick branch.

“Where did you come from?” TaeHyung demanded in confusion.

“My parents- you?”

Blinking in confusion at the choice of response, the dark haired Omega made a slight face. “Uh… my parents too… I guess.”

Upside-down boy smiled. “That’s good. For a moment I thought you’d say The Fox.”

TaeHyung made a face at that. “I’m not a baby!” he exclaimed, referring to the other boy’s reference of a children's tale commonly told by parents who didn’t want to tell their pups where babies really came from. They often claimed that a sneaky fox from the heavens secretly brought pups down from within the clouds to deserving parents and packs.

“Well, can you blame me?” the boy asked with a look of wide eyed innocence that Tae didn’t believe for a second, “You believe in fairies.”

“Haha,” the dark haired wolf muttered pouting and turning to leave. “I’m gonna find a place where no one picks on me.”

“I wasn’t pickin tho,” the silver haired boy responded.

“Then what?” Tae asked turning to look up at him again. “Aren’t you dizzy like that?”

“Like what?” the boy asked. “Upside down?” When TaeHyung nodded he shook his head. “Nah, so far my record is twenty minutes before I get light headed and fall.”

“What about your cloak?” the blond boy asked indicting the item and easily distracted from his second question. “One false move and everyone can see your bits.”

“Fair point,” The silver haired boy giggled and put his hands back onto the branch, pulling himself right side up agan. “Whew… dizzy.”

“Thought you didn’t get dizzy for twenty minutes?” the onyx haired pup asked.

“I don’t get light headed AND FALL for twenty minutes,” the silver boy clarified holding up a finger for emphases.

TaeHyung scoffed and shook his head, but didn’t move to leave anymore. “What’s your name?”

“Me?” silver boy asked indicating himself. “Jimin… Park Jimin- you?”

“TaeHyung… Kim TaeHyung,” the other replied shuffling from foot to foot. “Is your pack usually here? Like, at the festival?”

“Mmm,” Jimin nodded. “This is my second year, yours?”

“Yea- it’s my third year,” the boy responded. “So your pack is the one who wears those cloaks?”

“Mmm,” the silver haired boy nodded once more. “We do a lot of textiles. There aren’t many hunters or fighters in my pack so we live off of what we make. What about yours?”

“Ahh, is your pack the only ones who wear those hooded cloaks then? They’re so pretty,” TaeHyung said, recalling seeing them around every year. They came in so many colors and the wolves in them always looked regal to the point he’d never imagined any of them could be kids like him. “Mine? We do a mix, we have hunters in our pack, as well as tradesmen. We come here to trade our spirits and wines and make connect with other packs.” He replied repeating what he often heard is Abeoji say.

“So… what’cha was crying for?” Jimin asked leaning against the tree.

TaeHyung made a face. “I wasn’t crying.”

“Were too.”

“Was not.”

“Was too.”




Jimin’s eyes got wide and he held up both hands in surrender. “Fine. Pouting then.”

“I wasn- how old are you?” TaeHyung demanded, now that the boy was right side up, he definitely looked younger than him.

“I’m eight- you?”

“...Eight too…” the lanky Omega frowned.

“When’s your birthday?”

TaeHyung flushed, knowing that because of how late in the year he was born, the other boy was probably going to be *slightly* older.”


“October,” Jimin grinned before adding in a cheeky tone. “You can call me Hyung.” A glare was his response. The slightly older wolf giggled and shifted, jumping agily off of the high branch and causing Tae to go wide eyed.

“That doesn’t hurt?!”

“What? Jumping?” the silver haired boy asked confused. “Why would it?”

He jumped all the time and hadn't hurt himself once… well… technically, since that time had been more of a fall than a jump.

“Just… that was high,” TaeHyung pouted looking up at the high distance between the branch and the ground. “That has to be like…. A hundred feet!”

“No… only two,” Jimin said looking down at his feet and bouncing on the heels. “See?”

The lanky boy giggled. The other wolf was weird but he liked him…

“So… you gonna say why you were pouting?” the boy asked giving a twirl as if nervous energy didn’t allow him to know the meaning of sitting still.

The dark haired wolf shrugged and toed the leaves on the ground, his gaze averted. “I just was….”

“But why?” the silver haired boy asked, suddenly popping into view, his eyes wide and curious.

TaeHyung blinked and almost jumped back before pausing, giving a long sniff with his nose. “You’re Omega!” he said pointing dramatically at the other boy.

“Yeah… so are you,” Jimin responded as though it were obvious.

“But… male Omega don’t happen a lot… I think I’m one of two in my pack right now…” Tae frowned studying the other boy and wondering why he seemed so calm right now.

“...I’m like one of twenty,” the other replied matter of fact. “My pack has the largest male Omega populace in the vicinity.”

The lankier pup scrunched his nose. “What’s a pop-you-lace? And a vicinity?”

Jimin looked at him, blinked, then scratched the side of his head before twirling and hopping onto and then off of a nearby bolder. “Dunno!” he admitted in a singsong voice. “I just hear my Appa say it a lot when we’re at festivals like this. But I think it means there’s a lot of us or somethin.”

The other boy made an ‘O’ with his mouth before following behind Jimin, mimicking his actions.

“So whatcha was upset about?” Jimin asked again turning abruptly to face TaeHyung and causing the other Omega to go wide eyed and almost stumble back before his new friend caught him. Or at least he THOUGHT they were friends.


“Yeah, I’m one,” Jimin nodded confused.

“No… being one… like I said, they’re are only two of us in the pack…. My Appa was an Omega too, but he died having me and my cousins say I’m gonna die the same way because boy’s ain’t supposta have pups.”

Jimin tilted his head and frowned. “That’s stupid. If boy’s wasn’t supposta have pups then they wouldn’t get preg-er-nant.”

Tae paused, a pout pulling at his lips as he thought about what Jimin said. It made sense… but still. “All the male Omega in our pack who have had a pup die… I don’t wanna die…” the boy looked at the other Omega with wide watery eyes, his fear coming to the surface now that his anger had abated.

Jimin blinked and moved over, patting him on the back in a ‘there, there’ motion. “That’s okay, just don’t have pups.”

“But what if issa accident tho?” TaeHyung frowned looking over at him, a tear escaping as he blinked. A small, warm, chubby hand wiped away his tears.

“Well…. How do you get pups?” Jimin asked trying to figure out a solution.

“Uh… well, not the Fox,” Tae declared, his uncle had told him that was a fairytale.

“I know that,” Jimin sighed in an overly exasperated tone. “But how tho? My Appa says he’ll tell me when I’m old enough to get my heats.”

“Oh!” Tae clapped suddenly remembering the conversation he’d overheard between two of his older cousins. “That’s it! Heats! That’s how you get pups! When an Omega is in heat they get preger-nant with pups if an Alpha sniffs their butt!”

Jimin burst into giggles, the sound was light and tinkling. Though TaeHyung tried to be indignant he wasn’t able to keep his facide as the shorter boy doubled over, a loud squeak escaping from between his lips. “You said butt!!” he repeated pointing at the taller boy.

Realizing he had, TaeHyung joined in the laughter as well for much longer than the small joke required. When they were done, now sitting on the ground and wiping their tears Jimin scrunched his nose and made a face. “Well then it’s easy! Don’t let any Alpha sniff your butt once your heat begins!” He declared throwing his arms out with flourish as if he’d solved all of the mysteries of life.

Taking this into account and stifling another giggle TaeHyung nodded. “Hmm, I guess I can… but what if an Alpha sniffs it on accident? They’re weird, Alphas are. They’re always wrestling and sniffing and biting at each other.”

“That IS weird,” Jimin frowned, finding it odd. His pack was the opposite of most, mainly Beta and Omega, with Alphas few and far between. The dominating wolves usually left the pack around the time they began to rutt- his Abeoji said it was for the best of the group- whatever THAT meant. “Well….” he continued rubbing his chin like he’d seen the staining ajusshi do when he was working on a design for the cloaks. He wasn’t sure why the man did it, but after doing it for awhile he usually came up with something good, so Jimin figured it couldn’t hurt.

TaeHyung watched him curiously, not knowing why the other Omega was rubbing his chin and frowning while looking in the distance. He turned to see what he was looking at but it was just festival goers as usual, nothing new. The lanky boys brows furrowed and he leaned in a bit, whispering. “What are you doing?”

“I’m consiplating…” Jimin repeated the answer he’d been given when he’d asked ajusshi the same question.

“What’s… cons-ipla… whatever?” Tae frowned.

Jimin shushed him in response. After another minute or so Jimin jumped up dramatically, everything he did was dramatic, Taehyung noticed. “That’s it!!” He exclaimed pointing at himself. “I’ll do it!”

“...Do...what?” the other Omega asked slowly.

“I’ll stop you from dying if an Alpha sniffs yer butt!” Jimin frowned, confused as to why Tae couldn’t seem to keep up.

The other boys eyes went wide. “How?”

“I….” the smaller Omega paused, he hadn’t thought that far. “I dunno yet… but I will,” he continued in an self assured tone. “I know I will.”

“How do you know?” Tae frowned still watching him from his spot sitting on the ground.

Jimin plopped both hands onto his waist, standing with his feet braced apart and chest puffed out. “Because I will.” He declared. “My pack has tons of male Omegas and none of them die hardly,” he told his friend. “Both my Abeoji and my Appa are alive and you will be too. I promise.”

“....” The dark haired Omega nervously chewed on his lip before looking up at Jimin through long lashes. “...Promise?”

The smaller boy extended his pinky finger, a determined glint in his eyes. “Promise.”

TaeHyung eyed it hopefully before asking. “Why would you do that for me?”

Jimin frowned. “Cuz, your my best friend! Duh!”

The other boys got impossibly large. “I am!?”

For the first time since they met, the silver haired Omega seemed to turn shy, his hand lowering slightly as he shifted uncomfortably. “You don’t wanna be?”

“Of course I do!” Tae said quickly, hopping up his face determined. “I want to be your best friend forever!”

A wide smile, missing a side tooth was his response. “Me too!”

A boxy smile, also missing a side tooth, was his reply.

“So Promise?” Jimin asked again extending the hand and pinky finger.

TaeHyung hooked it with his own. “Promise!”

They hooked fingers and each kissed their thumbs.

“Don’t get your but sniffed,” Jimin warned.

“You either,” Tae replied, before both boys burst into giggles and linked arms, skipping off to enjoy the festival.

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14 Years Later

Jeon Packlands


Min Yoongi glanced anxiously back towards his own small home, silently willing his mate to stay put as he jogged over to the cottage located just up the lane from a larger manor. Arriving he knocked hurriedly on the door. Not receiving a response, he resorted to beating on it for over a minute straight while sporadically looking back for signs of a pissed off mate.

He would love to say he was surprised to see the pretty curvy Omega open the door instead of his Jungguk, but he wasn’t. Making a face of distaste as the odors of dried slick and cum wafted to his nose, the Alpha rolled his eyes and made a ‘get away’ motion.

“This isn’t your house, get Gguk.”

The Omega frowned at him, her eyes narrowing and dark orbs flicking over the male. What a waste he’d ended up being.

 “He’s asleep,” she said in a voice much too high for Yoongi’s liking.

 “Well wake his ass up,” the Alpha responded non-pulsed, his gaze once again flicking behind him back towards his own house. He didn’t know how much time he had.

 “He’s in a deep sleep, ” the Omega responded with a smirk. “ Sorry…

 He glared. “You’re about to be-”

He cut off as the door was abruptly pulled open and a sleepy, messy haired Jungguk appeared. It seemed as if the Alpha had in fact been asleep, but Yoongi knew better- there was no chance with the type of personality Gguk had he’d sleep through someone pounding on his door. More likely than not the Alpha had chosen to take a piss before blessing them with his presence.

“Sup Hyung?” he asked drowsily, rubbing his hair and his bare chest before stretching.

“You reek, did you stay up all night fucking?” the shorter Alpha asked making a face.

“Eh, maybe. Who knows… When you’re not mated you don’t have to fuck on a time schedule so it’s possible,” he smirked. He wasn’t going to let his Hyung guilt him, they’d just gotten back from a victorious hunt yesterday morning and he was celebrating.

“Whatever,” the elder rolled his eyes, his gaze flicking over the disheveled form of his younger brother. “As much as I’d like to tell you to put on a fucking shirt, I don’t care right now. We need to talk,” Yoongi sighed before turning and taking a few steps from the house, signaling for Jungguk to follow.

The younger Alpha made a slight face and scratched his shoulder before moving to do so.

“Oppa, I thought you were still sleep,” the female Omega pouted catching his arm before he could leave.

“And I thought you’d gone home,” was the droll response. “Guess we were both wrong.” The Alpha smirked before pulling his arm free and heading over to the snorting Yoongi.

“Are you sure you should leave her in your house after pissing her off like that?” the older male chuckled glancing back at the glaring Omega.

“Worst thing she can do is still be there when I get back,” the younger shrugged stifling a yawn.

“You’re an asshole,” his Hyung said shaking his head. “But that’s her problem, I have a more pressing concern.”

“TaeHyung.” Jungguk surmised before the other male could even say it.

“How’d you know?”

“Because there’s only one person, place or thing you consider ‘Pressing’ and that’s Kim TaeHyung,” the younger Alpha shrugged, nodding to one of the cultivators as they passed making their way along the path to a more secluded area just next to the stream.

“How is he all of that?” the blond man snorted.

“You tell me,” Gguk yawned leaning against the tree, his hands in his pockets. Personally he didn’t understand either, why his Hyung was so into the other male, why he mated him instead of just fucking him like a normal Alpha would. However in the end it was Yoongi’s choice and not his business. “So what’s up?”

“...I need a favor.”

Okay… .”

“You know how we found out a few months ago that Tae was pregnant right?”

“How could I not? You were whooping it up through the whole village telling everyone you were gonna be an Abejoi,” the younger male frowned in distaste at the memory. He’d never seen his Hyung act like that, and with luck he’d never see it again.

“Right…” the elder actually blushed a bit and Jungguk shook his head slightly. He swore the change in Yoongi’s personality since he’d met his mate was astounding. “Well here’s the thing… you know that births for male Omegas are… complicated .”

“Mmm, and dangerous,” Jungguk nodded, bending down to pluck up a blade of grass and chewing on the tip.

“Yeah…” Yoongi frowned falling silent for a moment before the younger Alpha lightly kicked his shin.

“You okay?” Gguk asked concerned.

“Yeah… it’s just, look here’s the thing. You’re the pack leader right?”

“Somehow,” the Alpha said dryly.

Though they both knew it was a lot more complicated than that. Jungguk was a Jeon, the most pure and dominant breed of Alpha in their whole pack. His Great Great Harabeoji was one of the wolves that had started the pack and though, in the end, it became an amalgamation- including wolves born within their ranks, the wolves they mated with, and the occasional ousted wolf. The Jeons were still considered to be the foundation.

Jungguks own Abeoji had been one of their packs greatest leaders, it had hit them all hard when he’d been killed as suddenly as he was. JungHae had been betrayed by someone he'd tried to help and died in battle whilst saving the lives of several of his fellow pack mates. There was no greater honor for an Alpha… but he’d still left behind an eight year old pup with the weight of a pack on his small shoulders.

Gguk had turned nineteen last year and, as expected due to both his lineage and skills (he’d been dubbed The Golden Alpha), had taken over the reigns as pack leader. He performed his duty as flawlessly as everything else he did, and though the elders still wielded a certain amount of control within the pack due to experience, the last word was Gguks and Gguks alone. And that was what Yoongi needed right now… That last word.

“I need you to give permission to bring in a wolf from another pack… a…” he hesitated before finishing slowly. “A Northern pack…”

The younger Alpha frowned his eyes squinting. They didn’t let Northern wolves into their pack… not since his Abeoji had been set up all those years ago.

“Why would you ask me this?” the Alpha inquired slowly, his tone wasn’t harsh just… measured. Jungguk trusted Yoongi with his life, the older wolf had been one of his role models and his blood brother. So he knew there had to be a reason his Hyung would ask him to do something so untoward.

“TaeHyung…” Yoongi repeated exhaling. “He lost both his Appa and one of his Harabeojis to birthing… he’s terrified Gguk. He’s alternating between refusing to have the pup and declaring he’s going to go up north himself-”

“But why?” Jungguk frowned, he didn’t get the correlation.

“His friend… well, his best friend in the whole world slash soulmate, as he tells it,” Yoongi added with a sigh. “It’s an Omega named Jimin, apparently they’ve known one another since they were pups and TaeHyung is * convinced* that the only way he’ll live through giving birth is if Jimin is here to help him.”

The younger Alpha squinted at him and frowned. “...How so?”

“No idea,” Yoongi admitted, annoyance tingling his tone. “But he’s convinced, completely, and I can’t get him to see reason. He’s packing his fucking bags Gguk! He says he’s going to reach Jimin’s side before he gives birth or die trying.”

“And you’re okay with this?” Jungguk asked confused.

The smaller Alpha blinked and shrugged. “Well, yeah. I trust my mate, there aren't’ sexual feelings involved. This Omega, whomever he is, is TaeHyung's comfort zone. They met at like nine or ten years old and have always kept in touch, even after we mated and Tae moved here he uses that damn bird to send him letters. Hell, I knew about Jimin before I knew about his parents.”

Jungguk snorted and rubbed his brows. “This is going to be a pain in the ass you know?” He knew the Elders would be a hard sell and there'd be a great chance he may have to ‘pull rank’ on this one.

“Yeah… but it needs to happen.. It WILL happen Gguk. Even if I have to go alone.”

The younger male kicked him in the hip. “Why would you have to go alone idiot Hyung? Besides it’s just one Omega right? What harm could it do?”

“There was a point where I would have agreed with you,” the elder sighed.

“But then you met TaeHyung?” Jungguk snorted.

Then I met TaeHyung, ” Yoongi repeated amused.

Gguk shook his head. “I don’t know how you do it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Tae’s striking in terms of his looks… but he’s still a guy. Like… don’t his twig and berries get in the way?”

“Not if you enjoy eating them,” Yoongi smirked.

“Eww! Fucking gross Hyung! ” the younger Alpha exclaimed shoving him and moving away from the tree. “Now I need to wash my brain out with soap.”

“Wash your dick off first, at this rate it’s going to fall off,” the elder snorted as they started back up the path. “You know maybe the reason you can’t find an Omega you like is because you’re looking at the wrong type-”

DON’T start,” Jungguk rolled his eyes. Every since Yoongi had met and fallen for TaeHyung he’d been trying to convince them all to try male Omegas (luckily for them they were few and far between in these areas). “I like quim not cock, thank you very much.”

“You just haven’t had the right cock,” the blond responded dryly.

“I haven’t had any cock,” Gguk made a face. “Besides there’s no such thing. Male Omega don’t do it for me. I mean if that’s you then good, but it’s not me. I don’t find them at all attractive sexually, not their looks, not their scents, definitely not their bodies.”

“That’s because you won’t give them a chance, Hobi changed his mind.”

“Hobi-hyung is a freak, he’ll try anything or anyone once. I have my standards,” Jungguk rolled his eyes.

“Do you?” Yoongi smirked, his gaze on Gguks house as the female Omega from earlier loitered around the entrance awaiting their return.

The Alpha huffed . “For fucks sake.”

“Be careful,” his Hyung warned. “You know there’s no greater catch than the pack leader or better yet his pup.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know,” he said flipping the laughing Yoongi off as the (now much more relaxed) Alpha made his way back to his home to give his mate the good news.

Chapter Text

Several Days Later

The Park Packlands


Jimin looked over as a knock sounded at his door, quickly throwing everything haphazardly into the bag before him, he shoved it under his bed. “Coming!” he called as he set about forcing the other bag in as well. When the overly large item wouldn’t fit he went over to the wardrobe to stuff it in there instead.

“Jimin open the door,” he heard his Appa sigh jiggling the handle.

“Coming !” the Omega called again, wedging the chair under the wardrobe handle so it wouldn't pop open and reveal his sins. Looking around to make sure everything was put away he grabbed his bow and quivers, throwing them over his shoulder and unlocked the door. “What is it?”

His Appa slapped the side of his head. “Don’t ‘What is it’ me,” the man frowned before asking suspiciously. “What were you up to?”

“Nothing,” he pouted much to innocently.

“Nothing my toned ass.”

“Gross Appa, I really don't want to consider your ass condition,” the younger Omega complained making a face. “What’s the rush anyway?”

“The pack leader wants to see you,” the older male said with a slight frown.

“...Why?” Jimin asked slowly, his gaze taking in his father and the slightly off tinge to his scent.

“I’m not sure-”

-but you don’t like it. ” Jimin finished for him.

The elder Omega sighed and pulled the bow and quivers off of Jimin. “Leave these outside.” He said putting them into the younger males hands before pulling up the large hood up on Jimin's cloak and slightly shielding his face. “Let’s go.”

The silver haired Omega frowned but did as he was told, his hands gripping his bow as he followed his Appa out of their home. He remained silent, even bored until they neared the almost palace like structure that housed their pack leader, a male Omega named SungWoo. It was then that Jimin noticed something that gave him a pause, his eyes flicking over the scene then going to his Appa- whose nervousness was growing by the moment.


There were at least four of them waiting outside of the building, Jimin quickly moved to the side, hiding his hunting gear behind a tree just up the path before joining his Appa once more. They remained silent, though the older Omega did take his hand as they got closer to the Alphas who looked curiously in their direction. Neither male spoke to the wolves, instead moving regally passed them, their heads held high, hoods shielding a majority of their faces. It was a brief walk through the main entryway and to the left to reach the large counsel room. Jimin had only been inside of the area a handful of times including when the pups did a tour for school, and when he and his friend Taemin had broken five windows on various homes with a ricocheting arrow and been called to task.

“Pack Leader,” his Appa said bowing slightly to the older Omega as they arrived. Jimin bowed as well,  silently noting the frowning presence of his Abeoji.

“JiMyun,” the man said before his gaze turned to the younger wolf. “JiMin-ah….” he remarked becokening the young Omega closer.

There was a small hesitation on his part before the wolf did as bid. Jimin has only moved a few steps before he noticed that they were not alone. His gaze turned to the side and he hesitated once more, noticing another three Alphas in the room… unfortunately for him, one looked familiar. It was an Alpha he’d beaten in the archery contest at a trade festival a few months back.

Why was he here?

Blinking Jimin continued over to the elder Omega. SungWoo smiled a bit when he arrived, lifting his hands he gently lowered the hood of the cloak obscuring Jimin’s face, taking in the silvery locks that cascaded down his shoulder and disappeared beneath his cloak.

“How old are you now, Jimin-ah?” the wolf asked.

The Omega cleared his throat and shifted a bit from foot to foot, a nervous action he had that he was working on- a remnant from his hyperactive youth. “Twenty-two this year… Pack Leader,” he said in a soft, lispy tone.

The Alpha shifted a bit closer as he spoke as if taking in the sound of his voice.

“Mmm… that’s a bit older than normal…”

“I don’t think so Pack Leader. After all wolves usually live until about sixty if they’re in good health,” the Omega countered.

“Jimin!” both of his parents exclaimed in unison, while SungWoo chuckled.

“That mouth of yours is a reason you’ve had such a hard time finding a mate,” the elder chided dryly.

Jimin fought a frown as well as the urge to remind the elder that, he hadn’t been looking for a mate, as he figured it’d do him no favors.

“Luckily for you…  Lee-sshi here has shown interest in taking up the post,” the elder Omega remarked indicating the Alpha from the festival.

Jimin frowned looking over, the Alpha in question offered him a smile. “Jimin-ah,” he said in an overly familiar tone. “I’m glad to meet you… again . I found your spirit refreshing at the festival. It’s not often that I come across such a willful Omega….”  His tone was charming, his smile bright and looks pleasing.

Jimin hated him.

He hated his scent. The older Alpha put his wolf on edge as the Omega took him in, trying not to let the disdain show on his face.

“Don’t you want to say something back?” one of the other wolves remarked, another elder Omega who was by the pack leaders side.

Jimin blinked and looked over at the Omega, this one a woman, before looking back to the Alpha. “...Thank you. By the way, how is your mate doing?”

The elder Omega as well as one of the Alphas choked on air, as the Alpha in question went wide eyed before giving a barking laugh. “I like it, I like it!” he remarked closing the distance and coming to a halt in front of Jimin, using a finger to make the Omega look at him before inquiring dryly “Which one?” His cronies laughed.

“How many do you have?” Jimin’s Appa frowned. They’d come across things like this before… Alphas who collected Omegas like a harem, biting them not for a shared bond, but to push them into submission. Jimin shuddered at the thought of mating someone like that.

“Not enough,” The Alpha said pleasantly, catching a glare from Jimin his smile grew. But damn he was a beautiful Omega. It amazed him that he hadn’t been snatched up yet, it seemed that some Alphas didn’t know how to bring an Omega to hand and get what they wanted. It’d be fun bringing this one down to his knees in servitude

“I don’t wish to be mated,” Jimin said stepping away from the Alpha and looking back at the Elder.

“You will be, it is the way of the pack. You can’t just stay here living off of your parents forever Jimin-ah,” SungWoo frowned at him. “You must do your part for the pack.”

“I do my part,” Jimin insisted looking at the older Omega then to his parents. “I do! I help the healer, I’m learning-”

“To live in the clouds,” cut in the female Elder once more. “What good is an unmated, unmarked Omega in the birthing room? You can’t empathize with your patient, you’re just a pup Jimin! You haven’t even had your first knot!”

“Enough,” Jimin’s Abeoji cut in clearing his throat. “I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about such things in mixed company.”

“Agreed,” SungWoo inclined his head. “We shall go over all details and discuss carefully to come to a clear and beneficial agreement.” The older Omega looked at Jimin. “You may go Jimin.”

Jimin’s brows furrowed. Didn’t he just say they were going to talk about it? “ But-

“You’re dismissed,” the elder stressed.

Jimin’s bewildered gaze flew to his parents, but his Appa was just looking at the ground, hands clenched while his Abeoji looked back stone faced. “Go.”

Replacing his hood and shooting the Alpha one last glare the Omega turned and stormed from the room, giving them the freedom to have a meeting about his life without him being involved.

Chapter Text

*A Few Days Later* 



They were nearing the end of the first part of their journey when Hoseok jumped back. A bag had just fallen out of the sky and landed damn near on his head. The group of Jeon Pack wolves quickly took defensive stances. Just as Jeongguk looked up, something landed agilely in front of him. He couldn’t make out the hooded figures face, so his hand went to his knife, only his sense of smell (and perhaps a bit of classism) stopping him for lashing out as he recognized the enticing and intriguing scent of Omega.

“You’re late,” the voice declared as the hooded male looked up.

Male. Male Omega. Park Jimin?...”

Gguk had barely gotten the name out of his mouth before his eyes were fixed on an almost angelic face. Long silvery strands of hair framed a slightly rounded face consisting of a small nose, thick pink lips and hooded eyes that had some type of shading on them causing them to stand out beautifully against his skin. Hell, if it hadn’t been for the sharp jawline Jeongguk would never have believed this wasn’t a female.

The Omega blinked and took the slightest step back as if he suddenly realized how close they were. Jimin’s breath caught in his throat, his bravado dying along with the adrenaline from his great escape as he came face to face with one of the most breathtakingly beautiful Alpha’s he’d ever seen in his life. Lucky for him he’d sworn to never be attracted to Alphas as they were overbearing and selfish… or he’d be in very serious danger right now. As the Omega exhaled, the Alpha’s dark eyes flicked to his moist lips and locked there, the look causing Jimin to shudder a bit.

“You’re Jimin then?” a voice asked, pulling both wolves out of their hormone induced stupor.

Shifting his hood and, with force, pulling his attention from the large * incredible smelling* Alpha that he was most definitely not attracted to, Jimin took note of another Alpha around his own height, this one blond. As well as at least three more wolves of varying sizes- all Alphas but one, a lone Beta.

“I am… you are?” the Omega asked curiously.

The blonds eyes flicked over him, a small frown gracing his features before he cleared his throat. “Yoongi… Min Yoongi I-”

“Tae’s Alpha!” Jimin exclaimed excitedly, a bright smile lighting up his features and causing the wolves who’d come to retrieve him to shift uncomfortably.

How could a guy be so pretty?

“We’re not late,” Jeongguk stated suddenly, as if he’d just processed Jimin’s initial comment.

“Huh?” the Omega said looking over in confusion.

“You said we were late. We’re not.”

“You are-”

“Are not.”

“I thought you’d be here this morning-”

“We never gave a time,” the Alpha remarked with a frown. “Just because you EXPECTED us earlier, doesn’t make us late.”

Jimin clenched his teeth, and tried to refrain from snapping at the Alpha. Best behavior, best behavior. This was for TaeHyung after all. Exhaling slowly, he offered the complaining male a tight smile before looking at Yoongi. “Is he always an asshole?”

So much for best behavior.

One of the Alphas in the back almost spit out the water he’d been drinking, coughing he dropped the pouch it was in, while the one next to him broke into unabashed laughter. For his part Yoongi quirked a brow, his lips twitched slightly and he shrugged. “Pretty much, you get use to it.”

The very good looking Alpha was glaring at him but Jimin ignored it, adjusting his hood. “Well, I suppose that’ll have to do then.” He turned and walked away, leaving the others confused until he returned carrying an additional two large cloth bags.

What , is all that?” asshole Alpha demanded.

“My things,” Jimin stated simply looking each of them over before taking the heavier one to the clumsy but large Alpha and passing it over to him.  Then after a moments debate, handed the other to the laughing one just next to him before returning to pick up the one that he’d dropped earlier.

The wolves shot Jeongguk a look, as the pack leader rolled his neck and worked to keep his temper. Fucking Northern Omegas. “You’re visiting, not moving. Leave it here.”

“No,” Jimin replied.

“I said leave it,” the Alpha repeated facing him and standing a bit taller to use his additional size as a form of gentle intimidation.

“And I said no.” It seems the Omega wasn’t easily intimidated. “I need it,” Jimin continued stubbornly, refusing to back down.

“You can’t possibly need all of it,” Hoseok remarked with a frown.

“I do,” Jimin affirmed. “However if it’s too much for you to handle,” the Omega said going back to the tree and disappearing once more and continuing loudly, “-or to heavy to carry, let me know and we’ll carry it in shifts.”

For fucks sake, there’s more?” Gguk demanded.

The Omega appeared from behind the tree again, fashioning a bow and quivers around his shoulder. “You’re rather dramatic aren’t you?” he asked reaching his initial bag and picking it up.

The Alpha glared in response before looking at his pack mates and ordering. “Drop it.”

The males shared a look but did as their leader bade, putting Jimin’s belongings down.

The Omega gasped. “ What-

“One bag,” Gguk declared. “You get one bag. That’s it. We have to far to go in too little time for extra shit. This isn’t a debate. It’s an order.”

The Omega glared up at him before exhaling slowly and trying to be patient. “ Fine .”

The other males relaxed as the feisty Omega relented.

“I’ll go by myself then,” he declared before they could think it was over. Still holding the initial bag he went and picked up the other two off of the ground. It was clear between the weight and the robe/cloak the Omega wore it was no easy task for him to complete but he was determined, if not a bit shaky.

Both NamJoon and Hoseok shot Jeongguk pleading looks as the small Omega stumbled passed them trying to hold the belongings.

“If he wants to be stubborn let him,” the young Alpha declared trying to stop that annoying nag from both his pack mates looks and the voice inside of his head. His instincts told him that if he gave into an Omega like Jimin now, there would be no end to the compromises the other male demanded.

Gguk ,” Yoongi said in a low warning tone.

If they let Jimin stumble through the rough terrain carrying all of that weight, not only would it slow them all down, but TaeHyung would fucking KILL HIM once he found out… and possibly Jeongguk too.

“It’s his lesson to learn the hard way,” the Alpha responded, just as stubborn as the Omega he was complaining about.

He moved to pass Jimin his strides long and unencumbered. As the other wolves moved past they each hesitated, especially as the Omega stumbled, one of the bags tipping over, spilling various things onto the ground. The smaller male gave a muttered curse that wasn’t really a curse (something along the lines of ‘coddling cudswallow’) as he set about regathering the materials and putting them back.

“Come on,” JungKook ordered as NamJoon paused and started to bend down to help.

It was against everything the large Alpha stood for to watch an Omega struggle as Jimin was, but his pack leader had spoken… even if it WAS childishly.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” SeoYung muttered.

“Don’t you start too,” Gguk snapped.

It only took them about half an hour to reach the edge of the thick forest where SeHyun was waiting with the horses. The slightly pudgy Alpha frowned and looked past them. “He didn’t come then?” he asked his brethren.

“He came,” Yoongi said dryly, shooting a disgusted look towards Jeongguk who was pretending not to have heard him.

“Where is he?” SeHyun asked looking over the group.

“Long story,” SeoYung said dryly.

“Something tells me we’ve got time,” Hoseok responded just as dryly as he took a seat on the ground and awaited Jimin’s arrival.




He went to get him.

It had been over an hour with no sign of the Omega before a pissed off Jeongguk went in search of him. The Alpha stalked down the path pausing as he caught sight of the wolf in question sitting on the grass just next to the worn walkway as though he hadn’t a care in the bloody world.

What the hell are you doing? ” he demanded more than annoyed.

Oh, it’s you,” the Omega muttered in response, not even bothering to look from beneath his overly large hood.

“Who did you think it’d be the Queen of Sheba?” Gguk snarled back.

“Where’s Sheba?” Jimin asked lightly, leaning back on his hands and finally looking up at Jeongguk though his face was hidden slightly by the hoods shadow, leaving only those damn plump pink lips visible.

The Alpha growled and the Omega shifted.

“What’s your problem?”

“My PROBLEM is that we’ve been waiting over a damn hour and we’re losing daylight to make it back to camp ground,” the Alpha snapped.

“Well how quickly do you expect me to move with so much stuff?”

“I said to leave it.”

“And I said NO,” the Omega snapped back. “I need it, it’s for TaeHyung, the baby and the birth-” he cut off his chest heaving before frowning and picking up one bag, the lightest one thought it still had a lot of stuff in it. “If I leave this one will you help with the others?” he tried compromising.

Jeongguk eyed him skeptically. “I thought it was stuff for TaeHyung, the baby and the birth ,” he repeated annoyed.

“Not this,” Jimin replied. “This is my stuff.”

Jeongguk moved forward taking the bag from the Omega. He unbuttoned it, seeing more robes and cloaks, lighter weight versions of what the Omega currently wore, as well as other clothing items and knicknacks.

You asshole . I told you what it was,” Jimin glared snatching the bag back.

The Alpha rolled his eyes. “Whatever, just hurry up.”

With that he grabbed both of the other bags, lifting them easily and starting back up the path. “And bring your shit, it gets cold at night.”

He didn’t look back to see if the Omega was following, instead slightly slowing his stride, listening for his footsteps and breathing in his scent. Jimin was behind him now, not directly, but not far. It took them about twenty minutes to reach the group.

“Fucking finally ,” Yoongi griped, this could have all been avoided if Jeongguk hadn’t been so stubborn from the start.

Only immense respect for the elder stopped Jeongguk from telling him to shut up.

“Hey,” NamJoon said, Jeongguk turned to see him heading towards Jimin. “What happened, are you okay?”

“Fine,” the Omega remarked, however he wasn’t… there as a very distinct limp in his step that hadn’t been there before.

Gguk could feel Yoongi’s death glare from here as NamJoon took the other bag from Jimin and allowed the Omega to take his arm to lean on. Jimin made it a few steps before pausing. “Horses?” he breathed in shock.

“Of course… it’d take us weeks to get up here if we came by foot,” Jeongguk remarked in his usual rude manner.

However this time the Omega was too distracted to be offended. He’d never seen horses up close before. He’d seen them from a distance at one of the festivals once… but later they’d been used for a hunting contest so… Let’s just say when he saw horses the next year, he’d decided it was better not to get to know them.

“They’re not scared of you?” he asked his tone laced in wonder as he shifted forward, still limping slightly.

“No,” Hoseok remarked. “We’ve made a deal with them, they help us when we’re in human form and we protect them in either form. Their fields are near our pack lands.”

The Omega moved forward approaching a beautiful black stallion.

“Wait don’t-” Yoongi’s warning was cut off as Jimin caressed the side of the horses face, moving his hand so that the creature could sniff and then nuzzle his palm.

The fuck???… .” SeHyun muttered as Nightmare, their most temperamental and feared horse of the herd let himself be petted like a common house animal by the pretty Omega.

For his part Jeongguk huffed as his horse was charmed just as quickly as his men had been by Park Jimin. “Load everything up,” he ordered deciding not to harp on it. “Joon you put that one on your horse, Yoongi you take this one,” he passed the blond Alpha Jimin’s lighter bag. “I’ll carry this one on Nightmare.”

“Who’s carrying Jimin?” Hoseok inquired raising a brow.

Jeongguks eyes flicked to the Omega, his pretty smile soft as he cooed to his dangerous fucking horse as though it were a newborn pup. He had a headache.

“I don’t care, you can take him,” he decided abruptly.

Hoseok grinned. “Works for me. Jimin-sshi,” he called to the pretty Omega. As Jimin turned the hood fell from his head revealing a long mane of silvery hair, the bright afternoon sunlight making it glow almost like a halo around him. Hoseok visibly sucked in a breath, along with NamJoon and SeoYung, even the Northern wolf hating SeHyun looked away quickly, a flush creeping up his neck. The only ones who seemed unaffected were the mated Yoongi and Jeongguk. Though in the latters case, seeming unaffected and being unaffected were two very different things.

Jimin moved towards Hoseok and his horse, only to find himself stopped by a strong grip on his arm, not painful at all- but very firm. Blinking the Omega looked over, his eyes connecting with Gguk's dark ones. The Alpha seemed frozen for a moment as both the Omega and his packmates looked upon him in surprise.

He cleared his throat as his mount shifted impatiently. “Nightmare is snipping at Timber,” he said indicating Hoseok's horse. “I think he wants Jimin to ride him… for some reason...” he finished in a mutter.

A round of incredulous looks met him at this comment, however his horse seemed on his side as the creature snapped in the direction of Hoseok as his mount moved a bit closer.

Feeling vindicated, the Alpha’s shoulders relaxed and he moved over to Hobi passing him the heavier bag. “Since I’ll have Jimin’s added weight you attach this one to Timber.”

Riiiiiiight… ” the older Alpha said smirking at Jeongguk.

The younger didn’t respond instead facing Jimin. “Considering you seemed surprised to see horses at all, is it safe to assume you have no idea how to ride one?”

“Very safe,” Jimin nodded seriously, and also still confused as to what the hell had just happened.

He didn’t WANT to ride with great looking, great smelling asshole Alpha. He wanted to ride with one of the others! Asshole snorted as if he were disappointed Jimin had given the expected response.

“Fine, I’ll help you mount then,” he headed over shifting slightly so that Jimin could use the (very muscular) thigh that his tight leather pants did absolutely nothing to hide the definition of, as a stepstool. “Come on then.”

“H…” Jimin hesitated before slowly going over, his eyes flicked to Yoongi as the blond locked eyes with him before swinging onto his own mount via holding the reins. Subtly demonstrating how it was done. Biting his lip the Omega gently took the reigns and attempted to mimic the action, but he was being much to timid, not wanting to hurt the creature in the process.

“For fucks sake, ” Gguk muttered moving his knee before Jimin could make his fourth attempt. Without even asking the Alpha grabbed him by the waist and lifted him onto the padding that served as a saddle.

Jimin’s heart was racing, he’d not been expecting such a move. Not to mention the ease in which it was done, or the flexing biceps that were in his field of vision. Swallowing thickly he thought about home, about his pack and the forced mating that his elders wanted. ANYTHING to stop from being turned on by the display of easy strength. That was THE LAST THING he wanted to happen while surrounded by a group of unknown Alphas.

Not noticing or *pretending* not to notice the Omegas reaction, the increase in his heartbeat and scent, or just how tiny his waist had been between his palms- Jeongguk swung up onto the horse just behind Jimin and looked around. “We finally ready?”

“Yeh,” the group said in unison.

“Good, remember move quick, stay off the marked path. We’ll have to push through at a rough pace to reach camp in time.”

“We wouldn’t have had to if someone hadn’t taken so fucking long,” SeHyun said shooting Jimin a glare.

The Omega’s eyes went wide and he frowned, he wanted to object but he knew his stubbornness had cost them all time. So instead of responding he dipped his head, pulling his hood and subconsciously shifting back into the warmth of the Alpha behind him.

Jugguk glanced down but didn’t address the action, instead addressing SeHyun. “If bitching solved problems there wouldn’t be any. So shut up and take point, I’ll close out the rear.”

The stout Alpha clearly wanted to object but held off, instead swallowing his response knowing it wasn’t good to mouth off to the pack leader. With a stiff nod he kicked off and the other wolves followed in single file behind him, their pace quick but careful.

Chapter Text

The Campsite


It was dusk by the time Jeongguk finally gave the signal for them to stop, a low rumble in his chest that his packmates seemed to have heard though Jimin could have sworn it resonated more in his own chest than in the air. Jeongguk pulled the large stallion to a stop, Nightmare shifted impatiently on his flanks as they watched the others dismount.

To say Jimin was sore was an understatement. Don’t get him wrong he knew it would have been worse to walk, he also knew they wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far. But after the first hour his thighs were burning from gripping the horse and then somewhere around the third hour his legs went numb he was sure. As annoying and as much of an asshole as the Alpha (Jeongguk he’d learned) was, he was at least broad, steady and (to Jimin’s surprise) hadn’t complained when the Omega had leaned back against his chest to relieve some of the strain on his back. Which had happened much more often than Jimin would have liked to admit.

Gguk watched his packmates dismount and go about setting up camp, his eyes flitting over them as they retrieved sleeping bags and a bit of food while he waited for the Omega in front of him to finally sit up.

Park Jimin smelled like berries.

Ripe berries and… flowers… it was a sweet but earthy scent JungKook couldn’t help but notice, unlike female Omegas who usually just smelled sweet. Jimin was also small, much smaller than any man had a right to be (in his opinion), the way he fit between Jeongguk’s arms so comfortably as the Alpha steered his steed was mind boggling. Jimin just… fit. Like… perfectly in the space between his arms… between his thighs…

The Alpha loudly cleared his throat and, seeming to remember himself, Jimin sat forward a soft groan leaving the Omegas lips as his back protested the abrupt action. Gguk found himself wanting to massage it better….

He got off of the horse instead.

Hopping down easily, Jeongguk stomped his feet to get the feeling back and knock away an untoward thoughts. He remained by the horse though, giving SeHyun an order about where to put the packs they’d removed from the horses before finally facing Jimin again. He didn’t ask, deciding to save them both the embarrassment, instead he once again put his hands on that ‘too small’ waist and lifted the Omega off of the horse. As soon as Jimin's feet touched the ground his legs wobbled and he shifted forward, his hood falling back once more as he steadied himself against Jeongguks larger frame.  

That scent of flowers and berries assaulted Jeongguk again and his jaw tightened. However neither wolf spoke a word as the Omega adjusted to standing on solid ground once more, his small hands gripping the Alpha’s large biceps. After a few moments Jimin was able to fully support himself again and slowly pulled back a bit. That was all of the signal the Alpha needed before pulling away and turning to the campsite, determined to put some space between himself and his sweet smelling pain in the ass.

The silvery haired male watched him go, trying not to frown at the sudden loss of the presence he’d grown use to over the past several hours. Reminding himself it was a good thing, because he hated Alphas especially attractive ones that smelled like a fresh summer rain . So the Omega turned his attention to the group instead, watching as they move as if a well oiled machine. Each man seemed to have his role, his function and that left the Omega unsure of what, if anything, to do or if he’d just be interfering. It was a soft push by Nightmare that made him stumble ever so slightly and pulled him out of his reverie. That’s right, it was no time to be shy.

Smiling the Omega caressed the horses mane, his eyes flicking to the others that were grazing nearby. “You should go eat- Oh! ” his face lit up as he recalled the treat he’d brought. “Good idea!” He exclaimed to the creature as though it’d told him itself. Brushing his nose against the horses the Omega turned away heading towards the group where he could see his bags sitting.

As soon as he moved away from the horse SeHyun proceeded towards it, moving quickly before Nightmare nipped at him to remove the makeshift saddle. Jimin realized that the Alpha had probably been waiting for him to leave before approaching and gave an audible sigh. He’d gotten to know a bit about their traveling party in the past six or so hours of travel.

For example, the large Alpha was named NamJoon he was a bit clumsy and he as gentle as he was big. The lanky one that laughed a lot and kinda reminded Jimin of Tae, was called Hoseok, he seemed to have boundless energy. The lone Beta was SeoYung and he was the youngest out of the group, who seemed to be learning the ropes from the others. Yoongi was, obviously TaeHyung’s mate, thanks to his friends letters he knew plenty about him as it stood. Though to be fair so far the male in front of him didn’t seem to resemble his friends description at all, this Alpha seemed a lot more calm and collected, clearly the oldest of the group- with nary a ‘gummy smile’ to be found. Then there was SeHyun, he was gruff -that was all Jimin knew except that, from the amount of glaring he did when he’d glance back, he wasn’t happy to be there- no, correction, he wasn’t happy JIMIN was there.

Last there was Jeongguk, the asshole Alpha who didn’t SEEM to be the oldest (as Jimin was pretty sure that was Yoongi as he’d heard all of the others refer to him as ‘Hyung’). Yet seemed to have an undeniable presence and even though he wasn’t the oldest, was clearly the leader as all of the other males followed his orders without question. Meaning he must be the dominant Alpha despite his age for some reason….

After a few minutes of limping through both stiffness and ankle pain from when he’d tripped over his cloak earlier- Jimin finally reached the bag that contained his treat. The Omega sat down slowly, very slowly, before opening the thick patterned fabric and rummaging around.

“Ah-ha!” he grinned triumphantly.

“Find something good?” NamJoon inquired amused, the older Alpha throwing a few more branches into the small fire.

Jimin offered him a smile. NamJoon really was nice. “Mmm, dasik!” He declared holding the traditional cookies out towards the Alpha. “I made them as a treat for the trip.”

Oooooooo dasik?” Hoseok asked, seemingly appearing from nowhere.

“Yes,” Jimin replied passing him the bag. “I made them myself.”

“Nice, so you’re beautiful AND you cook…” the Alpha teased with a wink.

Jimin blushed prettily as nearby Jeongguk rolled his eyes and snorted. Hobi took out a cookie passing the bag to Joon, who then passed it to SeoYung, followed by Yoongi. However the latter paused before taking a bite at the look on Hoseok's face.

“Is it bad?” Jimin frowned studying him.

Mmm… .” the Alpha grunted shaking his head negative even though his expression said otherwise. As he chewed hard crunching noises that should not exist sounded, and Yoongi and SeoYung slowly sat down their cookies. It was too late to save Joon as he had already taken a bite, so he slowly chewed while Jeongguk watched with far too much amusement. Finally finishing his bite Hobi nodded and offered Jimin a strained smile. “...Salty.”

“Oh shit, did I use the wrong thing?” Jimin asked rhetorically, grabbing the bag and taking a small nibble of a dasik. His face scrunched up adorably and Jeongguk found himself smiling at the action before realizing it. The Omega huffed and tossed the bag into the fire that had been started. “Well… that was a bust…” he muttered pulling out a notebook, Yoongi watched curiously as he added a tally mark to the page.

“What’s that?” the blond Alpha inquired.

“This?” Jimin repeated holding up the book. “Oh, it’s my cooking score.”

“Your cooking score?” Joon asked after taking a LARGE gulp of water.

“Mmm,” the Omega nodded. “I’ve been trying to get better at cooking so that when the baby is born I can help TaeTae.”

“What do the numbers look like?” SeHyun asked. Jeongguk silently wondered if he realized he was being pulled in by the Omega like the rest of them. When the stocky Alpha suddenly frowned, Gguk knew he’d noticed his mistake.

“Well…” Jimin exhaled missing the other males change in attitude as he did a quick count. After about a minute he pulled back and his head ticked to the side in thought before finally responding. “In terms of failure versus success… I’m currently at a ratio of two hundred and fifty six- no, seven in terms of failure , tooooo…. Three successes!” He nodded before looking cheerfully up at the Alphas who were watching him with varying degrees of shock and horror.

"Well at least your math isn’t as bad as your cooking,” Jeongguk remarked dryly.

The Omega turned his head, sticking his tongue out at him and the Alpha blinked, shifting in surprise. Not at the action but at the length… like… Why the fuck was his tongue so long? Gguk knew he wasn’t the only one to notice or have similar thoughts when Hoseok suddenly coughed and took another drink of his water. Not realizing the reason behind the action, Jimin naively patted his back and frowned sympathetically.

“I’m sorry Hobi-sshi, I wasn’t trying to kill you honest. I thought they’d turned out good… Harabeoji ate three of them,” the Omega frowned.

“Three?” NamJoon repeated slowly.

The silver haired male nodded seriously. “Three! I had to make him stop so I’d have some for the trip.”

“And… he’s still alive?” Yoongi asked, making a face when Hoseok hit him.

Jimin scrunched his nose in response. “ Yes . He’s still alive… though at eighty seven I doubt much can kill him.”

“Eighty seven?” SeHyun quizzed unwittingly joining the conversation again.

The Omega nodded and question after question followed, not only about the eighty plus year old Omega, but about the fifteen pups that he’d birthed himself and other details of Jimin’s odd- male Omega filled pack. Gguk didn’t really participate, instead keeping watch over the group and listening out for any signs of trouble. SeHyun tried to ignore it as well, but eventually moved to sit just on the other side of SeoYung, listening and even asking questions of his own from time to time. Jeongguk would he’d be lying if he’d said he wasn’t listening to the tales as well. There was something inherently… soothing, about Jimin’s voice. The Alpha found himself with one ear on his surroundings and the other on the Omegas light, lispy, raspy tone as he relaxed against a tree.

“We should go to bed,” Yoongi declared after a while of talking. “Who’s got first shift?”

“I do,” Jeongguk remarked lazily from his location leaning against a tree at the perimeter.

“Good,” the older Alpha yawned heading over to his sleeping bag. “I call last shift so you guys fight amongst yourselves for the others.”

As the remaining wolves did just that, Jeongguk cracked an eye open, watching as Jimin slowly moved passed him.

“Where are you going?” the Alpha asked softly.

The Omega froze and looked over his eyes wide. “I… I have to use the bathroom….” he admitted, a light blush dusting his cheeks.

Sighing as though it were the biggest inconvenience ever, Jeongguk pushed up from the ground and gave a stretch. Jimin tried not to notice the toned abs or light trail of hair that disappeared into his trousers as the Alpha’s shirt shifted lifting to expose part of his flat stomach.

“Well?” Gguk asked.

Jimin jumped and flushed even more. “...Well, what?”

“You going or not?”

“Oh! Right, of course,” the Omega laughed nervously before heading further into the woods. He was several steps in before he paused and looked over his shoulder. “Why are you following me?”

“We don’t know this area,” Jeongguk said as though it were obvious. “We could be on another packs land, not to mention ferals.”

“Yeah… but...I’m gonna….” he made a motion.

“So?” the Alpha asked looking positively bored. “Look we’re both men. You ain’t got nothing I haven’t seen before.” He made a brushing motion with his hand. “Go on.”

Jimin flushed and frowned. “I’m still Omega…” he muttered, knowing the stupid Alpha wouldn’t care, but would still hear him.

“Here’s good,” Jeongguk declared when he felt they’d walked a bit too long for his liking. The Omega threw him a defiant glare and Gguk fought a smile, instead settling on a smirk before finding a tree and pulling himself free.

He heard the rustle of fabric as Jimin quickly turned. “WARN me before you do something like that!” the Omega hissed. Jeongguk could smell his embarrassment from here.

“Like I said, we have the same thing-”

“We do NOT have the same thing,” Jimin snapped back before moving to a tree a bit further down, keeping his back turned and trying to pretend that he couldn’t hear the Alpha urinating nearby… and also that he’d not seen the tip of something before he’d quickly looked away. Alpha’s had no sense of modesty!

Exhaling and concentrating on ignoring the other male he finally managed to relieve himself. Once he was done and had shaken himself dry he put everything away, fixed his robe and cloak then turned, pausing as he noticed the Alpha watching him. He shifted uncomfortably and tucked his hair behind his ear.

“What?” the Omega said softly.

“That doesn’t get in the way?” Jeongguk asked in what could constitute as a normal tone for once.

“What?” Jimin looked down then up. “My robes?”

“Yeah, and the cloak. That’s a lot of fabric, it has to be hard to be productive or quick or… well, anything, under all that shit.”

The Omega frowned. “I like my cloaks, they’re comfortable and warm. Besides I’ve worn them all my life, there isn’t anything that I couldn’t do in them.” He continued as he moved past the larger male.

“I’m sure there’s at least one thing,” Gguk responded dryly.

The silver haired wolf shot him a glare over his shoulder. “ Yes . You perv, I can even do that.”

Both of Jeongguks brows rose in surprise and he held his hands up in surrender. “I see…”

At that the pair fell silent as they made their way back to the camp for the night.




Chapter Text

The Next Day

“Lunch,” a voice said just over to Jimin’s left.

The Omega blinked, not realizing he’d been dozing until he found a piece of bread shoved into his face. Wiping his eyes he frowned a bit and accepted the offered item. Blinking he slowly attempted to sit up, before hitting his head on what he quickly realized was Jeongguk’s chin.

“Watch it,” the Alpha griped.

“Sorry…” he muttered taking a bite of the bread.

They were currently in route to their next safepoint. Hoseok, the one who’d just given him the bread, rode next to them for a moment as if waiting for something. Jimin was confused as to what, until he adjusted and Jeongguk moved, taking a piece of bread from the other Alpha now that his arm was free.

“Sorry,” the Omega muttered again.

His body felt sore and sluggish. He didn’t remember what time they’d awakened but he knew it had to be early. The sun had barely been out, if at all, when he’d been roused from his sleep to find the other members of his party already packed and ready to go. Gguk had ordered him to take care of his needs and informed him they’d be setting off in ten minutes. Drowsy and rushed he’d grabbed his bag and headed to relieve himself ( pretending he didn’t feel the presence not far behind him). Jimin decided to stay in the same robe for now since he couldn’t clean his body anyway and instead took his remaining minutes to do a quick wrap of his ankle to provide some support for his injury as well as eating an apple. Jimin had barely had time to finish the fruit before he found himself being deposited upon Nightmare again and they were off once more.

“How much further?” the Omega asked after a few minutes of lingering silence.

“Till when?” NamJoon asked, as Jeongguk ignored his inquiry.

“Till we get there,”  the smaller man answered.

“Get where?” Joon asked again, his voice tinged with amusement.

“There are lots of there’s,” SeoYung interjected. “There, as in to the South were we can move a bit more easily? There, as in the next campsite for the night, or there as in back to our packlands?”

Jimin pouted his brows furrowing in surprise. “ Uh… all of them, I guess….”

Did they really live that far away? He remembered meeting Tae at the festivals, but that had only been about a days ride from his packlands. Could the other Omega have really moved that far? If so the fact that their letters still managed to reach one another even WITH Tae’s trained hawk Tata was even more astounding.

“Hmm, well South will be about this time tomorrow,” NamJoon replied thoughtfully. “Next campsite should take… if we keep this pace,” he scratched the side of his head and looked over at Yoongi. “Like what? Five? Six hours?”

“Seven or Eight,” the blond responded not looking over. “Well have to stop in a bit to let the horses rest and eat, then we’ll pick up at a slightly slower pace as there’s a pack that may be in this area coming up so we need to tread carefully.”

Jimin almost groaned. Another SEVEN or EIGHT HOURS ? “What about reaching your packlands?” the Omega recalled.

“We still have at least three more days before we reach the pack,” Jeongguk was the one to answer this time, his tone vaguely annoyed.

Jimin ignored the warning in the tone as he turned to look at the Alpha in surprise. “You mean you guys have been traveling for over a week already?” Gguk blinked as he suddenly found strands of soft silvery hair tickling his lips once the smaller wolf shifted, those dark eyes wide and fixed on his face in clear surprise. “I had no idea,” he declared as though it made a difference. “I’ll have to cook dinner tonight to thank you-”

“No!!” The yells came from every wolf in the pack except Jeongguk who just cringed.

The Omega pouted and looked over. “What? If you remember there are three things I can cook!”

“I doubt we have the supplies for any of the three ,” Gguk remarked. “And I don’t want to waste what we do have. We can’t hunt until we’re out of the Northern lands, so we need to make what we have stretch.”

The silver male twisted once more and gave him an affronted look. “Are you implying that I would ruin the supplies.”

Jeongguk rose a brow and leaned in, just a bit, so that their noses almost touched before stating firmly. “ Yes.

However the response wasn’t indignant as he’d thought it would be, instead the smaller males eyes widened, his mouth dropping a bit as he exhaled. Gguks own pupils dilated as Jimin’s distinct hint of berries and flowers wafted to his nose. For fucks sake, it should have been illegal for a man to look and smell so soft.  Nightmare danced a bit to the side, pulling them both from distraction as Jimin abruptly faced forward and Jeongguk cleared his throat. He noticed Yoongi sending him a smirk but did his best to ignore it.

It wasn’t that he was attracted to Jimin or anything he was just… easily distracted by him. That was all.






(Several Hours Later)


Jimin groaned, shifting his body he gave a stretch and walked around in circles. He felt tired, sore and stinky, but at least they were finally done riding for the day.

“There’s a river,” Yoongi remarked passing Jimin his personal bag, the Omega blinked in response. “Just up through those trees not far from here.- If you want to freshen up that is.”

“Oh,” the silver haired man sighed in relief and offered him a smile. “Yes! I’d LOVE that, thanks Hyung.” He answered, referencing the older Alpha by the familiar term at his own request. Taking his bag over to a boulder he withdrew his soap, brush and a fresh robe before heading in the direction indicated.

Jimin blamed his own excitement about finally getting clean on why he’d failed to notice that Yoongi had been the only wolf located at their “campsite”. He also blamed his wandering mind, which was preoccupied with worries for both his family (due to how he’d left) and TaeHyung (due to how long it’d take to reach him) for why he’d not picked up on sounds or scents until he was a few feet away from the river and staring at nude Alpha flesh.

Giving a yelp, the Omega quickly turned covering his face while the other wolves laughed.

“You act like you’ve never seen a naked man before,” Hoseok remarked in a teasing tone.

When the Omega muttered in response, the guys shot one another a look before Joon called out, “ What?!

“Alpha…” The male said in a mutter. “I’ve …”

“You’ve never seen a naked Alpha?” Jeongguk surmised. “ Well… we have the same things you do so… yeah. Mystery solved.”

Shut up, ” Jimin snapped in response before quickly making his way back to the campsite, pretending that he didn’t hear the laughter that followed.




About ten minutes later the group rejoined, Hobi offered him a playful smile. “We’re all done your highness,” he teased wagging his brows.

“Shut up. It’s not the same,” Jimin glared before grabbing his things once more.

“He’s right, it’s not,” Yoongi remarked thoughtfully.

“We all have the same parts. It’s the same,” Jeongguk interjected, popping a few pieces of dried meat into his mouth.

Jimin shot him a glare as he passed. “ Asshole .”

Gguk rolled his eyes watching the Omega go, before turning back as the others settled down. His eyes flicked over his packmates before stilling on Yoongi. “Go keep an eye on him. We’re still not in safelands yet.”

“No,” the older Alpha replied simply. “I’m a mated wolf and watching my mates best friend naked and bathing is the quickest way to get myself killed.”

“Exactly, you’re mated. So it’s no big deal,” Jeongguk countered, feeling Yoongi was the best option for keeping an eye on the small Omega.

The older Alpha quirked a brow. “I thought it was ‘all the same parts’ ? So why does it have to be me?”

“I’ll do it,” NamJoon offered standing, however he’d barely made it two steps before, with a huff, Gguk turned and disappeared back through the trees they’d emerged from. “ ...or not…

The other wolves laughed at their Leaders clear protectiveness for the Omega he claimed to find unattractive and annoying. Before deciding now was a good time to place bets on how long that denial would last.




They weren’t the same.

Jeongguk realized that perhaps a bit too late as his eyes took in the curved shapely ass of the Omega. Water slid down the soft rounded flesh as it dripped from the long silver hair that cascaded down Jimin’s back. The Alpha swallowed deeply as he watched the smaller wolf run his hand over his body, gliding the homemade soap over his flesh and leaving an bubbly trail. He clenched his jaw as the male gave a shiver from a stiff breeze before turning to move a bit closer to the bank so that he could balance against a rock to wash his calves and feet.

Initially Gguk thought that it was easily explainable. After all, with his small waist and firm ass, from behind the Omega could be easily be mistaken for a female. Especially since the thick mane of silky hair hid the majority of his broad back. But if that was the case, then why did his attraction only increase when the other male turned around?

Jimin kept in shape it seemed… in good shape. Apparently his wardrobe of a robe and heavy cloak very effectively hid a nicely toned chest free of hair, the small waist Jeongguk had gotten a feel for during their travels as well as thick thighs and defined abs. The Alpha found his eyes moving from said abs and following the sparse hairline that started at his navel and went lower. Though normally he’d look away or avoid that area to maintain the illusion, this time he couldn’t seem to pull his gaze.

Like… how could even a penis be cute? What the fuck was wrong with him? The Alpha let out low growl of frustration with himself and his train of thought that succeeded in finally alerting the Omega to his presence.

“Shit!” Jimin hissed quickly taking a step back and barely managing to catch himself as he crouched a bit and moved, hiding his nude form behind a large rock. “What are you doing here?!”

“I told you, we’re not in safe areas. No going off alone,” Jeongguk answered, his voice coming out in a rusty satoori that he couldn’t control any more than his arousal.

The Omega blinked, his head twitching to the side and breath picking up a bit at the other wolfs tone. The deep almost growling timber of the Alpha sending tingles through his spine that resounded in his cock. Good thing the water was fucking freezing.

“And I told YOU that we’re not the same,” the Omega frowned his voice come out a lot more breathy than he would have liked.

The Alpha shifted at the intonation, his dark eyes seeming to bore into Jimin until the silver haired man had no choice but to look away or end up erect, freezing water or not. The silence stretched for several moments before Jeongguk finally spoke.

“I guess we’re not…” the Alpha muttered.

Jimin looked up in surprise as the other seemed to finally acknowledge his point, but Jeongguk was no longer looking at him with that heated gaze. Instead he was leaning against the tree and facing the opposite direction. The Omega had been trying so hard not to look at him earlier that he’d failed to notice the Alpha was shirtless until he saw the muscles of his broad back flex when he crossed his arm.

He quickly looked away once more.

“Finish up,” Gguk ordered. “We don’t have all night and Yoongi still wants to bathe.”

“Right… of course,” The Omega muttered.

He went back into a slightly deeper section of river, and made quick work of washing the remainder of his body as well as rubbing the soap through his hair. Normally he’d wash and brush at the same time, but he had a feeling that Jeongguk would not appreciate the amount of time that required, so instead he decided to brush his hair out back at the camp.

Using the cloth he’d brought he quickly dried before taking his new robes and sliding them on. The Omega then quickly slipped on his cloak to ward off the cold some before gathering his dirty clothing and the rest of his items, including the discarded bandage for his ankle.

Before Jimin could let Jeongguk know he was ready the Alpha turned around and looked at him, his eyes flicking over the Omega before he pivoted and headed back to camp without saying another word. The silver haired male frowned a bit, but followed silently. It only took a minute or two before they reached the pack and Jimin went to his bag to put his things away, he also grabbed a few bites of meat and a fresh bandage before moving to sit by the small fire. As the Omega finished rewrapping his ankle, and curled up beginning to brush out his long locks he failed to notice just how many eyes were watching him do so- but Jeongguk did.

“Get some rest,” the Alpha ordered this pack after a several minutes of watching them drool over the horribly unaware Omega, before heading to the fire and tossing water onto it.

“Wait!” Jimin objected frowning up at him, though he could barely see him in the darkness.

“The area isn’t safe, the fire can’t stay,” the younger male replied simply. “Finish up and go to bed.”


“No buts,” Gguk snapped striding away.

“I’ll take first shift,” NamJoon volunteered standing and giving a stretch. “Hyung, you can take second since you still have to bathe,” he said to the older Alpha.

“Wrong, I got last,” Yoongi corrected before heading off to the river without awaiting further discussion.

Joon rolled his eyes before looking towards the Omega, who had gone silent. “I know Gguk seems harsh,” he remarked squatting down next to the younger male. “But the fire can draw ferals to the area, it’s for the best.”

He gave the smaller wolf a light pat on the shoulder before standing. Jimin watched the others forms as they moved, going about their nightly routine as though they had all the light of the sun. It took a while for his eyes to fully adjust, but when they did he noticed Jeongguk over by Nightmare speaking to the horse on low tones and patting his flank.

“Here you go,” SeoYung remarked rolling out a sleeping bag just next to where he was seated.

“Thanks…” the Omega murmured before, with a sigh, finishing up brushing out the tangles in his hair and braiding it loosely so that he could lie down for the night. Oh well, there went his idea of drying his hair by the fire…

Chapter Text



Jimin didn’t look from the window as he heard the door open. He didn’t move at all as he felt his parents enter, or smelled the distress coming from his Appa or frustration from his Abeoji.

“...An agreement was reached by the pack Elders and Leader for your Mate Price Jimin…” his Abeoji said slowly, his voice thick. “The Alphas pack will provide protection for ours when we move between packs to seek materials and sales… they will also provide pure golden threads for the council cloaks…” the Beta cleared his throat. “They… they’ll be back at the end of the week to retrieve you… and drop off the threads. Please prepare yourself, Jimin-ah… I’m… I’m so sorry.”

The man lightly squeezed his pups shoulder, while Jimin’s Appa sniffled and hugged the unmoving Omega from behind. After receiving no response, the couple finally pulled back, sharing a look before quietly exiting and leaving him to his thoughts. Giving him time to process what would be happening soon…

Little did they know Jimin had no plans on being mated at the end of this week or any week for that matter. No… by the time that disgusting Alpha and his pack returned he’d be free. The letter he’d received from TaeHyung last week protested at his tight grip. That’s right, he’d be long gone from both this land- and this pack. This stupid traitorous pack who’d sell his body for temporary travel guards and fucking thread.

Fuck them all.




 photo nighttime_zpsvvwyuysl.jpg


Jimin awoke with a start, a shiver going through his body as bad dreams (or should he say memories) dissipated. He tried to push the thoughts aside and go back to bed, it was over and done after all. He was now halfway to the South and far out of their reach even if they’d already realized he’d left. Once he got to the Southern Pack, he’d stay with Tae as long as possible and then… well, then he didn’t know. But he wasn’t going back.

The Omega shivered at both the cold and the thought, shifting he burrowed deeper in his sleeping bag but it did nothing for the chill that clung to him. Teeth chattering he finally sat up and looked around for his cloak hoping it would help. After a few moments feeling pointlessly around the area, he remembered passing the cloak to Yoongi to put away before he went to bed. Realizing that meant a cold trip to his luggage he sighed, then slipped from his temporary bed trying to recollect where he’d sat his things in the very dim lighting. Suddenly recalling it was to the left near SeoYungs pack, he got up and carefully made his way over in that direction. Or he thought he was careful, however when his foot connected with a stone he let out a soft curse and squatted down to rub his toe.

“What the hell are you doing?” a voice he’d wished he didn’t have to hear asked in a harsh whisper.

Jimin looked around, unsure of which lump hidden by shadow it was coming from. “I’m c-cold…” the Omega pouted.

“So you got out of your sleeping bag and decided to…  what, exactly? Run laps?”

The Omega finally spotted him, or better yet, smelled him. Jeongguk must have sat up as the Alpha’s scent was suddenly much stronger than it had been a moment ago.

“I was g-g-going to g-get my cl-cl-oak,” he defended, though his outrage was undermined by his teeth chattering.

The Alpha huffed. “Will that really help? Especially since you decided to wet all of that shit on your head?”

“D-don’t-t c-call my h-h-h-air shit,” Jimin hissed, trying to keep his voice down though he really wanted to yell.

“I just don’t know why you had to get it all wet-”

“I-it was dirty, and there w-w-was a fif-fire.”

Jeongguk gave a long suffering sigh. “You know Omegas have a lower body heat right? In general I mean.”

No s-shit? ” Jimin replied sarcastically standing to resume his trek for his cloak, he was going to turn to ice any minute. A warm, a very warm hand stopped him by grabbing his wrist. “Wh-”

He’d barely gotten it out before he’d felt himself being tugged down. Apparently his rock assailant had been right next to Jeongguks sleeping bag. The Omega had plans to protest, he had full plans, strong plans… but they all went to hell when he realized how WARM the other male was.

For his part, Gguk hadn’t been sure what he’d been thinking. He’d already been up, not long off of his watch shift and had noticed that the Omega seemed to have been having a bad dream. However it hadn’t been his business so he’d dismissed it. That is until the smaller male had gotten up. He’d initially assumed he’d been trying to sneak off to pee without anyone noticing, but hearing how bad his teeth were chattering and how hard it was for him to talk… Well, what kind of Alpha was he if he ignored something like that? What kind of pack leader?

Jimin was a guest of his pack after all…Or that’s what he told himself as he pulled the Omega closer his chin resting at the top of the smaller wolves head as Jimin burrowed in. The petite wolfs whole body felt like ice to Gguk and he wondered if the male had any sense of self awareness. How did he even let it get that way? Was he as obtuse about his well being as he was his appearance? In fact he started to ask, but warm breath hitting the curve of his neck stopped him.

Jimin smelled like ripe berries. Berries and fucking flowers.

And just as Jeongguk suspected, the other male fit perfectly against his body from this angle as well. Right under his chin, his legs sliding between Gguks thighs as he actively sought out the additional warmth. His hair was cold… damp, but still soft, just like his skin, just like his robe, just like his fucking breath. Everything about him was soft, softer than any woman Jeongguk had ever lain with. Damn it, Jimin confused him so much.

It was about fifteen or so minutes before the Omega finally stopped shivering. About five minutes in, Jeongguk had pulled his covers up to his own neck effectively cocooning Jimin inside, but the Omega didn’t seem to mind. In fact, it wasn’t long before he was breathing deeply, a clear sign he’d fallen back asleep. Sighing Jeongguk lightly shook his head as the smaller wolf snuggled in deeper.

“What am I going to do with you?” the Alpha murmured more to himself than anything, before allowing his own eyes to finally close as well.




He was hot.

Too hot, his body burned… Not like his heat or anything- it was something else . Not as dangerous, but still just as uncomfortable. It took a moment before Jimin realized what the cause of that discomfort was… it was hard and it was currently pressed between his hip and his own hardness. Out of habit the Omega lightly licked his lips and his tongue brushed flesh, warm slightly salty flesh.

He was in a hot box. Where Jimin had been freezing before now he needed air, but at the same time he didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to lose this connection, lose this feeling- as torturous as it was. Still- he needed air.

Freeing an arm that was pinned between his and Jeongguks chest, Jimin used it to pull the cover down and lifted his head freeing his face to take a deep breath. When he moved, Jeongguk shifted, the Alpha looking down drowsily, his hair messily falling into his slightly glazed eyes as he took in the wolf below him. Jimin’s hair had finally started to dry at least around the perimeter, light silvery wisps framed his face as he looked back up his own eyes dark and hooded. The Alpha gave a low rumble in his chest.

“You still cold?” he asked, his voice thick with sleep.

“...Yes.” Jimin didn’t know why he lied. Honestly he hadn’t planned to, but for some reason when he opened his mouth that was what came out of it.

In response to his reply, Jeongguks hold on the Omega tightened pulling their bodies impossibly closer to one another. The Alpha’s eyes were dark and seemed to darken even more as Jimin’s shaky exhale of breath tickled his lips. Once again, as before, his gaze went to those full pink lips. And, once again, as before, the Omega licked them in response. From there Jeongguk wasn’t sure what happened, he just knew he went from watching them to kissing them.

For fucks sake. Park Jimin even tasted like fresh ripe berries. Gguk did his best not to groan into the kiss, instead catching Jimin’s small moan as it released from between his lips. Their mouths pressed against one another, hard at first then slowly softening until Jeongguk’s tongue touched Jimin’s lips in silent request. The Omega shuddered, his hand now gripping the larger males back and his body bending slightly to better his angle. After a moment, Jeongguks lust hazed mind realized that the Omega didn’t seem to understand the signal he was being given by the tongue probing his lips. Deciding to take a more direct root, the Alpha lightly nibbled on Jimin’s bottom lip and when the Omega opened his mouth to exhale, Gguk slid his tongue between them.

The Omega’s eyes widened in surprise before slowly sliding shut as he gave a deep moan of pleasure that went straight to Jeongguks groin. Large hands slid down Jimin’s back, past his slim waist and to the curve of his rounded ass, pressing him more firmly against him. And even though the smaller male seemed naive, he at least understood base instincts as his hips rocked impatiently against Jeongguk. The scent of slick reached the Alpha nostrils sending a flare of primal lust through him. Just as he’d just been about say ‘fuck it’ and pin Jimin against the ground he stilled, his ears straining.

The Omega nibbled on his lip but he pulled away, looking over. When Jimin moved to kiss him again he blocked him with his hand, covering his mouth. The Omega instantly grew self conscious… had he been doing it wrong? Was he a bad kisser?

Before he could ask, Jeongguk moved his hand, shoving Jimin back against his chest he pulled the covers up over him once more. It was then that the Omega heard the sound of footsteps. His breath hitched as he held it, he could feel Jeongguk trying to even out his own breathing. Though he did manage to succeed, Jimin could still feel the pounding of his heart.

“Your turn,” he heard Hoseok remark softly. “You up Hyung?”

“Yeah I’m up,” Yoongi muttered.

Jimin could hear the sounds of sleeping bags shuffling as the male, presumably, got out of his nest to take up the last shift of watch. Then there was more shuffling as Hoseok settled down as well. The Omega gripped Jeongguks waist, belatedly noticing that he was still without a shirt, the flesh warm and slick beneath this fingertips. Pushing those thoughts away and squishing his eyes shut Jimin pretended he was sleep though he doubted he’d be able to go back at this point.

For his part Jeongguk lay still, however as Yoongi passed their gazes connected in the dim moonlight. The smirk the elder sent him, told Gguk that he’d been right… it seemed that Yoongi had already been awake before Hoseok asked. Something he’d had a feeling about when the older Alpha responded after the other only asked if he was awake once.

Face coloring slightly in embarrassment the younger Alpha shot his amused Hyung a glare as Yoongi sauntered to the outskirts of the camping area.

“Is he gone?” Jimin asked softly after several minutes.

“Yeah. Go back to sleep,” Jeongguk ordered.

The Omega found himself disappointed that it seemed their “time together” was over, but didn’t press. That had been much to close and he’d be mortified if Yoongi or the others knew what had happened! Grunting in agreement he closed his eyes and tried to get a bit more sleep.




He hadn’t been able to sleep, of course. But that turned out to be a good thing as it seemed, to him at least , right after he’d closed his eyes Gguk was waking him to use the restroom. It wasn’t until he was at the edge of the cold river that the Omega realized the Alpha was giving him a chance to clean the slick off of his body before the other wolves awoke. Glancing over he noticed Jeongguk was turned away without him even having to ask this time, so he made quick work of cleaning the dried slick from his person. He was sad he’d not thought to grab his soap, but he knew that this would be enough since a lot of wolf packs didn’t even use soap at all.

Once he was done he headed back to Jeongguk’s location clearing his throat and the Alpha walked him back. They passed Yoongi on their way, but the older Alpha didn’t comment instead settling on a nod. As if a silent agreement, Jimin made his way back to his own sleeping bag, while Jeongguk returned to his for the last twenty minutes or so before Yoongi sounded the call and the other wolves woke for the day.

Jimin had eaten and headed over to where Nightmare was, when Yoongi came up to him. “You’re riding with me today.”

The Omega gave a very elegant “...Huh?”

“You’re with me today, come on,” the Older Alpha repeated with a subtle nod.

Jimin glanced over in the direction of Jeongguk but the Alpha wasn’t, and wouldn’t, look at him. With no other words (and maybe * a bit * hurt by the whole thing) he shuffled behind the blond Alpha to his horse Clover.

“You want to be in front or behind?” the older wolf asked raising a brow.

“Oh…” he’d never been asked that before. “Behind…” Jimin answered after a moment, realizing that, unlike Jeongguk, they were about the same size so him being up front may be hard for the older male. Not to mention, he didn’t really want TaeHyung’s mates arms around him.

Yoongi grunted in agreement before, also unlike Jeongguk, he gave Jimin a boost up before heading off to put out the last traces of the morning fire. Jimin looked in the direction of Jeongguk and Nightmare as the Alpha finished talking to SeHyun and then went over to the large stallion, clapping it on the back a few hearty times before hopping on.

Had his kissing been that bad he’d been thrown off the horse? The Omega colored in both shame and hurt, when he saw Hoseok shoot him a questioning look he just shook his head and pulled the hood of his cloak effectively hiding his face from the others. After a few minutes Yoongi returned, easily mounting his horse and glancing over.

“You ready?” he asked quietly.

“Does it matter?” the Omega muttered.

The Alpha snorted as Gguk gave the signal.  “I suppose not…” He murmured as they set off.

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“Break,” Jeongguk said from the front of the procession.

The other wolves gave groans of agreement, pulling to the side to feed and water the horses as well as stretch their legs. Yoongi helped Jimin down and the Omega muttered a thanks before stomping to return some of the feeling to his legs.

The past few hours hadn’t been bad, but still… it wasn’t the same. It had felt weird to be behind Yoongi as opposed to in front of Jeongguk. He’d been forced to hug the other Alpha as they road and though the blond did his best to make him comfortable by asking if Jimin was okay and answering his questions about how TaeHyung was doing, it still wasn’t… right . Whatever that meant.

“I’m gonna go take a piss,” SeHyun declared heading towards the forest.

“Take Jimin with you,” Yoongi ordered.

...What? No,” the stocky wolf glared.

“Come on, we need to go in pairs anyway,” NamJoon reminded him.

“Then I’ll go with the next pair,” the shorter Alpha declared stubbornly.

“I don’t have to pee anyway,” Jimin rolled his eyes, getting annoyed with his attitude. It was like the guy would go from hating him, to forgetting he hated him, to remembering he hated him. It was dizzying.

“I do,” Hoseok interjected. “Lets go,” he told SeHyun pulling the wolf away before he could argue with Jimin more.

“Here you go,” SeoYung said passing Jimin some fruit to eat a moment later. “It’s lunch.”

“This is all?” the Omega frowned a bit.

“Until later yeah, we have a bit of bread left but we’re almost out,” the younger male sighed forlorn before taking a bite of apple.

“Don’t worry,” Joon interjected with a smile. “We should reach the South by evening, then we’ll be able to hunt for fresh meat again.”

“That sounds great,” the Omega breathed, the dried meat had been good- a nice break from fruit and bread, but still he missed fresh.

As the males set about taking care of their horses Jimin made his way over to Nightmare. The dark stallion danced a bit to the side and sniffed the Omegas offered hand before nudging it with his nose. The silver haired male smiled a bit. Unable to stop it, his gaze flicked to Jeongguk as the taller Alpha finished up a conversation with Yoongi and turned to head back to his horse. The dark haired male locked eyes with him for about a second before he turned once more, heading over to SeoYungs mount where the food was stored instead.

“Coward,” the Omega muttered.

Jeongguk paused, but just as the Alpha turned to look in his direction a sharp whistle sounded and the others were instantly on alert.

“Stay here! ” Yoongi ordered Jimin as the other wolves took off in the direction SeHyun and Hoseok had disappeared in.


“No buts,” barked Jeongguk before disappearing into the trees.

The Alpha shot one last look behind him to make sure the Omega stayed put. Seeing Jimin standing wide eyed by the horses, he left it alone unable to devote anymore concern to him. He’d have to trust the Omega would heed their order and instead focused on reaching his packmates. They didn’t even have to see the area to know what the problem was, the stench of it was thick in the air after all and it told them all one thing. Ferals .

Jeongguk could smell them from here. He shared a look with Yoongi and the male passed it on, following the unspoken command the group fanned out as wide as possible without going too far before closing in. As they neared they noticed Hoseok and SeHyun surrounded, there were at least eight ferals snarling and circling. Just their luck, a large fucking pack. Most ferals had an average of three or four, it was rare to see a group this size. Probably former regular wolves who had been ousted from their packlands by a stronger group long ago.

The Alpha took a moment, his gaze assessing what he saw. Hoseok looked okay, a bit of blood on his arm but fine. SeHyun was currently sitting though and that was worrying, he hoped his packmate wasn’t too badly injured. Noticing Yoongi in position he gave the signal- and all hell broke loose.

They moved like a well oiled machine, fighting the wolves and keeping clear of the jaws, as the worst thing you could do was let a feral lock on a vital part. Jeongguk knew that their group could also transform, but he held off on commanding it, wanting to keep a clear line between them.  Besides they were trained to fight well in either form so he trusted that it was no problem for his men. This was confirmed when NamJoon picked up and slammed a large wolf into a nearby tree trunk, while Yoongi managed to pierce another in the side with his knife. Jeongguk himself had just managed to slice one of their throats when he’d noticed a large one making its way quickly towards the injured SeHyun.

“Hoseok!!” He called to his packmate who was the closest.

The male looked over in surprise before punching the wolf he was fighting in the face and turning to head towards his felled packmate. The stocky Alpha searched frantically for a branch or something to defend himself, having lost his knife in the earlier fight. He had finally found a large slightly rotted branch and while he wasn’t sure how many hits it had in it it would have to do. Lifting it to at least try to catch the wolf's deadly bite he prepared himself for... nothing? - It seemed.

The Alpha blinked in surprise when the wolf suddenly fell over, dead. He and Hoseok shared a look, but before they could speak Yoongi yelled out.

“Hobi watch your back!”

Hoseok quickly turned and Jeongguk prepared to throw his knife when that wolf suddenly fell over as well. They froze as the one of the two wolves circling NamJoon keeled over followed by the one wrestling with Yoongi. That was all that was needed for the three remaining ferals to become spooked and take off into the woods.

“What… the fuck… just happened?” SeHyun breathed slowly shifting and pulling himself towards the downed wolf nearby.

“An arrow-” Joon had barely gotten the word out before a voice spoke.

“The correct response is, good shot,” a voice declared. All of the Alphas looked over just in time to see Jimin (reminiscent of their meeting) jump from a nearby tree, landing just next to the injured SeHyun. “You okay?”

“Jimin, what?” Hoseok asked slowly.

Jeongguk did not do the same as it only took him a moment to assess what had happened. His eyes going to the bow in the Omegas hand and the quivers slung over his back. The pretty male blinked then shrugged. “I tried to offer to help, but no one would listen.”

“I told you to stay put,” Gguk ground out with a frown.

“I helped.”

“You interfered,” SeHyun snapped, annoyed at having being saved by a wolf from the North, and an Omega at that!

Jimin frowned, confused and hurt by their reaction. “I helped.” He repeated going over to the dead wolf, planting his foot on its side and ripping the arrow out before making his way to the next one as confused Alphas watched.

They’d never been put in this position before. THEY were the protectors, the Omegas were the protected… so how in the hell? He, Hoseok and NamJoon shared a look before, with a huff, Jeongguk went over to the wolf that had been near where Yoongi had been fighting. With one tug he ripped the arrow free, using his shirt to wipe off some of the blood he handed it to the Omega.

“...Thanks…” Jimin muttered, shaking the other arrows off to clean them some (he really didn’t want to get his robes dirty with blood).

Rolling his eyes Jeongguk took them from him and used his shirt to clean them before handing them back. “If you’re scared of blood, should you really be fighting?”

“I’m not scared of blood,” Jimin glared annoyed. “But that doesn’t mean I want to be covered in it either.” Turning the Omega stomped/limped back towards where they’d left the horses. “Bring him along then,” he ordered the other males before heading on without waiting.

Hyung?…” SeoYung muttered looking at Jeongguk, uncertain if he should follow the Omegas order.

The slightly older Alpha just rolled his eyes and shook his head before heading over to help NamJoon with SeHyun. Together they lifted the stalky wolf as he groaned in pain, his leg was pretty well fucked up with a large gash from a bite, they’d have to tend to it before leaving.


As if he’d heard their thoughts they arrived to find Jimin sitting on the ground with some type of smaller bag next to him. “Sit him here,” the Omega ordered as he rummaged through the sack.

Once again, the wolves looked at Jeongguk. The Alpha shrugged in response and motioned for them to do as requested. He was curious as to what the Omega had planned, especially since he’d removed his nice travel cloak. SeHyun grumbled but the others paid no heed as Jeongguk had given the order all ready.

Jimin pulled a knife and looked at SeHyun. “I’m going to remove this section of your trousers,” he informed him before slipping the item in at the cuff and slowly slicing upwards, cutting the pant leg in half and revealing the bite on his calf. The Omega made a face. “Well… they got you good…”

“I hadn’t noticed,” SeHyun glared at him.

Jimin shrugged in response and they watched as he retrieved a needle and thread from the bag.

Wait,” this time it was NamJoon. “Uh… do you know what you’re doing?”

“I do,” the Omega answered as he pulled out a large handkerchief and set it on the ground before withdrawing a jar of something and setting it atop the napkin. He then pulled a small bottle, adding it next to the jar followed by some strips of cloth. Opening the container, he revealed a thick, almost translucent goo and coated one of the strips of cloth with it. “Can I get some water to clean the wound? I want to make sure it doesn’t get infected.”

S...ure …” Yoongi said slowly, curiously. He went to his horse and retrieved his canteen passing it to the Omega.

“Thanks,” Jimin murmured.

The other wolves were fascinated, even Jeongguk was holding off on smart ass comment as they watched the Omega work. Jimin ignored all of the prying eyes as he withdrew a syringe, sans needle. Adding a few drops of something from the smaller bottle into a small bowl, he then poured in the water before mixing it with the tip and then withdrawing the liquid with the syringe. Going to the open wound he used the the concoction to flush out the injury.

“What did you add to the water?” NamJoon inquired curiously.

“Just a bit of lemon juice for sterilization,” the Omega remarked as he finished up.

SeHyun suppressed a hiss as the liquid burned, squishing his eyes shut. He glanced over when he was passed a pouch by Hoseok, muttering a thanks before knocking back a strong sip of the liquor that had been brought along for occasional use.

Once the lacerations were cleaned, Jimin picked up the cloth with the translucent substance on it, rubbing it over the wound.

“What does that do?” SeoYung asked this time.

“Numbing agent,” Jimin replied as he spread it over the open areas he’d have to sew shut. “It comes from a flower that can be toxic in high enough doses. However if it’s diluted with aloe and nectar from another flower contains just the right about of potency left for these types of procedures.”

The young Beta nodded slowly. Though he only understood about half of that, it seemed plausible enough.

“So you’re trying to kill me,” SeHyun glared.  

“Appreciate the fact that I’m not trying to hurt you and shut up,” the Omega replied with glare of his own.

After about a minute, and another long sip of liquor by SeHyun, Jimin touched the area. Seeing no response it took it that the agent was working and picked up his needle and thread. The wolves watched as the Omega worked, his hands steady and quick as he stitched up the large wounds, repairing the flesh as best as possible.

Jeongguk was fascinated and briefly found himself wondering if there was anything this Omega couldn’t do . He then remembered Jimin’s cooking and snorted a bit to himself. The smaller wolf pause in his actions and threw the Alpha a glare (probably assuming he was patronizing him) before resuming his work.

As Jimin continued, NamJoon picked up the pot of numbing agent and gave it a sniff before putting it back down. Where had the Omega gotten such things? Why did he know how to use them? He was intrigued. His gaze taking in the smaller male as he worked, his hands looking both delicate and manly at the same time. Park Jimin was an enigma… and if there was one thing Joon liked, it was puzzles.

The older Alpha’s eyes flicked to Jeongguk as the younger male stood just to the side of the Omega watching as well. The older male silently wondered what was going on between his leader and the beautiful outsider. Not much right? After all, Gguk was a notorious playboy. They all figured he’d remained unmated until his luck ran out and he fucked up and got an Omega pregnant on accident. They were quite sure that’d be the only reason he’d finally mark someone. But even Joon had to admit there was a strange energy between the two of them, he’d never seen Jeongguk so easily wound up or distracted by an Omega before.

Then again, the younger Alpha had always sworn that he didn’t like cock. Not to mention the fact that he WAS the pack leader. The Elders as well as the rest of the pack would be looking for him to make an advantageous mating at the most, or mate an insider at the very least. So did that mean that Jimin was still available? Because if so, NamJoon was thinking he may keep the Omega for himself.

Orrrrr maybe not.

Just as he’d had the previous thought, he watched as his “stubborn” leader reached down, to move some hair that had slid over Jimin’s shoulder back to his back so that it wouldn’t fall into the blood, as well as tucking a few loose strands behind the Omega’s ear. The silver haired man flushed a bit and muttered thanks, not stopping his work at all.

‘Well,’ Joon thought amused. ‘I suppose you don’t have to mate someone to have sex with them…’

Meanwhile Jeongguk sighed to himself debating what his next steps would be as they waited for Jimin to finish working on SeHyun, which ended up taking about another twenty minutes. In the end he’d eventually ordered everyone to finish preparing the horses for departure so they’d be ready to go once Hyun was patched up.

“There,” Jimin breathed, wrapping the wound in a cloth he’d given a light coating of the numbing agent to. “That should help for now. If you start to feel anything- like a headache or nausea let me know and I can give you something. The best thing we can hope now is to keep a fever at bay.”

The Omega used the back of his wrist to wipe some sweat from his brow before slowly standing with a stretch. For his part SeHyun didn’t respond to the order, instead looking down at his leg. It throbbed quite a bit but the pain wasn’t as bad as before, nor as he’d been expecting. He owed the Omega a thanks, but he didn’t really want to give him one. After all, it’s not like he asked for his help and now he was basically indebted to him, TWICE OVER at that. Since the wolf had shot the feral who’d been about to attack and patched him up.

“Good job,” NamJoon remarked standing as well, he’d watched the whole thing and was astounded by the Omegas skills.

“Where’d you learn all of that?” Jeongguk quizzed, unable to contain his curiosity.

Jimin glanced over as he retrieved and replaced his supplies, using the leftover lemon water to clean his needle and other tools, followed by his hands. “Our packs oldest healer taught me.” The male shrugged. “I shadowed him for the last year or two to learn some healing techniques and other information.”

“You want to be a healer?” Hoseok asked, as he helped SeHyun to stand.

“Not really.”

“Then… why learn?” Gguk inquired, brows furrowed.

Jimin shrugged again. “That healer is also the pack midwife… he’s the one who delivers all of the pups.”

The men shared a look before Yoongi clarified softly. “You learned for Tae?”

The Omega glanced over with a frown. “I don’t plan to take over of course, but it’s better if i can be of use if needed than just a spectator right?” He defended lightly, making his way back to his bag on the side of the horse and returning the smaller medical bag to it. “I figure it can’t hurt, I mean… is your local healer use to male Omega births?”

“No… I can’t say he is,” the older Alpha admitted, suddenly comforted by the fact that the other male would be there. It seemed his mate had been onto something after all.

“I just did some research so that maybe I can give him some tips or something,” Jimin looked over at him. “My pack is probably about half male Omega, so our healer is use to the birthing process.”

“I see…” Yoongi murmured.

“Good… “ the Omega breathed before muttering, “Anyway, I’m gonna go pee now,”

They watched as he grabbed his cloak once more, throwing it on and heading in a direction opposite of the attack earlier.




“...You okay?”

Jimin jumped slightly and turned, his eyes wide and a bit frantic as he took in the Alpha nearby. His hands gripped the soft cloth of his travel cloak as he blinked and swallowed thickly.

“Ye...fine, I’m fine, ” He asserted inhaling and exhaling slowly.

He didn’t smell fine, Jeongguk noted. Distress rolled off of the Omega in waves as, what Jeongguk was assumed shock from the surgery, settled in. The Alpha was surprised. Jimin had looked, hell, he’d been, so calm this whole time to the point that Gguk thought he’d initially had it wrong and the Omega dealt with stuff like this regularly. Obviously that wasn’t the case.

“You don’t look fine,” the Alpha muttered approaching him.

Jimin took several steps back. “Shouldn’t you be ignoring me right now?” he snapped annoyed that, of all the times for Jeongguk to pay attention to him today, he’d chosen now. Right now when he felt like this. Right now when he couldn’t stop shaking. Right now when he was acting weak! Gods, he would have rathered anyone other that the Alpha (except maybe SeHyun) to be standing in front of him instead of Jeongguk.

The taller male huffed and ruffled his dark hair before shrugging. “I guess not.” He once again approached, and Jimin once again backed off. “Look, I understand.” Gguk tried empathizing.  “Observing and studying are different from doing- I get it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“...What?” the Omega frowned looking up at him confused.

“The stitching…. It was hard?” Jeongguk frowned back, confused at his confusion.

“No.” the smaller man responded annoyed. “I’ve helped before -granted usually in a controlled environment, but still.”

“Then why?” The Alpha asked slowly, indicating the shaking hands he could now see nervously fiddling with his cuffs. Jimin looked down before dropping his hands, letting them fall and become hidden from view by his cloak.

Jimin... ” Gguk said slowly, his voice soft and soothing as if coaxing the Omega to talk. If the surgery was nothing to him, then what was wrong?

Don’t… ” the smaller man murmured, lowering his head to hide his face.

“Tell me.”



Stop saying my name like that.”

Jeongguk sighed, finally closing the distance between them he pulled the smaller male into a hug. Jimin was stiff but trembling in his arms and after a moment his hands came up to clutch Jeongguks shirt. As the Omega glanced down he noticed the blood stains in his grip and gasped, his breath coming out shaky.


“Do you do this often?” the Omega asked softly.

“Do what?” Gguk frowned baffled by the question.

“... Kill …” the smaller male answered in what barely amounted to a whisper.

Jeongguk finally understood what had the other man so visibly shaken up. Eyes closing he sighed and pulled Jimin closer, his chin resting atop the silver haired males head as he gave the man time to gather himself and his thoughts.

Mmm… . but only if needed.”

“Is it… easy… for you?” the other quizzed quietly.

Once again the Alpha exhaled. “ Well… when it comes down to them or me and my loved ones… then yes. Yes it’s easy. But that doesn’t mean I like it, I just know that sometimes… well,  sometimes you have to.”

“Did...did I have to?”

“You did,” the other male answered instantly. “They were hungry and angry, they were feral. You can’t reason with a feral, sadly death is all they understand. I mean, yes, you could have just injured them- but that just condemns them to a long and painful death from infection. You were kind Jimin. You did what had to be done, but you did it kindly.”

The Omega didn’t respond, but did bury his face in the nape of Jeongguks neck. The Alpha held him for several moments. After a while he glanced over at a sound and saw Yoongi just past a few trees, he gave the older Alpha an almost imperceptible shake of his head. Understanding the blond backed soundlessly out of the area to give them a bit longer.

Gguk was surprised. Granted, he’d assumed Jimin had never killed or hell, even fought before. But that was when he’d left him to stay with the horses. By the time the Omega had sniped four feral wolves, boasted about being a good shot, and recovered his arrows from the bodies- Jeongguk had assumed he’d gotten it wrong. Now he couldn’t help but wonder if it was all bluster to cover up his real fear over the situation and guilt over what he’d done.

If anything it impressed the Alpha more. It was one thing to kill when you were trained to- it was another to kill (and with such accuracy) when you needed to.

After several more minutes the Omega’s breathing finally evened out and when he gave a light push against Jeongguks chest the Alpha released him.

“You ready?” he asked, instead of asking if Jimin was okay.

The Omega wiped his face a bit, pinched his cheeks and then pulled up the hood of his cloak before nodding.

“You didn’t want to pee first?” Gguk asked quirking a brow.

Jimin glared at him from just beneath the hood and the Alpha held up his hands in surrender and with a laugh. “Okay okay, just checking. Let’s go then.”

They moved in silence next to one another back to where the others were waiting. Upon arriving the Omega noticed that the other wolves were already mounted on their horses. “Sorry…” he remarked softly, making his way towards Yoongi. He had just taken the other man's hand for help to pull him up when he felt a strong arm around his waist. “What-”

Jimin cut off with a yelp as he found himself being carried towards and deposited onto Nightmare. He barely had time to sputter before Jeongguk hopped on behind him and motioned with his hand.

“Let’s go,” the Alpha ordered taking lead once more and they were soon off.

“What are you doing?” The Omega hissed, his back rigid as they began to ride.

“Taking lead,” the smart ass replied.

“That’s not what I mean and you know it,” Jimin glared over his shoulder, the fabric of his hood helping to shield his face from Jeongguk.

“You might as well relax, we have a long ride,” Gguk responded instead of explaining.

“I don’t want to ride with you anymore.” Jimin objected. When the Alpha seemed to ignore him he hit his thigh and tried to ignore how firm the muscles were beneath his palm. “I * said * I don’t want to ride with you anymore . Let me ride with Hyung again.”

“You’re already riding with me, we’re not stopping again,” Jeongguk remarked in an almost bored tone.

“I’m sick of you just doing what you want!” Jimin hissed.

“You didn’t seem to mind last night,” was the droll response.

The Omega’s face flamed and he silently seethed, curling in on himself a bit. “ Don’t make fun of me…” he muttered, tone tinged with hurt that made the Alpha’s wolf shift guiltily.

“...Sorry,” Gguk muttered, one hand letting go of the reigns as he slid the arm around the Omega’s waist pulling him closer. “You’re getting to high up on his shoulders it makes it harder for him to walk,” he half lied.

Jimin, who had been about to object before Jeongguk explained frowned. “Oh… sorry Nightmare,” he said to the horse, reaching down and petting the animal lightly.

Jeongguks eyes watched the small fingers as he did so, his arm moved from around Jimin’s waist as he intercepted the Omega’s hand. It was so small in his own. The Alpha took a shaky breath, his thumb gliding over a silver ring that adorned the silver haired males finger.

“What’s this for?” he asked softly.

Jimin lightly licked his lips, his eyes going to the scenery before them as they continued to ride. He could feel the other males chest rise and fall with his breath against his back. He could smell his unique scent coating his nostrils. The fight with the ferals having caused the Alpha to sweat and bringing his crisp summer rain fragrance to the forefront.

The fight with the ferals.

“Oh,” Jimin said suddenly turning and looking at Jeongguk.

Blinking in surprise at the sudden attack/look the Alpha pulled back a bit. “What?”

“The fight, Hoseok was injured, I forgot to check his wound!” he exclaimed before attempting to crane around Jeongguk to see the older Alpha. “Hobi-Hyung-”

“Stop. Moving,” Jeongguk ordered, holding the Omega firmly against his chest. “Hobi’s fine, he put on a bandage himself.”

The male in question rode forward so that he was riding alongside them. “Gguks right,” he affirmed with a smile holding up his arm. “I nicked a bit of your numbing stuff when you were working and one of your bandages-”

“That’s not good enough, we need to clean it out,” the Omega frowned. “We need to stop Jeongguk, so that I can look at him.”

“He’s next to us. Look.” The Alpha responded with a sigh.

Jimin elbowed him in the stomach, huffing when his arm bounced off solid muscle. “Built like a bloody rock you are,” he muttered before shifting once more. “Jeongguk, we need to clean his wound, it can get infected.”

“I said we’re not stopping.”

“We have to.”

“We don’t.”

“We should stop.”

“We won’t.”

“Don’t you care?!” the Omega exclaimed.

“Keep your voice down,” Gguk snapped glaring at him. “We still have about an hour or so before we’re out of the Northern territories.”

“I’m sure it’s fine,” Hobi interjected when he saw the Omega gearing up to respond.

“Really? And where did YOU study healing?” Jimin asked blinking and looking at him.

Hoseok looked back at Yoongi who shrugged before looking at Jimin. “...I… haven’t?”

“Then kindly stay out of it,” the silver haired man replied sweetly before once again elbowing Jeongguk. “Stop. Let me at least clean and check the wound you colossal ass!”

“I * swear * Jimin if you don’t shut the fuck up I’m gonna tie you and gag you,” the Alpha threatened, his tone deepening as his dominating voice started to leak through.

“Tie me and gag me and I’ll neuter you you fucking pig,” the smaller man replied, not at all quelled by the threat.

Yoongi rose a brow impressed, usually that tone even intimidated other Alphas, let alone an Omega. “Look,” the older Alpha interjected, motioning for Hoseok to fall back before taking his place. “How about a compromise? Jimin, you be quiet-”

“Sounds good to me,” Jeongguk remarked, the Omega yanked down his hood and twisted so that the Alpha could see his glare.

“-and Jeongguk, you stop as soon as we’re safe out of the North,” the older wolf finished with a stern look.

“But-” both younger wolves said in unison.

“Look. You both need to compromise on this. Jimin-ah if we stop and someone attacks then what good did stopping do?” the older male reasoned gently, not half as annoyed as his leader because he recognized that it was concern for one of theirs that had the Omega acting this way. “Hoseok is doing fine, if he starts to feel in pain then we’ll figure something out. Gguk knows the health of his men are important, but for now let’s concentrate on getting to safety, THEN tending to him.”

“We’ll lose more time,” Jeongguk griped.

“Better than losing a life or a limb,” Jimin countered once again glaring.

“How dramatic…” the Alpha responded in a bored tone.

The Omega responded by giving him the middle finger. Yoongi snorted a laugh and shook his head falling back once more, they were hopeless.  Jeongguk caught Jimin's hand before he could pull it away.

“Let go,” the Omega huffed.

“You never told me,” Gguk responded.

“...What?” the silver haired man asked confused.

“What it was for,” at the others blank look he held up Jimin’s own hand in front of his face. “The ring. What does it mean?”

“It means none of your business, you asshole,” Jimin snapped, sticking his tongue out at the Alpha before turning around once more.

Hearing his packmates snickering behind his back, Jeongguk held up a finger of his own for them, but thankfully the trip finally returned to silence.

Chapter Text



(Campsite 3)


Jimin sat next to the fire as the others moved about, the Omega was quiet- much quieter than he had been at any point before. His traveling companions shared varying looks of concern, though Jeongguk and Yoongi had the best idea of what was bothering him. The two Alphas had initially thought Jimin was back to his old self after reading Gguk the riot act about not checking Hoseok, but it seemed that had been a short lived boost. Once they’d reached a safe enough area and he’d been able to clean and rebandage the lanky Alpha he’d fallen into silence once more, even ignoring Gguks attempts to goad him into a reaction.

“Jimin-ah,” NamJoon said heading over to where the Omega was. “We’re gonna go hunting… did you… I dunno, maybe want to get your bow and come along or something?”

“No thank you, Hyung,” the male said with a subtle smile. “My ankle is kind of bothering me-”

“Probably because you jumped out of a tree like an idiot,” Jeongguk snorted from his location leaning against a nearby tree.

The Omega shot him a glare before sighing, as much as he hated it the asshole was probably right. It was just that was how he normally got down from trees, and since his ankle had started to feel better he’d sorta forgotten with the adrenaline and all. But he wasn’t going to tell Jeongguk that , so instead he settled for unbrading his hair and setting about brushing it.

NamJoon looked between the two wolves and gave a low whistle. “ Okay… well… we’re gonna go and find some food. We’ll be back soon.”

“Okay Hyung,” Jimin replied with a soft smile as he worked on brushing his hair to a shine.

The Alpha nodded and headed off with the others leaving Jimin, Jeongguk and the injured SeHyun behind. The stalky Alpha pretended to be napping, but it wasn’t long before his eyes were open and drifting to the pretty Omega by the fire. He still hadn’t thanked him yet… not that it was his job or anything to. After all, he hadn’t asked for help, Jimin had inserted himself. But still…

He opened his mouth to mutter a begrudging thanks but, “What are you doing Gguk?” came out of it instead.

The younger Alpha blinked and looked over in surprise at suddenly being addressed. “...Carving.”

“Carving what?” the male quizzed, sitting up on his elbows and trying to look over to see from his location, but he was too far.

“How’s your leg? Still swelling?” Jeongguk asked instead of answering.

Jimin looked over. “I told you to put it up.”

“It’s up,” SeHyun snapped. “Any higher and it’d be around my neck for fucks sake. Give me a break.”

The Omega scoffed and muttered about ‘Ungrateful cocky shitty Alphas’ as he set about braiding two small sections of his hair to return it to the style he’d had when he’d first met the group.

“You can’t expect him to save your leg, your ass AND give you a break can you?” Jeongguk asked dryly, his eyes on his woodwork.

Both SeHyun and Jimin looked over at the Alpha’s surprise defense of Jimin, but Gguk continued to work like he’d said nothing. Blinking the two then looked at one another, before SeHyun huffed and muttered. “I guess not…”

Jimin glanced over at the Alpha before going back to finishing his hair. SeHyun fell quiet once more with a soft sigh, his own opinions about the North and Northern wolves fighting with his honor as an Alpha, not to mention the lowering of his aversion to their Omega guest. Just as he’d about built up the courage to finally speak, Jimin stood.

Jeongguks’ gaze flicked up as the Omega moved passed him before reshething his knife and standing as well. He moved silently behind the smaller wolf as Jimin headed into the forest.

“It’s safe right?” the Omega asked abruptly, suddenly turning and facing him. “We’re in the South, it’s not as dangerous according to your pack- so why are you still following me?” He frowned at the Alpha. “I’d like to be alone now.”

“For what?” Jeongguk quizzed quirking a brow.

“To fucking think, by myself . Just leave me BE Jeongguk,” the smaller male snapped annoyed.

Gguk sighed and looked around before holding up both hands in surrender. “Fine… but before you do that, I’d like to show you something. If that’s okay?”

Jimin’s brows furrowed, and he eyed the dark haired male suspiciously. “Show me what?”

The Alpha smirked and winked before heading off to his right. He didn’t wait to see if the Omega was going to follow because he had a strong feeling that he didn’t need to. This was confirmed when, after a few minutes he heard a soft curse and light footsteps behind him.

“Where are we going?” Jimin frowned.

“You’ll see,” Gguk responded not stopping.

“In how many years?” was the smart ass muttered response after a few minutes of walking.

The Alpha snorted a laugh and Jimin glared at his back, the Omega was just about to make another- more insulting comment, when the forest suddenly opened up. The silver haired male froze, sucking in a shocked breath. It was beautiful…

“What…” Jimin breathed. “Where… I…”

“Stunning isn’t it?” Gguk asked finally looking over at him. “We did some hunting with the pack that lives in this area a while ago… So, whenever we pass through I always come here for a bit.” He continued making his way over to the pergola. The sun was just begging to set, coloring the waters a beautiful orange/pinkish hue.

Jimin followed silently behind Jeongguk, taking a seat inside of the pergola when the Alpha did  his eyes going over the water and scenery. Silence once again reigned but this time much more peaceful and contemplative. The Omega hugged himself within his cloak as he thought about his journey so far. He’d already experienced more in the past few days than he ever had in the over twenty years of living with his own pack. For better, or for worse.

“Oooh,” the Jimin gasped, noticing some butterfly fluttering nearby. “So pretty,” he breathed getting up and heading to the far side of the pergola closer to the water where the creatures were located and leaning against the railing.

Jeongguk looked up to see the smaller male extending his hand to the butterflies. “What-” he cut off in surprise as one of them actually landed on Jimin’s finger. What the fuck WAS this guy?! The Alpha watched in a combination of resignation and awe as another butterfly settled on Jimin’s head, followed by another landing on his nose causing the male to giggle. Before he realized it, Gguk was smiling as well his gaze unwittingly soft as it focused on the Omega.

“They’re so pretty,” the silvery man repeated looking over at Jeongguk. The butterfly on his nose took flight as he did so, though the one on his head seemed content enough to stay. “The colors are so vibrant, I’ve not seen any like this around where I lived.”

“Of course not,” Gguk said haughty. “Even our insects are better.”

Jimin scoffed and rolled his eyes. “You’re stupid.”

“I’m right, you just admitted it. Our animals and insects are better- better looking, even friendlier,” he added indicating the two butterflies currently residing on the Omega.

“Well your INSECTS may be friendlier….” Jimin replied, trailing off with a pointed look.

“Ya, I’m charming,” the Alpha declared.

“Don’t ‘Ya’ me,” the Omega frowned before addressing something he’d been wondering. “How old are you anyway?”

“... How old are you?” Jeongguk volleyed back, though he already knew the answer. After all Yoongi had said TaeHyung and Jimin had met when THEY were nine or ten, which meant he was Tae-Hyung’s age.

“Twenty-two,” Jimin answered. “How old are you?”

Gguk frowned. “Have you really known Tae-Hyung since you were nine or ten?”

“Since we were eight,” Jimin corrected.

“How did you meet?”

“At a festival,” Jimin responded, watching as Gguk went back to what he’d been doing earlier.

“So what? You were both just running around the festival and ran into one another or something?” the younger male asked as he worked.

Jimin moved over, bidding the butterflies goodbye as they left his person. His eyes curiously studying the Alpha as he worked. “No… I was in a tree when he walked under it.- What are you making?”

Jeongguk finally glanced up as the Omega squatted down next to him. “This? A bunny. -Let me guess, you jumped out of the tree at him.”

“Did not. You’re wrong...kinda. Anyway- why a bunny?” the smaller male inquired.

The dark haired male shrugged. “Why not?”

“Fair enough,” Jimin muttered taking a seat next to the Alpha and watching him work, Jeongguk having successfully distracted him from his initial question. “...It looks like you.”


“The bunny… it looks like you,” Jimin repeated.

Gguk looked up with a frown. “How?”

“I don’t know,” the Omega shrugged, leaning back against the railing, his shoulder brushing the Alpha’s. “It just does…” He reached for the carving and Jeongguk released it, watching as the Omega held it up next to Gguk’s face, his lips twitching into an amused smile. “Mirror image.

“Ha-ha,” the younger said taking it back. “I don’t look like a bunny unless it’s a killer one.” The younger male griped as he worked on adding the indication of fur.

Jimin snorted but didn’t comment further, instead watching the Alpha work in the waning light. After a few minutes he let his head fall to the other males shoulder, but Jeongguk didn’t say anything, instead continuing to whittle away at his bunny.

The two sat in silence, even as the sun finally went down along with Jeongguks knife. The Moon was high in the sky and full, offering a lot of light for the area around them, and giving a dim view of the peaceful beauty of their surroundings. Gguk looked down as he felt JImin fidget, his eyes going to the other males hands as he twirled the ring on his finger. Reaching down, he once again caught the smaller hand in his own, and Jimin paused in both his movement and his breathing.

Both Alpha and Omega watched as the younger male ran his thumb over the silver band that graced Jimin’s finger. However, this time he didn’t ask… no, instead he just caressed it, the question implied but not stated. Jimin slowly began to breathe again, lightly biting his bottom lip as he inhaled the enthralling scent of the man next to him. After a while, Jeongguk stopped rubbing the ring and instead shifted their hands, going palm to palm as they each reveled in the difference in their hand sizes.

Jimin curled his fingers, sliding them between Jeongguk’s and the Alpha closed his own fingers around the smaller hand.

“You two coming to eat?!” Hobi called from the edge of the pathway.

The two wolves let go of one another's hands and Jimin sat up as Jeongguk replied.

“It took you guys long enough,” he declared standing. He offered the Omega a hand up, and Jimin accepted, but neither let the hold linger as they made their way towards the waiting Alpha.

“We’ve been back , but we thought you two may want some alone time,” the older wolf replied with a leering look and a smirk before running away as Jeongguk chased him in a circle.

Jimin laughed at their antics and suddenly found himself surprised at how quickly the small group of wolves had grown on him. Sure… he’d still never EVER mate an Alpha, but at least they didn’t all seem to be TOTAL assholes.

Eventually the two Alpha’s calmed down and the group made their way back to where the others were located, the smell and glow of the fire leading the way. As soon as they arrived, Jimin instantly noticed the difference in the pack now that they were in what they considered to be “safelands”. NamJoon and Yoongi were singing a loud bawdy song about Omegas while SeoYung laughed uproariously by the fire, food falling out of his mouth as he ate. When Yoongi put a finger to his ear to hit a impressively bad note, SeHyun threw a bone at him and the others laughed even more. Hoseok joined in with a chorus of loud “Ooooooooo!”s and rather sharp spins and dance moves while Jimin giggled.

“You’re not going to join in?” the Omega teased Jeongguk with a grin as the Alpha stood by watching.

“Ew, no,” Hoseok answered for him.

“He’d kill the vibe,” Joon added making a face before humming a bit more.

“You that bad?” Jimin laughed looking at Jeongguk.

“No. I’m that good, ” the Alpha smirked before going over to where they’d left the meat, seemed to be a few wild boar.

Jimin made a face and looked at the others, who gave varying degrees of shrugs and nods that confirmed the Alpha’s cocky contention.

“Prove it,” Jimin declared, starting to remove his cloak so he could get some meat of his own without getting it dirty, however just as he was about to unclasp it NamJoon passed him a leg.

“Here you go,” the Alpha said with a dimpled smile. “I saved you a good part.”

The Omega grinned back in response, “Thanks Hyung!”

“No problem, cutie,” he replied with a wink.

When Jimin giggled Jeongguk rolled his eyes.

“So you two done making out?” Yoongi asked taking a swig of the liquor from the pouch.

Jimin’s whole face flared, while Jeongguk glared. “We were NOT making out.”

“Right, just cuddling,” Hobi teased before once again running from Gguk.

“We were NOT cuddling,” Jimin muttered taking a seat on the ground near the fire and taking a bite of meat.

The other wolves shared a look before NamJoon nodded, taking a seat next to the Omega. “Don’t worry, we’re just teasing for fun. After all, we’re all well that aware Gguk doesn’t appreciate the beauty of male Omega.”

“What do you mean?” Jimin asked curiously, taking another bite of food.

“I just mean, Gguk doesn’t find male Omega’s attractive. Even though Hyung has tried to convince him otherwise,” the older Alpha shrugged. “Jeonggukie firmly believes that Female Omega-” the Alpha abruptly cut off as something moist hit his back. Both NamJoon and Jimin turned and looked down. “Did you just throw a boar intestine at me?!”

Hobi, SeoYung and SeHyun burst out laughing, while Yoongi only smirked.

“Did I?” Jeongguk frowned. “Must have been because you’re spouting so much shit. Think you want to NOT talk about anything that comes to mind?” the younger Alpha glared.

“I think you forgot who the Hyung was,” Joon said standing.

“I think YOU forgot who your pack leader was,” Jeongguk retorted taking a step forward.

Wait- you’re the pack leader?” Jimin asked breaking the tension with the ridiculousness of the question. All of the others looked at the Omega who was staring at Jeongguk in shock. “Like.. of the WHOLE PACK, not just the group leader for this trip? How is that possible? You still have milk on your breath!”

“Ya!” the Alpha snapped as the others laughed. “I’ll have you know I’ve been leading my pack for almost a year now, but I’ve trained to lead for longer.”

Once again the Omega looked to Yoongi for confirmation, the older Alpha nodded. “It’s true, Gguk is our pack leader.”

“Is your pack new?” Jimin inquired befuddled.

“No,” Jeongguk answered this time. “Our pack has been around for generations, it’s one of the largest ones in the area.”

“But age wise-”

“We have all ages,” SeoYung answered this time. “I think our oldest is almost sixty, he’s one of the pack elders. They help to run things, but Jeongguk is the final boss.”

“But … Why???”   the Omega’s expression and tone were done in such a manner that all of the wolves except Jeongguk burst into laughter.

“Because I deserve it,” the Alpha leader declared clearly annoyed.

“Sorry… I’m not trying to imply-”

Well you are!” Gguk snapped before disappearing into the woods once more.

Ooooo ,” Hobi said in a low tone. “Looks like you’ve set him off.”

“I wasn’t trying to,” Jimin frowned at him. “I was just genuinely surprised…”

“I’ll go and talk to him,” Yoongi said standing.

“I’ll go,” Jimin interjected. “I’m the one he’s mad at.”

“Which is why you shouldn’t go,” the older Alpha reasoned.


“Because you’re the one he’s mad at.”

“But if I don’t go he’ll stay mad.”

“I’ll explain to him that you were just confused and didn’t mean it.”

“Oh…” the Omega paused, then pouted a bit. “But I did mean it. I just didn’t mean to offend.”

NamJoon snorted another laugh, while Hobi and the others just laughed outright.

“And THIS is why you shouldn’t go,” Yoongi sighed.

What? I just mean, he doesn’t really seem to have the, I dunno, temperament for a leader that’s all. - But SungWoo-sshi, our pack leader, is around fifty I think so maybe I’m just basing it off of that? It’s just he never snaps, or raises his voice, or storms off… so I kinda expected…”

“Perhaps… but is your leader a good one? I mean… does he do what’s best for his pack?” Hobi asked curiously.

“...The pack, or the pack members?” Jimin quizzed after a moment.

“Aren’t they the same?” Yoongi frowned.

“Are they?” Jimin countered.

“They are in our pack,” Hobi answered.

“With Jeongguk?” Jimin clarified.

“Yeh…” he answered. They all studied the Omega who had lowered his head and gone quiet as if in thought.

I see… ” Jimin murmured after a moment. At that, the Omega passed the remainder of his boar leg to NamJoon and turned, heading into the forest to talk to Jeongguk. Yoongi shared a look with the others, before taking a seat. He’d leave them to figure this out then.

Chapter Text

Jimin knew where Gguk was, even without having to follow his scent. After all, where else would he be? The Omega made his way back to the path leading to the pergola near the lake, the moon providing enough light to help him see clearly with his night vision. Arriving at the clearing the silver haired man made his way up to the wooden structure heading over to where Jeongguk sat eating some meat and looking out at the water.

After a moment of lingering silence Jeongguk got tired of waiting for Jimin to finally talk and looked over with a frown. “What? And should you even be walking on that?” he asked indicating the Omega’s ankle.

Jimin squatted down next to him. “Probably not, but the situation calls for it so...” He shrugged, then held his mouth open.

Noticing the action the Alpha frowned at him. “What are you doing?”

“Meat,” the smaller man frowned back before opening his mouth once more and indicating that Jeongguk should put some in.

“Didn’t Hyung give you a whole boars leg?” Gguk replied incredulous.

“I didn’t really get to eat it because I had to come and talk to you,” Jimin half answered, half complained.

“You didn’t HAVE to come and talk to me,” the other male responded annoyed.

“I did.”

“Did not.”

“Did too because you’re sulking.”

Jeongguk looked at him and snapped, “I am not sulking!”

Jimin poked a finger at the crease between Jeongguks brows. “Yes you are. So stop. Look, I wasn’t trying to offend you or anything it’s just….” the Omega trailed off with a sigh, moving so that he was sitting next to Jeongguk with their shoulders brushing instead of squatting in front of him.

“Just what?” the Alpha responded raising a brow. “Felt like being an ass?”

“I wasn’t being an ass,” Jimin snapped back. “I was looking for clarification. I mean, no offense but-”

“-usually said before being offensive,” Gguk cut in with a mutter.

Jimin glared and continued. “ -BUT based off of your- wait, what’s your age again?” He frowned, suddenly remembering that the taller man had never told him.

In response Jeongguk stuffed a bit of meat into Jimin’s mouth. “Why? So you can insult me further, no thanks.”

The Omega pouted as he chewed. “I wasn’t trying to insult you as a leader-”

“-just as an Alpha?”

“No… yeah, no. No, not as an Alpha either. Just... as a person,” Jimin stated simply.

The younger male exhaled and shot him a dry look. “So you were only trying to insult me as an individual?”

“Yes. Wait- no . That’s wrong,” Jimin frowned thoughtfully. “Because I wasn’t trying to insult you at all. I was just referencing the immaturity with which you address certain things and you HAPPENED to take it as an insult. So actually the problem here isn’t me, but you,” He finished cheerfully before opening up his mouth for more meat.

Gguk glared at him. “I am not immature.”

“You are,” Jimin response unabashed. “But maturity is something that you gain with age.”

“Then you’re immature, you're not much older than me,” Jeongguk replied with another glare.

Jimin nodded. “This is true. I think I’m getting better, but I still don’t have the patience to handle things to the level that is expected of me, or that I expect of myself…”

The Alpha felt the wind knocked out of his sails when the other male agreed with him instead of fighting him. Huffing he turned his attention back to the water. They sat in silence for several minutes once more until Jimin spoke again.

“You know… even if you’re immature at times, you seem to be a good leader. I mean, the Hyungs trust you…” the Omega remarked pulling his legs to his chest and hugging them. “And I doubt they’d respect you as much as they seem to if you were shitty.” Jeongguk remained silent looking out at the water as Jimin continued. “Our pack Leader… he’s really mature… maybe too mature…

After a moment Jeongguk looked over, noticing a distant but upset look in the Omegas eyes he tore off another piece of meat and placed it at his lips. Jimin blinked before smiling and opening his mouth to accept the item, he chewed thoughtfully as they let silence fall once more.

“So… what happened with your pack?” Gguk asked after a moment as he nibbled on his food a bit.

Jimin blinked and looked over in surprise. “What?”

“Your family. What happened?”

“Nothing- why do you think something happened?” the Omega frowned.

Jeongguk snorted. “Because I’m not stupid.” He shifted, giving the elder the once over. “You’re young, unmated, pure and…. beautiful,” he said looking away with a shrug at that. “It doesn't make sense. Your parents are alive because you refer to them in present tense, so wouldn’t they want to meet the men you’d be traveling with? Make sure you were safe? Hell, even offer a chaperone? But no… you were waiting for us well before we even reached your packlands…” He looked at Jimin once more. “What happened?”

The Omega blushed and pointed to the meat. Rolling his eyes, the Alpha held it out for him to have a bite. Once he’d chewed and sighed for the fifth time he finally responded.

“Let’s just say…. We didn’t agree on some things,” Jimin murmured.


“Like…” the Omega frowned a bit and looked at Jeongguk. “What do you think about male Omega?”

“Huh?” the Alpha asked confused at the sudden change of subject.

“NamJoon-Hyung had been about to say something, that compared to females you think male Omega are * something * but you cut him off. What was it?”

Gguk cleared his throat and tried to give Jimin meat to shut him up. However when the Omega dodged his attempt the Alpha ate it himself before answering with a shrug. “Just… stuff .”

“What kind of stuff?” Jimin frowned shifting so that he was fully facing Jeongguk. “Mean stuff?”

“It wasn't mean,” the other male defended. “Just personal…”

“About male Omega?” the silver haired man reiterated. “Do you hate us?”

“No,” Gguk sighed, not knowing when this had become about his relationship preferences instead of his leadership skills.

“Then what?” the Omega pressed. “We’re just ugly?”

“Look…” he sighed not knowing how to respond. Normally he was quite vocal and unashamed of his opinions on Male Omega and their lack of attractiveness in comparison with their female counterparts. But for some reason saying that to Jimin was…

“I don’t want it,” the older male frowned when Gguk tried to feed him again.

“You sure? It’s the last piece,” the Alpha warned.

A small, pretty pout was the response before Jimin accepted the meat. As he took it, his lips brushed the tips of Jeongguks fingers and the Alpha swallowed thickly. Memories of last night (which seemed so long ago after everything that happened today) swarmed his head, his dark eyes lifted and locked on Jimin's face. In this setting… in the moonlight, the Omega looked to Jeongguk how he would imagine a fairy to… or an angel. Soft silvery wisps of hair brushed and surrounded his face, his full lips were pulled into a subtle pout, his dark eyes were curious,  nervous… and beautiful .

The Alpha pulled his hand back, lightly licking his fingers now that the meat was gone. His gaze on Jimin as the Omega watched the movement. When Jimin’s lips parted slightly as the Omega released the smallest sigh, Jeongguk shuddered. His hand then went back to the other males neck, pulling him into a kiss. Jimin seemed stiff at first, surprised, but within a moment he melted against him. His small hand coming up to grip Gguks shirt as he sighed against his mouth. The Alpha used that opening to slide his tongue between the other males lips.

Jimin gave a small mewel that went right to Jeongguks libido as he shifted, using both his his hands to pull the Omega over and onto his lap. He gave a soft sound of frustration as he found layers of fabric keeping him from feeling the warm skin he knew was beneath it. Both of Gguks hands slid beneath the thick material of Jimin’s cape to the soft robe as he shifted the Omega closer.

“Wait,” Jimin breathed, pulling back his face flushed and breathing heavy.

Jeongguk didn’t wait though, his mouth going to the soft skin at the other males neck as he continued to kiss and nibble. Jimin’s enticing scent driving him even further to distraction, honestly he’d lost half of the blood to his brain at this point anyway.

WAIT, Jeongguk,” Jimin insisted pulling back further.

Eyes hooded and brows furrowed the Alpha frowned. “What? What’s wrong?”

“You tell me,” the Omega countered. “You didn’t like it last time right? So why are you doing it again?”

Gguk blinked, then blinked again, frowning he shook his head trying to make sense of the other males words. “What are you talking about?”

The silver haired man gave a pout that was between pretty and hurt, and the Alpha found himself torn between how to react to it.

“The kissing… last night….” Jimin said softly, blushing and looking down. “That’s why you put me on the horse with Hyung isn’t it? ...Because you hated it.”

Jeongguk exhaled, his head falling back against the railing before look huffed and looked at Jimin. “ No .”

“Then-” the Omega cut off as he found himself being kissed again. Since he had been leaning away from Jeongguk before, the Alpha moved forward to kiss him and it wasn’t long before Jimin found their positions reversed with back flat against the wooden floor of the pergola and Jeongguks larger fame positioned above his own.

Jimin arched into the Alpha's touch as Gguks hands slid up and along his body, the mans warm mouth found his pulsing heartbeat nipping and sucking at his neck. The Omega rocked impatiently against the dark haired male as the scent of the Alpha’s arousal permeated his nostrils making him feel as though he were caught in a rainstorm.

For his part, Jeongguk was gone.- He’d never felt this strong of a level of desire before and honestly he had no fucking idea where it came from. After all he didn’t LIKE male Omega like that… usually. But this one below him smelled and tasted so fucking good. The Alpha gave a low growl as a memory of the other male bathing in the river the other night flashed in his mind. He wanted to retrace the path of that soap, to feel his body, to see if it was all as soft and inviting as it looked.

Jimin blinked and gasped with the cool air of the night hit his thighs, his face coloring a deep shade of red as he looked down to see the Alpha raising his robe and exposing him. Nervously his hands went to Jeongguk, pulling on his shoulders and getting him positioned higher Jimin twined his arms around the other males neck and kissed him deeply. He felt powerful, and beautiful… things that were rare for him and his usual position as an “old maid” Omega in his pack.

His body had never felt like this either, hot… wet… wanting. His hands slid down to Jeongguks waist, pulling at the Alpha’s shirt and recognizing the command, the younger male sat up a bit yanking the clothing off and tossing it to the side before kissing Jimin once more.

“You don’t wear anything under your robes…” Jeongguk breathed against Jimin’s ear as his hands gripped firm, bare flesh off his ass.

Jimin flushed even more one of his hands sliding up the muscles of Jeongguk’s back to grip his shoulder blades as the Alpha shifted against him. “S-should I?”

A growl was his response as he found himself being deeply kissed again. It was all going well, very well until Jimin felt a gentle prodding at his entrance, a single finger testing to see how tight he was. The Omega froze, his breath hitching and whole body tensing, Jeongguk noticed the difference immediately.

“Relax,” the Alpha breathed pulling back and lightly kissing Jimin’s lips. “I won’t do anything you don’t want.”

The older male looked at him, eyes shining, silver hair spread out on the dark wood like a halo as he lightly bit his swollen bottom lip. “I...I can’t...”

For fucks sake. Gguk closed his eyes and let his head fall to the curve of Jimin’s neck. He felt like he was defiling an angel or something… Normally being cock teased pissed him off. After all, it wasn’t like he didn’t have his choice of Omega. But for some reason, maybe it was because Jimin was so fucking unaware of his own beauty, so obviously naive-  this time he was only annoyed with himself. It wasn’t the time, place OR occasion for something like this. Besides, he was sure that if they DID go further, it would most definitely be the Omega’s first time and they still had two more days of travel to get through, something Jimin would struggle even more with if they went further.

“Don’t be,” the Alpha finally remarked kissing Jimin gently. “Like I said, I won’t do anything you don’t want.”

He pulled back and they locked eyes for a moment before the smaller male slightly nodded. It was weird, Gguk would admit that. He had never thought the day would come that he’d be touching another mans cock, but here he was and even more weird, it turned him on. Like a lot. Much like his hands, Jimin’s dick wasn’t the biggest thing ever. However Jeongguk held off on mentioning that, knowing that Alpha or Omega no man wanted to be reminded that they weren’t the most well endowed. Instead he focused on what he was doing, shifting slightly to the side to help support his weight he continued to gently kiss the Omega while stroking his hardened length.

After a moment he felt a small hand wrap around him as Jimin returned the favor. It shouldn’t have been as hot as it was, after all it was just a handjob he’d had plenty of those. But fuck if it wasn’t hot, the feel of his small soft hand, the firm grip and the way he stroked it occasionally pleasing the head by rubbing his thumb across. The small gasps he made into Jeongguks mouth when the Alpha did something that pleased him, and the soft purrs that left Jimin’s lips when he knew he’d pleasured Jeongguk. In all honesty it was probably one of Gguks most PG Omega interactions in the past three years, but it somehow still managed to be the most erotic thing he’d ever experienced. Especially when Jimin began to get close to orgasm, the way he panted against Jeongguks mouth his head falling back as his hips shifted impatiently in the Alpha’s hand.

Gguk watched him with darkened eyes, the flush and pleasure written on his face, the way he licked and bit his lip as he writhed beneath him. But it was the small moan of the Alpha’s name as he came that sent a shiver through the taller males body. Jeongguk barely waited for Jimin to finish his own orgasm before grabbing himself and working towards his release was well as he took in the Omega’s slick and sweat soaked body. He was getting close when a smaller hand encircled his own, looking down Gguk found Jimin watching him with half lidded eyes. The Omega lifted his head kissing Jeongguk deeply, his tongue plunging into the Alpha’s mouth as he worked him faster.

Alpha… ” the smaller man purred against his mouth before biting Jeongguks bottom lip almost painfully. The male in question shuddered, his hand kneading Jimin’s ass as his hips flexed meeting the Omega stroke for stroke. It only took a few more winded murmurings of his name and small little pants to send Gguk over the edge, his hips snapping forward a few more times before he released his seed onto Jimin’s hip.

Giving a deep grunt of pleasure his body shifted forward slightly, half draping him across Jimin as the Omega lifted his small hand studying it as though it were a foreign object. When he moved it to his nose to sniff at the Alpha’s musky scent, Jeongguk caught it and lowered it.

“Cut that out before I change my mind and take you tonight,” he growled in warning, his lust starting to flare anew. He had no idea what Jimin's intentions were, but if the Omega had even flicked his tongue in the direction of the cum on his hand, Jeongguk wouldn’t have been able to control himself.

“Ah…” Jimin breathed sheepishly allowing the hand to stay down.

The two lay there for a few minutes, catching their breath and listening to the creatures of the night. After a bit, Jeongguk finally sat up, wiping the sweat from his brow he looked at the man before him and his disheveled robes that were still raised above his waist.

“Stop staring,” Jimin complained with a frown, sitting up on his elbows.

“Well then stop showing,” Gguk countered.

The Omega glared at him. “I can’t lower it, if I do I’ll get cum on my robes and then everyone will know what we did.”

Jeongguk refrained from telling Jimin that there was a very good chance they knew already, instead settling for rolling his eyes and sitting back. He removed the last bit of cum from just inside of his tip before looking at Jimin. “Stop staring.”

The older male blushed. “Stop showing,” Jimin repeated back, using his clean hand he unclasp his cloak. Then moving to stand, he held his robes aloft in the area where he was dirtied and slowly made his way off of the pergola. The Omega took a moment to look around and sniff for any other wolves before making his way towards the water.

Jeongguk watched from his spot on the wooden structure as Jimin cleaned his lower half in the cool liquid, barely managing to keep his robe dry. Once he was done he backed out of the water letting the clothing fall and the Alpha (who had righted his own clothes) headed over, Jimin’s cloak in hand he threw it over the Omega’s shoulders.

“We should head back,” Gguk remarked looking towards the forest. “We have another early day of travel tomorrow.”

“Right…” the smaller male agreed clasping his cloak once more.

They both turned and walked side by side back towards the camp and Jeongguk remarked conversationally. “...You should probably change your robes tomorrow before we leave.”

The Omega blinked and looked over with a frown. “Why?”

“...” Gguk shrugged, not wanting to be the one to mention that he smelled of slick. It wasn’t as strong as it had been before he’d cleaned but it still remained from what had gotten onto his clothing.

Jimin frowned a bit to himself, but before he could reply they heard movement.

“It’s about time,” Hoseok said, his expression giving nothing away in terms of what he knew or didn’t. “I’m on first watch, you got third watch since you weren’t there when we picked.” He informed his leader.

Jeongguk made a face but didn’t complain. He knew they were down a man with SeHyun out of commission anyway. Jimin pulled up his hood to try to prevent the lanky Alpha from seeing him blush as he and Jeongguk spoke.

“Everyone asleep?” Gguk asked looking towards the camp and the firelight.

“Yep,” Hobi nodded. “You were gone for quite a while after all- so we decided not to wait up.”

Jeongguk snorted and Jimin resumed his walk to the camp at those words. Hoseok shot the Alpha a leering grin once Jimin had moved passed him and Gguk punched him in the arm as he passed. Suddenly feeling very self-conscious and exposed, the Omega made his way over to his bags, quietly rummaging around for another robe.

“What are you doing?” Gguk whispered just past him.

“Shhh,” Jimin hissed. “They’re sleep. I’m gonna go to the bathroom.”

Gguk rolled his eyes. “You don’t think that seems obvious?”

Jimin punched him in the chest and glowered. “Shut up.” He then headed off in the direction opposite of where Hobi was.

Sighing Jeongguk rolled his eyes, but didn’t follow, instead staying on the outskirts of where the Omega had gone.

“Met the right Omega yet?” Yoongi asked dryly. The others laughed.

“Fuck off Hyung,” Jeongguk snapped before warning. “And don’t say anything to him.”

“Yes sir,” NamJoon responded in a droll tone.

Jeongguk flipped him off even though Joon wasn’t facing him and the area fell quiet once more until Jimin returned a few minutes later. The Omega made his way back to his belongings putting the dirty robe in a small bag with his other dirty one from before, returning that to the larger bag. Guguk snapped his fingers and when Jimin looked his way, the Alpha made a ‘You done?’ motion.

The Omega gave a stiff nod before making his way to his sleeping bag. Jeongguk didn’t fail to notice that his packmates had left the bag next to Jimin empty for him to occupy. Sighing he rolled his eyes but headed over as well, not even bothering to move it, even though it was much closer than it needed to be.

“Goodnight, Jeongguk-ah,” Jimin murmured as he settled down into his own bed.

“...Night, Jimin-ah,” the Alpha responded laying down as well.

“Hyung,” Jimin said suddenly looking over. “It’s Jimin-Hyung.”

Gguk rolled his eyes. “Go to bed,” he reached over pulling the Omega’s covers over his head and smiling a bit at the indignant sound he could hear come from beneath them.


“Goodnight, Hyung,” Gguk said cutting off the Omega’s tirade.

Deciding this was good enough to save the other male from a tongue lashing (besides he was really drained), Jimin finally nodded and then closed his eyes almost immediately falling asleep upon doing so. Jeongguk watched him with soft eyes as he lay on his side, the fire was behind Jimin making him glow in a different manner than the moon did earlier. Sighing the Alpha wondered what the hell was wrong with him as he watched the Omega rest, but he still had no answers even as he too fell asleep.


Chapter Text

(The Next Evening)

Jimin remained hidden slightly behind Jeongguk, an action that no one failed to notice as the conversation continued on. They were currently visiting with the Kang pack, extended family of SeoYung's though his Eomma. The pack was mixed blood, some having migrated from Japan  several decades ago. Their packlands were located a bit less than a day away from the Jeon lands. Upon arriving and seeing packleader Jeongguk with them, the Kangs had initially offered their homes up for the group to use for the night, however the wolves had declined. Instead they requested, and were granted, an area on the land to set up their own camp for the evening. After all they didn’t want to put anyone out, the Kang’s were a smaller pack consisting of only a few families totaling only about twenty or so wolves.‘

Almost all of the pack had come out to greet them, and the members of SeoYung's immediate extended pack had requested even he stay with them. The Beta turned down the offer though, choosing to remain with his current pack at their camp, so the family offered a home cooked meal instead. The food had been delicious a mix of Korean and Japanese fare, and the looks had been curious as the wolves took in the sight of the rare and beautiful male Omega whom traveled along with them.

Yung’s Harabeoji had even quietly asked about the status of the wolf’s relationship to Jeongguk noticing how closely they stood to one another. The Beta had played it safe though, refraining from mentioning their own suspicions about what was going on with the two and just sticking with the, ‘He just recognizes him as the head Alpha,’ defense.

Over time Jimin became a bit more comfortable with the small pack, the guys had a strong suspicion it was the because of the children. Several of the pups were very curious about the Omega’s pretty clothing and expensive looking fabrics. Jeongguk had watched as the silver haired beauty spent his time with the pups instead of the adults, telling them funny stories and letting them try on his cloak. The Alpha snorted as a particularly small wolf, a female Omega, pretended to be a princess of some type only to trip on the hem of the large robes. However, before her Eomeoni could make it over to apologize to Jimin for her pup dirtying his beautiful fabrics, the Omega had already picked ‘her highness’ up and proceeded to beg forgiveness for not properly tailoring the royal garments.

Yoongi smiled as well watching, not only Jimin (who reminded him a lot of his own mate in terms of temperament) but the reactions of the single wolves in his vicinity. The silvery beauty had charmed the young males of the Kang pack as quickly has he’d enchanted all of them with his bright smiles and squeaking laughter. The blond Alpha’s gaze flicked to Jeongguk who also seemed to be watching the Omegas every move he and couldn’t help the surge of smug satisfaction that went through him. Personally, having seen the interactions between Jimin and Jeongguk over the last several days, he had to say that he thought the Omega would make a great mate for his esteemed leader.

Jeongguk was stubborn and cocky with a good heart, and Jimin was stubborn and modest with a good heart. He silently vowed to run his idea by TaeHyung as soon as he saw his mate again, though he knew it would be a hard sell- Tae wasn’t a fan of Jeongguks playboy ways.

“Please take these,” Kang MaeRe said passing them a container as they got ready to leave for the night. “They’re for desert.”

“Thank you,” Jeongguk responded accepting them with a respectful bow of his head. “And thank you for your hospitality.”

“Are you sure we can’t be more hospitable?” pack leader Kang TaeWoo asked with a small smile. “We really do have room for you all.”

“We appreciate it, but we’re more than content to stick with our current arrangement,” SeoYung answered this time, taking the lead since this was his extended pack. “We’ll be heading out early anyway and it’s best that we all stay together instead of scattering.”

The leader nodded in understanding, after all none of them had a home that was large enough to hold all seven of the visiting wolves together. At least nothing that wouldn’t lead to them being practically atop one another.

“Goodnight, Haraboji,” SeoYung said smiling at the man and bowing once more.

“Night,” the man responded gently.

“Come by and visit again soon,” Yungs Halmoni added giving the boy a light hug.

“Ye, Halmoni,” the Beta replied returning the gesture before, with one last bow, the group departed heading to the area they’d picked to camp for the night.



Upon arriving they set up and got a fire going, everyone rolling out their sleeping bags.

“Oooo,” NamJoon said peeking into the desert they’d been given. “Fresh mochi with red bean.”

“Oh that sounds heavenly,” Hoseok remarked heading over to get one, it was rare to get mochi in these parts.

Once he had his, he passed the container to Jeongguk, who passed it to Yoongi and so on until everyone had a treat. Jimin held his for a moment before standing and wandering around the outskirts of the camp.

“What are you doing?” Hobi asked curiously watching him.

“Looking for a stick- oh! Here’s one,” the Omega declared picking it up. He used his robe to clean off a bit of the tip before waving it in the fire a few times, then removing it he slid his mochi onto it.

“What are you doing?” the question repeated itself, this time from Jeongguk.

“I want mine toasted,” the Omega declared putting his mochi over the fire.

“It’s not supposed to be toasted,” SeoYung responded confused. “Haven't you had it before?”

“I have at festivals and yes it can be,” Jimin looked over at him. “In fact they taste best, warmed with just the tiniest bit of crisp to them.”

“Do you even know what you’re doing?” Gguk asked incredulously.

“Yes,” Jimin snapped back turning to glare at the Alpha.

“I don’t think you do.”

“Well I didn’t ask you.”

“Maybe you should since-”

“Can you not judge me for a moment? I know what I’m doing and it’s gonna be delicious.”


“Besides, it’s time you opened your eyes to different ways to eat-”


What?! ” the Omega cut off with a glower, mad at Jeongguk interrupting his profound statement.

“Your mochi is on fire.”

“What?!” he yelled. Quickly removing the treat he saw the it was, indeed, in flames. The Omega frantically waved the stick to put the blaze out, but this only succeeded in flinging the flaming substance from its perch.

“Shit!” Hoseok yelled, jumping out of the way as it almost landed on him. Instead it hit a pile of leaves just next to him starting a small fire.

Chaos ensued as the group tried to quickly put out the fire, before NamJoon sacrificed someone of his recently refilled water for the task. Crisis now averted, everyone turned and looked at Jimin, who was watching with wide eyes and a sheepish look.

“Well…” the Omega said after a long moment, scratching the back of his head. “That could have gone better…”

A chorus of complaints rang out as the silence was broken with that absurd statement.

“You almost set fire to my family lands!” SeoYung complained with a frown.

“Not only that, he almost burned down the whole damn forest!” Jeongguk snapped.

“Fuck the forest, you almost burned me down! ” Hobi interjected.

Jimin winced. “To be fair, it was your fault.” He pointed dramatically at Jeongguk.

“W-wha-how, what the hell does that mean?!” the Alpha sputtered aghast.

“You distracted me,” the Omega frowned, hands on his hips as he glared. “I’d been perfectly fine lightly toasting my mochi, but you wanted to start a conversation-”

“I asked a simple question! You’re the one who went off on a tangent!” the Alpha snapped back.

“It wasn’t a tangent, it was an explanation- I guess that’s what I get for trying to have a mature conversation with you,” Jimin declared before sitting haughtily on a log.

Mouth agape Jeongguk looked at Yoongi, who shrugged in response. “Well it’s no secret Jimin can’t cook, you shouldn’t have distracted him.”

Thank you, ” the Omega declared vindicated.

“I don’t fucking believe this,” Gguk breathed as the others seemed to agree.

After a moment Jimin looked over at Jeongguk. “Let me taste your mochi since you ruined mine.”

“Fuck off,” the Alpha snapped before stuffing the whole thing into his mouth in one go.

Jimin pouted but didn’t respond, instead facing the fire once more and silently lamenting the loss of his sweet treat. That was until half of one appeared in front of him. Jimin looked over in surprise to see SeHyun. The stocky Alpha didn’t say a word, just shook his hand as if going ‘take it’ to the Omega.

Jimin offered him a smile. “Thanks…”

The Alpha blushed a bit and shifted, sliding back onto the ground nearby and putting some space between himself and the beautiful Omega.

“Ridiculous,” Jeongguk muttered to himself.

“You think?” Yoongi asked dryly as he ate his own sweet. The younger Alpha glared at him.

The group finished up the last of their snack, including another half for Jimin courtesy of NamJoon before everyone settled down for the night.

“No night watch?” Jimin asked curiously when he noticed the usual lack of argument.

“Nope,” SeoYung responded. “We’re on allied lands, we can all sleep easy.”

“Oh…” the Omega said softly as he snuggled down.

His eyes went to Jeongguk whose sleeping bag was a few feet away. The Alpha didn’t looked at him though, instead he was lying on his back and looking up at the night sky. Taking this as a free pass to study him to his heart's content, Jimin began to examine his features, the dark messy hair, large nose, long neck. The Omegas eyes finally stopped on the scar located on Gguks cheek as he silently wondered where it came from.

Jeongguk could feel Jimin’s gaze even though he tried to pretend he couldn’t. How could he not? He’d come to realize that, when he wanted to, Jimin had a very intense stare. The worst part about it was that the Alpha liked it. Geez, what was wrong with him he didn’t know. Maybe they had been traveling for too long and that was why he was having all of these strange thoughts. Whatever the case may be, he could only hope that they stopped when he safely dropped Jimin off in TaeHyung's care and gave himself some much needed space.

Chapter Text

(Late The Next Afternoon)

“I don’t see why we’re stopping when we’re almost there,” SeHyun complained from his location in the middle of the procession. It was late afternoon of the last travel day and they were almost home when Jeongguk had suddenly stopped.

“Who said we were stopping?” Gguk asked dryly.

“What do you mean?” Yoongi countered confused, Jeongguk had pulled Nightmare off to the side. That meant they were stopping, didn’t it?

“You guys go ahead, we’ll catch up,” the Alpha responded motioning for them to pass.

Yoongi had been about to ask why when he caught sight of Jimin’s expression. The Omega looked like was about to be sick. He shot Jeongguk a horrified look. For fucks sake he hoped the Alpha hadn’t gotten the male pregnant before he’d even gotten a chance to introduce him to the pack! Tae would murder them all!

Not understanding the look his Hyung was giving him, Gguk frowned and rose a brow in question.

“Why aren’t you coming?” SeoYung inquired not catching the silent conversation between the two Alphas.

“Gguk needs to give Jimin some information on the pack. Let’s leave them be,” Yoongi answered for their leader, motioning for the others to follow.

NamJoon and Hoseok, who had also caught Jimin’s complexion, nodded in agreement and followed Yoongi without question. Once the other five males were gone, Gguk sighed and slid off of the horse, leading Nightmare to the nearby stream with Jimin still atop him.

“...Why’d you stop?” the Omega finally asked.

“I don’t know,” the Alpha replied with a shrug. “Why do you look sick?”

“...I don’t know…” Jimin answered after a long pause.

“You nervous about meeting the pack?”

“That too… I guess,” the silver haired man responded softly.

“What else?” Jeongguk asked moving to stand next to the horse and look up at Jimin.

The Omega toyed with the soft strands of Nightmares mane as he shrugged.


Hyung ,” the older male pouted. “Stop talking down to me.”

“I AM the pack leader you know,” Jeongguk reminded him.

“That doesn’t give you free reign for disrespect,” the elder snapped back.

Gguk gave a long suffering sigh and looked away for a moment calling upon the patience of his ancestors. “Okay, Hyungnim- what else, besides the pack, are you nervous about?”

Jimin blinked, then pouted and fell silent for several minutes while Jeongguk, still gathering patience from his forefathers, waited just as silently.

“Tae…” the Omega breathed after a moment.


“T...TaeHyung… I’m nervous about seeing Tae.”

The Alphas brows drew together. “Why? I thought you two talk all the time.”

“We TALK yes,” Jimin looked at him, anxiousness radiating from his form. “Via letters, but I’ve not seen or personally spoken to TaeHyung since we were both still pups! Like… what if we see one another and it’s weird? Or what if he doesn’t like me spending too much time with him? Or I embarrass him? Or annoy him?- What if he-”

Stop .” Gguk ordered squeezing Jimin’s leg. The Omega froze and looked at him. “Look… I don’t know much about this type of thing… I mean, yeah I have the Hyungs but we’re close because we grew up together. After losing my parents they practically helped raise me, so our relationship is different. But what I do know is a friendship like yours and TaeHyung-Hyung’s is rare, no matter the age or the class. I mean, you’ve survived years of not seeing one another, him mating, joining a new pack and moving further away. Hell- you studied healing for him. I really don’t think meeting again is going to ruin all of that- do you?”

“You lost your parents? I’m sorry, I didn't know...” Jimin said softly reaching out his hand and lightly petting Jeongguks head.

The Alpha sighed, both touched and annoyed at the same time. “It’s fine, it’s been over a decade- and is that really all you got from what I just said to you?

“No,” the older male responded frowning. “I got more, it just seemed wrong to acknowledge that by bypassing something so important.”

Jeongguk caught the hand that was still caressing his hair, and pulled it from his head though he didn’t release it. “Like I said, I’m fine . The question right now is, are you?”

“Yeah… yeah I’m fine. I mean… this can’t go bad right? You’re right we’ve kept in touch all this time, I learned healing for him, he sent important members of his new pack including his mate to get me-  something as silly as nerves won’t get us right? I mean… even though we’ve both grown and changed and aren't the same pups we use to be… right ?”

The Alpha gave his hand a squeeze. “Right. Besides I doubt you’ve changed a lot from your letters unless you lie in them?”

Never ,” the Omega replied in an offended tone.

“Good then,” Gguk responded, “that’s most of the battle. Since it’s not a romantic relationship looks don’t count, that means personality is the main chuck of your connection. That said, since you’ve been true to yours then it should all be good right?”

Jimin swallowed thickly. Jeongguk was right… his and Tae’s relationship was so strong because they clicked on a psychological level- and to this day that hadn’t changed. So why was he so nervous? “Right… all good…” he bit his bottom lip and looked at Jeongguk.

The Alpha studied him, the Omega seemed to have calmed a bit and no longer looked like he’d throw up at any moment. However, he still smelled of nerves and anxiety. Deciding he’d done all he could do the younger male climbed back onto the horse. “So, you ready to go then?”

“Ye…” Jimin said slowly. “How long before we get there?”

“Maybe another twenty or thirty minutes,” Jeongguk replied turning the horse around.

“Okay…. Okay…. O...kay. Sounds good,” the silver haired man said more to himself than anything.

“You smell like you’re gonna pass out,” Gguk remarked dryly.

“You’re not helping right now,” Jimin responded softly.

“You want me to help, okay.”

The Omega shifted as the Alpha stopped once more and seemed to began rummaging around in one of the packs mounted on Nightmare for something.

“What are you doing?”

“Looking for- ah , here it is,” he cut off before turning once more and facing Jimin. “Hold out your hand, I’ll give you a calming charm.”

“A... calming charm? ” Jimin repeated slowly, tilting his head confused.

“Mmm,” Gguk nodded before motioning for the Omega to give him his hand. Jimin hesitated for a second before extending his small hand to the other male. Jeongguk accepted it then gave it a light tug causing Jimin to turn a bit more facing him, when that was done he gently kissed the smaller male. As Jimin's eyes closed he felt something being placed in his hand and then his fingers closed around it. “There,” the Alpha remarked as he broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against the Omegas. “Now I’ve given you two calming charms. One to remember and one to keep.”

Jimin blinked once, then twice, his cheeks turning pink before he allowed Jeongguk to turn him back to face the front. As the Alpha set off once more, Jimin’s mind raced as his fingers went up to lightly trace his lips. They’d not kissed, or been alone really, since a few nights ago at the pergola. He silently wondered if maybe they could do it again…

“I thought I told you guys you could go ahead,” Jeongguk remarked, pulling Jimin’s attention from his thoughts.

“And have TaeHyung freaking about about where Jimin is and then yelling at me for leaving him alone with an Alpha like you?- Nah, I think I’ll pass,” Yoongi remarked dryly as the pair reached where they’d been waiting.

“An Alpha like me?” the younger male frowned.

“A playboy,” NamJoon answered for Yoongi as he studied Jimin. “How about it Jimin? Is your virtue intact?”

“You can’t ask him that,” SeoYung defended glaring at his Hyung.

Jimin's face was aflame. “Of COURSE it is!” he responded defending himself. “And it’ll remain that way until I’m mated.”

The wolves all looked at him at this declaration.

“And when will that be?” Hoseok asked curiously and a bit surprised, honestly they’d all assumed that Jimin and Jeongguk had slept together that night in the southeastern territory.

“Never,” the Omega proclaimed boldly.

“You mean until you meet the right Alpha?” NamJoon clarified.

“No,” he looked at the elder. “I mean never. I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a ‘right Alpha’... uh, no offense of course.

“None taken…” Joon said dryly.

“All taken,” Jeongguk responded. “What do you mean there’s no such thing?”

Jimin looked over his shoulder at the younger male. “Just what I said… Alphas are-” he cut off with an exhale suddenly remembering his audience.

“Please continue,” Hoseok requested looking far too amused for Jimin’s liking.

“Yes, please do,” Yoongi added tilting his head.

Jimin blinked, looking at all of them as they looked back. “We’re near your home you know… don’t you want to get back?”

“We want to know what Alpha’s are more,” SeHyun replied. His leg was throbbing to be sure, especially after days of travel, but for some reason he REALLY wanted to know what the Omega thought of Alphas… what his type was, or in this case wasn’t.

The silver haired man flushed and sighed. “I don’t know, they’re just not my type is all…”

“They seem to be your type.”

This comment came from Jeongguk which caused Jimin to blush even more before snapping. “And this is why.”

“What about Beta?” SeoYung asked sitting up a bit more on his horse.

“Well…” Jimin bit his lip before replying softly and thoughtfully. “I hadn’t really thought about mating at all… but if I did, I suppose I wouldn’t mind a Beta. My Abeoji’s a Beta and he’s considerate for the most part.”

“And Alpha’s aren’t?” NamJoon surmised.

“...I haven’t met many…” the Omega shrugged averting his gaze.

“Alphas or considerate ones?” Hobi inquired.

“...Either… I guess,” Jimin admitted.

“Then maybe don’t judge us all,” Jeongguk rolled his eyes.

“Thanks PLAYBOY, I’ll keep that in mind,” the Omega scoffed in return.

The others snorted, while Gguk glared at the back of Jimin’s head.

“Let’s go,” Yoongi remarked turning and starting towards the village cutting the conversation off. He wanted to see his mate.

The others threw Gguk some amused looks but went along as well. For their part the Alpha and Omega closed out the procession once again falling into silence. On the upside, Jimin dryly noted, the ‘discussion’ had helped to dissipate the last of his nerves. Then again who knew, maybe Jeongguks calming charms actually worked.

At this thought he suddenly remembered he’d been so preoccupied with the kiss charm that he’d completely forgotten the other. Looking down the silver haired man slowly opened his hand and a soft smile lit his features. He moved the ‘charm’ grasping it between his fingers as he studied it. Lightly biting his lip, Jimin leaned back against Jeongguks chest and breathed softly.

Thank you…

“For what?” the Alpha said still sounding annoyed.

“...My bunny,” the Omega replied, palming the carved charm and holding it close to heart.

Jeongguk rolled his eyes... and smiled.


Kim TaeHyung  was a nervous wreck and it was driving SeokJin to distraction. He didn’t know how he got put on Omega sitting duty- well he did, but still... Being one of the top Sr. Healers for the Jeon pack, he couldn’t go to far from its members and Yoongi had felt especially nervous about leaving his pregnant mate behind for this excursion. That was why he called on Jin himself to keep a close eye on TaeHyung and keep him company.

Kim SeokJin  had been a part of the Jeon Pack since he was a pup when his Abejoi had been killed and his Eomma, pregnant with his younger sister, had been kicked out of her original pack. The Omega hadn’t known where she would go, but then she met Jeon JeonHae and a few of his packmates, who were hunting nearby, they took pity on the wolf and her pups inviting her into their fold. He had never forgotten how they’d been accepted into the pack, and even though he was only about six or so, he had been taken under wing by JeonHae and a few other Alphas in the pack including Min YoonHee, the pack leaders best friend and Yoongi’s Abeoji.

He had never been one for fighting himself, nor did working fields catch his interest (though he did love to cook)- no, healing was his calling. It had been his calling since that chaotic day when he was thirteen and they’d brought in JeonHae, critically injured from an attack. The Sr. Healers had been gone to a nearby pack that had had a fire, leaving only the apprentice and lesser valued healers in the village when he’d been brought in. Jin had never felt so helpless in his life as he had watching his mentor and pseudo-abeoji die, and he vowed never to feel that way again. So, he worked. He worked his ass off and eventually became a top Sr. Healer, and now that he’d reached that point, he’d worked to make it a rule for at least two Sr. Healers to stay within a certain range of the pack at all times.

“If you don’t sit down, I’M gonna get sick,” SeokJin remarked to TaeHyung, who was currently wearing a hole into the floor as he paced in front of the window.

They were currently in his personal healers office as it had a good view of the main path through the village and Tae was awaiting an important arrival.

“They should be back by now,” the Omega remarked for the thirteenth time that day. “You don’t think something happened do you?”

“No,” Jin responded… also for the thirteenth time that day.

The lanky Omega played the long strands of his hair before nervously rubbing circles on his belly. “Do you think they got lost?”

“I don’t know which Alpha to tell you insulted them first,” the older male remarked looking up from his notebook.

He was currently reading various notes on Male Omega births that he’d been able to gather from other packs. TaeHyung would be his first one after all and he was nervous but, he felt, prepared.

“I’m not insulting them, THEY’RE insulting me by assuming I don’t know how to tell the time!” the Omega declared rounding on Jin as if daring him to disagree.

“It’s a trip… a long trip, to the North… it takes days and it can be slow especially in some areas,” Jin explained… again. “They’ll be here today-”

“And if they’re not?” Tae demanded crossing his arms over his chest and glaring.

“Well…” the Older male frowned thoughtfully. “Then they’ll be here tomorrow?”

Really , Hyung?” the lanky man remarked before coming to a stop in front of Jins chair. “The correct response is, THEN you can go and get them TaeHyunggie.”

“No thanks, I like my neck unsqueezed,” the Alpha answered with a snort, he didn’t want any type of display of Yoongi’s wrath. Which is exactly what would come if a pregnant TaeHyung traipsed through the woods towards the Northern territories of his own accord.

“I’ll squeeze it if you don’t let me go,” the Omega stomped his foot.

“Look,” Jin tried again. “If something happened, at least one of the horses would have returned by now ,right?”

The younger male pouted and nervously toyed with his fingers. “Do you think?”

“I do, at least one,” Jin repeated. “So stop worrying.”

TaeHyung lightly bit his thumb nail, once again facing the window as the older male watched and wondered how long it would be before the round of questioning repeated itself.

“What if he didn’t come?” Tae asked after a moment, his voice much softer and more scared this time.


Jimin … what, what if he didn’t come?” he looked over at Jin. “What if he doesn’t come Hyung?”

“You know Jimin right?” the elder asked.

“Yes, of course. He’s my soulmate.”

“And it’s important to you that he’s here?”

“Very. I’ll die if he isn’t here Hyung,” TaeHyung insisted his eyes wide but serious. “I’ll literally die. I can’t do this without him.”

“And does he know that?”

“Of course he does.”

“Then, think about what you know about him. What makes him your soulmate, why you told him that you need him and what he said in response,” the Alpha said slowly, watching him. “Are you thinking about it?”


“Okay… now based on all of that. Do you think he’d come or not?”

TaeHyung was quiet for a few moments before looking at Jin, his expression as serious as it was earnest. “He’ll come.”

“Well… there you go,” the elder winked. “Come, have some water and sit down. Your feet are going to swell if you stay up like that.”

“They’re already swelling,” Tae pouted looking down at his feet. “Why is my body so big?”

“You’re pregnant Tae, it happens,” Jin said pouring him a cup of water, he turned to see the Omega staring at him with wide hurt eyes.

“I wasn’t talking about my stomach Hyung… Do you think I’m fat?!”

“No! No, of course not- I just, I meant that when you’re pregnant your body as a whole can suffer a lot of water retention and that can make smaller things… uh, bigger, that’s all!” the healer quickly defended.

The Omega’s lip wobbled dangerously. “...So you DO think I’m fat.”

“No-” Jin cut off as the door flew open.

“They’re here!” SuHee one of Jin’s healers exclaimed from the entry.

“All of them?” Tae asked wide eyed.

“All of them plus one,” the female Omega answered smiling at him, she knew how worried he’d been since Yoongi had left.

“Oh my God!” Tae exclaimed quickly rushing out of the door.

“Slow down!” Jin ordered upon deaf ears as Tae continued to race down the pathway until he could see the horses coming.

Yoongi was the first one he saw, his eyes and heart lightening at the sight of his mate. He had sent Yoongi with the group because he trusted his mate to do what was best for Jimin and respect his soulmate like he did. Also because he didn’t want his innocent Jimin alone with playboys like Joon, Hoseok a nd the worst of them all, Jeongguk. Then when he’d heard North hating SeHyun was going then he was even more adamant that Yoongi go as well to protect his best friends purity AND sanity.

The horse hadn’t even stopped before the blond Alpha was off of it and closing the distance between he and his mate. Grabbing Tae they kissed amid the curious and amused looks of the pack members in the area who had come out for the return.

God I missed you, ” Yoongi murmured scenting TaeHyung as soon as he had in him in his hold. “I’m not leaving you for that long ever again.”

“Agreed!” the Omega exclaimed kissing him once more.

A lot of the pups giggled at the very public display by the two wolves but for the older members of the pack, their attention was elsewhere. Wolves of various classes and ages were looking curiously at the wolf seated on Nightmare in front of their leader. They couldn’t make out the face, but they knew it was a male Omega just based off of the gossip. The blow up between Jeongguk and the elders, as well as the subsequent departure of their Leader along with some of their strongest fighters had been the talk of the pack for over a week.

For his part Gguk slowly released the reigns on Nightmare and murmured to his counterpart. “You ready?”

He could smell the nerves back on the Omega, but at least this time he couldn’t see them. The smaller male had lifted his hood over his head just before they’d reached the final stretch leading to the core of the packlands. This resulted in a shielding of his face and expression from the curious spectators of the pack who wanted to know what he looked like. Gguk knew why they were curious, as TaeHyung himself had caused a bit of an uproar upon arriving, as their pack had only ever had female Omega born into it. They had had a male here or there in previous generations, but Tae was the first male in Gguks time. Though as of recently he was no longer the only one as two other wolves, one Alpha and one Beta, had mated with male Omega from other packs this year as well. Yet none were as striking in appearance as Yoongi’s mate…

At least, in Jeongguks opinion, until now.

Getting a subtle nod from the Omega, Gguk got down off of Nightmare and held out his hand. Jimin still had trouble getting on and off on his own, however he had insisted yesterday before they left the campsite that Jeongguk show him how to get off of the horse without the Alpha lifting him (while also not breaking his own neck). It had added about an extra thirty minutes to their travel day, but it had been worth it.

Gguk refrained from smiling as Jimin accepted his hand and jumped down (landing well for still having a sore ankle) from the horse. The Alpha couldn’t help but notice that the Omega had his other hand closed tightly around the bunny carving that he’d given him as a calming charm.

Thanks to Yoongi and TaeHyung’s reunion Jimin gained a few extra moments to compose himself before the other Omega finally released his mate and faced his best friend. The wolves of the Jeon pack watched curiously as an awkward tension settled between the two Omegas. It took a small nudge from Jeongguk for Jimin to finally take a few steps forward, but once he did he didn’t stop until he was directly in front of his best friend.

“...Is that you under there?” Tae joked softly, nervously.

Jimin was surprised to hear how deep his voice was… and to see how beautiful he was. Puberty hit Kim TaeHyung like a boulder… the prettiest fucking boulder in the land. Snorting, the Omega lifted his hands and lowered his hood. The wolves who had traveled with Jimin shared somewhat smug looks at the sounds of appreciation they heard once his face was revealed.

Seeing Jimin and TaeHyung standing side by side, it suddenly made sense to them why the lanky Omega called the other male his soulmate. That could be the only explanation for two creatures to exist that looked and acted like they did.

“Hi…” Jimin said softly, with a weak smile.

“...Hi…” TaeHyung said just as softly, suddenly twice as nervous now that Jimin was literally facing him.

Jeongguk shot Yoongi a look and the older Alpha shrugged. He didn’t know why they were being so weird either.

“So… ” Jimin said after a moment, tucking some hair behind his ear.

So… ” TaeHyung once again repeated.

After a moment the silver haired Omega’s eyes flicked to Tae’s stomach, then to his face before he suddenly smirked. “I thought you agreed not to let any Alpha sniff your butt?”

TaeHyung’s eyes grew wide before he suddenly burst into laughter, a deep resounding laughter that came from his core as he threw himself at the smaller Omega in an affectionate hug. It wasn’t long before both Omega’s were laughing and crying while confused onlookers watched in amusement. Once again Jeongguk and Yoongi shared a look as the younger Alpha shook his head.

Male Omegas were weird.

Chapter Text


Taegi's Home


TaeHyung closed the door and leaned against it, his excited gaze on his best friend. “I can’t believe you’re really here!” he breathed with a wide boxy smile.

“Me either,” the smaller male snorted and grinned back. “There were times I thought I wouldn’t make it, but alas…”

“You better have made it, or I was gonna go get you myself,” Tae declared, finally pushing away from the door. “Have a seat, I’ll make us some tea.”

Jimin watched the beautiful Omega make his way over to the stove and move a kettle atop it. “You look so domestic,” he observed fondly. “I remember when we both made a pact never to mate.”

The dark haired Omega shot him a sheepish look. “Yeah… sorry about that. That really was the plan, but then I met Yoongi...”

“You sap,” his friend giggled. “But as long as he makes you happy?”

“He does,” TaeHyung confirmed smiling so brightly Jimin felt as though he were glowing. “I honestly never would have thought. He’s a dominant Alpha too- I always figured those were the least attractive-”

“Because of your asshole cousins,” Jimin stated more than asked.

Tae nodded. “You know me well.”

“But he’s not an asshole,” once again the other Omega stated this. “He seems nice, mature. Though he’s not as giggly and silly as you made it seem.” He made a slight face.

The lanky Omega snorted. “THAT’S because you’re not me.”

“I’m aware of this…” Jimin responded dryly. “But what does that have to do with anything?”

“It’s my superpower,” Tae wagged his brows. “I am the only one with the ability to unlock giggly silly Min Yoongi.”

Oooookay…” his best friend said, before slow clapping for him. “Good job.”

“Shut up you ass,” TaeHyung laughed throwing a towel at him. “So how was it? Your parents changed their mind about you coming?”

He and Jimin had always been in contact, but that had amplified even more once he’d found out about the pup and they began to make plans for Jimin’s trip. His poor bird Tata was constantly coming and going between the Jeon and the Park packs carrying their messages, so Tae knew that Jimin’s Appa and Abeoji hadn’t exactly been to keen on the idea of letting Jimin come to his side (stupid North and South rivalries). However, he had always trusted his friends vow that he would make it to him before the birth no matter what, and it seemed it’d worked out with about two months to spare.

Not hearing a response after a few minutes TaeHyung turned, taking in is best friends expression his own darkened. Drying his hands the dark haired Omega went and sat at the table across from Jimin taking his hand. “What happened?”

The silver haired male scoffed and exhaled, averting his gaze. “The worst thing…”

What? Talk to me Jiminnie, what is it?”

“I…” he trailed off shaking his head.

“Hey, it’s me,” the taller Omega said squeezing Jimin’s hand once more and getting him to look at him. “You know you can tell me any and everything right? I promise it stays here with me and between us.”

“I know…”


“So… so, they agreed to sell me off Tae,” Jimin confessed looking up at his friend, finally getting to release what he’d been holding back for the past several days. “My own pack, my own parents- sold me off!”

“What do you mean ‘sold you off’ ?” TaeHyung frowned seriously.

“Just what I said.”

“To whom?”

“Some asshole Alpha.”

“Why is he an asshole-” he cut off at Jimin’s look and clarified. “ Don’t look at me like that, I’m not disagreeing, I’m just asking so I know exactly what all we hate about him.

The silver haired Omega stared at him wounded for a moment longer before responding. “I’m not just saying it because he’s an Alpha. He has a mate Tae- no wait, MATES , as in more than one!”


“He takes mating as a joke, or as a… control mechanism. I’ve seen Alphas like that before, they collect Omega like prizes or toys, use them at their own discretion and discard them just the same.”

But, mating is a bond, ” TaeHyung frowned at his friend. “A sacred bond , when you mate… when you mate your souls connect , your very being becomes one. How could you ever want anyone other than your mate?  How could you ever have more than one?”

“There are some Alphas like that- more than you realize,” the Omega remarked running a hand through is hair. “And anyway, that was what this one was.”

“And he decided to add you to his collection,” his best friend confirmed, a pissed expression on his face.

Seeing this Jimin relaxed a bit. “Ye,” he agreed. “We crossed paths a month or so back at a festival. They had an archery contest-”

“And you kicked his ass in it,” TaeHyung surmised without Jimin even needing to say it, he knew how good his friend was with a bow. “So now he wants you under his control so he can regain his Alpha-hood by proving you’re less than him.”

“That’s what I think,” Jimin nodded.

“I’ll kill him,” the lanky Omega said standing as if he planned on leaving to do so.

“Forget it Tae-”

“But Jimin-”

It’s done, ” the silver haired man said grabbing TaeHyung’s hand again stopping him and squeezing it. “It’s done, I’m out of his reach, thank goodness.”

“So you came on your own?” the taller male frowned.

“Yeh,” Jimin sighed brushing his hair back. “I waited until early morning before the sun was even up and snuck out of the village. I even made sure to meet Jeongguk and the others quite a ways away,” he snorted. “I was dying that they were taking so long. I’d hoped they’d make it before the sun broke the sky but they didn’t show up until a few hours later.”

“Those assholes,” Tae huffed annoyed, he’d told them to hurry. “Did anyone find you?”

“No, thank goodness. Since I do a lot of early morning hunting, and I brought my bow and arrows with me, I’m sure they assumed that was what I was doing.”

“I can’t believe your pack agreed to that shit,” Tae glowered sitting once more, before hearing the teakettle go off and standing to retrieve it.

“Me either…” Jimin said softly. “I mean… I’d heard that they had stepped in and arranged matings before- which I inherently disagreed with anyway. But it was really rare and I had always thought there were standards, that they… I dunno… cared , about us.”

The dark haired man looked over sadly, as he sat the teacup in front of Jimin before taking a seat in the chair next to him. Putting his arm around the other Omega’s shoulder TaeHyung pulled him in for a half hug. “ I care about you. And I’ll make sure that you’re safe.”

“How?” Jimin asked softly, his gaze on the contents of his teacup.

“I’ll keep you,” TaeHyung declared.

The silver haired man snorted. “You can’t just do that.”

“Why not?” his friend pouted, both males cut off the conversation and looked over when the door opened, Yoongi entered followed by NamJoon and Jeongguk.

“We’re just bringing in the bags.” Joon said holding them aloft for the Omegas to see.

Yoongi was frowning deeply. “I still don’t know why you’re bringing them here.”

“And we told you, Jin-Hyung said it was Tae’s orders,” NamJoon shrugged setting his two bags down.

“But why?” the blond repeated this time looking at his mate.

“What do you mean why? Jiminnie is going to live with us,” TaeHyung announced letting his best friend go.

“What? Since when?”

“Where else is he supposed to go?”

“The empty cottage,” Yoongi answered pointing to his left.

“The one where WooHe DIED! You want to put my best friend in the whole wide world and soulmate in a haunted house so that he can be overrun by spirits and tormented for all of his days and nights because he intruded upon sacred grounds!” TaeHyung all but bellowed, standing up and squaring off with his mate.

All three of the Alphas took a step back.

“Tae…” Jimin said softly, taking his arm lightly. “It’s fine. Your place is small, I don’t want to impose.”

You’re not, ” the dark haired Omega defended looking at him. “We can get rid of the sitting area, bring in a bed and you can sleep in here! Our room is off to the right and this can be your room. I’ll even have Jin-Hyung bring one of the screens that he uses in his healing quarters for privacy.”

“Is that fair to Jimin though?” Jeongguk asked after a moment.

“What?” Tae frowned at him.

“Well… he should be able to move freely right? But with Tata squawking, Yoongi-Hyung coming and going, you two being all lovey dovey, not to mention if you have sex... Don’t you think that’ll put him in an awkward position? That doesn’t take into account his own comfort level undressing, changing or whatnot while Hyung walks around.” The younger Alpha said holding TaeHyung's gaze. “I think Hyung is right, Jimin should take an empty cottage.”

“I told you-”

“NOT that one,” Yoongi cut in, finding his voice again after Jeongguks help. “I meant the other one, the one that Sun use to live in until he moved back to stay with his extended family. No one died there and it’s just up the road.”

“But, it’s so small… there isn’t even a bedroom,” the Omega pouted.

“That’s fine, it’s just me right?” Jimin replied giving Tae’s arm a squeeze. “Jeongguk is right, I really don’t want to impose on you and your mate. Besides a pregnant Male Omega’s libedo really picks up as they progress and I think it’d be better for all of us if I weren’t involved in that process.”

NamJoon snorted, while Yoongi exhaled in relief as he could feel his mate relenting.

I guess… I was just hoping we could stay up late gossiping and stuff,” TaeHyung confessed in a dejected tone.

“We still can,” Jimin assured him. “After all I’m just up the road. I can hang here and then go home when it’s time for bed.”

“Sounds good,” Yoongi replied for TaeHyung, suddenly looking a lot brighter. “Here, let's get these to your new place,” he picked up the bags the other Alphas had set down, handing them over to Jeongguk and NamJoon again.

“Think you can look less excited?” Tae sighed looking at his mate.

“I don’t think it’s possible,” Jimin giggled watching Yoongi, amused at how happy he currently was, the infamous ‘gummy smile’ now making an appearance.

“What?” the blond Alpha responded closing the distance between he and his mate. “I haven’t seen you in almost two weeks… is it wrong to be excited we can spend some time alone?” He nuzzled TaeHyung's nose as he said this.

The Omega pouted in response. “I missed you too Alpha, but I haven’t seen Jiminnie in like a decade.”

“You’ll keep seeing him, you can see him all day. All I ask for is your undivided attention at night, ” the Alpha purred lightly kissing TaeHyung.

Jeongguk and NamJoon made gagging noises.

“Come on Jimin, let's leave them to drool over one another. We’ll show you to your new place,” Namjoon offered motioning for the door.

Jimin chuckled and stood, following the two Alphas out as TaeHyung and Yoongi began kissing. “They’re cute,” he said as he closed the door.

“They’re gross,” Gguk muttered as they began to walk.

“I disagree.”

“You would.”

“You’re right, I would since I don’t have the maturity level of a five year old,” Jimin acquiesced.

“Are you insulting my age again Hyung?” Jeongguk asked looking annoyed.

“No, only your personality,” Jimin replied pleasantly.

NamJoon chuckled softly and shook his head as the flirting pair continued to bicker.

Seriously he didn’t stand a chance did he? Since the moment they’d entered with the bags, and all through Yoongi and TaeHyung’s argument Jimin had only had eyes for Jeongguk. Watching the Alpha from the moment they’d entered, even until now. Too bad, he’d hoped to make some headway now that they were in a more relaxed environment. In fact he’d expected Jeongguk to revert the minute they got back to the packlands, be it out of pride or self preservation.

NamJoon had assumed the moment female Omegas were an option again the younger Alpha’s attention would shift, yet, here they were. With Gguk surprising them all by offering to help take Jimin’s bags to Yoongi and Tae’s place after their meeting and debriefing with the Elders about the trip, instead of going along with one of the curvy Omega who had been trying to gain his attention.

“Here we are,” Joon remarked as they reached the small, one room cottage that was about six or so houses down from Tae and Yoongi.  The Alpha entered, holding the door open for Jimin and Jeongguk to follow.

“It’s nice,” Jimin said brightly, turning and smiling at him. “Thank you for your help Hyung.”

“What am I chopped liver?” Gguk asked dryly as he sat down the bags by the door.

No, but you can be, ” Jimin responded sweetly.

The younger Alpha glared at him and NamJoon snorted. “You should have everything you need,” the older male said before the two could start again. “You can feel free to move the furniture around as you like and I’ll get you some linens to use for the bed and whatnot. The facilities are to the right ,” He indicated a small room, “but if you need to take a dump I suggest using the communal unless you want to empty your own. There’s your basin,” he indicated small cupboard with a large stone bowl atop it. “There’s a lidded bucket on the storage shelf and we have a few places you can get water when you refill. The closest one to here is the well which is about eight houses straight ahead, towards the center of the village.”

NamJoon turned and looked at Jimin as the Omega removed his cloak and sat it on a chair. “You can give yourself a wipe down here, but if you want to soak fully there’s a public bath. The hours vary as to who uses it when, but I do believe you can use it either during Omega time or male time-”

“You should use it during Omega times,” Jeongguk cut in, and Jimin looked over at him. “I’m pretty sure that’s when TaeHyung uses it if I remember what Hyung said.”

“Yeah, check with Tae,” Joon agreed, “I’m sure you two can just go together- or you can bathe here, but it’s not as satisfying as a good soak. The public baths are nice, and there’s a waterfall for rinsing and a small hot spring nearby where the water stays naturally warm. On average the bath runs about twice a week during certain hours, so be sure to get that information from Tae okay? Outside of those times it has other functions.”

“Okay,” Jimin nodded looking around the home. It was small, only one room as TaeHyung said, with a bed against the far wall, a stove to the left of it with the basin and cupboard just next to that. There was a bit of walking room as well as a table and chairs between the bed and stove along with a small fireplace and shuttered windows.

“Not up to standard?” Gguk asked dryly, leaning up against the wall and watching the Omegas reaction.

“No… I mean, it’s just different,” the Omega admitted. “We use a lot more smoothed stone and wood…. It’s not quite as… rustic .”

“Rustic?” Jeongguk repeated frowning.

“We also-” Joon was cut off as there was a knock on the door and it opened.

Wait for permission before entering, ” Gguk snapped, already annoyed by the uppity way Jimin was examining his packs homes.

“Sorry…” SeoYung muttered looking at him before bowing to Jimin and repeating the apology. “Sorry Jimin-sshi,” the Beta remarked.

“It’s okay-”

“No it isn’t.”

“It IS,” the Omega repeated shooting Jeongguk a ‘shut the fuck up’ look. “As long as he doesn’t make it a habit. Did you need something Yung-ah?”

“Uh, yeah,” the younger male said sheepishly before looking at NamJoon. “SeHyun-Hyungs Eomma wants an accounting of what happened to him and asked me to get one of you. Hobi-Hyung already ran off and I went by Yoongi-Hyung’s place, but he told me to have you do it.”

“Why can’t SeHyun do it?” NamJoon asked confused, after all it was a feral attack that wasn't complicated to say.

“He did, Ajjuma wants an senior members accountings,” the Beta shrugged.

“What are we his fucking parents?” Gguk huffed rolling his eyes.

Well now we know why it’s me and not you, ” Joon said dryly, he sighed and paused in front of JImin. “I’ll stop by later with those linens, if you have any questions ask Gguk or you ask me when I return.”

“Okay Hyung, thanks again,” the Omega smiled.

NamJoon smiled back, lightly petting Jimin’s head and earning himself a playful glare from the Omega and a real one from his Alpha counterpart. The older male winked at Jeongguk as both he and SeoYung left, closing the door securely behind them.

“Do you think SeHyun is in trouble?” Jimin asked after a moment of silence.

“No idea,” Gguk replied in a bored voice. “You never know with these rustic folk. Always up in arms about everything, must be that caveman mentality.”

Stop it, ” Jimin frowned over at him. “Stop taking everything I say offensively.”

“Then stop saying offensive shit,” Jeongguk countered pushing from against the wall. “You Northern wolves always think you’re better than every-fucking-one , when in reality you’re just traitors. And I’m not going to let you look down your nose at my pack!”

“When did I ever?!” the Omega snapped back. “So what if I said it was rustic, YOU’RE the one assuming that’s a bad thing! Stop projecting your insecurities onto me you jackass!”

That’s another thing, ” Gguk took a step forward so they were almost touching. “All of your fucking disrespect- Stop it . Like it or not, while you’re here I’m your pack leader. Calling me things like ‘jackass’ and ‘asshole’ while my pack members are around won’t be tolerated. You’d never do it to your own pack leader so why do you think it’s okay to do it with me?”

“Who’s around? Whoooooo? ” Jimin demanded, making an exaggerated show of looking behind and around Jeongguk, even going so far as to put his hand above his eyes like peering into the distance before looking to the Alpha once more. “Look, I just got here. I haven’t talked to you  in front of any of your pack members, let alone insulted you!”

“And what are the Hyungs?” Gguk snapped. “Are they or are they not in my pack?”

“That’s different!”


“W- Th- You….” the Omega trailed off for a moment before huffing and pouting up at Jeongguk. “I didn’t know.”


“When we met, I didn’t know. If you recall we were several days into the trip before I found out that you were the pack leader. By then I already gotten use to pointing out that you’re an asshole.”

“I am NOT an asshole.”

“Fine that you ACT like an asshole,” Jimin corrected magnanimously.


“Hyung,” the Omega huffed. “You’re not the only one who deserves respect. You call everyone else Hyung, but not me. That’s not fair either.”

They stared stubbornly at one another, the air thick with tension but Jimin couldn’t help but notice that he wasn’t sure what *type* of tension that was. Exhaling shakily the Omega lightly licked his lips, and Gguks gaze followed the action. Jimin felt a flush creep up his neck as the taller male looked down at him, the smell of Jeongguks scent growing stronger as if trying (maybe succeeding) to seduce him.

Jeongguk stared at the smaller male, his eyes on his lips, then his nose, then his eyes. Fuck everything about him was beautiful. What the hell was he doing right now? The plan had been to avoid Jimin after returning, but he wasn’t stupid. He knew that NamJoon was interested in the Omega and the thought of leaving them alone… He gave a low growl. Jimin gave a soft whimper.

“I’ve changed my mind!” TaeHyung declared throwing the door open to Jimin’s home with much ceremony.

Jeongguk and Jimin quickly jumped apart and Tae paused blinking, then glaring he strided across the room and inserted himself between the two of them. Both of their scents were strong in the room from their pheromones releasing in one anothers proximity and the taller Omega didn’t like that one bit.

“You,” he jabbed a finger in Jeongguks chest. “You stay away from Jiminnie.”

“What?” Gguk frowned.

“Tae-” Jimin started but cut off as Yoongi entered.

“For fucks sake Taetae!” the Alpha exclaimed approaching his mate. “I told you to leave it alone.”

“I will NOT,” TaeHyung declared his hands on his hips. “Jeon Jeongguk eats Omegas for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. My pure and beautiful soulmate will NOT be one of his meals!”

“TaeHyung!” Jimin exclaimed embarrassed.

For his part Gguk glared. “I’m right here you know.”

“I know, I can’t miss you. You’re the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my life-”

“TaeHyung!!!” both Yoongi and Jimin yelled at the same time.

“Ya!” Gguk objected moving forward.

Yoongi grabbed his arm. “Wait, okay just-”

“Jimin come on you’re living with us,” TaeHyung suddenly said turning to face his friend.

Jimin frowned. “What are you talking about? We already had this conversation-”

“That’s before I considered that you’re a beautiful single Omega, and playboy Alphas will treat you as a conquest,” the turned and glared at Jeongguk as he said this.

The younger Alpha shot Yoongi an ‘control your mate’ look and his Hyung winced. “Sorry…” he muttered.

He probably should have kept his mouth shut in suggesting Jeongguk as a possible match for Jimin. Had he known it’d blow up like this he would have. Damn it lately he had a lot more trouble controlling Tae when his hormones were involved and he was quickly realizing that in TaeHyung’s eyes, Park Jimin was a defenseless pup who needed his protection at all costs which called upon his Appa instincts.

Jimin smiled gently and took TaeHyung's hands. “I appreciate that, but I’m fine with the arrangement-”


“I can take care of myself Taetae,” Jimin insisted.

“But what if an Alpha forces his way in-”

“None of our pack members would do that,” Yoongi interjected frowning at his mate.

“People are people,” this comment surprisingly came from Jeongguk. “It’s important to believe in your pack, but also to know that they’re not infallible.” The Alpha leader continued. “And to be honest I’d be tempted to agree with TaeHyung had I not seen what Jimin was capable of in the woods. I think as long as he locks his doors he’ll be fine and we’re not far off if he needs help.”

The other three wolves looked at Gguk in surprise.

“What?” the Alpha demanded with an affronted look. “I AM the leader of this pack, though none of you seem to treat me like it.”

“Right…” Jimin said, both his gaze and tone soft. “You keep talking like that and I won’t be able to forget,” he finished with a gentle smile.

Jeongguk blushed.

TaeHyung looked between the two. “Oh HELL no,” the Omega declared before pushing both Yoongi and Jeongguk. “Both of you out, Jimin and I need to talk.”

Chapter Text





“People are people,” this comment surprisingly came from Jeongguk. “It’s important to believe in your pack, but also to know that they’re not infallible.” The Alpha leader continued. “And to be honest I’d be tempted to agree with TaeHyung had I not seen what Jimin was capable of in the woods. I think as long as he locks his doors he’ll be fine and we’re not far off if he needs help.”

The other three wolves looked at Gguk in surprise.

“What?” the Alpha demanded with an affronted look. “I AM the leader of this pack, though none of you seem to treat me like it.”

“Right…” Jimin said, both his gaze and tone soft. “You keep talking like that and I won’t be able to forget,” he finished with a gentle smile.

Jeongguk blushed.

TaeHyung looked between the two. “Oh HELL no,” the Omega declared before pushing both Yoongi and Jeongguk. “Both of you out, Jimin and I need to talk.”


“Tae-” Yoongi cut off as they were both shoved unceremoniously out the door, the thump of the latch sounding behind them.

As soon as they were gone TaeHyung went to the various windows closing them while Jimin watched in confusion. “What are you doing?” the silver haired Omega asked.

“That’s my question,” Tae answered closing the last one and facing his friend. “What are you doing with Jeongguk? I thought Yoongi brought it up hypothetically, but that’s not it is it?! What’s going on?”

“Nothing!” Jimin said quickly, however the rapid blinking and massive blush that covered his whole face told TaeHyung all he needed to know.


“We were arguing that’s all, he thinks I see his pack as less because I used the term rustic,” the Omega half explained.


“What? That’s what happened,” the smaller Omega insisted.

TaeHyung crossed his arms over his chest. “Do you really think you can lie to me, your soulmate?”

Jimin ducked his head and shrugged. “Nothing… really… is going on…   now…

“So what was going on WHEN it was going on?” Tae asked. At the silence the lanky Omega's eyes went wide and he quickly closed the distance between them. “Oh God, Jimin you didn’t let him charm you out of your virginity did you?!”

“No,” the Omega hissed pulling away and making a face at him. “I’m not that stupid. You know how seriously I take tradition,” he finished with a glare, referencing his packs mating practices.

“I know, sorry,” TaeHyung responded chastised as his gaze went to his friend, he took Jimin’s hand and ran a finger over the silver ring that adorned it symbolizing his purity. “I don’t know how you do it,” he admitted sheepishly. “My pack had no such rules… I just had to be careful before I mated. I can’t imagine going through a heat without any… well, you know.

“Dick,” Jimin replied blandly. “You’re pregnant Tae, I think we’re passed the point of avoiding sexual slang.”

The taller Omega made a face at him. “I know I am, but I wanted to keep all of you virgin.”

The silver haired male snorted. “You dunderhead, I may be an Omega but I’m still a man Tae. I have a dick myself you know. I’ve used the word.”

“Ah… right,” TaeHyung replied sheepishly before giving a dismissive brush of his hand. “Oh, anyway, what happened with you and Jeongguk?”



“Nothing… much… we just… you know… kissed…”


“.. .and stuff .”

“Wait….” Tae said slowly studying his best friend, who now refused to look at him. “What’s ‘and stuff’ ?” Jimin cleared his throat and Tae could smell his embarrassment. “Seriously Jimin, tell me before I imagine worse and start to freak out.”

“There’s no worse,” the Omega said looking up at him. “We just kissed… and touched… a bit.”

“You touched him or he touched you?”

“We touched one another…”

“Like… light touching or, hard touching?”

“What’s hard touching?” Jimin asked confused.

“Did you cum?” TaeHyung replied point blank. Jimin’s whole face turned beet red. “Oh my God you did! I’ll kill him.

“Wait, Tae!” Jimin grabbed his arm, as he stood to leave. “What are you doing?! You can’t just go picking fights with your pack leader!”

“The hell I can’t,” TaeHyung frowned. “I KNEW that Jeongguk shouldn’t have gone,” he worried aloud. “He can’t keep his fucking dick in his pants, he’s slept with damn near half the Omegas in this pack!”

“What?!” Jimin gasped letting him go.

“Well… not half in the whole pack ,” the lanky male relented and corrected at his best friends horrified expression. “But at least half of the attractive ones. Female only, by the way. That’s why I figured you’d be safe from him, Joon and Hobi-Hyungs not so much, the horny bastards. But I just knew that at least Gguk and Yoongi would keep their hands off. I should have known better, fucking pig dick thinking Alpha dog.

Jimin frowned, and tried not to let this information affect him. He TRIED that is. Jokes between the others about Jeongguk being a playboy kept floating back to mind as he tried not to think of how stupid he was.

“So he really doesn’t like Male Omega then?” he asked Tae, his tone soft and uncertain. “Joon-Hyung mentioned it… but Gguk cut him off. When I asked he said it was personal.”

“No.” TaeHyung sighed honestly, looking at is friend. How DARE Jeon-Fucking-Jeongguk use his best friend as stress relief for a long trip! Poor innocent Jiminnie! Tae was going to cut Gguks dick off, he didn’t care if he got killed he’d had a big chance of dying in childbirth anyway.

“Why?” Jimin inquired, trying to reconcile what he was hearing with what he’d seen so far of the younger male.

“He says he’s not into cock, I believe his words to Yoon time and time again are, ‘Hyung I like quim not cock’,” the Omega recounted with a shrug. “He said male Omega don’t do it for him… I’m sorry he must have been bored that asshole. I’ll kill him and Yoongi… well, maybe only injure Yoongi. We’ll need him to take care of my pup when I’m hunted down by the pack for Gguks murder.” He finished thoughtfully.

We don’t do it for him… ” Jimin repeated slowly.

“Mmm,” Tae nodded. “He can’t get it up. Yoongi even introduced him to an attractive one, not as hot as us but,” he shrugged, “I mean that’s not possible anyway. Either way, Gguk had no reaction to it, zero. He says male Omega scent deflates his dick and makes his nose turn so Hobi-Hyung bedded the Omega instead.”

Jimin blinked, then frowned. “But… he came.”


“Now where, when . When we kissed… and stuff… and he was hard the first time we kissed and the second time he climaxed while I was touching him,” he looked at TaeHyung in confusion. “Do you think he was imagining I was a girl?”

Tae blinked and looked at his best friend. “He came?”

“Yeah… a lot,” Jimin looked down at his hand as if the thick liquid was still there. “He kisses me a lot too… he’s always gentle…”

TaeHyung blinked, then blinked again, then frowned and blinked before looking at the door then at Jimin. “ Well… I don’t know, honestly you never know with an Alpha.” Jimin nodded, that was true. “Anyway,” Tae continued. “Stay away from him, I don’t know what game he’s playing at, but not only does he have no interest in Male Omega he also doesn’t have any interest in mating. So even if he IS suddenly curious, he’s not gonna do right by you.”

“I don’t have an interest in mating either,” Jimin reminded him.

Tae made a face. “Still?”

“Still. Tae, you know that.”

“Yeah but I figured that was just the asshole… and that maybe-”

“No, still .” Jimin repeated. “Alphas use mating as a form of control. They’re toxic. It’s better to mate a Beta if you HAVE to mate, but since I’ve left the pack I’m free. So no mating for me, I’m serious.”

“Not all Alphas are like that,” TaeHyung frowned at his friend. He remembered thinking similarly, seeing a lot of the classism that went on with his own pack and he knew Jimin’s was worse. The Male Omega that lead his pack preached a lot of Anti-Alpha talk (considering they sold of their members to the worst kind), which lead to Jimin having a fear of the group, unfounded or not.

“Not all,” Jimin relented, thinking of the small group he traveled with. “But most of them are, and even if they’re not all as dangerous they’re still mostly scum.”


“I’m glad you’ve found love Tae, I really am. But I stand by my view. If anything what you said just proves it to me. I thought that Jeongguk was childish but not as bad as you said, I also thought that both Joon and Hobi-Hyungs were nice. But you just admitted that they’re all jerks who jump from Omega’s bed to Omega’s bed-”

“Context,” TaeHyung interrupted, not sure how he got on this side of the argument but still… “That type of behavior is more accepted in this pack PRE-mating,” he stressed. “However the Jeon pack are devoted to their mates once they make the bond, they don’t play around. That’s probably why they sleep around so much beforehand- even the Omegas do it . But they don’t cheat AND they don’t treat their mates like property, well, for the most part- I’ve seen some jerky Alphas,” he admitted, “but that’s in any pack. There are jerky Omega’s too, I mean look at your leader.”

Jimin glared at him. “Our leader does what’s best for the pack-”

“The members are a PART of the pack,” TaeHyung countered. “He should be protecting you from douche-whistles like that, not signing you over to them.”

Jimin scoffed and Tae thought he was getting ready to defend that foolishness, but instead the Omega sat and shook his head. “For cheap.”


“He sold me for cheap Tae…” he looked at the male. “Some escorts and golden thread. Do you believe that? My virtue, my VALUE, for thread!”

TaeHyung sighed and moved to sit on the bed next to Jimin, putting his arm around the Omega he held him closely. “Your virtue isn’t your value… that’s why he made such a huge error. You’re worth so much more than that.”

“Am I?” his friend asked softly.

Yes, ” Tae responded seriously. They sat in silence for several moments before the taller Omega spoke once more. “When I push out this kid, Imma go to your old pack and burn it down.”

Jimin snorted. “Focus on having the kid first.”

“Right… one thing at a time… But retribution is coming, ” TaeHyung vowed holding up a fist.

Jimin chuckled softly and hugged him back. “You’re an idiot… but I missed you.”

“I missed you too… my pure little pumpkin.”

The silver haired Omega giggled. “Thanks my pregnant little pastry.”

“Aww, you called me little. I knew I loved you for a reason,” Tae replied squeezing him.

Jimin laughed. “I love you too.”


(The Next Morning)

SeokJin looked over as the bell sounded signaling someone entering his offices. Finishing up in the the supply room the Alpha exited to the main room, his eyes stilling on the Omega who was looking around. Park Jimin. He’d seen him yesterday, briefly, but hadn’t really gotten too close or said much, as Jimin and TaeHyung had been so wrapped up in one another to the point of ignoring everyone around them.

“May I help you?” the tall Alpha asked, smiling softly when the Omega looked over. He was a pretty thing wasn’t he? He and TaeHyung definitely made sense, appearance wise.

Jimin blinked at the broad shouldered and beautiful male, for a moment he thought he’d worried for nothing because anyone that beautiful had to be an Omega like him. However as the older male approached he caught a whiff of his scent- sandalwood . He was an Alpha.

“Jimin-sshi? Right?” the Alpha continued when he received no response. “Did you need something?”

“Oh-uh, right, sorry,” he said sheepishly, he wasn’t use to so many Alphas roaming in so many places. Did male Alpha’s really deliver pups in this pack? “I was wondering if you knew who’d be Tae’s midwife?”

The broad shouldered beauty rose a brow. “Midwife huh?... Well, I guess that’s me, Kim SeokJin nice to meet you.” He gave a slight bow. “TaeHyung has been going on about you since I’ve known him.”

“Wait, you’re delivering Tae’s pup?” Jimin frowned a bit, his confusion bypassing his manners  though he did bow distractedly back.

Jin tilted his head, his brows furrowing. “Yes… is that a problem? I am one of the Lead Sr. Healers in this pack.”

“No… I mean… it’s just… I didn’t figure Alpha’s delivered Omega pups,” the silver haired male admitted making a face. “I wasn’t trying to imply anything.”

“We normally don’t,” Jin returned motioning for Jimin to have a seat. “Would you like some tea?”

“Oh, yes, please- thank you,” the Omega remarked, having a seat in one of the chairs near a desk at the front.

Jin made his way to a small stove located on the far wall and lit the fire, turing on the kettle. “I’m surprised to see you without TaeHyung nearby.”

Jimin snorted. “Well to be fair, that’s a reasonable thing to be surprised about. Tae’s sleeping though, he felt really tired and since he wants to give me a tour of the village after lunch I suggested he nap first.”

“Good idea,” the older male smiled. “He did so much worrying and pacing yesterday it’s no surprise he needs to catch up on his rest.” The kettle began to whistle and the older male poured them each a cuppa before heading back to the omega. “So, Jimin-sshi, what brings you by? Or were you just curious about who was delivering for TaeHyung?”

“I was. I just wanted to check something,” the Omega admitted, accepting the freshly poured tea as Jin sat the cup in front of him.

“Check what?” the Alpha asked pulling up a chair as well.

“Just… have you ever delivered for a Male Omega before?

Jin sighed and took a sip of his tea before admitting. “I have not.”

“Then why are you delivering for TaeHyung?” the younger asked, sitting up a bit more. “You said earlier that Alpha’s don’t normally deliver so why now?”

“Well… no member of the Jeon pack in this generation has delivered for a Male Omega, and in past generations… let’s just say it hasn’t gone well,” Jin admitted. “That said, our usual healers, or midwives as you call them, are only comfortable with female births. They wouldn’t know where to begin with a male. -There’s also the fact that Yoongi is like a brother to me… literally, when we were younger a group of us decided to become blood brothers. And though I didn’t end up a fighter like the others, I still hold my vow to protect them dear. As Yoongi’s mate, Tae is an extension of my brother and I want to make sure that he gets the very best care and… well, if I may be blunt, I am the best.

“I see…” Jimin said slowly with a subtle frown on his face. “But… and I mean no disrespect, but  if you’ve never done it, then how do you know what to do? How can you know you’re the best?”

“I think you’re mistaken Jimin-sshi, I know how to deliver pups and have done so in emergency situations, such as a lack of midwives which can happen when we have too many pups due at once. Or complications during birth, I step in at those times as well,” the Alpha expounded. “TaeHyung is my first Male Omega birth, but not my first birth. And since no one has delivered for a Male Omega before, and I AM the best Healer in the pack- I know that I’m the best in terms of TaeHyung’s care.” Seokjin finished arching a brow, he wasn’t use to having to explain himself, but he also understood where this could be concerning. In fact he’d gone through much the same grilling with both Yoongi and TaeHyung.

“Okay, that’s great and all- but how do you know what to do for Tae? ” Jimin repeated.

Jin sat down his teacup and got up, going to his desk he rummaged before returning with his notebook. “I’ve done my research, don’t worry.”

“Research?” Jimin repeated. “May I?”

When the Omega held out his hand, Jin rose a brow, but handed over the texts. Jimin sat his tea down and thumbed through the books. The notes weren’t *horrible*, they were methods that did and could work, but they were rudimentary. It was clear (to him at least) that SeokJin’s sources had had limited interaction with Male Omega births and, most likely, limited success.

“Is this all you have?” Jimin asked looking up at him.

“Well… so far, yes. Why?” the Alpha asked with a frown.

“Did TaeHyung tell you about my pack?”

“Mostly Male Omega?”

“That’s correct. We have at least three to eight pups a year and out of those births two to five of them are, on average, by male Omega,” Jimin continued closing the book and looking at Jin.

“And according to that there’s something wrong with my notes?” The Alpha surmised.

“Not wrong… more like, missing ,” Jimin remarked setting the books down. “The methods you’ve listed CAN work and were some we used ourself long ago. But we’ve come to realize there is a much better way for us to give birth for both Appa AND baby.”

“And that is?” Jin inquired, intrigued.

Jimin shifted forward his expression serious as he took in the good looking Alpha. “Healer Kim, have you ever heard of a cesarean section?”

Jin’s brows rose.




“Where have you been?” TaeHyung asked frowning slightly as he secured his jeogori, turning he got a band to tie his hair back.

“Out,” Jimin responded from his seat watching his best friend. He’d just come back to TaeHyung’s house so that he could go with the taller male on his tour of the village. He wanted to get a feel for the place, everything was still new to him. The vibe was so different from his pack, with so many different TYPES of wolves. Not to mention the fact that they seemed to stare. A lot.

“Without me?” the Omega frowned, a look of betrayal crossing his face before his eyes narrowed. “You haven’t been seeing Jeongguk have you?” he demanded.

“No,” Jimin sighed rolling his eyes.

“So you mean you snuck out to spend time with someone who wasn’t me while I slept, and it wasn’t to get dick? ” Tae pouted as if this made the act even more heinous. “That’s it. I’m never napping again.”

“Don’t be silly,” Jimin replied playfully kicking his leg. “I was out, but all I did was talk about you.”

As it should be ,” the lanky Omega nodded, ruffled feathers soothed a bit. “Who were you with, Yoongi?”

Jimin smiled a bit. He loved TaeHyung, he loved their relationship and the fact that his best friend would ask that with no jealousy or concern that, even if it WAS Yoongi, it wasn’t anything but innocent. He had seen far too many jealous Omegas in his time.

“No,” the silver haired male finally answered. “SeokJin-sshi.”

“Jin-Hyung?” Tae looked over confused. “Why?”

“I wanted to check that he was prepared for your birth,” the smaller male answered with a shrug.

“Was he?”

“No. But he will be,” Jimin vowed. Tae offered him a smile.

“Now that you’re here I know he will be,” he said reaching over and booping JImin’s nose.

The smaller male stood and booped him back before looking over. “You ready?”

TaeHyung sighed as he took Jimin in, his eyes going over his light blue robes and pretty red cloak. “I love how you dress, I wish I could dress like that.”

“Taetae, I LITERALLY gave you a robe and cloak yesterday,” Jimin sighed and shot his best friend a dry look.

“I know! But I’m saving it for after the baby is born,” the other male said making a face. “I’m sure I’ll look haggard, so I want to at least be dressed well.”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “You’ll look beautiful whore, stop fishing for compliments.”

Tae stuck his tongue out. “I don’t need to fish, they jump out AT me or are served on a platter. I know I look good, but that doesn’t mean I can't look better. I have to be the hottest newly made parent this pack has ever seen.”

Jimin snorted before replying affectionately. “I have no doubt you will be, you egotistical brat.”

TaeHyung made a face and hugged him from the side. “Love me!”

Jimin laughed and made a face at him. “I never stopped, now get off me.”

“You better never stop,” Tae replied before releasing him so they could head out. Leaving the small home they headed into the the village. “Did you need anything to help set up your place?”

“I guess, maybe some more linens? Joon-Hyung brought me some, but he only had one set. I’m curious about this packs various fabrics,” Jimin said lightly looking around as they moved. He didn’t fail to notice how several wolves were looking in their direction and whispering amongst themselves.

“Our fabrics aren’t as nice as your packs, you should have brought some extras you could have sold them,” the taller Omega declared as they neared the center of the village. “This is where a lot of the small shops are set up, it’s nothing huge or anything just homemade family wares. You don’t really have to pay you know, unless you want the extra intricate stuff. Other than that the pack mostly shares and trades.”

“Really,”Jimin frowned looking over at him. “That’s… nice. My pack is more status based.”

“Eh, there are statues here but that’s more perceived than... living better - per say,” TaeHyung explained. “Like Jin-Hyung has a high status being a Lead Healer, but he stays in a house the same size as Yoongi and I. Even Gguk doesn’t have a huge house- well he does, but he doesn’t use it.”

“He does?” Jimin asked curiously, as he looked away from a nice vase he could use for flowers.

“Yeah, the biggest home in the whole pack,” TaeHyung nodded. “But the idiot doesn’t use use it.”

“Wait, the beautiful one at the top of the hill?” Jimin inquired in surprise as he indicated the large structure he’d seen from a distance when they’d arrived.

“Yeah,” Tae nodded. “It’s normally where the pack leader and their family stay- but Gguk has pretty much handed it over to the elders to use. So they all stay here,” the Omega replied before leaning in and whispering conspiratorially. “I think he’s mad personally, it’s beautiful and spacious and has the best of everything. I don’t know why he insists upon staying here with the commoners. If it were us, I would have made Yoongi take it.”

Jimin snorted. “ You would. And I don’t know… maybe he doesn’t feel like much of a leader yet... I mean he IS pretty young.”

“Obviously too young, since he doesn’t know a good thing,” Tae replied dryly as they neared a stall that had fabrics on display. The two males cut off their gossip about the Alphas and packs as they set about their shopping excursion and tour of the village.




Chapter Text

*Approx 2 Weeks Later*

Jimin exited his small home just in time as he saw TaeHyung hopping along, small handled basket in hands. The smaller Omega offered his best friend a wide smile. “Perfect timing!” he called.

“Of course it is, it’s us,” the lanky male responded in a playful tone with a boxy grin.

The two males were meeting up to head to the public baths for ‘Wednesday wash-up’. Over the past few weeks Jimin had slowly adjusted to his life in the Jeon pack. It was an interesting, more relaxed dynamic that he wasn't used to seeing outside of festivals.

Much like the trip here with the guys, he noticed that in this pack every wolf seemed to have their job, be it cultivating in the fields, hunting, patrolling the grounds or just taking care of others. Since arriving Jimin had even gained a place of his own, alternated between two jobs:  helping TaeHyung with making his liquors to sell/trade with other pack members, as well as working with SeokJin-Hyung to teach him the information and steps he’d need for delivering Tae’s pup.

Speaking of Jin-Hyung, they had recently been doing some testing of blood types for transfusion as TaeHyung would need it. Of course, because things had to be complicated, Tae wasn’t lucky enough to have a common blood type, no- he had to have Rh-null, the most rare form of blood. Jin-Hyung had openly joked that maybe Jimin and Tae WERE soulmates, as the Omega happened to have the same type of blood, as did Yoongi (really, how Tae managed to surround himself with his likeness was a mystery). They tested (studied, and inhaled the scent of) over sixty five wolves in the immediate pack village and those two, who happened to already be in TaeHyung's inner circle, were the only ones who matched him. Therefore Yoongi was designated (by his own demand) as Tae’s donor, with Jimin (who would be assisting with the birthing) as the backup/last resort.

All in all Jimin was pleased with how things were coming along. Jin-Hyung was an Alpha, but like a lot of the Jeon Alpha’s Jimin had met, he managed to avoid a lot of the ‘Alphaisms’ that his pack leader always preached about. He was patient, funny and more than willing to learn and take suggestions. Tae had found a good pack.

“It should be early enough not to be crowded right?” TaeHyung half asked, half complained as they ambled towards the river where the public bath was located. “Because if one more pup screams in my ear, I’m launching them to the moon.”

Jimin laughed. “You’re gonna be the one with the screaming pup soon,” he teased reaching over and lightly touching Tae’s belly.

The taller male groaned. “ Don’t remind me. I’ve already told Yoongi that feeding is my job, everything else is on him.”

“What did he say?” the silver haired male asked curiously.

“What could he say,” Tae shrugged. “If I’m still around we’re splitting this brat.”

“Stop insulting me.”

“How am I insulting you?”

“You’re implying that I won’t keep my word,” Jimin said stopping and facing him.

Tae sighed and made a face. “I’m sorry Jiminnie, you’re right. SINCE I’ll be around, we’re splitting this brat.”

“That’s better,” Jimin scrunched his nose and turned to head towards the baths before freezing, his gaze on the Alpha just before him.

Jeongguk stood just a few feet away, his bunny eyes wide and locked on Jimin as the wolf next to him continued a one sided conversation. Brushing his hair back, the Omega lightly bit his bottom lip and the Alpha followed the action, his eyes darkening. A low growl cut through the tension and Jimin looked over to see TaeHyung glaring at Jeongguk.

“Come on,” Tae declared taking his best friends arm and pulling Jimin along. The silver haired Omega allowed himself to be dragged, with only one more fleeting look to the Alpha after they passed him. Once again their eyes locked before the Omegas disappeared around the corner and from view. “ Don’t. ” TaeHyung ordered.

Don’t what? ” Jimin sighed as he finally pulled his arm free to walk at a normal pace once more.

“You know what.”

“Do not.”


“TaeHyung,” Jimin sighed back looking at him. “Seriously, it’s nothing. We don’t even talk.”

His best friend studied him for a moment before nodding. “Good… look, I’m not trying to be a jerk I just don’t want you to get hurt. Not to mention Gguk is a bit of a hot button around here, a lot of the pack Omegas are aiming for him- if he shows interest in you-”

“I know,” Jimin cut him off with a sigh.

It wasn’t a secret that a lot of the female Omega in the Jeon pack weren’t happy with his presence. Because of his status as both a Northern Omega and an unmated wolf he was seen as a threat in more ways than one. Jimin was modest for the most part, but he wasn’t blind, he knew that he drew attention when he traveled through the Jeon packlands. He also had heard several rumors about himself and his associations with the members of his traveling party who still remained in contact with him. This included a very EXPLICIT one about he and NamJoon after the Alpha had brought over some books for him to read and they’d hung out talking for a few hours. There was even a crazy claim he’d ‘bewitched’ SeHyun who had come by on various occasions to help Jimin with small things around the house.

The Omega could only imagine how much more outlandish they’d get if Jeongguk were involved. Luckily for him he supposed, the Alpha seemed content to ignore his very existence. Since the first day that he’d arrived, Gguk had not set foot into Jimin’s home, and for his part Jimin wasn’t even sure where Jeongguk lived (okay so that was a lie, he may have *casually* asked SeoYung however that was beside the point). He and Jeon Jeongguk had nothing to do with one another, the younger Alpha was busy hunting, training the wolves in his pack and meeting with the mysterious “Elders” whom Jimin had only seen in passing on his first day.

“It’s for the best,” TaeHyung said softly as they neared the public bath.

“Huh?” Jimin blinked at the sudden comment.

“The distance… between you,” Tae expounded looking over at him, the taller Omega’s tone more soft and concerned than demanding. “It could never work… Not considering your heritage and his status.”

“...I know,” the smaller male smiled weakly. “I had even forgotten about it actually.”

“Good…” Tae smiled just as weakly back before taking Jimin’s arm. “Come on, let’s get into this tub and wash away this dirt and these thoughts before the brats arrive.”

Jimin snorted. “Too late, you’re already here.”

“Ya!” the pretty dark haired male exclaimed playfully chasing his friend towards the river and the public bath.



(Later that Evening)

Jeongguk ruffled his hair as he made it to the edge of the clearing.

“You’re coming on the hunt?” Hoseok asked, a piece of fish cake hanging from his mouth.

“That’s why I’m here,” Gguk responded sarcastically as he squatted down, pulling at blades of grass. Hobi snorted.

“Oh, Gguk, you came?” NamJoon quizzed as he joined the small group.

“Why is everyone surprised?” Jeongguk half groaned half sighed as he looked over at Yoongi and NamJoon, who had just come to a halt beside him.

“I dunno, maybe because you got back from an extensive raid just this morning,” Yoongi shrugged as he gave a lazy stretch. “Usually this is when you hold up inside of your place with a bevy of curvy Omega and release pent up energy.”

“Energy… is that what we’re calling it?” Hobi laughed wagging his brow.

Gguk threw a small pebble at him. “All of the pretty ones are already boring,” he defended. “So I’m gonna use my energy this way.”


“What?” the younger Alpha asked looking at NamJoon.

“Just… never heard you say anything like that. I mean don’t you usually have your favorites you go to when you’re bored?- Yet here you are… a born again virgin.”

Hoseok and Yoongi laughed as SeHyun joined them looking around confused. “What’s funny?”

“Gguk’s rediscovered his chastity,” Hobi wagged his brows while Jeongguk kicked in his direction.

“At this rate, shouldn’t Gguks chastity be considered extinct?” Hyun asked quirking a brow as another round of laughter broke.

“You too?” The younger Alpha glared.

“Focus,” Yoongi called, though his tone was still tinged with amusement. “We have a lot of meat to get in preparation for the birthday fair this weekend. We can talk shit about Gguk later.”

“Gee, thanks Hyung,” Jeongguk rolled his eyes and stood giving a stretch.

Yoongi nodded and winked before Gguk shook his head, putting jokes aside the Lead Alpha called his packmates in to give the game plan and they set out for the hunt.





(A bit over an Hour later)

“This should be more than enough,” Hobi remarked, the dead deer thrown over his shoulders while he dragged a boar just behind him on some cloth.

“Indeed,” Joon agreed as he too carried his prizes of two large boar.

The group was one of three that had gone hunting for the birthday fair. Because the Jeon pack was so big and covered such a large area, once a month they had a birthday fair in the main village to allow the all of wolves time off from their duties to get to personally know their packmates. The fair usually consisted of food, games, music and an all around jolly atmosphere. It was one of the many traditions that Jeongguks Eomma had started before her death, that he made sure to keep going even as a pup when a few of the elders wanted to do away with it.

“I’m going to take a few of these fish home to Tae,” Yoongi commented as they walked. “He’d been craving seafood more and more.”

“Think he’s gonna talk Jin-Hyung into cooking them for him?” Hoseok asked, gauging if he wanted to crash the Min house tonight for food.

“Most likely, or me- as long as it isn’t Jimin,” the blond Alpha responded in a pained tone.

NamJoon burst into laughter. “Yeah I saw your house was billowing smoke.”

“I don’t understand,” the older male replied shooting Joon a pained look. “All he had to do was REMOVE the bread. It was cooked, it had been timed, he just needed to take it out.”

“So what happened?” Jeongguk asked curiously, a slight amused twitch at the corners of his mouth.

“He dropped it,” Yoongi declared exasperated. “Right into the flames. I don’t know how… I don’t know how he managed it, but one minute it was on the rack the next it was in the fire! Then, when he tried to catch it, he knocked it OUT of the fire and onto the floor! Damn near burned the whole house down!”

The wolves all laughed, memories of Jimin and the mochi incident coming to mind.

“I honestly don’t know what was more infuriating, Jimin almost catching my house on fire or TaeHyung, just sitting there laughing at the whole thing,” the elder declared. “The man in a menace and I’m putting in a petition to have the stove removed from his home as well as the fireplace before he burns the whole fucking village down!”

Jeongguk smiled and shook his head. However as his mind flashed to his crossing of the Omega earlier, the smile slowly faltered and he sighed. Gguk was aware of his current status as Pack Leader and just how important that role and legacy was to his members. Hell, that had been drilled into him from a young age, not so much by his own Abeoji but his surrogate ones. Being the perfect Jeon, being the right kind of leader, commanding his pack, placing it first. This had been his upbringing, and due to that training and his packs personal history with traitorous Northern wolves, he knew that interacting too much with Jimin would cause unrest within his ranks. ESPECIALlY with the pack elders who were practically looking for any excuse to send Jimin home.

So, with that in mind he had not seen or spoken too much with the beautiful Omega since that first day, and was determined to maintain that distance. Though he’d be wrong to say that that was the only reason he avoided the Omega. The fact was Jimin made him act and react out of character, he was more impulsive and emotional around the beautiful male and that unnerved him. He liked seeming out of control, it was a great defense tactic after all, but actually being out of control, Jeongguk hated that .

So yeah… distance was good. It was perfect… even IF he did miss cute moments like the Omega’s failed cooking attempts. In the end it was all worth it for his own sanity. Looking over he noticed Hoseok shooting him a concerned look and smiled in response, pushing ANY thoughts of the Omega away he joined in with the conversation once more as they headed to drop off the meat in the village center.

Chapter Text

(That Weekend)

The music played loudly as Jimin grinned over at TaeHyung. “Are you really going to do that?”

“Why not?” The lanky Omega asked making a face. “I’m a bit bigger but I’m still light on my feet.”

“You use to fall attempting that as a kid-”

Use to are the key words,” TaeHyung clarified haughtily as he gave a flourishing turn, his arm arching over his head and body wobbling dangerously as he balanced on one leg before stumbling a bit and catching himself. “Nailed it!” He then declared with a wide boxy grin.

“Is that what we’re calling it now?” Jimin half laughed, half asked.

It was the birthday celebration and they were currently in the middle of the village next to where TaeHyung had set up his stand containing his liquor for the festivities. As a few passing Alphas clapped for his effort the Omega bowed and sent Jimin a superior smirk as his friend rolled his eyes but smiled fondly.

It had been a loud but fun night so far, and probably the best view Jimin had had of the true size of the Jeon pack, as wolves seemed to come from all over. Some were familiar, but most were not, TaeHyung explained that this was the main village but there were smaller ones in the pack that rested on, or between, large farming lands. Naturally, Jimin gained a lot of curious looks and passing whispers but he did his best to ignore them and thankfully after a few drinks of his hyper best friends excellent liquor paired with Tae’s fun loving personality, over time he was finally able to loosen up and enjoy the festivities.

“Your turn,” Tae declared grabbing Jimin’s hand and pulling him up from his chair next to the beverage table.

Noooo, why do I have to do it? The song is ending,” the Omega whined.

“Because it’s fun! Remember we use to dance our way through the festivals as pups,” TaeHyung continued dancing a small jig around Jimin. “In fact I was always following your lead!”

Jimin chuckled as he recalled how energetic they had been. “How could I forget? I got lectured at the end of every day. But we’re not pups anymore TaeTae. In fact,” he touched the taller males rounded stomach. “You’re about to HAVE a pup.”

“I’m aware, thank you very much,” the dark haired Omega stated primly just as a beautiful new melody started. “Oh my gosh! Remember you use to do a fan dance to a song just like this!”

“A crappy fan dance,” Jimin groaned. “I never excelled at it-”

“Because you didn’t want to,” Tae pointed out. “If I remember correctly, you said was like a mating call for you pack so you refused because you knew that no Alpha would be able to resist you.”

“You regard me too highly TaeHyung,” his best friend snorted.

“I do,” Tae smirked before scurrying over to the table and rummaging under it.

“What-” Jimin cut off as Tae emerged with a fan. “You have GOT to be kidding me.”

“Nope,” he smiled back, slowly standing and holding it out to his pal. “Come on Jiminnie! For meeeee?!”


“Pweeze! For US,” Tae tried again, batting his lashes and rubbing circles on his stomach.

“The baby isn’t even born yet!” his best friend yelled exasperated. “How are you gonna try to use an unborn child to manipulate me?!”

His response as a whimper and a extension of his lower lip as TaeHyung dug into the dirt with his toe and continued to rub his stomach as if comforting himself.

“I hate you,” Jimin glared before rolling his neck and snatching the fan.

The Omega hesitated before looking around to make sure he had room, exhaling he snapped the fan open and TaeHyung moved back with a broad smile. The lanky Omega watched with wide eyes as his best friend began to dance, his breath hitching as Jimin moved freely and smoothly, the fan snapping, swaying and arching with him as he turned. The blood red the cape around his shoulders and snowy white of his robes adding the right amount of dramatic flair as it opened and they fluttered with his movements. Jimin’s eyes fell shut as he dipped then rose before spinning, his legs seeming to float beneath his body with the grace of his movements. As the song finally drew to a close, he brought the fan around again in an arch over his head and in front of his body, stopping just at his chest, the feathers covering his mouth and leaving only the beauty of his eyes exposed as they finally opened once more.

It wasn’t until a round of applause broke out that Jimin AND TaeHyung realized that their private show wasn’t so private after all. Flushing Jimin snapped the fan closed and looked around bowing slightly before freezing, his eyes locked on the darkened gaze of the Alpha just near the back of the crowd. Jeongguk stared back. His face slightly flushed and lips parted just a bit, however before anyone could notice just whom had caught the Omega’s attention, the Alpha turned and walked away.

“You’ve gotten better!” TaeHyung exclaimed hugging Jimin from behind and finally getting him to stop looking at the ghost of Jeongguks image in the crowd. “You didn’t use to be nearly that good! I’m in awe! Too bad Yoongi already got me or I’d have to make you mine Park Jimin.”

“I heard that,” Yoongi said dryly as Jimin burst into laughter. “Meanwhile I wouldn’t trade you for anyone, guess I’m alone in that respect.”

“Awwww, Babe,” Tae responded moving to hug the pouting Alpha. “I’d never trade you, I’d only have mated Jimin if I never met you.” He explained.

“How does that make it better?”

“It doesn't?” his mate blinked with a level of wide-eyed innocence.

“No,” Yoongi frowned.

“I think it does,” Jimin offered helpfully.

“Thank you soulmate,” Tae nodded at him seriously.

The older Alpha rolled his eyes. “I can’t with you two right now.”

“What?” TaeHyung teased. “You’re so cute when you’re jealous you know.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Jimin watched them with an amused, fond gaze. Unconsciously his eyes flicked to where Jeongguk had been standing earlier, his expression softening to a more hurt one before his attention was pulled by various wolves coming up to him and complimenting him on his dance. Smiling softly the Omega thanked them for their kind words, allowing himself to get distracted from the thoughts of uninterested Alpha’s and the shenanigans of the mated couple flirting nearby.


“I’ve never seen anything like it,” SeokJin stated, as he relayed the tale later that night of Park Jimin and his fan dance to the two males who hadn’t been around when it happened. “Honestly, he’s always stunning but that was…”

“I bet,” Joon sighed taking a long sip of soju. “After all like you said he’s stunning regardless… Damn , I hate that I missed it.”

“Right, think he’ll do it again if we ask?” Hobi inquired as he nibbled on some grilled boar skin.

“If he agrees can I come?” SeoYung asked sitting up a bit more.

“Didn’t you see last time?” Hobi pushed him playfully and the Beta blushed.

“A bit… but I want to see it again. You know, make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks?”

“On who? Your dick?” Joon asked dryly, while the others laughed. Well, almost all of the others.

“What’s the matter Gguk? Sad you missed it too?” Hobi asked nudging their leader with his foot. They were currently at NamJoon’s place having drinks and hanging out as the festivities winded down outside.

“He didn’t,” Yoongi responded taking a long sip of wine.

Jeongguk shot him a look and the elder smirked. “Why do you have to be everywhere?” the younger Alpha complained.

“I was going to see my mate, instead I saw something interesting…” he held Gguks gaze and the others shared looks, especially when Jeongguk blushed and looked down.

“Are you going to go for it or not?” NamJoon finally asked after a few moments of silence.

“Who?” Gguk asked looking over.


“Go for what?”

“It- him.”

“What him?”

“Jimin, Jeongguk,” the elder answered with an impatient sigh. “I know you two were close during the trip, is that over or…”

Jeongguk couldn’t help but notice that NamJoon didn’t seem to be the only one waiting for his answer. “There’s nothing between he and I,” he finally said after a few seconds as he took another shot of soju.

“Really?....So I can go for it then?”

Gguks eyes snapped to NamJoon, but the elder held his steadily. The younger Alpha’s expression noticeably darkened, however he still replied. “You’re a grown man, you can do what you want.”

“Do you mean that?” this question came from Jin.

Gguk rolled his eyes and got up, heading to the kitchen to rummage around for snacks. The wolves at the table shared looks but dropped it, they knew this was a touchy subject, not only for Jeongguk but for the pack as a whole.

“Either way he’s going to be getting a lot more attention now,” Yoongi remarked changing the subject from Gguk. “I mean, he was getting it before but damn, that was like a beacon, everywhere I went after someone was talking about it.”

“He only danced for like a few minutes too,” SeoYung remarked shaking his head as he sipped his drink.

“That’s all it took…”

“The female Omega’s aren’t happy,” Joon remarked spinning a stone on the table. “I heard some of them talking, calling Jiminnie a flashy show off, amongst other things...”

“Did you say anything?” Yung asked sitting up with a frown.

“Would it have helped?” the older Alpha countered arching a brow.

The Beta sighed but sat back as he knew the answer to that. NamJoon was considered one of the higher ranking, young virile Alplas. Him standing up for Jimin would make things worse… much worse. In fact the only person who’s attention could make matters worse than NamJoon’s was…

“What?” Jeongguk frowned when he noticed the Beta watching him.

“Nothing,” Yung muttered taking another drink.

“Why don’t w-” Hoseok cut off as the door suddenly opened.

The Alpha’s shifted almost defensively until they noticed the familiar sight and scent of TaeHyung. “Here you are!” the pregnant Omega exclaimed entering the home. Just behind him was the subject of their previous conversation. Park Jimin peeked around Tae, offering the group a small smile as the two Omega entered. “I was lonely,” the lanky Omega declared making his way over to Yoongi.

As if on cue, the smaller Alpha shifted, making room for Tae to take a seat on his lap at the table. “No need to be, you have me,” he said kissing his mates neck lightly as TaeHyung settled down.

“Why are you guys in here?” the Omega asked, motioning for Jimin to come the rest of the way in.

The silver haired Omega did just that, smiling a thanks to Hoseok when the friendly Alpha stood and offered Jimin his seat. Accepting it, he sat down at the table and did his best not to look in the direction of the Alpha with the enticing scent as Jeongguk resumed his seat.

“Everyone was just regaling us with the tale of a wonderful fan dance they saw earlier,” NamJoon smirked shooting Jimin a look. “I’m sad I missed it.”

The Omega blushed and tucked his hair behind his ear. “I’m sad I did it. TaeHyung was being so pushy though.”

“Hey!” the taller Omega objected.

Jimin ignored him, instead focusing on Yoongi. “Be careful with him, you know he’s already using the baby to manipulate situations.”

The Alpha commiserated with a grim nod. “You don’t have to tell me, I’ve ended up awake at three am in the fields searching for perfectly rounded apples that grow on the left side of the orchard on the right side of the tree…”

“What?” Hoseok snorted, while the others laughed.

“What?” Tae countered defensively. “They taste the best!”

“I’m sure they do Baby,” Yoongi agreed in an almost bored tone, his mate turned and bit him playfully on the cheek.

“You two are gross,” Jeongguk said throwing a towel at them.

Jimin’s eyes flicked to the Alpha, it felt like it had been so long since he’d heard his voice and the tone still sent shivers down his spine. Catching NamJoon looking in his direction the Omega averted his gaze and turned his attention to the spread of alcohol before them.

“You guys looking to get drunk?”

“Not drunk, maybe a bit tipsy,” Jin responded amused. “I have to keep my facilities about just in case anything happens.”

“No rest for the wicked,” SeoYung remarked shooting the elder an amused look.

“It’s weary,” Jin corrected.

“I know what I said,” the Beta responded quickly moving out of range of SeokJin’s wide swing.

The others laughed and Yoongi looked at Jimin. “Did you want a drink?”

“Mmm,” the Omega said looking over the selection. “Which one is the best?”

“This one,” TaeHyung declared pushing over a dark bottle. “It’s one of my family staples, it’s been aged for fifteen years.”

“It’s strong though,” NamJoon said moving a wine towards Jimin. “This one has a sweet but dry flavor with less potency.”

“I want the strong one,” Jimin declared taking the aged one and pouring himself a glass.

“Are you sure you should have that much?” Jeongguk asked, and Jimin’s eyes snapped to his, surprised at being addressed by the aloof Alpha.

“Why not?”

“You heard Hyung, it’s strong… and you’re an Omega. Wandering around drunk probably isn’t the safest thing for you- especially after your display tonight.”

“My display ?” Jimin repeated his tone laced with offense. “It was a two minute dance-”

“It was a mating call,” Jeongguk cut him off annoyed. “And following it by getting drunk and stumbling around-”

“Who are you to assume I’ll get drunk!”

“You heard Hyung! It’s aged and strong and you’re tiny! A half a glass of that will have you on your ass!”

“I bet I can stay on my feet longer than you can!”

“Are you kidding me right now?” Jeongguk demanded sitting up a bit. “What did I tell you about underestimating me HYUNG?

Jimin sat up as well facing off with him. “And haven’t YOU learned about underestimating ME, Pack Leader!

“Is that a challenge?” Gguk asked slowly.

“It is.” Jimin responded unflinching.

“Don’t you think you should step in?” Yoongi asked TaeHyung softly, he didn’t want Jimin getting hurt or embarrassing himself just for a pissing match with Gguk.

“Why would he need to?” Jimin snapped looking at Yoongi. “You’re free to join as well Hyung if you think you can take me. In fact any of you are, this is an open challenge.”

“No offense Jiminnie,” Hoseok winced scratching the back of his head. “But out drinking an Omega isn’t really a challenge…”

“Oh really, Hyung?” Jimin asked slowly before taking another glass and pouring liquor into it. “Then stop being such a little bitch and do it.” he passed it over to the elder.

“What do you want to gain from this?” Jeongguk sighed and frowned at the smaller male.

“What do you think you’ll lose?” the Omega countered pouring him a glass as well.

The two stared at one another for several tense moments before Jeongguk scoffed and shrugged. “Fine… have it your way.”

He accepted the glass, as did Hoseok. After a moment’s debate, SeoYung and NamJoon poured themselves glasses as well, while an amused and strangely quiet TaeHyung poured a glass and passed it to his mate.

“Are you serious?” Yoongi frowned at his lover. A wide boxy grin was his response.

“Well… since I’m on call and Tae’s drinking for two, we’ll be your judges. Whomever stays sober the longest gets a boon from one of the other contestants. The prize can be whatever you want as long as it’s not hurtful or too dangerous.” SeokJin declared as he watched the males each take their glasses. “We agreed?” A round of ‘yeah’s’ followed his question.

Jin and TaeHyung shared a look before the Omega gave a clap. “Begin!” he called cheerfully, and the males in the room did just that.


Park Jimin was a demon.

Jeongguk groaned, shifting his head on the table as he pushed away the soup Jin had slid in his direction. Jimin had to be a demon, that was the only explanation Jeongguk could come up with for why someone so tiny could hold so much liquor so well.

“You need to eat something,” the older Alpha said shaking his head. “All of you,” he added, nudging the passed out Hoseok with his foot, the Alpha groaned and rolled on the floor from his side onto his back.

Honestly it was like the fucking feral fight all over again, how, HOW the FUCK did he drink them all under the table like that? Gguk could barely remember what happened, one minute he’d been taking shot, the next he’d been awoken by Jin-Hyung pulling him off of his position draped halfway across Yoongi and telling him to eat.

From what he could remember hearing (through the pounding in his head) when he’d asked what Hyung happened, apparently Hobi-Hyung was the first to go down. Though to be fair Jeongguk could sort of recall his bright red flushed face after the first glass. From there it was a blur to Gguk, but according to Jin-Hyung, SeoYung made it to three glasses, Jeongguk and NamJoon both made it to five, while Yoongi tapped out at seven and Jimin had an eighth just because he could. And- for the most part, was the only one able to walk (even if he did apparently sing and dance excessively) when it was all said and done.

“You guys have patrol today right?” Jin inquired, his tone littered with amusement.

Jeongguk grunted while Yoongi released a low curse

“I don’t… ” someone muttered in a rough tone, not willing to look Gguk assumed it was Namjoon.

“Yeah well, still how long do you plan to sleep?” the older Alpha asked with a laugh. “I could have sworn I just saw Jimin and TaeHyung skip by arm in arm.”

“You lie,” Yoongi groaned finally cracking an eye open to glare at the elder.

“Why fish?” SeoYung muttered nauseated, also pushing the soup away.

“It’s supposed to help with hangovers,” the healer remarked. “Why not eat it before complaining?”

“If that gets any closer to my face I’m going to throw up in it,” the Beta said in a pained tone.

“Big babies,” Jin sighed grabbing the two bowls he’d set out and returning them to the kitchen. He paused looking around at the mess of wolves that littered the living area and shook his head. Who knew a tiny Omega like Jimin had it in him? “Well I need to get to work, since I’ve checked that none of you have choked on your tongue in the night, my work here is done. If you feel like you’re gonna die you know where my office is.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Joon muttered with a brush of his hand, while the others ignored him.

Sighing but chuckling, the Alpha left the house.


“I can’t believe you left me.”

TaeHyung turned and smiled brightly at his mate as Yoongi ambled into the house, heading over to the windows and closing the shutters.

“Hey babe!” the Omega said cheerfully.

“I’m your mate… how could you leave me there? I think Gguk drooled on my back,” the Alpha continued to grumble and complain.

His mate laughed. “That’s your own fault, I told you not to challenge Jiminnie.”

Yoongi paused on his trek to the bedroom and looked over with a frown. “No you didn’t.”

“Really?” Tae blinked innocently before smiling broadly. “My bad.”

“Evil.” The blond muttered as he changed course and went to the sink to wash up. “You’re both evil.”

“Even if I am, it’s too late for you- you already mated me,” the Omega replied amused. “Besides it’s your own faults. That’s the problem with Alphas, you always assume we’re the weaker of the species and we’re not.”

“I didn’t assume Jimin couldn’t handle it because he’s an Omega, it’s because he’s tiny,” his mate muttered taking a long drink of water after drying his face.

“...But babe... “ TaeHyung said slowly approaching Yoongi before petting him on the head. “You’re the same size.”

The Alpha glared and Tae quickly tried to run away only to be caught by his mate who dragged him to a chair and bent him over it, spanking his ass. “Ya! I’m still your Alpha you know! Stop disrespecting me!”

TaeHyung hissed and laughed, wiggling his ass. “You know I like it when you’re kinky Alpha,” he flirted with a wink over his shoulder.

Yoongi let out a growl and spanked his rounded ass one more hard time before pulling back. “You’re lucky I have to get to work or I’d show you how kinky I can be.”

The Omega laughed and turned to face him, leaning back against the chair. “Really now? What time do you get off again?”

“Why?” the smaller male smirked, ignoring the throbbing in his head for something more pleasant.

“Because I need to know what time you get off, so I know what time I can get you off,” Tae returned in a low, sexy tone.

Yoongi gave a satisfied grumble in his chest and moved forward kissing him roughly. “Now THAT sounds like a challenge I don’t mind participating in.”

TaeHyung giggled and pulled him closer. “How long before you have to go in?”

“Long enough,” the Alpha declared,  ignoring his headache and dragging his mate towards the bedroom.





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Chapter Text

(A Few Nights After the Birthday Celebration)

Jeongguk groaned and rubbed his shoulder. He had no idea how he’d allowed the baking Ajummas to talk him into moving all of that firewood in one day… okay so maybe he did. But still, first choice at the fresh pastries would make it more than worth it come tomorrow morning. Besides he also blamed it on trying to avoid ChinHae, one of his “usual” Omegas, who hadn’t been pleased with his lack of interest since returning from his trip to the North.

Honestly he didn’t know what was wrong with him either, it was just that suddenly female Omega smelled to sweet . It made his nose twitch and his wolf grumble in discontent as if it wanted something more substantial. Personally Gguk would prefer not to focus on exactly WHAT that ‘more substantial’ thing may be, so instead he focused on keeping his pack running smoothly. He found himself participating more in matters around the pack and looking more at the group than himself. Where he use to just hand village matters over to the elders, since his return he’d been taking more responsibility on himself. Sure, it was mainly to avoid what he would be thinking about if he had too much time, but it actually worked out quite well.

Jeongguk felt more like a pack leader than ever before, and he knew it his pack members were starting to feel the same. Just the other day two Ajusshi’s had gotten into an argument over noise levels and had come to him instead of Elder Min, whom they’d usually seek out for these things. Gguk had been able to effectively get them to agree on a time schedule for when it was okay to do what had to be done, and when it would be best to be quiet for sleep purposes.

He felt quite accomplished.

Smiling a bit to himself before a twinge in his back snatched away his joy, the Alpha groaned once more and continued his trek towards the hot springs. It was pretty late into the night, with just about everyone asleep except for the wolves patrolling the perimeter of the packlands. This  meant he should have the place to himself like he usually did when he came this time of night. Finally nearing the home stretch the Alpha paused, his steps hesitating as a familiar scent reached his nose.

Frowning a bit he slowly moved forward surprised, yet not, to see the familiar mop of silvery hair peeking out from the lightly steaming hot spring. What the fuck was Jimin doing here this time of morning?

For a moment he debated with himself what exactly to do… did he go back? Of course he should go back. This is what he’d been avoiding times ten after all. However when the Omega shifted and the moonlight bounced off of the curve of his skin, wet and shining in the gentle glow Gguk found his feet already closing the last bit of distance to the springs.

“What are you doing here?”

Jimin jumped and turned, looking over his shoulder and clutching his chest. A light sheen of sweat caused his face to look soft and dewy as he took in the sight of the well toned Alpha who was frowning at him. Clearing his throat the Omega shifted, moving to the other side of the spring, away from the large log and against one of the boulders opposite.

“I thought no one used that path,” the Omega muttered pouting over at him.

“It’s a path…” Gguk responded deadpan. “Why would no one use it?”

Jimin flushed and frowned looking away, his hand shifting over his lap though the steam effectively helped to hide his nudity hidden under the surface. “What are you doing here?”

“I do believe I asked that first,” Jeongguk rebutted pausing just at the edge of the worn path.

“So? Then you should be able to answer it first,” Jimin countered quirking a brow.

The Alpha gave a long suffering sigh and rolled his eyes. “Are you sure you’re older than me?”

“Yes, you- what are you doing?! ” Jimin exclaimed quickly covering his eyes and turning his head as Jeongguk began to get undressed.

“What do you think? I’m getting in,” the Alpha responded tossing his shirt onto the ground and removing his trousers.

“But… but, but I’m in here?!”

“So?” the other remarked slowly stepping in. “Look, my back is killing me and this thing can hold up to eight people comfortably, I think the two of us can fit.”

That’s not the same! ” Jimin hissed, flushing as the sound of the water sloshing reached his ears. “We’re Alpha and Omega!”

“We’re also adults,” Gguk sighed leaning back against the log, his eyes on Jimin. His gaze trailed the Omegas damp arm as water droplets slid down his skin, then moved to his exposed neck, where strands of hair that had escaped his messy bun stuck to his bare flesh, curving with the bend of his neck.

“I’M an adult, YOU’RE debatable,” the Omega muttered.

“Out of the two of us right now… I think you’re the only debatable one… HYUNG,” Gguk countered dryly.

Frowning Jimin lowered his hand and shot Jeongguk a glare, his shoulders slowly relaxing when he realized the water effectively hid all of his vital parts. The steam and water leaving only half the Alpha’s chest exposed.

“Excuse me for having modestly,” the silver haired man snapped leaning back against the rock. They lapsed into silence for several moments before he spoke again. “How did you hurt your back anyway?”

Gguk, who had found the best method for relaxation right now to be to close his eyes and try to ignore the enticing male before him, cracked one of those eyes open. Jimin was regarding him curiously, his plump bottom lip caught between his white teeth. Jeonguk licked his own lips before exhaling and replying.

“Helped with some manual labor…”

“Aren’t you the pack leader though?” Jimin frowned.

“Yeah, so?”

“So… I mean… aren’t there others who can do that?”

The Alpha opened both eyes studying him. Contrary to Gguks initial belief based on the question, it didn’t seem that Jimin was talking down to him but instead genuinely perplexed by his actions. “Others COULD do it, yeah… but so can I. So why make someone else?”

“I just…” the Omega trailed off, turning his attention to poking at a leaf floating on the water's surface.

“You just what?” When his question was ignored, Jeongguk leaned forward, swiping the leaf from the water. “You just what?” he repeated when Jimin looked up at him.

The Omega stared back for a few seconds before giving a light hitch of his shoulders. “I’m just not use to a pack leader as… hands on , as you are.” He admitted after a moment, his gaze flicking from the water and back to hold Jeongguks across from him. “In my pack our leader, Sungwoo-sshi… he more delegates than actually DOES himself. I honestly can’t recall him doing much except ordering people around,” his hands flew up defensively, splashing a bit of water in Gguks face as he quickly added. “ I mean, not that he was a bad leader. He had great skills at negotiating and diplomacy… it’s just… actual physical labor wasn’t, exactly, you know, his thing…”

“I see..” Jeongguk said softly, wiping the droplets from his brow as they stared at one another. “Well… here, in this pack, the pack leader is the leader- but he’s also a member of the pack. As far as I’ve ever known the Jeon’s have been hands on when it comes to our pack… even if it’s to our detriment…”

“...How so?” Jimin asked curiously as he took note of the darkening of the Alpha’s expression.

Jeongguk shrugged and leaned back lowering himself a bit more into the warmth of the water.

Jimin stared at him for several moments before softly inquiring. “Is it related to your Abeoji?” The Alpha’s gaze flicked to him and Jimin blushed a bit. “I don’t mean to pry that is… it’s just I’ve… well… nevermind, sorry.”

The Omega looked around, turning his attention to the outline of his hands that he could see just below the surface of the steaming water.


Jimin’s eyes snapped back to Jeongguk to find the Alpha staring at him. “Yes?”

“The answer to your question is yes,” Gguk repeated, sitting up a bit once more. “It’s related to my Abeoji.”

I see… If you don’t mind me asking… what happened?”

“What have you heard?” the Alpha countered. As the other males brows rose in surprise, Jeongguk rolled his eyes. “It’s clear you’ve heard something. What?”

“Not much… just bits and pieces, whispers as I pass really. ...Well I don’t know if they’re whispers, per se, as it seems I’m intended to hear what’s being said,” at Gguks look Jimin expounded. “Just little things about Northern wolves… something about them being spies and causing trouble. Someone mentioned that one almost destroyed the pack...”

Jeongguk sighed heavily and pushed his hair back with a wet hand. “I guess you could say that…” he looked at Jimin for several moments before lightly rubbing his neck and continuing. “My Eomma… she came across a wolf… an Omega, female- who needed help. Or so she thought. She took the woman and sought out Abeoji and Uncle YoonHee, asking for asylum for her since she seemed fearful and alone. To this day I can’t find anyone who knew the exact reason she gave for leaving her pack…” Gguk muttered trailing off as his expression darkened.

Jimin watched the pained look that crossed Gguks face and reached out, his hand lightly touching the Alpha’s the floated just at the surface. Snapping back to reality, Jeongguk looked at him before clearing his throat and continuing.

Anyway… being the type of guy that he was, Abeoji immediately agreed. After all she was also a wolf like us and she needed help, so why not? He’d done it countless times before and even if she WAS a Northern wolf, ‘We’re all the same in the end’ he would say.” He lightly shook his head. “But she wasn’t the same…”

“Her pack… her pack bordered the Northern and Southern territories and was slowly becoming one of the largest packs of the North, their size almost rivaling ours. As they grew, so did their ego and their desire to become the biggest and most powerful pack anywhere…” the Alpha squinted and fell silent. Jimin found himself shifting, slowly moving closer to Gguk until he was sitting next to him as the younger male remained lost in his tale.

“We didn’t know they existed…” he continued after a minute or two. “But they saw us as a threat. A threat to their power and a source of land… if they could take down our pack, then they could boast of both their prowess and their holdings,” Jeongguk said referring to the unspoken but golden rule of pack wars. “They knew attacking head on wasn’t easy without knowing what they were dealing with-”

“-so they sent in a spy,” Jimin surmised softly.

Gguk blinked and looked over, finally realizing the Omega was next to him before clearing his throat and grunting in agreement. “ Un, the kind we’d least expect… We later found they’d made a pact with some newly ousted wolves for information. If they helped, then they were promised a piece of land to call their own so they wouldn’t be condemned to feral life… that’s how they knew where Eomma may be.”

“What did the Omega do?”

“She passed information, mainly,” Gguk sighed rubbing his brow. “About the pack, the comings and goings… how things worked in terms of active hunters/fighters versus tradesmen and cultivators. That type of stuff…”

“And they used it to find a weakness,” Jimin muttered.

“Everyone has one,” the Alpha admitted softly, his eyes on his fingers as Jimin lightly toyed with them. The scent of the Omega unwittingly relaxing him and making him feel at ease, comforted despite the sensitive subject matter. “Her timing was perfect… Abeoji had a hunting excursion with a few if the Sr. Hunters, there was a fire at a nearby allied pack that we sent our very best healers to to help out with…”

“And so they attacked the village?”

“No,” Jeongguk shook his head. “No, that would have been stupid… too many of us. It would require too many of them for them to be able to slip this far into the South passed all of our allies without us being notified. No... they attacked the hunting party.”

“Where you Abeoji had gone.”

“Yeah,” the Alpha said grimly, his fingers intertwining with Jimin. “You have small hands…” he murmured in a distracted tone.

“Hereditary…” the Omega commented allowing the subject change. “My Appa has small hands as well…”

“It’s cute…” Gguk muttered before exhaling and continuing before Jimin could respond. “Anyway, it was only a small hunting party as the target wasn’t a difficult one, nor was it too far. They were overwhelmed, but by most accounts Abeoji was doing a good job of holding his own. That is until he saw one of his men about to be sniped with an arrow... he put himself between them- sure that on him the arrow would hit in a non-vital place.”

“But it hit somewhere vital?”

“No… no he was right in his assessment,” Gguk answered. “The location wasn’t deadly… but the poison that coated the arrow was…” the Alpha scoffed slightly and shot Jimin a dry sad smile. “What’s the saying? Win the battle but lose the war?... That’s what happened that day. In the end, our fighters skill level surpassed their own and even with the higher numbers they weren’t victorious. But… we still suffered loss… Out of the ten hunters that left that day… only seven returned, and out of that seven only four survived their wounds. SeHyun’s Abeoji was also one of the members we lost in the initial fight...”

Jimin stared grimly at their hands, that explained the stocky Alpha’s initial distrust of him, as well as why his family didn’t seem too pleased about his continued friendship with Jimin.

Jeongguk bit the inside of his cheek and exhaled before continuing. “As for my Abeoji… he…” he sighed and nodded. “Yeah… well, anyway... The poison did its thing and since the healers that would have known how to best combat its effects, or hell would have even recognized its symptoms , were away from the pack then…. Yeah. It was too late… by the time they returned. It was too late.”

He huffed and rubbed his eyes clearing his throat. “Anyway, we got our revenge… she paid as well as the rest of that fucking pack. As you noticed upon our return there wasn’t any trouble at the border. Our numbers and skill sets were strong, not to mention our allies came out to help so…”

Jimin remained silent his gaze on the Alpha as Jeongguk stared down at the water. Taking his free hand the Omega ran it down the back of Gguks neck, rubbing his shoulder. “Jeongguk…”

“Anyway… yeah it went how it went. They paid… Eomma… she couldn’t really forgive herself though… but….” he blinked several times. “She’s in a better place now I think….”

“Oh Gguk,” Jimin breathed, pulling the Alpha into a hug. Why had he brought this up? Seriously, what the fuck was wrong with him. “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry.

“Why?” Jeongguk asked dryly, though he did hold the Omega back, once again Jimin's sweet earthy scent of berries and flowers calming him.

“I shouldn’t have asked,” Jimin responded burying his face in the curve of Gguks neck.

The Alpha snorted. “You might as well know the actual truth instead of half ass rumors.”

“I should have asked Tae,” the Omega countered.

“Why didn’t you?” Jeongguk inquired curiously.

Jimin gave a grunt. “He’s… sensitive… to me bringing you up.”

“I wonder why,” was the droll response.

Jimin snorted as he felt the Alpha’s mood lightening. “I have no idea…”

“Maybe because you’ll climb into a hot spring and hug on me while naked?” Gguk teased, a wide grin breaking out onto his face as Jimin suddenly pulled back his eyes wide and expression horrified.

“Oh my God!” the Omega exclaimed trying to move away. “Let me go!” he yelled as the laughing Jeongguk kept his arm around his waist preventing him from throwing himself to the other side of the spring like he wanted to.

“Why? You weren’t shy before?” the Alpha teased, both vastly amused and a bit baffled about how the man before him could take him through so many emotions in such a short span of time.

“I was trying to comfort you, you ass,” Jimin snapped slapping his shoulder

Jeongguk laughed. “So? Keep comforting.”

“You don’t look like you need it anymore,” the Omega glared.

Gguk, who had finally stopped laughing, gave him an amused smile instead. “Don’t I?”

Jimin paused, actually studying him and Jeongguk found his smile faltering at the scrutiny. After a moment, Jimin lifted a hand lightly touching the Alpha’s face, the pad of his thumb tracing the area just next to Gguk’s eye. The Omega titled his head a bit before, much to Jeongguk’s surprise, leaning forward so that their foreheads were touching. The Alpha’s breath hitched as he suddenly found both his sight and other senses dominated by the Omega before him.

“Maybe you do…” Jimin murmured as he took in the sadness that still lingered beneath the surface of the younger males gaze.

Jeongguk flushed, suddenly feeling exposed but he didn’t move. He didn’t feel like he could even though he wanted to. Once again Jimin butted heads with him, resting their foreheads together the Omega’s eyes fell closed as his thumb lightly caressed the curve of Gguks cheek.

“You’re a wonderful pack leader, Jeon Jeongguk,” the Omega muttered. “Your parents would be proud.”

“You don’t know that…” the Alpha replied softly.

Jimin opened his eyes and their gazes connected once more. “I do.” He said firmly.

Jeongguk’s heart lurched as he found himself believing the words the other male spoke. Though he had no grounds, though Jimin had never met his parents and couldn’t possibly know how they’d feel. There was still something about the way he said it…

The Alpha tilted his head, moving forward his mouth connected with Jimin’s. The Omega’s breath hitched as his hand went from resting against Gguks neck to holding it. He allowed himself to be pulled closer by the Alpha as their tongues intertwined, the heat from the springs causing them both to sweat, their scents rising even more- lingering, intertwining just like their arms.

Jimin gave a soft moan as he felt Jeongguk pull him even close still, his hazy mind not realizing he was on the other mans lap until he felt his hard length pressed against his ass. He shuddered and Gguk squeezed him tighter. Their mouths connected, tongues caressing and inticing one another as the passion grew. Weeks of pent of attraction coming bubbling to and over the surface.

“Jeongguk,” the Omega breathed against the younger males mouth as they rocked impatiently against one another.

This time, much like last, Jimin felt a probing at his entrance. Face flushed and chest heaving the Omega pulled back looking at the Alpha below him with wide eyes.

“Trust me,” Gguk muttered, catching the fear in the older males gaze. He then began to kiss along Jimin’s collarbone and chest, one arm across Jimin’s back while his fingers still probed the older males ass.

The Omega swallowed thickly, torn somewhere between arousal and discomfort at what was occuring. However, unlike last time he didn’t object as long as it was only the fingers.

“Gguk, what-” he cut off with a gasp as a tingle shot up his spine, his whole body tensing for a moment. “ Wait, wait, wait, ” he chanted.

Jeongguk smiled against Jimin’s damp skin as he finally found what he’d been looking for. His fingers once again grazed the Omega’s prostate and his ass tightened around the appendages. His mouth went to Jimin’s nipple, flicking over the flesh as the Omega alternated between begging him to stop and holding the Alpha’s head in a deathgrip against his body.

“Please,” Jimin gasped as he began to feel lightheaded from a combination of over stimulation and the heat of the springs.

Sensing what was going on, Gguk gave his chest a light nip and Jimin let out a surprised gasp when he found himself suddenly lifted as Jeongguk stood. Turning the Alpha laid the Omega on the log located just behind him and moved back to Jimin’s mouth kissing it.

“Please Gguk,” the older male breathed, his eyes hazy and lust filled as he wasn’t even sure what he was asking for.

Jeongguks wolf grumbled in satisfaction, his cock rock hard as it begged him to take the Omega currently writhing below him. BUT, he’d asked Jimin to trust him, and the other male had… he wouldn’t betray that trust. Instead, Gguk used one hand to jerk Jimin off while the other occasionally simulated his prostate.

Ah-ah-ah ,” the smaller male panted, his silver hair loosening some from its bun and spreading out into the dark dirt once again reminding Gguk of a halo when reflected upon by the moonlight.

Gods he wanted him. He wanted him so fucking bad! Jeongguks mouth left Jimin’s and moved to his body, his smooth chest and flat stomach, sucking the muscles and coating them with his mark. His tongue coming out to lap the left over tendrils of water and canines grazing his flesh as he urged his partner towards release.

“A-a-alpha,” Jimin panted his eyes glazed. “P-please Alpha.” To the honest the Omega didn’t know what he was saying, he didn’t know what he wanted- he just knew he wanted more. It was so close, he was so close.

His hands shot out, grabbing Jeongguk, his fingers sliding and then sinking into the damp muscled flesh as he pulled the Alpha up for a deep lingering kiss. His hips lifted impatiently riding the long fingers inserted within him as he actively sought out something, anything to relieve the burning in him. It was so hot! Jeongguk was so hot! Both wolves panted against one another, Jimin shifting into Gguks hands and fingers, Jeongguk shifting against Jimin’s thigh. It wasn’t long before the elders voice began to come out in ragged gasps and his ass tightened almost painful around Jeongguk’s fingers. The Alpha let out a groan as the sight and scent of Jimin's’ release covered them both, the Omega finally reaching a point where he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Jeongguk,” he breathed in a soft, almost pained tone as he orgasmed before promptly losing consciousness. The heat from the springs compounding with the force of is release amounting to being too much for the smaller male.

Eyes closed Gguk stroked himself a few more times before coating Jimin in his seed. With a grunt the Alpha fell forward, barely catching himself with his hand before opening his eyes.

“Jimin?” he frowned, finally noticing the state of his partner.

Realizing the Omega was out for the count, he sighed, torn between amusement, bewilderment and Alpha-ish pride.  Running a hand through his hair, Gguk looked around before stepping back into the spring. He gave himself a quick rinse before picking up Jimin bridal style and dipping the Omega in as well to clean his cum from the other males stomach and cock.  Once they were both ‘clean’ Gguk located Jimin’s cloak and wrapped it around the Omega before quickly dressing himself. Finally finishing up he picked Jimin up once more, making sure the cloak was secure and putting the Omega’s robe under his arm he made his way back to the village, doing his best to avoid being seen.

Making it into the Omega’s home Gguk headed over to Jimin’s bed, setting the smaller male down before returning and closing the door. That done the Alpha started up a fire to ward off the cool night air before going over to Jimin again and removing the damp robe before helping the Omega under the covers.  With the older male settled, Jeongguk sat back on his haunches, watching him while biting unconsciously on the corner of his thumb nail.

Jimin’s skin was still slightly damp and flushed at his face and neck, his hair was once again in the messy bun (courtesy of quick work by Gguk) and his body was cocooned by the covers. Jeongguk softly brushed back a few damp strands that stuck to the Omega’s face, allowing his fingers to linger longer than necessary before slowly pulling back. He’s being stupid… tonight he was stupid. The Alpha sighed and brushed his hair back, taking a moment after standing to look around the small home. He hadn’t been back here since that first day and it seemed since then Jimin had made it his own. Clean dishes were in the cabinets, flowers were on windowsill and discarded clothing was strewn over a chair.

The Alpha’s eyes paused on a small stack of books on the table that he recognized from NamJoon’s collection and he frowned. Then looking over, his eyes caught sight of a familiar looking style of blanket nearby. Reaching over he picked it up and took a sniff, the scent causing his nose to turn as he tossed it back down. SeHyun… his scent coated it, not that he’d personally used it, but his Eomma made thing like this. It was clear the Alpha had gotten it from her for Jimin and probably kept it for a bit before getting the courage to pass it on.

“He’s too fucking popular,” the Alpha muttered. Not sure if he was annoyed with Jimin for accepting so many gifts from other Alpha’s, or himself for caring. After a moment he shot Jimin a glare, deciding that it was INDEED his fault for being too friendly. “Are these the types of guys you like?” he muttered more to himself than the Omega as he knelt down next to the bed again.

Jeongguk adjusted the covers once more before realizing he’d completely missed the pillow. Deciding it was easier to move the item than the Omega, he grabbed it from the far corner of the bed only to pause. The Alpha’s head tilting as he sat the cushion down and reached over once more, his fingers closing around the small carved bunny that had been clearly hidden under the Omega’s pillow. Smiling a bit, he shot the smaller male an amused look.

“You like it that much?” he murmured, sour mood instantly reversing as he gave a subtle affectionate smile.

Chuckling softly Jeongguk took the pillow, putting it under the sleeping Jimin’s head, before pausing is eyes once again lingering on the Omega’s face. Damn, but he was beautiful. Such soft clear skin, full lips and round cheeks… everything about Jimin called out to Jeongguks wolf to protect the Omega lying before him. His gaze flicked to the table where the books from NamJoon rested, then to the chair where SeHyun’s blanket was. He didn’t even realize he was growling until Jimin shifted in his bed, the Alpha’s eyes turned to him his gaze locking on a dark hickey that rested on the Omega’s shoulder. His mark.

Jeongguks head twitched to the side as he fought a strong urge, an instinct to mark the Omega in another way. To fully scent him. To let everyone know just who Jimin belonged to. It was only the fact that the older male was unconscious that stopped him, it wouldn’t be fair to do it while he was asleep with no idea what was happening. That was what Gguk told himself at least as he gritted his jaw and he once again adjusted the blanket, covering Jimin’s chest once more. After a small hesitation, Jeongguk leaned forward lighty kissing the Omega’s forehead, then his cheek, followed by his lips before finally pulling back. Setting the bunny on the bed just next to the pillow Jeongguk exhaled and finally stood. He stared at Jimin for a moment longer before shoving one hand into his pocket and giving the other a frustrated run through his hair, turning the Alpha quickly exited the house before he did something they’d both regret.

Chapter Text

(The Next Morning)


“They’re coming along well,” a voice said pulling Jeongguk from his reverie.

Jumping slightly the Alpha looked over to find himself face to face with Min YoonHee (clothing isn't as formal as the link), the top elder and Yoongi’s Abeoji.

“Uncle,” the younger Alpha said bowing slightly in respect and flushing a bit in embarrassment at being caught distracted by memories of last night. Looking back over at the pups he was training the Alpha nodded. “Indeed they are. They’re quick studies I’m quite proud of the progress,” he continued. The pups were still young but strong, both wolves watched as the boys and girls (mainly Alpha with a few Beta mixed in) worked on drills so that they could one day join the ranks of the packs protectors.

“As you should be,” the older male agreed with a gentle nod of his head, his dark eyes fixed on the youths as they ran through their training.

Jeongguks gaze flicked back over the older man. “What brings you out today?”

After all, Elder Min didn’t normally come out for drills like this. Yes, when they’d do large games or official competitions YoonHee, along with some of the other elders, would come out to judge and watch -but this was just basic beginners practice. Nothing near the skill level that normally caught the slightly jaded Alpha’s attention.  

“I can’t be interested in how you boys go about training our pups?” the older male asked in an amused tone.

Gguk rose a brow and shrugged. “You can be … but you usually aren’t.”

The shorter male let out a barking laugh and clapped Jeongguk on the back. “Well that’s true… I’m not good at lying. I’m more of an honest type of wolf myself.”

“Okay… then, honestly, what brings you here?” the younger Alpha asked facing him.

“Do you have a moment?” YoonHee inquired still not looking at Gguk.

“...of course,” the taller male said slowly. He motioned for Hoseok's attention and then mimed that he’d be back. The lanky Alpha nodded and gave him a thumbs up and Gguk motioned for YoonHee to lead the way. “After you.”

“Of course,” the older male said with a small smile.

The two men made their way past the training grounds where the older wolves were working, then slightly uphill towards the forest just near the perimeter of the village. Once they reached the area, Gguk eyed his Uncle curiously, wondering what this was all about and why he seemed so serious.

“The pack is doing wonderfully, Gguk,” the older male stated, surprising him. He had been expecting something negative, not a compliment.

“... Thanks… ” he replied softly, playing with the hair at his nape. “I think I’m getting the hang of things and the older wolves seem to trust me more.”

The younger had never been a problem, having grown up with or around Jeongguk they’d seen the skill he possessed in various things first hand and grown up thinking of him as their future leader. However a lot of the older generation were wondering if he was equipped with enough knowledge to be an effective pack leader. And, while they were never disrespectful or flat out rude, that element of distrust remained even once he “officially” took over. Often shown when they would bypass Gguk to ask the village elders to settle matters. His Hyungs had suggested that Jeongguk put his foot down and make them come to him instead, however he decided not to push. He felt that trust was better earned than demanded.

“I’ve noticed,” the older man smiled a bit at him. “You’ve been more focused lately, more leader like. I mean…” he paused thoughtfully before continuing. “You were always like a leader, but I noticed it showed more on the field when battling or hunting, than it did in everyday village life. I’m glad you’re growing to see that both matter.”

Gguk chuckled sheepishly. “Yeh, Uncle….”

“I’ve noticed you’ve also calmed down in other respects as well…” the man continued lightly.

“Other respects?” the younger repeated curiously.

“Mmm… Apple Halmoni has said she’s noticed you’ve stopped creeping by her window with Omega after Omega…”

Jeongguk flushed a bit and ducked his head. “Yeah well… I’ve just been busy… pack leader and all.”

“Well you know, a sign of a good pack leader is a good mate,” YoonHee remarked looking over at Gguk.

And there it was. The Alpha frowned at his elder and sighed looking away, they’d been over this time and time again. “I don’t want to mate.”

“Why not? You’ve had more than long enough to sample different Omega, Jeongguk. Now is the time to settle down and start a family- to have pups of your own. By your age your parents had been mated for a year already.”

“That was them,” Gguk scoffed running a hand through his hair. “When Abeoji met Eomma he knew who and what he wanted. I’m not-”

“-looking in the right places,” YoonHee cut him off his hand coming up to lightly grasp Gguks shoulder. “ But you can be … I know of an Omega who is just right for you. She’s also the daughter of a pack leader so she’s used to organization and running a pack. She’s smart and funny, one of the most beautiful and sought after Omega in the South. She’s perfect for you Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk frowned. When thinking about ‘the most beautiful Omega’ a face came to mind and it wasn’t hers (even IF he didn’t know what she looked like). “Uncle-”

“Think about it,” the man pushed. “I’ll arrange a meeting-”

“-I’m not interested. I’d prefer to focus on the pack right now.”

“The pack? Or their guests?” the Alpha said in a soft but serious tone.

“...” Jeongguk’s gaze snapped to him and he worked to keep his reaction calm. “What does that mean?”

“It MEANS…” YoonHee said slowly his eyes locked on the younger wolves. “It’s a long walk to Jimin’s temporary home isn’t it, Jeonggukie?”


“You talk about focusing on the pack, but how do you think the pack will feel when this gets out? A NORTHERN wolf Jeongguk? An OMEGA at that- and a MALE OMEGA on top of that?!” the elder exclaimed, frustration tainting his tone. “You KNOW the trouble Northern Omega’s bring!”

“It’s not like that-”

“Bullshit,” the Alpha said stepping close to Jeongguk and frowning before taking a long sniff of his person. “I still smell him on you.

The younger Alpha swallowed thickly and looked away guiltily.

“You talk about this pack, about gaining their trust about taking care of it- but then you do this?” The older Alpha demanded incredulous. “You pick THE WORST POSSIBLE Omega to show interest in. A Male. Northern. Omega. Do you know how damaging those three things are to this pack? An Northern Omega, the same type of wolf that manipulated and LIED their way into our pack last time. The same type of wolf that caused so many good wolves to die including my BEST FRIEND your Abeoji! A Northern Omega who can’t be trusted! Who will say anything to get what they want! Just like the one who lead your own Eomeoni to suicide!”

He turned Gguks face towards him as the younger Alpha let out a angry/hurt growl at his words. “You KNOW what they’re capable of Jeongguk! That’s why we didn’t want him here to start! THEN it’s a male- a fucking MALE Gguk?! You’re a pack leader, you’re a JEON, the last one! It’s up to YOU to keep your family line going, your family name and leadership of this pack! Your parents were only able to have one pup before they were lost- only you!”

YoonHee motioned towards the village and the homes in the distance. “Do you see? Do you see what my idiot son is going through right now? The suffering? The pain? The worry? In the end he’ll be lucky if that man OR his fucking pup make it out of this whole thing alive!”

YoonHee gave a frustrated huff and turned away, running a hand through his hair and working to calm himself. It was no secret to anyone in the pack that the Alpha had been less than pleased by his son’s decision to mate a Male Omega. After a moment to calm he finally faced Jeongguk who wasn’t looking at him, but at the ground, his hands in tight fists.

“Look… Jeonggukie,” he tried in a softer tone with the childish nickname. “I’m not trying to be hard on you. Or harsh… my main concern is you . I promised your Abeoji that I’d take care of you like you were my own and I HAVE been, because you ARE like my own,” he approached the Alpha once more taking one of his fisted hands and holding it. “I just want what’s best for both you AND the pack. And this… that… that MAN, he isn’t it.”

“It’s not like that…” Gguk murmured after a moment.

“Then prove it,” YoonHee said, the younger Alpha looked up at him. “Meet her. Meet her and at least give the mating a chance. You’ll like her Jeongguk. I’m sure of it because I know you and, as always, I know what’s best for you. ” He lifted a hand cupping the Alpha’s face. “Have I ever lead you in the wrong direction?”


“Right,” the older man said. “And I’m not doing so now. Look, I asked the wolf I heard it from to keep the information about you and Jimin quiet… but you know how packs are. He may not have been the only one to have seen you two.”

Jeongguk gritted his teeth and sighed, looking over towards his village and his pack.

“Give this mating… this alliance a chance. If not for you, then for our pack… yeah?”

The younger male was quiet for several minutes before softly exhaling, his eyes zeroing in on silver hair in the distance as Jimin made his way to TaeHyung’s house. The Omega seemed to have dropped something as he turned a full circle before bending down and popping back up, quickly rushing to the door of Tae’s house and heading in.

Okay, Jeongguk?” Min YoonHee repeated, his tone still soft but firm.



(The Next Day)


-ow does that even make sense though?! ” Jimin could hear TaeHyung demanding as he passed the window to his and Yoongi’s home.

“It’s his choice,” the older Alpha said, his tone grim.

“It’s a stupid choice.”

“I thought you didn’t like him?”

“I love the little bastard, I just don’t think he’s-” the Omega cut off as a knock sounded on the door and Jimin peeked his head in.

“Is this a bad time?” the silver haired male asked with a wince.

TaeHyung and Yoongi shared a look before his friend quickly shook his head. “No, no of course not Jiminnie! We were just… uh, anyway. Did you bring what you were talking about?”

“I did,” Jimin replied, his expression curious as he entered. “I want you to boil these into a soup and eat it at least once a day. It’s important for you to get your iron up before the birth…” the Omega continued, setting the small basket of roots that he’d bought with him onto the table. “I also planted some just outside of my cottage so that they’ll be more post birth if needed…”.

TaeHyung made a face at the basket, disliking the smell already. “Can I not eat it and say I did?” he muttered.

“No,” Jimin bopped him on the head before taking a seat and looking between the two. “So… what’s going on anyway?”

“What do you mean?” Yoongi asked as he headed to the kitchen and poured himself some warm herbal tea.

“The stupid choice?… Who’s making a stupid choice?” Jimin asked looking between them.

“Ah… that… well, just… you know, one of the wolves,” the Alpha said vaguely as he pulled out something to snack on.

“What time are you done today?” TaeHyung asked his mate, setting aside the shirt he’d been working on for the baby.

“Till at least early evening,” Yoongi sighed ruffling his hair.

Jimin looked between the two of them again. “Who is it?”

“Who is what?” the Alpha asked.

“The stupid decision maker,” Jimin answered, his gaze locked on TaeHyung as he noted his friend was looking everywhere but at him, and had been avoiding his gaze since he entered.

“Oh… dunno, I mean, just one of the pack members. There are so many of them you know,” Yoongi shrugged.

TaeHyung…” Jimin said slowly poking his friend in the cheek. “You’re not going to answer?”

“Well… my mate did so…” the Omega shrugged, looking over at Yoongi. “Can you pour me some tea as well Love?”

“TaeeeeHyuuuung, ” Jimin sang.

“What?” the Omega sighed looking down at his handy work. “Do you think this color combination works for both a girl or a boy?”

“It works for either,” Yoongi answered.

“Good I- the fuck! ” the Omega exclaimed holding his ear and finally looking at his best friend with a glare.

“There you are,” Jimin grinned back at him. “So you CAN look in this direction? For a moment I thought your neck had broken.”

“Did you just insert SPIT into my ear, Jiminnie?” the dark haired male glared.

Jimin gave a resolute nod of affirmation and held up his still damp finger. “Mmm, a biiiig glob.”

TaeHyung made a face like he was retching and covered his mouth. “That is fucking gross,” he finally got out, standing and snatching up a cloth to clean out his ear.

“Well don’t ignore me,” his best friend shrugged and smirked. “You did it to yourself.”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

“Children,” Yoongi sighed holding up a hand, “both of you need to settle down.”

“Shut up,” both Omegas said in unison.

“Ya-” the Alpha cut off as a swift knock sounded on the door. “Come in!”

“Hey,” Jin remarked entering the home with a smile. “I would ask if you were up, but I could hear the bickering from outside.”

“Told you we should keep the windows closed,” Yoongi muttered.

“It’s stuffy,” pouted Tae making a face at him.

“You guys debating about Gguk too?” the older Alpha asked amused as he made his way over to where the biscuits were kept.

Taegi both shot Jin glares but it was too late. “What about him?” Jimin asked frowning a bit at the elder.

Jin looked at the Omega, then at Yoongi and Tae who were staring at the ceiling, and frowning at him respectively. “Uh… well…”

Noticing he was hedging Jimin abruptly stood from the table, concern lacing his tone. “Is he hurt?”

“No, no of course not,” Jin said quickly, while TaeHyung nodded in agreement.

“It’s not that he’s hurt… per se….” the Omega said slowly.

“Then what is it?” the smaller male asked confused.

“Well…” Jin trailed off.

“He’s getting mated,” Yoongi finally said point blank.

Jimin blinked and tilted his head slightly leaning in a bit. “ ...Excuse me?

“It’s not a hundred percent,” Jin quickly added. “But there’s a high chance… you see, it seems our pack has been in talks with the Yeong pack to the East. They own a lot of fishing lands off of the ocean and they have a daughter… Omega… quite beautiful-” he cut off when TaeHyung snorted, and cleared his throat adding, “-so I’ve heard.”

“And… she and Jeongguk are… mating?” Jimin asked slowly.

“Well… probably…”

“...” the silver haired Omega inhaled and then cleared his throat. Averting his gaze he set about unpacking the roots from the basket he’d brought. “And you guys couldn’t tell me this because? What?”

“Well… you know… ” TaeHyung said slowly.

After all he’d smelled Gguk on Jimin yesterday morning, much like Yoongi had when the Omega had come to visit and there were very few reasons for an Alpha’s scent to linger like that on an Omega after washing. Not to mention the markings he’d seen on his best friend once he’d put Yoongi out. How dare Jeongguk had the nerve to do something like this? To use his best friend for his body and then MATE another damn wolf! TaeHyung would fucking kill him!

“I don’t,” Jimin said finally looking up now that he felt a bit more in control. “What Jeon Jeongguk decides to do is his problem. I mean… though, I thought he didn’t want to mate anyway… ” his gaze flicked to Yoongi.

The blond Alpha shifted a bit in discomfort. “As far as we know he didn’t… but-”

“-It’s fine,” Jimin cut him off. “Like I said it’s not my business. More important is that TaeHyung begins his roots regime.” He looked over at his friend. “I know you don’t like the smell but it’s best for you and baby. Though there is a plant that may help with the flavor... but I think I only brought seeds. I’ll can check to see if I have any of the actual plant in my medical bag to help cover up the taste.”

He picked up the basket and looked at Jin. “Before Tae eats them all you may want to snag part of a root to plant for your stores.”

“Ah, yeah,” the elder Alpha nodded. “I’ll do that.”

“Good,” Jimin nodded and smiled at Tae. “I’ll be back, let me go and see if I can find that for you.”

“Ah, yeah, okay... ,” the Omega nodded offering a weak smile of his own.

With one last jaunty wave, Jimin turned and left the home. Back stiff and head held high he made his way back to his small house nodding to people as he passed. Once he arrived he closed and leaned against the door for a moment, his eyes on the far wall as his mind raced and hand gripped the basket handle almost painfully.


Jeongguk was going to be mated?

The Omega scoffed a bit to himself as he tried to push away the sting in his chest. It was fine. Totally fine. He didn't care. So what they’d had a beautiful night at the pergola… so what if Jeongguk had given him a stupid carved rabbit and kiss as a calming charm, or if they’d really connected physically AND emotionally at the hot springs (he’d thought). That didn’t matter. It wasn’t like he wanted to be mated anyway so it was probably best if the Alpha found him someone else instead of him.

He didn’t care.

He didn’t care at all. It wasn’t his business if another Omega got to feel those large rough hands on their body. It was what Jeongguk did with Omega’s anyway, fucking playboy . After all, they hadn’t really connected as much as Jimin assumed anyway, now that he thought on it. Sure… they had talked a bit about his pack and Jeongguks parents, and when their eyes met-

Jimin’s hand came up to clutch his chest while the other still gripped that stupid basket. “The Jeon pack are devoted to their mates once they make the bond, they don’t play around,” Tae’s words came back to his mind and the Omega gritted his teeth.

It was fine. Totally fine.

He didn’t want a mate anyway, stupidly devoted or not. He didn’t want it and he didn’t want him.

It was fine. All… fine .




Chapter Text

Jeongguk was annoyed.

They had agreed to keep this quiet. They had agreed that he’d see if he liked the Omega first THEN tell the pack, but YoonHee hadn’t kept that agreement. He claimed it was because rumors about Gguk and Jimin were already starting that he’d let it slip to ‘put the pack at ease’ , but how the fuck was this at ease?

Yeah, rumors of he and Jimin died down but now rumors that he was definitely mating the “Omega by the Sea” ran rampant and to be honest, it didn’t feel worth it. The female Omegas were looking at him like he’d either betrayed them or broken their hearts, while the male (Beta and Alpha) were either playfully teasing him or congratulating him for finding such a ‘sexy’ mate.

The Alpha kicked at a stray rock as he made his way along the field, a bushel of carrots in his grasp as he caught sight of the grazing horses. Needing time to think, he’d decided to take a break from the pack and spend little while with Nightmare. The horse was stubborn and moody, but a dependable overall and most importantly, he minded his business. Sighing and pausing Jeongguk looked over at the sunset for a moment taking peace in the quiet beauty of both the silence and the group of horses as they calmly grazed.

Running a hand through his hair he turned his attention back to his initial mission, seeking out Nightmare amongst the team. Finally spotting the large black steed just a bit away near a patch of wild flowers he set off in that direction. Jeongguk had almost reached the animal when he paused, his steps faltering as he noticed strands of silver mixed in with the black of the horses mane.

Sure enough as Nightmare looked his way the beautiful face of Park Jimin peeked curiously around the animal, his eyes going wide before he disappeared once more. Jeongguk debated with himself for a moment before the impatient ‘Neigh ’ of the stallion called him over. Gritting his teeth the Alpha finished closing the distance, coming to a halt on the other side of Nightmare and holding up the carrots.

“I come in peace and bearing snacks, because I know you’ll have me no other way…” the wolf said dryly to the animal.

The horse nudged Gguk with his head, before shifting and doing the same on the other side. Jimin stumbled and shot him a glare. “Traitor,” the Omega griped after being exposed.

“It’s not like it’s easy to hide with that hair,” Jeongguk said dryly.

“Who asked you?” the elder snapped frowning at him, however as soon as they made eye contact both wolves looked away flushing.

Nightmare seemed to roll his eyes in annoyance at their antics before nipping at the carrots. “Yeah, yeah,” Jeongguk muttered separating them and feeding the horse one. “Here, you impatient bastard.”

Jimin watched silently as the Alpha fed the horse, Jeongguks distinct scent of summer rain wafting over him as the wind blew behind him. The Omegas nose twitched as mixed emotions welled and he shifted from foot to food, debating if he should make a hasty retreat or not.

“I just gave him apples,” he said after a moment his gaze going back to the stallion.

“Really?” Gguk asked before making a face at the horse. “Yet here you are acting like you’re starving.” In response to that rebuke Nightmare took a bite out of the last four carrots in Gguks hand all at once. “ Ya! ” the Alpha yelped as the dark stallion snorted, hitting him with moisture from his nose. “That’s gross!” When Jimin burst into a fit of giggles, Jeongguk shot him a glare. “It’s not funny.”

“It looks funny to me,” the Omega replied smugly.

Gguk wiped some of the snot off of his arm and swiped in Jimin’s direction, the Omega quickly took off out of his reach and the Alpha followed. The two wolves chased one another through the field, between the horses with Jimin occasionally using the creatures as shields when Gguk got too close.

“You’re the one who said it was funny not gross,” Jeongguk reminded the Omega as they played cat and mouse around a brown mare.

“Yeah, when it happens to YOU,” Jimin replied sticking his tongue out and making a break back towards Nightmare as the mare got impatient with their game. He had made it about five steps before a strong arm twined around his waist and swung him about, causing a surprised squeak to escape from his lips. “Aish! Stop!” The Omega wailed.

“You started it,” Jeongguk reminded him as he threatened to rub the Omega’s face with his snotty hand.

“Ewww! Did not! I only laughed! You would have done the same had it happened to me,” Jimin said trying to break free.

It was around the fourth wiggle that Jeongguk became suddenly VERY AWARE of his mistake and abruptly released the Omega. Once again Jimin yelped as he unexpectedly pitched forward and landed on the grass. Turning the male glared up at the Alpha, his hair falling slightly into his face and his lips pulled into a pout.

“What was that for?!”

“....You said to stop,” Gguk shrugged averting his gaze again.

“Since when do you listen to me?” Jimin asked suspiciously.

“I dunno… since now?” the Alpha shrugged, before regaining his manners and extending a hand to JImin to help him up. The Omega eyed the hand with trepidation and Jeongguk rolled his eyes. “It’s the clean hand.”

Scrunching his nose adorably, the male debated for a moment longer before accepting the offered appendage. With a small amount of force, Jeongguk pulled Jimin up from the ground with the Omega coming to a halt just in front of him. Both wolves froze as their eyes connected, before Jimin broke eye contact, pulling his hair over one shoulder and causing his robe to shift a bit.

Jeongguks eyes went to the dark mark that was fading from the smaller wolves pale skin. His mark. His wolf shifted in discontent and Gguks head ticked to the side. “I... should leave…”

Jimin blinked at the sudden change and shook his head. “No I should… I was about to go anyway…”

“I was just dropping off the carrots.”

“I already finished with my apples.”

“Yeah well I dropped mine so…” the Alpha said sheepishly scratching the back of his head before remembering quickly wiping his hand on his pants while pulling a face.

Jimin giggled and Gguk looked up with a wry smile, their eyes connecting once more as each of their smiles faded. The Alpha cleared his throat and stood tall again, looking around as the sun continued to set, turning the sky a beautiful orange hue.

“Sunsets are incredible,” he murmured, taking a moment to take in the nature.

“Mmm,” Jimin agreed biting his lip, though his eyes were on the Alpha instead of the horses or sky. “ ...Congratulations.”

Gguk blinked and looked over at him with a frown. “What?”

“Congratulations… I heard you’re… you know… gonna be mated, ” the Omega said somewhat stiffly before offering a weak smile. “Congratulations.”

The Alpha’s frown deepened even more. “You said that already… twice.”

“You’re the one who didn’t hear it the first time,” Jimin muttered looking away.

His hair was orange in this light… almost golden, Jeongguk observed. His hand ached to push back the loose strands that flew around Jimin’s face. The Alpha made fist and looked back at the sky. “Not necessary,” he remarked after a moment. “I may not get mated so… yeah, I can’t accept your congratulations.”

Jimin looked over, his head tilting as he studied the other male. “Why wouldn’t you?”

Gguk scoffed. “Disappointed?”

“Yes. But not in that.” The Alpha looked over to find Jimin staring at him. “Why wouldn’t you get mated? Everyone says you’re mating her.”

“I’m not… I don’t know… I mean … The elders think it’s for the best and…” the younger trailed off with a shrug, suddenly looking more his age than he ever had before to Jimin.

“And what?” the Omega frowned. “Just because the elders want something doesn’t mean you have to do it. It’s your life Jeongguk, your mate, your choice-’

“-I know that,” the Alpha cut in with a frustrated sigh, running a hand through his hair. “I know, alright… I’ve just agreed to meet her. But this isn’t about me , it’s about the pack about leading them the way they should be lead.”

“Your pack is a family-”

-exactly! And I need to make sure my family has the best, that I look out for them to the best of my ability. We-”

“-don’t need this. I’ve NEVER seen a pack as well run as yours Jeongguk!” Jimin exclaimed grabbing the Alpha’s wrist. “I’ve… you guys, you have jobs and places for everyone. You’re well rounded and self sufficient. I mean sure you can USE things from other packs but you don’t NEED them.”

“It’s not about resources, Jimin,” Gguk frowned. “You can never have too many alliances. Anyone can turn into an enemy, my parents taught me that. I just want to make sure that no matter what my pack is safe. That they’re happy-”

“-YOU’RE a member of your pack!” Jimin snapped glaring up at him. “You keep talking about what your pack wants, what they need, what helps them and makes them happy.- But you’re forgetting you’re a member of your pack too! Your pack is also you . Do you think they would want a Pack Leader to mate to make THEM happy while not being happy himself? That’s not fair to them, her OR you!”

Jeongguk pulled his arm out of Jimin’s grasp. “You don’t understand,” he said simply before turning to leave.

The Omega watched him go in heartbreaking frustration before letting out a yell. “Boon!”

“What?” Gguk frowned looking back.

“My boon,” Jimin repeated approaching him again. “I get one. I won the drinking game remember- so I get a boon, anything I want.”

Jeongguk’s brows furrowed, unsure why this was coming up now. “Okay… so-”

“So, I’m calling it in. Now, right now I’m cashing in my boon.”

The Alpha eyed him in confusion. “Jimin what-”

“-are you going to keep your word or not?”

“My word?”

“Yes. We had an agreement, whomever won the drinking contest got a boon from any participant. Are you keeping your word? Can I cash in my boon?”

“This-” Jeongguk cut off with a huff as he caught the Omega’s glare. This was stupid and not the time for this shit. However, an Alpha who didn’t keep his word wasn’t a real Alpha. “Fine,” he relented. “I accept, what is your boon?”

“Do you accept this cash in?” Jimin asked holding his hand out for Jeongguk to shake.

The Alpha huffed and looked to the sky for strength before shaking his head and taking the hand. “Fine, accepted, now tell me what it is so I can go?”

“Good… so you have to do what I say right?”

Gguk eyed him suspiciously. “As long as it doesn’t hurt the pack or myself.. Yes.”

“Good,” Jimin grinned up at him. “Then, don’t mate her.”

The Alpha blinked and then blinked again, tilting his head and leaning in a bit as he must have misheard. “What?”

“That Omega by the sea. Don’t mate her. That’s my boon- you have to accept.”

Chapter Text

(A Few Days Later)

“Don’t! Touch, that,” Jin snapped quickly snatching the vase from SeHyun’s hands as the Alpha froze wide eyed.

“I was just admiring it,” he frowned annoyed at being treated like a child.

“I got that from a pack who acquired it from Japan. It’s practically irreplaceable,” the older Alpha reprimanded him primly. “Admire with your eyes, NOT your hands.”

He took the item and headed to his room for safe keeping while SeHyun rolled his eyes and shot a Beta named MinJun a look. SeoYung snickered and reached over grabbing some dried seaweed while Yoongi and NamJoon debated the finer aspects of art with TaeHyung and Jimin.

The group was currently gathered (along with a few more friends) at Jin’s place for a party for SeoYung, the young Beta was turning nineteen officially and they’d gotten together to celebrate.

“-ook, art is just a matter of opinion and the only value added to it is the value the person gives it,” Yoongi continued dryly as stood to get yet another bowl of dwaenjang jjigae.

“Save some for others,” TaeHyung reprimanded his mate as he reached over and got a spoon out of Yoongi’s bowl once the Alpha returned. Yoongi did his best to dodge his mates spoon while Jimin giggled as he failed and Tae stole a large bite.

“I think it’s stupid to assign value beyond personal,” NamJoon shrugged. “Like if you think something is important then charge like it is or treat it like it is.”

“Agreed,” Jimin smiled at him and the Alpha smiled back.

“You made it!” SeoYung yelled cheerfully causing the others to look over.

Jeongguk smiled at his friend and petted Young’s hair. “Of course I did, you’re my favorite pup.”

“You’re not that much older than me Hyung,” the Beta half groaned, half sighed.

Gguk wagged his brows before pausing to look around, his gaze connected with Jimin’s but the Omega quickly looked away. Flushing a bit himself the Alpha headed further into the festivities, greeting his friends and packmates as he made it over to the kitchen. He had Jimin hadn’t spoken at all since that day in the field when Gguk refused his request for his boon, reminding him the pack came first.

“You WOULD seek out the food first,” Jin said dryly as Gguk checked out the different pots and bowls.

“If you know that then why make a bit deal,” the younger Alpha said dryly.

Jin smacked him on the head and Gguk chuckled before making a selection of food. He got himself a bowl of dwaenjang jjigae because it smelled great, some banchan, a few biscuits and a glass of soju before finding a seat at one of the temporary tables Jin had set up. He was halfway through his food before Yoongi spoke to him.

“You like the dwaenjang jjigae?” the Alpha asked, ignoring it as Jimin shot him a look.

“Yeah… it’s delicious,” Jeongguk responded before asking slowly. “ Why?....

“It’s one of three,” NamJoon answered amused.

“One of three?”

“Of the dishes… that Jiminnie can make. Dwaenjang jjigae is one of three.”

Jeongguks eyes went to Jimin, whose back was facing him. “You made this?”

“Mmm,” the Omega grunted in agreement taking another sip of wine and not looking at Gguk.

“Well… good job, the place is still standing.”

“I don’t burn down homes when making dwaenjang jjigae,” the silver haired male frowned.

“Just anything else?” Gguk asked dryly.

Huffing Jimin finished off his wine before suddenly standing. “I’m gonna head home.”

Tae started to stand as well, “Jiminnie-”

“I’m just tired. You know I woke up extra early this morning to help out with things,” the smaller Omega reasoned, stopping his friend from fully standing with a squeeze of this shoulder. “It’s fine, nothing that a nap won’t cure so don’t worry.”

Jeongguk frowned and turned back to his food not commenting.

“I’ll walk you,” NamJoon said taking a last sip of his own drink before standing.

“You don’t have to Hyung-”

“I want to,” the Alpha assured.

Jimin stared at him for a moment before acquiescing with an incline of his head. “If you’re sure…”

“I am,” he gave a dimpled smile and waited as Jimin grabbed his cloak, putting it on and heading passed. 

“I’m sorry Yung,” Jimin said giving the Beta’s hand a squeeze. 

“It’s fine… thanks for coming and for making the huge pot of dwaenjang jjigae it's a big hit,” the younger male remarked softly.

Jimin smiled back at him and ruffled his hair. “Mmm, we’ll hang out tomorrow.”

“Yeah… night Hyung.”

“Night Yung-ah, and happy birthday,” Jimin gave him another smile before heading out.

“I’ll be back later,” Joon declared before following Jimin out, his hand going to the base of the Omegas back.

Noticing the awkward tension lingering Hoseok asked Jin for a joke to lighten the mood, and though the delivered jest wasn’t exactly funny it DID help as conversation started up once more. As chatting picked up again, Jin made his way over to the table where Jeongguk was sitting silently and took a seat.

“You okay?” the older Alpha asked in a low tone.

The younger blinked, then looked up at him with a slight frown. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because… a lot of things,” Jin sighed watching his little brother. Jeongguk hadn’t looked happy a single day since this stupid mating pact bullshit had been announced, and as of late he looked even more miserable. 

“I don’t know what you mean,” Gguk muttered stabbing his leftover soup with his spoon. 

“Look…” the older Alpha said slowly. “You know… don’t you?”

“Know what?”

“That your happiness is important to us…” Jin studied Gguk his heart throbbing a bit as the Alpha blinked at him as though he wasn’t sure how to process that information.

“...Why are you telling me this?” Jeongguk asked averting his gaze once more.

SeokJin shrugged. “Just wanted to make sure you knew.”

The younger didn’t respond but instead stood. Jin watched as he approached SeoYung, said something and left the party. The dark haired Alpha gave a long sigh of frustration, his eyes connecting with Hoseok and Yoongi respectively and seeing much the same grim set to their faces.

This was all such a fucking mess.



Jeongguk and Hoseok stood to the side watching the pups finish their warm-up drills, today they were going to teach them some defensive methods. The two Alphas talked amongst themselves about the game plan when NamJoon showed up.

“It’s about time,” Hobi said making a face at the other male. 

“Sorry, had something to do,” Joon said with a sheepish smile.

Jeongguks nose twitched as it picked up a scent and his eyes flicked over his elder before asking, “What?” 

NamJoon looked over and rose a brow before shrugging. “I was finishing up breakfast with Jiminnie.” 

“Wh-…” the younger Alpha cut off with a scoff while Hoseok looked uncertainty between them. “How about acting like a responsible fucking Alpha and being where you need to be on time?”

“I’m not that late, they’re still doing warm-ups, relax,” the older male said with a frown. 

“You shouldn’t be LATE at all. If you want to play House Alpha do it on your own time,” Jeongguk snapped, his annoyance clear.

“What’s wrong?” Yoongi asked walking up.

“Jeongguks being an ass,” NamJoon remarked dryly.

The younger male shot him a glare. “Fuck off.”

“Hey-” Hoseok remarked holding up both hands before indicating the pups warming up nearby who were throwing the occasional curious look. “Not in front of the children.” Jeongguk and NamJoon shot one another looks but didn’t bicker anymore, Hobi sighed and looked at Yoongi. “What brings you here anyway, Hyung?”

The blond inclined his head in the direction of Gguk. “To touch base with you.”

“Me?”  the younger frowned.

“Yeah… I talked to my Abejoi, he says that he’s arranged for you to meet Yeong MinSeo next week. He wants me to put together a group to travel with you.”

Jeongguk frowned and looked out at the kids as they finished their last rotation.

“Gguk?” Yoongi said softly.

“I heard you.” 

“Good,” the blond replied.

“You wanted to see me Hyung?” SeoYung asked joining the fray.

“Yeah, you’re going on a trip with us next week-”

“You’re going?” Jeongguk asked looking at Yoongi. “What about Tae-Hyung?”

“He still has about a month, well three weeks by then- it’ll be fine, it’s only a day away. Besides, I want to be there with you so that you think clearly about these things.” He wanted to make sure that he didn’t allow Jeongguk to be completely swayed by his Abeoji’s pressures, as well as the urgingings from Hyun Woo, another elder that had been assigned to go along with them.

“We going?” NamJoon asked his Hyung.

SeoYung looked over at the Joon before taking a sniff of his shirt. “Why do you smell like Jimin-Hyung?” He interrupted curiously. 

“Do I?” Joon asked looking down. “I hadn’t noticed.”

“Okay… but why?”

“Focus,” Yoongi reprimanded the Beta.

“It’s a good question though,” Jeongguk said looking at NamJoon. “You two getting exclusive already?”

“Well someone should,” the older male quipped back unwavering.

“Ya,” Hoseok cut in again. “Let’s start class yeah?” he indicated the waiting pups who were curiously watching the group.

Jeongguk shot NamJoon one more glare before heading off in the direction of the younger wolves.

“Do you have to provoke him?” Hobi sighed looking at the taller male.

“Is it provocation?” Joon asked dryly. “I’m just being honest.”

“You’re being wrong, you know how Gguk feels about Jiminnie,” Hobi replied.

“How can I when he doesn’t even know?” NamJoon countered. In response the lanky Alpha shot him a glare before sighing heading off to help Gguk.

“Why do you smell like Jimin?” Yoongi asked curiously. He knew it wasn’t sexual, thanks to Jimin and Gguks inability to keep their hands off of one another during the trip, he knew the scent of jimin’s actual arousal was different from how Joon smelled now.

The taller male shrugged. “He tried to cook the other day and it exploded and got on my shirt so he washed it for me. He gave it back to me yesterday, I wore it today.”

“You could have just said that you know,” SeoYung remarked shaking his head.

“Why should I? Jeongguk has made his choice, I can’t overly concern myself with his feelings anymore in this matter,” NamJoon stated simply.

Yung looked at Yoongi but the older Alpha shrugged, it wasn’t like Joon was wrong.

“Ya! Stop running your mouth and join the practical's,” Hoseok called motioning NamJoon over.

“Duty calls,” the Alpha said dryly to Yoongi and Yung before joining Jeongguk and Hoseok to teach the class.

For the first half an hour everything went well enough. Hoseok and Jeongguk had shown the wolves how to sweep and keep moving and they picked it up quite well. So next the Alphas were moving on to how to do a low tackle.

“You have to crouch lower than your opponent, but don’t pause to think, just move. You don’t want them anticipating your action,” Hobi remarked as he mimed doing do on Jeongguk. “See the bend in my knees? You want it deep enough that you can get down, but not so deep that you fall and are unable to push off.” The Alpha stood back, “Break off into your pairs and let me see what you have.”

The three older wolves watched as the wolves attempted the move but NamJoon tisked. “You guys aren’t getting it, half of you are too high the other two low.” The older male reprimanded. “You’re also moving too slowly, remember we shouldn’t be able to anticipate. If your teammates weren’t allowing you to take them down, half of you would already be out by now.”

“Let’s show one more time,” Hoseok suggested before calling attention to the pups.

“Sounds good,” Jeongguk agreed, finally talking after being unusually quiet today. He indicated NamJoon. “You get into position, I’ll show them the stance.”

Joon nodded and stood in a slightly defensive posture often seen when two wolves are fighting

“So you bend here, you see the shift in my foot, how the right is slightly back? This is so I can push off in the direction of my opponent,” Jeongguk said indicating his body. “Once you push out, hands go up to catch them and then you go forward,” he mimed the action, reaching NamJoon just at his stomach. “Do you see how I did that?”

“Yes,” the pups called in unison, some of them even practicing their stances.

“Now I’ll show you once more in real time, pay attention.” Jeongguk said looking at them. “This is how quickly we expect you to move.” 

The Alpha had barely gotten the statement out before he’d moved, Joon’s brows rose in shock but before he could react he found Jeongguk on him. However, unlike the previous trainings where they’d pick up and set down their opponent Gguk didn’t stop, instead he shifted slightly lower, catching NamJoon just below is waist and checking him- sending the older wolf flying over his shoulder to land painfully on his back. Gasps and ‘Woah’s!’ came from the onlookers as NamJoon groaned and Hoseok shot Jeongguk a look.

“What the hell are you doing?” Hoseok demanded looking at the younger male. “We’re not teaching that yet!”

“Ahhh… sorry, must have gotten too into it,” Jeongguk smirked, however his smirk wasn’t aimed at Hobi but at the groaning NamJoon who was finally sitting up.

The older Alpha growled and instantly got to his feet, charging Gguk. Jeongguk took a defensive stance and it wasn’t long before the two began to fight in earnest with Hoseok yelling for them to stop and trying to separate them. It took help from Hobi, SeoYung, Yoongi and two more nearby wolves to pry apart the fighting Alpha’s before things finally began to calm.

“Class is dismissed,” Hobi snapped tersely watching as the curious pups slowly made their way back off the training grounds while whispering excitedly to one another. Once they were out of range, the lanky Alpha rounded on both Gguk and NamJoon who were trying to catch their breath. “What the fuck is wrong with the two of you?”

“He started it!” Joon replied somewhat childishly as he pointed at Jeongguk.

“I don’t care,” Hoseok countered glowering at him. “You’re supposed to be the Hyung, you be the bigger man and address things in private later! You don’t fight like fucking school children!” He then pointed at Jeongguk. “And YOU. You’re supposed to be a fucking pack leader! What kind of example are you setting?!”

The younger male glared back, his expression and stance one of stubborn determination.

“Go get cleaned up,” Yoongi said indicating the grass and dirt on Joon’s clothing as well as the bit of blood on his face. “I need to talk to Gguk.”

NamJoon and Jeongguk glared at one another one last time before, with a slight tug from Hoseok, he and SeoYung left towards the classrooms. Once they were gone Yoongi eyed Jeongguk for a moment before reaching up and wiping a bit of blood from the younger males mouth. Gguk turned his face away, wiping the rest himself.

“Do you feel better now?” the blond Alpha sighed. “Now that you’ve physically attacked one of your Hyungs for spending time with Jimin.”

Gguk stiffened and rolled his neck, walking away and in the direction of the far fields. “That has nothing to do with this.”

“Don’t lie to me Gguk,” Yoongi responded softly as he followed behind him. “I won’t force you to admit it, but don’t lie.” The younger male fell quiet as the two walked in silence for a few minutes. “You don’t have to do it you know…”

“What?” the younger Alpha muttered kicking at a stray pebble.

“Mate her… ally with her pack… you don’t have to do it.”

Once again Jeongguk fell silent, though he did stop walking, his eyes on the clouds in the distance and hands in his pockets. There was a grim set to his jaw as well as his overall stance and his Hyung sighed.

“Do you know why I mated TaeHyung?” Yoongi asked after a moment, coming to stand next to Jeongguk.

“Because you wanted to,” the younger answered softly.

“Exactly,” the blond nodded. “Because I wanted to… even though my Abeoji threatened to kick me out of the family and even the pack-” 

Gguks gaze snapped to Yoongi. “What?!”

“-Mmm,” the older sighed and shot his friend a wry smile. “My Abeoji wants what he wants. He’s a good man but he’s set in his ways… I often think it’s a great thing that your Abeoji was pack leader and so beloved. It was a great thing that he passed his legacy onto you… because I don’t think unlimited power suits my old man.” Yoongi rubbed his brow and sighed. “He… he thinks a very particular way…” his gaze flicked to Jeongguk. “And as his only remaining son he’s always been perturbed that I insisted upon thinking for myself. So when you lost your Abeoji and he became somewhat of a surrogate to you, I feel like he was relieved.”

He quickly held up a hand. “Not to lose his best friend, of course . He loved your Abeoji like a brother, like I love you- or whatever, ” he muttered embarrassed at saying it aloud. “BUT in you he had the son he’s always wanted. The one he’d lost when my Hyung died. You came to him for advice, you deferred to his judgement, you treated his word like law… Even without him leading the pack in the future I’m sure he felt secure in the knowledge that you’d lead how he wanted you to. That said…”

The Elder trailed off, squatting down to pluck a wildflower from the earth. “A wolf like Jimin terrifies him… the same way TaeHyung did.” He looked up and over at Jeongguk. “I mean think about it. When you agreed to go and get Jimin that was the first time in your life you’ve ever directly defied one of his orders… or suggestions, as he likes to call them.”

Gguk looked away from Yoongi and into the distance once more his mind going over his friends claim. It was true… in the past he never really pushed, not secure in his leadership just yet he often deferred to the Elders thoughts in general, Min YoonHee’s in particular. The older man was like a Father to him, and Gguk always assumed with their experience they knew better and he’d do better learning from them instead of trying to teach himself.

“You went against him for Jimin… or more specifically Tae and I- and my Abeoji was forced to realize that there ARE in fact opinions you value more than his,” the elder said standing. “You know… I never told you this, but after you fought with the elders about going to the North. After you refused to give in, he sent my Eomma by the house to speak with TaeHyung and try to pressure him into withdrawing his request. Of course Tae didn’t, and I spoke with them both about boundaries and my mate- but yeah…”

“Pressure him how?” Jeongguk frowned, this was all new to him. Why was this new to him?!

“By subtly suggesting that not only would Jimin never fit in or be accepted, but that TaeHyung himself may lose his place in the pack,” Yoongi frowned. “It was like he was  threatening to put me out of the pack all over again,” he sighed. “I don’t blame Eomma, she will do anything for my Abeoji -she also never would have kicked us out. After all she’s the main one who stepped in when he initially threatened me about mating Tae in the first place, he knows she would never allow herself to lose another son. Still, I was pissed he’d put her in that position in the first place.”

The elder huffed and rubbed a hand over his face before looking at Jeongguk. “Anyway, I say all of that to say, my Abeoji loves you… in his own way. However, what he’s grown to love most is that you do what he wants. He’s…” he sighed again. “-anyway. The fact is whatever he believes or thinks, he’s not the one who has to live with the choices. My parents mated for love… so did yours and so did I… and as much as Tae and I have been through, as hard a time as we’ve had or as much as we may fight or bicker I NEVER, EVER regret my choice.” 

Yoongi’s hand come up to his chest and rested over his heart as his eyes took on a faraway look for a moment. “The… feel of having your mate… of finding them, of holding them, of LOVING them…” he shook his head. “It’s so overwhelming Gguk… but in a good way. It’s like, talking to a person, but not needing to because you feel what they think. The words become a formality because the feeling is so fluid and natural… it’s like your mood going from sour to sweet just by holding them in your arms.”

He looked at the younger male who wasn’t looking at him. “You can’t get that in arranged matings. And you, of all the people I’ve even known in my life Jeonggukie- you deserve to feel that kind of love.”

The younger male frowned and looked away, ruffling his hair and sighing. “It’s more complicated than that Hyung-”

“Is it?” Yoongi asked. “Let’s be clear, I’m not saying you HAVE to mate Jimin. That’s your choice. THAT is what I’m saying. It’s YOUR choice and no matter what myself AND our pack will stand behind you.”

“Will they?” the younger asked looking over with a slightly hurt expression.

“Yes.” Yoongi declared firmly. “Regardless of what my Abeoji says, yes they will. Even if they don’t like it at first, hell there’s even been some displeasure at you mating Seawolf.”

Gguk snorted at the nickname his pack had given his potential mate then sighed, yet again.

“Look,” the blond Alpha said taking Gguk’s shoulder. “You don’t have to mate her, but you can if you want . You don’t have to mate Jimin, but you can if you both want it . The key here is to do what you want. Not what I want, or my Abeoji wants, or what you think the pack wants, but what YOU want. You’re the pack leader Jeongguk. Don’t be afraid to take charge and lead them-” He squeezed the youngers shoulder and when Gguk looked at him he gave him a pointed look. “Lead all of them.”

The younger held his gaze as his mind processed what Yoongi was saying, the older Alpha was right. He’d mentally been stuck in the mindset of a pup when it came to the pack Elders, afraid of upsetting them, or trampling on their feelings, afraid of leading them…

Maybe it was time he took control of his life AND his pack.

“Jeongguk-sshi! Yoongi-sshi!” a wolf name SeoJin yelled jogging over. The two Alphas rose a brow as the Beta joined them slightly out of breath. “Come quick!”

“What happened?” both wolves demanded suddenly on high alert.

“Visitors or trespassers or whatever,” the younger male said looking between the two. “They were found just on the outskirts of the packlands- wolves from the outer perimeter patrol are bringing them in right now!”

“Why are they here?” Gguk asked as he and Yoongi jogged with the Beta back to the main path leading towards the center of the village.

“Dunno,” he huffed, trying to catch his breath. “But they say they came to speak to our pack leader about an important matter.”

Yoongi and Jeongguk shared a look but didn’t comment further. They arrived a few minutes later, waiting on the dirt path that lead to the main village, but still a bit aways away from it. They wouldn’t let the outsiders into the village without good reason. Once they got there they saw Hoseok and SeHyun already waiting, while Joon, SeoYung and some other of the higher level hunters joined a few minutes later.

All in all a small contingency of Jeons numbering in about twenty stood waiting the arrival of their “guests.” The wolves in question didn’t even have to reach them for Jeongguk to have an idea what, or whom , this was about. The Alpha shot a look to Yoongi who frowned in return as they watched a small pack of four wolves in long beautiful cloaks, lead by four Jeon wolves as they headed down the path. Jeongguk crossed his arms over his broad chest as the studied the wolves, his eyes taking in small things about them from the long hair and almost ethereal looks, to the quality of their clothing and their scents.

As they got closer, his thoughts were confirmed. Betas. 

Interesting, for some reason he’d imagined Jimin’s pack to be only Male Omega, even though the Omega himself had stated differently. Then again it made sense, why would the Parks send a group of Omegas on such a dangerous trip? The wolves finally reached them pulling Gguk out of his thoughts. The Beta’s looked regal, but nervous. The only exception was the lead wolf who  appeared composed while his counterparts eyed the large group, of mainly Alpha, with trepidation. 

“What do you want?” Yoongi asked point blank as he looked at the wolves.

“We’d like to speak with your pack leader,” the lead Beta responded giving the blond Alpha his attention.

“What about?” the elder asked, taking lead of the conversation while the rest of his pack watched and waited.

“A personal matter, we are in possession of a message for him.”

“From whom?”

“I do believe I stated it was personal,” the wolf repeated firmly holding Yoongi’s gaze.

“And I do believe you stated you wanted to see our pack leader. If you think I’m letting you past this point without information… well… I’m afraid you’ve made a very long trip for nothing.”

The Beta eyed him, before his gaze flicked over the large imposing group of Jeon wolves. They were in the South now, in enemy territory. The message was supposed to be handed to the pack leader and only the pack leader… but if he couldn’t get further…

“It is a letter from our pack leader and concerns a member of our pack whom we believe came here recently?” he said slowly.

‘Whom we believe…’ Jeongguk and Yoongi shared a look. So they didn’t KNOW that Jimin was here?

“And what is your concern?” Jeongguk asked this, finally speaking for the first time.

“That is for discussion with your pack leader,” the Beta insisted again. 

“And that missive, is that for the pack leader as well?” he asked, indicating the scroll in the smaller wolfs hand.

“Yes…” he said slowly.

Jeongguk held out his hand. “Well hand it over then.”

“It’s for the pack-”

“-I know,” Gguk cut him off. “That’s why I’m telling you to hand it over.”

The Beta looked at him, then at his traveling companions. “Are you saying that you’re?...”

“Yes… I am the leader of the Jeon pack.”

They stared at the, obviously young, Alpha in disbelief before looking at the wolves surrounding him. Their amused expressions and subtle nods seemed to confirm the males contention but still… there was no way he was the pack leader right?

“You wanted to see the pack leader, there he is,” Yoongi spoke again. “If you don’t wish to follow through that’s on you, but the exit is in the opposite direction of where you’re trying to head right now.”

The four Beta’s shared a look again, before the messenger hesitantly held out the scroll to Jeongguk. The Alpha accepted it and they watched as he unfurled it right there in front of everyone, a deep frown crossing his face as his eyes slid over its contents.

“Can you read it?” one of the Beta’s asked thinking Gguk was confused. The Jeon wolves glared at him and he took a nervous step back. He wasn’t trying to be insulting, it was just well known that Southern wolves were more uneducated then Northern ones.

“Of course I can read it,” Jeongguk responded, annoyance lacing his tone.

“What does it say?” Yoongi asked seriously, having a bad feeling about this.

“It’s a formal request… bordering on an order…” the Alpha remarked drly, his timbre implying that he wasn’t too fond of the wording. 

“An order for what?” this question came from NamJoon.

“To turn Jimin over to his packmates… so that he can be escorted home.”

“What?” Yoongi frowned. “Why?”

Jeongguk squinted a bit, and ticked his head to the side before finally slowly answering. “Apparently... he’s betrothed.”

“Betrothed?” SeoYung repeated in confusion. But Jimin had stated he wasn’t mated and had no plans to be so… so how was he betrothed?

“Apparently,” Jeongguk muttered, feeling a shitload of emotions he was unsure of how to process right now with so many people around. 

“When?” Yoong asked grimly, his gaze on the ground as his mind raced, they hadn’t had the pup yet. TaeHyung would freak out.

...Now. ” Jeongguk said closing the letter and looking at the Beta messengers. “We’ve been ordered to hand him over now… or his future mate will come and get him himself.”


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(Last Update Recap)


“You wanted to see the pack leader, there he is,” Yoongi spoke again. “If you don’t wish to follow through that’s on you, but the exit is in the opposite direction of where you’re trying to head right now.”

The four Beta’s shared a look again, before the messenger hesitantly held out the scroll to Jeongguk. The Alpha accepted it and they watched as he unfurled it right there in front of everyone, a deep frown crossing his face as his eyes slid over its contents.

“Can you read it?” one of the Beta’s asked thinking Gguk was confused. The Jeon wolves glared at him and he took a nervous step back. He wasn’t trying to be insulting, it was just well known that Southern wolves were more uneducated then Northern ones.

“Of course I can read it,” Jeongguk responded, annoyance lacing his tone.

“What does it say?” Yoongi asked seriously, having a bad feeling about this.

“It’s a formal request… bordering on an order…” the Alpha remarked drly, his timbre implying that he wasn’t too fond of the wording. 

“An order for what?” this question came from NamJoon.

“To turn Jimin over to his packmates… so that he can be escorted home.”

“What?” Yoongi frowned. “Why?”

Jeongguk squinted a bit, and ticked his head to the side before finally slowly answering. “Apparently... he’s betrothed.”

“Betrothed?” SeoYung repeated in confusion. But Jimin had stated he wasn’t mated and had no plans to be so… so how was he betrothed?

“Apparently,” Jeongguk muttered, feeling a shitload of emotions he was unsure of how to process right now with so many people around. 

“When?” Yoong asked grimly, his gaze on the ground as his mind raced, they hadn’t had the pup yet. TaeHyung would freak out.

...Now. ” Jeongguk said closing the letter and looking at the Beta messengers. “We’ve been ordered to hand him over now… or his future mate will come and get him himself.”






“What’s going on?” Min YoonHee demanded as he took note of a group on unfamiliar wolves following Jeongguk through their village.

“We’re figuring it out,” Gguk stated grimly as he continued to lead the Park Pack wolves to the “big house” on the Jeon land where the elders lived and formal meetings took place. He had already sent Yoongi to retrieve Jimin from his home.

“Figuring what out? And who are these wolves?” the elder insisted stepping in front of Jeongguk and hindering the procession. 

“They’re wolves… from Jimin’s pack-”

“Northern wolves? And WHY, exactly, are Northern wolves here?” the older Alpha demanded.

“Are you the pack leader?” the Beta from earlier asked latching onto the idea. After all, it was clear this Alpha was older and seemed to have more command over the wolves, even stopping the alleged pack leader in his tracks.

YoonHee looked at the Beta with a frown, hesitating on answering the question until Jeongguk shot him a look. “I help to run the pack,” the Elder hedged before turning. “Fine, follow me.”

The younger Alpha tilted his head, sure YoonHee hadn’t said yes -but he had definitely implied, which was still undermining Jeongguks authority. This was something he could tell their ‘guests’ caught as they shot him suspicious looks. NamJoon clapped Jeongguk on the back as they began to move again as a show of solidarity despite their earlier fight as they set off once more for the main hall.



Jeongguk watched the arguing going on in grim silence. After hearing them state their cases a bit ago, the elders had sent the members of the Park Pack to a small cabin to stay (with guards) while their pack discussed what the next step would be. Jimin had been forced to return to his home as well, as the elders took a ‘No outsiders allowed’ route for the talks. However they’d been unable to force TaeHyung to leave as the Omega argued on why his best friend should get to stay.

“He never agreed to mate! It was a decision made by his pack and we shouldn’t be forcing him into it!” the Omega insisted as his mate put a hand on his back to calm him.

“We won’t force anything,” Yoongi said softly.

“The hell we won’t!” one of the elders, a wolf named Hyun Woo snapped. “Jimin is wolf from a Northern pack and he’s set to mate to form an alliance with another Northern pack! What they do is none of our business! And he never should have put us in this position! He needs to be returned to his pack immediately!”

“He was brought for TaeHyung’s birth though-”

“TaeHyung isn’t due for another month!” JiHu cut in over NamJoon. “And we can’t shelter him for that long! You heard what those Beta’s said- Jimin’s Alpha will be bringing members of his pack with him to retrieve his mate!”

“So what?” SeHyun demanded crossing his arms over his broad chest. “We could kick any Northern wolves packs asses with our eyes closed! Or do you think we’ll lose?”

“Of course not,” JiHu snapped glaring at him. “But that’s not the point!”

“Then what’s the point?” Yoongi asked.

“No lives risked, no lives lost,” YoonHee remarked from is seat at the head of the table. A seat he’d taken naturally, whilst Jeongguk leaned against the wall near the entrance. “It’s one thing to protect our packs or our allies- but how will you explain, even to a single wolf or family, why their loved one was killed in defense of a random Northern wolf who USED US for shielding against a mating he didn’t want?”

“That’s not it! He came for me!” TaeHyung objected.

“Maybe so, maybe not ,” the man allowed inclining his head. “But you have to admit it was convenient timing. I had wondered why he’d shown up months before you were due- I think I have my answer now.”

“That’s not fair,” TaeHyung cut in. “I ASKED him to come early! Birth is unpredictable, I was anxious that he wouldn’t make it in time!”

“OR,” Hyun Woo said slowly. “Maybe you knew that he didn’t want to be mated…”

“What, EXACTLY, are you implying Ajusshi?” Yoongi demanded in a deathly cold tone.

TaeHyung put a hand on his mates shoulder. “No, I had no idea- if that’s what you’re asking. Unless you think I can time my pregnancy just to suit it. Jiminnie told me when he got here what had happened with his pack-”

“-but he didn’t see fit to tell us?” YoonHee asked raising a brow. He looked to his son. “Was this mentioned to you Yoongi?”

“Yes,” the Alpha lied to protect his mate. “TaeHyung told me, however since Jimin is just visiting I didn’t think it would turn into a big deal-”

“You didn’t THINK it would turn into a big deal?” His Abeoji repeated coolly, slowly rising from the chair. “So you didn’t think your pack would need to know? Your pack leader? You didn’t think to concern yourself with anyone but yourself and your mate?” he almost sneered. “Now you want to lead our pack into a war with Northern clans over the ‘kidnapping’ of one of their own- JUST to protect your mate over the rest of the pack?”

“I do not!” Yoongi hissed back, his jaw and fists clenched. “I want to protect TaeHyung, our pup AND my pack-”

“Then Jimin needs to leave-”

“He will not!” Tae snapped.

“When I am addressing you, I’ll inform you,” the older Alpha remarked looking down his nose at the Omega. “You have no control over your Omega but you think you can control this situation or two different Northern packs?” YoonHee finished looking at his son.

“What I THINK, is this isn’t your decision,” the blond Alpha responded squaring up with his Abeoji.

“How is it not? This concerns our pack, as the pack elders we’re the best fit to have say in what happens-”

“But you’re NOT the leader,” Hoseok said firmly.

The elders looked at him and then to the doorway where Jeongguk was standing… or where he HAD been standing, because it seemed… sometime during their debate, the actual Pack Leader had disappeared.





Jimin paced back and forth in his home, his teeth chewing lightly on the corner of his nail and his eyes flicking to the doorway where he knew two Jeon wolves were standing guard. He had been ordered to leave the hall, barely getting to state his case as the Elders (who had never taken the time to so much as introduce themselves to him in the weeks he’d been here) jumped down his throat about lying to them and setting up their pack. 

Which wasn’t at all the case! That hadn’t been his plan! Jimin had been sure, so fucking sure this was over! He didn’t understand?! Lee Wonho was a powerful Alpha! One of the high commanders of his pack, he could have any other Omega in his area, hell- he practically did! So why was he chasing Jimin down right now? The silvery man sat in a squat his hand buried in his hair as his mind worked on how to fix this, only to suddenly pop up when the door to his house opened. Jimin looked over wide eyed his heart racing then unwittingly relaxing, his gaze locked on the familiar face of Jeongguk. Though the Alpha’s grim expression as he closed the door and leaned against it didn’t bode well.

“So… do you want to tell me what’s going on?” Gguk intoned softly after a few moments of silence.

Jimin swallowed thickly, he really didn’t. But this was Gguks pack- he had a right to know.

“I thought you weren’t going to mate,” Jeongguk tried again. He had been shocked to read those words, in fact he’d hadn’t even been able to believe them until he’d seen Jimin’s face in the meeting room. ‘Jimin shall be returned to betrothed mate per his agreement, or his mate will come to retrieve him himself.’ That was part of what the missive had said, and It had felt strangely like a kick in the gut. Jeongguk was finally realizing why that was as he had looked upon the beautiful male. 

Jimin was chewing worriedly on his thumb nail as his eyes darted around, Gguk could feel his anxiety and practically hear the rapid pace of the Omega’s heart. But, that wasn’t all… no there was more to it, more to what Jimin was feeling. The Alpha took a small sniff of the air before finally picking up what that missing thing was… fear . Jimin was scared. 

Jeongguk hated it.

The Alpha closed the distance, ignoring the last week or so of uncertainty and awkwardness between them. As the Omega looked up at Gguk he pulled the hand from Jimin’s mouth and kissed the side of his thumb where the skin was red and irritated. “Talk to me, Jimin-ah.”

“Hyung…” the Omega corrected in a mutter. Jeongguk didn’t respond this time, instead he just looked at Jimin expectantly and the older male sighed softly. “I don’t want to mate…” he muttered. “ESPECIALLY with an Alpha like him,” he looked at Gguk his eyes shining and voice wavering but firm, taught with unchecked emotion. “I WON’T mate him. I’ll disappear first!”

Gguk sighed, watching him with soft eyes before quietly asking. “What about Tae-Hyung?”

The wind knocked right out of the Omega’s sails. “...Right...”

“Who is he?” The Alpha tried again. “This Alpha. I mean, why don’t you want to mate him?”

“Because I hate him,” Jimin responded venomously his face scrunching up in distaste. “He’s a collector. A collector of Omegas, of mates. He has multiple and he just wants to add me to his collection. He just wants to OWN me. He doesn’t want to mate me, he doesn’t want to lov….” he trailed off swallowing thickly and trying to pull away before tears could fall. 

Jeongguk pulled him closer instead, the Alpha wrapping his arms around Jimin and resting his chin atop his head as he softly stated. “Well… he sounds like an asshole.”

The Omega snorted and buried his face in the curve of Jeongguks neck, inhaling his soothing scent of summer rain and slowly calming down. “He is.”

“So how did you end up with this asshole as a potential mate? Did you find out too late? Like after you’d already agreed?” he asked, thinking of his own situation.

“No…” Jimin slid his arms around Jeongguks waist, holding the Alpha close and drawing in his warmth. “It wasn’t my choice… I wasn’t given a choice. He offered my pack a mate price of escorts when they traveled to trade and gold threads for council robes… and my pack leader offered him”

“Wait, what?” Gguk asked pulling back a bit and looking down. “What do you mean?”

“I mean what I said,” Jimin frowned still looking down before huffing and adding defensively. “I know that I may not be worth much, but I think I’m worth more than that.”

“You have no idea how much you’re worth if you don’t think you’re worth much,” Jeongguk countered forcing Jimin to look up at him. “So basically, you’re being forced by your pack to mate?”

“Yes…” the Omega confirmed softly, before looking imploringly at Jeongguk. “Can’t you guys just let me stay here?”

“It’s not that simple…” Gguk admitted. “As you know the elders spoke with the messengers… they know what’s going on. With what happened with my Abeoji and other pack members when I was a pup, our pack isn’t looking to war with a Northern pack -let alone two. I mean, of course we’ll win but…” he sighed. “Look in any battle there’s always the chance of loss of life, and they won’t agree to fight for someone who’s not a member of our pack. Especially since your own pack has come and stated that you agreed to the terms-”

“- I didn’t! They didn’t ask me! ” Jimin defended gripping Gguks shirt.

“I know that now, but it’s your word against theirs and-”

“I know,” Jimin exhaled shakily, slowly releasing Jeongguk. The Alpha let him go, watching warily as he took a step back. “On top of that, I can’t run away or Tae may die during the birth. Jin-Hyung doesn't understand enough about Male Omega births enough to do it on his own. That’s not counting complications that could arise where my blood may be needed, or TaeHyung's own superstitions...”

“Yeah…” Jeongguk sighed grimly, his mind working overtime for a solution.

“I guess it’s decided then, yeah?” Jimin asked smiling weakly at Jeongguk.

“What’s decided?”

“I’ll mate him.”

“WHAT?” the Alpha demanded.

“You said it yourself… your pack won’t fight for me and I don’t want them to. I don’t want anyone to die so I can live. But, I can’t leave or we could lose both TaeHyungie and the pup… my only recourse is to agree to the mating. Tae’s due next month. Maybe if I agree to the mating, then I can just set the term that they let me stay long enough to help TaeHyung…” he looked at Gguk. “Then maybe, maybe that’ll be enough.

“But what about you? You said it yourself, this guy has a harem. Alpha’s who mate multiple Omegas are scum and they usually treat their mates like shit,” Jeongguk objected. He’d seen this before in some of the South-Western packs and it rarely worked out well for the Omegas, abuse of all kinds ran rampant in those types of relationships, not only from the Alpha but from the other jealous Omega mates as well.

“Yeah…” Jimin whispered looking down, his hair falling lightly into his face. Jeongguk could practically feel the depression coating the other male. “As long as Tae and the pup are okay… it’s … fine, I think.”

“And what about you? What about you being okay?” Jeongguk demanded, his wolf restless at the thought of the beautiful Omega having his wings clipped for some assholes ego. An Alpha like that didn’t deserve an Omega like Jimin.

“It doesn’t matter…” the Omega sighed looking up at him with a watery but steady gaze. “It’s for the best-”

It isn’t. Sacrificing yourself to a life of abuse and suffering isn’t for the fucking BEST Jimin,” Gguk snapped. “And you can’t think TaeHyung would want that ! Damn it, you don’t have to be a martyr!” the Alpha exclaimed, as his mind couldn’t help connect the dots between his words to Jimin now and Yoongi’s words to him earlier. He pushed the thoughts away.

“I’m not TRYING to be!” Jimin yelled back. “But what choice do I have?! Either I agree to the mating and buy some time to help Tae or I disagree and get forced to leave now! I don’t have a choice Jeongguk!”

“You do!”

“I don’t!”

“Yes you do!”

“Do not!” 


“What choice do I have?!”


“I said that!”

“Not him! ME!”

Jimin froze in shock uncertain of what he’d heard the Omega blinked causing the tears he’d been holding to fall unchecked down his cheeks as he whispered, “ ...What?

Jeongguk exhaled, his eyes on the Omega, his heart racing and his wolf grumbling in contentment at his impulsive suggestion. “Mate. Me.” He repeated, this time with more certainly. “Be my mate Park Jimin… join my pack- officially.”


Chapter Text

The Big House



Kim TaeHyung was furious. 

“-so then the decision is made,” Min YoonHee said standing once more. “Park Jimin and the members of the Park Pack will leave Jeon lands tonight.”

“That’s not for you to decide!” TaeHyung yelled both angry and anxious. This couldn’t be happening! They couldn’t be sending Jimin home! Not like this! Not to that monster!

“It’s exactly for him to decide,” JiHu responded frowning at the male Omega that he still somewhat considered an outsider as well. “It’s for the elders to decide and we’ve made our choice.”

“Jeongguk is the pack leader,” NamJoon reminded them. “He makes final call.”

“Where is he?” JiHu responded motioning around the room. 

“Jeongguk has obviously left because he trusted us to make the right choice,” YoonHee stated confidently. “And that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

“The hell you have!” Tae said flushed and clearly worked up, his hand going to his side as he got a sharp pain.

“Tae!” Yoongi said coming up to support his mate, who pushed him off of him.

“If Jimin goes I go,” the Omega declared seriously, his stubborn gaze on his mate.

Yoongi sighed and silently cursed Jeongguk in his head. If the younger had stepped in and made his stance clear as pack leader they could have avoided most of this! Where the fuck was he?!

“That’s your choice,” YoonHee remarked raising a brow. “I have to look after this pack as its elder, even if that means you won’t.”  The man swept passed Yoongi and TaeHyung and went to the door where a few of the Alpha guards were watching over things. “Bring me Park Jimin and the Park Wolves.”

“No!” Tae insisted, taking off after the wolves as they left.

“TaeHyung!” Yoongi called, his Abeoji grabbed his arm as he passed stopping him.

“You need to learn to control your mate,” the man said seriously.

“And you need to fuck off,” Yoongi snapped ripping his arm free and taking off to catch up with his mate.

Hoseok, Joon and the others followed as the group made their way towards Jimin’s house drawing lots of attention from the curious wolves that had been loitering as they did so. It had been no secret that they’d had visitors, and the robes were a dead give away as to who they were. There was also the fact that Jimin now seemed to be under guard and the Jeon wolves were left wondering if they had another betrayal on their hands as tensions ran high. The large procession of wolves rushing towards the Omega’s home did nothing to quell that concern.

“Jiminnie!” TaeHyung yelled pushing past the Alpha guard who had just knocked, and bursting through the door. The lanky Omega froze, his eyes on the sight of the missing Jeongguk. “What the hell have you been doing?!” he demanded tears in his eyes. “Where were you?! We needed you!”

“For fucks sake Gguk,” Yoongi said coming in behind his mate, whilst two of the Alpha guards entered looking nervously between the group. They were ordered to bring Jimin to the main house and the elders, but now their pack leader was here as well.

“What?” the Alpha frowned looking between them. “What happened?”

TaeHyung scoffed, his head falling back as he glared at the Alpha, his emotions too high to go off of anything but them right now. “What happened? What HAPPENED? Well, you’d fucking know if you had stayed!!”

“Uh...Jeongguk-sshi,” one of the Alpha guards said slowly. “We’re here to collect Jimin and bring him up to the big house-”

“Why?” Jeongguk asked tilting his head, the Alpha looking unbothered by the large amount of emotion he could feel from the group of wolves that had barged in unannounced. 

The two Alpha guards shared looks, while Yoongi frowned deeply but answered. “They’ve ordered Jimin to be ejected from the pack… effective immediately.”

Gguk blinked and frowned his confused gaze flicking over the small crowd that had pushed their way into the room including his Hyungs, Tae and now three Alpha guards. “Who are they’ ?”

“The elders... “ guard number two said slowly.

“I wasn’t aware we had more than one pack leader,” Jeongguk remarked thoughtfully before looking at the male, who was slightly older than him but still lower in rank. “Do you have more than one pack leader?”

“N-no… sir…” he replied carefully. 

“Well then… whose orders are you following right now?” he quirked a brow.

Yoongi and the other Hyungs shared look, while NamJoon took note of the slightest bit of silver he could see just behind Jeongguks back. So Jimin WAS here… but Joon couldn’t seem to smell him very well for some reason. It was almost like Jeongguk shielded his scent.

“What is going on?” Hyun Woo demanded making his way into the home as the other wolves moved aside. “Jeongguk? What are you doing here?”

“The better question is what are you Ajusshi?” the younger Alpha asked quirking a brow at him.

The older male eyed him suspiciously… there was something about Jeongguks stance, about the air that crackled around him that put his wolf on edge. “We’re here to carry out the orders-”

“Whose orders are those?” the Alpha asked once more.

“... Well... we voted-”

“- and? Since when does that count?” Jeongguk cut in his gaze holding the older males as tension lingered. “Since when does any vote about pack matters count when you haven’t consulted your pack leader?”

Hyun Woo stood still staring at the male, he saw the slightest shift behind the Alpha and moved to look, but Jeongguk shifted when he did preventing him from seeing past him.

“Well?” the younger inquired confirming that his question was not rhetorical.

“Well… you had left, we figured it was because you trusted us to make the right decision,” the man said slowly.

“You… figured?” Gguk repeated thoughtfully, as he lightly scratched the side of his neck. “Interesting… what else do you figure?”

“What is going on?” Min YoonHee asked.

The space parted even more, TaeHyung shifting as his mate grabbed his arm and pulled him. Yoongi didn’t know for sure what was going on, but he had a strong feeling things were about to get serious between his Abeoji and Jeongguk and he didn’t want his mate and pup in the middle just in case. With this in mind the Alpha shifted TaeHyung behind him, the Omega looked down in surprise but didn’t object as he was still confused as fuck. 

Did this mean Jeongguk was on their side?

“I was trying to figure that out myself.” Jeongguk responded looking at his surrogate Abeoji. “I’ve been told there was a decision made?”

The older Alpha eyed Jeongguk, his eyes flicking around the home as he tried to see where the Omega had gone. He was here… YoonHee could tell. “Yes. It was.”

“And that was made without consulting the pack leader?”

“Well... in your stead I have been known to make decisions for the benefit of the pack. Since you had departed, I assumed that you were requesting me to do the same today.”

“You assumed incorrectly,” Jeongguk stated simply.

The older male cleared his throat and rolled his neck before looking at Gguk, his tone as though he were still talking to a pup. “Do you care about this pack?”

“How dare you ask that?”

“I’m just pointing out that I do as well. And as two people who care… a pack leader and a former pack leader - we have the same goal. Park Jimin used us for refuge against a mating he did not want, he put our pack and our people in danger and now we have two separate Northern packs breathing down our necks. The most logical and best solution is to send him back with his pack to figure out his own problems with them.” YoonHee explained this, still in the same patient yet condescending tone as before. “I am only looking out for the best interest of our pack and I know that you will agree with me about this.”

“You know nothing,” Jeongguk replied instantly. Sounds of confusion followed as the wolves shared looks.

“So you’re saying you’re willing to sacrifice the safety of our pack members for a sweet smelling Omega whom you’ve fucked a few times?” YoonHee demanded, starting to flush with anger.

“Like I said. You know nothing,” Jeongguk scoffed his head falling back for a moment before looking at the elder. “First of all, I’ve NEVER bedded Jimin- not once. He’s not that type of Omega, any physical interaction we’ve had was, for the most part, innocent in nature.”

The elder scoffed. “Right, and wh-”

“- SECONDLY ,” Jeongguk cut him off his eyes locked on the elder. “The amount of disrespect you’ve displayed both towards myself AND this pack, in that one- condescending, smug ass  dialogue you just gave -was infuriating .” The younger Alpha stood a bit taller making his annoyance clear. “Not only are you implying that I LACK qualities as a leader, but you’re implying that my pack MY SOLDIERS that I’ve been training are ill-equipped to handle one pack consisting of eighty percent textile making male Omegas, and another full of show off Alphas who spend most of their time at fairs strutting like fucking peacocks.”

The younger generation wolves clapped at his words, having been secretly offended by the elders constant implications that they should fear Northern wolves, but unwilling to state it due to social hierarchy and respect. YoonHee and the older wolves looked over at them, before the older man scoffed and looked at Jeongguk.

“So you say all of that to say you’re choosing that Omega’s side? Is that why you’re letting him hide behind you right now? You’re putting him before your pack?” The older man demanded, clearly growing agitated at what he perceived to be a huge mistake.

“I’m saying- if you expect me to be scared of an Alpha who couldn’t even beat my mate in an archery contest, then you have the wrong fucking guy.”

“What is it with this generation and your egos? You think you’re invincible? That no one can touch you? All it takes is one shot with a poison arrow- your Abeoji should have taught you that!” YoonHee sneered taking a step towards Gguk.

“What, the fuck, did you just say?” Jeongguk said moving forward as well.

As the two Alphas stood almost chest to chest, Hoseok was tilting his head and processing. He looked at Joon, Yoongi and Jin (who had shown up when the procession flew past his clinic) before looking at Jimin, who was now revealed that Jeongguk had moved to face off with YoonHee.

“Excuse me,” the lanky normally playful Alpha said raising a hand. “But… am I the only one who heard him say the words ‘my mate’ ?  Or nah?”

"You caught that shit too?” SeHyun asked peeking around the door frame.

TaeHyung looked at Jimin who was pulling at his fingers, taking the small silver ring on and off. “Oh my God….” the Omega said slowly. “Oh my God, OH MY GOD!” He yelled, startling Jeongguk and YoonHee out of their standoff as they watched the Omega run to and hug Jimin. “Did you really!? Are you really!?”  

Jimin gave a nervous laugh and nodded at his best friend, squeaking as the pregnant male swung him around. “Don’t! You can hurt the baby Tae!” He insisted as he was sat down once more, Jimin instantly put his hand to Tae’s stomach to check that the pup was okay.

“What, did you just say?” YoonHee asked, pulled away from his preoccupation with Jeongguk as the Omega’s conversation penetrated his train of thought. His eyes were locked on the silver haired Omega, his eyes taking him in, it was then that he noticed it… the slightly askew robe that had a few traces of blood. His eyes darted around the room, locking on the open medical bag on the table as he felt as if he’d been ambushed.

“I believe you heard him,” Jeongguk said softly, taking in the rapid loss of color from the face of his mentor.

“I don’t believe I did…” the older Alpha said his eyes still locked on Jimin. When the Omega shifted uncomfortably, YoonHee suddenly found his view of the male cut off by the large imposing form of Jeongguk. “How?... How could you be so STUPID.” He demanded finally looking at the younger male.

“I do believe you’ve forgotten your place, Ajusshi… ” the younger Alpha said in a soft and slightly dangerous tone. “I’ll take credit for that only so far… it seems I’ve allowed you to treat me like a pup for too long. That ends today-”

“How so?” YoonHee asked, his tone bordering on hysterical. “Is this how you prove you’re an adult Jeongguk? Is this how you make your point? By putting your pack in danger?!”

“No,” the younger responded sounding strangely calm considering how often he was being insulted during this conversation. “I prove my point by protecting my mate AND my pack. I prove my point by mating based off of what I want, instead of what you want. I prove my point by being a man of MY word instead of a man of YOURS.”

The two Alphas stared at one another for a long moment as tension coated the room.

“It’s done,” Yoongi finally broke the stalemate. “Jimin is Jeongguk’s mate. He’s one of us. We’re not putting him out.”

“I object,” YoonHee replied looking at his son. “Jeongguk took a drastic measure without consulting the pack in direct violation of the elder-”

“I am your pack leader!” Jeongguk roared, his eyes bleeding to a deep golden color and a commanding tone coming out in a way that it had never done so before. 

His body practically crackled with dominant Alpha pheromone so potent that every wolf in the area took a step or two back, their bodies curling in slightly, even YoonHee. The older male looked at Jeongguk with wide eyes, rapidly blinking as his body shook with the force of trying not to cower in front of the younger male. He knew that JeonHae had been dominant enough to exert his will in such a manner (though he rarely used it), but he’d had no idea Jeongguk was able to do so as well…

“I give the orders. I do not take them. You follow the orders. You do not give them.” The younger Alpha stated firmly, his gaze on YoonHee as well as the other two elders nearby. “You don’t back talk me at all and ESPECIALLY not in front of the members of MY pack. That’s the problem with you- I try, I TRY to show you respect as my Elder. I TRY to take into account your opinions and include you in the processes and growth of his pack, I DO MY BEST to value YOU as a member of this pack. And for some reason YOU take that as free reign to devalue ME as your leader. I will not stand for it.

He took a step closer to YoonHee, pushing his dominance upon the male, his tone deep and rough as the elder found himself lowering his head against his will. “ I. Make. The. Decisions. - NOT YOU . I am the JEON in the Jeon pack.”

“However,”  He continued quietly, but still menacingly, “as you’ve shown through the course of this day, you seem to have forgotten that. Something made abundantly clear from the moment the Parks arrived and asked you if you were the Pack Leader, and you choose to IMPLY that you were instead of clarifying that I was, to moments ago when you, once again implied , I’d risk MY PACK for simple lust. It’s clear that you DO NOT respect me as the head of this pack. You obviously feel that value AND respect are things YOU should be given without having to return them.”

Gguk scoffed and exhaled, nodding, “Taking all of that into account- as of now you are removed from the position as Head Elder of this pack. However because I DO value the wisdom of my predecessors, I will find someone with just as much experience and MUCH less ego to take up the post. Now, if you can’t handle that Ajusshi, then you and anyone who agrees with you, can feel free to leave MY pack.”

Those deep golden eyes slid over the crowd only to be met by bowed heads and silence. Even the Hyung’s had lowered their gazes, partly out of the force of Gguks will but also out of respect. Jeongguk was their pack leader and it was about damn time that he’d shown the elders who was boss.

“Now… as I stated before, this discussion is over. I will speak with the Park Wolves in the morning and inform them of the change within our pack. You three,” he indicated the Elders, “will take the next few days whilst my mate and I are affirming our bond to gather your things and find suitable homes within the village. From this moment on, I am taking back my pack AND my family home. Am I clear?”

“Yes pack leader,” the wolves murmured in response their gazes still down as a show of respect.

“I said,” Gguk stepped up close to YoonHee once more. “Am. I. Clear?”

The older man released a shaky breath, his hands in tight fists before he nodded in agreement. “Yes pack leader.” He finally answered in a rough but steady tone.

“Good… now go home. This is settled for the night,” he indicated the soldiers who had been guarding Jimin’s door. “You go as well.”

They bowed deeply before leaving and slowly made their way out, with only Jeongguks core brotherhood lingering as if some unspoken command. For his part Jimin had taken a seat when Jeongguk had turned on his dominance, a combination of surprise and attraction making it hard for him to stand. He had no idea Gguk had that in him, yet… it didn’t scare him like he thought it would. Instead it only made him feel safe, more secure in the knowledge that this man was his mate now.

He had never wanted to be mated…

His eyes stayed on the broad back of his mate… HIS ALPHA and Jimin suddenly couldn’t recall why he’d ever felt that way. As if feeling his gaze (maybe he did this mating thing was still new to Jimin) Jeongguk turned and looked at him, the yellow receding from his eyes as theirs connected. Biting his lip the Omega stood and went over to Gguk and the taller male instantly opened his arms for his arrival securing Jimin against his side.

Gguk then looked back over to the older wolves. “Yoongi-Hyung, I realize this may put you in a difficult positions but-”

“-I’ll keep an eye on him,” the older male cut in grimly. “I don’t think he’ll do anything much besides grumble and complain, however his pride took a hit today so you can’t be too careful,” the Alpha remarked referring to his Abeoji.

Jeongguk nodded his thanks before looking at the other Hyungs. “Heighten patrols for the night, just in case the Park wolves didn’t come alone,” he informed the others. “However be discrete, we don’t want everyone to overreact anymore than they are already. Jimin and I have some unresolved business to attend to tonight, so I’m trusting you guys to be able to handle the pack for now.”

“Of course,” NamJoon said inclining his head, the others followed. 

They all had a lot more questions, especially TaeHyung who was eyeing his best friend both anxiously and excitedly. However he was well aware as a mated wolf himself, that there were things that NEEDED to take place after mating, and this whole kerfuffle had interrupted that. 

“Be gentle with my soulmate,” the Omega said aloud locking eyes with Jeongguk.

“Tae!” Jimin blushed swinging at him.

“What? You’re new to this!” His best friend defended.

“I’ll be whatever he needs me to be,” Jeongguk answered looking at the pregnant Omega.

TaeHyung looked like he wanted to say more, but a tug at his hand by his mate stopped that. Instead he inclined his head and offered Jimin a nervous smile before following Yoongi out of the home, the Alpha sending him with Jin for a checkup.

“I’ll make sure no one interrupts you,” Hoseok commented exiting the small home last out of the group. As he left he closed the door shutting them off from the pack and leaving them alone once more.

Jimin exhaled slowly, his eyes turning up to Jeongguk. “I’m sorry for-” the Omega cut off as he found himself being kissed.

Though Gguk’s kisses had always done something for him, this was different. Was this what it was to be mated? Everything about the Alpha felt amplified, from his touch to his smell, Jimin’s senses were consumed with Jeon Jeongguk.

“Don’t apologize to me,” the Alpha murmured against Jimin’s lips before suddenly shifting and picking him up.

The Omega gave a small yelp of surprise. “What are you doing?”

“I think you already know the answer to that,” Jeongguk said after taking a few steps towards the bed. Kneeling down the Alpha lowered him to the mattress and Jimin flushed as thoughts of what was soon to come flooded his mind.

It seemed the time had come to mate… literally.

Chapter Text


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Jimin was nervous, Jeongguk could feel it. It was weird how in tune he suddenly was with the Omega below him as Jimin lightly bit his lip and watched him warily. 

“You don’t have to look so anxious,” the Alpha said softly. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I know…”

“Do you?”

“Yes, it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“I don’t….” Jimin inhaled and exhaled slowly. “I don’t want to get pregnant.” The mating had come so quickly he couldn't imagine giving birth, especially after spending months in birthing rooms and seeing exactly how that process went.

Jeongguk scoffed, then laughed softly and kissed the older males head. “I thought you studied to be a healer? You know an Omega is less likely to get pregnant outside of their heat, and Male Omega’s odds are even lower.”

“How do you even know that?” Jimin frowned confused.

“How don’t you?”

“I do,” the Omega snapped and Jeongguk found himself oddly relieved that Jimin was still his same feisty self after mating. “But getting pregnant is still * possible *. Now how do you know it?”

Gguk shrugged and pulled back slowly removing his shirt. “Jin-Hyung mentioned it because he was surprised when Tae-Hyung had gotten pregnant.”

“Because it wasn’t his heat.” Jimin stated.


“Which was my fucking point.”

“You know you’re making it REALLY hard to be romantic,” Jeongguk sighed ruffling his hair and tossing his shirt to the floor.

Jimin’s eyes slid over his defined chest and he flushed, looking away before responding in a breathy tone. “I doubt that romance is possible right now…”

“Do you?” Jeongguk asked, his hands going to the tie on Jimin’s robes. The Omega’s hands went attop his.

“What are you doing?”  he frowned.

“Undressing you.”


“Because I want to look at you.”

“But… you don’t like dicks, like… what if you’re turned off-”

“-Jimin I’ve played with your dick several times- I think we’re BOTH well passed the ‘ Jeongguk doesn't like dick’ phase don’t you? I mean…” the Alpha tapped his own neck indicating where Jimin’s newly minted mating mark was on the Omega.

“Hyung,” the Omega deflected blushing.

“Baby,” Jeongguk countered as he once again worked on the tie for the robes. Jimin allowed his own hands to fall to the bed, letting Jeongguk untie the garment. 

“Bunny…” he muttered still blustering.

Gguk snorted as he pulled at the wrap, loosening it enough to open and expose Jimin’s chest, his eyes went to the hastily bandaged matining mark. Jeongguk had heard the commotion approaching not long after he’d finished marking the Omega and made quick work of patching up the area, finishing just as TaeHyung burst into the room.

His fingers traced the bandage that was now soaked with blood and slowly he removed it, the bleeding had stanched. “You can call me that only when we’re alone, yeah?”

“Huh?” Jimin blinked confused, he’d been distracted by the look and feel of Jeongguk. The way the Alpha seemed to worship him with his eyes, taking in Jimin’s body and his mark that lay upon it made the Omega’ heart race and his head muddled. 

“Nevermind if you don’t remember,” Gguk said tossing away the dirty bandage and leaning forward, his tongue lapping over the area where his bite was and cleaning the wound.

“I… I-I’d remember if you’d stop,” Jimin responded in a breathy tone, his eyes falling shut and his hand sliding into Jeongguks hair as his actions countered his words.

“Then forget,” the Alpha responded kissing him.

He could taste his own blood on Gguks tongue. That was a random thought Jimin had as their mouths connected along with countless others like: ‘our breaths sync up’ , ‘his hands are so warm’ , ‘is that my heartbeat or his?’ plus many more as their tongues continued to intertwine. When he moaned into the kiss, Jeongguk lowered, resting his larger body atop the Omega’s smaller one.

“I don’t wanna forget,” Jimin breathed as Jeongguk broke the kiss and went to kissing his neck.

“Then remember,” the Alpha replied nonplussed. 

“Stop being agreeable,” the Omega complained a bit nonsensically.


Jimin blinked, then blinked again… was he bring agreeable or disagreeable right now? “Stop confusing me,” he complained.

“Stop talking,” Gguk sighed pulling back and looking down at him. “Look… HYUNG, I know you’re nervous-”

“I’m not!”

“You are.”

“Am not.”

Gguk exhaled and looked at the ceiling before asking. “What am I?”

“I dunno… an asshole?”

“No,” the Alpha huffed, rolling his eyes. “How do I feel? Emotionally.” 

“I dunno…” Jimin frowned. “Amused… a bit stressed or annoyed… and… nervous, I guess.”

“Mmm,” Jeongguk nodded in agreement. “And how do you know that?”

“I can just tell.”


“I don’t know, I guess I can feel it.”

“Exactly,” the Alpha said, “because I’m your mate… and that bite is more than a mark… it connects us. Soooo, now that we’ve gotten that cleared up- I know you’re nervous, ” Jeongguk repeated. “I am too… a lot happened, really quickly. But you have to admit, this is something we’ve both wanted for a while, isn’t it?”

The Omega flushed and bit his lip, his gaze averting. It was on the tip of his tongue to deny the claim, however he realized with this whole bond thing that was pretty pointless. Instead he sighed and relented. “Yeah… Yeah I guess it is…” he looked at the Alpha. “Just… can we go slowly?”

"Of course,” Jeongguk replied softly leaning forward, he paused just before meeting Jimin’s lips and allowed the Omega to close the rest of the distance. 

Jimin swallowed thickly but did just that. His lips touched Jeongguks softly at first but it wasn’t long before, as usual, the heat picked up between them. The Omega’s hand slid into Jeongguks hair, while the other went down to his shoulder gripping it as the Alpha’s hands roamed his body  rediscovering its planes and curves. After several moments Gguk pulled away, kissing along Jimin’s neck then lower down onto his stomach while the Omega sucked in a breath and held it.

Jeongguks eyes flicked up to the silver haired man's face as he slipped open the lower half of the robe. He gave a small smile as ne noticed the flush that crept up his lovers skin before kneeling down at kissing the inside of Jimin’s thigh. He could smell the Omega’s slick more prominently now that he was so close and was once again reminded of how intoxicating it was. No one had ever affected him like Jimin does. 

Pulling away from the thoughts Jeongguk’s lips grazed the curve of JImin’s hip and he probed at his entrance with a single digit, sliding it in. “Relax,” the Alpha breathed kissing Jimin’s abs. “I’ll be gentle, I’ll do it just like before.”

“But you’ll put in something bigger by the end,” Jimin complained in a pout.

Gguk snorted, his mouth going to Jimin’s cock as his tongue flicked out tasting the head. “Thank you…”

“That wasn’t a-” he cut off with a small moan as Jeongguk sucked his tip before clearing his throat. “-compliment… you ass.”

“Sounded like one,” Jeongguk said before taking him in and sucking him fully.

Any rebuttal Jimin had was lost as a rush of blood left his big head for the little one. The Omega moaned and writhed at the duel sensations being pleasured from both the front and the back. As the Alpha, once again, located his prostate he cried out roughly gripping Jeongguks hair .

For his part Gguuk marveled himself at how far he’d come. He never thought he’d do something like this, let alone enjoy it. But here he was with a cock in his mouth, a finger in another man’s ass -and loving every moment of it. Everything from the taste, to the smell, to the sounds aroused him. He was so painfully fucking hard that it was taking everything in his power just to focus on stretching Jimin out enough to lessen his pain later.

He wanted him. He wanted him so damn badly. Jeongguk groaned when he could feel Jimin nearing climax- especially since he * could feel * it. The emotion it surged through him and made him wonder what, exactly, sex with his mate was going to be like. However, just before Jimin could plateau, Gguk removed his fingers causing a whimper from the Omega.

“Shh,” the Alpha breathed. “I’ll finish you off soon enough,” he said helping Jimin sit up. He’d heard that it was easier from behind the first time with anal. So, as much as he wanted to look at his mate as they made love, for now he’d do what was best for him instead.

Jimin gave another small whimper as Jeongguk turned him, he allowed the Alpha to remove the robe the rest of the way, leaving only his beautifully toned body blanketed in soft silver strands lain before him. “I want to see you,” the Omega said looking over his shoulder at the Alpha, his full lips pulled into a small pout.

“You will,” Jeongguk responded, leaning forward and kissing him, his hard clothed cock pressing against the gentle curve of Jimin’s ass. “But first we have to get you use to it.” He finished as he pulled back, Jimin allowed his head to face forward once more, looking down at the mattress, his eyes closing and senses in tune with his mates as the Alpha ran his hands along the small expanse of Jimin’s waste to the shapley curve of his ass. “Wow…” Gguk breathed, his mate was fucking beautiful.

Yes, they’d gotten close before, but it had always been mindless passion. The type that moved so quickly that you didn’t have time to, or WANT TO, think about it lest you lose the moment. This was the first time he’d been able to truly look upon the Omega he’d mated, and damn if it wasn’t a hell of a sight. Leaning down he kissed Jimin’s ass, literally, squeezing the muscles of his buttox before pulling back.

Jimin glanced over his shoulder once more as he felt Jeongguk move, his eyes widening and heart racing as he watched the Alpha remove his trousers exposing his well toned body and thick hardness. Sensing the nervousness, Jeongguk looked at his mate and offered a wry smile.

“It’ll be okay…” he said softly as he knelt behind him once more.

As opposed to just surging in, he instead reached around Jimin, finding his softening cock he began to stroke it while kissing his shoulder. Jeongguk rutted against Jimin’s ass, allowing the Omega to get use to the size and feel of his cock whilst also chasing his own pleasure. After several minutes, both males were hard and moaning, a light sheen of sweat covering their bodies. As Jimin turned and looked to Gguk the Alpha caught his mouth in a deep kiss. 

After pulling back he kissed along Jimin’s shoulder, his hands going to the Omega’s hips, then his ass as he parted it. After doing a quick test with his fingers to re-loosen him, Jeongguk placed himself at the entrance. “You ready?” he inquired softly.

“...No.”   the Omega breathed nervously.

Jeongguk chuckled and kissed his shoulder, right at their mating mark. “Let me take care of you Jiminnie.”

The Omega didn’t reply, but Jeongguk could feel him relinquish his control. Kissing his shoulder once more, Gguk slowly began to work his way in. Jimin tensed for a moment and he paused- he was now further in than his fingers had been able to reach and it was considerably tighter in his area. He murmured soft words of comfort and attraction to his mate and waited patiently until the Omega relaxed a bit more. Once he’d done so Gguk moved forward again until he was buried fully into his mate.

Jimin slowly slid to the mattress and they lay there for several moments, breathing and taking one another in, feeling the connection both physical and emotional. Jeongguk kissed along Jimin’s neck, pulling the Omega’s hair to the side to kiss his spine before, finally lifting his hips and beginning to slide in and out of him. It still took several minutes, but slowly the Omega loosened up, the tension gradually leaving his body. As Jeongguk slightly lifted the older males hips, grabbing some of the covers and putting them just under them to set Jimin at a certain angle, the Omega found his first moan of pleasure.

From this new position, Gguk would occasionally graze his prostate. Not so much that it was overstimulating, but enough that it sent very pleasant tingles that had Jimin grinding into the sheet below him seeking more pleasure. Noticing the action, Jeongguk once again reached around, stroking Jimin’s cock as he slowly picked up his own pace his eyes closing and head falling to his mates shoulder as he kissed and sucked the skin, once again marring it with maroon colored hickeys.

“Jeongguk…” Jimin breathed his hands clenching the sheets, before one left, reached around to bury itself into the Alpha’s hair.

“Jimin,” the younger male breathed back, slowly picking up his pace as he began to search in earnest for his own release.

As he did so Jimin moaned deeply, his face pressing into the bed, his ass lifting just a bit higher as he tried to get Gguk where he wanted him. It still hurt a bit, but the sting was almost a pleasant one, adding to the tingles and sensations in his body. Everything just felt so amplified and overwhelming, but still he wanted more.

“Please… please, Alpha- more,” he moaned his ass arching out towards his mate.

In response Jeongguk pulled back, gripping JImin’s hips the Alpha hauled him onto his knees and began to pound deeply, his lovers cries egging him on. Shifting slightly and adjusting his mate, he was able to angle himself down a bit, causing him to constantly graze Jimin’s prostate and driving the Omega (and himself) even more deeply into a lust filled haze.

“More, more, more,” Jimin all but panted, his body was warming to degrees he had never experienced outside of his heat to the point that, had he been less knowledgeable of Omega and how the body worked, he’d have been worried. Instead though he was just consumed, consumed with desire. “Yesssss,” He groaned, burying his face in the pillow as he could feel his own release approaching.

It was like nothing he’d ever felt before and his mate felt it too- Jeongguk once again giving Jimin a reach around, jerking his cock while giving a slow deep grind into his ass. Jimin's eyes squished shut, his breath panting and stuttering as his orgasm neared until he couldn’t take it anymore. A deep growl left his throat, rusty and primal as he felt his body tense.

Jeongguk froze, his mouth going to his lovers shoulder, canines grazing the sweat-soaked skin as he held off, allowing Jimin to ride him to completion. As soon as he felt the Omega began to come down, he quickly pulled out of him amid protests from his mate. It only took a few quick strokes, but Jeongguk reached his own climax, his milky seed falling upon the rounded curve of Jimin’s ass before the Alpha fell to the mattress next to him, both breathing deeply and attempting to catch their breath. 

For several minutes only the sounds of harsh breathing and the crackle of the fire permeated the space as the newly mated pair worked to regain themselves. The silence remained until it was broken by a soft, rough voice.

“Jeongguk…” Jimin said softly.

The Alpha exhaled and lazily turned his head to the side, his eyes locking on the face of his mate- who was looking sweaty and fucked out. Damn but he loved that look. Jimin’s pale hair stuck to his face, and Gguk reached out, using his fingers to gently push it back. “Mmm?”

“Did I do okay?”

The younger male scoffed slightly and smiled wryly. “You did more than okay.”

“So you liked it?”

“I did. Did you?”

Jimin looked at him thoughtfully for several moments, as if making up his mind on the matter before giving a brief but firm nod of his head.

“Good…” Gguk said turning his head to the ceiling again and closing his eyes. He allowed his hand to linger near Jimin’s face and was pleasantly surprised when he felt the Omega shift and kiss his thumb.


“Mmm….” the Alpha grunted dozing slightly. Between the practice earlier, the stress of the Park situation, fighting with the elders, the mating and the mind blowing sex/orgasm he was exhausted.

“Can I look at you this time?” Jimin asked softly.

“Hmm?” the younger male frowned confused, his eyes still closed as he processed. “What time?”

“This time.”

“This time… when?” he finally glanced over at his mate. Jimin was slightly flushed but his look was unwavering.

“This time when we make love… can I look at you?”

Jeongguks brows rose in surprise… was he saying he wanted to… again?...Already? “You… want to… make love again?...While looking at me?”

“This time ... yeah…”

Jeongguk stared at the silver haired man for several moments and Jimin stared back for a while before flushing and looking away. 

“Unless you’re not interested… I don’t know how this works… so…” he finally said, his tone even smaller than before.

Jeongguk snorted and looked at the ceiling then at his mate, using his finger he made Jimin look at him once more. “Listen to me. I’m NEVER not interested.” He declared before shifting and pulling the Omega into his arms for a kiss.

Fuck it. There were some things even sleep could wait for.


Chapter Text


(The Next Morning)

Jimin shifted and groaned slightly as his back and lower body protested, however that didn’t stop him from looking over where he could see Jeongguk washing up in the dim candlelight.

“What time is it?” the Omega murmured softly, moving to sit up on his elbows.

Gguk looked over, grabbing a cloth to dry his face and chest before heading over to the bed and taking a seat next to his mate. Jimin looked beautiful, but this didn’t surprise him- he always looked beautiful. The Omega’s hair was unbound and messily falling around his shoulders and face, in a river of soft silver. The Alpha lifted a hand running his fingers through the locks in a way he’d wanted to do since Jimin had lowered his hood on that first fateful day near the Park packlands.

“Early. I’m going to go out and speak with your former packmates,” he finally answered the Omega as he leaned down and kissed Jimin’s head. “Let them know the situation has changed and send the packing.”

“I should go,” the silver haired man said moving to get out of the bed before light pressure from Gguk stopped him.

“You should rest… your body went through a lot last night between the mating mark and mating itself- you need some sleep.”

“I’m fine,” his mate said stubbornly.

“You’re tired,” Jeongguk countered.

“So are you,” Jimin countered back.

“Why do you have to be contrary?” the Alpha sighed.

“I’m not… but I need to be there so they can see the mark. So they can know this isn’t something to mislead them- that it’s done and over,” Jimin reasoned his eyes flicking over his mate.

Gguk sighed, he had a point damn it. He eyed the other male grimly before exhaling once more. “Fine…. But you stay next to me the whole time yeah?”

“Yeah,” Jimin agreed, finally moving to get out of the bed. He stumbled a bit and Jeongguk caught him, flushing he shot the Alpha a glare. “You could have been more gentle.”

“I would have but you kept saying ‘harder’ ,” the younger smirked, blocking an annoyed swat from his mate as Jimin made his way to the bathroom to relieve himself. 

“You should have said no, you’re the one with experience- not me,” the Omega countered unwilling to relinquish the point.

“I only gave you what you wanted, how is it my fault?” Jeongguk snorted, going over to the basin and pouring out the water he’d used earlier. He then poured fresh water into a cast iron pot and put it over the fire to warm. “Do you have any bread or anything?”

“Mmm,” Jimin answered as he finished up and headed back into the common area. “I also have some rice we can make.”

“We’d have to go and get more water,” Gguk replied thoughtfully.

“There’s some in the pot,” the silver haired man frowned indicating the fire.

“That’s for you,” the Alpha answered.

"For me?”

“Mmm, and for tea... two birds, one stone as the saying goes,” Jeongguk shrugged, ladling a scoop into two cups before taking the rest and pouring it into the basin with some of the room temperature water. “Here, let's get you washed up while the tea steeps.” 

Jimin blinked in surprise at Gguk’s thoughtfulness before slowly accepting the soapy rag that his mate handed to him. He was a bit self conscious as he washed while Jeongguk was right there, alternating between watching and scouring for food. In the end he settled on some toasted bread, fresh jam made by Jin-Hyung, dried fish and tea. 

Once Jimin was dressed and they’d eaten Gguk stood and looked over. “You ready to go?”

“Yeah- No, wait,” Jimin exclaimed standing and catching his wrist.

“What?” the Alpha asked concerned. “Don't’ worry the decision is made Jiminnie, they can’t take you.”

“It’s not that,” Jimin frowned a bit before going to his hand, he slowly pulled off the silver ring and, lifting Jeongguks hand he tried to slide it on, but the Alpha’s ring finger was too big for it to fit.

“What are you doing?” Gguk asked in befuddled amusement.

“Tradition,” Jimin replied pouting as he tried the other hand before finally deciding on Jeongguks pinky finger. The ring was a bit loose on that one but it fit at least. “Think you can have less thick hands?”

“Genetics,” the Alpha quipped, using Jimin’s own response against him before asking curiously looking at the ring. “What’s tradition?” 

The Omega shot him a glare at the smart ass reply before explaining softly, his thumb ghosting the ring. “ This. It’s tradition. When an Omega reaches maturity, once they began to have their heats- their parents present them with this ring. It’s a ring to show our purity… and it’s worn by the Omega until they meet the Beta... or Alpha, who will be their mate. Once we’re mated then the ring goes to our life partner.” His soft eyes flicked up to Jeongguk. “We don’t get to mark our mates like we’re marked so…”

“So this is how you let everyone know that your mate is taken?” the younger finished.

“Yeh…” Jimin studied him nervously. “I know it may seem silly to you, but it’s part of my heritage and… well… the others from my pack will be looking for the location of the ring and-”

He was cut off as Jeongguk kissed him, firmly but gently. Pulling back the Alpha rested their foreheads together and exhaled slowly before offering a subtle soft smile. “I’m happy to wear your ring Jiminnie.” 

His mate blushed a bit before kissing him once more briefly. “Now I’m ready.”

Gguk caught him around the waist and pulled him close before responding. “I don’t know, after that I think they may have to wait another day while I show you just how much I appreciate your ‘tradition’ .” He wagged his brows and Jimin giggled hitting his chest.

“Cut it out you horny asshole,” the Omega laughed pushing away and fixing his robes. “I just got bathed.”

“It’s not like you can’t bath again…”

“Jeongguk…” the Omega teased in warning as he pulled back.

They both paused at a sound and looked at the door before the Alpha shot him a smirk. “Saved by the knock,” he remarked as he released him and went to answer. 

Opening it Jeongguk saw Yoongi standing on the other side the Alpha eyeing him cautiously. “Did you still want to do this today or did I interrupt?”

“You did interrupt. But we still need to get this over with so we can relax,” Jeongguk sighed looking at the elder. “How are things out there?”

“Well…” Yoongi scratched his neck. “Word about your mating has gotten out to the pack. We’ve assured those that asked that this isn’t some big coup by the North, and that Jimin isn’t up to anything. But, understandably, the wolves are still on edge- I think they’ll feel a lot better once the Park wolves have vacated our lands.”

Jeongguk nodded grimly. He’d been worried about this yesterday when the elders had made a big deal of things That was why he’d been discreetly escorting the Parks himself, but no, damn Min YoonHee had to notify extra warriors and place guards on all of the homes with Park wolves, including JImin. It’s not shocking at all that hysteria is starting to bubble within the ranks.

“Then let’s get this done,” the younger male finally spoke.

“Did you want me to have them escorted to the big house?” Yoongi inquired after nodding in agreement with the previous statement.

“No…” Gguk said slowly. “No, if we take them back there it continues to look serious. I’ll talk to them at the place they’re at now, it’s more casual for both them and our wolves. Hopefully it’ll defuse some of the tension.” 

“That’s a good idea, it’ll show that you don’t have anything to hide and calm people a bit,” Yoongi nodded before shaking his head. “Fucking mess…” he muttered. “Anyway, you ready then? I think they’re up already.”

“Yeah, Jimin-” he cut off as he noticed his mate palm something and tilted his head slightly. “You okay?”


Jeongguks eyes flicked to Jimin’s hand where the item was hidden. “I see… you ready?”

“Yeah,” the Omega said approaching him.

He took in his mates scent, he was anxious, but he could tell it wasn’t about him so he let hidden object pass for now. “Okay, we’re going to head over to talk to the Parks. Remember, follow my lead and don’t question my words, okay?”


“Jimin.” Jeongguk cut him off firmly. “Don’t question me. If something is bothering you, we can talk about it when we’re alone.”

“...I see,” Jimin murmured.

“And agree?”

The Omega looked up at him and nodded. “And agree.”

“Good,” Jeongguk said taking his hand and heading to the door where Yoongi stood, pretending he hadn’t heard anything.

“Ready?” the older male asked.

“Mmm,” both wolves grunted and the group set off towards the home where the Parks were being kept. 

Jimin could feel the curious eyes on him, the subtle murmurings as they passed. He felt very conscious of his own appearance as well as the appearance of the man next to him. A gentle squeeze of his hand pulled at his attention and the Omega looked over and at Jeongguk. The Alpha offered him a wink and Jimin smiled just a bit, shifting closer to and drawing comfort from his mate.

They finally reached the home where the Parks were and the wolf who was keeping watch (Yoongi had relieved the other one of his duties after last night, so that the rest of the pack would calm a bit bout their presence) bowed slightly. “Pack Leader,” the bulky Alpha said.

“Gyu, are they up?”

“Yes sir,” SungGyu nodded. “MinYeon brought them something for breakfast earlier, they’re up and awaiting your arrival.” The Alpha reported, his eyes flicking briefly to Jimin and then to his and Gguk’s linked hands before returning to his pack leader as if he saw nothing.

“Good, thank you,” Gguk remarked as the older wolf stepped aside for them to enter.

Yoongi knocked twice before opening the door and entering. Both Jeongguk and Jimin followed, finding the Park wolves dressed fully (even in their cloaks) and awaiting them. The lead Beta from the previous day stepped forward, his eyes going to Jimin first, then Jeongguk.

“Am I right to assume that you’re coming here with a response to our packs request?” the male asked.

“You are,” Jeongguk remarked. Jimin looked over in surprise as he saw Yoongi pull out a scroll and pass it to Jeongguk. In return Gguk held it out to the Beta. “That is for your Pack Leader to read, and for his eyes only.”

The Beta looked surprised as well, as if he’d never expected them to be so forward thinking as to pass a missive back to him. “I see…” he remarked, his eyes flicking to Jimin. “And our Omega?”

“MY Omega,” Jeongguk responded lifting his hand and showing the ring. “Isn’t going anywhere.”

The collective surprise on the Beta’s faces would have been funny to Jimin if he weren’t so nervous right now. The lead Beta’s eyes went to the Omega in silent question, in response Jimin shifted his robe so they could see the marking on his shoulder. The male scoffed lightly but nodded, his eyes going to the Alpha again.

“You do realize this is a complicated situation?”

“How so?”

“Jimin is promised to another Alpha.”

“Was.” Jeongguk corrected, quirking a brow. “Wrong tense. And that was your pack leaders decision. This ,” he held up their linked hands, “is Jimin’s decision.”

“Perhaps…” the Beta allowed. “But Lee WonHo is a very stubborn Alpha… there may be some problems when this gets back to him,” he finished, his eyes flicking to Jimin who frowned in return.

“That may be true, but do you know whose problem it isn’t? Mine .” Gguk responded simply, his gaze steady on the Beta. “Jimin is my mate. If he’d like to take him as his own, then he’ll have to go through me to get him. He won’t make it.

Jimin bit his lip and looked over at Jeongguk, however the Alpha didn’t seem nervous at all. In fact he looked more cocky and amused than anything, as if he were almost hoping the Alpha WOULD show up and try to take Jimin back. The Omega shifted closer to him, hoping to draw on some of that confidence. Jeongguk glanced over at him as he did so, but didn’t comment on the action.

“And the older Alpha… from yesterday. What is his stance on this?” the Beta asked with a subtle frown.

“His stance is inconsequential,” Jeongguk responded.

“Our pack leader has spoken,” Yoongi added, reminding Jimin he was there. “THAT is his stance.”

“I see…”

“Now… if that is all, then I’d appreciate it if you and your counterparts would vacate our packlands,” Jeongguk stated, making it clear it wasn’t a simple request.

“...” The Beta looked at him for a long moment before nodding. “Understood.” He motioned to the other wolves, whom it seemed were already holding their small bags and prepared to go. As they moved to congregate behind the lead Beta he looked at Jeongguk. “And our weapons?”

“They will be returned once you’ve been escorted out of the village and off our packlands,” Yoongi answered this time

“I see…” The Beta said inclining his head. He motioned to his packmates and the Jeons stepped aside to let them pass, the lead Beta trailing the pack making sure they had everything.

As he moved to leave Jimin’s hand shot out, catching the lead Beta’s within his own. “Taemin-ah!”  

The Beta turned and looked at him, as did all of the others, but Jimin didn’t say anymore he just released the Beta’s hand and offered a sad smile. For a moment the smile mirrored on the Beta’s face before he inclined his head and they exited the door. Jeongguk remained silent, following them out.

“Hyung if you can go with Gyu to escort them to the parameters of the packlands,” the Alpha ordered Yoongi. 

The older male bowed in agreement before motioning to the guard at the door, Jimin watched grimly as his former packmates were escorted away by his new ones. Gguk watched them go as well before stepping back into the house they’d vacated and looking around.

“What is it?” Jimin asked after a few moments, following him in once the Park pack was no longer visible.

“Nothing… maybe you can tell me,” Jeogguk inquired facing his mate. “What was the note that you passed to that Beta?”

Jimin’s eyes widened, and he flushed a bit. Of COURSE Jeongguk had noticed. “Just… a letter.”

“For him?”

“No,” the Omega quickly shook his head. “For my parents. I just….” he exhaled. “Taemin-Hyung and I grew up together… we use to be pretty close, he was my best friend for a while next to TaeTae. But… we got older, and he mated and we kinda grew apart as he got more and more into pack duties.” Jimin frowned a bit thoughtfully. “Anyway he matured, I admit I didn’t mature as quickly- then again he IS older by a few years-”

“-so since you two use to be close you sent a note with him?” Jeongguk clarified.

Jimin blinked and looked up at him nodded. “Yeh…. Hyung does really well in the pack. He’s normally part of the elders assistants- him coming on a mission like this-”

“-you think it was to check on you?” 

“Mmm,” the Omega nodded. “Or to keep watch over me while we traveled back if need be. He probably requested to be allowed along both for himself and my parents. Either way I know I can trust him to get the letter back to them discreetly.”

“And what does the letter say?”

Jimin shrugged. “Just that I’m okay and that this was my choice and I chose to do it because…” he fluehd a bit and ran a hand through his hair. “Well, because of my feelings for you- not just based off of my negative feelings for WonHo- so they don’t need to worry.”

“I’m surprised,” Gguk admitted. “I thought you were upset with your parents, considering this whole mating thing.”

“I am. But I still love them,” the Omega replied looking at his mate. “And they still love me. I know it wasn’t easy for them, I heard them arguing and Appa crying the night of the deal- But the Pack Leader had made a decision and they weren’t in a strong enough position to oppose it.”

“I guess….” Gguk muttered. He didn’t give a fuck, if it were him he’d never let his pup be sent into such a situation.

Jimin walked over cupping his cheek and smiling wryly. “I won’t see them again so… just let me have that belief, okay?”

Jeongguk looked at him before inclining his head. “Fine. But next time talk to me BEFOREhand.”

The elder winced. “Sorry… I just thought you may not agree.”

“Even if I may not agree I still have a right to know, both as this packs leader and especially as your mate,” Jeonguk countered his voice stern but steady. “We can’t stand together if you’re doing stuff apart from me Jimin, I trust you, but I need you to do the same.”

Jimin flushed guiltily. “I understand… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, be honest,” Gguk countered, though the sharpness of his words was circumvented by the gentle kiss to Jimin’s temple. “It’s important for me to be able to protect you, especially with everything that’s going on. But to do that I need to have all of the facts, yeah?”

“Yeah… sorry, I’m not used to telling anyone everything besides Tae… I’ll work on it,” Jimin replied hugging him.

“Good,” Gguk responded kissing his head once more. “Now what do you say we head back to your place and finish talking about this ring?”

The older man snorted and pulled back a bit looking up at him with a painfully dry look. “Talking?”

“There will be some,” Jeongguk allowed with a wink before squeezing his waist. “Unless you want to TALK here.”

“You-” Jimin cut off with a laugh and quickly pulled back. “You’re incorrigible.”

“What can I say? I’m a healthy Alpha,” Gguk shrugged heading towards his mate as Jimin backed away. “As my mate it’s your job to satisfy me.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes really.”

“And what’s your job?” Jimin asked, as Gguk finally reached him, pinning him between his larger frame and the door before pulling him close. 

“To do the same.”

“Do you think you can?” his lover teased feeling stupidly giddy all things considered.

“Hmm… why don’t you tell me ?” Jeongguk replied kissing him deeply as they both simultaneously agreed to have their “talk” here.


Chapter Text


(A Few Days Later)

“Wow… can I use this?” Jimin looked over at Tae’s words, seeing the Omega holding up a beautiful iridescent cloak

“For what?” Jimin asked dryly as he continued to put his things away in the satchel.

“To wear.”

“For what occasion?” the smaller Omega qualified as he set aside the books NamJoon had lent him.

“I dunno…” TaeHyung pouted thoughtfully before shrugging. “Thursday?”

Jimin snorted a laugh and threw a cloth at him. “You’re SUPPOSED to be helping me pack!”

“Yeah, yeah, I am,” the lanky Omega relented making a face and reluctantly packing away the beautiful cloak. 

Today was the day that Jimin and Jeongguk would be moving into the largest house on the packlands, The Jeon House. Everyone had been both surprised (and a bit impressed) that the younger Alpha had thrown the elders out of the home. And even though some of the older wolves hadn’t agreed with how it had been done (or the situation as a whole) Jeongguk’s - ’My mind is made up and you can take it or leave my pack’ , attitude was forcing them to look at the young Alpha in a new light. In fact it was forcing all of them to do it, TaeHyung included.

In the few days since the incident with the Park pack and his subsequent mating, it was like Jeongguks personality had taken a turn. It wasn’t negative, per’se, but it was more serious in the sense that he went from acting like a Pack Leader sometimes , to basically, just being a Pack leader. He gave orders instead of requesting action, and he expected follow through instead of allowing others to take it as a suggestion. TaeHyung wasn’t sure how he felt about it, he’d heard that Gguk could be like that, according to Yoongi that was “normal” Jeongguk when it came to fighting, battle and anything to do with pack defense. However, he’d never seen it. 

Gguk had always come off more childish to him than anything and he couldn’t help but wonder what this shift in attitude meant for his best friend. Did he treat Jimin well? It wasn’t like TaeHyung had had the chance to ask Jimin his opinion as his friend had been sort of * occupied * the last few days. In fact, this was his first time spending more than a few minutes with Jimin since he’d become mated. And his first time being alone with him. 

“So….” Tae hedged, once again pausing in his packing.

“...So?” Jimin repeated after the silence lingered, shooting his best friend a curious look.

“You’re mated huh…”

“Yes…” the silver haired Omega said slowly, before dryly adding. “However did you find out?” Tae stuck his tongue out at him and sat heavily on the side of the bed, looking at his friend. “What?” Jimin asked after a few moments of trying to ignore him.

“Nothing it’s just… well we really haven’t had a chance to talk since all of this began,” the lanky man said thoughtfully watching his bestie. 

Jimin finally stopped what he was doing and looked at his soulmate, moving over to where Tae was he took a seat next to the other Omega and took his hand. “Yeah… sorry about that. Gguk’s been….” he trailed off with a blush.

TaeHyung snorted a laugh and shook his head. “You don’t have to tell me, Yoongi was horrible after we mated. I’m surprised I didn't get pregnant within a week.”

Both Omega shared a look and burst into laughter, Jimin’s head fell to Tae’s shoulder and stayed there. He sighed softly as the laughter died down and bit his bottom lip. “I had no idea it… you know, was like that . I now see why so many people do it before mating.”

Tae grinned and nudged him. “Jeongguk’s that good huh?” he teased. “But trust me, it’s a hundred times better with your mate. So you didn’t really miss anything.”

Jimin nudged him back. “Good because it’s too late anyway.”

“This is true…” Tae murmured. Both Omega sat in silence for a few moments, holding hands and listening to the sounds of children playing outside. “Are you okay?”

“Hmm?” the silver haired Omega hummed curiously, glancing over at his best friend.

“With this, all of this. Are you okay?” TaeHyung asked seriously, looking over at his best friend. “I mean… you and Gguk went from not talking to mated in like, less than a day.”

The smaller male bit his bottom lip and inhaled, taking the time to consider Tae’s words before shrugging. “Kinda… I mean…” he looked over at his friend. “I… I’m happy. I am. That I mated him- that I can finally be honest with myself, and now you, about how I’ve wanted this- wanted him , for a long time now. Since the moment our eyes met… I know it sounds stupid but-”

“-No,” TaeHyung interrupted squeezing his hand. “It’s not. It’s not stupid at all,” the lanky man declared. “I felt the same. The moment I met Yoongi I knew he’d be my mate. I knew I had to have him. Hell, we met, fell for one another, and in less than two weeks were mated- that’s far less time than you and Gguk so… yeah, don’t over explain yourself to me. I get what you mean.”

Jimin smiled a bit. “Of course you do, that’s why we’re soulmates.”

“Exactly,” Tae winked and they both laughed once more, though the taller male tilted his head when they were done and nudged Jimin again. “BUT, you said ‘Kinda’ … so, what’s the problem? I heard hesitation in your tone when you started, is it about Gguk and how he feels?”

“How did you know?” Jimin asked blinking and looking at him.

“Soulmate remember?” TaeHyung indicated himself. “Of course I know. So… you two haven’t talked about it?”

“No… not really. I mean, like you said things happened quickly. We went from not talking and him being scheduled to meet a potential mate, to crisis mode and mating ourselves to, well… post mating activities.” He blushed a bit and Tae wagged is brows teasingly at him. “I just… I don’t know…” the silver haired Omega finished trailing off.

“I understand,” Tae petted his head. “And I’m sure this week isn’t helping is it?”

Jimin groaned and fell back onto the bed, looking up at the ceiling. This week Gguk, NamJoon, SeoYung, Hoseok and a few others were scheduled to go to the South Eastern territories and give their apologies in person to the leader of the Yeong pack for Gguk breaking the agreement to meet with his daughter. Jimin had wanted them to send messengers, but Jeongguk said it would be disrespectful, especially after humiliating her by mating with him and going back on the agreement for the packs to meet.

It wasn’t that Jimin didn’t understand or didn’t trust Gguk, he did… but he also was aware of the circumstances of their own mating. As well as the rumors on how the Yeong Pack Omega was incredibly beautiful which, coupled together, made him extremely anxious. 

TaeHyung lay next to him and pulled him into a loose hug. “It’ll be fine. Like I told you, the Jeons are crazy faithful once they’re mated and Jeongguk is THE JEON. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

“I guess….” Jimin muttered.

“Your ring.”

“Hmm?” the smaller Omega blinked and looked at TaeHyung.

“Your ring, give it to him to wear,” Tae said picking up Jimin’s hand and then frowning when he found it bare. “Where’s your ring?”

“Jeongguk has it already,” Jimin said pulling his hand back. “I gave it to him the day after we mated.”

“You did?” 

“Yes… why?” Jimin asked noting TaeHyung's frown. The dark haired Omega bit his bottom lip, his gaze flicking to the door. “TaeTae?”

“Oh nothing just…” he hedged, before a hit on the knee from Jimin snapped him out of it. “It’s just that I didn’t see it earlier… but maybe I just wasn’t looking close enough.” 

“What do you mean?”

“Earlier… when Gguk came by to get me and walked me over to help you pack, before the guys went to help the Elders move the last of their things… I didn’t see it. But…” he shrugged and looked at his friend. “Maybe I just missed it.”

“Maybe…” Jimin said slowly. “I mean… I did put it on his pinky finger so…”

“So yeah! Yeah, maybe that was it!” Tae nodded quickly grasping onto that. “I was looking at the wrong finger!”

“Yeah, of course,” Jimin agreed as well. Both Omega’s shared a look, neither really buying that, after all the pinky finger was right next to the ring finger. However instead of harping on it Jimin just stood and clapped his hands together. “Anyway, enough about me. What about you?”

“What about me?” Tae’s brows rose.

“Yoongi-Hyung… did you get into a lot of trouble for not telling? You know, about my situation?” 

“Oooo,” TaeHyung made an ‘O’ shape with his mouth and whistled. “Well… kinda.”


The taller man shot him a look. “He started to snap at me about trust and being honest and whatnot, so I explained to him it wasn’t my secret to tell. Which, he clearly didn’t like because he started to yell so…”

“So?” Jimin frowned at him.

“So I put my hand to my side and made a pained face and he quickly forgot he was mad,” TaeHyung shrugged.

Jimin’s mouth dropped and he squinted. “Kim TaeHyung- you did NOT feign pregnancy pain to get out of a scolding?!”

“What?!” Tae pouted. “Jin-Hyung said that stress was bad for me and baby- getting yelled at stresses me! And THAT was just a little reminder to Yoongi of his words, that’s all.”

The silver haired Omega snorted a laugh. “You’re evil.”

“I’m resourceful,” TaeHyung winked standing. “Now let's finish up getting you packed.”

“Resourcefully evil,” Jimin laughed as he moved to finish putting away his medical equipment, the two Omega shared a look and a laugh.


“You guys about done?” Yoongi asked peeking his head into the small home about an hour later.

“Mmm,” Jimin nodded glancing over.

“Why don’t you buy me wonderful cloaks like Jimin has Babe?” TaeHyung pouted as he closed the last bag and looked over at his mate.

“You act like he brought them around the corner,” Yoongi replied dryly, entering and taking note of how many bags and boxes Jimin had accumulated in his short time here.

“Is it too much?” the Omega frowned.

The elder snorted. “Please… you’ll need at least fifty or sixty more of these to even make a dent in the size of that house.”

“Don’t encourage him,” Jeongguk remarked entering with Hosoek a moment later. 

Like Yoongi both wolves were slightly sweaty from the moving they’d just completed. The elders had packed up damn near everything but the items fixed to the wall. 

“They picked the place dry didn’t they?” TaeHyung frowned, crossing his arms over his chest.

“It was their things,” Yoongi soothed his mate, giving him a kiss on the cheek as the Alphas moved to pick up boxes.

Jimin couldn’t help it, his eyes took in all of his mate, stilling on his hand… his hand that was missing a very important item.

“What’s wrong?” Jeongguk asked.

Jimin’s eyes flicked to his face and he shrugged. “Nothing…”

He left it at that, grabbing a box of his own and heading to the door, leaving a confused group of Alphas behind as well as TaeHyung, who quickly grabbed a small plant and waddled after him. 

“Wait up! Jiminnie!” Tae called. “ Wait .” The silver haired Omega didn’t stop but did slow a bit, and after a moment is friend caught up to him. “Fuck… I’m too big for marathons.” He breathed heavily.

“Sorry…” Jimin muttered.

Tae’s gaze flicked over him. Of course, like his best mate, he’d looked again as well so he knew what was bothering the other male. “Did you want to talk about it?”

“Talk about what?” Jimin countered. “It’s a stupid tradition. Forget it.”

“It’s not-”

“- I SAID forget it, Tae.”

He could feel the upset rolling off of his best friend as well as the curious eyes that watched them move to the pack leaders home. As much as he DIDN’T WANT to forget it, he knew now wasn’t the time, and forcing Jimin to argue like that in front of the pack would just put him in a worse light. So, he did as his friend asked and shut his mouth for now.


“I think we’re finally done,” Hoseok groaned sometime later, falling onto the cushions they’d taken out of the storage shed where the Jeon family furniture had been kept and maintained. 

“Finally, fuck I’m tired,” Joon breathed sprawled out on the floor.

“Here,” Jeongguk said passing out small treats. 

“Where did you get these?” NamJoon asked curiously.

“Apple Halmoni gave them to me as a going away gift. I figured you guys earned it,” the younger Alpha teased with a wink.

They had moved multiple homes today, including two of the three elders (YoonHee and his wife had moved the day after the fight with Gguk so they hadn’t needed to move them), Jimin, Jeongguk AND the additional furniture and stuff from storage. All in all it had been a long day full of a lot of manual labor.

Speaking of long day.

Jeongguks eyes went to the two Omega where were seated on cushions at the other side of the room. TaeHyung kept whispering to Jimin, who wasn’t talking at all in response. He’d been trying to speak to his mate all day, since he’d felt Jimin get upset at his house. However, someone had always needed him for things either pertaining to the move or the pack in general so he’d not had the chance.

He wasn’t stupid. He knew what was bothering his mate or at least he thought he did he also knew he needed to address it before it got blown way out of proportion.

“Hey…” Gguk said squatting down in front of the Omega’s and holding out the treats. “Did you guys want one?”

“No… thank you,” Jimin said still not making eye contact. 

It was no surprise to Gguk at all when TaeHyung responded in the exact same manner. The Alpha sighed and studied his mate, passing the sweets to a confused looking Tae he grabbed Jimin’s hand. “Let’s go to the room and talk.”



“We don’t have anything to talk about.”

“Apparently we do.”

“No we don’t,” Jimin countered. “And I need to unpack.”

“Please stop being upset and hurt.”


“You don’t have a reason-”

“Don’t tell me what I feel or what reason I may or may not have to feel it,” Jimin snapped in return.

Jeongguk could feel his Hyungs glance over and sighed, though he didn’t let go of Jimin’s hand when the Omega tried to pull back.

“Jimin and I aren’t done talking,” TaeHyung interjected noticing his soulmates discomfort.

“Stay out of this,” Gguk replied, not even looking at the lanky Omega.

“No. If it involves my best friend-”

“Tae.” Yoongi said coming up behind Jeongguk. “Come. Now.”


“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Gguk huffed feeling the big mess that this was leading to. Reaching into his shirt he pulled out a silver chain, on the end of the chain was a beautiful ring. “I’m wearing it, okay.” 

Jimin blinked and frowned looking at the ring then at Jeongguk. “But-”

“No buts,” the Alpha cut in. “I’m a wolf Jimin… a fighter. Not only was the ring loose on my finger but if I have to quickly shift forms- then what?” He tugged lightly the chain to emphasize his words. “THIS. This can stay on me, no matter the form- no matter the situation, I won’t lose it. Do you get it?”

The Omega flushed a bit and pouted. “You should have told me.”

“You should have asked,” his mate countered. “NOW,” he purposely let go of Jimin’s hand as he stood, then held it out once more for the Omega to take of his own will. “Can we talk?”

Jimin lightly bit his lip, suddenly he was hyper conscious of the gazes of the various friends/packmates on them right now. Nodding stiffly he accepted the hand and Jeongguk used it to pull him up and towards the room.

NamJoon stood, “We’re gonna head out-”

“Don’t. We’ll be back soon,” Jeongguk said throwing a look over his shoulder. “I brought the food and Jin-Hyung promised to cook if we didn’t make him help with the move.”

Hosoek snorted. “Right… I’ll go and get him then.”

“Thanks Hyung,” Jeongguk said, as he and Jimin headed down the long hall and up the stairs to where the master bedroom was located to talk. 

Chapter Text

(Upstairs in the Master Bedroom) (ignore any modern lighting)


Jimin looked at his mate as Jeongguk closed the door to the bedroom. “What did you want to talk about?” He asked after a moment.

Gguk sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Things… us, I guess.”

“Kinda late isn’t it? I mean if you’ve changed your mind-”

That. Don’t say shit like that. I mean, did you change YOUR mind?”


“Then don’t accuse me and try trusting me instead,” Jeongguk snapped before exhaling. “I’m trying not to be frustrated, I am, but you’re making it hard.”

“How was I supposed to know about the ring?”

“Why didn't you ask?”

When? When you and the Hyungs were in my old house? Or when we were walking through the crowded village? Or when everyone was at the new house?-”

“I get the point, but you can always pull me aside-”

“OR I can always wait until everyone goes home since we fucking live together,” Jimin countered annoyed at Gguk’s tone.

“...touché.” the younger male exhaled, relinquishing the point and letting his head fall back and hit the door. “But I’d rather you pull me to the side than to be hurt…” the Alpha finished softly after a moment. “I realize that thing happened quickly between us… we’ve never been the best at talking without fighting, or bickering as Hyung says, but I’m hoping we can work on that.”

“...I agree,” the Omega relented. “I just… a lot happened and rather quickly and… I just worry if we talk too much…”

“... we’ll think it was a mistake,” Jeongguk finished. When Jimin looked at him, he smiled wryly. “I worry about the same thing… but not about me, about you.” He sighed and slid to a seat against the door. “Joon-Hyung and I were talking as we packed up the things from my old place… all things considered he had some questions, well, concerns about our mating.” The Alpha looked down at his hands as he toyed with his fingers. “I realized that I never really asked you how you felt about this… about me,” his eyes flicked up to Jimin. “I mean, you were kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place and I worry… I worry that I took advantage of that…”

Jimin shook his head, moving over to where Jeongguk was he took a seat next to the Alpha, taking his hand much like he had that day at the hot springs he gave a snort. “I was worried about the same thing when I talked to TaeHyung… That you just made an impromptu rash decision to protect me or him, that I was the one who took advantage of your kindness and good heart… I guess… I guess that’s why the ring thing scared me so much… I thought maybe you regretted mating. But I was too afraid to ask.”

“Damn, we ARE alike aren’t we?” Jeongguk snorted and the two shared a look before laughing. 

After a few minutes the laughter subsided and Jimin exhaled. “But even still I kinda knew…”

“Knew what?” the Alpha asked softly.

“About you… us. I knew that… that I wanted you. I wanted this.” He squeezed the Alpha’s hand. “Like you said the night we mated, we’ve both wanted this for a while now. I just… it didn’t really  fit in with my plan never to mate, so I fought it. But still… I knew something would come of our.. our...our, I dunno-”

“- tension? Attraction? Affection?” Jeongguk suggested in a lazy but sincere tone.

“Yes. All of that,” Jimin chuckled.

Gguk smiled a bit and looked over at his mate. “All of that.” The Alpha agreed. “Look… I don’t know if there’s a name for what I feel for you yet… but I know that I feel for you , I have feelings for you. I know there are a lot of them, and they’re strong, but this is new to me so… I can’t exactly define them.”

He paused thoughtfully. “However, defined or not, I do know that I don't regret them, or us. Okay so we’re mated. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still get to know one another, we can’t still explore what we’re feeling or learn about one another, you know?”

“Mmm,” Jimin nodded. “I don’t know what I feel for you either… I’ve never experienced... “ he hesitated as a word he wanted to avoid popped to mind. “This KIND of feeling, but I know that I like you… a lot… a whole lot… your scent, your smile, even your borderline asshole personality...” the Omega trailed off before adding thoughtfully. “I think I have shitty taste in men…”

Ya, ” Jeongguk said grabbing Jimin and tickling him mercilessly.

The Omega let out a howl of laughter, trying to get away from his mate as they joked around for a few minutes. Once he’d finally received a tearful apology Jeongguk finally pulled back. 

“You’re mean,” Jimin replied breathing heavily and lying limply on the floor next to his mate.

“I’M mean? You’re the one who ruined a sweet and heartfelt moment,” Jeongguk countered.

“Did I?” the silver haired man asked in a winded tone, reaching over he attempted to pat Gguk on the head but ended up hitting him twice lightly in the face. “My bad… I thought we were bonding.”

“How…” Jeongguk snorted pushing Jimin’s hand way and shifting so he was leaning partway over the Omega. “How is that even in the same range as relating shitty taste in men to me- and how many MEN have you liked?”

“Only you,” Jimin pouted up at him as if it were obvious. Jeongguk almost blushed until his mate finished with, “-that’s why it said shitty.”

The Alpha let out a growl and resumed his torture of his mate who obviosuly hadn’t learned his leasson, however this time instead of giving in Jimin changed tactics pulling the younger male down into a kiss. It didn’t take but a moment for Jeongguk to respond in kind, his body conditioned to respond to his mates affection now.

“Mmmm, no fair,” Gguk breathed after several moments, his lips soft against the curve of Jimin’s neck. “That’s cheating.”

“Tickling is cheating,” the elder countered. “If anything I’m the only one playing fair.”

“So this is a game to you?” the Alpha inquired, pulling back and raising a brow.

Jimin tilted his head and rose a brow back. “This smells like a trap…” he said slowly.

“Answer the question.”

“Is kissing you cheating to you?” his lover countered instead.

“...This smells like a trap,” Jeongguk replied.

The two wolves stared at one another before simultaneously making a face at each other and then laughing. “You’re an idiot,” Jimin grinned and Gguk felt his heart warm at the look on his mates face. He was really beginning to think that classifying his feelings for Jimin as “something” was a huge understatement.

“Well if I am, and you mated me- then what does that make you?” he responded aloud.

“...An idiots keeper? Ya! -” Jimin laughed again as Jeongguk once again started in on tickling his sides. This time the Alpha deftly avoided his attempts to kiss him into distraction only relenting when Jimin apologized. “Fi-fi-fine,” he laughed. “You’re not an-an itiot-idiot,” the Omega said now crying from laughter. 

“So, what am I?”

“Mine,” Jimin responded instantly, sniffling and wiping his tears. “You’re mine.” he repeated this time more firmly. 

Jeongguk looked at him thoughtfully for a moment before leaning down at giving him a peck. “That. I’ll accept.”




Jeongguk chuckled at the term and scrunched his nose up at his mate. When Jimin giggled the Alpha’s heart warmed again and he sighed, letting his head fall to Jimin’s chest as he muttered. “I think I finally understand how Yoongi-Hyung feels.”

“Mmm?” Jimin asked, stroking his hair.

“I said… let’s go eat. The food should be ready,” the Alpha answered looking up at him with a wry smile.

Jimin made a face at him. “That’s not what you said,” he informed his mate. However he didn’t push it, allowing Gguk to stand and help him up, the two wolves made their way out of the room and back downstairs to join their guests.



“You guys were up there for quite a while,” NamJoon said dryly when the couple rejoined the group a few moments later. “I would ask if everything was okay, but we could hear Jimin laughing from here.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m okay,” a flush faced Jimin countered sticking his tongue out at the older Alpha before heading over to Tae.

“You’re fine, you big baby,” Jeongguk rolled his eyes.

“Hyung,” his mate reminded him.

“How about just Baby?” Gguk countered with a smirk. When Jimin blushed in response, several groans sounded.

“God, I think I preferred it when you two weren’t speaking,” Hosoek said rolling his eyes.

Same,” NamJoon, Yoongi, SeHyun and Jin replied in unison.

“You’re just jealous,” Tae smirked, though his eyes went to Jimin in silent question. When his best friend smiled and nodded briefly he relaxed, it seemed they’d worked things out. “Tell the truth you guys came down now because you knew Jin-Hyung was almost done with the food didn’t you?”

"Almost?” Jimin and Jeongguk pouted in unison.

As the others laughed, Jeongguk dodged the pillows his Hyungs threw at him and went over to the kitchen where Jin was to get a taste of the nights meal. When the elder finished, he helped him to set up the dishes on the table in the living room and the group finally settled into a comfortable conversation that included everyone finally grilling/teasing the newly-mates.



Chapter Text

(TaeGi's Home)



Jimin looked over at Tae and sighed, quickly picking up the pace he closed the distance taking the bucket from the lanky Omega with a reproachful frown. “I thought I told you no heavy lifting?” he said wagging a finger at his best friend. “You’re supposed to be inside resting.”

“I’m bored!,” the Omega complained. “And I need more water for the house.”

“Why isn’t Yoongi getting it?” 

“He’s getting some more spices for the fermentation of the liquor,” Tae replied looking at Jimin. “Please free me! I’m a bird! I can’t be caged or I’ll just gnaw off my wings.”

Jimin tilted his head and frowned. “What bird do you know that would do that?”

“This one,” his counterpart deadpanned back.

“Che,” the silver haired Omega snorted. “Fine, you can come WITH ME to the well,” he relented, knowing that a stir crazy TaeHyung would eventually drive everyone else crazy as well in an effort not to be alone in his insanity. 

“That’s all I ask,” the taller male allowed inclining his head.

“Drama queen,” Jimin muttered.

“Court jester,” TaeHyung countered. 

Both Omegas glowered playfully at one another as they set off through the village and to the well. Jimin was silently relieved to have TaeHyung as a distraction, Jeongguk and the others had left yesterday to go to the Yeong pack to issue their apologies in person for the broken agreement, while Yoongi had stayed back with their mates. They would be gone a few days between the trip time and time to (hopefully) smooth things over, and Jimin’s wolf was already whining at the absence of his mate. 

It was weird to go from being wholly independent to somewhat dependent on another person, but he couldn’t deny that he didn’t feel… *right* with Jeongguk not near him. This will be the first time since they’ve mated that either of them has left the packlands or even one anothers vicinity and he found himself with a new respect for what Tae must have gone through to send Yoongi to retrieve him.

“What is it?” Jimin asked as he noticed his friend making a face as they walked. 

“Nothing… I just feel so heavy.”

“Well you’re walking for two. Carrying around more than one person gets heavy for anyone after a while,” the silver haired man soothed nudging him lightly.

Tae smiled a bit and nudged him back. “True… I’ll be happy to push this thing out.”

“One, you won’t be pushing. And two, you’ll still be carrying it around for like a year at least.”

The taller Omega made a face. “Don’t remind me, but at least I can put it down from time to time. I also can’t wait to sleep on my stomach again,” he finished with a dramatic sigh and a lazy circular rub of his rounded belly.

“I’m sure Yoongi will enjoy it too,” Jimin joked wagging his brows as Tae burst into laughter.

The two Omega reached the well and Jimin sat the bucked they’d brought down as he reached for the well bucket to unhook and lower it as they continued to talk amongst themselves.

“I can’t believe he did it…” a voice said nearby, just over the hum of their conversation. “Jeongguk is the last of the line, and to throw away his chances to be a Abeoji like that! What a waste.”

Jimin continued to get the water, as TaeHyung paused in his conversation and shot his best friend a sideways look.

“Don’t worry about it,” the woman next to the first said. “Just wait for the Omega to die… that’s what happens you know, with the male ones. They’re not supposed to have pups, they’re mistakes themselves after all.- That’s why they die when they give birth.” 

Jimin’s hands stilled as he pulled up on the water bucket, his anger slowly starting to build. He’d gotten use to the backhanded remarks from Omegas in the pack since his mating, hell even before.- Not all of them were bad, but he had encountered several, usually young, attractive and often with a history with Jeongguk in some way. However, he’d never heard someone saying such hateful things about his best friend, and if anything, that pissed him off more than the ones insulting him.

“That’s right,” woman number one said thoughtfully. “I hadn’t considered that.”

“You should- that’s what I’m doing,” the other bitch replied. “Shouldn’t have long to wait now…”

Jimin could feel TaeHyung stiffen beside him, but he didn’t comment. Not yet. Instead he finished getting his water and once Tae’s bucket was full he looked at his friend. “You ready?”

The lanky Omega blinked and smiled weakly. “Yep,” he said uncharacteristically lackluster, just agreeing with Jimin without any side comments of his own about the two bitches. This pissed the silver haired Omega off more, normally Tae would put up a fight or lob a loud backhanded comment just like they were doing in a battle of pettiness. The fact that the dark haired man wasn’t told Jimin just how scared his friend was that they were right.

“Trust me, yeah?” Jimin said softly, squeezing Tae’s arm with his free hand.

“Yeah…” the other replied just as softly.

“You’re horrible,” the first woman was laughing at her friend who’d made, yet another, snide comment while Jimin and TaeHyung spoke.

The silver haired Omega noticed several other wolves around, mainly Beta and Omega, with varying expressions on their faces from amusement to outrage at the clear bullying. However he ignored that, instead he strode over to the two women and without breaking that stride proceeded to throw the full bucket of water onto them both. 

The women let out yells of surprise, both from the action and how ice cold the water was considering the winter months were quickly coming upon them. “What the hell are you doing?!” Woman number two demanded. 

“Oh!” Jimin blinked in mock surprise. “I didn’t see you there!” he said lightly touching his own chest, eyes wide.

“You didn’t SEE us?!” she demanded, wiping her dripping hair from her face.

“No, I just smelled something absolutely putrid and thought I’d wash it away… how was I to know it was you?” the silver haired man blinked. “By the way, you DO know that Wendsdays are Omega days in the baths…. I believe they’re open to everyone so…”

TaeHyung snorted next to him, while the two women glared back. “You bitch,” woman number one sneered. “You clearly did that on purpose!”

“Did I?” Jimin tilted his head.

She scoffed. “Of course you did!”

“You think?” the male asked thoughtfully. “Then please. Prove it,” he finished in a pleasant tone. 

“Prove it?” she repeated both aghast at his gall and confused on how to do that.

“Yes. Prove it. I mean, why would I just hit you with water on purpose?… It’s not like you did anything to deserve it, right?” Jimin said standing a bit taller and quirking a brow, though his gaze went from woman number one to number two, as if challenging the woman to repeat her words about TaeHyung.

“Right,” the other wolf said taking a step towards him, showing she wouldn't back down. “Which is why it makes no sense that you would attack ACTUAL, TRUE members of this pack.” She glared. “You have no right to be here in the first place, causing a rift between our pack leader and his elders, only to assault the members of this pack-”

“The only assault occurring here is the stench emanating from your person,” Jimin replied. “If anything I HELPED the pack by knocking some of it off. So you’re welcome.” 

The wolf bared her canines. “I don’t know who you think you are, but just because you’re fucking the pack leader that doesn’t make you special. A lot of us Omegas have fucked him,” she finished with a smirk.

“Oh I know that doesn’t make me special,” Jimin responded quirking a brow, before shifting and revealing his mating mark. “THIS does. And I can assure you I’m the only Omega he’s done THAT with.”

The woman scoffed, her face turning red and her hands opening in closing as her temper rose. “So the fuck what? It’s not like it’ll last long.”

“Matings are forever-”

“Not male Omega matings,” the woman glared. “You have a bit of time then, what? -Nine months at most before the Alpha is free again. Sounds like a short term agreement to me.”

“Ahh…. there’s that stench again.”

“It’s not a stench, it’s a fact. A fact that everyone knows even if they’re not saying it to your face,” her eyes flicked past Jimin and locked on Tae. “Male Omega pregnancies are just a countdown for their deaths, that’s why if an Alpha REALLY loved you, he’d avoid it.”

Jimin rose a brow at her, tilting his head. “Is that so?”

“Oh it’s so.” the female Omega responded looking at him once more.

“I wasn’t asking you,” the silver haired man said with a smirk, before looking over to his left, his eyes locking on a figure just to the rear of the small crowd that had formed. “What do you say, is that so?”

Everyone turned to look where he was, including the distracted TaeHyung, only to see his mate standing there- a fury emitting from him that caused the Omega to shift anxiously. “Yoongi-”

“It is not. It has never been,” the Alpha said in a dangerous tone, his eyes not even on his mate, but instead on the woman he was addressing. A woman who suddenly felt very much so threatened by his presence as she shifted slightly to hide herself behind Jimin. 

“I didn’t think so,” Jimin said in a borderline smug tone.

“Why don’t you two head back,” the Alpha said making his way through the crowd that easily parted for him. “I’ll be home with the water soon.”


“TaeTae,” the Alpha said giving his mates arm a light squeeze and giving him a meaningful look. Whatever it was, it was easily understood as the Omega asked nothing else, instead he just allowed Jimin to take his arm and the two Omega headed back towards their home leaving his mate to handle the situation.

“Yoongi, Jin-Hyung and myself have been working hard to make sure that this birth goes smoothly,” Jimin remarked after a few minutes, as the silence lingered. “So fuck her, and trust us.”

“I know…” Tae murmured softly. “I know, I do -I just-”

Jimin took his hand and gave it a squeeze. “I know. I know your family history and I know you can’t help worrying at least some, any new parent would. But don’t worry about what SHE said.”

The lanky Omega shot him a look and gave a small smile. “I won’t…”

“Good,” Jimin said  as they two continued on hand in hand. He had complete faith that Yoongi would handle that bitch in the manner in which she deserved so he’d do his part by focusing on making Tae less stressed.


(Later that Night)

Jimin lay in bed, his mind on too many things for sleep to come just yet. Yoongi had only stated that he’d “handled” the Omega from earlier, however Jimin had heard whisperings from others as he headed home about just how. Apparently the woman *use to* work with kids as a teacher for the center section of the village, however as of this week she was now reassigned to report to the fields to help with cultivation of rice. One of the Beta had informed Jimin that it was Yoongi’s suggestion since she clearly “had too much time on her hands” to give her a job that required more of it. And while Jimin wasn’t sure what happened with her minion, he knew they’d both gotten a rather public dressing down by the Alpha so there was that at least.

Either way, it had been handled in a satisfactory manner, so it was the least of his concerns tonight. No, there was another reason different from what happened with those bitchy Omega as to why he couldn’t sleep tonight Or last night ... and that was, quite simply: He missed his mate. Shifting onto his side the Omega sighed. It was weird. He’d always slept alone. For the duration of his life up until the last few weeks he’d slept alone- so why in the hell did he feel so lonely?

The silver haired man turned his head slightly, pressing his nose into the pillow and inhaling the scent. It was Jeongguk’s pillow, his mates earthy aroma filled his nostrils as he pressed the soft item to his face and closed his eyes imagining Jeongguk there with him. Jimin suddenly found himself torn between soothed and aroused, his mind ghosting over the image of his mate, his free hand sliding down the curves of his own body to his cock and rubbing it slowly from beneath the fabric of his sleep clothes.

“Jeongguk,” the Omega breathed softly, heatedly, imagining his own hand was his lovers rough slightly calloused one. His eyes closed tighter as he pressed impatiently into his own palm, the sound of his heart pounding in his ears… or was it…

Jimin frowned, his eyes snapping open as he concentrated.- There, there it was again, the pounding. Sitting up, his hair unbound and messily falling onto his shoulders Jimin listened once more. When he again heard the sound of urgent pounding he quickly got out of bed, grabbing a nearby cloak he threw it over his shoulders and hurriedly padded down the stairs towards the front door.

“Who’s there?!” he called as he reached the threshold.

“Me!” he heard the distinctive sound of Yoongi’s voice and his heart began to race. Not waiting another moment, Jimin flung open the door, his eyes wide on the cearly anxious Alpha.

“Jin-Hyung sent me to get you,” the blond male said his tone serious and filled with an anxiety he was clearly trying to hide.

“Has his water broken?” Jimin asked, instantly going into healer mode. The Omega turned, quickly rushing to the side room where he’d kept his medical bag and other odds and ends he’d not decided what to do with yet in the large home.

“Not yet,” Yoongi called after him, seemingly unwilling to cross the threshold of the home as if afraid it’d delay Jimin’s departure.

“Good,” the Omega replied. “Just contractions?”

“I guess,” the Alpha said, relief clear on his face when Jimin exited the home and they quickly began the path towards the main village. “I took him to Hyung’s place the minute he began to hurt… he’s early. He still has a few weeks yet.”

“Even so, this is better than we could have hoped,” Jimin soothed as they hurried along. “Most male Omegas give birth as early as a month ahead of time, if not more. The longer the baby stays in the healthier it will be, Tae’s done great. He’s almost to term.”

“Yeah… I guess…” Yoongi frowned, unable to stop himself from worrying even as they finally reached Jin’s office.

“It’ll be okay, we’ve prepared for this,” Jimin assured the older male, lightly petting his arm as he passed Yoongi and entered the offices and called out to the healer. “Hyung!?”

“It’s time,” Jin responded poking his head out of the room. “Wash up- both of you, we need to move quickly if we want to make it before the water breaks.”

“And Taetae?” Jimin asked as he poured hot water from over the fire into a nearby bowl and began to scrub up. He also added some to a second bowl for Yoongi. 

“I’ve given him some of those herbs you recommended as a tea, he’s almost out,” Jin shot Yoongi a look. “So if you want to talk to him, now’s the time.”

“Coming,” the Alpha said, changing his pants and removing his shirt, doing a wipe down of his chest with the soap as he’d been previously instructed to by Jimin. Once done he rushed into the room while Jimin wiped down his bag, finished washing himself and changed into the clean robes located inside of his medical bag.

As clean as he could be he headed into the room they’d set aside especially for this occasion. It looked like it was finally time. Tae was going to be an Appa.

Chapter Text

Jimin used a special cloth and began to spread the numbing salve just at the base of TaeHyung's womb, they needed to give the solution some time to sit before Jin made the first incision. As he did so Yoongi got situated in the slightly elevated seat located next to the bed that would be his during the duration of the procedure. Once he was settled Jin’s assistant cleaned his arm once more where they’d be inserting the needle and tubing for the direct blood transfer.  

“What else do you need me to do?” Yoongi asked, his anxious gaze flicking between the others  and his mate.

“Nothing, you’ll do your part when we hook up the needles, till then just relax,” Jin murmured as he and Jimin double checked the instruments needed for the procedure, making sure everything was clean and ready to go.

“I can also keep an eye on TaeHyung or... “ the Alpha trailed off as he watched Jin lean down to listen to the sound of the baby's heartbeat. “Or… I don’t know, keep an eye on his breathing, I can let-”

“-relax, Hyung,” Jimin said softly, going over and lightly touching the Alpha’s arm. “Taetae is in great hands. We won’t let anything happen to him.” He studied the Alpha, able to sense the anxiety rolling off of him in waves. “You know… we have extra tea if you’d like? That way you can rest for a bit-”

“- no! ” Yoongi exclaimed before exhaling and trying again. “I mean, no… No I want to be here, I mean awake for it. I want to be here for Tae and for the baby since he’ll be asleep when he or she arrives.” 

“Understood,” Jimin nodded and offering him a soothing smile, before indicating what Jin and his assistant were currently doing. “We’re going to hang the sheet up so that you won’t see the actual surgery-”

“It’s fine, you don’t have to-”

“It’s for the best,” the Omega cut him off in a comforting tone. “Even though we’re helping, your inner wolf may not recognize that and may see Hyung, another Alpha, as a threat to its mate. We can’t have either him OR you distracted, it can be dangerous for baby and Appa.” The younger male said, holding Yoongi’s gaze as he continued to explain what would occur in an attempt to belay some of the Alpha’s worries. “Once the pup is delivered we’ll take him or her over to the small table just there and remove the amniotic sac and once we’re sure they’re awake and healthy we’ll bring him or her to you, okay?”

Yoongi took a deep shaky breath, his eyes flicking between the curtain being hung to the, still empty, small table covered in warm, clean cloths.

“Hyung,” Jimin called gaining his attention. “I need you to say you understand.”

“I… understand…” the Alpha said slowly. “But what if something goes wrong.”

“Nothing will go WRONG, however if there IS a hiccup , it’s imperative that you stay where you are,” the Omega responded. “Remember,” he indicated the needle and tubing that Jin’s assistant was handing him. “This is going to connect you to Tae- your blood to his body. Your *life giving blood* to supplement any that he may lose…” 

Noicing the Alpha once again watching his mate, Jimin used a finger to turn the elders chin and make Yoongi lock eyes with him. “It’s dangerous *for you both * if you suddenly hop up and off of that seat disologing the tube.”

It was a delicate thing after all made of bamboo carefully woven together and cured in a resin to prevent it from leaking, it was slightly more flexible than the glass tubing that Jimin was used to in his village and through some test runs seemed to be perfect for what they needed. 

“Right… I have to stay still,” Yoongi affirmed, more to himself than Jimin.

“Exactly, at least on your left side,” the Omega remarked placing the Alpha’s arm on the armrest of the elevated seat. He used two small straps to tie it into place as a gentle, but firm reminder to the elder not to move it.

“Are we ready?” Jin asked looking past the sheet. “I don’t want to delay much longer, TaeHyung’s been out for almost fifteen minutes already.”

“One moment Hyung, let me hook up the blood flow then we’re good to go,” Jimin responded before looking at Yoongi. 

The Alpha gave him a nod of agreement and he Omega located the artery that he and Jin felt would have the most steady and strong blood flow. Once he’d pierced it and inserted the needle/tube they’d created he passed it to the assistant who held it up while he turned to face TaeHyung attaching his side of the needle to his artery, he then attached Tae’s side to the small elevated glass reservoir that joined it with the Alpha’s side and was starting to fill with Yoongi’s blood and set them both on the small hanging platform that he’d created to help support some of the weight.

“We’re ready,” he then said looking at Yoongi, the Alpha nodded in response.

Jimin joined next to Jin as the older Alpha set about beginning the surgery by cutting first into the skin at the base of TaeHyung’s womb, then moving to cut into the muscle below that. The Omega watched anxiously as the elder worked with strong steady hands, whilst he stood to the side absorbing some of the blood and setting the soiled gauze to the side in the small bin held by Jin’s assistant. 

He heard quickened breathing and looked to TaeHyung, worried that (even with the additional of a bit more numbing salve to the inside of the wounds) the Omega was still feeling pain. However he seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Jimin returned to remove another gauze only to hear the sound again. This time he looked at Yoongi, noticing the Alpha’s dark eyes locked on the bloodied rag in his hand, his skin ashen.

“It’s fine Hyung,” the Omega said softly. “He’s fine.”

“But… it’s so much-”

“True, but that’s why you’re here, yeah?” he gave a soft smile, before Jin’s call of his name regained his attention.

The Alpha fell silent, not wanting to distract anymore than he had already. However, he couldn't stop his gaze from going to the bamboo tubing and the glass in the middle that showed his blood traveling from himself to his mate. He hoped it would be enough, but stilled his compulsion to ask Jimin about it as he noticed the Omega moving to dispose of even more soiled rags.

The others pretended that they couldn’t smell the Alpha’s (understandable) agitation at what was occurring, however a tension that no one spoke of remained in the room as Jin worked. The dark haired Alpha recalled and employed all of Jimin’s pre-birth coaching, only having to ask something here or there. As they reached the amniotic sac SeokJin carefully removed it, making sure not to damage or rupture the sac or anything around it. Once he had it free he passed it to Jimin, the straps the Omega had placed on his arm being Yoongi’s important reminder not to move as he shifted to get a look at his pup.

He was surprised at what he saw, as Jimin carried what looked like a big bubble to the other table. Could his babe really be inside of there?

Unaware of Yoongi’s thoughts Jimin focused on the task at hand: removing the pup from the sac. He smiled to himself as he saw a bit of movement, the tiny hand opening and closing on its own caused his heart to race. Very carefully, he took his scissors and made a small incision before using his fingers to tear it a bit more, as he did so the fluid or “water” escaped from the sac, breaking it the rest of the way and causing the pup to be expelled out into Jimin’s waiting hands. 

The Omega turned the baby over onto his palm and rubbed circles onto its back until he heard a soft cry come from it. He then shot a smile over to Yoongi as the Alpha visibly relaxed, his eyes wide and curious as he did his best to see his babe from his location. Since the assistant was busy helping Jin close TaeHyung back up, Jimin set about rolling away the wet sheets, still holding the pup with one hand he pushed the soiled sheets to the floor and pulled up the backups from the back of the table, laying them down and the pup atop.

“What is it? What do we have?” Yoongi finally asked his voice winded, an indication of how stressed he was.

“Gender or class,” Jimin countered in an amused tone as he finished cleaning the pup.

“Either? Both? I don’t care, just * something *,” the elder replied.

Now done the Omega carefully covered the baby, holding it in one arm while picking up a pair of scissors as he made his way around the table towards Yoongi. He glanced over at Jin who was still focused on his work of making sure TaeHyung was properly put back together, cleaned and stitched. Turning his attention back to Yoongi he smiled.

“Your daughter is beautiful Hyung,” he said in a soft tone.

“A girl?” Yoongi repeated, Jimin nodded with a smile. “A girl… I have a girl, WE have a girl. Oh, oh wow … TaeTae’s gonna trade me out of house and home trying to get cute little dresses,” the Alpha chuckled watching as Jimin gently set her across his lap. 

“Now, I kept your right arm free because I have a very important job for you,” he held up the scissors before exposing the pup’s umbilical cord. “If you’ll do the honors?”

He figured it was a great way for Yoongi to feel more involved and also to keep him from stressing over the still ongoing procedure on his mate. Taking the distraction happily the blond Alpha allowed Jimin to make sure the baby’s legs were down and gently cut the umbilical cord between the two tied off sections. Once that was done, the silver haired man took the scissors from him and closed the cover on the babe, picking her up and repositioning her in Yoongi’s arm so the Alpha was holding her fully.

“She’s beautiful,” Yoongi breathed watching her with a soft gaze. Almost automatically his eyes went to his mate. “When will he wake?”

“Probably not for a bit,” Jimin replied softly. “But it’s for the best…”

Yoongi’s eyes flicked to the sheet and he frowned a bit before murmuring. “Yeah…”

“Don’t worry Hyung,” the Omega remarked squeezing his arm. “You have her right? I’m going to check on Jin-Hyung’s status and get the outfit Taetae prepared for her ready. She needs to be at her best dressed when he wakes.”

“Yeah, yeah I got her,” the Alpha said offering Jimin a small, grateful smile.

The Omega’s calming aura was the only thing keeping him from freaking out right now. If Jimin wasn’t worried- well, then he wouldn’t be either. That’s what he told himself. Yoongi leaned back, his baby girl resting just under his chin, near his shoulder. Turning his head the blond man kissed her dark head of hair and nuzzled her- as the soothing scent of fresh dew coated his nostrils he smiled a bit.

He couldn’t wait for Tae to wake up and meet their Babe. Their little Alpha.


(Hours Later)


“Mmm,” a soft voice grunted causing Jimin to look up from his book and give a small smile.

“Mmm, indeed,” the Omega remarked in response.

“So… I’m alive.”

“Kim TaeHyung,” Jimin frowned heading over to his friend and tapping him in the middle of the forehead. “You’re awake three seconds and already insulting me. I have a mind to take you over my knee.”

“I feel like you have already,” Tae made a face.

“You hurting?” the silver haired man frowned, quicking throwing all joking aside.  “I’ll change your gauze and add some more numbing solution.” He declared, however as he turned to do so he froze, his eyes going to the hand holding his wrist.

“My baby? How is my baby? Is … are-”

“SHE, is fine,” Jimin remarked softly. “Let me get her, you can hold her while I get you changed.”

“She is….” the lanky Omega trailed off with a relieved sigh.

“Yes,” his best friend said as he reached into the small wicker basket located on the nearby table. “Both baby and Appa are doing well- just as promised,” he remarked bringing her over.

As he did so, Tae reached for her only to notice a weight on his hand. Looking over he was both surprised and not to see his mate sleeping silently in a chair next to him, his head on Tae’s bed and hand holding his. He shot his best friend an amused smile as Jimin settled the pup.

“It seems both my pups are tuckered out,” he remarked in a droll tone.

“Yes well they were awake while you slept,” the silver haired man said with a smirk as he set about tending to his friends healing wound.


“He’s sleep, everyone is- it’s been a long night,” Jimin remarked as he cleaned the wound and applied fresh salve. 

“You’re not,” Tae replied softly.

Jimin’s eyes flicked up to his, his gaze soft as the two Omegas shared a look. “Yes well… I wasn’t tired anyway.”


“You mispronounced ‘Lovely’.”

Tae snorted then groaned, he turned his head taking in the scent of his pup much the same way Yoongi had. “She’s like her Abeoji.”


TaeHyung laughed then groaned softly, shooting a concerned look as Yoongi shifted, then a glare at Jimin. “Stop making me laugh.”

“Sorry,” his best friend acquiesced.

“I meant , an Alpha” the other male finished stifling a yawn before setting about counting all of her fingers and toes to make sure everything was in place.

“That too,” Jimin teased as he finished up. “You should get some more rest. Yoongi-Hyung’s transfer helped but you still lost a lot of blood, your body has been through a lot.” 

“Mmm…” Tae sighed looking at Yoongi. He carefully freed this hand to card it through the Alpha’s hair. “I had wanted him to not see me until I looked good, but I didn’t get a choice. I’m glad our baby looks beautiful though, the outfit looks as nice as I thought it would.”

“She would have looked good in a sack, and so would you. So yeah, no choice in this instance for you,” Jimin agreed. “But don’t worry Babe- I’ll make sure before you step foot out of here next week you’re dressed to the nines in that beautiful robe and cloak I got for you and baby.”

“Next week?” Tae frowned.

“Mmm, at least,” his friend agreed. “You’ll have some trouble moving and still run a high risk of infection until you’re more healed. And we also have to make sure that you can have a bowel movement and pass gas.”

“Jimin,” the taller male hissed throwing a look to make sure his mate hadn’t woken.

“What? It’s a fact,” the slightly older Omega shrugged unabashed. “A lot of stuff was moved around down there. We have to make sure it’s all still in working order.”

“I guess…” TaeHyung muttered.

“Hey,” Jimin nudged him. “Getting waited on hand and foot, while you get to spend quality time with your baby isn’t a bad deal, yeah?”

“...Yeah,” the dark haired man relented.

“I’ll get you more tea so you can rest. Baby should be fine on your chest as you can’t really turn anyway,” his best friend winked before turning to head to the kitchen.

“Jiminnie,” Tae called just as he reached the door.


“Thank you,” the Omega said softly, his voice and eyes thick with unchecked emotion. “Thank you for breaking the curse. Thank you sooo much for saving us both, Lovely.”

Jimin smiled just as softly and with just as much emotion back. “As if I’d ever let myself lose you.”

The two shared a look and soft chuckle that were thick with love, before Jimin bowed slightly and left the room to warm up some more water for tea.


Chapter Text

(The Next Evening)


Jimin offered a smile and waved the male off. “No Hyung, you stay here with your family. I’ll get home fine.”

“You sure?” Yoongi asked with a frown. “You’ve been up pretty much all day and night yesterday, and again today.”

“Jimin let Yoongi take you,” Tae remarked, rubbing Yoonji’s back as the baby slept on his chest. “You should have rested longer this morning-”

“I’m FINE,” the silver haired man insisted. “What’s the worst I can do? Fall asleep on the way? I’ll be okay, you two- no correction, you THREE, need as much bonding time as possible. I can walk home alone.”

“I’ll escort him,” Jin cut in.

“Hyung-” “Thanks Hyung!” Jimin and TaeHyung responded in unison.

“They’re right, you’re sleep deprived Jiminnie,” the Alpha remarked, having picked up the nickname from TaeHyung over time. “I want to at least make sure you get there okay or Gguk will have all of our heads.”

“He will not-”

“Stop arguing and go sleep,” Yoongi cut in.

Jimin stuck his tongue out at the Alpha, who returned the action. The Omega snorted and made a face. “Curses you win.”

“As I should,” the older male said with a wink before nodding at Jin.

Jimin decided he was too tired to argue anymore with the people around him, besides he knew they just had his best interest at heart. It had been a hectic few days, between Tae giving birth the night before last and his constant vigilance at his friends' side. The day after the birth he’d been too excited/anxious to sleep and had returned to the medical office within a few hours of being sent home to rest. 

From there he’d been in charge of helping Jin with the care of both TaeHyung (supervising Yoongi as the Alpha helped his mate walk to prevent blood clots) and helping Tae groom/look after Yoonji. He was also the main support and family for his friend since his biological family was days away with the Kim pack. Jimin had even brought the supplies so TaeHyung could write a letter to his Abeoji, as well as bringing the dark haired Omega some fabric to work on a blanket for Yoonji during his time awake.

However, all in all, things had been going well minus one minor incident. This occurred when Jimin, after returning from having Tata deliver Tae’s letter, had run into the Min’s and tried to explain to them why they couldn’t see Tae or the pup just yet. To say it hadn’t gone over well was an understatement, however luckily Jin had intervened and explained to Yoongi’s Abeoji that there was a medical reason for such precautions. The Alpha explained that due to the high risk of infection for both pup and Appa, visitation was strictly limited so, ‘No.’ , it wasn’t just Jimin being petty about the Elder almost kicking him out of the pack. 

From there Jimin agreed to go into the room and retrieve Yoongi, who came out to greet and speak with his parents, telling them about their new granddaughter and walking them home. Though he had to admit, while he felt bad for Yoongi’s Eomma (who seemed nice enough) he DID somewhat childishly enjoy getting to issue orders to Min Yoonhe. In fact he and Tae had a really good laugh about it while his mate was gone with his parents.

All of this coupled with his few forays into the village for supplies or errands, having to constantly answer questions about the birth and if the baby and Tae were “Really okay? ”, as well as the absence of Jeongguk keeping him from feeling comfortable in his new home, made for a very tired Omega. So it was for this reason he gave up the fight and followed the older Alpha from the room, allowing Jin to put his cloak on him and grab his medical bag and following him out of the offices. However Jimin looked up in surprise when he suddenly bumped into Jin’s back as they left the location when the male came to an abrupt stop. 

“What?” he frowned looking up at the elder. “Why aren’t you going?”

“You know….” the Alpha said slowly. “I think I WILL let you walk home alone.”


“You can go without me,” the older male remarked turning and shooting him an amused look.

“I KNEW that, you’re the ones wh-” Jimin cut off with a sigh. “You know what, forget it.” He was too tired for this. 

However he only had to walk past Jin to know why the elder had done such an about face. When the scent of a fresh summer rain wafted to his nose, his eyes immediately went up and connected with the tall form of his mate. Jimin must have been tired because he would later have no recollection of how quickly he’d closed the distance between them, nor of how his mate did the same, meeting him halfway. 

All that he knew was that once Jeongguk’s arms closed around him, all of the fatigue that he’d been holding at bay hit him at once. His body sagged against his Alpha and he could hear Jeongguk’s worried voice just above his head before it all went black.

“Jiminnie? Jimin?!” Gguk exclaimed in surprise, catching his mate as the male sagged against him the Alpha shot SeokJin an alarmed look.

The elder Alpha quickly rushed over as well, doing a quick check on Jimin before pulling back with a small smile.

“What is it?!” Gguk demanded of his Hyung.

“He’s just sleeping. He must have been tired.”


“Mmm,” the older male nodded. “He’s been eating and whatnot, but he’s been up since the baby was born a few nights ago.”

“Why didn’t you make him sleep before now?” his leader demanded, and the tone told Jin that (no matter how much the question amused him), Jeongguk was very serious indeed.

“I can’t make him sleep Gguk,” Jin responded holding up both hands in surrender. “We’ve sent him every afternoon to rest since he’s been staying up with Tae at night, but I suspect he doesn’t get much, if any, since he’s always back within a few hours.”

“Then you should have sent him back again!” 

“We tried. He wouldn’t listen.”

“So try again?!”

“Gguk- look...”  Jin tried explaining. “He said he couldn’t sleep anyway, and I didn’t have the heart to force him, considering...”

“Considering what?” Gguk challenged still not understanding. “Did something happen with the baby? I thought it went well.” That’s what they’d heard when they’d made it back to the packlands. Were those just rumors?

“It did…” The older male affirmed before looking at his brother and lightly putting a hand on his shoulder, giving a light squeeze he tried again. “There are other reasons why he probably couldn’t sleep Gguk.”

“Like what?”

Jin snorted but when Jeongguk glared he gently expounded. “It can be hard … for a newly mated Omega to sleep… well… without their mate.” He locked eyes with Gguk and the Alpha blushed a bit before muttering ‘Oh’ and finally dropping it. Jin took a step back. “I’ll keep his medical bag here, why don’t you take him home and… uh… tuck him in.”

“Cute Hyung,” Jeongguk glared playfully, suddenly quite relieved his mate wasn’t sick or something. Shifting so that he was holding Jimin bridal style he bowed his head slightly in farewell to Jin. “Tell Yoongi and Tae-Hyung’s congratulations for me.”

“I will,” Jin nodded. “Take good care of him.”

“I do,” the younger Alpha responded before beginning the trek through the edge of the village and to their home, ignoring the curious gazes of his pack members. ‘Not the welcome home I’d been expecting,’ he thought glancing down at the male in his arms, as he did so, Jimin shifted snuggling against Jeongguks chest. ‘But not a bad one either,’ he finished with a fond smile.


(Later That Night)

Jimin had no idea how long he was out, all he knew was that when he awoke the moon was out and his back was covered in warmth. His eyes went down to the large arm wrapped around his waist and he slid his hand down the forearm and wrist until it came to the long fingers. He stroked them lightly, only stopping when they intertwined with his own.

“Did I wake you?” the Omega murmured, closing his eyes as he felt Jeongguk nuzzle his neck.

“Mmm, ” Gguk grunted in response.

Jimin smiled a bit, the noise the Alpha had made came off like a rumble in his chest that resonated in Jimin’s back. He closed his eyes once more relaxing and taking in his mates scent until he felt soft lips against the curve of his neck.

“Looks like you’re up,” he teased in response, wiggling his ass a bit and causing the Alpha to growl and pull him closer.

“I hadn’t planned on going to sleep when I got home,” Jeongguk complained lightly nibbling and then sucking at Jimin’s skin just above his mating mark; the Omega shivered. 

“Sorry,” he murmured.

“That’s okay, I heard you didn’t sleep much while I was gone,” the Alpha said slanting his lover a sideways look as he hugged him from the back. He could make out Jimin’s long lashes against the pale skin reflected in the moonlight.

“Mmm,” his mate replied. “I wanted to keep an eye on Tae and the baby. With the way things are it’s best to keep contact limited, so it’s been up to Jin-Hyung, his assistant Cherin and myself to look after Taetae and Yoonji.”

“Is that the only reason?” the Alpha intoned. When Jimin blushed but didn’t respond, Jeongguk dropped it, once again nuzzling his mates neck. “Yoonji huh?” he murmured toying with his lover's hand. “Well what’s important is that things went well right?”

“Yeah, they went great,” Jimin replied, even sounded a bit surprised at this himself. “I was nervous it wouldn’t… I mean, this is my first birth where I’m, more or less, the one in charge. If anything went wrong with my technique then Jin-Hyung would have looked to me to solve it, so I’m glad that it didn’t. I think Hyung’s expertise and willingness to learn really went a long way. So I’m-” He turned his head slightly causing his nose to lightly brushed against Gguks as his eyes went wide. “Oh!”

“Oh?” Jeongguk repeated making a face at him.

Jimin giggled and made one back. “I just didn’t expect…”

“Expect what?” Gguk, asked brushing their noses together before kissing the Omega. They kissed for several seconds before the Alpha finally pulled back. “You were saying?” he murmured.

“Saying?” the silver haired man repeated confused, his eyes slightly clouded as he looked at his lover.

“Mmm, about Hyung’s expertise?” Jeongguk replied amused.

“Exper- oh, OH!” Jimin blinked and flushed a bit, facing forward once more. “I was just saying I appreciate how open he was. The handful of Alpha’s I’d met before coming to your pack would rarely take directions from an Omega, let alone a younger one.”

“Yes well, we’re a different breed,” Gguk shrugged. “If advice is good, we take it. I admit I’m relieved though.”

“That Tae’s okay? Me too,” his mate replied softly.

“That too.”

The Omega frowned a bit and shifted his head slightly. “What else?”

“That Hyung did so well,” the Alpha answered. “That you believe he knows how to deliver an Omega pup. I mean, after all you can’t assist during your own birth right?”

Jimin shifted, pulling away he turned to look at him. “My own BIRTH? Since when am I giving birth?!”

Gguks hands went up in surrender. “I’m not talkin about tonight Jiminnie, geez. I’m just saying -you know, when we have kids-”

KIDS- plural? As in like… what? Two? Three? A fucking litter?”

“Why are you so upset?” the Alpha frowned. “Don’t you want children?”

“Maybe , one day- ONE pup would be nice… eventually.”

Jeongguk stared at him for a moment before saying. “I want at least two.”

“At least-”

“-didn’t you ever want a sibling?”


The two wolves looked at each other for several moments before Jimin looked away and Gguk ran a frustrated hand over his face. This was NOT the right discussion for their reunion. After several minutes of silence Jimin spoke changing the subject.

“So… how did it go? The meeting with the Yeong pack? I thought you guys would be gone at least until tomorrow or the day after,” the Omega said, glancing at his mate who was now lying on his back, staring at the ceiling.  

“It went.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means… we’re not going to war or anything,” Gguk shrugged. “I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t hurt our relations somewhat- BUT the pack leader and his mate had mated for love instead of affiliation, so they were upset but understanding.”

“...You told them we mated for love?” Jimin asked softly.

Gguk glanced over at him and they locked eyes for a moment before the Alpha looked away and muttered. “Yeah…”

The silver haired man blushed but didn’t push the subject, instead he lightly licked his lips and asked. “Were they true?”

“What?” Jeongguk volleyed back unmoving.

“The rumors… about the Omega. Where they true? Is she really beautiful?” Jimin turned his head looking fully at his mate.

“They weren’t untrue,” the Alpha shrugged. 

Jimin frowned a bit. “So they were true.”

“You could say that I guess…”

Once again silence fell for a bit before Jimin spoke. “So then do you regret it?”


“Your choice. Do you regret it?”

“I regret that you keep asking me shit like that,” Jeongguk huffed sitting up and looking at his mate. “Didn’t we have this discussion?”

“Yeah, but that was before you saw your stunningly beautiful formerly betrothed Omega,” Jimin frowned to himself, not liking this or the feelings it brought up in him.

“When did I say she was stunningly beautiful?!” was the exasperated reply.

“Those are the rumors and you said they’re true-”

“I said the rumor she was beautiful was true, there’s no stunning to it. And her being beautiful is a moot point.”

“How is it moot when clearly you’re still thinking about it?”

“You asked me!” Gguk snapped rubbing his brow.

“Only because I didn’t think you’d say yes!” Jimin countered just as snappish.

“So you want me to lie?” his mate clarified.

“Y- no… I don’t know!”

“If you don’t know how should I know?” Jeongguk asked with infinite patience. Jimin wasn’t looking at him any longer at this point, instead the Omega was pouting as he sat on the bed, toying with the threads on the sheet.

“I don’t know…I just… if she’s more attractive than me-”

“Who ever said she was more beautiful than you are?”

The older male looked up at him with doe eyes through pale fringe and Jeongguk felt his annoyance melt away like the sap he was. “She’s not?” Jimin intoned softly.

“If she was, do you think I would have rushed the Hyungs to come home so quickly?” the Alpha sighed.

Jimin offered a small, wry smile his hand slowly extending until it covered Jeongguk’s atop the sheets on the bed. “So you guys are back early then?”

“We are,” Gguk confirmed, his eyes locked on their hands as Jimin played with his fingers.


The Alpha glanced up at this question, before giving a slight hitch of his shoulders. “I don’t know… I was worried… I felt like something was… off… like you were anxious or something. Especially the other day, so I wanted to get back as soon as possible. It wasn’t until we got home and found out about Tae and the baby that I knew what that feeling was.”

Jimin blinked in surprise and shifted closer to him. “You felt that?”

“I did… I think, I don’t know, this is all new to me,” Gguk admitted looking at him.

The Omega smiled a bit, closing the remaining distance between them. He butted heads with the Alpha, who returned the affectionate action as both of their eyes fell shut. “Me too, it’s new to me too- I… I missed you,” he finally admitted in a soft tone.

Jeongguk shifted, tilting his head so that he could kiss his mate gently. Pulling back their gazes connected as he responded. “I missed you too.”

Jimin snorted and exhaled, his arms sliding around Jeongguks waist as he hugged him. “This is  weird… so weird… for so long I’ve been okay alone. I mean, yeah I missed people, like Taetae or my parents… a friend or two here or there- but never anything like this, this... I… I don’t know how to explain it-”

“You don’t have to,” Gguk said, resting his chin atop Jimin’s head as he leaned back against the wall. “I understand what you mean.”

“How did Tae and Yoongi-Hyung do it? He sent his mate away for almost two weeks just to be there to retrieve me- I couldn't ...”

The Alpha scoffed and shook his head. “I have no idea….”

He hadn’t planned on mating Jimin, but now that he was, he couldn’t imagine being away from him for a long period of time. Jeongguk had no idea if he and Jimin were different from his Hyungs, or if it was because their mating was so new. But being that far away from his mate had left him restless and uneasy for the duration of his trip. So the moment he’d felt that anxiety that wasn’t his own he’d been on edge and they’d rushed back.

Gguk sighed, he’d have to send a messenger to the Yeong pack to let them know that everything was okay on their end. He’d explain that his mate was fine (he’d told them the reason for his departure as no wolf would deny another the right to check if their mate was in danger or not) and that Jimin had just been called on to assist with a dangerous birth. Hopefully that would be enough.

“What are you worrying about?” the Omega murmured glancing up at him.

“Just this Yeong pack thing… I’m hoping my early departure didn’t make things bad again.”


“It’s fine, I’ll send someone to explain. We’ll get it figured out,” he gave Jimin a light squeeze.

“I feel like I constantly make things hard on you…” the Omega grumbled.

“You do.”

The Omega looked up at his mate his expression hurt, to find Gguk looking at him seriously but affectionately. 

“That’s not a bad thing Jiminnie,” the Alpha expounded. “Before I met you I was contently fucking off and half-assing my responsibilities as a pack leader. I loved the battle and protection part, but was terrified of the diplomatic part. When it came to interpersonal pack matters I was content to allow the Elders to continue to lead because I was too worried about fucking things up and ruining what my family had worked hard to build.”

He sighed and gave Jimin a squeeze. “BUT, the introduction of you, Park Jimin- has challenged everything I use to believe in. From how I viewed Omega, to how I viewed male Omega, all the way to me always assuming the elders knew best.” He looked at Jimin, his brown eyes gentle and full of something neither of them were ready to discuss. “I’ll never regret that or you . Thank you for helping me grow, Hyung-nim.”

Jimin snorted and laughed softly, though his eyes were alight with unshed tears. “Same.”

“That’s it? All of that I said and you reply with - ’same’ ?” Gguk frowned.

“Mmm,” his mate nodded amused.

“That’s-” Jeongguk cut off as he found himself being thoroughly kissed. It seems his mate had decided to show his feelings in a different way as Jimin’s hands slid under his shirt to remove the garment and his body shifted to straddle the Alpha. “You’re right… this is better,” the Alpha breathed in a winded tone as his hands quickly went to his mates robes as they set about showing one another what they felt, instead of discussing it.


Chapter Text

“Well? How does it look?” TaeHyung asked as Jimin took a step back and admired his handiwork. 

“How else? Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous,” the silver haired Omega replied kissing his fingers to emphasize. 

The taller Omega smiled a bit and smoothed down the robes. “I love the choice of white, it emphasizes my purity,” he said primly.

Jimin snorted and laughed. “I’m sure…”

They each made a face at one another as Jimin made a few last minute adjustments to Yoonji’s outfit before looking proudly down at his work with her matching little robe. “It fits her perfectly, it’s like fate.”

“Of course it is, you brought it,” Tae said slowly making his way over. When Jimin moved to take his arm he waved him away. “You’re as bad as Yoongi.”

“Because I’m as worried as he is. You’re healing and while you’re doing great- we don’t want to cause any tears-”

“I’ll walk slowly, regally,” TaeHyung assured his friend, looking over with a frown. “But I will NOT be carried through the village. I want them to see me walking, alive, healthy.”

“Okay, okay,” Jimin said holding up both hands. “Just move at a sedate pace.” 

“Of course,” the dark haired male said in his most haughty tone.

Jimin snorted and picked up Yoonji, handing her to Tae. “You got her?”

“I do,” the Omega said looking down at his pup with infinite fondness. 

TaeHyung had finally been cleared by Jin and today was the big trek back to his home. Though Jeon pack was huge, word still traveled fast and most of the pack knew that today would be the first appearance of the rare “Male Omega pup”. So, though nothing official had been announced, they still expected a pretty large crowd of curious onlookers. As Jimin took a step back and admired TaeHyung’s look- he had to admit, saving the Park robes until after the birth had been a great choice for the taller Omega. He really did look stunning. 

Wide eyes locked on him, as Tae blinked and frowned curiously. “What?”

“Nothing… just thinking about how magnificent my soulmate looks.”

The taller man snorted and smiled, a wide boxy grin. “Well then, please admire away.”

Jimin made a show of walking around Tae slowly, observing him while giving hums and ahh’s of approval as the lanky Omega giggled. A light knock finally pulled the Omega’s back from their play and to the actual task at hand.

“Are you ready?” Yoongi called from just outside of the door.

Jimin quickly moved blocking it before he could open it. “He is, but step back. Appa and baby need to make a grand entrance.”

“Why?” the Alpha complained. “I’ve seen them both before- they don’t need to make one for me.”

“Yes, you too you idiot Hyung. Now go and stand with the commoners,” the silver haired Omega declared in a mock haughty tone.

He could hear some grumbling from the other side, but there was no more objection as Yoongi presumably moved away from the door. Jimin shot TaeHyung a look. “You ready?”

Just outside the door should be a small group consisting of Yoongi, Jeongguk, Jin, NamJoon, Hoseok and Yoongi’s parents. It would be the first time anyone outside of Jimin, Yoongi and Jin had seen TaeHyung since the birth- or had seen the pup at all.

The dark haired Omega took a deep breath. “I’m ready,” he responded slowly.

Giving a smile and a wink, Jimin opened the door. Holding it for TaeHyung and Yoonji as the pair moved passed him. The smaller Omega grinned in approval at the gasps from the room at the sight of the dark haired Omega, including one from Mr ‘I’ve seen them both before’ , Min Yoongi. The blond Alpha seemed awestruck, as if he couldn't believe this was his family. It even took a small nudge from Jeongguk to get him to finally move and approach them. Reaching Tae he gave his mate a gentle kiss before pulling back.

“You look gorgeous his eyes flicked to Yoonji then back to Tae. “You both do.”

TaeHyung smiled prettily and Jimin made his way over to Jeongguk who welcomed him with open arms. The couple watched as the Min’s slowly approached their son and his new family.

“TaeHyung,” Sohwa, Yoongi’s Eomoni said, “you don’t know how happy we were to have heard that everything went well during the birth.”

“Thank you Eomma, I’m sure you were as happy was we were,” the taller Omega responded. “Would you like to see her?” he indicated the pup in his arms.

“Yes! Please!” the woman said in an excited, winded tone.

Her voice came out no more than a whisper, it had a gentle soothing color to it. According to TaeHyung this was just how the woman spoke joking that because Yoongi’s Abeoji was so loud, his Eomoni was forced to speak quietly. He and Jimin had had a good laugh about it, but Tae admitted that overall he liked his Eomma-in-law. Unlike her husband Sohwa had never been rude to him, and he was sure the few times he’d been invited over to their home it had been at her request. 

He also confessed that she had also been the one behind forcing Yoongi’s Abeoji to accept their mating. Seeing her here now, and the overall tranquil aura the woman gave, Jimin could see how Yoongi managed to turn out to be such a good guy despite having YoonHee as a role model. 

Speaking of YoonHee, Jimin watched the Alpha stand uncomfortably next to his mate looking strangely awkward as if he had no idea how to react to this situation. Overall it was vastly amusing to see such a marked difference from his usual haughty arrogance or bluster, Jimin thought as he stifled a giggle.

“What’s so funny?” Jeongguk muttered to his mate, causing the Omega to curb his amusement and shake his head. “Clearly not nothing. Are you having mean thoughts my little ostentatious Omega?”

“That’s it, I’m telling Joonie no more teaching you new words,” his mate replied shooting him a dry look.

“And I’m telling you to stop calling Hyung -Joonie, before I’m forced to thrash him.”

“Thrash him? For what?” Jimin frowned.

“For being an Alpha disrespectful enough to have my mate call him ‘Joonie’ or any equally cringe worthy and overtly intimate nickname.”

“I call Hoseok-Hyung, Hobi and you’re fine with that?”

“Hoseok-Hyung wasn’t trying to fuck you,” the Alpha said pleasantly.

Jimin’s eyes went wide and his face flushed, but a cleared throat from Jin brought them back from their small disagreement on nicknames. The couple shot one another one last mock glare before returning their attention back to the happy couple. Jimin was surprised to see Tae watching him expectantly. 

“I’m sorry, what?” the Omega said, quite sure he’d missed something.

“I was just telling Eomma that she doesn’t need to stay with Yoonji and I because you’ve already volunteered,” the lanky Omega repeated, his gaze saying ‘ You better agree with me or I’m revoking your best friend card ’. 

“Yes, of course,” Jimin said instantly, looking at the woman. “I understand wanting to help and I’m sure Tae would love for you to visit from time to time. But as the only one use to the operation, procedure and postnatal care- I’ve been happily assigned to look after them both.” The silver haired man quickly held up his hands. “While this is of course from a medical standpoint, I'll also be looking after Tae and Yoonji as my nearest and dearest.” Jeongguk cleared his throat and the Omega sighed. “ TWO of my nearest and dearest.”

“Of course…” the woman said softly. “It’s just it’s tradition for her Eomma to help when an Omega gives birth.”

“And we’re looking forward to it,” Jimin assured her. “There are just times that Tae will need a bit more rest than a female Omega would- as you’ve seen. So it’s best to keep visitation down a bit... I’m sorry.”

“Yes… of course,” the woman said sounding a bit dejected.

“Don’t worry Eomma, you can still come to see him everyday,” Yoongi assured her, ignoring the brief look from his mate. “It’s just… it won’t be a twenty-four hour thing. That’s all.”

The woman nodded but didn’t comment. It wasn’t that Tae disliked the woman, quite the opposite. But she was still YoonHee’s mate and he didn’t want the Alpha checking up on them. Feeling the discomfort lingering in the room, Jin pipped up. 

“Anyway, Tae should be resting now- so let’s get this show on the road.”

“I didn’t get to see the Baby,” Hoseok pouted.

“You can see her at Yoongi’s place,” Jin reminded him before motioning for them to leave.

The other Alpha made a face but dutifully headed out of the door with the group. Jeongguk and Jimin taking the lead, the pack leader and his mate escorting his Blood Brother and his mate back to their home. Jimin had expected a crowd, but the amount of wolves trying to catch a glimpse of the pup and Omega from the streets, the porches of homes, even leaning out of windows was almost overwhelming. The silver haired man almost had an urge to wave as though this were an official ceremonial procession. 

The short distance to the home felt much longer with the added spectators, though Jimin did smile a bit at the murmurings of how unearthly and regal TaeHyung looked. He even heard someone comment that TaeHyung ‘Must have died during birth because he looks like an angel’ . Jimin knew his mate had heard it too as Jeongguk snorted and shot him an amused look. 

Finally reaching the home they found a few Omegas standing just outside holding various pots and containers. Jimin shot them a curious look, though he left the questions to Yoongi.

“These are for you two of course,” the oldest Omega, the one everyone called Apple Halmoni responded. “We know that it’ll be hard with a new pup and so we’d like to help with some of the meals.

“Aww, thanks Halmoni,” the blond Alpha remarked pleasantly, “but we don’t want to put anyone  out, we’ll make due.”

“Why make due when you’ve got help?” a pretty younger Omega said in a tone that was a bit too flirty for both Jimin AND TaeHyung’s liking as Jimin heard a small growl from the lanky Omega. 

“Yes they do have help,” Jimin declared. “I’ll be making their meals-”

“NO!” this objection came from every Alpha in Jimin’s former traveling group, causing the other Jeon wolves to jump in surprise and the Omega to frown, offended.

“What does that mean?” he demanded, his gaze going to his mate first- as he’d also voiced objection. This joke was getting old in his opinion, besides he had been working on his cooking and Jeongguk knew that?!

“That means… you’ll be doing enough as extended caretaker,” Gguk said slowly, his gaze flicking to Jin who gave a subtle nod of approval. “You shouldn’t have to worry about cooking as well.”

“I don’t mind,” Jimin frowned. “I’ve been practicing some new meals-”

“-I know, that’s why…. I think your talents are better used elsewhere… ” the Alpha said gently kissing his mates head.


“Besides,” Yoongi cut in. “My Eomma will be helping with the meals. She knows just what a new Appa needs, right Eomoni?”

“Right- yes!” the soft spoken Sohwa said, her face lighting up at once.

Jimin’s objections died at that, recalling how disappointed she’d been earlier, he didn’t have the heart (or the culinary skill) to burst her bubble.

“Great,” a wisely quiet TaeHyung (who had remained silent in an attempt not to hurt his BFF’s feelings) finally remarked. “Now that that’s decided, can we go in? It’s cool out, I don’t want Yoonji to get sick.”

“Of course!” his mate quickly responded, not knowing how he could have allowed himself to become so distracted. The blond moved forward opening the door for his mate and pup before following them in.

Once TaeHyung was seated a few neighbors/friends (actual ones not nosey packmates, as Yoongi didn’t want too many people around Yoonji yet) came in to bring small gifts or drop off food. Tae interacted and smiled, liking the attention for the most part- however after a bit Yoongi called a halt to visits so that his mate could rest. The core group remained for a while longer before, noticing his BFF stifle a yawn, Jimin called a halt to that celebration as well.

“We’ll leave you three to it,” the slightly older Omega said giving Tae a kiss on the forehead and lightly caressing Yoonji’s chubby cheek. “Goodnight little one.” He looked at his friend. “And big one,” he winked.

Tae grinned back and murmured goodnight as well, relieved that his friend had noticed his desire to rest without him having to ask. The Omega headed over to Gguk who was finishing up a talk with Yoongi and the others about official pack stuff, letting him know they should head out. Looking over at his mate, Yoongi quickly got the point and returned to Tae’s side to help get Yoonji settled. After saying goodbye to the family, the newly mated couple, along with the Hyungs headed out relieved to see the crowd had dissipated. 

“What a circus,” Hosoek muttered stifling a yawn. 

“Yeah and we were the sideshow,” Joon joked doing a twirl.

As Jimin giggled and mimicked the action, Jeongguk watched him fondly. He didn’t mention it because he didn’t want a repeat of last week, but he was sure -after seeing Yoonji, that he and Jimin would make beautiful pups as well.

“What?” his mate asked catching the look.

“I didn’t say anything,” Gguk shrugged kicking at a stray pebble.

Jimin kicked it back. “You looked like you wanted to.”

A look of wide-eyed innocence was his response, “Did I?”

As the Omega stuck his tongue out, Jin snorted. “So you two done arguing?”

“When did we argue?” both asked in unison.

The elder Alpha chuckled. “Back in the office… about nicknames and Joon?”

“Me?” NamJoon repeated looking over from where he’d been talking to Hosoek and SeoYung (who had joined the group at the house).

“Mmm, something about Jimin’s nickname for you,” Jin clarified whilst Jeongguk rolled his eyes. 

“Joonie,” Jimin replied looking at his Hyung. “He doesn’t like me calling you that.”

“Aww, but I love it,” NamJoon said pouting. “You’re the only one who calls me Joonie.”

“No he’s not. Your Eomma call-” SeoYung cut off with a grunt as NamJoon elbowed him in the gut.

“He’s the only one,” the tall Alpha repeated.

“No he isn’t, and either way you’ll be Joon or NamJoon-Hyung,” Jeongguk replied, shooting the other male a look to show that he caught what the elder was trying to do. The younger Alpha had known his Hyung long enough to know that, if you gave Joon the chance to get under your skin he’d take it in a moment- all of the Hyungs would.

“Doesn’t HE get to decide?” NamJoon asked quirking brow and looking at Jimin.

Jeongguk glared while the others laughed. For his part the Omega just frowned perplexed. “I still don’t get why it’s okay for Hobi but not Joonie.” He looked at his mate once more.

“I already told you,” Gguk responded.

“Well to be fair though, I’m sure you’re wrong. Any- you know what, nevermind,” Jin cut off his comment on how any Alpha would want to fuck JImin. Realizing he was probably about to say something that would get them all in trouble. Jeongguk had always been a bit more sensitive where Jimin was concerned, but since they’d mated….

Then again, what Alpha with a beautiful mate wouldn’t be protective? They all use to joke that Yoongi was damn near feral when he got back to the pack with Tae. The pack members hadn’t seen many male Omega before and never one as stunning as the tall dark haired beauty so it had been quite the spectacle. But, over time, the shorter Alpha got use to the attention his mate drew and began to see it as a compliment instead of a challenge. 

“How am I wrong?” Gguk pressed.

“You’re not,” Jin said quickly before heading off quickly towards his office. “ANYWAY, I got an eleven-thirty appointment, I’ll see you guys later!”

“Ya! ” Gguk exclaimed as the normally elegant healer damn near ran the other way.

“What do you think he was gonna say?” SeoYung asked curiously looking at the others.

A chorus of shrugs was his response. “Either way,” NamJoon replied. “It’s still Jimin’s choice. The nickname is totally innocent.”

“Of course it is,” Jeongguk said before anyone else could. “But that doesn’t make it any less cringe inducing.”

“This is true,” Hobi nodded.

“You’re supposed to be on my side,” Joon objected.

“There are sides?” SeoYung inquired looking between his elders.

“There are always sides,” the three Alpha’s said in unison, while Jimin rolled his eyes. 

“I’m on the side that keeps Jimin calling me Hobi,” the lanky Alpha continued. “Besides, everyone calls me Hobi- however, you said it yourself, ‘No one else calls you Joonie’ ,” he gave a cheeky smile and batted his lashes. “Therefore Jeonggukie has a point.”

“See!” NamJoon objected. “You’re Hobi, he’s Jeonggukie, Jimin is Jiminnie, TaeHyung is TaeHyungie, Yoongi-Hyung is Yoongi… how can you guys leave me out?”

“One, Yoongi is his fucking name,” Jeongguk said making a face at NamJoon. “TWO, since when do you call TaeHyung, TaeHyungie without Yoongi-Hyung chasing you around and threatening to scalp you?”

“What about me?” SeoYung chimed in. “No one calls me SeoYungie.”

“This is true,” Hosoek said with an expression of mock thoughtfulness. 

“We’re year brothers. How can you betray me?” Joon repeated his expression mimicking his words.

Jimin held up both hands, they were all idiots and he’d learned over time these stupid arguments could last all week if you let them. “Look, I’m tired and want to go home. If it’s such a huge deal to my mate that I call you Joonie, then I’m sorry Hyung I won’t do it.” He then looked at Jeongguk. “And you remember the request and that I heeded it, in case the reverse comes up.”

“I don’t call anyone nicknames-”

“No but you have a team of conquests who have plenty of them for you,” Jimin replied smiling prettily. “So like I said. Remember it. ” He petted the Alpha on the cheek before setting off back towards their home.

“Oooooo, you in troubleeeee,” Hosoek sang, while Joon gave a low whistle.

Jeongguk shot both his Hyungs a glare and, less than leader like middle finger, before setting off after his mate. Damn it, one of those annoying bints had been whispering again, shit -he’d thought having a high body count was a cool thing as a pup. Now he was learning it was much more of a pain than the pleasure he got.

Looks like he’s gonna have to make dinner before his meeting tonight. He’d found in their short time together the quickest way to sooth Jimin’s temper was food… well food or sex, but considering the subject -yeah. Food. Food was the way to go. 

Picking up the pace Jeongguk caught up with his mate. ‘Spicy chicken and noodles would do the trick,’ he thought throwing an arm around Jimin once he caught up with him. An arm the smaller man removed as another of his former favorites smiled and waved as they passed. Gguk groaned and shot her a glare in response.

This mating thing was tough… maybe the baking Ajumma’s had a spare cake around too….

Chapter Text


(One Month Later- TaeGi Residence)

Yoongi pushed open the door with his shoulder as he gripped two water buckets. The Omegas in the home paused in their conversation and looked over curiously. “Welcome back,” TaeHyung with a smile moving Yoonji to his shoulder to burp her. 

“Let me help you with that Hyung.” Jimin stood, taking one of the buckets from the Alpha and setting it near the cupboard.

“Thanks,” the older male said, before motioning with his head. “I found a loiterer I thought I’d show him in.”

The two Omega’s shared a look before Jimin quirked a brow. “Loiterer?” 

Instead of replying verbally Yoongi shifted to the side holding the door open. A moment or so later a head peeked through the door, the pretty male blinked and offered an uncertain smile. “I hope I’m not interrupting?”

“Jae!” Tae exclaimed sitting up a bit more and offering a boxy grin as he waved him in. “Hey there! I was wondering where you’d gotten off to! It’s been ages!” At his best friends confused look the Omega did quick introductions as the other male and Yoongi entered fully. “Jiminnie, this is Jae- one of my very very VERY few comrades in arms. He joined the pack less than three months after I did.”

“Hello Jimin-sshi, I’ve heard a lot about you,” the short but pretty male said extending a hand.

He didn’t even have to reach the silvered haired man fully before Jimin to know why Tae called him a comrade. His small stature, pretty face and sweet but earthy scent told him all he needed to know. Jae was one of the limited Male Omega that had joined the Jeon pack after Tae and Yoongi mated.

“Just Jimin is fine,” the other male quickly said accepting the hand.

‘Just Jimin’ seems a bit long, but I’ll respect your request,” Jae joked with a quirky smile.

“Is it in the Omega handbook to be a smartass?” Jimin laughed back.

“You would know,” Tae snorted

“So would you,” Jimin countered before they both made faces at one another and touched fingertips yelling “Twinsies!!” in unison and causing Yoongi to give an affectionate groan. 

“Come on baby, let Abeoji rescue you,” the blond Alpha said taking Yoonji from Tae’s arms. “I’ll put her down for her nap while you three talk.”

“Thank you love of my life,” the Omega replied kissing Yoongi on the cheek as the Alpha grunted and pulled back. He watched his mate leave the room before looking back to his short haired friend. “Seriously though, where have you been? You missed the excitement!”

“I saw some of it,” Jae said, nodding a thanks to Jimin who had pulled out a seat for him. “Congratulations by the way!”

“Thank you! Where were you?” the lanky man pouted.

“My Halmoni was ill so I went back to my old pack to visit her,” Jae said. “I’m sorry I missed the birth.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” TaeHyung and Jimin said in union. “Well welcome home,” Tae continued. “And don’t worry I wasn’t really allowed visitors anyway.” He pointed a finger at Jae. “But I still owe you a kick in the pants, it’s still been too long. Why weren’t you at the last birthday festival? Or the one before that?”

“I’m sorry, you know it’s hard for me to get to this side of the pack this time of year,” the Omega responded patting his friend's hand.

“Jae lives on the other end of the Jeon lands,” TaeHyung explained to the curious looking Jimin. “Usually he can make it over for the birthday celebrations, or during trades but not always.”

“We have a rather large rice paddy we work on,” the other Omega elaborated. “I work with my mates immediate family doing harvesting. We also have another small field with sugar.”

“They’re farmers… I want to be a farmer,” Tae huffed thoughtfully.

“I thought you loved making your family liquor?” Jimin questioned pouring more tea for each of them.

“I do… but there’s something soothing about working in nature, with your hands,” he lifted his large hands and looked at them. “Like… primal . You know?”

The other two Omega shared a look before Jimin snorted. “I guess… but at least you have a place. I’m still trying to find ways to be useful.”

“That teaching thing didn’t work out?” Tae frowned. So far his best friend had tried several different pack ‘jobs’ in an attempt to find his niche, he’d been pretty sure working with pups would be great for Jimin. 

“No… that old bitty got mad at me just because we spent a liiiiitle extra time on recess.”

“How much is a liiiiitle ?” 

“Not much.”


“Really,” the older Omega pouted.

Tae rose a brow. “Park Jimin.” 

The silver haired man huffed. “An extra hour- maybe two… but we were having so much fun!” he exclaimed defensively. “And the children didn’t want to go back inside for lessons, it was a beautiful day and I figured learning about nature was good enough!”

“I’m sure it was,” Jae said with an amused smile.

“I can’t believe it,” Tae just shook his head, “that old bitty is an idiot! There’s nothing wrong with a nature day!” 

Jae looked over surprised to realize the lanky Omega was actually serious. As the two younger males shared a look and nodded to one another in solidarity, the short haired Omega snorted. As long as they were having fun he supposed.

“Thank you best friend,” Jimin replied seriously.

“You’re welcome best friend,” TaeHyung empathized. 

“I’m curious about something though,” Jae slowly interjected, when the other two wolves looked at him expectantly he finished, his gaze locked on Jimin. “Aren’t you a healer? I mean… you delivered Tae’s pup- from what I heard it went perfectly.”

“It did,” TaeHyung agreed.

“But… I wouldn’t call myself a healer,” Jimin frowned a bit. “I helped.”

“You taught,” his friend corrected.

“Either way,” Jimin shot him a look before looking at Jae once more. “I mainly learned to help for Taetae and to make sure things went well for him and Yoongi-Hyung.”

“So…. only for them?” Jae frowned a bit nervously.

“What do you mean?” the silver haired man inquired.

“It’s just…” when the older male trailed off and averted his gaze TaeHyung gasped.

“You’re with child!” he cried dramatically.

“With… child?” Jimin repeated slowly, looking at his best friend like he’d gone mad. 

“Yeah! He’s pregnant Jiminnie!” Tae grinned.

“I know that, I just don’t know who the hell says ‘With child’ ?” his friend responded with a look of distaste. 

“It was how the Omega said it in the novel Suran wrote,” TaeHyung shrugged before hopping up. The tall male grabbed a pillow from the sitting area and shoved it under his shirt before facing the other two amused looking men with a sorrowful look and large eyes. “JiHoon… I… I’m with child ,” he then mock swooned, falling to the sofa as his friends clapped.

“You guys have the strangest habits,” Yoongi said dryly as he exited the bedroom, more than use to his mates antics. 

“Shuddup,” Tae pouted looking over from his location sprawled across the sofa. “You’re ruining my moment.”

“Your overacting did that,” the Alpha responded, barely dodging the pillow his mate pulled from under his shirt and lobbed at his head. 

Jimin snorted and muttered. “At least that delivery was easier than last time.”

“Quiet you,” the lanky male ordered sitting up and glaring at his friend before looking to his mate. “And weren’t you busy with Yoonji?”

“She’s down for her nap,” the older male shrugged. “I’m just grabbing a snack before I meet with the guys. I’m on training duty today.” He finished up, giving his mate a kiss on the forehead and heading for the door.

“Yoongi,” Jimin queried. “What would you think if Tae had told you he was pregnant like that?”

“Like what?” the blond looked back curiously.

“Saying he was ‘With child’ ?”

“It’d think he was babysitting,” the Alpha shrugged opening the door.

“Baby sitting?” the Omegas repeated.

“Yeah… WITH child,” he remarked before quickly closing the door in time enough for another pillow lobbed by his mate to hit it and laughter of the other two Omega to follow. 


(Later That Night)

Jimin sat on the sofa, a thick book in hand as he looked over the text in the low burning candle light. 

“You’ll strain your eyes,” Jeongguk remarked settling down next to him and resting his chin on the Omega’s shoulder.

“Mmm, you’re home.”

“Mmm, I’m home,” Gguk repeated.

“Did you eat?”

“I did,” the Alpha remarked. “I had come bibimbap, I brought home some for you as well.”

His mate slanted him a sideways glance and frowned, he didn’t want anything from Gguk’s former Omega tarts. “Who made it?”

“Yoongi-Hyung’s Eomma,” Jeongguk responded. “She sent your portion since she missed you at their place earlier.”

“Mmm… yeah I did leave a bit earlier than I planned,” the Omega said rubbing his eyes just under his glasses. He paused noticing Gguk looking at him thoughtfully. “What?”

“Nothing,” the Alpha shrugged. “I just think you look extra cute with those on.”

“And with them off?” his mate rose a brow.

“Extra sexy,” the dark haired male responded.

Jimin’s lips quirked in amusement. “Good answer.”

“Honest answer,” Gguk winked before giving Jimin a peck and standing. “I’ll get your food.”

“I’ll eat later-”

“-it’s getting late, eat now -read later.”

“I’m finishing something up.” 

Jeongguk studied him. “You nervous?”

Jimin paused, his gaze flicking up. “About?”

“When I stopped by earlier, TaeHyung mentioned that you’re taking on another male Omega birth… are you nervous?”

His mate looked at him for a long moment before sighing. “I am…” he admitted. “I only planned on helping Tae- everything else is unexpected.”

Yeah , but it’s the same right? The process?” Jeongguk quizzed as he set out the food.

“Yes and no…” Jimin frowned. “First of all each wolf is different, from their lifestyle to their family history. Secondly, I only prepared for TaeHyung. That means some of my herbs and medicines are in limited supply… there are things I can grow or procure, but there are also things I can’t.” 

Gguk sighed and removed the book from Jimin’s hand replacing it with chopsticks. His mate shot him a glare but he was unperturbed. “And considering how things went with your pack you can’t exactly request supplies…”

“Exactly,” the Omega said passing him back the chopsticks and retrieving the book. “Which is why I need to find alternatives in my surrounding environment.”

“Hence the research?”

“Bingo,” Jimin nodded. “I’ve been able to find some things in Jin-Hyung’s medical stores… I was able to also locate some seeds for others. I’ll just need a place to grow them-”

“-you can do that out back,” Jeongguk replied. “There should be a garden near the gate by the well- my Eomma use to grow herbs and things there. It’s fallen into disarray as the elders often got their herbs, vegetables and whatnots as treats from the pack. But I’m sure with a bit of weeding it’ll be right as rain.”

The silver haired man frowned a bit. “I suppose it could work ... and being near a well is a nice bonus as watering will be easy. I’ll need to check how the soil is holding up though.”

Upon arriving at “The Big House” Jimin had found all sorts of interesting things, including multiple bedrooms, an indoor tub with a pump, a sun room, a second floor outdoor patio with a beautiful view and most importantly (in his opinion) a private well. This meant no more trudging to the middle of the village and back with heavy buckets. He could see why the elders wanted to keep the place.

“Good. Problem solved,” Jeongguk said taking the book and replacing with the chopsticks once more.

“Not all of the problems,” Jimin responded reversing the action once more. “The most important thing is still in limited supply; the numbing salve. Between what I used on the trip here- and what was used for Yoonji’s birth, I’m running low. I mean… I’ll probably have enough for this birth but… well, there’s at least two other male Omega in this pack not counting myself .. .”

His gaze flicked to his mates and held it as Jeongguk looked back at him grimly. So that meant if Jimin used it for this Omega, if they DID have pups he wouldn’t have any left for himself. So then the question came up: Should he be selfish or giving? In the end Jeongguk always wanted to protect his pack, this was true but , that said, his mate came first. Which meant the salve from the Park Pack was Jimin’s to use.

The Alpha sighed. “I see….”

“Exactly. So I’m trying to find plants in your area that may have similar qualities as Moonshade flower for testing.” The Omega muttered biting his bottom lip.

“How’s it going?” 

“Dead end…” Jimin frowned running a hand through his hair. “So far, while this location has most of the other nectars and flowers that are mixed with the Moonshade it to dilute its power and complete the salve… I can’t find anything that isn’t either too deadly, or too weak for the substitution of the Moonshade itself…”

“Then,” Gguk said taking the book and placing the chopsticks in his hand. “Eat… rest, don’t focus on it and something will come to you.”

“That’s not how that works,” his mate frowned.

“It’s EXACTLY how it works,” the Alpha said. “I’ve had to come up with a lot of stuff as a pack leader and commander. From strategies that could mean life or death, to solving problems that could mean cohesion in the pack or an uncermoutalbe rift. I’ve often found that just … I dunno, not thinking * too hard * allows me to think more freely… if that makes sense.”

“It doesn’t,” Jimin replied dryly, however he didn’t attempt to grab the book back but proceeded to eat the food instead.

“It will,” his mate vowed with a subtle smile. “You have time, you don’t have to solve the world's problems in one night, yeah?”

“I don’t want to solve the world's problems, just this pack’s problem.” Jimin countered dryly.

Gguk winked and then moved the chopsticks to his mouth so he’d eat. The Omega did so whilst making a face at him. Jimin had to admit maybe Jeongguk was right. He’d been flipping through books for over an hour with nothing to show for it, perhaps a moment to step back and refocus would help.

“How are things on your end?” The Omega asked between bites. “Did the first hunt go well?”

Jeongguk and some of the others were set to take the class of teen pups out for their first real hunt today. It would mainly be for animals, but it would be a test of their combined abilities- wolf like tracking, with human kills as well as teamwork.

“It went quite well,” the Alpha said taking a sip of water and lounging next to his mate, lazily thumbing through Jimin’s discarded book. “They seemed to pick up well and have good teamwork. We’re thinking to schedule a mock raid with some of the older soldiers to see if they’re ready for advancement to the next level.”

“Ohhh, can I go?” Jimin asked curiously.

“Go where?”

“The mock raid.”

“It’s a training exercise not a show Baby,” Jeongguk frowned at him. 

“I want to participate. I haven’t been able to practice my shooting in a while.”

“And you want to do so by aiming at my men?” Gguk quizzed incredulous. 

His mate frowned a bit. “I won’t actually hit them.”

“Then it’s not really practice.”

When the Omega fell silent and went back to his food Jeongguk sighed. “Look…. If you want to hunt you can. Just let me know when and myself or one of the guys can go with you.” He shifted so he was a bit closer to Jimin. “I just can’t send you with the kids because, well… to be blunt, you’re too good.”

Jimin snorted and rolled his eyes. “You’re full of shit.”

“I’m not. Remember how shaken everyone was when you snipped those four ferals? And we’re seasoned fighters. You show these kids up and it can hurt their confidence, we’ll EASE them into your sniping skills when they’re ready, yeah?” 

Jimin scrunched his nose, and Jeongguk scrunched his back. “Yeah....”

“Good,” the Alpha said butting heads lightly with his mate. “Now finish up so I can tuck you in.”

His mate laughed and blushed. “The last time you ‘tucked me in’ I didn’t get to sleep for almost two hours.”

Gguk held up a finger. “That’s why I never mentioned sleep.”

“I hate you,” the Omega laughed, but did as requested and finished up his food.



Chapter Text

Jimin frowned a bit as he shifted Yoonji from one arm to another. “Are you sure I shouldn't be helping?” He asked, watching as TaeHyung worked on weeding the garden.

“I’m sure,” the taller Omega said. “Last time you helped you unrooted the calming herbs.”

“How was I supposed to know they grow so fast? They looked like weeds,” the older male objected.

“No, THESE,” Tae remarked holding up a plant. “Look like weeds. Those had small purple leaves on them they look different.”

“Not much,” his friend muttered.

“YES, much,” was the rebuttal as the lanky man shot him a glare.

Jimin sighed. “Sorry…”

It had taken weeks but they’d finally gotten the garden cleared and the soil healthy enough for growth. Jeongguk and SeHyun had also helped by building a greenhouse so that they would be able to grow as the winter season came down upon them, and Jae had come over after his visits to Jin’s offices to oversee and offer tips on soil and growth to the other Omega’s. Overall TaeHyung had taken over most of the gardening, it wasn’t that Jimin was BAD at it (like cooking), but instead it as more that TaeHyung had a knack for it. It also allowed the younger Omega to live out a bit of his farmer fantasy, while simultaneously letting him grow some of the stuff he needed for the fermentation process for his own liquor. 

“Did you manage to test out the wart-root as an alternative for the salve?” Tae asked as he sectioned off an area of the garden so that he could add a new type of flower.

“I did… it did nothing. It was too weak when made into a salve,” Jimin frowned as he laid the sleeping Yoonji down on her blanket.

“Does it have to be a slave? Maybe it can be some type of oil or paste?” TaeHyung suggested.

“It’s not strong enough in general, even grinding it down to a paste only allows numbing for a short period of time and it’s too messy to be able to work with. It’d be hard for Hyung to see where he’s cutting through a thick film of goop,” the older Omega sighed. “Not to mention I have a feeling most of the numbing is only surface level.”

“So what next?” Tae asked sitting back on his haunches.

“I’m not sure… I’ve been through all of the herbs, roots and flowers I can think of. The closest I got was the poison dart flower and that was much too strong- nothing was able to dilute it enough.”

“Jin-Hyung did mention almost dying by chicken,” the dark haired man remarked dryly.

“I told him not to touch anything in my office anyway,” Jimin frowned, recalling the elder taking the bird from his room without permission. “That’s what he gets.”

“That’s what you all would have gotten if you hadn’t caught him before he started plucking it and preparing it for dinner.”

“Alphas,” the silver haired man rolled his eyes. “You can give them exact instructions but they still think they know better. I’m glad Gguk asked him where the bird came from.”

“He’s use to it then yeah, the experiments?” Tae quizzed.

“As use to it as you can be, but he keeps bitching about me wasting food. I’ve explained to him that it has to be tested on something living, that’s the only way to know if it works. Anyway… I was thinking to go out and catch some squirrels this week, but I’m out of plants to test.”

“Too bad it has to be a plant,” his friend sighed.

Jimin looked up perplexed. “What do you mean?”

He made a face as he flicked a bug off of a leaf, “I just mean, considering all of the different types of paralyzing bugs and animals around here-” 

“-Fuck!” Jimin exclaimed, realizing how loud he was when the baby was startled and began to cry. “Sorry, sorry,” he said both to her and the surprised looking TaeHyung who had jumped along with his pup. “I’m just…. You’re right, well wrong but right.”


“It doesn’t HAVE to be a plant… I was thinking plant because that’s what moonshade is… but I just need a paralyzing agent that can be altered to be a numbing agent,” Jimin quickly explained as he stood, pacing with and rocking the upset baby girl. “I can’t believe I inhibited myself like that by only looking at one avenue,” he finished in a disappointed mutter. “Considering the different types of creatures, from snakes to frogs to fish to insects… that opens a whole new world.”

“Oh Gguk is going to love me for this,” Tae muttered as he watched his best friend pace back and forth mumbling to himself. He recognized that look in Jiminnie’s eyes… let the obsessing began again. The taller Omega sighed and shook his head, going back to his gardening. Oh well, as long as it helped he supposed.


(A  Few Weeks Later)

“I guess it’s still too strong,” Jimin pouted thoughtfully, ignoring the incredulous looks lobbed at him by the Alphas in the room.

“You THINK?!” Jeongguk exclaimed as he helped Hoseok to stand along with the assistance of NamJoon.

“He’s not permanently disabled is he?” the taller Alpha asked concerned.

“No… it should wear off,” Jimin made a brushing motion with his hand. “The longest it ever lasted for the squirrel was an hour or two.”

“An hour or two?!” the males yelled once more.

Jimin covered his ears and shot them a glare. “Can you cut it out? I’m trying to think-”

“I think you should get Jin-Hyung,” Joon muttered looking at Hoseok, who still couldn’t feel the whole of his right leg, even though Jimin had only put salve on a small section.

“He can’t do anything-”

“JIMIN,” Jeongguk snapped. “Get. Hyung.”

The Omega glared at him in response. “I told all of you the risks, Hyung volunteered-” 

“I’m not BLAMING you, I’m just asking you for help,” his mate said slowly. 

“Sounds like you’re blaming me,” the Omega replied crossing his arms over his chest.

It wasn’t that he was being mean, Hobi-Hyung would be fine, he knew it. He’d been able to make a salve using a mix of snake venom and mucus from a poison tree frog. And it DID work successfully ... the problem being, THAT was on squirrels alone. Hence why he asked for help with his first human tests, explaining the risks at which time and Hoseok had offered himself up. However in the end it seemed Jimin had upped the dosage to compensate for size difference a bit too much. 

“No one is blaming you Jiminnie,” Hoseok replied this time. “I’m just… a bit nervous. Can you PLEASE go and get Hyung? For me?”

The Omega sighed and pouted but shrugged. “Fine, you should have a seat,” he indicated the sitting area. “It’s better than trying to stand without feeling, you won’t be able to tell if you’re standing in a painful way or hurt yourself until it’s too late.”

“Got it,” the Alpha agreed as his friends helped him over to the sofa and Jimin turned, grabbing his cloak and heading out of the home and to Jin’s offices.

It didn’t take him long to arrive at his destination and he offered a greeting to Yuna who smiled in return. “Jimin! Hey, you looking for Jin-Sunbae?”

“Mmm, is he busy?” the Omega asked.

“He’s with the Ajusshi who runs the large pottery building, but they should be done soon,” the girl said pleasantly. 

“Great, I’ll wait,” Jimin replied taking a seat, he offered a smile when she brought him tea and watched her go about her routine.

Kim Yuna  was a pretty little Beta who was Jin’s main assistant and current apprentice. The healers/apprentices rotated over time, working in different parts of the packlands so they could both, gain experience and the trust of their members. Yuna had been with Jin for almost a full month now and was, by far, Jimin’s favorite to work with. She had been with him previously (for Tae’s birth) but had to rotate out as usual, however when Jin had learned they’d be getting another male Omega he brought Yuna back so she could be with them through the full process.

“What’s going on with the Pottery Ajusshi?” he asked after a moment.

“Pulled something,” Yuna said looking amused. “He was trying to show some of the younger wolves how things were done and accidently showed them how NOT to do it.”

The Omega snorted a laugh and the two shared a giggle that they quickly shut off when the door opened and the male in question exited along with SeokJin. “Just take it easy Ajusshi,” the good looking Alpha said in a patient tone. “I know you want to show them how things are done, but that’s why you’ve trained people for years- so they can help with that.”

“Eh, whatever. No one does it better than me,” the stubborn older Alpha said, clearly not pleased at the thought of handing over the reigns.

“I’m not saying they do- but how will they ever learn if you keep taking over the job?” Jin replied with a pointed look.

A frown was his response. One that deepened when he noticed they weren’t alone. “Song-sshi,” Jimin said with a small smile.

The older wolf grunted at him and looked at Jin. “I’ll take your stuff but it better work.”

“It’ll work if YOU don’t,” the younger male responded.

The two shared a long look that Jimin had grown to recognize as some type of internal Alpha pissing match, before the older male snatched the packet from Jin’s hand and limped out of the office.

“Did you want Yuna to walk with you?”

“Don’t make me hit you,” Alpha Song responded ambling out of the door as the remaining wolves shared amused looks.

“Jiminnie- what brings you in today?” Jin asked looking at his visitor.


“What about him?”

“He tried the salve.”

“Too strong?” 

“Mm,” the Omega nodded. “He can’t feel his leg and they’re freaking out.”

“Did you tell them it would wear off?” Jin asked curiously looking up from his charts, he had a day full of appointments.

“I did.”


“I’m here aren’t I?” the silver haired man replied with a flourishing wave of his hands. 

Jin sighed. “I’m really busy-”

“I know that, and I explained that it was temporary. But I guess they want an Alpha’s word because Jeongguk has ordered that you stop by.”

“He’s ordered eh?”

Jimin gave a grim nod, though his eyes were alight with amusement. 

Jin sighed but looked to Yuna. “Can you let Jung-sshi know I’ll be back soon.”

“Yes Healer,” the Beta said with a subtle twitch of her lips to show she was fighting a smile.

Jin shot her a playful glare but dutifully grabbed his medical bag and followed Jimin out. If the pack leader ordered he come by, then come by he must. Even though he and Jimin had worked on the salve together and he had given the Omega the go-ahead to try on willing human subjects because it was safe. However, Alpha’s could be stubborn and *technically* Jimin was not a healer (though he seemed to have just as much knowledge as Jin himself did sometimes, if not more in certain areas).

“Any ideas on how you want to tweak it?” Jin asked as they walked.

“Mmm, a few but it’ll need more thought. I may do a bit more research with smaller animals, see if I can replicate the same issue and work backwards.- So I can see what the difference in dosage is,” the Omega remarked thoughtfully. 

“Good idea… better than halving then adding then subtracting. Especially since you’ll probably have fewer volunteers now,” the older male teased.

“There’s always you,” Jimin said sweetly. The Alpha didn’t respond but did pick up the pace causing his counterpart to laugh. “Big babies, all of you!” 

Jin gave a loud “ Waaaaahhhh !” 

The noise startled those nearby and caused Jimin to double over in laughter. “No way I’ll believe you’re older than me.”

“Good don’t believe it- now stop trying to coerce minors,” the elder replied.

Jimin giggled and shook his head. “You’re horrible.”

“Not as horrible as you,” the other rebutted as they finally arrived to the Jeon home to check on Hoseok and confirm that: ‘No’ his life was not in danger.


Jimin came onto the fields, a small bushel of carrots in his hand as he paused, taking in the few grazing horses. After his failed experiment with Hyung the other day, he had to go hunting for more animals, but first he needed a break. It was with this thought that he headed to the horse fields, knowing that visiting an old friend was the perfect place to get it. 

Shifting his hand he hid the bushel under his robes, feeling bad that he didn’t have enough for everyone in this cold weather as he set off towards Nightmares usual spot near the flowered bushes. He hadn’t been out to see the stallion in a few weeks, not since his breakthrough with using animals instead of flowers. The occasional thin layer of snow crunched lightly under his feet as he made his way over to one of the remaining sections of foliage that had been planted by the pack as a way of keeping the horses near even in the winter months. The Jeon pack had also built a barn like structure near where the grazing area met the regular pack lands for the horses to huddle together and rest outside of the elements. 

However as Jimin approached the usual bushes he hesitated, noticing that the horse wasn’t where he normally was. Curious he looked around, taking note of the animal near a patch of woods at the edge of the grazing fields. Tilting his head the man slowly approached, careful not to startle the animal as he took note of the defensive stance of the horse. The Omega hesitated inhaling slowly, briefly wondering if maybe he should go and get help before deciding against it. Instead he removed the bow from around his shoulder and pulled a quiver, coming quietly behind Nightmare.

The horse neighed in agitation, giving a snort and shaking its head at Jimin silently approving his assistance in this standoff. The Omega clapped his hind quarters before approaching as well, though he shifted, moving off to the side a bit so he could come up on the other side of whatever was making the beast to nervous. 

Walking lightly, and carefully avoiding patches of snow as the winter months descended in earnest, the Omega slipped between the bushes bow draw and quiver at the ready. As he finally caught sight of what had the horse so worked up he froze, his brows risen in surprise.

It couldn’t be… could it?

Chapter Text


(Jimin's Office)


Jeongguk frowned and rubbed the back of his head in confusion as he looked around the empty office. ‘Where was he?’ The Alpha thought with a huff before going out to the second floor deck, then back downstairs once more. Maybe he’d gone to see TaeHyung?

Frowning to himself, the male pulled on his boots to help with the iciness of the snow (the only time he didn’t prefer to go barefooted) before setting off for Yoongi’s home in search of his mate. As of late Jimin had been disappearing more and more often, at first Gguk had thought it was because he was getting so close to completing his research for the numbing salve he’d lost track of everything else. That was until the Alpha noticed that, said research, had been sitting in the same location on Jimin’s desk for the last three days without movement.

Last night he had tried to ask his mate what was keeping him so busy, but would admit, he’d allowed himself to be easily distracted by the Omega’s scent and feel, which in turn lead to other nighttime activities that included very little conversation. That said, today was the day of the monthly birthday festival and Gguk had been hoping that he would be dressed early and ready to go around to the various stall setups with him. He wanted them to persist in showing a united front and Jimin also needed to continue to familiarize himself with the extended pack. 

Yet here it was, less than thirty minutes before Jeongguk usually started his festival rounds and his mate was- once again , missing.

Arriving at the Taegi residence, the Alpha knocked on the door. The sounds of crying reached him and a moment later, Yoongi answered, a slightly fussy Yoonji on his shoulder. “Hey, come on in.” The Alpha said instantly turning and going back into the warmth of the home.

Jeongguk followed with a nod, depositing his snowy shoes in the entry as he looked around.

“If you want tea make it,” Yoongi said looking around before calling to his mate. “Hon! Have you seen my dark blue belt?!”

“It’s on the chair!” the Omega called from the bedroom. 

“No it’s not!” 

“The OTHER chair,” was the response.

Jeongguk watched in amusement as his Hyung whirled around twice before noticing there, sitting in the far left chair, was the elusive dark blue belt. “There it is. -Here,” Yoongi said passing Jeongguk the baby and grabbing his belt, fastening it to fully close his overcoat and smoothing it down. “There.”

“Nice Hyung,” the younger Alpha said dryly as he lightly bounced the curious pup, who was attempting to look around the room at the various shiny surfaces.

“Thanks,” Yoongi said taking her back and looking at Gguk. “What brings you by?”

“...What do you mean?” the male said amused. “I’m here to get Jimin.”

The blond Alpha frowned. “From where?”

“Here… he IS here, isn’t he?”

Yoongi blinked and his head ticked to the side before he went to the bedroom, slightly opening the door. “Is Jiminnie hiding in here somewhere?”

“No,” Jeongguk heard TaeHyung say. “Why would he need to hide?”

“I knew I didn’t see him, but Gguk says he’s here.”

“What?”  A moment later the dark head of TaeHyung poked out of the room, his hair long and unbound falling around his shoulders. It was rare to see the Omega with his hair down, and Jeongguk had to admit the look suited him very well. “Why would he be here? He has to go around with you doesn’t he?”

“He does…” Gguk said slowly, his frown deepening. “I... hav- have you noticed anything off about him recently?”

“Off?” Tae repeated. “To be honest I haven’t noticed much of anything at all. He’s been really busy working on the salve stuff this past week. In fact he’s not even around when I go to check the garden these days.”

“...That’s what I thought too… Excuse me,” Jeongguk replied turning to leave without any further word. 

The Alpha quickly jogged back to their home where Jimin’s scent was the most potent and, starting at the door, began to track the smell. A few minutes later he found himself on the edge of the horse grazing lands. Passing by the stables he caught sight of Nightmare who gave a shake of his head to indicate the Alpha was on the right path and, once again, he began to track.

A few moments after that and with a small breeze he both smelled and heard his mate. Jimin was talking in low tones, his voice soft and soothing as he spoke to someone or something unseen. Confused at what he was hearing the Alpha sealthly closed the distance, coming up behind his mate only to freeze, his gaze on what- or WHOM, exactly, Jimin was meeting with.

He was a tiny thing… the pup that sat gnawing on a piece of meat that Jeongguk recognized as part of their dinner last night. The Alpha watched as his mate slowly lifted a hand, stroking the cub between his ears as the small animal leaned into the warmth of the proffered hand without easing up on his meal. 

“You have to be cold out here little one,” Jimin murmured, his face etched with concern. “Won’t you come with me?” 

The pup licked at the meat, then at the hand before returning to his treat. However as Jeongguk shifted closer -the snow crunched under his booted foot and both Omega and pup froze. Jimin had barely looked back before the tiny wolf was gone, darting into the underbrush and disappearing into the dead wasteland of the forest.

“Damn it Gguk! I almost had him!” Jimin frowned standing and rounding on his mate.

“Sorry!” The Alpha said. “But you disappeared and I was worried!”

“That’s beside the point,” the Omega countered looking towards the dark forest. “It smells like it may snow more tonight… I…” he trailed off clearly anxious.

The Alpha followed his gaze before softly questioning his mate. “...Jimin… is he a feral?”

“No.” The Omega said looking at Gguk, his gaze firm and unyielding. “He’s a PUP.”

Jeongguk inhaled slowly and broke the stare, looking towards the forest where the little one had disappeared instead. “Then… I suppose we should go and get him.”

“That’s the point! I don’t know where he went!” Jimin half snapped half whined, his anxiety clear in both his tone and scent.

“That’s what tracking is for,” His mate replied in a calm voice trying to allay his mates worries as he headed over to the area the pup had vacated. Gguk took several sniffs of the snow and small tufts of crabgrass that stuck through the white powder before setting off into the forest. He was a few feet in when he looked behind him realizing he was being followed. “Stay here, I’ll be back.”

“You stay here,” the Omega replied.

“I’m doing the tracking,” the Alpha all but sighed.

“So? I’m going with you.”


“Jeongguk- he doesn’t KNOW you,” his mate responded. “He’ll be scared.”

The Alpha hesitated but relented, Jimin was right, he had clearly built some type of rapport with the pup that Jeongguk didn’t have. “Fine, but stay a few feet back and if anything happens- if it’s an ambush you get help. Okay?”


“OKAY?” the taller male repeated, his tone brooking no argument.

The Omega looked at him for a moment, noticing the stubborn set of his mates face he sighed but nodded. “Okay…”

With his mates agreement, the Alpha once again set off on the trail of the young feral pup. It took several more minutes but finally, near the southeast edge of their lands, the trail came to an end at a large tree. Jeongguk paused looking and sniffing around for a possible ambush, but the area seemed clear. Heading closer he hesitated… the pup was there alright, but he wasn’t alone.

“What is it?” Jimin asked coming up behind him. “Oh….” the Omega murmured noticing the female wolf sleeping in the hollowed out hole at the base of the large tree, the pup curled up just under her paw. “Well… should we go before she wakes? Or maybe see if she needs help? This can’t be a good way to raise a pup.”


“Huh?” the silver haired man blinked at his mates tone, wondering if they’d made the right choice. Getting into a fight with the pups Eomma wouldn’t be a good thing.

“She’s dead…” the Alpha intoned softly.

“Wait… what?”

“She’s not breathing… look at her eyes… they’re open….” his mate stated grimly, his eyes soft on the pup huddled against her. “She’s gone…”

Jimin’s hand went to his mouth as he exhaled. “Oh God…” All this time he’d been worried the pup was alone, abandoned- but this was worse. So much worse. “But she looks…”

“It’s been snowing,” his mate said getting down onto his haunches to offer a less intimidating sight to the pup who’d just looked in their direction.

“I see…” Jimin murmured, the snow had kept her… stopped the decomposition. The Omega pulled away from his own sad thoughts- his eyes flicking to the peeping pup. He had more important things to do right now… “Hey little one,” he said in a soft tone, slowly moving a bit closer to the cub and his Eomma.

The small creature gave a subtle growl of protectiveness. 

“You’re cold yeah?” Jimin said gently, he removed his thick winter cloak and put it into his arms. “Come little one… let’s get you warm. We’ll look after Eomma too…”

The pup buried his head and Jimin looked to Gguk who shrugged. He had no idea what to do. Biting his lip the Omega considered his options before he began to softly hum. The pup’s ears perked and he peeked at them once more. In response Jimin offered a small smile, releasing some of his calming pheromones into the air to beckon the child to his side.

It took patience, lots of it- but considering the circumstance both wolves had it in spades. And  eventually it paid off as the pup pulled away from the body of his Eomma and made his way closer to Jimin, his nose sniffing the air and the Omega’s scent. Jimin still didn’t move though -instead he continued to hum, watching as the cub first sniffed the cloak, then his fingers before allowing the Omega to pet him. Once he headbutted Jimin’s leg and settled down in the thick cloak the Omega closed it up around him and held him close.

The pup gave a small whine and Jimin rocked him gently, his gaze flicking to Jeongguk as the Alpha draped his own jacket over Jimin’s shoulders. “Let’s get back…”

“What about?...” the Omega trailed off as they both looked at the female wolf. “We can’t leave her here… if the snow stops she’s at bigger risk for scavengers.”

“I’ll get some help and we’ll give her a proper burial.”

“Please do...” Jimin murmured sadly, his eyes lingering on the Mother who’d unwillingly left her pup behind before nuzzling his new precious package. Jeongguk took note of where they were as he put his arm around his mate and they set off back towards the core of the packlands.

When they once again arrived at the horse fields, Gguk wasn’t at all surprised to see Yoongi and Hosoek standing there waiting for them. He’d known, considering how he’d left, his Hyungs would be checking up on things.

“Everything good?” the blond Alpha asked.

“Define good,” Gguk sighed, his arm around Jimin who still cradled the pup. When his Hyungs shot him a look the Alpha just shook his head and indicated that he’d explain later. “It seems there’s going to be a change in plans today…”

“Anything you need,” Hoseok said, unsure of what was going on but knowing it was something.

“There’s… a situation I’ll need your help with. For now though, let's head back to the house where we can talk about this in private,” the young leader said guiding the small group back through the village and to their home.

They received curious looks as the area began to fill with Jeon wolves from all over for the birthday festival. Jeongguk and the Hyungs offered smiles, nods and greetings to those who spoke, while Jimin remained mostly quiet- his mind preoccupied with other matters. He felt the small pup huddle into him, clearly agitated by the sounds of activity around him. When he gave a low whine Jimin began to hum again and released more pheromones to soothe him.

Jeongguk looked over, putting a hand on his mates lower back as they reached the edge of the village and the private path leading to their home. “Almost there…” he muttered before looking at Yoongi. “Hyung can you see if you can locate some of that oil? The one that helps get rid of fleas?”

“Yeah of course,” the elder said breaking off from the group.

“Hobi-Hyung can you grab Jin-Hyung and tell him to come by- I need him to do a checkup. Also get NamJoon and either SeoYung or SeHyun to gather a few shovels and dig a spot in the burial grounds.”

“No,” Jimin said suddenly, looking at his mate. “Not there.”


“He knows where she is, where to find her… he’s so young… too young to understand if you move her so far. Can you bury her where she is?”

“There are a lot of tree roots…” the Alpha frowned a bit, however the upset look on his mates face made him crumble. “But… maybe we can just put the dirt atop her and fill things in… since she’s already in a bit of a hole as it stands.” 

“Thank you,” the Omega replied thickly.

His mate kissed the side of his head. Noticing Hoseok’s expression of confusion Jeongguks sighed. “Just… gather everyone and meet at the house. I’ll explain there.”

The lanky Alpha nodded, offering no more questions he turned and went to gather the others as his Pack Leader requested.


“Is there a precedent for this?” NamJoon asked looking concerned. They were gathered in the living room with Jeongguk, who had just explained their current situation to them. Both Jin and TaeHyung (whom Yoongi had grabbed after noticing the seriousness of the situation) were in the bathroom with Jimin and the feral pup. 

“I don’t think so,” SeHyun replied chewing on his thumb nail. “I mean… ferals aren’t allowed on pack lands at all- let alone INTO the pack.”

“He’s just a child,” Jeongguk responded ruffling his hair. “A scared and starving pup with no parents-”

“How do we know he doesn't have parents?” Yoongi asked seriously. “How do we know the Omega and pup weren’t just seperated from the Alpha, who is also feral? I don’t know Gguk… this could create more issues than it solves.”

“So what do you suggest Hyung? That I pry a scared child from my mates arms and toss him into the forest off outside of our borders because I don’t want ‘problems’ ?” The younger Alpha replied, vaguely annoyed. 

“No,” Yoongi frowned.

“Then what?”

“I think,” Hoseok said holding up his hands in a calming manner. “That Hyung isn’t suggesting that we toss out the pup, he’s just bringing up the scenarios we need to consider. That’s all.”

“Right,” NamJoon added, looking to Yoongi who nodded. “Any child has a Abeoji we just want to make sure this doesn’t affect the pack negatively.”

“I get that, you don’t think I considered that?” Jeongguk asked. “However there were no other scents in the area, not even our wolves- which, by the by, we CLEARLY need to rectify.” 

“This is very true,” Joon muttered, getting nods of agreement from the others. “We’ll make sure to broaden patrol of the lands.”

“Short of leaving our lands in search of male feral wolves and bringing them here for scent testing- we got nothing. SO,” the Pack Leader said. “That leaves us dealing with what we have. Which is a dead Omega and her orphaned pup.”

“I don’t disagree,” Yoongi responded looking at him. “I want the pup taken care of as well-”

“-but?” Gguk frowned.

“No buts,” the blond Alpha replied. “I just want you to be prepared for the questions because there WILL be questions. Like Joon said- there’s no precedent for this. A feral- welcomed and taken in by the Pack Leader? It’s unheard of, even if he IS just a pup.”

“While he’s young and he can be taught,” NamJoon added looking at Gguk, “which will be a key talking point for us. You also have to remember… you’re a new Pack Leader Gguk, only a few years. For over a year you went by the books, then in the last six months, you’ve let a Northern wolf into our pack, MATED that wolf breaking your word with a potential allied pack and now you’re taking in a feral pup to the Jeon House. The most sacred place on packlands…”

“It’s going to create drama,” SeHyun muttered.

“Let it.” The younger Alpha remarked looking at his Hyungs. “Let it create drama. I don’t mind creating drama as long as it’s something that I KNOW is right. The question is, when this drama is created who will stand with me and who won’t?”

“That’s not a question,” Yoongi frowned. “You know who stands with you and always will.”

“We just want you to be prepared,” Hoseok added.

“And Jimin… because you know he’ll get a lot of blame for ‘changing pack ways’ ,” Joon responded grimly. “We’ve got your back, both of your backs. But YOU need to be ready for what’s coming towards your front.”

“...” the younger Alpha looked at his Hyungs for a moment before nodding. “I understand… and I will be ready . But I’ll also talk to Jimin to make sure he’s ready.” He paused for a second before looking at Yoongi. “Do you think the Elders will throw a coupe?” 

“No,” Yoongi said honestly. “Luckily this happened after the birth. Now with Tae and Yoonji both here and well, as well as his work with Jae- Jimin is seen as, at least somewhat of an asset to the pack. Yes, even to my Abeoji. So they’ll question you and how much you’ve considered things- but they won’t try to overtake you.”

Gguk inhaled slowly before exhaling and nodding. “So then the main issue will be rumblings within the pack.”

“Yes… the usual issues with some jealous Omega, or anti-North wolves. However you’ll also have the possibility that there will be an issue with those who have lost loved ones to feral attacks.”

“But he’s just a pup,” SeHyun remarked thoughtfully. “I don’t think it will be too much of a ruckus about allowing him to stay considering his age.”

“Agreed, that’s the best factor we have going for us now,” Joon nodded.

“Okay…” Jeongguk exhaled slowly. “Well how about this… Yoongi, you and Hoseok return to the festivities while SeHyun, NamJoon and I go and take care of the burial.”

“No,” Hosoek shook his head. “You go to the festivities- we’ll retrace your scents to the location of the female wolf. It’s better if you show that this isn’t going to affect your relationship with the pack.”

“Indeed, it’ll be like a confirmation of your loyalty,” NamJoon agreed. “Like, oh all of this was going on with the Pack Leader, but he still came by to wish the members a happy birthday.”

“It’d be ideal to get you both, but I know that Jimin won’t leave the pup,” SeHyun said standing. “So we’ll work with what we have… Yoongi-Hyung you should go with Gguk, since Tae will definitely stay with Jimin. I’ll go with Joon and Hoseok and when we’re done we’ll talk to the partoling wolves about expanding the perimeter once we’re done.” 

The other wolves nodded and stood as well. “I’ll go and let Jimin know what’s going on- I’m going to have Jin-Hyung head out with you guys, see if he can find a cause of death for the Eomma. If the pup asks one day I want to be able to answer him. After that send Hyung back here to stay with Jimin and Tae-Hyung.”

“Sounds good,” Yoongi said. “I’ll head back to the stall then. Let Taetae know I’ll check in with Eomma and Yoonji for him.”

“Got it,” Jeongguk said heading down the hallway and to the bathroom. Just outside of the door he came into contact with Jin. “Hyung… how does he look?”

“Ahh, Gguk,” the older male said looking away from the bathroom. “He’s okay… a bit thin and a few scrapes and cuts that need to be treated. He’s also got a bit of a flea infestation, but the oils should kill those off. All in all, I think he’ll be okay.”

“And… can you tell how long he’s been like this?... In wolf form?” the Alpha asked. He couldn’t help but wonder if the pup was born feral or forced into it like many others had been over time.

“Well… ” the older man said thoughtfully. “I can’t say by looking at him. However I WILL say, he seemed to understand some of the words we’ve spoken to him. Only time will tell if that’s based off of tone inflection or actual comprehension.”

Gguk silently watched the Omegas cleaning the pup before curiously asking. “Which do you think it is?” 

Jin continued to look towards the bathroom where the two Omegas were picking the pup clean of fleas, before looking back at Gguk after a moment of consideration. “...Comprehension,” the Alpha confessed. “Though only a few commands have been given, like ‘Look here’ or ‘Stop’ he follows them… so yeah, I think he may understand. But we won’t know for sure until he’s more comfortable with his situation.”

“Understood. Can you do me a favor Hyung and join the guys with the Eomeoni’s body? I want to know what happened to her,” the younger Alpha said looking at his Hyung

“Of course,” Jin nodded before heading to meet up with the other Alpha’s in the front.

Jeongguk gave him a clap on the shoulder as he left before moving past the other male and stepping into the bathroom, the pup immediedly began to squirm. 

“Gguk, what is it?” Jimin frowned looking over briefly.

“I’m going to head out to the festival. The Hyungs think it’s best for me to keep up appearances while we work things out.”

“What about his Eomma?” the Omega worried, glancing over once more.

“Don’t worry. The Hyungs will take care of it, they have strict instructions on what to do,” his mate assured him. Jimin still looked concerned but nodded. “Also Tae-Hyung, Hyung wanted me to let you know he’s gonna stop by and check up on Yoonji and his Eomma before heading back to man the liquor stand.”

“Okay Gguk, thanks,” Tae said with a small smile before adding a bit more oil to the whining pup.

With one last look at the group, and a kiss to the top of his mates head, the Alpha left the bathroom. Meeting up with the Hyungs in the living room, they reaffirmed the plan before heading out, Gguk to greet his pack and celebrate with the birthday wolves and the others to their assigned tasks. The Alpha could only hope that the night would pass quickly so he could return home to his mate and their new addition.


Chapter Text


(The Next Day)


“The Elders have arrived Pack Leader,” NamJoon announced opening the door to the large meeting room. 

Jeongguk looked up from his spot at the head of the table, motioning for them to enter as he put away the papers he’d been working on. “Please, have a seat,” the younger Alpha said standing and indicating the other chairs around the table as the older wolves, mainly Alpha, entered the room. 

After some discussion with his Hyungs post Birthday Festival activities, as well as with his mate, Jeongguk decided it would be best to proactively call a meeting with the elders to address the issue with the feral pup. So, here they were the next evening having their first ‘official’ pack head meeting since the night of Jimin and Gguk’s mating.

“Jeongguk,” JiHu remarked inclining his head to the younger male as he entered. “I understand you wanted to meet with us urgently.”

“I can’t help but worry what about,” HyunWoo added entering behind JiHu and two of the other elders. 

Gguk gave the older man an amused look. “Now Uncle, is that any way to think of your Pack Leader wanting to meet?”

“As of late... “ the older male responded trailing off. Some of the Elders relationships with Gguk had been a bit strained after the blow up over the Alpha’s now mate, including his own. HyunWoo and JiHu had both been in attendance on the night of the fight between Jeongguk and YoonHee, when the younger male had flexed his dominance. 

“I think Jeongguk has been doing a good job,” SungMin, one of the ‘New Elders’ remarked entering. He was a soft spoken but intelligent Beta, who normally resided on the other side of the pack lands. When Gguk reassessed what ‘Elders’ should help with pack problems he expanded his search to include non-centrally located wolves and females.

“I agree,” one of said females, DaeWoo, remarked in a cool tone as she entered on Hoseok's arm.

“Auntie,” Gguk smiled a bit at the Alpha. She was currently one of the oldest members of the Jeon pack and the younger Alpha had found himself very pleased when she’d accepted his offer to assist on the Elder board. “I’m glad you all were able to make it. Please, have a seat.”

Jeongguk took his once more as the Elders did the same. The core members of Gguk’s inner circle, Hoseok, NamJoon, and SeHyun were also in attendance, standing at the wall near the door. They were joined by some of the higher ranking and older soldiers in the Jeon pack Sejin, Hyunsoo and Hyeobum (who were also known as ‘Second Generation’ soldiers). Second Gens were fighters in their late 30’s to early 40’s who were on the cusp of becoming ‘First Generation’ soldiers- or retired fighters who only fought for fun/sport, or if absolutely needed, having done their duties for the pack. Jeongguk and anyone within their late teens and 20’s were considered Third Generation, whilst the young group they were training were considered Fourth Generation.

“So, you’ve gotten us all here,” the woman remarked. “What’s this about?”

Gguk chuckled and nodded. “Of course, just one more moment we’re waiting on the last person.”

“There are more of us?” JiHu frowned, personally he thought there were already too many as it stood with the six of them currently in attendance. 

“Just one…” the Alpha trailed off tilting his head. “I believe they’ve arrived.”

A moment later the door opened, Yoongi appeared followed by his Eomma, Sung Sohwa.

“Sohwa?” HyunWoo said, clearly surprised to see YoonHee’s mate here.

“Indeed, I’ve asked Sohwa-sshi to join us,” Jeongguk said standing and smiling at the woman. “I think the pack is long overdue for an Omega’s opinion during these ‘Elder’ meetings.”

“Thank you for having me,” the soft spoken woman responded, smiling to her son who pulled out a seat for her. Yoongi pushed the chair in for his Eomma before joining NamJoon and the others on the sidelines.

“It’s my pleasure,” Gguk said exhaling and looking around. “Well… now that we’re all here, let’s get down to business,” he remarked taking his seat once more.

“I know some, if not all of you who were in attendance for yesterday’s festivities noticed the … odd , activities of myself and some of our members,” the young Alpha said looking at the group. “And I thought it best to meet and speak with you all before, just why that was, gets out to the rest of the pack.”

The Alpha paused as if considering his wording before continuing. “Earlier this week… while visiting the horses, my mate came across a pup near the edge of the fields... But this wasn’t just any pup… it was a feral pup-”

“What?!” several exclamations rang out.

“Ferals? Here? On our lands?” DaeWoo asked aghast.

“A pup, yes,” Gguk agreed holding up both hands to silence the outraged and/or nervous wolves. “Jimin wasn’t sure where he’d come from but noticed the pup seemed to be hungry. So- he fed him-”

“-fed him!” JiHu demanded. “A feral pup?! You don’t feed ferals! You’ll bring them in from all around!”

“How old is the child?” Yoongi’s Eomeoni asked with a small frown as the Alpha finished sputtering.

“We don’t really know. Healer Kim says we can’t be sure until he takes his human form-”

“-ferals don’t TAKE their human forms,” SungMin interrupted. “That’s what makes them feral.”

“This is true, however the child is clearly a child,” Gguk assured them. “Even in his human form, based on his size- he can’t be more than three -four if we’re pushing it.”

“But you don’t know that,” HyunWoo repeated with a concerned frown.

“You’re right,” Jeongguk agreed, “considering his size he may be younger.”

“What about his parents? Have you seen them? Were they near the grounds?” SungMin asked sitting up a bit more.

“If you all give me a chance to finish telling you what happened you’ll have the answer to that question, as well as to what you’re all doing here.” The younger Alpha said looking at the Beta in response, then the others in the room as they settled down. “So… as I was saying. Yes, when Jimin fed the pup he came back, and YES, he continued to feed the pup. It was snowing and the child would always show up to the same part of the edge of the forest awaiting Jimin and more food. Last night, when my mate showed me what was going on-”

At this his friends shared very discreet looks. They all knew Jimin hadn’t told Jeongguk as much as Gguk had found out, however telling the Elders that wouldn’t help anything so they remained silent.

“-we met up with the pup,” Gguk continued. “Of course seeing me, an Alpha, scared him. He was much more used to my mates Omega pheromones, so he ran off. After tracking him for a few minutes, my mate and I came across the location of the pup… as well as his Eomeoni.” 

The Alpha slowly exhaled and ruffled his hair. “I am sad to report that the female is no longer of his world…”

“What?!” the outrage started again, as well as demands for what happened, how it happened, if they’d seen anyone else and more. Gguk sat back in his chair, waiting for them to quiet down and realize that they couldn’t get answers if they were all talking. That took about five minutes or so, but eventually DawWoo was able to shut everyone up in a way only she could.

“Well?” the older woman demanded looking at him with a frown. “What happened to her?”

Realizing he had the floor once more the Alpha inclined his head and continued. “Well… from what Healer Kim can gather from the body, it seems that she had a fight. We’re not sure what kind, but the wounds suggest it wasn’t with a wolf.”

He paused thoughtfully. “The injury she sustained in itself wasn’t too bad, however it was rather deep. Because of this she had the misfortune of catching an infection that seemed to have festered. In the end she’d made it just to the edges of our lands where she perished, leaving her pup to fend for himself. We believe the child went on the hunt for food at which time he came across the horses and, eventually, my mate.”

“Did he attack the horses?” JiHu asked with a frown. Their treaty with the horses was very important for them, especially when it came to traveling long distances.

“No, like I said, it’s a pup- the prey was too big. He didn’t dare do much but sniff around the outskirts of the fields-”

“-until YOUR mate fed him,” HyunWoo interjected, clearly displeased with the current situation. 

“No.” Gguk corrected the Alpha, locking eyes on him. “Even then he didn’t venture forward. Not until we followed him back to where his Eomma was and realized the situation, at which point I made the decision to bring the pup back with us.”

“YOU made the decisions, eh,” DaeWoo said, the older Alpha woman clearly not believing that if her tone and expression were any indication.

Jeongguk looked at her, his lips tilting ever so slightly in amusement before he nodded. “Of course my mate was in agreement- BUT, as pack leader, it was ultimately my decision.” 

One of the other Alpha’s BaekYeon snorted. “Try that version on a non-Elder,” the older man said in a slightly wheezy tone, knowing tone. The actual *true* elder of the ‘Elder Board’, Min BaekYeon rarely spoke (to be honest Jeongguk always assumed he’d slept through this type of thing because he damn sure didn’t look awake) however on this he couldn’t seem to hold his opinion. “Any Alpha who’s been mated for more than five minutes and is as soft for their mate as you are for yours knows better.”

“Haraboji,” the younger Alpha said in a sighing tone. “I won’t dispute I have a certain… affection , for my mate. But I also love my pack. That said, I made my decision not only for Jimin but for the pup as well. Please trust me when I say we checked the area, we set up parameters- the others can attest to the fact that there were no other scents in the location. The child was well and truly alone.”

Sowha looked over to her son and Yoongi nodded in agreement. When the other Elders looked towards them Sejin, one of the Second Gen Alphas stepped forward. “We checked the area, our lands and the area just surrounding it. There were no other scents with the exception of the pup and very small remnants of an Omega that we believe belonged to the Eomma before she passed.”

“You * believe *,” HyunWoo stressed. “But you don’t know.”

Sejin looked to Gguk who shrugged and motioned for him to step back. “Uncle,” he tried. “We’ve told you what we know. In the end I’ve made my decision. It’s a child- this pack has taken in fully grown wolves- yes, it has been to our detriment before, but it has mainly been to our benefit. That’s how most of you and your families got here. My family has opened this pack to those in need for generations and I’m not closing it now.”

“Damn it Jeongguk,” HyunWoo frowned sitting up a bit more. “Will you think for a second. Think about this pack and not just what YOU want?!”

“I just told you that I WAS thinking about the pack. I’m thinking about its core- its foundation . YOU, Uncle, are the one who’s forgotten what the Jeon pack is about.”

“Can someone talk sense into him?” the older man demanded looking to the other Elders.

“It’s a child,” DaeWoo remarked in her usual cool and abrupt tone. “I thought you use to be a warrior HyunWoo, have you been retired for so long that you’re now afraid of pups?”

“It’s not ABOUT the pup! We don’t know anything about the child-”

“Exactly,” Sowha interrupted him. “Which means we don’t know where to take him. We don’t know if he has friends or family- if he is a small child releasing him into the wild is like a death sentence!”

The Alpha scoffed and shook his head. “ THIS is why women don’t need to be involved in this-”

“Excuse you!” DaeWoo demanded, whilst Sowha glared at the man.

“You’re too emotional,” he declared.

“WE’RE emotional?! WE’RE not the ones scared of a tiny fucking PUP you big pansy!” the female Alpha countered.

NamJoon snorted while Hoseok buried his head against his friends shoulders and the other ‘soldiers’ tried not to laugh.  

“Ya!” HyunWoo snapped as the two began to argue in earnest.

Jeongguk watched them for a moment before he could feel a headache coming on. Eventually he slapped the table with a heavy hand, instantly gaining silence from the startled older wolves. The young Alpha sighed and looked at them all as he allowed the silence and the tension in the room to linger, establishing his dominance without having to speak a word. After a moment he finally looked over to SungMin, the Beta shifted a bit uncomfortably before relaxing at his leaders words.

“I think beneath all of the ruckus you had a point Uncle, you should all meet the pup in question before getting so worked up,” he looked towards his Hyungs. “Hoseok-sshi, can you bring Jimin in now?”

“Yes Pack Leader,” the Alpha said inclining his head before heading out, he shot both Joon and Yoongi looks as he left.

The room was silent for the time he was gone as the older wolves caught their breath and tried to regain their composure. To be honest Jeongguk wasn’t at all surprised at the bickering during the meeting, it was always the same. -That was part of the reason he’d been more than content to allow YoonHee to continue to control the meetings. The group of older men rarely agreed on anything, all far to stubborn and caught in their ways to change. 

After a few minutes the door opened and Jeongguk stood as his mate entered. One of his capes shielded the bundle that was held within his arms as Jimin made his way through the room and to his mates side. It was clear from the size of the shape hidden between the soft fabric that Jeongguk had been honest, he was a tiny thing indeed. 

“Well…” BaekYeon said in a very slow, very dry tone. “Still scared Hyunnie?”

HyunWoo shot the much older man a look but held his tongue while DaeWoo snickered. “Hmm,” the female wolf said with a subtle frown. “You’re right, he doesn’t look like he’d be very old in human form.”

“Much too young to fend for himself,” Yoongi’s Eomma remarked looking very concerned.

“Mmm,” Jimin agreed. “I realize that this is an unusual situation for you all, for the pack. But I do hope that you’ll support us in our decision to take care of this little guy.”

“Does he have a name?” SungMin asked.

“Not yet,” Jimin said glancing over at Gguk.

“We’re trying out a few to see what he responds to,” Jeongguk remarked. “He’s only been with us for one night so…”

“Of course,” the Beta said.

“He’s nervous poor thing,” Sowha shifted a bit in her seat. “Of course he can stay, you have my complete support.”

“Thank you Auntie,” Jeongguk said with a small smile, Jimin gave the woman one as well.

“Hmm, mine as well,” DaeWoo said after a moment before tilting her head a bit. “What class is he? I can’t tell through the scents in this room and of the cloak.”

“He’s an Alpha,” Jimin answered.

HyunWoo gave another grumble of discontent. 

“Can we see his face?” SungMin inquired curiously as he leaned a bit forward in his seat for a better look.

Jimin nodded before shifting the pup in one arm and slowly pulling back the cape to reveal the pup’s face. The tiny creature looked at him, then around the room for a moment before promptly burying his face against in the pit of the Omega’s arm to hide from view. Gguk gave him a fond smile and a scratch behind the ears before covering him once more.

“As you can see, he’s shy,” the young Alpha said.

“Hmm….” BaekYeon remarked in his low, crackly tone. “I can’t say this is how I thought the next generation of the Jeon line would go… however, it’s fine. We stand behind your decision as Jeon Elders. I believe I speak for everyone with that statement.”

There were nods of agreement, but also side glances at HyunWoo, who had been very vocal about his dissent. “I still think it’s stupid and dangerous,” the Alpha griped. “So no, I don’t agree. However majority rules in these decisions, I just want it on the record that I am dissatisfied with this choice.” 

“It is noted,” Jeongguk inclined his head. “As for everyone else, thank you for standing behind me and showing your support. It does mean a lot and we hope that you know that.”

“Thank you for accepting him, and me too,” Jimin interjected, rocking the slightly agitated pup in his arms and inclining his head in respect to the older wolves.

“Of course Jimin,” Sowha said with a small smile. “And if you need anything or any help, let me know. It’s hard being a new parent.”

“Especially so suddenly,” DaeWoo remarked. “Come to me as well child, if needed.”

The Omega gave both women a bright smile. “Thank you, I shall.”

Gguk didn’t comment but looked clearly pleased at the Elder’s attempts to reach out to his mate. “Well… now that this is settled, there are some drinks and snacks in the other room if you would like to linger and talk about other matters, or to one another in general.”

“I’m going to take him up to the bedroom,” Jimin told his mate, who nodded in return. The Omega then smiled and bowed once more to the elders before leaving. Jeongguk watched him go before heading to the door to escort the elders to the living room for refreshments and a more relaxed discussion.






(Later That Night)



Jimin looked over as Jeongguk entered the bedroom, his eyes going to his mate as the Alpha began to remove his clothing to get ready for bed. 

“So everything’s settled then?” he asked quietly.

Gguk looked over as he tossed his shirt into the dirty clothes and rummaged around for some pants to sleep in. “With the elders? Yeah… as for the rest of the pack, only time will tell.”

“Do you think it’ll be an issue?” the Omega inquired pulling his legs up to his chest and hugging them.

“Well… in a pack this size, I’m sure some won’t like it. That can’t be helped though,” Gguk muttered as he changed pants.

“Mmm, I guess,” Jimin watched as his mate stood and lightly rolled his shoulders a few times. “Does your back hurt?”

The Alpha looked over in surprise and shrugged. “A bit…” 

“Come,” his mate patted the bed in front of himself. “Sit, I’ll give you a massage.” 

A brow quirked in response to this before the Alpha made his way over to the bed. He took a seat just in front of Jimin, mindful of the pup asleep just under the covers to his right. “How’d he do today?” he inquired his gaze on the child. Jeongguk felt a bit guilty, yeah they’d taken the pup in, but between soothing feathers pre and post-emptively, he’d barely had time to spend with Jimin OR the child since his arrival.

“He whined a bit less today than yesterday,” Jimin said as he worked on a knot in his lovers back. “I was also able to get him to eat a bit more for lunch, though he’s still clearly upset.”

Hearing the sadness in his mates voice, Jeongguk lightly rubbed Jimin’s leg and looked over his shoulder at him. “Just give him time to adjust.”  

“I know… it’s just…. I don’t know what to do. What if I do something wrong?” the Omega worried aloud.

Gguk snorted. “God, that’s the story of my life right now…”

Jimin exhaled and shifted so he was hugging his mate from the back. “You’re doing wonderfully. You’re strong and come off very confident in your decisions. You’re a great Pack Leader Jeongguk… and an even better mate.”

The Alpha’s brows rose in surprise and he slanted his mate a sideways look. “Oh really?”

“Really,” the Omega said more thoughtfully than his mate thought he would, his chin on Jeongguks shoulder as he stared off at the far wall. Jimin was quiet for several seconds, his hand lightly rubbing Gguks stomach before he spoke in a quiet, honest tone. “This is new for me, for us- of course, but especially for me. The environment, the people, the situation… I’m… to be blunt, I’m not used to you, Jeon Jeongguk.”


“Meaning… the way my parents work is different from… well, how you work. How we’re working…”

“In a bad way?”

“No,” Jimin shook his head and lightly squeezed Gguk. “No… I don’t think so. It’s just… my pack, my previous pack, was very strong on Omega rights and free thinking. So, my Appa just kinda… freely did things within the relationship. And my Abejoi, not wanting to lose his Beta identity was much the same. They… they loved one another, but when it came to one another they… they operated autonomously, if that makes sense?” he frowned over at his mate.

“You mean how you operate?” Gguk surmised, understanding what his mate was saying and, more importantly, why

“Well… yeah, I guess,” Jimin muttered against Jeongguks shoulder. “That’s why I said I’ve never seen a pack like yours. With Elders, group meetings and organizations, with so many people working together, so many feelings and opinions taken into account. I was so surprised when I realized that, not only were you the pack leader, but your Hyungs respected you, like- genuinely respected you.” He frowned a bit. “But… being with you, around you… seeing how you work, how you think. How… how the picture, the PACK, the PEOPLE, matter more to you than what YOU can get from them… it...” the Omega sighed, flustered and tripping over his own words. “I- I’m sorry… I’m not making sense.” 

“Yes you are,” his mate countered shifting so that his arm was around the silver haired man and he pulled him against his side. “I understand what you’re saying Jiminnie. More importantly… I understand why. Once again, I wish you’d come to me about him,” the Alpha’s gaze flicked to the pup. “But… now that you’ve explained, I understand why you didn’t. I only hope that you now understand why you should in the future.”

Jimin bit his lip, leaning into his mate before nodding. “Okay, if I find anymore pups in the woods I’ll come to you.”

“Ya,” Gguk griped poking him in the side.

Jimin giggled, catching his hand and making a face at him. “Stop it, you’ll wake him.”

The Alpha's gaze flicked to the pup as it shifted before going back to his mate. “Right, I’ll be mindful.”

“Mmm,” the silver haired man replied crinkling his nose. 

“What?” Gguk asked in a soft tone, noticing his mate’s gaze lingering.

Jimin swallowed, lifting a hand he lightly traced Jeongguk’s jaw and lips, followed by his nose and eyebrows, one of which the Alpha quirked under his fingertip. The older male chuckled softly and shifted, butting heads with his mate before kissing him lightly.

“Thank you,” he breathed against Jeongguk’s mouth.


He was cut off with another kiss. “Thank you, thank you for being the mate I never knew I wanted, but always needed. Thank you for being strong and thoughtful, thank you for trusting me while I continue to learn how to fully trust you.” The Omega cupped Gguks cheek, his gaze soft and shining with unshed tears. “Thank you for being a GOOD MAN, Jeongguk. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m glad that fate brought us together.”

Jeongguk exhaled softly, shakily as he looked at his mate. Unsaid words and unchecked emotions singing in the Omega’s eyes made him shudder. Words he longed to say danced on the tip of his tongue, but were unable to make their way past the barrier of his lips. So instead he settled for: “I’m glad it brought us together too…” 

He gave a subtle smile and followed that with a kiss to match, in response Jimin’s hand slid up his chest to his shoulder, pulling Gguk closer as the lovers deepened the kiss. It was only the tiniest little yelp that reminded them they were not alone. Jimin pulled back, looking to the small pup who seemed to be doing his best to outrun something in his dreams and the Omega reached down rubbing his back and releasing a few more pheromones until the small child relaxed.

“Guess sex will be harder to have huh?” Jeongguk said dryly once he’d settled.

“Hey, you’re the one who wanted a large family,” Jimin teased looking over at him.

“Yeah… but I wanted to practice making one a bit more first,” his mate pouted.

The Omega giggled and kissed his nose, then his cheek, then his neck. “Once he’s settled, we’ll be able to get a lot more practice in- don’t worry.”

The Alpha pouted even more. “How long will that take?”

“I don’t know, days? Weeks?”

“Weeks?” Jeongguk groaned.

“What’s a few weeks when we have a lifetime, Jeongguike?” Jimin asked cupping his face gently, an amused smile playing on his lips.

“...” Jeongguk studied him, his whole countenance soft under his mates gaze and touch. “I suppose… we’ll see…”

“Mmm,” Jimin agreed with a nod and a kiss. “Come… lay with us.”

“Mmm,” the dark haired man nodded. “I’ll get the lights.”

“Okay,” the Omega greed climbing under the covers and shifting the pup over so that Jeongguk could lay behind them. Once the lights were off, Gguk returned to the bed, climbing under the covers with his mate and their pup, he hugged Jimin from behind. When the pup shifted in his sleep again, Gguks hand beat his mates as he reached out and lightly rested it on the pup’s back, soothing him instantly with a bit of his scent.

“I love… your scent,” his mate murmured, snuggling back into Jeongguk.

“... I love… yours as well,” the Alpha said softly.

Jimin gave a subtle smile his heart, much like his mates, racing at the small pause between words. Exhaling softly, he turned and kissed Jeongguk lightly on the lips and the two wolves shared a look that said more than their mouths would allow, before the family settled in for the night.

Chapter Text

(The Jeon House)

Jimin ran a hand over his face before pushing his hair back and setting off downstairs, the tattered remnants of one of Jeongguks belts in his hand. “Byul!!” he called looking in the various rooms. “MoonByul!” 

He was currently on the hunt for the wayward pup, who had taken it upon himself to chew up just about anything he could get his little teeth on. Belts, shoes, the legs of one of the tables, nothing was free from mischief. It had been almost a month since they’d taken the small pup into their home and gained the acceptance of the elders. For the first week or so he remained shy and cautious, but over time his curiosity got the best of him and he began to explore. Then the more he explored the more comfortable he’d gotten, and the more comfortable he’d gotten the more rucks he caused.

So far Jimin had been forced to replant herbs that the pup had unearthed in the greenhouse, offer fabric to a young lady in the pack whose dress he’d caught the hem of, and make it his personal mission to find ways to childproof the home and its exits. He honestly hadn’t realized how many “escape ways” there were in the large home until faced with a mischievous pup.

Also, since MoonByul slept comfortably with them at night, he was full of energy first thing every morning, forcing both Jimin and Gguk to hit the ground running. “Byul!”

“Did he get out again?” Jeongguk asked entering the home, he’d just come back from a meeting with the Hyungs about an upcoming sit down they’d set up with the nearby Kim pack.

“Did you see him?” his mate looked over with a frown.

“Well… coming in from the front I-” the Alpha paused, noticing the door to his office slid slightly ajar. Heading over with a nervous Jimin behind him they slid open the door the rest of the way, revealing a brightly lit room and the subject of Jimin’s quest.

“Jeon MoonByul!” Jimin snapped.

The pup, who had been in the process of furiously shaking his head back and forth while gnawing and stepping on several papers in his mouth froze, eyes wide. Noticing the two at the door he and that he was caught, he gave a low whimper.

“Give that back,” Jimin moved past Gguk while the Alpha frowned, moving over to the torn pieces to see exactly what it was the pup had gotten his teeth on. “Give it now.” Jimin ordered, cornering the pup who had made a break for the door only to find that Jimin had closed it soundly behind himself.

When the Omega grabbed the papers and pulled, Byul didn’t release, instead he growled, though his tail wagged happily as if excited his Appa was joining in on his game. For his part the Alpha had finally pieced together enough scraps of paper to be able to determine that what his pup held in his mouth was no ordinary document.

“MoonByul.” Jeongguk said, his tone and the scent coming from him causing both Omega and pup to freeze.

Letting the documents go, Byul suddenly took off, hiding behind the desk and peeking slightly as he watched warily. A nervous whine coming from his throat.

“What is it?” Jimin frowned looking down at the hole filled paper in his hand.

Jeongguk took it from him before stating grimly. “It’s the treaty for the meeting with the Kim pack.”

His mate made an ‘O’ and glanced in the direction of the pup before looking back to Gguk. “Let me see-”

“What’s there to see? It’s destroyed,” the Alpha frowned, shooting a displeased look in the direction of the pup, who quickly disappeared behind the desk. 

“Not all of it-”

“What do you want me to hand this in? Full of holes, tears and slobber?” his mate demanded, actually looking quite annoyed.

The treaty with the Kim’s was important to Jeongguk. After he’d lost their chance at  allying with the Yeong pack he wanted to do something to show everyone that he was working for the betterment of the pack and not just for himself. This document had been the culmination of weeks of letters exchanged between the packs, terms, conditions and careful wording. 

Sure the Kim pack wasn’t as big as the Yeong pack, however they were also a sea pack who was located just South of the Yeongs. Gguk was hoping to set up an alliance with them, followed by the Lee pack who were just North of the Yeongs. He and Namjoon had discussed this at length and believed that they may be able to… encourage , an alliance with the Yeongs regardless of mating, if they had an existing one with those around them.

“No…” Jimin said slowly, putting a hand on his mate to calm him. His voice even, yet not condescending. “I’m saying it’s readable. I’ll retranscribe what is there while you and Joon Hyung work on recreating what is missing. It’s not over yet, okay?”

The Alpha slowly relaxed and ran a hand over his face. Exhaling he looked down at the documents, there seemed to be two pages stuck together, which meant there were two pages missing. If he could gather the pieces from the pages and section them together enough they could figure out what was initially said... However, after he thought of this, he considered something else.

“Do you have time?” he frowned over to his mate. 

Jimin had been running around after MoonByul constantly during the day, trying to keep the house together and attempting to squeeze in work on the numbing solution during the (very rare) instances of freetime. Not to mention Jae was due for his check up with Jin in the next few days and Jimin always attended those to help out and supervise.

“I do,” his mate assured. “I’ll work on it during Byul’s nap.”

“What about the numbing-”

“-don’t worry,” Jimin cut him off patting his back. “I still have months yet before Jae is due to give birth. I’ll work on the numbing solution while you’re gone,” he smiled wryly. “It’ll stop me from feeling so lonely.”

Jeongguk snorted and quirked a brow. “You like me that much?”

Jimin scrunched his nose and leaned in towards the Alpha. “...Maybe…”

Tension now gone from his shoulders since a viable solution had been offered, Gguk leaned down a bit, lightly kissing his mates lips. “Maybe I like you that much too.”

“You like me enough for me to feel lonely when you’re gone?” was the dry reply.

“Yep. Exactly that much,” his mate wagged his brows.

Jimin laughed and slapped his shoulder. “You smart ass brat.”

They were pulled from their conversation as a head butted Jeongguks shin. The Alpha looked down to see MoonByul sitting there holding a slightly larger section of one of the missing pages. His eyes were large and he was clearly attempting an apology as he once again nudged Jeongguk with the top of his head, his mouth jutting out to offer the paper.

The two older wolves shared a look before Jeongguk squatted down to Byuls level. “So you heard the plan huh?” he murmured accepting the paper and lightly petting the pups head. His mind flicking to what Jin had said about MoonByul being able to comprehend human words. “Thank you,” he added before looking at the pup. “But you need to stop,” he said in a stern tone. “No more biting and chewing on things, do you understand.”

In response the pup shifted, bumping Gguk’s chin with the top of his head before licking him.

“Ah-ah,” the Alpha remarked pulling back a bit. “You’re not kissing your way out of this. No more MoonByul,” he repeated in the same stern tone as before, holding up the paper and then taking the damaged belt from earlier from Jimin and showing that as well. “No more,” he emphasized the words. Once the pup seemed to understand, lowering his head in reproach, the Alpha picked him up and faced Jimin. 

“Why don’t you two head out,” the Omega remarked his tone fond. “Spend a bit of time together before you leave in a few days, I’ll gather the papers.”

Jeongguk started at his mate for a moment before nodding. The couple shared one more kiss, once again interrupted, this time by a cold nose on the underside of their jaws, before they both pulled apart. Gguk headed out of the room with Byul for some quality Alpha Alpha time (they’d probably go and hunt for something to eat for dinner tonight),  while Jimin set about gathering the remnants of the treaty. 


(Several Days Later)

Jimin took a step back and offered a small smile to the Omega before him and the Alpha at his side. “Everything is fine,” he told Jae and his mate SooHyun. “You’re probably just putting in too much work. You’ve been out in the fields again, haven't you?” the silver haired man reprimanded as he put away the device he’d used to listen to the pup’s heartbeat.

“No…” the pretty Omega said slowly.

“Jae…” his friend said in a warning tone.

Jae had begun to experience some pains in his side earlier this morning, worried SooHyun had brought his mate to the ‘village’ side of the pack to visit Jin. However, the Alpha had been tied up with a very sick patient, so he’d sent Yuna to retrieve Jimin from his home. Because of the presence of MoonByul the young intern stayed at the Jeon residence with him, while Jimin responded to the call for help. The couple now sat before Jimin, slowly relaxing now that the threat of immediate danger was gone.

“Yes,” SooHyun responded for his mate when the Omega failed to reply to Jimin’s warning tone. “My Eomma has been a bit difficult,” he continued to explain. “She keeps talking about how she worked up until she was going into labor, and then was out in the fields the day after giving birth. My mate thinks he needs to live up to her stories.”

“By all accounts they’re true,” Jae frowned at his mate. “And I still have a few months yet, there’s no reason I can’t get out and help some.”

Jimin sighed. “But there may be,” the Omega said pulling up a seat in front of Jae and taking his hands. “Each Omega is different. Male or female it’s the same, our bodies react and respond differently. Just because she was able to push her pups out while simultaneously picking rice with one hand and sugar cane with another doesn’t mean you have to.  And she shouldn’t be encouraging you to do such dangerous things.”

“She doesn’t think I’m good enough,” the Omega frowned. “She wanted Hyun to mate with another Omega, a female who’s a few fields down.”

Jimin snorted and shot him a look. “Isn’t that all of our stories?” he asked dryly. “YoonHee felt the same way about both Tae and I… sadly when a pack doesn't fully understand sometimes they lash out.”

“It’s not that,” SooHyun felt the need to defend his Eomma a bit. “I mean, it’s not JUST that he’s male. I’ve known HyeKyo for years, since we were pups and I think our families always expected…” he trailed off not needing to say what. “Anyway- I say that to mean, if it was anyone but her my Eomma would be the same.”

“True or not, is it any less fair?” Jimin inquired quirking a brow. “I know you love your Eomma SooHyun-sshi… but your mate needs your protection.” 

The Alpha’s face colored a bit. He knew what the pack leaders mate meant, and he knew he was right. It’s just, he wasn’t your typical Alpha, he wasn’t a fighter, he was a farmer. A lover of poetry and the arts, he had always wished he’d been born a Beta like his brothers, then so much pressure wouldn’t be on him to live up to stereotypes. But at the same time it was that subversion of those same things that drew his mate to him, and he to his mate.

“It’s fine Jimin-ah,” Jae said offering the other Omega a soft smile. “My Hyun isn’t the type to disrespect his Eomma and I don’t want him to be. I just need to get thicker skin I suppose.”

Both the other Omega and the Alpha frowned. Jimin sighed and looked between them. “Do you still live with your parents?”

“We do,” SooHyun admitted. 

That was how it was a lot on the Jeon lands, Jimin noticed. The families of the farmers often lived and worked together, choosing to reserve the additional land for more crops instead of more homes.

“If your Eomma doesn’t like your mate, and you don’t wish to be stuck in the middle- at the very least may I suggest that you consider building your own small family home?”

“She’ll criticize,” Jae frowned.

“No offence, hun. But she’s going to criticize anyway. At least then you can go home to escape it, instead of going home to more,” the silver haired man retorted. 

“We’ll consider it,” Jae smiled a bit.

“...” Jimin gave a subtle smile. “Please do.”

“Is everything okay?” a voice asked.

“Hyung,” Jimin smiled a bit at Seokjin as the Alpha entered. “Yes everything's fine, I believe it’s overwork and stress.” 

Much like his Omega counterpart the Alpha frowned. “Are you still on the fields?”

Jae sighed. “Not you too, look I’m going to lighten up the load, okay?”

“You need to do more than that,” the Alpha said taking a seat, he looked at the silver haired man. “Jimin, I know you want to get back to your pup, but can you get a sample of SooHyun’s blood while he’s here. That way we can see if he’s a good candidate for the transfusion?” 

“Mmm,” the Omega nodded, getting up and getting a glass vial from the nearby shelf. He went over to SooHyun and began to draw the blood as Jin peppered Jae with more questions. Realizing the other Omega was distracted he looked to the Alpha. “You need to move.”

SooHyun blinked, looking over at Jimin in surprise at the sudden comment. “Jimin-sshi-”

“Alpha or Omega it doesn’t matter. You need to protect your mate. The same way he’s protecting you. Protecting you from me, from your family, from your mother- he’s doing everything for you- you need to do something for him.” The Omega removed the needle applying pressure to the wound and locking eyes with the Alpha. “Your family mistreats your mate because you ALLOW it. THAT’S on you. No one else. Be a wolf. Stand up and do what you have to do for your mate.”

“I understand what you’re saying Jimin-sshi, I do,” the Alpha said sincerely. “But… it’s their land. How can I demand to have a house on it?”

“First of all, it’s Jeon land,” the younger male remarked reminding him. “Secondly, if they want your help then they’ll let you build, if not then you two can always move to the town or to one of the other many farms on the land.”

SooHyun frowned thoughtfully to himself but did not respond. Jimin studied the Alpha. He was a beautiful man, he could see why Jae had been attracted- but he had more of a ‘Beta’ feel than an ‘Alpha’ one. If not for his pheromones Jimin wouldn’t even know he was one.

“I’ll talk with them,” he said suddenly looking at the younger pretty Omega. “I want to get this done before our pup comes.”

Jimin smiled a bit. “Good, let me know if you need help? I can give you a hand, not to mention Jeonggukie and the others.”

Hearing the Pack Leader and Jeon heir called ‘Jeonggukie’ by his mate had an odd calming effect on the Alpha’s anxiety. “I’ll probably take you up on that offer you know.”

“Good, that’s why I made it,” Jimin winked before standing. He looked over to Jin. “I’ll mark this and put it by the others, I should head back. I’m worried about how well Yuna can handle Byul.”

“Of course,” the older male stated with a smile, as a close friend he knew how much mischief the small pup got into daily. “Thank you for your help Jimin-ah.”

“Thank you,” both Jae and SooHyun added as well.

“It’s fine,” the Omega said before shooting Jae a look. “And don’t be a stranger, if you need a break, feel free to come by and visit anytime.”

“..Thanks Jiminnie,” the older Omega repeated with a subtle smile. 

Heading out of the room, Jimin went into the main office and wrote SooHyun’s name on some paper, wrapping the vial up inside of it and tying it with a string he added it to the drawer that contained the other samples. That done he headed out of the room and back through the village towards his home. As he moved he smiled to some of the wolves whose paths he crossed, and (for the most part) the greetings were returned. 

In the past five or so months since he’d been here he’d slowly gotten to know more members of the Jeon pack and was finally beginning to feel… dare he say, at home? Between TaeHyung, Jae and GongYoo (another male Omega) he’d found confidants, in SeHyun, Yoongi, Seokjin, NamJoon and Hoseok he’d found Hyungs, in SeoYung he had a Dongsaeng, while in the blunt DaeWoo and kind Sowha he’d found mentors. And that didn’t even touch on everything he’d found in his mate.  All in all, despite the difficulties with bouts of homesickness, some antagonists and trouble parenting, he was happy. 

Whistling a bit to himself, the Omega skipped slightly towards his home as he sounds of children screaming and laughing echoed in the background from different areas of the pack. He couldn’t wait for the day that MoonByul found his place amongst the Jeons as well.

“Yuna! I’m back,” the Omega called out, removing his cloak and tossing it on the arm of the sofa. Not hearing anything he looked around. “Yuna?” he called again, making his way upstairs. After looking around to no avail, and trying not to panic the Omega made his way back outside. “Yuna!!”

“Jimin-sshi!” a female voice called. He looked to see Yuna running over from one of the side paths. “You’re back-”

“-where were you?” the Omega frowned. “Where’s Byul?”

The girl flushed deeply and opened and closed her mouth several times before admitting. “I-I… I don’t know.”


“I, he was right there one minute. I left him playing in the living room while I went into the kitchen to make him a snack and when I came back ...”

He was gone. She didn’t have to say it, Jimin had experienced it himself before. Damn it, had he found another hole or crack to sneak out of?! Huffing the Omega turned once, then twice before a sound caught his attention.

A child screamed and began to cry, followed by a woman bellowing. “You fucking mutt!!!”

Sharing a look, Jimin and Yuna quickly set off in the direction of the exclamation.

Chapter Text

They arrived at the home in question within moments and Jimin’s brows furrowed as he noticed a woman swatting with a broom towards a space behind some large barrels. “Come out here now!” the woman, a Beta, ordered. “Get out here and away from my house!”

“What’s going on?” Jimin asked with a frown.

The woman froze and turned to look at him, she seemed as if she may hesitate before taking a deep breath and proceeding with her tirade. “You take your mutt and you get him off of my land.” She ordered pointing towards the barrels.

“My… mutt?” the Omega asked slowly, tilting his head as if wasn’t sure he’d heard correctly. 

“Yes,” she said firmly. “He’s dug up part of my herb garden and knocked down my daughter. If you can't control it, then keep IT on a leash-”

She cut off abruptly, her eyes wide in surprise as she suddenly found the Omega quite far into her personal space. Yuna watched nervously before taking a few steps back and running away, while Jimin and the Beta faced off.

“If I were you, Ajumma I’d shut my mouth before someone shuts it for me,” the Omega threatened in a quiet but dangerous tone.

She scoffed and looked around before looking at him. “Really? So you hit women?”

“Of course not,” the silver haired man replied. “So it’s a good thing there are no WOMEN around.”

The dark haired woman’s mouth fell before she glared, baring her teeth for a moment. “What, you’re showing off just because you’re the pack leaders mate? If you REALLY want to show off, then control the mess you-” she abruptly cut off, the anger radiating from the Omega prompting her to do so. Breathing deeply she took a step back. “Just get him off of my property.”

“I think you’re mistaken, once again,” Jimin said as he moved past, purposely bumping her shoulder as he headed to the barrels. Squatting down the Omega motioning for his pup who peeked out a bit before running to his Appa’s arms. “You are on the JEON lands… my mates property,” he continued as he picked up his pup and faced her. “Not yours. And while I admit, if he did knock down your daughter then our pup was wrong for his actions. He’s learning and he gets excited to see other children.”

“HOWEVER,” he remarked raising a brow, “if you have a problem with HIM you come to ME. You don’t chase him with a broom like some random pest, NOR do you call him names that can get you hurt.”

He slowly walked towards her, as MoonByul whimpered burying his face against Jimin’s shoulder. “Am. I. Clear?”

The Beta and Omega stared at one another for several long moments, neither moving as a thick tension settled in the air. Jimin only finally pulled back when he noticed a small girl, no older than four hug the woman’s leg. Her face looked flushed, her eyes streaked with the remnants of tears. Jimin squatted down in front of her and she shifted, hiding slightly behind her Eomma.

“Hello little one,” he said in a much gentler tone than he’d been using with the woman. “Both Byul and I would like to apologize for him knocking you down, he’s still learning to play with other children and can be a bit rough. Are you hurt?”

The girl bit her lip and lightly shook her head, her eyes flicking to her Eomeoni who stood still watching with a stern look. It was clear that the Beta wasn’t any more soothed by Jimin talking to her child and apologizing, but she had also taken the clear reminder given by the Omega as to just whom his mate was. It was bullshit of course, just because he’d managed to seduce the pack leader didn’t mean that the rest of the pack had to put up with him doing anything he wanted and everything he could to tear apart what they’d worked generations for. 

BUT, saying that to someone like Jimin would do her no good, so Yuri remained silent- for now.

“I’m glad you’re uninjured and I’m sure Byul is as well, aren’t you MoonByul?” as the pup shifted slightly to give the girl a look, her mother shifted as well, blocking his view. Jimin’s teeth gritted and he stood once again facing the woman. 

“You complain because she fell but refuse to let him apologize?” the Omega asked raising a brow.

“My Yowon doesn’t speak dog,” was the simple response.

Jimin had just shifted towards her when a voice called out. “Everything okay?”

This jovial tone belonged to Jung Hoseok, the lanky Alpha making his way over with a worried looking Yuna just a few steps behind him. Jimin exhaled and took a measured step back, though his gaze told the woman this was likely not the last she’d heard of this situation.

“If you consider using derogatory terms to refer to pups okay- then yes, everything’s perfect,” the Omega responded finally looking over at Hoseok.

The Alpha cleared his throat before looking between the two as he headed over. “Of course I don’t… and I’m sure they weren’t meant. Probably just a case of an Eomma being overly protective of her pup-”

“-Well next time she wants to be overly protective then she better come to me. If she swings another broom at my child then I’m not responsible for the consequences.”

The woman scoffed. “YOUR child? Don’t you mean someone else's? I’m the only parent here. You, you’re nothing but a stand in who takes in stray mutts and act like you did something grand. My pups are EVERYTHING to me and OF me, and you have no damn right to put us in the same category.”

Hoseok frowned looking at the woman. “Yuri-sshi-”

“Wooow…” Jimin cut him off and used his free hand to make a clapping nose against the forearm that held MoonByul. “You got laid and pregnant- congratulations. What a marvelous feat. Why, you must be the only person in the village to do such a thing, if not the whole pack.” The Omega remarked sarcastically. “You’re right, it’s MUCH easier to love and care for someone who isn’t of your blood than it is for someone whom you pushed out yourself. I suppose that makes you so superior that you can just terrify and beat children-”

“He is NOT a child-”

“What do you think you are, you condescending bitch?”

Hoseok shifted, “Jimin-”

“Let me tell you. You’re. A. Wolf.” The Omega continued, only Hoseok keeping him from getting back into the woman's face. “Just like him, just like me, just like everyone else in the pack- and yes, even your precious PUPS. You’re a wolf. You think that just because you and your children were lucky enough not to be forced out of your pack to live a life in the woods becoming a feral to survive, that makes you better than my CHILD?”

“No. It doesn’t. It makes you lucky- but if you keep fucking with me and mine, I’ll make sure that your luck ends quite quickly- then we’ll see how much BETTER you are,” the Omega glared daring to her respond. 

When the Beta finally held her tongue Jimin turned and stalked back towards his home, shivering pup in his arms. Hoseok sighed deeply and ran a hand over his face, while Yuna hurried behind Jimin feeling guilty about having let MoonByul out of her sight and starting this whole mess.

“I’m so sorry, Jimin-ah,” the young healer said catching up to the Omega.

“It’s fine,” Jimin remarked stiffly.

“No- I was supposed to watch him-”

“-he gets out,” the Omega cut her off, “it’s not the first time. It’s not your fault, I should have warned you.”


“-leave it Yuna,” the man said. “Get back to work, Hyung is slammed and he needs you.”

“I…” the girl trailed off, halting her pursuit as Jimin finally reached his home, going inside and closing the door. Biting her nails Yuna looked towards the path where they’d left Hoseok with the Beta, then at the door once more before sighing and heading back to the clinic as directed.


(Later that Night)

Jimin startled as the sound of thunder echoed through the room. Shifting he rubbed his eyes before reaching out and putting an arm around Byul… or he would have, had the bed not been empty beside him. Quickly sitting up the Omega looked around the room, his eyes taking in the darkened area through the lens of muted moonlight that faded as more and more clouds rolled in.

“MoonByul?” the Omega called slipping out of bed and heading out the slightly parted doors, onto the balcony.

Still not seeing anyone, he changed courses heading downstairs and looking there. After several more calls of the pup’s name, and another dash upstairs to check the additional rooms there with still no sign of MoonByul- Jimin finally began to panic a bit. In his upset earlier he had forgotten to check how Byul had gotten away from Yuna that morning- was it too late? Had he gotten out once more?!

Rushing outside he looked around, not caring about or even noticing the freezing raindrops as they bounced off of his face. The Omega did a jog around the home and checked inside of the greenhouse, even lifting the cover off of the well just in case. 

Heart racing he headed back out, both relieved and not that his pup wasn’t inside. “MoonByul!” he called heading down the path towards the home from earlier.

Still not finding the pup he went back towards their home, bumping into Sejin along the way. 

“Jimin-sshi, what’s wrong?” the older Alpha asked, concerned to see his Pack Leaders mate out in such weather and looking particularly upset.

“MoonByul? Have you seen him?” the Omega demanded grabbing his arm.

The Alpha frowned. “No… but I’ll help you look.”

“Can you track him?” Jimin inquired hopefully.

“I… with the rain...the most I can do is try, but a majority of the scent will be washed away,” the elder admitted regretfully. Exhaling Jimin nodded before heading back up the path. “I’ll head towards the village,” Sejin remarked.

“I’ll check the horse fields,” Jimin responded.

The wolves parted ways at that, each on the hunt for the wayward pup. Jimin looked around the fields before heading to the stable, his gaze on Nightmare. “Have you seen him?” he asked the stallion.

The horse made a noise in his throat and gave a shift of his head.

“Oh! Of course!” the Omega exclaimed quickly bowing to him. “Thank you!” he called before taking off towards the forest.

It had been weeks since he was last here, but based on what Nightmare said this was most likely the place the pup had gone. The Omega stumbled a bit as the rain picked up, but did not slow his pace and after a few wrong turns he finally arrived at the large tree. There, sitting atop a mound of dirt that contained his Eomma, was MoonByul.

Jimin’s heart hurt.

Exhaling the Omega made his way over. The pups ears perked, then set back as he glanced at Jimin from beneath his paws. He didn’t move as the Omega approached and Jimin didn’t instantly pick him up, instead choosing to crouch down by the burial mound and reach out to pet him.

“You worried me,” he said in a soft tone to the pup. “...It was a hard day… did you miss her?” He asked a bit sadly.

Byul didn’t respond, however he didn’t pull away from the touch either. Jimin bit his lip, glancing up as the rain picked up he looked back down at the pup, noticing he was shivering. “Come…” he said in a soft tone, pulling his hand back and opening his damp robes- his cape forgotten at the home in his rush to find his son.

MoonByul once again glanced at him, and in a strangely repetitive scene, Jimin began to softly hum. After a few moments, wet and shivering, the pup slowly stood, sliding slightly in the mud he made his way over to the Omega who, careless of the dirt adorning his beautiful robes, took him into his arms offering some of his body heat. 

The two sat in the rain for several moments, Jimin cradling Byul as they both continued to hold vigil at his Eomma’s burial site. The silver haired man's humming continued as if for both Eomeoni and pup. This is the sight Hoseok came upon a few minutes later when he and Jin arrived.

Jin was the one to suggest the burial site as a possibility for MoonByul to have gone after being notified of the situation by Sejin. The older Alpha believed it was logical as it would be the pups only safe place besides Jeon manor. With this in mind the two Alphas hurried to the location, where they found the Pack Leaders mate and pup sitting in the rain and mud next to the grave.

Sharing a grim look, the Alphas allowed Jimin to finish humming his song before Seokjin approached, placing his coat over Jimin’s arms and helping the Omega to stand. The three wolves bowed in respect to the fallen Omega before the two Alphas lead Jimin and MoonByul back towards the village. As they reached the main road Sejin and one of the other Second Generation soldiers intercepted them holding twin looks of relief to see the pup safe.

“How is he?” Sejin asked the others.

“Cold…” Jin remarked.

“Sad,” Jimin added grimly. “Let’s… go home.”

The Omega said this in a soft tone, and the Alphas all shared looks with one another. It was clear to both Jin and Hoseok that Jimin was dealing with a lot of conflicting emotions about MoonByul seeking out his Eomma in such a manner. As well as possibly guilt for having said emotions. 

The other Second Gen soldier, a female named ChangSuk held up an umbrella over the Omega and pup as the group lead them back home. Once they arrived the two older soldiers headed back to their duties while Jin and Hoseok headed into the home with Jimin and MoonByul.

“You guys can go,” the Omega remarked in a subdued tone. “We’re… fine.”

“You’re wet,” Jin countered. “Go change, I’ll make you both something warm to drink,” the Alpha declared, heading to the kitchen without further adieu. 

Jimin watched him go, before a gentle nudge from Hoseok reminded him to move. He looked to the Alpha. “You’re wet as well…”

“Are you kidding? I train in this type of weather for fun,” the Alpha responded. “Take him up and dry him off, yeah?”


“We’ll bring up the drinks when they’re done,” the Alpha said leading Jimin to the stairs. “Once you’re dry and done with the drinks get some rest. Don’t worry about things, I’ll sleep down here tonight.”

“Is… that okay?” Jimin frowned looking at him.

“It’s fine,” Hoseok said. “Gguk trusts me.”

“I’m not talking about Gguk.”

“Well, fuck anyone else- so….”

Jimin snorted and shook his head. He didn’t want to make any more trouble for his mate… he just felt so tired. He missed Jeongguk, he wanted his other half. Seeing the Omega’s eyes well up, Hoseok frowned and lightly patted his back.

“They should be done with negotiations by the day after tomorrow,” he told the Omega, “he’ll be back soon, your Alpha.”

Jimin blinked and sniffled, he offered the other man a wry smile but didn’t deny his assumption. Instead he finally turned and trudged upstairs to dry off MoonByul and get himself changed. 


(Two Nights Later)

Jeongguk was made aware of the situation the moment he arrived back on packlands. The few Jeon wolves who were still out that evening watched curiously as their Leader ran through the village and towards his home. Gguk had barely gotten the gist of the story before rushing home. He knew Jimin had argued with some Beta, MoonByul had run away in the middle of the night during a storm and now both his pup and mate were sick.

Fuck. He’d only been gone less than a week, how could so much shit happen? He was horribly worried for his mate, according to Hoseok Jimin was having a tough go of it as he stubbornly insisted on caring for MoonByul himself. Hoseok said Jin believed this was a combination of not wanting anyone else to get sick like them (especially Tae, who could pass it to Yoonji) and fearing the bond they’d made in the last month wasn’t deep enough. Whatever it was, the Alpha regretted not being there for his mate.

Arriving home he opened the door, his brow raising as he noted Jin sitting on the sofa.

“Gguk, you’re home,” the older man commented clearly relieved. Standing he put his book away and they both looked towards the stairs as the sound deep whining echoed. Jin sighed.


“Byul is fussy,” the elder responded simply. “Jimin has been trying to get him to go to sleep for almost two hours now. I tried to give him something to help him sleep since he’s feverish, but he refuses to eat it and Jimin doesn’t want to make him eat it by force.”

“I see….” Gguk remarked softly before clapping his Hyung on the shoulder as he passed. “Thank you for your help Hyung. Go get some rest.”

Jin nodded and motioned towards the table. “These are the medications, try to get both or either of them to take something. Jimin’s are the ones in the vials, Byul’s are in the small packets.”

Jeongguk picked up the little basket that contained the meds. “Jimin isn’t taking anything either?”

“He wants to take care of Byul and the combination of herbs may cause drowsiness so…” the older male said grimly before adding. “Oh right! There’s also some soup on counter, it’s still warm. If you could get them to eat...”

Gguk nodded grimly. “I will...” With one last thanks to his Hyung the Alpha set off upstairs.  Arriving just outside of their room he hesitated for a second before opening the door and peeking in. Jimin was pacing back and forth next to the bed, the Omega looked tired and flushed as he rocked the wiggling, whining pup in his arms. He also looked dangerously close to tears.

Sighing the Alpha entered the room and Jimin paused, he turned as if he were going to say something before freezing his eyes wide and mouth agape. “Jeonggukie,” he breathed, the relief evident in his tone and his posture.

“Baby,” the younger male remarked closing the distance. He hugged the pair hazarding a look at Byul who returned it with wide eyes and another whimper. “Smaller baby,” he murmured kissing the top of the pup’s head. His eyes returned to his mate, “I heard a lot happened.”

Jimin scoffed and blinked looking down. His mate nuzzled his head in response.

“Here, let me take him for a bit,” he remarked removing the pup while passing Jimin the small basket of meds to hold instead. “You take something for your illness and we’ll get some meds in Byul.”

“He doesn’t want them,” the Omega replied, his tone almost whining as his exhaustion and frustration surfaced once more.

“I’ll make him-”


“I’LL make him,” the Alpha said locking eyes with Jimin. His gaze telling the Omega that he’d take responsibility for any animosity the pup may retain. “You take your medicine and lie down, Jin Hyung made some soup I’ll bring you up some. You should eat as well.”

“Let me take him-”

“No,” the Alpha insisted walking his mate to the bed and sitting him down as the warm pup burrowed deeper against his arm, still crying. “YOU rest. A trip downstairs may help calm him, and we’ll be right back. You did well, Jiminnie.” At his mates dejected expression the Alpha repeated himself, his tone brooking no argument. “You did well.”

The Omega blinked, a few tears finally escaping as he nodded and his mate kissed his forehead, displeased at how warm and flushed the skin was to his touch.

“I’ll be right back,” Gguk declared, standing he and Byul headed out of the room giving  Jimin his first hint of quiet in days.

Several minutes later the Alpha returned with a pup in one arm and a tray carrying tea and three bowls of soup in the other. Heading over to the bed he took a seat next to Jimin who had already began to doze in his absence. The Omega slowly sat up on one arm as his mate took a seat and Gguk passed him a bowl before taking another and mixing in a bit of the crushed herb packets for Byul. That done the Alpha put it in front of the pup and, as predicted, MoonByul turned his nose not wanting to eat.

“Byul,” the Alpha said softly, he then repeated it a bit more firmly getting the pups attention. Jeongguk made a show of drinking the soup in his bowl before indicating the other with his head. “Now you.” The pup gave another whine and Gguk shook his head. “Now you.” He repeated again, moving the bowl over once more.

Byul clearly didn’t want any of the soup however Jeongguk was unrelenting, not allowing him to rest or sit still for longer than a few seconds until he gave in. Jimin watched this all with tired eyes, his head throbbing along with his heart. How could he fail so much as a parent?

“What are you thinking?” the Alpha asked softly, feeling the distress coming from his mate.

Jimin sniffled and shook his head, wiping away his tears.

“Jiminnie… we agreed to talk more didn’t we?” his mate reminded him.

The Omega looked at him for a long moment before clearing his throat. When Jeongguk passed him a cup of tea he took a sip before exhaling and saying in a scratchy tone. “I just… I failed him…”

“You didn’t.”

“I did,” the silver haired man insisted. “I didn’t protect him from that woman, he felt unsafe Gguk. So unsafe that he… he went back there … to her...”

Jeongguk sighed and ran his fingers through his mates hair as Byul shifted in his lap. “He went there not because he didn’t feel safe… he probably remembered her and he may have felt bad himself. To be living with us all of this time and not checking on his Eomma.”

“I should have taken him sooner,” the Omega frowned.

“You’re right, WE should have,” his mate agreed. 

The two locked eyes for a moment, both of their gazes tinged with regret but still soft on and for one another. Byul sneezed and began to whine once more. As the pup began to repeatedly burrow against Jeongguk, bumping him with his head the Alpha frowned.

“He has a headache,” Jimin explained watching the two. “He does that to try to relieve the pressure… he’s barely slept in days. If he did sleep it was for maybe an hour or two at a time…”

“Well, that’s not good,” Jeongguk remarked. “Let’s get you both to sleep.”

“I’ve tried,” Jimin said softly. “I’ve even tried humming and singing, but my voice…”

“Well then, why don’t I try?” his mate winked.

Standing, and still holding the pup Jeongguk moved the dishes back to the tray and set it aside before turning off the lights. With only the moon providing a soft glow he lay down in bed next to his mate, settling MoonByul onto his chest and covering them all up he began to sing in a soft, beautiful tone.


Dancing bears,

Painted wings,

Things I almost remember,


The Alpha began in a soft tone. Jimin shifted closer, his head leaning against his mates shoulder as he listened to him sing to their son. His mind flashing back to all those months ago when the Hyungs said Gguk was “too good” to sing with them.


And a song someone sings,

Once upon a December.

Someone holds me safe and warm,

Horses prance through a silver storm,

Figures dancing gracefully across my memory


He hugged Byul tightly and the pup settled in more as the Alpha began to hum a wordless melody for several moments. Jimin’s eyes slid closed, his heart warming at the sound of Jeongguks tone, so beautiful, smooth and soothing.


Someone holds me safe and warm,

Horses prance through a silver storm,

Figures dancing gracefully across my memory.


Far away,

Long ago,

Glowing dim as an ember,

Things my heart used to know,

Things it yearns to remember

And a song someone sings


Once upon a December


(Please check out the song here I URGE you ^_^ you won't regret it! )


As he trailed off, rubbing circles on the pups back Gguk glanced down both surprised and not to see MoonByul finally sleeping. Exhaling a bit the Alpha shifted the covers to shield them both and smiled a bit.

“That was beautiful,” his mate said surprising him. He’d thought Jimin had fallen asleep as well.

“Thank you… my Eomma used to sing it to me when I was little,” the Alpha admitted glancing over at his mate. “It was a nightly routine… one of the few things I remember clearly about her…”

Jimin’s gaze was soft on the Alpha as he shifted, kissing the side of his head. 

“It’s ironic…” the younger male said softly after a moment, sliding his free arm around Jimin’s waist. “The song is all about things that happened long ago… memories and moments with someone you love that is no longer there.  How you can only recall hints of the times together, wisps of memories…” the Alpha swallowed thickly. “How accurate it is. How accurate she was. Part of me wonders if she knew…”

Jimin remained silent, knowing this question didn’t need an answer- his mate wasn’t looking for one, but was thinking aloud. Perhaps something he’s thought for a long time. Instead of responding the Omega kissed his shoulder and lightly reached out, putting his hand atop the one Jeongguk had on MoonByul’s back. The two intertwined fingers holding hands as silence fell.

“I’m glad you’re back,” the Omega finally said.

“... Me too.”

“I missed you…”

“... Me too.”

“I love you…”

Jeongguk blinked, his heart actually skipping a beat. As he paused he noticed his mate seemed to be holding his breath before noticing that he was doing the same. Exhaling slowly the Alpha shifted, kissing the top of Jimin’s head before finally responding.

“I love you too.”

Tension fell from the silver haired man's shoulder as he turned his face towards his mate, taking in his scent. Jeongguk smelled like the earth… the earth and the sky. He was thunderstorms, but not the type that scared Jimin, instead the type that offered nothing but comfort. Eyes closing and for the first time in days, the Omega finally fell into a peaceful slumber. 


(Early the next morning)

Jimin shifted, frowning a bit. He was warm and cozy, his head finally felt better and his mates scent wrapped around him like a comforting blanket. … So why, why was his body currently screaming at him to get up and pee. He just wanted to stay here in his cocoon and never get up, so he squished his eyes shut and tried to do just that. However after a few minutes he gave in, his bladder just wouldn't let him rest.

Pouting and muttering a curse word under his breath, the Omega slowly peeled his mates arm from around him and sat up. Shivering a bit in the cold that hung in the air he shifted, preparing to scoot to the bottom of the bed and make a quick run for the lav when he glanced over at his mate and pup. Smiling a bit he started to move before quickly doing a double take, his heart hammering in his chest.

“Gguk!” he whispered urgently. When his mate didn’t respond he shook him slightly. “Jeongguk!” he tried again this time hitting his shoulder several times.

“Hwam, wha?” the Alpha muttered not opening his eyes.

“Who is on you?” Jimin asked in a winded tone.

“What?” the Alpha frowned cracking an eye open.

“Who- is on you?”

“What do you mean who is on me?” his mate returned, brows furrowed in confusion. “MoonBy-” he abruptly cut off as, instead of fur, his eyes connected with dark curly hair. Blinking the Alpha shifted, sitting up slowly and carefully as what was freaking his mate out was finally lain before his eyes. Instead of a small black pup lying on his chest, now lay the form of a small boy, no more than three with dark curly hair.

What the hell had just happened?