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Steady Hands

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“I fucking told you I’m fine to go see the purple bastard, quit being an asshole and let’s go already. Chop-chop,” Katsuki said, snapping his fingers at the other omega. Neito frowned, “As much as I adore hearing the sound of my own voice, I’m getting annoyed with having to repeat myself so often to you. The calendar has you marked down for a heat in a day , Katsuki, if you come with me to see Hitoshi, the chances of him sending you into an early heat are really high. Just give me the damn shopping list and I’ll buy what’s on it for you. Stop being so obstinate.”


“Stop being such a fucking prick about this. I can handle my own damn body and I don’t fucking trust you and him to not come back with bruised and rotting vegetables. Hell, I don’t think Mindfuck even knows what a goddamn radish looks like.” Katsuki shoved past his boyfriend and grabbed his jacket. “You’re not gonna stop me. Just because your omega chemistry makes you slick when our alpha so much as glances at you the right way doesn’t mean I’m that fucking weak to him.”


Neito sighed, pinching his brow, “Seriously? This again? It’s not about how weak or strong any of us are, it’s simple biology. We’re all healthy males in a sexual relationship, two of which happen to be omegas. It’s natural for us to respond to Hitoshi’s pheromones and when you’re this close to your heat, he’ll probably jumpstart it. Face the facts and stop letting your foolish pride prevent you from seeing what’s right in front of you.”


“Right now, the only thing in front of me is a fucking arrogant little bastard who thinks he knows my body better than I do,” Katsuki snarled, “Now fucking come on before I blast that stupid smug grin off your shitty face.”


“You were sitting on this so-called shitty face three days ago.”


“Neito, I swear I’m gonna fucking murder you and make it look like an accident.”


“Oh please, you aren’t that delicate. You’d just blast me to ash and then scatter me in the nearest windy area or river.” Katsuki glared at him before tugging him close by the shirt—great, another stretched collar—and kissing him.


“What was that for?”


Katsuki smirked, “You just acknowledged that I could easily take your little twink ass down and get away with it.” Neito rolled his eyes, “As if you could ever defeat me. It was a hypothetical. Need I remind you that I can easily borrow your Quirk and use it against you?”


“You wouldn’t. I’m your fucking favorite.”


“Hitoshi’s my favorite. And we both tolerate you when you’re being less of an ass and more of a cockslut.”


“Sounds like love to me. Way to make a fight into something sappy, asshole,” Katsuki responded, but his rough voice had taken on a slightly softer tone. Despite being in a relationship for several months now, all three of them weren’t that affectionate with each other in their mannerisms and speech; it just seemed odd to spout words of love and toss around pet names when they still viewed each other as rivals and often ended up at one another’s throats. They did truly care about each other though and when one of them did address it, however hidden by snark or spite, it was heard loud and clear by the other two.


Neito rolled his eyes and kissed Katsuki back, lingering for a moment before he pulled away. “Fine. Whatever. We’ll go pick him up and all of us will go shopping together so you can make some ridiculously exquisite meal like the pretentious jerk you are and halfway through dinner, you’ll end up under the table sucking Hitoshi’s cock because you’ll be in heat just as I predicted.”


“Not gonna fucking go into heat early, shithead. But whatever. Let’s fucking go already.” Katsuki shoved on his shoes and directed his boyfriend to do the same before they head out towards the train station.


Hitoshi had sent them a text in their group message that he’d be waiting for them there once he got back from visiting his parents, which honestly the two blonds were grateful for. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to spend time with Hitoshi but his parents were another story. The two betas always seemed so afraid of their son, whose Quirk was a mutation of his father’s vocal amplification Quirk - much weaker than Present Mic’s but decent enough - and his mother’s telepathy Quirk. She read people’s thoughts through touch but could not affect or influence them.


Since Hitoshi’s Quirk, unlike either of his parents, actually controlled people through speech and intent, they were rather mistrustful of their him every time he opened his mouth. Rationally they knew he bore them no ill will and hadn’t even used his Quirk on them since he was very very young and even then it had been things as harmless as he had wanted an extra cookie after dinner. But the fear of them falling under his control lingered and they couldn’t seem to hide their discomfort for face-to-face interactions no matter how hard they tried.


It was always a subtle flinch when Hitoshi talked directly to them, a careful turning of the head as if not seeing him would counteract his Quirk—not that he ever so much as attempted to use it on them. In fact, aside from during training, for self-defense or to protect others, and occasionally in the bedroom with his two blond lovers, Hitoshi didn’t use his Quirk at all. He had no reason to; if he wanted something, he would strive to claim it like any other person would. Like any other alpha would.


It was how he’d claimed Katsuki and Neito after all, through tenacity. Well, that, and a snide comment Neito had made about Katsuki’s rage being the result of not being properly taken care of during heats which had somehow escalated into the omegas glaring at each other as they kissed and licked up Hitoshi’s cock, sucking on his balls and furiously jerking their respective cocks as their combined slick pooled on the ground underneath them.


So, suffice to say that when Neito and Katsuki had first met the older Shinsous, they’d wanted to smack for treating their alpha like he was a walking time bomb and one misstep would make him snap and turn them into mindless slaves. Katsuki especially seemed to foam at the mouth with the desire to physically beat some sense into them.


No wonder Hitoshi had a complex about people thinking of him as a villain when he went home to that all the time after the shit that happened to him in school before he made it to UA. But thankfully, Hitoshi was staying in the hero dorms now that he was a part of 1-A, replacing Mineta who had surprisingly flourished in the management department. Not that anyone particularly cared about what Mineta was doing anymore.


Regardless, it was best for everyone involved if the omegas didn’t accompany their alpha on his infrequent trips back home to keep his parents updated on the goings on in his life. Although oddly enough, they were quite pleased about him mating two omegas and making it into the hero course. They just…were still very wary of his Quirk. They walked on eggshells around their son and it made him feel uncomfortable. He loved them and knew they loved him in return, but generally, they preferred to keep in touch via phone and video call to remove the awkward tension surrounding their perception of Hitoshi’s Quirk.


Of course, the Bakugous and the Monoma’s weren’t exactly the easiest to be around either. Katsuki’s boyfriends warmed up to his mother quickly because she was kind to them but her rough attitude and mannerisms were familiar to them since Katsuki was nearly a carbon copy of her. Unfortunately, Katsuki and Mitsuki together in a room usually meant loud arguments and crude language while Masaru tried to mediate.


And Neito’s fathers were reserved to the point of being distant; they hardly spoke to each other let alone their son with how busy they were and when their son had brought over his lovers, they’d nodded at them and congratulated him before returning to their attention to the news. Dinner that night had been quiet with little small talk. It explained in part why Neito was so refined but also so obsessed with who was in the limelight and for what reasons. He sought attention he didn’t necessarily receive at home.


When Katsuki and Neito arrived at the train station it didn’t take more than a minute to pinpoint where their boyfriend was, his scent of cloves and cinnamon easily cutting through all the other odors of the packed station and the familiar lavender of his hair serving as another sign directing them to the alpha. To his credit, Katsuki didn’t immediately fall to his knees under the weight of a triggered heat as Neito had implied. The explosive teen was able to greet Hitoshi like usual, a gruff “hey, Ube Bitch, tell this butler bastard I can fucking be around you without you fucking up my damn biological clock and shit.”


“Mmm, good to see you too, Katsuki. Yes, I had a lovely time and my trip back was good, nice weather, thank you for asking,” Hitoshi drawled sarcastically, slinging an arm around Katsuki’s shoulder and capturing his lips to massage away the snarl that was building up. He then turned his head and Neito gave him a kiss as well, a light peck because he wasn’t really one for public displays of affection but he had missed his alpha in the four days he’d been gone. Talking and texting weren’t necessarily enough and both omegas tended to get a little more…well, Katsuki would call Neito ‘ bitchy,’ but he preferred the term ‘short-tempered.’ When describing himself anyway. Katsuki, on the other hand, was more reserved. Uncomfortably so.


It wasn’t that Katsuki had become codependent or anything, but after all three had official bonded and bore each other’s bite marks on their scent glands, he’d gotten more possessive of them. He was the most tactile of the three, surprisingly, and when Neito or Hitoshi was gone for extended periods of time, he grew quiet and closed off as a result of missing their touches and scents. His pride prevented him from showing off that he wanted more attention and physical contact to balance out the person he was missing and while the tsundere behavior was a little endearing it was also really annoying. Made for good cuddling sessions and sex when all three were together again, but still—not all that pleasant to deal with.


Katsuki flipped both of his boyfriends off before snagging their wrists and tugging them in the direction of the nearest marketplace, telling them that "since they were such smart-mouthed assholes, he’d make them carry all the fucking bags when they got there.” As they walked, Hitoshi filled them both in on his little trip home. Katsuki stood between his two boyfriends to soak up their combined presence and let their arms brush as they walked. It set him at ease to have them both with him again.


“Did you get any homework done there or will Katsuki have talk you through it again?” Neito asked.


“I did a fine job of completing all my assignments, thank you very much. Though you’ll have to forgive me for not doing it all the first day like Katsuki would.” He received a grunt in reply before Katsuki stopped them in the middle of the sidewalk, pressing a little more firmly to Hitoshi’s side and moving and arm out to snag Neito’s sleeve and prevent him from taking another step. “What is—Katsuki?” The omega in question was lightly flushed and sweating, his scent oozing out sweeter than usual, his signature mix of caramel and cardamom becoming more honeyed and rich. Neito hummed and helped Hitoshi corral the warm omega over to the covered bus stop at the corner. Looks like the trip to the market would have to wait.


“I would claim that I hate to say I told you so , but I actually adore being right,” Neito says as they sit Katsuki down. There’s a businessman—a beta judging by the faint plain scent—and Katsuki growls at him, or possibly at Neito’s comment, but either way, it’s a weak threat. The man stands up and shifts over to the far side of the little bus stop shelter with a polite nod. Betas don’t have much of a nose for scents but it’s clear that Katsuki’s in heat by the way he’s breathing heavier than normal and pawing at Hitoshi’s pants.


Hitoshi let himself be fondled, digging into his pocket to pull out his suppressant pill case and taking two, popping them into his mouth and swallowing them dry before offering a single pill to Neito. Alpha suppressants were potent to counteract the strength of a rut but they could be used by an omega wanting to prevent their heat from hitting as well if the dosage was smaller. Two pills had the potential to throw off an omega’s chemistry and disrupt the normal cycle of their heats. “Why the fuck is this zipped so stupidly? Shitty alpha, gimme your damn cock!”


“Not without the magical word,” Hitoshi teased.


“Oh, so sorry, what I meant to say was shitty fucking knothead tease, give. Me. Your. Fucking. Cock!” The beta businessman tried to hide a chuckle at that and was rewarded with two explosions fired off in his direction, one from Katsuki and one from Neito as the two omegas told him to kindly fuck further off with their actions. The man shifted on his feet nervously and went deathly pale from the aggressive response. He nearly flung himself into the bus when it stopped in front of them a moment later, some people shooting him a curious look as he fumbled to give proper change to the driver while others focused on the sight out their windows.


Neito scoffed at the man and dropped to his knees, pulling Katsuki’s small omega cock from his pants and immediately swallowing it down his throat while Katsuki greedily held down his head and thrust into the welcoming heat. He often went commando and on a day when his heat hit, it normally meant that Hitoshi could get inside him faster but now it just meant he was probably leaving a puddle on the bench. Not that he cared as he fucked up into Neito. “Fuck, yes , your mouth. Suck me just like that, f-f-fuck. Oi, Mind Freak, gimme your cock already.”


Hitoshi brought his mouth over to Katsuki’s neck, letting his alpha canines dig painfully into the skin around his bond mark. Katsuki keened, legs opening more and thrusting hard up into Neito’s mouth, effectively choking the boy on his dick from the deep harsh thrusts. He didn’t stretch Neito’s mouth the way Hitoshi’s thick alpha cock could, but he was notoriously brutal in his aggressive face-fucking. He enjoyed seeing his boyfriends choke and tear up from his hard thrusts and truthfully, they enjoyed it too. Neito was glaring up at him through tears and digging a hand into Katsuki’s left thigh but his own cocklet twitched needily in his pants. Part of why Neito and Katsuki had accepted each other as mates was because neither of them held back unless they genuinely needed to; acknowledging that they were both strong in their own right, regardless of the lingering stereotypes on omegas being weak.


“If you keep acting like a brat omega, I’m going to treat you like one when we get home,” Hitoshi warned, “Get your hand off my cock and focus on cumming, Katsuki. We’re just taking the edge off now, but I’m not mounting you outside. You’re our mate and that means it’s just me and Neito that get to see how good you look all cumdrunk, understand?”


Katsuki growled, “I fuckin—” His eyes, slightly glazed from being in heat, became pale and blank as Hitoshi’s Quirk took hold of him. Neito pulled off slightly, letting his boyfriend’s cock tip rest on his tongue. “He’s always so rude right when his heat hits. If he just acted more polite from the start, he’d have a much better time and actually remember some of this early stuff. And he calls me the bitchy one. The gall.” Neito chided, though Hitoshi gave him a pointed look.


“Don’t be snippy just because he doesn’t hear you right now and can’t respond Neito. Now, Katsuki,” he ordered as he turned to look at the ashen blonde, “cum in his mouth.” Katsuki immediately tenses, hips lifting up as he jizzes into Neito’s waiting mouth. Neito swallows it all down easily, licking Katsuki’s tip clean before Hitoshi can even ask him to before tucking his boyfriend back in his pants.


“Sorry, alpha. That should tide Katsuki over until we get back home at least.” Behind them, the rumble of the engine alerts them to the bus departing with a handful of its passengers sending the trio looks of understanding and sympathy through the windows. Going into heat or rut in public isn’t exactly uncommon and having to publicly satisfy your partner in their moment of weakness certainly wasn’t looked down on, but it’s always a bit of a shame when someone was forced by their biologies to fuck outside of the comfort of their own homes.  Omegas especially took comfort in being in their nest during heats.


Hitoshi got to his feet and Neito did as well, Katsuki ordered to walk between them once more as they walked the few blocks to get back to the dorms. The alpha kept a watchful eye on his omega in heat while Neito kept his and Katsuki’s wrists pressed together as he held the brainwashed boy’s hand, rubbing the scent glands there against each other in a soothing manner. Even if Katsuki wasn’t fully aware of what was happening while brainwashed, Neito wanted to offer a small show of support anyway. It was something Katsuki himself had done when Neito was the one who was all worked up.


When they finally made it back to the dorms, they went straight to the 1-A building—much to Neito’s chagrin—and into Hitoshi’s simplistic room so that Katsuki could be surrounded by the familiar scent of his alpha. The omega was dripping slick through his soaked pants and Hitoshi made a mental note to check later to see if the boy had left a trail outside. The last thing he needed was to get yelled at by Aizawa for not wiping up his mess and causing some poor classmate of theirs to trip and twist their ankle or something.


“Katsuki, be a good boy and strip for us. Then I want you on your knees, face down holding that ass open for me.” Katsuki complied to the command wordlessly while Neito and Hitoshi worked on getting each other’s clothes off, Hitoshi sliding a hand around to slip a finger into Neito’s own wet hole, not nearly as damp as the messy blond on the bed, but enough for Hitoshi’s long finger to slip in easily and stir his partner up a bit. Neito groaned and pushed himself closer to kiss the alpha.


Hitoshi controlled the kiss, tongue moving around to demandingly consume Neito’s taste and the faint taste of the other omega’s cum in the boy’s mouth. He pulled away and gave Neito another quick peck, “That’s enough. We have a pretty little firecracker to take care of now.” He moved to the bed, sliding in behind Katsuki and marveling at his pretty pink hole, the shine of slick clinging to his skin as more dribbled out almost in sync with his breathing. Hitoshi waited until Neito had positioned himself in front of Katsuki’s head before he guides the head of his cock to that wet hole and nods to Neito, then cracks his palm down hard on Katsuki’s ass.


Katsuki snapped out of the brainwashing as the pain settled in, hands sparking lightly as they came to rest on the sheet below him. “THE FU—” His shout is cut off as Neito yanks his head and forcefully shoves his cock down the boy’s throat, Hitoshi pushing inside at the same moment. Any protest from Katsuki is reduced to a muffled choked scream of anger as his throat is roughly fucked, head directed to bob with the fierce grip in his blond spiky hair as the alpha thrusts into his ass at a steady pace behind him. Hitoshi growls warningly when he sees Katsuki’s hands heat up, “Try it and I’m tying you up with my capture tape.”


“You keep it in your room? Not with your hero gear?” Neito asks, a little surprised that in all their time of dating this was his first time hearing about the weapon being kept in Hitoshi’s room. “I have two sets. The first one Aizawa let me use was an older version of his,” Hitoshi explains casually as if he’s not rolling his hips into Katsuki, “slate gray and a little thinner than the current ones. Still use them for practice now and then. Or when I’m bored, but I could be persuaded to use them for a more interesting purpose.” Katsuki attempts to scream profanities, but his no doubt choice words of irritation and denial are obstructed by Neito’s dick.


Katsuki receives a light slap to the face, not enough to do real damage but enough to sting and make his already teary red eyes glisten as he squints up at the omega fucking his mouth. “Don’t talk with your mouth full, Katsuki-kun~”


“Mphh mrr!”


“Fuck me? No, Hitoshi and I are fucking you . Because you’re in heat just as I predicted and you love being filled. Look how hard you are,” Neito replied to the half-intelligible shout, hips speeding up at the delicious vibrations of the omega’s throat around him. And true enough, Katsuki’s cock looked almost painfully hard; the head flushed and little beads of precum dropping to the bed below every time his dick twitched. It was a pretty sight. Even prettier when Hitoshi leaned forward and wrapped his long fingers around that cock, stroking it slowly as his thrusting picked up.


“Nggh! Mrmphrr! Uh-uhnnaah!” Katsuki cried out, eyes rolling up slightly as the change in pace and intensity had him rocking forward and taking Neito’s dick further down his throat, his nose smashed repeatedly against his lover’s pelvic bone and making it even harder to breathe. Neito groaned at the feeling, nails digging into Katsuki’s scalp painfully as he kept Katsuki’s face buried there and pushed himself as deep as possible.


He came down that spasming throat while Katsuki’s hands came up and smacked against Neito’s thighs, turning them red from the heat of his Quirk. Neito whimpered as he pulled himself out from both the sensitivity right after cumming and from the pain in his legs. Katsuki coughed out a laugh as he struggled to take in air and the alpha behind him tsked. “Looks like you earned the capture tape.”


“Fucking…try me, I dare you! Bas—hah—bastard,” Katsuki said. Hitoshi squeezed Katsuki’s cock hard in retaliation and the blonde squirmed and hissed. The alpha let go only to tug the boy underneath him up until Katsuki’s back was flush with his chest, Hitoshi pressing a sweet lingering kiss to his mate’s neck as he shoved his cock deep and his knot swelled within Katsuki.


The omega shuddered as his hole was stretched even further and he came with a loud curse when the first shot of hot cum filled him. Despite his protests and snarling, Katsuki loved the feeling of being used by his boyfriends, how they took care of his sexual needs both inside and outside of his heat, but recognized when he needed to be taken rough. Treated like less of a person and more of a sex toy, an onahole for the two men he cared about most. He loved them for it, but fuck if he’d say a damn thing about it tonight. Eventually, it would get to the point in his heat that he wouldn’t be talking at all anyway.


Neito rubbed at his irritated flesh with a sigh. “You better have aloe vera or Aquaphor left. Jerk. Hitoshi, where’s the capture tape?”


“Dresser, top left drawer behind the socks. Katsuki, are you going to be a good boy and put your hands behind your back for me?” Katsuki just tightened up around the thick knot inside him, milking more cum out of his mate with a smug smirk. He didn’t respond verbally either, not about to let himself be brainwashed again. Hitoshi’s lips quirked up in pride and he kissed Katsuki’s neck again before putting the omega into a full nelson, Katsuki snarling and trying to escape it to no avail. “It’s better if you just listen to me, but you never can, hmm?”


“Shitty alpha prick!” There it was; Katsuki’s struggling stopped as he froze up from Hitoshi’s Quirk activating yet again. Neito leaned forward, kissing Katsuki’s cheek, “I do like when he’s quiet like this. As much as I enjoy his voice. It’s stupidly sexy.” Hitoshi laughed, “I’m telling him you said that when he’s coherent again.” Blue-gray eyes widened slightly, “You wouldn’t.”


“I would. I’m feeling generous though, so I’ll wait until he’s all fucked out and cuddly after the bath.” Neito flushed and crossed his arms, getting up to fetch the capture tape. “I’m bonded with such assholes. I knew 1-A was bad news, said it from the start. I hate you all.”


“Of course you do, sweetheart. I can feel the hatred washing over me. Feels good. Feels organic.” He released Katsuki from the hold and the boy remained in that position, arms up and head bowed slightly.


“I take it back, I just hate you. Katsuki’s a saint and you’re a demon.”


“Mhmm. Capture tape?”


“I got it. I can tie him this time, right? I have a design in mind already.”


Hitoshi nodded and tilted his torso back, his knot keeping him locked in place. Good thing his core strength was so good. Neito returned to the bed with the capture tape and immediately set about creating his art with his fellow omega as a canvas. He guided Katsuki’s hands behind his back and tied his wrist together first before winding the long rope-like material around to bind Katsuki’s arms into that position and create a lovely series of lines across his chest, the center of which held a little diamond shape. When Neito finished, he fumbled in his discarded clothes to pull out his phone and snapped a few photos to keep and also to share with Hitoshi as the alpha was unable to see the masterpiece Neito had woven over their boyfriend. To do so would require Hitoshi to pull out of Katsuki and the purple haired boy’s knot was still swollen inside the ashen blonde.


Of course, Hitoshi didn’t have any intention of pulling out any time soon anyway. He was pleased by Neito taking the photos though, he’d enjoy getting to look back on them later. Fow now, Hitoshi decided to shift his position so he could see the real thing a little better. He carefully brought himself and Katsuki down to lie flat on the bed. From this angle, he could see better over Katsuki’s shoulder and take in the crisscrossing of his capture tape across Katsuki’s smooth warm skin and his hard little cock.


The alpha grunted when Neito pressed down low on the other omega’s abdomen, right where the tip of Hitoshi’s cock caused a slight bulge. He planned on seeing that expand even further as he pumped more cum inside his mate.  Hitoshi released his Quirk on Katsuki and the boy blinked before he frowned when he noticed the position he was in. “I hate both of you.”


“Funny, Neito said the same thing.”


“And I was right to say it,” Neito said, rubbing delicately at his alpha’s cock with one hand and moving the other to jerk Katsuki’s cocklet. After the second time cumming, he was distinctly more docile…for Katsuki anyway. He moaned now, no longer interested in hiding how good he felt from both of his boyfriends’ ministrations. “Mmm, shit! Fucking deep, Hitoshi. Feels nice. Ah , yeah, like that, Neito, grip me a little tighter—fuck, yesss .”


The other two smiled at him, Neito giving Katsuki a slow, thorough kiss as he stroked the cocklet of the other blonde a bit faster before moving to kiss Hitoshi behind him. Katsuki breathed warm little pants of air onto Neito’s neck as he did so. After the second kiss ended, Hitoshi began moving. Rocking into Katsuki’s ass, his knot had deflated just enough that he could pull it halfway out and push it back in, the omega clamping down on it greedily. The wet slap of slick and cum being messily spread around all over their skin was music to the alpha’s ears. “Gonna cum for me once more, Katsuki, then we’ll get you cleaned up and I’ll fix you something hearty for dinner.”


“To make up for—nggh, haaah—not shopping earlier? You fu-ucking better.” Hitoshi didn’t begrudge Katsuki for that remark and kissed the little patch of flesh right under his left ear. “Mhmm.”


Neito palmed Katsuki’s cock and then leaned down, flicking his tongue to the underside of the sensitive head to bring even more cries out of Katsuki. “Ahh! Fuck me, I’m close. Close.”


“Cum for us, Katsuki,” Hitoshi ordered, not even needing his Quirk to have his boyfriend obey with the alpha’s knot buried itself inside him properly and couldn’t be tugged out again, a fresh wave of cum pouring inside. Katsuki shivered and bite down hard on his own lip, drawing a bit of blood as he came right after. “That’s it, good boy,” Neito praised, Hitoshi murmuring his own agreement.


“…Fucking…thanks, I guess. I…should’ve been more fucking careful this close to my heat.”


“You’re right, but I can’t say I’m unhappy with the way things turned out. But in the future, I’d like to avoid taking care of you publicly. Only the two of us should see you like this,” Hitoshi said.


“We earned it,” Neito added and Katsuki barked a laugh. “You did, you really did. Come here and kiss me, shithead.” Neito complied, licking at the blood from Katsuki’s bust lip gently. A copper kiss was as good as any other way to end the first round of a heat. They had another couple of days left of this, possibly three. Hitoshi would have to ask if one of the betas could go to the market for them and stock up on their behalf. But that was a problem for later—for now he was happy to lay with both of his blonde omegas and bask in the afterglow of the start of Katsuki’s heat .