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We Going Grammys???

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“Ok, see you in the morning!” Jimin smiled and waved to Taehyung as he entered his room. He closed the door behind him, leaning on it and grinning from ear to ear at Jungkook who had already entered ahead of him. As soon as the door closed fully, Jungkook was on him, lifting him up by his thighs and pinning his back to the to door, kissing the life out of him as they both laughed in between breaths.

“The Grammys???” Jimin couldn’t contain his excitement. He was trying not to shout but it wasn’t working. “WE’RE GOING TO THE GRAMMYS?!?!?”

Jungkook nipped at his lips as he pushed deeper into him, pressing his head against the wood behind him. Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s neck. Their kiss was deep and passionate and meaningful. “That’s what Bang PD-nim said,” Jungkook smirked when he finally came up for a breath. “Shame on you, Jimin-ssi! Were you not paying attention in the meeting?” he teased.

With a flick of his wrist Jimin smacked Jungkook on the back of the head playfully. “You were trying your best to distract me! You don’t play fair, Kookoo,” Jimin pouted. The younger, sitting across the meeting table from Jimin, had slipped his shoe off and been running his toes up Jimin’s calves while their manager had been going through the upcoming schedules. Jimin almost broke the tip of his pencil he pushed it so hard on the pad while he was writing notes, and Jungkook barely could keep himself from laughing seeing the reaction he was causing. It was only when the “Grammys” was uttered that Jungkook was shocked enough to stop.

“Consider it payback for when you were playing footsie under the table in Hawaii,” Jungkook wiggled his eyebrows at him before planting another kiss on Jimin’s full lips.

Jimin scoffed. “As if you haven’t had pay back a hundred times already since then!”

Jungkook merely shrugged and hefted the the elder further into his grip. He spun them dizzily around in a circle before carrying him across the room and dump Jimin rather unceremoniously on the bed. Jimin landed with a bounce and a laugh before Jungkook crawled up next to him. He was propped up on one elbow to look down into Jimin’s face. It was good to see Jimin so happy. His dark moods didn’t seem to hit as frequently these days but having lived through too many episodes already, Jimin’s happiness was never something he was going to take for granted. His eyes were soft as his fingers went to trace the line where Jimin’s t-shirt met his neck along his soft tan skin. For a few moments they lie there in silence, gazing at each other while letting the news sink in. This wasn’t their ultimate achievement of course, that would be to actually win a Grammy. But to be asked to attend, and to present even! Well, that was a huge step on the road to their musical dream come true.

Finally it was Jimin who broke the silence.

“What are you thinking, Kook?” he smiled up at his lover as he reached his hand up to brush the hair out of his eyes. He let his fingers trail across Jungkook’s cheek, admiring again just how beautiful the younger was. His skin was so clear these days. They were finally getting some rest and it showed with how healthy Jungkook was looking.

“I’m thinking how amazing you’re going to be, babe. How anyone left in America who hasn’t yet seen you will definitely fall in love with you.” His voice was tender and full of pride. “Another 7 seconds is all it will take and you’ll have the rest of America at your feet,” he grinned, referring to the snippet of footage from their concert that had gone viral on Twitter and had the locals clamouring to know who the angel was.

Jimin just rolled his eyes but there was a blush creeping across his cheeks. Even after all these years together he was still so affected by Jungkook’s compliments. It was like each one was the first all over again. Maybe it was the times Jungkook had spent making a show of rejecting him or maybe it was just his own insecurities, but he would never tire of hearing Jungkook’s words of praise. He was still smiling when Jungkook dipped his head to kiss Jimin’s lips. Then Jungkook’s lips moved along Jimin’s jaw settling to nuzzle against his neck.

“This is going to be huge, Kook. Like REALLY huge. Just think how many absolute legends are going to be there? Like the biggest names in all of music! And then there’s us. We are still tiny in America compared to the acts that will be at the Grammys” He was rambling but between the thought of presenting at the Grammys and the feelings Jungkook’s lips were eliciting he wasn’t exactly thinking clearly at this point.

“I...I’m nervous already,” Jimin confessed.

And he was. The thought of being in an auditorium with so many of their heroes past and present was more than a bit overwhelming. Still Jungkook never seemed to mind stuff like that anymore. Jimin wondered if the maknae ever got star struck at all these days now that he had found his self confidence. If he did it was very rare. He still suffered horrible anxiety attacks but an everyday flight or recording session was as likely to trigger it as meeting someone famous these days. Jimin knew that because he was still one of the few that could help Jungkook find his calm when they hit.

Jungkook lifted his head slightly, his warm breath on Jimin’s ear sending tingles up the elders spine. “I already told you, you will be amazing, babe. You always are.” His tongue edged along the shell of Jimin’s ear causing him to moan softly. His hand wandered down Jimin’s chest until it found his waist, nudging his t-shirt upwards so that his long fingers could stroke the warm skin of Jimin’s stomach. “Should I try and find a way to take your mind off being nervous?” he whispered with a smile, his lips continuing to gently nip along Jimin’s ear. Jimin giggled while JK continued his attention down Jimin’s neck and began to suck kisses onto his collar bone. The maknae paused only briefly to ask, “Is that a yes?”

With his hands on either side of Jungkook’s head Jimin motioned to him to pause for a moment. “Well, it’s not a no but...seriously, Kook, are we ready for this?” When Jungkook looked up he could see the line of worry creasing Jimin’s forehead. He wasn’t joking about having nerves. Without a breath of hesitation Jungkook stopped what he was doing, sat up and scooched back to lean on the headboard. He motioned for Jimin to come closer, then guided him until he was sitting astride Jungkook’s lap so they could look at each other directly.

“Jimin, look at me.” His fingers cupped the elders chin and held it so that he couldn’t look away as he normally tried to when he was getting compliments. “You. Are. Ready. We are all as ready as we'll ever be for this. Ok, ‘first time at the Grammy’s”...I mean this is going to be one of those huge lifetime milestones, isn’t it? Like getting married…” he finished softly, pausing to let his eyes rest fondly on Jimin’s face and watch the effect he knew those words would have on him. Jimin blinked more than once as he tried to keep tears from welling in his eyes. He was emotional enough at the moment, and Jungkook’s words evoked such a strong and private memory, of wind and of moonlight. “But when the time comes,” Jungkook continued softly, drawing Jimin’s attention back to the present, “you will be ready. I promise.” His fingers released Jimin’s chin with a tender stroke before he held his pinky out to him. With a bashful smile Jimin’s own chubby pinky clasped it. Shaking their entwined fingers from side to side, Jungkook’s face scrunched up bunny style and he started to sing in a warbly high pitch.

“I want you to be your light, Baaaabbbyyyyy. You should be your liiiiight!!!”

Jimin immediately pulled his hand away and smacked Jungkook on the chest before falling sideways off his lap laughing.

“What? WHAT???” Jungkook tried to look offended but couldn’t hold back the grin twitching at his lips. “I heard it’s one of the hottest tracks on Soundcloud! I was thinking of doing a cover actually...”

The words only set Jimin off again to the point where he was having to hold his stomach from laughing so hard. It was fine though. Jimin’s laugh sounded like the rainbow wind chimes being blown by unicorn breath or some other such romantic nonsense. What mattered was that JK loved hearing it.

“Hey, babe?” Jungkook called when the laughter finally started to settle down.


“I love you.”

“I love you too, Kook.” He puckered his lips and blew Jungkook a kiss from where he was lying on the bed. “MWAH!”

Jungkook reacted instantly, instinctively and immediately reached his hand into the air to catch the kiss. He placed it on his lips and blew another back, watching as Jimin did the same.

“We’re going to be ok, aren’t we Kook?”

“Babe, we’re going to be more than okay.”




Looking back, most of the day was all such a blur Jungkook wasn’t actually sure what happened.

He remembered sticking as close to Jimin as he could on the red carpet for the sake of both their nerves, and the disapproving look he got from Namjoon when he instinct had taken over during one interview and he rested his head on Jimin’s shoulder when he was standing behind and trying to see around him. The problem was that it was getting harder and harder to suppress their natural instincts around each other, even in public, because they were, well, natural. It’s what his body wanted, needed to do. To touch Jimin, to be near him. It took a very conscious effort on both of their parts to keep themselves separated now, so when they were busy concentrating on something else, such trying to be diplomatic and charming in a language they barely new as 20 million viewers and the most important people anywhere in the music industry watched them, they struggled. And anyhow it was getting to the point where neither of them cared. They were tired of hiding.

Of course it came as no surprise when he found that he wouldn’t be sitting next to Jimin. It was the same at the awards shows back in Korea though he didn’t know why they even bothered anymore. As soon as they group returned from the stage for the first time he and Jimin would ignore the seating plan and sit next to each other anyhow. He understood why it was more important here at the Grammys of course. Besides it being much more visible internationally, the western audiences were far less used to seeing the cozy affection between men that was common in Korea. It was a strange paradox that Jungkook couldn’t quite get his head around. In Korea it was common for men who were friends to show affection openly. Hand holding, hugs, whatever. None of it was a problem at all, but all hell would break loose if they were actually romantically involved. However in many western countries such as America, even though LGBT rights and relationships were far more progressive, affection between straight male friends was shunned because it might lead to the assumption you were gay. It was maddening that this left Jimin and Jungkook feeling like they should be on their best behaviour so no one suspect the true nature of their relationship in one of the few places where their relationship would actually be most supported. As for sitting apart, they just ignored the hyungs and, much to their annoyance, chatted around them anyhow.

The thing was that ultimately they knew they were small fish in a big pond here. While several broadcasts in Korea were happy to rearrange their schedules to ensure Bangtan could attend, here they were lucky anyone even knew who they were. Jungkook and Jimin indulged in hero worship as much as they could trying to enjoy each performance and meet everyone they could. Ultimately they could consider themselves successful because by the end of the ceremony there wasn’t a person on the internet that didn’t know that Jungkook knew each and every word to Jolene.

It had been agreed from the start that the members would avoid the after parties and instead share this historic moment with ARMY. It was a move that Jungkook and Jimin approved of heartly and looked forward to all day. There was no one out there that would be able to appreciate more just how much it meant to them, that understood how this day measured the distance they had travelled in their career more than ARMY. The only problem was that after spending most of the day with Jimin looking hot as fuck and not being able to touch him, Jungkook was more than a bit eager for it all to be over so they could spend some quality time together naked. Just him, Jimin and a bottle of very expensive champagne.

It wasn’t even a minute into filming the broadcast that Jungkook caught Jimin’s eye and gave him the sign. With his free hand he briefly rubbed his nose, then subtly lifted the camera to watch Jimin’s response. “I love you” he had said, and “I love you too” Jimin had responded. Their love for each other was clearly visible in their eyes to anyone who saw them, but they knew from past experience that it was only a few of their die hard supporters that would even notice the outward sign language. Still it was important to them that they had this way of expressing their feelings to each other at times when they felt it most but were not allowed to show it.

For better or worse the internet signal in LA was shit. They started the broadcast but less than five minutes later the signal had degraded so badly they needed to stop. The suggestion was made that they just record and upload instead and they went with it. It seemed the most logical way of getting something to ARMY quickly and naturally and that was the most important thing. Less than thirty minutes later and they were all done and free to do what they like. They had been invited to a huge number of after parties but few of the members actually felt like braving that scene. Namjoon and Yoongi were debating about which would be the best to attend for career exposure while Taehyung was happy to go with the flow. Hobi didn’t really mind what they did while Seokjin just wanted to find a proper meal. In the midst of the discussions Jungkook sneakily wrapped his arm around Jimin’s waist and whispered in his ear.

“Did you want to go out or….” He left the question hanging. He had no intention of trying to keep Jimin from enjoying the parties here if that was what he wanted to do, after all this might be their only time at the Grammys. They couldn’t take it for granted. On the other hand, Jungkook was an introvert and the last thing he wanted to do after a long day out of his comfort zone was to spend trying to make conversation in a foreign language with a bunch of people he didn’t know.

Jimin shook his head. “No way, babe. Think I’m going out when you’re wearing a tuxedo like that?” he whispered back, a smirk playing on his lips. For all the times they wore suits, seeing Jungkook in classic black tie attire was rare, and he wasn’t going to let the time go to waste. At those words Jungkook smirked and let his hand drop quickly to give Jimin’s arse a quick squeeze before anyone noticed and then watched as Jimin tried to hold back a giggle. A few minutes later they were saying their goodbyes and hastily making their way down the hall to the elevator and towards their room, security guards just rolling their eyes after the familiar sight of the couple scampering to privacy.


Normally the agency would have secured an entire floor of the hotel for the members but this was Los Angeles during Grammy time and to be fair the agency was lucky to find the rooms they did. Most of the hotels had been booked up by the large record companies years in advance. They might not have known who they would be putting in the rooms, but they knew they would need them for someone. Nothing reinforced to Bangtan that they were still relatively small in America like having to go back to the days of sharing a room. Luckily Jimin and Jungkook didn’t mind this at all. It meant that for once they didn’t have to pretend they slept in different rooms.

There were a loud click as Jimin pulled the keycard from the lock and opened the door. Jungkook followed behind him, playfully pinching his bottom to hurry Jimin along which made Jimin yelp happily in surprise before he pushed on the slow closing door trying to urge it along faster. Eventually he could turn the lock and push the deadbolt closure across. Jungkook had already shed his suit jacket and was putting some music on his bluetooth speaker when Jimin wrapped his arms around him from behind.

“Mmmm….” he purred as he felt the warmth of his lovers arms encircle him. “What kinda of music do you want, babe?”

“Something slow. You know what I like.” Jimin voice held a teasing note as he pulled back but continued to rub his hands along Jungkook’s sides. The music that started to fill the room was one of their favourite playlists for private time. Though it was on heavy rotation it never seemed to get old, and it was perfect for tonight. Satisfied with the volume, the younger set his phone down and turned around. His eyes slid down Jimin’s face until they rested on his lips. “Yeah,” Jungkook smirked. “I might know a thing or two about what you like…”

His hands reached up to cup along Jimin’s jawline before leaning in, his lips whispering a ghost of a kiss across his lover’s lips before passing across and continuing to kiss down his jaw and towards his neck. Jimin arched his neck allowing the younger free access to all his most tender places, taking a moment to savour the sensation. He had a plan tonight, something that he hadn’t been able to get out of his head since he had first seen Jungkook dressed in that tux this morning but it could wait just a few moments longer.

Jungkook’s kisses were soft, a promise of what was to come. The night was early and there was no reason to rush. When Jungkook’s lips met Jimin’s ear again he whispered to him softly. “Shall I open the champagne?” His words were met with a soft giggle before he released Jimin to go the table that already held a bottle of Jimin’s favourite champagne on ice with two elegant glasses. There had been a more expensive bottle they shared with the members earlier but it hadn’t gone far between the seven of them. Jungkook released the cork with a soft pop, the yeasty smell emanating from the bottle tickling his nose as he filled the flutes. He offered one to Jimin then held his glass out for a toast.

“To Bangtan,” he began diplomatically. “...and to us.” Jimin shook his head, smiling and they touched glasses. For as big a dork as he could be, Jungkook also knew how to turn on the charm. Jimin wasn’t sure he had ever seen him look quite so classically elegant before. It only served as fuel for his lustful thoughts. He sipped his champagne trying to use the glass to hide his mischievous grin. It didn’t work though. Jungkook knew him too well.

“What is that look about?” Jungkook arched an eyebrow at Jimin. Jimin tried to appear innocent, but failed when he couldn’t hold back a laugh. “Park Jimin….” Jungkook wagged a finger at him. “I know you’re up to something in that disgustingly beautiful mind of yours!”

“Maybe?” Jimin’s voice squeaked as he shrugged his shoulders. Here he should be trying to put on his sexiness but he couldn’t help it. Jungkook was too good at making him laugh. “Fine! Finish your wine and then I’ll tell you,” he conceded at his took another slow sip of his wine. Next to him he heard a thunk as Jungkook set his glass down. Empty. He had necked it and was now rubbing his hands together.

“Go on…” Jungkook grinned. “You were saying?”

Jimin nearly spit his drink out when he started to laugh, his hand coming up over his mouth as he tried to swallow. “Ok, OK! Have it your way. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…” Following Jungkook’s lead he finished his glass in one gulp and set it aside. He moved closer to Jungkook, sliding his hands up the younger’s chest to wrap around his arms around his neck. Jungkook responded naturally by pulling him closer by the waist until there was no space between them. He smiled down at Jimin who was clearly up to something, which usually meant things were about to become a hell of a lot of fun. Jimin’s fingers curled into the short hairs at the back of Jungkook’s head and pulled him into a kiss. Their lips meeting softly at first for one kiss then another more firmly. Lips barely parted, breath whispering against each other. Jungkook let Jimin take the lead and waited until he could feel Jimin’s tongue swipe across his lips before he opened his mouth allowing their tongues to finally meet for the first time since they left the hotel this morning. Jungkook eagerly chased the warmth of Jimin’s tongue to deepen the kiss but Jimin only teased him, slowing the pace and making him wait.

Jungkook could feel Jimin’s fingers move to the front, beginning to untie his bowtie so he countered by finding the buttons on the front of Jimin’s shirt, his nimble fingers making short work of them one by one until he could slide his hands up the bare skin of Jimin’s chest. Jimin moaned softly but didn’t allow himself to be distracted. When the knot was finally undone, he pulled the strip of black silk from around Jungkook’s neck, the expensive fabric sliding easily along the collar. Jungkook felt Jimin smile against his lips and he paused the kiss to whisper quietly into his mouth, “What are you up to, Park Jimin?”

“Oh nothing you won’t enjoy,” he replied softly, his voice deep and husky with Satoori. “You trust me right?” One hand rested on Jungkook’s shoulder still holding the tie while the fingers on the other hand drew a line on the crisp white fabric of his shirt along his spine causing the younger one to shudder.

Jungkook’s lips nipped at his again before he answered. “Of course, babe. Always.”

“Good.” Jimin moved his grip to hold the black silk tie up between his hands in front of Jungkook’s face, a devious smile on his lips. “Then may I?” The material was level with Jungkook’s eyes as they widened in surprise when he caught Jimin’s meaning. They had played with blindfolds before of course. How could they not when it was such a major part of Jimin’s concept during the Wings era? But it had been a long time and Jungkook was definitely not expecting it. Not now. And definitely not here. It only made the whole thing more exciting. His eyes lingered on Jimin’s face one last moment before agreeing.

“Sure…” he smiled, nervous but excited. He trusted Jimin with his life of course, and the fact that he was still so considerate as to ask politely before doing even the most unspeakably filthy things together still touched Jungkook’s heart. He could already feel his pulse quicken as Jimin pressed the wide strip of silk against his eyes then slipped behind him to knot it firmly behind his head. All Jungkook could do now was wait.

It didn’t take long.

Once the blindfold was in place Jimin moved in front of him again, taking both his hands in his own and drawing him carefully toward the bed. Gently he turned Jungkook around so that he could feel the bed against the back of his legs.

“Sit down, baby,” Jimin instructed. Once Jungkook had lowered himself he could feel Jimin kneel in front of him, his hands on Jungkook’s knees before they slid down his calves toward his feet. He slipped Jungkook’s shoes and socks from his feet letting his finger trail down the instep of Jungkook’s foot as he set the second one aside, Jungkook giggled but didn’t pull away. It was a sensitive spot but not his most ticklish. He was already enjoying the heightened sensation of the touches as he couldn’t see.

“Ok, babe, lie back properly for me.” Jimin waited for Jungkook to scoot backward, turning so he could get comfortable and lie his head on the soft pillows.

“Like this?” he asked, eager to please. He wanted to accommodate Jimin in whatever plan it was he had. .


Jimin’s hands were at his belt, slipping the black leather strap through the silver buckle. Jungkook moved to help but Jimin just slapped his hands gently away. “Just relax, I got it,” he reassured him. Jungkook replaced his hands by his side and took a deep breath, waiting until Jimin prompted him to lift his hips so he could slide his trousers down and off, followed by his underwear. The elder then returned to straddle his hips while he finished unbuttoning Jungkook’s shirt, pushing the halves wide to expose his chest but leaving the shirt on. Jimin always thought Jungkook was always a vision in white. White t shirts, White button downs. The way the expensive pale fabric contrasted against his skin here was no exception.

“Are you going to let me take care of you tonight, baby?” Jimin asked as he ran his fingers up and down Jungkook’s stomach. Jungkook smiled. “I’ll try?” he replied. “You know I’m not always so patient…”

Jimin laughed as his fingers slipped upward to brush rather intentionally across Jungkook’s nipple. “I know, babe. I know. But try for me, ok? I promise I’ll make it good for you.”

“I know you will, Jiminie, you always do.” He had complete confidence that no matter what Jimin had planned it was definitely going to be one hell of a good time.

“Good boy. I’ll be right back. I’m not leaving the room,” he reassured him.

Within the blackness of the silk every sense was heightened. He could feel Jimin leave the bed and from the rustling sound he assumed the man was undressing. A rattle of cubes in the ice bucket told him Jimin was pouring himself another glass of champagne. He could feel the rustle of air sweep across his body as Jimin moved closer, and the dip of the mattress as he climbed back onto the bed. His prediction about Jimin getting undressed was confirmed when he felt the bare skin of Jimin’s thighs rub against his hips as he straddled him again. Jungkook reached up, his fingers going to either side of Jimin’s hips to ground himself.

“Is this ok?” he asked. “Can I touch?”


Jimin’s lips were cold from the champagne as they hit his stomach, dragging their way up his smooth skin until they reached his left nipple. When they parted to envelop the hardening bud Jungkook gasped. The ice Jimin had slipped into his mouth shocked his skin causing his hips to thrust upward as Jimin began to flick his tongue slowly back and forth across his nipple.

“F-fuuuckk…” he stuttered, his fingers gripped Jimin more tightly. Jimin responded by moving his mouth upwards to leave a strip of cold along Jungkook’s collarbone and neck before eventually lifting to meet Jungkook’s mouth, his tongue gently urgring JK’s lips open so he could slip the remains of the ice cube into his warm mouth. There was a surprised smile on Jungkook’s face as Jimin drew back.

“You liked that,” Jimin grinned smugly. So far things were definitely going as he had hoped.

“Ohhh yeah….”

Jimin leaned forward to whisper into Jungkook’s ear. “Good. Because we’re only just getting started.” His tongue crept out to lick along the outer edge of Jungkook’s ear as he ground his hips down, rubbing against Jungkook’s now rather prominent erection and eliciting a very rude moan from him. Jimin took Jungkook’s earlobe between his teeth and pulled at it gently as he rubbed against him again, dragging himself slowly up and down against Jungkook’s cock. The young man under him was breathing heavy.

“Jimin…” he panted. Jungkook couldn’t believe how quickly the feeling was building. Was it like this the last time? He couldn't remember. Usually it had been him blindfolding Jimin. He remembered how much he loved watching the elder squirm underneath his touches so he could only assume that Jimin was enjoying himself as well. He definitely needed to remember that bit with the ice for the next him though.

“Yes, Kookie?”he asked innocently.

“Shit,” he swore. “I’m so hard already.” His hands shifted backwards to cup Jimin’s ass.

“Yes, baby, you are,” Jimin smiled but moved out of his grip. Instead his hands travelled down Jungkook’s arms until his fingers intertwined with his lovers. He lifted JK’s right hand up, placing a chaste kiss on the tip of his index finger before parting his sensuous lips and sliding his wet heat down the digit. His eyes stayed on Jungkook’s face, watching the reaction his filthy movements were making. He wasn’t disappointed. He saw Jungkook gulp before biting down hard on his lower lip. The younger man was obviously not yet willing to let Jimin know he was so far ahead. No matter. Jimin would break him to pieces by the end of it. He pulled his mouth off Jungkook’s finger allowing the sensation of the cool air to hit it before taking the next, his middle finger into the wetness of his mouth. One after another he kept his attentions up. Teasing his tongue along the digits as his warmth slid over one then the next. By the end of the first hand Jungkook was flush. By the end of the second, he was a mess.

“You’re being so patient for me,” Jimin praised him. “You’ve not even tried to peek.”

Jungkook smiled under Jimin’s words. “Where’s the fun in that?” he replied though his voice was trembling. And as much as he was undoubtedly going through a thrill of sensations, Jungkook was loving every minute of it. After years of love making and downright dirty fucking, he and Jimin knew each other’s bodies better than their own. He felt completely safe in Jimin’s hands and knew he could relax into it and just enjoy the ride.

Jimin’s grip shifted, meeting Jungkook palm to palm before turning his hands to encircle JK’s wrists. He brought them both together then pushed them upwards, pinning them over his head as he dipped his lips in to steal a kiss, moving away again before Jungkook could chase him. “Keep your hands her for me, please babe.” Jungkook nodded to Jimin’s polite request. And it was a request. Tonight wasn’t about power or dominance, not that they didn’t indulge in those type of games from time to time. But tonight Jimin just wanted to be able to do something special for Jungkook. To help him relax and enjoy, to let go after the stress of the day.

For a moment Jimin just watched him. Gazing down his eyes took in each detail of the heavenly body underneath him. The way his raven hair was pushed askew around the blindfold. The sharp jut of his collarbones, the curve of waist where it met his hips. All the little secret moles that no one but him got to see. Years together now and he was still so desperately in love with Jungkook, and he couldn’t ever imagine a time he wouldn’t be. But as he sat upward again he could feel Jungkook’s hardness underneath him and his soft thoughts evaporated, replaced by much more lewd ones. Jungkook had been so good so far, time to reward him. He surged forward, taking Jungkook’s lips unexpectedly in a fierce kiss. His tongue invaded the younger mans mouth, licking into it passionately before taking his lower lip between his teeth and tugging on it as he pulled away. Jungkook lifted his head from the mattress to chase after him but met with only empty air. Jimin just smirked, impressed that through it Jungkook managed to keep his hands above his head.

A moment later he was on the move, sliding backwards off Jungkook to settle himself between his legs, attacking the soft indentation next to Jungkook’s hip bones. He sucked at one side until the skin began to darken to a deep rosy hue then painted a match with his mouth on the other side. Jungkook’s head tossed from side to side, moaning deeply as Jimin’s breath ghosted across his now aching cock as it travelled across back and forth from one hip to the other. From his left thigh to the right until Jungkook was a writhing mess.

“Jimin, please….” his voice was deep with Satoori.

As much as Jimin loved to tease Jungkook, to edge him until he was practically in tears, this wasn’t that kind of night. If Jungkook was asking for it then it was time.

“Alright, baby. Alright.” Holding Jungkook’s hips down he licked a fat, hot stripe up the underside of his cock before wrapping his mouth around him.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Jungkook practically shouted. Jimin smiled around him and began to move his head up and down, taking in the length of him. One hand moved from Jungkook’s hip to circle the base and slid up and down to cover what his mouth didn’t. Jungkook continued to squirm, trying hard now to thrust his hips up into Jimin’s face and shove himself down Jimin’s throat.. “Oh babe, that is so soooooo good.” Jimin only responded by pulling part of the way back and dipping his tongue into the slit at the tip. He set a steady pace, neither too brutal nor to torturously slow. He wanted Jungkook to be able to build and release comfortably though he might still have at least one small surprise left. His head continued to bob up and down, saliva dripping from his mouth and slickly coating the fingers of his hand that now left the base of Jungkook’s cock to cup his balls, then to scratch along the inside of his thighs. Then, just when he could tell Jungkook was close, he surprised him by sliding one wet finger further down and into his ass.

The response was immediate.

With a shout Jungkook came, emptying himself into Jimin’s waiting mouth. Unable to stop himself his abs clenched and he lurched up. His hands flew to either side of Jimin’s head, his fingers tangled in his lover’s hair, holding his head steady until the rush subsided. Though he had moved his hands from above his head, Jimin didn’t mind. He considered it a compliment that Jungkook couldn’t hold on. Only when Jungkook’s hands relaxed on his head did Jimin crawl upward, fingers peeling back the blindfold to be able to see Jungkook’s face.

“Hey, gorgeous,” Jimin smiled affectionately as de gazed into Jungkook’s wide, dark eyes. As always after they did anything that was beyond the norm he was searching for reassurance that he was ok. Jungkook’s mouth was open, his breath still ragged, but he smiled up at Jimin in wonder.

“Hey….” was about all he could manage.

“You ok?”

Jungkook nodded and smiled. “More than ok!” he croaked as he tried to find his voice again. “Jimin… you’re….that was….amazing!”

Jimin slid off to the side of him, nuzzling up into the crook of Jungkook’s shoulder as the younger wrapped his arm around him and pulled him to his chest. He was smiling from the praise but also because he knew he had just made Jungkook feel so good. That’s how sex should be, he believed. A gift to each other. A gift shared. Whether it was romantic or downright filthy, it was something that should draw them closer. He reached his lips up and kissed Jungkook’s cheek. The younger’s eyes were closed.

“Kook? Don’t fall asleep!” he nudged him in the side with a pointy finger causing Jungkook to squirm. “We need to have a shower.”

“Awww… I have to???” he whined. “Sooo tired now.”

“Yes, brat, you do!” he laughed and rolled out of the bed. Grasping Jungkook’s hands he pulled, urging him to sit up. “Between having makeup on all day and the humidity here your skin will be a wreck if you don’t wash up.”

“Ugh,” he complained. “I hate it when you’re logical.” But Jungkook moved anyhow, swiveling to put his feet on the floor while Jimin walked to the bathroom to start heating the shower up. When Jimin returned to the bedroom Jungkook hadn’t managed to get much further, hands on the edge of the bed either side of him, head hanging down. For a moment, Jimin was worried. He stood in front of Jungkook, head cocked to one side.

“Kook? You ok?” But the young man just smiled up at him with a cheeky grin, his face was flushed though whether it was just from the exertion Jimin wasn’t sure.

“Yeah….Jimin? Thank you for that.”

Jimin stepped between Jungkook’s knees, his fingers carding Jungkook’s bangs out of his eyes. “Aww babe, you don’t ever have to thank me.” He dropped a kiss on to the top of JK’s head.

“It’’s just that you always know how to make me feel so precious,” the maknae continued. “So cared for. And I want you to know I appreciate it.” Jimin could only smile back, his fingers curling around the nape of Jungkook’s neck. “Come on,” Jungkook said as he finally tried to push himself up from the bed. “Let’s get in the shower. You’re not the only one with clever ideas around here,” he winked at his lover and Jimin let out a laugh.

“Alright, you’re on! Oh wait...or should I say ‘Let’s get it!’” Jimin teased. Jungkook only pushed him forward in front of him and spanked his naked arse.

“Go!” he ordered playfully. Give his arse another playful smack for good measure. “I’ll be there in a second.”

While Jimin was stepping in the shower, Jungkook picked up the hotel phone and dialed room service to order another bottle of champagne. With no schedule in the morning and a flight not leaving until early evening Jungkook was quite happy to make tonight one long and very memorable celebration.