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There’s a pungent merging of scents lingering in the air, growing thicker as Yoongi nears the clearing, paws digging into the soil steadily and silent. The trees above him cast shadows on the dirt forest floor, tongues of sunlight flickering through the leaves. All around him there’s nothing but the sounds of the forest; a mixture of cicadas, chirping birds, and the occasional fox that’ll peek out its head before dashing away in search of safer grounds than these. All of these are consequence of him and his pack returning from their usual hunt.


Yoongi is empty handed this time when he comes to a stop in the clearing. No prey hangs from his mouth. His body aches, teeth bared at himself for returning with nothing, trying to hide the limp in his legs when he catches sight of the other hunters.


Joining him, equally as silent on the way back, though differing in stances and approach, are his packmates. Some younger alphas looking to prove their usefulness for things other than rough housing that have divided up carrying their catch so that Yoongi can take it a little easier. Not enough to be a burden nor to show those looking to him as example that he’s weak, but enough so that he can catch his breath.


One by one, they begin to shift back into their human form, bones cracking and rearranging until they no longer stand on four legs, but two. Yoongi is quick to snatch his clothes from behind a fallen log near the entrance to the forest, hastily changing while the others are occupied with organizing the hunt, trails of crimson blood dripped on the flat grass. When Yoongi is dressed he stands and slowly makes his way over to the rest of the pack, wiping away a clot of dirt on his neck and sniffing when he sees eyes on him.


Anyone else doing so wouldn't chafe the way it does, but then again anyone else doesn't look at Yoongi the way Taehyung does. Eyes slanted and full of silent mirth, gleaming under the sun as he comes close like he's privy to a secret nobody else is in on, driving him nuts in the process. Because looking good shouldn’t come this easy, not when the inside leaves much to be desired.


Hanging precariously off one shoulder, carelessly as if he'd just tossed the thick pelt of fur across his skin in a rush, Taehyung slinks closer. All long legs glinting bronzed, he’s smiling wide, flashing pointed canines at Yoongi as he surveys him from head to toe, most likely amused he’s catchless.


“Seems you’ve missed out today, Min,” the other alpha hums with a knowing smirk, voice a deep timbre that resonates in Yoongi’s chest. “What’s wrong? Hurt yourself last night?”


Burning hot, Yoongi’s patience is running thin. Leave it to Taehyung to ask that within earshot of others. Leave it to him to be this bold amidst the judgemental looks thrown their way.


“Fuck off,” Yoongi grumbles, irritatingly aware of how close the other has come towards him, enough to where his breath warms up against his skin. “I didn’t bring a catch but I’ve got not problem whatsoever in beating your ass.”


Taehyung remains silent at this for a moment, sizing him up maybe. Most likely thinking about their night spent together, surrounded by trees and the harsh scrape of twigs and rough bark up against his knees; the forest witnessing how nice Taehyung sounds when he’s mid fuck.


Yoongi shifts, and the twinge in his lower back reminds him he’s not indifferent to the aftermath said fucking left him in. But he won’t give the other alpha the satisfaction of knowing that. Not easily, at least.


As if he knows this, Taehyung’s smile is slow and calculating. Long fingers brush up against Yoongi’s bangs, thumb pressing up to his forehead and wiping something off. Most likely caked dirt. He still smells of pine and cinnamon, mingled with his natural musk.  


Amused with a twinkle in his eyes, Taehyung chuckles. “ You’ll beat my ass?” He flicks a clot of mud from his shoulder with a wrinkle in his nose. His eyes darken, long lower lashes fanning above his cheeks. “I’d like to see you fucking try.”


Yoongi nods, nose wrinkling when he’s hit with the thick scent of pheromones. Taehyung’s itching for a fight for no other reason than the fact that he can. He’s already shrugging off his furs, casting them aside over the branch of the nearest tree, ensuring they don't get dirty, whereas Yoongi brings a hand over his neck and pulls his off carelessly.


There’s no sensible or rational need to do this shit again, as they do so constantly; he knows this, as does Taehyung, but he’s not going to give him the satisfaction of backing down. Not in front of the others, and certainly not so Taehyung can rub it in his face later on.


“The way you primp yourself up you’d make a fine omega for me to knot, take so long,” Yoongi scoffs, light on his feet as he bounces from side to side, fists clenched. “Whenever you’re ready, dollface.”


It’s a habit for Taehyung to wear nothing else under his fur coat, golden skin gleaming under the sun. He’s significantly larger than Yoongi, but that doesn’t stop him from picking a fight with the alpha.


The hunters around them are mumbling, shaking their heads as they drag the prey on their shoulders to bring back to the pack for storage. Not a day goes by where Taehyung and Yoongi have a bone to pick with each other and it’s fruitless to try and butt in. Even the pack alpha leaves them be.


“There they go again. I bet you anything Min’s going down again,” Yoongi hears faintly from a group in passing that share knowing looks and secretive laughs between them. Amongst them, as usual even when he has no business being near the alphas without one accompanying him, is Jimin. An omega from the pack who brought trouble everywhere he went.


Gone was the baby faced, well mannered pup they’d all sheltered before presenting. Jimin had passed that point, where now, his baby fat hardened into solid muscle that looks smooth to the touch underneath his golden skin. He’s also a pain in the ass and never follows the rules, foul mouthed and fiercely determined to do things others in his rank don’t dare to, like fuck alphas and betas when the mood strikes. He too, wears Taehyung’s furs, as well as his scent despite his state of un-mate.


He glances over at them, simpering laugh enough to rise Yoongi’s hackles, especially when he sends a little wave and adds as commentary, “I think he’s going to lose on purpose. Nothing sexier than getting mounted in public, right?”


All of that goes over Yoongi’s head, though he certainly won't forget to remind Taehyung later to keep his omega on a leash unless he’s looking for trouble, because the other alpha creeps closer. Threatening dark eyes appraising him for a moment.


“You’re so tiny, you really think you can pin me down and make me take your knot?” Taehyung bristles, stepping closer to Yoongi. The tension simmers in the air. “You’d roll over on your stomach for me, just like a bitch in heat.”


A low growl rumbles from deep within Yoongi’s chest, teeth gnashing together in hard snaps. All around them those who’ve come to witness scamper farther away, but watch steadily, bouncing from looking at him to the other alpha.


“Hear that?” Taehyung taunts in a whisper, voice low and raspy, sending a chill down Yoongi’s spine. “They already expect you to lose. How pathetic.”


An out of place smile curves the edge of Yoongi’s lips. “That’s the thing about most alphas,” he says, conversational as he looms closer, eyeing the other alpha. Hands braced in front of him, he’s poised for a fight but a little too heavy on his feet to catch up. Within seconds Yoongi’s moving, sprinting across the open field in powerful bounds, boring his weight fully until he knocks the other alpha onto the ground with his fist and lands him beneath his parted thighs. Breathing hard, smile mocking, Yoongi says, “You’re all bark and no bite. Like little lost pups.”


Taehyung doesn’t stay down quietly, baring his teeth and snarling up at him, large hands tightly wrapping around Yoongi’s shoulders and tossing him aside with a hard thump. Gone is the friendly and usually brilliant smile on the alphas face whenever he’s in the presence of others. In its place, a brooding anger that throbs between them and turns the air sour and dark, as if the sun had set on fire and melted all around them.


The first kick to the ribs comes harder than Yoongi anticipated, and he inhales sharply through his nose, feeling the pain settle deep within his bones. “Motherfucker,” He hisses, narrowly missing the next kick, but open for Taehyung to land a blow to his stomach that knocks the wind out of him. Still—Yoongi wont go easy, and through strangled gasps says, “You punch like a bitch.”


Snarling, Taehyung crouches over Yoongi and shoves him down by his shoulders, pinning him to the blood stained grass below. Squirming, kicking up with his feet, Yoongi snaps his teeth at the alpha and scratches at his bare arms in hopes of forcing Taehyung back. But Taehyung is heavy, not to mention stronger, bruising grip on Yoongi’s body keeping him on the ground.


Submit,” Taehyung growls, nose wrinkling, lip smeared with blood. Yoongi gave him a split lip, and he’s proud of that one. But their alpha pheromones are intense, drive each other absolutely mad, clogging their minds with the instinct to dominate the other. Bearing his weight on Yoongi, forcing his arms higher apart, Taehyung is dangerously close to Yoongi’s jugular. Every alpha knows another alpha should never be allowed this close.


Make me .” Yoongi snaps, breaths coming out choppy and ragged. His pulse leaps and his nose stings with the smell of angered alpha pheromones, as well as a cloying scent of arousal buried deep within.


“If you don’t settle down, I’ll bite. And I’ll breed you right here on this fucking ground, belly up, just to prove my point.”


Panting and wriggling uselessly on the ground, Yoongi stares up at Taehyung as the silence stretches on. Growing thin much like their patience. He’s got blood staining his chin and the pointed curve of his canines, which rest a hair's breadth above his throat, the implication leaving an unsettling heat coiling low in his belly.


Breathless and a lot less forceful than he’d like, he whispers, “You wouldn't fucking dare.”


“You know I would,” Taehyung murmurs back. There’s still a challenging look in his eyes. “And you’d like it. You’d like to be humiliated.”


Perhaps to prove a point to Yoongi, or to their pack, or to himself, Taehyung’s teeth scrape whisper soft against Yoongi’s jugular. Not enough to bite, but enough to make it count. Enough for Yoongi to anticipate it, and dare he think it— want it, too.


And then, all of the weight on Yoongi disappears, leaving him sprawled out on the grass.  He blinks away the haze in his eyes. Taehyung is standing, looming above him, triumphantly sneering. “You get a little roughed up, and you show your stomach like some bitch.”


The anticipation in Yoongi’s body leaves him numb, mind even more foggy now that Taehyung’s aggressive musk lingers with his own scent. He’s slow to push himself up on his arms as Taehyung is throwing his furs across his shoulders, wiping his lips. The back of his hand smears with blood and he frowns.


Jimin is beside him, a hand tipping Taehyung’s chin towards him so he can lick the blood smeared across his lips clean. It's not of the ordinary in their pack, especially for this pair to care for each other a little more intimately than others, but the way Jimin looks at Yoongi as he does so, eyes glimmering with amusement, it's as if he’s doing so on purpose. Trying to rile Yoongi up.


“Do you ever think you’re going to win?” He says with a small grin tipping the edge of his lips, Taehyung curving an arm over his shoulders and tucking him close. Using Jimin’s alluring honeysuckle scent to calm the raging pheromones left after a fight no doubt, and scenting him too.


Yoongi’s jaw ticks and a subtle growl leaves him, directed at who he’s unsure, but either of them suits fine. They both piss him off equally anyway. To Jimin, he says, “Maybe I wanted to let him have this one so he won’t cry about it later on.”


In response Taehyung bares his teeth, eyes flashing a murky shade of red, but dissipating as quickly as they come about when Jimin places his wrist under his nose for him to nuzzle up against.


“Unlikely, but whatever helps you sleep better at night, pup.”


Yoongi stands on his feet with a heavy grunt, his whole body just one dull ache combined with last night and the beating he took from Taehyung just now. Any wolf who had been observing from the side slinks away, having predicted this outcome from such a short fight.


“Don’t come crying to me then because you chose to lose,” Taehyung bites back from under Jimin’s wrist, and Yoongi’s nose wrinkles with how Taehyung grazes his teeth against the vein. Yoongi bends over to retrieve his own furs from the ground, hips aching in protest. As he slowly slides it over his shoulders, he spots Jeongguk coming towards him, wrapped up in furs of his own.


Jeongguk is a young omega, having presented last fall. He’s practically grown up with all of them, closest to Jimin but also closest to Yoongi, whom he regards as a role model. Although their alphas respectively hate each other, Jeongguk and Jimin can be seen together in the den and at dinner with the same group of friends. Where Jimin is always hanging off Taehyung’s arm, Jeongguk is always latched on to Yoongi.


The pup looks worried and walks at a faster pace until he’s reached Yoongi, pulling the older alpha close into his arms. Jimin and Taehyung stand a few paces back, and even though he and Jimin are friends, he regards the pair with pinched brows.


“How bad are you hurt? You should know better!” Jeongguk scolds, pouting as he wipes mud out of Yoongi’s hair. “Stop picking fights with someone bigger than you.”


“He’s not bigger than me, just overgrown.” Yoongi mutters, aware that Taehyung can hear him. “Like a weed I’m gonna pull out.”


“Your stubbornness is gonna’ get you killed one day,” Jeongguk’s pout doesn’t ease up, neither do his pinched brows. He regards Yoongi in silence for a moment, then entwines their fingers and tugs, leading him away from the pair watching them. “Or who knows what else, I don’t like to think that far ahead.”


Yoongi feigns being put off by the attention, but secretly revels in it; kind hands like Jeongguk’s always a balm to soothe his bruised ego (and body at this point) a welcome reprieve. He lets the younger pup fuss over him for a few moments before he makes him settle down.


Jeongguk’s the kind to panic easily, a little like a skittish rabbit and if led astray he’ll worry for days on end. He comes easy, ducking in time to press the tip of his nose beneath Yoongi’s jaw and nuzzling. Slow at first, then a little harder as he grows more restless.


“Let me get you cleaned up,” Jeongguk murmurs, voice soft, a little drowsy. After a fight, Yoongi’s pheromones spike, and Jeongguk can get carried away. He’s still young, hormones still figuring themselves out, sensitive to any strong scents. The omega lifts his head from Yoongi’s neck. “You’re probably dirty.”


“I feel like I got trampled by a bear,” Yoongi tells him as they make their way towards his cabin, a little farther down than the others along with all the other unmated alphas. Hand kneading his aching lower back, sore after all it's been put through in the last twenty four hours, he grunts, “Don’t tell Jimin that, he’ll run his mouth and then I’ll have to kill him.”


Jeongguk perks up at this, teeth coming out in a little grin. “Ah, I wouldn’t—” At Yoongi’s blank stare the pup sobers up, grumbling, “Fine, I won’t tell him you said Taehyungie trampled you like a bear.”


Yoongi’s nose wrinkles in silent protest. Omegas these days aren’t the same breed as they once were. Now they talk back and aren’t easily dissuaded by an alpha in power. Jimin and Jeongguk are prime examples of going against the norm.


Unmated alphas are given small cabins to avoid conflicts with other alphas. If Yoongi had to live in the same den as Taehyung, they would have mauled each other to death the first day. Not that he’d mind getting his chance to do so, but he digresses. He’s certain their pack leader would definitely have an issue with that.


Jeongguk opens the cabin door for Yoongi and takes off his furs, hanging them on a coat rack next to the door. Immediately, Yoongi veers for his bed, where he collapses, sitting down on the edge while Jeongguk grabs towels and a basin of water.


“Take off some of your clothes, Yoongi,” the omega calls from the adjacent room, pouring water into a basin and digging around in the cabinets for towels or rags. Mumbling, only wanting to sleep now that he’s touched his bed, Yoongi peels off his shirt and tosses it to the floor. He winces at the blooming pain on his ribs, a bruise sure to form. There are already an assortment of bruises on his body; many of them on his hips, finger-shaped indents standing out against his pale skin.


Any marks on his body are picked up by Jeongguk as he re-enters the room with his sleeves rolled up, big eyes blinking at Yoongi’s bare chest. A big red bite mark stands out against his pale skin.


“Did you fuck and fight him?” Jeongguk asks with a disapproving click of his tongue. He crouches next to Yoongi and sets the bowl of water on the cabin floor.


Yoongi’s laughing like he’s just realized how ridiculous that might sound to Jeongguk, but he nods regardless. “What do you think, huh? These bruises ain’t from picking flowers, that’s for sure.”


“You want to rip each other’s throats out but you would let him knot you,” Jeongguk confirms, dipping the towel in water and bringing it up to Yoongi’s face, where blood and dirt mixes in. “That doesn’t make sense.”


A little bit petulant, heat clinging to his cheeks, Yoongi replies, “Life don’t make sense,” Which prompts Jeongguk to wring drops of water into his eyes and scowl at him. “You wouldn’t get it, it's not like how it is with omegas. The feeling is different.”


“Looks like its more violent,” Jeongguk murmurs as he dips the towel into the basin once more, a smile in his voice when he says, “I didn’t know you were into that. Guess Jimin was right.”


Yoongi grunts in question. The more he shifts in bed the more his body aches and protests at him, remnants of the night before starting to chafe now that the adrenaline high has worn off fully.


“What’s that little shit saying about me? You two been gossiping again and stirring up trouble?”


Jeongguk peers up at him, a picture of innocence, as if he hasn’t got a clue of what Yoongi might mean. It contrasts with the sudden pressure on his back as a particularly tender bite mark near his shoulder is cleaned.


“Me and Jimin, causing trouble?” Jeongguk questions, cocking his head. “We’ve never caused trouble. Wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing.”


That’s a lie, and Yoongi knows it. Where those two are trouble usually follows. One can usually be seen with the other and vice versa. It’s also no secret they like to gossip, especially Jimin, who’s always privy to everyone’s business.


“Just tell me what he’s saying about me. I’ll handle it later on,” Yoongi sighs, his now clean arms tucked under his chin as he stares off, content to let Jeongguk tend to him how he likes for a while.


Jeongguk doesn’t respond right away, dutiful in cleaning Yoongi up. He cleans him free of caked dirt, grime and blood, then applies a healing salve made of plants to his bruises and around the bite marks dotting his skin. It’s only when he’s pleased with his work, tongue peeking past his lips, that he nods.


“Oh yeah, well Jimin might have mentioned that you’re a bit of a softie for Taehyung because you like how he roughs you up behind closed doors,“ He tells Yoongi with a small shrug of his shoulders, grin twitching the edges of his lips. “His exact words were a little more crass though.”


“I’m not surprised,” Yoongi glowers at the ceiling, imagining the sight. Jimin most likely draped in Taehyung's thick fur pelt, lazily telling Jeongguk stories inside their cabin; not a care in the world that he’s pissing off an alpha, whilst Jeongguk lay beside him listening attentively. Maybe Taehyung would be there, sneaking in to check on them. He might not care for Yoongi, but everyone has a soft spot for Jeongguk, that hard ass alpha included.


His jaw clenches, and his scent spikes up as it tends to do when he’s irritated. All that’s fine and doesn’t pose a problem usually, save for at the moment where Yoongi’s nose picks up a new scent in his cabin. Dewy and fresh like wildflowers and berries. It floods the room out of nowhere, causing his mouth to water involuntarily.


At the same time Jeongguk is up and out of his bed, across the room and pressed against the wall, breathing hard and gaping at him, cheeks flushed. “ Oh —Oh, this is new. You smell nice .”


There’s a small damp spot near Yoongi’s thigh in his bed where Jeongguk has been sitting, and it clicks for him. The scent, the way he reacts and the way Jeongguk’s eyes have glazed over even as he inches towards the door.


Jeongguk’s starting to produce slick, and his sensitivity to scents as strong as Yoongi’s have triggered him.


Sitting up in his state is a pain, but Yoong manages anyway, though slowly. He doesn’t want to somehow scare Jeongguk even more. His scent mingling arousal and fear at once. Gently, he holds out a hand for Jeongguk, his instincts demanding he comfort an omega in distress battling with his sensibility to not crowd and overwhelm the young pup.


“Jeongguk-ah, it's fine. You’re fine. It was just an accident, perfectly natural.”


“I’m sorry,” he whispers, thumbing at the hem of his sleeves. Hesitantly, he shuffles back towards Yoongi, carefully accepting Yoongi’s hand. “I should. . . go maybe. S’not good for me to stay if you’re still riled up about Taehyungie.”


Yoongi’s thumb dips between Jeongguk’s knuckles, stroking idly. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to, but if you’re feeling uncomfortable then I won’t stop you.”


Jeongguk tugs his lower lip between his teeth, wide eyes bouncing between staring at Yoongi’s chest and neck, specifically towards his scent gland. With a fond roll of his eyes, because of course, even through a moment of overwhelming sensations the first thing the young pup would think of is scenting, Yoongi snaps his fingers, pulling Jeongguk out of his daze.


“I should probably go for a little while. . . if you don’t need me that is,” Jeongguk whispers, unable to meet his eyes. His cheeks are flushed and his scent is spiked, a lovely hint of something floral. “I can bear it if you need me though—”


“Jeongguk,” Yoongi scolds quietly, squeezing his fingers so that the pup will look at him. “Go back to your den with the others and calm down a bit, Yeah? We’ll talk more later.”


Lifting his gaze and gnawing on his lip, Jeongguk nods.


“Okay, just let me know if you need any help. I’ll go gossip with Jimin or make you more charms or something.” A small smile plays out on Jeongguk’s lips, but he’s still nervous to meet Yoongi’s eyes directly. Grumbling out a sigh, knowing there’s no helping it, the alpha flops on the bed. Away from the damp spot next to him.


“Take care of yourself, just go straight home. Got it?”


Pulling on his furs, Jeongguk nods, that sultry slick scent gradually washing away. It still leaves a haze in Yoongi’s mind.


“Goodnight. Don’t pick any more fights you can’t win.”


Yoongi frowns at Jeongguk on his way out, but mumbles out a “goodnight” as the omega shuts the cabin door. Immediately, he rolls to the side away from where Jeongguk had been, covering himself in the pelts strewn across his bed. His body aches more now even with the salve and all he wants is rest. He didn’t get it last night, but he will tonight. If his pain doesn’t keep him awake.


Fuck Kim Taehyung.






Past a clearing in the forest and west of the mated pair cabins, there’s a stream where young pups are taken to be taught how to swim, and where most of them come to relax in when the weather allows them to. Shrouded by damp earth and jade green leaves from tall trees, it’s considered an oasis to the pack and often Yoongi’s found he’s not alone whenever he’s in the mood for a midnight swim or a nice, relaxing bath.


After what he’s endured recently a little of both sounds like exactly what he needed, and only as he’s returning from said bath, flushed from the warm water, freshly cleaned and a lot less achy than he’d been an hour ago,, wearing just a pair of pants that rest low on his hips, does Yoongi realize he’s not alone and that the sounds he’s heard aren’t from animals skittering away from him, but Taehyung.


From his distance Yoongi can make out it's him by his furs and the scent of pine and cinnamon that clings to his skin. By now it’s irritatingly familiar to him, and he scowls at the other alphas retreating back, hoping he’ll keep going and not stop for a chat.


There’s not much to say anyway, nothing polite at least.


But of course Yoongi’s good luck decides to abandon ship the moment he needs it, because it’s then that a breeze ruffles his hair, and Taehyung stills where he stands, fist clenching by his side.


A small voice in the back of Yoongi’s mind, his wolf, he realizes, urges him to step forward and confront the other alpha in retribution to what he’d done during the day, turning him belly up and threatening to mark him in front of their pack the way an alpha would stake claim on their omega, whilst another unbidden part of him doesn’t see it as a big deal.


At war with what he wants and what he shouldn’t want, Yoongi’s distracted and doesn’t pay mind to the scent becoming much thicker and closer until his chin is being tipped up and he’s met with eyes glimmering dark under the moonlight.


Taehyung .


Bristling, Yoongi pulls away, teeth bared at Taehyung from where he’s standing. Clad in nothing but his furs, he reeks of honeysuckle and fresh berries. A hint of flowers too; Jimin’s scent, Yoongi realizes. Jeongguk’s scent lingers there alongside Jimin’s.  


“The way you spend so much time with the omegas, one would think you’re one yourself,” Yoongi says in lieu of a greeting. “You’re just about pretty enough to get bred like one. Real nice and delicate, you’d take my knot well like one, too.” He says through a sneer, stalking as far away as he can from the other alpha. His scent is too thick and leaves him in this sort of lulled, but discontent and pissed off state and he can’t think clearly.


Taehyung has his furs wrapped tight around his body to preserve any decency he has left. He crowds closer to Yoongi even as he backs up, peering down at him with a quirked brow. “I’d think you were an omega with the way you howl for an alpha’s cock.”


Yoongi sucks in a sharp breath, anger barreling through him until his surroundings fade out, through a tunnel and pressing up against his forehead. He doesn’t think, just acts. Hands pressing up against Taehyung’s furs, he balls them in his fist then shoves him hard, pinning him to a tree, wedging a knee between his thighs.


“Shut up,” Yoongi growls, Another angered shudder pulling through his body as Taehyung flashes him a smile. Pressing in, Yoongi’s thigh inches higher, despite the sudden pressure on his hips from Taehyung's hands squeezing too tight. “ Submit . Fucking submit, you overgrown mutt .”


Pheromones spiking, tension cutting through the air, Taehyung growls low. With one hand on Yoongi’s hip, the other snatches a fistful of Yoongi’s silver hair and tugs hard, yanking his head back. A startled groan leaves his lips at the pressure and his thigh stalls against the gape in Taehyung’s furs.


“You’re never going to get me to submit,” Taehyung hisses, pressing down with his thumb against Yoongi’s hips, right over the fading bruises. His hips kick from the sensitivity. “What happened today with little Jeongguk, hm? Heard the pup got turned on when you thought about me. Is that right?”


An unsettling heat picks up on Yoongi’s skin, burning where Taehyung’s fingers touch him. He tugs on his fist solely to keep his hands busy, and scowls. Of course Jeongguk would’ve gone home and of course Jimin would’ve noticed. Nothing gets past him, especially something like that.


“Don’t push your luck by trying to work him up with your stench, Jeongguk’s sensitive these days,” Yoongi grunts, teeth latching onto his lower lip and biting down hard, Taehyung’s fingers trailing lower and stopping at the faint trail of hair above the hem of his pants. “It’s got nothing to do with you. Get fucked.”


Taehyung’s nails scrape against Yoongi’s bare skin, dangerously close to dipping below the waistband. “The only one getting fucked around here is you.” He leans in, still holding Yoongi in place by his hair, and dares to run the flat of his tongue across Yoongi’s cheek. Drags from jaw to cheekbone, leaving his skin damp. He knows how much Yoongi absolutely hates it, hears the snarl in Yoongi’s throat and has the thought to lean back when Yoongi’s teeth snap dangerously close to his jugular.


But there’s a spike of arousal in the air and Taehyung groans softly when Yoongi jams his knee higher between his thighs, fur coat parting at the top to reveal his chest, the fetish necklace made of fox teeth and feathers settling between his collarbones.


“Wouldn’t you like that,” Yoongi almost purrs, a touch breathless. Fingers parting the furs apart and tracing over the smooth planes of Taehyung’s chest, where a faint bite mark of his own doing mottles his skin. Coming closer, he presses his forehead up against Taehyung, nuzzling him just slightly to piss him off. His responding growl sends a smile to Yoongi’s face. “Big bad alpha who preens when he’s touched. Isn’t that cute?”


Yoongi figures he’s gone too far when the fingers in his hair tighten, and Taehyung’s teeth scrape beneath his jaw, lingering near his scent gland. “Who’s being cute now? You get a set of alpha hands on you and you whine like an omega in heat. Isn’t that much cuter , Yoongi?”


Yoongi’s body responds in kind, freezing up as a ragged moan leaves his lips, stomach clenching tight. Any protest is lost on him, mind hazy and blank, where he can do nothing more than shove Taehyung without as much force as usual. But rather than be pissed at the resistance, Taehyung takes the minimal distance to watch Yoongi as he drags fingers over his navel, then up his chest, thumb brushing over a nipple and rubbing hard circles over it; something akin to hunger gleaming in his eyes.


“If we're gonna fuck just... just skip the fanfare and do it,” Yoongi whispers, already moving his trembling hands to part Taehyung’s furs as open as he could without taking it off. Something about feeling the warmth plush of it against his skin sends chills up his spine and he groans.


Why does it have to be Taehyung of all people who make him feel strange in a way others don’t? He’s had countless nights spent in the company of gorgeous omegas and none of them had ever evoked such strong sensations in him. What is it about this fucker that gets under Yoongi’s skin so easily? He’d told Jeongguk that he wouldn’t understand, and yet it seems that Yoongi himself doesn’t get it either, this innate need to go against his instincts to fuck and get fucked by this alpha in particular.


There’s a spike in warm cinnamon, invading Yoongi’s senses. Taehyung brings his hands to his furs and pries the coat away from his body, the thick bear skin sliding from his shoulders. The forest is dark, not to mention loud with the buzzing of insects and the hooting of owls, but the moonlight shines just right on Taehyung’s golden skin and dark eyes. The alpha tosses his furs to the forest floor, over the grass and crunchy leaves from last fall, fully nude to Yoongi.


Leaning in, Taehyung nips at the swell of Yoongi’s plush lower lip, coaxing his mouth open while his hands shove Yoongi’s pants off his narrow hips. “You know what to do,” he whispers, voice dripping with arousal, a deep timbre. His nails scrape down Yoongi’s hip bones and cause goose bumps to raise along his skin. “On the ground.”


As he begins lowering to the ground, glaring without heat, Yoongi takes advantage of the situation to drag his fingers down Taehyung's body, staring on his way down. It’s nothing he hasn’t seen before and yet, every time he’s face to face with the other alpha’s body he has to press his thighs together to suppress a shudder.


Taehyung is lean, more lithe with a hint of strong muscle running beneath golden skin that’s soft and warm to the touch. Taehyung inhales sharply, his scent spiking as Yoongi’s fingers skim over the curve of his stomach where a faint trail of hair leads to his groin and down to his cock. He tries averting his eyes from staring too long, but inevitably fails.


There’s no pretty prose for it: Taehyung’s cock is big, and feels heavy in his hand when he palms the length for a moment before pulling away.


When Yoongi lifts his gaze to peer up, the other alpha is watching him, lips curved in a little smirk. His breathing is more uneven than before. “Having fun down there?”


Yoongi responds in a huff, blushing down to his toes that curl against the dirt. He shifts out of his pants, tossing them aside and now fully naked, on his knees in front of Taehyung and waiting. He’ll be damned if he gets on all fours easy. If the other alpha wants it he’ll have to work a little harder for it than that.


Taehyung ,” Yoongi’s breath hitches when long fingers stroke along his hair and then trail down his jaw, stopping to tap at his lower lip expectantly. “I’ll bite if you piss me off.”


Taehyung hums lazily, tapping his lips once more, that little glint in his eyes telling Yoongi all he needs to know and that’s how the other alpha knows what he wants and he’s not fooling anyone.


“Open,” Taehyung says in a soft voice, the husky timber sending heat to pool low on Yoongi’s belly. Lips parting, he sighs through his nose as two fingers press against his tongue. “Now suck . Get em nice and wet for me since you’re so eager to get fucked, pup .”


To be called a pup is humiliating given that Yoongi is older than Taehyung, the real pup here, but it sends heat straight to his cock. Maybe he does have a thing for being humiliated, like yesterday when Taehyung threatened to breed him right on the spot, and now where he’s on his knees, sucking on Taehyung’s fingers.


He has to get them nice and wet. Taehyung does not work gently, not with Yoongi at least. They fuck with raw urgency, driven by their need to dominate and overpower one another. With every spike in Taehyung’s pheromones, Yoongi can feel the anger building inside him, pent up frustration that he just can’t act on; frustration that morphs into lust and causes the mess they get themselves into.


“Your mouth is so pretty, but you say such nasty things with it,” Taehyung mutters as he presses his fingers a little deeper, just rubbing Yoongi’s gag reflex. It’s enough to cause more saliva to well up in Yoongi’s mouth, wetting Taehyung’s digits, saliva dripping past his chin. He chuckles. “What would you say if I told you to get on all fours now?”


“I’d probably tell you to go fuck yourself and make me,” Yoongi slurs around the fingers inside his mouth, cheeks flushed with heat. He’s embarrassed, tempted to bite said fingers instead of curl his hand around Taehyung's wrist to guide them further and deeper into his mouth to where he’s drooling freely, but doing nothing of the sort. He can’t quite look the other alpha in the eye as he moans around his fingers and adds one more— just to be thorough.


Taehyung fucks him hard and fast, and the sting never truly fades away with just two fingers— or that’s what Yoongi tries convincing himself of. He’s feeling lightheaded and irritated, torn between mauling the other alpha and pleading for him to skip the semantics and just mount and fuck him until he can’t feel his legs the next day.


It wouldn’t be the first time, and certainly not the last.


And then, Taehyung removes his fingers, saliva dribbling down Yoongi’s chin. He blinks through the haze but then his whole world is flipping, one moment seeing the stars through the trees and now the forest floor underneath them. His legs hit the ground hard and he hisses, body still aching from the beating yesterday and the fucking before that.


He’s aching and hard, his cock heavy and untouched, more than aware that even through the dim light of the forest Taehyung can see everything .


Taehyung places one hand on the center of his back and shoves Yoongi down into the furs. It knocks the breath out of him and he wriggles around, snapping his head back to glare at Taehyung now situated behind him.


“You like being on your knees,” Taehyung croons, using his other hand to haul Yoongi’s lower half up, spread him out on his knees, pushing Yoongi’s spine into a dip. Crouching behind him, wet fingers pressed right between his cheeks, Taehyung brings his free hand down on Yoongi’s thigh and smacks the flesh with enough pressure for Yoongi to jerk forward. “Don’t you?”


Taehyung ,” Yoongi gasps through gritted teeth, fists clenching into the furs as he writhes at the sudden sting. Taehyung runs his palm over Yoongi’s ass and squeezes, dimpling his skin and doing so again, his palm unrelenting in swatting over his ass until he’s pressing back for more. “ Taehyung .”


Only humming in amusement, the alpha rubs one of the spit-slick fingers over Yoongi’s hole, just teasing the rim before pushing in. Yoongi groans, shifts his hips and rests his forehead against the furs before gasping sharply. Taehyung’s tongue joins alongside his finger, lapping steadily at his walls, and Yoongi knows he’s going to ruin him tonight.


“Fuck, fuck,” Yoongi gripes against his arm, trying to stifle any noise he makes, especially the breathy ‘ oh. ’ Taehyung grapples his ass with one hand and thrusts inside Yoongi with his finger and his tongue, buried deep, all too familiar with Yoongi’s body. Usually, Taehyung teases, draws everything out to get satisfaction out of making Yoongi beg, but he’s adding in the second finger already and his teeth sink into the soft flesh of Yoongi’s inner thighs when he pauses to speak.


“Still loose enough,” he comments, driving those two fingers deep, right in the spot where it counts. Obscenely, Taehyung spits over his fingers to add more saliva. “Still so loose after having a fat alpha cock in it.”


“I oh ,” Yoongi says hoarsely, dizzy under the pressure; the weight of Taehyung’s long fingers scissoring him open too much to bear. He can barely breathe let alone speak or protest, head dropping against the furs. “ Harder ,” He whispers, hips rolling down, catching those long fingers as they spread out.


As quickly as the second finger comes a third finger joins and Yoongi’s mewling, arching into the joint stimulation of three fingers buried inside his ass as well as Taehyung's tongue. Unrelenting, Taehyung sets a fast pace, the thrusts of his fingers building up a steady warmth in Yoongi’s groin the deeper he goes. Blindly, Yoongi grapples the furs, needing something to ground him amidst the heat burning up his skin. Sweat is already starting to appear down his spine.


He melts under the other alpha’s touch, a deep groan tearing its way past his lips when the fingers are gone and he’s left achingly empty. Eyes screwed shut, Yoongi gripes at the loss, but then gasps. Knocked off balance, Taehyung grabs each of his hands, holding them behind his back and keeping them there. The move forces Yoongi lower, his ass further in the air, thighs parted and trembling.


Behind him Taehyung laughs like velvet, sultry and deep as he brushes his lips over the nape of his neck, teeth scraping over his heated skin. “You sound so pretty, like an omega,” he purrs, licking a fat stripe down the column of Yoongi’s neck in a sort of mock claim that has Yoongi growling in his throat. The younger alpha only grips harder to Yoongi’s arms.


“Sh-Shut up and—and just fuck me.” Yoongi chokes out, impatient and wriggling to get closer.


“Be a good pup , Yoongi,” Taehyung presses a sloppy, teeth-filled kiss to Yoongi’s nape before hauling Yoongi up to his knees, still positioned behind him. His hard cock rubs right against Yoongi’s ass and he releases his grip on the elder alpha’s arms, still speaking against his neck. “I think you should ride me tonight.”


There’s a lingering ache in Yoongi’s thighs that tell him he shouldn’t do a damned thing, and yet, out of spite perhaps, or maybe out of needing to prove a point, he’s turning sharply and shoving Taehyung hard into the furs, sprawled on his back.


Fine ,” Yoongi bares his teeth at the other alpha, who looks so smug even on his back, leaning on his wrists and watching from beneath his lashes. Moonlight gleams against his sweat slick skin, and Yoongi trails his gaze down Taehyung’s chest and over his cock, hard and curving over his stomach. Yoongi swallows. “Your dick and that big knot are all you’re good for anyway.”


Taehyung isn’t as easily riled up as Yoongi wishes he’d be, and simply brings a hand to Yoongi’s hip, guiding him up his lap, stopping to give him a pat on the ass— like he’s an unruly pup . “You’ve got a lot to say for someone who’s gonna get fucked on this knot.”


Yoongi scowls at Taehyung, a hand settling firmly on his chest whilst the other reaches behind in search of Taehyung’s cock. He circles his free hand around it, slowly stroking and dragging the foreskin over the tip, spreading precome down the shaft. Conversationally, as if he’s not hitching up high on his parted knees, rubbing the tip of Taehyung’s cock against his hole, Yoongi says, “You’re gonna do something for me tomorrow.”


Taehyung inhales sharply, hips rolling up smooth and tearing a small gasp past Yoongi’s lips as he pushes the tip inside, past the rim and achingly slow. “Is that right? That depends .”


Yoongi shudders, head thrown back as he sinks all the way down, taking Taehyung’s thick cock so deeply so fast it makes his head spin. Makes him disoriented for a moment, the spike in scent, the protest his body always puts out, enough to where he almost forgets what he’d been about to say.


“You’re gonna’ be a good pup tuh-tomorrow and— fuck —you’re gonna bring me a deer for my troubles.” Yoongi murmurs thickly, a faint twinge in his thighs as he rises up, then grinds down in tight circles, clenching around Taehyung’s cock. “I deserve it. You fucking owe me.”


Taehyung’s head flops against the ground and a heady moan spills from his mouth when Yoongi sinks all the way down, eyelashes fluttering from the sensation. “Oh, fuckin’—” he pauses, hands settling wide over Yoongi’s hips, nails digging into the flesh. Yoongi’s body twitches because of the bruises still healing that Taehyung pushes his fingers into. “You’re made for my cock.”


“Mmh, yeah I am.” Yoongi groans, hands palming at Taehyung’s broad chest and dragging down, blunt nails scraping his skin. His muscles flex underneath his tan skin, stomach clenching when Yoongi’s nails travel that low. When Yoongi sinks back down, nose scrunching from the wide stretch, Tae’s hips jump slightly and he curls his toes into the furs.


One of Taehyung’s hands runs along the underside of Yoongi’s hard cock, thumb swiping over the beads of precum oozing from the tip. He circles his fingers around the base and tugs experimentally, watches with half-lidded eyes how Yoongi’s body twitches and he grinds in Taehyung’s lap.


“You’re slow,” he drawls, one nail tracing along the thick vein on the underside, causing Yoongi to choke on his words. “I’d never let you fuck me i-if you’re this slow. Probably cum as soon as you’re — mph — inside me.”


Yoongi shivers, his cock heavily slapping up against Taehyung’s stomach as he works up a faster rhythm, thighs straining as he rises and falls onto the other alphas thick cock, overwhelmed as he fucks himself. “That’s what yuh-you dream about, huh? Me fucking you. You’d beg. I-I’d make you beg .”


“With what? This thing?” Taehyung grips around Yoongi and squeezes, precum dribbling down his fingers. Yoongi’s hips slam down against Taehyung’s thighs, his own beginning to shake. “Probably useless. All — fuck — bark and no bite.”


“You’ll regret that later, you little— fuck ,” Yoongi groans, staring down at Taehyung's hand as it glides down his cock, at first slow and then increasing; Yoongi’s breathing growing erratic. He rolls his head back, arches up and grinds down onto Taehyung's hard cock inside him even through the burn in his thighs, feeling hot all over until he can’t hold himself up any longer and sags against the other alphas chest.


Taehyung isn’t easy on him even when it’s clear Yoongi’s exhausted, and works him hard, canting his hips up, feet pressed into the furs and anchoring as he fucks Yoongi with wild abandon, jostling him in the process. The forest seems to vibrate from the force of them together, Taehyung's hand landing sharp across his ass echoing, the sting causing Yoongi’s hips to falter and for a breathless set of whimpers to leave his lips.


“Tae— Taehyung—my knot ,” Yoongi gasps, stomach tensing tight as Taehyung strokes his cock in time with his rough thrusts; his knot thickening uselessly beneath his hand. Cheeks burning bright red, Yoongi looks away, tucking his face into the other alpha’s neck, whining into his heated skin.


Teeth bared, mouth letting out all sorts of growls and moans, Taehyung snaps his hips upward before stopping all together. Yoongi blinks, bleary eyes lifting to meet his gaze but the other alpha is sitting up, hands still grappling Yoongi's ass, and suddenly Yoongi's world is flipping once more. He grunts as his back hits the furs and his eyes catch sight of the stars above, only now realizing Taehyung's thrown him belly up and squeezes his cock tight to slow the progression of his knot.


Left empty from the flip, Yoongi whines low, but fixes Taehyung with a heavy glare. “Just what do you think you’re doing? I could’ve come,” Sheepish, but still heavily annoyed, Yoongi mutters, “I was close .”


“What? I told you I was going to breed you, belly up,” the alpha croons with a devious smile, using his other hand to yank Yoongi closer, lifting one of his legs. He holds his calf in the air and Yoongi hisses at the stretch, one leg hooked over Taehyung’s shoulder and the other resting on the furs. Like this he’s vulnerable, held down by the younger alpha, exposing his stomach and  more importantly, his throat. Taehyung presses his fingers against Yoongi’s knot with a grin. “You’d like it if I bred you, stuffed you full with alpha cock.”


“Maybe instead of offering this alpha cock so much you should fuck me with it instead,” Yoongi drawls, hips stuttering at the sudden pressure around his knot, Taehyung squeezing a little tighter. “ Juh –Just a thought.”


“Just a thought?”


Yoongi shudders.


Taehyung shifts on his knees and, letting go of Yoongi, he repositions himself and slides in with little resistance. The stretch is welcoming, Yoongi almost sighing in relief from being full again, but his leg is bent at such an angle that Taehyung goes so deep. “Since you’re so sure,” the alpha begins, snapping his hips once, and then twice, Yoongi’s spine twinging with strain. “What else should I do for you, princess?


“You— fuck —You could start by fucking me harder,” Yoongi groans, fingers burying into the furs for purchase as Taehyung jerks his ass back, hard onto his cock and snapping his hips, pliant and struggling to keep up. Whimpering, Yoongi adds, “I ain’t gonna’ break —”


Taehyung’s breathing hard through each exhale, lip taken between his teeth and eyes half lidded as they trail across Yoongi’s skin, from his face down to where his cock is buried deep inside his ass. He takes it in stride, giving Yoongi what he’s asking for without protest.


Large hands circling his inner thigh, he presses in tight, bending Yoongi until it’s as though he’ll bend in half, knee tucked close to his chest. And Yoongi hates it—hates how Taehyung can look like this—so primal and wild under the balmy haze of moonlight, guiding his thick cock around his clenching hole, the tip catching on the rim on the pullout.


Cute, you wanna’ keep me. Just wanna be fucking full all the time,” Taehyung croons, groaning as Yoongi clenches around him and reaches up to grab a hold of his shoulders and squeeze. Hard enough to bruise, so that come tomorrow he’ll have something to think about, too.


“Fuck, Tae– hyung ,” Yoongi croaks, eyelids heavy and a bit unfocused as he peers up at Taehyung just as he leans in, crowding him, making Yoongi feel impossibly small trapped under the weight of his body and his cock.


Taehyung nips the curve of his lower lip, dragging it forward with his teeth. Tongue dipping into his mouth and licking in, stealing Yoongi’s breath. His moans. He’s become a touch incoherent, being jostled this way and that as Taehyung pulls out to the tip, then thrusts back in to drag his cock achingly deep.


Yoongi’s knot refuses to go down, and at this point is a heavy weight rubbing between their bodies, the stimulation enough to warrant hiccups past his lips. He’ll be damned if he tells Taehyung how he fucks like nobody else ever has, but god—is Yoongi thinking it.


His distorted senses are jostled back when he feels the first press of Taehyung’s knot against his rim, a tighter squeeze when Taehyung’s hips smack against Yoongi’s. Taehyung’s fucked him loose but he can’t do it enough for a knot to never hurt; alpas are biologically not supposed to take a knot, but Yoongi’s let Taehyung knot him a couple times now, for when he’s too far gone and lost in the pleasure to shove Taehyung off him.


Yoongi digs his nails into the broad expanse of Taehyung’s shoulders and the alpha growls above him, head dropping to watch the way their bodies move in tandem and the growth of his knot.


“M’gonna cum,” Taehyung grits out, the pace slowing, but the thrusts are more calculated, precise. His knot continues to catch on Yoongi’s rim and he snarls. “ Fuck, lemme breed you. Please—”


Breathless, clenching down on his jaw to keep quiet, Yoongi accepts Taehyung’s knot, tossing his head back enough for it to hurt when he hits the furs. He tries to stifle the noises that tumble from his mouth, chest heaving as Taehyung locks into place, hips stuttering as he fills Yoongi to the brim, but it’s to no avail; he’s loud, nonsensically moaning a garbled merging of Taehyung’s name and how it hurts but he wants more, wants it all . Yoongi’s hips jerk, but he’s too spent to move, the ache in his own cock keeping him in the present.


“Do it, just fucking—fill me,” Yoongi slurs, lips parting on a sigh as Taehyung continuously pistons his hips, fucking him through coming and filling Yoongi up. Enough to where he can feel it drip past his ass and down his thighs, warm and slick where it meets his skin. Yoongi groans at the stretch, because Taehyung’s knot is thick and he just keeps coming, lazily grinding all of it inside him and not letting a single drop go to waste. He palms Yoongi’s belly that begins to feel swollen and tender, then circles his cock, thumb rubbing under the ridge and just above the fat swell of his knot, pulling a low and hoarse moan past his lips. “God— oh —Taehyung, I wanna’ come. Make me come. C’mon, do something .”


Eager, high off of the pheromones around them, Taehyung curls his fingers around his swollen cock and pumps his fist. Yoongi’s hips cant upward and rock with the motion of Taehyung’s fist, rubbing all the way down from knot to tip, nails dragging in just the right spots. “F-fuck, oh , c’mon—” Yoongi gasps out, hands grappling for Taehyung to hold on to, his voice cracking just when he finally comes. Thick spurts ooze over Taehyung’s hand and pool on his abdomen, the little swell from being filled so much, thighs shaking from the pleasure. He’s oversensitive, still dripping as Taehyung pumps him through his orgasm, knot swelling down without anything for him to lock into.


Taehyung is locked inside Yoongi now. Yoongi, dripping and spent, doesn’t protest when Taehyung ducks down to lap at the cum on his stomach, dragging his tongue wetly across his damp skin. Even when Taehyung sits up again and brings his stained fingers to Yoongi’s lips, he parts them, tasting his own orgasm on his tongue.


“Yeah, look at you,” Taehyung murmurs, brushing back Yoongi’s silver hair, away from his sweaty skin. Yoongi sucks on Taehyung’s fingers lazily to clean them, one hand loosely grabbing Taehyung’s wrist. Something to hold on to. “So damn pretty.”


Eyelashes fluttering, Yoongi hums around Taehyung’s fingers until he’s satisfied, then pulls away, but stops to nip his fingertips hard. “That’s for calling me a pup,” He murmurs, lax beneath the furs that cling to his sweat slick skin and bathe him in warmth. “I’m not your fucking pup, you mutt.”


Taehyung pinches Yoongi’s chin between two fingers, tipping it towards him as he leans in to bite his lower lip and suck it into his mouth, ignoring Yoongi’s muffled whines. When he pulls away, smirk playing on his mouth, he’s all too satisfied with himself.


“You’re gonna be whatever I want you to be and that’s just how it is.”


Yoongi scowls at him, trying and failing to jostle Taehyung off him and causing them both to flinch in the process, the knot too swollen to come loose still.


“Says who?”


Taehyung arches an eyebrow, mirth glimmering in his eyes. “Me.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes, letting out a quiet snort but refraining from moving any more. Taehyung keeps himself up on his arms surprisingly, alternating between that and sitting on his haunches. There’s not much bickering left, not when Yoongi’s about to fall asleep right on the furs, forcing himself to stay awake until Taehyung can pull out. He can feel the ache in his spine already.


What must be half an hour passes, Yoongi close to dozing off and Taehyung starting to tire on his arms, before Taehyung begins to pull out. His knot’s shrunk enough for him to do so without hurting either of them, and he carefully does so, letting out a soft grunt. Cum pours from Yoongi’s rim on to the furs, something Yoongi frowns and scrunches his nose at, knowing he’ll probably have to wade about in the stream again to rid him of Taehyung’s scent. If he runs into someone on the way to his cabin, they’ll know exactly what happened between the two alphas and he’s in no condition to fight anyone who might piss him off with wayward comments.


“My furs are disgusting,” Taehyung mutters with furrowed brows, not fond of the idea of having to wear them back to his cabin. He could go nude, of course, but he still has to carry his furs with him. “Better than being covered in dirt, I suppose.”


“At least you don’t have to bathe again. I’ve got your cum dripping out of me,” Yoongi gingerly rises to his feet, legs trembling. His knees almost buckle from the sudden movement, but a hand settling around his waist grounds him. Taehyung’s quick reflexes coming in handy when they aren’t used to irk him. Blushing, Yoongi utters a very quiet ‘thanks,’ then shuffles around in search of his pants. They’ve somehow ended up near a pile of twigs, equally as filthy as Taehyung’s furs.


Taehyung watches him intently as Yoongi slips into his pants solely to make another quick trip to the stream to clean off, keen on his chest where faded bruises are reddening to life once again. He looks real pleased with himself and completely careless over his state of undress. Typical of him.


Not a care in the world, save for his pinched brows over his soiled furs, Taehyung leans against a tree, skin glistening with sweat as he pushes a hand through his disheveled hair. He smells like Yoongi, and will carry his own set of marks over the next few days, and has a streak of dirt caked across his cheek bone; not to mention he’s got some of Yoongi’s cum on his chest, too.


Yoongi swallows hard as he lingers, tongue heavy in his mouth. There’s an itch on his skin he blames on his current state, and he shivers when a breeze hits him.


“You could always just let me clean you off the pack way,” Taehyung suggests, voice carrying a husky purr that causes Yoongi to pause mid-step. “Y’know, I could just lick you clean.”


“You put your tongue anywhere near me now and I’ll chop it off, you rabid mutt,” Yoongi says, the threat unconvincing when he’s so breathless and considering it for another time. Taehyung licking all of that cum off and out of him? Lots to think about, but on his own time and in the safety of his own cabin. Turning and leaving Taehyung and his knowing smirk behind, Yoongi presses his lips together and stalks off.


It’s not uncommon for members of pack to groom each other, but still it’s considered a taboo when done outside of opposite ranking couples. An alpha licking another alpha clean wouldn’t be accepted as easily as say, an omega like Jeongguk doing so to Taehyung.


Yoongi thinks Taehyung gets his kicks out of knowing he’s going against the grain and pissing everyone off. Himself included.


“I’ll gladly put my tongue anywhere else!” Taehyung calls after Yoongi, showing his teeth in a wide, boxy smile, and Yoongi curses him out for being so loud.


Fucking pup.



Taehyung watches Yoongi disappear back into the trees, amused at the limp in Yoongi’s steps. It will take some time for him to return to his cabin, but Taehyung will offer him a head start.


Satisfied, still in post-coital bliss, his eyes narrow to his furs on the ground. His grin turns into a frown as he crouches to pick up the bear pelt, grimacing at the stains all over it. But it smells like Yoongi and like sex: two scents Taehyung enjoys most.


He carefully pulls the furs back over his body, hoping the stains are now dry and won’t cling to his skin. Immediately, Yoongi’s scent washes over him, the alpha’s pheromones so strong Taehyung can feel heat churning low in his belly. The smell riles him up, very much in the same way his affects Yoongi, both too frustrated and compelled with the drive to dominate that they fuck out their feelings if fighting each other isn’t enough to satisfy them. But the scent of sex also has a calming effect, leaving Taehyung in even more bliss than before.


With his furs drawn around him, Taehyung leaves the area and doesn’t linger. Their scents won’t disappear quickly, and he hopes there will be rain to cover up their indecency. Even as he’s trudging back towards the pack, he’s fast on his feet.


He takes a different route than Yoongi to avoid suspicion. Yoongi’s followed the path along the stream, most likely pausing to take a dip once more to rid of Taehyung’s scent, but Taehyung prefers to let Yoongi’s scent linger on his body. A guilty pleasure of his.


Taehyung sneaks through the edge of their pack center to the alpha’s cabins, where many are dark and quiet, sitting alone in one clump. His is towards the front, and he’s surprised to see the faint glow of a light inside.


Pinching his brows, holding his furs to cover his body, he hops up the steps to the door and inhales. Immediately, sweet honeysuckle washes over him, but leaves a different taste on his tongue. One that has him excited for a brief moment.


Nudging open the door to his cabin, Taehyung slips inside and narrows his eyes at the unexpected guest in his home. Moreover, his bed.


The interior of his cabin is thick with the scent of honeysuckle and the stirrings of heat; Jimin’s right around the corner, perhaps as early as this night or the next morning. He’s taken mounds of different furs and sprawled them all across Taehyung’s bed, layering one over the other in order to procure a makeshift nest, muttering things under his breath and restlessly shifting.


He’s also wearing one of Taehyung’s thicker pelts that sits loosely over his shoulders and flashes a hint of chest. He’s sweating and flushed already, and his heat might come tonight after all.


Without turning to look his way, the omega grumbles with a wrinkled nose, “You reek of sex and Yoongi. I could smell you getting closer and it made me all wet.”


“Yeah, and you reek of heat,” Taehyung mumbles, peeling off his furs and tossing them to the floor. There’s a spike in Jimin’s scent, his eyes trained on Taehyung, but the alpha just shuffles towards the basin of water he keeps in the corner of the bedroom and dips a rag into it in order to get cleaned up.


Across the room, Jimin whines. “I hate this.”


“Why are you in my cabin?” the alpha questions, wiping down his body, scrubbing away Yoongi’s dried cum from his chest. “I’m not helping you with your heat this time, if that’s what you want.”


Jimin’s gaze lingers on his chest before it sweeps down his body interestedly. He huffs, bringing the furs closer to his skin, as if insulted. He’s touchy during his heats, given it's the one time he ever truly has to submit in order to feel comfortable, which for Jimin, who thrives on going against the grain and doing whatever and whoever he wants, is hell.


“Who said I wanted you to help me anyway? Don’t look at me like that— Taehyung .” He groans, shifting around until he lays on his bed, kicking his feet. “You’re so inconsiderate. My heat’s coming soon and your scent mingled with Yoongi’s is driving me crazy. Just go away and leave me to nest in peace.”

Taehyung stares at Jimin.


“Again, you’re in my cabin,” he reiterates, setting the rag aside and shuffling to his closet to grab clothes. “Why don’t you have Jeongguk help you? Or any of the betas? You know they’d die to fuck you.”


Jimin stares at him like he’s lost his sense. Appalled, dragging the furs across his shoulders, he whines against the mounds of furs around him, clearly displeased. “Jeonggukie’s too busy wanting Joonie’s knot to even consider fucking me, and none of those cute betas smell right to me like this. C’mon, it’s just—you don’t even have to knot me. Just. . . your hand will work.”


“Hoseok’s cabin is right around the corner if you’re that desperate,” Taehyung comments as he drags a hand through his hair, aware that Jimin’s scent increases the more he’s near. “I know for a fact he’d love to fuck you. Should I tell him to stop by and take you back to his cabin?”


Scandalized, Jimin squeaks, “I’m more than capable of walking there on my own.”


“Not in that state you aren’t,” Taehyung snorts, dragging a shirt over his head in order to stay warm and keep the disgruntled omega near him in-check. Not that it helps, seeing as Jimin watches him dress through half lidded eyes, his scent calling out to Taehyung and wrapping around him the way a pair of hands would. In a warning tone, he growls low.


Jimin .”


On instinct, the omega bares his neck, laying belly up, but still glaring. “You’re a mean alpha fuck. I-I don’t know how Yoongi puts up with you.”


“I’m a good fuck, that’s why,” Taehyung mutters, slowly approaching the bed. It’s late, and he’s tired, but Jimin is wrapped up in all of his blankets and furs in his makeshift nest, probably coating everything in slick. Jimin squirms, gnawing on his lower lip.


“Don’t I know it,” Jimin breathes. He parts the furs open enough to draw some of the evenings chill onto his flushed skin, but not enough to fully reveal himself to Taehyung, though he looks tempted to. When it proves clear that he’s not going to get what he wants, Jimin hides his face against the pillows, groaning, “ Fine , just—can you get Hoseok then? I don’t think I’ll make it outside. It’s coming really bad this time.”


“You little whore.” Taehyung backs away from the bed, but not before snatching one of his untouched furs from the foot of his bed. It smells of Jimin, and that will be enough incentive for Hoseok to come and fetch Jimin. Not like he’ll need much convincing; Hoseok will be more than happy to have Jimin to himself for a few days.


He throws the fur over his shoulders, also to mask Yoongi’s scent with Jimin’s stronger heat-ridden one. Jimin rolls around on the bed once more in what must be excitement, but a low whine leaves his throat.


“Don’t be gone too long,” He whimpers, growing more restless by the minute. Jimin’s fussing with his nest and with his appearance as Taehyung exits the bedroom, honeysuckle so strong when he exits his cabin it makes him dizzy.


The fresh outside air does little to sober him up, overwhelmed with Yoongi’s scent and now Jimin’s. Sleep won’t come that easy tonight.



On the verge of impatience, irritated beyond any rational reason other than hating being left out to wait as if he’s useless (even though the deep riddled soreness in his lower back proves he’s out of commission for now) Yoongi’s scowling. It doesn’t matter that he’s got Jeongguk perched on the edge of his lap, and he smells sweet like usual in order to calm him down; Yoongi’s not feeling it today.


His scent spikes and Jeongguk tenses, nose poised up against Namjoon’s neck where he’s sitting besides them stilling. He turns towards Yoongi in question, easily spooked whenever there’s an angered alpha nearby.


Namjoon too, falls silent and raises an eyebrow, which makes Yoongi flush with indignance. He’s always hated being the center of attention, much less in front of their pack leader.


“Sorry, I’m just having a rough day,” He mumbles, craning his neck and hyper aware of the stiffness underlying there, no thanks to Taehyung.


Jeongguk, on cue, shifts from nuzzling Namjoon to doing so to him, the tip of his soft nose brushing beneath Yoongi’s jaw and soothing him until the tense set of his shoulders loosen and he relaxes. He’s always preferred the scent of flowers and ripe berries, though lately he’s had a preference for a different kind of scent. Like cinnamon and musk.


“Your scent’s a little off,” Jeongguk murmurs, fingers loosely tangling along with his whilst Namjoon strokes the young omega’s hair. “Like damp earth or maybe something else, but it’s different.”


All around the clearing are the others, relaxing after having spent the early morning hours doing chores and tending to the pups. Everyone has their tasks in order to ensure the pack runs smoothly. A hunting party went out in the morning, and Yoongi sat out this time for his own reasons.


Namjoon leans in, nose wrinkled when he senses the same change Jeongguk has. “Smells like you’ll be in rut soon. That’s a little early in the season, though.”


“Can you blame me these days?” Yoongi grunts low, trying to stifle the urges to bare his teeth in defiance at the other alpha. It’s been difficult these days, what with the rise of omegas falling in heat so close together, as well as his constant clashing with Taehyung. His wolf is agitated and so is he. Of course he doesn’t say that to their pack leader, not wanting to worry Namjoon. He’ll have enough on his plate the day Jeongguk’s first heat starts and he begins asking for him. He doesn’t need Yoongi’s issues added to that list.


None the wiser, Jeongguk burrows closer to Yoongi, but keeps his free hand wrapped around Namjoon’s wrist to ensure he doesn’t leave, the young pup alternating between scenting them both.


Trying to relax the tension in his body, Yoongi leans in to Jeongguk and inhales, the omega’s scent clinging to the roof of his mouth. Dewy, like the other night.


They all sit together like that, curled against each other with Jeongguk in the middle practically purring from the attention he’s receiving. Particularly Namjoon, preening at his touch.


Dozing off from the lull Jeongguk’s scent has relaxed him into, Yoongi almost misses the sudden scent hitting his nose, the tang of blood that can only come from a fresh kill, as well as one he’s grown so accustomed to these days that it never really fades: Taehyung. He’s near, which means so are the others and the hunting party is on their way.


Namjoon senses the same thing, and with a gentle hand he guides Jeongguk fully onto Yoongi’s lap and stands, ready to greet the others as they make their return with their catch.


Jeongguk stirs from his dazed state and pouts, making himself smaller as more alphas begin crowding the area, the hunters slowly shifting from their wolf forms as they enter the clearing.


There’s a rustle of clothing being put on, as well as the usual pained grunts that come with shifting, but otherwise the hunters are in good spirits, streaked with dirt and dry blood, each returning with some kind of animal in their hands or on their backs.


Jeongguk whines at the onslaught of scents and skitters away with the other omegas, leaving Yoongi on his own and alert to the fact that out of all the other hunters, Taehyung has yet to show himself. It’s just as he’s prepared to go and ask Namjoon, that he sees the other alpha appear from behind a thick bush, casually nude and without a care, dragging a large animal on his back like it's nothing.


Upon closer inspection, Yoongi sees just what’s on the other alphas back and his lips twitch with the urge to smile.


With a harsh thud, a large buck is set by his feet. Taehyung is scowling and breathing heavily as he stands before him, craning his neck. Dirt and blood smear across his honeyed skin and he smells strongly of earth. “Here’s. . . your stupid fucking deer, you. . . you goddamned brat .”


The buck is large, antlers branching out on the ground, blood smeared across its throat where Taehyung had killed it. Yoongi stares at the buck wordlessly, already thinking about what he could do with the antlers and the pelt.


Still, he can’t quite hide his smile when he says, “You remembered.”


Taehyung is in the middle of accepting his fur pelt from one of the omegas when he notices Yoongi’s ongoing grin, and scowls. Growls low, a warning clear, “Don’t start with me.”


“Are you my lap dog now?” He says with a lazy shrug of his shoulders, arching a brow at Taehyung, who hastily slips on his furs. “Do I tell you to sit and you sit like a good boy?”


Glaring and baring his teeth, without malice, Taehyung closes the furs around his body. They’re not his usual brown bear furs; instead, the pelt is black and a little smaller, most likely stitched from multiple pelts. “Don’t push it. You’re lucky.”


Yoongi eyes the buck with interest, poking one of the antlers with his foot. He’d be lying if he were to say he hasn’t slightly missed seeing the other alpha’s face. They hadn’t spent any time together since their last tryst in the forest, and Yoongi is irked that he cares enough to think about it.


Quiet, but accusing, he says, “Am I? I’m not sure. This deers’ feeling like you’re apologizing for something. Like disappearing for a few days.”


One of Taehyung’s brows quirk. “I didn’t bring you the deer the next day, thought you’d be mad. I’ve been busy, but Jeongguk has been keeping you occupied, so why are you upset? You don’t own me.”


Yoongi’s brows pinch and he scowls. “I wouldn’t wanna own a rabid mutt like you even if I could.” Standing, he levels Taehyung with his harshest glare, though it proves useless given he has to strain in order to look up at the other alpha. To think he’d missed him for a moment. He truly must be near his rut if that’s the kind of thing he’d entertain.


Taehyung doesn’t fall prey to Yoongi picking a fight. If anything he seems pleased with this conversation, as if he’s once again privy to something Yoongi’s missing. “I see what’s happening here. You miss me when I’m gone.” Up close, Taehyung leans in, breath warm near Yoongi’s ear, “You just can’t go too long without my knot, huh?”


Left without words, lips pursed together, Yoongi blinks at the alpha. Taehyung steps away from him and pulls his furs closer across his chest, fetish necklace swaying between his collarbones. Coincidentally one Yoongi also happens to own. “Enjoy your deer, Yoongi. Make good use of it.”


It hits Yoongi hard to realize Taehyung is leaving without him saying what’s been on his mind and he’s quick to follow after the other alpha, a hand curling around his wrist to stop him.


“Wait.” Yoongi says quietly, “Taehyung, wait.”


Taehyung does stop, but he simply arches an eyebrow in question, which makes Yoongi falter.


Heat flooding his face, because how does he go about suggesting this, he hesitates. Fingers twisting uncertain, voice small, Yoongi murmurs, “I—uh well, my rut might be starting sooner than later.”


After a moment, Taehyung nods. “And? What about it?”


Yoongi sucks in a sharp breath, pinching the bridge of his nose. This can’t be happening to him, he can’t have this kind of luck to be dealt this kind of clueless alpha. Or perhaps Taehyung isn’t clueless and he just wants Yoongi to beg so that way he’d have something to hold over him.


It stings, rejection coiling around his chest. Even his wolf is irked. Bristling, skin growing hot with anger, Yoongi brushes past Taehyung, set on giving the alpha a taste of his own medicine and ignoring him for a few days, see how he likes it.


“Nothing, just. . . forget I mentioned it.”


Watching him leave, Taehyung scoffs. “Don’t forget your fucking deer I worked so hard to get.”


Yoongi’s tempted to leave the damned deer to make a point, but he knows for a fact Namjoon would skin him for wasting good meat like that. Never mind that Taehyung must’ve gone out of his way to get it. Yoongi won’t think that far.


Scowling, he returns to collect the deer, seeing Seokjin, an omega whose returned with the other hunters from their trek, holding a somewhat dazed looking Jeongguk on his lap. Nuzzling him too, of course, but staring right at Namjoon.


Yoongi groans. He’s surrounded by morons. At least Hoseok and Jimin are sorted easily and aren’t giving him any problems. He’s got enough of those as it is.


Perhaps it’s to piss him off more, or who knows why, but just as Yoongi is set to collect the deer and take it back with him, Taehyung does so, easily lifting the buck and hauling it over his shoulder. They make eye contact only briefly, before Taehyung adjusts the buck and shuffles past him.


Yoongi is left staring after him as the other alpha moves along the clearing towards his cabin without a word.





It hits Yoongi two days later: the reason why he’s been in such an awful mood, itchy and constantly hot no matter how many trips to the stream he’s taken. It also explains why he’s taken to gnashing his teeth at anyone who takes a step near Jeongguk’s cabin as he, too, goes through his first heat. Yoongi’s In rut, or as close to it as he can be while remotely coherent and lucid enough to walk.


It’s a difficult trek to bypass Jeongguk’s cabin when the saccharine scent of slick and wildflowers is so abundantly thick in the forest, but Yoongi manages by sheer force of will and the added fact that Jeongguk isn’t spending it alone because he’s got Namjoon there to aid him through it. Otherwise it would’ve been Yoongi, or perhaps Hoseok or any alpha of Jeongguk’s choosing since now he’s of age and can choose who he wishes to spend his heats with.


Regardless, his lungs are full of flowers when he barges in on Taehyung, harshly knocking on his door and gritting his teeth when the other alpha takes his time in answering.


And when he finally does open the door, Yoongi nudges it open further, just enough for him to squeeze past Taehyung. Taehyung scoffs and shuts the door, turning on Yoongi. He’s barely wearing any clothes and his cinnamon scent is too much, Yoongi’s too sensitive to it.


“What the fuck are you doing?” Taehyung asks, brows furrowed. He still has one hand on the door, but his shoulders are squared. “It’s late. If you need something—”


“You’re a fucking idiot ,” Yoongi grunts, turning on Taehyung as he stands tall, presence imposing and pissing Yoongi and his wolf off. “Why else would I be here? I’m sure you can smell it anyway.”


And Taehyung can smell it, nostrils flaring and pupils dilating. The scent of rut hits hard for anyone, but it makes alphas particularly frustrated, and Taehyung doesn’t seem happy about it.


“Yeah, why are you here?” Taehyung snaps defensively. There’s an alpha nearing rut in his territory, crowding in on his space. “Go fuck someone your own size. Plenty of omegas want your knot.”


Yoongi’s gums throb, the urge to sink his teeth into the other alpha’s shoulder and make him submit growing steadily the closer he gets. When Taehyung can move no longer, pressed up against the door, but nowhere near cowering, Yoongi lays a hand flat over his chest, fisting the fetish necklace and tugging.


“Go fuck someone my own size? Why would I do that when I’ve got you here, mh? You’re as good as any omega out there. Just as pretty, too,” Yoongi croons, having to crane his neck in order to look up at Taehyung, who’s breathing heavily, muscles strained taut.


He’s on edge as much as Yoongi, irked that he’s being challenged. It’s a tense few seconds between them, with Yoongi holding his gaze as he trails his fingers down Taehyung's chest, stopping shy of the faint trail of hair that’ll dip just beneath his briefs, daring him to say anything.


It’d be a fruitless argument, given Yoongi can smell faint stirrings of lust cloying around them and mingling with Taehyung’s scent.


“You think you’re going to fuck me?” Taehyung questions, growling low when Yoongi tries moving his fingers lower. “I’d like to see you try, pup.


Yoongi bares his teeth, fingers curling around the band of Taehyung's briefs and snapping them hard against his hip. “I am,” he states, low and full of dark promise. His fingers curl around Taehyung’s hip tight, enough to bruise and incite a flash of anger to spark up in Taehyung’s eyes. “What’s even better is you’re gonna let me like the actual pup you are.”


“Yeah? What are you going to do?” the alpha snarls, reaching out to hold Yoongi’s chin up with two fingers. Nails dig in to his hips at the same time. “You’re going to have to get me to submit first. But I’m not a cock hungry bitch like you.”


Yoongi inhales sharply, gritting his teeth at the sensation of Taehyung’s fingers digging into his skin. He’s tempted to fall into their usual banter and make it easy but his wolf snarls at the prospect. He wants Taehyung to submit and he wants it now .


With a hard shove, Yoongi hauls Taehyung towards him, nose centimeters away. He smirks. “You’re all bark, mutt. Let’s see how much you bite on your knees.”


It’s a tussle of bared teeth, blazing red eyes and harsh hands grappling for purchase; one alpha trying to get the other to submit by any means necessary. Taehyung pins Yoongi’s arm’s behind his back, pleased and confident, puffing his chest and crowding him. And Yoongi lets him, for a moment, pretends he’s been bested and goes lax.


Peering up, he meets Taehyung’s gaze and breathes in heavily. The other alpha’s scent spikes around them, licking up Yoongi’s skin, thickening the air inside the cabin.


“What’d I say? I don’t submit.” Taehyung murmurs huskily, voice a velvety purr.


Yoongi ducks his head, the tip of his nose brushing beneath Taehyung’s jaw, lips twitching into a smile as he nips him. “That’s the thing about alphas like you,” he breathes, hands smoothing up Taehyung's back, feeling taut muscle beneath hot skin, nails digging in hard when they reach the nape of his neck. Taehyung stiffens, and Yoongi purrs. “You’re too naive.”


Taehyung grunts as Yoongi tightens his grip, sharp canines glinting In low light as he’s lowered onto his knees.


“Down you go, pup. Submit ,” Yoongi growls low, a rough timber he reserves for omegas. Fingers skimming up, they tangle in Taehyung’s hair, clenching the strands tight. Taehyung, though he tries his best, can’t contain his muffled groan.


Breath ragged and outraged that he’s been bested by something so simple, Taehyung glares up at Yoongi, who’s taken a taller stance. Shoulders squared, chest puffed out, he’s got a wild look in his eyes and the scent of rut permeates his senses, disorienting him and his wolf.


“I don’t submit,” Taehyung argues, though it lacks the same bite as it usually would. Yoongi can feel him panting beneath his fingertips, his chest rising and falling with each quick inhale. He’s also beginning to sweat, a thin bead trailing from his temple down to his jaw.


“Hmm, seems like you do today,” Yoongi smirks, tipping Taehyung's chin up with two fingers, the grip on the other alphas hair unyielding. He can see the barest hints of marks over his honeyed skin from their previous encounters, faded bites and bruises along his chest and shoulders and it sends heat to pool low in his belly, straight to his aching dick. Quiet, but stern, he pitches forward, bringing Taehyung eye level with his groin and says, “You’re extra quiet when you’ve been bested, Taehyung. Got nothing to say?”


From under his lashes, Taehyung glares up at Yoongi, situated on his knees further inside the cabin. They’re standing on a bear skin rug in the main room and that softens the blow to Taehyung’s knees.  The alpha is still bearing his teeth, trying to angle his head away from Yoongi.


Fuck you,” he hisses low, but when Yoongi tugs his hair again, a breathy moan escapes his lips. For a brief moment, his eyes narrow to what’s in front of him, and he still has the bravery to sneer.


“What? Need a mouth on you that bad?” Taehyung reaches out to grab the front of Yoongi’s pants, squeezing tight around the outline of his hardening cock. Yoongi grunts, hips twitching as Taehyung palms him through the layers of fabric. “I’ll show you how a real alpha sucks dick.”


Bristling at the jab, Yoongi tugs Taehyung forward, the alpha’s mouth slotting over the hard line of where his cock presses against the fabric. He runs the flat of his tongue up and down, teeth grazing right where it counts. Yoongi’s fingers fist tighter in Taehyung’s unruly hair and he’s already impatient; Taehyung moves slow, just dragging his tongue and making the front of his pants wet, continuing to glare at Yoongi through it all.


His rut’s beginning to cloud over his senses and it’s all too hot, almost blazing and uncomfortable to have clothes on, his stomach clenching in anticipation.


Taehyung ,” Yoongi growls low in warning, tugging the other alphas hair, pulling hard enough to wrench him back, gasping and licking his spit slick lips. “Don’t fucking tease me.”


Taehyung’s fingers grip the hem of his pants, nails digging in to his hips. “What are you going to do, fuck me?” he snaps in retaliation, lips quirking in the corners despite the strain in his neck. “You’re probably an awful fuck. No wonder why you always come slinking back to me.”


Left speechless, his anger a wild and palpable thing surrounding him, Yoongi grunts. Slips his fingers out of Taehyung’s hair in order to slip his pants low, just enough to pull out his cock. Taehyung watching him do so with an amused, crooked grin.


“Shut up,” Yoongi snaps through gritted teeth, hissing when his cock slaps up against his stomach heavily and throbs to be touched. Curling a loose hand around the shaft, the other tipping Taehyung's chin closer, he says, “You’re so fucking mouthy . Keep busy and suck. Make it worth my time.”


Nose twitching, Taehyung’s eyes narrow. He regards Yoongi with pinched brows and a scrunched nose, eyes sliding from Yoongi’s face to his cock. For a moment, Yoongi doesn’t think he’ll do anything and he’s about to snag his fingers in Taehyung’s hair, but the alpha opens his mouth and leans forward. Taehyung presses the flat of his tongue up against the shaft and licks from the underside up to the tip before he takes it into his mouth and sucks wetly, toying with the slit and hollowing his cheeks. He pushes closer, eyes fluttering shut as he takes Yoongi into his throat, nose brushing the little patch of hair on his abdomen.


Yoongi fists Taehyung’s hair and holds him still for a second, Taehyung swallowing around him, before he pulls back for air. A trail of saliva clings from his lips to Yoongi’s cock, tongue lapping up the bead of precum from the tip.


“Taehyung— shit , that feels good,” Yoongi inhales sharply, keeping a steady grip on Taehyung’s hair as the other alpha brushes his lips along the shaft, lowering down to his balls, where he takes each into his hot mouth and sucks, humming low in his throat and peering up at Yoongi as he does so.


Groaning, Yoongi holds his gaze, watching as Taehyung takes his time, lazily kissing up the shaft until he seals his lips over his cock and sucks it deep into his mouth, large hands gripping his hips tightly and keeping him still. Heat pools low in his groin when the other alpha gasps as he takes Yoongi’s thick cock deep as he can manage. Enough to where his eyes water, and gurgled little sounds leave him as Yoongi thrusts in once, twice, and holds him still.


Taehyung pulls off with a heaving gasp, saliva dribbling down his chin, lips red and eyes bleary. “ Fuck,” he utters, swallowing thickly. He curls one hand around the shaft and pumps, pushing precum back against his tongue, Yoongi’s knees quivering.


”Love your mouth. Always knew it’d be good for suh -something,” Yoongi rasps, his full cock aching under the weight of Taehyung’s slick palm stroking him how he likes it—fast and lacking finesse, just urgent to get him off. Yoongi groans and surges forward, pressing his cock against the seam of Taehyung’s parted lips, tapping it along his tongue and then across his cheek, where he leaves sticky trails of precum in his wake.


Taehyung squeezes at the base and Yoongi’s hips kick forward, cock sliding into Taehyung’s open mouth. “Good for everything,” he mutters, trailing his tongue along the vein on the underside, continuing to pump his fist.


Taehyung ,” Yoongi warns, a low and embarrassingly needy whine working it's way up his throat as he relishes in the way Taehyung continuously strokes along his cock then takes it into his lips once more, toying with the slit. Stammering, dazed on the heat of having an insistent mouth working him over, Taehyung’s throat clenching around the firm head of his dick, Yoongi manages a weak gasp, “Oh fuck—fuck—“


Taehyung hums around the shaft, blinking with wet lashes and peering up at Yoongi, an eyebrow arched and the edge of his full mouth curved in a grin. He quickens the pace, then pulls back, grazing the shaft with his teeth slightly before he’s sinking down with renewed vigor. Working his lips down and sinking lower onto his aching dick, Taehyung doesn’t stop. Just keeps going, hollowing his cheeks and tonguing the underside, groaning when Yoongi fists his hair tight.


Blinking slow, feeling heavy and weighed down by pleasure sinking deep in his groin, Yoongi shudders at the first throb around the base of his cock, his knot beginning to thicken around Taehyung’s lips.


In turn Taehyung grazes blunt nails across his hips, then towards the faint trail of hair leading downward, in time to make Yoongi shiver and buck his hips, fucking into his mouth in a daze. And Taehyung takes it, eyes shut and jaw loose, stopping just where Yoongi’s knot thickens. He curls his fist tight there, still taking Yoongi down his throat, the hand twisted in his locks keeping him in place.


But when the press of Yoongi’s knot becomes too much, Taehyung pulls off, chest heaving for air. His slick fist pumps fast, all the way down to the swell of Yoongi’s knot, determined to finish him off.


Yoongi growls as his orgasm begins to thrum steadily in the pit of his stomach, flaring up and pulsing. His lips part on a groan when he feels the throb of his knot protesting as it's squeezed tight under the pressure of Taehyung’s warm fist as he pulls the foreskin over the sensitive tip, then resumes, rousing more precome in a fast pace.


Hips rutting forward, his cock brushing up against Taehyung’s parted lips , Yoongi throws his head back, legs trembling as he stills. “Taehyung, I’m gonna’ cum. Gonna— oh —”


“Quit your whining and cum on me,” Taehyung croaks as he just takes it all, working his fist over Yoongi as he starts coming, thick and hot ropes of cum falling across his lips, the bridge of his nose and over his cheek. He shuts his eyes and rests his hand on Yoongi’s hip, allowing the alpha to tip his head back and mark him up.


White globs cling to Taehyung’s skin, from his cheeks all the way down to his chest, no finesse at all, just a mess. Yoongi swears, teeth gnawing at his lip, squeezing out the last drops between Taehyung’s collarbones. Without a word, he curls a hand around his cock and presses the wet tip up against Taehyung’s chest, rubbing the cum onto his skin, groaning softly as he does so.


Taehyung hums, letting what little fell on his tongue sit there before he swallows. It’s unpleasant and bitter, but the way Yoongi looks at him as he does it almost makes it worth it.


Yoongi’s fingers don’t stay stagnant, moving to press any lingering streaks of cum across his skin, down his throat and over his lips until Taehyung takes his long fingers into his mouth and sucks them clean, holding his gaze intently.


“So damn pretty,” Yoongi murmurs, a groan trapped behind his lips as he continues to rub his cock between the swell of Taehyung's chest, as if using him to get hard again.


That is until Taehyung pulls away, shoving him back with a hard hand on his chest. On his knees and breathing hard, he looks his best like this, Yoongi thinks as the other alpha cranes his neck, honeyed skin glistening under moonlight and covered in his cum and his scent.


“This is cute and all, but if you barged in here to fuck then you better fuck like you mean it,” Taehyung tells him. He’s long and lean all over, his thick and long cock straining up against the small briefs, the tip peaking past the band and wet with precum.


Yoongi watches Taehyung lean back on his arms, lowering himself to the rug until his back touches the fur. His chest glistens, as does his chin, hair tousled this way and that from Yoongi’s fingers. He raises his legs and dips his fingers underneath the waistband of his briefs, groaning softly at the pressure against his hard dick.


“Are you going to prep me or do I have to do it myself?”


Yoongi’s gaze on Taehyung is heady, this rampant thing that runs wild as he traces over the other alpha’s features then dips lower, following the movement of his hand as it circles around his cock beneath the briefs.


“Cute how you think I’m gonna make anything easier on you,” Yoongi murmurs in a slow drawl, inching forward until he lowers towards Taehyung and tips his chin. “You know what to do, pretty. Finger yourself if you’re in such a rush to get fucked. I’ll watch.”


Brows furrowing, Taehyung nudges away Yoongi’s hand from his chin and shimmies out of his briefs. “Catch your breath, old man,” he huffs under his breath, raising his legs higher to kick aside his briefs, stroking himself with his fist as he parts his legs and leans back on one arm. Glaring up at Yoongi, he brings his fingers to his mouth, taking two between his lips to coat them with his saliva.


“Old man. Fuck you,” Yoongi scoffs, blinkling slow at the sight of Taehyung as he sucks his fingers leisurely, a touch obscene on the sounds he makes, as if trying to rile him up. Standing, Yoongi’s quick to shrug off his shirt that’s been clinging uncomfortably on his chest, tossing it aside. Soon his pants follow as he kicks the off, and he inhales sharply, his cock on the verge of hardening but sensitive to the touch.


In front of him Taehyung doesn’t waste any time once he’s gotten his fingers nice and wet, dripping with saliva, and circles them around his hole before he’s pushing one inside. Brows pinched, a small frown parting his lips, he groans quietly, sinking it down to the first knuckle.


Fuck ,” Taehyung breathes, voice thin as he brings that one finger deeper, then adds another, knuckles catching on the rim as he flexes them open. Yoongi can’t stop looking at the way his chest rises and falls, nor get over his own scent wrapped around the other alpha like it's always been there, and he sinks to his knees to crawl towards him. Taehyung groans as he shoves his fingers in further, the room otherwise silent save for the echo of slick fingers and the occasional moan.


“Don’t just—fucking stare at me,” Taehyung rasps, hips bucking when he jerks his fingers in harder and then adds another. Three a tighter fit than he’d anticipated so quickly. His hard cock ruts up against Yoongi’s stomach where he’s close, leaving a trail of precum in its wake.


“I’ll do whatever I wanna do,” Yoongi tells him, “and that’s just the way it’s gonna be.”


Yoongi .”


Eyes lidded, Yoongi leans in, kneeling between Taehyung’s parted thighs, lips a breath away from the other alpha’s. He nudges the tip of his nose up against Taehyung’s for a moment, nuzzling, before he steals his startled gasp and kisses him.


Taehyung’s fingers stutter for a moment as his head tips back, mouth moving against Yoongi’s. He tugs at the swell of Yoongi’s lower lip, whining when he shoves three fingers deep, hips twitching fruitlessly. His fingers stretch wide and pump in quickly, tongue sliding across the seam of Yoongi’s lips as he parts them and licks inside.


It’s a subtle kind of daze, the way Yoongi lets the heat of rut press against him and envelope his senses fully, to where he breathes in and can taste Taehyung’s scent on his tongue, mingling with his own cum. He groans.


Fuh -fuck me already,” Taehyung mumbles between their mouths, lips red and puffy from sucking Yoongi and from kissing him. “That’s why you’re here.”


“Who’s eager now?” Yoongi breathes, moving away. Taehyung huffs in response, then groans when his fingers are pulled out and he’s left clenching around nothing. Smirking at the way the other alpha looks when he’s under him, stretched out and pliant to whatever he’s given, Yoongi brings his hands up to his knees and smooths them over his thighs, bringing them up towards his chest.


Taehyung’s cock twitches in response, beading at the tip with precome. He’s breathing hard, watching Yoongi as he dips low and parts his lips, drooling over his hole and coating over it with his thumb so it’s nice and wet.


“You wish I was a pretty, needy omega in heat?” Taehyung chimes in with one ragged breath, adjusting his legs so he teasingly hooks one over Yoongi’s shoulder, hands limp on the rug underneath him. He bends that one leg at a higher angle. “Covered in slick, dripping wet for you?”


Yoongi’s nostrils flare at the sight of Taehyung’s hole as he presses his thumb inside, just enough to tease, his other hand spreading his ass cheek. “The way you act, you’re not too far from it.” He croaks, pulling out his thumb, much to Taehyung's displeasure.


Licking up his palm, Yoongi then brings it over his cock, spreading it down the shaft, mingling with precome. It’ll never been enough to ease the stretch, especially since alpha’s aren’t made to fit a knot inside them, but Taehyung’s always liked it a little rough, so he won’t complain.


Slick cock in hand, Yoongi leans in, rubbing the firm head over Taehyung’s clenching hole, then pulling away. “This what you’re in a rush to get, pup?” He simpers, sliding his cock up against the heat of his ass.


Taehyung bares his teeth, a rumbling growl threatening and low, and it sends a tremor up Yoongi’s spine. Especially since Taehyung just wants it no matter the pain. He arches his hips, the tip of Yoongi’s cock catching on the rim before he sinks in.


“Oh— Fuck .” Taehyung throws his head back, a breathless ‘ Yoongi ’ leaving his lips as Yoongi’s cock slides in deeper, hips flush to the underside of his ass. His hair is stuck to his forehead in an unruly, sweat soaked fashion, and he’s flushed down his chest and taut stomach where his cock lays thick and hot to the touch. “Hurts a little, fuck.”


Yoongi stills despite the urgent need to thrust in harder, the clench of Taehyung's ass around his sensitive cock almost too much to handle. “You gonna regret it now?”


“Yoongi, you always– always fucking do this.” Taehyung brings a hand up to squeeze just above Yoongi’s knee, groaning and arching up in order to gain more friction. “No, I’m not gonna regret shit,” He groans, nails digging into Yoongi’s thigh, “Don’t fucking stop. Fuck me like you mean it.”


“All it takes to keep you nice and pliant is getting fucked, huh?” Yoongi moans, sweat dripping down his back as he surges forward, his cock sliding deeper around the tightening heat of his ass, as if sucking him inside to keep him there. Beneath him Taehyung shudders, dazed eyes burning murky red intent on his face.


“You’re fuh -fuckin’ lucky,” Taehyung pants, his other hand fisting in the bear rug, fingers twisting around the fur. “S’only because it’s your rut.”


Yoongi’s responding growl sends a deep shudder to wrack his spine. He pulls out slowly, Taehyung clenching around him as the tip catches around his gaping hole. Yoongi’s hands become restless, trailing down Taehyung’s thighs and scratching in deep, leaving marks he’ll carry for days on end as he thrusts in, harder and enough to jostle Taehyung on the furs.


“You’re a slut for this knot,” He murmurs on each hard thrust, pace beginning to quicken as he sinks his cock deeper. “That’s just the way it is always. Take it. ” Yoongi grunts, eyes keen on the way his cock disappears into Taehyung’s ass, how it’s stretched around the rim.


Taehyung can give any omega a run for their money with the way he just takes it. Skin shining with sweat, gasping intelligibly as he arches his hips and chases after Yoongi’s cock.


“Maybe—Maybe you’re not so bad,” He groans, rocking forward in time for Yoongi to pull out his hard cock and circle it around the rim just to watch how it clenches; humiliate him the same way he’s been doing so to Yoongi for the longest. A particularly hard thrust in, Taehyung gasps, then glares, eyebrows pinched. “Never mind, the only good thing about you is your—”


Yoongi steals his breath on the upstroke, pushing Taehyung's thighs further, pressing them snug against his chest as he leans in, crowding him. His cock impossibly deep inside the warmth of his ass. He smiles. “My what ? Say that again.”


Taehyung grounds himself by wrapping his long fingers around Yoongi’s arms, holding onto him as Yoongi’s hips snap against the back of his thighs. His toes curl over Yoongi’s shoulders. “Fuh-fucking ass,” he pants, eyes screwing shut for a moment, but Yoongi keeps going. “You fuck like a— like a bitch .”


Letting out a snarl, Yoongi grasps Taehyung’s thighs and pulls out. Taehyung’s body clenching around nothing, legs lowering when Yoongi releases them. Nostrils flaring, the younger alpha glares once more, but lets out a muffled grunt when Yoongi snatches his hands around his waist and flips him on his stomach. Taehyung’s cheek hits the rug first, arms pulled at his sides, Yoongi’s hands quickly repositioning him on his knees with his lower half in the air.


“‘s that right?” Yoongi whispers, palms scraping down Taehyung’s spine, over the dip of his waist and across his ass, stopping to squeeze each cheek and watch the skin dimple. “Like a bitch, you say? I see.”


Whatever Taehyung goes to reply is lost in the startled sound he makes low in his throat. Trapped between a moan and a cry as Yoongi brings his cock flush to his reddened hole and rams back inside hard.


“Oh fuck—Yoongi ,” Taehyung moans, fingers catching around the plush furs beneath him, his broad shoulders flexed taut as he steadies himself against each hard thrust. The tight of his ass makes Yoongi follow suit, just as loud and lost in sensation, and he finds purchase on the other alpha’s hips and squeezes tight.


Leaning over him, pushing a deeper arch into Taehyung’s spine, Yoongi tangles his fingers in Taehyung’s locks and tugs. A whimper tears its way past Taehyung’s lips, eyes still managing a challenging glint even as Yoongi fucks fast and uninterrupted.


“Such a mouthy fuckin’ mutt,” Yoongi grits out. With his other hand, he hauls Taehyung’s ass higher, properly mounting him. “Even with an alpha cock in you, y-you’re so noisy.”


“Y-yeah? Where’s your knot?” Taehyung bites back, voice cutting on a sharp gasp when Yoongi tugs again on his hair, this time enough to crane Taehyung’s head. He’s at a strange angle, body burning with strain but also with the pleasure of being fucked so well. “Takin’ forever.”


“Maybe you’re just not making it worth popping a knot,” Yoongi snarls, fucking through the borderline lewd slap of skin meeting skin, thrusting in harder. He grips Taehyung’s hair that much tighter, and the other alpha moans pitifully in comparison to all that bite, eyes glazing over. Yoongi savors the scent of sex mingling with that of his rut and that of Taehyung’s own pheromones, choking on how they taste on his tongue.


He curls his free hand around Taehyung’s shoulder, and the other alpha clenches around him; tight and hot around his throbbing cock as Yoongi tightens his grip, the force of each thrust turning a shade violent and stealing deep moans past Taehyung’s lips.


“Fuh- fuck , m’close,” Taehyung gasps breathlessly, his teeth clacking with each rough thrust. Between his thighs, his own knot begins to swell, cock untouched. His knuckles are white from how hard he grips the furs beneath him. “Fuckin’ knot me already—”


Yoongi leans in, consumed by the raw need clawing at his insides and flaring out on a constant echo demanding he do so, and nuzzles against Taehyung’s neck, tongue tasting sweat as he licks up and stops to breathe against the other alphas ear.


He groans deep, shuddering when his knot begins to stir, thickening around the base as Taehyung clenches around his cock, sweat dripping down his tanned skin.


Taehyung , fuck,” Yoongi shudders. A hand trails down Taehyung’s back, blunt nails leaving faint red marks as he follows the dip of his waist, the other dipping between his legs to curl around the other alphas cock and stroke just under the tip where it’s wet with precum.


Gasping, hips jerking, Taehyung presses his cheek into the rug. Yoongi’s knot begins to catch on his rim, brows pinching whenever his body tugs on Yoongi’s cock, sucking him in, twin sensations of pain and pleasure coiling in his belly. With a garbled version of Yoongi’s name, his hand jerking around his cock and a low whine, Taehyung comes, pushing more of his weight on his arms as his knees threaten to give way. But Yoongi fucks him through it, chasing his own end, and Taehyung gasps wordlessly into the rug.


Yoongi’s no better, gasping as he slows, grinding his cock as deep as Taehyung can handle, his rim clenching and raw around the base where the knot just won’t fit.


“So good, fuck—you take a knot like you were made for it,” Yoongi breathes ragged. There’s cum dripping down his knuckles and onto the furs, and yet he doesn’t pause to make Taehyung lick them clean. Can’t see past the red clouding his vision. “Tight. It’s so tight .”


Beneath him Taehyung cries out as Yoongi holds him still by the hips and starts coming, lost to the feeling of getting to bury his cock inside something snug and hot. Taehyung’s knees give way and he lies on the rug belly down, Yoongi locked in, filling Taehyung up with each slow rock of his hips. And Taehyung milks him of everything, cum threatening to trickle from his rim, chest heaving for air.


Shit, that hurt,” the alpha pants into the furs. His hole flutters around Yoongi’s cock, still clenching, keeping everything in.


Yoongi gives a weak laugh that’s more air than anything else, chest heaving. He’s tired, and yet he’s aware that sooner rather than later he’ll be craving much more; the haze of rut only just starting in what’ll last three days of constant fucking and giving Taehyung a taste of his own medicine.


Groaning softly, he lowers as gentle as he can on top of Taehyung without jostling them too much and buries his nose into his hair. He’s smothered in Yoongi’s scent much more now, which pleases him and his wolf enough to quiet and calm the raging stirr in his system.


Taehyung shifts, knocking Yoongi’s hand free and bringing it up to his lips, absently licking the cum from his knuckles. He coughs, lips twisting. “How can you stand this.”


Yoongi hums, answering the other alphas question by shoving his fingers in a little deeper and pressing them onto his tongue. “Quit your complaining,” he mumbles, his free hand idly skirting up Taehyung’s sides. “You made that mess, you clean it.”


There's a garbled slur of ‘fuck you’ coming from the other alpha’s lips, which Yoongi ignores with a snort.


“Rude to talk with your mouth full.”


Taehyung nips at Yoongi’s fingers when they retreat before his head flops back to the rug. “My throat burns, my ass is raw, everything hurts,” he complains. “You made me dirty. I want a bath.”


Yoongi quirks an eyebrow. “Well, I could always lick you clean,” He says, and Taehyung stiffens. “You know, just a little bit of grooming.”


“You wouldn’t let me lick you .” Taehyung peers up at Yoongi through his lashes, eyes squinting for a moment before the muscles in his body relax again. “Fine, go ahead.”


In the midst of waiting for his knot to go down, Yoongi hums at the suggestion, oddly pleased. While he doesn’t care to get groomed, he’s got no qualms about doing so even if it’s Taehyung. Hesitant at first, seeing as Taehyung is never one to do what he expects, Yoongi at first nuzzles beneath his jaw, scenting the other alpha for a moment before he slips out his tongue, licking down the other alpha’s throat.


“Hmm.” Taehyung murmurs, resting his chin on his bent arms when Yoongi moves, still slow as to not hurt them, and begins nipping around his shoulders, then licking the sweat that’s trailed down his back. In turn Taehyung groans softly, wriggling when it becomes ticklish.


Yoongi continues to run his tongue along Taehyung’s skin, shoulders to the parts of his back he can reach, skin salty to taste but smelling of warm cinnamon and smoky pine. Whatever he can’t reach he soothes over with his hands, peppering wet kisses down Taehyung’s neck that make the other alpha grumble from the ticklish sensation.


It’s like this that Yoongi’s knot softens enough for him to pull out and Taehyung to suck in a sharp breath when he’s left empty. Out of curiosity, and perhaps out of desire to embarrass the other alpha, Yoongi peers down just in time to watch thick drops of cum drip from Taehyung’s ass onto the fur.


Smirking, he inches lower, a hand pressing against Taehyung’s lower back to keep him just as he is. The other parting his asscheek to watch how he clenches around nothing.


“You miss me already, huh?” Yoongi brings a finger towards Taehyung’s cum-sodden hole and presses inside, but quickly pulls out. Voice laden with promise, he whispers against Taehyung’s skin, “Don’t worry, I’ll lick you clean here, too.”


“You really don’t—” Taehyung begins, words cutting off with a whine when Yoongi leans forward, dragging the flat of his tongue against Taehyung’s puffy rim. “ Oh, fuck, Yoongi.”


Yoongi groans as he pushes his tongue past the rim, fingers squeezing around each of Taehyung’s thighs hard. It’s loud and a messy how Yoongi licks into Taehyung’s ass, sucking around the rim to taste his own cum inside his mouth, but he loves it. Thrives on the way Taehyung trembles when his legs are spread just a little bit further in order for Yoongi to keep going.


“Yoongi I—Yoongi, you’re gonna’ make me hard again,” Taehyung breathes, trying his best to keep steady even as Yoongi continuously fucks his tongue in and out, circling around the rim and going lower, licking every last drop he can manage. Taehyung shifts away, clamping his thighs shut as he grunts. “You little fuck , I can’t get hard that quick again—”


Grinning as he wipes the slick mess coating his lips and chin on the back of his hand, Yoongi’s all smiles. Huffing, Taehyung rolls on his side, nudging Yoongi aside with his foot. “Are we staying on this rug or can we fuck next on my comfy bed?”


It takes Yoongi a moment to stand and help Taehyung, who’s heavy on a regular day, nevermind post fucking. There’s an ache in his legs, as well as his hips which he’s sure will sport bruises as the days linger through a rut. Taehyung worse off than he is, bitten, scratched and sporting a slight limp as he makes his way towards the only bed inside the cabin.


Unceremoniously the other alpha plops onto the bed face first amidst a pile of furs before he turns on his side and beckons Yoongi towards him. “I know you older alphas need a few hours, so maybe you should rest—”


Yoongi glares at him as he makes his way towards the bed, where Taehyung is watching him. His back is aching, but he’ll be damned if he tells Taehyung that.


“Mouthy pup,” he mutters, climbing on the bed next to Taehyung. The alpha shifts, turning to face Yoongi, surprised when Yoongi leans in to place a kiss to Taehyung’s mouth by cupping his jaw and pressing in close. Short and sweet, but with enough bite to remind them that Yoongi is still in his rut.


“Mm, you love it,” Taehyung purrs, letting Yoongi nuzzle against his throat, scenting him properly once more in the junction between his neck and shoulder.


“Just shut up and let me relax.”


Chuckling, Taehyung smiles, leaning into the pillows on his bed and running his fingers through Yoongi’s silver locks.




Being outside post rut is every bit as invigorating as Yoongi expects it to be. The air is not as dense with the scent of lust and cinnamon, though the latter clings to him like a second skin, and the forest seems acutely calm in the face of things. There’s been a surge of heats happening close together lately and it's triggered most of the alphas into rut and everyone is on edge.


Yoongi’s needed a break away from the constant daze, and post rut, he’s clear headed enough to do so. Though he’s not alone, and trudging behind him, steps heavy and sluggish, is Taehyung.


He’s obnoxiously large as a wolf, imposing and strong and usually fast on these treks. His earthy grey and brown pelt helps him blend in to the dark trees and the clumpy earth below, while Yoongi’s silver shifting fur makes him stick out when it isn’t winter, no snow on the ground to camouflage him. Yoongi’s lips twitch as they near the clearing, and Taehyung is still slow, sporting a faint limp on his hind legs.


While he’s feeling refreshed and full of energy to take down a bear, Taehyung has it a little more difficult after having to deal with Yoongi for three days of constant fucking. Yoongi holds no remorse for the other alpha; it’s what he deserves, to be dropped down a peg or two after all the gloating he does after fucking and rendering Yoongi useless for a few days. It’s his turn to gloat now.


Slow and teasing, he circles around Taehyung, hyper aware that the other alpha is growling low, a threat not to test his limits, but Yoongi doesn’t care. He does so again, slinking around the other wolf until they're up close and personal. Taehyung’s eyes narrow suspiciously, head lowered and tail pointed out.


Yoongi leans in to nuzzle up against him cheek to cheek, then pressing their snouts together. It’s entirely harmless, until it’s not and he nips the other wolf on the nose and then takes off into a sprint. Taehyung huffing and trailing behind, giving chase.


Amidst the calm in the forest, Yoongi finally comes to a stop where they’d left their clothes before their impromptu race through the trees (which, despite Taehyung’s tactics to trick him, proved fruitless and he won). Shifting is never any easier, the rearranging of bones and the pain that comes with it one that never truly goes away, but it's a fairly quick process once they’ve gotten used to it.


Taehyung follows suit, groaning once he’s back to his normal self, irritatingly beautiful as sunlight catches on his skin like it belongs within him. Yoongi’s nose wrinkles, but he doesn't stop staring.


Taehyung stretches his stiff muscles lazily, moving to collect his furs and drape them on the ground for him to sit on, unconcerned for his nudity. It's all just skin to him after all, nothing to be bashful about in the slightest.


Yoongi isn't as shameless, nor confident, so he’s quick to collect his pants off the nearest branch. It's as he’s slipping them on that he hears labored breathing and a scoff.


‘For an old fucker, you sure are fast.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes at this, but can't retain his grin. That's more like it. He prefers Taehyung with much more bite, the constant push and pull between them starting to grate him less and amuse him more.


Taehyung's laid out on his favorite bear pelt, stretching out his limbs and the ache in his bones. The marks left from Yoongi's rut stand out against his honeyed skin, Yoongi's scent still enveloped around him. It's hard to stop staring, Yoongi finds out, as he reaches down to grab his shirt next to Taehyung.


Even though his breathing is labored and he's obviously tired, Taehyung still has quick reflexes. When Yoongi's straightening, the alpha reaches out and hooks his ankle around Yoongi's, effectively tripping him. Yoongi drops his shirt and curses as he tumbles on the furs, on top of Taehyung, hearing Taehyung's pained grunt from the extra weight on him.


“What the fuck's that for?” Yoongi hisses, propping himself on his arms, ankles stinging from the blow.


“Fuck, that kinda hurt,” Taehyung mutters with a strained chuckle, raising his arms to pull Yoongi closer flush to his naked body.


Yoongi stares at him. “Did you just. . . trip me to get fucking cuddled ?”


“You like it.” Taehyung leans up to nuzzle his cheek against Yoongi's neck, a purr almost echoing from his throat. “After all you put me through, I just want cuddles in the forest. Sun feels so good.”


Yoongi doesn’t protest, because well, there’s nothing about this—Taehyung gentle in the way he’s scenting him— he minds as much as he might have once under pretense of hating the other alpha’s guts.


Not that they’re going to start picking flowers or anything, but this cozy sort of peace suits Yoongi just fine.


He, too, scents Taehyung once he’s had his fill, nose tickling beneath his jaw and pressing against the gland where his scent is strongest and where a trail of purplish bruises mar his skin. Taehyung tips his chin, giving Yoongi more room to do as he likes, until he’s bitten. Then Taehyung grunts, fingers snagging in Yoongi’s hair tight.


Yoongi, however, isn't bothered. He’s used to the bite of pain that comes with fucking around with someone as unrestrained and wild like Taehyung.


“Dunno’ what you think that's doing,” He breathes, sharp canines once again ghosting over the juncture between Taehyung’s neck and shoulder. ‘I like that. Try harder, pup.”


A lazy laugh escapes Taehyung's lips and he ruffles Yoongi's hair. “Mm, I think I'll keep you around for my rut.”


It doesn’t register at first for Yoongi, who is too busy bathing Taehyung in his scent. It's clinging to him much more these days, especially since they’d spent time together, but to Yoongi it's not enough. When it does dawn on him, he stiffens, peering up at Taehyung.




Taehyung shrugs a shoulder, very lazy and relaxed. Under the sun he’s nothing short of beautiful, unconfined to anything or anyone, always shy out of Yoongi’s reach. Though lately he’s a touch closer. The lithe muscles around his biceps flex and Yoongi catches himself staring when he’s told, “My rut’s around the corner, too. Y’know, what with all these omegas going into heat so quickly.”


“Jimin says it's the season. Not that he’s feeling chatty these days. . . too busy staking a claim on Hoseok,” Yoongi says absently, tracing shapes along Taehyung’s skin. His chest, that small dip between his collarbones where the fetish necklace lay. All that warm and soft skin trapped beneath his fingertips. Still rambling, as he tends to do sometimes, He continues, “Jeongguk’s is the worst right now. He’s more sensitive to everyone’s scents post heat—”


A hand tips his chin, fingers brushing along his mouth to silence him, and Yoongi huffs like he’s an errant pup being told to pipe down.


Taehyung stares at him dubiously for a few seconds, then with a drawled sigh that sounds achingly fond, he reiterates, “Rut , Yoongi. My rut is soon.”


Yoongi quirks a brow. “And what about it?”


Scoffing, Taehyung nips at Yoongi's mouth. “I want you to be with me. And I just might want a deer, too. Would look real pretty in my cabin, pretty like you.”


It's Yoongi’s turn to gape at the other alpha. “A deer?” he mutters, incredulous over the way Taehyung insists it’s only fair. “A fucking deer. You’re a pain in my ass, d’you know that?”


Taehyung is unbothered by this, and laughs, husky and low against his ear. “You like it,” Taehyung breathes when he pulls back an inch and meets Yoongi’s gaze unflinchingly. All around them everything fades save for the erratic thump of Yoongi’s heartbeat racing in his ears loud enough that Taehyung must catch it. He smirks. “You like me.”


It's loaded with implications and questions, if Yoongi dares answer. Mostly, there’s a challenge present in Taehyung’s gaze, as if he’s waiting for Yoongi to try and deny what's become obvious as days pass and things soften into something else.


Huffing, Yoongi rests his forehead against Taehyung's, accepting defeat. “Yeah, maybe I do like you, you overgrown mutt.”


Taehyung giggles, nuzzling into Yoongi.


“Me too, old man. Maybe I like you too.”