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A Thorn's Abid

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"You must be Hawks-san, right?"


The white haired woman greeted the black suited young man in front. A smile perused onto his lips as he lightly bowed forward.


"Yes Ma'am, you must be Fuyumi-san?"


Fuyumi nodded, her rosy lips returning a smile with respectful delight. Hawks took a couple steps forward as Fuyumi let him into the Todoroki Mansion.  Hawks's eyes gazed upon the fixtures of the massive household. The wooded plastered walls and  luxurious decor were so well put together, polished and dimmed lighted from the Lancet windows from above.

The warm aroma from the setting made Hawks feel so small. Did the owner of the mansion really call him out of all people? Would this count as being honored?  The rattling thud of the door closing behind Hawks echoed across the area, followed by a sweet chuckle that snapped Hawks back into reality. 


"Quite a big room,right?"


Right, we only walked into the front room so far.


"I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised if i said yes"


Fuyumi  smiled once again.


"Of course, Come right this way, Father's been expecting you"


Fuyumi dusted her cobalt colored gown, laced in thin black ribbon as she walked past the visitor  who followed. Their foot steps echoed through out the room, towards and into the corridors. Hawks couldn't help but have his eyes averted in all directions. Family Photographs in between doors and in golden frames. The Todoroki siblings are quite smaller in said photos. One sister, two brothers, along with their mother. Only a couple of pictures had the owner in it. The photos of him exhibited a heft of pride,power, fire


"Over here, Hawks san"


The ash blonde focused his attention towards the female ahead of him as she stood holding a door open.


"Father is in there. I'll see you later,yes?"


Hawks nodded a short farewell before thanking her, walking into the room where the other man sat on a desk. The room was lighten up nicely. Certainly eye catching. Large Maroon bookshelves on either side, fairly set up sofas in between. Definitely a study room.


"Ah, there you are"


A tall, broad shouldered man sat on the desk in front of him. Fitly suited as well. His scarlet hair, flame like clashed with his azure colored eyes. Hawks can clearly sense strong and prideful vibes protruding from him. The blonde shot a smile at him before pulling a chair out before sitting down, crossing his leg over the other.

The Red stitched cushions on the chair added onto the size. Hawks's full upper body couldn't even be seen from behind.

"Enji Todoroki, am I right?"


Enji nodded his head with a hum of approval.


Enji slumped forward on the desk, using it as support as his fingers intervened with eachother.


"I appreciate that you were able to arrive in such a short notice, Hawks"


"It's no problem at all Sir"


"My son, Shouto,  has a type of power that we needed someone with experience on Magic anomalies"


"You can count on it sir"


Hawks had dealt with children who had special types of Magic. Surely Shouto's wouldn't be hard to help control. The larger man in front grunted before standing back up from his seat. "That's good", was all he said before he walked towards a shelf. His hand easily reached the top as he grabbed a set of keys from a jar like container.




The set of keys were thrown at him. Embarrassingly, caught him off guard as he fumbled on catching it before he dropped it onto the table, causing a loud clank. "I got it", he chuckled through  his breath as he grabbed a hold of the keys. "What's this for?"


"Your room", Enji answered.
"It's late, You shall meet Shouto in the morning for his classes. Everyone else is in bed as of now", He added on sounding tired himself.


"I might get lost looking for my room,  sir"


The man looked at Hawks, clearly hearing the joking tone of the smaller man. Not that he didn't mind it.


"Of course"


"So how long should I be staying here?"


Hawks had walked into his new room that Enji offered, setting his things down to get comfortable. He was quite tired himself so setting up the room just a tad bit would come later. The room was average in size, a well set up comfortable looking Queen bed along with a side tables and a dresser that came with a mirror.

The room was located in one of the many towers of the building; a large window with velvet curtains helped maintain the silver lighting of the room.

"I estimated about 2-3 months. But if you think Shouto needs more time then you're allowed to stay longer", Enji insisted  as he walked himself towards the bedroom door.

"You may leave this room whenever"


"Right sir"


"Sleep Well, Hawks"


And with no other words between the two men, Enji shut the door behind him. Leaving Hawks with himself and his generous space. Hawks sighed, relaxed of course. Wonder how the other members are like? Fuyumi certainly caught his attention, already so loving and kind to him.




As Hawks started to change his attire for his bed, he starts to wonder. Is Shouto the boy in the photos with the multicolored hair, split directly in half?If his magical abilities goes along with his hair color, than he has two polar magical abilities. Stunning, but nothing Hawks couldn't handle. A smile runs along his face, eager to meet him soon.

The blonde sets himself onto his bed, his fingers reaching towards the dangling string of beads under the table lamp next to him, but stops. He stills. The roars of the wind push against his large window, causing unsettling wailing cries to echo through his body, causing his heart to thump in his ears.

The room was beautiful, but how far was he from any people in this ridiculously large building? Was the space between him and the others great?

Hawks's observing gaze met with his own through the mirror in front of him. Locked onto it as if he was expecting himself in the mirror to do something that he himself didn't. Once the thought became to unsettling to bear, Hawks stood up from his place in bed,  grabbing a spare sheet and tossing it over the dresser to cover the mirror. He didn't really like those things anyway.

A small satisfying breath of relief seeped through his parted lips as he laid back into the comforts of his bed.

The bed must have been expensive, it knocked Hawks right into the drift of sleep. But it's still a bed not a miracle worker, no matter the pay. Because Hawks found himself awake in the depths of night. The blanket he draped over the mirror had collapsed onto the floor and the door that he could've sworn he locked from the inside, was wide open.


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Hawks didn't get much sleep that night. It irks him on who could've unlocked his door , but it wasn't unreasonable right? Maybe one of the family members had forgotten one of their belonging that happened to be in the dresser. Yeah, that could be it. 

A soft smile grew onto his face as a younger hand gripped his own in a subtle shake.
"Nice to finally meet you, Shouto san"


Shouto's azure eyes locked onto Hawks's, a simple nod was returned.

"You too, Hawks sama"


Next to the Young Shouto, was a fair but older looking woman. She looked fragile, yet with a gentle expression on her face. Her hands were neatly folded against her lower body as she stood, long white hair neatly tucked into a braided bun.


 "I do hope you two will get along", Rei softly spoke as her faint hazel eyes glanced over Hawks.


"He wont be much trouble, i promise you"


"Wouldn't expect it ,Miss"


She seemed so protective. Her delicate hands traced onto Shouto's shoulder onto the marked side of his face as if  she was taking in a "last" moment with her youngest son. Shouldn't judge, she seems very loving of her children. Shouto seems to not mind, even in front of Hawks as he leaned into her cherished touch, clasping her hand against his own.

 "I wont get hurt like..", Shouto trailed off from his thought, his hand seemingly to get tighter against his mothers hand before going lax. A soft laugh departed from her lips.


"So sorry to distract you, Hawks san. You may be with Shouto now"


Hawks couldn't do much but smile and nod. He didn't feel comfortable on asking what Shouto meant when he spoke to his mother as if his life was in danger. 'I wont get hurt' he said. Is his magic abilities that uncontrollable? Or is it just motherly signs of worry? Whatever it was, Hawks surely wasn't going to invade their families privacy.


"Lets go then, Shouto san", Hawks waved forward.


Shouto nodded, walking past Hawks urging him to follow towards his room where they can both practice. Before the blonde walked away from Rei completely, his turned his head at her said direction. His orange eyes fixated on her marginally. The gentle, delicate expression that was once on her face sunk into a darken frown of uneasy desperation. Look of concern? Dread? Her eyes, her expression looks dauntingly empty. 


"Hawks san-"


Hawks Jolts his head towards the multicolored haired teen in front. Oh right.
Shouto opened door that leaded into a  white carpeted room.


"Please take your shoes off, mother doesn't want the room to be dirty"


"Sure thing"


Hawks set his black shoes to the side as he walked into the room. It was a bit empty, other than a couple of chairs, a grand piano, a cello, and book shelves. But Mostly it was empty space. The room let off a nice white glow to it, purely. Shouto had sat on a gold framed, cushioned chair that was now tucked into the table.  "How are we starting?"

Hawks looked around the room once more before looking back at him.


"I was actually wondering if you mind if I could get a little background information on your family. Well before we start of course if you don't mind"


"Not at all", the youngest Todoroki agreed, shaking his head.


Hawks sat down next to the boy, obviously beaming. He is just a naturally curious type of person and he would be lying if he said he didn't have urges to explore this building.


"You wanted to know about my Family or my.. Father's deal?"


Hawks couldn't help but raise his brow when Shouto hesitated when mentioning his father's name. But like he set into his mind, he would like just a bit of details. "Just how the Family is like. You don't need to go in dept or anything"

Shouto nodded with a hum.Seemingly thinking to himself on what to say Hawks supposes. "My.. Sister Fuyumi- You know her right?"


"Of course, she's the one who greeted me when I arrived"


Shouto continued his dialogue.
"Well.. My sister likes to play music. She taught me how to play the violin. She's really good with music."


Fuyumi can play music? He tilts his head to the side, with an eager smile across his face. "I wouldn't mind hearing it"


"Oh right", Shouto nodded. "I'm sure she'd happily play so you could hear it"


"Does she travel?"


Shouto thought for a moment, before abruptly shaking his head. "No but my older brother does. Natsuo san. He's younger than Fuyumi chan but he's not really home much. He likes playing sports as well but he's trying to go into the medical area"


"So a doctor?"


"I'm pretty sure yeah-"


Natsuo sounded like a pretty interesting figure as well. Shame Fuyumi doesn't travel much but maybe Natsuo could be the type of person Hawks would enjoy having around. He doesn't exactly have much friends anyway, not that it bothered him that much. Hawks can recognize the start of the conversation slowly going dry. He reached into his case he set earlier on the table , pulling out small books to do with controlling your magic abilities. "What about you?"

Shouto huffed, his fingers twiddling against eachother. "Well I'm not much I guess, I know violin because of Fuyumi Chan. I can handle my ice magic because.. of my love for my mother you know"

Hawks hummed with a nod, seemingly understanding. Shouto continued. "My fire is what I need help with. My other three siblings can't exactly help with that and my.."

Shouto trailed off once again, sort of seeming like a habit with this teen. Should it be concerning?


"It's fine Shouto, it's understandable. I'd help you with that"


Of course Hawks understands. If his theory is right, Fuyumi and Natsuo have white colored hair meaning Ice. Hawks doubts the two could help with a fire-

Hawk's eyes glazed down at the bronze book he held. His head slowly churning on what the young Todoroki just told him. Or was he just hearing things again from his lack of sleep?


Other three siblings.


Shouto Said.


Hawks's mind pondered for a moment before setting the book down onto the carefully polished table. Shouto's multicolored eyes gazed upon Hawks's figure, with obvious slight confusion and concern.


".. I thought you had two other siblings not three?"


Hawks had instant regret on asking that damn question. The room went dreadfully silent. The little fidgeting Shouto had been conducting stopped, both eyes with multicolors focused on him and him only. Dread and regret can be seen from the teens face as his lips quivered but no sound escaped. A scruff came from the heels of his seat rubbing furiously against the carpet as he threw himself off of his seat, pushing it back.


"Shouto San i-"


"N-no I'm sorry can I be pardoned please?"


Hawks didn't bother using any words or phrases. Feeling like it might get worse, his brows furrowed inward with worry. He shouldn't have asked in the first place. Hawks nodded slowly, watching the younger boy pace towards the room's door swinging it open before slamming it shut in some sort of panicked state.

The sound of the wooden door slamming echoed in the half way emptied room before silence became the loudest thing ringing in his ears. As much as Hawks likes peaceful places, how the youngest Todoroki left the room, no, how he looked at him,  stirred his stomach.

Hawks took a deep breath, sinking into the back of his chair letting his shoulder relax, hoping Shouto wasn't to messed up not to come back. He didn't mean to make him feel that sudden stab of anxiety.

Hawks's eyes felt heavy, as if a sheet of warmth had been wrapped around him. He doesn't remember the room becoming so tenderly warm suddenly. His eyes start to feel ridiculously heavily as he gave into the pressure closing it. Darkness was all he could see as of now. Wait no, he shouldn't. He has a boy to teach. Even if he didn't get a good sleep last night, he shouldn't ignore the fact his student needs help.


A sound of faint piano keys pierced through  his eardrums, causing him to jolt awake and away from his drowsiness. His eyes, now open, shot to the door.. which was still closed?


"Shouto san?"


There was no response.


Hawks sighed. He must be hearing things again. Or.. feeling things... The room got cold again. Where did the heat go?

Confusion sunk deeper into Hawks as his eyes scanned the room, trying to find some source of ventilation. Something else caught his attention. Was.. That always there..?

Hawks's eyes got caught in a seemingly endless stare against the grand piano. His fingers gripped firmly against the wooden structure of the chair's arms, before shooting himself from his seat. He slowly lurked towards the grand piano, observing and remembering every detail that he noticed from before.

Surely.. It wasn't that hard to notice the red rose placed in the middle of the white keys of the instrument. The blonde looked closely before his eyes trailed around the agonizing silent room. The lack of sound coming from anywhere atomically urged his body to be quiet as well. A red rose, damp red petals. From what source? Hawks would wonder. There was no vase near by, how did this get here? Is a single Rose heavy enough to press faint piano key sounds? Preferably not.

Hawks's fingers latched onto the Rose, looking down upon it before taking small steps away from the piano. His heart felt as if it could've leaped straight through his chest as the door unexpectedly swung open from behind, causing Hawks to get hit with a shock of  a shudder along with a lung punching gasp from the sudden sharp noise; immediately throwing his body to a turn.


"O-oh Hawks San, sorry- Didn't mean to do that"


Hawks felt his heart start to slow within him. Relieved. The lack of sleep is probably getting to him again.


   "I-", He steadied his voice not fully trusting it when it came to stammering. 

"It's no problem really.. You okay now?", Hawks questioned, pushing his ash blonde hair back with his fingers that he wish would stop trembling.


Shouto nodded.


"I apologize for my behavior, I'm ready to start the classes now"


"Sure",Hawks breathed, slowly setting his hand down from his blonde locks. His other fingers can feel the piercing thorns of the rose protruding into his skin as he clenched around it.


"We'll go right ahead with it"





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"One of you guys don't happen to have a healing magic ability do you?"

"Nope, sadly not. It's all cold and hot here. Would be nice though"

Affable pale fingers wrapped  their self around Hawks's prickled palm. Hawks cringed as his bloodied hand came in contact with white creped fabric being wrapped tightly around it.

"What were you thinking Hawks San? You know roses have thorns"

Hawks looked towards Fuyumi before he slowly clenched his palm to test if it felt the least bit of better.

"Sorry, wasn't really thinking straight. Lack of sleep", he chuckled softly. So he thinks. 
"I've been all jumpy"

Fuyumi's brows furrowed.  "Well I don't want you not getting sleep. How about you rest for now?"

As heavy as Hawks's body felt,  Sleeping in on a job certainly feels wrong for him. He hasn't been able to teach Shouto properly yet and the second day here is already almost over. Enji trusted him as well. It's shameful to take advantage of a situation like this.

"No thank you. I couldn't. I'm here to teach Shouto not to seem like a leech on your family"

"But your hand-"

"It's fine, I can use my right hand just as good. Well unless we are writing which I promise I wasn't planning to-", Hawks prolonged trying to convince the visually worried Todoroki sister.  He was sure his chatter and sunny expression could've convinced her. Worked on a lot of people but it seems almost to Hawks that Fuyumi can see right through his appearance.

Fuyumi sighed. Her face drooping into a relaxed state, letting Hawks slide on his words. "If it's what you surely want then it's fine with me"

Hawks nodded, turning his head as he stood up from his seat. Once he got on his feet, another guest has arrived once again.

"Ah Hawks san-"

"Hey I was going to go ask for you,  Shouto San", Hawks perked his brows with light glee.

"Well I'm back again. My mother wanted some help with something. Once again I apologize. Is your hand doing better?"

"Sure is",Hawks nodded, his eyes averting towards Fuyumi who waved softly before walking though the door. His eyes were back on the Todoroki in front of him. "Now shall we start?"


The sun had just completed its tour for the day, which had now been replaced by vibrant stars peaking loosely from the severely clouded empyrean . A low, waning gibbous moon hovered in the twilight pallet, setting a very dim light upon the mansion. Almost as if it was glowing itself. The gloomy atmosphere didn't take long to storm along with its thundering light show, searing through the mansion's glass windows in bright flashes. Tentative rumbling vibrations could be felt throughout the ground.

Fear was what controlled young Shouto. It was unmistakable from the beginning of the physical lesson. "Light the match" was all Hawks told the student to do. The young Todoroki held the match with his left arm, his sleeve pulled up. Hawks slouched forward. His leg crossed over the other while his finger tips of both hands touched the others. His eyes observing sharply. Every twitch and shudder that hit Shouto's body wasn't unseen. Hawks was not quick to judge the capabilities of the Todoroki, but quick to question why.

"Shouto San"

The tremors on Shouto's arm came to a stop. He turned his head at his teachers direction, clearly a bit squirmy as if he is sure he did something wrong.  "Yes..?"

".. You know there is nothing to be afraid of"

Shouto didn't answer him right away.  He lowered his arm that held the match tightly in between his fingers, which went lax. "I'm not afraid Hawks San"

Is he in denial? Or just unsure of himself? Did Shouto know how to even start up his flames?

"Can.. you do any Ice spells?"

Shouto nodded, earning a look of approval from Hawks  that seemingly told him to do one as Hawks leaned back into his seat.

"Which one should I do?"

"How about you just freeze the match"

He nodded. He was quick to switch the match in between hands. He held he match with his right hand. No tremors through his arms nor sweat glistening on his forehead, but with confident gleaming eyes he easily and quickly froze the match until it was solidified into its cold crystal.  Shouto faced towards Hawks. His face's aspect was tinted in wanting approval. In Hawks's mind, understanding Shouto's weakness has slowly started to patch up together. Fear isn't what is stopping Shouto alone. It is also doubt.

"Our time is almost up anyway", the blonde deemed once he eyed the clock plastered on the wall. 6:58 pm it read. Shouto knows well that his classes end at 7, but he didn't really feel like he did much in this class. "All i did was freeze the match..i don't understand-?"

"Relax Shouto san",Hawks stood from his seat, placing a couple of books back into his bag from the earlier hours in their class. "Like people say, Patient is a virtue. I know how to help you with your problem from your small demonstration"
Hawks finished the small pace of packing, before he faced him simpering. 

"We will start something new tomorrow"


The wind howled as rain battered the window in the dead of the twilight zone. The cracking sound of the thunder  echoed through the empty corridors of the mansion. Blacken clouds loomed over, lightning striking ,lighting up the sky for a second before vanishing. 

Hawks didn't seem to mind the storm, it was nothing partially new. The whole Todoroki family had been gathered into the family's living room,Which was quite big as well. Corridors and Hallways sprouted from this center room. Along with it's luxury tainted belongings which are hung on the walls and shelves. Each vase, plate, photos in frames, were all set in place carefully, dignified. Every single piece of furniture was neatly polished, along with  the champagne shaded carpet and rugs which was perfectly tamed. The  Couches methodically put together with signature designing and stitching, followed by the burgundy table rested in between.

"Why don't you go fetch Hawks san something to drink Shouto san?", Rei insisted, gently bringing her hand down his bi colored hair from the back.

"Yes mother", he contented. 
Shouto got up from his spot which was next to her before walking towards the kitchen nearby.

Hawks didn't want to seem skeptical. His eyes observed the way everything was set up, how much effort was put it to satisfy their was they see their household. But..

Hawks took a glimpse at the larger man who sat on the farther side of another couch. His azure eyes trailed across a bronze colored book,seemingly frustrated, along with some stack of paper gripped in his other hand. Hawks could tell from the start that Enji was a busy type of person. Maybe too busy seeming how he didn't look to relaxed or happy to be in the same room as the others. A sigh parted from Hawks as he rested his head back into the couch. What does he know?

His eyes darted towards Fuyumi who had flounced from the kitchen. "Mother!"
She was clearly estatic ,her hazel eyes were heavily painted with delight. Hawks hasn't seen her in this sort of mood before, and it atomically got him feeling kind of joyful as well, as if contagious. 
"Natsuo San is coming over for a while. I managed to convince him!"

A satisfied sigh was released from Rei with a soft smile joining in. The atmosphere changed to almost desolated to heartwarming once mentioning Natsuo's name. Hawks would be lying to himself he said he wasn't eager to meet the other Todoroki, taking note of how the others were feeling.

A small noise of a grumble was dragged from the other's opposite side. Enji deeply huffed to the point that he couldn't tell if the man was tired or plain aggravated. The couch creaked as he stood up from where he sat. As the noise signalled everyone to immediately stop the chattering, the eyes were on him ,not as welcoming as he headed out into the darkened corridor. The gazes were almost worrying. Guess Natsuo coming over meant more work..? Hawks shook his head lightly, knowing once again it best not to think about it. 

Light footsteps could be heard coming from the kitchen. Shouto came back into view but holding a small blue and white tray with tea set onto it.

"Oh? Thanks"

"If you don't like it I can get you something else if you li-"

One small intrusive unalignment on the rug just happened to be where Shouto been walking. One annoying fold later, a filled tea cup shattered onto the burgundy table. Hawks jumped from his seat with a abrubt yelp and violent shudder as the hot steaming liquid hit his clothed chest. 
"Aah!!- That's hot-!"

"Apologizes Hawks San!", Shouto uttered before quickly setting the tray down. Fuyumi already had rushed herself toward the kitchen to grab a broom for the shattered glass. Shouto didn't bother to stop apologizing. He lunged his hand towards Hawks's stained and steaming clothing. White mist concluded out of Shouto's hand,  cooling the temperature down, causing the blonde to relax after a final shudder  from the sudden temperature change. Shouto's hand withdrew, leaving Hawks with a now cold, wet suited shirt.

"Be careful next time Shouto San.. Are you burnt anywhere Hawks San?", Rei concerned.

Hawks was fine, but a he couldn't hold back the shake in his laughter."It's alright, accidents happen"

Fuyumi Tuts from Shouto's little mistake. "You should watch where your going Shouto San". Shouto once again bowed his head in apology. "I'll get the napkins now-"

"Come Hawks"

"Hm?", Hawks hummed peering at Fuyumi.

"I'll get you some spare clothing. We have a couple you could wear", She offered, urging Hawks to come and follow. 

"Oh, sure thanks-"


The north wing of the building was quite a dark one. The brightly lit ornamental structure was surrounding at one point but casually begun to fade into obscurity. The floor boards had started to creek under their feet. Ostensibly, no one really  came here often to even amend this certain area. Flashes of light from outside has helped dimmed the corridor once it got dark enough that the two, no words spoken, slowed down when walking.The walls. Encircling the blonde as if he was the victim of an ambush. Almost forcefully, The empty space where a window would have stood caught Hawks's agitated view with the help of the seconds of light from he lightning outside. It was shattered. The chips of blacked glass was still stuck on the ends, seemingly burned. 

The texture of the house's wooden patterned changed ever so slightly under the touch of Hawks's finger tips, Observing the difference of feel in this part of the house he never set foot in. The progressively smooth feel of the work melted into irregular and jagged right under his palm. Dead.

Hawks's bottom lip curled in between his teeth before his eyes gazed at the young woman he followed. 

".. Fuyumi San, was there a fire here?"


Fuyumi stopped in her tracks. Her arms were clinged closely to her chest before she sighed a shaky breath. "I'm sorry you had to see this part of the house Hawks san. I'm sure you expected differently"

The sudden soft sounding Fuyumi had a cold and raw ring to her voice, having Hawks feel a pricked sensation in his chest, as if it was physical pain. Even if it wasn't it sure felt like it.  "N-no it wasn't that i was just wondering".

The feeling of indulged shame sunk deep into his chest. Should've kept his mouth shut again, he thought. Fuyumi didn't say another word before she continued her meander. Allowing the man behind her to follow. Their trail came to a halt at an old wooden door..or what was left of it. Fuyumi gently pushed the door open, allowing her and Hawks walk into the abandoned room. A Damp, dirty, remains of a bedroom was shown into view.

The dimmed moon light added on to the flashing of the familiar lightning was projected across the walls, moving to an unseen rhythm. The shelves were dusty and rigid, books with incinerated type of old paper were plunged all over the rickety ground. A lone but satisfying size bed was at the corner, practically fallen and torn. The uneasy blonde slowly observed around the room while Fuyumi walked herself into a busted closet. The room was easily shaken from the thundering canons outside, causing Hawks's heart to pick up the pace as well. His eyes peered upward toward a large unsettling painting. The frame was rusted, the whole object was tilted with disharmony. Hawks's gaze couldn't rip free from the painting. There stood Enji Todoroki along with his Wife Rei who sat beside the standing man. 

Enji seemed younger, more thinner than he is now but standing with fierce power. Aggression and pride could be seen in his expression..even along the subtle frown. The wife of Todoroki, who had much shorter hair, looked empty inside. Her eyes showed a sense of death, glaring outward from the painting. Outwards the painting onto Hawks's own bittersweet eyes, as if she was looking for an escape. As if there was no love in between their marriage. An unsettling shiver jolted through his body, causing his fist to clench together. Rei's eyes eerily seemed to follow him. Observing his whole being at once. Hawks ran a shaky hand through his hair, looking downwards not to pay attention to he painting much further, before he'll get the feeling to puke.

Hawks turned his body around, his eyes catching attention to a broken down table. He paced himself towards it once it came clear to him of a thick, fabric covered book sat in the middle of it. Hawks hummed, curiously. It didn't look like a story or educational type of book. The edges of the book was burnt, miraculously looked like it survived the harsh blaze. Hawks gently opened the book at the yellowish paper creaked softly. It wasn't a story book. Script was written in the middle of the first page with ink. 


'Touya Todoroki'

Touya Todoroki? Who is that? Hawks's memory brought him back to the day Shouto lunged out of the room when mentioning a supposed 3rd sibling. Is that him? Hawks contemplated the scriptive style writing before he turned the page. 



"My younger brother was just born a couple of days ago. My mother named him Shouto. I sometimes wonder how many siblings we are even going to have at this point. I don't know if its just me but 4 kids seems a little much. I guess i don't mind. Fuyumi and Natsuo san have ice magic but i think Shouto might have both ice and fire. I'm sort of scared to do it, but i hope maybe i could convince my father if i could be the one to teach him to use it instead of him doing it. Knowing how harsh he is. I don't want that burden to happen to him too"


Hawks though to himself as he held the book firmly in his hands. Shouto is 16 years. This journal that apparently belonged to the fourth sibling was written 16 years ago. A quick breath parted from Hawks's lips. What did Touya mean by "Burden"..and "Too" as he so written. What happened..? The fire that Fuyumi acknowledge..did it kill the fourth sibling?


Hawks's shoulders jumped reflectively as he shoved the book into his suit's coat before turning around. "Yes Fuyumi san?"

Fuyumi stood infront of Hawks, with old but cleaned off clothing folded neatly in her arms. "Took me quite a while to find something close to your size", she smiled softly.

Hawks took a look at the clothing. If this was positively Touya's old room, this must've been his old clothing. The clothing involved a well fabricated red and black vest, white buttoned shirt and black pants. "All the others were too big for you, so i hope this is fine"

Hawks nodded, smiling back. "It's good don't worry Fuyumi san", he reassured before gently taking the clothing from her hands.  Hawks walked into the old closet, dusty but roomy, to quickly toss on the clothing. The feeling of the cold sainted suit finally coming off of him was relieving. He gently pushed the door back open walking out wearing the clothing. It was not a perfect fit, still a bit big on him but it was comfortable. 

"Looks good on you, Hawks san", Fuyumi giggled softly, a gentle ring to her voice seeing those certain clothing on someone once again. Hawks smiled, adjusting the cuffs on his wrists. "Thank you", the blonde beamed.

"We should get going now. Its almost dinner"

"Of course"

The two made their way out of the darkened room of shattered memories. Hawks was quick to notice Fuyumi's gently kissing her own hand before delicately placing it against the tainted and bruised wall before completely walking out. Hawks can tell the heart full meaning Fuyumi had towards the room. Towards the sibling who once laughed in it. Who once shared memories in it. Hawks gripped the Journal that was pressed into his original clothing while he followed the woman closely behind. The thunder from outside had notionally stopped, causing the creaking of the floor boards to pierce Hawks's head more easily. It didn't stop him from swearing he could've heard the unsettling slow creak of a door shutting behind him, only shrugging it off as he wind coming from the shattered glass windows.

Chapter Text

Hawks was eased onto his bed in his dimly lit room. The orange hued lamp rested on the side table next to him, helping him see the old book in his hands. The nightly wind bawled against his window frame, causing a light cold current to seep through. The room was getting colder because of it, but for Hawks, it's easier to sleep in a cold room than a hot one. 

He probably knows he shouldn't, but Touya has been on his mind ever since he walked into the boys room. He gazed on the other words he had written in. Some smudges here and there, words about his siblings, but mostly his mother and concerns of his. Hawks was sure he was already months into the writing. Looks like Touya did not write every day. As he skimmed some ordinary passages, certain sentences had started to catch his attention when reading in pages deeper.

"...My mother started to teach me how to cook recently, with a little lessons with Fuyumi. But i'd probably never would be in the mood to make food for Enji.."


As the pages progressively went on. A clear grudge could be seen within the words. So far, going on for Touya to start calling his own father by his first name instead. Guess Enji seemed to be the neglectful type of dad. Hawks yawned, setting the book down onto his drawer. He already had sleeping issues, might as well not make it worse. He laid down, tucking himself back into the sheets laced with cold texture, better to help. Hawks couldn't remember when sleep had enveloped him. But opening his eyes right after the sound of an echoed shutter cracking brought his eyes to spring open, bringing him back to the familiar ceiling, in dark blue tone.

He blinked receptively, before he roused himself up from his now warm bed. The cold breeze from the leaking current bit his  exposed skin from his folded clothing, pressing messily against his body. He was asleep for a couple of hours. The memory of the distant noise almost deceased until he heard it again. He could vaguely recognize what it was, sounds of  window shutters ramming against each other bounced against the dark hallway outside his room, following by wails of  hollering wind as if crying.  Did someone leave a window open? Hawks thought. 

He gathered himself onto his feet, walking towards his door. His movements against his floor boards caused creaks as he failed to stop himself from opening his bedroom door, the click on the knob not giving him a sense of 'wake up'. Why is he going out? It's just an open window. Why isn't his body following his doubting thoughts with hesitation? Every press the sole of his feet gave the polished floors ,repaid him with a crusty creak, rolling into his ears. 

His skin crawled with an instant repent, but it didn't seem to stop him. He could barely peer all the way towards the corner end of the hallway. A door was vaguely visible to be opened. Blue light peering from the opening. Hawks's messy hair was softly blown back from another breeze, seemingly to have drawled out from that room. Another strong crack had hit Hawks's right into his quivering heart, probably skipping a beat as his body jumped in reactant. His stomach knotted as his scalp glistened with sweat, even with the cool breeze crawling against his skin. He crept forward, his right hand started to glow in red fierce light, following a crystal, feather shaped blade coming along in his grip. Surely it's just a window,'s better to be safe. 

 He felt gravity pulling himself down as if strong invisible gazes stared right at him. Hawks pushed himself farther and farther into the endless path. Shadows of the unknown become visible or is it just his imagination? He couldn't have seen what he thought he did. His back was pressed against the wall next to the open door. 

Hawks could've sworn he saw a glimpse of a shadow, moving. A sudden flash of light from the room projected a figure through the door. A Tall, eerie figure who stood relatively close towards the door. A hefty weight fell onto  Hawks's chest, as if he suddenly wasn't able to breath as his heart pounded ferociously in his ears.

He couldn't even tell if the empty hallway was cold anymore, his body heat had beg to differ. Someone was in this mansion. Someone who didn't belong in here. Was the open window how this person broke in? Speaking of the blasted window, no other sounds could be heard coming from the room. No sharp sounds of the window bashing against its frames nor the brushing of foot steps in the carpeted room.

Hawks gripped the glowing blade in his hands. If someone was in there and something goes wrong, would anyone hear him from this part of the mansion? A forceful  pulse gripped around the man, feeling himself being pushed towards the room, only for his bandaged hand to grip the edge of the painted  door space tightly. He didn't come here for a death wish. Hawks spun his figure around, dashing towards his room. He isn't crazy enough to go see exactly what that was.

 Who that was

Just lock his door

go to sleep 

Wake up the next morning brushing it off as a bad dream.

His body practically lunged himself into his room, the click of the lock on his door giving him a sense of protection. His hands that were sweaty, continued to grip the knob as he caught his breath...Hawks's head felt like it was spinning. Heat licked at his sweat glistened forehead and coiled around his limbs like a great hot-blooded serpent. When did it get so hot? He couldn't have ran that fast, or felt so tense to start feeling like a burning oven. 

He gradually let go of the knob, taking light steps back. He took a large breath, hoping there was some fan in here or something. He turned himself, seeing the familiar dark blue toned room, laying sheets of hue on the furniture. His body immediately stilled, as if he was paralyzed from a sudden sharp blow to his spine. His muscles tightened, fear lodged in his throat as his hands started to tremble, his head starting to ache. The feeling of upmost nausea planting into him when his eyes focused and settled on the tall, ghastly figure standing by the window, back turned. 

 Hawks froze, his throat constricted. He could hear the blood pounding in his ears. Every muscle in his body screamed at him to flee, but remained frozen. Hawks's hands slowly rose towards his throat, clutching it lightly as his mouth went dry. No matter how much his brain urged him to scream, strained him to dash out, it was like his legs got caught  and strangled in cement. Would anyone even hear him if he tried?

"Little Bird"

The figure hummed, nonchalant yet dripping venom.
There he turned, slowly as if waiting for a reaction from the latter. Hawks's breath hitched violently as the man walked towards him. He became more clear as he got unsettling close. Raven black spiked hair protruded from random ends in his scalp,his black and white suit neatly fit, his ominous azure eyes locking onto his. Hawks finally gained control of his legs steadily, moving back every time he took a step closer, until his warm back pressed against the wall. 

The man..whats..on his skin..? 

Oh god he was tall. An intimidating shadow castled onto the trembling blonde.  His breath quickened as a rough yet gentle hand got a hold of his prickled one. Rough grounds of scars and metal scratching the fabric. His hands, were so rough yet warm. Heat was radiating from the man shadowing him, his general situation snapped back into him. His hand was slowly lifted up as if it was made of fragile glass, while he leaned forward. God he felt like he could just melt by being this close to him.

Not breaking the brightly blue eye contact, A sly grin curled on his lips, silver staples pulling against his scarred and normal flesh. Hawks clamped his eyes shut, using every muscle in his body to stifle a whimper as he felt harsh lips press against the knuckles of his fingers.

"Didn't anyone tell you roses had thorns?"

There was a bitter taste in the back of Hawks mouth that he couldn't seem to get rid of . He tried hard not to let his breath come out in ragged gasps as he pressed his head against the wall behind him, to make more room between them as if it would help. Any minute, something bad will happen Hawks knows it. Waiting for the minute where this scarred, skin damaged man pulls out a dagger from his pocket, just ready to carve something into him. He just chuckled lowly, the light grip of his hand becoming lax as he stood back straight. A small beam of hope on the fact that he might now murder him right here, gave him enough will to open his eyes, glancing  upwards towards him. 

The grin never left his marred face, as if he was getting a sense of amusement of Hawks's fear, which he probably was.


Hawks couldn't choke out any type of words to at least form a sentence, which didn't sound like nonsensical stuttering.

"H-how'd you..who..", Hawks breathed.

"I was starting to grow impatient, a bad habit of mind i guess", He drawled out, pacing backwards as he rested his dry hands into his pockets. "I was eager to meet you in person, Hawks", he mused.

Hawks steadied his quivering breath, not fully trusting it. "Who are..-"

"I go by Dabi..Don't need to call me anything else now"

Hawks couldn't muster any other things to say. His blood still pounded ferociously in him, completely in some sort of shock. He didn't even move from the wall that his back was pressed firmly against. The wind whirred loudly from the outside, the breeze kicking back inside once again, flowing gently along the Raven black hair. Dabi kept his hands in his pockets, his head turning towards the nightly window and away from Hawks, knowing fear had Hawks in its cold grip. 

"Hope you don't brush me off as a bad dream. It be a shame if i had to burn somethin' into your memory"

Hawks's eyes peered at his hands' direction, catching one sliding out. Small blue sparks danced across his rough yet slender finger tips and knuckles. Blue embers. Blue Flames. Giving complexion in contrast with the room's navy hue. He practically waved his hand towards the side as blue flames slid  in the air to follow, Hawks's body prickling again with anxiety. 

"I'll be around birdy", Dabi's voice echoed. "When you're physically able to talk again that is"

Dabi's flames vanished from his hands as he lingered towards a darkened part of the room. Where is he going, walking into a dead end? Hawks maintained his place, drastically trying to hear some sort of sound of where Dabi had walked to. Sound of his shoes scruffing the wooden floor, creaking, raspy breaths anything. It was only a couple of seemingly long minutes later when Hawks found himself examining the unlit corner of his room. No closets nor doors. Dabi wasn't there. Hawks's chest heaved, his spine shivering.

His eyes glanced around his room entirely. He wasn't sure what had got him this feeling. But from this short, unsettling meeting he had with this brutally scarred stranger.. He is sure he is going to see him again.