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Hodge-Podge: 30 Words or Less

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 Characters 4 and 6, First Time (Victor/Daisy Adair)

Bashful Billy loses his virginity to snooty Daisy Adair.

But in bed, she’s surprisingly sweet, gentle; he inquires why.

“Because, Billy,” Daisy replies, mournfully, “you’re the one that got away.”

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Character 7, Angst (Sam Winchester)

Sam first prayed when John brought home an unconscious and broken Dean. Ever since, Sam’s prayed for Dean’s safety from monsters.

Today, he prays to protect Dean … from Sam.

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Characters 1 and 8, AU (Dean Winchester & Angel)

“Gimme one good reason why I shouldn’t chop your head off.”

A punch and Angel’s got Dean flat against the wall. “Azazel. I can help you find … and kill him.”

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Characters 3, 6, and 9, Threesome (Mason/Daisy Adair/Castiel)

Mason’s stripped down, already kissing Daisy senselessly and Daisy, uninterested, is watching Castiel, awaiting her challenge of deflowering an angel.

And Castiel is sweating. Profusely. Dean’ll pay dearly for this.

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Characters 5 and 10, Hurt/Comfort (Jaye Tyler/Chuck Charles)

Seeing Aaron, Chuck weeps for the times she’ll never kiss Ned.

“There … there.” Jaye reluctantly pats her shoulder.

Chuck hugs Jaye and she squirms uncomfortably. Like Ned; Chuck smiles.

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Character 1, Crack (Dean Winchester)

“What kind of ghost haunts a women’s country-club? And what idiot creates this plan!?”

“Gotta investigate somehow … … your panty-hose are crooked.”

“I hate you.”

“Yeah...” Sam sighs, gleefully.

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Character 10, Horror (Chuck Charles)

Chuck pictures Digby and her alone, at the end of the world, young, beautiful, (but so lost).

“Chuck! Coffee. Table two…”

“Okay!” she says, pulling away from her imagination’s nightmares.

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Characters 5 and 9, Baby Fic (Jaye Tyler/Castiel)

“Bun in the oven,” the brass monkey nods toward Jaye’s pregnancy test.

“Great. First, it’s doing good deeds by coercion, now it’s carrying angel spawn … my life sucks.”

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Characters 2 and 8, Dark (Ned & Angel)

Ned’s always welcomed sunshine (and Chuck’s smiles) to brighten his dreary life.

But Chuck’s gone and the darkly-clothed man says sunlight kills.

“C’mon,” Angel says. “Time you learn some things.”

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Characters 2 and 3, Death Fic (Ned & Mason)

“…stroke killed ‘im the bloody second you touched ‘im?”

“... Yes?” Ned offers.

“… Right. Best blame everything here on booze and leave it ‘lone,” Mason slurs and leaves.

Close call…