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Cruel Sun

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“C’mon~” The pink-haired boy next to you called out while you were looking through some cute clothes at a shop. In Ramuda’s hands were a bunch of clothes he already picked out for you to try on. Not that he asked you what you liked at any point in time. He got what he likes, and now he’ll guide you by the hand to the fitting room to try them on.

It’s been a month or so since you started seeing him, but you could glean his domineering attitude from the very beginning. From the way he asked you to go out with him, never once considering that you might say no, to the way he was slowly taking over other aspects of your life. It was a little at a time. So you didn’t find it worrisome at first.

He borrowed your phone at some point since he forgot to bring his. Funny… Instagram selfie king? … Forgetting his phone? Even you thought it was fishy but you ended up giving in to his whims anyway. What you didn’t plan for was him deleting all your male contacts from your phone and going through your pictures and browser history. “Removing” things he doesn’t like.

A great surge of anger went through you and you went to confront him. But when you told him off about it, he only threw a huge fit and argued that as your boyfriend, you should only be looking at him. Was it the fake crying? Was it the way he stomped his foot?

Maybe it was the way he said “You love only me, right?” that got to you. But instead of staying angry, you ended up having to comfort him. After all, you were wrong and you hurt him. How could you? you say that to yourself even as you caressed your boyfriend, giving him a reassuring back rub as he buried his face in the crook of your shoulder.

Warm. He was so warm that he seemed to burn you. Yet so cold and so very far. Like a cold sun… Like a cruel sun.

But basking in his light was your life now. You were wrapped around his little finger with little recourse. But it was okay as long as he loved you, right?

“Mm, pretty…” Ramuda licked his lips as he looked at you now, dressed in the clothes he picked.

You blushed hard, putting your hands over your skirt. It was short. Much too short for your liking. Ramuda should know this. You don’t enjoy dressing so provocatively.

“R-Ramuda-kun… Maybe a different skirt would go better with this cardigan…” you said sheepishly. You knew better than to oppose him directly. Not like you ever won or gained anything from that. Every maneuver would always be directed to serve him. Your best course of action was to present your ideas in such a way that they flatter him, and his oh so brilliant ideas.

“What are you talking about? It’s avant garde~! It completes the look! … Uh-uh. No can do~ We’re going with this one~” he decides on his own without even consulting you.

In a whirlwind of events, the outfit is paid for with Ramuda’s platinum card and he has you again by the hand, pulling you through the streets of Shibuya in your skimpy attire as though you were his prized trophy.

“Ramuda-kun… Stop, please…” you finally say, mindful of how you move your legs in that short skirt and the heels you were wearing.

“Ufufu~ Why, darling? Would you rather play…?” Ramuda grinned and continued, his voice dropping to a sultry low. “... In the bedroom?”

You twitch visibly, hand moving to your wrist, hidden by the cardigan’s sleeves. There were marks there from when he tied you up. Behind your trendy scarf, the marks of his “love”, given before you had any chance to accept or reject. But they were already there, so you might as well live with it.

You always thought your first time would be on your honeymoon. So how was it that not even a month into your relationship, you’d already been guilted into agreeing to doing it with him? … And the many more times after that, turning more and more depraved each time.

Ramuda smiled at you, feigning innocence. It was the same way he smiled when he tied you up for the first time. His craving for excitement knew no bounds. And you were the target of his ever-changing whimsy. You felt like a little boat swaying in the vast ocean that was Ramuda. Vulnerable to every toss and turn and emotional tidal wave he subjected you to.

Yet each time you tried to express your worry, you’ve been met with how wrong and mean you are for trying to reject him… Trying to leave him. That’s right. He was right, and you were wrong. Insensitive. Cruel. Disobedient… While he worked so hard to keep this relationship afloat. You should be grateful.

“Hey~!” Ramuda called, snapping in front of you, apparently for the nth time. “You look thirsty. I’ll get you a drink if you wait right here,” he said. “I’ll be back real soon~!”

You blinked, suddenly brought back to reality. You started spacing out at some point, trying to escape this little world he made with you where you were always wrong and bad. Part of you wished he wouldn’t return anymore. But obediently, you waited until someone put their arm around you, walking you away from there before you had the chance to pull away.”H-Hey!” you cry out hesitantly, legs falling over one another as you were pulled along. In the crowd of people, he slipped you around the corner into a nearby alley.

"Hey..." The white-haired punk said, looking you straight in the eye with a determination that shut you up for a long second. “You should really leave that bastard.”

"Where will I go?" you ask him, doe-eyed and admiring his face up close. He had pulled you there to keep away from Ramuda's close hawk-like watch.

"Tch. You're really making things hard for me," The yakuza sighed. "I know a place. I can set you up there and you'll be safe from that good for nothing. He was my teammate. I know what he's like. You better get away while you still can or--"

"Samatokiiii~~!!" Ramuda called out, looking straight at the both of you, and he twirled a lollipop in his hand as though he were waiting for this. "I knew you had your eyes on my girl all this time. I didn't think you had the balls to do this in front of me though!"

Samatoki moved in front of you protectively, gripping his hypnosis mic tight in his hand. "Ramuda, you little shit. I've seen what you've done to this girl. I've seen the marks you've left. I'm not giving her back to you. Let her go."

"Hah!" Ramuda broke out into a deranged laugh, his pink bangs falling over his eyes, each trill signalling madness into the sky. His sweet voice interrupted the sound of his own laughter.

"I should remind you, Sa~ma~to~ki.." The sound of a hypnosis mic activating. "... I don't like anyone touching my things. Not even you~"

"You--! She's not an object for you to toy with!" Samatoki shouted, activating his own hypnosis mic.

“Let’s get right to it then~” Ramuda brought his mic to his lips, his speakers floating ominously behind him.

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“End of the line

Your raps are fried

Get out of my sight,

You pathetic swine!”

“Ahahahhaha…” Ramuda tossed his head back at Samatoki’s verse ripping into him, a wildness in his eyes that chilled you to the bone. He fell to his knees, panting haggardly. “Oh, I will, Sama~toki~”

“What the-?!” Samatoki lurched, his hands holding his head. “Shit!” he cursed, unable to trust his own eyes. He fell to his knees as his vision swirled all around him, making him unable to tell up from down as he looked down on the asphalt, barely supporting himself from keeling over. What he could recognize though were Ramuda’s boots stopping just short of his face. When did Ramuda even throw in that hallucination verse? Samatoki was so sure he was prepared for it. His attack verses were stronger, so why? It should have been enough to knock Ramuda out.

The pink-haired man crouched down to look at Samatoki as he struggled in vain.

“I’ll be taking my leave now, you lousy yakuza~” Ramuda sang. “You’re right. Your raps are too strong for me to take on by myself but,” he chuckled. “Why would I have to play fair?”

Ramuda got up, turning the yakuza over with his foot so his crimson eyes were on you. Ramuda dusted himself off before looking you straight in the eye after stepping over the incapacitated Samatoki. “Let’s go, babe,” he said, holding out his hand.

A crowd had gathered, witnessing the rap battle unfold. You looked pitifully at Samatoki, still reeling from the hypnosis that Ramuda put him under. You were thankful that he offered you a life line, but this was Ramuda he was up against. You bowed your head for a second in consideration of Samatoki’s kind gesture. His eyes were on you though you couldn't tell if he really saw you as you took Ramuda’s hand and let him lead you away from there.

“Ow…” you breath out. Ramuda’s grasp on your hand was tight, like a vice. It hurt. And his face was a stone mask, not speaking a word as he walked you in the direction of his apartment. He pretended he couldn’t hear you. If anything, it was like he hurried you along more after that, refusing to even look at you the whole time.

When you arrived at his apartment, he sat at the couch, crossing his legs and undoing the ribbon on his shirt. You walked up to him sheepishly as he spread his arms over the top of the couch. You knew the drill, putting a fresh cigarette in his mouth and lighting it, very carefully.

Ramuda took a long drag, breathing it out slowly before he finally turned to look at you, arm curling around your waist and eyes burning with judgment. “Were you leading him on, hm?”

“I didn’t…” you swallowed, your heart sinking. The hackles on the back of your neck stood up at full attention and you struggled to look at your lover, eyes darting away, anywhere but at the disappointment clear in his frown.

“Gghhh…” You start coughing hard as he blew smoke in your face, and your eyes started to water, stinging from the sensation. Ramuda yanked your chin up hard, forcing you to look straight at him. His voice dropped low, chilling you to the core. It was maybe the second time you heard it like this? You’ve known about it from before but it being used on you like this made you want to leave your own skin in terror. “... If you lie to me ever again, I’ll make sure it’s the last lie you tell. Do you understand?”

Your heart stopped; The blood drained from your face; A cold sweat trailed down your forehead. Save for the fact that you would have run away with Samatoki if the chance allowed itself, what you said was in fact, not a lie. You didn’t even know that the yakuza was watching you, especially not on Ramuda’s home turf. Only an ex-TDD member would have had the guts to challenge the Fling Posse King on his own territory after all.

Ramuda conducted himself like a playground bully in these parts, never letting another team even garner the chance to oppose him. He took what he wanted with no regard for who he steps on.

He brushed your lower lip gently, repeating in that same deep voice, “Do you understand?”

You nod hurriedly, gulping down your fears.

“Ehe~☆” Ramuda returned to his usual child-like lilt in a second. “I’ll still have to punish you though, onee-san~!” He took one last drag of his cigarette before putting it out on the skin of your arm. You winced in pain but moreso, you felt your shoulders tense at the word “onee-san”. He doesn’t call you that anymore. He usually calls you by your name or some other pet name. He was putting distance. And you knew that what he was about to do was definitely not out of love for you.

“Prepare yourself for me~?” he asked sweetly.

You nod, hissing softly at the burn mark on your arm and go to the bed, undressing yourself as was the custom. You were extra mindful of the new clothes Ramuda just bought you and kept them tidily away. All you had left on were the cute panties that Ramuda picked out for you that morning when he dressed you to go out.

You sat at the foot of the bed watching him undress himself in front of you. He ran his fingers down the locks of your hair before slipping his dress shirt off, letting you bask in the beauty of a god; Your own personal god.

"Where did he touch you while I wasn't looking, hm?" he asked languidly, accusation and dispassion dripping from every word. He popped a lollipop out of his mouth, one he must have opened while you were undressing.

"Here?" He used the candy to raise your chin, trailing it along your jawline.

"Here?" He traced the wet candy down along your collarbone and it made you shudder.

"Or maybe here?" He trailed it down to your breasts, encircling it.

"He didn't." You furrow your brow, mindful of being too defensive, lest it give him more reason to suspect.

"So that's how it is," Ramuda scoffed and you weren't quite sure what was going through his mind at that time.

You were too preoccupied with what was going through yours as he unzipped his pants. "Oh..." he laughed bitterly, condescendingly. "But I have a different lollipop waiting for you, o-nee-san."

He shoved his half-hard length towards you, ordering you. "Suck it."

You struggled with where to put your hands as he placed his behind your head, holding your hair up in a makeshift ponytail before pulling you towards him.

It was all too sudden but before long, you had a salty, dour taste enveloping the insides of your mouth.

You held onto his hips for balance, trying to find your own rhythm as you slid your tongue along his length.

"Mmff-!!" you gurgled, trying to pull away to breathe. But he held you fast, thrusting into your mouth like you were just a tool for him to use for his own pleasure.

You slapped his hip, trying to get him to at least slow down. Your eyes sting and your throat hurts from taking him repeatedly. He fucks you with no regard, grunting and savoring the feel of your mouth around him.

You feel sick, like you want to throw up and you struggle with how to breathe. You feel like you'll pass out at any second but he slides slowly out of your mouth before too long.

You cough, taking in big gulps of air. Ramuda released his hold on your hair, stroking your head almost gently. But you can feel his inhibited anger in the slight roughness he does it, surely not intentionally.

Giving you a little time to recover, he raises your chin to look up at him again. His eyes were unspeakably cold as he looked down at you from that height. "I'll have to remind you time and again who you belong to, slut."

Ramuda took the lollipop from his mouth and placed it against your lips. "Hold onto this for me, will you?"

You hold it in place obediently, letting the sweetness mask the taste of him in your mouth. He pushes you down, climbing on top of you with feline grace.

Ramuda licked at the sweet traces of the lollipop from where he trailed it down your skin, leaving kisses down your neck and collarbone. Making fresh marks as he sucked on your sensitive skin. You moaned out his name.

You could tell he was pleased from the way he smiled against your skin. Besides the rawness of your throat from when he fucked your face, this felt like he was making love to you. Slowly, gently...

His lips were against your skin and his hands explored your curves thoroughly. He ran them along your rump trailing them down your thighs. Your skin blossomed pink from the warmth of his touch and you craved more of it, gently placing your hand on the back of Ramuda's hair, combing your hand through those soft pink locks. He brought his lips to the burn mark from his cigarette, the tip of his tongue touching the wound. You wince again and he kisses it as though it would get better faster if he did.

Ramuda settled his lips on your breast at last, licking and sucking there. He released your skin with an audible pop, a new mark finding itself on the mound of your chest. Ramuda smiled, taking a look at his brand new artwork. "You taste so sweet," he commented.

You giggled softly.These soft moments were what carried you through the rough times with your man. You wished they would last forever. That everything could always be like this. But it's Ramuda, so you know that eventually...

"Ow!" you cry out, jerking your head to look at him. He took your nipple in his mouth, licking against the stiffening flesh. And bit down. It wasn't that hard, more like a nibble. But it was enough to make your heart race as he fondled your other breast, pinching the nipple there too.

"Ramuda, that hurt..."

"Oh, did it?" Ramuda asked, not bothering to look up. "Sorry." He didn't sound like he meant it at all. An unapathetic response against your legitimate concern.

He licked at the sore flesh, suckling it even. Almost like an apology for the bite. It felt so good your breath began to hitch as you cried out softly. The lollipop fell out of your mouth as you did.

"What a bad girl," Ramuda said softly but with emphasis. "Disobeying me again."

You looked at up at his icy blue eyes, but you could not get a read on his emotions. Only that he looked like a beautiful porcelain doll perched on top of you. Your eyes were glassy, your mouth still agape, yearning for his touch.

"Don't look at me like that. You know I can't resist you."

You gathered up the courage to ask, eager to know your own fate. "Are you still mad?"

Ramuda slowly trailed his fingers down your body, letting them run down your curves, settling on your thighs. He sighed, seeming really reluctant to answer. Though he replied succinctly. "Yeah."

Without warning, he pried open your legs and tore your panties from your body, spreading you wide and entering without warning.

You scream, clutching at the bed sheets. It was in but you didn't have time to process how deep. You looked at him. His eyes looked like they were possessed by demons. Unapologetic. And maybe even relishing at the sight of your unimaginable pain. He was inside you. All the way inside. And your head swam from how much it hurt. You began to cry, squeezing him even tighter.

"Hahhh... Fuck. That was so good," he said in a shuddering breath. His length was pulsing inside you.

Both your hearts were beating fast. But while yours was from fear at this loss of control, he looked like a predator who was thoroughly enjoying his prey.

Before long, he began to thrust into you. There was no rhythm. No indication of when you could expect a break. He pulled out and you thought that was it, only to shove himself deeper this time. You moaned and cried out, feeling absolutely violated and you had no say in the matter.

"R-Ramuda... kun..." You managed to stutter out, reaching up at him.

He took your hand, clasping it so your fingers were intertwined, and thrust faster, really pushing your limits.

The pain began to subside as fluids coated your insides, making the sex feel bearable... Good even.

Your eyesight was hazy but you could tell the sight of him above you, and your hands clasped together. A quiet promise of togetherness.

Suddenly, the world was all colour as you released your control to him, letting him take you wherever he wants to go. Your body shook and you could feel it with every cell in your body.

"Ramuda..." you call out again as your eyes rolled up to your head, the world a vision of white and his desperate grunts filled your senses.

You heard a cry too strange to be you. Was it you or him? You couldn't tell, but that's when you knew it was over. This was heaven and you were two angels coming down from that high.

Ramuda collapsed on top of you, your bodies damp from sweat. He still held your hand, pinning it against the bed now as he caught his breath.

"Promise me..." he said between pants.

You looked at him, eager to let him continue.

"Promise that you'll only look at me..." There was a desperation in his request that struck you odd. He'd been moody before but he's never sounded this genuinely scared to lose you. It was deeply moving and it filled you with warmth.

"Okay," you managed, barely having any strength left.

"Okay isn't good enough," Ramuda replied, serious. "Promise me."

"I promise, Ramuda. You're the only one for me."

"Really?" he asked, a smile twitching at his lips. He kissed your forehead and fetched you a band aid from the night stand. He covered your cigarette burn with it, settling down next to you and tucking you both in the bed covers.

Huddled up under the blankets, he kissed your lips and then every part of your face. You giggled as he kissed your eyelids and your cheeks, soft butterflies against your skin with every tender peck. "Whew! I'm glad. Do you know how exhausting it is for me to be mad at you? Cause I don't wanna be. So don't give me a reason to."

'Come here," He whispered, holding you close and stroking your hair until you could calm down, wrapping your arms around him. Exhaustion combined with the comfort of Ramuda's fingers in your hair was the last straw. You began losing consciousness. "Good night" was the last thing you heard, whispered with reverence and adoration.

A soft, gentle kiss on your forehead and you're off to a blissful slumber, wrapped up in his arms.

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"Take my hand!" Samatoki called out to you, but strong supple arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you back.

"Get lost, old man! She's with me now," Ramuda said from beside you.

Samatoki clutched his chest like before, an anguished look on his face as he crumpled to the floor. You reach out to him, but he began to fade into the surrounding whiteness of your vision.

"This is what happens to those who oppose me," Ramuda said in his deep voice just as Samatoki disappeared into nothingness, you unable to move or do anything about it.

"Darliiiing! Honeeeeyyy! Precious??" you hear from the recesses of your mind, and you pop open your eyes to the familiar ceiling of Ramuda's room.

Soft pink hair brushed your cheek and you looked up at Ramuda's bright blue eyes looking down at you inquisitively. You had a hard time reconciling the Ramuda in your dreams to the soft cheeky smile of the one looking at you now. "Ramuda?" you ask.

"You're up! Yay~☆!" he exclaimed, rubbing the tip of his nose to yours playfully. "Wakey-wakey~ I wanna play!"

"It's so early..." you reply, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

"Aww..." Ramuda pouted. "But I wanna put it in. Can I?"

No sooner had he said that when you jolted awake to the feeling of something familiar pressing against your entrance. "Ramuda-kun, you're already this hard!" you say, drawing yourself up.

"Ehe~☆! I was looking at your sleeping face and remembered how cute you were last night, crying out my name like that~☆" he said, stroking your cheek affectionately. "Last night was fun for you too, right? Let's do it again~☆" he said while brushing his length up and down your folds, stimulating you there.

"A-Ah!" you cry out. Your half-awake brain could barely process the pleasure of skin on skin contact so early, and your hands shook as you gripped his shoulder, looping your arms around his neck to steady yourself. He kept going, rubbing your clit with every thrust as you whimpered in pleasure. You were so wet now. You wanted him inside you just as much as he wanted to put it in.

"Can I put it in?" he asked again as though he could read your mind.

"Yeah," you reply breathily as he re-positioned himself.

"Aaaah!" you scream as he pushed himself inside. You slapped at his shoulder, tears stinging your eyes. It felt like he was tearing into you, your insides burning with every inch he entered. "Ramuda... Wrong hole!"

"Oh? Whoops! Sorry~" he said unapologetically, even pushing himself inside a little more. Even with his cock coated in precum, it did not help that that hole was too tight to be used like that. "Oh, look! It went right in~" he chuckled.

"It hurts, it hurts! Take it out!" you replied, squeezing him tightly.

"A-Ah! Fuck." Ramuda breathed, taking you by the wrists and pinning them to the bed above your head. "Mm, but we're already here, aren't we?" he cooed softly, stroking your hair with his free hand. "It won't hurt as bad if you relax, you know~?"

"R-Ramuda, please..." you plead, hoping that it gets through to him. Fresh tears spilled down your cheeks, and your head spun from how much it hurt as you tried to wriggle away from him, to no avail.

"You said I could put it in, right?" he asked, leaning down to lick the tears trailing down your face. He whispered your name. "You look so pretty when you cry too. It makes me wanna do things to you."

With that, he pushed himself all the way inside and you cried out again with a shaky breath until he was buried deep in your ass, the friction unbearably painful even now as your skin stretched to its limit trying to accommodate his size. "Ramuda, p-please... It hurts. Please take it out, I beg you," you sobbed.

"Mm... Buuuut it feels sooo good," Ramuda replied with another pout. "Can't you be a dear and do this one thing for me?"

That was what he said too when he first fucked you, when he first made you suck him off, and when he got all manner of "toys" to tease you with. You knew it would be hard to get him to stop, but the pain was too much. The tears kept flowing even as he thread his fingers through your hair. It was enough to calm you the night before, but it was nowhere near enough to comfort you from what he was trying to do now.

He moved slowly at first, but the heat still burned you. And it made you squeeze him even tighter.

"F-Fuck..." he whispered, and you knew he was harder now than he was before. You could tell he was struggling not to cum on the spot with the way his ragged breath whittled out of him. It must be that good for him, even if it felt like torture to you.

You gulped, anticipating what he would do next. His breath was hot on your neck, and his free hand was on the side of your head. All the while, your sobs didn't stop, your throat dry from crying so much. You swallowed hard, feeling him move in and out of you at a steady pace. You twitched, clamping your eyes shut against the burning feeling where the two of you were joined.

His soft grunts in your ear were full of satisfaction. The sound of his voice was so erotic, mixed with your own soft whimpers as he moved faster and faster, fucking you with no remorse. Like a crazed animal.

He thrust into you relentlessly, the sound of your skin slapping every time you come together. The wet sounds filled your senses even as you felt like you were being ripped apart from the inside. Weak sobs escaped your lips, evolving into cries of pain when it got too much. But it only seemed to spur him on. The bed shook with every thrust, rocking your entire body every time he fucked you into the mattress, burying himself to the hilt each time.

Ramuda breathed out your name, and you knew he was close. He moaned huskily against your ear as he emptied his hot seed inside you, filling you. He finished quicker than usual, pulling his deflating length out of you -- his juices trailing down your hole.

Ramuda released your wrists soon after he came, his grip there surely forming bruises from how tightly he held you. He panted as he settled himself beside you, looking you in the eye. "You did so well, darling~! I'm pumped up to start the day now~☆!"

"Did I?" you ask, expressionless. You've run out of tears to cry at some point. You felt just like a toy that was played with and discarded at a moment's notice, your body aching from the abuse it had to take at Ramuda's hands.

He licked the last of your dried tears from your face, giving you a kiss on the cheek. "Yeah, but I have a meeting today! So I'll see you later~" he said, shuffling out of bed and putting on his clothes. You watched him without saying anything more until he closed the door behind him. He didn't say anything more to you either.

You lay in bed, looking up at the ceiling. The pain in your rear had you contemplating your relationship with him. Was it really too much? Were you an idiot for staying with him?

But it's not like you had an out now. There was no way another chance to escape was going to show itself any time soon.

You sobbed at your current predicament until you were bawling your eyes out again with no end in sight. It was like you were dropped in a deep sea, only blue and sadness within. You felt like you were drowning, like the water was in your lungs and you couldn't breathe. There was no way to tell where up or down was with Ramuda. And he wasn't about to let you find your way. You hate to admit it, but your life revolved around Ramuda's whim. And Ramuda's whim was often unkind to you.

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You struggled to get up, but the grumbling in your stomach gave you no choice. You would have to feed yourself at some point. Skipping out on work sounded like a good idea because it hurts to even sit down properly. But you thought of the possibility of Ramuda coming home early, and that got you preparing to go even though you knew you were going to be late. You looked through the closet Ramuda had saved for you. It was full of designer clothes, many of which Ramuda designed especially for you. You don't remember how it happened but most of your things were already here. At least, your things that didn't get thrown out at Ramuda's insistence. Those included all the clothes you bought yourself, and anything he considered tacky or useless.

It started feeling more and more like everything that's yours was given to you by him. Like you were also... One of his "things".

"... I don't like anyone touching my things... That's what Ramuda said about you when he faced down Samatoki.

You covered your mouth with your hand, holding back a gasp. This was only going to get worse from here, wasn't it? You shivered at the thought.

At work, you were listless and quiet. Even when your boss yelled at you. Even when your co-workers asked if you were alright.

The day passed uneventfully, at least for you. All you were concerned with was getting your work done as soon as possible and going back to your apartment.

You remember the the times you didn't come home to Ramuda's apartment when he wanted you there. He would go to your place to fetch you, banging loudly at your door and whining for you to open it. But last time... Last time was different.

He had a key.

You don't remember giving him a spare, but he has one apparently. Perhaps he had your key duplicated without your knowledge while you were staying at his place. Then, that would mean he goes snooping in your things while you aren't looking. But his things are off-limits to you. That was when you knew it wasn't safe to go home even to your own place.

Ramuda tried to get you to stop renting that 'disheveled old shack'. But it was the one thing you were insistent on.

But even now... With him able to come and go in as he pleased... You weren't sure of what to do anymore.

You mulled over where you would go that night all the way down to the elevator.

But when the elevator door opened...

You found Samatoki leaning his forearm on the frame of the lift, looking straight at you as though he were waiting for you all this time.

"... How long have you been there?" you ask, trying to hide your shock.

"We need to talk," he said. "Privately."

'Talking privately' sounded so irksome to you. It would have been bad enough if it was Ramuda. But with another man? Ramuda will find out, and you didn't want to know what kind of punishment he had in store for you when he did. "No thanks," you replied, dodging him and heading to the main entrance of your building.

"Damn." Samatoki grumbled, raking his hand through his hair before going after you. "Hey! I just wanna talk. If you stay with Ramuda, you could end up dead. That's just the kind of man he is."

"And what about you?" you snorted, turning to him. "You're a yakuza. You couldn't possibly be any better." You turned your back to him, your hair tossing in his direction.

Samatoki was silent for a while as he followed closely behind you. You could almost forget he was there until he sighed loudly. "I wouldn't treat you like that."

That made you stop in your tracks, and you looked at him. He stared back at you with an earnest gaze.

He almost got you there. But being you, you just had to ask.

"Treat me like what?" you spat.

He closed the gap between you, looking down at your hands. He was about to reach his hand towards yours before hesitating. "May I?"

You rolled your eyes and nodded reluctantly.

When he had your agreement, he took your hand in his reverently, raising the sleeve of your jacket with utmost carefulness. "... Like this."

The bruises Ramuda left from this morning stood out against the color of your skin. The hackles on your neck raised when you were reminded of what he did to you. It sent up a well of feelings inside you and Samatoki must have felt it when you lurched forward a bit. But you caught yourself, suppressing the sobs as they threatened to consume you again. Your had a blank stare, not daring to speak, lest the mobster catch onto you by the trembling in your voice.

"You're a good person. You shouldn't be suffering at the hands of that sociopath." His thumb feathered up and down your bruised wrist, barely touching it with an awareness that it would be painful to do so. It was a comforting gesture though. He was doing it to make you feel better. When he spoke again, it was with a softness that made your heart flutter. "You deserve better, is what I'm sayin'."

Your breath caught in you throat with every word carefully said. Your throat was dry and scratchy from the sobs you tried to hide. But they squeezed their way out now, soft hicks at first before the tears started pouring from your eyes. Then, you knew there was no stopping it now. You covered your face with your hands only to be met with a comforting warmth.

Samatoki had wrapped his arms around you, rubbing your back comfortably. "Shh, it's okay now," he whispered from above you as you let your sobs be buried in his warm, muscular chest. "You don't have to be afraid of him no more. I'm here."

You finally accepted Samatoki's offer much to his relief. You didn't realize how much it scared you to be leaving Ramuda until Samatoki was helping you pack up your things left from your apartment.

You would have to say goodbye to everything you left at Ramuda's place because no way in hell would you be getting it back without some difficulty.

You watched your back as you cleared out your things. There was no telling what would happen if he caught you now as you stuffed your essentials in your travel bag.

"We can call your land lady and your workplace tomorrow. But right now, we have tah' go."

"I'm ready," you nodded, and Samatoki lifted your bags from your hands with ease.

You were about to thank him for the kind gesture, but he went ahead of you quickly. "It would be faster this way," he said. But you could see the tips of his ears grow red against the whiteness of his hair even though he had his back to you.

You smiled coyly, whispering a "thank you" as you followed him.

"Mm," he grunted in acknowledgment as he led you to your new life.