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She's My Daughter

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Chapter Forty-Five- Planning and Future

Tom Riddle looked at his followers and said ''I have something to speak to you about my friends'' his followers locked eyes with him. Tom said ''My plans have become unfocused I'm ashamed of what I had become in the last war for that I am sorry my insanity was uncalled for and I have fixed the problems that caused my insanity in the first place.'' His followers relaxed a little bit and he walked around them in a circle and said ''My plans are to free Dark Creatures from being persecuted here in England, I also want to build a Magical Child Protection Agency so no magical child with magical or muggle parents are abused.'' He stood before them and said ''I want dark magic to be practiced to anyone who would want to practice it without braking a law and being sentenced to Azkaban I want all of the judgmental light wizards to fear us to think twice about challenging us and I want to kill Dumbledore and his supporters as long as he is around he will keep bringing us down.''

He said ''I want to start the raids again next year while the children are in Hogwarts and this is important remember this because I will only say this once'' his red eyes flashed he said ''Do not mess with Ana Salvatore she is not to be hurt in any way! She is the girl-who-lived true but she won't be fighting us do not mess with Orion Black-Lupin also Blaise Zabini and the middle twin Weasley's are not to be harmed the rest of the Weasley's are fair game the two older sons are not in Britain so we won't have to worry about them. Draco Malfoy is in a relationship with Orion Black so he is off limits too.'' Bella sneered and Tom looked at her and said ''Do not tempt me Bella if you step out of line, I will torture you until you lose the tiny bit of sanity you have left.''

Bella looked down and said ''Yes my lord''

Tom sneered at her and looked at the other's and growled ''That goes for the rest of you''

They all said ''Yes my lord.''

Tom nodded and said ''You are all dismissed'' he had some planning to do for their raids next year he needed to find where the order members were hiding.

Dumbledore paced his office he needed to up his game next year he needed Violet to fulfill his plans why didn't she trust him he has been nothing but kind to the girl. He growled and called Molly Weasley he would need love potion's for next year and for some reason Severus kept saying no to him making them so he had to go with the next best one which was Molly Weasley. He didn't want to have to use them but he would if he must.

In Mystic Falls

Ana sighed happily leaning against her mates in front of the waterfall they had a picnic blanket and a picnic basket it was prefect. Fred and George stood up and Ana was transferred to Blaise's chest. Ana looked at them and said ''What's going on?''

Fred and George looked at each other and then got down on one knee and Fred said ''We know you haven't turned 17 yet but we just wanted to give you a ring to tell everyone that one day you will be ours.'' George pulled out a ring box and handed it to her and she opened it and looked at the different colored birthstones it had hers in the middle and Fred and George's along with Blaise's on the outsides.

She mumbled ''It's beautiful you guys''

She looked at Blaise and said ''I pitched in also'' she kissed his cheek and slipped the ring on her finger and hummed happily.

George said ''It's Potion's restraint so you can wear it and make potion's without messing it up'' she kissed Fred and George on the cheek and looked at the ring in the fading sunlight.

There was a splash and they looked and saw Stefan on the other side of the quarry she grinned and said ''Hi Uncle Stefan!'' and waved and Stefan looked confused for a moment and then he waved to her slowly and then left. Ana said ''Do you think something's wrong with my uncle''

Blaise shrugged and said ''Maybe but let's not worry about it we will mention it to your parents.'' Ana nodded.

Silas looked at the beautiful girl who had waved to him she seemed to know him or his doppelganger at least. He looked at the empty backseat where the locker had been that had his weak double inside of it, he had thrown him into the lake when he had been yelled at. He needed to figure out who she was.


So this is the end of She's my Daughter there will be a sequel for Ana's and Blaise's 7th year and Silas comes into Mystic Falls yay.