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Can''t Stop Kissing You

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Bruce bristled at that look on Clark’s face.

“Don’t you dare!”

And was swept into Clark’s embrace, despite his furious warning.

“Clark...!” Bruce yelled in exasperation. He pushed and dodged, but Clark grabbed his chin and pressed their kiss-swollen lips together, again.

Clark sucked and nibbled, and Bruce’s struggles lessened in intensity, his muffled protests dissolving into soft sweet noises. Clark pried and slipped his tongue in, swiping and tasting every available inch, and Bruce’s will to resist simply ceased to exist. With a low growl, he yanked Clark’s head back and pushed himself into Clark’s mouth, entwining their tongues in an erotic play until he ran out of air.

Breaking free, heart thudding loudly, breaths rapid and heavy, Bruce narrowed his eyes in warning as Clark leaned in to steal another kiss.

“Do it again and I’m withdrawing my acceptance.”

“You can’t do that!” Clark pouted in objection, “It’s a sin to go back on your words.”

“Try me,” Bruce threatened, pushing Clark’s too-near face away. No matter how much he enjoyed Clark’s kisses (to the point where he had little immunity against them), Clark had really gone overboard this time, and Bruce’s lips and mouth throbbed from the side effects of over-kissing.

However, Clark simply could not stop himself and he pressed forward relentlessly, drawing Bruce into yet another kiss, melting away his protestations. Happy was an understatement to describe Clark’s current emotional state, which made him want to kiss and kiss Bruce again and again and again. In fact, he was bursting at the seams with so much joy that words were inadequate, and Clark had to resort to action to show how he felt when Bruce agreed to his request.

Once Bruce had regained enough air to speak, he shouted, “I change my mind! I’m not going to ma...”

“Sshhhh..,..!” Clark hissed loudly and clamped a hand over Bruce’s mouth, “Don’t say that or I’ll cling to you forever and never let you go.”

In a flash, Clark wrapped his arms and legs tightly around Bruce. Unbalanced by the sudden added weight, Bruce, with a startled gasp, fell backwards onto the pile of hay in the loft of Clark’s barn. Hay flew, dust motes scattered and Clark grinned as he latched eagerly onto Bruce’s lips, kissing hungrily.

And Bruce, stars swimming in his eyes, was once again robbed off of his breath by his husband-to-be.