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Do You Have a Best Friend Too?

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Chapter 4: Breakfast (not) in Bed

A couple months later (filled with pink girl) Bakugou is silently grateful to have a friend and he wants to show Mina that he cares, but how?

It’s morning. Early morning. It’s 6am and Bakugou’s alarm is blaring. 1 hour earlier than normal he’s up and doing his morning routine. Why is he doing this again? Oh yeah, so he can make Pinky breakfast. Saying that in his head sounds so weird. Him! Making someone else food out of the kindness of his heart! He reminds himself why he’s doing this, it’s because he wants to be closer to Mina and show her that the friendship isn’t one sided.


An hour later, after his workout and shower, Bakugou is walking through the common room to the kitchen. It’s still so early, no one else is there. Just Bakugou and his thoughts and currently his thoughts are occupied by Mina. Not in a weird way, he reminds himself, he’s just thinking about how honestly nice it is to have someone there for him. He’s been thinking about this a lot, since the beginning of their friendship in the school’s bathroom, but he can’t get it out of his head. Mina is someone who he actually cares about getting along with. His relationship with her is different from anyone else. Even with Kirishima he doesn’t need to get along with him, Kirishima will hang out with Bakugou anyway. But with Mina he feels the need to put in effort, to be nice and show her that he cares. It’s not like Mina will stop calling Bakugou a friend if he doesn’t make her breakfast but somehow he’s scared of that. As he whisks eggs he thinks back to all of the sappy, cliche, best friend things they had done together. They went out shopping regularly, went on a road trip, Mina even convinced Bakugou to get a manicure with her for fucks sake. Try as he might to ignore it, Mina meant something to him, Mina meant a lot to him actually.


He’s serving up scrambled eggs with rice for the two of them when Iida walks out.


“Good morning Bakugou! What have you made?”


“None of your business four eyes, go away.”


Bakugou now believes that Iida has the ability to summon the entire class to where he is because, gradually, his classmates are joining him in the common room, all wondering, a), what he has made and , b), why there are two plates. Kaminari, that asshole, tries to steal some food from one of the plates. They should be able to figure out who else it’s for! Bakugou doesn’t understand how they’ve completely missed his friendship with Mina developing but they sure have.


“Hey Bakubro! Who’s the other plate for?”


Fucking finally, it’s Mina.


“You, dingus.”


“Really?! Thanks!”


Mina grabbed the plate, sat down and started eating like it was the end of the world.


“This is so good Baku!”


“Course it is, I made it didn’t I?”


“Haha, guess you’re right! You are good at everything, that’s what you always say!”

“Shut up and eat, Ashido.”


“Okay, Mom!”


Bakugou just sighed as he started cleaning dishes. He was happy, he felt like he had successfully shown Mina that he cared about her. Bakugou knows he’s not good at being friendly to people, it’s been a fact of his life since he was born. His parent’s never seemed touchy or particularly kind to each other at all, especially his mom, and he’s never been sure of how to show affection. He just hopes that Mina got his message of reciprocated friendship. It’s safe to say she did.