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Do You Have a Best Friend Too?

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Mina walked down the UA halls with the usual bounce in her step. Her friends were already seated in the canteen, waiting for her to join them after her meeting with Aizawa. Even though she got chewed out for accidentally burning one of Aizawa’s scarfs last period in training she still smiled at everyone walking past her. Her brain ran off into the clouds, thinking about how cool it would be to be a horse and when she finally came back to reality she was standing outside of the school’s co-ed bathrooms. ‘Might as well make the most of this opportunity!’ she thought as she walked in to wash her hands before eating.

There was no noise in the bathroom when she walked in, just her and her continuous humming of ‘Africa’ by Toto. As she turned the tap off she heard a muffled sob coming from one of the stalls. Mina froze, waited in case it happened again. It did. Louder this time, like they thought no one was in the bathroom with them. Mina slowly walked up to the stall the noise was coming from and knocked lightly.

“A-anyone in there? Are you okay?”

There was an audible gasp from the person in the stall. Whoever was in there didn’t want anyone knowing. Mina was backing away when the door aggressively swung open, reflecting the person inside.


He had tear streaks running down his face, his eyes were red and his shirt was crumbled.

“What do you want?”

His words sounded wet but his usual pissed off tone still showed through. Mina didn’t have much of an answer to his question.

“I, uh, wanted to see if you were okay. I guess you’re not huh?”

“Of course I’m okay you dim-witted loser.”

“Sure and that’s why you’re crying in the school bathroom right?”

There were a few seconds of silence before Bakugou answered.

“My mom just opened her bitching mouth again, not a big deal.”

Mina didn’t press it anymore, she knew there wasn’t much point. If Bakugou wanted to talk he would but to Mina’s surprise, apparently he did.

“She told me that I’m useless and an asshole and that I need to be more like stupid Deku, okay?! That’s why I’m crying like a bitch, cause my mom likes Deku more than-”

He gets cut off when Mina bolts forward and wraps her arms around his neck. She doesn’t know what came over her. His sad emotions got so intense in such a short amount of time, like he was holding it all in so tightly. Mina almost has a heart attack when Bakugou doesn’t react but a second later he reciprocates and pulls his arms up to loosely rest around her waist. They stayed like that for a while. Mina could physically feel the great friendship starting to appear between them.

“Hey Bakugou…”


“I just wanted to let you know that we’re best friends now.”