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Ororo woke up with her long hair again, in a messy braid, wearing a long white sundress, cooking something her mind couldn't make out. When did she grow her hair back out? She was holding a little girl with piercing blue eyes and jet black hair. She looked just like Logan, singing Ororo a familiar song Logan used to play often. But she still couldn't make out who the girl was. She knew it had to be her daughter, but nothing else. What was her name, does she go to school, daycare, anywhere? She was clueless. The girl stopped playing with Ororo’s braid and singing, looked her in the eye with her wide, bright blue eyes and said

”Hi, mommy!” in a candy-like voice.

Ororo figured that she had to be 3 or 4.

”Can I play with Piotr and Kitty? I have to give Kitty her birthday present.” She pointed to the purple dragon on the table.

”I named him Lockheed.”

The little girl made her heart melt. Ororo didn't want to let her go, because she knew this was a dream and possibly the last time she would see the girl. She started to love the girl like she was actually real. But she wasn't real. None of it was.

”Sure Jean.”

She let the girl down and kissed her on her forehead. Jean grabbed the dragon and ran towards the back door. 


 Where did she get the name Jean from. The only Jean she knew was her best friend, Jean Grey-Summers. And that Jean was gone. She missed Jean so much. Only Jean could fill the Jean shaped hole she left. She yearned for her best friend.

She needed her best friend. Especially at times like this. 

Ororo decided to let some air in. She opened a window and let some air in. She tried to pull the air in but nothing. Not even a puff. That's weird. Why isn't her powers working as normal? She heard the doorknob jiggle. 

Ororo looked toward the front door. It was Logan, but in a crisp, starched button-down shirt and khakis. He put down his briefcase and leaned down to pick up Jean, who was running towards him at full speed with the Piotr and Kitty, two German Shepherds with brightly painted pink nails. She screamed ”Hi daddy” as loud as she could. Jean was clearly a daddy's girl. 

”Hi Jeanie! You wanna play some hockey today?”

She shook her head violently. 

”Can I still help you tend to the garden afterward mommy?”

”Sure, now go get your hockey things honey.”

”And hello to you darling.”

Logan walked up to Ororo and kissed her passionately.

Jean screamed ”Yuck!” before getting shooed by her parents. 

”Logan, why isn't my powers working?”

He pointed to a thin black bracelet they both were wearing. 

”After you got pregnant with Jeanie, we decided the best thing to do was to leave the X-Men and give up our powers so Hank made these just for us. Some fancy science stuff I don't remember. We're no longer Wolverine and Storm, members and leaders of the X-Men. That's our past ’Roro. Now we're just Ororo and Logan Howlett. Influential people in the community and on the elementary school’s PTO. Normal ol’ citizens.” 

Ororo couldn't breathe, speak or even move. Then suddenly she just fell through the ground. Logan quickly followed her but a silver bullet quickly pierced his chest.   She wanted to scream and do something, but she was helpless. All she could do was cry as she fell down the bottomless pit. 

Then images flashed all around her. Her an Logan. Her and Jean. Her and Scott. Her and Kitty and Piotr. Her and Kurt, Hank, Rouge, Bobby. Her and Xavier. Even a few images of her and T’Challa. The good times.  

And then she fell against a hard surface and the blow knocked her unconscious. 

She ”woke up” a little bit later and felt constricted. 

”Oh no.” 

She opened her eyes and saw the chaos. The rubble, the bones, and...her dead mother. 

She shot up out of her sleep in a sweat, with a few tears rolling down her face. She looked at Logan and inspected him. Making sure he was still living and breathing. She looked at his hands and saw his three glistening claws out, with blood flowing down his hand. 

”Oh Logan”

It was clear that Ororo wasn't the only one having a bad dream.