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Ororo listened to Reed tell Logan the bad news. It was hard for her, seeing the pain and hurt on his face. After all, they were lovers and close friends. They were like a family. Ororo lost too many people in her life and she didn't know if she could bear another. She was always tired, her mind and body aching as she laid in her bed by Logan every night. Tired of all the stress and pain during her life. At night when she's up by herself, her past engulfs her and sometimes it's just too much. No amount of back rubs, warm salt baths, or ancient and new medicine could ease her pain. Not even something Hank made just for her could help. But it wasn't time to worry about herself, she needed to worry about Logan. She made it clear to herself that she would be his muscle due to his lost healing factor. Even though he could still protect himself, he still needed the help. She would give him the boost his healing factor once did. Logan's past was a nasty, gigantic beast, and it was coming to get him. 

Ororo snapped out of her thoughts and paid attention to the conversation going on. She grabbed Logan’s hand and rubbed it, careful not to accidentally rub near the 3 red cuts his claws made whenever he used them. She saw him up late at night, tending to his wounds after accidentally popping out his claws during a bad dream. She would get up and kiss him on the cheek to make him feel better. He would smile and kiss her back, but under that smile he was still in a great deal of pain. Sometimes he would just pull her into a close hug and just hold her. Sometimes, she would feel a few tears fall on her shoulder. 

”Well is there any precautions we can take?” she asked. She wanted to be as careful as possible. She was going to buy Logan a helmet, a suit of armor, anything to keep him safe. 

”Well, don’t go and get a concussion, and Logan please, please don't use your claws.”