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Cakes & Yogurt

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Henry Cheng to gangsey: Hey lovers

Henry Cheng: I have some thoughts about Ariana Grandes God is a Woman that Id like to share

Ronan Lynch: oh my god

Ronan Lynch: i cant even

Ronan Lynch has left this group.

Blue Sargent to gangsey without Cheng: ronan

Ronan Lynch: no

Blue Sargent: you dont even know what im going to say

Ronan Lynch: call it a guess

Blue Sargent: asshole

Noah Czerny to Richard Gansey: do you think blue would be offended if we staged her an intervention?

Richard Gansey: why does she need an intervention

Noah Czerny: i was helping her clean her room in fox way and i found eight empty yogurt packages in her trash. i think she has an addiction

Richard Gansey: well

Richard Gansey: I think she’d be quite offended, yeah

Richard Gansey: are you willing to risk that

Noah Czerny: no. she kind of scares me

Richard Gansey: well that’s just cuz blue is scary

Adam Parrish has added Ronan Lynch to this group

Ronan Lynch to Adam Parrish: traitor

Ronan Lynch: you will regret this parrish

Adam Parrish: Boo fucking hoo

Adam Parrish: I’m trembling in fear

Ronan Lynch: you should be

Ronan Lynch: ill tell everyone your secret

Adam Parrish: What secret?

Adam Parrish: Everyone already knows that I like doing homework

Ronan Lynch: not your boring secrets

Ronan Lynch: juicy ones

Adam Parrish: Never type the word juicy ever again

Ronan Lynch: juicy

Adam Parrish: Oh God

Ronan Lynch: juicy juicy juicy juicy

Adam Parrish: What did I get myself into?

Ronan Lynch: J

Ronan Lynch: U

Ronan Lynch: I

Ronan Lynch: C

Ronan Lynch: Y

Adam Parrish has blocked you

Henry Cheng to Blue Sargent: ronans birthday is coming up

Blue Sargent: vampires dont have birthdays

Henry Cheng: i think we should do a party for him

Blue Sargent: cheng

Blue Sargent: darling

Blue Sargent: its not going to work. ronan will refuse to go and you know that

Blue Sargent: just like you knew last time… and the time before that… and the time before that

Henry Cheng: he cant keep ignoring my parties forever! 

Henry Cheng: this time will make it a surprise so he cant run away!!!!

Henry Cheng: again

Blue Sargent: oh my poor summer child

Ronan Lynch to gangsey: adam uses a grammar app to fixes his texts

Blue Sargent: WHAT

Noah Czerny: oh my god

Richard Gansey: my whole life has been a lie

Henry Cheng: I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry Cheng: nobody knows the proper use of a semi colon

Henry Cheng: had to be fake


Ronan Lynch: rule number one of keeping a secret parrish

Ronan Lynch: never sleep with a lynch

Adam Parrish: Jesus Christ

Noah Czerny to Richard Gansey: i dont think she ate anything other than yogurt this past week

Richard Gansey: we only need to worry if she starts sweating yogurt

Henry Cheng to gangsey: pizza tonight?????

Adam Parrish: I have a final coming so I need to study

Ronan Lynch: im going to annoy adam while he studies

Blue Sargent: sure!

Richard Gansey: if blue’s going, then im going

Ronan Lynch: hold on

Ronan Lynch: let me barf real quick

Henry Cheng has created the group “Ronan’s 21st birthday bash”

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Adam Parrish to Ronan’s 21st birthday bashI feel like I need to be the first to say

Adam Parrish: This group is a terrible idea.

Henry Cheng: ok…

Henry Cheng: does anyone have declans number?

Blue Sargent to Noah Czerny: im never going grocery shopping with you again

Noah Czerny: what did i do?

Blue Sargent: you removed all of the yogurts from our cart and said it was for my own good

Noah Czerny: it is

Blue Sargent: i will block you

Ronan Lynch to Adam Parrish: can i see you today?

Ronan Lynch: we never hang out

Adam Parrish: I can’t, I’m sorry

Ronan Lynch: why not?

Adam Parrish: I have a meeting with my professor

Ronan Lynch: why does that sound like a lie?

Adam Parrish: Because I’m lying

Ronan Lynch: spill it

Ronan Lynch: what are you actually going to do today?

Adam Parrish: I can’t tell you

Ronan Lynch: thats ridiculous

Ronan Lynch: of course you can

Adam Parrish: They said that if I told you, they’d cut my coca-cola t-shirt into shreds

Ronan Lynch: whos they?

Ronan Lynch: adam

Ronan Lynch: whos they?

Ronan Lynch: ADAM

Adam Parrish: seen at 05:32 p.m.

Ronan Lynch: asshole

Henry Cheng to Richard Gansey: youre on baloon duty

Richard Gansey: i was meant to do this my entire life

Adam Parrish to Ronan’s 21st birthday bash: Ronan is suspecting something is up

Blue Sargent: told you so

Blue Sargent: nothing gets past that boy

Henry Cheng: relax

Henry Cheng: hell just prod around some more and then give up

Richard Gansey: you have too much faith in him

Ronan Lynch to Richard Gansey: what the fuck richard

Richard Gansey: hey wassup

Ronan Lynch: tell me

Ronan Lynch: what are you all hiding?

Richard Gansey: i don’t know what you’re talking about

Ronan Lynch: keep lying to me

Ronan Lynch: just one thing gansey

Ronan Lynch: i know where you live

Richard Gansey: how can you be so scary through a text?

Blue Sargent to Noah Czerny: can you help me pick out the cake tomorrow?

Noah Czerny: ok. you did ask what cheng told you to ask, right?

Blue Sargent: yes

Noah Czerny: blue

Blue Sargent: noah

Noah Czerny: blue!

Blue Sargent: hey he’ll love it alright!

Blue Sargent: its much better than what cheng wanted me to had written

Noah Czerny: what did you had written?

Blue Sargent: “happy birthday, dickhead”

Noah Czerny: BLUE

Ronan Lynch to gangsey: lets hang out tonight

Adam Parrish: i cant

Ronan Lynch: why not?

Adam Parrish: i have to work

Henry Cheng: i cant either

Henry Cheng: i have to organize my clothes

Ronan Lynch: what

Ronan Lynch: who does that?

Richard Gansey: blue and i cant go either

Richard Gansey: we have to make out

Richard Gansey: heavily

Richard Gansey: with each other

Ronan Lynch: you fuckers

Henry Cheng to Ronan’s 21st birthday bash: its tommoooooorrrrrowww

Adam Parrish: Thank God

Adam Parrish: I hate lying to him

Blue Sargent: its so sad seeing him alone

Blue Sargent: i never thought id say this but i want to hug him

Ronan Lynch to gangsey: i hate you

Ronan Lynch: traitors

Ronan Lynch: assholes

Ronan Lynch: ill never talk to any of you again

Blue Sargent: oh who are you kidding

Blue Sargent: you couldnt survive without adam

Ronan Lynch: who could survive without adam, honestly

Henry Cheng: did you like it?

Ronan Lynch: i hated it every second of it

Ronan Lynch: except the cake

Ronan Lynch: i liked what the cake said

Blue Sargent: OH MAN