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The Belmont Blowout

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Blond knight tapped his chin for a moment. "Alright. Let's begin. Dinnerware?"






"Protective wards?"

"Juste's setting them up at the moment."

"Damage insurance?"

"Uh, hello? Who in their right mind would grant one for US?"

"Oh right... Fine, moving on. Activities?"

Julius looked up from the list he was holding, quirking his eyebrow at his ancestor, "We have booze. Add a bunch of Belmonts and there's enough activity ensured. Unfortunately."

Suddenly, the front door of the hunting lodge was kicked open and scar-faced brunet with heavy fur coat broke in. "Who said booze?! I wanna booze!"

While Leon groaned, Julius just sighed before the 21st century Belmont pointed the right direction and Trevor dashed towards the liquor table, grabbing himself a beer can. "Hey Shorts, Boots and Bondage! Beer!"

"Would you just stop with those immature names?!" Growled another Trevor, this one with similar brown hair but longer and dressed in long-tailed brown leather outfit along with long boots reaching his mid-thigh. He also sported a scar across his eye.

"You said already no for my alternative names so had to come up with something else," the first Trevor shouted back.

"Trevor1, Trevor2 and so on are not valid names either," yet another Trevor grumbled as he pushed into the room, this one having an eyepatch over his left eye and dressed in an outfit that consisted far too many metallic clasps and belts along with leather.

Behind him, third Trevor, sporting shorts, breastplate and a simple circlet around his head sighed as he crossed over the threshold with Christopher and Soleiyu in tow. "What did I do to deserve this -?"

"What did we do to deserve this?" Julius mumbled. "Three Trevors and counting -"

"Come on, Shorts!" Netflix-Trevor grinned, tossing his first incarnation a beer can, who despite his frown caught it. "The fans love us! And who could blame them? After all, we are the most notable Belmonts ever!"

"What was that?!"

Soleiyu yelped as he was forced to jump aside as three men burst in, each of them glaring at the newest Trevor. One of them was dressed similarly to a barbarian warrior, blond hair framing his frowning face as the other two were redheads: one with long hair and dressed in leather armour with a red vest over his left shoulder. The other had a black vest revealing his chest and midriff and similar coloured pants with silver lining like the vest. His hair was shorter; reaching barely his shoulders.

"Excuse you, newbie; but tis' I, Simon Belmont who is the most renowned vampire hunter ever!" the blond Simon proclaimed. "You may be the legendary Belmont but our name is the icon! The first thing people think when they hear 'Castlevania'!"

"I thought it was 'Konami sucks' these days..." Soleiyu whispered to his father, making Christopher snort before he lowly spoke back to his son.

"There's always been a rivalry between Trevors and Simons. Now it just worst since Simon and Richter got into Smash and Trevor did not," Christopher sighed as they were watching as the tension between two groups escalated.

Meanwhile, long-haired Trevor scoffed at Simon's words. "Watch it, brat or great-something-grandpa will give you a spanking."

Simon with long red hair laughed; "Oh like you gave to a certain half-blood? Wasn't it Alucard who threw that fight? Must have felt sorry for you!"

Trevor with eyepatch glared at Simons, flipping his whip. "What a big mouth... Let's see how you guys fare against the legends then, shall we?"

"You're on!" Judgment-Simon smirked, brandishing his own weapon as other Simons and Trevors did the same, getting ready for a brawl.


Everyone covered their ears as a shrill, high-pitched sound broke out.

"Alright! Enough!" Julius removed the whistle from his lips. "Everyone named Trevor or Simon; weapons away and sit your arses down! If any of you so much as touches his Vampire Killer, I'll pummel every one of you fossils into the ground so be quiet!"

"Uh, does this include me and father?"

Julius looked at the doorway, where the Belmont family from Lords of Shadow stood; Gabriel and Marie, Trevor and Sypha with Simon and lastly Victor. "Nah, you guys are alright. Come in," he answered to Simon and as they made themselves comfortable, he looked around the room. "Has anyone seen -?"

"Out of the way, baby boys! The main bitch is in the house!"

"- Sonia," Julius smirked as a woman with long blond, braided hair tailing her entered. She strolled across the room, throwing her arms around the equally blond knight. "Leon! It's been a while!"

"So glad you could make it," Leon said before wincing as Sonia punched him on the shoulder, laughing. "Nice - ow - to see you."

"Well, I could not leave you to watch over these children all by yourself, can I?" Sonia chuckled before moving behind the couch where few Simons and Trevors were sitting, licking the imaginary wounds to their pride. She threw her arms around long-haired Simon's and Curse of Darkness-Trevor's shoulders, pulling both men to her. "Now, what was this commotion I heard just now? Surely you boys are not fighting with each other?"

"Of course not!"


"That's good boys. Save the fight for the vampires," Sonia gave both men's shoulders quite a squeeze, grinding the bones against each other before releasing them and making her way to greet Gabriel and his family.

Massaging his sore shoulder, red-headed Simon whispered to the CoD-Trevor; "Written out of the canon but she's still scary as hell."

"Compared to her, my wife acts like an angel even when she's busting my balls," Trevor grimaced, remembering the last time Sypha practised her magic. Using her husband as a moving target. And Trevor had done nothing wrong!

...Okay, so maybe he nearly got himself killed by Isaac but seriously?! Was that a reason to barbecue him when he returned home?!

"Speaking of her, why isn't she or any other classic-Sypha here?" The ginger Belmont asked his ancestor who merely shrugged.

"Can't say for others but mine said, and I quote 'I would not come into a closed space with you, your counterparts and your bat-shit insane family! I'll rather go and prostitute myself to Dracula and Death at the same time! While I freeze you on the ground by your balls and make you watch!'" Long-haired Trevor deadpanned. "Scary thing is; I totally believe she'd do it."

"...Your wife is insane," Simon from Chronicles grimaced as every classic universe-Trevor sighed.

"Amen," three other Trevors voiced together at that before CV3-Trevor mumbled, continuing; "Yeah, tell us something new."

Judgement-Trevor nodded towards Trevor and Sypha from the reboot, "At least she seems nice, level-headed. And not insane."

Red-haired Sypha turned to look towards other Trevors and smiled, "Oh thank you for a compliment. But I think the reason your spouses act as they do is due to your own behaviour. I mean, what would you expect when your significant other tends to rush headfirst into danger without stopping to think first?" Sypha then looked towards her Trevor, smiling so innocently and sweetly that it made every male's hair standing up on back of their necks. "Isn't that right, my dear husband?"

Black-haired Trevor sweatdropped and cowed before his petite wife's smile, "Err... Y-yes, Ma'am..."

"Well look at that," Long-haired Simon snorted. "Every Trevor is whipped, then."

As Sonia settled down on the large chair after ruffling Soleiyu's hair, Christopher looked around, "Are we still waiting for anyone?"

"Juste should be done soon with the wards," Julius answered. "But Richters are missing."

"Wards?" Gabriel cocked his eyebrow. "Why the safety measures?"

"Well, it's rather a kinda preventive action. A horde of Belmonts has attracted monster attacks in past so..." the only classic-Belmont sporting a beard said. "Not to mention it is the only reason anyone rents us anything anymore. There's a history of... incidents." At that Julius made a specific eye on his predecessors.

"Oh come on!" Short haired ginger Simon shouted. "You're exaggerating!"

"2473 domestic and public disturbance calls, 1943 arrests, 802 fire departments visits and 137 exorcism attempts," Leon counted. "Not to mention all the property damages."

"Damn," Victor whistled.

"In our defence," the original Trevor held up his hands, "if the renter's insurance does not cover hell-beasts bursting in flames when drenched in holy water, its not OUR fault!"

"Yeah," long-haired Simon added. "We were just doing our job! Protecting the innocents from the horrors of the night!"

"273 assault charges," Leon dead-panned.

"...all those guys were pricks," Sonia huffed, crossing her arms as if daring for Leon to continue.

Which he did. "And 1496 charges about public indecency and intoxication."

There was an awkward silence until CoD-Trevor shrugged, "Work hard, party hard?" He then raised a hand in perfect synch with his Netflix counterpart and high-fived him.

"My blood pressures rising hard, alright," Leon groaned, pinching his nose as he muttered mostly to himself. "Even Mathias wasn't this handful..."

Just then, a red-coated man with long white hair stepped in. "My apologies for being late. The wards are in pla- Leon?" Juste halted just inside the doorway and looked at the knight. "Are you alright?"

"He's fine," poofy-coated Trevor waved off as the knight in question rubbed his temples. "Just enjoying the wonderful company of his lineage!"

"Al-right," Juste carefully said before beginning to make his way further in -

Only to end up flown face first on the floor as two large bodies threw themselves through the doorway right after him and ending up stuck in it.

"I won!"

"No way! I was first!"

"My foot is inside the room!"

"Does not count!"

"Does too!"

"Does not!"

"Does too!"


Two similar faces, one with long brown hair and other with short hair along with a bandanna turned to look at the older Belmont who just got up, both answering simultaneously; "Yes?"

Juste dusted his coat, glaring at the duo. "What are you two doing?"

Both Richters glanced at each other before one with the bandanna answered; "Racing?"

White-haired Belmont pinched his nose, "Behave, both of you. You look like children."

"Sorry, da-" both pouted before long-haired Richter frowned. "Wait, are you our father or grandfather today?"

Shrugging, Juste reached out to pull the troublesome duo free. "We'll leave that for the fans to decide."

Victor snorted at the antics of the classic universe-Belmonts before looking at his own kin. "And here I thought our family was weird."

"Well, to be frank; they had more time to develop into this insane group," Simon pointed out, hoarding the popcorn bowl entirely for himself before stuffing his mouth full. "Gif fwe defaes anf mof fames; wfell feach fhat fage foo. OUF!"

(Give few decades and more games; we'll reach that stage too. OUCH!)

His mother had grabbed Simon by the ear, scowling; "Simon Belmont! Do not speak with your mouth full!"


"Don't 'mom' me, mister! Growing up in the mountains is no excuse to act like a slob!"

"Father -!"

Lifting his hands up, dark-haired Trevor shook his head, "Sorry, son; you're on your own." He was not an idiot enough to cross his wife when it came to the matter of manners. He had once, and still bore marks from that time.

One by one, everyone settled down and helped themselves to food and beverages while chatting for a while. The fire in the fireplace gave a warm glow around the main hall as the vampire hunters exchanged and compared their tales and adventures. Soon, a distinctive sound of a spoon clinking against the glass sounded out. Every head turned towards the person standing up.

"Attention my dear Belmonts," Leon spoke, smiling. "Before we can get this gathering properly on the way, I have a little announcement to make."

"What did you do now, Leon?" Long, red-haired Simon fixed a stern look at his ancestor.

"Huh?" the blond knight looked perplexed. "'Now?'"

"The last time you declared something, you signed your whole bloodline to an eternal war against your ex-boyfriend."

"I - no, that's - we -there's -"

"Give it a rest, will you? We all know Dracula banged you in the past," Judgement-Simon waved his hand.

"That is a blatant lie!!" Leon shouted, his face burning red.

"Holy shit!" Trevor from the animated series nearly choked on his beer. "You mean YOU fucked Dracula?!"

"What?! No!" Leon denied. "I never slept with Dracula!"

"Thank God for small mercies -" Christopher began but was quickly cut off as Leon continued, huffing;

"He went by Mathias back then!"

"Never mind, I take that back."

"Back to the topic, please," Victor interjected, grabbing the next beer can that Netflix-Trevor was reaching for, causing the brunet to frown at the one-eyed Belmont. If they did not keep an eye on him, another trip to the liquor store would be needed soon. Or maybe straight to the local brewery.

"Right," Leon cleared his throat and gave an innocent smile that made everyone tense up. "As this is the gathering for the noble members of the Belmont Clan, I took it for myself to also invite the only two vampiric Belmonts in existence."

Total silence reigned before...


"Are you insane?!"

"No more booze for you!"

"You invited vampires?! Here?!"

"Knew that those 'friendly' punches Sonia throws around would eventually screw someone's head up..."

"They are Belmonts!" Leon defended himself. "Is that not the whole point of this thing? To strengthen the bonds between those who share that name?!"

"Not every bloody Belmont in the history is here," Trevor with long brown hair pinched his nose bridge. "And it's the fact that hello? Vampires!"

"So you guys would cast them both out just because of what they are?" Leon scowled.

"Well, not both. I mean," Juste looked at black-haired Trevor, "your other self is alright, he's Alucard after all but the other. No offence, Gabriel but -"

"He's DRACULA," three classic Simon's growled at the same time before one with blond hair continued; "Sorry, but I'm not going to have a picnic with a vampire bearing the name of the one who cursed me. Even if it's the different person."

Sonia hummed; "Well, I think we should give him a chance. As you pointed out, Simon; he's not our Dracula. And haven't he and your Alucard mended their differences?" She looked towards the Belmonts from LoS.

Marie nodded, beginning; "Yes, they -"

She was interrupted by several voices shouting at the same time. The cacophony reigned until she inhaled and;


"Marie?!" Gabriel looked startled as usual his calm and level-headed wife stood up, eyes blazing.

"Now every one of you, listen up; my husband, the vampiric one, has made his quest for redemption and found peace despite the sins and wrongs committed both against him and by his own hands. He has left the path of destruction behind him and settled in a quiet life with his son," Marie's eyes swept around the room, directly staring in the eyes of every person present. Even those of her own family. "Judge him as he stands before you, not by the actions of past."

As she sat down, Victor took his turn; "Dracul aided the survivors against Satan's demonic plague even though he did not need to. Does that not speak of his noble heart?"

A collective mumble sounded from classic universe Belmonts. Hard to determine if it was agreeable by the tone or not.

"Ok," Christopher said, placing his glass on the coffee table. "Marie's and Victor's opinion has been heard. What about the rest of you?" He eyed the rest of Gabriel's kin.

Trevor sighed. "Well... You all know how MY first meeting with him goes."

"But you know the truth now," Leon said.

"Maybe... But it is difficult to interact with the person who ends up KILLING you and turning you into a monster."

"Father," Trevor's son began. "You- no, he- Oh fuck it; Alucard is not a monster. He's still you."

"With some extra teeth," Judgement-Simon muttered, earning a hard glare from his LoS counterpart. "What? So you want to meet them? The vampire whom you killed and another who lied to you?"

"He did not lie!" Simon growled.

"Well, did not care to reveal truth either."

"It's complicated," the third of the Belmonts in LoS spat. "And does not concern you."

"Ok, everyone, calm down," Julius once again acted as a peacekeeper but before he could continue, he was interrupted.

"Trevor," Sypha spoke to her husband. "Give Dracul a change."

The green-coated warrior looked at his wife, frowning. "Sypha -"

"Please, husband; trust your mother and Victor. And yourself. If they can accept and believe in Dracul's redemption, why can't you?"

Trevor looked reluctant but before he managed to say anything, an armour-clad hand settled on his shoulder. Looking over, his eyes met those of Gabriel.

"Son, I myself cannot either say that I'm enthusiastic to meet my future-self," the holy warrior said gently. "But I trust your mother's judgement. So far she has never led me astray."

Trevor looked at his father for a moment before shifting his eyes from one member of his family to another. "Fine," he then sighed. "I'll try."

"So, when are they coming?" Sonia looked towards Leon who shrugged.

"Don't actually know. Alucard said that he probably needs to break the invitation to his father gently. To minimize the potential collateral damage."

People looked at each other before Chronicles-Simon murmured; "And this is the guy he invited..."


Following that, everybody settled slowly back to chattering, even though some were still sour and on the edge for the impending meeting with vampires.

Leon, Sonia and Gabriel; the three acclaimed procreators of the Belmont Clan, were immersed in conversation about their respective backstories and origins. Leon caught the tiny detail from the Champion of Light's tale; that Gabriel was in his youth suspected to be a bastard of the Cronqvist family and that sparked the comparing of details between their universes, following up with a promise of a spar between them at some time.

Near the wall, Victor and the blond-Simon had somehow ended up in an arm-wrestling match, all other Simons, most of Trevors, both Richters and Soleiyu cheering for one or another. Or for both because hey, why not?

Julius was grumbling to himself as he picked up empty beer cans (mostly because of Trevor from animated series) with Christopher while Juste was in a serious debate with Marie and Sypha about the current fashion in interior design.

Suddenly, without warning, Juste's head shot up. White-haired male's face hardened as he stared into the distance.

"Juste?" Christopher poked him on the knee as he had just gotten few elusive cans from under the sofa his descendant was occupying.

"The wards..." Magic-gifted Belmont murmured. "Dark creatures are approaching."

At that moment, the knocking came from the kitchen where the back door was, causing several hunters to reach instinctively for their weapons.

"They're here!" Leon shouted excitedly, jumping on his feet and disappearing into the next room. The door was heard to open and Leon's chipper voice rang out; "I'm so glad you could - What the everloving fuck, Alucard?!"

That got everyone's eyebrows nearly jump through the roof when the tone changed from cheery to shocked. Because Leon Belmont never, EVER cursed.

Leon's shout was followed by muted conversation, the Belmont horde unable to distinguish exact words but soon that short exchange of words ended, followed by two sets of footsteps.

Suddenly -

"Heads up!"

A crimson-coated body was tossed through the doorway and landed on the carpet behind the sofa where Juste, Marie and Sypha were sitting. Everyone had got on their feet when the shout came and gathered around the sofa to peer down on the floor.

"Jesus fucking Christ," Netflix-Trevor said; describing what most of them were thinking about at seeing this.

On the carpet was Dracul, lying on his back with limbs spread out while pitch-black hair created a kind of twisted version of a halo around the vampire's head. Not a muscle was twitching or moving, the feared Prince of Darkness seemingly deep in the La-La Land.

"Phew!" Multiple eye sets looked up from the dark vampire towards the kitchen doorway, landing on a man with pure white hair as he was dusting his gauntleted hands. "I swear he's getting fatter... Hi Mother!" Alucard grinned, pearly white fangs gleaming and waved to Marie.

"Son, what in the name of everything holy -"

"What? Father was being difficult," the young vampire shrugged.

"So you decided to pierce him through the heart with the Crissaegrim? And drag him here?" Marie pinched her nose, pointing at the longsword sticking out of Dracul's chest.

"Either that or endure his," white-haired vampire pointed over his shoulder at Leon, "whining."

"What?" Leon pushed past the vampire, rounding him before crossing his arms, huffing. "I did not whine!"

"Yes, you did." Alucard quoted, mimicking Leon's voice; "Alucard, you need to convince your father to come too! It's vital! Please! The fate of the world and our evening depends on it!"

"...I do not sound like that."

"Actually," blond Simon interjected. "You do."

Blond knight frowned before Alucard continued; "And you kept sending me short messages from an untraceable number without telling who you were. I thought that it was again a rabid fangirl following me! Or the Lieutenant. That guy has had some weird issues ever since I killed him in the game."

"Uh sorry," Leon scratched the back his head sheepishly. "I turned my number untraceable because Joachim kept calling after that one-night stand."

"Dammit Leon," Trevor with unnaturally long boots facepalmed. "Would you stop throwing yourself to the bloodsuckers' dicks?!"


"What was that, fang-face?" Long-haired hunter glared towards the vampire who was smirking. The annoyingly similar way like his old companion had once.

"Oh nothing, it's just ironic for you to say that. Or hasn't nearly every one of you Trevors and your descendants here slept with a vampire? Or rather; with a half-vampire?" Alucard eyed gathered Belmonts with a certain look that made most of them turn into a peculiar shade of pink in the face.

"How the hell do you know that?!" Curse of Darkness-Trevor shouted.

"How come you act so surprised? It's not like it was any grand secret," blond Simon cut in. "Everyone knows that every Trevor, excluding them," he pointed at LoS-Trevor and his future, vampiric self, "has laid with Dracula's son. Not to mention of SotN-Richter. Even Julius screwed him as Arikado."

"And you know this how?" Julius challenged his ancestor.

"That Soma-kid posted about it. And I'm not hearing you denying it."

"What or who I do is no concern of yours," the modern Belmont shrugged.

Netflix-Trevor waved his hands. "Hold on! I have not slept with any bloodsucker!"

Everyone stared at him for a moment before bursting out in laughter.

"What?!" This Trevor tried to come off as intimidating but succeeded to look like a flushed, angry ball of fluff.

"Come on," Soleiyu snickered. "Everyone knows you and your Alucard were screwing behind the scenes!"

"Hell no!" Trevor snarled. "There's no proof -!"

Sonia, the sneaky little bitch that she was, had dug up a tablet and was currently playing a certain scene from the animated series.

Yes, THAT scene.

The flush on the newest Trevor's face looked even brighter than it normally would, thanks to his fur-coat. "That was on the script! It means nothing!"

"The script? More like something from slash-writer's fanfiction. As gay as the Nocturne of Recollection was," Sonia cackled and held the tablet out of the male's reach as he tried to snatch it from her. And possibly break too.

The barbarian-Simon sighed. "At least Juste hasn't succumbed to sleep with the enemy. Or the enemy's offspring."

The Belmont in question suddenly stiffened. "Errr..."

"Juste -?"

"...Does it count if he was possessed by Dracula's wraith -?"

"Goddammit Juste! Not you too!" The blond-Simon threw his hands up, frustrated. "So only we Simons along with Christopher and Soleiyu know how to SLAY the enemy, not to LAY with them?!"

"I did not sleep with Dracula. And Alucard was not around during my game," bandanna-wearing Richter pouted.

"And Rondo-Richter yes, but the rest of you?" Barbarian Belmont pointed at accused members of the family. "Shame on you!"

"Really?" Sonia challenged him by coming at his face, hands on her hips, "How can we be sure that Dracula just cursed you? Maybe you fooled around and in fact caught some nasty vampire-STD from the Ol' Fanged One?"

Three classic-Simon spluttered at that before starting a shout-match with Sonia as Netflix-Trevor along with both Richters sang obnoxiously; "What a horrible night to have an STD!"

At the other side of the room, ignoring the drama the revelations caused among the hunters, Marie came before her undead son, smiling up at him as Alucard's eyes turned towards her. Eyes shining with love, she lifted her hands, framing the vampire's face. Alucard smiled his tiny, soft smile before closing his glittering wolven eyes and nuzzled against his mother's hands. Pulling back, Marie smiled at her son, taking his hand and giving it a squeeze before she turned to face her human husband and the rest of their family.

Alucard fidgeted as he too faced their family.

Soleiyu stage-whispered somewhere in the background, "Awkard ~"

Ignoring him, the vampire swallowed once before opening his mouth; "Erm, it's - oomph!" Alucard was cut off when something large and ginger crashed against him. Heavily muscled arms circled the vampire and he swore his armour creaked a little under the pressure. Or was it his bones? "S-simon -!"

"Father," red-headed Belmont mumbled as he was squeezing the non-existent breath out of the pale vampire.

Letting out a grunt, Alucard managed to free himself, pulling back to look at his son.

The vampire frowned. "You need a haircut."

Simon 's eyes bugged. "Sorry what?! THAT'S what you'll say after all?! You kept silent about yours, and grandfather's identity that whole time, made that pretty confusing cheek touch and just POOF! Gone."

The vampire dodged the ginger's eyes. "Those... were not my best moments, I admit it. And... I'm sorry. For everything."

Simon huffed, stepping back a step. "What I'm most pissed off at is that you did not say anything even though your actions were plainly obvious."

Alucard's head shot up. "What? You knew?!"

"Well duh," Simon rolled his eyes. "Ghoulish looks or not, I'm not that dense that I would not recognize my own father's face when you stepped into the light in that throne room. And thank God for that," he continued. "Otherwise, I would have thought that I was being hit on by a vampire."

Alucard grimaced. "Cheek?"


On the side, Simon's parents were watching this interaction in silence, both of them trying to process the appearance of the white-haired vampire. Sypha could see her husband in this creature of darkness, beneath the changes and honestly, it did warm her heart seeing her son greeting the vampire so familiarly.

Trevor on the other hand... He could not decide how to feel about this. Seeing his mother and son so easily calling the creature before them as son and father... The ugly sensation of the jealously poked Trevor's heart when suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking back, it was his father again, giving him an encouraging look.

Understanding what his father was meaning, the green-clad warrior took a deep breath and nodded before looking aside and meeting the eyes of his wife. They needed to clear up things with Alucard...

But before they could say anything, Christopher's voice captured everyone's attention. Even the shouting match between Simons and Sonia stopped. "Hey! Are we just going to ignore the fact that there's a vampire on the floor with a sword sticking out of his chest?"

"Oh right," Leon sheepishly said before addressing Alucard; "Seriously, this is how you talked him into coming?"

"What else I could have done?" Alucard crossed his arms. "Father's stubborn beyond measure and much stronger than I. I could not just drag him here while conscious."

"So..." Julius began. "He does not want to be here?"

Alucard tilted his head, scratching his cheek in pondering gesture. "I'm... not actually sure about that. Although I cannot know what Father feels about the Belmonts besides his close family, there may be some interest or curiosity in him concerning you people."

"'May?'" 21st-century Belmont quirked his eyebrow.

"Well, he hasn't hunted you guys down in a bloody rage, so..."

"And that's supposed to a relief?!" Chronicles-Simon shouted.

"Compared to his previous actions; yes."

Gabriel looked towards the vampiric version of his son. "And what are the odds for... him... not to start a bloodbath?"

Alucard's golden eyes met those of Gabriel, causing the vampire to fall silent for a moment. He stared a moment at the human, tilting his head slightly. Of course, this was the first time Alucard met Gabriel in person and could help to compare him to Dracul. After a while, he answered, the voice betraying nothing about his thoughts; "60-40. Forty for attacking."

Hunters looked around from one to another. Those were surprisingly good odds, in their experience with vampires.

"So... Will he have amnesia and loss of powers again?" Victor asked, looking toward his vampiric ancestor.

"No," Alucard shook his head. "It's been so little time. There won't be any side-effects."

"Other than being pissed for being impaled? I know I'd be," Netflix-Trevor crossed his arms, his whip still on his hand.

"Well, there could be that," the vampire admitted.

"Great. So I'll vote for NOT waking the possibly angry, overpowered Master Vampire up," fur-coated Trevor looked around. "Who's in favour?"

"We can't leave him in there," Christopher said.

"Why not? Sure, we could always stake him... Ow!"

"Okay, someone's little too stake happy, grandpa," Julius said as he grabbed the animated series-Trevor by the ear, pulling him aside. "We are not killing Dracul."

"Not that anyone of you could," Alucard pointed out.

Before anyone could return to that, Leon beat them, announcing with a stern voice: "And that was NOT a challenge! No kinslaying here!"

Simon from Chronicles opened his mouth, "Technically, he's not -"

Knight's pale eyes pinned his descendant on his place and Simon's voice died out.

"Maybe you should just wake him. Better sooner than later," Juste said to Alucard before glancing towards the Vampire Lord and sighed, "Richter, leave Dracul alone."

"Sorry," SotN-Richter sheepishly murmured as he got up from the floor he was crouching on and put away the plastic fork he had used to poke Dracul to the cheek.

Stepping forward, Alucard curled his fingers around the Crissaegrim's handle and pulled.

The moment the blade's tip left the flesh, crimson eyes snapped open and the vampire's body turned into the shadows that darted a few feet away from the middle of the room before reforming. Fangs bared, dark claw-tipped fingers curling the Dragon snarled as he glared around the room, the light from the fireplace creating a quite fitting background for him. Finally, his eyes landed on the other vampire, narrowing into tiny slits as a deep growl echoed from his chest. "You! You damned, disrespectful, two-faced wretch!"

Alucard merely stood his ground, arms crossed as the older vampire came up to his face snarling; "I should tear you from limb to limb for that stunt!"

Alucard merely cocked his eyebrow at the words.

Suddenly, the dark-haired vampire burst into laughter, throwing his head back. "Hah! Nice one, son! You got me good this time!" Dark-haired vampire clapped a hand upon his son's shoulder.

Alucard's lips twitched, a tiny amused smirk dancing on them. "Always with the theatrics. Maybe you should ask Toy Maker for some stage-time?"

Dracul scoffed and people could swear that it looked like a shiver ran over him, "Hell no, those puppets of his creep me out." Suddenly, sharp-tipped nail pointed directly towards the pale-haired vampire. "Also, you're grounded for a year."

Alucard's hair bristled at that. "Excuse me?!"

"Grounded~," Dracul sang.

"You can't ground me! I am no child!"

"I'm your father AND sire, so yes, I can."

"I'm over 1000 year old!"

"Could have fooled me. Watch it, boy or I'll give a spanking too!"

"Just try, old man and you'll end up as a dried-up corpse for next millennia!"

"That's it; grounded for a decade!"

"Wha - Father!"

"Two decades!"

"You -!"

"Do not make me say five, Trevor."

Alucard snarled but otherwise held his tongue, glaring at the Dragon who had crossed his arms and stared back at the younger immortal. But soon his stern look cracked again as he scooped Alucard in a headlock before giving him a noogie.

"Is this real?" Sonia asked from none-one particular as she stared at the two vampires rough-housing.

Humans had been watching this exchange going back and forth like a tennis match, silently wondering when the blood would begin to spill. But other than Alucard howling and trying to wrestle out of his father's hold, the battle looked like the farthest thing from happening.

Marie chuckled, especially to her own family's surprise. "Oh, that is purely normal for them." Both Gabriel and her human son stared at her wide-eyed as she walked up to two vampires. "Alright, enough of that, you two."

Dracul looked up, pushing aside Alucard's hand that was trying to claw out his eyes, "Marie!" Letting go of Alucard who smacked on the floor face first, Dracul wound his arms around his wife. "Oh, how I've have missed you, my love! ...Son, do get up from the floor. You're making us look bad."


Ignoring his son's indignant shout, elder vampire's eyes landed on the rest of his kin. "Simon!" Dracul shouted, letting Marie go and scooping the redhead in a dragonhug. "Grandpa missed you! Sorry for that whole possession-thing."

"Uuuhh, okay-?" Simon choked out before the vampire let him go. "You are not mad?"

"About killing me? Nah," Dracul waved his hand dismissively.

Victor spoke out, arms crossed, drawing Dracul's attention; "You seem rather... alright for being here. Despite how he," pointing at Alucard, "described you being difficult about this."

"Well..." the vampire drawled out. "I tend to pretend be more stubborn than actually am. It's more hilarious for seeing him putting an effort to convince me about something. This," he pointed out towards already healed wound over his heart, "was a nice surprise."

"You are pleased that Alucard impaled you?!" Christopher shouted, disbelieving what he heard.

Dracul shrugged. "Why not? There's barely anyone capable of defeating me and its refreshing." He then reached to ruffle Alucard's hair, ignoring the annoyed growling directed towards him. "Besides, the boy is growing and getting stronger. What father wouldn't be proud of that?" Eyeing his son, he continued, "At least, you did not strike while my back was turned."

"Back-stabbing?" Alucard scoffed, trying to act offended and not to show how other's compliments affected him. "Dishonourable and cowardly."

Leon then briskly stepped forward before grabbing the dark vampire's hand and giving it a firm shake, grinning. "It is an honour to meet yet another patriarch of the Belmont Clan. I am Leon, the current canon head of the family from the classic universe. And this," he gestured towards the blond woman, "is Sonia. She was the first Belmont ever mentioned before written out of the canon. Don't let it fool you, though. She's one of the best hunters there is."

"I... see," surprised by the knight's babbling, Dracul could now see just why Cronqvist described this one as 'an enthusiastic little kitty'. Though he would rather not think about that as Mathias' expression when telling this had been way too disturbing for the vampire's like...

Slowly the introductions were made. Some easily, others not so much. Mainly it was awkward seeing Dracul greeting to rest of his actual family.

He and Gabriel stared at each other before the human finally spoke; "I'd be a hypocrite to blame you for all things so... Truce?"

"Truce," Dracul agreed and they shook hands, while Marie beamed happily at both of them.

Then it was time for a more daunting meeting.

"I'm... sorry. For killing you."

Trevor glared at the vampire, arms crossed.

"And causing your wife's death."

Still glaring.

"And making your son an orphan."

Trevor did not move a muscle.

"Turning you into a vampire, attacking your son, possessing him, trying to manipulate you... WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY?!"

Frustrated and not knowing what more to do, Dracul turned from dark-haired warrior to glance towards Alucard, looking for aid. His vampiric son merely quirked an eyebrow, clearly indicating that Dracul had not just yet found the right thing to say. But what else could he - oh.

Turning back to Trevor, the vampire spoke; "I'm sorry for leaving you alone for so long... son."

Trevor stared for few more minutes at the vampire, actually making him fidget before sighing. "Apology accepted... Father."

A smile grew on the vampire's face at that. Before it turned into a painful grimace as Sypha kicked him into the groin.

"Well, shit," Julius said as they all watched the Dragon holding his nethers and gritting his teeth in pain with a petit red-haired woman standing before him, hands on her hips.

"Welcome to the family, father-in-law," Sypha said. "Don't do those things again."

"R-right," Dracul answered and nodding, Sypha stepped aside, leaving the vampire to bounce back slowly. "Hells, son; just how did you manage to marry someone like HER?"

It was Trevor who actually answered, while Alucard was too busy muffling his laughter; "Be glad that was the only thing she did. She knows how to wield holy magic you know."

After Dracul had gathered what remained of his dignity, he actually started to get along just fine with people. Even with the classic-Belmonts.

As the gathering continued, talking filling the room, Simon saw how his mother walked up to Alucard, saying something to him. After a while, the vampire nodded and Sypha gestured her human husband closer. The three exchanged a few words before leaving the room, heading towards the stairs leading up to the second floor.

Simon thought about following, wanting to make sure that everything was alright when a slender hand stopped him from getting up.

"Let them be, Simon," Marie said. "Your parents need to talk things out, clear the air so to speak."

Simon frowned. "I just... I want them to get along, grandmother. Alucard's my father too."

"They will," Marie assured her grandson. "Both of my sons have they regrets and issues. And the vampire-one still feel guilt over what has happened. But I know they can patch things up. Heavens know, I also need to do it with those numbskulls," she pointed towards her husbands, making Simon snort.

"Good luck with that, grandmother."

"Who's up for a game?!" Richter from the Rondo of Blood yelled, having brought Switch with him and, of course, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

"Oh hell no..." CV3-Trevor moaned as all classic-Simons let out a "Hell Yeah!" shout.

"Not this shit," Judgement-Trevor said.

Looking towards him, Simon from the same game grinned at his ancestor; "Someone's jealous~"

Eyepatch-Trevor glowered at the red-head, flipping him off as Richters and Soleiyu set the system up. Dracul was looking at this, intrigued. He had heard about this system but haven't yet had a chance to try it. Alucard had promptly banned him from touching the PlayStation or any other gaming console ever since he had lobbed the last one out the cathedral's window. After crushing the controller.

...In his defence, Agreus was a bitch. Carmilla, too.

Blond Simon frowned. They needed a table next to the sofa to hold the beverages and snacks. I mean who would want to stand up and walk to the other side of the room in the middle of the match?

Grabbing a small coffee table standing in the front of the fireplace, he was about to haul it to the game corner when suddenly someone jumped on the table, stopping his intentions. And dug a heel of a boot in the back of his hand.

"OWW! SONOFA -! Juste! What the hell?!?"

White-haired Belmont glared murderously at the elder Belmont. "No moving the furniture."

"Jesus," Simon grimaced at the pain in his hand. "This is ridiculous! It's just -" He fell silent as there suddenly was a crackle of lightning magic dancing before his face.

"No. Moving. The. Furniture. Grandfather." Juste emphasized each word. "It took hours to reach the perfect harmony in the room. You will NOT destroy it!"

"Okay okay," Simon lifted his one free hand in surrender. "Just, get off!"

Finally, after he was certain that his grandfather would not continue his endeavours, Juste lifted his boot, letting the blond warrior nurse his hand. "What's with you youngsters and those heels?!"

Juste rolled his eyes; "Please, I'm not even wearing the highest heels in the family. I mean," he pointed towards the CoD-Trevor, "look at his."

Said Trevor frowned, and pulled his legs up, tucking them in as he shifted in the lotus position, "Always with the boots..."

"Besides, you deserved it," Juste continued.

"Why you brat -!"

"Calm down Simon," Christopher knocked his descendant on the head with his knuckles, "You know there's no victory to be gained in a battle with Juste and interior design. Remember IKEA?"

"What happened in IKEA?" Victor asked Leon who groaned at the memory.

"Juste got in a slap fight with Hector over some chairs in the middle of the store," the knight answered.

"That does not sound so -"

"Victor," Julius interrupted. "'A slap fight' equals an all-out catfight in our universe. You know, broken teeth, bite marks, torn hair and so on."

Dracul hmm'ed, "Sounds more like a night of passion to me." That earned him a slap from Marie on the back of his head.

Soleiyu scratched the back of his head, "Wait, wasn't it a sparring match, not a catfight?"

"No, a sparring match is 'an embellished conversation'," CV3-Trevor corrected.

"Can't you just say a fight like everyone else?" Gabriel asked.

"We could," Julius answered. "But we won't. It's a Belmont-thing."

"So what is it called when you face your Dracula?" LoS-Simon asked curiously.

"Pest control," came the answer simultaneously from every classic-Belmont in the room.

To everyone's surprise, it was Dracul who burst in laughter at that. He was so using that the next time those snobs got on his nerves.

Finally, when they had convinced Juste that no-one was going to mess up the design... Except for the animated series-Trevor who just had to poke the bear by nudging a vase few inches off its place. Needless to say, he nearly lost the finger when a dagger was flown into the wall next to him.

After that, the majority gathered around the tv to watch the play, occasionally taking turns. Turns out, Marie beat most of the males in the room.

Leon and Gabriel were in the middle of the match when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it," Chronicles-Simon said. "Did someone order something?"

"Not that I recall," Julius frowned. "It's too early for the police, too."

Simon opened the door and was met with a tanned blond man in a blue coat with white fur-collar, with a mirror in hand as he stared at his own reflection, grinning.

"Your evening's saved for the handsome hero, Simon Belmont has -"


Red-haired Simon turned away from the door; "Ugh, I hate door-to-door salesmen."

It took maybe an hour or so before Sypha and her husbands returned. Redhead sat beside her son as Soleiyu cheered for winning over Leon in the game.

"Everything alright, mother?" Simon asked. "You worked out the things?"

"Oh yes," she answered, practically radiating. "It's all good and cleared."

Close by, Sonia listened to this exchange with an half-interest before she saw the expression on Sypha's face. Quirking an eyebrow before grinning, the blond huntress made her way to them, shooing Christopher aside before throwing herself on the sofa, next to her fellow woman.

"So Sypha," Sonia purred, throwing her arm around redhead's shoulders. "Care to sate my curiosity about something?"


"Okay then: what's it like to have a threesome with both human- and vampire-versions of the same person?"

Everybody fell quiet at that, eyes turning firstly towards the women and then at the two sons of Gabriel and Dracul. Alucard looked mortified and even more ashen-faced than before while Trevor was quickly beginning to match his vampiric half's skin tone.

"Holy shit, they fucked!" Netflix-Trevor shouted.

Sypha merely hummed, undisturbed by the growing dread of her husbands. "I have to say; quite interesting. The teamwork is quite easy as both know what to do -"

"Sypha, please!"

"And there's just something about that vampiric stamina -"


"Aww, aren't they just adorable? So bashful!" Sonia giggled. "Like my Alu!"

The green-coated warrior looked at his counterpart, "So, does dying hurt that much? Because it's starting to look appealing..."

Alucard himself groaned, burying his surprising red face in his hands. "Someone, please stake me now -!"

"Uh, a bad thing to say in a room full of vampire hunters," bandanna-wearing Richter pointed out and was flipped off by the white-haired vampire.

Gabriel felt his face heating at the nature of this discussion. He so did not want to think about his son having sex. "Lord, give me strength...- Marie?"

"Hm?" His wife absentmindedly hummed for an answer, her eyes glancing at Gabriel briefly. A contemplated look settled over Marie's features as her eyes shifted from Gabriel to Dracul, who also noticed the peculiar expression.

"No, Marie," Gabriel crossed his arms in denial as he jumped on his feet, startling other occupants in the room and drawing the attention to them. Unfortunately, he knew his wife too well for guessing what she was thinking about. "Not going to happen!"

"Gabriel -"

"No, Marie!" The Champion of Light repeated louder and shook his head. "I've never said anything against your ideas in the bed before-"

"TMI!" Both versions of his son shuddered.

"- but this is the line!"

"I'd be up for it," the dark vampire said suddenly, in way too interested voice for Gabriel's taste.

"You can't be serious!" Gabriel stared at, well, himself. Had he lost his mind along with humanity... - oh wait, yes he had.

"Sheesh," Dracul rolled his eyes. "It's not THAT different from what we did alone as squires behind the stables -"

"TMI! TMI!" Both their sons and grandson yelled simultaneously while covering their ears.

"Yeah, what they said," Netflix-Trevor said. "We reeeaaalllyyyy do not want to hear about how Dracula used to rub one out, thankyouverymuch."

"Dracul," the vampire frowned. "Seriously, get it right, people!"

"What's the difference?" Sonia asked. "Weren't you called Dracula in your game?"

"By mortals," the vampire hissed, offended. "I am the DRAGON, not the SON of the Dragon!"

"By that definition, his name is incorrect then," she jabbed her finger towards the second vampire who frowned.

"I'll be damned if I'm going to be called Lucard," he grimaced. "More than already, I mean."

"Speaking of you," Sonia continued, addressing Alucard, "If he's the Prince of Darkness, what are you?"

"The Heir of Darkness," Dracul answered in his son's stead, who just rolled his eyes. So many times he had told his father that he wanted no title.

Unfortunately, Dracul saw that. "Don't roll your eyes at me, son."

"Don't go deciding titles for people without their consent, then."

"You are the heir for my throne!"

Alucard stared, non-impressed. "Father, your 'throne' these days is an ornate chair stuck in the highest floor in a cathedral. Covered in dust and cobwebs. Not to mention that you're an immortal."

"The metaphorical throne!"

Groaning, Alucard threw his hands up. "And this is the shit I'm stuck with eternity... Ow! Mother!"

Marie gave her son scolding look after giving him slap on the head. "Language!"

Christopher snorted, "Wow, feels like a deja-vu." His laughter was followed by several others. Eventually, even those of Dracul and his son.

On the far side of the room, Leon leaned against the wall, smiling happily at the scene. Yes, this was just what he had been hoping for when arranging this. It was nice for the family to come together like this. Even the odd one like theirs.

What a nice night to have a family reunion.