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Xie Lian sighed. The pot I front of him was steaming with black smoke, the scent of burned vegetables strong. That was the third failed attempt. Hua Cheng would be there any minute and Xie Lian still hasn’t been able to cook a meal that wasn’t burned.
He resigned himself to his fate. He was about to call the local chinese take out when there was a knock on the door. Sighing again Xie Lian went to open the door. "San Lang. I’m sorry it smells a bit burned..." he trailed off when he saw the shopping bag in Hua Cheng’s hands.

Hua Cheng chuckled. "Don’t worry, Gege. I bought some things. Maybe we can try together this time?"

Xie Lian nodded. "Alright. We can do that. What did you have in mind, San Lang?"

"I was thinking maybe some Mapo Tofu. If that’s alright with you?" Hua Cheng asked. Xie Lian nodded and took out a few bowls, a wok, a pot and a rice cooker.

Xie Lian cut the tofu and meat while Hua Cheng prepared the broth and set to cooking the meat and tofu. Xie Lian preparee the table and made some tea while Hua Cheng finished cooking. When Everything was prepared, Xie Lian took out two bowls and filled them with rice and put some of the Mapo Tofu on it.
They sat down by the table together and started eating. All throughout out their meal, Hua Cheng listened to Xie Lian talk about his day at work. He had a smile on his face the entire time. When they were done Xie Lian got up to wash the dishes, refusing Hua Cheng's help. " You did the cooking so it's only fair I wash the dishes now.
Hua Cheng sighed, smiling all the while, and sat down on the couch. When Xie Lian finished washing the dishes he joined Hua Cheng and together they watched a few movies. After a while, Xie Lian fell asleep, leaning on Hua Cheng's shoulder, one of his hands tightly grasped in Hua Cheng's.
Hua Cheng smiled and pushed a strand out of Xie Lian’s face. He leaned in and kissed his temple lightly.

"Good night, Gege."

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Hua Cheng hated many things. He hated his stupid red eye, he hated his parents and brothers, he hated his neighborhood, he hated his classmates and he hated himself.


He hated many things and he was sure he would never find anything he likes.


Until that one fateful day.


He was 17. He had been skipping school (again) and walked aimlessly around the park. He was thinking about going to the arcade and fuck around a bit, mess with other people there.


Someone had run into him and the two of them landed on the ground with a loud thud. Hua Cheng groaned and was about to yell at that person when he looked up and gasped. The person in front of him, a literal angel (well not really but he did look like one and Hua Cheng felt like crying) scrambled to his feet, apologizing the entire time. He grabbed Hua Cheng's arm and pulled him up, asking if he got hurt, apologizing some more and after confirming that Hua Cheng was in fact alright he continued rushing away down the road.


Hua Cheng stared after that angel and he felt a certain wetness in his cheek.


Later that day he texted (his friend- but he will never call him that to his face) He Xuan.


“Bro I saw a man so beautiful I cried"


5 years later, Hua Cheng still had never seen that angel again. He made a point of always waiting around that road but the man never passed through again. Hua Cheng had been a bit disappointed but that was how life went.


Hua Cheng was 22 now and he had a nice paying job. He was well on his way to take over the casino as well but that was beside the point.


Hua Cheng had left behind his shitty family (if you could even call it that) and made a life of his own. He still hated everyone and everything, except for his angel.


Hua Cheng had a dog now too, a sassy little shit called E-Ming. He took his dog to work everyday, since people were afraid of him and the bouncers liked the little shit. E-Ming made for a good guard dog sometimes too. He growled at people he didn't like and, quite frankly, E-Ming liked no one except Hua Cheng, the bouncers and He Xuan.


Another 3 years passed and Hua Cheng had taken over the casino. The Ghost City Gambling Hall, as it was called for some reason Hua Cheng still does not understand, was now more popular than ever. He had changed a few things, added a few games he liked and changed a few of the rules.


Hua Cheng had been out on a walk with E-Ming when he saw his angel again. He was walking in the opposite direction, across the street. He had a dog with him as well, a cute little terrier. Hua Cheng had stopped walking, staring after his angel. He had wanted to move, to call out to him, to talk to him, to ask for his name (and his number and maybe even his hand cause Hua Cheng is a disaster gay and he knows what he wants.)


But as fate wanted it, Hua Cheng was rooted in place and his mouth betrayed him. Instead of calling out a confident “Excuse me, sir!” what left his stupid lips was a whispered “please crush my head between your thighs.”


Hua Cheng, for once in his life, turned tail and ran away when surrounding people stared at him. Now really sounded like a good time to die.


A few weeks later, Hua Cheng was well on his way to work when E-Ming started barking excitedly. The rottweiler was wagging his tail, slapping Hua Cheng's leg until it bruised (most likely, Hua Cheng had many bruises from E-Mings excited tail wags afterall) and Hua Cheng was about to scold him when he heard a cute terrier bark nearby. He looked up and saw his angel, walking in his direction this time. The terrier was pulling him along, barking just as excitedly as E-Ming. The two dogs started sniffing each other and the angels face light up. He smiled brightly at Hua Cheng and his mind short circuited right there. He's so damn beautiful it has to be illegal.


“sorry about Ruoye, he always gets excited when meeting other dogs.” the angel said.


“I'm gay- I mean! It's fine! It's fine! E-Ming usually never reacts like this to other dogs so I can't complain.” Hua Cheng stammered out and once again he wanted to bury himself in a ditch somewhere… or maybe even throw himself off the nearest bridge…


The angel in front of him laughed and held out his hand. “My name is Xie Lian. What about you?”


“Hua Cheng. Nice to meet you, Gege.” Hua Cheng said in the smoothest voice he could muster. Which, at this point, was not smooth at all.


The two talked for a while, walking around the park together. Xie Lian used to be from a wealthy family, his parents being the owners of a pretty high class company. They went bankrupt 8 years ago and Xie Lian had been living on the streets for a while after that. He later became an elementary school teacher, after his parents died.


Hua Cheng had told him a bit about himself as well, carefully treading around the subject of his family life.


They exchanged phone numbers after talking for a few hours. They went their separate ways and Hua Cheng returned to his apartment feeling happier than ever.


He fished out his phone and sent a text to He Xuan.



Bro I met that man again. The guy is so fucking beautiful I felt like crying again"


“Is he gay?”


Hua Cheng jumped at the voice. He spun around, looking directly into his kitchen where He Xuan was currently slurping on ramen.




“You didn't answer my question. And I took the spare key. I was craving ramen and I know you have these special flavours lying around.” He Xuan stated, slurping on his ramen loudly as if to proof a point.


Hua Cheng sighed. He plopped himself opposite of He Xuan and took the second pair of chopsticks. He stole a few pieces of meat He Xuan had added to the ramen, the other pushing the bowl just a little bit closer to the middle.


“I don't know if he's gay as well but he seemed to like talking with me so that's already a win for me. I have his number as well…” he said. E-Ming was whining next to him, looking up with big eyes.


Hua Cheng stood up, looking through the cabinet to find the dog food.


The rottweiler wagged his tail again, digging in immediately.


Not a second after he sat down again his phone dinged, signalling a new text message.


Hey Hua Cheng. :-) I really liked talking to you today. Maybe we could meet up and walk the dogs together again if you'd like? :-)


- Xie Lian


Hua Cheng dropped his phone as his soul left his body. He Xuan continued to slurp on his ramen, completely ignoring his friend having a gay panik right in front of him.


Hua Cheng hated many things in his life but he was certain that he loved Xie Lian.

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Hua Cheng knew he was disaster gay. He has known ever since Xie Lian bumped into him. He Xuan claims he's known longer than that.


Currently the two were sitting on Hua Cheng's couch. One was eating popcorn, while scrolling through his phone and occasionally texting someone, while the other was staring at his phone, face dusted with a slight pinkish hue, heart beating wildly and fingers frozen over the screen of his phone.


Dianxia 👑❀

Hello, Hua Cheng.

I was wondering if you were interested in having lunch with me on saturday? We could go to the park afterwards and walk the dogs.  :-)

-Xie Lian


Hua Cheng read over the message twice, three times, four times, 15 times.


Was… was Xie Lian asking him… on a date???? Him???? Xie Lian wanted a date??? With Hua Cheng????


Hua Cheng felt his phone slip out from his grasp, landing on his lap with a hollow thump. He Xuan looked over and snorted.


“Did your boyfriend text you? Did he send nudes? Will you ever show me a picture of the guy that made you realize you want to get dicked down?” He Xuan said like the little bitch he was.


Hua Cheng glared at him. “He's not my boyfriend sadly. No he did not send nudes. No I will not show you pictures of him. And I never said I want to “get dicked down” what the fuck He Xuan??”


He Xuan shrugged. Hua Cheng groaned and threw his head back onto the couch. “What if he doesn't see this as a date??? What if it's just supposed to be two dudes hanging out and walking their dogs??? After eating lunch together…”


“Bro what the fuck even your description sounds gay. It's for sure a date just go with him” He Xuan threw a piece of popcorn at Hua Cheng, “and stop moping around, you're being annoying.”


Hua Cheng groaned again and slapped He Xuan's arm. He picked up his phone again and sent a text to Xie Lian.



Hua Cheng woke up and rubbed at his eyes. He grabbed around on his night stand, trying to find his phone. He pulled it closer to his face and unlocked it. He found two unanswered calls and around 20 messages from He Xuan and his partner, Shi Qing Xuan. He started to read through them when his phone started ringing again. Shi Wing Xuan was calling him.amd Hua Cheng has never been so confused before.


“what is it? Why are you two making such a fuss?” Hua Cheng asked upon answering the call.


“Hua-Xiong! Are you still in bed?! YOU SHOULD BE GETTING READY!” Shi Qing Xuan yelled through the phone. Hua Cheng's brain fuzzed, trying to remember what his plans were for that day. He didn't have to work today and he's pretty sure he didn't plan any outings with the other two today.


“what the fuck are you talking about?” Hua Cheng was close to hanging up again. It was entirely too early for this shit. He didn't sleep well that night because he was too excited for…. For…. OH SHIT TODAY WAS HIS DATE WITH XIE LIAN!


“Oh Fuck!” Hua Cheng threw the covers off of himself and jumped up from his bed. His foot got caught in the blanket though and he landed face first on the floor in a graceless heap. He cursed some more, E-Ming lifting his head before going back to sleep and Hua Cheng heard Shi Qing Xuan laugh from his phone speaker.


“Fuck I need to be there in 30 minutes!” Hua Cheng threw his phone onto the bed, scrambling to his feet and running into the bathroom. He took a shower, grabbed his clothes out from the closet, blow dried his hair and grabbed E-Ming's leash. “C'mon E-Ming we need to go!” the dog lift his head and ever so slowly got up.


This little shit. Hua Cheng thought. Once the Rottweiler stood next to him, leash and all, Hua Cheng threw on his shoes and grabbed his wallet and keys. He had just pressed the button for the elevator when he remembered his phone was still on his bed. He cursed silently and speed walked back to his apartment door to go pick up his phone.


Once he double checked and found nothing amiss, he ran back to the elevator.


Hua Cheng can't remember the last time he had run this much. Usually it'd take him 40 minutes to get to restaurant nearby the park. Hua Cheng did it in 19.


He was wheezing and trying to catch his breath when he heard Ruoye barking in the distance. He immediately straightened up and made sure everything was in place. Phone, hair, clothes, shoes and of course the little shit sitting by his feet. Perfect.


Xie Lian saw him approach and smiled brightly, waving his hand excitedly and calling his name. Hua Cheng’s eyes focused on that smile and his brain farted right then and there. Not so perfect.


“Hua Cheng! Sorry I’m late! Did you wait long?” Xie Lian sounded a little worried and that was not acceptable.


“No no of course not. I just arrived myself you see.” he tried to sound as casual as possible but he was pretty sure his voice cracked in the middle of his sentence.


Xie Lian nodded and took his hand. “Let's go in then!” Hua Cheng was 100% sure he had died and ascended into heaven.


The two of them sat down and their dogs made themselves comfortable under the table. They studied the menu and, after placing their orders,  started to talk with each other. Xie Lian told him about his students and how the upcoming finals were stressing him and his class. Hua Cheng had told him about his casino and how most of his staff was pretty much useless.


They ate together and talked until a few hours later they decided to go walk around the park with their dogs. Xie Lian's hand had (probably unconsciously) wandered back into Hua Cheng's. The casino owner had nearly cried when he felt the warm touch. He was willing down the heat in his cheeks, refusing to show the world how gay he was for this man.


They had sat down on a bench and let their dogs run around for a bit. Xie Lian had never taken his hand back and Hua Cheng was feeling too much to let go of that warmth. His mind stopped working when Xie Lian's thumb started rubbing in slow circles over Hua Cheng's knuckles.


Hua Cheng gulped and prayed to whatever god existed out there that this was in fact real and not another one of his fantasies.


He felt a sudden weight on his shoulder and his eyes widened slightly. Oh god he’s so cute Hua Cheng thought when he looked down and saw Xie Lian, head resting on his shoulder, eyes closed and a blinding smile on his lips. Oh god I wanna kiss him…


“Then why don't you?” Hua Cheng startled when he heard the question. His eyes flew down to Xie Lian and what he saw made his heart skip a beat. Xie Lian was looking up at him, cheeks painted with a slight blush eyes filled with what Hua Cheng hoped was adoration and possibly even a bit of love.


And then Hua Cheng realized that he had said that out loud. And Xie Lian heard him. And Xie Lian indirectly told him to do it. And maybe, just maybe, this might actually be a date and Hua Cheng was completely in love with Xie Lian. And Xie Lian just might actually love him too. But just maybe.


Hua Cheng was a sputtering mess. His brain still didn't function and Xie Lian was still looking up at him. “Gege… just a quick question. Is this a date?” he asked dumbly.


Xie Lian laughed and squeezed Hua Cheng's hand. “Yes, it is. Thank you for noticing.” Hua Cheng felt his face heat up and at this point, all he wanted to do was bury himself somewhere inside this park. “Please don't do that.” Xie Lian let out a surprised chuckle and squeezed his hand again.


Xie Lian looked around for a few seconds before leaning up and pecking Hua Cheng's cheek. “Red is a nice color on you.” he teased.


Hua Cheng covered his face and let out and undignified squeak. “Don't tease me like that!” the other man laughed and Hua Cheng never wanted this to stop.


They sat like that for a good hour longer before they decided to head back. Xie Lian refused to let go of Hua Cheng's hand and Hua Cheng was stubbornly holding on to it as well.


Once they arrived at Xie Lian's apartment, the smaller man turned around and kissed Hua Cheng’s cheek again. Hua Cheng squeezed the other’s hand again and then they just stood like that. Neither wanted to move and neither wanted to leave. Xie Lian let go of Hua Cheng’'s hand first and before he could say anything, the smaller man enveloped him in a bone crushing hug.


“I had a lot of fun today, Hua Cheng. I hope we can go on a date again soon.”


Hua Cheng nodded dumbly and he wrapped his arms around Xie Lian's waist. Gege, I love you.


They separated after a few more minutes of silently hugging and then went their separate ways.


Hua Cheng arrived at his apartment to find Shi Qing Xuan and He Xuan sitting on his couch.


The moment he stepped in they bombarded him with questions and Hua Cheng, as excited as he still was, told them everything.





Xie Lian closed the door behind him and took off the leash from around Ruoye's neck. After putting everything away he plopped onto the couch and squealed.


“Gege, I love you.”


Hua Cheng's voice rang in his head and Xie Lian felt his face heat up. He loves him. He really does love him.


Xie Lian was 100% sure Hua Cheng didn't mean to say it out loud but he did and Xie Lian was glad for it.



Before going to sleep, Xie Lian sent one more text message to Hua Cheng.


Hua Cheng, I love you too. ❤

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Hua Cheng was considered the most vicious, the most dangerous and the demon king feared in all three realms. He was considered a danger to humanity, to the heavenly officials and the ghosts and demons. Together with his sentient scimitar, E-Ming, people feared even his name.


Everyone but Xie Lian.


Xie Lian was sitting inside Paradise Manor, E-Ming at his side, vibrating gently like a purring cat. Xie Lian’s eyes moved down to the person lying in his lap. Hua Cheng’s head fit perfectly into his lap, hair pillowing out in all directions. Xie Lian chuckled and started to card his fingers through the demon king’s hair. It has always been unbelievably soft.


The god’s fingers moved slowly, blunt fingernails gently scratching at his scalp. Xie Lian was completely lost in thought.


There was a slight breeze, warm summer air making its way inside the manor. Outside the manor, the Ghost City was bustling with life (or as much life as there could be in a city of ghosts), lantern light prettily shining in from the windows.


Xie Lian smiled warmly, feeling Ruoye curl up just a little tighter around his wrist. E-Ming was vibrating in his sheath, the rattling sounding just a little bit like a cat’s purring. Xie Lian chuckled quietly and continued carding his fingers through his husband’s hair.


Xie Lian was completely lost in thought when he heard a slight rumbling coming from the person in his lap. The god was at a loss for words. His fingers stopped and Hua Cheng opened his eyes with a start.


“San Lang, are you growling at me??” the god asked incredulously. Had he done something wrong?


The ghost king looked just a little bit distressed and confused. “I’m not! But I don’t know what’s happening!” The poor ghost couldn’t stop the rumbling in his chest. Xie Lian tried to calm down his husband and pulled him into an embrace, rubbing slow circles into his back.


Instead of stopping the growling, it became louder and a light went off in Xie Lian’s mind. Hua Cheng wasn’t growling at him, he was purring! Xie Lian’s hand abruptly stopped and Hua Cheng made a confused noise in the back of his throat.


“Oh my god you’re purring.” Xie Lian whispered excitedly. Hua Cheng pulled away from him and his single black eye focused on Xie Lian.


The god reached out his hand and ran it through Hua Cheng’s hair again. The purring got louder again and Hua Cheng made a quiet noise of protest. “Dianxia-”


“Oh my god San Lang! You’re like a cat!” Xie Lian cradled the ghost kind’s cheek and pressed feather light kisses all over his face. His cheeks, his forehead, the tip of his nose, the black eyepatch and Hua Cheng’s lips.


Xie Lian’s fingers lightly scratched the ghost’s scalp again and Hua Cheng resigned to his fate. He covered his face and buried it in Xie Lian’s lap again. “Dianxia- please stop teasing me.” Xie Lian laughed. “No way San Lang. I’m not teasing. It’s really cute. You’re so cute, San Lang.”


Hua Cheng sighed and a small smile tugged at his lips. As long as his beloved had his fun he would be able to life with his fate.



Xie Lian buried his face in Hua Cheng’s hair. The taller male sighed in pure content, their activities from a few minutes ago leaving them in bliss.


Xie Lian’s warm breath ghosted over the other’s neck, his hand rubbing small circles over the younger man’s toned stomach. To any outsider this entire situation would look ridiculous. The smaller man hugging the taller like a koala.


But neither of the two cared about how ridiculous this looked. Hua Cheng snuggled closer to his husband and the god smiled into his hair. There was a blissful silence until Hua Cheng started purring again.


Xie Lian squealed and nuzzled the ghost king's neck. A smile tugged at his lips, a quiet chuckle escaping him at his husband's antics. Truly, Xie Lian was too cute.


The younger man turned in Xie Lian's embrace, his face fitting snugly under the god's chin. He lightly nibbled on the other's throat, clearly enjoying the breathy exhale's of his husband. He kissed one of the bruises he left on Xie Lian's neck, licking the bite right next to it.


Xie Lian sighed, clearly enjoying the treatment. His husband had wanted them to switch around again during their nightly activities and Xie Lian would never deny his husband when he really wanted something.


The two continued to snuggle in silence. Hua Cheng's leg wedged itself between Xie Lian's thighs, their legs becoming a tangled mess under the silky sheets.


Minutes became hours and the two men fell asleep feeling content and happy.


When Xie Lian woke up, he felt his husbands quiet breathing. There was a slight trace of a purr there and Xie Lian was delighted. He immediately began scratching under Hua Cheng's chin, lips leaving feather light kisses all over his face. The purring became more pronounced, the ghost king's chest vibrating softly with it. Xie Lian gigged quietly.


A few minutes later, Hua Cheng's eye opened slowly and he pressed a light kisd to Xie Lian's lips. “Good morning, Gege” he whispered against the other man's lips.


Xie Lian felt his smile widen, chest feeling warm and full of love. “Good morning, San Lang.”


The two shared a few more chaste kisses, both content to just lie there in each other's arms.


The sun had began it's slow ascend as the two men went about their daily routine.