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Catch Fire

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    It wasn’t often Izuku got a break when it came to his city life. Everyday, he’d wake up in his apartment complex, having little to no time to make a nutritious breakfast as he would wake up late everyday. He would heat up some ramen noodles in a cup, go to his job where he works as a crew member at a movie theatre called the Starside Cinema. He would work 8 hour shifts almost everyday and come home at around 5:30 P.M if the traffic was calm. The environment at the theatre was mostly relaxed a very popular movie would release and that’s when all of the staff would be at their stations. It was stressful for the young, green haired teen on those days but that never stopped him from enjoying his job. Izuku’s lunchtime would be a bunch of sweets he bought from the dollar store in his lunch bag such as Kit-Kat bars or Wonka nerds. Sometimes, he’d go to lunch with a red and white haired teen he’d consider his best friend. Dinner would be takeout and if he had enough energy, he’d make some scrambled eggs and toast. He would dub this dish, “The Brinner”. Today however, would give him a very well deserved break. 

He headed back to his apartment as his job closed early today due to a pipe bursting in the theatre. It’d be awhile before he goes back to work, but at least Izuku has time to relax for the time being. Getting inside his apartment complex, the green haired teen stepped in, places his keys on the kitchen counter and sits on his couch. Izuku’s apartment is a fairly decent size for a one person place. In his bedroom, he was able to afford a queen size bed that was bigger than him, making for great sleeping positions. It wasn’t too much trouble since the green haired teen got help from a friend of his. On the light blue walls, there are frames of his favorite movies and comics starring his favorite hero, All Might. Stepping outside his bedroom, the kitchen is a walk-in piece with white tiles on the floor that goes into the living room. There is a small gas stove next to the kitchen sink, above that is a cupboard containing some dishes, cups and cereal boxes and a stainless steel refrigerator. Within here, there’s a picture of him and his mother next to his Smart TV. With her help, he’s able to pay for it while making sure she has enough funds for herself. Izuku mostly pays bills but every so often he’ll comes up short. That's of course when mother comes to the rescue to pay for the rent. Sometimes Izuku wonders what he’d do if it weren’t for his mom at times. After taking off his work clothes and throwing them on a pile of dirty clothes, he notices a letter on his welcome mat. He walks toward it and notices a very familiar logo on the letter. A place he had thought about almost everyday, U.A University. Seeing the name of the school made Izuku’s heart skip a beat. He had applied to the school only two months ago. Two months? It’s already been that long? Izuku finished general studies in community college around the same time he was studying for his final exams. A brutal week he no longer wished to remember or acknowledge. He passed with very high grades throughout all of his courses. His strongest course was history, which he always had a knack for it since he was young. All the thoughts of school came back to Izuku’s mind when he opened the envelope and took out the letter, the moment of truth.

The letter was from the dean of the school, Nezu. Strange how an animal was able to possess extreme intelligence and walk among us as if it were normal. It was almost as if he obtained some sort of super power. Izuku read the letter:


Dear Mr. Midoriya,


On behalf of U.A University, I am pleased to congratulate you on your acceptance into our program for the fall 20XX semester. We were very impressed by your academic history and believe that you will prove that our confidence in you is not unfounded.

Enclosed with this letter, please find the necessary enrollment form for you to fill out and return by August 15, 20XX. A timely response can increase your chances of finding accommodations on campus. You will be contacted upon receipt of the form by our student advisor, who will give you further details regarding scheduling. If you have any questions regarding this letter, please feel free to contact us at the admissions office by phone or email. We look forward to hearing back from you.

We at U.A University are pleased to welcome you and feel that you will make a great addition to our student body. We wish you the very best in success in your future and hope that you will find all of your needs satisfactorily met here. Thank you for your prompt attention and for choosing U.A University.

Yours sincerely,


Dean of Admissions


When thinking about the greatest moments in one’s life, many things come to mind. For example, getting a master’s degree in Biology after years of hard work and studying. Perhaps as a parent, the birth of their child or getting a prestigious award for doing something beyond yourself. Being accepted to U.A was the greatest moment for Izuku. The first thing he did was call his mother, hoping she responds. He hasn’t called her in a while to see how she was doing.



There hasn’t been a time when Inko Midoriya hasn’t worried about her son, she always wanted nothing more than the best for him. She remembers the day when Izuku wanted to move into the city, her eyes watery and objecting to the proposition. Her criteria for him moving to the new apartment was if he could make enough money to sustain himself and getting a job close enough to school and home. It took a while to meet these things, being denied by a majority of jobs that weren’t too or not receiving calls back. it felt very good when Izuku got the job as an associate at Starside Theatre. It was a win/win situation. Get some money and watch the latest movies. As of late, Inko usually relaxes, watching some dramas that came on tv, goes to the store to collect more antiques, and calls her son to make sure he’s okay… Perhaps a bit too much. Tonight, she was drinking herbal tea, sitting outside her home when suddenly, her phone rings and she sees the picture of her son. Immediately spitting out the tea, she quickly answers the phone.

“Hello, honey?” Inko answered concerned. Izuku doesn’t call her around this time of the night so to get a call from her son was odd. “Is everything oka-” 

“Hey Ma! I’m okay don’t worry. But guess what? You won’t believe it.” Izuku quickly responds, interrupting his mom. He could no longer contain his excitement and begins to ramble fast. “I got accepted! I-I’m in U.A ma!” There was a small pause, followed up with a small whine and that meant only one thing... Knowing his mom's response, he put down the volume of his phone.

“OH MY BABY! YOU NEED TO COME HOME! I GOTTA MAKE YOU A DINNER!” Inko shouts. Izuku can vision what she looks like now, teary eyed and with a box of tissues on her lap. To confirm that, she sniffs and blows her nose. Fairly typical of his mom. 

“I will! I didn’t think this would happen!” Izuku’s smile reaches cheek to cheek from the excitement and adrenaline he created from how hyper he is. “Okay, gonna see if there's a ticket to leave. Love you ma!”

“I love you too Izuku.” Inko recollects herself and is more calm, taking a deep breath and smiling, looking at a nearby picture of her and her son when he was a youngling. “I can’t tell you how proud I am. You earned this.” Izuku can hear his mother choking on her words due to her emotions at the moment, getting him teary eyed. They both end the call and part ways for now. Izuku let his emotions escape and let out a tear. It traveled on the side of his right cheek and he wiped it away. This was a surreal moment for him, something he worked for and finally earned his reward. He decided that it would be a good time to shower up and get a small bag ready since the time was close to 4:00 P.M. he changed into something more casual, a blue flannel shirt with a tank-top underneath, tucked in his dark slim jeans. For his shoes, he decided to wear his Van Gogh slip on Vans. they haven’t seen the light of day since he bought them. He figured now would be the time to wear them. Izuku brought a few clothes, including his pajamas, personal hygiene items, charger for his phone in his bag and of course, his apartment keys.

    He hears his phone ring and he smiles, his mother was always sending some essay of a text to him after they have a phone call. Surprisingly, it wasn’t from his mom this time. Looking at the bright screen on his phone, the screensaver was of him and his mom at a carnival when he was about ten. Looking at the notification, the name “Shouto” was above the text which read: “doing anything right now?” The green haired teen replied:


Izuku: Going to visit my mom, what’s up?

Shouto: wanted to see if you wanted to go out. Kinda bored.

Izuku: Sorry… heh. But good news, I got into U.A

Shouto: congrats! Hope to see you there. Let me know when you get back


Izuku never knew how to engage the conversation first, it was always Shouto that started it. He felt bad at times and was sure he understood. Izuku went through his bag one last time before heading out. “I can already hear ma crying when I get to her doorstep.” Izuku chuckled at the prospect before looking around to see if any lights were on. The last thing he needed were any high maintenance fees cause a single room was on. He locked up and left to the train station.

He never gave up on his dream to entering this school in fact, he never gave up on any of his dreams. As a kid, he was always made fun of by one of his “friends” for lack of a better word. Going home to his loving mother who would always wait for him. Every day, he’d watch videos of All Might saving people. Izuku wanted nothing more than to be one of his heroes. Knowing that his mother and All Might had such a big impact on his life, he sought to do the same by being a selfless person. The thought left his mind as he felt the wind brush through his hair and he arrived at the train station. Approaching the ticket booth, he was greeted by an older woman who seemed to be in her early 50s. Her once black hair now turning a silver at the roots. He paid for the ticket to his hometown and went to a nearby bench.  Looking at the time, it was close to 5:00 P.M. then he takes his headphones out and puts on of his favorite tracks by The Doors, “Riders on the Storm” before putting his phone away. Since he started working at Starside, the radio would play popular classic rock tracks from the 60s, 70s and the 80s. Izuku wasn’t really keen on listening to rock ‘n’ roll. It never struck him until he heard songs by The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and of course, The Doors. Never would he have thought he would sing in his mind when ripping tickets for people to enter their movie. 

As he sat on the bench, he wondered how different his hometown would be, perhaps not too different as not much goes on. The only time he headed back home was during the holidays to go visit his mother and exchange gifts. He knows that his mother doesn’t like when he buys her things but he can’t help but give. She’d do the same for him, and she still does. Excluding the holiday visits, Izuku’s been gone for almost 2 years. Besides wondering about home, Izuku had to focus on a bigger objective, his courses. It was already the middle of June. Time sure flies by when your busy and have become a productive member of society. Izuku already knew he wanted to focus on history so that was a guaranteed pick for him. The thought of taking English came to mind and a few art electives. He could use the break from his workload from community college. About 20+ minutes, his train arrives. Of course they have to board and get people seated. He enters the train and quickly finds an isolated area where he wouldn’t be disturbed.

    “These two months sure are gonna feel longer than usual” Izuku thought to himself. Looking back at the other seats, he sees quite a few heads before the train departs.



    Inko paced back and forth waiting for her baby to show up at her door. She made sure to look presentable, remembering the last time she had to do that as she is retired and doesn’t go out much other than to get groceries, a few books and movies. She decided to calm herself down and sit down on her- RING RING . That must be no other than Izuku ringing the doorbell. She brought herself back up and rushed to the door. She breathed in and out, to relax herself. As she did this, she opened the door and sees Izuku.

    “Hey ma.” He smiled and his heart warmed up seeing his mother’s face in person again. His right hand on the strap on his backpack, feeling a bit nervous as he didn’t know how his mother would react to his clothes. “I’m so happy to se-” He was cut off by his mom hugging him tightly and crying her eyes out. He hugged her back and closed his eyes and combs his mother’s hair with his fingers. Somethings don’t change.

    “Ma. W-We should… go inside.” Izuku suggested to the emotional Inko. Why did he have a feeling this would happen when he got back after being away for so long?

    “Sorry.” she sniffs and lets go, holding both of his hands and smiles. “I just.. I’m so proud of you.” they both entered the house and close the door. “You already know what to do. Shoes off and, make yourself at home. I can take your bag dear.” Inko slowly pulling the bag from her sons back. He thanks her and takes his shoes off and then moves a few pillows on the couch at the end of the couch and sits down. The place was the same as he left it. Couch in the center of the living room with the TV at the wall. Izuku did smell something he hasn’t smelled in a long time. It was the smell of one of his favorite dishes, pork katsudon. If there was a few things he was looking forward to when he got home, it was seeing his mom and her cooking. 

    After a few minutes, Izuku and Inko are sitting down at the table. He can’t help but feel nostalgic when sitting with his mom, it wasn’t long ago when he was a little kid being fed. Upon looking down at his katsudon, he takes his chopsticks and grabs a piece, smelling the sweet and salty flavor of the pork, he takes a bite, letting the food and all of its flavors burst into Izuku’s mouth. He the time to enjoy the fruits and labors his mother crafted for him as he continued to chew the pork in his mouth, he couldn’t help but let out a nice “mmm” as he finished swallowing the pork. This, was definitely the cooking he missed and remembered dearly.

    “Wow. You still make the best Katsudon ma.” Izuku praised his mother. He begins to explain to her about what he plans to do at U.A “I think I wanna be a history teacher.”

    “History teacher hmm?” Inko replied and smiled. “It was always your favorite course. You always wanted to learn more about the world.” she took a sip of her herbal green tea, then she puts her cup down. “I know your father…” Izuku noticed his mother looked down and her eyes twinkle as she said that. He can’t acknowledge who his father was as he never met him. He can understand her frustration and even pain talking about his father. “...wasn’t here to teach you about boy things. But, I wanted to talk to you about a few things.” Izuku has had a few talks with his mom about academics but, boy things. Oh no, he knew what this meant.

    “Ma…” Izuku whined and his face turned red, he knew about sexual activity from the school videos and one conversation he had with his ma when he was still in high school. But now he’s 20 years old, he didn’t feel like he needed to hear it. But he decided to listen just to be courteous.

        “You’re a very handsome, young man Izuku. Still my baby no matter how old you are. But when you go to the university, there will be a lot of young women there.” Inko said more seriously, looking at Izuku. He wasn’t really into anyone at his community college, it wasn’t that he didn’t bother to put an effort to talk to anyone. In fact, Izuku would have fainted at the thought of approaching a beautiful girl. How about friends? He didn’t even make friends either. Sure, he was in a group chat to communicate and share answers to the class when it came to assignments but other than that, no actual friends. He was always engaged in his studies and work. Which was something he regrets. It was up until recently, he started to talk briefly with people and one of those people was Shouto.

    “I know… I-I wanna make friends this time.” Izuku scratches his head and ruffles his green hair, looking at his mom, then he takes another bite of his katsudon. “But, a-about… girls. I-I’m not ready for that yet…” He stutters and swallows his pork.

    “Just… promise me, whenever you find someone…” Inko looks at Izuku’s eyes, smiling. “Make sure you guys take care of each other. Oh! And don’t forget to study. No point being at U.A if you don’t work hard.” Izuku nods and lets her promise seep into his mind, sure he doesn’t plan to find anyone anytime soon. But he knew what she said was important. 

    “One more thing, if you plan to do the do, use protection Izuku.” she smiles, knowing his reaction.

    “MA!” Izuku yelps and his voice cracks. Inko giggles and drinks her tea.



    The Midoriya’s caught up, talking about specific events that happened during their everyday lives. Inko may not have a lot going on, but she loved to listen to her son’s adventures in the city. She knew that he was very happy with where he was. She was happy. It was getting late, and the both of them agreed to get some shut eye. Izuku goes into his old room with a few blankets and a pillow his mother got from the closet. Upon placing those things down, he kisses his mother’s head and hugs her. “Thank you for the meal. And for everything.” Izuku says to his mom before hearing her whine. Though it was suppressed by his pajamas and left shoulder, he already knows what that means.

    “AWWWWW MY BABY!” She cries and gets his pajamas wet. He quickly rubs his moms back to calm her down. “Ma. It’s okay. It’s okay” Izuku tells his mom softly. She sniffs and releases her arms around him and smiles. 

“Goodnight Izuku.” Inko says collectively, nodding and entering her room. Izuku closes his door and sees his old mattress. Smiling, he sets up his bed with the pillow and blanket. Shortly after, he lays down on it and feels the heels of his feet outside of the mattress. He sure can use his current bed now. He went over all the things that happened today, it was an eventful day. Izuku sighs and begins to shut his eyes, wishing for August to arrive quickly.

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Throughout his time before school, Izuku wasn’t able to work for quite some time as the pipe burst, yet again at the theatre. It didn’t stop him from going to his job to hand his manager his school schedule. Upon arriving at the back of the cinema, he began to wonder if the maintenance crew really did fix the pipe or just place some duct tape around it. Sounds like something they’d do as there was more duct tape and busted pipes in the storage room than he could count. Talk about half assing your job. No employees would at Starside, of course it was closed. But Izuku knew the manager would be there making orders for when it reopened. Never helped to be prepared and filled with stock

The cinema was small compared to an IMAX theatre for sure. The place reeked of the 1980s with blue and green neon across the walls. Space themes such as aliens and bounty hunters were painted over the black walls with small glow in the dark green paint circles to resemble stars. Izuku’s favorite painting was of a triangular starship, almost looked like one of the Star Destroyers in the Original Star Wars Trilogy. The starship was located next to the room where the arcade machines were. Izuku was surprised to see people use them when he was working. He’d observe the kids playing the motorcycle racing game that linked with 4 people, it was the best racer in the arcades for sure. Every arcade had the same title or something similar. Next to the racing games were a couple of claw machines that suckered more kids out of money than them being able to win anything. Izuku could testify, he smiled just thinking about the memory. After a movie him and his mother would watch during their family night out, he would drag his mom to the arcade area and play the claw machine, what followed suit was him losing immediately. 

The memory quickly subsided when his manager finally opened the door. He looked tired but that just because of his lazy eyes. Didn’t help his scraggly hair created a shadow to cover them, it made for awkward situations when he was observing one of the employees. When they peek over, he’d be watching, some didn’t know if he was just supervising or ready to tear their throats apart. The man wore a gray scarf around his neck, whether if it was because he was cold or not, it suited him. Following down his attire, he wore a black blazer with a burgundy collar shirt along with black suit pants and burgundy dress shoes.

“Mr. Aizawa. I hope all is well.” Izuku greeted his superior, he then hands him his course sheet so his schedule could be adjusted as such. Mr. Aizawa grabs Izuku’s schedule and glances at it.

“You’re going to U.A?” Looking at Izuku and then nods. “You’ll love it there. Lots of great people there.” Aizawa commented, noticing his classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. “I won’t be seeing as much, Izuku.”

“I worked so hard to enter Mr. Aizawa. I-It’s still a bit unreal thinking about it ya know. My mother told me abo-” he was interrupted by his manager.

“...I hope you do great kid. You’re very bright.” Mr. Aizawa then looks at Izuku before closing the door on him. One of the things he picked up when working at Starside, Mr. Aizawa never said goodbye to anyone. Izuku still waits for one as soon as he says it to him but is followed up with a mumble of some sorts. 

Izuku decided to head home, that was until he passed by his favorite candy store. He hasn’t had any sweets and to be fair, he was getting a craving for some chocolate. Entering the shop, he sees all sorts of sweets and chocolates racked up on some shelves. Some are in bowls and others are in a plastic case with a small shovel to scoop out candy to be placed in a goodie bag. The store had red and white tiles placed apart from one another. The music playing was some pop tune. The lights that hang from the ceiling were different colors. Izuku found and picked up several king size Kit-Kats, bringing them to the register. Izuku sees someone that was new to the store sorting some candy on shelves. She was quite different in terms of appearance. The young lady had nice, bubblegum pink skin, her hair was similar to Izuku’s but was a darker shade of pink. On her head were two yellow horns, her eyes were black but her iris is yellow. She was wearing a red polo shirt that was buttoned to her neck, she seemed to be rather annoyed with it since she moved it around from time to time. She wore tight black jeans with some work shoes. 

“Are you all set?” the lady said to Izuku, smiling and approaching the register. He read her name tag which read, “Pinky”. He blushed a bit and chuckled.

“Y-Yeah.. Just a bit of candy is all.” The lady rings his candy up and she puts them in a small bag.

“My co-workers have mentioned you as their regular. I assume it’s to look at us.” she says smugly with a smirk on her face. Izuku couldn’t have gotten more red than the wrapper on his kit-kat, he began to sweat and stutter. It seems like Pinky was getting a kick out of it.

“U-Uh.. n-n-no? I-I usually.. Just g-g-get cand-dy befo-” Izuku struggles to create a sentence from being embarrassed. She laughs and Izuku is a bit confused.

“It’s okay dude! No need to be stiff. I’m just messing with you.” she snorts and smiles, looking at him. “Anyway, your total is $6.79. Name’s Mina by the way.” she clarifies to the green-haired teen. Izuku can probably guess why her tag says Pinky without having to ask. He pays her and she gives the change to him. “Hope to see you soon!” She waves her hand at him as he takes the bag and leaves. The times he's been there, the staff doesn’t tease him. Sure he’ll talk with some of the girls about his day or something that happened during his job but not flirting. While Izuku walked back to his apartment scrolling his phone to change a song, Shouto texted him.

“Pick up your classes?” it read to which Izuku replied with “Yes.. I got Toshinori for history” Izuku was eager for the semester to start. 



    The rest of August came and went, Izuku finally being able to work again a week before his semester began let his get a bit of money to get some new clothes for the new year. He makes far less than he did thanks to school being a factor, but it was enough to get a few goods here and there. Today was the day. The day he long awaited for, and it's finally here. First day of being at U.A. He looked around as he walked to his classroom where he would see the legendary All Might, his history professor. Never would Izuku have thought in a million years All might would be teaching. 

U.A looked beautiful, the walkways were nice tiles, there were columns that held up the ceiling and to the left of Izuku was a small outdoor campus. A tree was placed in the center so it would get direct sunlight. He saw people either talking or even looking at their maps to see where they would go for their next course. Afterall, this university was big. Izuku decided to wear his green flannel shirt, dark jeans with his Van Gogh slip-on Vans. Izuku made sure to brush his hair a bit to look a bit more presentable. While it sounds like a neat idea, brushing his poofy hair didn’t do much so he ended up giving up on it.

    Izuku then noticed a young lady who was about his height that was obviously lost. She had her map out and was looking around to see if she could find her classroom. Upon getting closer to her, he noticed her worried face. He saw pink marks on her cheeks which seemed rather adorable and were noticeable from far away. Her light brown hair was shoulder length, bobbed and curved going to the back of her head. It did the same thing with two longer clumps of hair on both sides of her face which were separated by bangs which didn’t take up much of her forehead. Her eyes were big and round, he noticed her thick eyelashes and her eyes which shared the same color as her hair. She had on a red jacket, a black graphic t-shirt that looked a bit small on her. Her skirt was black and down to the top of her knees which were covered by her dark leggings. For shoes, she wore red flats. A great choice considering she was gonna be moving quite a bit. Talking to girls was not Izuku’s fortay. Not only was she a very pretty lady, he was already shaking. He stirred up the courage and decided to assist her.

    “Excuse me?” Izuku spoke up getting the young lady’s attention. She jumped and looked at Izuku, she ended up blushing and hiding behind her map. “Sorry! Sorry… it-it looks like you n-need help finding y-you-r class.” he said still shaking. He didn’t even know if he said the correct thing to the poor lady who looked like she wanted to faint. Surely he wanted to do the same but the thought disappeared as she showed herself.

    “No. No. P-Please it’s fine.” She assured Izuku. She rubbed the back of her head and smiled to subside their awkward exchange. “I hate to admit it, but yeah I do. Can you tell me where class 3-A is? I have history.” If he remembered, he just passed it not too long ago. He looks back and sees the sign, Class 3-A.

    “Yeah! I-I passed it as my class is right here.” He assures her. She then sighs from relief and looks at Izuku which makes him blush and turn red. Izuku was mesmerized by the way her brown hair flowed from the turn, the hot air feeling hotter All he could do was chuckle nervously and point to the room, his hand shaking uncontrollably but he tried to hide it. “D-Down the hall a-and to th-the right. Right?” 

    “Thank you so much for the help. See you around!” she runs past him, going into her classroom. He couldn’t help but smile like a kid who just got a toy from the store. He talked to a girl without fainting. Talking to her almost was like looking at a spitting image of… himself. He wonders if he'll see the rosy cheeked girl again when going toward his class. Here it is; Class 1-A.

Upon entering the classroom, he can see a couple of students either socializing or sharing something on their phones. The room was a big lecture hall, it had a large smartboard with a maple desk at the bottom of the class. He assumed that was for his professor. The mahogany desks were in rows but each desk rose with the stair-like design of the room. This was far different from his small classroom in community college. He debated on where he would sit but there was someone he knew, someone he’s seen not too long ago. The teen had bangs which parted both ways twice to be able to see. The left side of his hair was fairly crimson but his right side was a bright white. It was different enough that his head was easy to spot when Izuku needed to find him. He wore a grey blazer with a white collar shirt and red tie. His pants were light faded skinny jeans. His shoes, his cyan converse he wears everyday. Izuku didn’t expect to see his co-worker in the same classroom as him. He didn’t have a problem with him, in fact, they were very friendly with one another, but he wasn’t his friend. Yet. Of course sitting with him would be a prefered choice.

“Hey Shouto! I didn’t know you were gonna be in this class.” Izuku spoke aloud when settling down next to his colleague.

“Ya know, I didn’t believe you when you sent that text to me. Kinda amazed to see you here.” Shouto said. Izuku could see his burned patch surrounding his left eye. He never asked about it, nor would he bother asking him. It looked painful, and I’m sure it would be painful to bring it up if it was something from his childhood. Though something else came up in Izuku’s mind.

“Do you think Mr. Aizawa’s gonna fire those guys at maintenance?” Izuku whispered before hearing Shouto chuckling.

“I’m sure when he heard the pipe burst again, he called corporate to have them fired. Doesn’t take an idiot to realize that Izuku. Unless it’s you of course.” Shouto bursts out a small laughter. Izuku wasn’t impressed and turned red, hiding himself in his arms from embarrassment.

“It was just a question…” Izuku muttered softly, his response also muffled before getting a pat on the back by Shouto.

“Izuku, I’m kidding. Don’t take it so seriously.” Shouto reassured him before Izuku rose out of his arms and got back to observing more people entering the class. Izuku began to think back on what his mother told him when he spent the night. 

“Just… promise me, whenever you find someone… Make sure you guys take care of each other.”

    Izuku understood this meant a partner in the context of their conversation. He couldn’t help but then look at Shouto who was on his phone probably playing a card game. Shouto was always looking out for him since he got to the city. Showing him the best spots to eat, where to go for shortcuts and how to finance himself. Izuku spent his money on pointless junk like collector’s statues and rentals from a local Redbox. As a gift, Shouto gave Izuku a loaded Fire Stick so he would stop spending money trying to watch movies. He really should give Shouto a thank you gift. He also thought about that brown haired girl. Maybe if fate is on his side, they’ll meet again. But considering his confidence to talk to girls, he doesn’t see that happening. 

    As Izuku’s deep in his train of thought, he hears a binder with too much paper in it slam next to Shoto which made Izuku jump and scream, snapping him back to reality. Of course he gets a few stares before he cowers into his arms to hide his face, embarrassed once again.

‘So… you’re finally awake.” The tall young man said to Izuku. Izuku took the time to notice what he was wearing. He had on square glasses, his dark blue hair parted to the left. His eyes were rather squared along with his facial features which gave him a handsome face. He was built very well, wearing similar attire to Shouto. The few differences were the tie which was blue, he wore loose blue jeans and had on blue and white running shoes. Shouto sighs and looks at Izuku “Don’t worry about Iida. He’s pretty sweet.” Izuku looks at Iida who was up from his seat and lends his right hand out to greet Izuku.

“My apologies. I forgot to introduce myself.” he man clears his throat. “Tenya. Tenya Iida but you can call me Iida.” He says to Izuku before he shakes his hand. Their grip is strong with each of them moving their hands down with great force.

“Izuku Midoriya. Nice to meet you.” smiling as they release their hands from one anothers grasp.

The class fell silent as A muscular man entered the room. He was very tall and was wearing a tan striped suit, his vest was the same tan color and he wore a white collar shirt that was unbuttoned at the neck. He wore brown scaled dress shoes. His blonde hair was swept back with two tufts at the center, resembling antennas of some kind. They casted a shadow on his face and had the best smile you could ever see. Just looking at his straight glistening white teeth, could make anyone smile, especially since this hero has the greatest reputation. 

“Fear not…” the man places his planner on his desk, looking up at the class. “...for I am here.” Izuku couldn’t help but nerd out and say the line in his mind. Shouto looked at Izuku who was shaking his leg and smiling from ear to ear. “My apologies. Where are my manners. My name is Toshinori Yagi. You can call me Professor Toshinori or All Might. If you really want to.” The class was amazed that an actual superhero decided to put his heroic status on hold to teach.

“So, how many of you are new to U.A this semester?” About a quarter of the class raised their hand which included Izuku. Professor Toshinori chuckled and then spoke again.

“Let me just say. Welcome home. This will be a great semester if you work hard, engage with other student body’s and most importantly, walk out of here learning something new.” His warm words made Izuku feel a sense of confidence. Knowing these words came from All Might made him smile more.

“This is amazing. Listening to All Might in person. I can’t believe this is really happening! It’s gonna be weird calling him by his teacher name though.” Izuku thought to himself as his professor was talking and passing out the syllabus. You know, the thing everyone knows about and pretends to listen to because it’s standard. Izuku decides to glance at the materials he needs and notices the textbook is crossed out. It wasn’t uncommon for some professors to not use the textbook material.

“Excuse me, professor?” Iida raised his hand high. Professor Toshinori pointed at him.

“Yes, handsome man with the glasses?” he asked. Iida took out the large history textbook from his backpack. Izuku and Shouto looked at one another and both had the same thought. Why on earth is he carrying a brick around? On the first day of the semester.  

“Are you saying we aren’t going to use this the whole course?” Iida exclaimed in a surprised manner. Toshinori put his right hand on the top of his head and chuckled.

“That dreadful thing? Of course not. NO TEXTBOOK GUYS! We will take notes in class.” If there was a big lesson Izuku learned at community college. It was to never buy your courses supplies until a few weeks in to confirm if they will be used or not. Poor Iida, probably spent around $200 for a brand new book with an online code inside. Izuku looks at Iida as he falls to his seat, knowing he wasted his money for nothing.

“Aside from that, are there anymore questions regarding the course material?” Toshinori looked around and didn’t see any hands. “Good. I like you guys. You will be a great class for sure! For your first homework assignment, you need to register into our online room so you can see all of the notes and assignments. After that, send me an email with the requirements listed on the info page of the assignment. Dismissed everyone!” Toshinori sits down and begins to organize his desk, putting his folders in the correct drawers. Izuku, Shouto and Iida got up and walk out of the class and into the hallway.

“That was quick. He’s so awesome. Never knew how muscular he was until I saw his chin.” Izuku tells the guys. Shouto smiles and looks forward. He always knew Izuku was huge All Might fan. When he was training Izuku in Starside, the first question he asked him didn’t relate to the job but was if he liked All Might. The reason he asked was because Shouto had All might on his keychain. Shoto never understood why he acted like a kid when it came to superheroes. At the end of the day, they were still people. Iida however, was still in a small shock. Wondering how the hell he’s gonna sell that behemoth of a book no one will walk around with. Izuku can see why Professor Toshinori said no to that book.



The day was over as soon as it began. History was relatively short due to it being the beginning of the semester along with Clay I. Izuku had to wait a long time before entering his second course. A lengthy two hours. But that time came and went as he walked around the university, exploring and getting to understand the layout of the school so he wouldn’t get lost. When Izuku entered the class and obtained his syllabus, he rather enjoyed learning about what he’d be creating throughout the course. Small pots and tiles with the twist of designing each item with whatever he felt like doing. He had a few ideas on what he would do for the first clay pot as he sat down on one of the benches outside the campus, waiting on Shouto to leave his class. Iida was still in his last course while Izuku and Shouto planned to grab a bite at a nearby burger joint after they finished their courses. Shouto always knew what was good around the city. Never was Izuku disappointed by what his friend showed him. Sure he knew him at the theatre as a co-worker but to get to know him more was something he didn’t think would have happened. 

Izuku took the time to admire the weather and how warm it was, feeling the radiant heat of the sun hit the back of his neck. Wiping a bit of sweat developing on his forehead, he takes off his green flannel and stores it in his backpack. His undershirt was a plain white v-neck. While he did that, he took out his laptop and loaded into Blackboard to put in Professor Toshinori’s class information. Upon arriving at his site, it was very well organized. Consisting of a superhero theme, white comic clouds with a red and blue background, how fitting. Looking at the site, he noticed two tabs; Notes and homework. Izuku clicked homework and got to work on his first assignment. It was rather simple, send the professor an email defining what history was in his own words.

Shouto walked outside U.A and sees Izuku on his laptop, approaching him from behind, he places both of his cold hands on the back of Izuku’s shoulder which makes him jump and scream.

“AH! Wha- Oh… S-Shouto! H-Hey…” Izuku spoke and began to look around. Yet again, feeling embarrassed and feeling his face heat up, turning red, he hides his face in the palms of his hands. “H-How was Chem?”

“Gotta say, I wasn’t impressed at all.” Shouto smirks and taps Izuku, notifying him that they’re leaving. Izuku packed his laptop and they began to walk to the burger joint. “The professor looked like she has no idea what she was talking about.” Shouto continued, looking at Izuku, taking the time to notice his freckles on his face. He didn’t notice them until now which was funny how often he saw him. 

“She may be new, hopefully her course gets better.” Izuku gave Shouto a sense of optimism for his course. Shouto was quick to dismiss things, first impressions were very important to him. Luckily for Izuku, Shouto enjoyed the company his friend brought him at Starside. 

“I doubt that. The place is across the road.” Izuku looked at the large burger joint. It had people outside sitting down at their tables. 

The name of the restaurant was called Roller Burgers. Quite the name but when Izuku saw the waiters, the name would make more sense. The waiters had roller skates on, moving around with all kinds of food on the trays they were holding. Was it safe to do that? Upon looking at the roller skating waiters, he noticed the floor was paved and very flat to make it accessible for them to get from table to table. It was different for sure. The traffic wasn’t hectic due to people working still. Izuku and Shouto crossed the road quickly and enter the restaurant. They decided to sit inside, as the heat began to get uncomfortable. Looking at the interior, it was quite old fashioned. Pictures that had famous artists and actors of the time. The aesthetic had round furniture. The barstools were tall and had a red seat with the sides being white. The booth seats were red and white designed. The tabled were bolted into the wall with a window looking toward U.A. The restaurant had a jukebox, which still worked. It was playing some songs from the cold war era. Izuku rather enjoyed the tunes, tapping his foot to the melody. About two minutes later, their waiter approached the table in roller skates. The young lady looked similar to the one Izuku saw in the hall. Her hair was tucked under a black visor but her two clumps of hair moved behind her. Lucky for Izuku, the question he asked earlier was answered. 

Chapter Text

    The sound of a delightful, juicy burger sounds good to about anyone. Since many people travel overseas to come to U.A University, it makes sense for a traction like Roller Burgers to be next to the school in the city. It was mostly comprised of students from U.A that would walk here to grab some food after classes. Dishes ranging from hot dogs with homemade chili to their signature grilled Roller Burger with a special sauce, lettuce, tomato, two pickles and a line of ketchup to create a divine experience for your mouth. Most people sat outside and enjoyed the city scenery and sometimes a light show if there were any events happening. The restaurant had introduced a to-go service that made it easier for people to place orders if they didn’t wish to sit down and dine in, making the kitchen busier than it once was. A scorching, busy place where workers would put all their effort into creating an excellent service. There were lots of clean pots and pans hanging up above several grills, ready for use if the case called for it. Deep fryers were on boiling curly fries in scalding hot oil. The chef behind the scenes wasn’t too fond of lollygagging and talking a lot when there were customers. The young man with spiky, light blonde hair would tell his coworkers to get back to work in a more, for lack of a better word, aggressive manner than most. His hair covered in a cooking net whenever he worked so food wouldn’t get spoiled. It wasn’t something he was fond of wearing but the job calls for it. He wore an apron with red stripes going in a vertical direction. Underneath the apron, he wore a red polo shirt with the logo of the restaurant; a burger with wheels under it and the center of the burger had the name of the restaurant. The young man had black loose work pants with a leather belt on and work shoes. Something was bugging him, and he was just about ready to losing his temper. He taps his foot vigorously, looking at the fogged up clock and then to his rose gold watch, resting on his left wrist. 

    “Where is this girl? Doesn’t she know were busy.” the young man said frustratedly, gritting his teeth. The door opens and he looks up, seeing a young lady with rosy cheeks enter the kitchen door. Instead of the red jacket she had on at school, she had on her work clothes, red polo which was smaller than she expected. The shirt was a slim fit, so it made her plump breasts stick out a bit, giving her shirt a bit of form. The young lady had no problem with her shirt in fact, it was quite comfortable for her. She wore a black visor along with black dress pants and was wearing her red flats from earlier.

“About fucking time you got here Ochako!” the man shouts from afar. She then chuckles nervously and begins to take off her flats, putting them in her locker. Ochako knew he was always like this since she started working here, but she couldn’t help but get scared still cause of how serious and short tempered he was.  She then begins to put on her standard issue roller skates, black with red inlays on the wheels with velcro straps. They weren’t stylish, but they got the job done. 

“My bad Bakugou. I didn’t see the ti-” she was then interrupted by the blonde haired man, still fired up.

“No time to talk you dits, get in there!” Bakugou shouts, he then points at the desk while taking the curly fries out of the deep fryer. “The notepads there along with the menus.” Ochako nods and then rolls her way to the desk and grabs the notepad and pen. She puts the pad and pen in her shirt pocket and then grabs the menus, leaving out the kitchen door and into the dining area.



As Ochako got out of the kitchen, she scanned the dining area to see if there was anyone to serve. Observing the closest tables, shes people in their booths either talking or eating their food. Moving further, close to the outdoor dining area, she sees two young men sitting down who looked like they just arrived. She noticed one had crimson and white hair and the other had poofy green hair. Green hair? Ochako wondered why it was so familiar as she grabbed two prepared utensils and approached the table, clearing her throat and smiling.

“Hello you two! I hope you two are having a good day. My name’s Ochako and I’ll be happy to se-” She finished placing the utensils and menus, suddenly freezing up when she saw Izuku. It took her a second before she finally connected the dots. He was the boy that helped her from earlier. Seeing him again made her face bright red and she chuckled, looking away. She then noticed she began to sweat lightly. Whether it was from her heart racing because of how nervous she was or the heat of the day was beyond her to figure out at this point.

“Hey… you’re the boy who helped me earlier today right?” Ochako comments before moving one of the strains of hair that stuck to her forehead away. 

“Y-Yeah.” Izuku responds, having the same reaction as Ochako. His leg begins to shake lightly. It was quite a surprise to see her working here. “I-I take it you got there o-okay?” Izuku followed up his response, thinking about the events that occurred earlier.

“I did! Th-Thank you for that… If it weren’t for you, I would have been late for sure.” Ochako says, looking at Izuku. Shoto, who was on the sidelines in this conversation, took notice and observed the both of them. Looking at Ochako first and then at Izuku, who was smiling nervously and shaking more.

“This is… something. It seems they have met each other before.” The thoughts were in the back of Shouto’s mind as he answered the young lady and kicked Izuku’s leg so he can order his drink.

“Not a pr-problem… O-Ocha-ko.” Izuku nervously replies to her. She can’t help but giggle at his reaction, finding it adorable. Shouto clears his throat and she directs her attention to him.

“I would like your chocolate milkshake with whipped cream. Oh, also an order of your cheese fries” Shouto says to Ochako, her face is still red and she gets out a notepad and begins writing their order down.

“Fruit P-Punch fo-for me.” Izuku stutters and mumbles his order to Ochako and she writes his drink down.

“Okay, I’ll get that ready for you guys.” she rolls away and Shouto looks at Izuku. He gives him a soft smile. Izuku chuckles and then looks out the window.

“I see you have a new friend, Izuku.” Hearing that from Shouto made Izuku tense. He felt as if Shouto says these things as some kind of twisted joke. The thought quickly subsides since he doesn’t mean any harm by asking. Come to think of it, Izuku hasn’t really befriended much girls throughout his time in college. Talking with a complete stranger was tough for him but to add a beautiful young lady on top of that didn’t help him much. He let out a sigh before he looks back to see her entering the kitchen.

“F-Friend? We-We met before I went to class…” Izuku decides to clear his throat, feeling it get dry. He couldn’t help but get nervous when he saw Ochako again. Her rosy cheeks were now printed in the back of his mind. He shifts his head toward Shouto before smiling slightly. “You think she’d wanna talk with someone… like me?” He asked Shouto, who then smiled at him. Shouto could never understand why Izuku thought so low of himself. If anything, he was quite the friend anyone would want.

“Who wouldn’t want to talk to you? Don’t worry about it.” Shouto answered him which made Izuku relaxed. The nerves in his muscles went away and the tension that once was there disappeared slowly. Shoto’s reassurance was a morale boost for the green haired youth. 

“Thank you Shouto.” Izuku looks around and sees Ochako coming with their drinks and fries on a red serving platter, she stops and then places the tray on their table.

“Here you two go.” She gives Shouto his chocolate milkshake and fries and Izuku his fruit punch. The curly fries were steamy and covered in melted shredded cheese. The milkshake was large, coming in a glass cup, topped with whipped cream. As for Izuku’s fruit punch, it was dripping water due to the ice cubes swaying in his drink. “Need more time to order you two?” Ochako asked the two gentleman, looking at Izuku quickly and then looks at Shoto, smiling and getting her notepad and pen ready.

“I think we need a bit more time to think.” Shouto replies to Ochako, she puts her notepad away and then grabs her platter.

“Take your time guys.” She drifts off to the kitchen to grab another platter for another table. Shouto uses his fingers to grab one of the many fries covered in cheese. Izuku thought Shouto would be the one to eat this kind of stuff with a fork, but apparently not. Examining his cheese covered fry, he notices the nice texture of the fry, they were seasoned and quite crispy. Two things Shouto was very fond. As he took his first bite of the fries, he admired the flavor which flooded his mouth. After swallowing, he then goes to drink his thick, chocolate shake, picking the cherry from its stem and biting it off.

“You can have some of my fries. Don’t feel shy.” Shouto says to Izuku who was observing how Shouto ate his food, he was obviously in total bliss.

“I’ll probably take a burger or something to go. Not really hungry.” Izuku replies to Shouto who then takes a sip of his shake. It was a very well made shake, comprised of chocolate, ice and milk, all combined and mixed into a divine drink.. It was thick enough to be eaten with a spoon if that was your cup of tea. If Roller Burgers had something else going for it other than the burgers, it’d be their shakes.



This Monday was a busy day for Izuku for sure. New classes, new school, new faces. The green haired boy was happy his day went incredibly well, getting to know Shouto more along with seeing his strange friend, Iida. Before entering his shower, he ate what may probably be the best burger he’s had. He ordered their Roller Deluxe, which was a bit beefier than their standard burger. The patty was juicy and well seasoned, crafted with diced up onions and peppers. Inside the rich, flavorful burger were the condiments of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and pickles. After he ate the burger, he stepped in the shower and let the hot water run on his hair and body. His hair became a wet mop and dripped profusely down his chest. Izuku began to think about what Shouto had told him in the restaurant. “Who wouldn’t wanna talk to you?” As that sentence replayed in his mind, he began to think about Ochako, finally getting a name to match her cute face. Her rosy cheeks and big eyes were the first things to come to mind along with her smile. If Izuku wanted to build a social circle, he needed to expand his horizon. Why not add Ochako to the list. He needed to find the courage and time to talk to her. Or maybe the pink skinned girl in the candy shop he visits. She was also quite friendly to Izuku. Perhaps she'd wanna talk with him as well.

Shortly after his shower, thinking about his day, he stepped outside of the humid bathroom wearing a black tank top with red basketball shorts and entered his room. Going to his nightstand, he looked at his phone. He sees a message from his mom that was sent about 15 minutes ago:


Ma: Hope ur first day of school was great my baby! Very proud of u.


    Izuku smiled, thinking back on how much his mother had done for him. He remembers her coming home at late hours so she could bring in extra money as her job at the time didn’t pay enough. Being a single parent was difficult and that meant working two jobs to support a young kid. Then there were times when he would enter his mother’s room where she would be crying. One thing Izuku couldn’t stand to see was his mother sad and crying. It tore him to pieces and he would rush to his mom to hug her, telling her how much he loves her. Now he knew she was more relaxed, not needing to worry about paying a mortgage along with her being retired. Only paying utilities in the house and small bills such as phones, internet and credit cards. Izuku texted his mother back:


Izuku: It was great. Made a new friend and maybe another one. I wanna say thank you for being there for me. Love you ma.


    Izuku then turned the screen off before putting it back down. He got himself comfortable by tucking himself in his bedsheets, He had a small night light on in the corner of his room to give it a bit of illumination. He hears his phone go off again and see another message from his mother.




    “Saw that one coming.” Izuku let out a small laugh, predicting his mom's response. He knew she was probably bawling her eyes out in her bedroom. Placing his phone to charge and getting his alarm ready for work tomorrow, he gets comfortable and drifts to sleep.



The restaurant had good business today, cleaning up was a bit tough as some people spilled their drinks in one booth and others threw up outside. Ochako put her roller skates away in her locker and put on her red flats. She was drained from being on the move today. There were others still talking in the kitchen but she paid no mind to them as she clocked out for the day. Upon leaving the back door, she inhales an awful stench, coughing and looking around to see where the source of the smell is coming from. Ochako spots none other than Bakugou lighting a cigarette. He was still wearing his apron but no longer had on his hair net. His spiky hair was more obvious being freed and flowed in the night.

    “Man Bakugou. You sure your mother would be happy with you smoking again? Ochako said sarcastically as Bakugo looked back at her. 

    “Probably. I’m sure she’d give me a big kiss.” He grumbled under his breath, putting the cigarette back in his mouth to finish what was left of it. This time, he sat down on the steps of the employee entrance. Ochako had to cover her nose so she wouldn’t have to smell it as much.

    “Bakugou. At least smoke away from the door.” Ochako responds to him only for him to then throw the cig on the pavement, stepping on it. Observing his movement, she can tell Bakugou was annoyed at the suggestion. Despite that, she knew he was a good person. He was just very easy to set off like a ticking time bomb. Luckily, she wasn’t setting herself up to get screamed at as Bakugou chuckled. She then decided to go home and said her goodbyes. This was the only day she worked for the week as she called it out ahead of time. 

    “Hey Ochako.” she heard Bakugou call from behind. Turning her head back to see him still on the steps. It was kind of odd for him to call her name. She knew he was rather rude and improper when addressing her so to hear her name being said was a nice change. “I don’t gotta worry about my mom as much as you, if she finds out you're in the band still...” he continued but anything else he might have said didn’t registered with Ochako. 

    “Shit… Shit shit shit.” Ochako said under her breath, her body stiffen as the cold breeze blows her hair back. She wouldn’t hear the end of it. The thought didn’t sit well with her and she felt nauseous thinking about it. Not like she wanted to think about in the first place. Her heartbeat accelerated and she snapped out of her trance, walking back home. All she wanted was to focus on school, work and hobbies without any setbacks.



As Ochako got to her apartment, she placed her keys on the island, put her visor on the brown coat rack near the door. Her apartment was similar to Izuku’s in the sense that with was roomy. Only instead of there being one couch, there were two lover seat couches. Ochako never really used them as she was always busy working or was out of the house. Before entering her room, she looked at the small whiteboard on the refrigerator. Here would be any sort of items that were needed for her apartment, motivational quotes or notes. In this case, there was a note written in green dry-erase marker with a cute frog drawn next to it:


“Went to see parents for the week. See you next Monday.” - Asui.


Ochako smiled and thought about the frog obsessed girl. She was strange but couldn’t help but admire her for it. Asui wasn’t strange to where she was downright uncomfortable to be around but she had a passion for frogs which was puzzling to many. Upon entering Ochako’s room, there were lots of posters of bands and shows she was a fan of. Her bed was a full-queen size that she could spread herself out on being the person to move around in her sleep. Next to her bed was a four string black bass guitar with some stickers plastered on it. She smiled seeing it and couldn’t help but be excited for her next practice. Her band was beginning to write songs and even was planning a gig. She began undressing and putting her work clothes in her laundry basket near her closet along with her school clothes. She then takes out her jacket and hangs it up. 

After taking a well deserved shower, she decided to wear a black house dress that was slim fit, showing the curves of her body along with her chest. She had no bra on so she could be more comfortable. If there was one thing on her mind today, it was her father. She looked at her phone and opened up to see if her father had messaged her. Nothing. Ochako had hoped to have heard from him but knowing his condition, it was probably unlikely. Her mom was probably working overtime at her job so texting or calling her was out of the picture. She looked at a picture of her parents when she was around six years old on her nightstand. They were at an amusement park and someone was nice enough to take a picture for them when her father wanted to take a picture. She picked it up and examined it further, seeing that picture made her pause. It gave her lots of emotions, happy emotions and even sad ones as she began to tear up, looking out the window and putting a hand over her mouth to cover it. Her heart ached and she fell to her knees holding that picture. Tears began to stream down her face and she wept. 

“D-Dad… I-I hope your okay... “ Ochako said as her emotions flooded out. She hasn’t been home for months since she was busy with both school and work. Just as her mental breakdown escalated, she hears a ring from her phone. Wondering if it could be her father… or mother. Getting up from the floor with the picture in hand, she goes to her phone and sees a message from Asui. Well, a picture she sent. Ochako, who was wiping her tears away, opened her phone and saw a picture of a young looking woman with long black hair with a nice black ribbon on. She had quite big, round eyes and a smile that makes Ochako smile whenever she saw it. 

In the picture, Asui was in a lit room next to a big collection of amphibians in glass containers, pointing to them. It was a mini habitat with leaves and logs propped in different areas of the container. All sorts of frogs that were different sub-species were inside. A while back when they were still getting to know one another, she remembered Asui talking about having quite the frog collection. Ochako remembered seeing pictures of it before but seeing pictures of it made her impressed still. She smiled and wiped the remaining tears away, sniffing. For some reason, she felt like her friend knew when she was in a bad state and did anything she could to cheer her up. As she replied to Asui, her phone vibrated and sees her dad calling. She answers quickly and clears her throat. “D-Dad?” She says with her shaky voice.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Her father responds, he’s lying on his bed, relaxing and watching a movie. Ochako’s father was a middle aged man with a scruffy stub on his chin. He had light brown locks for hair and thick, short eyebrows. He then coughs and scratches his nose.

“I-I was th-thinking about you… I-I want you to get better dad. I… I’ll go over there soon to go see you...” Ochako’s voice shakes as she talks to her dad. Hearing his voice calms her down but she's still unnerved.

“Don’t worry about me. You gotta focus on yourself Ochako. I don’t want you losing sleep because of your old man now you hear.” He chuckles, licking his lips. “I hope school was good for you. Make any new friends.” he then smiles and begins to chuckles to give her some assurance he was doing okay. It made Ochako’s heart relax and had a faint smile creep on her face.

“I-It was good. I met someone today. A boy. He helped me get to class on time…” Hearing Ochako say she met a boy didn’t resonate well with her dad. Afraid that she would get hurt by someone who had malicious intentions with her. Listening to her state already made him saddened and so he decided to give her encouraging words.

“I’m sure he was handsome. Listen, I couldn’t be happier for you. You’re my world.” Her father gives her his usual motivational speeches that she always adored. Still teary eyed, Ochako looks down at the picture once more, hearing her dad speak again. “You should sleep. I love you honey,”

“I-I love you too dad.” Ochako says to her dad before they hang up. She was always worried about his him constantly. A couple years ago, her mom and dad filed for a divorce, her mother taking a bulk of the money while her dad didn’t have much. Ochako’s dad had custody over her and she couldn’t have been happier to stay to support him. Her dad is one of the many strengths that push her forward to do great in school. She takes a deep breath and exhales to calm herself down, at least hearing from her dad made her a lot better. Ochako is then able to do her nightly ritual; nightly stretches before going into bed. As she turns, she can hear her bones crack in her arms. Afterwards, she goes to a fan that’s facing the wall and turns it on low, Not because she was hot, but she needed the noise as she became claustrophobic when there wasn’t any noise. 

She slid underneath her bedsheets and got comfortable, deciding to finish her text to Asui before she hit the hay. Ochako was happy for her, knowing she was enjoying her vacation and the obvious, being able to see her frogs again. She did ponder some thought on the green haired boy she came across today. She could vision his messy hair and jittery voice, Ochako did try to find a few dates through dating apps but was never lucky. Usually attracting some guys who only wanted to hook up or receiving unsolicited pictures she wishes her eyes can wash away. Ochako then decides to put her phone to sleep and then begins to close her eyes. Not only did she hope to getting her degree for becoming an architect at the end of the semester, but she hopes to one day earn enough money to help her dad.