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Spaces Between Us(Dazai x Reader)

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Nikolai was like a lovable puppy and aggressive guard dog that refused to leave your side. He had your heart in disarray, and made you doubt the love you felt for Dazai but when it came down to it you still loved and missed those chocolate brown eyes and his white ribboned body more dearly than anything else.

"Miss (Y/n), we found this apple tree like you suggested. However, there is nothing of importance here? If you're not useful I'll just get rid of you. I have no desire to keep worthless pawns." Spoke the venomously smooth voice of Fyodor, as he turned and walked over to you with the map in his hand making you sneer.

"Mislabeling your pieces in this game will cause you to lose."

Snatching the map from his hands, you turned and started climbing the tree. Fyodor's purple eyes held a bitter haze of discontent but even he knew he couldn't get rid of you just yet. "Don't worry Dosu-san, I'll keep my eyes on Alice." Nikolai grinned widely already following behind you, stopping at your side when you paused to examine the map and look out into the distance.

"Mhm, Alice let me hold you." You gasp as his hands snake around your hips from behind, but he merely whispers into your ear that he doesn't want you to fall. "Just relax, I wont let anything happen to you." He vowed resting his chin atop your fluffy tresses before taking a small whiff enjoying your soothing fruity aroma.

Blushing you really wanted to pull away from him, but deemed that not to be the best idea when the force could knock you off balance and make you step off the branch. Taking a deep breath you tried to concentrate, but even though the map was a detailed layout of this land it wasn't proving to be very helpful.

"Not sure where to go next, huh Alice?"

You sighed heavily surprising him with a lean of your body against his chest, looking up at the blue sky observing some of the fluffy white clouds. "No, I don't know what I'm looking for..but I know I'm suppose to be here.." You muttered more to yourself than to him, as you had him shift enough to where you could be next to the body of the tree while he was still behind you.

"This tree to do something..I just don't.." Placing your hand on the bark, your eyes glimmered with a soft pink for just a few seconds before disappearing. "Oh, it makes me feel so I'm being reacquainted with an old friend.." You hummed, glancing up along the bark seeing that you weren't anywhere near the top which gave you an idea.

"Nikolai, Help me get to the top of this tree." That felt like the best course of action given this tree was blooming in such a way that it was smack dab in the middle of the map, growing almost all by itself and jutting sharply into the sky like it was cloud level height. Leaning up you grabbed the next branch but before you could start hoisting yourself up he pulled you back down with a exited gleam to his blue eyes.

"I would love to help you pretty Alice~" You gasped as he edged you backwards and hovered his handsome face right over your own. One of his hands petted your cheek in a soft admiring way before gliding his thumb over both of your soft pink lips and issuing you a small toll he wanted you to pay.

"But I want a kiss first~"

Your face warmed drowning in his deep eccentric ocean blue eyes before squeezing your own shut and sharply turning your cheek away. He grinned finding your embarrassed face to be extremely cute as he leaned down to whisper against the shell of your ear.

"Or I could call to Dosu-san, Ivan, and Oguri...Tell them where you want to go, make them follow us up here?" He did not know the meaning of the word chill, as he felt drawn to the amount of neck you were showing him as he leaned down and ran the tip of his nose against it.

You involuntarily shuttered blushing and lifting your hands to push at his chest but again while in a tree your options of defense were very limited. He brought up a good point though, you'd been up here for awhile if they got to curious they could be on their way up right now. Time was of the essence if you wanted to ensure Fyodor didn't get his hands on whatever he wanted.

Turning your head you surprised him with a press of your hand on his cheek as you leaned forward, and gave his other a soft kiss. "There. You didn't say where.." You mumbled turning away again, missing the way he gave his cheek a curious little rub before leaning back.

"That's not exactly what I wanted, but I never been kissed on the cheek either so I'll accept it." He had a giddy smile on his face as he clasped his hands together excitedly and told you to turn around so he could help you climb upwards.

A small sigh escaped as you did as told, and hoisted yourself up with his help. This went on, as you both climbed branch after branch. Nikolai was actually really helpful, and even when Fyodor called from the ground he lied to him and said you were still observing the map.

He honestly really made you wonder if he was so in love he'd go against a man like Fyodor who seemed to be his boss just to help you. Then you were reminded of something he said a few days ago about wanting to see what type of reactions and faces he could get him to make like he thoroughly enjoyed poking a bee's nest with a stick.

Eventually when you both were almost near the top, but between the branches and resting atop the middle of a flat part of the bark was an actual open area where apple blossom flowers were blooming in vivid bright beautiful colors. Stepping through the leaves and shrubbery you cautiously tested the surface and found it to be very solid.

Nikolai followed at your side as you both curiously noted the rather beautiful scenery, that seemed like it had leaped out from a book of fairy tales. It even had a nice fragrant aroma, that was soothing and peaceful to all of your senses. At least it was till you stepped forward and your shoe stubbed over something hard, making you lose your balance and crash forward.

You expected to get a face full of leaves, but instead when you looked down you'd fallen directly on top of Nikolai. Whom blinked at your almost innocently before grinning ear to ear and snaking his hands around your hips bringing you down even closer to his body.

"I didn't know you wanted me so much Alice~" He practically purred rubbing his soft cheek against your own making your heart pound out of control. How can this killer and crazy psychotic clown be so fucking cute and adorable like a toddler? It was completely illogical that it made your head spin.

"S-stupid, I just tripped.." You huffed pushing as his cheek, making him whine and rock your bodies back forth like he was throwing a tantrum. "Let me go you big baby, so I can see what I tripped on." Groaning in frustration from his complete refusal to let you go, you finally wiggled free from his grasp and crawled over to an odd bump in the grass.

"Wait a second..this.." Grabbing the grass you pulled it off the ground and blinked rapidly it wasn't even real. It was more like camouflage to hide, a square shaped panel/door that was built into the trees trunk. "Is this an entrance maybe?" You thoughtfully hummed running your fingers along the door and over a dial that seemed to need a combination like a safe.

"Seems like it, this shape is large enough to fit a human figure." Nikolai spoke from your side, also examining the strange door with both of his hands. He gave what looked like a handle a hard yank but shook his head, clearly it wasn't going to open unless you cracked it's code.

"That handle must of been what I tripped over. But how the hell am I suppose to figure out a code to something I don't know anything about!" You hissed in frustration, grabbing the handle with both hands jostling it back and forth but it wasn't budging at all.

Heaving an exasperated sigh you leaned back on your knee's only to yelp, when Nikolai gripped your hips and tugged you into his lap. Both of his hands wrapped around your waist giggling at the way you wiggled and struggled in his grasp.

"Be still Alice, you need to relax. Otherwise you wont be able to crack the code." He smiled merely hugging you from behind as he laid his cheek against your shoulder. Your skin warmed but he really was murmuring encouraging words into the rim of your ear. In this moment he really did just seem like a cute guy with a crush.

Sighing softly you took a couple of slow breaths, looking down at the wooden door frame trying to piece together all the information you'd been given so far. Honestly, everything you'd been through in the Mafia should prepare you for something like this. However, no matter how hard you felt like you didn't have the right amount of info.

Leaning forward you fingers span the knob but it didn't make any obvious noises to let you know what the numbers were. His hands slid away from your waist, brushing his fingers through your hair where he surprised you by magically producing a red handkerchief tying your hair into a nice ponytail.

You tilted your head back and forth swaying your hair, raising your eyebrows at him with an almost curious flutter. "I like your long hair Alice, but it looked like it was getting in your way." He hummed giving you a wide playful smile.

"Thanks..I guess.." You murmured glancing away only to spot the map you'd been holding before flopped on the ground. Leaning off of his lap you crawled over and grabbed it, glancing it over with a tired sigh before spotting the smudged writing at the bottom. Now that you were focusing on it without Fyodor hovering over you, it actually kind of looked like..

"Oh my god it couldn't possible be these numbers..." You skepticism was high, as you tried to make them out and slowly span the knob to the numbers you thought it was, but the first set you tried failed to unlock it. Just as you were about to give up, you got an idea and flipped them putting them in backwards.

You shared a look with Nikolai who was overly curious now too as he leaned on his knee's and watched you give the handle a tug and this time it actually let you pull it up revealing what looked like a dark as the night bottomless pit.

"This is..inside this tree..?"

"That's weird, it's a wide tree but it doesn't look hollow like this from the outside." Nikolai mused leaning into the darkness like he was trying to make out any shapes inside, but it was covered in shadows. "Oh, Alice it has a ladder right bellow the opening. It goes down all the way into the spooky darkness~." He giggled wiggling his fingers as he made playful ghostly noises, which made you laugh an shove at his shoulder.

"Down the rabbit hole we go Alice, this is very appropriate." He grinned, saying he would go first as a means to protect you which had you smiling just a little bit. You watched intently as he eased himself down, making sure his feet would hold before grabbing the ladder with his hands. It was one of those rope ones with lots of knots all over for hand holds.

Once he had climbed down enough for you to have some space, you followed in after him. Your heart was pounding trying not to think of how high you could be, and instead focused completely on your hands and the tight grip you had on the ropes.

"Just go slow, okay? Make sure your foot is sturdy on the next rung before you move further down." Nikolai explained as he made sure you were both going slow, climbing down into the darkest abyss of the inner lining of this tree. The core seemed colder than you expected and it even had the softest waft of wind meaning there was some kind of opening at the bottom.

The light from the opening above was really helpful, as it gave you both enough brightness to at least make out the ladder, but that wasn't the only thing Nikolai could see as he glanced up and had an enticing view up under your skirt. He could make out the curves of your ass and the intimate shape of your lower lips.

"Mhm, I see London, I see France, I see my sweet Alice's underpants!~" He sung delightfully, making you squeak so loud it literally echoed into the darkness as you looked down and realized the only reason he wanted to go first down this ladder was just to look up your skirt.

"Stupid! Pervert! Psychotic clown! Stop looking!" You hissed insult after insult lifting one of your legs to kick at his face, but he giggled and dodged easily.

Suddenly the grip you had on the rope slips away, the base and palm of your hand sweaty from the heat trapped in this confined space. Your heart lurches from your chest as you desperately try to re-grab the ladder but all of your fingers miss and intern your balance is thrown completely off.

"KYAAAAAAAAA!~" You squeal at the top of your lungs, dropping at lightning speed into the darkness. Without thinking Nikolai instantly dove after you, jutting both of his hands out to yank at your wrist till you were pressed against his chest. Out of complete and utter desperation you squeeze him as tightly as possible tears forming in your eyes, life flashing before your very eyes.

His grip is vice-like as he uses every strength he has to flip your positions so that he's falling first and you're shielded by his body fully prepared to take on the blunt force of the fall just for you.

Your heart is caught in your throat and your eyes refuse to open, as you hold him tightly like your only lifeline. Both of you are expecting the worse but before you can register whats going on both of your bodies slam harshly into...a lake of cold water?

The blue liquid envelops both of your bodies as you blink open your eyes and realize that you're not dead. Even Nikolai blinks up at you likes he's completely stunned before swimming you both up to the surface where you gulp desperately for air.

"Oh my god, this water is pink?!" You gasp darting your eyes left and right, swishing your legs back and forth trying to remain afloat. The lake stretches pretty far along what clearly looks like a cave, it must be under that tree in the middle of the field. Even the depth of the water seems to pool deep down beneath the surface.

A memory passes through your head, images and people you don't even know. Revealing to you why the water is pink, and what it can do. A language hazing from your lips that Nikolai didn't understand, a bright and luminous pink glow to your eyes as you speak.

Your face contorts in pain squeezing both of your eyes shut as your hands jut up to your head. Everything hazing in a dizzying lightning speed inside your head, causing your body to flail and flounder till you are slipping into the water.

"Angh! To many images, to many people, please please make it stop!" You wale in desperation, huddling yourself as close to your body as possible as you sink into the pink water around you.

"Please Princessa, do not fear. Relax and become one with the Aqua Azalea."

A gentle voice within encourages you as you huddle your arms and legs as close to your body as possible, letting the pink water around envelop and cloak your very being. The liquid coating your skin is actually very warm and soothing, the fatigue and fear you were feeling moments before washing away.

It's so I'm being hugged by a dear friend..

A hand grasps your own and starts pulling you up, no matter how hard you try you can't get your eyes to open. Once above the water you cough and sputter leaning into and wrapping your tired arms around whom ever is holding you so tightly. Your mind so cloudy that you can't remember whom you came in here with and delude yourself with thoughts that it's Dazai because of how protectively they are cradling you

It's not Dazai though, It's Nikolai whom started to panic when you sank into the water. He was now holding you and swimming towards the shore as carefully as he could, till he managed to lift your body up and out of the water. Once he tugs himself out with a groan of annoyance, he tosses of his heavily weighed down by water cloak before tapping your cheek.

"Hey Alice, Are you okay?" When you don't respond he sighs, you've passed out from shock or something. He still doesn't know what happened to you or what language you were speaking, but it seemed to cause you a bit of pain and discomfort.

"Nikolai Gogol, I'd like to ask you to kindly step away from my girlfriend."

"I'd like you to back the fuck up from my Rabbit, before I turn you into clown sashimi."


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