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Spaces Between Us(Dazai x Reader)

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Life in Yokohama was far from simple. At least for you it was. You often wondered why you couldn't just have a simplistic life, and yet at the same time you'd hate that life.

It wasn't like you were against being normal, you just preferred to be your own person.

And maybe sometimes you didn't always make the best choices. Making an extra effort to live dangerously.

You were used to the danger. You lived in a constant haze of fear in your own home.

A mom who always wanted you to be studying. She didn't like you having friends or a social life. She wanted you to have the best grades. When you dropped bellow her standards, she was abusive. Using both psychical and emotional abuse. Telling you you were pathetic or not good enough. Then beating you, leaving you bruised and broken.

Your dad? You had no idea who he was. Your mom told you he was dead. She would often say "He didn't care about you" or "He never wanted a child." Even going as far as saying "you're a mistake."

Bringing yourself out of your own dark thoughts, you focus on the path ahead. "School is going to be a pain today." you groaned.

"(Y/n-chan)!" Called an all to familiar voice.

Turning around you smiled as your white haired friend jogged to your side "Atsushi-kun, Good morning."

"Good morning (y/n-chan), did you sleep well?" Humming in response you think about how you were forced to work on a book of advanced mathematics for 2 hours before you could sleep. "It was okay."

"That's good, I'm worried about that pop quiz we have today in English class." You laugh, English was one of Atsushi's worst subject. "Don't worry about it to much."

"(y/n-chan...)" he says all glossy eyed. "Even if you fail you can just take the make up exam."

He nearly falls over "O-of course.." he sweat drops.

Talking about some other casual things, you look Atsushi over. He's still wearing those Finger less black gloves, that you've seen him in since the very first day you meet him. Despite his timid personality, you couldn't help but think they suited him. His eyes were a mixture of Purple and yellow, they were like jewels that sparkled in the moonlight. His white hair was styled so that one side was longer than the other.

"Woah, looks like there's more people around the front gate than usual." Atsushi says, you follow his eyes and blink. "Why are there so many people outside today?" As soon as you both get to the gate you try to maneuvers through the crowd.

"What the hell is going on?" you say grabbing a random student by the shoulder. She blinks at you before "Kyaaa!~ Haven't you heard? We're getting a new transfer student today!" She swoons back and forth "Rumor says he's really cute!"

"A transfer student?" you pause before a hand grabs you and pulls you through the crowd.

"Oi, Rabbit i been looking for you." You blink up at him before grinning widely "My dear mad hatter, what can i do for you?"

He smirks back at you. Chuuya Nakahara, A 2nd year with semi long orange hair and azure eyes, and of course his signature black hat, was the closest person in your life.

He knew almost everything about you, and you knew almost everything about him. He was like the brother you always wanted.

"Here take this, you left it at the warehouse a few nights ago." Chuuya hands you a brown and silver switchblade. "Oh my god, i been looking for this!" you say lazily unsheathing the blade swinging it around. A few students near you start panicking once they see the weapon creating lots of space between you and them.

"Rabbit, you are scaring the masses. Put it away before someone goes to get the principal."

"but the principal likes me."

"Not enough to not suspend your ass for carrying around a switchblade."

Huffing you put the blade in your skirt pocket. "Fine~" you whine.

Atsushi comes over hesitantly glancing at Chuuya. "I thought you said, you stopped bringing that to school." He frowns disapprovingly.

"I did!...I left it somewhere and Chuuya was just giving it back to me." You say gesturing To Chuuya.

He shrugs "Don't lump me in here, if you want to carry it around then do it." Chuuya eyes Atsushi "don't listen to your scardy cat friend."

Protest rises on Atsushi's lips but you're quick to cutt him off, "Mad Hatter, I already told you i prefer to not fight here. It was my choice to start leaving it either at home or in my bag."

Chuuya scoffs turning away "Fine, fine."

"I'd prefer it, if you didn't fight at all (y/n-chan), I don't want you to get hurt." He has that stern dad-like look in his eyes.

"You're really sweet Atsushi-kun." He blushes lightly.

"anyway.." You turn to Chuuya, "Mad hatter did you hear about a new transfer student?"

He shakes his head "Hell no, I could careless anyway."

You roll your eyes "As informative as ever Chuuya."

Your white haired friend snorts loudly earning a glare from Chuuya. "The only thing i've found out is its a guy." you hum looking at the crowd of giggling girls. You weren't that curious if you had to be honest. Although, admittedly maybe a new face is just what this school needed.

Someone comes over and lays there head on your shoulder "(Y/n) let me see your homework." Blinking down you recognize white tipped black hair. "Aku-chan, are you ever going to do your own homework?" you can barely hold back the smirk rising to your lips.

"Don't call me that." He raises his head covering his mouth as he lightly coughs into his palm.

"I"ll call you pretty princess if i want too." You raise an eyebrow before continuing "You want my homework or not?"

Anyone else would be dead. Akutagawa Ryunosuke was a first year just like you. He had several classes with you, and just like Chuuya was a member of the same gang. You, however, could press any buttons you wanted when it came to him and all he would do was glare at you with icy discontent.

Sighing loudly he held out his hand "Just give me your damn homework." Smirking triumphantly you dug through your school bag and handed him your homework. While he was coping your answers your attention was drawn back to the crowd of girls waiting for the rumored transfer student.

Your eyes spot one of the Office aids heading your way and you turn on your heels instantly. "Guys" you hiss "Hide me quick!"

Chuuya has no idea why your suddenly panicking but grabs you pushing you behind him. Akutagawa stands next to Chuuya fully blocking you from view. Even Atsushi places himself slightly in front of both Chuuya and Akutagawa.

"Where did (l/n-san) go?" The office aid questions with a frown.

Chuuya shrugs lazily "Beats me she was here a second ago."

She looks between all of your friends frowning deeply. "Akutagawa-kun, Where is (l/n-san)?" He doesn't respond. She takes a step back swallowing hard, when the glare he gives her is enough to send a shiver down her spine.

She looks to Atsushi smiling sweetly. "Nakajima-kun, I really need (l/n-san) to come to the office." She takes a step forward towards him "You would tell me where she is right?"

Atsushi looks like he's having an internal struggle but suddenly responds "If i see (y/n-chan) I'll tell her to go to the office." Silently cheering for your amazing friends, you can't help the grin forming on your face.

Suddenly she's scowling "Now see here you thr-"

"Oi, Bitch we said we haven't seen her, now get lost before i break something off." Chuuya seethes voice laced with venom taking a menacing step forward.

She instantly backs up "S-see that (l-l/n-san) comes t-to t-the office!" she forcefully yells before quickly pacing away.

You clap as your friends turn around seeing the grin plastered on your face. "Thanks guys, you are awesome."

Chuuya pats your head sighing "No problem Rabbit, What did you do though?"

"Nothing!" you protest with a pout. Then sigh "its probably because of this.." you pat your skirt pocket.

"I told you."

"I don't want to hear it."

"I told you so."

"What did i just say?"

Akutagawa shoves your homework in your face "Here I'm done coping your chicken scratch."

"What?! My hand writing is perfect!" you snatch your paper out of his hand shoving it back in your bag.

"perfectly illegible. It takes a trained eye to understand it." Akutagawa scoffs rolling his eyes.

You shove him playfully "So you've been coping my homework so long you can understand it, is what your saying?" He looks away with a shrug. Laughing you turn back to Atsushi. "thanks for not blabbing." You give him a smile. He returns your smile rubbing the back of his head. He looks a bit proud of himself.

"Well I think i should deal with the principal before class starts." Letting a sigh escape your lips you brush a hand through your hair. "Atsushi-kun I'll see you in class, Mad Hatter, Aku-kun See you at lunch." Quickly you bid them farewells sashaying away.

Navigating through the sea of your mostly female classmates you find your way to the door of the front office. You send most of the girls that blocked your path annoyed glares.

New student or not geezus you all need to go away.

Knocking on the door a few times you don't bother to wait for a response before walking in. "I told you girls to-' The women behind the office desk starts but stops upon seeing you. "(l/n-san), the principal is waiting for you." she gestures towards the familiar green and white door with a silver knob.

Humming you make your way to the door opening it. "Neko-sensei, you called for me?" You question innocently easing into his office.

"Ah,(y/n-san) there you are." Behind a large brown desk sat your schools principal. His name was Fukukawa Yukichi. You, however, had taken to calling him 'Neko-sensei' since you knew he had a rather strange infatuation with cats and was always trying to feed or pet them.

He didn't seem to mind. Although that never stopped other teachers or office staff from trying to get you to treat him with more respect.

If they had any idea who you were, they'd be able to tell you respected him probably the most out of all the people at this school. A certain quirky advanced history teacher aside.

Walking over to the front of his desk, your eyes swept over an unfamiliar face. Blinking you found yourself looking him up and down. He had short brown wavy hair that framed his face perfectly and bandages all over his body. His one brown eye you could see, looked at you curiously before giving you a smile.

Why does he have bandages over his right eye? Not to mention his entire body? He looks like he got tossed out a window.

Despite his bandaged features you had to admit he was rather handsome.

Shifting focus back to to your principal you cleared your throat. "You called for me?" you asked again.

"Yes, I did. As you can most likely tell we have a new student attending our school starting today." His gestures to the bandaged boy on your right. You glance at the him before looking back at the principal. "So..he's the new kid, whats that have to do with me?"

The principal stares hard at you for a few seconds. Other kids would instantly be spilling there guts beneath his harsh gaze.

Oh no though, not you.

You respected him enough to not give him any falsitudes. That meant you weren't going to be polite just cause you had too. He surprisingly treated you like a real person while obviously still a student.

"I heard about what happened this morning." He states calmly. Instantly you look away "I have no idea what you're talking about." You say with a shrug.

A small smirk forms on the new students face as he watches you.

Yukichi sighs before continuing "You are going to be the new students guide. I want you to help him find his way around school."

You blink a few times. "A guide?" you question hesitantly.

"Yes a guide, Our school is rather large and sometimes students get lost. More so if they are new and have never been here before."

Raising an eyebrow a few questions come to mind, "You don't even know if we have classes together?"

"That matters not, You are his guide." He sends you that end-of-discussion look. "Introduce yourselves."

Turning around you sigh lightly before introducing yourself. "My name is (L/n, F/n), First year. Guess I'm going to be your guide today."

The new guy stands offering his hand "Its nice to meet you (f/n-san)." You shake his hand lightly, oddly not put off at all by the fact he's already calling you by your first name.

"I'm Dazai"

"Dazai Osamu, 2nd year."


Ah~ I'm very oddly proud of this.

I got obsessed with the idea of a Dazai x reader High school Au. we are!